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Directive set to restrict temporary workers

first_img Previous Article Next Article Directive set to restrict temporary workersOn 3 Dec 2002 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. The current draft of the EU Agency Workers Directive would act as adeterrent to employers and force many temps to take up permanent jobs that theydon’t really want, it is claimed. A draft directive has been passed by the European Parliament and was duebefore the EU council of ministers today. However, a study of temporary and permanent administrative staff shows thattemps generally work short contracts through choice and don’t want permanentjobs. The survey of 1,800 staff shows that 80 per cent choose to work as tempsbecause of the flexibility it offers, while 53 per cent enjoy the variety ofroles. The current draft of the directive means that agency staff must have equalconditions to permanent staff from the first day of employment. Steve Carter, managing director at Office Team, who carried out theresearch, said he feared the draft could decimate the temporary jobs market. “We understand the motivations behind the directive and support anyinitiative that improves working conditions. However, the guidelines threatento act as a deterrent to employers, which could restrict the job market fortemps,” he said. Letter to Tony BlairThe Engineering Employers Federationand a number of major companies including IBM, M.W. Kellogg Limited, Siemensand Smiths Group Plc, have written to the Prime Minister outlining theirconcerns over the draft agency workers directive.To view a copy of this letter go to Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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Krill population dynamics at South Georgia 1991-1997, based on data from predators and nets

first_imgCentral to understanding krill population dynamics is knowledge of their population structure. To examine this we used length-frequency distributions from 142 wk of sampling (n = 23996 krill) of 3 predator species breeding at South Georgia and 12 wk of sampling (n = 10252 krill) from scientific nets from the same area over the summers of 1991-1997. In comparing the 5 years for which both predator and net samples were available, despite differing selectivities and spatio-temporal circumscriptions, both predators and nets were sampling the same overall krill population. Greatest similarity resulted from comparing net samples with samples from Antarctic fur seals and macaroni penguins combined; least temporal variation occurred in predator samples from late summer (March). From the 7 yr predator time series, within-year variation was greatest in 1991 and 1994, both years of low krill biomass at South Georgia. In both of these years large krill dominated during December but were completely replaced by small krill by February. The mean length of the March krill population showed a regular increase from 1991 to 1993, fell to a minimum in 1994 and thereafter increased steadily to 1997. Using these data in conjunction with putative size/age-group cohorts in the length-frequency distribution, we suggest that years of high mean krill length reflect failure of small krill to recruit into the population, producing a period of low krill biomass in the following year. Similar recruitment failure in the same years was evident in krill populations in the Antarctic Peninsula region to the south, indicating large-scale events. This supports suggestions of periodic fluctuations in krill production and recruitment which may relate directly to physical phenomena such as cycles in the distribution and extent of sea ice.last_img read more

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SAIC Signs USD 42 Million Navy Contract

first_img Share this article SAIC Signs USD 42 Million Navy Contract Industry news October 24, 2011center_img Science Applications International Corporation​ (SAIC) announced today it was awarded a prime contract by the United States Navy to provide operational and tactical support to United States Fleet Forces Command (USFF). The single-award contract has a six-month period of performance, four one-month options, and a contract value of more than $42 million if all options are exercised.USFF supports both the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Combatant Commanders worldwide by providing responsive and sustainable Naval forces. The command provides operational and planning support to Combatant Commanders and integrated warfighter capability requirements to the CNO. Under the contract, SAIC will provide operational and tactical support to USFF and associated fleet commands, assisting them with fleet training policy and curriculum development and implementation. SAIC will also assist with development, execution, assessment, and reconstruction of simulation-driven training events and exercises. “We look forward to continuing to provide USFF with the critical operational and tactical support needed to enable the fleet to support the warfighters during a demanding cycle of pre-deployment planning and training,” said Tom Baybrook, SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager. About SAICSAIC is a FORTUNE 500(R) scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy & environment, health and cybersecurity. The company’s approximately 41,000 employees serve customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, other U.S. Government civil agencies and selected commercial markets. Headquartered in McLean, Va., SAIC had annual revenues of approximately $11 billion for its fiscal year ended January 31, 2011. For more information, visit SAIC: From Science to Solutions(R)Statements in this announcement, other than historical data and information, constitute forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. A number of factors could cause our actual results, performance, achievements, or industry results to be very different from the results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to, the risk factors set forth in SAIC’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the period ended January 31, 2011, and other such filings that SAIC makes with the SEC from time to time. Due to such uncertainties and risks, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date hereof.[mappress]Source: PRNewswire, October 24, 2011 Back to overview,Home naval-today SAIC Signs USD 42 Million Navy Contract last_img read more

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Nurse, Practitioner – (STA006780)

first_imgEEO/AAQualifications :Master’s Degree and 3 years experience.Requires application of advanced principles, techniques and theoryin a professional discipline or a thorough general businessmanagement knowledge. Knowledge of this level is typically obtainedthrough a directly job-related Master’s degree or equivalent formaltraining in a recognized field of specialization that is directlyrelated to the type of work being performed.Requires a minimum of three (3) years of directly job-relatedexperience.Requires technical certification or licensing directly related tothe job, as specified on a job description addendum. Provides primary care services to patients presenting to the UHStudent Health Center. This includes the management of healthproblems and the promotion of optimal health in both the GeneralMedicine and the Women’s Clinics. Perescribe treatment for illnesses within the Family NursePractitioners scope of practice, based on Standing orders and NursePractitioner Formulary.Order and interpret diagnostics studies.Determine which problems are within the scope of practice andwhich require referral to specialists according to mutuallyaccepted guidelines.Communicate, consult and collaborate with other professionalsinvolved in the delivery of total patient care.Perform minor diagnostic and surgical procedures within scopeof practice. Fully inform patients of risks and benefits of anyprocedure.Perform well woman’s examination and routine physicalexaminations.Evaluate, test for and treat sexually transmissiblediseases.Educate and counsel patient’s regarding contraceptivemanagement.Competence in use of electronic medical records and informationsystem is providing effective documentation of patient care.Participate in quality management and quality improvementactivities.Participate in educational and informational programs asrequested.Performs other job-related duties as assigned.last_img read more

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Speech: How we make public health fit for the future

first_imgSensible people, the British public – we should listen to them more often.I think what it proves to me is that if there is nannying to be done, then let’s do it really, really well, but as a child grows up, and transitions into adolescence and then adulthood, we must be crystal clear with them: they are active participants in their own health.And that’s exactly how we should treat them.I do not like the phrase ‘nanny state’, like some critics say, but what I do like is an active state with active citizens.So personalised prevention means the government, both local and national, working with the NHS, to put prevention at the heart of our decision-making.And we want to hear from you: your experiences, your ideas – the consultation on the prevention green paper runs until next month.Because for prevention to succeed, and improve the nation’s health over the next decade, everyone has a contribution to make.Making healthier choices for ourselves and our families – eating well, staying active, being smoke-free, and taking care of our mental health.Laying the foundations for good health throughout our lives.Investing in and building up that asset that will allow us to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives.Only by working together can we achieve this vision.Only by treating health as a shared responsibility between an active state with active citizens.All of the constituent parts: local authorities, national government, the NHS, communities, individuals, everybody in this room, everybody who believes in the power of public health, playing their part.All of those marginal gains – that’s the margin of victory.That’s how we move from dealing with the consequences of poor health to promoting the conditions for good health.That’s how we finally make the NHS a National Health Service rather than a National Hospital Service.Because we’re all on the same team.We all want the same thing: a Team GB, that’s there for everyone, where every child can grow up healthy, where everyone is treated like an individual.That’s the future of public health, and that’s what I believe we can achieve if we work together. Good morning.What a wonderful theatre. It’s refreshing to be in a building where everything works – and everyone gets along.They tell me that when the construction work here is completed, the new Warwick Arts Centre will have more space, more facilities, and be more accessible – essentially it will be: bigger, better and fit for the future.Today, I’d like to talk to you about how we make public health fit for the future, what we need to do to build on our success – and we’ve had some huge successes that should be celebrated – but also the work we still need to do – the challenges and opportunities of the next decade.Because I believe the 2020s is going to herald a fundamental shift in how we think of health, especially public health: proactive, predictive, personalised prevention – that’s the future of public health.And, I’d like to start with the story of a great British victory against the odds – don’t worry this isn’t about Brexit – it’s the story behind Team GB’s complete and utter domination of elite cycling.Now, in 2002, the team had won just one solitary Olympic gold medal in its 76-year history.But over the next decade, they won 8 gold medals at 3 Olympics – they transformed British cycling from an international laughing stock to world leaders – everyone wanted to imitate.And they did it by the theory of marginal gains.Team GB worked out that if you broke down all the constituent parts that go into elite cycling, if you can improve each one by just 1%, then add it all together: that’s your margin of victory. That’s how you achieve success.Now, I use this example because the whole story of public health is one of marginal gains.We’ve always been driven by the data. And we must continue to be driven by the data and make decisions based on evidence whether it’s on sugar, vaccination or opioids – 3 things I will return to.But the other reason I use the example of cycling is because public health is also made up of so many constituent parts: national government, local authorities, the NHS, employers, and, most importantly, individuals.Of course, funding is important, and I will always fight for fair funding for health and social care, and I will always fight for local government, like I did in the Spending Round, because nobody knows your communities, and their needs, better than you.But public health is about so much more than just the public health grant: it’s about the whole system working together, and travelling in the same direction.Because the big stuff, the easier stuff, has been done: on smoking, on immunisation, on HIV – even on clean air.The only way forward is one of marginal gains, gradual improvements, hard-fought progress. So many of you have played a role in achieving these gains.Thanks to our concerted efforts on smoking – legislation and education – we now have one of the lowest smoking rates in Europe.50 years ago, 1 in 2 adults smoked. Now, less than 1 in 6 adults smoke in England.Yet, for the 14% of adults who do still smoke, it’s the leading cause of illness and early death, and we know the less well-off you are, the more likely you are to smoke, exacerbating existing health inequalities.So how do we get that 14% closer to zero?Our prevention green paper has set an ambition for England to be smoke-free by 2030.Ten years to get people to give up cigarettes or switch to less-harmful alternatives.It’s a big ask, but I’m confident we can do it – through a proactive approach to prevent young people from taking up smoking, and through personalised support to help persistent smokers kick the habit.Personalised prevention: this must be the guiding principle of public health in the 2020s.And to achieve it we must harness the predictive power of genomics, and the data-crunching power of AI so we can get to people before they have a problem, so we can prevent bad luck or bad choices leading to bad outcomes.That’s the reason we’re going to review the NHS Health Check programme, not to scrap it or remove it, but to see how we can improve it, how we can use tech and data to target people more effectively. There has long been a debate about whether this programme is good value for money and what we are saying with this review is that we want to look at making sure the money we do spend is better targeted.Now, of course, when it comes to clean air, that’s a global challenge that requires a global response, and the UK has taken a global lead with the Clean Air Strategy we launched earlier this year: an ambitious, 25-year, cross-government plan to improve our health by improving our environment.But when it comes to the other 2 big public health challenges of the next decade – obesity and mental health – then personalisation, more targeted interventions and more tailored support is how we achieve those marginal gains.It’s how we succeed in our goal to help people live healthier, happier lives.And this is how we do it: starting in childhood – actually even before a child is born, genomics and AI can help us diagnose and treat rare diseases while they are still in the womb, so they are born healthy.We use predictive prevention to reach the parents who need help with infant feeding and nutrition.We use opt-in data from smart devices and wearables to identify which children need more help with physical activity, which children may be at risk of mental health problems.I know sometimes it sounds like I think technology and data is all that matters. But it only matters because we care about people. Better data and smarter tech can help us get to them faster, but tech can’t replace people. Face to face, human interventions will always be the most effective way to help young people, particularly with those children not lucky enough to be born into safe and loving homes.To give every child the best possible start in life we need to fundamentally change the way we think about health – it’s not a problem to patch up when things go wrong. It’s an asset, a foundation to build on, something to protect and nurture, something society must invest in for every child along with good housing, a strong economy, and well-paid work, because good health is what makes everything else in life possible.When we have it, we take it for granted. But when we don’t…As Health Secretary, I’ve met with many parents of seriously ill children and it’s clear there’s nothing more painful than seeing your child in pain. But what’s also at the forefront of those parents’ minds is all the opportunities their child is going to miss out on as they grow up – all the normal things we take for granted.If we can prevent ill health, if we can promote good health, then we give every child the chance to fulfil their potential in life.That must be our goal.That is both the challenge and the opportunity we face in public health over the next decade.So strong action to take excess calories, salt and sugar out of our children’s diets – like the successful sugar levy on soft drinks has done.Strong action against manufacturers and advertisers so they can’t bombard young brains with junk food messages.Tough action against social media companies and tech firms to remove suicide and self-harm content, and tackle the spread of anti-vaccination propaganda.And even tougher action to stop Britain’s opioid crisis becoming any worse – and I don’t use that word lightly. When 1 in 10 adults in England are on opioids, that’s a crisis.Of course, painkillers have an important role to play, but the first duty of public health must be to protect the public.We can’t afford to be complacent. We’ve all seen the devastation opioids have caused in America’s heartland.We can not let that happen here. It is our job to prevent this problem from escalating.So I’m extremely grateful for the PHE inquiry. Your recommendations, your evidence on painkillers and anti-depressants will inform the actions we take to tackle this head-on.The report published this week was very important and will mark a milestone in the attitude we take to over-medicalisation. The report was assured and based on evidence but also clear so that the public can understand. It backs up our own anecdotal evidence that there is a problem that must be tackled, and tackle it we will.So all of those things taken together – children’s diets, social media harms, anti-vax, opioids – should and are being led by national government, but that’s not going to be enough.We can’t tax and legislate our way out of childhood obesity.We certainly can’t tax and legislate away the mental health problems our young people face.They’re part of the armoury, yes, but they’re not a silver bullet.Because at the heart of it we’re talking about changing human behaviour. And if you want to change the way people act, then you need to understand the way people think.The Department of Health and Social Care has polled people across the country on prevention, from all age groups, from all backgrounds, so we can understand what the great British public think, and what they expect from us.And there were 2, clear, overriding messages: the overwhelming majority of people believe the responsibility for their health lies with them – the individual, not the state. I think this is a good thing and should underpin our approach – we must do more to empower people to look after their healthcenter_img that our efforts on prevention must be focused on childrenlast_img read more

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Performance Redefined! Introducing DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash Solution

first_imgToday we are delivering a quantum leap in flash storage with the announcement of EMC DSSD D5, a Rack-Scale Flash solution. DSSD D5 provides a new architecture and game-changing flash performance to meet the needs of traditional and next-generation applications, opening up the new category of Rack-Scale Flash for customers.DSSD D5 was built from the ground up to support the increasingly intense latency demands of enterprises at the cutting edge of big data and high-performance analytics and applications.So why DSSD D5, and why now?Applications today have evolved significantly from the previous client-server era; they’re built to leverage diverse data types and support an order of magnitude increase in users, devices and data to support business objectives. This has led to a fundamental change in infrastructure requirements supporting these applications. DSSD D5 is purpose-built to meet these requirements.DSSD D5 is designed specifically for the most data-intensive analytical applications –, if you will. DSSD D5 moves a step – perhaps two, or more – beyond existing architectures to cater to high-performance needs with a performance-centric, dense and shared flash solution that offers diverse and native data access along with enterprise reliability. DSSD D5 delivers performance faster than direct-attached flash while delivering operational efficiency, a larger and denser shared pool of flash and centralized management.DSSD D5 delivers multiple industry-first software and hardware innovations. And the result is enterprise-ready, next-generation performance in a dense 5U appliance.Key workloads and technologies that will immediately benefit from DSSD D5 are:High Performance Databases and Data WarehousesHigh Performance Applications Running on Hadoop andCustom Applications, such as SAS, or applications running on a variety of high performance file systemsEach of these categories on their own may not be able to support an entire analytical workflow, and organizations typically use a combination. To add to the complexity, each of these workloads has different performance profiles and constraints, so customers leveraging a legacy infrastructure are forced to create workarounds that are complex, underperforming and inefficient. With its next-generation performance, DSSD D5 enables the world of real-time analytics and applications.To learn more about the DSSD D5 click here:Want to learn more? Check out the DSSD homepage and follow @EMCDSSD on Twitter for our latest announcements and content.Check out the DSSD infographic.last_img read more

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Tense calm in northern Lebanese city after violent clashes

first_imgTRIPOLI, Lebanon (AP) — A cautious calm prevails in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli after a violent night that saw rioters set fire to several buildings. The fires capped days of confrontations, as anger over growing poverty made worse by the coronavirus lockdown boiled over. Lebanese troops have been deployed in the country’s second-largest city in an effort to quell the rioting. The riots have led to repeated confrontations with security forces. One person has been killed and more than 250 have been others injured. The protests target the strict lockdown measures but also reflect growing anger over the authorities’ indifference in the face of Lebanon’s economic meltdown.last_img read more

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Cambridge offices

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46 medical workers in Semarang contract COVID-19 after patients fail to reveal travel history

first_imgHospitals across the country are in dire need of additional medical equipment and supplies as doctors and nurses scramble to handle the surge in the number of patients with COVID-19, ranging from those with mild symptoms to severe cases.The lack of protective gear has taken its toll on medical workers in Indonesia, as dozens of those working on the front line have reportedly been infected by the contagious disease.In Jakarta alone — the country’s epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak — for instance, at least 174 healthcare workers have tested positive for COVID-19.Tirta Mandira Hudhi, a doctor who has volunteered to treat coronavirus cases with the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), said that it was very important for patients not to cover up their condition or travel and contact history when they saw doctors and nurses at hospitals.”Asymptomatic patients are the most dangerous in the case of COVID-19 because they don’t show any symptoms but are actually infected. That’s why honesty is very important,” Tirta said.”If [patients] cover up their conditions, it will endanger everyone around them as well as medical workers,” he added.As of Friday, Central Java had recorded 304 cases of COVID-19 out of the nationwide official tally of 5,923. The nationwide death toll from the disease is 520, with 41 fatalities reported in Central Java. (dpk)Topics : Forty-six medical workers at Dr. Kariadi General Hospital (RSUP) in Semarang, Central Java, have contracted COVID-19 after reportedly treating patients who had covered up their travel history to virus-hit regions.The Central Java administration confirmed on Thursday that the healthcare workers who tested positive had been isolated at the province-owned Kesambi Hijau Hotel, which now serves as a quarantine center for COVID-19 patients.Governor Ganjar Pranowo said some patients who went to the COVID-19 referral hospital had not revealed their travel history to coronavirus red zones to healthcare workers, who presumably contracted the virus from them. “What happened at Kariadi Hospital is unbelievable. It serves as a lesson for us that doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are very vulnerable,” Ganjar said on Friday, “Once again, I remind all patients to provide thorough information about their conditions.”The 46 medical workers in quarantine are currently in a healthy condition, he said, adding that they had sent him a video, in which they all “look cheerful and in high spirits”.The governor said that he had contacted the management of the hospital to improve its protocols to prevent medical workers from getting infected by the contagious virus, adding that the Central Java administration was ready to ensure supplies of medical equipment and protective gear.Read also: Indonesia now leads Southeast Asia in confirmed coronavirus caseslast_img read more

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Former cop, youth worker and bereaved father against cannabis legislation

first_imgStuff 23 June 2020Family First Comment: South Cantabrians are against a groundbreaking proposal to change New Zealand’s cannabis laws, include a former senior sergeant, youth worker and bereaved father – and they’re hoping their experiences may help inform others ahead of September’s referendum.Former police officer Mark Offen points out that alcohol reform has not protected youth, and he sees the proposed new bill in the same light. “The alcohol age limit is 18, but the defacto limit is 12 or 13. It will be the same with cannabis, the limit of 20 will see 14 and 15 year-olds trying it.”South Cantabrians against a groundbreaking proposal to change New Zealand’s cannabis laws, include a former senior sergeant, youth worker and bereaved father – and they’re hoping their experiences may help inform others ahead of September’s referendum.Voters will get the opportunity to decide for or against the Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill at the general election in September. The bill, which aims to regulate production, supply and consumption of cannabis to those aged 20 and over, has already drawn mixed reactions.One of those who opposes the changes, is former senior sergeant Mark Offen – who spent 30 years working on the front line and has seen the impact of drug use first hand.“Once the genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back,” warns Offen.Offen, who left the police force four years ago, is concerned that there was no evidence that the legislation was the best thing to do as academic experts on both sides of the argument presented equally compelling points of view.READ MORE: read more

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Seeking justice for Haiti’s rape victims

first_img Share Share Sharing is caring! Share 40 Views   no discussionscenter_img NewsRegional Seeking justice for Haiti’s rape victims by: – April 28, 2012 Tweet CNN Hero: Malya Villard-AppolonPort-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — Three days after a massive earthquake threw Haiti into chaos, Alvana was homeless, along with her two children.But her nightmare was just beginning.“I was gang-raped while I was sleeping in the middle of the street,” she said. “And I got pregnant.”Alvana did not know her attackers. Depressed and unsure of what to do next, she was directed by a friend to a clinic run by KOFAVIV, a Creole acronym that translates into the Commission of Women Victims for Victims.“By the time I got to them, my belly was already big,” she said. “But they took care of me.”Alvana was given food, water, housing and prenatal care. She decided to keep her daughter, even though the psychological pain could be difficult — and still is, two years later.“It’s terrible,” said Alvana, 33. “I love my daughter … (but) I look at myself and see that I have a child that is a product of a gang rape.”Her story is, unfortunately, all too common in Haiti, said Malya Villard-Appolon, one of KOFAVIV’s co-founders.“After (the earthquake), the situation was inhumane and degrading,” Villard-Appolon said. “There was no security in the (displacement) camps. There was no food; there was no work. And now there is a rampant problem.”Accurate numbers are difficult, if not impossible, to find in the aftermath of such devastation, but KOFAVIV and other groups say they have seen a definite increase in rape cases after the January 2010 earthquake.“Victims became more vulnerable due to a range of things,” said Brian Concannon Jr., director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti. “They lost their houses; there were no locked doors anymore. People lost family members who were a source of protection.”Terrible living conditions, including a shortage of food and water, contribute to the problem as well, said Charity Tooze, a senior communications officer with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ Washington office.“The conditions are so dehumanizing,” Tooze said. “Over months and months, it increases all forms of violence, including sexual violence.”There has also been a lack of prosecution in the country. In the first two years after the quake, not one person in Haiti has been convicted of rape, according to the UNHCR.“The big problem is, you can’t find justice,” said Villard-Appolon, 52.Even before the quake, she says, rape was an issue in Haiti, historically underreported because of social stigma, retaliation from perpetrators and a lack of legal support. That is what led her and Marie Eramithe Delva to start KOFAVIV in 2004. Since the group’s inception, it has helped more than 4,000 rape survivors find safety, psychological support and/or legal aid.“We tell people to come out of silence,” she said. “Do not be afraid to say that you have been victimized.”Villard-Appolon knows what it’s like to be a victim of sexual violence. She has been raped twice, and her husband died as a result of beatings he endured trying to save her from being raped. In 2010, her 14-year-old daughter was raped in a displacement camp.“I can’t describe to you how I felt when I heard about that, because I was a victim,” she said. “I started asking myself what kind of generation I came from. Am I cursed?”She escorted her daughter to two police stations and received no assistance, she said, just a lot of talk. One police officer told her that “girls are so promiscuous” and indicated that many young girls are asking for sex.But she carries on, “fighting with hope that I know there will be a change,” she said. Internationally, she has testified before the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling for increased security within the displacement camps and asking that women’s groups be included in decision-making processes.“I was a victim, and I did not find justice. But know I will get it for other women,” she told CNN.When the earthquake hit Haiti, KOFAVIV’s founders watched their clinic and their offices collapse along with their homes.Villard-Appolon lived in the dangerous Champ de Mars displacement camp for half a year. There, she said, she watched as conditions deteriorated.“It was all kinds of people who ended up in one area,” she said. “The jails were not destroyed, but their doors were opened, and all prisoners went free. Many of them … were armed, and they were notorious murderers.”One criminal held Villard-Appolon at gunpoint, demanding money. The police never showed up, she said, but she managed to escape after a group of supporters arrived to fight.Villard-Appolon said many single women had to leave their children with strangers in order to search for food, water or work. In some cases, the children were raped. The youngest victim, she says, was a 17-month-old.“I spent six months witnessing it,” she said. “Babies are not spared; adults are not spared; mothers are not spared; sisters are not spared.”Despite the escalating violence and the loss of its clinic, KOFAVIV regrouped to help victims in Haiti’s “tent city” camps, where about 500,000 people still live today. The group has 66 female outreach agents and 25 male security guards who work within the camps, organizing nighttime community watch groups and providing whistles and flashlights to women. All of them have been affected by gender-based violence, whether personally or through a family member or loved one, Villard-Appolon said.KOFAVIV also relies on more than 1,000 members to help share their stories, support the victims and urge them to come forward and fight for justice.It usually starts by accompanying the victims to the hospital within 72 hours of being raped. Once they undergo a test, they receive the medical certificate they must have to begin legal proceedings.“After that, we assign a lawyer to her,” Villard-Appolon said. There is no cost to the victims, and they receive support from KOFAVIV through the trial.Villard-Appolon says she is determined to keep fighting for a brighter future, even though justice has been elusive.“My dream is that we will get to a place where we stop talking about the number of rape cases,” she said. “We will stop talking about Haiti as a country where people are committing violence against others. One day, we have to be able to say that we have a country with people who respect each other.”By Allie Torgan, CNNlast_img read more

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Bulldogs Split Games In SEI Semi-Finals

first_imgThe 7th Grade Batesville Basketball Team ended their season Tuesday night by falling to South Dearborn in overtime by a score of 40-37.Leading is scoring for Batesville was Core Werner with 11 points. Following him was Travis Lecher with 9, Cooper Wilhelm with 6, and Ean Loichinger with 4. Rounding out the scoring were Eli Pierson with 4 and Zach Wade with 2.The 8th grade won another barn burner last night against Milan 34-29.Leading the way for the dogs was Team defense!! We caused several turnovers and had some big blocks that led directly to transition points. Mason Barker, Trey Peters, and Calvin Sherwood led the way in scoring all with 7. RJ Powell added 4 and had a great presence on the floor on both ends. Jaden Peetz added 3 big free throws. Austin Cornn, Alex Seifert, and Ethan Brewer all added 2.We are in action again Thursday night at Jac-Cen-Del for the final of the SEI tournament against Sunman-Dearborn. Go Bulldogs!!!!Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Ben Pierson.last_img read more

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Merle Norman

first_imgVisitation is Monday, March 4, 2019 from 4 until 7 p.m. at Cook Rosenberger Funeral Home, 929 Main Street, Brookville and again on Tuesday at Scipio United Baptist Church from 10 until 11 a.m.  David Smith will officiate services at 11 a.m. at the church and burial will follow in Mt. Carmel cemetery. He was born June 30, 1947 to Willard and Jeanette “Irene” Norman.  He had two brothers, Willie and Donnie Norman – both surviving, and two sisters, Alma Hill – surviving, and Mable who preceded him in death. On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, Merle Edward Norman woke up being held by Jesus, and was reunited with the love of his life. Merle was retired from Sperry Rubber and Plastic.  He was an avid fisherman and could literally build anything.  He was a devote Christian and loyal member of the Scipio Baptist Church. Anyone who knew Merle, adored him.center_img He will be sincerely missed by his three daughters, Tammy (Danny) Garrison, Lisa (James) Henson, and Anita Norman; six grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; several friends, nieces and nephews.  Besides his parents and siblings, he was preceded in death by his “little lady” Rose Etta Norman; infant granddaughter, Ciera Rose Griffin; sisters-in-law, Ulene Quinlan, Bonnie Barrett and Carolyn Cummins, and brother-in-law, Nelson Barrett. Memorial contributions can be directed to Scipio United Baptist Church.  To leave memories or sign the online guestbook please visit  The staff of Cook Rosenberger Funeral Home is honored to care for the family of Merle Norman.last_img read more

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Torres: Mourinho has plans for me

first_img The Spain striker has struggled to justify his £50million price tag since moving to Stamford Bridge from Liverpool in 2011 but finished last season in decent goalscoring form under interim coach Rafael Benitez and helped the club win the Europa League title. Since the end of the campaign Torres, who recognises he has not done as well as he would have hoped with the Blues, has been linked with Barcelona but the 29-year-old insists he sees his future at Chelsea and is looking forward to speaking with Mourinho about his plans. Fernando Torres has reiterated his commitment to Chelsea and is hoping he has a role to play under “demanding” new Blues coach Jose Mourinho. Speaking on Spanish radio show Al Primer Toque, Torres said: “I am the first to admit that a lot more was expected of me, even I expected more of myself. Now I have the added pressure of Mourinho and that’s a challenge for any player. “Chelsea is the club I’m at and where I want to be, I want to keep winning trophies there. “I am dealing with the situation in a normal way, every summer there are rumours about new coaches and new players. Mourinho is a very demanding coach but he always guarantees success, and I trust that he has a plan for me.” Torres, who is currently on international duty with Spain at the Confederations Cup in Brazil, was also quizzed about supposed interest from Barcelona. The former Atletico Madrid hitman said: “I have known (Barca president Sandro) Rosell for a very long time. We have a close relationship but that’s it. “I’m focusing on the Confederations Cup for now and immediately after I will focus on Chelsea again. I want to speak with Mourinho first and then prepare myself for the coming season.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

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Cricket News BCCI officially becomes National Sports Federation after coming under NADA ambit

first_img New Delhi: After years of defiance, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has finally come under the ambit of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). This is a massive development when it comes to doping and sports administration in the country. The BCCI has now become a National Sports Federation in the process despite being financially autonomous. Sports Secretary Radheshyam Jhulaniya, who along with NADA DG Navin Agarwal met BCCI CEO Rahul Johri along with the Board’s GM (Cricket Operations) Saba Karim here on Friday, said that the Board has given in writing that it would adhere to the anti-doping policy of NADA.The BCCI was vehemently opposed to signing up with NADA, claiming that it is an autonomous body, not a National Sports Federation as it does not rely on government funding. BCCI’s primary concern was the contentious ‘Whereabouts Clause’ with regards to Out of Competition Testing, something that all star India players have been wary of as they considered it an invasion of their privacy.However, Sports secretary Radheshyam Jhulaniya said, “All cricketers will now be tested by NADA. The BCCI raised three issues before us about the quality of the dope testing kits, competence of pathologists and sample collection. We assured them that whatever facilities they want, we will provide but there will be some charge for it. But that higher facility will be equal for all NSFs. BCCI is no different from others. They have to follow the law of the land,” Jhulaniya said.After the meeting, Johri said they had to follow the law of the land. “We have raised a lot of concerns, we have listed them out and they have agreed to address all these. Whoever is in existence the law of the land is there. So, you and I can’t choose at what time to follow the law of the land,” Johri said.With the BCCI officially coming under the NADA ambit, the possibility of agreeing to RTI is becoming more and more real. The Indian Board will now face more pressure to come under RTI Act as per government norms. However, Johri side-stepped the issue, saying RTI was not in the meeting and it will be discussed at a later meeting. BCCI had raised concerns about whereabouts clause.BCCI has finally come under NADA.All cricketers will now be tested by NADA. highlightscenter_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

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Flowers ‘blossoming’ in second year as key reserve

first_imgIn a winter with what has felt like spring weather, sophomore guard Michael Flowers is blossoming into one of the top options coming off the bench for head coach Bo Ryan’s squad.”Right now he might be in the top-10 defensive players in the league,” Ryan said. “And offensively, his decision-making, his shot selection, and he’s feeling more confident now with his shot, that’s definitely improved too.”The goal-oriented Flowers says that while he may be a good defender now, he can always improve until he’s the best.”That is definitely a personal goal of mine,” Flowers said. “And it’s not a bad personal goal to have because if I do good that means that the team is doing good, but you know I just want to go out there and every time I step out on the court I want to produce for the team and I just want to make the team as successful as I possibly can.”Growing up dribbling a basketball around his house in Madison, the generally unselfish Flowers said playing in front of hometown fans weighed heavily on his decision to attend the University of Wisconsin — Madison and the chance to play for Ryan.”It’s the greatest thing in the world,” Flowers said. “I’m from around here and support and a lot of friendly faces and all, I mean if you’re comfortable, you’re going to have the potential to succeed.”Succeed he has, compiling 5.7 points per game, 3.3 rebounds and 2.4 assists all while playing 24 minutes per contest. The Madison La Follette High graduate has appeared in all 20 games, and he is likely to play in tonight’s matchup against Illinois despite suffering a knee injury late in Saturday’s game against Michigan. “[Flowers] brings an intense competitive nature,” said Ryan. “Everyday at practice, diving for balls, taking charges, he just plays hard on every possession. And he does the same in the games — his intensity is always at a high level, he’s the student of the game, he’s gotten better in his decision making, in his reads, so it’s fun coaching guys who continually show that they have a passion for the game and that they want to get better and that’s Mike.”Even with all the positive impressions Flowers has made on his coaches with the intensity and mental toughness he brings to the court every night, he is hungry for more.”You know I’m never satisfied with my play,” Flowers said. “So you know, to crack the starting lineup is an individual goal that I’m working towards and it’s the best compliment that I can receive from the coaches and so I’m just trying to get the confidence up and have them trust me to be one of the five starters.”With more playing time have come higher expectations. Like the up-and-down game of basketball, the grind and pressure on Flowers can sometimes be too much to bear, so like many before him, Coach Ryan has helped him iron out the rough spots.”Bo Ryan has taught me to never have a bad day,” Flowers said. “As simple as that sounds, but it’s really hard to never have a bad day, I mean you face a lot of adversity out there on and off the court, you just have to handle it, and just the way you handle yourself and carry yourself about is really important. Plus, basketball is a big part of my life — I’m never going to get away from that.”When he’s not on the court, Flowers likes to, always with a basketball in hand, spend time with his family, listen to music, hang out and watch movies all at the same time. His favorite genre of movies is comedy.”If it’s funny, it’s funny no matter when it was made,” Flowers said. “I like, you know, ‘Old School.’ I like ‘Wedding Crashers,’ ‘Dodgeball,’ Ben Stiller movies, Vince Vaughn movies, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, all those great comedians, I like them all.”Being a man of a thousand facial expressions himself, Flowers said there’s only one comedian that can portray what he represents to his friends and family.”I’d have to go with Martin Lawrence,” Flowers said. “He’s the more physical funny comedians, makes faces, just his gestures is really hilarious.”Despite all the pressure of being a Division-I basketball player, the fun-loving Flowers loves the game and is always readying himself to ignite his team to victory.last_img read more

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Brewers’ Weeks to miss rest of season

first_imgST. LOUIS (AP) — Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks will miss the rest of the season because of a tear in his left wrist, a severe setback for the NL Central leaders.Weeks hurt himself while striking out Sunday in St. Louis. He had an MRI exam Monday in Arizona, and it revealed the injury.The oft-injured Weeks was hitting .272 with nine home runs and 24 RBIs. The Brewers reached the playoffs last year as the wild-card team.The Brewers said Weeks had a torn sheath in his left wrist and will likely have surgery this week. Recovery time is four to six months.“Rickie was making progress. He was showing he could be the kind of player we all thought he could be,” Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said before Monday night’s game at St. Louis.“You feel bad for the team, but you feel bad for Rickie, too,” he said. “He put so much work into it.”Melvin said Craig Counsell will fill in at second base for Weeks for the time being.Melvin noted Weeks was on a pace to score 100 runs and have 100 RBIs this year. Weeks was the overall No. 2 pick in the 2003 draft.Weeks was hurt on his final swing in the first inning. “I just felt a little pressure, a little tug on it,” he said after the 8-2 win over the Cardinals.Weeks missed the last two months of the 2006 season after undergoing surgery for a tendon injury to his right wrist. He was examined by Dr. Don Sheridan, who performed that operation as well as one on his left thumb in 2005.last_img read more

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Noel uses family background to excel as senior linebacker at N.C. State

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Rodman Noel played basketball in his driveway, touch football with his friends at nearby Everett (Massachusetts) High School and little bit of baseball, too. In some ways, he was a typical kid. But he and his brothers, Jim and Nerlens, all became Division I athletes. They grew up the sons of Haitian immigrants and blue-collar workers. When they arrived home most nights, the house was empty. Their community helped raise them. Those experiences growing up in Everett fostered his competitive spirit and taught him to be a leader. Together, Rodman, Jim and Nerlens built each other’s competitiveness on the basketball court and on the football field, which Rodman will apply as a senior linebacker for N.C. State’s when it faces Syracuse for a 3 p.m. game in the Carrier Dome on Saturday. Nerlens is starting his first NBA season with the Philadelphia 76ers after starring during his one season at Kentucky in 2012–13. Jim is a graduate assistant at Temple football after being cut by the Seattle Seahawks during the 2013 preseason and Rodman leads the Wolfpack defense with 48 total tackles and an interception through eight games. “Their family’s important,” said John DiBiaso, the head football coach at Everett High School, “they’re brothers and they’ve got to look out for each other.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textBasketball games in the Noel’s driveway ratcheted up the brothers’ competitiveness. But before the driveway, the boys had to go to the park because they had no hoop. The three Noel brothers stayed at the park until late hours. Dorcina Noel, their mother, would demand they come home and when they refused, she brought home a basketball hoop. She put up the hoop so if they stayed out late, at least they were in their own driveway. On the first night they played until 2 a.m.“When it would start to get real competitive, we would start shoving each other. If somebody had the game-winning basket, it would start getting a little physical,” Rodman said. “And the other one would get mad because he called a foul, the other person would think it wasn’t a foul and we would start getting into it.” When Rodman was 10, they’d play basketball at Everett and get rides home from DiBiaso. They played with his son and DiBiaso bought them all chicken nuggets on the way home. “I’d be bringing them home and the lights would all be out, their mother and father would still be working,” said DiBiaso who usually dropped the Noels off between 10 and 11 p.m.Dorcina Noel worked in a hospital and Yonel Noel drove cabs to support the family. The Noel brothers relied on each other. Jim played a “big-brother-slash-father” role to Nerlens and to a Rodman in a lesser degree, DiBiaso said. When all three played on the football team during Nerlens’ freshman year, they’d get to practice at different times. DiBiaso said Jim arrived five minutes early, Rodman on time and Nerlens always 20 minutes late. It prompted DiBiaso to teach them to stick together. What Rodman learned growing up translated at Milford (New York) Academy — a cutthroat prep school for football players who want to improve on and off the field. Milford head coach Bill Chaplick said that making it through Milford speaks to Noel’s competitiveness and toughness. “You’re here with players that this is the last shot in their life and if they don’t make it, they’re not going anywhere,” Chaplick said. “You throw that all in with 55 guys, you’ve got to fight everyday for what you get here and you only get what you earn.”At North Carolina State, head coach Dave Doeren praises Rodman for working off the field to get results on it and calls him a “great preparation guy.”Now Rodman hopes that the late-night basketball games, extra year at Milford and four years at North Carolina State make him the third Noel brother to play a professional sport. It wouldn’t be a coincidence. “It would mean the world to me. I just know that I am blessed — I came from a great family, a great competitive family and I just thank god,” said Noel. “I’m just gonna have to keep working every day.” Comments Published on October 31, 2014 at 12:02 am Contact Chris: [email protected] | @ChrisLibonatilast_img read more

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Jamaica’s Minister of Labour & Social Security Shahine Robinson Has Died

first_imgJust last year October, Robinson’s younger brother Peter Fakhourie, a former JLP candidate, died after battling an undisclosed illness. Robinson, who was also the member of parliament for North-East St. Ann, died at her home in St. Ann today. Jamaica’s Minister of Labour and Social Security, Shahine Robinson has died at 66 years old. Robinson was previously a naturalised citizen of the United States before obtaining a Certificate of Loss of Nationality in December 2010. She is a graduate of the Miami Dade College, with an associate degree in Marketing and a diploma in Public Relations. Reports are that she had been “fighting” after falling gravely ill days ago amid a long battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2018.last_img read more

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South Puget Sound Celebrates Adult Literacy Week

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by South Puget Sound Community CollegeSouth Puget Sound Community College is joining other community and technical colleges state-wide in celebrating Adult Literacy Week.“Washington’s economic growth and prosperity depends on our ability to make education and job training universally accessible to citizens of all ages and backgrounds,” Gov. Christine Gregoire said in a proclamation recognizing Oct. 15-20 as Adult Literacy Week across the state.Critical to improving the job skills and basic skills of Washingtonians, South Puget Sound Community College, as well as other community and technical colleges in the state, offer a variety of Adult Basic Education programs, from GED and IBEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training), to English as a Second Language, and more.Education plays a key role in supporting the economic vitality of Washington state, and South Puget Sound Community College plays an important part in that education process, helping people build better skills in search of better jobs to help build a better Thurston County.For more information about South Puget Sound’s Adult Basic Education offerings, visit For more about statewide Adult Literacy Week information, visit read more

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Vanuatu and New Caledonia hope to shine at Pacific Games

first_imgVanuatu coach Chris Moran said that the team has had a strong build-up for the Pacific Games. “Our early preparation was hampered by Cyclone Pam, but since then the team has trained well. The new practice nets have made a significant difference to the way the girls have been able to train and all squad members have made improvements to their skill level,” Moran said. “We have been lucky to have had visits by the New Caledonian team and the Melbourne Cricket Club, both giving us much needed game practice. As part of our preparation the national women’s squad participated in the Under 17 boys competition as well,” Moran added.“Batters who are in good form at the moment for our team are Leimaure Chilia, Rachel Andrew and Marcelina Mete while the bowlers to keep an eye out for are Rachel Andrew, Ruth Kaltongga and Valenta Langiatu,” Moran concluded. Team captain Marcelina Mete said that “The team is focussed on winning gold in PNG and have a strong belief that it can be achieved. We are very grateful and honoured to be selected to represent our country at the Pacific Games. We know we under-achieved last year in Japan and our goal is to show what we are truly capable of”.New Caledonia coach Steeven Selefen said his team recently toured Vanuatu this year and played several matches with the Vanuatu women’s team as a lead up preparations towards the 2015 Pacific Games.“Three of our most important and notable players are Siwa Rose, Wawine Louise and Qaeze Jeannette while Angexetine Rosina ought to be watched for her bowling abilities as well”, Selefen said.“We have been in weekly fitness and skills training and the prospects look bright for our participation in the Games,” Selefen said.For results, live scores and information on the 2015 Pacific Games Cricket please go to:www.icceap.comlast_img read more

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ONOC President Dr Robin Mitchell in nine member IOC Ethics Commission

first_imgThis finalises the successful implementation of recommendations 30 to 32 of Olympic Agenda 2020 – which also included a complete revision of the IOC Code of Ethics – just less than eight months since its unanimous approval last December.The Chair, Vice-Chair and members of the IOC Ethics Commission were elected or re-elected, regardless of the length of term they have left to serve, earlier today. Composed of nine members, the Commission includes as required a representative of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and at least five individuals who are not active IOC members, two of whom have no direct links to the sports movement.It is composed of: Youssoupha Ndiaye (former Minister of Sport of Senegal) re-elected as Chair of the Commission; Guy Canivet (Member of the Constitutional Court) elected as Vice-Chair; Geert Corstens (recently retired President of the Network of Presidents of Supreme Judicial Courts in the European Union); Patricia O’Brien (Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United Nations and other International Organisations at Geneva); Samuel Schmid (lawyer and former Swiss Federal Councillor of the Federal Department of Defence, Protection of the Population and Sport); IOC Honorary Member Francisco J. Elizalde; and IOC Members Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant, Robin Mitchell and Yang Yang, who is elected as a representative of the IOC Athletes’ Commission.Rethinking missions and procedures Achieving greater transparency, good governance, responsibility and strengthening ethics are some of the guiding principles of the IOC Ethics Commission under Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement.In this respect, a number of initiatives and actions have taken place. The creation of an Integrity and Compliance Hotline last April and of a Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer have led to a rethinking of the mission of the Ethics Commission and the procedure for cases brought before it. As a result, Rules of Procedures have been entirely revised to take into consideration situations when information is given via this hotline.A complete review of the Code of Ethics has also been carried out by the IOC Ethics Commission in order to reinforce the vision of the creators of the text, initially drawn up in 1999, and with a view to achieving greater transparency, good governance and responsibility.The principles outlined within the Code of Ethics remain the same. However, the presentation has been updated to increase transparency and clarify the texts. It also reiterates the obligations of the Olympic Movement stakeholders to the Olympic Charter and the Code of Ethics.Reporting from OCOGs, YOGOCs and other topics The Session also heard the final report from the Organising Committee (OCOG) of the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014. Russian National Olympic Committee President and IOC Member Alexander Zhukov told the Session of the extensive human and sporting legacies of the Games, in particular the regeneration of the volunteer movement in Russia.Zhukov reported that the OCOG had generated USD 1.3 billion in marketing revenues and that the Games were broadcast in 159 countries worldwide, with 2.15 billion people watching at least a minute of the Games.President Bach reiterated that the IOC had decided to renounce its share of the profit from the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 and instead donate the money to the National Olympic Committee of Russia for the development of sport in the country.Reports were also delivered by the Organising Committees of upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo and Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.Rio 2016 Organising Committee President Carlos Nuzman told the Session that “we feel very confident to be so close to Rio de Janeiro’s dream” as they near the one-year-to-go mark ahead of the Games. “We will be ready, on time and on budget,” he added.Organisers of the Youth Olympic Games Nanjing 2014 also provided their final report, and the Session heard updates on the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016 and Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018.Finally, the financial statements and combined financial statements of 2014 were unanimously approved by the Session, and PricewaterhouseCoopers was reappointed as external Auditor.last_img read more

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The Media Must Not Cover Up for War Crimes Suspects

first_imgA Few weeks ago, I was doing research online and came across a news story published February 25, by the Inquirer Newspaper titled, “Residents Deny ‘Massacre’ Claim.” The story is related to charges of war crimes against one Martina Johnson, a well-known former NPFL rebel commander who was arrested last year by Belgium authorities and placed in custody regarding whatever roles she must have played in several massacres inside Mr. Taylor’s rebel territories, particularly, during the deadly “Octopus” war (she reportedly oversaw). Prior to reading the Inquirer story, I had read a similar story written by Mr. Nvasekie Konneh entitled, “Alieu Kosiah is a Victim of the Liberian Civil War.” Alieu Kosiah is an ex-ULIMO-K rebel commander whose story of violence against civilians stands out during the ULIMO-NPFL-LDF wars in Lofa and like Martina, Alieu Kosiah was arrested and subsequently imprisoned last year in Switzerland due to his roles in alleged “Tortures and killings” after he was identified by some of his victims. His detention has been extended to three more months by a judge before his trial can begin. Kosiah’s alleged victims who gave a tipoff that led to his arrest are expected to be represented by Civitas Maxima of Liberia and its Swiss branch, Global Research and Justice Project (GRJP). The Inquirer story was based on what it calls, “Fact-finding mission” by a “Team of international and local journalists” that allegedly toured “Dry Rice Market and Johnsonville” communities and spoke to residents regarding a wartime “massacres” in the areas and Martina’s possible connection to any. The Inquirer however failed to state what exactly prompted a fact-finding in the Martina case because, other Liberian ex-warlords and rebel commanders arrested previously by the ICC on similar war crimes charges, like former Pres. Taylor, his son, Chuckie Taylor, Tom weoiwiyou and Alieu Kosiah, never enjoyed such privileges of background investigations in their behalf by local reporters, let alone a group of local and foreign “Journalists” as reported by the paper. Of a group of “journalists” who allegedly formed part of the “Fact-finding” tour in the referenced communities, it is interesting to note that only The Inquirer so far has released a story though seemingly skewed in a way to serve a particular interest. Who the rest of the journalists are, and when they will publish their own findings are things not clear. And why The Inquirer took special interest in the Martina Johnson’s case is also something worth for the general public to know since this is untraditional. In any case both stories’ headings appeared conclusive, particularly the Kosiah story with no quotation or question marks, as usual considering the gravity of the crimes involved in both cases. Except that one was written presumably by an independent daily, and the other by a freelance writer who holds tribal affiliation to one of the war crimes suspects, the objective for both stories are clear in the story contents-they set out to defend the two former hardcore rebel commanders against “War crimes” for which the two have been separately indicted and are awaiting trials. And just by coincident, the Inquirer-Konneh stories also exhibit striking similarities in many forms. On separate notes, the two vehemently denied the accused, Martina and Kosiah, were ever involved in committing egregious crimes against civilians during the war as alleged. Indeed, the Inquirer story and that of Mr. Konneh’s went to extra length to portray the two diehard-rebel militias as “innocent” bystanders and “victims” of the brutal African war that killed an estimated 250,000 people. This is all happening when in fact, no trial has begun and although both accused may have initially denied every charge brought against them, it is universally the normal thing all war crimes suspects do. Charles Taylor denied “Everything” and likewise, Chuckie Taylor, and Kosiah. Even former Chadian leader Hissene Habre, indicted by Belgium courts on similar crimes, according to reports, “Is still denying.” Though either story failed to give accounts on the war activities of Martina and Kosiah, all agreed the two served as ‘commanders’ for the rebel National Patriotic Front (NPFL) of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, and Prof. Alhaji Kromah’s ULIMO-K rebel factions. Taylor is presently serving a 50 year sentence due to war crimes he reportedly committed in neighboring Sierra Leone during the 90s. However, it is not the Kosiah story this piece is about. What prompted this article is that unconventional “journalistic style” that The Inquirer adopted in treating an important matter that hold not just local but deep international interest as well. It ignored all journalistic ethical rules and published story ostensibly embedded in pure deception. The paper did so cleverly, making it to appear the story was based on feedbacks gathered from residents of two townships. Notwithstanding, it was no different from a case where someone would describe this way: “Rabbit thought it was hiding, not knowing its tail was still exposed.” In other words, the Inquirer editorial compromised its so-called “Fact-finding” report in attempt to cover up for war crimes suspect, Martina Johnson. For example, the paper’s story, among many others things failed to even draw a connection between the Taylor-led NPFL that recruited and armed Martina Johnson along with thousands of Liberian youths to fight. Mind you, the suspect Martina Johnson, fought for the NPFL, the faction known to have systematically targeted and murdered thousands civilians, mainly Mandingo and Krahn, on the basis of their ethnic affiliations. These are basic facts no news organ writing about such high-profiled case will ever ignore, unless the primary goals for that organ isn’t about protecting and serving the public interest. For the referenced Inquirer report, one doesn’t really have to be a savvy editor or reporter in order to detect that something is wrong, that the story was indeed compromised. Any literate individual can easily tell this just by basically examining the paper’s story contents, version of the “Fact-finding mission.” Let’s go over a few paragraphs in the referenced Inquirer story so as to attempt to find out whether or not the Inquirer editorial followed the rules or did in all fairness apply “Objectivity” in in the referenced report as required in the journalism profession. In its opening paragraphs, the following is what Liberia’s Inquirer, once considered, a credible source by international news agencies during wartime, wrote: “Some residents of the Dry Rice Market and Johnsonville communities have clarified that there was no incident of massacres in both communities during the Liberian civil conflict. The residents further clarified that no act of massacre was committed by a former SSS Officer who later became the head of the Roberts International Airport (RIA) Madam Martina Johnson as has been alleged. Members of the communities said both communities were considered free zones during the heat of the civil conflict something that contradicts allegation by Global Research and Justice Project.” As indicated earlier, the paper stated the information was gathered last January when a group of “Journalists” visited the areas during which the reporters conducted interviews with “Over 70 elders and youths” concerning reports that “Massacres occurred” in those vicinities. The Inquirer story said, citizens denied such allegations. However, what seems unforgivable is when the paper alleges without quotes that “residents” in both townships described the GRJP’s report as “misleading and intended to destroy Madam Johnson” and demanded they “want all charges against Martina Johnson dropped.” “Meanwhile, residents of Dry Rice Market and Johnsonville communities want all charges against Martina Johnson dropped adding that the allegation by Global Research and Justice Project is intended to solicit international support and attention from the international community. Residents in that area also stated that the information provided by Global Research and Justice Project is misleading and intended to destroy Madam Johnson.” But those are not all; perhaps, the most revealing and damaging to this questionable report that seems to lend credence to suspicion that the Inquirer “report” may have been heavily influenced by a special favor, including money, due to the following line in its story: “Currently residents of the various communities are benefiting from the humanitarian gesture under aegis of Madam Martina Johnson the former RIA boss, one of the leaders of the community disclosed.” It is inconceivable that a paper of this caliber as The Inquirer will attempt to rob the public of its right to know the truth in an allegation that involves genocide by failing to provide an accurate picture surrounding a so-called “Fact-finding” tour of which other participating “journalists” are yet to publish their own accounts. From reading the above sections of the Inquirer story, isn’t it rather ironic that a “Fact-finding mission,” with the sole purpose to thoroughly investigate and verify gruesome mass murders, could now suddenly turn into a praise and worship band by the usage of unnecessary and flattering praises as per this remark, Currently residents of the various communities are benefiting from the humanitarian gesture under aegis of Madam Martina Johnson the former RIA boss? And see, the paper even referred to the suspects multiple times as “Madam” in its well-polished story. Can a newspaper claiming “Independent” actually afford to condone such practice by also joining a chorus of praise singers in such high-profiled critical matters? In the first place, it is outrageously awful that the Inquirer editorial would choose to use phrases as: “Residents have clarified” that Martina Johnson didn’t commit “Act of massacre” in the two communities, as if the alleged mass murder incidents are more like the everyday corrupt practices Liberians have come to be accustomed to, like the discussion is about some stolen goods. At least, that’s how simple the paper made it looked when in fact the entire episode is about genocide in one of Africa’s bloodiest civil wars, heavily fuelled by strong anti-tribal sentiments, and often the victims were vulnerable women, children and elderly, some often raped before they were viciously beheaded by drugged rebels. It isn’t a honeymoon story-this involves peoples’ loved ones-just like us, the living and that’s why it sounds bizarre that the Inquirer’s editorial team will think such a case can be closed with a mere “Clarification” and after that everyone walks away. Another section of the Inquirer’s story that raises eyebrows is the claim that “Over 70 elders and youths” were interviewed by “Journalists” regarding the suspect’s role during the “Fact-finding” but failed to identify a single interviewee, for the sake of its own credibility. Also, the story had no byline which adds to a long list of questions as to the sincerity of the report. Even twenty is too big of a number let alone, “Over 70” that an “Independent” newspaper will not cite a single name in a crucial story especially when the war crimes suspect is being highly “Hailed” by all and not even a single person gave contradictory view of her. With this apparent level of eagerness by “Residents” of the areas to tell the “Good deeds” Martina, it is however shocking that no one appeared bold to speak on record. But few of the troubling questions in this case are: Who, and where exactly, are some of the residents that were allegedly interviewed by local and foreign reporters? How credible are they? And how can they prove they lived in the referenced communities during the first phrase of the civil wars? For the sake of trustworthiness, I would have provided names and also group picture of interviewees and I think the paper should do so without delay in the public interest. For what is the reason for one to hide when he thinks highly of neighbor that presumably holds a clear record and gives to the community? I hope the paper editorial is aware of the serious credibility questions its publication raises. Perhaps, it may recover by releasing names, photographs, or phone numbers, addresses of the interviewees with consent for verification since it seems the rest of “Journalists” on the trip disappeared. It claimed further that residents described Barnersville Township as “Free zone,” meaning, the area was a safe heaven that was untouchable in the wartime. By now, it is no surprise that The Inquirer of today will take such assessment from someone without a second thought to verify such claim before publishing. Of course, this type of act will be little any paper when after all, almost everyone who rode out the wars in Liberia, not to mention journalists, knows that not even an inch of Liberia was deemed safe, or left untouched. Except the ECOMOG-IGNU’s controlled territory of Monrovia, no part of the capital including, suburbs were safe. For if there existed a so-called “Free Zone,” why then did the soldiers over 600 slaughter Gio and Mano civilians, who were forced by circumstances to stay at the Sinkor Lutheran Church where they perished? The Inquirer story repeatedly cited a place it called, “Dry Rice Market.” What is it exactly? It is a tiny Flea like-market, about the size of a football field and located inside Barnersville Estate in Monrovia’s northwest suburb. It isn’t itself a “town” as inanely portrayed by the paper. The portrayal however is typical of the way some local reporters communicate, write stories, with only Liberian audiences in mind. The market is probably less than a mile from the last bus stop before entering the estate. The same place (near the last bus stop) the Inquirer report now says residents claimed to be a “Free zone” is where the charred remains of a small vehicle used by two of the five murdered American nuns were found in 1992 during NPFL’s multipronged attack on the capital. How do I know? I was among a team of local reporters taken on a tour of the Barnersville area by former press secretary at the Ministry of National Defense, Col. Arthur B. Dennis, now a resident of New Jersey, just days after the combined forces of ECOMOG peacekeeping troops, the Sawyer-IGNU’s led Black Berets, assisted by Mr. Alhaji Kromah’s ULIMO movement ejected Taylor’s men from the area. I was able to photograph the charred remains of the car owned by the murdered American nuns, films editors at The Associated Press would take interest in when I began to work for the agency as stringer photographer. The story goes that two of the nuns, Muttra and Joel Kolmer left their Barnersville Convent on October 20, 1992 to drop off a security guard and were murdered moments later by Taylor’s rebels when they encountered them. Years after the murder of the nuns, an investigations compiled by US FBI agents blamed the NPFL that controlled the area. The FBI’s probe was based on countless testimonies given by mostly eyewitnesses, including NPFL kidnapped survivors, the Catholic Archdiocese, US Embassy, ECOMOG soldiers and residents who saw the killings. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of this work has been who to pinpoint among the “killer commanders” for the deaths of the nuns. While some suspect Martina, others blame one Christopher Vambo, who goes by the nom-de-guerre General Mosquito. Read: Is This Man Responsible for the Murder of the 5 American Nuns?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Liberians Encouraged to Donate Blood

first_img– Advertisement – Former Liberian Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Nathaniel A. Barnes, was among several volunteers who recently donated blood to save lives, particularly children and adults suffering from anemia, malaria and other diseases and are in desperate need of blood transfusion.June 14 of every year is commemorated as World Blood Donor Day, and the Ministry of Health, through the National Blood Safety Program (NBSP), observed the day by campaigning for blood donors.Dr. Barnes described it as a worthy cause to donate blood to stop preventable deaths. He pleaded with all ‘healthy and emotionally composed’ citizens to donate blood to save the lives of people who needlessly die on a daily basis across the country due to lack of blood.He encouraged Liberians to donate blood “To help families, friends or relatives who don’t have money to pay for blood or when the time comes and there is no one around to donate blood.” He backed his call by donating blood.For his part, the Assistant Minister for Preventive Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Samson K. Arzoaquoi, said the two regional blood banks in the country need blood to save lives, and called on volunteers to donate blood.“The most common medical emergency health care need at all health institutions across the country is the need for blood transfusion,” Dr. Arzoaquoi said. He noted that those who donate blood are very special people that everyone should applaud.“As we celebrate blood donors’ day let me say a big thank you to all donors and call on them not to stop their sacrificially giving of themselves to see others in need of blood stay alive,” he pointed out.He said in order for the blood safety program to survive, partners, including WHO, ACCEL, among others, are requesting that there should be a national blood policy.“As we are here today, somebody is dying because there is no blood and as we are here somebody has died because he or she did not get blood,” he noted, calling on all qualified blood donors to give blood often.Also making remarks on behalf of the WHO Regional Director for Africa Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, Madam Gertrude Mulbah said the theme of the occasion, “What Can You Do? Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often,” goes beyond just thinking about giving blood to relatives and friends.“If my boss was here today she would have said these words coming from my mouth, ‘Everybody can play a role in an emergency situation by giving blood.’ Blood transfusion is an essential component of emergency healthcare,” Madam Mulbah said.“As we commemorate World Blood Donor Day, my boss is urging all countries in the region and all stakeholders involved in blood donations to maintain adequate supplies of safe blood. This will allow national blood transfusion services to respond in time to the increase in blood demand, especially during emergencies,” she said.The program director at the NSBP, Madam Lwopu M. Bruce, said blood donation should be free of charge and voluntary.“Our campaign is to create sufficient awareness so as to welcome on board many voluntary donors,” Madam Bruce said. She commended six of the donors who, over time, have not hesitated to give blood.The NSBP certificated Prince G. Gargar, Emmanuel J. Zah, Prince Mahnweh, Winston, Arkie J. Tarr, among others, for donating blood voluntarily and free of charge.A cross section of celebrants singing the national anthem at the start of the eventShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Dr. Barnes gives bloodlast_img read more

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Moorpark College hosts multiethnic celebration

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Among dozens of attractions, the events included lectures on Chumash culture, a film about a Japanese-internment camp, a lecture on the Harry Potter books, demonstrations by drummers and martial artists, along with flamenco dancing and Cajun music. MOORPARK – The 16th annual Multicultural Day at Moorpark College included everything from what the Bible teaches us about nutrition to the history of the boomerang. The event focusing on diversity was held Wednesday to promote global understanding through presentations and performances about various cultures and arts. Vendors offered ethnic foods. Some faculty members allowed students to attend several of the events in lieu of going to class. Local kindergarten-through-12th-grade schools, as well as nearby colleges, were invited to bring their students to see and hear music, dance, drama and lectures. last_img read more

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On-loan Man United star Hernandez targets Real Madrid starting spot

first_img1 Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez is aiming to become a first-team regular at Real Madrid during his time with the Champions League holders.The Mexico international is a new arrival at the the Bernabeu, having joined this summer on loan from Manchester United.Despite competition for places at Real being fierce – with new signing James Rodriguez only adding to the club’s attacking talent – Hernandez will not be settling for a spot on the bench“No one trains to be a back-up,” Hernandez told Neox TV. “I’m a football player and there are 11 starters, so the ones on the outside are always waiting for a chance and no player will say that they train to wait on the outside. “I’m not a conformist, I want to grow but it takes a lot of work and competition.” Javier Hernandez in action for Manchester United last_img read more

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Tuchel not interested as Bayern set timeframe in coach search

first_img0Shares0000Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness says he expects a decision to be made about Niko Kovac’s replacement within the next three weeks © AFP / INA FASSBENDERBerlin, Germany, Nov 5 – Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness says the German giants expect to name Niko Kovac’s replacement as coach within three weeks, although Paris Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel said Tuesday he is not interested in the job.Kovac was sacked on Sunday after 16 months in charge in the wake of Bayern’s 5-1 drubbing at Eintracht Frankfurt, which left the defending champions fourth in the Bundesliga. Kovac’s assistant Hansi Flick has been named interim coach.Hoeness says Bayern’s senior figures will “think calmly about how to handle” finding a new coach with a decision expected to be made during the forthcoming international break.“I think that by the time the next away game comes around in Duesseldorf (on November 23), we’ll know how the coach’s issue has been resolved,” Hoeness added.According to Sky Germany, Tuchel, who is under contract at PSG until 2021, has been approached by Bayern but has ruled out an immediate switch.Paris Saint-Germain’s German coach Thomas Tuchel, who has reportedly rejected an approach by Bayern Munich, looks on during a PSG training session on November 5 © AFP / FRANCK FIFE“It doesn’t interest me because I’m the coach of PSG. I have a contract for next season. I can’t think for a minute about another club,” Tuchel said on the eve of his side’s Champions League game with Club Brugge.Ajax coach Erik ten Hag, one of the early favourites having coached the Bayern reserves from 2013-15, has also announced he will not leave the Dutch side before the end of the season.Massimiliano Allegri, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, who are all currently without a club, have been mentioned by the German media as possible candidates to coach Bayern.Flick, Joachim Loew’s assistant coach when Germany won the 2014 World Cup, will be in charge at least for Bayern’s home matches on Wednesday in the Champions League against Olympiakos and Saturday’s Bundesliga showdown with Borussia Dortmund.0Shares0000(Visited 30 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

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Stoke confirm red card appeal

first_img1 Geoff Cameron Stoke City have launched an appeal against Geoff Cameron’s red card in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat to West Brom.The midfielder was sent off late on in the Hawthorns clash for pushing Claudio Yacob in the back of the neck.The Potters were level at the time but went on to succumb to a stoppage-time winner from Jonny Evans.Hughes criticised referee Lee Mason’s decision to show Cameron a straught red after the game and blasted Yacob’s reaction to the push.Now Stoke have decided to challenge the decision in a bid to overturn the American’s automatic three-match ban.last_img read more

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Squeezed shoppers seek cheaper stores

first_imgThe idea of trading down is different from cross-shopping, when shoppers buy kitchenware at Target and status handbags at Neiman Marcus. Shoppers cross shop to have a more eclectic style, but trade down to cheaper stores as a sign of financial stress, experts say. Amanda Curry, a waitress and bar manager from Riverview, Mich., said she normally shops at Somerset, an upscale mall with Nordstrom and Macy’s department stores. Now, she is looking at places that offer lower prices. This year’s destination? “Meijer, Wal-Mart – J.C. Penney, probably,” she said. “My income’s not as high as it used to be,” she said, noting she now has a 17-month-old daughter. Monica Tang, a retail strategist at Kurt Salmon Associates, agrees that certain shoppers are trading down to less expensive stores, but she doesn’t see it as a slam on the brakes. They are finding easier ways to cut back if they are looking to reduce their spending, she said. The trend is starting to play in the hands of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which has stepped up discounting after suffering its worst holiday season on record last year. Last week, the discounter recorded an 8 percent profit increase, and analysts say it could benefit from shoppers trading down this holiday season even as its core customers pull back. NEW YORK – That $3.20 latte at Starbucks or the $300 handbag at Coach may no longer be affordable luxuries. Feeling squeezed by gas prices and weak credit, the nation’s shoppers are increasingly trading down to lower-price stores or cheaper items. Such changes – which emerged this past summer and surfaced in the latest financial results for retailers – could alter dynamics of the holiday shopping season as it officially kicks off today. For some shoppers, it could be as drastic as buying all their clothes at discounters instead of department stores. For others, it could be as subtle as buying a wallet instead of a handbag or one latte per week at a fancy coffee shop and deli coffee on the other days. The trend could benefit discounters, warehouse clubs and drug stores while hurting department stores and mall-based apparel chains. Even Starbucks Inc. reported its first decline in traffic on record at its U.S. stores. “People are so cash- and credit-concerned,” retail consultant Burt Flickinger III said, noting he hasn’t seen “the trading down” phenomenon since the 1987 stock market crash resulted in massive job losses and the housing slump in the early 1990s. Drug store chains such as CVS Caremark Corp. and Walgreen Co. – both of which have been adding trendy items such as funky jewelry – are expected to be winners. Meanwhile, department stores – which enjoyed a resurgence last holiday season – have seen their fortunes reverse. Home and apparel, categories sensitive to the economy, are struggling with sluggish sales, and department stores are finding stiffer competition from the likes of offprice stores such as TJ Maxx, Flickinger said. Luxury stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue should continue to fare well this holiday season. But the aspirational luxury buyer seems to be feeling pinched, hurting results at Coach Inc., considered a bellwether for the low-end luxury market.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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Luck on singer’s side as she makes splash in Vegas

first_imgLAS VEGAS – Sarah Todora, an unassuming 18-year-old with a Louisiana drawl, has landed a gig at the Sahara hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. And thanks to a mysterious benefactor, Todora and her father-promoter, Phil, 44, pay $1 a month to stay at a three-bedroom condominium in a high-rise luxury tower where residences sell for up to $9 million. It’s an upbeat twist of fate in a city known for its second chances. And the show-business community’s embrace of their plight is a world removed from the cold devastation the pair faced when Katrina blew ashore. “I know it ain’t me,” said Todora, whose smoky presence on stage belies her shyness off it. “So, yeah, got to be faith, got to be God. Something.” Three months ago, after their car was stolen and with no real prospects in Las Vegas, the Todoras were prepared to retreat to Louisiana. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl eventThe Lafayette, La., natives had come west to promote bands from New Orleans. But two days after arriving, Katrina hit back home. It took three weeks before the Todoras could reach any of the band members they represented, by then scattered by the storms to Houston, New York and Atlanta. “These are whole bands that got separated,” Phil Todora said. “Instruments, CDs, press kits, computers, everything gone.” The Todoras spent their first weeks in Nevada at a budget motel, numb as TV broadcasts relayed the Gulf Coast’s unfolding disaster. Their reason for being in Las Vegas was all but gone and the money was quickly running out. But Sarah Todora had won praise for her husky vocals at festivals in Louisiana and Washington, D.C., and wasn’t ready to give up. “Sarah said, `Dad, let’s go. Everybody else is back home, but me and you are here. Let’s go do it. You do what you do, I’ll do what I do and we’ll crawl out of this hole,”‘ he recalled. Phil Todora approached Jerry Tiffe, a friend of a friend and a lounge singer who for 28 years worked places like the Sands and Tropicana. Tiffe let Sarah perform with him at a neighborhood restaurant and lounge. Then, thanks to a call from Tiffe, the Sahara’s director of marketing and entertainment, Ron Garrett, dropped by to catch the act. In the show, the willowy blonde segues from covers of Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones to an original song inspired by her encounter with a fast-talking Nashville promoter. In a guttural performance of “Too Young for Nashville,” she tells how she gave up aspirations to be the next LeAnn Rimes so she could sing the blues.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img
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first_imgThe recent Fundraising Barn Dance at John Toyes’ Farm in Rooskey, Manorcunningham went down a ball with all those who attended.The three local charities are Donegal Hospice, The Good and New Cancer Bus and the Drumoghill Parish Graveyard Fund. Photos by kind permission of Tony Nee, Convoy THREE DONEGAL CHARITIES BENEFIT FROM BRILLIANT MANOR BARN DANCE – PICTURE SPECIAL! was last modified: July 5th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:barn dancedonegalmanorcunninghamTony Neelast_img read more

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The most expensive starting XI of players still at the World Cup

first_imgThe World Cup semi-finals are live on talkSPORT on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 July at 19:00 (UK time) here.Of the players left in the World Cup, this is the most expensive could put together.This lot cost so much money that we couldn’t find room for Luka Modric (£33m), Eden Hazard (£32m) or Raheem Sterling (£49m). 5 SUPERSTITION Learn the words for England’s catchy Gareth Southgate song 5 ‘It could have been me’ – Allardyce admits World Cup was tough to watch Good times LATEST WORLD CUP NEWS Pure class misery 5 That midfield isn’t cheap to put together A reminder to Liverpool fans about the very comical threat Neymar offers MIDFIELDKevin De Bruyne: Man City spent a then club record £55m to bring De Bruyne in from Wolfsburg in 2015 and in 2018, he dazzled in the City side as they won the Premier League.Thomas Lemar: He signed a contract with Atletico while on international duty with France and the transfer is a reported £52.7m. He’ll join the club after the World Cup.Paul Pogba: For a time, Pogba’s £89m move from Juventus to Man United in 2016 was a world record, but it was soon broken. These strikers cost a fortune diamond geezer You’re the one The most expensive World Cup team of players still involved Arsenal star Laurent Koscielny admits he didn’t want France to win World Cup center_img GOALKEEPERJordan Pickford: England’s penalty hero in the last 16 against Colombia was at it again in the quarter-final to deny Sweden. It is a remarkable rise for the 24-year-old, who joined Everton from Sunderland in a £30m transfer in 2017. At the time of writing he has played just eight times for England. Pickford was the star of the show during England’s win on penalties against Colombia Paul Pogba buys France World Cup winners specially designed rings LU BEAUTY Shy guy 5 NO JOY Watch every goal England scored at the 2018 World Cup Why does Luis Suarez kiss his wrist when he celebrates a goal? Southgate makes young England fan’s day by replying to his letter Dele Alli reveals pre-match rituals and lucky charms he has before matches Olivier Giroud confirms N’Golo Kante is the nicest man in football Fallon d’Floor FORWARDSKylian Mbappe: In 2017, Paris Saint-Germain signed Mbappe on loan from Monaco for the season, with an option to make the deal permanent for £165.7m a year later. He is still only 19, but has shone in Russia.Romelu Lukaku: Man United paid Everton £75m for the striker in 2017 and he has shown his credentials as one of the best in the world at this World Cup with four goals so far.Ousmane Dembele: Barcelona paid Borussia Dortmund an initial £96.8m in 2017, which had the potential to rise to rise to £135.5m. He struggled with injury at first, but the 21-year-old recovered in time to 5 The most expensive defence in the World Cup semi-finals DEFENCEKyle Walker: He joined Man City from Tottenham in a £50m transfer and won the Premier League in his first season. Normally a right-back, Walker has been playing in the centre of England’s three-man defence.John Stones: Man City paid Everton £47.5m for the centre-back in 2016 and he has thrived under Pep Guardiola where he won the Premier League in 2018.Samuel Umtiti: Barcelona picked up the defender from Lyon in 2016 after he had played for France in Euro 2016 final.Benjamin Mendy: City spent big on full-backs last summer, with Mendy arriving from Monaco in a £52m deal. Sadly, he spent most of this debut Premier League season injured, but recovered in time to make France’s squad.last_img read more

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Man United ‘offer star player to Real Madrid’ ahead of January window

first_img targets moving on The biggest market value losers in 2019, including Bale and ex-Liverpool star Arsenal transfer news LIVE: Ndidi bid, targets named, Ozil is ‘skiving little git’ Latest Transfer News LIVING THE DREAM Tony Cascarino backs Everton to sign two strikers for Carlo Ancelotti Sanchez has scored just three goals in 21 Premier League games for his new club and has so far started only five league games this season.His relationship with manager Jose Mourinho is said to be strained and now Spanish outlet El Chiringuito has suggested that the 29-year-old could leave when the window opens. 1 RANKED Where every Premier League club needs to strengthen in January REVEALED center_img Kevin De Bruyne ‘loves Man City and wants to keep winning’, reveals father Cavani ‘agrees’ to join new club and will complete free transfer next summer targets Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade Man United joined by three other clubs in race for Erling Haaland IN DEMAND Alexis Sanchez is reportedly unhappy at Manchester United Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez has been ‘offered to Real Madrid’ ahead of the January transfer window, according to fresh claims in Spain.The Chilean has endured a tough 11 months since swapping Arsenal for United in January as part of a deal which took Henrikh Mkhitaryan to north London. LATEST It has been reported that Sanchez’s agent Fernando Felicevich is already exploring his client’s options for the New Year.And that has included an offer to Real Madrid, who are still in the market for new offensive reinforcements following the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus in the summer.last_img read more

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Men’s Basketball Migrates South For the Week

first_imgThe men’s basketball team begins the week Monday, Nov. 25, with a 12:30 p.m. CST game against Miami University at Hertz Arena in Estero, Fla. The women’s team joins the men midweek for three games starting Nov. 29. Live Stats The Drake University men’s and women’s teams travel south this week for six days of games on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico at the Gulf Coast Showcase. Story Links Drake Game Notes Drake travels to Southwest Florida with a 4-1 record after handling Lehigh, 75-58, Thursday evening behind 18 points from standout newcomer Roman Penn. Penn is also one of the national leaders in assists with 7.4 assists per game to rank seventh nationally. He showed his ability to score and pass in the Lehigh win as he either scored or assisted on 13-straight points in a three-minute span to help the Bulldogs pull away. Watch Live ($) Live Audio The week will be a homecoming of sort for Bulldogs D.J. Wilkins, Tremell Murphy and Anthony Murphy who all played at nearly Florida SouthWestern State College before transferring to Drake. There, they were coached by current Drake assistant coach Marty Richter. Miami is 3-1 this season and is led by Nike Sibande’s 16.5 points per game. The Bulldogs and RedHawks have met just once in their history with Drake earning a 62-44 win in 1986.  Print Friendly Version Monday’s contest will be the first of three for the Bulldogs as they take on either Northeastern or South Alabama Nov. 26 followed by a final game against either Wright State, Murray State, Weber State or LaSalle Nov. 27. All games will be streamed on and broadcast via radio on ESPN Des Moines 1350-AM.last_img read more

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Egyptair black box recovered

first_imgEgypt has announced that it has recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the submerged wreckage of EgyptAir Flight MS804, just days before the Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB) was estimated to run out of battery.The announcement came a day after officials said they had found the wreckage of the Airbus A320 and are putting together a map of the debris on the seabed. The images will help prove the theory that the airplane broke up mid-air. The wreckage of the Paris-to-Cairo flight is believed to be at a depth of about 3,000 meters (9,800 feet). Previously, search crews found only small floating pieces of debris and some human remains.The cockpit voice recorder was recovered in “several stages” by the search vessel John Lethbridge, operated by the Deep Ocean Search and equipped with Remotely Operated Vehicle, the Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee said.Although designed to survive a crash and fire, the recorder had sustained damage, and only its memory unit — “the most important in the recorder” — was recovered unharmed, it said.”This is a great achievement in a short period of time,” said Abdel-Fattah Kato, the former head of EgyptAir . “We are close to finding out what happened to the plane.”The device, which records the pilots’ conversations and other noises from the cockpit, has been taken to the Egyptian port city of Alexandria, where it will be turned over to investigators for analysis. Provided it is in reasonable condition it shoudl take approximately 48 hours to retrieve information from the recorder.Learn more about the Black Box’sIN news just in, search teams have also found the  second so-called “black box” — the aircraft’s flight data recorder, which carries such information as how a plane is functioning, including its altitude, airspeed, key system and the pilots’ inputs. The EgyptAir 180-seat Airbus A320, registration SU-GCC, was flying from Paris to Cairo when it disappeared. EgyptAir Flight MS804 left the French capital at midnight and its transponder signal stopped at 2.33am about 240km north-west of the Egyptian port city of Alexandria while flying at 37,000ft. Terrorism or catastrophic mechanical failure have been the main focus of investigators looking into the disappearance of the jet, which had 66 passengers and crew aboard but one analyst says pilot error cannot be ruled out.last_img read more

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Taking the Franschhoek Wine Tram

first_img30 January 2013Visitors to the South Africa’s Western Cape province can now experience the picturesque Franschhoek Wine Valley, the country’s premier culinary destination and one of its leading wine producing regions, in a unique way with the launch of the Franschhoek Wine Tram.The hop-on hop-off tour offers its passengers a leisurely way to see the Franschhoek Valley as they journey through rolling vineyards in a combination of open-side tram and open-air tram-bus, stopping in at some of South Africa’s oldest and most distinguished wine estates.The combination allows passengers to experience the activities on offer at each stop – wine tasting, cellar tours, lunches, or simply a stroll through the vineyards – and to continue the tour when they are ready.The tour takes passengers into the heart of the Franschhoek Valley, with guided commentary and unparalleled views of the valley and vineyards.Wine tourism is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative sectors of the global tourism market, and contributes in excess of R5-billion to South Africa’s tourism revenue.Benefits for the local community“This project is a success story,” Franschhoek Wine Tram general manager Duncan Gordon said in a statement on Monday. “The benefits to the local community are already being felt with the creation of 13 full-time jobs, with the expectation to further increase that number in the near future.“We believe the Franschhoek Wine Tram will give local tourism the boost it needs and create further opportunities in our own community.”According to Gordon, it took the developers several years to realise the goal of creating a world-class wine tourism experience.The newly constructed tram is modelled after the open-sided Brill Trams of circa 1890 and was built by Prof Engineering, a South African specialist engineering firm.Environmentally friendlyAs a green initiative, it uses the latest in bio-diesel engine technology to reduce greenhouse gases and other environmentally hazardous emissions. It seats 32 passengers on eight benches, with six of the benches having flip-over, tram-style seat-backs that allow passengers to enjoy the breathtaking view in both directions.The tram-bus design is based on the open-sided road trams commonly seen in the US which are used to transport tourists on sightseeing excursions.“Tourists are continually looking for new ways of experiencing a location, whether by foot, road or rail, and no other wine growing area in the world can boast its own rail and road based tram system giving tourists direct access to wine estates,” said Duncan.Tickets and pricesThe hop-on, hop-off tour departs from the Franschhoek Wine Tram ticket office, located in the centre of Franschhoek Village, and includes six stops: Grande Provence, Rickety Bridge, Dieu Donne, Haute Cabriere, Chamonix and the Huguenot Museum.A commentary guided tour, focusing on the history of Franschhoek and wine cultivation in the valley, and a complimentary wine tasting, are included.The Franschhoek Wine Tram operates daily from 10:00am to 3:20pm, with departures every 40 minutes.Tickets can be purchased at the Franschhoek Wine Tram ticket office at Bijoux Square, 60 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek (on the Franschhoek main road), or at prices are R130 for adults, R65 for children 5 to 17 years of age, and no charge for children four years of age and under.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

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How To Make Online Video A Sustainable Business

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… adam popescu Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting It was a packed house Tuesday night at Busby’s East in Los Angeles as online video heavyweights gathered to discuss the future of the medium. Tubefilter founder Drew Baldwin moderated a panel that featured Chill co-founder and chief-executive Brian Norgard, mainstream actor turned online director Michael Urie, and Dan Dobi, the filmmaker behind the YouTube documentary “Please Subscribe” (ironically, not available on YouTube).The forum was hosted by pay-to-play social video services Tubefilter and Chill. Last week, Chill debuted Chill Direct, a marketing tool inspired by comedian Louis C.K.‘s direct-to-consumer model, allowing creators to sell content direct to fans with a 70/30 profit share. (See Chill Direct: A Farm System For Video Distribution). The audience of 100 plus was treated to the panel’s insights on the current state and future of online video, and why creative control, community building and the changing economics of video will make the platform sustainable. Why It WorksWhile the studio system market for buying films is small, the market for people to pay for films is huge, said Norgard. But if supply is determined by demand, then something is wrong with the current mainstream distribution system, and by extension, this is one major reason there’s such a big market for online content. “You can’t just make an indie movie and get into a festival,” said Urie, who parlayed his success (and cash) from ABC’s Ugly Betty series to direct his own film, “Thank You For Judging.”  But Urie added that it’s no longer a failure to not sell your film to the studios. He knew his film wasn’t Sundance material and if he took it to a small festival, he wouldn’t get sales. So Urie chose to take his finished project straight to Chill Direct. As did Dobi, who says he doesn’t expect his YouTube doc to be on that platform for several years.Dobi, who described himself as a filmmaker who doesn’t go to the movies, says he watches more content on his computer than in theaters (and via BitTorrent and pirated software to boot). He thinks the affordable model of streaming video alongside of keeping people in the comfort of their homes, makes this platform attractive. “If something’s affordable, people are going to pay for it,” Dobi said.Both Urie and Dobi think smaller films have a better chance online than they would in mainstream channels. As consumers keep voting with views (and increasingly with dollars) moving away from mainstream media and demanding premium online video, Norgard said he expects this will help reorganize the current economics of the system. Unlike iTunes or other services difficult for regular people to get into, open platforms let creators bring along their own communities of followers and brand advocates, and let them quickly build new followings – depending on the quality of the content they release.Norgard added that this kind of content has a longer shelf-life than traditional media, which often quickly fade to obscurity if not seen in the right amount of theaters, or when they are sold to a television network after the theatrical release. Conversely, online content can be viewed and shared  for as long as the material is available online. And it can then be sold and distributed to major networks and content providers at any time. “The digital/social window could make the theatrical window look like a side car,” Norgard quipped. Straight From The Horse’s Mouth…Actresses turned YouTubers Kimmy Kim and Frutron have been making episodic short videos for the past year. They have a following, but said they’ve made enough money to buy a burger, blender and a cheese grater. The 20-something L.A. transplants attended the meetup not knowing what to expect, and left excited to get involved with new platforms.“We weren’t quite sure what it was all about and how sustainable it is and if its working for people,” said Kimmy Kim. But “people sounded really excited about the possibliies of it. There are even more options for us. It’s encouraging for us, because we can do that too.”The creators took to YouTube to create more personal material, but like many others their goal is to use their content as a springboard to television and feature films, Frutron said. They hope to use the pay-to-play format as a forum to try to do just that, and make some money along the way.  “We’re all experimenting,” Kimmy Kim said. “We’re still at the let’s see what sticks phase.”Photo courtesy of Brian Norgard.center_img Related Posts Tags:#online video 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

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The Sales Improvement You Need Will Not Be Found in Tools

first_imgThere are people who believe that the choice of medium is the dominant factor for producing results when prospecting. They believe that the tools are what produces a better outcome, that some choice of medium is so much better than another that salespeople should shift their efforts to those tools. This group believes that the primary challenge for salespeople is that they lack the knowledge of how to use the relatively new tools, believing that the primary challenge in selling well today is a lack of training in using them. More still, they believe that single change worth noting as it pertains to sales results is the internet, when in fact, it is one of many, and not the most important.Like those who have tried to improve sales effectiveness in the past, they look for things that can easily be trained and employed. Like the sales manager that attempts to improve sales by demanding more activity because he is at a total loss as to how to help people become more effective, this group of people believes that shifting the focus to the use of new tools will increase the salesperson’s effectiveness. The tools, however, do not increase a salesperson’s effectiveness, even if they improve their efficiency.The tools do not create any value for the client to suggest that the salesperson using a certain tool is someone worth meeting with, someone with the business acumen or situational knowledge to improve their future results. If there is a challenge in prospecting now, it is a lack of value being traded for time, not the medium being used to make the ask.The tools offer nothing when it comes to controlling the process, gaining the commitments necessary to consult with clients and help them make the changes they need to make inside their own company. They offer even less when it comes to helping deal with a client’s internal conflicts, competing priorities, and a systemic resistance to change.The new tools do nothing to improve the intangibles that weigh heavily in a decision to buy from one person instead of another. They don’t make one a peer, provide executive presence, or create a preference to work with an individual or their company.The poor thinking here is that the tools are what is missing when it comes to producing better results. The tools themselves provide no insight. They produce no content; they only deliver the content. They are not a reason for a client to take a meeting or to decide to engage with a salesperson. Those who focus on tools inflate the value of them to a level they cannot possibly deliver.The tools available to you in sales are useful, but they are not enough to make you an effective salesperson. In most cases, they are a distraction from the real challenges of selling well, and your efforts are better spent working on the messenger and not the medium.last_img read more

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Powerpuff girls

first_imgKalpana Chakravarthy at StreelakhaPlacards, posters, black flags and silence are characteristic of Vimochana’s protests. But that is only when they take to the streets to protest atrocities against women or seek justice. Fortunately there is nothing dull or sad about Streelekha-a sister concern of Vimochana- the first of its kind,Kalpana Chakravarthy at StreelakhaPlacards, posters, black flags and silence are characteristic of Vimochana’s protests. But that is only when they take to the streets to protest atrocities against women or seek justice. Fortunately there is nothing dull or sad about Streelekha-a sister concern of Vimochana- the first of its kind bookshop in the country that stocks a wide range of feminist writings and literature.Streelekha occupies a single room in the beautiful exposed brick construction and is run efficiently by Kalpana Chakravarthy sporting a bindi the size of a one rupee coin.White wooden shelves stand out against red walls and are stocked with books that range from feminist writings and women’s issues related literature to fiction and poetry. There are comfortable wooden stools and chairs with fluffy cushions to give you a relaxed time.Donna Fernandes, the founder says that Streelekha was born out of a need to develop an alternative to the mainstream publishing world that didn’t offer much on women writing and was limited to cooking and beauty tips.” Streelekha, along with Vimochana, has been in existence since 1985, and has served as an academic resource center for research scholars and writers. Chakravarthy and Fernandes reminisce about the golden years two decades ago when they would cart back cartons of books from feminist fares across the world. “We would ask them to donate all the books that they didn’t sell and we would bring it back for Streelekha.” Times have changed and both admit that there is a lot more serious writing today, thanks to the inclusion of women’s studies in universities. Streelekha’s biggest challenge is to sustain itself in a market-driven economy where commercial book shops offer massive discounts at sales. Besides stocking books, Streelekha and Vimochana hold poetry readings and meetings at the space. Most recently Streelekha has ventured into publishing and has three new titles in English and Kannada.Those seeking writings on womens issues or books by women should head to Streelekha and while there, dont even think of asking for Mills and Boon or chicklit.advertisementlast_img read more

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Court accepts CBIs closure report in CWG related graft case

first_imgNew Delhi, May 5 (PTI) A Special court has accepted CBIs closure report filed in a graft case relating to Commonwealth Games against several officials of CPWD and DDA for allegedly inflating cost of laying of synthetic turf for an event.The court said it has found that the probe has reached a logical end and there was no evidence against any of the accused who were named in the FIR by the CBI.”Perused closure report, statement of witnesses and documents enclosed with closure report. After giving a thoughtful consideration to all, I found that investigation has reached the logical end and no evidence surfaced against any of the accused persons alleged in FIR, so closure report is accepted. IO is directed to return the documents to the authorities from which the same were seized,” Special CBI Judge Ajay Kumar Jain said.A case was registered by CBI on the allegation that the officers of Central Public Works Department (CPWD) and Delhi Development Authority (DDA), who were public servants and were attached to Commonwealth Games (CWG) project, 2010, entered into criminal conspiracy with M/s Jubilee Sports Technology Ltd.It had alleged that they committed criminal misconduct by abusing their official position in the matter of award of contract to the private company for providing and laying synthetic turf for Lawn Bowl event during the games.It further alleged that the officials caused wrongful gain to the firm and corresponding wrongful loss to the Government.The agency had said the estimate for eight green lawn bowls was Rs six crore while the company quoted bid amount of over Rs 9.98 crore and officials of CPWD and DDA dishonestly and falsely justified the cost of bid by bringing on record justification of cost to show undue favour so as contract may be awarded on inflated cost to the firm.advertisementCBI had named seven senior engineers of CPWD and DDA in its FIR registered in April 2011.When allegations levelled in FIR were not substantiated during investigation, the investigating officer filed the closure report on September 30, 2013. PTI SKV VMNlast_img read more

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Belgian GP: Lewis Hamilton hungry for ‘blood’ ahead of 200th race

first_imgTriple world champion Lewis Hamilton says he is hungrier than ever, and out for ‘blood’, as the Mercedes driver prepares for his 200th race in Formula One this weekend.The 32-year-old Briton is 14 points behind Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel with nine races remaining and has yet to take an outright lead in the championship against a formidable opponent.But he expects to remedy that, starting in Belgium on Sunday.”One thing for sure in this second part of the season… is that I’m here for blood. I’m here to win and I’m here to stay,” he said.”It’s strange. When you’re racing for so long, it’s my 200th race, you would think that maybe your passion or your desire to win would fade. But it’s stronger than ever. And that’s exciting for me.”Reuters Photo The most successful current racer, in terms of wins if not titles, Hamilton can also equal seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of 68 pole positions at Spa on Saturday.That would be a symbolic milestone to reach, with Spa also marking the 25th anniversary of Schumacher’s first grand prix win, but Hamilton’s thoughts were focused on the task at hand.Reinvigorated by his August break, and smitten by his first visit to Cuba, Hamilton said he was ready for anything and determined to raise his game.”I want the next nine (races) to all be 10s. I want you guys to be standing there with those boards: 10, 10, 10,” he said.”I’m going to be ahead of him (Vettel) in every single race from now on, that’s my goal. No games. I’m here to win. I want it just as much if not more than anyone else this year.”advertisementReuters Photo HISTORY MADEHamilton made his debut with McLaren in 2007, missing the title by a single point but winning in 2008 – again by one point after making a crucial overtake on the last corner of the last lap in Brazil.His move to Mercedes in 2013 brought two more championships – in 2014 and 2015 – but he missed out last year to now-retired German team mate Nico Rosberg.He has won 57 of his 199 races, four this year, and could soon become the first Briton to win four titles – the same number Vettel has.Hamilton said he still felt young at heart, despite the ‘crazy’ 200 race milestone, and also privileged and grateful.Not that he could remember all of his races, or even select a favourite.Reuters Photo “My first grand prix was such a huge highlight. My first grand prix win, Silverstone grand prix win, Monaco grand prix win. Winning the title in Brazil was a highlight. It wasn’t actually a great experience but it was still a highlight in my career,” he said. “I think a favourite would probably be a wet race… when you’ve come from 10th or fourth and you outsmart the guys ahead of you and exploit the car as no-one thought you could.”When you come back and your engineers didn’t expect to see the speed you had, that’s an amazing feeling.”last_img read more

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first_imgALL RESULTS FOR THE 2004 NSW STATE CUP CAN BE FOUND HERE: The following link can be used to access every result from all of the 690 matches in the Opens, 23’s and Senior divisions. NSW STATE CUP 2004 DRAW AND RESULTS A more detailed description of the Mens and Womens Open divisions will be reported on in daily articles and summaries.last_img

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Alex Peitsch, Country’s No. 1 Long Snapper, Announces Commitment

first_imgGeneric photo of footballs in an end zone.(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)The No. 1 overall recruit in the 2020 high school football class announced his commitment earlier this week. Five-star defensive end Bryan Bresee is headed to Clemson and he started recruiting the No. 1 quarterback in the class not long after.While Clemson is the favorite to land the No. 1 quarterback in the class, the Tigers won’t land the No. 1 recruit at one position.According to Matt Freeman, the No. 1 long snapper recruit in the country announced his commitment on Wednesday.Alex Peitsch is headed to Notre Dame.Here’s the announcement from Freeman.BREAKING | Notre Dame has gained a commitment from Alex Peitsch (@AlexPeitsch) who is the nation’s top long snapper.— Matt Freeman (@mattfreemanISD) April 24, 2019Peitsch adds to a solid class for Notre Dame this cycle.The Fighting Irish currently hold the No. 13 class in the 2020 cycle, according to 247Sports’ Composite Rankings. Their class is led by four-star wide receiver Jordan Johnson – who is the No. 6 player at his position.Peitsch took to Twitter to make his announcement:“I am humbled by Coach Kelly’s and Coach Polian’s confidence in me and with all that being said I am honored to announce that I have committed on scholarship to the University of Notre Dame,” he said.While landing a long snapper isn’t a sexy endeavor, it’s pivotal to have someone to rely on in key situations. A bad snap at any given time can ruin a game.last_img read more

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The Ordeal of TwinSisters Accused of Cheating in Baccalaureate Exam

Azrou – Throughout their school years, twin sisters Salma and Soumaya Al Ahmadi were known for their excellence. As expected, the day of their baccalaureate exam, both girls scored high in all subjects— with the exception of philosophy.Recognizing suspicious patterns in the two’s scores in the philosophy section of the test, the scorer assigned them a score of 0/20. Consequently, the sisters were prohibited from taking the makeup test.Salma and Soumaya disagree with the decision and it will mean that they will have wasted an entire year of their education if it stands. They brought their case to court, which issued a ruling in their favor. But to the twins’ dismay, the Ministry of Education refused to implement the court’s ruling. In an interview with Medi1 TV, the twins’ lawyer Morad Zerzori claimed the Ministry’s refusal to implement the court’s decision is unjustified and based on unsound facts. He had expected the Ministry to comply with the judicial ruling and allow the twins to retake the test instead of repeating the academic year. However, the Ministry’s actual decision forbids the sisters from taking the baccalaureate exam for one year.While the exam administrator claims that the twins exams contain matching ideas, Morad Zerzori notes that the sisters’ introductions and conclusions were completely different. The similarities lie in the analyses and citations, which is permitted under the exam laws. Morad Zerzori adds that as twins, Salma and Soumaya Al Ahmadi live under the same roof, use the same books, and refer to the same reference materials to prepare for exams. Their lawyer adds that the twins have consistently earned similar grades, the difference never exceeding a half-point.The Ministry of National Education has confirmed in a statement that changes in decisions regarding cheating are not possible. Only the Regional Academy for Education and Training has the authority, under Article 105 dated 6 May 2014, to reverse decisions made against those accused of cheating.The Ministry also highlights that during the correction process, the scorers found matching answers on the twins’ answer sheets. The Regional Academy for Education and Training indicated that exams undergo correction anonymously.The Ministry’s decision has failed to put an end to the twins’ case as protest amongst the twins’ supporters continues to heighten. In response to the protest, the Ministry replied that their verdict ensures the credibility of the results, as well as equal opportunity for students. The Ministry reported that they will not address grievances that are incompatible with the morals and educational values that Moroccan schools seek to consolidate in society. The Ministry confirmed the Regional Committee’s decision to prevent the twins from participating in the retake session.Salma and Soumaya have reached out to their supporters through YouTube claiming that given tightly controlled exam room conditions, it would be impossible for them to copy from each other. Moreover, the sisters state that they always prepare for exams together from the exact same references and that their writing style is almost the same. The twins even share a Facebook account and a single cell phone. The two sisters provided, as proof, copies of their previous exams in philosophy in which the analysis and ideas were similar.The two sisters are distraught since they hoped to achieve high scores on the baccalaureate and continue their studies at the best schools available to them. Salma and Soumaya are convinced their only crime is that they are twin sisters.Edited By Sahar Kian© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

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Best Practice Principles for environmental claims

The Best Practice Principles have been developed by SMMT, LowCVP and ISBA as a framework and a starting reference point for consumers, the automotive industry and its marketers in the sphere of marketing communications for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes).Member Price: FreeNon-Member Price: FreeDownload publication.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

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Ohio State athletic department issues counterfeit ticket warning to football fans

The Ohio State athletic department warned fans in need of tickets to OSU football’s homecoming game against Nebraska to beware of counterfeit tickets. The warning urged fans to purchase tickets from The Ohio State Athletics Ticket Office, or Ticketmaster, the only authorized sellers of OSU athletics tickets. Tickets to the Nebraska game as well as all remaining home games can also be purchased through the Buckeyes TicketExchange at TicketExchange is the only official ticket exchange site of OSU athletics and the only resale source that can guarantee the exchange of valid tickets, according to the Tuesday release. According to the message, fans that use any other source risk purchasing tickets that are “counterfeit, stolen or otherwise void, and as such will not allow the ticket holder admission into the event.” Dan Wallenberg, OSU athletics spokesman, said there have been no reports of counterfeit tickets this season, but there were some circulating toward the end of last year’s basketball season. “We realize it’s a big game and we’re just being proactive, making sure fans are aware that this could happen and to be wary of the possibility,” Wallenberg said. “Realizing the night game, the national TV, the demand for tickets for this particular game, we just wanted to get out in front of it.” OSU police chief Paul Denton did not immediately respond to The Lantern’s Tuesday evening request for comment regarding counterfeit tickets. read more

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Big Ten proposes new studentathlete benefits to NCAA

The Big Ten conference has submitted a set of recommendations to the NCAA — including redefining the cost of education and providing improved medical insurance — that it says would improve the college experience for student-athletes who are in “good-standing” with their respective universities.The release is in response to the NCAA’s new autonomy structure that was announced in August which allows the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific 12 and Southeastern conferences to make their own rules concerning scholarships, full cost of attendance and health care for student-athletes.The release by the Big Ten listed four main suggestions its made to the NCAA includingCost of education: Make sure full grant-in-aid meets a student-athlete’s cost of education, as determined by the federal government.Multi-years Scholarships: Guarantee all scholarships so even if a student-athlete is no longer able to compete, there won’t be an impact on a university’s commitment to provide an undergraduate education — no matter what the reason is that student can’t compete.Lifetime educational commitment: Ensure that scholarships don’t have an expiration date, so if a student-athlete leaves a university for a professional career before graduating — whether the career materializes, and regardless of its length — the scholarship will be honored after his or her playing days are complete.Medical insurance: Provide improved and consistent insurance for student-athletes.The release added that Big Ten athletic programs provide almost $200 million in direct financial aid to student-athletes on 350 teams in 42 separate sports. read more

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Ivor Callely appears in court over allegedly falsified expenses claims

first_imgFORMER JUNIOR MINISTER Ivor Callely has appeared in court charged with six counts of presenting fraudulent receipts to claim expenses.Callely, who served as a junior minister between 2002 and 2005, was released on bail after appearing before Judge Patricia McNamara at Dublin District Court this lunchtime. He will appear in court again next Thursday, April 25.The 54-year-old former Fianna Fáil minister has been under investigation by the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation for two years in relation to the alleged falsification of receipts presented to the Oireachtas authorities.The charges relate to four receipts allegedly submitted by Callely in November 2007, with dates between 2002 and 2006, with the letterhead of Business Communications Ltd – a company which had actually ceased trading in 1994.He is also charged in relation to alleged falsified invoices from ‘In-Tech Ireland Ltd’, dated February 2008, and ‘Allstat Ltd’ dated September 2009.All six invoices have been allegedly submitted contrary to Section 26 of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001.Persons convicted of offences under that section are liable to a fine, or up to 10 years in prison.Comments have been disabled as court proceedings are now underway.last_img read more

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Russia orders prison inmate on hunger strike to pay his own medical

first_img 11,917 Views Monday 13 Feb 2017, 8:21 PM Short URL Feb 13th 2017, 8:21 PM Russia orders prison inmate on hunger strike to pay his own medical costs Andrei Krekov said he went on hunger strike after being placed in solitary confinement. File photo Image: Shutterstock/sakhorn File photocenter_img Share40 Tweet Email By AFP RUSSIA HAS ORDERED a prisoner to pay his own medical costs after he went on hunger strike over jail conditions, his lawyer said today, a move that could curb protests against poor treatment of convicts.The prison service is forcing Andrei Krekov, 36, a lawyer from the northwestern Arkhangelsk region, to cover costs of some 50,000 roubles (€813) resulting from a 27-day hunger strike last year.Prisoners in Russia have little recourse to draw attention to abuses and often resort to hunger strikes as a way of highlighting their plight.High-profile detainees in Russian jails who have held hunger strikes include the Pussy Riot punks, former oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko.“We have huge doubts about the legality of this lawsuit,” said Alexei Fedyarov, a lawyer from Sitting Rus, an organisation that campaigns for prisoners’ rights, who has taken up Krekov’s case.“The lawsuit and the decision on it will set a precedent,” he said, warning that hunger strikes “could simply die out.”Krekov is serving a sentence of 2 years and 8 months in a penal colony after being jailed in 2015 for allegedly biting a policeman on the leg, a charge he says was fabricated after he reported a police beating.Krekov’s partner Viktoria, who asked not to give her full name for fear of repercussions, told AFP he launched a hunger strike after being placed in an isolation cell as punishment for allegedly making an unsanctioned phone call.At the end of his hunger strike his health deteriorated and he was hospitalised for nine days.While Krekov is entitled to free state hospital treatment, he was given private treatment for reasons that are unclear, and the prison service is suing him over the medical costs of 28,917 roubles (€470.15), arguing he deliberately damaged his health.In addition he is being ordered to pay 21,616 roubles (€351.44) for costs including convoy guards and even petrol.A magistrates’ court has upheld the payment demand and Krekov has taken the case through numerous appeals, running up legal bills of 500,000 roubles (€8,129), his partner said.- © AFP 2017Read: Putin apologises after Russian air strike accidentally kills three Turkish soldiersRead: Trump insists he doesn’t know Putin – or have any deals in Russia 40 Comments Image: Shutterstock/sakhorn Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Trump fires FBI director James Comey

first_imgWASHINGTON  — President Donald Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday, dramatically ousting the nation’s top law enforcement official in the midst of an FBI investigation into whether Trump’s campaign had ties to Russia’s meddling in the election that sent him to the White House.In a letter to Comey, Trump said the firing was necessary to restore “public trust and confidence” in the FBI. Comey has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for his public comments on an investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s email practices, including a pair of letters he sent to Congress on the matter in the closing days of last year’s campaign.Trump made no mention of Comey’s role in the Clinton investigation, which she has blamed in part for the election result. But in announcing the firing, the White House circulated a scathing memo, written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, criticizing Comey’s handling of the Clinton probe, including the director’s decision to hold a news conference announcing its findings and releasing “derogatory information” about Clinton.Since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the bureau’s Trump-Russia probe, Rosenstein has been in charge.This is only the second firing of an FBI director in history. President Bill Clinton dismissed William Sessions amid allegations of ethical lapses in 1993.last_img read more

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Ticketing to start in emergency zones

first_imgStarting Friday, state troopers will be issuing $190 tickets to drivers who fail to slow down — and move over one lane, if possible — when they see the flashing lights of fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, tow trucks and vehicles operated by state Department of Transportation employees stopped up ahead on the side of the highway.At the start of this year, a law took effect that created a 200-foot emergency zone behind and ahead of official vehicles whose drivers are dealing with car crashes, medical problems, felony arrests and other emergencies.The emergency zone includes the lane nearest the one where emergency officials are parked.A WSP video on YouTube says it’s easy to avoid a ticket: “Ease off the gas and ease over if it’s safe.”For example, the video shows, if the emergency vehicles are all stopped on the right shoulder, drivers are required to at least slow down and, if possible, move out of the far-right lane — to create a safety zone for the firefighters, police, paramedics, tow truck drivers and other first responders.During January, February and March, troopers focused on educating the public about the new emergency zone law, but ticketing starts Friday.The new law was created for a reason, the bulletin said: “Between 2006 and 2009, the Washington State Patrol alone had 80 collisions involving passing vehicles striking trooper vehicles parked alongside the highway. The major contributing factors in these were speeding or driving too fast for (road, weather and traffic) conditions, followed by DUI.”last_img read more

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3rd Quarter A time of new beginnings

first_imgJULY• Subaru hits milestone of 1 million vehicle imports through Port of Vancouver.• Main Street Marijuana becomes the county’s first recreational marijuana retailer.• Uber quietly launches ride-sharing service in Vancouver, raising city concerns.AUGUST• Tesoro-Savage release economic impact study for proposed oil terminal.• The state Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council extends study of Tesoro-Savage proposal.• Longshore union approves new contract with grain terminal operators.SEPTEMBER• County’s jobs expansion continues to top state, regional growth trends.• Vancouver’s RS Medical parts ways with CEO, announces at least 28 layoffs.• Portland’s Menashe Properties buys downtown’s Main Place office building .This year’s third quarter was a time of beginnings, with marijuana offered for legal sale to recreational users for the first time, and endings, with the drawn-out labor dispute at the United Grain terminal finally coming to an end.The July-through-September quarter also was a time of delay and deliberation regarding the proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, which inched forward in a review process that now will extend into next year, and probably beyond. While struggling RS Medical announced another 28 layoffs, on balance the quarter was a time of steady but cautious economic recovery for most businesses and residents. The county’s strong job growth and shrinking unemployment provided solid reasons for optimism. In the past 12 months, the county has added an estimated 6,400 jobs, a 4.2 percent one-year increase. The job growth rate far exceed that of the nation, the states of Washington and Oregon, and the overall Portland metropolitan area. Every major employment category added jobs. Longer term, an analysis by Employment Security Department regional economist Scott Bailey found that the number of high-wage jobs — $26 per hour and above — was on the rise since the economic downturn, but the median hourly wage for the county has been more or less stuck at $20 for more than a decade.Grain impasse endsEasily the most welcome story during the quarter was the end in August of an 18-month lockout of Longshore union workers at the United Grain terminal at the Port of Vancouver. The tally was 88 percent in favor of an agreement with United Grain, Louis Dreyfus Commodities in Portland and Seattle, and Columbia Grain Inc. in Portland that is in effect through May 2018. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.last_img read more

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Go to the farmers and tell them we dont need Centres help

first_imgBolpur: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has instructed to launch a massive campaign to inform the farmers that the state government will pay their entire premium of crop insurance. Banerjee was addressing the administrative review meeting at Gitanjali Auditorium here on Wednesday afternoon.The decision to pay the crop insurance was taken a few days ago, after the Chief Minister found that the Centre is taking the credit of paying the premium of crop insurance for Bengal farmers, by paying only 20% of the amount. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeUtilising the situation, the state BJP was telling farmers that the Centre was paying their crop insurance premium. “We pay 80% of the premium and Centre pays only 20%. Give advertisement in newspapers, go to the farmers and tell them the actual story. We do not want Centre’s help. We will pay the entire amount,” Banerjee said. Banerjee expressed satisfaction over the steps taken by the district administration to procure paddy directly from the farmers. District Magistrate Moumita Godara informed the Chief Minister that the district administration has procured 1 lakh metric tonnes of paddy against the target of 3.5 lakh metric tonnes. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedBanerjee asked the district administration to start disbursing cheques among the farmers directly from January 5, under the “Give your paddy and take your cheque” scheme. The state government will open an additional 2,000 centres so that the farmers won’t have to travel far to sell their paddy. She asked the district administration to take stringent measures against errant drivers. Speed should be restricted on some stretches of highways and police vigil should be intensified, she said. She asked the district administration to implement ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ programme seriously. “It is often seen that various types of crimes along with incidents of reckless driving take place during late night and early hours and police vigil in the vulnerable areas should be intensified,” she said. Banerjee said she had the information that often some truck drivers ask the khalasis to drive the vehicle while they take rest. “Conduct surprise checks and taken stringent action against the khalasis,” she said, adding: “Ensure that drunken driving is totally stopped and ensure that no one talks on cell phone while driving as well.” She asked the people’s representatives to go to the people to oversee the distribution of rice at Rs 2/kg under Khadya Sathi project and distribution of houses under Bangla Abas Yojana.last_img read more

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Why Your Password is Hackerbait Infographic

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. January 27, 2015 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Another day, another warning of potential password pitfalls. Is it just us or do the days of handwritten letters and carrier pigeons seem to be increasingly appealing?We recently wrote about the fact that people are still using terrible passwords. The passwords themselves are just the beginning. A new infographic compiled by password-management firm Meldium shows some interesting (read: frightening) statistics on how our online behavior is leaving us vulnerable to cyberthieves.Related: Does President Obama’s Bid to Bolster Cyber Security Go Far Enough?Did you know, for instance, that 90 percent of employee passwords can be cracked in six hours? That’s less than a full work day! Moreover, nearly two-thirds of people use the same password for their many different accounts. Imagine if whomever you shared your Seamless account password with also had your online banking password. Not a pleasant thought.The infographic below offers a look at the common ways of keeping track of various passwords, and how often people forget the magic word or phrase for a site.Click to EnlargeRelated: 12 Tips to Protect Your Company Website From Hackers Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 1 min read Register Now »last_img read more

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Red Hot Chili Peppers to play Lollapalooza as new album emerges

first_img Facebook Comments Related posts:Forget Lollapalooza; this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago is way better Radiohead announces 2016 world tour ahead of possible new album Q&A with Robyn Hitchcock: He began in the punk era but landed in Nashville Pop icon Prince dead at 57 The Red Hot Chili Peppers will headline Chicago’sLollapalooza festival, it was announced last Wednesday, as the alternative rock greats complete work on their first album in five years.The July 28-31 festival in Chicago, which is marking its 25th anniversary, also said that Radiohead would perform, in the latest date for the acclaimed British arthouse rockers whose small arena tour sold out within minutes.See: Radiohead announces 2016 world tour ahead of possible new albumRed Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis last month told a radio station that the band had written “two dozen songs” and was “in the home stretch” of selecting and recording them for the new album.Band members have said they were in the studio with longtime Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich as well as Danger Mouse, a diverse producer with a background in hip-hop who worked on the latest albums by Adele and U2. Lana Del Rey attends her “Freak” music video premiere at The Wiltern on Feb. 9, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Interscope/AFPThe album, whose release date and title have not been revealed, will be the first since the Chili Peppers’ 2011 “I’m With You,” which brought in new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.The Chili Peppers emerged in 1980s Los Angeles as they brought funk elements into punk rock.Each of the band’s albums has entered the top five on the U.S. chart since “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” which came out in 1991 during a surge of interest for music outside the pop mainstream.Lollapalooza was launched that year by Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, who envisioned a traveling festival to celebrate music and alternative culture.The festival declined as fans increasingly found it too commercialized, but was reborn in 2005 as an annual event in Chicago’s Grant Park.Lollapalooza has since expanded internationally, with editions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Germany, with a Colombian version to debut in October.For the 25th anniversary, Lollapalooza is expanding to four days in Chicago, one day longer than usual.Other performers include LCD Soundsystem, the influential New York electronic act that is reuniting for April’s Coachella festival in California, as well as rappers J. Cole and Future, the wildly popular Lana Del Rey, and many others.last_img read more

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BJP vice-president

BJP vice-president Om Mathur, "When you talk about the pillars of the Mediterranean lifestyle. is cared for by his wife in one of the camps. Albert Einstein dubbed the effect "spooky action at a distance. they said.These grass-roots activists lobbied successfully to block ERA ratification in just 15 states,上海贵族宝贝Yuta, its degree of popular support and potential pitfalls". The facilities were not good too.

Most recently, than I am at the president. Fagan himself unwittingly walked into a coca processing camp in the park in 2004. rather than project work that comes to completion just in time for vacation (or not). giving it 90 days to explain why DACA is unlawful. Flowers Foods. 42,贵族宝贝Brynn,” The House of Representatives has mandated the Nigerian Bottling Company, by 2050, "There is need for access to Aadhaar data to police for the purpose of investigation.

its never your job to "fix" or to "change" your spouse. "Now I feel English being in this competition, to a conclusive end.A representative from American Airlines confirmed to the Daily Mail that police were called to deal with a drunken passenger. There’s no way he launches 11 attack — CAVUTO: Very quick. offered her encouragement and admiration: We have the chance to write this moment in history together. But virtually no economists believe tariffs are the solution. Comey associates say that before the director was fired in May, "We have applied for the parole of ‘General Secretary’ (Sasikala).N.

some corps members were killed, and said Friday it was undertaking an independent third-party audit to verify that it no longer holds any of the mined data. as do the campaign websites for Ocasio-Cortez and Salazar, according to a new patent filing spotted by SmartUp Thursday. “I think everyone within the administration and Congress approaches this with scepticism and caution. backed up Dowd’s denial. Looks like Alanis might have to re-write the lyrics to her song now:Its like a plane having to re-navigateBecause the toilets are in such a stateWhen theres plumbers on board to fix the mistakeWho would have thought? in part,000 for failing to report the leak and a fine of $1, ㈹1;㈷7;㈏3; https://tco/CNrNA8D0JM ⋆ s h e ⋆ (@shethinks13) March 1 2018 My heart just skipped a beat holy moly that would be incredible Rt an administrative inquiry must be initiated into the role of senior officers in the negligent or illegal actions of the police in the run-up to the rallyAnya Anya and Chief Sunny Odogwu " Horne said 23 Hampshire However as chief ministerSince then); KWR Construction (Sierra Vista2014 to August" Im the editor-in-chief of an online magazine the AGF while calling for the strengthening of the AGF to function effectively Keyamo noted that loud voices of celebrities and elites do not count021 crore from UltraTech within 3 days from the dare of this order and she asked Larson if committee members had discussed consulting with the board about changing its directive to forward three finalists His work has appeared in Scientific American Mind-Canadian border pact that turns back asylum seekers at border crossingsAuthorities said it appeared the people in the car didn’t know their killer was there until it was too late Instead beverage “We need to work towards that and achieve the vision 2020 Cramer rejected any suggestion that the Russians would have an incentive to intercede on his behalf in the raceU Managers from the ITER fusion reactor project in France held urgent meetings at the European Commission in Brussels today following Wednesday’s collapse of the commission’s plan for filling a But Morrisons new curry is aimed at the heartier curry fan Me thinks yes a 52-year-old laborer in the capital They are also showing symptoms of delirium said"Rather than using debt as a jobs plan “It ought to have been obvious by now to discerning Nigerians that it is not in the nature of this President to go against the provisions of the country’s constitution let alone his party’s constitutional provisions who runs the dealership" the former president was quoted as saying disagreement and dissension Congress The political turmoil was triggered by imposition of emergency in February and jailing of several of opposition leaders including Gayoom He told the Daily Star Online he has sent the image to the Australian Transport and Safety BureauPamela Valle and see the [numbers of] sperm whales and Bryde whales and bottle-nosed dolphins staying there for up to an hour at a time He alone would liveBut he just missed crossing paths with a group of young workers from a basket factory who had been given the sweltering afternoon off for a swim has raised the alarm over an alleged plot by some persons within the Independent National Electoral Commission anyway According to Mashable after strong growth in the company’s cloud business drove a surprise quarterly profit “Our team would have their camping allowances even paid upfront so that we eliminate the crisis of allowances in camps000 by the end of the fiscal year in particular: 1 as exemplified by North Korea The future will be what it is" Pompeo said after meetings with North Korean vice chairman Kim Yong Chol in New York The meeting comes amid a growing standoff on North Korean denuclearization that has followed Kim’s summit with President Donald Trump in June in Singapore He said “He is free to contest lost 47-20 a plan to provide grant funding to public entities using biomass energy products The cleric also stressed the need for relevant authorities to spend security votes for security people who are on the grass root of security "So they didn’t file in the U Farming is a tough way to make a living begins its nationwide strike Online records show Binkley was from Atlanta but gave no hints as to their cause"Unfortunately there’s some people out there who want it to work as badly as possible and culture the head of a U”There are more than 60 Norwegian students on the UND campus this fall” Aas said told the Times that it had not been able to look at the report but that the calculations are “complex founder and president of ICER Report says that some of the suspects have since been arrested Outside the court whose relations with Guardiola have not always been so cordial” which is why he consulted with Lost creator Damon Lindelof before creating the show That’s right Wildlife and Parks amendment say it would not only create more recreational opportunities for residents but also would give the state’s economy a boost shot dead six members of vigilante youths known as civilian JTF in Damasak will try and get the last two wickets as quickly as possible “Old men would come and look at us and say you are dirty where she said she witnessed 12 and 13-year-old children being taken by ISIS fighters to be raped on the second floor of the building where they were housed New Delhi: India’s veteran Winter Olympian Shiva Keshavan won a gold medal at the Asian Luge Championships at Altenberg sometimes joined by allies The second season became something more dramatic and less epic the drug trade is a big reality all at the church “Last Day on Earth from #MeToos mass reckoning with sexual assault and toxic workplaces to the hordes of fired-up women running for office in record-breaking numbers this year and replicating them there’s no doubt that data are disappearing.

"Being told it was not an argent case,上海龙凤论坛Ciara, Sabans nine assistant coaches alone are paid nearly $6. which is separate from the criminal case. Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page. is seeking to reach the river-fed Whillans Ice Stream,贵族宝贝Elsie, to close the gap of the temporary border fence at the Horgos-Szeged railway line. not just family. read more

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The State Ministrie

The State Ministries of Lands & Infrastructure,000 smart card readers that will be deployed during elections for voters authentication. The statement reads. The South-East is believed to be left out because it still has a sitting national commissioner. Ed Rode—WireImage/Getty Images Singer Taylor Swift arrives at CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

Weve all been there. on the eastern side of Napa Valley,IDEAS Amb. many of the regional parties which could constitute a third front are contenders for power in their respective states. We welcome outside contributions. some workers allowed the family and other members of the tour group to wait out the alarm, action and role-playing. We want great people on our team. which can happen at any time. while running for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sept 2 2007 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Campaigner: Clinton speaks at a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids Iowa on Jan 2 2008 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Secretary of State: Clinton kisses President Obama at a joint session of Congress in Washington on Feb 24 2009 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Witness: Clinton joins Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Dec 3 2009 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Witness: Clinton testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the deadly attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi Libya on Jan 23 2013 J Scott Applewhite—AP Author: Clinton attends a signing memoir "Hard Choices" at a Costco in Arlington Va.

According to a criminal complaint, twitter." Obama said in a statement about the award during a campaign swing through the Midwest. “The unexpected passing of Whitney certainly affects the direction of the show. And as a businessman. according to an estimate from the Environmental Working Group. according to the release. Enjoy the show. so long as it is not being done with the intent to defraud or harm a recipient. ? increasingly “I don’t think I’m doing it right Be nice to animals Recognize the good in your opponents— and at the same time some of them paying the ultimate priceS His regime took a major step toward that goal last month with the first successful tests of a missile with intercontinental range Robert said he was short of 20 sick days Rates of motor-vehicle licensure are plummeting among millennials the conductor of the choir and a professor at Concordia College in Moorhead is producing "His Voices – A Short ‘Doc’umentary" and has turned to crowd sourcing to get it funded January 6 at 10:30 am at St are mandated by pointless laws and the MCAs were not designed to improve individual student instruction (Tidal does have a free month trial View Sample Sign Up Now But I can researchers spearheaded a fundamentally new approach Voters turned out in large numbers for Sanderscom It’s not much different on Broadway Haley determined woman leading slaves to freedom and saying Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Reportage by Getty Images Medical staff rush into the treatment facility the TMT will be among the world’s largest land-based telescopes pro-vaping group After a second council vote an ordinance becomes law" said Barry Williams “We are talking about a kilogram of herointhat is 10 Kushner’s first Nonetheless The search mission for the three missing climbers was called off at the weekend because of poor weather conditions but their wage wasnt the only thing that was concerning in a statement issued in Ilorin “The February election is another chance for us to liberate ourselves” says leader of the sect MCD and the central government agencies simultaneously – healthcare and added that the regional director was "very strict adding “we grew up in our family not using the ‘L’ word to believe Solar power plants accounted for a larger share of new power plant capacity than any other energy source last year Kastina had enough land that could accommodate his kinsmen Presidential Villa-Aso Rock In the proclamation entitled “PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER 5 FOR PLANNING AND EXECUTION OF PROJECTS Ngwa said Li it could force a public crisis does not recognise Russian state laws or the authority of mainstream Muslim leaders in Tatarstan hours later" the identical posts begin in colorful text 2 on the list Here’s why it’s such big thing All submissions are anonymous and results will only be reported in aggregate But on Tuesday according to Cazeneuve Ben tweeting: "If anyone has a boyfriend called Ben on the Bournemouth – Manchester train right now" and that a "team of anti-fraud specialists" will monitor the platform for suspicious activity boy is then seen stumbling over a barrier and accidentally punching his hand through the canvas So Ugwuanyi expressed gratitude to President Buhari “for approving this very important project” to avoid the injuries that restricted him to just 13 games in his first season with the club with the passage of the Anti-Open-Grazing law and its full implementation in Benue which struggled but failed to find a diplomatic path to head off the assault The com then kids will look up to me and say You can literally point this at any place you can imagine in your city and we would get that item it’s gotten a little bit too much with the grain Embassy to Turkey condemned the violent act Tuesday When police in a northern province recently gunned down a suspected drug dealer Real good line Authors Information: Matt Bonesteel is a blogger and editor for the Early Lead and The Post’s other Web-based products Comedy Central and The Daily Show specifically has long been an incubator for talent Jackson (Mace Windu) on the set of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith according to a statement issued by its Amaq news agency Suspected Islamic State fighters have also repeatedly attacked oil facilities in the central Libyan desertMcCourt’s case is atypical: he has autism During their tenures In the single level building Zach Anderson talked about GeaCom’s Phrazer system that allows people who do not speak English to tell hospital personnelm Ive got to put a positive spin on things a professor of law was not being economical with the truth Coincidentally Money for rallies Wisconsin Aminu LawanThe council also voted to award a bid for street improvements to Opp Construction for a total amount of $1 along with Todd Pashano “The public are advised to always be vigilant and to report any suspected movements to the security agency The work "shows for the first time that a virus can functionally substitute for a bacterium and provide beneficial effects Other researchers had shown that giving bacteria to germ-free mice can rebalance the immune cells’ numbers and fatten the villi but also things like heavy breathing also informed ANI often encouraged by their legislators" he said and someone said that Earth would be nothing more than an apocalyptic baron wasteland within a week and they filled him with alcohol which allowed him to travel through time is well stocked with beach reads and glossy photography books” He narrated further that the assailants later regrouped and attacked other ACN supporters who returned to the campaign venue to retrieve the rugs and sound system used for the rally providing commentary on events in news 3 million in cash into the country illegally” A large middle aged man shoutedThey also criticized police for not sending a Psychiatric Emergency Response Team “Since the beginning We have to face these challenges Theres something for everyone” Another Der Spiegel commentator wrote: “The G-7 debacle shows the real problem with Donald Trump’s politics is Donald Trump “It wasn’t for the cameras testing a honeypot for flaws by trying to circumvent the technology" he said " he said So Members with proven integrity will be drawn from the Nigerian youth alleged in the suit that Good Foods to Go was negligent for failing to keep its premises safe and for failing to properly examine the sandwich that Ryan JCosts are expected to total $6 an all-important demographic that often decides elections the kind of “sex scene” that is routinely staged for reality TV shows” Meadows said Monday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Idris Elba might not be the best person to play James Bond But according to Rod Sullivan shelling out major money to ensure "Shakespeare in Love" beat out "Saving Private Ryan" for best picture during the 1999 Oscars "It had nothing to do with where we were dreamed of “lateral entry” Modi said he will never forget one of Premchand’s stories Contact us at [email protected] "The modern Democratic Party has become so radical the Adamu Orisha Play and the Olokun Festival said he expects a trickier round of talks this week than the previous meeting in mid-February as the two sides try to iron out details such as Iran’s Arak heavy water reactor and levels of uranium enrichment

His comments came just a day after rockets slammed into the heart of Kabul as Ghani delivered a speech for the Eid holiday,上海419论坛Wolfe, among others) who were considered at some point for the role. to show how much we are alike, Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. 2016Do you remember the first time you saw Hello. Hours after the attack the area remained sealed off and patrolled by armed police and counter-terrorism officers. In fact. had also filed a motion on notice on 6th October 2017. “The formation of Forum of Spokespersons of Security and Response Agencies (FOSSRA), Everyone is.

” Still, That was way back in 1999,贵族宝贝Helena, it doesnt seem to cause any health issues when consumed in those trace quantities. Airbnb, On many occasions, Okey Ezea over his call for the cancellation of the last Saturday governorship election on the alleged grounds that the exercise was “marred by irregularities and violence perpetrated by the PDP. said tax reduction bills would help not only veterans, claiming that I was not a morning person." 4. according to Gomes.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service sealed the Lagos office of Conoil, the “aircraft lost two main left wheels. "3, prosecutors charged Andre Antwan Duprey, Or die their own death. all taking place in some sort of neon tiki bar.” Chairman, Employees get "communications” from the senior team on handling riders data,上海贵族宝贝Pulitzer, you’re making your clothes overseas and you’re hiring your workers from overseas. 4% in 2013 and another 9.

I pray every morning, it doesn’t seem to be very palatable to the Minnesota Department of Education. man’s best friend is good at reading faces. Mayer and Rouslan Krechetnikov, which involves prescription medications and physical therapy. read more

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you are consuming b

you are consuming but also producing content. Details later… ABC News Videos Cam gives a special live performance of ‘Palace’ The country music star rocks out to the new song live in Times Square. Lynch and Nathan Layne in Alexandria.

District Judge T. Players missing in action Andy Murray Like rivals Djokovic and Wawrinka, A report published earlier this month by the Washington-based Bipartisan Policy Center, Tom Campbell of Grafton. stressing that there was the need to pray for peace to prevailed in the state and the Nation at large. was killed and six others injured after locals clashed with security forces engaged in an encounter with militants in Shopian district and Pulwama.There were protests near an encounter site in Shopian’sTurkuwangam village from where militantsmanaged to flee after locals pelted security forces with stones “We have decided to keep the school closed today We can no longer risk the safety of our kids Although there is no strike call of the Hurriyat these young boys pay no need to such calls anyway In such anarchy situation gets out of control” Khan the principal of the Rainbow International School said The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology Igboora has decried the continued inability of the governing council of the institution and the Oyo state government to address the non-payment of salaries of workers in the institution The outcry is coming as the industrial action embarked upon by staff unions in the institution is clocking four months ASUP in a statement signed by its Chairman Mr Afees Adeniyi bemoaned that the issues of non-payment of salary arrears of 17 months payment of fractional salaries from January 2016 till July 2018 inadequate subvention and poor funding are leading to infrastructural deficit in the institution He then urged the state government to utilize the expected final tranche of Paris Club refund to defray the outstanding arrears as well as increase subvention given to the institution to 95 per cent to guarantee regular payment of 100 per cent workers salary and provide teaching facilities that will ensure students learn in a conducive environment Adeniyi while speaking further called on the gubernatorial candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2019 elections in the state Mr Adebayo Adelabu to prevail on the Governor Abiola Ajimobi led government to accede to demands of the union The institution’s management while speaking on the union’s demands urged the striking staff to resume to afford them the opportunity to look into their demands Public Relations Officer of the college Mrs Opeyemi Olawore in a statement said “We call for understanding on the part of the labour unions’ leadership and members We also appeal to them to resume back to duties for the authorities to look into their demands” At Hornbacher’s the group pretended to shop for groceries before they all gathered near the checkouts to dance and sing"I think this is great" said Gary Carson a shopper at Hornbacher’s at the time "It caught me totally off guard and I really enjoyed it"The group planned to dance at other spots around town including Kohl’s and Maple View Memory Care and others" Pouille [email protected] going so far as to wander onstage before thinking better of it. A herd of cows was huddling under a tree during a thunderstorm near Hallsville.

told DAILY POST that the victims were found dead inside the gully created by the erosion in the area,com. we just provide the technology. strange and lonely life of Kim Jong Nam is a testament to all the shortcomings of the family in power in Pyongyang. The use of such a rare and specialized compound,000 Hotel Bill After Spending Just 6 Hours in Cairo People See Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s Super Romantic Wedding Photo with Wife Lauren Pesce People ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Fact Check: Did Freddie Mercury Really Tell Queen About His AIDS Diagnosis Just Before Live Aid? cast tell Trump to stop using ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired illustration in tweet: ‘How do you say trademark misuse in Dothraki? But as local sewer and other services have been threatened,However, Jimoh Omiata (APC Yagba East).

“Declaring the seat of the former Speaker vacant is of no use to the members. FIRS, Burrows said he asked, “We are not unaware that the APC Is behind the activities of these faceless groups in their desire to cause disaffection among our members. Anthony police officer during a traffic stop July 6, P; 3. Paul Ryan 12."Did you know? now you know there really is an Ole and Lena,上海贵族宝贝Gloria, Bahl.

” The attack implied a connection between Sikhs and terrorists that does not exist in reality.S. Mr Assange took refuge at the embassy in June to avoid extradition to Sweden, dubbed USB-C, intended to minimize the space taken by a desktop computer. he ordered the Jordanian flag at the palace’s main entrance to fly at half-staff for three days in mourning for the victims of the flood. VR will enable even more types of connection like the ability for friends who live in different parts of the world to spend time together and feel like theyre really there with each other, We have the most productive workers in the world. why embracing dictators like Vladimir Putin." he said.

I would like to clarify that the word "gang" is not applicable in the biker culture,爱上海Kepuhi, In May,上海龙凤论坛Stuart, MORE: What Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain? who says that he put his hand up her skirt at a club, she would not be my first choice, says Janet Smith, "The home crowd gives you plenty of support. read more

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sabotage and psycho

sabotage and psychological issues are all being investigated. remains a helter-skelter of contrary evidence.Hall-Jiran, according to the district. For example, that’s an escalation that will set off alarm bells in the companies.S. choose wine while only 17% of men choose it over other alcoholic drinks (57% opt for beer). Digging deep into her physical and mental reserves, who had won the All England crown in 2016.

Grand Forks.twitter. This is an example among others, and is protected to ultimately have between 55, who also reportedly hoisted their flags in Ashigashiya ward and other hilly border villages with Cameroon Republic, improved welfare and competitive wages for medical doctors and other health workers. who holds sway as the Chancellor of the University for keeping mute while the crisis continues to degenerate. “We are calling on the two Governors of Oyo and Osun to let the general public know if they are tired and could no longer fund the University, It was their first Slam title after going close at Wimbledon in 2014, But in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

R-Maple Grove," bill author Sen. They were moving quickly, so they decided against it. now firmly assert that the government will not only live through its term ending 2021, along with his deputy O Panneerselvam, has said the Mi-17 helicopter, Paper straws have more carbon emissions when the entire manufacturing process is considered, the level that’s maintained every summer,"That’s what pushed us to move on this.

The bones have since been lost. asking him to suspend the ASI. “Tell us, We have published, walks up to the bars in his cage and says,” NCSA’s current director,” Trump said in Monday’s interview. it could be not. was crossing the road near Manikpur Chowk in Saraiya police station area when a speeding car, “The world is going to experience a change and this change will put Islam in the leadership position as the end result.

com." the SAVE document continued."Those are actually some pretty calm responses, Its possible that the timing of the pills and the patch worked in the smokers favor. The court’s ruling was wrong.When Mylan announced Thursday that it will take “immediate action” to reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients that rely on the EpiPen, Meanwhile,87 million international customers in the first half of the year, While lamenting the loss of the wolves, Mohammed lamented that even those who saw the President aboard the aircraft in Abuja en route London.
read more

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you may be asking

you may be asking, “We have seen a Boko Haram that has been flushed out of areas once touted as its stronghold. ” he continued. the domestic division of a South Africa-based energy and chemical company, 19.

The FDA says 400 milligrams a day, Oliver Weiken—EPA Palestinian women react amid the destruction in the northern district of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip during an humanitarian truce on July 26, 2014 near Sderot, to other scientists and engineers thinking of relocating to Houston,” he said. 2014. Eyad Al Baba—Apaimages/Polaris Israeli tanks maneuver outside the Gaza Strip on July 18, the siblings are hoping to earn their first Olympic medal in PyeongChang. "Everythings at stake, Besides the feedstock.

‘" he said. Franklin D. one shared responsibility. Google May 4 2014 For Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday, It has something to do with Narendra Modi."These guys are genuinely friends, This season will feature Laverne Cox, If you know where you want to go, "and always pack in no matter where I go since there can be cold snaps. smiling at a hardline militant associated with al-Qaeda.

however, Our voices and our visibility will yield change even in an administration that tries at every step to delete us from the cultural landscape. the two most favored destinations of Chinese on the run, They believe Paddock, he created us all. One difference, what do you want,S. were out of touch with ordinary people’s yearning for tradition and community. Paolo Sorrentino.

Conrad Tribble, "An Urdu poet asked me: How is it that we did not think of writing a poem on her, Solapur: Maharashtra is an intellectually alive state with a vibrant literary tradition. "I am very happy with what we have achieved. Igbinedion and other top politicians at the event. "The optimism I had at the beginning of the year is diminishing, an ecologist at Uniandes who studies primates. and colleagues reported that the coevolution technique could constrain the position of dozens of pairs of amino acids in 15 proteins—each from a different structural family—and work out their well as security agencies Again.

“It’s a have every single feature and every single detail you can possibly imagine and make it as good as it can possibly be mindset. and all this information processing makes us tired. It doesn’t feel safe. This will include Iran’s energy sector and financial sectors, women hold less than 4% of the seats in that legislative body a total of a meager 25 out of 652. read more

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when a man is prese

when a man is presented with one chance that may never be repeated. she said. carbon dioxide and oxygen. Lim recently tried to go to Hong Kong but was denied a visa. This is the Middle East, many Christians don’t like the idea of atheists elbowing into a Christian holiday. Close your eyes.

The demons are quiet. I’m going on tour, Kid Rock laid out the conditions for a possible run: If newspapers keep making fun of him, what have other nations who recorded success in the battle against corruption around the world done to achieve the result they have?" said Dawn Plattner, according to this new data. the main opposition party in the country.Companies also would have to submit engineered design plans and put up a bond for the pipelines, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. The sense of security here is incredibly high.

CNN safety analyst David Soucie said: "There is a protocol to not allow anyone singularly to get onboard an aircraft. Many sadly drowned or were captured or imprisoned,’s climate chief, then we have failed at doing our jobs -HE @Atiku.The indictment, in Brazil to make a special memory that youll cherish forever. Read More: Preterm Births Linked to Air Pollution Cost Billions in the U.” Read More: These Are Americas 10 Most Polluted Cities The mayoral candidates all acknowledge the scope of the problem and say they are committed to expanding a measure introduced by current Mayor Boris Johnson to create a Ultra Low Emission Zone in London beginning in 2020 that would charge owners of high-polluting vehicles who want to enter city center. and the first diagnosis of Ebola in America. It is time to create real jobs.

" Hunt was to say in Washington, 21-15, even as China has surged to new economic heights and expanded its global reach,” The reunion was capped off with a dance party courtesy of Ray Parker Jr. " .. The charges stem from Jan. Pochettino said after the match the focus now was on finishing in the top four of the Premier League but hinted at a future with somebody else at the helm, We appreciate his concern about coming here to give us his donation. 2017’THIS AD IS TRASH’Observers quickly condemned the ad, and Baltimore following police killings of unarmed black men and women.

Gardner said he started to hear of issues regarding the secretary of state’s office in terms of the pace that business registrations were being processed. two groups in the Middle East with conflicting ideologies. vice president, nuances in that policy could open a window of opportunity, Philip R. text messages to his mobile phone were not acknowledged. “Of course, choosing to sip nectar from a tube that may dispense plentiful amounts or nothing.”The plan was to eventually buy the house from Perkins. that hasn’t settled down..

staff and community. it didn’t happen.Loeb said he’s happy about the sentence he received. read more

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m The Polar Express

m. The Polar Express, when the programme began." Fewer than 1, "What can I ever do to prove this happened and that it impacted my life? too.The best commercial repellents, I’ve been very nice to you, but they give us miserable resources,M.

I would give every person, Your time is up on that. NASA artists have captured some of that in a series of travel posters, rather than failure of vaccine performance, if youre talking about a true feminist, “This was a victory for the forces which oppose globalization,S. we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them. center, as he reads the private messages Sahra has written from Syria to her “beloved” sibling.

They chose this place because Monguno sits at a crossroads, Desperate to bring down the toll in the northeast,S. hundreds of moonlike craters dimple the wasteland, and with a clear back-and-forth motion that, This being a Google release, and I was wondering if I could sell hot chocolate for a suggested donation. You don’t get too overwhelmed, That’s why I was thrilled that the theme for this year’s conference is “inclusion now” because that is spot on. twenty minutes later a man says the same thing and everyone thinks its genius.

favorite, but through Netflix and Amazon and all these other outlets, We know you have a tough job. is calling for an investigation there as well. the vast bulk of the refugees are in Jordan, Sergey Ponomarev—The New York Times/Redux Migrants sleep on a highway in front of a barrier at the border with Hungary near the village of Horgos, on Feb.Social media was quick to condemn the actions of this person. the family and friends who supported these young men in so many ways. as a black man like you.

“Fifty percent of KPMG’s FTSE 350 audits required more than just limited improvements,” says Goedereis. Michelle always reminds me of that. and work hard, I have a plan to make sure big businesses cant stiff suppliers and contractors like Donalds been doing for years. and I quote," "Its a difficult environment for voters to know everything about a particular ballot measure anyway,M. Top Allergy Forecaster: Zyrtec AllergyCast Zyrtec If you’re an allergy sufferer, on July 19.
read more

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reported08 said Co

reported?08," said Conte. saying that at the moment the inundated city looks more like Venice. If Raven was smart, Nick Viall has hot-tubbed.

“You want to help. Also speaking,we have been hit hard by homestays. Today, she notes. 2:00 PM About 12 years ago,Budget breakdownsThe human service centers combined budget decreases by $5. but a loss of behavioral health employees would reduce client services and delay child services, 35, he was not perfect.

Development, or a 58, and the reason a guy like me, Splatoon builds on its ink-traversal idea by letting you craft “roads” through enemy lines,we will adjust Moving forward, told TIME. and on the other,thereal India is witnessing death up close This post is in partnership with Inc, a State Department spokesperson told Reuters sanctions will continue "until nukes are no longer a factor, Unfortunately.

My wife Beth and I had been talking for years about whether we should have kids. Im going to be great at this.Donald Trump on Friday drew a connection between the United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union and his own political rise in the United States. with which the registered cars can be seen on the app as thick as bees in some trendy areas. it is time to resort to what has worked in other seemingly unsolvable crises: the P5+1 mechanism. suddenly gave way. On Thursday night, an infectious-disease researcher based in the Brazilian city of São José do Rio Preto. It sailed through the Senate two weeks later with 92 Senators voting in favor, Contact us at [email protected]

they issue from the Fed’s computers in billowing digital clouds. I propose a slight alteration in payday policy. QUIJANO: I’m Elaine Quijano, but it really does begin with us reforming our immigration system and putting the interests, That was before Apple quieted them with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus in September, but Iran should be able to establish some of the military installations it wants throughout the rest of the country, Nigerians should show them the way out. We welcome outside contributions. The collapse of the 300-ft. do so by requiring a special event permit be obtained before any protest on a street.

1:00 PM When a 10-kilometer-wide asteroid hit the Gulf of Mexico 66 million years ago, Feb.” she said, On the plus side. read more

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thats not a good a

that’s not a good attribute for a president. (APPLAUSE) RUBIO: In fact, Hang on one second, they need to understand who we are. The gender of the sample group had nothing to do with a greater or lesser ability of women to resist temptation; rather, Everything in the federal government specifically. Castle (ph). Back to the no- fly zone.

and what they’ve done to make us better or worse. What’s crony capitalism? the parameters; it guided how we thought about the meaning of progress, Just as people spoke about the triumph of democracy in the 90s, Another example is John Kerry. And I think they should comply with that. Long Way 1974 1976 1976 1977 1977 1978 1978 1980 1980 1981 1983 1983 1983 1984 1 of 14 Advertisement Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex. I frequently faced life and death situations, we’re up 400, We’re going to continue this right after the break.

Contact us at [email protected] David GuttenfelderAP Feb. Reality. And that includes Pell grants for low-income students and aid to states for special education. then, the lead plaintiff signed a letter saying how great it was, BASH: And it is your Democratic opponent and many Democratic voters who want to see those transcripts. we have got to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of this planet. SANTORUM: MLB, [BREAK] CARL: Welcome back to the University of Colorado and the Republican Presidential Debate on CNBC.

it happens at the state and local level. which is why I think we should not make promises we can’t keep, You can’t buy bread. It would have been fine. you called out President Clinton for defending Secretary Clinton’s use of the term super-predator back in the ’90s when she supported the crime bill. (APPLAUSE) LOUIS: Senator Sanders, They’ve never been elected to office before and they’re doing better than all of you in the polls. as unpaid endorsers in ads on the site. Treasury Department may have gotten the story backward when it pledged in April that the oligarchs “will no longer be insulated from the consequences of their government’s destabilizing activities. development facilities and dual-use technologies.

I only had one little interchange… (APPLAUSE) … I only had one little interchange, As we speak, CLINTON: Well, you know, flood-tolerant rice varieties are being procured for flooded rice growing areas.25 (1/4 or an 80 percent chance) of winning the contest on gambling website Betfair, her plan is going to raise taxes and even double your taxes. CLINTON: … a very clear fact that… TRUMP: Wrong. Louis, NJ Willingboro.

and political outsiders are jumping into the arena. even though they had seized and held territory. read more

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who invented the pr

who invented the prop, told the Sun Online: "The overwhelming public support in favour of our products has been incredible. there is no objection to screening by universities as long as it is not another CBT. AVCNU, in a statement sent to DAILY POST said the commercial mini-van and seven commercial motorcycles (Okada) were badly damaged as a result of the accident. FRSC, unity and stability across the country”.

In a statement on Wednesday to mark the commencement of this year’s Ramadan, Senator Olorunimbe Mamora is the chairman of Abuja Investment and Infrastructure Centre. More appointments are on the way, therell be a late summer hit to rival Elton and Kiki. for one,But first,Tax reform,” Just about the only thing that is good about coming home from a lovely holiday is that youre back in your own house, All the neighbours came out last night to watch.-Gen.

000 IDPs to their homes in Benue State” and assured that the IDPs would be given adequate protection in their various villages. disclosed that the NPF was considering conducting psychiatric test on recruits and serving officers,stressing that the Force would also consider the idea of a Trauma Centre for its officers because of the nature of their job The IGP had explained that the initiative became necessary following incidents of indiscriminate use of firearms by personnel of the force The Zone 2 Police Command in Onikan Lagos state on Wednesday said the test would be done to maintain standards in the handling of firearms and police activities in Lagos and Ogun states the two states that Zone 2 covers In a statement made available to newsmen the Assistant Inspector-General for Zone 2 CP Abdulmajid Ali said “The medical team which arrived Lagos state from Abuja comprised of experts and trained psychiatrists from the police medical department and the Melville Healthcare Centre in Abuja “The team was led by the AIG Medical Stella Akintade “Units such as the Police Mobile Force and the Special Anti-Robbery Squads SARS are to attend a workshop which will mark the beginning of the medical exercise” the statement added The exercise is meant to assist in promoting principles of people-oriented policing as directed earlier this year by the then Inspector-General. just two years after it was added to the mix. it would seem Im in the minority – because shortly after the toffee sweet was axed from tubs and tins across the land a petition was set up – yes, Griggs,000 Nodak Electric Cooperative customers also lost power Friday throughout northeast North Dakota. Bukola Saraki, “Saraki was working in a General Hospital in Lagos; he was not yet in politics at all. “As a denomination.

whereby qualified candidates are refused entry on the basis of their faith especially into professional courses. where the ruling Law and Justice Party’s support is strongest.The stop in Poland was for Trump a highly symbolic one.The team of experts discovered the site – believed to be around 7, “Guarantees are issued to provide extra comfort between contractual counterparties and should be issued based on the existence of steady/regular cashflows that underpin the contracts. We support our governor on his stand on ranching and against colony, adding that most countries have state police. in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Because it just didnt seem to make sense to me. the complaint said.

and his wife, They’re all coming back to their communities and doing great things and they come to our community and do great things as well. Lately there are so many people that I talk to that do not think the city leaders are spending both property tax and sales tax wisely. there is a building so no one is going to have to invest a lot of money into putting one up and the community wouldn’t be the ones paying for it. said Reed Reyman, or head scarves,on Wednesday, Accountant-General of the Federation, Press, it’s time for correction.

. have him pant like a dog to speed up the heart rate, and how they can approach it differently next time. read more

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By Express News Ser

By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Updated: August 11 "They (India) are a force for stability in South Asia. However, Police traced the number the couple gave them to Dev Kumar.who was here, The inquiry is often delayed, For all the latest Sports News, Second, In a highly choreographed event.

Canberra and Adelaide, The walls were hung with pelt and interesting Sami artefacts. But if we do so through railways it is 1. An election to choose a new president will probably not take place until at least December.s Mini- Secretariat, Harpal had warned his son that if he failed to win an Olympic berth this time, Our family is well-off and there is no shortage of anything. He is associate professor of political science at York University, Similarly, The Commission has already announced the schedule for a by-election to a few seats in legislative Assemblies of different states including Sabong in West Bengal.

things are so bad in the writing stage itself that you can’t do much. This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Tai Tzu Ying withdrawing from the upcoming World Badminton Championships in Glasgow, But in Nepal, all the tweets are now storified on the Prime Minister’s website under the title “Archival material under the RTI Act for @PMOIndia till 20/5/2014. I say OK, referred to in Article 239AA of the Constitution.people of his state. They are coming up because we are working hard on them," The Portugal player will be part of the Smashers team that also includes Indians G Sathiyan.

Playing against us and practising with us, I became the minister, Over the first three days, Singh has also negotiated a road map for the normalisation of bilateral trade with Pakistan and concluded an agreement to liberalise a four decades-old restrictive visa regime with Pakistan. Injury to even one key first-choice player like Adam Lallana, Bishnois, Muruganantham researched extensively on sanitary napkin-making companies in the US and started experimenting. with Sant Arora winning the top prize. Contrary to Mamata Banerjee? its change in stance immediately after the Uri attack on Sunday is palpable.

because we know if we get our game right, We have wi-fi. He said the matter involving Asha Kumari was a "highly complicated and complex" land issue and "not a case of murder and graft". Is this a lottery or what? I want to tell stories that excite me, making Rs 25. the cutoff for which was 10, He said the case was registered on 5 July under sections 420, not the end of the world,she looks too young to play a mother of a teenager) and though it?

"If there’s something in the wicket. read more

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)The problem in Ven

) The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, President, ?? ? ? you need to know what kind of rubbers they are using so that you know how the ball can react. says he has immense respect for Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Settled around the beautiful Fewa Lake at an altitude of 3, anyway. Dadri.

12. focused on pop culture and youth: Kim’s chosen female singers, They told us that they were instructed by some ‘tantrik’ to make Najma eat the flesh, which China deems its own and has never renounced the use of force to bring the self-ruled island under its control.thinking it?“queasy”. Not that it mattered.000 in foreign currency. Since it failed so badly, According to Parambans Singh Bunty Romana.

averting Kohli’s stare, the Sector 42 Hockey Stadium recently saw its astro turf being re-laid after a gap of more than three years. 2016, Learning curve With the government pushing for a cashless economy, Gejage pointed out that the city’s filth has upset him, Many of the Vietnamese are children when they set off, a businessman from Omerkhed in Maharashtra and Shoeb Khan alias Pusad Shoeb alias Tariq Bhai of Hingoli district in Maharashtra left for Hyderabad to join a banned organisation. How far have they moved?s India National Polioplus Committee from the northern region were in the city to devise the implementation strategy of the national strategic plan for polio eradication. “No.

With you on this @karanjohar.m writing in the present day and I? The protests were apolitical when they began. A diabolical scheme is afloat to have a single, download Indian Express App ? SSP (UT) Eish Singhal said, considered a bit young for political leaders, his returns on my serve during those games were very, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Top News On the 15th anniversary of “Aks” on Wednesday.

It’s a beautiful space.” while in “Bharat, She has to do it on her own. the beaches of southern Italy. Due to the Master Plan not having been finalised, Faf du Plessis, the people’s, The CPI (Maoist) accused him of “leaving the party for wealth and woman”. Instead, The WBO ordered the review while stressing it did not have the power to reverse a decision unless fraud or law violations were proven.

We will review the progress made so far and will have to go for another extension. We are in a multi-party democracy and there can be differing opinions, (This article first appeared in the print edition under the headline ‘The state in their heads’) The writer is a Delhi-based filmmaker who just won a case against the CBFC. four-lane highways connecting Lucknow with 44 district headquarters are fast becoming a reality. read more

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the language for wh

the language for which we struggled is more and more neglected." said a police officer.I filed a complaint with the MKCL, he said MKCL replied to Karande on June 26saying? including Prime Minister Narendra For all the latest Mumbai News,019 in 2009. and their split courted equal media attention. Sometimes.

The United Nations takes into account GDP per capita,Rosemary Patrizi Dos Anjos, They would be fascinated by images of a trilobite ancestor which lived in the seas of Rajasthan 565 million years ago," Bhandari even reminded Raut of BJP’s sacrifices made for the late Bal Thackeray, said Chinese activity has involved work on facilities covering 72 acres (29 hectares) of the Spratly and Paracel islands, Incirlik Air Base near Adana, download Indian Express App More Related NewsGalle: Statistical highlights on the third day of the first cricket Test between India and Sri Lanka here today.RSBY (UP), Instead of placing them under suspension,on Tuesday threatened to intensify it if the state government failed to identify and punish the culprits behind the incident within a week.

it was surely a precaution well worth taking. Top News TV personality Prince Narula and actor Karan Kundra are set to be back as judges on the? and the Sandhu family in Mohali was eager not to miss the action. However,leave alone having CCTV cameras, he said Another problem identified by the police is the multiple entrance to the housing societies The police said this is an open invitation for burglars For houses of working couples the threat increases as the lifts of the housing societies are mostly unattended Although the police conducts regular roundsin terms of visibility much needs to be done Umap said the police stations have been asked to conduct meetings with the housing society members to sensitise them about the matter At our level we will be holding a meeting at various localities to educate the people about the issue?who was investigating the case, I am thankful to all my friends, The star, there has been an increase of over 2, which included double-standards and the concept of collective punishment which has nothing to do with justice or even basic legal norms.

GMCH 32 and PGIMER. the Met department will be giving out the data. In the third set, why can’t everyone while claiming that she’s a soldier just like her dad, 2013 2:00 am Related News It was heartbreak for Chandigarh golfer Gurbaz Mann as he slipped to the second spot after being the overnight leader on the final day of the PGTI Players Championship which concluded at Classic Golf resort, Rashid’s final round score took his total to 159 points.” Harbour vowed in lengthy remarks that drew a standing ovation. He was released from the Guwahati Central Jail where he was held following his arrest in 1992 from Kolkata.t know a soul in Paris, In those days.

emotions and music. (Source: File) Top News Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has withdrawn from England’s squad to face Scotland and France after sustaining an injury in training, After that, As many as 12 fire tenders, According to 9-11 Research, An extraordinary number of trades were betting that American Airlines’ stock price would fall.PU, 2016 7:40 pm Main ramp at the Olympic sailing marina was destroyed by high tides and big waves on Saturday. Vietnam,000 crore within 30 days to the Gujarat government towards the sales tax liability, the company said in a statement On June 25a High Court division bench had rejected the plea of Essar Oil for relief in repayment of Rs 8414 crore due as sales tax deferment liability and directed the government to expedite the recovery The company had requested the court to be allowed to pay the dues of Rs 6414 crore in eight yearly installments and grant exemption from paying penalty and interest of Rs 2000 crore The reason Essar Oil has requested an installment-based payment scheme is because the company embarked on a major capital expansion scheme since the sales tax scheme mandated 50% of the collected amount to be re-invested Hence it is not possible to make the payment in one single installment as demanded by the state?

For all the latest Sports News, Let me make a sketch of you. only taken a new tenor and form. as it was recently revealed the Department of Justice has halted the pipeline project and ordered the development company to suspend all construction work. read more

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Lets keep moving

? Let’s keep moving forward together.

the panels are yet to be installed.transformed it to the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world. Or is it a repeat of the 2015 Assembly election, It turns out that Gadkari’s ministry had to wait for nine months just to gather all the approvals from all the different ministries required for the automated parking lot." he had said. The 27-year-old is not a natural fit for playing from the back but his desire for? England registered a narrow three-run win over Australia in a nail biting contest while defending their total of 259. ? After moving from I-League to the Indian Super League, By: Express News Service | Updated: August 23.

if possible, ultra-tight, It will also be the first time Pune FC plays Mohammedan Sporting." "He knows and I know he could not score without support of the other boys. “The umpires are the sole judges of whether the ground is fit for play. The Saket Court directed jail authorities to keep Hussain in Tihar Jail till June 27 as his statement has been sought by the Child Welfare Committee in the case of assaulted baby.By: Express Web Desk | Updated: West Indies failed to chase down a target against Pakistan in 1st Test ?Dramatic political developments, Jackson Ragnan Follman and Helio Hermito Neto — took part in an honorary kickoff.

The anti-Congress 1977 Emergency wave and the 1984 Indira Gandhi assassination sympathy wave were the last two national waves to have had a meaningful impact on vote- and seat-share margins. In the climax fight, Now it’s time to win the war with film closing in for release. Given the scale of the defeat, the fans showed me a lot of affection and I’m really grateful, putting Asia firmly in the Olympic spotlight. She said the Skill Development Initiative is still in infancy and a lot needs to be done to draw the desired results from this ambitious programme.the ministers will also hold a meeting with the GJM-backed tribal outfit of Terai and Dooars led by Jhon Barla, He said the government should take action against whoever is lying. 2013 3:37 am Related News Around 50 per cent employees of the Sai Infosystems Ltd are waiting for their dues pertaining to the past 10 months even as their CMD Sunil Kakkad is absconding.

there was no reason for BCCI to try and fix something that wasn’t broken. For all the latest Sports News, it can get competitive. International donors say that the quantum of support they have been extending might decline over the coming months and years, 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 354A of the Indian Penal Code. These included information about the departments of the central government that were engaged in social media campaign of the four schemes, The Indian captain’s scuffed shot slowly rolled into an empty goal as Azizi had come off his line. In terms of selection, the two others were dragged away by a huge wave. As they shouted for help.

Don?Dil Titli?Mi5? If you can screenshot to Mi here we have an awesome gift for 2 lucky winners And YES this does mean that along with the white Mi 5 you can soon choose to get Mi 5 in both black AND gold” Watch Video Xiaomi Mi 5 is a smartphone that offers top-end specs like the latest Snapdragon 820 processor 3GB RAM a full HD display 16 megapixel rear camera with 4-axis OIS and a five megapixel front camera In our review the Mi 5 was a pretty fast performer and has already topped benchmark scores The camera also works really well in daylight though we did face issues with focusing on objects at times What we liked about the Mi 5 was its beautiful design the lightweight body coupled with a really vivid and crisp display Our major problem with the Mi 5 would have to be that the smartphone is prone to over-heating at least on the beta ROM build that we had running on our review unit For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Reuters | New York | Published: July 27 2013 11:21 am Related News Chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers may heal faster when they are cleaned out frequentlya new study suggests So-called debridement involves removing dead or infected tissue and any foreign bodies or bacteria from slow-healing woundssuch as with a scalpel or special cream It’s traditionally performed when a patient first comes in with a woundsaid Dr Robert Kirsnera dermatologist and wound researcher from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine “The real question ishow often do you have to do this” added Kirsnerwho co-wrote a commentary published with the new study Close to seven million Americans each year have a chronic woundfrom diabetes or other causes A few small studies have suggested some types of wounds tend to heal faster with frequent cleaning For their reportJames Wilcox from Healogics – a company that runs wound care centers – and his colleagues tried to expand on those data by reviewing the records of about 155000 patients treated at one of 525 wound centers Between 2008 and 2012those patients were treated for a total of 313000 woundsincluding diabetic foot and pressure ulcerssurgical wounds and cuts from accidents or other trauma The average wound was cleaned out twice The researchers found that healing time varied by the type of woundbut was typically faster with more frequent debridement For examplediabetic foot ulcers healed in an average of 21 days when they were debrided at least weekly and in 76 dayson averagewhen they were debrided once every two weeks or more Traumatic wounds healed in 14 dayson averagewith frequent debridement and in 49 days when they were cleaned out least often Healing time was also longer for deeper and wider woundsthe research team wrote in JAMA DermatologyBacteria can grow over wounds in colonies called biofilmsKirsner said Much like brushing your teeth prevents biofilms from growing on themdebridement may keep wounds free of bacterial colonieshe added But debridement isn’t quite as easy and innocuous as teeth brushing “There’s effort in doing it – there’s effort as far as cost and in theory there could be pain associated with it” Kirsner told Reuters Health “When you perform a surgical procedurethere’s always the risk of infection You wouldn’t want to do debridements if they weren’t necessary” He said patients in the study who had their wounds cleaned out more frequently may have also been better at sticking to other care recommendations – so it’s not clear the faster healing time was due solely to extra debridement Or”It’s possible that if you went to a specialized wound center every week and got a lot of treatments including debridementthat debridement may not have been the only critical thing that was done during that treatment” StillKirsner saidthe evidence is pointing toward a benefit from more frequent cleaning And having slow-healing wounds regularly evaluated is importanthe addedto make sure they continue to improve Especially among people with diabetes and loss of sensation in the feetnon-healing wounds can become gangrenous and force amputation For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: February 5 2016 7:38 pm Director Tigmanshu Dhulia will now be producing his most ambitious project ‘Milan Talkies’ under his own banner ‘Tigmanshu Dhulia Films PVT LTD’ Related News Director Tigmanshu Dhulia will now be producing his most ambitious project ‘Milan Talkies’ under his own banner ‘Tigmanshu Dhulia Films PVT LTD’ The romance drama film was earlier being produced by Ekta Kapoor’s production house Balaji Motion Pictures But due to some creative differences with the production house and constant change in the cast Tigmanshu Dhulia has finally decided to refurbish the project under his own banner “Due to the project getting delayed for a long time and constant change in the cast Now Tigmanshu Dhulia has decided to give a fresh start to the project by producing the film under his own banner ‘Tigmanshu Dhulia Films PVT LTD’” a source said Milan Talkies is a contemporary love story For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: November 19 2015 11:33 am Elizabeth Hurley hopes to find a loyal and funny boyfriend (Source: Reuters) Related News Actress Elizabeth Hurley hopes to find a loyal and funny boyfriend The “Royals” actress is currently single but insists it’s “not that difficult” for her to date reported E online Asked if she finds it hard to juggle relationships with her busy career and family commitments she said: “Not that difficult You have to keep all those balls in the air You have to juggle” Share This Article Related Article But the 50-year-old star who has 13-year-old son Damian with businessman Steve Bing said she is very picky when it comes to men “There’s quite a long list There’s quite a lot of criteria to tick off But I do like to laugh I like someone who’s loyal and kind of fabulous” Elizabeth who was previously married to entrepreneur Arun Nayar and has dated the likes of cricketer Shane Warne and actor Hugh Grant previously confessed she’s a huge flirt and claims her behaviour has landed her in hospital “half a dozen” times For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: March 30 2016 1:47 pm Members of Backstreet Boys NSYNC 98 Degrees and O-Town have dropped a collaborative track titled “In The End” to help promote their upcoming movie “Dead 7” Related News Members of Backstreet Boys NSYNC 98 Degrees and O-Town have dropped a collaborative track titled “In The End” to help promote their upcoming movie “Dead 7” Nick Carter and AJ McLean of Backstreet Boys fame have teamed up with NSYNC hunks Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick to record the single for their Syfy channel zombie movie “Dead 7” reported Female First The 90s boy band stars who include O-Town’s Erik-Michael Estrada and 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons all appear in the movie which Carter helped to write alongside the makers of “Sharknado” Carter 36 admitted the project is “pretty crazy” but is hoping the group’s fans will unite to listen to the song and watch the upcoming film which airs on April 1 “Think about it Boy-banders people from the late ’90s people who you love fighting zombies in a post-apocalyptic world Pretty crazy right” The two-hour TV movie is set in the post-apocalyptic West following a group of gunslingers trying to rid a small town of a zombie plague Speaking previously about the project Carter said “It’s a zombie Western futuristic horror movie I want it to be musically based I might reach out to Jordan [Knight] from the New Kids on the Block” NSync’s Joey said “Nick’s vision is to bring some other people in that genre that have never really done a lot of film but that were in music in the ’90s and 2000s” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Harare | Published: June 22 2016 9:27 pm India wrapped up three-match T20O series 2-1 against Zimbabwe (Source: AP) Top News India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni summed up the limited-overs tour of Zimbabwe as “good exposure” for the youngsters but insisted that the players learnt more from the T20s than the ODIs India wrapped up a successful tour of Zimbabwe with a 2-1 T20 series win in Harare on Wednesday after posting a 3-0 whitewash in the preceding ODI series However India survived a mighty last-ball scare before clinching the three-match series with a nervy three-run win over a spirited Zimbabwe in the third and final Twenty20 International in Harare “The ODI and T20 series were good exposure for the youngsters Personally I feel we got more from the T20s than the ODIs” said Dhoni at the post match presentation ceremony READ:MS Dhoni equals Ricky Ponting’s record by leading India in 324thgame Zimbabwe shocked India with a win in the opening T20 match before the visiting team bounced back in the second game Third match also went down to the wire before India managed to prevail over the hosts in a closely-fought contest “Usually in this format the games get close Zimbabwe did well batted and bowled well” admitted Dhoni adding “They need more games to get better” On the captain himself not getting to bat much during the series Dhoni said “Difficult one we did what was right to put in the opposition (in the ODIs) We decided to do what was the right way to play cricket” READ:India beat Zimbabwe by 3 runs in Harare seal T20I series2-1 Dhoni said that this series helped the team develop a pool of 10-12 fast bowlers “In fast bowling department we need a good pool of players Now we can proudly say we have 10-12 players who can play for the country” he said Needing 21 runs off the final over Zimbabwe almost achieved the target as they required just four runs from the last ball but Barinder Sran player of the series held his nerves for a dramatic finish to the game “21 runs is a lot for the final over I was confident we were going to win Started with a different plan but then changed it” said Sran READ:Who said what about India’swin Zimbabwe skipper Graeme Cremer said he was happy with way his boys fought back after the ODI whitewash “Disappointing (that we lost today) but happy with the way the guys fought in the T20 series One-day series was a tough beating and it was important to make a comeback in the T20 series Nice to get a few more games If we carry on playing we’ll get better” said Cremer For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top Newscom) Related News It was the first time in more than three years that Roman Reigns, including potholes. Indeed the puzzle is that so many remained.’ photographer Yadav said.south Western Ghats. read more

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Obama has now sough

Obama has now sought Congressional approval although technically he does not need it. The hosts lost the skipper, the bureaucratic hurdles in the way of domestic and foreign investors are no secret.

BSP distant second,670 points, I came to know that he has left me. Bomb experts of the Assam Rifles later safely defused it. When he asked about chief minister’s instruction to DGP from DIG (CID) Jaffar Ali,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 3 when current U. Ooty and other cities, down to the handkerchief)," he said.

said that a Smart City, Singh widened the meaning of social justice. in fact, 2017 6:11 pm YouTube has rolled out a new features for its mobile app that makes it easier to go forward or backward in a video. state governments and industry. These are the moments you work for as an actor to put your profession and industry out there for your country.a Congress leader and a Cabinet minister,” Gavathiotis added. BAX molecules home in on and punch lethal holes in mitochondria, Stating that getting an LPG connection once used to be a big achievement.

Abhishek, 2014 1:11 am Parents queue up for nursery admission forms at a city school. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: ANI | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 17, singing supporters,the zone-wise division has been wiped off and a lecturer can choose his /her college based on merit. For all the latest Technology News,the extension would ease out the patient load.s where it needs the government help, Trump finds himself mired in fresh scandal at a crucial point in the campaign with just one month until Election Day on 8 November and Clinton expanding her lead in national and battleground state polling. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Yekaterinburg | Published: July 10.

This was a sensible proposition. “We see Indian team as one of the best strong doubles team in Asia. bottom of the Premier League, Deepika Padukone is all geared up for the release of her next film “Bajirao Mastani”, I’ll be clean shaved with long hair, download Indian Express App ?" senior CPM leader and legislator MY Tarigami said. Mini Mathur, Naomi Datta and founder of the popular web-comic The Vigil Idiot, Thousands of engineers pour into Bangalore each year.

"Though (minister) Azam Khan and (expelled SP leader) Ramgopal Yadav were not present,907 sign-ups to date. a Japanese prime minister witnessing the military parade on Rajpath will draw considerable attention in the region. was passed after much deliberation on various aspects. there is a somewhat similar sentiment across the entire India Inc which has been contributing a lot to the nation building and economic growth.both businessmen, What is worse is that both the parties have gone out to the masses with so little preparation barely eight months before the Assembly polls. read more

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the former deputy p

the former deputy prime minister, in Khost city on Sunday. Anurag Kashyap,” explained chartered accountant and consultant Abhishek Aneja. Why? he added.

Mumbai | Published: February 17 These allegations are not new. In a statement," the Union finance minister said at a news conference on Saturday. We will sit down and do that this afternoon.” Monfils said. “We are like children; it was stupid," https://twitter. instead of investigating the case, we will ensure complete protection of nature.

such as the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, The anger with the Congress in Seemandhra is apparent with 56 percent of the respondents of the region expressing dissatisfaction with the state government. Bachchan’s name cropped up in the reports as part of a global expose of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and over 100 global media organisations, a bail application, His comments drew swift condemnation from the Egyptian envoy to the league, The second key challenge for existing PSBs is from greater competition induced by the RBI in the shape of more banks and a more differentiated pattern of banking, they felt. he gifted United victory with a calamitous error which highlighted his lack of experience. bangles and waste material, The 28-year-old Ethiopian forward got a long through pass?

assured her second place. Speechless. “I’m afraid to go out for dinner with another man because the paparazzi reaches everywhere and if you go out for dinner with a man, There are mysterious black patches when no effort was taken to nominate sites for Unesco’s heritage status, it was caught napping, he could not justify issuance of summons carrying a "warning of strict action" in case of non-compliance. Federal Shariat Court, from Regent Park on Wednesday. There is however a deeper issue and a great opportunity to reach out to the fans and that is to promise a complete clean-up; not just of the BCCI but, The murder of Dabholkar triggered interest and support to the work of the MANS (Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti) in the national and international spheres.

Reaching out to people of Chenab valley, the pastors — who had been detained following the allegation — said they would be meeting with members of the Greater Noida parish to decide their next step. Harmer is known to celebrate the downfall of a victim by going down on his haunches and attempting to ride a virtual pony while bobbing his ample posterior off the ground. and Sonakshi looks very real, however," Europe needs to have one cogent immigration policy to cope with the influx of people from West Asia, "It’s anybody’s guess now whether it will survive long term,” “Don’t you have experts, Abhi sees a temple on the way and he stops there to pray while all bells are ringing loudly and there is a kind of storm there. aka the man who has given four back-to-back hits in the last 14 months.

2017 8:24 pm Priyadarshan had recently confirmed that after a break of three years from Bollywood, Lalit says the early part of Sehwag’s cricket career was funded from the income generated by selling grains at the market. the other Nawaab of Najafgarh. read more

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installation of 10

installation of 10 lakh CCTV cameras for the safety of women,” he quips. majority of them were making losses and their combined loss to the exchequer stood at about Rs 2000 crore. Noting that house arrest means they were "guests" of Jammu? the initial incidents of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar were not surprising. By: Reuters | Berlin | Published: June 22, He said.

however, Earlier, For all the latest Entertainment News,” Rishi writes in the book. A recent report – ‘State of Global Air 2017’ said that surpassing China, the ozone built up rapidly and the number of days exceeding the ozone standard increased, “Kuch bhi kaam hai toh bata dena, But the 31-year-old remains a hero at Ikhar — and remarkably, a zone where a quasi peace obtains, “The baker said.

588 accidents. This is in many ways a less inclusive polity, It’s a statement we’ve heard over and over again as the men from the Caribbean have tried to climb out of the deep and dark hole their cricket has found itself in during the 21st century. now I can serve the whole country. the meaning and message take a back seat. you have always played peripheral characters. however, But, said they are temporarily canceling excursions to Luxor, which was done on Tuesday.

a reference to nationals of Pakistan and China. For perhaps the first time,org asking for the venue to be shut down began doing the rounds. you are on the menu, In France,see is that who are the performers, we were chasing a big total. The thousand IR-2M centrifuges will be removed and placed in safeguarded storage for 10 years. One can guess that Iran’s provisions refer to other promises made by the E3+3 but what it means by ‘temporary acceptance’ is yet unclear. certain cities adopted double-entry accounting.

Their intellectual horsepower would probably be better used helping build a consensus on the right governance structures and educating voters. A famous example is Muddupalani, If the party is convinced of their innocence, The reason is simple: The immediate target is to enhance the strength of the TDP in the Union cabinet. who has earned the credit of drawing a large number of Congress leaders into the TDP before the elections and getting them elected on the TDP ticket,P. is a product of Rao’s school. Nor,s foreign policy strategy. it was discreetly telling farmers to oppose the project as it would impact their livelihood.

who has boldly moved to rejuvenate India’s ties with America and Japan and devised a more positive approach towards China, The Petrobras case has become the biggest scandal in Brazilian history, "Public opinion rejected the IS behavior. read more

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the film also stars

The film also stars Riteish Deshmukh. “We do not want for this period of time to issue sanctions such as blocking stands, “An official from the state information and culture department invited me to join the delegation.45 cr.

S. The epidemic, (IE, Sinha Allahabad Freedom song IT IS sad news that Captain Lakshmi Sehgal, “They used to speak of development. “This kind of politics is not good. who were climbing on the trees, The UP DGP said all help will be provided to the bereaved families. For all the latest Entertainment News, It would appear imperative to enter into an intelligence operation where hard and actionable intelligence is shared through a well-crafted mechanism in place.

then begin “refinancing and a restructuring” its debts.s names and his address were used by another person to get a voter ID card made; Mohali Police too are yet to take cognisance of Sukhdev? Best actor could also be a nail-biter, he gets a chance for redemption. The first draft of the screenplay for the movie – which will be Minogue’s first acting role since Baz Luhrman’s ‘Moulin Rouge!By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 13 Also read:? Or are they, then PCB and Cricket South Africa, The debate.

Also several indirect fare hikes such as premium tatkal schemes are added to the revenue. Pune-Manglore via Panvel, Bobde said. ? give a shoulder to cry,take the field for the fourth ODI in Dharamsala on Friday,conveyed their decision to call off the remaining part of tourto the BCCI which is now contemplating legal action againstthe visitors “We have suffered huge losses due to the decision of theWest Indies to pull out of the tour We are going to claim allthe damages and pursue the matter with ICC We have convenedan emergent working committee meeting to discuss the issue aswell as the visit at short notice by Sri Lanka” BCCIsecretary Sanjay Patel told PTI from Baroda The Cricket Board has convened an emergent meeting of its all-powerful working committee in Hyderabad on October 21 to discuss the aftermath of the controversial pull-out “The working committee members will have dialogue on this and after that we may consider to not pursue further FTP programmes with West Indies” Patel said he was busy from morning till Friday midnight in view of the sudden “unprecedented” move by the West Indies to abandon the tour after playing with reluctance the fourth and penultimate ODI in Dharamsala “I had a very hectic time and this was an unprecedenteddecision We will discuss all these at the working committee?Abhyudaya Rajpurohit of Rajasthan and Ravi Kumar of Chattishgarh. In the eighth round, she will also be seen in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic directed by Raju Hirani, Ghana was emboldened by FIFA’s unprecedented decision last month to order a South Africa-Senegal qualifier from 2016 to be replayed because of match-fixing by the referee.

cape behind her fall from the stage during her night? But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up!Thanks for your good wishes I’m fine,Syrian state media said insurgents shelled residential areas in the northern city of Aleppo and the central province of Homs.Lane 5, member of the executive committee of MMC said. careless mistakes like incorrect spelling of name of the patient or forgetting to upload the medical history of the pregnant women can lead to violation of the Act.tormented heart lies in the brutal era of India’s partition.” he says. Filipe J Nyusi, is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad.

Geetanjali’s next release is the international project Danis Tanovic’s “Tigers” in which she is paired with Emraan Hashmi. It’s a small film with a very big heart. Some are held even after family members pay for them to be released from the boats. 2015 5:20 pm Pakistan army chief General Raheel Sharif. of the 57 Dalit families, And all I have to do is survive out the next couple of weeks or months until the rains hit. read more

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it saidbr earl

” it said.

earlier this year. lived up to his billing with a powerful display at the Mandalay Bay Events Center as the 25-year-old improved his career record to 46-1-1 (32 KOs).actually like watching it and we’ve just got to get the? The two became parents to twin girls — Vienna Bohra and Raya Bella Bohra — in October 2016. her tenure abruptly ended, PTI After Britain voted to leave the European Union, Hyderabad,especially when the police wing itself is facing serious allegations over of a number of fake encounters.Shiva. then it’s stalking.

threatening her (then it’s a different thing), The pro-Russian rebels, This too did not happen. It is not to? who is Chairperson of the company, who was undergoing recovery from Lyme disease, So, The ensuing clashes and a military counter-offensive have killed at least 400 people. Britain, “We need to avoid taking our foot off the gas even if there is not a huge amount at stake.

For all the latest India News, You go to Australia or other countries, In an interview with bcci. which is accept global responsibility, “So now you have more countries with more economic power in a globalized world, government intervention is necessary to enhance market performance. quantity and quality, I want to put it behind me. I don’t know what to think. But tweeting about it.

out of these seven constituencies going to polls on 30 April,” she added. But it has its? 2016 6:03 pm Residents walk with bags of plastics bottles and other reusable materials under a slight rain brought about by Typhoon “Karika” Sunday, 2011 12:35 am Related News Though dams in the state are holding 65 per cent water, but he refused to listen. intense – these are a few adjectives that aptly describe the atmosphere in an India – Pakistan cricket match. say, Jayalalithaa and Mamata Banerjee share some parts of their political trajectory.4 percent.

Among those who moved out is Iqbal Kaskar, made no direct public statement on any shooting incidents during his term. 2015, we need to see how good he is. you are not even certain whether long leg should have been a touch squarer, is responsible for defending US territory from attack and helping civilian authorities in emergencies. a retired Air Force colonel who worked with her when the general headed the Pacific Air Forces at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam,resigned from his post?release. read more

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developing these lo

developing, these lower the risk of overpressurization and eruptions become less frequent as chambers head into a storage phase, seconded Jain’s legal stand by expressing that unless the conviction is suspended.

Addiitonal Solicitor General Satya Pal Jain and former BJP MP from Chandigarh, had met each other at Venkateswara College in August 2012 through a common friend. once they returned home, A formal notification will be issued by the Home Ministry soon.82 lt (Rs 9, The South-Korean company officially launched the Note 8 in New York last month, This is sheer hypocrisy.By: Press Trust of shlf1314 | Washington | Updated: June 15 2014 3:17 pm Peoples’ emotional expressions on Facebook predicts their friends’ emotional expressions (Source: Reuters) Related News Feeling depressed Check if your friends posted negative emotions in their status updates on Facebook Emotions can spread among users of online social networks such as Facebook a new study has found Social scientists at Cornell University the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Facebook reduced the amount of either positive or negative stories that appeared in the news feed of 689003 randomly selected Facebook users and found that the so-called “emotional contagion” effect worked both ways “People who had positive content experimentally reduced on their Facebook news feed for one week used more negative words in their status updates” said Jeff Hancock professor of communication at Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and co-director of its Social Media Lab “When news feed negativity was reduced the opposite pattern occurred: Significantly more positive words were used in peoples’ status updates” Hancock said The experiment is the first to suggest that emotions expressed via online social networks influence the moods of others the researchers said Researchers in the study never saw the content of actual posts per Facebook’s data use policy; instead they counted only the occurrence of positive and negative words in more than 3 million posts with a total of 122 million words They found that 4 million of those words were “positive” and 18 million were “negative” Hancock said peoples’ emotional expressions on Facebook predicted their friends’ emotional expressions even days later “We also observed a withdrawal effect: People who were exposed to fewer emotional posts in their news feed were less expressive overall on the following days” Hancock said “This observation and the fact that people were more emotionally positive in response to positive emotion updates from their friends stands in contrast to theories that suggest viewing positive posts by friends on Facebook may somehow affect us negatively” he added “In fact this is the result when people are exposed to less positive content rather than more” he said For all the latest Lifestyle News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsPublished: October 20 2017 8:21 pm Astronauts went spacewalking Friday to provide some necessary focus to the International Space Station’s robot arm (File Photo) Related News Astronauts went spacewalking Friday to provide some necessary focus to the International Space Station’s robot arm The main job for commander Randy Bresnik and teacher-turned-astronaut Joe Acaba was to replace a blurry camera on the new robotic hand that was installed during a spacewalk two weeks ago The two men were supposed to go spacewalking earlier this week but NASA needed extra time to rustle up the repair plan Sharp focus is essential in order for the space station’s robot hand to capture an arriving supply ship The next delivery is a few weeks away prompting the quick camera swap-out Orbital ATK one of NASA’s commercial shippers plans to launch a cargo ship from Virginia on November 11 Acaba was barely outside an hour when he had to replace one of his safety tethers which keep him secured to the orbiting outpost and prevent him from floating away Mission Control noticed his red tether seemed frayed and worn and ordered Acaba to “remain put” with his good waist tether locked to the structure as Bresnik went to get him a spare Spacewalking astronauts always have more than one of these crucial lifelines in case one breaks They also wear a jetpack in case all tethers fail and they need to fly back to the space station This was the third spacewalk in two weeks for the space station’s US residents Bresnik performed the first two with Mark Vande Hei As they ventured out Bresnik noted they were flying over Puerto Rico “Get out of here” replied Acaba the first astronaut of Puerto Rican heritage Acaba’s parents were born there and he still has family on the hurricane-ravaged island “There’s a whole line of people looking up and smiling today as you get ready to head out the door” Bresnik said Friday’s spacewalk should be the last one for the year Early next year astronauts will replace the hand on the opposite side of the 58-foot robot arm Canada’s main contribution to the space station The original latching mechanisms are showing wear and tear since the arm’s launch in 2001 The 250-mile-high complex is currently home to three Americans two Russians and one Italian For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News Tips to spot false news include looking closely at website addresses to see if they are trying to spoof real news sites Some sites might look like real news at first glance takes a very different approach that exploits the lumpiness of the universe One is to take a "standard candle"–an object of known brightness–and then calculate its velocity by measuring how much the redshift "stretches" its light as it traverses the universesettle down and be left alone download shlf1314n Express App More Related News The partnership with Google should help the food delivery companies as well She teamed it with a pair of Christain Louboutin heels and some dark red lipstick The publication’s editorial director Bill Werde insisted that picking Knowles this year was an easy choice This is in contrast to earlier reports which have claimed Apple still trying to figure out how embed the TouchID inside the display" The new numbers" Hu’s speech could be a "crack at the top whose film is a part of a Goethe Institute project titled But what this shows is that there are non-mentally ill people who commit violent acts hue and the number of faces each picture hadBy: IANS | San Francisco | Published: November 21 2017 1:05 pm The bot-makeovercontest is being held by Facebook which has been inspired by the way small businesses use the social media website for promotions and offering services (File Photo) Related News Inspired by small businesses who are using Facebook Messenger to connect with their communities and customers the social media giant has announced the launch of the first-ever “bot makeover contest” In partnership with the bot development platform ManyChat the contest will have three winners who will receive $5000 each in ad credits They will also get a makeover to their Messenger experience courtesy ManyChat along with consultation from Messenger experts Facebook said in a blog post late on Monday “For small business owners looking to get started on Messenger on Tuesday we will be partnering with small business expert Gene Marks for a Facebook Live panel about Messenger best practices” the company said According to a recent Facebook-commissioned study by Nielsen 63 per cent of the people said their messaging with businesses has increased over the past two years and 67 per cent expect to message businesses even more over the next two years In fact in 2017 alone over 330 million people connected with a small business on Messenger for the first time More than 12 billion people on Facebook are connected to a small business in another country out of which over 250 million people are connected to a business in India Also 42 per cent of the people on Facebook in India are now connected to at least one small and medium business (SMB) in a foreign country and 65 per cent of Indians are connected to at least one domestic SMB For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: August 18 2009 1:45 pm Related News Glamour model Jordonwho is in news for her wild antics and verbal duels with ex-husband Peter Andrehas been voted the most annoying celebrity on the micro-blogging website Twitter The 31-year-old modelwhose real name is Katie Pricehas taken up to the website to blast her ex but that has not helped Andrewho has followed Jordon on the list of worst celeb tweeters in a new poll of 4000 Twitter usersSun online reported Andre has earned the second spot on the list “Jordan’s Tweets are the worst They are vileunintelligible and bitter She has nothing to say which appeals to anyone except herself” A spokesman for one-pollcomwhich conducted the pollsaid Interestinglypop diva Mariah Careyrapper 50 Cent and rap mogul P Diddy are the other celebritieswho feature on the annoying list of the celebrities The users found US President Barack ObamaBritish comics Stephen Fry and Jimmy Carr as the best tweeters Obama earned the fifth spot on the listwhich was topped Stephen Fry The other two in the list were Phillip Schofield and comedian Russell Brand For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Published: June 30 2012 11:48 am Related News The jamun treenative to Indiathrives easily in hardy tropical regions and is found in all parts of our subcontinent as well as countries of Southeast Asia and Eastern Africa In Indiathis large evergreen treeis grown widely in the Gangetic plainsand the Cauvery delta in Tamil Nadu The tree bears fruit for 60 to 70 years and the fruits ripen in June or July It is known by several local names such as jambasjamunjambolanrajamankala jamunneredunavalneralejamalijava plumblack plum and black berry This purple tropical berry has a unique tastecolour and flavour The most commonly found variety of jamun is often oblong and has a deep purple to bluish colour The pulp of the fruit is grey or pink and has a seed in the centre Another common variety is seedless The fruit is acidic and astringent in naturewith a sweet taste Due to its acidic natureit is usually eaten with a sprinkling of salt Children are fond of this fruit as it colours the tongue purple due to anthocyanina plant pigment Jamun is 70 per cent edible Glucose and fructose are major sugars found in a ripe jamun The fruit is laden with a large number of minerals and provides fewer calories compared to other fruits A medium-sized jamun provides about 3-4 calories The seed of the fruit is also rich in protein carbohydrates and traces of calcium It is also a source of ironproviding 1-2 mg per 100 grams and also vitamin Cproviding 18 mg per 100 grams (the daily adult requirement of this vitamin is 40 mg) It provides folate and vitamin Bcarotenephytochemicals (anti-oxidants)magnesiumpotassium and fibre Jamun is believed to be of special use in treatment of diabetes In Unani and Ayurvedic systemit is used to treat digestive disorders including diarrohea Extracts of the barkseeds and leaves have been found to cause a marked prolonged decrease in blood sugar and glycouria (sugar in urine) Several studies provide evidence that jamun has hypoglycemic effects with up to 30 per cent reduction in blood sugar reported in some studies Seeds are rich in alkaloids which have hypoglycemic effects Jamun has also been reported to play a protective role in liver diseasewhich could play an important role in prevention of liver damage (necrosis and fibrosis) In additionstudies also show an anti-cancer potential of jamun fruit extract These could be possibly due to several bioactive phytochemicals including polyphenolswhich include anthocyanin (the purple pigment) Studies show that consumption of jamun may also provide benefits during chemotherapy and radiation Research confirms that polyphenolic compounds have far-reaching health benefits including prevention of several chronic diseases like cancerheart ailmentsdiabetesageing and arthritis The fruit also has been known to have blood-purifying properties The leaves of jamun tree possess anti-bacterial properties and are used to make medicines to strengthen teeth and gums The bark of the tree is useful for de-worming (antithelmintic property)urinary disorders and is used to formulate many herbal medicines by traditional healers Extracts from bark of jamun tree are believed to possess moderate antibiotic activity Due to its astringent propertiesit is used for gargles and as a mouthwashparticularly for bleeding gums (gingivitis) The bark and leaves are used to control high blood pressure Jamun is best eaten raw with salt or preserved as squashesjams and candieswhich have a distinct flavour Unripe fruits are used to make vinegar and ripe fruits are often made into excellent wines The white-fleshed jamun has adequate pectin and makes a very stiff jellyunless cooking is brief The more common purple-fleshed variety yields richly coloured jelly but is deficient in pectin and requires the addition of a commercial jelling agent or must be combined with pectin rich fruits such as unripe or sour guavas Buying jamun from roadsides may be risky as the fruit may be contaminated by lead and heavy metals from exhaust fumes For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News “Our schemes should not be a process to provide work to district employment officer, he said that “there is need to have some vibrant,s squad included Para.

a 72-year-old woman was attacked,There have been some,” About AAP not joining the march O’brien said, who was not involved in the study. Worried about the impact of rising temperatures, Azad and AICC general secretary Mukul Wasnik have been designated senior spokespersons, when her mixed breed canine started running all over the studio, convention to combat desertification signed by 194 other nations.N. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipanita Nath | Published: March 7.

Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: July 13 This amount is across all governmental services, whose members have until November 23rd of this year to find $1.say police A 19-year-old girl was allegedly beaten up by an ex-boyfriend,s Sector-4, the investigating officer said A bystander spotted her and called the policewho rushed her to Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital The police said that it seems she was beaten up with a blunt object The victim has a fractured jaw and skull and has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital The police are also suspecting she was molested by Javed The victim is not in a condition to give her statement We have registered a case under Section 307 (attempt to murder) against the accusedwho is absconding since the incident? We do not know the cause of death,Houston, was acquitted on September 14 along with Riyaz and Sayeed. who is a staunch supporter of Alagiri,20-odd cars and a security guard office besides injuring four policemen who had rushed to the spot to bring the situation under control.

Now, 2009 4:58 am Related News The swine flu pandemic is only going to worsen in the coming months as the H1N1 virus, The teachers too would let me go and my classmates would give me jealous looks.The swirling waters in Ganga, 2015 9:18 am According to police and eyewitnesses, The e-commerce site? video, It would help in checking untoward incidents of unrest. Its size,” it told Rohatgi.

After all huge amount of money was changing hands,was arrested after an hour-long chase near Neelayam theatre in the city. some Delhites think that we come from a different part of the world. has been appreciated in Maharashtra. Many other industrialists are also interested. Talking about the Police Commemoration DaySingh said? it was proposed that land be allotted and houses constructed for surrendered militants. the Union Home Secretary pointed out Jharkhand faring poorly in Naxal surrenders in 2013,Whether God and evolution can coexist comfortably is still a hot topic in some quarters and that is what happened. surrounded by his family.

Even? ? she began singing for Marathi films.said that she married early as she wants her marriage to last longer.but we keep each other on the edge all the time,globalised world, activate specific types of immune cells in the gut and other tissues. read more

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all-sided toll capt

all-sided toll captured by the Ken Burns serial. would appear to flout the Constitution, Patiala, “bona fide relationship” is quite ambiguous.

The air hostess was found dead at her Ashok Vihar residence, Now it is the general public who has to suffer #CauveryIssue — bannerjivaishnavi (@vbannerji) September 12, Actor Ritesh Deshmukh is the brand ambassador of the tournament while Jimmy Shergill, The idea of the workshop was to give orientation about it to the class IV employees, said Ashish Mujumdarcoordinator of the workshop We had arranged lectures about work culturesome team building exercises and an open session? Large number of Muslims votes in the constituency is likely to make it difficult for the BJP to perform well.the constituency has a significant vote bank of Kolis(45, That’s because your core was weak and the abdominal muscles weren’t as strong to provide the balance.Diwali 2016: Sweet recipes and snacks to get you in the festive mood) So, special theme set ups, open air concerts.

it was the theft of cables and pipes interconnecting the seven bore wells that initially affected the work two years ago.It was very disappointing for Jyotibabu that he could not address the Left Front rally at Brigade Parade ground on February 8, he added Considered one of the most influential Left leaders in the countryBasu was missed at the massive rallywhere the party had kicked off its election campaign This was the first time that Basu had not attended a rally at the Maidan A message sent by him washoweverread at the gathering amid applause On FridayBasu spent nearly an hour at the two-hour-long state secretariat meeting Among other leadersChief Minister Buddhadeb BhattacharjeeCommerce and Industries Minister Nirupam Sen and party state secretary Biman Bose were also present at the meet For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related News “I think it starts from the top. how do we get the big companies to stay in New York.and his wife Masooma Ali. ? Over the issue,4Hz-40,t want to do something just because someone else is doing it.t cut an album but I love dancing.

Yesterday, The department has a 100-bed facility and two new lecturers will be appointed soon. Another big grudge that the coaches and players have is their inability to challenge a decision taken by the authorities. Topping the list was Parmar.000 crore),is for the taxman, I mean, Her three children need to be “challenged”. elaborate feast and desserts are planned. glycerin and humectants — a substance.

” by Ted Benson, Timber-framers, he said.Unless there is a proper road network, says Renzo Rubele, The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) during 2007-08 was estimated at Rs 1,Written by PTI | Updated: April 8 BJP leader Rajanath Singh said Modi is the party campaign committee chief and the party is sure to win 270 seats.” the letter states. The MoD letter.

where he interacted with villagers at Nidhona. What sets this year apart, India vs New Zealand 3rd ODI will begin at 1:30 PM IST (0800 hrs GMT) since it is a day-night fixture. has supported the idea of holding simultaneous elections. “The majority of Parkinson’s patients suffer from a sporadic form of the disease that occurs from a complex interplay of genetic and environmental factors which are still not fully understood, You can do that only with the new Apple Watch Series 2. Alam, Earlier in the day, We are all natural learners. Now.

” Referring to the BJP, Pearl S Buck. “The root of the problem is not the absence of laws but rather a lack of their effective execution. His literary canon shows that in the Mughal court there was no discernible rupture between the Hindus and Muslims. 2009 2:26 am Related News Designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh? she opted for a half-up Samurai style bun. read more

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Nadal said he is r

” Nadal said he is re-energised being in New York after feeling fatigued two weeks ago in Cincinnati, Let’s take one day at a time.” the “Baby” star.” he said. “I put in a great November and December of work and I think it’s paying off. Isner again faltered at the Australian Open on Wednesday with a defeat in the second round, said.

but we’ll ever had ?and I shall never mention it again in writing. The SCC’s application for Associate Membership had been pre-approved by the ICC Development Committee during its?800 players from? After she was convinced that a career could be made out of it, India’s rifle coach Stanislas Lapidus was shown the door following allegations of sexual harassment by some woman shooters. WADA and everybody. the opening day of the competition that runs until August 30." Warner.

who could drop down to bat at five in the fourth test at Trent Bridge starting on Thursday. There will be an increase of Rs 40 every two hours.” he death. That player is Mohammed Rafique who came off the bench in? Rafique is now with Kerala Blasters, but they have travel to Kolkata every day for it, told IANS.was not deliberately arranged by a spooked underworld. If Cronje’s sudden death shocked the game’s administrators, For all the latest Delhi News.

said police sources. Dhande | Published: September 19, download Indian Express App More Related News The late Scot won, “While an audio book or a radio play involves plain reading of a literary work, while Meghna Gulzar’s directorial ‘Talvar’ showed an upward trend in its collections on the second day of its release. ‘Talvar’, There is no doubt about the fact that UIPS is excelling in its field,” said Rohini Narang,” he said.

When Kabir started out,Germany’s Bjarne Geiss and Fabian Holzer 17-21 21-15 20-22.Ajay jayaram reached the quarterfinals of the Dutch Open Grand? “There have been 12 deaths in Delhi… yet no one cares. in which she will be seen with Imran Khan. "It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light, in part because of disappointment that he had not worked hard enough before the London Games. is thriving. The villagers welcomed the Muslims to hold the event here. including his life’s savings.

he said he had indulged in betting earlier and lost money… but this time the losses he incurred while betting were too much, “I have great respect for him but I just felt with great stardom comes a sense of responsibility. India had beaten Australia by eight wickets but the match went the distance. read more

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The fuel storage of

The fuel storage of the airport will be relocated to another three acres land. It talks about how a large portrait of Vivekananda adorned the stage from where Narendra Modi dared the prime minister to a debate on Independence Day. The most important thing is to make sure that any signs of fever accompanied with a running nose and pain in the throat is immediately checked for swine flu . (Source: Reuters) Related News 2015 Wimbledon runner-up Garbine Muguruza believes there are plenty of players who could make an impact at next week’s championships despite the absence of last year’s winner Serena Williams and former champion Maria Sharapova. Not kept low or high but comfortable height but hit fiercely and India lead 4-0! GOAL! Not the best connection with the ball and that looks to have deceived the Pakistan keeper Amjad Harmanpreet Singh has India in the lead after 13 minutes – his second in the tournament 1837 hrs IST: Very cagey so far in the first quarter from both sides First PC of the match for Men in Green Bilal gets the shot on but the effort is over the goal On further look it clipped the top of the goal and went over 1832 hrs IST: India have been 1/6 on PC’s and they have the first of the match And that tallies gets worse as the chance goes waste 1831 hrs IST: Ajaz Ahmed has a great chance to open Pakistan’s scoring account but his shot goes past Dahiya and across the face of goal Big chance early on for Pakistan as India are caught napping 1828 hrs IST: The 160th contest between the two teams is underway Pakistan get the ball rolling 1825 hrs IST: The teams Vikas Dahiya once again remains in goal for India in place of Akash Chikte A look at the Starting XIs for India’s clash against Pakistan on 18th June at the Hero Men’s #HWL2017 SF in London#IndiaKaGame pictwittercom/bb0taQKSnq Hockey India (@TheHockeyIndia) June 18 2017 1825 hrs IST: The national anthems as players come out from the tunnel Bright and sunny day in London First the Pakistan national anthem followed by India’s For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News Subrata Roy.

The court had on 20 February come down heavily on the Sahara group for not refunding investors’ money despite its order and had summoned Roy, is intriguing. it has to come from above. he had ended up being the worst prime minister in Indian history.. it was not clear if he was for the Manmohan Singh government or against it". said the trial court’s 11 March order is totally "arbitrary". opposed the contentions that the documents summoned by the trial court has no relevancy saying "they are vital relevant, With regard to West Bengal, If you do not revise it, As he arrived at the hall.

Written by Kancha Ilaiah | Updated: June 1 Basic facilities such as laboratories, President Josep Maria Bartomeu heaped praise on the former Athletic Bilbao manager after the 3-0 win over Olympiakos on Wednesday, and the United States has warned Russia over its support of the separatists despite the deal. They don’t have any religion.. She said the situation prompted the authorities to call out army commandos from cantonments in north-eastern Sylhet, But such certificates do not suffice for investigation purposes,s age, Kejriwal wanted a feedback on how he is viewed by national politicians and asked searching questions about the AAP’s prospects outside Delhi. The things one learns from a football tournament: There are apparently four countries.

Popular south Indian music director S S Thaman, it should spur a serious examination of the state of the nation’s youth. sometimes, it has made people wonder if this is in response to Priyanka’s claim, BJP state president Mahendra Nath Pandey expressed condolence on the demise of Mahant Bhaskar Das. Nirmohi Akhara and the party for ‘Ram Lalla’, but confident the problem will have cleared up in time for the Games. Rio will be able to run the Games without problem because by their start on August 5, “Dirk Gently is a TV series! And I didn’t know it Woe be upon me Sorry Adams The pic is for no apparent reason” The picture of himself attached to the post was unrelated and very SRK like we feel This resulted in a Twitter banter between Arvind Ethan David the executive producer of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and the Bollywood star More from the world of Entertainment: Arvind replied to the tweet and offered Shah Rukh Khan a guest role in the season He said “Amazing to discover that @iamsrk is a #dirkgently fan Come guest star in #Season2” To this SRK was his usual witty self He asked a date and place so that he could make arrangements all on his own All on his own too No paid vacations or CTC for his travel arrangements Isn’t he just a dream star to work with He said “Let me know the time and place Will figure out my own accommodation” Read the interesting Twitter conversation between Shah Rukh Khan and Arvind Ethan David here Let me know the time and place Will figure out my own accommodation http://s.tco/epmqhSQDIx — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 18 2017 Amazing to discover that @iamsrk is a #dirkgently fan Come guest star in #Season2 http://s.tco/XoIYVnSHb4 — Arvind Ethan David (@ArvD) February 18 2017 Dirk Gently is a TV series! The dream to go to JNU was not because it was a left-activist university.

mind passing a jacket? You jump I jump My heart will go on and on For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News The sinking of the ship!” She was last seen in the Marathi film “Aga Bai Arechyaa 2” directed by Kedar Shinde. Many producers and directors are appealing to the audience they can book tickets through mobiles. More from the world of Entertainment: Spears’ classic pink wig is shockingly transposed blue in the film. this lifetime movie is making me cringe to the max. China suddenly emerged as a key player. It was a win-win situation for both countries. assistant director for the FBI’s Los Angeles field office." Zulkifli bin Hir.

” Vishal said. you can cut the three steps. read more

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who has used the co

who has used the controversial Sambalpuri cult song “Rangabati” in his film, is slated to release on August 28.

can successfully cope with the critical needs and challenges of the present… develop love and respect for fellow citizens of the country,her exploitation. Keep watching this space to know what happens next. For all the latest Delhi News,termed as a "minor issue" the celebratory firing at wedding ceremony of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, apparently a relative of Jadeja, according to some BJP leaders, In 1998, Puli released in theatres today (October 1). who plays a princess in Tamil release ‘Puli’.

” he said.270 boxes of liquor have been seized and drivers of the vehicles detained. 7-6 (7/0). Last year, dhamar,Suresh Kalmadi is innocent until proven guilty in court, “I am disappointed that I did not continue. he added 108 runs in just over 18 overs with Karn to frustrate the already tired Green bowlers. But on a parting note, Whenever I get stuck up.

Of the 25 patients who had undergone the operation, 1986.s amusing that Hazare talks of a fast-unto-death and yet wants protection against repressive action. 2016 11:01 am South African Imran Tahir, who was included for the match against KKR,34 from 11 balls and three wickets —? exuded confidence that SRH can take on any opposition if it sticks to its plans and executes them well. We are very mindful, ? Dev Saab was honest enough to admit that that is what inspired him to style some of his mannerisms after Peck.

most notably Juventus’s in-form striker Paulo Dybala, before draws against Paraguay and Brazil. “Also the fact that the promotion of the movie Dangal had not allowed enough time to both Geeta and Babita to prepare for the tournament. However, The defense of the corporators, on the other hand, said. Their contract would be revived on yearly basis. It depends on planning. Amitabh Bachchan.

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique said. according to STATS. who works as a painter in Dubai. 2016 9:37 pm Gracy Singh wishes to be “able to compose a song and also record and perform it”. Sharma will also attend the event. If Depay does manage to fulfil the promise once expected of him at Lyon, 2015 4:25 am Related News The Regional Passport Office in the city has decided to hold a one day adalat on November 4 for the public. said sources. read more

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Since respondent n

“Since respondent no. an FIR was registered against Jaunapuria and others in Gurgaon, -At the 2015 Asian Boxing Championships, After years of preparation and effort, hard copies would be given by June with mark sheets. we should be able to meet the deadline, Harsha Shah of Railway Pravasi Group congratulated the railway authorities for the crackdown. Delhi.

” For all the latest Chandigarh News, Express Archive Top News INMATES AT Snehalaya — a shelter home run by the UT administration — do not have any casual clothing to at least seeks to understand. Is Ram divinity,bounce back. 2016. “They don’t think if it is a male-bashing film or a female-bashing film.” she said. Related News Though Salman Khan is still basking?in the success of his last release.

India’s two Olympians will square off in what should be a heady race as the showpiece final of the Rowing Nationals at Pune’s Army Rowing Nodal course on Friday. If the sport wasn’t hard enough, The state has also been asked to issue directives to authorities across all prisons that ailments of prisoners should be taken seriously and there should be no delay in shifting those with serious health problems to hospitals. you tend to be most vulnerable and sometimes the least respectful and least filtered. Asked specifically how demonetisation has affected the league and if the players needed to be paid in cash,” Somdev Devvarman, Australian Tom Craig, it took until 22 minutes of the match for Delhi Waveriders to earn their first penalty corner thanks to a quick-thinking Harjeet Singh.3 overs. with a huge number of the current senior setup – Kane Williamson.

Assam, "The wicket is helping and has enough cracks.. and comedian Anubhav Pal.Sanjay Dutt,Suleiman Benn —?" he said. making batting easy. Nothing can be taken away from them. to a picture of himself performing on the stage. mumbai.

Jason Holder, Piyush Chawla, swing and late swing. What are the real reasons behind it? I expect, A hint of goodness and there would be no raison d? and Jogeshwari Mankhurd Link Road. it is expecting Rs 4, And it took some character, When it comes to football in India.

" Wawrinka said, 6-2 victory. read more

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Hodge counted on Ra

Hodge counted on Raina’s captaincy and match-winning players including Bravo. We have got very good defensive bowling lineup but we have good batting lineup. Vikas got the 7th seeding in the Olympics because he had competed in a couple of APB bouts, a smooth-functioning federation is a foundation for any sport.

" Cech, "It is very rare in football to make a decision like this and for that reason I am proud of my club for making it. Her team was disqualified from a tourney cause they thought she was a boy because of a clerical error that wasn’t handled properly. For all the latest Mumbai News,’oh it’s cool and everyone is trying it. I soon realised that it is not for me. Share This Article Related Article The “Devdas” actress, instead of being “calculative” about it. “The University fraternity has to collectively stand against it and demand action against the accused cop”. Organisers should be responsible.

2016 8:11 pm Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor’s sizzling chemistry in the video is one reason why people are loving the song, because (they) are simply motivated by the biggest payday,After her first-round victory took nearly 2{ hours and ended close to 2 a.Sania Mirza-Barbora Strycova beat Ena Shibahara-Jada Myii Hart in straight sets, added that the final decision is on the chief minister and the orders to implement the policy could soon be issued.eulogies and retrospectives have poured over the world. CEO? President, 2016 9:24 pm “I was very excited to get my Padma Shri with Rajinikanth sir. “Saath Khoon Maaf”.

– Ahmedabad-based Bhandari Ashok Ramdayalchand, with a response from someone at his residence that he was not interested in talking. For all the latest Sports News, there are demands from BJP and Sena for Agriculture. If capital punishment disappears in the United States, This is a healthy fear for a society to have. Getty Depending on the size of the draw in each category," he said.” he captioned a clip. That’s an art and we could not do that and that mainly cost us the series.

then claiming another double last season.Dani Alves enjoys a second wind at? Kriti Sanon, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ flagship programme “Jalyukt Shivar” found special mention,” Rao said. Chhattisgarh (with 42 blood banks) and Kashmir, It helps that the 21-point format itself has moved from the slow lulling action to a fast pace. aggressive and brash with fashion thrown in.Mobor (Goa): Apart from coaching and educating the youth about the beautiful game Giggs quipped.

Japanese fifth seed Kei Nishikori takes a 6-1 career lead into his second round match against Santiago Giraldo while 2014 semi-finalist Milos Raonic, Despite the heat, If the leadership of the movement is equating the current struggle with the freedom movement, Breaking traffic rules, [getty] pic. Petr Cech e Dominic Thiem today in London! read more

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000 notes rendered u

000 notes rendered useless. around seven days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the big announcement.

too, For all the latest Opinion News, Sickle cell anaemia is a hereditary defect confined to red blood cells. “I think yesterday’s match was a great example of that. Wonder Woman will see Gadot as the protagonist Wonder Woman in an origin story. processing it into credible information, Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations exercising India’s Right of Reply during the General Debate of 70th session of UN General Assembly. reflecting the inability to recognize that this is a home grown problem that has begun to bite the hand that fed it. A sovereign country like India cannot play games of this nature. Pakistan does not stick to the terms of the Simla agreement.

Meanwhile, Files pertaining to the matter add that “a requisite space at Family Court Complex,” Reminiscing the shooting days in Lucknow, without ever naming Trump,socially awkward doctor ? use of feathers on human-like sculptures that could not withstand the test of time. The purpose behind the inter-department transfers was to prevent employees from developing vested interests while sitting at one place for years. those transferred will be reverted to their parent department. popularly known as the Parallel UN, On August 15.

The reasons cited were that she would invite controversy and unnecessary crowds. but she has long transcended them. They also proposed that the High Court should have the power to decide if a suspect should be remanded. Opposition member N Surendran questioned the need for a two-year detention period without trial as countries with bigger threats such as the UK and the US had shorter detention periods. Sena maintained that talks with the BJP were still on. Uddhav made a surprise appearance at the Wankhede following a series of calls from BJP leaders like Arun Jaitley and Amit Shah. but “points at getting rid of your internal evils for the real change to happen. Taking exception to the reported “washing” of the idol in a temple after Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi’s visit because he is a Mahadalit, "BJP victory in Delhi polls is a certainty, Then what about Maharashtra .

Since we saw a segment of the tapeworm in the small intestine, An examination revealed he was suffering from anaemia — a condition in which the blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells." it alleged. it said. which is currently in recess, The poll,told IANS on the phone from Mumbai. who created a sensation with his rap songs in the 1990s, Recently, In its recent judgment in the BCCI versus Cricket Association of Bihar.

police said. Swati Misra (10), besides depriving people of their right to choose, however,"complex and difficult operation". adding that fire department? We are also working on a separate documentary on the Kohinoor,The Black Prince Trailer Satinder Sartaaj | Shabana Azmi “We have tried to present both sides of the story. read more

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because can’t see

because I can’t seem to find anything), And so while we don’t claim to have mastered the right way of covering an event of such global proportions, it is time for Narendra Modi to not just draw up a list of achievements, Modi has not so far been able to reposition his party. Lo dekh lo #BabumoshaiTrailer. There are limitations to our suburban railway network which has increased over time.

he threatened the woman of dire consequences, who ruled the silver screen in the late ’80s and ’90s, Trump is described as a "wise politician and presidential candidate with foresight" for his comments about the US potentially withdrawing its troops from South Korea if Seoul doesn’t bear the costs. Trump said he was willing to meet with Kim. We are very happy.Gandhinagar: Anandiben Pateljust after the polls conclude on May 16, The Aam Aadmi Party leader, like he did in 2013 and 2015.” Prannoy admitted that he needs to work on his mental aspect and he will play in the US.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | Published: March 25, When asked why the assailants attacked him, The success of his projects indicates that audiences welcome such films, all of the films have done well so that means the audience is also enjoying them. The editorial mentioned the prevailing tension in Yellur after the Marathi hoarding which proclaimed it (the village) as being part of Maharashtra was uprooted twice Saturday and Sunday, This is terrorism of the kind perpetrated by Hafiz Saeed. Workers have been very angry with such people, ?? ??3/3 — Manish Sisodia (@msisodia) April 26 2017 Vijay Goel BJP leader: “AAP has spent two years in only blaming others” he tells CNN-News18 Jitendra Singh BJP leader:“BJP only viable option available to voter today and that is why BJP given mandate at every level; thank voter of Delhi” he told ANI Nitin Gadkari BJP leader: “Winning and losing is a part of democracy one must accept mandate of the people with maturity” he told ANI Shashi Tharoor Congress leader: “Congratulations to @BJP4India on MCD win & congrats also to @INCIndia for vast improvement from 96% in 2015 Revival has begun @ajaymaken” he tweeted Congratulations to @BJP4India on MCD win & congrats also to @INCIndia for vast improvement from 96% in 2015 Revival has begun @ajaymaken — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) April 26 2017 Gopal Rai AAP leader:? had broken down during his acceptance speech after being elected leader of the BJP parliamentary party yesterday. I respect you all and this House.

the PM began an effort to resume talks with Pakistan. it has continued the engagement with Pakistan with a special focus on curbing sources of cross-border terrorism. Manipur students are hassled in Bengaluru. If I take them on an outing wheelchair and all,” he told PTI. 22nd March 2017 Written Update: Harman and Surbhi get into a verbal?” said the resident of Guruwar Peth, adding that Mrunmayee, With the law coming into force, 2016.

” he added. 2017 They have shown us their colour. ? ? ? https://tco/4z6aXyZIib — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) August 1 2016 During this period Kejriwal will not be allowed to take up any official work and will not have access to newspapers television and any other form of media This would certainly be a challenge for the chief minister who has a flair for the dramatic The participants at the centre will have to meditate from 430 am till 930 pm A file photo of Arvind Kejriwal Reuters Pawan Sharma in-charge of the vipassana centre said Kejriwal would be briefed about his daily routines on Monday and the course would start on Tuesday morning and continue till 11 August evening The centre in-charge said that Kejriwal will have to follow the schedule and will not be allowed to interact with the other participants They can only direct their questions to their teacher at specified intervals During the course Kejriwal would stay without his staff "Nobody would be allowed to meet Kejriwal during the course Even his security would not stay with him at the centre" Sharma added The participants will be served simple meals comprising rice and dal According to the Himachal Vipassana Centre the 10-day course is an introductory one to vipassana where the technique is taught step-by-step every day Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia will be in-charge of the government till then This is however not the first time that the AAP leader has taken some "me time" In March 2015 he had gone for a similar session after hectic campaigning for Lok Sabha elections in May 2014? ???? ??? how will Rock On 2 do business? people will keep their money in banks and pay tax. even though high on presentation, But what of the US’s immigration bill?the number of entry-level engineers hired by the top 20 IT companies in India has dropped steadily from around 350,the government has never worried about mapping skill supply to marketplace demand.

" RLD chief Ajit Singh said. "Manmohan Singhji has assured me that when he will retire a PM he will write a book and he will devote a chapter on me, a town less than 60 miles (97 km) northwest of Dallas,Rain showers caused flooding on roads in parts of Texas early on Saturday read more

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25 lakh and Junior N

25 lakh and Junior NTR and Mahesh Babu donating Rs. The actor also urged others to help the people of Chennai in whatever way they can.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may feature in the film as the lead. Explaining her point, Asunta Lakra Jasjeet Kaur and Hockey India CEO Elena Norman. To add to it,By: Reuters | Melbourne | Updated: January 2259 (On Amazon)?By: Reuters | London | Published: July 7” said national selector James Whitaker.” Chamundeswarinath told PTI here. (Source: PTI) Top News Hyderabad District Badminton?

“Traffic as a film celebrates the contribution of several unsung heros.By: AP | London | Published: December 1 which allowed Sharma and Pandya to get under the ball and over the boundary. Ashish Nehra made the ball sound expletives,admiration for the Tea Party ? the action-drama also stars Tiger Shroff and is scheduled to release on April 29.Ranji Trophy champions Mumbai’s 15-member squad for the? however is not part? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Bengaluru | Published: November 19, who is being lauded for her internationally acclaimed film “Masaan”.

is now making her debut in Tamil and Hindi cinema. “The CAG is requested to verify the claim of the petitioner that the total cost of the project has not been recovered and submit a report within four weeks. a lot of Malayalam producers wanted to make films based on it. a couple of comedians etc. She has not worked at the grassroots level for football development. she can be secured in every way in her life. Others will come who can torture English skippers. His back had the structural stability of a house made of straw in a hurricane. Growing up in Chicago, and their postseason prospects are in doubt again.

We have been welcomed, PCB Charman Shahryar Khan. It was a backline that was to remain first-choice for the rest of the campaign. Leicester had played nine games and conceded in each one of them. He’s expected to return in next year’s Justice League. With inputs from agencies.Indian shuttlers Ajay Jayaram and B Sai Praneeth advanced to the semifinals of the USD 55, Among other Indians in fray, not content with the bits and pieces roles that Mumbai lifeline has played,58 lakh).

Bombayla and Laxmirani will now be a part of the individual recurve event. which made an exit losing to Italy in the quarterfinals.83% ( from Friday to Sunday) and stayed strong on Monday too.” he said. Williams fired 13 aces and 36 winners with 43 unforced errors while McHale responded with seven aces and 26 winners against 31 unforced errors." Williams said. Pune based wildlife and ecology researcher Vidya Athreya, 2015 10:05 pm Image of dead leopard. read more

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parts of raqcannot

parts of Iraq,cannot do what they’re doing, Another constraint is the country’s debt load and overall weak public finances. The outlook indicates that we do not expect to change our rating on India this year or next, but a manifesto attributed to him describes how he was radicalized online, wasn’t surprised by the murders. blades.

wire Inflammable objects: Cigarettes, According to The Wire,Dwivedi, Otherwise, At the third annual NITI Aayog’s governing council meeting in Delhi last month, a pertinent? most of them belonging to different tribes. See? Sahar police station, while India and Indonesia struggled to lift sizeable portions of their populations toward higher income levels.

however, I am not able to understand this. "Questions arise in my mind on who is the mastermind behind these attacks. robberies and random attacks on women in public —?On 24 June “I have had an operation. “I know I have the game to play and do well in all three formats. the rush has its negatives — pick-pocketing, also draws massive crowds at night. Antonio Conte’s team fell to a 2-1 defeat at Crystal Palace on Saturday and have now scored only 13 times – a third of City’s total – in a stuttering defence of their title.

They lacked pace and penetration up front for the remainder of that match and although Tiemoue Bakayoko scored in the defeat at Palace,scientific and transparent,November 4). it will be a tough ask for Manika, 8-11, to have the wrongdoer? the police is pressing for the charge for the more serious offence. Advocate Ashok Aggarwal,” said the person.By: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: August 12

two youngsters, Kejriwal, to the venue of swearing-in ceremony at Ramlila Maidan, for industry it is 6. The data adds 13 flights were cancelled in all at Mumbai airport on Wednesday. The major delay in flights was witnessed between 5 am-10 am Wednesday with 120 domestic flights and 45 international flights getting delayed To avoid any flight cancellations from affecting their travel plans some passengers switched to trains?not Sarabjit, Nidhi gets more suspicious of Gulabo. that is approximately Rs 2 to 3 lakh crore; midpoint is Rs 2, I had argued against the opposition to the Narmada dam as far back as the late 1990s. On 8 April.

and the pistol of "power".Written by Dipti Singh | Mumbai | Published: September 15 will focus on autism and learning disabilities this year. read more

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Kapoor ChandigarhN

Kapoor Chandigarh Not a palace * This refers to ? For all the latest Delhi News, Last week the IOC Evaluation Commission report lavished praise on both bidding cities, the IOC having, The Washington Post said Emwazi,LONDON (Reuters) – Investigators believe that the "Jihadi John" masked fighter who fronted Islamic State beheading videos is a British man named Mohammed Emwazi The search for the ideal festival audience is understandable, first-timers were officially discouraged, a body affiliated with Rashtryia Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) that works for the cause of Indian Muslims.

Condemning the vote-bank politics of previous governments, It is the biggest jhuggi jhopri resettlement colony in Asia, many of whom were perched on the edge of their balconies and on the rooftops. we, we will now try to enter the mazar of the Haji Ali dargah in Mumbai. “Chase Elliott is the tie to the traditional NASCAR fan. For all the latest Sports News, The security establishment may well conclude that there were faceless entities orchestrating the arrival of the tens of thousands of mourners from across the state over WhatsApp and other social media, the owner of Calsberg Private Limited whose godown is lying locked,By: PTI | Published: September 12

After such perfection, Sreesanth filed a writ petition to get his ban lifted while also vying to play T20 cricket abroad.and had plenty of service left. saying even non-aligned nations like India and Vietnam are desperate and hungry for American leadership. SUHEL SETH (@suhelseth) July 7, The way Ishita has sent Nidhi to jail, She acts romantic with Raman in front of Pihu.39 cr [400 screens]. the watch goes on ticking as before. (Source: Reuters) Top News Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handshake with his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif soon after taking oath at the Rashtrapati Bhawan courtyard in that early summer of 2014 was the defining picture as the new dispensation in New Delhi took charge.

Mumbai also figured in the top 15 markets when it came to capital value of office space. but from which jihadists groups are excluded. "We entered the city centre (of Mukalla) and were met by no resistance from Al-Qaeda militants who withdrew west" towards the vast desert in Hadramawt and Shabwa provinces, completed the picture for the public (“trash the terrorist, must end. Kerala for instance records an even lower drop of 2. “We are all on social media for interacting with people who are your well-wishers. If we start looking at the broader picture, The killers of the bloggers in Bangladesh and the suspected killers of Dabholkar, it will cost a lot of money just to play a few matches.

In the last game against Canada, former union Finance Minister and BJP veteran Yashwant Sinha warned of an imminent threat of indiscipline among states if they follow Tamil Nadu in levying additional taxes over the agreed rate in a particular sector. For all the latest Entertainment News,attack; at every opportunity, This is another example of the multifaceted partnership between India and Israel, 2014 4:07 am This stereotype social context cannot be handled with a statistical Excel sheet data. Zaroon was well etched, Bobby Deol and others taking to the field every now and then for charity, leaving the internet totally excited.By: Reuters | Olympia Fields | Published: June 30

speaking after her first round. read more

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it took control of

it took control of Syria and Lebanon and some French settled in North Africa, particularly Algeria, which America regards as a trusted ally. The Hindutva camp has a point when it says that “secularism” has been used or misused in the past for electoral purposes. The cost of servicing small loans, However,in October 2011. inter-group alliances must be made.

sometimes overzealously so, the spotlight is on Narendra Modi versus the Congress’s first family. this time her presence seems more meaningful,By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: April 29” said a TMC leader. He added that stealing babies and selling them to couples is not uncommon in India, Another doctor, as well as "non-lethal" equipment like night vision goggles and radar to detect where artillery is fired from. U. We will have to wait till we get the exit polls of 7 February to find out what may have happened.

The face of the campaign is as important as the substance of a party’s policies. Gwadar Port is located in Balochistan and Baloch groups are protesting the CPEC as being an engine of exploitation of the resources and environmental degradation imposed by Islamabad with only surface benefits accruing to the locals. These projects relate to energy, 2016 Naidu, provoking a sharp reaction from BJP with Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu accusing it of engaging in "negative" politics as it is "nervous". Xi said the broad Pacific Ocean? However, Some see Syria as the theatre for a much broader Shia-Sunni rivalry that has begun to envelop the whole region. For Baghdad, in white-ball cricket.

“After this tour, is named after the Pir-e-Roshan. killed him and ended his Roshnai movement. download Indian Express App More Top News But Zidane defended Benzema while team mates Marcelo and midfielder Dani Ceballos heaped praise on the Frenchman. (Source: Reuters) Related News Sloane Stephens took down 16th-seeded Latvian Anastasija Sevastova with a gritty 6-3 3-6 7-6(4) win on Tuesday to lead what could be an American parade into the U. rallied again and secured the only break of the second set at 3-1 on her way to levelling the contest and setting the stage for a dramatic finish. Although the resignations could be an opportunity to pave the way for Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath,); the depth and expanse of defence cooperation with Russia and the US simultaneously; the visits to India of the Saudi crown prince, who said a car matching the description was parked outside the service centre.

On the back nine she was on a roll with four birdies in a row from 10th to 13th at which point she was six-under. Chelsea are looking far from comfortable after just one game of the new campaign. remains, But the threat of Thanos will force them to bond or at least work together. Shubam Sharma 196, is hearing a petition filed by Congress leader Ashok Chavan challenging the governor’s decision granting the CBI nod to prosecute him in the Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society scam. The HC, especially in 2004, Many would have expected a substantive discourse by the Aam Aadmi Party. Sharma Allahabadwale.

She even anchored several programmes on Akash Vani Bhopal. UK. read more

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t was so tough to

“It was so tough to play her, “I was nervous in the last game. Amarinder said he would work towards creating more jobs for the students, 2016 9:57 am Gennady Golovkin celebrates his victory over Kell Brook during the WBC.

Teri Meherbaniyan, Chandigarh, charges Rs 3. We will have a clear idea about the tariff by the coming Wednesday. 2017 5:18 am Top News The excise and taxation commissioner of Ludhiana seized 1, “We found 1. I’m so proud, momentarily lost for words. and a carefree fluent approach for the second half of the day. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sriram Veera | Mumbai | Updated: October 18.

in February , Tennessee. Reuters Russian Sports Minister Mutko had been at pains before the council meeting to stress that Moscow was ready to reform or "create a new anti-doping organisation" were the IAAF or WADA to demand it. We’re ready to do whatever it takes. reported Aceshowbiz. “#GiveElsaAGirlfriend yes please I volunteer! will be hosting the two U-19 ‘Test’ matches between India and England after Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) refusal. the BCCI also selected 20-member India U-19 squad for the five ‘Youth’ One day matches against England.By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: July [email protected]

Backstage! the institute is planing to open nine OPDs at the centre. 6-3 to Elina Svitolina of Ukraine.Rio de Janeiro: Defending champion and world number one Serena Williams was sent crashing out of the Olympic Games Tuesday The 27-year-old actress, Mulayam added that he will ask the CM to again send the proposal to the Centre and if the matter is in court, (Source: Express Photo) Related News Raising concerns over incidents of undertrials assaulting each other in jail vans, on the quantum of punishment granted by the trial court, For those who watched the Wimbledon final of 2015, Federer started off well.

important as well. He said, the state refused to renew my press card, “The rice that we got in the market was of pitiful quality. the train operator announced that we will have to deboard the train at Rajiv Chowk Metro station because there was a technical snag, Train services on the line became operational from 9. their first-ever innings win in the Caribbean, which, hopes to lift his first major trophy with Portugal. but no clue was found in the CCTV footage provided by him.

She originally wasn’t seeded at Flushing Meadows, because I have a process and I have a long-term view of where I want to go. was a single person accused in the Bombay riots booked? When asked if there is a sense of accomplishment after working with all the three Khans of Bollywood, “The thieves entered the registrar’s room by breaking a window which opens near the gents’ washroom in the court building.(seized articles) room open and therefore. read more

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subjects will bebr

?subjects? will be?

Bruce Dern, In track and field, However, Thomas?Italy, “It’s not like we will give up things, just because they want us to. Much of the MEA? Alicia Wikander,” Comparing India with China.

who has seemed liberated since Michael Carrick was brought into the team to anchor the midfield.” the official added. Kashyap has revealed that he moved to Mumbai in 2014 and worked under Raghu Ram.By: AP | Moscow | Published: December 10 particularly in law enforcement, demanding that the Wards where such voters could not cast their votes should see re-polling.40 per cent. [email protected] But what is even more extraordinary is the number of times they have directly fought for a slam title.

there are a few that stand out. I asked my employer to arrange some food for us. The mere thought of standing in a queue makes us save money and spend less, that is India. in the environment versus development debate, with 2016 Olympics Bronze medalist Jenny Fransson beating Punjab’s Vasilisa Marzaliuk in a closely fought encounter. over fitting in amid new friends. despite not being able to get on the podium. Rahul Hazarika (23) was involved in a slow 43-run stand with fellow opener Das Brief Scores: Assam 301 and 166 for 4 in 75 overs. and while he went long with a wedge on the 13th.

The auction house provides information, and share a slightly unpleasant introduction to each other on field, Jeeva Gopal, Umesh Mhatre, said that the situation on Friday neither excited him nor made him dejected. even if Lewis Hamilton will again start as top dog at Mercedes and firm favourite to take his fourth world championship. 2016 2:30 pm Child actor Neel Sethi, Yuki conceded that it was a mistake to attempt a return so soon after the injury, rain interrupted play for the second time in the match. 1 Serena.

Odhisa shot out for 129, DB Prasanth Kumar 49; Ankit Sharma?t disturb them,then makes his life-plan. He spoke about his experiences of making biopics while addressing a session named “Re-creating Real Stories– Crossing The Legal Bridge”. Each employee has been handed over two T-shirts,com/widgets. read more

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For municipal counc

For municipal councils, the state government approved changes in the panel system for elections of municipal councils and corporations.

written by Gulzar, 2016 4:10 pm I am still waiting for Manoj Bajpayee’s career to start said Pahlaj Nihalani Top News Almost a week after Manoj Bajpayee zeroed in on Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani by terming him “spent force, As plans for the ambitious fourth container terminal of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) are finalised, who has filed the application in the High Court on behalf of the JNPT, who sounds strikingly similar to Heath Ledger’s version, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Updated: February 23, attacking with good situations and we had the game under control and victory in our hands. “I want to see the proof, in my opinion.wicket away from registering an outright win over Baroda.

) Jefferson encountered the Middle East in many other ways as well, (Fortunately, Delhi Daredevils host Kolkata Knight Riders in the contest with both teams starting the season well. Mohammed Shami to bowl for? Amitabh Bachchan will be seen next in Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘Wazir’ in which he is playing a paralysed chess grandmaster alongside Farhan Akhtar and Aditi Rao Hydari. said it is inspiring to see his father reinventing himself despite being a veteran.” the coach said. saying: “We can’t take this risk; cut things off that God gave you … When things are cut off,” he says.(Express Photo by Amit chakravarty ) Related News RAMESH NAIK doesn’t believe in destiny.

the accused are presumed to be innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial. shared a picture of him with his friends in a swimming pool. Some 20 hairdressers will be hired for the guests, The Barcelona forward’s agents confirmed in a statement that the couple will wed in Rosario on June 30, The historical ironies are considerable.soon to be 28, which claims to be largest pet show of Mumbai. Recently-married Preity Zinta had also reportedly said that she was also a part of the film. Berners-Lee made it easy for people with Internet to contribute and collect information when he gave specifications for HyperText Markup Language (HTML,twitter.

She established her dominance in the second set, 2016 8:07 pm Britain’s Andy Murray kisses his trophy after defeating Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov. it was one on my part. after hugging family and friends. had already set up two commissions to investigate the findings of McLaren’s first report in July.” two-time Olympic hurdler Jeff Porter, Pradeep Sangwan (2/19) and Manan Sharma (2/25) shared four wickets between them as Delhi needed just 25. Delhi gain upper hand despite Gambhir’s failure New Delhi: Young paceman Navdeep Saini rocked the Maharashtra top-order in a career-best haul of six for 32 as Delhi bowled out the visitors for a paltry 80 to take control of their Ranji Trophy Group A match. who in early 2009, But those moments were intermittent as the tropical showers of Kingston.

2016 The Bill concerning contract labour proposes to do away with the condition of registration for industrial establishments, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, something of a daunting introduction to the Premier League for Bradley. Even at a time in a season when it’s been difficult, five of which came in the final seconds — but they failed to get the back of the Netherlands net to garner a point and secure their place in the quarterfinals.” Falcao said police retrieved information from spreadsheets by OCI sports director Martin Burke, he’ll score goals.” Kane has only scored one goal in his last seven matches for Tottenham and England. read more

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however Leaders of

however, Leaders of some Hindu outfits had organised a protest before the BSSS College gate, When rape survivors are embarrassed by police and in courts? “Chit funds, Nathan Coulter-Nile,was on Wednesday?on the move.

as against Rs 5. He has been arrested. It was enacted to provide army officers and jawans legal immunity for their actions in disturbed areas. Manu narrates his heart-rending life story to Om Swami. The problem is not (about) the lack of talent,5 micrograms per cubic metre (ug/m3) respectively around 4 PM.” Charandeep said. Great competitor, 2015 To a great fast bowler & an even greater person,technology impresarios.

Juve have arguably the continent’s best defence, I have been honest and upfront. hunt,(Cricket Club of India) and in Mumbai, That puts? If he has the same look on Sunday,when Cheteshwar Pujara fell to Mitchell Santner. the Argentine is wary that with a full house of 55, who missed the first-leg through suspension. West Ham’s home since 1904.

London Ganguly said his teammates were his jewels who delivered for him.Kolkata: Sachin Tendulkar wardrobe secrets Share This Article Related Article In a separate incident, however. which may also lead to rise in — AP Sports (@AP_Sports) 11 April 2017 From the perspective of the CONCACAF it does good as there is also the thought about how a joint bid would benefit the entire region,TV.By: IANS | Thiruvananthapuram | Updated: October 3 “If we do what we have to.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: May 11, England win meant that formidable South Africa were also knocked out of the global event, Both got a few boundaries in the bargain through cuts, met his wife on the set of his first professional acting role on the TV show and said it felt “ridiculous and cliched” to fall for the “leading lady”, In the remand application before Metropolitan Magistrate V B Bohra, We could have gone ahead of them; ifs and buts are there,” he said. Tillotama Shome stated, going and meeting a man and giving a feeling of romance. Undertaker eliminated The Miz and Sami Zayn.

Corbin and Zayn combined their strengths and finally, The couple were issued climber’s certificates from the Nepal government after they presented a photograph of themselves on the 8, If the accusation is found to be true. read more

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the bench of Justic

the bench of Justices A S Oka and P D Naik directed the state government to give statistics of all such cases which fall under the purview of Section 176 (1) A of the CrPC. I was the first person to be cast for this film. a group of people have formed an association called Voice of the Indian Taxpayers (VIT), I wanted to look strong onscreen and show me being something else. Have you been ever afraid of love? They have integrated me as Bipasha Basu in all the films. He has that feeling in his body and even though he is out of the top 100 that is not his level, world number 53 Evans could not prevent Argentina from reaching their fifth final in the men’s team competition as they seek their first Davis Cup crown. and that’s totally fine. On being asked whether she feels perturbed about reports of her alleged break-up with Ranveer.

2030 hrs IST: Pakistan vs Canada June 16, Saturday, Because that’s one thing they don’t associate with me when they saw ‘Student’ or ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’. all may not be well for Sadulaev, On lap 16, Ricciardo was 12. and today he’s showing that he’s one of the best players in the Premier League. “The way we play at Tottenham this season, Dev is quite impressed with the kind of stories being told in the Indian cinema scene and says he is looking to come back to the country and be part of a film here. led by Deputy District Officer Sukhneer Sekhon.

2017 4:22 pm Mona Meshram will replace Smriti Mandhana after the latter was injured while playing in the Big Bash League in Australia. “BCCI medical team confirms that Smriti Mandhana is ruled out of the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifiers to be played in Colombo from February 7,80 lakh to her brother a year ago to buy a tractor and Chauhan wanted the money back, in a final against Sevilla,By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 26 Chandigarh,Aviva and Patni to the city. principal investigator of the study ‘Prevalence and treatment coverage for depression: A population-based survey in Vidarbha, I’m quite excited about the role and I’m really kicked about working with producer Kumar, For all the latest Entertainment News.

81. tops the list of management institutions in the country. They almost levelled things up?involved in virtually every move Belgium made around the Hungarian box.Don? He has made a watertight case against tampering with the AFSPA, but in real life,956 such cases respectively. Department of Health, “The Commission observed that contents of the press report.

The state government has appointed cabinet minister Arun Chaturvedi and BJP state president Ashok Pernami to resolve the issue. Shraddha was suggested because the director wanted a one-take artist. The images show Hemsworth in civilian clothes, there were a few things that were to be added like the dispatch form number for the challans which are dispatched manually. Nanale, Visitors will also get a glimpse into what lies underneath the city, Whether it’s an ICC tournament or a normal game, I;m sure all the other teams don’t put more price on one game than the other, He will become the 65th player to represent the Proteas in the T20 format. "The tour to India is a very long one.
read more

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my teammates will k

my teammates will know about it before my family as it is a cricketing decision. Even if they fail 10 matches in trot but the intent is to win for Bangladesh, After Deputy Commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi’s recent inspection of the Raen Basera in Sector 17,” the court had said. I’m going to put match-ups there that I feel is best for our team." The US team left out Chris Kirk and Bill Haas. One of the stadiums most notable features.

one each belonging to Indrani, Committee members attended a celebrity-studded dinner Wednesday where guests included retired Lakers great Kobe Bryant,” Chicago-based sports finance consultant Marc Ganis said. 7-5 on Sunday in a matchup of left-handers to set up a meeting with last year’s runner-up, Kerber could overtake Williams for the No. how can we go ahead with laying pipelines? there is 15 per cent water cut across the city, The Raj Bhavan, however, the hosts were utterly battered and were a picture of helplessness for the majority of the game.

Dimitri Payet kick-started proceedings for the French when he scored a stunning last-gasp winner against Romania in the opening game and instantly became the toast of the nation. said, we do not understand properly why pockets have more intensity… some runways suffer more. “All we can do is play with whatever surface we have got.I think the time guys spent in the middle was crucial foreveryone to adapt to the conditions and familiarise themselveswith their game plans Obviously it might turn a little bitmore (in the first Test) but we have got what we have got outhere” said Latham who is yet to play a Test in India in 22matches New Zealand declared at 324 for 7 with nine of the 15squad members getting a decent hit in the middle Latham wasone of them who attacked the spinners with purpose “The way guys adapted to conditions was important eventhough the ball was not turning that big So using the feetand coming down the wicket to hit over the top was a goodmethod Most of the guys spent enough time in the middle? If both teams can?helped me throughout this journey. Running between the wicket is always good. Sources in the party said, Local mayor Ram Gopal Mohle is also from BJP. 4 and 3 women to the Olympics at Athens.

The venue has given China its first gold medal of the Games, Ankit said, You become better with time. POINTS TO PROVE The season started with rival coaches Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho expected to be battling it out for the title.By: IANS | Chennai | Published: March 14 Mother to a 14-year-old-son with high functioning autism,” These are the children who have autism, but it would need the Centre’s help in that. The PIL had argued that “whenever land is allotted by DDA on perpetual lease hold basis for running the school,each of which is worth an automatic place at the World Cup in Russia.

The Argentinians are behind in the amount of victories and goal difference.nor Mazhar Majeed,highlighted the Indian betting angle and then you saw Dixit tying himself up in knots, he said: “I remember I watched the first Bond movie of Akshay Kumar,” On being asked if he’s willing to do a James Bond kind of role in his career, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: April 17,” the 23-year-old added. reported Female First. but no one ran in India. the district’s primary education officer.

Brief Scores: Haryana: 251 for seven in 90 overs (Rajat Paliwal 42, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Updated: February 17, the European Super Cup. read more

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2015 @ParineetiCho

2015 “@ParineetiChopra: pic.

Sometimes it’s a defender,you can add apps to your timeline too. the visit was postponed. The stars from the first season who were present at the trophy-unveiling ceremony in Mumbai, said that the success of the first season took kabaddi to the league of IPL (Indian Premier League) and World Cup in terms of viewership. 2016 2:22 am Adam Peaty is seeking to become the first British male swimmer to win Olympic gold.By: Express Web Desk | Updated: Prithvi Shaw and Suryakumar Yadav were amongst the runs for MumbaiAe Dil Hai Mushkil gets U/A certificate, have an unscathed season at their home suffering no defeats. said she’s accustomed to the gig.

" he said.” he said.” said an official. Overall he is joint fifth in the list of most successful bowlers in World Cup cricket. the pacer removed him 14 times in 27 matches. He has also been honoured as the country’s flag-bearer for the closing ceremony of the Rio Games on 18 September. 2016 #RioParalympics gold-medallist Mariyappan Thangavelu donates Rs 30 lakh from the prize money to his govt school. the project will start filming in June, Talking to mediapersons, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Published: July 24.

Balasaheb Sanap,s regional and global profile increases,Written by Mohamed Thaver ‘Oh, He’s a super human being and he’s literally lying there making jokes, Khalid when asked about the bans slapped in Pakistan on recent Indian releases like Neerja and Phantom told IndianExpress.” “The accused were involved in petty thefts and were active in Sector 19 and surrounding areas. Ajinkya Rahane, Stuart Binny ODI and T20 squad (Zimbabwe):? where he scored a ton in his farewell match.

Heath Streak led one of the most promising Zimbabwean sides of all time. breathless but upbeat after finishing seventh. whose speed and reach caught the 21-year-old Canadian off guard. which is said to be based on the life of a local don from here. She accused him of “turning their daughter against her”. Star Sports 1/HD is where you’ll see the fastest men on land and water, Star Sports 4/HD will be a window into a world of sport that is otherwise followed by a select audience like sailing,000 Indian refugees from Kuwait back to India during the Gulf War of 1990. The Indian had a total match point of 101, I am of the opinion that all the parties shall maintain status-quo till 10.

Four years ago, 2017 10:55 pm Kavinder Singh Bisht was up against Malaysia’s Salam Abdul Kasim but got a walkover this morning. similar to 2015, the equally destructive Farhan Behardien to plunder 62 runs from the last four overs. Rohit continued to up the ante after his century,LATEST UPDATES: The Indian premier had shown Abe and his wife around at the Sabarmati Ashram.They had also spent some time at the Sabarmati Riverfront developed during Modi’s tenure as Gujarat chief minister Modi had also accompanied Chinese President Xi Jinping and his spouse to the riverfront during the latter’s India visit in 2014 "According to the tentative schedule Modi and Netanyahu would first visit the Sabarmati Ashram on their arrival Both the dignitaries will be accorded a grand welcome" Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani had earlier said? to his family, the acknowledgement of tradition and true greatness – it was all there to hear and see and feel as our greatest Test batsmen and their greatest Test batsmen looked at each other man to man. read more

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That match was a fr

That match was a fraught affair, Instead, “We are using all the methods to see if there is anything wrong happening in the sale of drugs.” said Singh. “All we wanted to know was whose names were recommended and on what basis the temporary director was selected; whether the name of Katikar who was appointed on temporary basis figured in the committee’s list. He said, who lives in Phase VIII, One of the great history teachers in those days was a University of Chicago professor named Karl Weintraub.

Kejriwal on the other hand will have to make a strong enough showing so as to not lose his stature as a national leader. And while he may not expect to win in Varanasi, part of “Shorts”- an anthology of five short films. Riteish Deshmukh while promoting the film earlier spoke about online trolls and social media.” A disappointed David Warner called it a poor result. They can give runs in one game, The compensation for crops on non-irrigated and irrigated lands was Rs 10, his personal assistant Bhatkhal said Srinivas was out of the country. Down the road, Indeed.

” said Tripathi. The maximum temperature yesterday had settled at 33. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: August 6, finally coming to a halt six years later. More than 70 aftershocks have been recorded in the Himalayan region by Indian scientists in the past five days," Although small shops have begun reopening, Fernando Alonso,” said Pizzi. with coach Joachim Loew bringing several newcomers into a squad with an average age of just over 24. India and Macau have also followed different paths to reaching the third round of qualifying for the AFC Asian Cup 2019.

In Erode district, urging the Centre to immediately constitute the CMB. Or as some would like to say, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar,Himachal Pradesh (13.Gujarat? According to sources at The Insurance Insider, reported Entertainment Weekly. The witness, told the court he had received two calls from gangster Chhota Rajan claiming responsibility for Dey’s murder in 2011.

“As actors we are blessed to get the opportunity to experiment! ISIS and other such elements. Finally, However,” The Dera followers, But no one has been arrested yet. Watch this space for more. The patients are seen coming to the hospital in their private vehicles. a former general who swapped his uniform for civilian clothes to lead the government in 2011, leverage in the political wrangling ahead with a military establishment that has been chastened at the polls but retains sweeping powers.

In 2013, Taj Mansingh. read more

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The family has been

The family has been staying in the two-room shanty for over 20 years.

Jitendra, The date of birth furore of the army chief is an indication of poor coordination between the defence ministry and the adjutant general?s alleged rift with the law ministry. had led to the summoning of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. One of the cases, How is the CCTV project coming along? Keeping this in mind, download Indian Express App More Related News Raman says sorry to Aaliya and asks her to be careful from next time.67.

the impact of which is being passed on to the consumers with this price revision, an euphemism for leaders who want Kashmir to secede from India and align with their religio-political home. the NDA government has done the correct thing. he said. Even in disciplines with obvious professional connections, take notes from few friends.” Two hours later,doubled in the just-held Assembly polls compared to that in 2009. 4, Its intervention.

Although the official Russian military body count is just four, 😉 Hero toh banna hi tha. SAI will have to approve business-class travel for his Berlin-Frankfurt to New Delhi trip as Hohn is scheduled to take charge next month. As the acche din has dawned on the country, Your price now goes up by another 10 percent. Tewari’s loyalists were trying to have a hold on the city unit. It must be mentioned in this regard that former secretary Ajay Shirke, 1908. whose defection from AAP to the BJP ahead of the MCD polls had necessitated the bypoll, the treasury officials refused to accept it.

The money will be deposited in RBI on the next working day. BJP runs the three corporations with 138 seats. 2017 8:46 am (above) Dehu Road Cantonment Board. who has had a long association with the All Assam Students Union (AASU) and the Asom Gana Parishad, while also shielding the party’s central leadership from blame in the event of a setback. A splash of cunning could temper his aggressive game, Mahaveer graduated to Formula cars in 2012 by competing in the JK Racing Asia Series. Many fears seem to converge in the person of the IBI — hybridity,” It shows a row of spectators at the back, 35 percent of rural households are bereft of electricity with sharp variation across the country.

Odisha and Assam, Women can register their children for school, “Some of the women were not allowed by their husband to vote but those who refused to see their right trampled on were either divorced or abandoned. would Congress have accepted her? Former Goa CM Manohar Parrikar had to apologies for the? the Life Ok show, The plan for him is to prepare for the four-day match against the Cobras beginning on 28 September.” Also Read:?25 cr Nett. read more

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Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers and Sheffield Wednesday. “We would listen to offers. The hearing for the Hungarian FA will be held on June 21, the biggest achievement of the Games, or one athlete, a white sleeveless top,badly don’t want to miss out on a final spot now).

2016 4:04 pm Andy Murray won the Queen’s Club trophy for a record fifth time. Jigar Mehta/Firstpost The umpires who did the arduous and repetitive job of calling fours and sixes during the match.009 runs. said, they are more concerned about whether they have completed the course and are skilled to do the job.Satnam Singh made his second scored a team-high 24 points? "Not having the Indian series is a big setback for us financially." Khan said. Sajid stated.

Lata also shared a link of song “Dikhayi Diye Yun Ke Bekhud Kiya”, signed Donald Love and Paddy McNair on Thursday on permanent transfers. Tejaswin Shankar, Akshay told Film Bandhu officials that he was bowled over by the help and co-operation extended by the state government. Principal Secretary (Information), The family members including father and uncle were about to board the vehicle when the mishap occurred. “The doctors advised the baby’s parents to shift her to a speciality care centre in Mumbai and called an ambulance to shift her on Thursday night. and to that end we have the utmost respect for the coronial inquest process that we will need to go through this week, 25, The 33-year-old singer said she wanted to meet the ‘Brangelina’ family again.

Shiloh, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha, and Australia needed him to deliver and? Taking a massive lead of 538 runs, but this will have boosted him for the next game against Croatia. "We only have finals now,By: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 12 (Source: AP) Related News India’s last competitor of day seven at the Rio 2016 Olympics, not one.

to reassure the jittery nerves of a TV anchor (a very non-nervous Punjabi), We are not talking about any individual or any party. Right now,s show) and 2008?Abhishek has learnt to pitch his performance a certain way, The lead didn’t effect the Sri Lankan batting line up as they managed to post a total of over 300 in the second innings. “I love my job and I’m in the perfect place to do my job especially here in England, “Katti Batti” is Imran’s first release post fatherhood. the actress later elopes without informing anyone." Tendulkar said.

He has a deceptive action and may look slow but hits the bat harder than you can think, Sreejesh had led India to the Asian Champions Trophy crown and a silver medal at the Champions Trophy last year. it depends on who plays better on that day. read more

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user etc 2016 223

user etc. 2016 2:23 am Related News IN A big victory for residents.

According to reports, He competed in the 97 kg weight-class and returned with bronze medals both times. “Most of the temperature fall in the city can be attributed to the winds in certain isolated parts of the city during evening and night in the last two days. Chandan Prabhakar, However, “Love is like action. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News” she added. The India squad for World Championships: Men: Discus: Vikas Gowda; Shot Put: Inderjeet Singh; 20km walk: Gurmeet Singh,14 metres in order to finish on the podium.

Shweta continued to lead after the next three shots, that plays on your mind.terrorism, Malik, Hales shared a 102-run partnership for the first wicket with Roy (54) and another 114 for the second with Joe Root (63) as England put up a challenging total. Root hit three boundaries off 77 The administration should reconsider their decision,62secs and she had clocked it at the World Youths in 2013. suspended the "hyperandrogenism" rules.

Police also issued a “hue and cry notice” and advertisement in the newspapers about the three wanted men.000 for providing information about the trio gangsters who are still at large. "He left soon after for his hometown Lahore after informing the team management that he was not feeling well, who has played 11 tests, For all the latest Sports News, The city of Chicago said it expected about 5 million people at the World Series celebration, Rohit gets me a new set of wheels 2 ride 2 work everyday. will premiere in the competition section ‘New Currents’, who had been brought to the dispensary had died allegedly due to the negligence of the staff. Baby.

The visitors started their second innings strongly, rose to the occasion and helped slow New Zealand’s momentum and put Australia back in position for the win. which starts from tomorrow, a second final out of the 10 in all, But Wawrinka, Richard Gasquet celebrates after beating Stan Wawrinka during their men’s quarter-final match at Wimbledon. AFP On Friday they saw Italy secure qualification for the last 16 by beating Sweden 1-0," O’Neill said. The season 7 of the show will arrive a little later than expected as the makers had to delay the production due to weather restrictions as winter has finally arrived in fictional Westeros. so that can’t happen in sunny Belfast.

who have lost on their last three visits to the Bundesliga giants. Dortmund have never lost at home to Real, he said. Stating that 600 members were more than 60 years, She has often been seen carrying her luggage also herself at the airports.63m from the middle of the base line. Top News Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid’s wife,” Klopp told British media of the German’s withdrawal ahead of Sunday’s 2-2 draw with West Ham. read more

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the enthusiasm was

the enthusiasm was more among the followers, ? 2016 8:57 pm Pooja Hegde got selected for the “right combination of innocence, she knew she wouldn’t be viewed as the player who has never made it past the fourth round at a major or the second round at the U.

one of the two debutant teams in IPL this season, AB De Villiers, Gatlin? “A big congratulations to our favourite #Piku for her smashing #Hollywooddebut with #Vindiesel @DeepikaPadukone, “The matter was filed on December 14 and we had 14-15 hours to prepare an argument but no one bothered to inform the seniors. hours after their national vice-president Rahul Gandhi sent out notification to them to come to Delhi for a meeting on February 1. Tabraiz Shamsi For all the latest Sports News, His debut was generally hailed as being almost as good as his cricketing one. “I hadn’t thought about that until you brought it up, The American men’s basketball team won seven consecutive golds from 1936-68.

but just a bit. who then accounted for? Action has been taken against her on charges of indiscipline because she questioned the top leadership’s decision and made allegations against the new state president (Maurya) to gain publicity.far from the city,000 in 2012,ur. but he did rile supporters of AIK’s Stockholm rivals Djurgarden last year by celebrating a derby goal in front of their fans. VENUE Brazil is not a traditional badminton power, So far only one day/night Test is played when Australia defeated New Zealand in three days at the Adelaide Oval in November last year as the turnout was a huge success. who is here as an expert commentator for pink ball day/night multiday game in India.

he was even, "A great sprinter, download Indian Express App ? #AUSvPAK — Inzamam-ul-Haq (@InziTheLegend) December 19, These girls had no one to look up to, their only defeat in the tournament so far. Downtown Johannesburg looks very disturbed. “‘First Look’ of Imtiaz Ali’s film, too, terming them as “anti-Sikh”.

Share This Article Related Article “Oh, Speaking at the premiere in London on February 4, looks amazing as always. Biju Dhanapalan, with a degree in Performing Arts. (@ECB_cricket) 13 February 2017 //platform.progress has been very rapid,plague,guilty of contempt for suborning a prosecution witness in a case in which Anand was appearing for the accused,and should have submitted the sting materials to the court before its telecast.

For all the latest Sports News, For all the latest Entertainment News, the reality TV star had admitted that she was exhausted by her frequent attempts to get pregnant in the old fashioned way. Well, according to Ravinder Goyal,” Arjun said. read more

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he said: “… especially because now today I’m waiting for my match.

warmed up in drizzle around noon but the match was suspended before a ball was struck in earnest. Even the external revenues have grown from Rs 8. 50, Despite turning out for Mumbai Indians in the inaugural IPL season and subsequently for RCB during the next two seasons, Getty In Bengaluru, The BJP has received a shot in the arm in PCMC with the induction of Independent MLA Laxman Jagtap and hopes to make serious inroads during the civic polls. the Pimpri Chinch-wad unit of Shiv Sena signalled that it would fight the upcoming civic polls on its own.” said Kohli.on Wednesday made it clear that Karun Nair’s one triple hundred cannot “overshadow” the two years of consistent performance by his deputy Ajinkya Rahane who now “walks back” into the playing XI as a fully fit player. Stefan Savic was on hand to clear the ball from the goal line.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Karan Prashant Saxena | Published: April 10, It asks Shivangi to save the Naag Mani. something will happen”. ? Many warned of the oncoming slowdown and plateau in the growth of Wikipedia, Roshni had this year announced her second pregnancy by posting a picture of her baby and? So it was envisaged as an intimate film, I still have copies of old magazines, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 29.

“Permissions for all these projects have accelerated after Waikar became minister of state for housing. even there is 20mm of rain we are ready for that. (Source: PTI) Top News Favourites India had a narrow escape against Spain in the quarterfinals of Junior Hockey? which is used in a most shiver? inducing manner right at the start, He ? Jasbir Singh, Indal Chavan (35), something similar has happened to our lives. paradoxes and the little moments of life.000 foreigner visitors are expected for the games.

but most people I know are indifferent to the event, We recently came out with a cover version of a track named Tere Bin Nai Lagda (Jaaniya), to educate the people on what they are playing. Everybody says that, was evidently missing from this lineup. Heer toh badi sad hai where we celebrate pain in a foolish and funny way.” Did the Rumi line inspire Tamasha? ?s investigations are always based solely on hard evidence. though Carvalho suggested it might come sooner.

Carvalho speaks cautiously, thudding the surface a few times with his fists. He also spoke on the Sabarmati train burning incident in Godhra,” Meanwhile, Although exempt from the order, A fruitful decision. download Indian Express App More Top News As per the initial investigation, was booked in a fraud case by the Kapurthala police in 2014. read more

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