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Seeing green: New York set to legalize recreational marijuana

first_img Full Name* Tags Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Liz Krueger (Getty)After years of failed attempts, New York lawmakers have hashed out a deal to legalize recreational marijuana.Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers reached an agreement on the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act, which would allow people who are 21 and older to purchase marijuana and grow the plant in their homes, Gothamist reported. It will create an Office of Cannabis Management to implement state regulations, and the bill also has provisions to divert funds to education and drug treatment.The bill is expected to be approved sometime this week, per the report.Legalizing pot will bring in some serious green for the state: The move is expected to raise $350 million in taxes annually while creating 30,000 to 60,000 jobs, according to the governor’s office. A state sales tax on marijuana would be 9 percent. Local sales tax would be 4 percent, of which a quarter goes to counties and the rest goes to cities, towns and villages.While a regulatory framework hasn’t been finalized, legal weed could also help retail landlords fill their empty storefronts. There will be some kind of licensing program allowing for retail facilities that sell marijuana and CBD products.While many retailers saw their sales plummet during the pandemic, marijuana product sales remained steady in those states where it was already legalized.Sen. Liz Krueger, one of the bill’s sponsors, told Gothamist in a statement that her goal has been to “end the racially disparate enforcement of marijuana prohibition that has taken such a toll on communities of color” across the state, and to use the economic windfall of legalization to help heal those communities.“When this bill becomes law, New York will be poised to implement a nation-leading model for what marijuana legalization can look like,” she said. [Gothamist] — Akiko MatsudaRead moreRetail sales are bleak, unless you’re selling potJackpot: Cannabis REIT has $120M in capital to lend to operatorsSeeing green: Land rush is on in latest states to legalize cannabis Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink Email Address* Contact Akiko Matsuda Message* Share via Shortlink Andrew CuomocannabismarijuanaRetail Real Estatelast_img read more

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British lost WWII submarine found off Sardinia

first_img View post tag: HMS P 311 Share this article An Italian diver claims to have found the sunken wreck of the British World War Two submarine HMS P 311 lying off the coast of Sardinia at a depth of ninety meters.The wreck was sighted by Massimo Domenico Bondone and his team of divers not far from the island of Tavolara, Italian news site La Nuova Sardegna reported.The Royal Navy is now in the process of examining the claims to determine whether or not the wreck is, in fact, the lost submarine, BBC reported a navy spokesman saying.Bondone told the Italian news site that the wreck of the 84-meter-long vessel was almost intact. Only the bow is damaged by the mine she struck. The seventy one men crewing the submarine are still trapped inside the submarine, lying in their steel coffin for 73 years.HMS P 311 was a T-class submarine whose construction was completed in March, 1942. The submarine was commissioned in August 1942 under the command of Lieutenant R.D. Cayley.She became part of the 10th Submarine Flotilla at Malta in November 1942. Contact with P 311 was lost during a mission that started December 28 and she was declared overdue on January 8, 1943, after she failed to return to her base.It is believed that the submarine struck a mine and sunk off Sardinia, on or around January 2, 1943. British lost WWII submarine found off Sardinia View post tag: World War II Authorities View post tag: Royal Navy Back to overview,Home naval-today British lost WWII submarine found off Sardinia May 27, 2016last_img read more

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first_imgThe full range of Hoshizaki’s compact counter fridges and freezers are now available with drawers. Depending on storage requirements, doors and drawers can be supplied.The fridges and freezers are constructed entirely from solid stainless steel with 304-grade stainless steel interiors, promising long-term durability and efficiency, says the company.Temperatures are adjustable between +12°C and -6°C on the fridges and -7°C and -25°C on the freezers, allowing different types of storage.last_img read more

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Commoditisation danger for gluten-free breads

first_imgA leading gluten-free bakery supplier has warned that the category could become commoditised if supermarkets continue to push their own-label products.Nutrition Point which owns DS (dietary specials) bread and Trufree snacks and biscuits believes gluten-free faces a similar predicament to mainstream bread 10 years ago, before value and more diverse brands returned to the category. MD Chris Hook said there was already a nearly 70:30 split between own-label and brands, which was set to increase. Hook has refused to supply own-label products, while a few of the firm’s own products have even been delisted.”I’m beginning to feel a little bit vulnerable and am increasingly being expected to justify our existence,” he said. “We’re doing a lot of innovation, but the retailers say they want these products under own label why would I hand over the recipe and intellectual property rights?”Paddy Cronin, commercial director of United Central Bakeries, which produces both own-label and branded gluten-free bakery products, including the Genius range, said there was a place for both, as long as brands offered a point of difference. But he added that a degree of commoditisation could bring prices down. “Part of the problem is that production is in batch quantities, so you cannot get the same efficiencies as standard products.”Jeremy Woods, MD of Mrs Crimbles, had no plans to supply own-label. He said: “My job is to promote my brand and product range any category needs strong brands, as consumers want choice, and there’s still a role for them if you have good products.”last_img read more

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moe. Treats Raleigh To A 30-Minute “Recreational Chemistry” & More Highlights [Review/Gallery]

first_imgThough they started the night announcing that the coming hurricane would be cancelling the last two shows of their tour, moe. seemed hell bent on making the most of the time they did have. Armed with a set list of classics and newer tunes alike, they took the Lincoln Theatre stage in Raleigh, NC last night to uproarious cheers from a packed house of fans ready to defy the storm gods and get lost in the epic jams sure to come.They didn’t have to wait long, as guitarist Al Schnier got things started with the familiar strains of “Moth,” signaling a fun show to come. Not even halfway through the much loved tune, the band took a sideways turn and morphed into “Mar-DeMa,” with the instrumental tune giving each member a chance to purge the pent up energy and frustration from being forced to cancel shows. Schnier had a impressive evening, taking numerous fiery solos and generally sounding like he was at the top of his game.Continuing the uninterrupted flow the band seamlessly went into “Y.O.Y” before stretching out with a “Sensory Deprivation Bank” that gave another perfect platform for some long jams and intense back and forth between guitarists Chuck Garvey and Schnier. Garvey, as always, was fleet of finger and ambitious in intent with his jams, mirroring the aggressive nature of the set list itself. Closing out their lengthy opening stanza by completing the “Moth,” the band took a moment to catch their breath and soak in the appreciative cheers and applause raining down on them from the crowd.The mellow intro of “Brittle End” and its languid pace in general was offset by the fierce fretwork by Garvey during his solo, as if he was single-handedly trying to change the intent of the tune itself. Strangely, his efforts created a dichotomy that enhanced rather than distracted, and the piece was made stronger by his work. Garvey and Schnier had their usual rock solid platform built by drummer Vinnie Amico and percussionist Jim Loughlin under them to operate on. That dependability enables all of the exploration that moe. so clearly loves.For their first set closer, the band chose “Plane Crash,” a song they have played roughly three gazillion times in the past. Such familiarity famously is ripe to breed contempt, but thanks to the space their beat keepers give them the string players are free to work on keeping the tunes interesting for themselves and the audience. With things like the opening sandwich and the twists and turns “Plane Crash” took on its spiral towards set break were far reaching and provocative, thanks as always to the free wheeling, bass slapping style and raucous vocals of Rob Derhak.For a band nearing the end their third decade of existence, one could understand passions waning, but their appetite for exploration and improvisation is still strong. Still hungry after their first musical sandwich, moe. started the set with what most see as their definitive song, “Rebubula,” before wandering into the true highlight of the evening, a thirty plus minute “Recreational Chemistry.” The night’s take on the song was full of musical misdirection, with traditional roles being swapped and the tour-long positive energy permeating everything the band tried.Some of their more recent creations, “White Lightning Turpentine” and “Paper Dragon,” showed that even more recent compositions are open to change, and even the tiniest of alteration seemed to give moe. a charge that was directly felt in the vibe of the room. The Garvey penned “Four” and its droning chorus settled the crowd into an appreciative trance, setting them up perfectly for the welcome surprise of the closing of the set’s musical loop, firing right back into the waiting “Rebubula.”After the always stirring closing chorus the band excused themselves to catch their breath moe. ventured back out, calming the calamitous demands of the still hungry fans with a special two song encore. While the “New York City” was spirited enough on its own, the happy blast of energy that accompanied the churning and surging “Okayalright” had everyone singing along at the top of their lungs and dancing with the fervor of a fan base desperate to savor every last possible musical drop of joy out of the evening.In speaking with fans who have seen this entire fall run, the sense was that the band is not just firing on all cylinders, but seeming to be having a great time in the process. That assumption was certainly backed up by the evidence on display during the three hour performance, and with the abbreviated tour closer coming the next night the band, had no reason to leave anything in the locker room.It’s uplifting to see the power of music sustaining its purveyors and helping elevate them to new heights and moe. is showing no signs of slowing their endless trips around the country and the world. Here’s hoping the road never ends for the five guys from New York named moe.! See you tonight in Asheville.Setlist: moe. at Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC – 10/5/16I: Moth > Mar-DeMa > Y.O.Y. > Sensory Deprivation Bank > Moth, Brittle End, Plane CrashII: Rebubula > Recreational Chemistry, Do Or Die, Paper Dragon, White Lightning Turpentine >(nh) Four > RebubulaEnc: New York City, Okayalrightlast_img read more

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Judge Milton honored for his work with children

first_img Judge Milton honored for his work with children Associate EditorWhen a lawyer or judge does something special for children, Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead likes to send a thank-you note.And so it was, when long-time juvenile judge, the now retired W.A. “Bill” Milton of Grand Island, received the R. David Thomas Child Advocate of the Year Award.“Hopefully, by your example, other leaders and communities throughout Florida will recognize the importance of caring for all of our children,” Justice Anstead wrote to Judge Milton.“Surely, if there is a silver bullet for our social ills, it rests in the care of our children.”Caring for children comes naturally to Judge Milton, the father of three daughters and grandfather of four, the past president of the Florida Council of Juvenile Court Judges, the founder and charter member of the Lake County Boys Ranch and the Leesburg Boys Club, now the Boys and Girls Club.Judge Milton began his two dozen years on the bench in 1961, when he became county and juvenile judge of Lake County and ended up handling 8,633 children’s cases.As longtime friend Bill Mills said: “He was a progressive and innovative judge. He was unlike any other in Florida. Things that are being adopted today are the same things he was doing in the 1960s.”Besides handling a heavy caseload as a juvenile division judge, Milton also supervised the operation of the Juvenile Detention Center for Lake County. He helped turn it from a bare-bones operation into an innovative program that was only one of two centers in Florida that had a teacher assigned by the school board so that detained children could continue their schooling.Of 17 juvenile centers in the state in the mid ’60s, Lake County was one of only two counties that had a contractual working relationship with the school board to define truancy and develop written guidelines for detaining and helping turn around chronically truant children.Judge Milton also saw to it that a full-time mental health professional was assigned to the juvenile court staff. And he also instituted the first defensive driving school for juvenile offenders in Lake County.“During my years on the bench, I learned early on that the only chance we had to reduce our crime rate was to practice early intervention with ‘at risk’ children,” Judge Milton said. “I also believed that the only way our courts could be effective was to recruit the good people of the community as volunteers. Lake County was recognized many times for its volunteer programs for youth during my years on the bench.”As a 42-year member and past president of the Kiwanis Club, Judge Milton volunteered his time to the World’s Greatest Baby Shower, Clothes for School Kids, Backpacks for School Kids, and Books for Children.The Children’s Home Society of Florida not only nominated Judge Milton for the award created by Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, but a second honor by the Lake County Citizen’s Commission for Children.When Judge Milton sums up his many years working to help children, he said: “I felt it was the most important work that a judge could be involved in.”That attitude is what prompted Chief Justice Anstead to express in his letter: “Thank you for caring for our children.” December 15, 2002 Jan Pudlow Associate Editor Regular News Judge Milton honored for his work with childrenlast_img read more

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Govt repatriates 15 detained Indonesian crewmen from Iran: Embassy

first_imgThe Indonesian Embassy in Tehran has released 15 Indonesian crewmen who had been detained at a penitentiary in Bandar Lengeh – a port city in the south of Iran – and has repatriated them to Indonesia. Indonesian Ambassador to Iran Octavino Alimudin said the well-established bilateral relationship between Iran and Indonesia had been a key factor in the process of releasing the citizens.“We have given legal assistance and provided a shelter that could expedite their release and their medical examination before they went home,” Octavino said.He called on future Indonesian workers who aimed to work as crewmen around the Persian Gulf to ensure the credibility of their employers so that such cases would not happen again in the future.In addition, they need to report their whereabouts to the embassy upon their arrival to Iran and not commit violations that could jeopardize their safety, Octavino added.  As of Monday, according to the Foreign Ministry, more than 14,200 Indonesian crew members had arrived in the country through four points of entry: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta and Benoa Port in Bali.Topics : According to a release from the embassy, the crewmen had been jailed for the past four months for an illegal oil shipment and had been neglected by their employer, the shipowner who is residing in Singapore, until their release.“After they were released, the embassy also asked the shipowner to pay their salaries. The owner has agreed to pay [their salaries] gradually,” the release read.The crewmen tested negative for COVID-19 and arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday.Read also: Sailors’ deaths highlight lack of legal protections for migrant workerslast_img read more

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French investors’ appetite for Indonesia’s energy sector remains high amid pandemic

first_imgBilateral cooperation between Indonesia and France remains strong amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The two countries will finalize several bilateral cooperations in the energy sector, Indonesian Ambassador to France Arrmanatha Nasir says.Arrmanatha said in a statement on Wednesday that the embassy with the French Business Confederation (MEDEF) had held an investor gathering for the energy sector in Indonesia on Tuesday. Sixty French companies participated in the virtual forum, at which Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif was the guest speaker.”Potential French energy investors showed their interest in Indonesia’s energy sector potential. In the question and answer session, prospective French investors questioned the minister about many things, especially Indonesia’s future plans in renewable energy,” he said.They also discussed the B40 national biofuel production program, divestment plans in the energy sector, emission reduction commitments, the Mining Law amendment and its impact, and the ease of doing business in the energy sector.Arrmanatha asserted that Indonesia had a strong commitment to move toward a clean and sustainable energy system as reflected in the country’s General National Energy Plan (RUEN). Read also: Geologic time: Indonesia’s geothermal dreams deferred for 5 yearsIndonesia is also one of the countries with the largest gas and geothermal reserves in the world, as well as other energy sources such as wind, ocean waves, solar heat and biomass.”Another important thing is our political stability and the government’s commitment to create a conducive investment climate and increase the ease of doing business.”In his Tuesday presentation, Minister Arifin conveyed the opportunities and challenges of energy development, especially renewable energy in Indonesia.The minister said the COVID-19 pandemic had caused a decline in global demand for oil and gas, which in turn made it harder for the country to achieve its target of a new and renewable energy mix.On the other hand, the pandemic had presented an opportunity for the country to start implementing low-carbon development and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, he added.Topics :last_img read more

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Pauline Hanson’s political advisor James Ashby is seeking a new tenant

first_imgOne Nation leader Pauline Hanson (right) and her political advisor James Ashby (left) set up camp in Birdsville (AAP Image/Darren England)CONTROVERSIAL political advisor James Ashby has listed his Yeppoon investment property for rent.One of four units within the complex owned by Mr Ashby, who is One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s right hand man, has recently been listed. The block of units has been on the market for over a year, with Ashby seeking offers over $465,000. MORE REAL ESTATE NEWS: Buy your slice of Australia’s celebrity playground The unit complex in YeppoonBut median unit values have been seesawing in Yeppoon over the past five years, with values down 18.5 per cent in five years. However, values have increased 17.8 per cent in 12 months, according to CoreLogic.Yeppoon is about 40km northeast of Rockhampton, and is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and Keppel Bay Islands. An increase in mining activity and several major company and infrastructure announcements have given a boost the region as a whole, according to the latest REIQ Market Monitor.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus12 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market12 hours agoHarcourts Yeppoon agent Daniel Spyve, who is marketing Ashby’s unit complex for sale, said the focus was now on renting the individual units.He said vacancy rates were tight, boosting rentals yields for owners.“The mood is really positive in the resources sector and they have been in a good place, regardless of Adani,” he said.“Our rental market has gone up, and with every lease coming up for renewal rent has been increased.“Vacancy rates are really tight so renters are willing to pay the extra.“We recently had eight groups through one property, and they were all competitive … one bloke asked if he could pay extra (to secure the property).” Property turnaround: Home values on the way up again Pauline Hanson with the One Nation plane that is flown by James Ashby — Supplied One NationAshby was also involved in further controversy after a meeting with a fake gun lobbyist working undercover for Al Jazeera, a meeting where he and Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson were caught on camera allegedly soliciting donations. Queensland Senator and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson (centre), flanked by party officials James Ashby (left) and Steve Dickson, speaks during a press conference in Brisbane in March. Mr Ashby and Mr Dickson were caught in an Al Jazeera investigation which used hidden cameras and a journalist posing as a gun campaigner to expose the far-right party’s extraordinary efforts to obtain funding in Washington DC in September. (AAP Image/Dan Peled)center_img The kitchen inside the unit for rentAshby’s block of units in Yeppoon is the only property still in his name, according to property data.He sold a block of land near Tully in 2009, and offloaded another Yeppoon unit back in 2002, well before entering public life.Ashby, a former radio presenter, started his political career as an advisor to Federal Member for Fisher, Peter Slipper, and has been a human headline ever since entering the political arena seven years ago.The Ashby-Slipper relationship soured in 2012 when Ashby made allegations that he was sexually harassed by the former Speaker, a scandal dubbed “Ashbygate”.He ultimately dropped the lawsuit but the whole saga created a quagmire for the government.At the time, Ashby reportedly retreated back to his safe haven in Yeppoon, but the trained pilot made a comeback as a media advisor to Ms Hanson in 2015.Since then, the media spotlight has continued to shine on Ashby, who was fined for failing to promptly answer questions about the ownership of the aircraft used by One Nation, and had his parliamentary pass revoked and then reinstated following allegations of a physical altercation with former UAP senator Brian Burston. Senator Pauline Hanson holds a press conference with chief of staff James Ashby, Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Brisbane. Photographer: Liam KidstonThe unit listed for rent is on the market for $230 a week, up from $220 last year.Property data shows the median sales price for a unit in Yeppoon is $297,500, making the sale of Ashby’s block of four a relative bargain. Australia’s first homebuyer hotspot revealedlast_img read more

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Dog Park May Be Permanent Next Spring

first_imgThe community dog park at Liberty Park has been a success so far, according to parks commissioner.Officials hope a community dog park in Batesville will be here to stay by next year.The city installed a trial-based dog park on the east side of the tennis courts at Liberty Park in August, after the proposed area was relocated from South and Depot Streets.“The dog park was used heavily, and the city received very positive feedback on the park.” said Parks Commissioner Mike Baumer.The city hopes to have a permanent dog park installed by next spring if funding is available.“If a permanent dog park is added, it will be made bigger,” reported Baumer.He indicated that he would like to have the drainage issue resolved before the dog park would open.Baumer added, “The trial based dog park at Liberty Park will be closed for the winter, on or after November 18.”last_img read more

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Keane backed for 150 caps

first_imgAlan Kelly has tipped Robbie Keane to go on to win 150 caps for Ireland. Kelly added: “You have to have that desire and enthusiasm. Everybody said about him travelling over all the way for the England game and getting away from the Galaxy just because he wants to play in the games. That’s infectious, to me anyway, and hopefully it is to the rest of the lads.” Kelly is well placed to assess Keane’s contribution since he made his senior international debut as a teenager in March 1998. He was still a member of the squad at the time and admitted the Dubliner’s precocious talent was obvious from the off as they went head-to-head on the training pitch. Kelly said: “I think I was in the squad when he first came in, and subsequently I have seen him rise all the way through from where he started to the iconic status he has now. “His awareness, his perception, the ability he has to find space – the ability to create time and space on a football pitch is what marks the great players out, and Robbie is undoubtedly up there. I remember having many duels – which I lost on regular occasions – in these games you see out there. “You’d think you had closed every angle down and you’d think you’d stopped the goal, and ‘boom’, back of the net and he’s wheeling away and smiling at you and saying ‘Better luck next time’.” Manager Giovanni Trapattoni will hope to be able to rely on Keane’s eye for a goal once again as the Faroes arrive in Dublin for a game Ireland simply must win if they are to stand any chance of emerging from Group C. Press Associationcenter_img The 32-year-old striker will set a new national record when he leads his country out for Friday night’s World Cup qualifier against the Faroe Islands, his 126th senior appearance. Keane extended his goalscoring tally to 56 in Sunday’s 4-0 friendly victory over Georgia, and goalkeeping coach Kelly has no doubts that there is more to come. Asked if the Ireland captain could go on to reach 150 caps, he said: “Why not? Look at him, he’s running around like a spring chicken. I wish I had his knees.” last_img read more

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Clarke defends players’ party

first_img Clarke sees it all as innocent fun and hopes it will have a positive effect on morale ahead of two crucial games. The Baggies, now just two points above the relegation zone, travel to Cardiff on Saturday before hosting Hull the following week. Clarke said: “It was good for the players to get away. It was a difficult week. They went away, got themselves together and had a good time. “They have to relax and enjoy themselves. If anyone says they weren’t hurting after three defeats in a week – they were. “They have been hurting, the same as everyone has been hurting. Everyone hurts when you lose. To try to make an issue of going out and trying to have a night out is wrong.” The party had been pre-planned but some fans have been critical that it was allowed to proceed after the Norwich result. Clarke, however, insists it is not sending out the wrong signals. He said: “I don’t understand that it would look bad. They had two days off and they wanted to go and spend some time together – no problem.” Clarke was asked specifically about the striking images of Long busking which reached the media but he batted off any suggestion they might portray the club or player in a bad light. The Scot, speaking at a pre-match press conference, said: “I have heard Shane sing and he is a very good singer, very talented. Maybe Boaz didn’t help him! “Shane’s good on the guitar. As well as being a very talented footballer he is a very talented musician as well. “It was good, I don’t have a big issue. You get a lot of bad headlines surrounding football, but I don’t think that was a bad headline at all.” West Brom have won just one of their last nine league games but Clarke has been pleased with the attitude shown since the players returned to training this week. He said: “It’s only on the back of one bad week – unfortunately there were three games in that week, so we lost the three games. “It was a difficult week for us, it was painful, we didn’t enjoy it, nobody likes getting beat. “Training this week has been good, the response from the players has been excellent.” Striker Victor Anichebe could be doubtful for Saturday’s game after missing the club’s latest training session through illness. Clarke allowed his squad to travel to Dublin for a night out after Saturday’s loss to Norwich, which was their third Barclays Premier League defeat in the space of a week. The trip made the news as striker Shane Long, playing a guitar, and goalkeeper Boaz Myhill were pictured busking in the streets of the Irish capital. West Brom boss Steve Clarke has defended his players’ right to enjoy a Christmas party, despite the team’s poor form. Press Associationlast_img read more

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Pardew has Eagles soaring

first_imgFor the second weekend running Dwight Gayle and Jason Puncheon rescued Crystal Palace to secure a significant victory at Burnley. Press Association The former Newcastle manager has got two of his attacking players scoring and, if he manages the same trick with on-loan Arsenal striker Yaya Sanogo, who made his debut, he can expect to see his side climb even further away from the relegation zone than the four points they now are. It will be a different story for Burnley, just a point above the bottom three, if they continue to pass up such opportunities as this. They have not won back-to-back home league games since April when they were in the Championship and defeat ended a three-match unbeaten spell in the league. Tennis season seemed a long way off in snowy Lancashire, but two disputed line calls were involved in Burnley, extending their own Premier League record by naming an unchanged side for the eighth consecutive match, taking a 2-0 lead. Kieran Trippier’s corner may have been taken from outside the quadrant, but that would not have contributed to Joe Ledley’s inability to mark Mee, who lost his man to head home at the far post from barely a yard out. The second was more hotly contested as Joel Ward tried to shepherd Mee’s clearance into touch only for Scott Arfield to muscle the full-back out of the way, keep the ball in play – despite Palace protestations – and slide a pass inside for Ings to charge through the middle and slot past Julian Speroni. Pardew’s decision to swap over his wingers paid off when Wilfried Zaha’s pace helped him beat two markers and, although James McArthur’s effort was blocked by the seemingly omnipresent Mee, the rebound was drilled home by Gayle. It was Palace’s first away goal in 453 minutes, since Mile Jedinak’s effort at Swansea on November 29. The pair both scored in the come-from-behind win over Tottenham seven days ago and repeated the feat at Turf Moor as the Eagles recovered from being 2-0 down after 16 minutes to seal a 3-2 success. Burnley appeared to be coasting after Ben Mee and Danny Ings struck in quick succession, but they were pegged back before Gayle’s second three minutes from time extended Alan Pardew’s unbeaten run since he took over at Selhurst Park. Zaha was enjoying more success the right, but Sanogo, despite holding up the ball well, was given few opportunities, with his best coming from the last action of the first half with a header hooked over by Arfield. Burnley’s inactivity for Palace’s equaliser three minutes after the interval was inexcusable, however. Puncheon picked up the ball just inside the opposition half, but was allowed to turn and run 25 yards unchallenged and he took full advantage to beat Tom Heaton with a low shot just inside the goalkeeper’s right-hand post. The momentum was all with the visitors now and, although Michael Keane’s volley was cleared off the line by McArthur, substitute Glenn Murray hit a post before Heaton was beaten by Gayle’s angled shot late on. last_img read more

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Alli on target in friendly win

Dele Alli marked his first Tottenham run-out with a goal as Brentford were overcome 2-1 in a behind-closed-doors friendly on Wednesday. The midfielder converted the second spot-kick of the match in stoppage-time, with Shaq Coulthirst having scored the first before Jermaine Udumaga pulled one back at the death. Toby Alderweireld also played his first match for Spurs since joining from Atletico Madrid, starting the match alongside fellow new boys Kevin Wimmer and Kieran Trippier. Press Association Signed from MK Dons in February, the 19-year-old was spent the remainder of last season on loan at his home-town club, helping them secure automatic promotion from League One. It meant Alli’s first appearance for Spurs only arrived on Wednesday, when his penalty helped overcome the Championship Bees 2-1 at Hotspur Way. read more

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Rush numbers steady despite financial concerns

first_imgDespite fears that the economic downturn would affect this semester’s Greek recruitment numbers, representatives from the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council said membership growth for the fall semester remained steady.“This summer we were looking at the numbers at other universities and [when] we saw drops anywhere we were terrified, but our numbers were fairly strong,” said Blessing Waung, Panhellenic president.IFC said it had 1,020 men participate in fall rush and offered a total of 468 bids, representing a slight jump from the 438 of the previous year.This fall also marked the first time IFC was able to keep track of all men who rushed a fraternity by using a newly created online database system.“This is the first time we’ve had substantive data. In the past it wasn’t tracked with this kind of precision,” IFC President Nick Hamada said.Additionally, instead of closing the rush process Sunday after bid night, as in previous years, IFC ruled that interested fraternities could use this week as a secondary bid period, during which they can extend bids to men who may not have received one during the original bid process. Hamada said he hoped this would give chapters the chance to retain potential pledges.Panhellenic rushed 842 women, demonstrating a registration rate consistent with the numbers from last year, but only accepted a class of 539 bids, a 7 percent decrease compared with 579 from last fall.Waung said she attributed the decrease in recruitment to the various financial troubles students are experiencing.“We at Panhellenic have to adapt to the economy in the same ways as other organizations,” Waung said.Although sorority recruitment numbers were down, Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment Hilary Veit said this decrease was marginal compared to other universities, where chapters are losing hundreds of potential new members.As part of their efforts to deal with the economic downturn, Waung said Panhellenic focused on being more upfront about sorority dues and stressing long-term financial benefits, such as living in their chapter’s house.Christina Pushaw, a sophomore majoring in history who dropped out of rush, said finances were a consideration in her decision, as she would have to pay her own dues.“I really would have to feel totally sure about joining a house before I spent my own money on it,” she said. “Whereas if my parents were paying for it, it might be a different story.”Kelly Williams, a sophomore majoring in print journalism who also dropped out of rush, said she thought most prospective pledges would have known about the finances beforehand.“I don’t feel like any girl is going to join a sorority and not know that there are dues. Everyone is well aware going in to it that there is a financial commitment as well as a time commitment,” she said.Still, some girls think joining a sorority is worth it, despite the cost.Hailey Andrews, a transfer student and sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism, said when she discussed college with her parents she first decided to save money to pay for sorority recruitment and dues.“My parents always told me they’d help pay for college, but I had to pay for dues if I wanted to join a sorority,” Andrews said. “I think knowing I did it on my own makes it even more fulfilling.”Panhellenic is planning to work with individual chapters to provide scholarships if students interested in joining a sorority are seriously concerned about paying for the dues.“We’re trying to save money in our budget wherever possible to have some sort of surplus to allocate for scholarships,” Veit said.Waung noted one of her goals for the semester is to establish a yearly Panhellenic scholarship in memory of Adrianna Bachan, the freshman from the Pi Beta Phi sorority who was killed in a hit-and-run last spring.last_img read more

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Former guard Louie McCroskey discusses perception of Jim Boeheim, drug policy, 2 key figures in NCAA report

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Former Syracuse guard Louie McCroskey, who played for the Orange from 2003-06 before transferring, offered his reaction to the penalties levied on his former school.McCroskey also discussed the team’s drug policy — which he was unaware of, the public’s perception of head coach Jim Boeheim and how he thinks athletes are framed in NCAA cases.He also explained his relationship with two people who are repeatedly mentioned in the NCAA’s 94-page report — Stan Kissel, often referred to in the report as the director of basketball operations, and Jeff Cornish, who The Post-Standard has identified as “the representative” named in the report.Perception of Jim BoeheimMcCroskey left SU after the 2005-06 season because he said he thought Boeheim and the coaching staff only saw him as a utility on the court, and not as a person off it. He said he thought he’d get support for wanting to better his basketball career somewhere else, but instead received “backlash” from the coaches.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textMcCroskey went on to say that while he has tried to detach himself from Boeheim on a personal level, the head coach deserves the respect he gets for building the Syracuse program to what it has become.Still, he admitted his former head coach isn’t perceived well in the public eye.“You’ve got to look at it from two different perspectives, like is he well-liked and stuff like that,” McCroskey said. “I don’t think he necessarily cares.“He says what he wants and he does things his own way. People don’t necessarily like him. He either likes you or he don’t. If he doesn’t like you, he gives you a hard time.”Relationship with Stan Kissel and Jeff CornishA frequent mention in the NCAA report, Kissel is near the heart of the violations. Still, McCroskey defended the man he said was always “cool” with him.“If you ever needed the help and you ever needed a tutor, he was the first guy to always be like, ‘All right, I’m going to try and hook you up with this tutor,’” McCroskey said. “Stan was always a great guy. “Cornish, the former sports director at the Oneida YMCA criticized for illegally paying athletes, also had a good rapport with McCroskey, he said.“When people are saying this stuff, it kind of makes me laugh because I’m like, ‘Well I never received any money,” McCroskey said. “If you didn’t have a father, he was a guy who was always around, there to talk to people if you need him, stuff like that.“I’ve never really looked at him as a booster or that type of guy.”The drug policyAccording to the NCAA’s report, Syracuse violated its own drug policy on more than one occasion.McCroskey said he wasn’t aware of a specific drug policy, just that he wasn’t supposed to do drugs and that he’d receive random drug tests.“(The coaches) never told us about drugs because I guess they assumed most guys didn’t use drugs,” he said.McCroskey mentioned how he received a random drug test “a few times” in between the end of the regular season and beginning of the Big East tournament. But it was never Boeheim or any of the coaches who educated the players on drug tests.“I just heard it from trainers and stuff when they would be like, ‘You guys are going to get a random drug test, so you shouldn’t be doing drugs at all,” McCroskey said. “That was more of the conversation.”Framing of athletesWhen an athlete’s name goes in the media for an academic violation, McCroskey said he frowns upon the circus that ensues.“I don’t like how grown adults, mostly with family and children, like to single out kids,” McCroskey said. “You’re going to have Fab Melo’s name in the paper, right? And Syracuse fans will go crazy and say, ‘Oh, that’s a dummy’ and this and that.“People don’t understand that has to follow them for the rest of their lives, you know what I mean, so it better be true.”He said too many people think of student-athletes as “dumb squares,” but in fact they’re very aware of what’s going on. Sometimes, he added, athletes are just afraid to speak up and defend themselves.Reaction to the sanctionsMcCroskey didn’t expect the NCAA to come down as hard as it did, and expressed his sympathy for the current SU players who won’t get to play in the postseason.“It’s really unfortunate for the players because at the end of the day, Rakeem Christmas, (Trevor) Cooney, all these guys,” he said. “They work hard for years and now they’re the ones getting penalized for something that didn’t even have anything to do with them.”He said he feels for the fans and all those involved since there are a lot of people, both fans and players, in it for the right reason.Said McCroskey: “I’m sure if (the NCAA’s) done all this research and they found stuff, then obviously it is what it is.” Comments Published on March 8, 2015 at 6:59 pm Contact Matt: [email protected] | @matt_schneidmanlast_img read more

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Déjà blue: Wisconsin’s historic season ends in heartbreaking loss to Duke in national championship game

first_imgINDIANAPOLIS – The best season in Wisconsin men’s basketball history will end on the most disappointing of notes.Wisconsin, playing in the national championship game for just the second time in school history, was looking for its second national championship in program history Monday night against Duke at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.But fate was not on the Badgers’ side Monday, as the Blue Devils ran away from the Badgers in the closing minutes of the game to win the title over Wisconsin, 68-63.“It’s a tough one. We had this game,” Wisconsin junior forward Sam Dekker said. “Congrats to Duke. I’m proud of our guys. I’m blessed to be on this team.“This one hurts. It hurts.”Wisconsin (36-4) had already set the program record for wins and was up by nine with 13 minutes and 25 seconds separating it from a magical finish to a historic season.But Duke (35-4), who knocked off Wisconsin at the Kohl Center earlier this season, had other plans and stormed back to tie the game at 54 a little over five minutes later.From there, Duke found its rhythm from the floor and after freshman guard Tyus Jones drained a 3-pointer with 4:08 to put the Blue Devils on top 59-58, Duke never trailed the rest of the way.Freshman and ACC Player of the Year Jahlil Okafor scored four straight points for Duke after Jones’ three and the Blue Devils held a five-point advantage with 2:10 remaining in the game.Jason Chan/The Badger HeraldJones, who finished with a game-high 21 points and was named the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player, followed a Wisconsin missed shot with another 3-pointer that put the Blue Devils up 66-58 and sent a dagger to the hopes of Wisconsin winning its second national championship and first in 74 years.A quick 5-0 run from Wisconsin – a Frank Kaminsky three and Nigel Hayes dunk – kept the Badgers’ hopes alive down three, 66-63, with 49 seconds left, but Jones hit two free throws that sealed the game for Duke and gave the Blue Devils their fifth national championship under head coach Mike Krzyzewski.“What a fantastic job these guys did all year,” Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan said. “They just came together to do all the things that they accomplished.“It’s just unfortunate that this one had to be played out that way.”Jason Chan/The Badger HeraldAfter Wisconsin had gone up by nine earlier in the half, it went only 6-for-20 the rest of the game and 4-for-13 once Duke came back to tie the game at 54 with 7:04 remaining.Duke gained an advantage at the free-throw line in the second half, getting into the bonus with 11:43 remaining in the game. Duke began to attack the paint which forced Wisconsin into foul trouble and sent the Blue Devils to the free-throw line.Duke made 12 of its 16 free throw shots in the second half on some foul calls that had the Wisconsin players and Ryan visibly upset.“We still felt like we were doing what we were supposed to be doing, what coach preaches to us, sliding our feet, chest up, hands up and staying on the ground, but the calls weren’t going our way,” Hayes said. “We don’t want to blame any of that. We just didn’t play a good enough 40 minutes to win.”Dekker, who had been playing his basketball of the season during the tournament, struggled in the second half of Monday’s game, going only 2-of-6 from the floor, scoring four points. He finished the game with 12 points and eight rebounds.Jason Chan/The Badger Herald“He was just was off with his outside shot,” Ryan said of Dekker. “We all would have like to have seen one or two of those go down, but they didn’t. And that happens in games. He hasn’t had very many of those, but it happens.”Duke freshman guard Grayson Allen played a large role in bringing the Blue Devils back into the game in the second half. During Duke’s 15-6 run after Wisconsin took a nine-point lead, Allen scored eight straight points for the Blue Devils, including a 3-pointer and an and-one. He finished with 16 points on 5-of-8 shooting.Along with freshman forward Justice Winslow, the freshmen group of Allen, Okafor and Jones combined to score 60 of Duke’s 68 points Monday night.Jason Chan/The Badger HeraldKaminsky led the Badgers with 21 points and 12 rebounds while both Hayes (13) and sophomore guard Bronson Koenig (10) finished in double figures for Wisconsin.Kaminsky and Dekker were named to the all-Final Four team for their efforts against both Duke and Kentucky.But the accolades for Dekker and the win over Kentucky on Saturday, won’t alleviate the pain from Monday’s heartbreaking loss anytime soon.“This one’s worse, man, because I knew what we had,” Dekker said, comparing Monday’s loss to last season’s Final Four loss to Kentucky. “I knew what we had coming back, that our group was going to make it to this point and this is what we wanted. We wanted to be in this game and win this game. Just came up short. That was a great ride we had.”Jason Chan/The Badger HeraldFor seniors Josh Gasser, Traevon Jackson, Duje Dukan and Kaminsky, Monday’s game will be the last in their careers at Wisconsin. While ending on a disappointing note, this team – and the senior class – will always be able to recall the first consecutive trips to the Final Four in program history, the most wins in program history and playing in the national championship game for the first time in 74 years.“We had a heck of a season,” Gasser said. “The stuff we accomplished. Sometimes, life’s not fair. This is not the outcome we envisioned. We knew we were going to win; just didn’t happen. Duke is a great team, but just didn’t do it.”last_img read more

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Carnival time, Mon!!

first_imgTrinidad carnival Vanessa JamesBefore Christians begin 40 days of self-denial and sacrifice during the Lenten season beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 1, several Caribbean Islands will celebrate one of the Caribbean’s more spirited entertainment event – Carnival. Nowhere in the Caribbean is Carnival more exhilarating, more colorful, more fun, than in Trinidad and Tobago.It is believed the first celebration of modern Carnival in the Caribbean originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the late 18th century when French immigrants brought the Masquerade tradition with them to the islands. According to legend, slaves who were emancipated in 1838, used carnival rituals to commemorate their sufferings on the plantations and at the same time lampooned the lifestyle of their former masters through costumed characters. From TNT Carnival spread to other Caribbean islands like Haiti.Carnival is always a time of fun in Trinidad and TobagoFor decades. the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, begins with plans and events from early January, peaking on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.Visitors from all over the world descend on Trinidad and Tobago every year to celebrate Carnival, primarily for the last two days, which are described as a celebration of life, color and the artistry of the people of Trinidad. It is usual for those who visit Carnival, even for multiple times, to praise the festivities especially the colorful costumes worn by various bands, and the pulsating rhythm of calypso, steel drums, and soca, as an experience they cannot forget.Visitors to Carnival are advised to be well rested before going down to Trinidad for the fun as they say “never stop, and you can ‘grine and wine’ till you drop.” This is no idle advice, as during the build up to the climax, men and women of all ages, races, and colors wine through the streets, drinking rum under the sun and under the stars.Before the highlight of Carnival next Monday and Tuesday, those who arrive in Trinidad over the weekend and bring the children with them, can take in the Kiddies Carnival which starts at 11:00 am on Saturday at the Queens Park Savannah in Port-au-Spain, the central location for Carnival events. Later that evening, visitors will be in for a unique thrill at the Panorama National Finals also at the Savannah, where large and medium steel orchestras will be thrilling the crowd with phenomenal steel pan music as they vie for the title.On Sunday, there is a wide variety of events across the land, but for those who are unconcerned of the realities of not getting sufficient rest before the grand two-day celebrations, they can take in the Dimanche Gras, which is the King and Queen Competition finals, also at Queens Park Oval.Thousands line the streets in Port-au-Spain and other major cities like San Fernando and Point Fortin from all walks of life to experience Carnival Monday and Tuesday; the grand finale where months of preparation and artistry are displayed for the world to see.The big event which officially kicks off Carnival on Monday morning is J’Ouvert (or “day break“) which starts at 3am at Queen’s Park Savannah, ending after sunrise. This is a mass party like no other, referred to as “dutty mas” where revelers parade with painted bodies covered in mud, oil coca or many other forms of body paint, as they jam to calypso and soca music.While people jam till the wee hours of the morning, street vendors serve the ever popular “doubles”, bake and shark and corn soup and steel pan and rhythm percussion sections continuously play the latest soca tunes of the season.Those going to carnival to participate in Tuesday’s grand parade, Masquerade or “Mas” as it is commonly called, can join one of the all-inclusive bands like Tribe, Bliss, Fantasy, Yuma or Ronnie and Caro. With hundreds of bands to choose from, carnival revelers have their pick based on the vibe, costumes, or social setting they prefer.Young and old alike have made Trini carnival a staple travel destination for good reason. Whether you go for the popular (fetes) or all-inclusive parties, the delicious cuisine, the Mas or just the overall Carnival experience, be sure to give yourself at least a week to take in the unlimited vibes and soak in the sweet TNT culture. There’s truly nothing like it on earth.last_img read more

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Awal Mohammed recovers from injury to face Super Sport

first_imgBlack Stars defender Awal Mohammed returns from injury to face Super Sport on Wednesday Evening.The 25-year-old sustained a light injury whilst on duty for his club Maritzburg United in the Nedbank Cup win over Platinum Stars last week Saturday in the South African League.The experience defender had to be pulled off in the 45th minutes and replaced by Mario Booysen after suffering  the injury midway through the game.The ex Asante Kotoko center half has however been given the all clear to play against Super sports by his team after a doctor review session on Monday.News of Mohammed’s recovery serves as a massive boost for Ghana’s coach Kwesi Appiah who is looking to have all of his players fit and ready to play when the 2014 World Cup kick start in June.Maritzburg United lie 13th on the PSL table with 24 points out of 23 games playedlast_img read more

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Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury: Fight time, PPV price, how to watch, live stream

first_imgPerhaps the biggest heavyweight title fight in the United States since Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson in 2002 will take place on Dec. 1 when WBC champion Deontay Wilder battles lineal champ Tyson Fury at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.Negotiations started in earnest after talks between Wilder and unified titleholder Anthony Joshua stalled out. When Fury dispatched Francesco Pianeta by unanimous decision in August, Wilder entered the ring, and the fight was made official. – The Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury clash plays a bigger role in the heavyweight division than most think. MORE: Join DAZN and watch more than 80 fight nights a yearWilder (40-0, 39 KOs) last fought in March, when he mounted a comeback and knocked out Luis Ortiz to score the biggest win of his career. The Alabama native has been looking for a career-defining outing, and he believes a win over Fury is just what he needs.Fury (27-0, 19 KOs) defeated Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 to win the IBF, WBA (super) and WBO belts. He vacated the belts in 2016 after it was revealed that he had failed a drug test. The Englishman returned in June after a two-year layoff to sort out personal issues and beat Sefer Seferi, who refused to come out for the fifth round. Can Wilder rise to the occasion and deliver in what will be his biggest test? Or will the “The Gypsy King” take down “The Bronze Bomber”?(All times Eastern.)Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury date, start timeDeontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will meet on Saturday, Dec. 1. The fight card will begin at 9 p.m.How to watch Wilder vs. Fury liveYou can watch Wilder vs. Fury on Showtime PPV.Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury recordsDeontay Wilder: 40-0 with 39 knockoutsTyson Fury: 27-0 with 19 knockoutsWilder vs. Fury fight cardDeontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury for Wilder’s WBC heavyweight titleJarrett Hurd vs. Jason Welborn for Hurd’s IBF/WBA Junior Middleweight titleLuis Ortiz vs. Travis Kauffman; HeavyweightsJoe Joyce vs. Joe Hanks; HeavyweightsAlfredo Angulo vs. TBA; Super MiddleweightsJulian Williams vs. Javier Francisco Castro; Junior MiddleweightsMark Barriga vs. Carlos Licona for vacant IBF Strawweight titleChris Arreola vs. Maurenzo Smith; HeavyweightsRobert Guerrero vs. Adam Mate; WelterweightsMarsellos Wilder vs. David Damore; CruiserweightsIsaac Lowe vs. Luis Rafael Baez; FeatherweightsJesse Rodriguez vs. Alex Aragon; Junior FlyweightsAnthony Yarde vs. TBA; Light HeavyweightsWilder vs. Fury latest news – Why hasn’t Deontay Wilder become the biggest boxing attraction in the United States? Sporting News’ combat sports editor Andreas Hale gives the biggest reason.- Tyson Fury has a chance to regain the heavyweight title. Here are six of the greatest heavyweights to win back the gold.- Fury has risen to the top of the mountain and been to the depths of despair. We chronicle the uneven journey to this point.- Who wins: Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury? Our team Sporting News Boxing team give their picks.- SN talks with the top names in the sport on who they feel walks out of LA the WBC heavyweight champion.- Saturday night is the moment Wilder has been waiting for.- Even though they are battling for heavyweight supremacy, Wilder and Fury are more alike than people think.- SN takes a delve into why Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury is a must-see fight.last_img read more

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Wellington Fire/EMS Department runs: May 9 – May 15, 2016

first_img9-May10:46 AMMedical Emergency700 block North C Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? Cancel Login Dashboard | Edit profile | Logout Logged in as Admin Options Disable comments for this page Save Settings You are about to flag this comment as being inappropriate. Please explain why you are flagging this comment in the text box below and submit your report. The blog admin will be notified. Thank you for your input. There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one! Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Comments by IntenseDebate Enter text right here! Reply as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Cancel Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments 13-May9:25 AMMedical Emergency1200 block South B 9-May12:40 PMTransfer to Wichita 11-May6:03 PMLift Assist1990 block E. Lincoln 12-May11:09 AMInjury Accident1000 block E. US 160 15-May10:31 PMMedical EmergencyOxford 10-May11:40 AMMedical Trauma400 block South C 13-May1:46 PMMedical Trauma400 block South C 13-May1:25 PMVehicle Fire800 block North A 15-May11:52 AMMedical Emergency200 block W. 4th Sumner Newscow report — The weekly log report for the Wellington Fire/EMS Department for May 9 to May 15, 2016 is as follows: 9-May545 PMCarbon Dioxide Leak300 block North Tyler 14-May12:00 PMTransfer to Wichita 12-May2:05 PMTransfer to Wichita 13-May10:38 AMMedical EmergencyWoods Park 13-May7:42 PMMedical EmergencyOxfordcenter_img 14-May9:30 PMInjury AccidentUS 160 & Woodlawn 11-May4:22 PMMedical Emergency200 block E. Harvey 11-May10:20 AMTransfer to Wichita 10-May10:46 PMMedical Emergency1000 block South F Wellington Fire & EMS Weekly Run Log 15-May9:48 PMMedical Trauma800 block North B 12-May2:05 PMMedical Emergency500 block N. Plum 13-May9:04 PMMedical Emergency200 block N. Washington 10-May10:09 AMMedical Emergency600 block W. Harvey 12-May11:26 AMInjury Accident12th & Blaine 15-May1:41 PMMedical Emergency1800 block North A Follow us on Twitter. 15-May1:00 PMTransfer to Wichita 9-May4:47 PMOven Fire1100 block North C 10-May11:10 PMMedical Emergency400 block W. Harveylast_img read more

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Ask the Mayor — August 21, 2019 — Mason City mayor Bill Schickel

first_imgMason City’s mayor Bill Schickel was our guest on “Ask the Mayor” on KGLO. Listen back to the program via the audio player below.last_img

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Absentee ballot request forms in many Iowans’ mailboxes soon

first_imgDES MOINES — Secretary of State Paul Pate has mailed every registered voter in the state a form to request an absentee ballot for the June Primary and Pate says they should arrive in mailboxes next week.“It’s a document that says: ‘Vote Safe, Iowa.’ It’ll the Secretary of State logo on it and it’s a simple tri-fold. You open it up, filled out the little one-page section and the postage is prepaid and in a few days you’ll get your ballot,” Pate says. “It’s that easy and that safe.”Pate used his emergency powers during the pandemic to take this step to encourage “early” voting for the June 2nd Primary. The deadline for submitting absentee ballot requests to county auditors is May 22nd.“But I would encourage when you get this mailer to process it and get it in,” Pate says. “That way you’re got it under control.”The early voting period for June’s Primary Election starts today. Pate and county auditors are urging Iowans to avoid voting in person on Primary Day due to concerns about spreading the coronavirus among voters and poll workers.“That’s what we want our folks to do right now during these times of challenge,” Pate says.Iowans may start casting early votes in-person at their county auditor’s office on Monday, May 4th. You must be a registered Democrat or a registered Republican voter to cast a ballot in that party’s June Primary, but independent or “no party” voters may switch their registration to either party to participate.This is what the mailing looks like.Didn’t get the mailing? Here’s an absentee ballot request formList of candidates in 2020 Iowa Primary Elections.last_img read more

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PM squatting in the National Assembly

first_imgDear Editor,Once again, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo’s presence in the National Assembly, while performing the functions of Office of President, has become a contentious one. When it first occurred during the Budget Debates in late 2015, in an article titled “Prime Minister squatting in the National Assembly” I publicly condemned it as a violation of the Constitution and posited that his presence thereof was unlawful.In light of the Leader of the Opposition’s pronouncements last Friday in the National Assembly, the matter has become a live issue once again.Perhaps, a convenient place to begin is Article 96 of the Constitution. In the current circumstances, it is beyond disputation that the Prime Minister was appointed to perform the functions of the office of President under Article 96 (1) of the Constitution.Article 96 of the Constitution provides:“Whenever the President is absent from Guyana or considers it desirable to do so by reason of illness or any other cause he or she may, by direction in writing authorise any member of Cabinet, being an elected member of the National Assembly, to perform such functions of office of the President as he or she may specify and the person so authorised shall perform those functions until his or hers authority is revoked by the President or until the functions are resumed by the President.”Again, it cannot be disputed that the Prime Minister is an elected member of the National Assembly and a member of Cabinet. Therefore, he qualifies to have been appointed by the President, to perform the functions of Office of President.The next relevant constitutional provision which falls to be considered is Article 178 (4) of the Constitution. The relevant portion reads:“During any period when a Minister is performing the functions of the office of the President under article 96 or 179 or has assumed the office under the provisio to article 95(1), his or her seat in the National Assembly shall be regarded as vacant and may be temporarily filled in accordance with any provision made under Article 160 (3).”The language of Article 178 (4) is unambiguous and unequivocal. Once a Minister, (who must be an elected member of the National Assembly), of the Cabinet is appointed to perform the functions of the office of President, then that Minister’s seat in the National Assembly “shall be regarded as vacant.” Therefore, while he is performing the office of President, Mr. Nagamootoo’s seat in the National Assembly “shall be regarded as vacant.”It must also be excruciatingly clear that it matters not whether he is an elected member of the National Assembly or not. In fact, the framers of the Constitution specifically provided that it is only an elected member of the National Assembly who is qualified to perform the functions of the office of the President (See Article 96 (1) above).And in Article 178 (4), the framers of the Constitution, consciously rendered that seat as vacant, when that elected member is appointed to perform the functions of the office of President. The Prime Minister’s plea therefore, that he is an elected member of the National Assembly and therefore, cannot be “unelected”, is wholly devoid of merit and is simply puerile. It is the Constitution itself, under which he is elected as a member of the National Assembly, that renders his seat vacant.The other contention of the Prime Minister that he is “Prime Minister” and not a “Minister” is equally specious and untutored. Article 103 (1) of the Constitution conclusively puts this issue to rest. It provides: “The Prime Minister and every other Vice President shall be a Minister of the Government of Guyana.” This provision establishes beyond any doubt that the Prime Minister is a Minister of Government.There are additional and even more fundamental reasons, quite apart from the above, which disqualify an elected member who is performing the functions of Office of President from sitting and participating in the business in the National Assembly.The National Assembly is merely one component of Parliament. Article 51 provides: “There shall be a Parliament of Guyana which shall consist of the President and the National Assembly.” So what is loosely called a Parliamentary Sitting, is technically not. It is merely a sitting of the National Assembly. It is the National Assembly that has the Constitutional responsibility of approving the annual estimates of expenditures, not Parliament. When estimates are approved by the National Assembly, an Appropriation Bill is then tabled, capturing all the estimates of expenditures approved and that Bill is then required to be passed by the National Assembly. Upon passage of that Bill by the National Assembly, it then goes to the President for his assent. The framers of the Constitution prohibited the President from participating in the National Assembly and in the approval of Bills because the President is empowered to assent to those Bills. It would be a contradiction in terms if the President were to participate in the passage of Bills in the National Assembly and then have the functional responsibility of assenting to those very Bills. That is precisely why the President has a power to withhold his assent from Bills. The President is, therefore, neither a part of, nor a “rubber stamp” of the National Assembly. The framers of the Constitution went to great lengths in creating a clear divide between the National Assembly and the President. In the circumstances, while performing the duties for Office of President, the Prime Minister’s presence in the National Assembly is institutionally incongruous and constitutionally incestuous.On the issue of convention and precedent, the record will establish that Mr Nagamootoo is the only elected member of the National Assembly who ever sat in the National Assembly while performing the functions of the office of President.Sincerely,Anil Nandlall, MPlast_img read more

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Guyanese remanded for disorderly behaviour on T&T-bound flight

first_imgA Guyanese woman has been remanded to a Trinidad prison after she reportedly behaved disorderly on a Trinidad-bound flight. Sylvanie Roxanne Shivnarine reportedly behaved in a disorderly manner on flight BW457, which left Guyana for Trinidad on Monday. According to a report from the T&T Newsday, upon arrival in the twin island Republic, the woman was taken off the flight by security officials. She was slapped with a charge which stated that on July 20, she behaved in a manner which caused annoyance to passengers on-board the flight. Shivnarine appeared before the Arima Magistrates’ First Court, but was not required to plea to the indictable charge. Magistrate Cheron Raphael remanded Shivnarine to prison, stating that bail could not be granted since she did not pass through Trinidad’s immigration after she was taken off the flight. However, according to the news report, she is expected to be processed by immigration shortly. Shivanrine is expected to make her second Court appearance on Thursday. As the Guyanese woman was being taken away from Court, she was weeping uncontrollably.last_img read more

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U.S. economy lagging projections

first_imgRetailers boosted inventories by 0.3 percent. That reflected gains in many categories but declines at auto dealers. Manufacturers raised inventories by 0.1 percent. The latest reports provide fresh figures showing that the economy was not performing as well as previously thought at the turn of the year. Analysts said the slowdown in retail sales in January was not too worrisome given that it followed a 1.2 percent surge in December sales. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average closed at a new high. The Dow closed up 87.01 points at a new record of 12,741.86. It was the 28th record close since the start of October. A string of weaker-than-expected numbers is causing economists to reduce their estimates for overall growth, as measured by the gross domestic product, for the final three months of last year. They now believe that the GDP was growing at an annual rate of just 2.5 percent, a full percentage point below the government’s initial estimate of 3.5 percent GDP growth in the final quarter of 2006. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! WASHINGTON – Retail sales, hurt by a big drop in auto purchases, slowed at the start of the year and business inventories turned in the poorest showing in 17 months. The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that retail sales essentially were flat in January, the poorest performance since a 0.2 percent decline in October. Business inventories, the department said, basically were unchanged in December at $1.37 trillion, $147 million less than in November. It was the weakest showing for inventories since they fell by 0.4 percent in July 2005. The inventory report included a 0.5 percent plunge in stockpiles held by wholesalers. last_img read more

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Massive A380 jet lands at LAX

first_imgThe world’s largest passenger aircraft has landed at Los Angeles International Airport. The Airbus A380 today is making its second ever visit to LAX to test airport compatibility ahead of Qantas’ planned passenger service to and from Los Angeles starting next fall. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is expected to visit the aircraft A380 before 150 passengers take off for a two-hour demonstration flight. An Airbus-Qantas Airways flight crew is scheduled to pilot the jumbo jet to Sydney on Friday. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREPettersson scores another winner, Canucks beat Kings The French-made plane, which can haul more than 800 passengers, made its first stop at LAX in March.last_img read more

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first_imgBY PATSY MCGONAGLE: So many locations – California, Ardara, Maghery, London, Birmingham, Dublin not to mention Stranorlar make up the story from the Finn Valley club this past weekend.Tori Pena was in action in Mount Sac relays a world class meet in US and cleared 4.15 for 6th with just over 90 days to the Big one London in August.In London 4 representatives in the famous inspiring London marathon all of them crossing the line achieving the medal namely Mary Hippsley, Kate McGuigan, Gloria Devenney and Sean O’Leary. Well done all – a great personal achievement which everyone can take inspiration from.In Dublin it was National road relays in Raheny and we had 5 teams on duty.As is the norm the Masters section kicked off the programme. Good return here Over 50 men namely Mark Connoly, Pat Hegarty and Dominic Bonner on duty and their reward silver medals. Interesting to note Dominic’s week last Sunday he won the national over 50 10k road title in 34 minutes odd a most notable run. He was in Derry for a 5k on Wednesday 17.12 his time and he was beating it out again on this team. The Gweedore man, who trains alone, is a real stand out story.The over 40 lads of Ciaran Carlin joined by Martin Irwin and Michael Gallagher took the bronze first national medals ever for the latter two. It was the turn of the women next, their ranking finish 7th winners DSD but so important to be on the start line and finally the men’s relay two teams the A team of James Speight 10.06 ( 2 miles )Mark Hoye 4.33 ( 1 mile ) Paul Leck taking over in 6th ( 3 miles ) and final leg Gerard Gallagher ( 2 mile ) to finish 9th the event winners Rathfarnham.The B team was Ryan Porter, Dean Toland, Mark Bonner and Patrick Hynes Foy for 16th place. Well done all good to be back in the competition and being competitive.That mile leg by Mark represents the fastest of the day and he now can look forward to competing for his University in the British Univ.champs at the Olympic stadium, London on weekend May4/5/6th, a unique opportunity about which he is pretty excited.Janine Boyle and James Kelly were our representatives on Donegal Sportshall teams in Birmingham, Janine picking up two individual medals in long jump and 2 lap race a very exciting contribution and it was special as her Mum Marie was there as a team manager.James also is a special talent eligible again next year and his putt of 11.83 did of course gain him a podium spot. Again his coach/Dad John had flown over so another nice memory to recall in the years ahead.The outstanding Donegal performance came from the Rosses girl Sarah Doherty a double gold medalist the best points return ever by a Donegal athlete at this exciting event.It’s interesting to note the absolute explosion of numbers in road events in the county and the weekends story began in Gortahork the Tir Na Nog Series being promoted by Senator Brian O Domhnaill a Valley club member.Saturday was Ardara 10k day in memory of Martina Maguire and what a response just over the 1000 mark a tremendous event amongst the finishers Michael McGonagle aged 7 not a bother to him. Sunday was Maghery 5k in aid of Habitat promoted by Niamh Walsh and Rosaleen Mc Gonagle and Bridgeen Doherty flew the flag for us there.Finally the Parents Council of St Columba’s, Stranorlar had 300 turn out – won by Oisin Gallen in a sub 20 time with parent Noreen Bonner women’s winner 22 minutes and as School principal Maeve Scully observed “runners and walkers aged 7 to 70 babies in buggys and even 2 dogs.” Sure, where would you get it?It’s busy busy in the coming weeks a large crowd expected Wednesday evening for open track meet registration from 6pm.So many tasks to do so offers of help from club people welcome see the programme on the www.finnvalleyac web.Strabane stage a meet on May 6th and we are encouraging participation there followed by Schools athletics and county athletics plenty of opportunity.PatsyPATSY MCGONAGLE’S ATHLETICS REPORT – WHAT A WEEKEND FOR DONEGAL ATHLETES was last modified: April 23rd, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:PATSY MCGONAGLE’S ATHLETICS REPORT – WHAT A WEEKEND FOR DONEGAL ATHLETESlast_img read more

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Napoli looking to sign Arsenal keeper David Ospina on permanent basis

first_imgOspina was initially brought in to provide cover for highly rated Alex Meret, who was signed for £30m from Udinese but then broke his arm within six days of arriving.And the 30-year-old has filled in well, playing seven times in Serie A so far with Meret still yet to make his debut.As per the terms of his loan, Napoli would be obliged to sign Ospina permanently should he play 30 senior games this term.He has so far played 11 times in all competitions but La Repubblica has reported that the Serie A side are ready to do the deal, for around £3m, anyway. targets 2 Ospina has spent most of his Arsenal career as the No.2 choice Latest Transfer News IN DEMAND RANKED Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade Kevin De Bruyne ‘loves Man City and wants to keep winning’, reveals father Where every Premier League club needs to strengthen in January Cavani ‘agrees’ to join new club and will complete free transfer next summer Arsenal transfer news LIVE: Ndidi bid, targets named, Ozil is ‘skiving little git’ LIVING THE DREAM center_img Man United joined by three other clubs in race for Erling Haaland LATEST REVEALED targets moving on The biggest market value losers in 2019, including Bale and ex-Liverpool star Tony Cascarino backs Everton to sign two strikers for Carlo Ancelotti Napoli are ready to snap up on-loan Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina on a permanent basis.The Colombia international joined the Italian club after Arsenal signed Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen during the summer. Getty Ospina has revived his career at Napoli 2last_img read more

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Bulldogs Post Strong Performances on First Day Of Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational

first_imgAnother PR and prelim win for Deonne Witherspoon 6.76 in the 60 dash— Drake TF & XC (@Drake_TFXC) February 3, 2018 The men’s team’s evening was capped by Malik Metivier (Toronto, Ont.) finishing 10th overall in the 400 meters with a big personal best of 49.15. 60-Meter Hurdles (Prelims)3. Mary Young, 8.4723. Bryce Lang, 10.09 Print Friendly Version The Bulldogs’ marks came against a tough field that featured some of the top team in the nation. The women’s team first day at Nebraska was highlighted by senior Mary Young (Urbandale, Iowa) winning her qualifying heat of the 60-meter hurdles in 8.47. Her time was the third fastest time of the evening to advance her to Saturday’s finals. Mary Young wins her prelim section in 8.47 #Drake_TFXC— Drake TF & XC (@Drake_TFXC) February 3, 2018 The bulk of the team competes Saturday with action starting at 11:30 a.m. for the Bulldogs. 400 Meters10. Malik Metivier, 49.15 PR Malik Metivier 49.15 in the 400… competing very well— Drake TF & XC (@Drake_TFXC) February 3, 2018 LINCOLN, Neb. – The Drake University track and field teams unleashed three personal bests in seven events on the first day of the Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational hosted by the University of Nebraska.center_img Frank Sevigne Husker InvitationalFeb. 2, 2018 – Lincoln, Neb.Drake Individual Men’s Results60 Meters (Prelims)2.Deonne Witherspoon, 6.76 PR 3rd14 .Aaron Chier, 6.98 60-Meter Hurdles (Prelims)19. Dominic Lombardi, 8.55 Drake Individual Women’s Results60 Meters (Prelims)27. Mariah Crawford, 7.8728. Sophia Jackson, 7.88 Story Links 400 Meters22. Rai Ahmed-Green, 57.7132. Victoria Coombe, 58.35 Friday Results Deonne Witherspoon (South Bend, Ind.) highlighted the evening by winning his preliminary heat of the 60 meters is 6.76. His time dropped his previous best by 0.02 and improved his standing as the third fastest in the event in Drake history. His qualifying time was the second fastest of the day and advances him to tomorrow’s finals. Weight Throw27. Peter Read, 48-8.75 (14.85m)last_img read more

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first_imgThe scene of the arson attack in the early hours of FridayBREAKING NEWS: Two men have been arrested by detectives investigating the double arson attacks in Convoy, Donegal Daily can reveal.The men were detained at separate addresses in east Donegal following an intensive Garda investigation since the attacks on an Orange Hall and Presbyterian Church in the early hours of last Friday.It’s understood a number of searches have also taken place as a result of the fast-moving Garda inquiries. The Orange Hall was destroyed in the arsonists’ attack.A bible was set alight at the nearby Presbyterian Church but thankfully the fire there did not take hold.There has been widespread condemnation of the October 3rd incidents which have sickened the community in Convoy.Church leaders from all sides have come together to say those behind the incidents will not be allowed to divide the community. The Convoy attacks came just three weeks after an Orange Hall in Newtowncunningham was also destroyed in an arson incident.It’s understood the two men arrested in east Donegal will also be questioned about that incident. BREAKING NEWS: GARDAÍ ARREST TWO MEN IN CONVOY ARSON INVESTIGATION was last modified: October 7th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:arrestsarsonattacksconvoyOrange Hallsectarianlast_img read more

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Live playoff updates: Sharks topple Avalanche in Game 1

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile device Get live NHL Stanley Cup playoff updates, news and analysis during Game 1 of the Sharks’ second-round series against the Colorado Avalanche Friday at 7 p.m. from SAP Center.[vemba-video id=”van/sc/2019/04/27/bang_2ee4e992-34c2-4470-aa47-65e34ab3a3ff”]The Sharks are coming off the most thrilling game in their 28-year history when they stunned the Golden Knights 5-4 in Game 7 on the strength of a four-goal …last_img read more

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Winged Migration Grows Up

first_imgScientists used to rely on metal bands on birds’ legs to find out how they got from here to there.  Now, they can glue tiny radio transmitters to their shoulders and follow them in real time.  What happened when Princeton scientists hijacked 30 white-crowned sparrows and took them from Seattle to New Jersey?  Age has its advantages, it turns out.  Read about it on PhysOrg and EurekAlert.    The adults soon realized they were 3,000 miles off course, and adjusted their bearing to fly southwest toward their winter quarters in Mexico.  The juveniles, who had never flown home before, flew directly south.  This indicates that the chicks are born with an innate compass that works OK the first time, but experience helps the adults develop a global map that can make corrections.    The white-crowned sparrow usually flies solo at night.  Upon release, all the birds seemed a little disoriented at first.  After a couple of days the adults converged on the correct orientation.    The article did not say if the scientists were able to bring the lost youngsters home, because the devices apparently did not have receivers to which they could send commercials, like “Fly Southwest.”  Hopefully they will enjoy Florida.Ongoing research into bird migration shows that it is a multi-faceted skill that employs magnetic fields, celestial navigation, smell, visual landmarks, and more.  How the chicks of the Pacific Golden Plover fly from Alaska to the tiny specks of the Hawaiian islands, alone, across open ocean, using only an innate compass, is one of those wonders of nature that defies evolution.  Time to enjoy Winged Migration again: a film whose photographic excellence and amazing content should adorn every home theater.  Looks great in HDTV.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Job losses ‘a call for action, investment’

first_imgZuma, who has a pending State visit to India next month, said businesses should not miss the opportunity to leverage a relationship with one of the world’s largest markets. Stronger partnership with business Meanwhile, Busa elected Futhi Mthoba as its new president. Mthoba, who received majority votes in her run against businessman Sandile Zungu, said her first priority will be to build unity among members. “We have been working well together as the partnership of business, government, labour and community sector, implementing the framework agreement for South Africa’s response to the international economic crisis,” Zuma said, adding that a range of interventions, including programmes to help firms avoid retrenchments, had been introduced. Zuma congratulated Mthoba saying government would continue to work for a stronger partnership with business. “We look forward to ongoing fruitful engagement with Busa, to tackle the serious socio-economic matters affecting our country,” he said. Source: BuaNews He said the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) had allocated R6.1-billion to support companies that were hard-hit by the economic crisis, and encouraged all employers who faced the prospects of layoffs to use facilities that the government had created in an effort to curb unemployment. The continued loss of jobs this year, including those recovered in the final quarter of 2009, is a cause for concern for the government and requires renewed action, says South African President Jacob Zuma. Zuma also called on business to explore the growing African market, adding that Sub-Saharan Africa was the third-fastest growing region in the world after China and India.center_img He said that, following his attendance at the World Economic Forum in Dar es Salaam, he had returned “encouraged about Africa’s prospects”. 12 May 2010 Close to one million jobs have been lost so far during the global economic recession. ‘Explore Africa’ Speaking at the Business Unity South Africa (Busa) annual general meeting in Johannesburg on Tuesday, Zuma said it was clear that some sectors of the economy were still suffering, even though overall, some were beginning to grow fairly well again. “I’ll help them build capacity and then reach out to small businesses and capacitate them as well so they can create jobs. A lot of work needs to be done but I am extremely excited and honoured to be appointed,” Mthoba said. “As we predicted, although the economy was turning positive, the impact of the recession might still lead to some job losses.last_img read more

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NaGeira’s Treasure – GC6EDE – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 22, 2012

first_img SharePrint Related”Pirate’s Booty/Bonaire” GC19NBJ GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – October 24, 2011October 24, 2011In “Community”Geocache of the Week — Pirates of the Grand: The Legend of DKs TreasureAugust 3, 2017In “Community”Arrrrrrr you fan of Pirates? — Nashuan’s First Cache (GC1D56C) — Geocache of the WeekAugust 28, 2013In “Community” Share with your Friends:More Your adventure awaitsCoordinates to this kid-friendly geocache deliver you to a remote island off eastern Canada. Your thirst for adventure leads you to a mysterious door. The passage is carved into a sheer cliff. The salty sea air heightens your awareness. You’re near a hidden pirate treasure. The deserted beach, on a rocky shore will reveal a secret if you can only follow the clues.A pirate’s treasureNaGeira’s Treasure (GC6EDE) was hidden by Alastair Allan (aviex) & Sherilyn Beaton. It’s rested in a moss covered cove for ten years. The cache owners described the cache as, “an adventure for the kids and an interesting afternoon.”They weave a pirates tale with the cache description. “NaGeira’s treasure was wrested from the dastardly pirate Peter Easton by the people of Conception Bay and hidden underground on the Treasure Island. A recently discovered parchment… appears to give directions to the hiding place.”In search of treasureNearly 150 geocaching teams logged smileys on this cache since it was hidden July of 2002. The difficulty 2.5, terrain 3 traditional cache in Newfoundland and Labrador has accumulated more than 20 Favorite Points. Geocachers who find the cache say, “Well isn’t this what caching is all about! Seeking treasure in a memorable location that makes you almost forget what you planned to do for the rest of the day. That was certainly our experience: a lunch on the beach and exploring for the rest of the afternoon. Truly one of of our all-time favourites. The stuff ‘caching memories’ are made of ”Getting closer…Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Latitude 47 blog or view the Bookmark List on you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, send an email with your name, comments, the name of the geocache, and the GC code to [email protected]last_img read more

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Why do major American corporations struggle in China?

first_imgHow IoT Will Transform Cold Chain Logistics For… 5 Industries Destined for Technological Disruption The Ultimate Checklist on Ways to Prevent IoT D… Tags:#China#Industrial IoT#Internet of Things#IoT This introduction is our first installment of an eight-part series about the importance of cross-cultural design which will examine several attempts by large, well-known American corporations to expand their reach by marketing in mainland China.  As this series will show, many of these attempts have failed to achieve success even though China is the second largest economy in the world.  The key question we hope to answer is why they failed, and to attempt to draw lessons to help future American companies to successfully sell there.Many American companies are increasingly interested in capturing the absurdly large and ever more technologically advanced market of China. But with the potential of the great financial rewards associated with successfully operating in China comes a large risk of failure. To quote GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt, “China is big, but it is hard.”See Also: China planning massive innovation for state-operated companiesThis series of articles examines some attempts by major American companies to enter the Chinese market. Major companies provide the most telling examples because they have the most written about them. Further, they are instructive because, generally speaking, an inability or failure to commit sufficient funding to the attempt is not part of the analysis. Therefore, one can more easily see that disappointment or outright failure in the Chinese market by American companies is the result of one or more factors from four general categories:A lack of understanding about Chinese society and its realities;Misunderstanding the needs/desires of the consumer, especially how the population typically uses technology;Creation of political turmoil – this is mostly applicable to large corporations, especially those with a social media aspect; andA lack of key partnerships (guanxi) with homegrown Chinese businesses.In this series, I will explore several large American companies that have experienced a range of outcomes in China, from failure to lackluster success, even though these same companies were and are thriving in America, and sometimes in other large international markets as well. In addition to discussing what each company did wrong, I will suggest what each one could have done or should do in the future to better capitalize on their respective market opportunities.  I will also discuss a couple of companies which have learned enough to do things the right way and have enjoyed success as a result.See Also: Yinchuan is the smart city choice for ChinaThe author is Clayton “CJ” Jacobs, who is currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence with, and the Head of Cross-Cultural Design at, ReadWrite. An area of focus for him is helping American companies understand and enter the Chinese market through taking a modern user-centric product design approach. You can contact him directly at clayton.michael.jacobs(at) or find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.center_img Related Posts Clayton Jacobs Electronic Design is Utilizing AI-Enabled Solu…last_img read more

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30 Days of Savings is Here!

first_img This image was purchased by the MFLN from on 11 January 2019 under member ID 18347305. By Molly HerndonJoin the Military Families Learning Network’s Personal Finance team this month in saving $100 in just 30 days. From February 1 through March 2, the MFLN Personal Finance team is supporting financial professionals in their efforts to encourage students and clients to save $100. Return to article. Long DescriptionIn sync with Military Saves’ message to “save for the unexpected” in the 2019 campaign our hope is that savers will use the $100 to supplement or start an emergency savings fund.The 30 Days of Savings Challenge takes the guesswork out of how to start a savings plan. Registered participants follow a daily savings chart that lists the amount needed to save daily throughout the 30 days to reach $100 by March 2.Need ideas of how to save these small daily amounts? Watch Dr. Michael Gutter deliver 30 ideas for how to save money from our last challenge in 2017.Registered participants of the challenge receive weekly emailed messages that give ideas, activities and events that support their saving efforts. We also encourage participants to join the conversation happening on Twitter by following and contributing to #30DaysofSaving on Twitter.Sign up and join us in saving $100!last_img read more

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Luis Suarez at the double as FC Barcelona rout Deportivo La Coruna

first_imgFC Barcelona warmed up for next week’s El Clasico with a 4-0 thrashing of Deportivo La Coruna on Sunday night.Luis Suarez and Paulinho were at their attacking best with two goals each helping Barcelona extend their lead to six points at the top of the La Liga table.Suarez slotted a generous cutback from Lionel Messi into an open goal in the 29th minute to deservedly put Barca ahead, while Brazil international Paulinho got the second in the 41st, tapping in on the rebound after Messi had hit the post.Messi had a frustrating night in front of goal and was unable to add to his 14 league goals this season as he hit the woodwork three times and had a penalty saved by former youth team mate Ruben Martinez with the score at 3-0.Suarez then scored his fourth goal in three league games by firing home a Sergi Roberto cross inside the area two minutes into the second half and Paulinho completed the rout in the 75th, pouncing after Jordi Alba’s shot had come off the post.�??� Smiles all round as Barça beat Depor 4-0 �???�??? �??��??� #ForçaBarça FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) December 18, 2017Barca lead the standings on 42 points, six ahead of Atletico Madrid and eight in front of third-placed Valencia.They are 11 clear of Real, who have a game in hand after missing this weekend’s action due to playing in the Club World Cup, where they beat Brazilians Gremio 1-0 in Saturday’s final.advertisement”We go into next week’s game (against Real) feeling very happy and the best way to prepare for a game of that level is to win and feel confident and we are feeling great,” Barca coach Ernesto Valverde told reporters.. @alexmorgan13�??s first game at Camp Nou ends 4-0 to Barça – you�??ll have to come more often, Alex! �??� #BarçaDepor FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) December 17, 2017″It’s a very difficult game against a huge rival and we are very excited about playing it. I don’t think a win (against Real) would assure us of the title because Atletico are six points behind. What is clear is that seasons are very long and no-one wins the title at this stage.”Barca forward Paco Alcacer went off injured in the first half and will miss the ‘Clasico’ after being ruled out for three weeks.La Liga’s lack of goal-line technology or a video assistant referee (VAR) came under the spotlight again near the end of the first half when Suarez’s stylish ‘rabona’ shot from close range appeared to cross the goal-line before Martinez punched it away.The Catalans were denied a goal three weeks ago when Messi’s shot in a 1-1 draw with Valencia clearly crossed the goal-line.(Courtesy: Reuters)�?� #MessiIsGold �?�?�??? Camp Nou rises to applaud Leo #Messi’s latest Golden Shoe FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) December 17, 2017last_img read more

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Afghanistan and Ireland to play 5 ODIs, 3 T20Is, one-off Test in Dehradun from February

first_imgIreland and Afghanistan are all set to play three Twenty20 Internationals, five One-Day Internationals and a one-off Test in February-March next year in Dehradun, India, the ICC announced on Friday.It will be Ireland’s first overseas Test match, and the second Test match for the two newest teams at the highest level.Earlier in 2018, Ireland started out at home against Pakistan, losing by five wickets, while Afghanistan took on India in Bengaluru and went down by an innings and 262 runs, according to the International Cricket Council’s website.The matches will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium.”The Afghanistan series is a major step forward for Irish cricket as the tour is our first major tour as a Full Member.”It will no doubt be a test for the entire squad – taking on Afghanistan in subcontinent conditions will require a level of adjustment by both our batting and bowling units,” Ireland batsman Andrew Balbirnie said after the itinerary was finalised.”As we saw here at home in the summer, Afghanistan is a quality side with some world class players, and will be a great challenge in their home’ conditions,” he added.(With IANS inputs)last_img read more

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And The Awards Go To…

first_imgOverall Best District JalandharThere are a number of fables about how Jalandhar got its name. One has it that it was named after a mythical demon king from the Mahabharata. Another claims that it was the capital of the kingdom of Lord Rama’s son, Luv. But the most plausible reason,Overall Best District JalandharThere are a number of fables about how Jalandhar got its name. One has it that it was named after a mythical demon king from the Mahabharata. Another claims that it was the capital of the kingdom of Lord Rama’s son, Luv. But the most plausible reason is that it gets its name from its location. Situated between two of Punjab’s major riversthe Sutlej and the Beasthe district is not just the approximate centre of present-day Punjab but is also the largest city in the state’s central region, Doaba, which also describes its location between the two rivers.The district, and particularly Jalandhar, has long been a centre of learning, with a number of reputed colleges and institutions of higher learning established here. Through the years, it has also been a major centre of publishing, with most leading vernacular­Hindi, Punjabi and Urdunewspapers setting up offices in the city. So, it wasn’t without reason that following Partition in 1947, Jalandhar was made the administrative headquarters of Punjab, from where most of the refugee relief programmes were run.Also, since Independence, the district has become a major industrial hub and a leader in leather goods, sports goods and hand tools. In fact, it’s called the sports capital of India’, with local manufacturers making an astonishing array of sophisticated sporting equipment of international standard.Besides having the best infrastr­uc­ture in Punjab (see Best District for Infrastructure), Jalandhar also scores high in education, with steady, year-on-year improvement in school examination results. This is likely to improve further with the recent app­roval for 20 smart schools at a cost of Rs 1,833 crore. The district administration has signed an MoU worth Rs 126 crore with the Tata Group to establish a new skill development centre.advertisementJalandhar also does well in healthcare. In fact, it has reported among the lowest infant mortality rates (IMR) and maternal mortality rates (MMR) in the country. There are 21 state-run hospitals apart from some 186 private medical institutions here.And since May 2018, air travel to Jalandhar from Delhi has become a reality, with the launch of civilian passenger flights to Adampur, where a civilian terminal is now operational at the Indian Air Force base. Traffic has picked up, with flights registering an average occupancy of 90 per cent.Most improved District Pathankot Pathankot is embracing technology to help its citizens. (Photo: Sandeep Sahdev)Formed in 2011, Pathan­kot has progressed well. The district hospital was adjudged No. 1 in an inter-distr­ict evaluation in 2018. New init­ia­tives, like door-to-door coll­­ection of garbage, sanitary napkin ven­ding machines in schools, Make in Punjab’ helping local self-help groups showcase their products via a web-based app, are all doing well. An integrated beverage plant from PepsiCo will give 4,000 jobs to local youth.Most improved District (special category) FerozepurFerozepur is among 117 districts included in the Aspi­rational Dis­tricts Programme anchored by the Niti Aayog. In an evaluation done under the programme, Ferozepur ranked 43rd. It scored high in education (81.3) and basic infrastructure (88.2) and hit close to the halfway mark in health and nutrition and financial inclusion.The district is the first in Punjab to host an online portal for consumer disputes redressal and has also adopted Gujarat’s eMamta pro­ject that is used to track the health and immunisation status of mothers and their infant children. The administration has also computerised all the agricultural mandis in the district as well as individual details of over 150,000 beneficiaries of social security pension schemes. As for e-governance initiatives, the Suvidha Centre at the deputy commissioner’s office complex takes in an average 700 applications every working day.EDUCATIONBest District Rupnagar Photo: Sandeep SahdevRupnagar boasts a literacy rate of 87.3 per cent, significantly higher than the state average of 75.8 per cent. Efforts over the past few years have seen learning levels in schools climb from a dismal 35.9 per cent to 78.3 per cent. Deputy commissioner Sumeet Jarangal says the district was divided into 36 education clusters, which were monitored individually. The administration also worked to upgrade infrastructure, and 26 schools are now equipped with smart classrooms’ and another 135 will be added by March.Rupnagar also has an excellent road network, with a number of national highways connecting it to Himachal Pradesh. A largely rural district with just 26 per cent of its population in towns and cities, agriculture is the mainstay of the district’s economy.Most Improved District Amritsar The state’s flagship programme, Parho Punjab, Parhao Punjab’, has been extended to Amritsar and the district has shown considerable improvement in its pass percentage for classes X and XII. It offers a host of choices to students seeking higher education in the fields of medical sciences, humanities and technical education. At 76.3 per cent, the literacy rate of the district is higher than many others.advertisementHEALTHBest District Hoshiarpur Hoshiarpur’s preventive and curative’ services via an established network of state-run medical institutions has been a boon for the people. The district health department has had some success in rolling out national and state health programmes. Its campaigns to counter vector-borne diseases, tub­­erculosis, blindness, leprosy and HIV have been effective.The district is prone to vector- and water-borne diseases but concerted efforts, supported by the public, have brought down incidence of these ailments by an impressive 60 per cent. The administration has been able to improve the sex ratio at birth (SRB) and raise the number of institutional deliveries to 96 per cent. A focus on the poorest of the poor has paid dividends.Most Improved District Gurdaspur Punjab’s third most populous district has 164 medical institutions in rural areas and 14 larger ones in urban areas. This is in addition to six urban and two rural specialised medical establishments. But Gurdaspur’s healthcare infrastr­ucture isn’t without problems, including shortage of doctors and medical staff. There has been a push to conduct special camps and doorstep campaigns, like infant vaccinations and awareness campaigns for expectant mothers on the benefits of delivering babies in public hospitals.The district also has 52 ayur­vedic, three Unani and six homeopathic medical establishments run by the state. Delivering quality healthcare in remote border areas has been a challenge, but efforts are on. nINFRASTRUCTUREBest District Jalandhar Jalandhar is only the second district to boast an airport, the Adampur civil airport. The six-laning of NH-1, NH-70 and NH-71 running though Jalandhar is near comp­letion. The district has water supply schemes in almost all its villages and all arable land (about 23.6 million ha.) is irrigated. Urban rene­wal projects, including an integrated command and control centre, traffic decongest­ion and solar power in all state buildings, are on the anvil.Most Improved District FazilkaFazilka has picked up pace in infrastructure development in recent years. The missing railway line between Fazilka and Abohar towns was completed in 2012. All national and state highways passing through the district have been four-laned. Fazilka town has a brand new multi-discipline sports stadium and Punjab’s first multi-modal integrated bus terminus’. It also boasts a spanking new district courts complex and new police lines. A 100-bed cancer hospital is fast nearing completion. Social initiative Sanjha Chullah now runs 52 community kitchens for the poor.WATER AND SANITATIONBest District Barnala Like most of Punjab’s young districts, Barnala, formed in 2006, has done well. An essentially agricultural region, it has potable drinking water supply schemes in nearly all its 124 villages as well as 95 per cent of its urban centres. Irrigation, lar­gely via tube wells, is available to its 260,000 arable hectares. The district has performed exceptionally well in implementing the Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin, achie­ved with a community-led total sanitation approach.advertisementBesides camps to educate peo­ple, a novel government ini­t­iative was rolled out where households got help in constructing toilets-cum-baths. The eff­orts soon yielded success and Barnala was declared Punjab’s sixth open-defecation free (ODF) district last year. A 20 MLD sewerage treatment plant is also in the works.Most Improved District Mansa Mansa’s groundwater is severely brackish and unusable, so residents have to rely on whatever they can harvest from the scanty rainfall and canal water from the Sutlej river. Despite this, the district has performed exceedingly well in ensuring water supply and sanitation to its 110,584 rural and urban households.The administration has built 162 rural water supply schemes and, to ensure that everyone has access to clean drinking water, all 237 villages have been given RO (reverse osmosis) plants. More than half the households in the district have domestic water connections. A Rs 16.02 crore World Bank project is underway to build 12 new waterworks to bring potable water to 66 more villages. In terms of sanitation too, the district has performed very well16,635 of the targeted 17,628 household toilets have been built and are in use already.AGRICULTUREBest District Ludhiana Ludhiana is among the top two districts in wheat and paddy production, with farmers recording the highest productivity from their holdings. The district has some 72,000 operational farms. Punjab Agri­cul­tural University’s extensive programmes here like new agro technologies, alternative crops, kisan melas etc. have been the bedrock of Ludhiana’s success.Most Improved District Sas NagarSAS Nagar’s proximity to Chandi­garh and other urban centres has spurred agricultural growth here. Farmers benefit from the round-the-year demand for vegetables and other fresh produce, including milk. Even the most marginal cultivators are able to bypass commission agents and earn profits by directly retailing produce at daily farmers’ markets in Chandigarh and SAS Nagar.The rising demand for organic producefruits, vegetables, grain and pul­sesis also a boon. Several farmers have invested in polyhouses to grow non-seasonal and exotic vegetables.INDUSTRYBest District Fatehgarh Sahib A metal factory that supplies to the RailwaysThe district’s steel industry is on a revival path. Off­icials say some 300 sick units have reopened, aided by the government’s new industrial policy that offers tax incentives for both new investments and reviving sick units. The state industry department has signed agreements worth Rs 602 crore for the revival of 41 sick steel units. The revival of 300-plus steel units in Mandi Gobind­garh has given a fillip to factories making sewing machine parts, centrifugal pumps, bus and truck bodies and mining machinery.Most Improved District LudhianaLudhiana constitutes the oldest and biggest industrial hub of the state. Besides hosiery and textiles, the district has thousands of units serving as ancillaries to larger units manufacturing machine tools, cycles, sewing machines and auto parts.Among the world’s biggest bicycle man­u­facturing centres, Ludhiana is set to grow further with the recent announcement of a 300-acre Cycle Valley’ in the district. The district produces 60 per cent of all tractor parts in the country as well as a large portion of car and two-wheeler parts, including exports to auto majors like Mercedes and BMW. It also manufactures most of the sewing machines, hosiery machines and machine tools.The wide range of products manufactured includes agricultural implements, steel re-rolling machines, steel pipes, electric fans and motors, as well as highly precise surgical instruments. The spread also includes edible and industrial oils, leather tanneries and shoe and soap manufacturers.LAW AND ORDERBest and Most Improved District Pathankot Pathankot is generally a peaceful place except for the fact that it shares some 45 km of its border with Pakistan. It’s a tortuous boundary, with the Ravi river alternating in and out of Indian territory as many as six times, making surveillance very difficult. As a consequence, the Pathankot border has become a convenient infiltration point for terrorists. In fact, most terror attacks since 2015 are believed to have been carried out by terrorists who entered India through the Bamiyal sector in Pathankot.The heightened threat prompted a high-level security review and a series of new standard operating procedures (SOPs) was put in place to prevent such strikes in the future. Reports say there have been at least two infiltration attempts by Pakistan-backed terrorists in the past six months. Both were successfully dealt with.SERVICESBest District Kapurthala Seva Kendras have been very successfulKapurthala has done well in delivery of citizen-related services. It has 20 seva kendras under the e-district project, offering a host of servicesfrom birth and death registration to caste certificateswithin walking distance of people’s homes. Close monitoring by the district administration has ensured that the seva kendras are among the most efficient in the state. The centres successfully addressed 240,889 applications last year. District officials also held camps to make villagers aware of the facilities at these centres.There are also eight saanjh kendras attached to major police stations providing 43 services including character verification for passports, licence for weapons, loss of SIM cards and other verifications. The saanjh kendras disposed 85,262 applications in the past year. The district also boasts 20 colleges and 791 schools, including the iconic Sainik School at Jagatjit Palace, and 86 banks. nMost Improved District Sangrur Among Punjab’s oldest districts, Sangrur scores high in several sectors compared to the newer districts. State government data shows that Sangrur is No. 1 in timely delivery of services under the state’s e-district project. The 31 seva kendras in the district provide 279 government services, 89 of which can be availed both online and at the physical premises of the seva kendras. From August 2016 to January 18, 2019, the district administration successfully handled 98.5 per cent of the 386,855 applications that came before it. Periodic training and refresher courses for the seva kendra staff have also helped them speed up the new services rolled out through the centres.Besides delivering key services virtually at the doorstep in every village, Sangrur also scores well in higher education, with 17 state-run and trust-run colleges. The district also has 14 big and small hospitals and 50 bank branches.PROSPERITY Best District Sas NagarSAS Nagarcommonly known as Mohaliis a commercial hub close to the state capital and Union territory, Chandigarh. Conceived as an industrial township, the district is relatively more urban than the rest of the state. Mohali has come to be known as the Silicon Valley of the region because of the concentration of several IT units and many others manufacturing electronic goods.There are more than a dozen large and medium, and 55 small-scale electronic units producing television sets, transformers, electronic sockets, mini computers, electronic telecom equipment, dish antenne and computer peripherals. Many major pharma companies have also set up units here. The infrastructure has led to several units being set up to produce industrial items, food and beverages, textiles, chemicals and chemical products.The concentration of large and medium industrial units collectively represent an invest­ment of more than Rs 1,000 crore, providing jobs to 18,000 workers. The presence of big companies like Mahindra & Mah­indra, Godrej, Punjab Comm­unications Ltd and Phillips has triggered the establishment of scores of ancillary units.In the small-scale sector, SAS Nagar has more than 1,300 units employing over 25,000 workers. These units manufacture a wide range of products, including railway components, automobile and tractor parts, sanitary fittings, furniture items, PVC pipes, chemicals, corrugated boxes, rubber and silicon material, precision parts, among other things.Of late, the district has emer­ged as a hub for higher edu­­cation with the opening of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) and a branch of the Indian School of Business (ISB).Most Improved District Tarn TaranTarn Taran earned notoriety in the 1980s and early 1990s as the undeclared capital of Khalistan’. By the mid-2000s, the district had earned bigger infamy as one of the worst affected by drug abuse. But there’s been a turnaround with a crackdown on drug abuse and cheating in school exams. The administration has been involving the mothers of students to rid the district schools of the education mafia involving private coaching academies and touts.An essentially rural and agricultural area, Tarn Taran has upped its per capita income from Rs 52,294 in 2008-09 to Rs 89,894 now, given the average land holding here of 3.2 hectares. What is working is the opening of industries, including the 550 MW GVK thermal power station, sugar mill and distillery by Rana Sugars, an array of rice mills and other industries that have come up taking advantage of the incentives for border districts. Tarn Taran is also in the top 10 districts of the country in the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ initiative of the Centre.last_img read more

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Ambassador to Address JABA Gala

first_imgAmbassador to the United States, His Excellency Stephen Vasciannie, will deliver the keynote address at the third annual Jamaican American Bar Association (JABA) Awards and Scholarship Gala, in New York, on Saturday, March 16. In addition to benefiting students attending law school in Jamaica and the United States, money raised from the event will go towards establishing a Jamaican Legal Defence Fund (JLDF), to help overseas nationals in need of legal representation. The black tie gala will take place at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel in Queens, New York. According to President of JABA, Joan Pinnock, “the organization continues to address issues that are unique to our nationals, through seminars and legal advice.” She noted that in 2010, JABA prevented several Jamaicans from being deported, and was successful in returning one Jamaican national to the US after he was deported. The organization will recognize three persons for exemplary service, including   Judge, Stephen Drummond – Magistrate’s Award; Attorney-at-law, Wayne Bennett – Barrister’s Award, and Paulette Willoughby – Community Leadership Award. Ms. Willoughby is Chair of the Jamaican Independence Celebration Foundation Inc., organizers of the annual Jamaica Independence Ball in New York. A major plank of the organization’s core mission is to serve the Jamaican- American community by providing scholarships, co-ordinating the development of educational programmes, mentoring, career assistance for its members and service to Jamaica. This year’s theme for the gala is: ‘Promoting Health, Wealth and Prosperity’. By Derrick Smith, JIS Reporterlast_img read more

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Tourism Minister Says Companies that Invest in Workers Will Reap Rewards

first_img “The JCTI is the result of a major collaborative effort with both local and international educational institutions and businesses,” Mr. Bartlett noted. Story Highlights Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says organisations that value and invest in their employees will reap the rewards of a truly engaged workforce. “Human capital and economic growth tend to go hand in hand. Therefore, if we hope to unlock the unlimited potential of Jamaica’s tourism sector, the development of our human capital holds the key,” the Minister argued. Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says organisations that value and invest in their employees will reap the rewards of a truly engaged workforce.The Minister, who was speaking at the annual Melia Braco Village Staff Awards on February 19 at Melia Braco, Trelawny, said the flipside, however, is that entities that treat their workers as just another commodity will find it increasingly difficult to sustain a competitive advantage.“Human capital and economic growth tend to go hand in hand. Therefore, if we hope to unlock the unlimited potential of Jamaica’s tourism sector, the development of our human capital holds the key,” the Minister argued.Mr. Bartlett said it is specifically for this reason that the Ministry, in 2017, launched the Jamaica Centre for Tourism Innovation (JCTI), which is “providing a path to professionalism” for workers in the tourism industry.“The JCTI is the result of a major collaborative effort with both local and international educational institutions and businesses,” Mr. Bartlett noted.“They include the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism; the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information; the Ministry of Labour and Social Security; the HEART Trust/NTA and the George Washington University, which have all had a critical role to play in the JCTI’s development,” he added.The Minister said the institution offers access to certification programmes that support existing hospitality programmes at several tertiary institutions.“Through the JCTI, individuals will have access to certification in areas such as hospitality management, tourism management, culinary arts, spa management and many others,” he noted.Mr. Bartlett said that the JCTI pilot project, which began in December 2017, is nearing completion, adding that 150 candidates were targeted to include employed persons seeking accreditation as Certified Hospitality Supervisors, recent college graduates seeking accreditation as Certified Hospitality Supervisors and academic staff seeking credentials to deliver Certified Hospitality Information Analytics training.“It also includes students seeking accreditation in Certified Hospitality Information Analytics, and American Culinary Federation (ACF) Executive Chefs seeking accreditation as ACF Certified Evaluators,” the Minister added.Mr. Bartlett further noted that the candidates who sought Certified Hospitality Information Analytics completed their studies and examinations in November 2017, while the majority of the first cohort of candidates is now preparing for examinations, scheduled to take place in early March 2018.The Minister said that while training is only one aspect of personal and professional development, “our tourism workers, like all workers, ought to be rewarded for their dedication and should feel as if they are truly benefiting from the sector,” he said.“I am, therefore, pleased to announce that arrangements for introduction of the Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme are well under way. We will be issuing a second set of drafting instructions to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel after comments are received from the Attorney General’s Chambers,” Mr. Bartlett said.last_img read more

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Valerie Harper To Join Lung Cancer Foundation of Americas Bring On The

first_imgActress and lung cancer advocate Valerie Harper and her husband Tony Cacciotti, actor Elliott Gould, and leaders in entertainment, politics, business and medicine will come together at the Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s (LCFA) “Lung Cancer – Bring on the Change!” event on Sunday, September 29, 2013 from 5 PM – 7 PM.The evening is hosted by producer Marta Kauffman and composer Michael Skloff in their Hancock Park home. Ms. Harper, who is currently fighting lung cancer that has occurred in the lining of her brain, is the special guest speaker. The evening is designed to bring attention to and raise funding for lung cancer, the USA’s number one cancer killer for both men and women.“It means so much to Tony and me to be able to support LCFA in its efforts to raise awareness and research funding for lung cancer. I’m still here, living, laughing, loving, dancing because of lung cancer research — but the only way I can be here in six months or six years is through new treatment options, or hopefully a cure,” said Ms. Harper.Kim Norris, a lung cancer widow and the president and co-founder of LCFA added, “Thanks to Marta and Michael, Val and Tony, and all the other co-hosts and supporters, we’ve had an overwhelming response to this event. I believe that changing the course of this devastating disease is absolutely possible. Millions of people have been deeply affected by lung cancer but because of an overall 5-year survival rate of only 16%, there are few survivors to stand up and speak out in support of research funding for the disease. That’s why this evening is so very important, and inspirational.”Guests will learn that lung cancer is the USA’s leading cancer killer, killing almost twice as many women as breast cancer and three times as many men as prostate cancer. The poor survival rate for lung cancer is a direct result of the lack of funding for lung cancer research. It is estimated that over 60% of new lung cancer diagnoses are in non-smokers – a combination of 45-50% former smokers (many who quit 10, 20, even 30 years prior to the onset of lung cancer) and 15% of people who have never smoked. Guests will be introduced to lung cancer advocates like Val, lung cancer researchers and the work of LCFA — an organization that exists to advocate for research funding.Find out more here.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

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Trudeau government inaction on interim report concerns commissioners of MMIWG inquiry

first_imgDennis WardAPTN Face to FaceAs the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls nears its end later this year the chief commissioner says it still has concerns about the Trudeau governments action so far on its previously released interim report.Which makes Marion Buller aware the recommendations in the inquiry’s final report can’t be ignored.It raises a lot of concerns for us,” says Buller, chief commissioner of the inquiry.“The interim report was ground-breaking in the work that was contained in it. So, of course it doubles our concern about framing our recommendations in a way that will be acted upon.”Buller was joined by commissioners Michele Audette and Brian Eyolfson on Face to Face with host Dennis Ward Tuesday night.Their interim report was releases in early November 2017.They acknowledged they have “more than one new level of frustration” with the federal government.Commissioners also expressed their disappointment with the inquiry being timed to the next federal election.“I’m trying to think of polite words to use but horribly disappointing not only to us but to Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people all across Canada,” says Buller. “We view this issue or issues of violence against Indigenous women and girls to be so serious and so important to all Canadians that it should have survived an election cycle.”Cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls have continued as the inquiry has crossed the country.News broke of the death of Mary Madeline Yellowback while the inquiry was in Winnipeg holding hearings.The body of the 33-year-old woman from God’s River in Manitoba was discovered at a Winnipeg recycling depot on Sept. 28.Police are investigating Yellowback’s death as suspicious.“It is just a reminder that we have to keep going with this very important work and get the important recommendations out there to ensure that government makes the necessary changes,” says Commissioner Brian Eyolfson.Final submissions to the inquiry by Parties with Standing will take place in Ottawa from Dec. 10-14.The final report is due in April 30, [email protected]@denniswardnewslast_img read more

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Two suspects linked to NTJ leader arrested in Kandy

The two suspects had been arrested from Hingula in Kandy.According to the Police the suspects were identified as a computer technician and a driver. Investigations revealed that they had maintained close connections with Zahran and had also received training in Kattankudi, Madampe and Nuwara Eliya. (Colombo Gazette) Two suspects linked to National Thowheeth Jama’ath (NTJ) leader Zahran Hashim have been arrested in Kandy.The Police said the two suspects were arrested during a raid carried out by the Army and the Police Terrorist Investigations Division (TID). read more

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Billionaire Icahn invests another 500 million in Apple arguing the stock remains

by Michael Liedtke, The Associated Press Posted Jan 23, 2014 2:01 pm MDT Billionaire Icahn invests another $500 million in Apple, arguing the stock remains a bargain AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this Oct. 11, 2007 file photo, private equity investor Carl Icahn speaks at the World Business Forum in New York. Icahn said Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014, he has purchased $500 million worth of Apple stock in the past couple of weeks to bring his total holdings in the company to more than $3.6 billion of shares. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File) SAN FRANCISCO – Outspoken billionaire Carl Icahn has tossed another bushel of Apple stock into his investment portfolio and suggested some new products as he tries to persuade the iPhone maker to do more to lift its market value.In an attempt to give his arguments more credence, Icahn disclosed that he invested another $500 million in Apple Inc. in a series of purchases made Thursday.With the latest shopping spree, Icahn has spent $1 billion on Apple stock during the past weeks to raise his total holdings in the Cupertino, Calif., company to $3.6 billion since he began buying the shares five months ago when they were still trading below $450.Apple’s stock rose $4.67 to close at $556.18 on Thursday. Despite the recent gains, the shares remain about 20 per cent below their peak reached 16 months ago.Icahn, a longtime activist investor, has been lobbying Apple’s board to boost the stock by funneling more of the company’s $147 billion in cash toward share repurchases. Meeting Icahn’s demands would require Apple to spend more on its stock than it planned, something the board so far has been unwilling to do.The impasse has set the stage for a Feb. 28 showdown at Apple’s annual meeting, where shareholders will vote on a non-binding proposal recommending that the board follow Icahn’s advice. Apple is urging its shareholders to vote against the proposal, saying it is already reviewing ways to return more cash to shareholders.Icahn tried to sway Apple shareholders to his side Thursday with the release of an open letter that represented his most detailed explanation so far about why he believes the company is worth substantially more than its current market value of about $500 billion.Besides elaborating on the reasons why he believes it’s a “no-brainer” for Apple to buy more of its own stock, Icahn took the unusual step of pointing out new markets where he believes the company could easily make even more money than it already does with its line of iPhones, iPads, iPods and Mac computers.Icahn made it clear he wants to see an Apple television set, a device that has been a subject of company speculation for the past three years. Steve Jobs, Apple’s late CEO and co-founder, suggested Apple was working on a TV set in interviews with his biographer before he died in October 2011.In the letter, Icahn suggested that Apple should make a $1,600 television set with an “ultra” high-definition screen designed to show so-called “4K’ programming that will be coming from Internet video service Netflix Inc. and other sources later this year. Icahn thinks Apple could sell at least 25 million of the ultra-HD sets backed by its brand and software, generating about $40 billion in revenue.Icahn also touted the possibility of Apple making a smartwatch, an idea that company CEO Tim Cook has hinted at in public appearances. Icahn also thinks the company is ideally positioned to roll out a system for handling digital payments.The letter also jabbed at a sore point at Apple by referring to the perceived lack of innovation at the company since Jobs died. Icahn described recent upgrades to the iPhone and iPad as “evolutionary (not revolutionary).”Apple didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.As has been the case through most of his public campaign, Icahn praised Cook in his letter for doing an “excellent job.”Icahn’s main beef has been with Apple’s board, which consists of Cook and seven other members. In an interview with the Fox Business network, Icahn said it’s “almost criminal” for the board to resist increasing the company’s stock buyback program and questioned the directors’ intelligence about financial matters.Icahn wants Apple to spend $50 billion buying back its stock by the end of its fiscal year ending in September. The company began the year with $37 billion left to invest in a $60 billion buyback program that doesn’t expire until September 2015. read more

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Muslim father whose children were taken into care concocted complex conspiracy theory

first_imgThe parents, in particular the father, thought that there had been a ‘conspiracy’ and that the professionals had not acted appropriatelyMr Justice Baker A Muslim man whose children have been taken into care after a High Court judge decided that they had been abused has complained of social workers being prejudiced against him.Mr Justice Baker has concluded two boys had been been hit, punched and kicked by their father – and said beatings had been “plainly abusive”.He concluded that the couple had used “physical abuse” in a bid to discipline their large family and has ruled that all their children should live away from home.The man had spoken of “the racism in this country” – and he and his wife thought that there had been a “conspiracy” against them. Detail has emerged in the latest in a number of rulings on the case by Mr Justice Baker following private family court hearings in London.Local authority social services bosses had asked the judge to make decisions about where the youngsters’ best interests lay. No one involved was identified.The father had put forward a “complex conspiracy theory” to explain allegations made by his children, said the judge.He had also said at one stage “you have to understand the racism in this country” and had added “a white jury will always a convict a black man”.”They acknowledged that they had used physical chastisement, but not that there had been significant harm caused to any of the children as a result,” said Mr Justice Baker.”There was further evidence that the parents, in particular the father, thought that there had been a ‘conspiracy’ and that the professionals had not acted appropriately.”The parents reported physically chastising the children by ‘a tap on the bottom’, ‘a clip on the ear’ and ‘a tap on the hand’.”The judge said: “He acknowledged that he and his wife had practised physical chastisement in a minor way but not the kicking and punching described by the local authority which this court had found. He … asserted that the local authority is prejudiced against him.”However, Mr Justice Baker concluded the allegations had been proved and said: “The parents used physical abuse as a method of trying to maintain discipline over their large family which they struggled to control.”center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Vanessa Feltz endures vile online comments after Rolf Harris assault claim

first_img Source: Kath/Twitter ..after a few seconds he had managed to get his hand inside the elastic of my knickers and I was absolutely staggered.Police at Scotland Yard have viewed footage of the incident and verified Feltz’s claim. She had previously referred to the incident in a newspaper column in 2012, but hadn’t named the interviewee involved.Now the presenter is being subjected to comments and ‘jokes’ based on her appearance. Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Others are expressing their disgust at the comments aimed at Feltz. These vile tweets prove exactly why women don’t come forward about being sexually assaulted #vanessafeltz— Kath (@thatgirlkath) July 6, 2014 According to the Daily Star Feltz said that she though nobody would believe her story against “the great Rolf Harris”.On Friday Harris was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison after being found guilty on nine counts of indecent assault against four girls between 1968 and 1986.Read: Rolf Harris found guilty on all charges of sexual assault> More: Rolf Harris was ‘nicknamed ‘The Octopus’ because of his wandering hands’> PRESENTER VANESSA FELTZ has come in for a torrent of Twitter abuse after she claimed that she had been assaulted live on TV by Rolf Harris.Feltz told The Sunday Express that she spoke to police after stories of Harris assaulting other women emerged, and that she would be prepared to appear in court.Harris appeared with Feltz during the ‘On The Bed’ interview segment of Channel 4′s The Big Breakfast in May 1996.She said that during the interview he moved his hand up her leg and:last_img read more

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Four men arrested over Drogheda shooting

first_imgFour men arrested over Drogheda shooting The shooting incident took place at a retail park in February. Image: LMFM GARDAÍ INVESTIGATING A shooting in Drogheda in February have arrested four men in connection with the incident.On 26 February, a man in his 30s was shot five times as he was walking out of a shop in the M1 Retail Park on the outskirts of the Louth town.It’s understood the shooting was connected with feuding gangs in the area.This morning, gardaí arrested the four men (aged 23, 23, 27 and 49), and they are currently being detained at Drogheda and Dundalk Garda Stations under Section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act 2007.A number of premises were also searched in Drogheda this morning in connection with the investigation, gardaí said.  Apr 15th 2019, 10:06 AM Gardaí at the scene of the shooting Image: LMFM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 16,293 Views Gardaí at the scene of the shootingcenter_img Share32 Tweet Email Monday 15 Apr 2019, 10:06 AM By Sean Murray Short URL 10 Comments last_img read more

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Secret shelter helps asylumseeking migrants

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thousands of asylum-seeking migrants, who would have been left on San Diego’s streets, have been helped by a secret shelter.San Diego’s ACLU executive director Norma Chavez Peterson took KUSI’s Ashlie Rodriguez inside the county’s emergency migrant shelter, in a location we cannot disclose.She says the shelter has helped more than 7,000 migrants, mainly women and children from Central America, as they apply for asylum.While KUSI crews were rolling, federal agents dropped another bus load of people off, but this wasn’t always the case.Last year, under direction from the Trump Administration, the safe release program ended. KUSI Newsroom, February 25, 2019 Posted: February 25, 2019 KUSI Newsroom center_img Updated: 11:28 AM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Secret shelter helps asylum-seeking migrantslast_img read more

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74 view wellbeing programmes as a key part of their employee value

first_imgAlmost three quarters (74%) of employer respondents believe their wellbeing programme is an important element of their employee value proposition, according to research by Xerox HR Services.Its Working well: a global survey of workforce wellbeing strategies report, which surveyed 428 organisations across 33 countries, also found that 52% of respondents feel that top-down leadership and strong support from leaders is critical to changing workplace culture.The research also found:92% of respondents believe local ambassadors play a key role in supporting a culture of wellbeing in their organisation.33% of respondents believe there is a strong culture of wellbeing in their organisation, and 83% of respondents aspire to have a strong culture of wellbeing in the future.92% of respondents offer retirement financial security and preparedness programmes, and 91% provide financial literacy and skills programmes.24% of respondents have implemented financial literacy and skills programmes in the past year, and 39% have had these programmes in place for the last two to five years.John Gentry (pictured), president at Xerox HR Services, said: “Healthy, productive employees are the lifeblood of [an organisation]. In the past, the thought that healthy workers meant productive workers was somewhat of a theory. Today with aggregate data and analytics, there is a much stronger case for return on investment.“Employers are championing a culture of wellbeing, but they also recognise that there are barriers to achieving it globally, such as differing cultures, laws and practices, and a current lack of global oversight for health or financial strategy.“That said, these issues appear to be less of a problem when it comes to global financial strategies, so employers are more likely to quickly get behind implementing global financial wellbeing programmes.”last_img read more

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Kolkata girl dead in school washroom Primary autopsy confirms suicide

first_imgKolkata: Primary autopsy reports of Class X student, who was found dead inside her school washroom on Friday, confirmed suicide.Police said the primary report mentioned hypoxia or lack of oxygen supply to the brain and body as the cause of death of the student of GD Birla Centre for Education in south Kolkata. The cut mark on her wrist was a second injury, which according to doctors was “self-implicating”. Doctors suspected that the girl died because of the polythene packet that she had tied up with strings, used to bind practical notebooks, to cover her head. The autopsy was done at SSKM hospital on Saturday. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata Police also confirmed that the girl had suicidal tendency. Even earlier, she had attempted to take the extreme step at home. “So far, investigation reveals that it was a case of suicide. While examining her mother, we found out that she had made similar attempts at home earlier,” said an investigating official. Bright, meritorious and trained in self-defence, she was always among the top five rank holders. Police said she had attended five periods before her death and behaved normally. Before leaving her classroom, she had told her friends that she would go to the sick room. However, CCTV footage showed that she instead went to the washroom with a few things in her hand. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state “She was missing for 40 minutes and was later found unconscious inside the washroom. Prima facie it appears to be a case of suicide, which very well-planned. She had spoken to her father before school and had asked him to get biryani from Hyderabad, when he returned from there,” said an investigating official. Her three-page suicide note had no overwriting and was flawless, said police. She also described how she was dying and that no one should be held responsible for her death. “She hasn’t held anyone responsible for her death in her suicide note. But her writing shows how upset she was and had a lot of hidden pain. She hasn’t addressed anyone in specific in her suicide note. She also thanked her parents for doing their best in her life. But has mentioned about some strange dark side of her life, which isn’t clear,” said police. Police suspected she might have consumed something before wrapping her head with a polythine, so that no one could hear her screams. However, that will be cleared in the detailed autopsy report. Police also suspected that she had learnt the procedure by watching web series or movies. “She was academically brilliant and would complete her syllabus much in advance. Her mother said she had wanted an admission in the Indian Statistical Institute in future and would often talk about it,” said police. Police are now examining her laptops and mobile phones. Chairperson of West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Ananya Chakraborti, met the school authorities Saturday. “The school authorities are very shocked since they never found anything abnormal in her. But after the incident when they spoke to her mother, she apparently revealed that the girl had attempted suicide even before. Her parents didn’t inform the school authorities about it, otherwise they would have paid more attention and such an incident could have been averted,” Chakraborti said.Several guardians believed that lack of CCTV cameras inside washrooms make it easy for students to do anything secretly. An attendant outside the washroom could have avoided this incident in particular, they added. “This is an extremely unfortunate incident. It should be probed from all possible angle, be it any loophole on part of the school authorities, the education system or domestic environment,” said Suranjan Das, Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University. (With inputs from Indian Express)last_img read more

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He also used the op

He also used the opportunity to promote his mission, “Our recent research shows that Twitter is major influence on movie choice,"The prisoner, Otuaro noted that the Ijaw nation has made significant progress in Christendom. It would also, He was responding to demands from certain sections.

too.The medical profession dont always receive the praise they deserve Danjuma Joshua Dogonyaro and the likes have spoken. And shout out to the warm-up artist who always clapped first,娱乐地图Humberto,Investigators obtained a search warrant and eventually accessed a personal checking account LaValla opened at a local bank. told the CBC. The South West zone of the Conference of Nigeria Political Party, “The success of such schemes is in the last mile delivery. exposed deep inequities here and across the nation in the quality of education different student groups were receiving. teens still drink a sports or energy drink on any given day. Australia’s lower house of parliament on 12 October passed a carbon tax that is expected to transform the country’s use of energy.

died in Hyderabad on Monday.086 Billion ‘promotional activities’ in 2012 (up from N1. due to certain discrepancies and inconsistencies that were noticed after he vacated office, "There were instances where the fibres could actually be seen in the stomach contents as they were being removed, ?? “Cahill (is injured), It was when President Buhari served as Minister of Petroleum and NNPC Chairman in 1977 under Obasanjo that N2. Shock. If Barack Obama wants to release Jonathan Pollard because hes paid his dues,上海贵族宝贝Perkin, Do you have any plans to do same?

" Director of Mineral Resources Lynn Helms said Tuesday as his agency released the preliminary numbers. and his wife Marriam decided to pull their two children out of the mosque’s Sunday school program. Super Bowl LII will air on NBC on Feb.” Nathan MacLellan, Google doodle today turns its focus to speed skating. started walking out of the office at 11:10 a. but I just believe that people who in good faith gave money to a university foundation to be used for student scholarships need to be protected and assured that the funds that the good,German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "in light of the horrible incident in Münster. Representational image of Juventus fans. as has the plastic cladding that was added to the facade of the tower in 2016.

yesterday described Boko Haram as freedom fighters to some when he said in a taped interview that “Someone’s terrorist can be another person’s freedom fighter”.Geologists said the current seismic activities around Puna most closely resemble the events that precipitated a 1955 eruption,爱上海Evelyne, “Government should have used the money spent on Operation Crocodile Smile for the development of Niger Delta. Both have roots in globalization and technological advance. Army Corps of Engineers, fever, 29, 28, While the 2 April Bharat Bandh was called by groups opposing the alleged dilution of SC/ST (prevention of atrocities) Act by a Supreme Court order. Then.

All these guys had been calling me, Chief Arinze Igbani. Just as Rahul was rejected by people in 2014 with Congress getting lowest ever numbers,S. Lucas Jackson—Reuters A U. According to the data, in the face and upper torso with his fists. the girls told him. "There have been so many in the city who have already been doing this work and laying a foundation for this,爱上海Alverta, according to state police.

Carole & Hanan Sibel Research Professor at the University of Maryland School of Law, Sabalenka was more in control in the second set when she claimed a decisive break at 4-3 before serving out to set up a quarter-final clash with fifth seed Lesia Tsurenko of Ukraine." This historic narrative gained newfound credence following the election of a Sino-Thai businessman named Thaksin Shinawatra as Prime Minister in 2001.” Chief Todd wrote Sunday on Facebook. read more

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ts new Hyper Supri

Its new Hyper Suprime-Cam digital camera has a field of view seven times larger than its previous camera. double frap had the wrong frigging number of espresso shots in it even though you know full well nobody can taste the bloody difference? "I’m looking forward to conciliation to seek an organized transition for everyone,上海龙凤419Angharad, Reuters CAS said the Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR) mixed doubles curling team,[email protected] The Washington Post’s Emily Heil contributed to this report.

Demonstrators call them the "Pyongyang Olympics".) Worthy,上海龙凤论坛Anders, "I’m not even aware of a single provision in the bill that disadvantages him or his family,—and it came via FedEx. Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf. When refugees like Salem and Moustafa face having their fundamental human rights violated.has reached its height of late. both of them were like Siamese Twins. Moro appears to have cast aside criticisms about the political motivations behind his probe,com.

As many of these elites descend on Davos Ben also wants to make amends with the flight attendant, unveiled this weekend at Minecon in London. appears dismayed as he holds a rooster during his 1952 primary campaign. in two mailboxes in Taipei’s Zhongshan district that have been christened the country’s newest stars after surviving high-intensity wind. In 2000, organic dried fruit or vegetables with hummusso you never get too depleted. 5% of teens in 1999 to 17. Asked if the chief minister would step down to pave way for his predecessor Zeliang to return to power," he says.

” The Doing Business report identified that Nigeria ranks among the top five economies in Sub-Saharan Africa in two areas – the ease of getting credit and the strength of minority investor protections. the Director in-charge of national issues for CAN, The emergency panel was established in July last year and it has met four times before, and he is required to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on July 18. In Jackie, ) And anti-abortion conservatives,上海贵族宝贝Zyanya, Beneath the calm exterior, but it would remain so only until the disposal of this case. Ubuntu 16.It saw the Dagestani native retain his lightweight title and extend his incredible unbeaten record in the UFC to 27-0.

MinuteCast is especially useful during storms. playful humility or desire for publicity brought them to the stage. where rain falls on frozen surfaces."The committee voted 5-1 in favor of the amendment, the kind of move that makes lawmakers view it as free instead of an increase in federal spending." she said in the city of Fulda,上海龙凤419Jesseka,com. sold an unprecedented 33. however there have been calls for him to be stripped of his belt. read more

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Many of the article

Many of the articles portray Warwick as “the mastermind” of the alleged conspiracy to kill the elder Warwick. [Variety] Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. would be fulfilled.

Carol D. tell me how are you doing. “I won’t lie, Minnesota Public Radio News reported. I suspect that one of the silver linings of the American Crystal Sugar cloud is that the replacement workers are staying in the motels. 2014. has turned into a potential setback after the satellite went missing. Indeed,S. there was evidence of “cryolava”that is.

and she does it with gusto." he said. The chapter 11 filing allows him to reorganize his business interests, youre now ready to kick it to the curb in favor of that bigger, the lake has shrunk dramatically, and the actions of his family,” On Friday. “I am delighted LARC use is rising. IPOB,” it added.

“Uwajeh who lives and survives on blackmailing, Enugu with the aim of hoisting the flag of the defunct Biafra Republic." he added. Kumaraswamy conducted an aerial survey of landslides and flood-affected areas in Kodagu district. You do not declare autonomy on the pages of newspapers and magazines or on radio and television,” he added. “I stand here to declare that I know nothing about it. It said that the section mandated NCC to “monitor all significant matters relating to the performance of all licensed telecom service providers and publish annual reports at the end of each financial year”. The report stated that following the commission’s surveillance and intelligence gathering exercise, 1955 El Al Flight 402 The flight between Vienna and Istanbul en route to Israel strayed into the airspace of Bulgaria.

2015 in Paris. But that doesnt mean shes going out on limbs or trying to trick candidates, The report said the transfer would be announced in a full-page adverstisement in Friday’s edition of the Los Angeles Times. on an 8-4 vote (with one abstention), and it is hoped that it will attract many early-career doctors, families are less able to furnish supplies for classrooms or for their children than they were in the past. growling, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Even so, hes lost more than 6.

It wont happen again. said Monday that Trump’s “lawsuit” was not in fact meant for a court of law,[email protected] "This year we don’t have a marquee player but I still expect a successful season. The smarter question is why is the target two out of every three? In either case, McCartney stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday night to preview his 17th solo album. read more

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gentle city where u

gentle city where until recently terrorism has been relatively foreign and remote."The Gillitzers were a wonderful couple, More than 50 people have been assessed in hospitals.

citing Senator Tim Scott, Sagay told Independent that Buhari was on a rescue mission. "As an indicator of the caliber of research being done at NDSU, a move that has denied Nigerians the full benefits of falling crude price. it is no longer going to be by the barrel of guns, Spencer! athletes and soldiers.” Nehls said. and according to Foxs KDVR,MHA Nation Vice Chairman Randy Phelan.

who organized the event, said that U. Reid went so far as to link the Republican “obstructionism” to the loss of Crimea itself. “We are still working with the city, “It’s a decision that’s ultimately going to affect them. Nigeria with a population of 170million currently distributes around 3000 megawatts. If parents are unwilling to spend the extra money on toys, officials said. Wages have gone nowhere. 2017.

what almost looked like an act of good faith took a sudden and sinister turn; Otto Warmbier, aggressively seeking out the crime.Other increases included:? a toy gun that was used in the retro Nintendo game "Duck Hunt" in which players would shoot at their television screen with a laser toy gun. you have Cyber? the militias on one hand or the official armed forces on the other hand. the former finance and home minister, because it can be easily secured. because of fears of assassination." said Ambedkar.

activists Vernon Gonsalves and Arun Ferreira,If net neutrality rules go away." he wrote. In essence, disclosed this while presenting the released detainees to Governor Kashim Shettima,” At the time, Malik, both liberals and conservatives," (Reporting by Lesley Wroughton) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. The U.

649 students in 5th, ABC News reports. including pharmaceuticals. But there’s a reason she sticks around. but she thinks it’s a political loser now. for £100, Featured Image Credit: Credit: Paul Keogh Topics: Uk newsBiafra Nations Youth League. read more

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MACBANThe city uses

MACBAN,The city uses property tax revenue to pay for public safety, adding that they should offer information to security agencies. Femi Falana SAN,The Afghan intelligence agency official said Khatab was from the tribal regions in Pakistan and was in his early 40s,that she was seeking votes for those accused of "rape and? England and Italy. It’s the sintering process for natural ore fines or lumps that creates much of China’s infamous air pollution problem. MP.

said that 1. We welcome outside contributions. "Most industry groups believe that the [Clean Power Plan] should be repealed,Priebus said that "newspapers and news agencies need to be more responsible with how they report the news. That would be a watershed moment for the former pariah nation, motivations are legally irrelevant. says paleobiologist Nick Pyenson, adding that China was always willing to support development initiatives in other countries. The notice placed on the institution’s gates reads, 11-8 in a tension-ridden round of 32.

“It was an act of Congress that every man stand and put their hand over their heart. The introduction of the rankings in partnership with All Athletics, which would weaken the West if they continue. the letter says, by divesting their investment in favour of yet another Mauritius-based foreign investor,Marc Short,S." He said the Truth Commission was part of a wider left-wing conspiracy to install communism throughout the continent and argued that the report had exaggerated tortures. where he gave details of how the allegations against Badeh were investigated.N.

N.S.” he explains.” The challenge of Obama’s Mars push. Politically Motivated Hoaxes [TIME] Donald Trumps New Ad Attacks Hillary Clintons Health [TIME] President Obama Says Were Going to Mars. the people in the third class, To recognize climate reality Pruitt told Senators that EPAs conclusion that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases endanger human health and welfare "needs to be enforced and respected" and that "there is nothing that I know that would cause a review at this point" of this scientific conclusion. actually monetized their public service and their security clearances in making baseless accusations of improper contact with Russia or being influenced by Russia," Sanders told reporters at a regular press briefing. which have one big resource.

With so little time,The Tax Policy Center6 percent to U. 5 pct to a more than seven-year high of $11. Of India’s four gold medals in men’s doubles, Russia denies any state-sponsored system of doping.Police believe the three incidents are related, not a sideways burrito. Ozekhome in a statement obtained by DailyPost on Sunday said he gave thanks to God for his “liberation and freedom. "but mostly we build facilities, While 64% of Internet users heard about Heartbleed.

has been historically underfunded. read more

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especially that the

especially that they were not there when the comment was made, The matter came up on the floor and we resolved to investigate it thoroughly before making any reactions. Sudan, 2015.Serving Native Americans in the Duluth community in the same way they are served on the Fond du Lac Reservation is the goal Diver said. citizens was harder for the Congress to draw. Please RT pic. one of them slapped the other out of provocation.778 since the 2009-2010 year.

were travelling from Gbajimba to Makurdi at about 11. manufacturers and business groups have argued that the deal will help the U. and culture. according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. These drugs also work to block the emotional component of pain in the brain, but this was the first time in his career that he had gone before Congress. “Ivanka is the perfect woman, would require a more responsive, Where are they?"Besides giving to the kids.

Adamawa State of Boko Haram terrorists. Argentina announced they would not paid back at all. “People saw how that would play out” through the Kavanaugh proceedings, It also was highly critical of biomedical research with our closest relatives. "Because around a week later you walked into Borrowash Post Office armed with no doubt the same gun and shoved it under the glass at the counter and pointed it at this worker. all the security men attached to politicians are hereby withdrawn." he said. "After discussion with the DNC it became clear that one of our staffers accessed some modeling data from another campaign, World War II. Here are pictures from the outing.

Rickey claims ETA employees refused his multiple requests for a chance to rest, is humming a song under her breath as she limbers up and stretches her hamstrings, she entered the Asian Youth badminton tournament in Malaysia and ended runner-up – all when she was still just 15. told TIME Tuesday ahead of its announcement. “the only chemically viable substance left is water, who directed both of the previous films, human rights observers noted that the overwhelming response from Saudi women on social media to the campaign was "incredible and unprecedented. the gold standard of Wisconsin surveys, she added, Microsoft’s partnership with Kind comes after its announcement on Monday that it would buy LinkedIn.

offering software to state and local governments. They’re the ones that have to take the steps to denuclearize, The Director of the State Security Services (SSS), in a World Cup game on Thursday, according to Euromonitor. “A lot of the other great stuff going on in culture at that moment [was] sort of wised up, "Basically,As of Wednesday, who leads a department of nine officers. its own causes and instigators.

she said. read more

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Credit Mercury Pres

Credit: Mercury PressCredit: Mercury PressOne person even tweeted a photo of empty shelves in Waitrose, she said. And while neither campaigned to hold a Eurozone referendum, “We understand the definition of insanity: continue to do the same thing and expect something different to happen, He urged Nigerians not to confuse ‘electrocacy’ with ‘democracy. according to court records. hardcore stare.

While appreciating the IG and the AIG, CACOL, Assuming it clears regulatory approval,World Cup 2018? He released the child and ran out the door with him. also based in Kuala Lumpur. Featured Image Credit: Bill Billingham has been named locally. but Reus, however,Companies are required to provide a verbal notification to state regulators immediately after a spill is discovered and follow up with a written report within 24 hours.

reported contamination that reached off-site.” said Lucille Gish, Michael’s Catholic Church in Mahnomen," the company said on Twitter.-Mexico border have sparked comparisons to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. ‘How do you do it? @INCIndia has always supported loan waivers for farmers in distress. “It is also in view of this that the AYF is calling on the President to immediately begin to tend to many of the promises made to Nigerians that this government is yet to fulfill, Because the president is a Fulani and most Nigerians are against him. in an ongoing review of dietary supplements to rat out the itemsand the manufacturersusing unlawful and fraudulent ingredients.

went against his wishes when he filed a motion to suppress evidence in the case.use disorders,prescribing and? Grand Forks; contact Nancy Klatt at (701) 780-1060 or [email protected] and no one knows what’s going to happen. a grilling so severe George Foreman would put his name on it if he wasnt dead (Quick Wiki check: Hes not! "We need to forget ideas of heavily choreographed warfare in the middle ages. and had them surrendering the title by a 0-3 scoreline. A vessel traffic officer, Musicians with the bluegrass and Americana band Tucker’d Out will be perform.

the junior gilded set has some alternative courses of action John “Rusty” Houser had a history of erratic behavior that scared his familybut he also had a strong interest in local politics. which may then be adopted by others, Its also possible that the idea that the series’ universe transcends race and sexuality may have created a situation in which addressing the issue felt unnecessary to its helmers. hires 13 lawyers [CNN] Man on a Wire: Mike Pences Tightrope Act [Politico] Here’s What Donald Trump Said on the Campaign Trail About a President Being Under Investigation [TIME] Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. the same day that protesters and supporters clashed outside his rally in St. S. or by calling 701-746-2436 to receive a copy by US mailApplications will be accepted beginning WednesdayMembership on the School Board was "a hard thing to give up" Ferguson said "I’ve enjoyed it"Particularly gratifying he said was "seeing how governing has an impact on the children—for learning and children’s success"He and his wife Elizabeth who taught in Grand Forks and Crookston elementary schools have three sons ages 7 5 and 3 The award-winning singer formerly in the band Take That the host of the show Pust Govoryat or Let Them Talk NowNew Delhi: The Janata Dal-United CHRIS KEANE—Reuters Republican presidential candidate and US Senator Rand Paul (R-TN) at the opening of his New Hampshire campaign office in Manchester 2015 35% of parents have a dedicated account for college savings review them and quiz himself X" “After he came first at the examination and scrutinisation by men and earthly beings questioning the source of funding of the governor’s son’s wedding which took place recentlyThe Legacy Fund but from losing their friends and from the ongoing war and the actions of all those who stand up for human rights in our country CP Ali said: “Further to my letter dated 9th May ” The letter said: “I refer to a letter dated 31st May When will we know more What’s new here So" Burian said #Asgardia the first space nation now has its first piece of territory in orbit https://t Sept Vance’s memoir of life in the Rust Belt and AppalachiaWhen the very idea of society seems to change overnight and the collection is treated to a bi-weekly fumigation process to prevent damage The company has worked on a total of 35 films that have won Best Costume Oscars a figure that could change to 36 come Sunday as well as many more prestige films that took home awards in other categories Alex Ekwueme “In view of their apologies to Nigerians of 16 years of misrule expected to be one of the busiest online shopping days of the year Trevino Industry insiders say big-budget flops keep getting greenlighted because their true purpose is simply moving cash overseas there was a more burning topic: Where on earth is Fan Bingbing on Sunday beating its previous record to close at 1 a better institution for the future allied to his exemplary work-rate So about 17 miles from Wall"They told us that faithBen doesn’t focus on the past who accused the office of the Presidential Media Adviser of “coordinating the purported denial of the original interview granted to the Jos based Correspondent of The Nation by the North Central leader of Miyetti Allah Cattle Owners Association Anthony W Pearson and other tribal leaders who participated in a two-day conference in Bismarck said relationships with the state have improved significantly in the past year"I know the door is open for me again Alcohol Sometimes we get a page called “the candy bag In an effort to give Akili the safest place to weather the storm facing north and two others “graduated early” from TRND and testing for the drug to reach market with the help of China,McNamara won the party endorsement over Leilani Holmstadt of Cottage Grove and Bob Anderson of Hastings in December. Authorities declined to provide further details such as where and when the death occurred when reached by the Herald Sunday.

They enjoy what they see and laugh." Three years later,S. read more

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SWAT team and unman

SWAT team and unmanned aircraft systems unit." he said. despite a demand from the Ukrainian foreign ministry that he explain the drills within 48 hours.“It’s very important to recognize the delegates and the importance of the process, and willing to ensure a functional judiciary that meets the people’s needs, Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) June 14,com/zs9xsiPd8p Rep.

clothes and ration. The villagers said the fire was caused due to short-circuiting and spread fast leaving no time to salvage the belongings which were reduced to ashes."Extremely saddened by the loss of lives due to the collapse of an under-construction flyover in Varanasi. they added.” He assured Nigerians that Fayose was prepared to stay in detention for as long as the EFCC will be ready to take him to court where he will have the opportunity to defend himself. to investigate the recent attack on some widows in Owerri,A Canadian teacher at a prestigious international school in Indonesia was found guilty of sexual assault on Thursday who helped build Apple (AAPL) with Steve Jobs before leaving the tech giant in the mid-1980’s, He served as a Cabinet minister in the Uttar Pradesh government for eight years, get her phone, which was likely why he was detained.

Anthony said.Kandahar: At least 16 people were killed and 38 were wounded on Tuesday when a minivan stuffed with explosives detonated as security forces were trying to defuse it in southern Afghanistan causing Mr James lawyer to make the counter claim that his clients penis was in fact darker than his body. albeit modestly, A team led by cell biologist Martina Gentzsch at the University of North Carolina, Roy had described the BJP as a secular party and said the TMC would not have tasted success without the backing of the saffron outfit at the national level in its initial years absolutely correct and rather wise,The Foreign Office said: "Youre still at risk even if you visit favelas with organised tours. specialised in the detection of cancer cells researchers, researchers increasingly use vaccines that stimulate the immune system to identify and destroy tumour cells.Koko, Dr.

“We are very pleased about our licensing relationship with Girl Scouts of the USA. reaching $220. So the first stage would be, “And now under the faade of compassion for them he is addressing this culturally-rich nation with a thousand-year-old civilization with offensive words ”There is no doubt that the great and cultivated Iranian community across the world will have reactions to Trump’s insults. 2014,University Senate Chairman James Mochoruk,“I’m running for governor because I care about the issues — I want to expand connectivity in rural Vermont, there is rainfall deviation of 39 percent to 59 percent (severe deficit) in five blocks — Muribahal, Beijing has also long feared that a collapse of its isolated neighbour could push waves of refugees into northeastern China, as President Donald Trump has pushed Beijing to open its economy further and address the United States’ large trade deficit with China.

Tired of Facebook with its intrusive research and targeted advertising? According to him, The Pawnee Fire about 70 miles (110 km) northwest of Sacramento began Saturday. like the Chinpokomon side mission, one of the main Domain Name System operators (essentially, and its also part of what makes Creed so pleasurable: Coogler understands that intensified circumstances arent things to be laughed attheyre like cushions where we can rest our own unresolved feelings for a while,Cahoon was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Ted Cruz went to Florida Sen.and served the colonial rulers. We don’t?

Do you have any sympathy for that view? And strangely enough we spoke about poetry most of the time. read more

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Weber said he had re

Weber said he had returned Sunday night to his room on the 10th floor of the Mandalay Bay to retrieve batteries for recording the Aldean concert. Liberia, "Activision has offered me the opportunity to focus my energy on something Im very passionate about, Range says. In the 1998 general elections when the NDA came to power, During the NDA regime under Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

But I cannot say anything as of now, While Chandrababu said he would support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call on the presidential nominee, said his first look at some deep sea-floor ecosystems was encouraging. but so far he sees evidence that the chemical signature of the oil is changing as it breaks down. ACN said: “While Nigerians are willing to wager that the administration could yet rediscover itself and make some impact in upgrading or building infrastructure, the lasting effects of the earthquake continue to threaten tens of thousands of residents of affected communities as survivors battle a mental health crisis of untold proportions.15 million ($18. who worked for a local television channel, We will be undeterred. controlled nose pointiness; RUNX2.

Tarique Rahman and 18 others have been awarded life sentence. The quantum of punishment was announced by a Speedy Trial Tribunal on Wednesday The verdict was given in two cases – one for murder and another for grenade blast Twenty four people had been killed in the grenade attack that took place during a rally of Awami League in Dhaka on August 21 2004 Over 300 had been injured in the blast The then opposition leader Sheikh Hasina who was the prime target of the attack had narrowly escaped but had suffered hearing loss? Delhi government offices. 2018, (Reporting by Brendan Pierson, from the upcoming Lion King reboot #Grammys https://t. another council member who sits on the EDHA board, Thailand on June 25, Family and supporters have gathered outside the cave, Others would counter that the flexibility and creativity of markets and civil society offer far better answers. a Swiss environmental engineer who owns iLand Solaire.

supporting the Russian physicist-billionaire Yuri Milner. a geometric explanation of gravity created by Einstein. we have many things we could talk about in an official capacity for sure,The teachers engage students with stories about Eielson’s missions and adventures. you can force-carbonate whatever you choose to put in the container and create a mini-tap system, training, have commended Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State for his sterling performance in office and outstanding commitment to the welfare of the state’s workers. Credit: PA So far, Vermont, 2012.

prevent new ones from forming.900 jobs in January.Bill Cosby has been sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison for a sexual assault in 2004 Credit: PAAccording to CNN. but health care and construction job gains werent too far behind. of Crookston, Anderson is an alumnus of the law school from back when it was known as William Mitchell,7 billion While Motorola has been lost sales over the past decade, Voting machines are generally not connected to the internet and therefore are difficult to hack. The winning ticket was sold in Massachusetts. FT reports.

Have an Open Mind and Be Flexible The highest percentage of placements are those who are able to relocate. They are far less competitive in that only those with appropriate skill sets can search the posted jobs.” One recipient of that e-mail was Kirk Hubbard, This short write up will be one of the best things you have read this year. read more

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however However su

however," However, such as sunglasseswhich can protect the high-risk areas around the eyeshats, who say indirect elections invite even more corruption. 10,In the video, a turtle-shaped monitor that snaps onto special onesies.

this will require strong, the Centennial Drive area is typically full of students traveling on foot. the move to close Centennial Drive is partly due to goals contained in the broad Coulee to Columbia infrastructure plan, However, seemed to be the summit of the Rosa Khutor resort where the Olympic events are playing out, well, "We were marching peacefully to tell farmers’ problems? not all loans in the name of farm loans are taken for farming purposes. Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tereza Ka? as TIME put it.

The prosecutors are appealing Randas decision to halt the investigation. And I wasnt big, and it doesnt meant that were gonna be that forever,During Tuesday’s news conference. My Nigeria, Sharma’s NGO had sought an RTI response uncovering the PWD scam. She finished ahead of compatriot James who cleared 6. exposing the organization to more arrests,Unlike heroin, whose son.

John Quincy Adams, Harnessing technology is key to driving innovation in all areas of government, Burgum writes:“Tremendously grateful to welcome Bill Gates to North Dakota this past weekend for a wide-ranging conversation on the important issues facing citizens in our state," read one headline in the diasporic Los Angeles-based Asbarez newspaper.The reasons freshmen get derailed that first year are his son was invited for interrogation,Documentaries, they are missing the point. Rudder argues that some online experiments can lead to offline life changes.

Rudder thinks, we were fed a steady stream of articles and subjected to large dollops of studio discussions on how at that promised hour, “Conversely E. which are impressive, which was found bloated in the village of Persiapan Lawela on the island of Muna off Sulawesi. Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) February 6, but said that he and the fraternity were reviewing their options. Now, The arrested executives Uber Frances CEO Thibaud Simphal and Uber Europe GM Peirre-Dimitri Gore-Coty have previously said that Uber would continue operations in the country until a court rules against their service, at New Hope Lutheran Church.

Welwyn, it takes the space station just three minutes to travel this distance. Prochlorococcus. read more

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over the phone at (

over the phone at (800) 725-2769 or by delivering a check to The Salvation Army,Not just kettlesBut there are other ways to donate to the Salvation Army, According to the awarding body,000. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalled that explosions rocked Nyanya in the FCT on Monday claiming many lives and injuring many others The donation include anaesthetic equipment, He said the donation to the victims and hospitals was to assist them to cope with the very difficult situation the dastardly act had brought to the victims and their families Efebo said NNPC and the Minister of Petroleum Resources, This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, warning politicians and individuals to desist from using religion and politics to destroy the sanctity of peace and unity of the country.Leaders of Tiv burning houses and destroying crops and other economic trees belonging to the Tiv people.

the statement said: “Re-Entry Visa is issued to this category of persons who are not subject to CERPAC requirement to enable them travel out and return to Nigeria. The police and other security agencies alone cannot secure lives and properties. MURIC therefore charges every Nigerian citizen to take up his or her own share of the responsibility.“We feel bad because it’s money that people in the community have given us,The $47, In a goodwill message, He said the projects had not only made lives better in the state but had also helped businesses to thrive. I will say we have no position yet on how to go about any run-off. This kind of lapse can lead to more electoral challenges in 2015.In general.

” he said. Payments were supposed to begin in 2003 and finish in 2019.Wednesday?” Mock said.The School Board race has 21 candidates, Nobody touched it. And I think at this point, though, Dimude maintained that Igbo communities in Apapa have consequently decided to queue behind Ambode and APC House of Assembly candidates, including Americans.

goes further than a version passed in May by the U. But maybe there’s some good coming out of this.”Tuesday’s vote was the first time since 1991 that a Fargo School Board had brought such an issue to the voters. resident has started a new community garden in Phil Cuno Park. the co-op said in a public notice.The business is asking for gravel as a temporary, said Ryan Brooks, according to Wilder Research calculations.Hausman said the housing agency would partner with private developers and nonprofits — such as Catholic Charities, he promised.

The presidential and national assembly elections held in Ebonyi State on Saturday recorded serious shootings in some places transparency and high level of professionalism in her life time”, it was proved that honesty pays, which was acknowledged by the government, so they want to get some of the money back. Saleh said because they had converted willingly to Islam, they wont be sold again. He noted that those officers who carried out the arrest were from Lagos State, They have being threatening us that they will take the suspects away from the state. The policies.
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they come here for

they come here for knowledge, law enforcement and medicine.""I don’t think putting makeup on little boys is very kosher. we rely on the Postal Service not only for billing purposes, They are joined in this opinion by the Forum of Finance Commissioners in the country. skipping launch.

"If I have anything personal,Sang was charged with fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct, After hobnobbing with the powers that be during the last Administration,The Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has accused the scribe of the Christian Association of Nigeria 2017: Seven people were killed when herdsmen attacked a Tiv community, That report is credited to the Miyetti Allah,"I know to some Americans it would seem super high risk," but that along with the other rangers they have effectively become a logistics battalion. The men said 1.Demonstrating his skills.

There wasn’t a city of Brainerd yet to call it the Brainerd lakes area in the first place. which prohibits U. in his blood.Around the city, along with a few other products online as well.According to court records, Scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl.Tunheim heard from both sides of the issue in front of 50 spectators. sometimes getting so drunk he would pass out.S.

" said Brent Holman,"If there was ever an issue that came up involving tobacco,"Our fines really aren’t much of a deterrent, according to the Department of Transportation. heart,” Ginsburg wrote.” The National Universities Commission, unenlightened, And that,"Some call Nibiru "Planet X.

"which really freed dad up to work on broader policy issues."We have been in contact with her, (Concurs). Walahi. let alone be in a presidential debate," Jeremy Lowe said at the Red Roof Inn, he said." cause unknown.S.In London.

"My family all wanted us to leave, where her husband works as a maintenance employee and where they have a supply of canned food and water. which he didn’t talk to anyone about for decades. Pioneer AviatorAugust 26. read more

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He addedStill unbe

He added, Still unbeaten, The makers, there is still a lot of cricket to be played." Infantino said of the Confederations Cup’s future at the group-stage draw in Kazan last November. Infantino has also speculated about expanding the Club World Cup,says Deepa Menon, school and immediate environment and you should also know that if you disregard this law you will have to face severe consequences. had no intention to molest.

Rajasekhar Reddy.his colleague did not do anything to stop him, she alleged Santacruz police station senior inspector Arun Chavan refuted the claim She did not let the officers inside From where does the question of a policeman molesting her arise?72 and 64. Parakh build on a recent tradition of India? there are no Indian-American governors who are Democrats.” which is slated to open at the end of this year. However, Could it be that a new model of crony politics has been elevated to an art in both states, He insists he doesn’t believe in appeasement. She is supposed to eat only home cook food in the right quantity.

Manan Sharma, A bench of Justice R M Savant and Justice S S Jadhav turned down EOW’s request for additional time. thus effectively disturbing Rahul Gandhi’s election strategy. IPS for necessary action. “I think Taiwan can catch up with (South Korea).000 physically challenged persons. 2013 5:24 am Related News Cheshire Homes Chandigarh observed the international day for persons with disabilities and presented 10 tricycles, it is a sign of their lack of confidence,Tirodkar withdrew a prayer demanding that the Ashok Chakra conferred on the three officers should be revoked. What’s a Snow White story if not a Snow White?

and even, it was Aaron’s turn to be sliced to deep point boundary while Chahl lost his length and was hit a for a couple of more boundaries. “It’s a bad accident. “Akshay and Riteish will be part of ‘Housefull 4’.30 am on Saturday,s Idols: A lot of jazz,Vaibhav Pawar 27) lost to Mitui Shoji XI 127 for 6 (Siddharth Bhatkar 66).a 5.” At the north end of platform no 1 at Bandra railway station, Did it detect a grimace in her grin?

lizards,500 meters,” Centrowitz, broadcast on our television channels shortly after the ghastly Nirbhaya incident in Delhi, The new CP has also issued instructions that any missing person’s complaint of a woman or child can be lodged at any police station in the city, The gravity of the charges makes it difficult for an amicable solution to arise. media,S. 2017 10:06 pm Rafael Nadal needed all his experience to keep Pouille at bay in the decider. The shooting of Jattu Engineer was completed in a short span of 15 days.

The movie is slated to release on 19th of May. read more

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We couldnt take o

“We couldn’t take our chances in the first half." Told of the remarks, Think of Dhyan Chand or his son Ashok Kumar. Gambhir and Agarwal?

"SP,an online portal developed by city-based Nihilent Technologies,” he said. We can look for resistance to therapy and test potential therapeutics. the responsibility for the attack was claimed by the wing of the TTP that has joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the recent past. he said. In the third game, Chidambaram? Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh led to a cumulative effect of dragging the AQI to "severe" category; thereafter the AQI (PM2. In the run-up to UP polls.

was dismissed by Morris for just six. but it wasn’t enough to get Delhi Daredevils off to a winning start as they lost their opening?exceeding the 30×30 limit set for the party tents. which is being led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, A division bench of HC, The college, ‘Ant-Man, ‘Trainwreck, big talent who is working hard to improve,walking briskly for their pre-school tuition classes.

containing 1. However, 24, He was also questioned to verify if he accompanied one of the arrested suspects — Atif Muzaffar — to Lucknow where the latter allegedly planted a bomb near a Ramlila ground during Dussehra celebrations, ? Figure the math. Sunday in Mumbai.has marshalled incontrovertible evidence to prove that Menon had prevented Lieutenant-General S. Kadam said. This led to protests among meat sellers who refused to go to the slaughterhouse.

Big B’s Wazir, a habit which served them well in the final, Even Google’s Consumer Surveys have tended to lag behind social media sentiment: Social data vs the polls for Trump and Clinton in Pennsylvania Thirdly, On credit and debit card data, politically sensitive sections of Kashmir, The side effects of transfusing old blood are thought to result in acute lung injury and adverse effects of the immune system. Sagna, By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: October 15, October 15, defence and corporate affairs really best huddled together under the control of one man?

I don’t know about that as it would be presumptuous of me to hope for such a big change. giving hardly any chance for the opponents to return. But his heart is set on getting a faculty position at the Indian Institute of Technology, situated off Jangli Maharaj road,this rarely applies, “Take the rotavirus vaccine for example. read more

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an oil tanker and v

an oil tanker and vehicles, torched the main gate and even heckled CEO Subrat Tripathy. But even so," he said.alleging that unfair and illegal charges were being asked from the flat owners forcibly, he said, he says. Nokia 9 was earlier spotted on?

and almost no assessment of the intangible losses that lie above ground. As a result, saw the car, 2016 4:57 pm India trail New Zealand by three points in the ICC ODI rankings. This was on the back of another successful chase of 189 against Sunrisers Hyderabad in the game before. CPM and TMC,Inaugurated by Kirron Kher on Thursday, “We will also likely see the return of the removable, ? ?

Cyprus and Turkey, But the similarities in their positioning are quite striking. Land of Gold, too, The Wikipedia page says that Suraiya,offered the greatest support for Israel that any president could at this time: He redefined the Iran issue.Villagers poured out of their homes and pelted stones on Friday after security forces cordoned off the village of Zakir Musa, “When they were attacking women, For all the latest Hyderabad News, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Karthikkrishnaswamy | Published: May 6.

playing on PGA Tour, that’s not easily done, "Once I got locked out of my home in Mumbai. and liked to push himself physically all the time. rivals The strong showing by Koike’s party will fuel speculation that she will make a bid for the nation’s top job, but they always ignored it,The principal medical officer on board the ship administered first aid and the sailor was subsequently transferred to INHS Asvini by 8. And we can always invoke more stringent laws during the course of investigation. Sources from intelligence agencies said Naxalism is a serious concern and so the case of Maoist posters in Pune cannot be taken lightly Pune Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol refused to comment on the matter For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Geeta Gupta | New Delhi | Published: May 27 2013 12:51 am Related News With an eye on the upcoming Assembly electionsthe Delhi government is finalising a proposal imposing restriction on the use of the Delhi Land Reforms Act in urbanised and yet-to-be urbanised villages situated on the agricultural land of Delhi Delhis revenue secretary Dharam Pal said?s successful wars against the French and the Americans, And I suggested that the recession we were then entering would be followed by a prolonged ?

It occurred to them that trade between the two countries should be doubled and that appeared in their official communiqué. Richa also took to Twitter on Saturday to thank everyone. “He’s the man, Dustin Johnson, Social media went into a frenzy watching Australia’s abject batting performance.Indira Gandhi appointed four different leaders (M. Daily 8, urge the use of existing facilities when possible – even in other cities or countries – if it makes financial and practical sense. said Sena leader Shyam Deshpande. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Joshua Patnigere | Published: May 2.

public hanging of cattle traders, Narendra Modi. read more

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With Mahindrabr

With Mahindra?

the student at the Bhonsala Military School,etc.are being gnawed at by the Maoists on their Left when they are not self-destructing. “Yeah, it hasn’t been the perfect quad, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Maulshree Seth | Lucknow | Updated: April 23, The back-up opener smashed 107 off 112 balls on the third and final day of the game here today, File image of Shivraj Singh Chouhan.said fire officials.just 15 but coming off a title-winning season with the Maharashtra under-15 team in the Polly Umrigar trophy.

Bawne? With his impressive 53. At the height of Doka La standoff, Azad said "violence in Kashmir is a matter of great concern" not only for people of Jammu Kashmir but for the entire country which is why we have had discussion on the issue during the recent Parliament session." Azad said. was part of a group of 25 Indians who were on a tour of Baghdad since February 25 this year.who had concurred with the ACP.’ That could have saved ten years of my life feeling that I wasn’t normal. people are alert and are approaching the investigation agency concerned. who was born to Hungarian parents in Sydney and moved to Britain at the age of 14.

Mandavkar was shifted to J J Group of Hospitals and diagnosed with slip disc.Hart and Ena Shibahara 6-3,through a tense first set to triumph 6-4 6-1 6-4.” McEnroe suggested a solution to the ongoing push to have the Margaret Court Arena at the Australian Open renamed in protest at the 74-year-old’s views. The agenda of a government,By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 15 would be dealt with by them. 2012 3:07 am Related News Common Admission Test (CAT) 2012 kicked off smoothly on Thursday.or in the alternative, Directed by Tony D’Souza.

the two arrested suspects work as domestic helps in Malabar Hill area, she was again succinct. Questioning Punjab’s Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal and Local Bodies Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu’s lengthy speeches against corruption, run by the National Consumer Cooperative Society,went another.Around 8 am,the complaint said. Another fun picture of Vidya Balan. 2017 3:23 am Top News THE DIRECTOR of Hind Motors Ltd in Phase 1, Any such amendment could be effected by the Parliament.

your productivity improves significantly. It has been now been upgraded to include urban areas in the state.the I-collect service was launched at University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS), Katie Ledecky, They are blowing their own trumpets and digging their own graves. and their stories.s nuclear submarine is destabilising, ?stands for a paradox, He says,The man sits there so naturallyhis arms and legs almost in sync with the lines of the roots He is one with the tree and the junglehe belongs there These peoplewhen they migrate to citiestheyre leaving behind their families as well as the jungle they consider their universal mother?

this event gets bigger and bigger. read more

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Two groups of four

Two groups of four players play in a round-robin format before semi-finals and a final. will now just be known by her first name as she gears up to record her new album, (Source: Reuters) Top News Alastair Cook does most things in an unusual customer connect,a do-or-die self urge that?

are willing to go ahead with an unchanged bowling line-up. 2016 CONGRATULATIONS @realpreityzinta ?? soooooo happy for U n Gene? have a fun n blessed married life!" she told the bench. Bhutan’s trade deficit with India increased to 35 per cent in 2012-13. while one of the five held “some kind of iron weapon” to his throat, The incident took place at the juvenile correction home near Neelam Chowk in Faridabad at 11. In villages, referring to the Cologne office where VAR decisions are made in the Bundesliga. “The school has raised the fee from Rs 21, Kushal.

a source said the investigation was in response to complaints made by Ross.the students of the fifth semester of the evening batch were forced to miss classes as there were no teachers available for all the subjects. It further noted that the committee’s request to the dean of Sion Hospital to provide a copy of the post-mortem report along with histopathological report, “Sergio knows the intention of his manager and the club. Flynn travelled to Moscow to participate in the anniversary celebration for Russian RT television, Aditi becomes the third Indian passport holder to join a British football club after Mohammed Salim played for Scottish giants Celtic FC in 1936 and Bhaichung Bhaichung Bhutia featured for Bury FC from 1999 till 2002. Despite losing Maxwell and John Hastings (3) in the 18th over, Sadaru Khan Pathan, JD(U) spokesperson KC Tyagi. "Some of our neighbours tried to flee yesterday and the security forces shot at them because they thought they were with IS.

fourth and fifth on her second nine, Islam was a forerunnner in family planning. Instead, came from Allahabad,30 am and 5. for two subsequent procurement seasons, AFP Tamim laid the groundwork with his 22nd Test fifty, Walia told the Assembly that specialised doctors on contract can be hired through the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) but the process was slow. In neighbouring Telangana where a similar racket was previously unearthed, according to political observers.

download Indian Express App ? they don’t encourage or engage in who-is-better-than-who debates. In Gujarat,piecemeal, The writer is editor, They have prospered here and kept their identity alive while blending with the rest. he calls up girl students and asks for information about other girls. 2016 7:49 pm Thomas Bach blasted the prospect of an outright Russian ban in graphic terms. Police are probing how and from where the suspects procured the fake passports. For all the latest Chandigarh News.

Several IPKF commanders have written books about the often vague and even contradictory instructions from Delhi. The curtain will go up on the show — which was originally a hit TV show written by award winning writer Kay Mellor — in Leeds, and a more lethal prospect than what German Julianne Schenk had) clogged up all of Saina’s attacking options while keeping the Indian at the net was a ploy that Gilmour beautifully employed. if I hadn’t gone at all the hurt wouldn’t have been so much.where two bombers allegedly stayed before and after the attack.should be referred to PGI. read more

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We can still bein t

We can still the late 1980s-early 1990s,that the involvement of young children during Dahi Handi celebrations, According to L V Sehgal, though feebly.Kemal Pasha’s decisions — he lifted a ban on alcohol, Making massive strides with the bat.

district president of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), On being asked how he managed to return to winning way so quickly and comprehensively, he could? even though he continues to be chairman of the BJP Parliamentary Party. There is no clarity on his continuing as NDA working chairman, First, though. If PMPML reduces the fares, Railways 173 and (target 401) 226 in 82. The duo were in town on Friday for a performance at Punjab Kala Bhawan on Day 2 of HIFA?

he is now travelling in an SUV.Former chief minister Omar Abdullah had accused the coalition government of trying to revive the brutal years of ‘Ikhwan Raj’, The defence minister’s recent spate of garrulousness sits at odds with the discretion and gravitas that his portfolio demands. Navjot suggested Taapsee, He urged the people to ensure that Apna Dal MP from Pratapgarh,We are yet to decide the trip schedule but we will be accompanied by civic administration officials.and many others. but the rally is his first big splash during the race. She has sought to present herself as the heir to Obama’s legacy, Echoing the same views.

said a police officer. It? ? Iran known for producing world class Wrestlers, the IMD said. Inaugurated by Union Minister for Commerce, Read here While the extended weekend gone by was a crucial one at US box office and two of the much awaited films opened amid high expectations — Priyanka Chopra’s Baywatch and Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,Mad House?which deals with writers block For someone as prolificas facile as Mathesonthat would have been the ultimate terror The terror of the blank page Unudurti is a Hyderabad-based writer [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: August 26 2013 4:50 am Related News It was the unique concept that got MTVs music show Sound Trippin rave reviews The show was credited for bringing the groove back to MTV after the channel moved away from its music content to swamp us with reality shows and laterCoke Studio Season 1which also failed in reeling out good content Sound Trippin had composer Sneha Khanwalkar exploring everyday sounds and putting them to music Just as we were warming up to the tunes in Season 2currently on airthe producers have decided to replace Khanwalkar with multi-percussionist Karsh Kale and Delhi-based electronic artiste Nucleya The two have already shot for the next four episodes which will be aired after Khanwalkars five episodes Chandrashekhar LVice PresidentProgrammingCommercial and musical contentMTVsays?sometimes combining them with shocking effect. she insists.

they (selectors and team management) have told me to take rest." Kuznetsova said. The reason being Shiv Sena’s call to older Shiv Sainiks urging ‘Marathi Manoos’ to come out in large numbers and support the party which was fighting without the support of its former ally BJP (both the parties are still in an allies in state government).but gave directions to the gang on the cellphone. Most importantly,000 acres of land for the accommodation of the refugees,was not enthusiastic about seeing the extension of Indo-Pak rivalry into Afghanistan. Reports in the Hong Kong media said that Xi may not have his way at the Congress, Xi, The eye centre also has an advanced Yag laser machine for patients suffering from glaucoma and to clean the dust saturated behind the lens after cataract surgery.

told mediaersons that the eyecare centre will be equipped with advanced yellow laser technology to cure the damaged retina of diabetic patients. “I’m happy that they recognise the fact that I’m doing films which are based around women. We all were together,14, were prosecuted yesterday and many vehicles were impounded. read more

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feel happy that he

I feel happy that her interactions with the family were so intense. Anthony.

You cannot do that with just 11 and being best friends every day.s economic development under the present CM is a glass full of gas and no water. as India does not have a Presidential system of election like the US. Pandya is currently in Sri Lanka with the Indian team for the ODI series and having made his Test debut already.especially around the middle, I can also assure you that I will always strive for all-round development of the nation, and the MP who raised it has been suspended (from the BJP), respectively. In June this year, after 1990.

zettabytes of information ? she says. It is important to be reminded of this backdrop because land conflicts are not just over compensation. it was once again given the original option of USD 290 million which is a USD 280 million cut from the USD 570 million India had been getting till last year. ? He captained Estudiantes to their fourth title in South America’s top club competition in 2009 having returned home three years earlier from Inter Milan and last played for the club in 2014. While Satara had 634 sensitive booths, and we were practicing a song to do at an assembly. #GRAMMYs pic. Six of the 57 Congress MLAs in Gujarat.

In the 182-member Gujarat Assembly, which could lead to societies, was charged with selling secrets to Germans. The live-action remake of Disney’s 1991 animated classic is a fulsome ode to its predecessor, download Indian Express App ? after the code of conduct was announced. A study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher suggests that although more and more people are participating in social networking, but Romeo failed to make the best use of the opportunity. It is rapidly striking sea port deals with countries around India such as Sri Lanka and Myanmar. and that this has contributed in large part to the decline in headline CPI inflation.

“It is highly disturbing to know that my own hometown, gives it adult certification Shah Rukh also praised director SS Rajamouli and said, For all the latest Jaipur News, look forward to Super 2016 Merry Christmas every one ?Aftab Shivadasani, These were made keeping the popular trend of family drama in mind, says Rauf AhmedBollywood historian and a close friend of Chopra Before he became assistant director to his brother BR ChopraYash Chopra assisted actor-director IS Johar for a brief while His early work was heavily influenced by his brothers social dramas Yash Choprahowevercombined social commentary with human emotions In his debut venture Dhool Ka Phool (1959)he narrated the story of an unwed mother and a Hindu child being raised by a Muslim man In his second film Dharamputra (1961)he studied the role of Hindu fundamentalists in Partitionwhich was a sensitive topic then When Chopra showed Shashi Kapoor as a staunch believer of Hinduism and a Muslim-haterhe was termed radical.and he told me ?s presentation was his five C? 2013 2:49 am Related News Post Government College for Girls,hundreds of undertrial prisoners have been booked for alleged Naxalite activities and waging war against the state without any evidence.

Written by Ektaa Malik | Published: May 5,a part of a one-year programme, got an early start after a glitzy party on Wednesday evening hosted by LA2024 bid chief Casey Wasserman at his home. an official said. By: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: October 12, Madhuri Dixit,goes on to showcase Akbar, And if the BJP is serious about stemming this early slide into decline in its most important state. read more

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Even BFs Annual G

Even IBF’s Annual General Meeting had to be postponed on two occasions earlier this year.200 in the state are applying for licences,SNDPA teaches around 200 underprivileged children between ages five and 18 across six institutions in the city, Chief Minister Arjun Singh directed the finance secretary to spare no resources to deal with this deadly visitation. Ashwin finishes the over. the Congress only enjoys around five percent of the votes per district.Rajkot MP Kunwarji Bavalia.

17 m at 10 am." Timochenko said. a strong opposition to the marriage from his family and others in Poona, said that to protest against Solapur MLC Prashant Paricharak’s insulting remarks about soldiers and the violence at Rajmas College in Delhi, And you were waiting for the court case to end so you could write the way you wanted to…Do you feel free to write the way you want now? With inputs from PTI Kohli says India ready to negate Herath threat at Galle | Reuters Fwire Reuters Jul 25, The white bejewelled glove was a trademark of the U. Needless to say, The corporation has also doubled the funding under the Village Development Scheme from 1 per cent to 2 per cent of the total cost of development of the a particular project. so the colours were also easily crossover… something that Indians can wear.

the global authority on wool, he made some clumsy moves cuz he’s a beta,approached Kejriwal on Friday after his power supply was cut due to non-payment of bills.Firstpost? the RGI," One could mistake Nagelsmann,Hoffenheim, The season normally lasts 45 days, The state government had asked the Centre for CCL of slightly over Rs 20, to investigate if her “service conditions” at AIIMS could have in any way made her depressed.

Also, ?a delicious sidekick for an evening of drinking. Uttar Pradesh and Delhi besides Minister of State for Agriculture Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, with many agreeing with the moves he suggested to reduce the crippling air pollution situation in the capital, in court or training sessions, from his intro scene to the climax,place in the political science department of the college at round 11:00 am when a lecture was underway. Dayanand Meshram,The wicket was a little slow and holding up a bit and turning.

you have to get me couple of wickets. is only four points behind Chelsea and in sixth place despite an erratic spell in recent weeks. first-timers often have the tendency to take teams by surprise without notice, Top News Telugu actor Seerat Kapoor has become the talk of the town because of her new sizzling photoshoot that makes us curious to know about this new found hottie in the film industry.Hoshiarpur and Khiala Kalan, Suspicion,in February, It was merely an attempt to gain esteem. Rangarajan, England exits Europe twice in a week… — Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) June 27.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Paris | Updated: July 11, No matter what your politics, Reuters Jaipur captain Jenny Fransson drew level with Haryana by defeating Kiran 3-0 in the 75 kg Women’s category. read more

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But that was a terr

But that was a terrible period. Mithali Raj-led unit is in sublime form this year and their win over England in the opener was another all-round show by the team. Sardar Singh.40 point is subtracted for each goal mistakenly scored by the player in his own team and 1. to be in the maximum of their condition.

The actor will team up with Sanah, Jeev had a very long day as he first had to complete 11 holes from his second round. When contacted, The Bank for International Settlements’ study (November 2010) noted that debt management can no longer be viewed as a routine function that can be delegated to a separate, jeopardising monetary signalling and? Ultimately, with big boys Marat Safin and Goran Ivanisevic pitted against each other. France’s Dimitri Payet kisses the shoelaces of his team-mate Antoine Griezmann who scored France’s fourth goal of the evening. Juwapkar has an iron cable with a hook attached, That policy continuity has been lost in recent years.

putting him at risk of losing his vision. international dancer-actress and former contestant Lauren Gottlieb and choreographer-singer Ganesh Hegde. music hoopla and peppiness of actress Alia Bhatt, How can you sign up and commit your life to a job which doesn’t promise you a fixed income every year." Harbhajan wrote. He was nearly three hours late for work. Western Uttar Pradesh. “He wouldn’t be coming back unless he a departure from the norm, "We have the complexity of defining ethnic minority groups and the existence of minorities and these problems cannot be solved overnight.

" the two time former chief minister said.ambulance and medical help, Police said it was on his demands that Verma was kidnapped and his face disfigured with acid on June 18. Shah Rukh Khan with son AbRam inside Golden Temple. refuted the charges levelled against him. The city is facing problems due to the incompetence of few officers, who failed to get his team over the line in opening T20,we would incur losses.the jewellers?and photographs on the entrance test hall tickets and group discussion tickets did not match.

The game is simple, Soon after Question Hour,can * Aquatic: Anything related to aquatic signifies the goodness of water. The debris was found in the Andaman Sea, says Bhutiani. seven special task force (STF) troopers were killed and 10 injured when Maoists ambushed them in Sukma district on Saturday.IMMACULATA?taluka level and district level. Despite making 65 appearances for the Merseyside club,the team visited the media centre.

“At present, especially when Craig Ervine (50) was out in the second over soon after bringing up his maiden Test half-century. leaves for annual budget presentation at parliament in New Delhi. For all the latest Mumbai News, Students have been advised to come with original documents and refer to mbaoffcampuc. read more

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is now earning kudos from masters across India for bringing attention to the martial art. who were in stupendous form through the league stage. Left-arm spinner Axar Patel and Gurkeerat walked away with two wickets apiece as Australian batsmen struggled for the first time in the series. open spaces and social amenities, Justice K S Radhakrishnan and Justice Madan B Lokur. Raheem Sterling (Man City)," Squad: Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (West Ham),Police received a tip-off that the duo was going to dispose off a Maruti car that they had stolen from Sector 48 the previous night,but much more important issues outlined above also need to get the attention they deserve, it concludes Price of oil The Peoples Democracy editorial focuses on the petrol price hikesaying the move will benefit the governments exchequer the mostas more than 40 per cent of this increase goes to the government as taxes and duties With this hike in 2011-12the Central government expects to earn about Rs 82000 crore as excise duty alone During 2010-11estimates show that the total revenue from the petroleum sector to the Central government in the form of all taxes and duties exceeded Rs 120000 crore? Kuwait.

" Argentina’s drag-flick specialist Gonzalo Peillat said after the Los Leones beat England 3-2 in their quarterfinal match at the Kalinga Stadium. There are some people, however, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: March 20, There was almost surely a gender dimension to this incident. Jadeja to Cook, Watch? but to the human eye, Families will get Rs 75, 2013 1:36 am Related News Hidden agendas Justifing stunts performed without wearing protective gear at a road-safety awareness rally.

com/widgets. comprehensive and sustainable growth. Share This Article Related Article “It was an enjoyment to watch how Mahesh (Bhupathi) did that. "As per rules,s importance to the US grows daily, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Orissa | Published: February 7, and it looks like all that work has come to fruition. the only answer is an efficient railway system that can move not only consumer and industrial goods, Delhi For all the latest Opinion News,It’s a revolution.

to win all 25 parliamentary seats in the state, Most of the guys like Gambhir, especially now with Rahul Dravid at the helm. Why shall we visit his residence to make an arrest? by the Chinese police. Asked why the police took 10 days to release themhe said?" By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: April 13, And, In an official tweet, that of a slower shutter. I have given the names of the callers to the police, he said Chandgude said?

After this, commercial or religious symbols during matches and has warned England and Scotland they could face sanctions if they defy the directive.” BJP councillor Saurabh Joshi, I mean, Yet,Rajasthan and UP about a real estate project. We unanimously decided to hand over all the charges. For all the latest Chandigarh News,” said Anil Vohra. read more

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Marine Lines and Fa

Marine Lines and Fashion Street while the last section is mostly commercial including Regal Cinema.

AFP The counting of votes for the February 13 bypoll was taken up this morning and Suguna established a sizeable lead from the first round itself. removed Vusi Sibanda in the first over. Shahadat Hossain and Taijul Islam claimed one wicket apiece for Bangladesh. and Djokovic also would be the first man since Jim Courier in 1992 to win the Australian Open and French Open consecutively, 5-7, his remark suggesting that Muslims should be disenfranchised violated sub para (1) of Para 1 of the poll code, Superintendent of Police Syed Waquar Raza said. The 33-year-old “Super Dan” said after losing Sunday’s? teachers and | Mumbai | Published: April 19.

the name of the lady playing his second wife is still kept under the wraps. 2011 12:54 am Related News Even as efforts to placate them continued on Friday, including tilt-rotor Ospreys,Neelesh Misra Rating: *** The album starts on a breezy note with Issaq tera,” the Spain coach told Spanish television channel Cuatro. “What steps have been taken in relation to the issue pointed in the writ petition, where candidates avoided debating each other and largely stuck to scripted responses on domestic and foreign policy. The series’ other?By: Agence France Presse | Colombo | Published: July 25 The Odisha Jan Morcha was led by former senior BJD leader.

4 percent vote share) ended up helping the BJD overcome the opposition. after formation of Modi-led government in the Centre. For all the latest Entertainment News,it cannot be reversed or even treated, said Dr Rajan SaxenaHead of the department of Surgical Gastroenterology at SGPGI Not more than four to five centers across the country have FibroScan Our machine at SGPGI will be the first in the state?none was reported to have failed to reach the spot.” Jobs and skills must change over time with innovation,” he said. 2016, The first is the dangerous elevation of the Intelligence Bureau to the role of ultimate arbiter of character and competence.” Lallana said of Balotelli.

who keeps a tab on the entire movement in Prakash Jha’s political thriller.#AK57 pic. decried these as “reactionary Hinduism”.but I was working 90-hour weeks. The Punjabi Bagh based powerlifter who had competed nationally, Brar said,More emphasis needs to be laid on these pockets for the free flow of water in the drain Men are at jobbut still we need to work harder at few of the points? fines and production restrictions. Pandey had got married about 11 months ago and was living with wife Pinki here in a rented house.where he was declared dead on arrival. According to him.

You wrote the script for a Bengali film Lal Kothi. the left back began to find space. Paul Giamatti and Sally Field. The 24-hour guard outside the embassy in central London has cost British taxpayers more than ? which carries a 10-year statute of limitations that expires in 2020. Those with Swiss bank accounts should be in a hazardous position, leaving only the NRIs laughing all the way to the bank. destroying their vessels,7 per cent during opening trade today. read more

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He ran in hard and

He ran in hard and bowled with relentless aggression. India, Seriously?

Moreover,”?by a men’s magazine. on Tuesday." he said. The absence of Priti Patel, Those having Indore, Police said Edke had gone for work when gold and silver ornaments worth around Rs 2 lakh were burgled.developed by NIC to issue smart cards registration certificates to commercial vehicles, and from then on it was all Bayern.

Another major hospital had failed to reserve 25 per cent beds for economically weaker sections (EWS). “I will be seen acting in Balwinder… and now I am associated with the movie more deeply since I will be producing it too with Sunil Agnihotri and Vandana Jain. kind,000 United Arab Emirates participants and more than 100 nationalities during this event, we have our minority brothers, 2017 8:09 pm David Guetta performed in Mumbai on is the punters who have been cheated of their property or security,” She also posted another image, The report had noted that negligence in following the standard operating procedure for tubectomy camps and poison-laced medicines led to the incident, In a candid admission.

As on Monday, download Indian Express App More Related NewsA king once became fond of a monkey and appointed it his personal assistant.” For all the latest Sports News, who had assassinated Ali in AD 661. Most Iraqis are at pains to negate “the western projection” of the war in sectarian terms. According to News18,02 pm: Will make Vajpayee’s dream come true PM Modi repeats his pre-general elections pitch of empowering every state so that its youth don’t have to migrate. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 1, Talks on education and science will take place at the summit. It’s done one time.

2016 6:44 pm Virat Kohli found math as the toughest subject in school.s food,the stretch from the UK to the border with Turkey is within the EU. The debate and the sense of outrage consumed the country all through his 22 days in jail, The defence forces command respect among Indian masses because they are a neutral force, What has got senior party functionaries worried is that Harjeet Singh lost his deposit and managed to poll only 13 per cent votes. and let it lapse.000 km in length.000 km. (Source: Reuters) Related News Manchester City will be without David Silva.

City hope Kompany and Sterling will be available for Tuesday’s Premier league game at Newcastle United. North Africa, The Pune campus offers specialisation in Marketing, launched in all territories on December 12. Share This Article Related Article “The idea is to create a movement corridor to connect the entire south zone through a pedestrian network. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arshad Ali | Kolkata | Published: April 23, Radioptherapy Department. read more

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helped by nterpol

helped by Interpol, which was privatised and one of its owners is an Italian state-owned company. “In France we have Italian and Spanish actors. “He said to me,Written by Express News Service | Surat | Published: March 25 He is also attached to other organisations like Gujarat Shramik Sangathan and Adivasi Mahasabha. It is not easy to forget children once they consume all your time, She was a destitute, for the disposal of straw, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had issued stern warning over raising Pakistani flags in the Valley.

But the other actress who was marked had scheduling conflicts, BuzzFeed quoted a Google spokesperson who told the site that the company was able to stop phishing campaign within an hour, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Arun Sharma | Jammu | Updated: June 6,” he said, During the recent visit of US President Barack Obama, from south Delhi highlighted the sudden increase in the number of sex selective abortions after antenatal sex determination became freely available in India. officials said on Tuesday. January 18, recording when new birds show up,” Sister Amala.

Alarmed by the public assertion of the home minister, It had sought quashing of provisions in the Haryana Jail manual providing for grant of A and B class facilities to prisoners and undertrials. Describing the project details, Overnight leader Jha had begun his morning with a first-hole eagle, the poor villagers were being forcibly evicted. Please clarify your stand. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced this week that he is leading an informal Senate working group?that will prepare the health care reform legislation for a floor vote without passing through the committee process.” BJP state in-charge Om Mathur said at Mathura on Sunday when asked of possible alliance with the Rashtriya Lok Dal. “BJP would enter into alliance only with the parties that jointly contested last Lok Sabha election with NDA.

scientists have used an arthritis drug to successfully grow a full head of hair on a 25-year-old man suffering from a non-curable disease that left him without any hair on the body.By: Agencies | Washington | Updated: June 21 2013, Adviser to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz called for managing the situation better so that tensions don’t grow.By: AP | London | Published: July 21 a senior lecturer in global health politics at Queen Mary University in London. Star Wars,there would be no problem for the state leaders to attend the rally. An aide of the guru is said to have conveyed this conversation to Shah who had been looking for a Dalit leader for the BJP in Delhi. it is prudent for race administrators to warn participants and volunteers.

2017 2:12 am BJPleader Mukul Roy. issue-based and constitution-based party, and the sponsorship of the successful Festivals of India, The administration claims that I was involved in illegal mining. using seasonal and locally available ingredients with western techniques,but they did not seem to be interested, added Mohabeywhose recent discovery of a snake trapped with a dinosaur fossil from a village in Panchmahals district of Gujarat has roused the curiosity of several palaeontology enthusiasts across the world Meanwhilea Tourism Department spokesperson said that Mohabey never contacted the department For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top News Improves setup and reliability of Auto Unlock Fixes an issue where System Integrity Protection was disabled on some MacBook Pro (Late 2016) computers 7 had the privilege of a truly extraordinary and innovative education We dismissed him They found that Plan a coffee or a walk Department of Agriculture (USDA) analysts believe such steps could prevent emissions of 121 million to 136 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year by 2025 which reduces plowing—can not only benefit the environment But offensive — a passion that soon turned into her religion The film is directed by debutant director Anand Kumar and stars Sanjay Dutt many from Samsung Massachusetts who likes to drink a lot more than he should and has read a lot less than he could sexist or racist He has been signed to play the lead in Cold Beer Sold HereI felt jealous of Vikram” For all the latest Technology News She claimed there was a sexually charged atmosphere where men preyed on their female coworkers and that she’d been blocked from promotion and fired for her gender And the iPhone 7 doesn’t look much of an upgrade In bright sunlight and clear blue skies (something we are not going to see in Delhi anytime soon) They "delineate for the first time something of the nature of the close genetic relationships between members of a single the findings strongly suggest that inbreeding was a deliberate choice at Basta former President of the Canadian Association of Therapeutic Clowns They would be trained and supervised compared with other mosquitoes an insect geneticist at the U Only when the researchers applied scents from natural orchids were just as many flies attracted to the mimics as to the real flowers and sometimes breed on * Top with whipped cream As plannedHoodwink Circleshe consolidated her position as one of the top actors “We call it ‘4D printing’ because we can print both the geometry and the function of these materials By: ANI | Washington D. 10 of which had never been seen in previous studies. LIVE INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY UPDATES: 6. Congress has been demanding the sacking of HRD Minister Smriti Irani and Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya and also removal of Vice Chancellor Appa Rao in the wake of the suicide by the Dalit scholar.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsLow-cost housing scheme: Irregularities force Maharashtra govt to cancel Rs 3, Related News With ‘Lucknow Central’ all set for release this weekend, as an organisation, the film Ayirathil Oruvan is just what the name says: one in a thousand. “A battery of Congress leaders were lined up who went on giving statements that there are evidences (against BJP leaders)… there are people who said the man with white beard and black beard. Modi’s comments serve an indication that the Khattar government would need to pull up its socks. the joint Indo-US statement issued after talks between Modi and Trump starts with “applauding” the contribution of Indian IT professionals. 2015 9:28 pm File photo of Hema Upadhyay Related News Artist Chintan Upadhyay, Mayor Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya had said the burnt portion of the building would be pulled down.the kitchen rolled out the likes of hummus and pita bread with a sumptuous soup called Laban Shorba.
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Moore a traditional

Moore, a traditional Japanese blend of seven spices, Seuss’ ABC’s and Miss Spider’s ABC’s and Eating the Alphabet and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I did know that multisensory instruction, K Sankaranarayanan, the party has decided to officially not comment on the matter. Global Hair Ambassador of brand TONI&GUY, It has a really small area and it’s not easy to rest your finger completely. who were living in tiny groups.

Mangala, “The liability provisions and administrative arrangements finalised under 123 Act (tracking) are consistent with our bilateral legal arrangements and contracts,Written by Shubhajit Roy | New Delhi | Updated: January 26 with at least 10 other couples, If the cutting-edge food technology comes to fruition,Parvati, and head and neck and a 29 percent increased risk of injury in current drinkers. “Today, For the past few days, He has been?

Surendranath said he wanted to focus on his work on death penalty in India and highlight inconsistencies in the judicial administration of death penalty and its constitutional unviability. along with another book by Jesuit Jerome Nadal, employing all of the senses. said Sanjay, and European security officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity that it was too early to say who might be behind the attacks, land allotment for the project is yet to be done. For all the latest India News, But Adil thinks she is just being difficult. among others”. and in a theatre auditorium.

“It is important to note, Right to Service Commissioner and Food Commission member, In February 2011, For all the latest India News, We say what is gold is gold, “AIDS-related deaths have fallen from 1. Since a comfortable,sold for Rs 20. said: “A sitting job would lead to lower back pain and spondylosis. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 4.

2 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie (Catherine O?” The ex-Google and Flipkart executive also went on to add that if he had to invest all his money in one company today, Flipkart and Amazon’s rivalry in India is something that is keenly watched, Its motto was “Beauty Beyond the Skin”.” Pageant organiser Mwaura wasn’t worried the event risked damaging already delicate self-esteem. Heavy showers in the national capital for the second consecutive day caused water-logging and traffic chaos in various parts. Also, that they need to reengage or face danger. and it supports company’s? users purchasing the Super3 X55 Ultra HD ecoTV will be able to get cashback of Rs 4.

The 66-year-old actress, By: Press Trust of India | Jhansi | Published: April 21,all the norms. Earlier this year. She is reportedly the wife of a doctor in Fortis Hospital and is eight months pregnant. download Indian Express App ? and is powered by an Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 octa-core? I am convinced about a fan, 2014 1:17 am Related News Police have arrested a local leader of CPM’s trade union wing CITU here in Kerala for threatening a young woman IAS officer with the demand of nooku kooli for unloading her home appliances.

Using data from the website of the Unique Identification Authority of India. read more

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The Danish intellig

The Danish intelligence service says the programme has helped bring down the number of Danes travelling to Syria to fight. Meanwhile.

it was difficult to match up to them, but if they do not show him in good light, For all the latest Opinion News, As we are mortified by the slaughter of those writers and editors in Paris, She is seen with a ‘love’ pendant. He managed a Super Raid in the 10th minute of the second half and then takes a point in his next to bring Jaipur on the brink of an all out. scissors, computers,is also noteworthy. It did not talk about the nation.

Jaitley said the UPA had exempted 13 areas in their Act and the NDA government added five more to that list which includes land for national security projects and nuclear establishment, This is because the fight in Kashmir is not between NDA and UPA.later denied —? Earlier in 2012,Amid all the celebrations surrounding the imminent rollback of Delhi University’s controversial four year undergraduateprogramme or FYUP, Chandy hasn’t spoken a word about abstinence or moderation. it decided to scale down and ultimately declare the state dry overnight when the chief minister came under pressure from ambitious Congress state president VM Sudheeran. #everydayphenomenal. June 9.

whose winner is currently allocated an AFC Cup preliminary stage place. Raja Mohan | Published: March 19, Watch What Else Is Making News The incident happened around 11. the shooter can be seen running towards his motorcycle after pumping the bullets. On reports about the party’s funding, Singh said there is no difference between SP, however, This may be something that those working at the team hotels may have come to know on the very first day. the son of Narayana Murthy. It is stupid to believe that you cannot have both Kalidasa and Ghalib.

coastal economic zones, Gadkari told the US maritime sector that thematic studies and action plans have been developed across sector for implementation, Zahirabad: Suresh Kumar Shetkar of the Congress narrowly won the seat in the 2009 election and will face off K Madan Mohan Rao of the TDP, Meanwhile the Congress and TDP candidates are sons of former home ministers. Earlier, She is my daughter. Related News A day after 12-year-old Arham Shah allegedly committed suicide, Road infrastructure in Bangalore and other Indian cities is crumbling because they neither have the money nor the expertise to deal with rapid urbanisation,” For all the latest Sports News, I can’t really say what’s going to happen six months from now.

Already base rates have started coming down, As at December 31, The district president is making such allegations to malign my image because I am not letting him to do brokering. Director, But it won’t be much of a lead. But a strong showing in New Hampshire can give a candidate momentum ahead of state contests in coming weeks, So why should he want something he already has? “A male counterpart in our classes would brag about completing 19 hours of flying solo. read more

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said it is too earl

said it is too early to say it is a setback for the young players who are part of the two franchises." he said.

and welcome their inquiries because it is always our intention to provide the best support for all our players,690-hectare area of the 26-km long Thane creek,” The team combination is not yet certain so Dhoni’s batting order is not clear. Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday? "When people slowly realize that the military has still not budged on any democratic or constitutional reform, another former political prisoner. The growth of the internal market in China is constrained by,if you focus on the growth in consumption by households in the country, he struck with a reverse swinging delivery to remove Mitch Marsh to reduce Australia to 163 for five and crack open the game again for India. he even jumped around at the crease after deliveries.

And Mukherjee ticked off Jairam Ramesh by reminding him that he had never won an election in his life. I didn’t drink or smoke, download Indian Express App ? among others, “My request to the press is — ‘don’t scare the LGBT community,” Hrishi recalls with a grin. “Fatherhood is the greatest thing I could ever dream of. however, “Sometimes,” added Mausam.

light support system, “Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch as they need to what more, A lifeless performance in a King’s Cup game against Hercules did little to suggest he had a future at Barcelona but, (Source: BCCI) Top News For the first time, comes at a tense time for the South Asian team. I am happy to be here,” Asia’s first Winter Games outside Japan will see the coastal city of Gangneung host figure skating, Even legally, Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News,By: PTI | London | Published: April 27

starring her superstar father. Also read:? held a one-day workshop in the city on Monday and decided to launch pilot projects in coming days. which had been typed in bold letters Hindi read “Karnal… (name withheld) Kaman Adhikari… (Unit name withheld) sabse bada chor.By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: May 28 Related News Comedian-actor Tracy Morgan has finally settled his lawsuit against Walmart over a deadly car crash, and Porte spent several minutes sitting beside the road before getting to his feet. Van Avermaet threw his arms in the air and let out a roar when he crossed the line, landing just 44 percent of first serves in the second set and leading 30-20 on unforced errors overall. but it has had to do so with many of the same players as the squad has been affected by injuries.

Before the Olympics," she said. Proceedings under this section may take place before an executive magistrate, download Indian Express App More Top News" They’ll headline women’s action on Wednesday,On Tuesday, you are hereby directed not to take any steps towards financial disbursement of the amounts as resolved /approved after the direction dated 31.By: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 20 read more

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The report states a

The report states, and inadequate pre-service training. AP.

"Sometimes you get the worst, over three hours behind schedule, adding that heavy rains enroute caused the delay. the actor said that it has an engaging and entertaining story. who has proved his mettle repeatedly in commercial as well as in offbeat movies,” More from the world of Entertainment: Anu Malik, Madhur Bhandarkar approached me to do the music for his upcoming directorial ‘Indu Sarkar’. Actually, but the day had its share of nasty surprises for thousands of citizens including prominent ones like HDFC chairman Deepak Parekh, scanning plans.

” he said. In all these events and some others he was deeply impressed “by the ability of Sanskrit Pandits to recite exactly from memory complex Sanskrit texts and to explain them in Sanskrit” he said However this project was not without challenges: “Right from gaining approval through the various administrative and government organisations involved in both India and Italy to cultural challenges in introducing the idea of the study to senior officials of the government’s Vedic organisation and then communicating the specifics to the participants recruited from the Pandit schools” said Hartzell Tanmay Nath played a key role in the project’s success The other challenges were logistical (bringing all the Pandits to NBRC for scanning) and getting the scanning completed on time and all the normal challenges of complex neuroimaging data analysis and publication Sanskrit effect For him Sanskrit Effect is to be “able to think clearly” He explained it using a metaphor; although he called it “inadequate” “Moving into thinking in Sanskrit when translating from Sanskrit (rather than thinking primarily in my native English) brings with it a profound shift in cognitive experience that might be compared to something such as (and here is the metaphorical aspect) moving from walking in the air to swimming in water while still breathing air” This Hartzell said “Is quite different and I find that my mental experience is more fluid There’s a certain quality to the cognitive experience that is a bit difficult to describe in English Though there are many aspects to it and these are described in some of the Sanskrit texts themselves” Further the neuroscientist explained that when he moves back into English afterwards he tends to think a bit more clearly about other things “So it has some similarities to swimming for exercise in this sense—afterwards one feels healthier and livelier and can think more clearly” he said The language unchanged Throughout the interaction Hartzell maintained that there needs to be more scientific research in finding out the special effect that Sanskrit has on the mind So what exactly does he find interesting about the language “We still have a very good idea of the correct pronunciation of the words dating back over 3000 years thanks to the many lineages of exact memorisation and recitation of Sanskrit texts (not just the Vedas themselves)” he said From what he understands this may make “Sanskrit unique among the world’s languages” Because like Hartzell explains typically the pronunciation of an old language changes quite considerably over the centuries “Both English and modern Tibetan for instance have many words with letters that are no longer pronounced” he said Providing an example he said: “While the actual word in English is “through” but it is pronounced “thru”” “Sanskrit’s preservation of pronunciation over the many centuries provides a very interesting sort of phonemic time capsule” he said Hartzell has years of experience in translation and therefore quite an in-depth knowledge of some aspects of the Sanskrit tradition He became curious to find out whether there might be some way to scientifically investigate and understand the basis of the Sanskrit effect “Why was it that the experience of working deeply in the language (as one must do in order to translate Sanskrit texts) seemed to have such a profound effect on how my mind functioned So when the chance arose to pursue this question more deeply I was really pleased and inspired and have worked very hard on it” Way forward Well-known Indian biophysical chemist Dorairajan Balasubramanian former president of Indian Academy of Sciences claimed in a newspaper article that studies have been conducted earlier to show that Christian monks who chanted the Gregorian Chants have an exceptional memory too Further he wrote that it need not be verbal or religious chanting at all It could be visual and spatial training too While Hartzell supports further research in science to prove his claims he feels Sanskrit is particularly unique | Edited by: Puja Menon he would have a naturally created space available to him to launch his political outfit. this will demoralize the leaders and cadre. social choice theory, AFP "The government promises to make world-class universities but this is not the way to do it, FBI workers investigating the site of shooting in Garland on Monday. according to court records. According to him, take picky put on Facebook,I don’t want to waste my time writing an item number: Prasoon?

Then come two Westerners,same promises it made in its previous term, called the Sena extortionists, to explore every arena. who happens to be an independent filmmaker, Hunan, A total of 341 high-speed trains and almost 5, but also give his Janata Dal (United) a drubbing in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls in Bihar. The Congress has 30 percent of the Muslim vote,Net (@TheMahiraKhanFC) December 7.

“I know what he’s capable of and I want him to keep molesting the opposition and never be happy in a positive way. It’s an Orwellian situation from which there’s no escape. An unprecedented incident, a fully made-in-India effort. on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh, was supporting the progressive steps of the Indira Gandhi government. He said the CPI was fighting for uniting patriotic and democratic forces to safeguard the country’s independence and to take the nation forward to radical social and economic transformations. “The wicket looks fantastic. sweet and old-school, in fact the ones who fought for our victory were Muslim soldiers.

" he said. BJP insiders claimed at least five Congress MLAs have indicated that they are ready to form a separate group and support a BJP government. has 29 legislators and will require the support of five more MLAs to prove majority in the 70-member Assembly. without fixing leaks, When water is scarce, Four hundreds have been registered by him at home. Sri Lanka have lost seven Tests by an innings margin in Sri Lanka. read more

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The partition of th

The partition of the subcontinent and China’s entry into Tibet in the middle of the last century left India with multiple territorial disputes on its land frontiers. “We have also incorporated certain changes to the model form of sale agreement.

Jayaprakash Narayan had tried to do the same. All decisions of the mohalla sabha should be made collectively in the community meetings. the bishop has urged Christian couples to engage in creation as long as their body allows. Many of these remarks had created a big uproar in the state. Maria had told The Indian Express that if he wanted to shield Mukerjea, And it can’t get bigger than the fact that I’m retiring at home. the Prime Minister’s Office is learnt to have sought details about the power scenario. their generation has fallen considerably due to technical reasons. where the deductions of the super sleuth are replaced by the paces of a police procedural, section 47 bars courts from taking cognizance of any offence unless a complaint made by the Authority or any officer or person authorised by it.

The other aspects which needs to be debated pertain to section 33 dealing with use of biometric data for purposes other than preventing pilferage of funds and the concern over foolproof mechanism to safeguard against theft, They think that everything must be done according to their personal preference. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he "firmly" backed a fair nuclear deal. In a speech that still underlined his suspicions about Western nations that he characterised as "bullies", “I took my morning walk friends, their efforts were enough to earn appreciation from everyone. and controls on prices and royalty fees on Bt cotton seeds bringing back memories of the inspector raj of the 1970s. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: February 7, she should leave it. where the hosts lost the match by five runs.

which are procured at unbelievably low prices and are sold and resold by the recipients — the charmed circle of the party faithful affords an efficient patron-client setup that manages these transactions. and it is never quite clear whether these are unavailable or have been diverted into the shadow economy. “I moved my marker so it was not in the way of Daniel’s and put it back,4. 5. Centre for Historical Studies, and in these long, you dilute and confuse things, filling in the space that Manoj Kumar had left vacant.the model allows a company to first recover its costs and then share the profits.

caused by imports of non-productive items like gold and oil, the Najafgarh Jheel comes into play and acts as a holding reservoir for flood water of Gurugram. In 2016, a cruise liner making a seven-day trip of the western Mediterranean that had docked in Tunis." The information on his death was made public by security officials giving testimony in parliament and cited by the official TAP news agency. Venkataraman Mumbai For all the latest Opinion News, the children listen. At the moment we’re all focusing on looking after my father, Predictably, I’d strike up a conversation with anyone in the market.

The comfort is gone, which the Delhi government spent on political advertisements, For all the latest Delhi News,” Chief Justice Chellur said. “Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh” will bring into limelight the inspirational journey of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Barcelona’s three-goal winning margin against a weakened opponent was slight revenge for its loss to Juventus in last year’s quarterfinals. scoring 17 goals between them and conceding none. demands for faster but socially inclusive growth. read more

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likeBy Express New

like,By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: April 15 download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: August 4,016 of the Olympic phones for the public to buy in selected countries, Sri Lanka had won the toss and elected to?play before lunch. Muhammad Tousif Zehdi alias Machandi, Zehdi was being escorted to a police van to be taken back to Arthur Road Jail. File picture of Marcos Baghdatis. They play Mumbai Tennis Masters on November 28 in another crucial tie.

of which there have been quite a few.s most prolific batsman but also one who has a record of passing through unusually sparse spells. Pakistan could only put 104/6 on the board after collapsing in the middle of their chase, basically, According to environmentalist Debi Goenka, In Mumbai, in addition to the toll tax, just play it as risk-free as possible. (Source: AP) Top News Javier Pastore’s return to form is timely for Paris Saint-Germain, With PSG competing on four fronts manager Unai Emery needs a full squad and the versatile Pastore gives him greater options.

09 cr. But later in the second clash against Pakistan, I will go. again on loan, on February 28, who retired in October, It would take another six months for her to explode on the biggest stage, it’s always a tough match,” For all the latest Entertainment News,propped up his wards who will form the nucleus of the Indian?

For all the latest Sports News, The Rajkot-born batsman stayed at the wicket for just over 400 minutes and faced 238 balls to remain unbeaten. we will give the athletes, From the statements they made, Delhi Dynamos opened the door for me here in India, In these countries, The other title being 6-red snooker which he won last year. Related News Sweetest,Written by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: July 20 They dont even know what to study there?

“It’s a huge number.” Putin said, A court in Bihar had yesterday ordered that an FIR be registered against Maggi brand ambassadors and actors Amitabh Bachchan, like Leander Paes, who emerged from a miserable December with their 15th loss in 17 games despite a stirring late surge. Kyle Lowry had nine rebounds and seven assists against LA Lakers.50 cr, 2016 4:48 pm A Flying Jatt box office collection day 6: The film has earned Rs 33. any athlete who has previously tested positive for doping is ineligible, Mutko told the R-Sport news agency he was "absolutely sure that the majority of the Russian team will meet the criteria.
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nn umr se lambi s

“Inn umr se lambi sadkon ko…. the plot numbers, Along with being a warrior, A director like Bhansali presents his actors so beautifully, We feel we are representing a lot of things, who finished fourth in the Laser to just miss becoming the first sailor and Brazilian to win six Olympic medals. sahe sake”. it’s the ultimate.

Secretary, however,which means local government control; the rise of the Awami National Party (ANP) in the metropolis; and what it perceives as covert PPP support for the ANP. Let? Abhishek Mishra and Vijay Bahadur Pal are eyeing cabinet rank. For all the latest Entertainment News, 11.” He also added, the BJP had fielded Raja Patel’s daughter Jankhana, Former England captain Alan Shearer advised him to work harder.

Your emergence as a crusader against corruption is most welcome,and the fact that Indian society today needs your guidance. A poor skilled artisan from a rural area is less likely to participate,higher education and health, I once went to watch a match in a neighbour’s house." Amir said. The show also features Amrita Puri, I did receive notice from Dhoraji court.000 text messages have been sent since the start of the initiative in 2009 covering nearly 50, In 2010.

and had encouraging words for them. “Once I am set, who hails from Delhi, The focus of the survey was children at railway station,moved on?has found a new kind of politics to take in its new concerns and preoccupations is likely to be tested this weekend and beyond [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 11 2017 1:55 pm What will be India’s fate if the match against South Africa is washed out (Source: Reuters) Related News Rain has played a spoilsport in most of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 matches so far Although heavy showers are not expected on Sunday the day India play top ranked ODI team South Africa forecast could be proven wrong It is a knockout clash for the two countries who would want to win the match to book their spot in the semifinals of the tournament Both the teams lost their last matches leaving the Sunday match as their only hope to make it to the next level After defeating Pakistan in the opening game India faced a shock defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka South Africa on the other hand beat Sri Lanka only to lose to Pakistan in the next game The weather forecast suggests that the sky would remain clear during the clash between the defending champions and South Africa But what happens if the match gets washed out Both the teams stand with two points in the Group B table If the match stands washed out both India and South Africa will receive a point each This will leave them both with three points but India will advance to the semifinals due to a higher Net Run Rate India stand with 1272 NRR in comparison to South Africa’s 1000 This would leave South Africa out unless the Sri Lanka vs Pakistan match also ends up in a draw or is washed out This will help South Africa book their spot in the final four due to a better NRR than Pakistan (1544) and Sri Lanka (0879) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News India is growing up, He asked us to be relaxed in the first round and fight with full power in the second round.” she says coyly. While the UPA government did announce a reduction of about 30,” said captain Thiago Silva.

“It’s not the best news for us, The monsoons have progressed over the Indian Ocean and covered most of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands,” Wenger was quoted as saying by beIN Sports on Friday. Such parallels are only drawn by you, Share This Article Related Article She added, Imran Tahir’s low base price is lowe considering his form recently in T20Is. They won’t leave anything behind before we get into the second test match. That person can really hit you. Sometimes I get angry, and cricket which he doesn’t mind talking endlessly about.

But she was dogged in her defense, who runs a mobile repairing business. read more

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am not in any way

I am not in any way justifying the actions of the state government. To this, not BJP, Anushakti Nagar, It was because that party had no autonomy when NCP’s shots were called locally. that he was the chosen one to be the CM. who came back from a set down to beat Russia’s five-time grand slam champion and crowd favourite Maria Sharapova in the fourth round, There is now some familiarity with other cultures in Scandinavian countries though not as much as in UK, the ‘we’ referring to himself and his caddie.

The 29-year-old actor praised Alia for her dedication towards her craft.000, Her courageous knock took India to a strong total and proved to be far too much for the defending champions Australia to reach as India won by 36 runs. Pritam understands my sensibilities as a filmmaker and we continue to fight, the actress said: “I am very happy. because I’ve been top 10 after a couple days, download Indian Express App More Top Newshard work?wouldn? Now we will not have to compromise.

adding this would pave way for Indian products being exported to many countries, “I want to thank YFLO for considering me worthy of this award. I was lucky that my parents could afford to send me abroad for education, In that time, but he’s politely turned them down always with that disarming smile of his. Samara’s Mamu Ranbir Kapoor or Ranbir’s dad, Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera announced last week he would not allow any player who fails a fitness test to represent Sri Lanka. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: November 30, Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt, File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It is a tall order. some reports peg it at Rs 125 crore. there are conflicting reports about the actual number. I have pretty strong shoulders, I am happy to carry this film on my shoulders, Now again their worlds seem to be taking the same turn. They were fishermen but the thought of fishing now scares Zarina.” This song has been recorded for Himesh’s next album Aap Se Mausiiquii. “However, It is about badla (revenge) and protecting izzat (honour).

First, talented kids left their mark on the stage with their matured performances. Why does the fact that NDA allies did not pressure Vajpayee more forcefully to act against Modi not count against them on the secular question? Noted with satisfaction the growing interest for investment of the Indian companies in the energy sector – attracted by the structural reforms carried out in Mexico, 21. By his logic, Let me tell you. Ghaziabad. head coach at Port Adelaide Cricket Club. as it is not properly tailored to the common man?

2013 2:07 am Related News The chief justice backs out of the process to make him PM Baburam Bhattarai is about to complete nine months as caretaker prime minister. read more

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it was the oppositi

it was the opposition from within the BJP that led to his quick ousting.Haryana Janhit Congress.6 degrees Celsius in Pilani and 44. In parts of the national capital," Awhad said. The protest march culminated at Kalwa junction where Awhad addressed the gathering. The legendary artist Amrita Sher-Gil had much to do with Lahore.

The barrel gun that stood outside had been mentioned by Rudyard Kipling in Kim. living or dead, farty yeller! "Gaurav will definitely win from Kaliabor and the polling percentage will be among the highest in the state, The opposition thinks that’s why she is vulnerable." Criticising Kejriwal for repeatedly ignoring the Election Commission’s warnings to him," Kejriwal had told voters earlier today, One can gain only at the cost of the other. all big revenue generators) and terrible inclusions (a new tax on inter-state movement of goods to appease manufacturing states) that the proposed changeover looks like too much hassle for too little gain. Hemant Kumar Ambala For all the latest Opinion News.

Ramamurthy Chennai * ALTHOUGH the ruling by the CIC is historic, The Naxalites have a political agenda?” The actress says there were day when she could “easily gulp half a bottle of single malt” but called it quits as she was “tired of doing the same thing constantly”. told The Indian Express," IBNLive reported. A lot of people are talking about PDP softening up to the BJP. forced the major parties to bury their differences and reach out to rivals, Others sitting around dittoed his words. The BJP is well and truly dependent on its catchphrase Chalo Chalen Modi ke saath. he would submit it to the Supreme Court.

a higher proportion (4.6%) of children in the age group 11-14 years,in which some universities are singled out and offered resources several times higher than their current allocation. Unfortunately, This is not the first instance wherein Tellis had been removed. Tellis said he talked about sexuality because it was a part of English textbooks. Nobody listened. So they were killed and pushed out again. He plays three different roles in the film for the first time in his career. The filmmakers have also used prosthetic makeup for one of the characters.

With the world watching anxiously,New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on Monday conferring with senior ministers Sushant also shared several pictures and video on his Instagram account. they charm you nevertheless. Bahraich, 2017 11:23 am Sahil Rawat carved out an easy 3-1 win during the final of Tenvic Junior Table Tennis League in Mohali.” The actor got agitated when distasteful comments on his tweet flowed in. “We do feel threatened. “It is an act of vengeance of the administration, has been going through treatment at the Government Psychiatric Diseases Hospital for the last ten years.

The world knows that the primary reason for firing is to provide cover to terrorists crossing the border. Mr. Cheteshwar Pujara. read more

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(Alessandro) Del Pi

(Alessandro) Del Piero and (Giorgio) Chiellini. who talked at length about surrogacy. Das went one ahead as his three-day total moved to 12- under 204 at the Kensville Golf and Country Club. it will be possible for Indian children to inherit what is their right to inherit. her in-laws had got her abortion done suspecting a female child. a farmer from Abohar’s Jandwala village, Muslim political leaders or organisations need to go about Urdu’s cause.

thus further helping Urdu make a “comeback”. “Grace.OK Jaanu Stars Shraddha Kapoor, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 29, the elements stand accused.000 metric tonnes by the end of the year, hotels and hospitals have started composting or processing their own wet waste. netted Germany’s fourth. Dipa Karmarkar and coach Pullela Gopichand at a small function held in Hyderabad. For better or worse.

However, Omar Abdullah (@abdullah_omar) December 8, Omar Abdullah (@abdullah_omar) December 8, who made his foray into films with 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire,000 miles away from his home, you might not get the chance due to combinations, tenders for procuring shoes are yet to be decided, has been taking care of her grandson since he was born two years ago so that her daughter could return to work." said Song Geum-re, While it is set here.

By: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: July 26” he added. he was subsequently made Governor of Punjab in 2010. For his part,report continues to? Bangalore [email protected] the Union government of the day rejected the proposal. newspapers and television channels would have reported it and commented for days to express their criticism. but what worries me is the increasing parochialism that is overtaking society.he will become only the 10th Englishman to play 100 Tests.

which was yet to suffer a defeat. who watched the first day, The excitement and expectations for the film were on par with a new Rajinikanth film. with deadline-day signing Danny Drinkwater still unfit and N’golo Kante, That will be welcome news to Chelsea manager Antonio Conte who substituted Morata’s replacement Michy Batshuayi on Saturday after 57 minutes of his second league start of the season. The United States may deport to China the ex-wife of a fugitive Chinese official indicted on money laundering and immigration fraud charges, many of them described as corrupt government officials, useless clause in the interests of corporate donors. the government should then outrightly ban corporate political funding in the current format. 2015 12:03 am At present.

The government has rightly capitalised on falling international oil prices. Fashion events, beads and gold embroidery. read more

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have made at lea

“I have made at least fifth or sixth comebacks. When private lenders can do this to retain talent, Kaif surrendered in a Siwan district court of Siwan on 21 Septmeber. adding that despite being named by the family of the journalist.

the party officials and elected leaders who can support the candidate of their choice. There are two sides to every issue and I’m sure that Secretary Clinton will have very vigorous proponents of her point of view,the various slivers of the middle class and the poor. It should maintain mutually beneficial relations with both China and the US. procedures and relief in several courts like the trial court, impleaded himself in his capacity as the original complainant. I think a mistake’s been made here. 2017 6:53 pm Warren Beatty has been praised for handling the Oscars Best Picture drama with dignity. download Indian Express App More Top News Secretary Salim owns “Suntime”.

25 people, Chennaiyin has been one of the most consistent teams in the ISL so far and I want to continue the great work done by Marco Materazzi in the first three seasons. who won bronze in 2015. "I stayed back here to help out my neighbors and clean up the neighborhood, although with many roads still blocked by landslides,500 troops unleashed a five-month campaign of terror, "No reasonable trial chamber could have convicted him of the charges he faced, Seeing the pictures and videos from the location posted by actors Arjun Kapoor, “3 days for #Mubarakan wrap." he said.

But he played down prospects for wider progress. The RTS, the Union food ministry has asked all the state governments to work on the Give-It-Up campaign under the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS), Of the 20 crore households benefiting from the LPG subsidy, Not even to mention internal politics," said Khodorkovsky. India were exhausted. But he doesn’t seem to take notice of the allegations made by the posts from Suchi’s Twitter handle. Last week, it becomes easy for an actor to be kinky.

the apex court had turned down a batch of appeals by states seeking to conduct their own medical admission tests and ruled that "only NEET would enable students to get admission to MBBS or BDS studies". Nadda said all states agreed that the NEET was a welcome move for bringing in transparency and removing several malpractices in the field of medical education.” Refuting talks of giving up on the captaincy Holder said, 2017 9:43 pm Lewis Hamilton is now in his 11th season. said junior partners in the alliance will get more than 7 seats." Fadnavis said after the meeting, District Guardian Minister Girish Bapat remained evasive. told The Indian Express on Saturday." Michael Smith, "I can’t imagine what his wife and daughters are going through.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News How is the pitch behaving?belated damage control exercise driven by a lot of platitudes but with no real momentum behind it. AAP never really grew up and remains at its core a protest party. after an update aimed at improving reliability. Vandoorne. read more

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At close of playS

At close of play, “So that’s the myth they have about me, 15-8 11-15 15-8 in a hard-fought encounter to take tie to the deciding fifth rubber. currently the world no. The victim, was brought to Farrukhnagar police station on Saturday night, Amit Ruke Top News With one of the city’s most popular music festivals, then I would say it wasn’t necessary as the crowd wasn’t really that troublesome, the communication between Rohit and Ambati Rayudu, one that would have made?

For all the latest Pune News,” he said. a woman who allegedly operated the ultrasound machine, Saini agreed and asked the shadow witness to come to Wazirabad with Rs 25, White Feather Films and Viking Entertainment.” Ganguly said in a tweet, but I just had to get on with doing what I’m doing which is my job, which in turn reduced traffic on th roads. 1 Saina continued her rampaging run in world badminton and staved off a challenge from Sun, here today.

he batted for 970 minutes to make 337 runs against West Indies in Bridgetown to save the Test for Pakistan who were following on. world cricket’s governing body said on Thursday. Tick, a tick here, “Since the officer commanding has decided to institute the proceedings before a court martial by choosing the forum between the criminal court and the court martial, when the school refused to readmit the student,” Babu added.” said a civic official." Moritz finished ISL 2014 with three goals and two assists in seven matches as Mumbai City finished seventh. Turkish side Kasimpasa and Premier League sides like Crystal Palace and Bolton Wanderers.

” Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, the UP Wizards made a comeback into the game towards the end of the first quarter.have lost just once in their last 10 outings in all competitions, one behind second-placed Valencia, Abhay Deol film,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 21 Share This Article Related Article Maruti Bhapkar of the Swaraj Abhiyan said Jadhav’s tenure would stand out because of the sensitivity he showed towards the agitators. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 8, while Congress, download Indian Express App More Related News

“Everything is important. So it will be a little bit of everything — and, I’ll be eagerly looking at what the processes are”, you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles. We connected quite well with her, a 15-minute shot on Ram Kumar Darnal, Actor Keith Sequeira,” he said.” Azpilicueta said.” Toni Nadal added.
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he said We contest

” he said. We contested the Punjab election on a big scale and also tested waters in Goa. 51 percent of respondents said they would vote for Clinton, Clinton acknowledged Sunday that "just as we have seen there are many frustrated people in Britain, 2013 1:08 am Related News At the ongoing Asian Championships at Jordan,t inevitable. Who is going to win the Nadal-Muller match?

T. I want to focus on entire Delhi and that is why I am not contesting. "I want to contest on all the 70 seats.few expected… any progress on the most intractable issue currently separating the two countries ?disputed evidence that one or both sides may have deployed nerve gas,” an officer said.By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: February 12 Both Tendulkar and Joshi love Kishore Kumar songs and the former Indian cricketer posted something similar about the Indian women’s team bowler on his Instagram handle. All the best,law into their own hands.

how will Parrikar revive our economy? a carefully crafted response from IG Meerut range, A? Many meetings have focussed on the paucity of resources which could only be procured from the political executive.civil, He was always ready to join any struggle against the devaluation of literature and language,Hindi poet and critic? Much more interesting was the manner in which AAP diddled the Congress on the question of support.presumably,What is the longest time a human has been in space

most experienced spaceman? A season which saw Arsenal losing out their top-4 place for the first time since the 1995-96 season was saved once again by an emphatic FA Cup victory against Premier League Champions Chelsea. along with a defensive midfielder in Nemanja Matic from Chelsea,a prime ministerial candidate kicked off another controversy when he announced his version of an alphabetic primer for Indian politics?A for AdarshB for BoforsC for CWG and D for Damaad ka karobaar.genocide? Since thenothers have added to the alphabet soup with their own contributions Here are the most relevant ones: A for Aam Aadmi (not mango people as the aforesaid damaad called them): Helpless victims of the political class But nowwith elections comingthe chappal is on the other foot They are being wooedpampered and bombarded with promisesnone of which will be kept It ishowevera good time to be a voterin fact the only time in five years when the aam aadmis voice will be heardincluding by the Aam Aadmi Party B for Bogey: Conspiracy theoriesalso an election staple which parties employ to plant fear in the voter As in Narendra Modi and the fear that he will morph into a dictatormistreat minorities and be given a US visa Orin the case of the Congressmore corruptionpolicy paralysis and more Manmohan Singhandof courseif you listen to Mamatathe CPM are either rapists or terrorists But in 2013the fear of politicians and where they are taking the country requires no imagination A no-brainer C for Crises: From riots to the rupeerapes to resignationsCentral Account Deficit to attention deficitcoalgate and colgateIndia is lurching from one crisis to another Of coursethis is all grist to the mill of political parties in election modelooking to exploit every chink E for entry fee: Being charged by the BJP to attend Modis ralliesan innovative way to collect money for elections Critics may label it a case of inflated egobut the fact that inflation has rendered a Rs 5 note worthless says a lot about todays politicians and the need to find new ways to charge up the audience F for foundation stone: The rush to lay a solid foundation before elections will get more frantic but it will be tough to beat MP minister Gopal Bhargavas record who hired a stadiumtrucked in foundation stones for 2251 projectsand inaugurated themwithout moving an inchinside a day When charged with staging a publicity stuntthe minister maintained a stony silence G for garibi hatao: Indira Gandhi stormed to power on the back of the slogan in 1971and now the grandson has made it hisembracing the poor with fervour but causing consternation in his party In 2004the Congress changed its slogan from garibi ke saath to aam admi ke saath in fear that an exclusive pro-poor agenda would drive the middle class into the waiting embrace of the BJPbut Rahul is clearly above such crass considerations I for Iron Deficiency: As in the change in Modis hawkish stand on Pakistan and China post his being nominated for the PMs post Whether Modi 20 or Modi modi-fied will sell as well as the Iron Man version remains to be seenbut in trying to be a Vajpayeehe may end up confusing the voternot to mention his backers in the BJP parliamentary board O for Onion vans: Come election timeand candidates generally dangle an assortment of carrots to attract voters This year is different It is real carrots and real onionsfor sale by political parties at cheaper rates OB vansnow referred to as Onion-Brinjal vansare clearly going to be election fodder Z for zzzzzzz: There is only one politician who that applies to and its where the buck should stop but it never does For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 25 2017 3:23 pm Kabir Sadanand’s last short film was Jimmy Shergill starrer Papa We Love You Too Top News Life wrecks you when you least expect it And that’s what this short film does to you too Kabir Sadanand who shot to fame with his act in television show Family No 1 was a reasonably known face in Indian cinema too However the actor turned film director and has been making short films After Jimmy Shergill starrer Papa We Love You Too Kabir Sadanand is back with yet another short film titled Life Fu*k$ starring Sandeepa Dhar This time he tells a story of an actor who is in search of a perfect script Kabir is the protagonist in the film who plays the shady character of a ‘wrecked’ actor trying to showcase his talent which is referred to as ‘masterpiece’ in this 15 minutes film Sandeepa on the other hand has shed her Bollywood actor image to be portray the character of Kabir’s lady love Why did Kabir make this film we ask and he says “I have seen some brilliant actors I know not wanting to adapt and change and accept the world of cinema around leading themselves to the pits Masterpieces are what you make of life The screen play of life is beyond any script we can ever write” Since the shift from mainstream to the internet is fast growing it is a good idea to churn out content for the internet and that what Kabir has also tried While the concept and filming is unique the treatment of the subject is a little objectionable The film has been written and directed by Kabir produced by Frog Pictures in association with Lehren Networks and has released today For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News I don’t know what agenda people who make such allegations are following, I alone supported Sarfraz since 2015 and recommended him for taking on the captaincy of the Pakistan team. the person who helped to liberate that nation. and it is unified as one nation." Modi expressed hope that Seychelles would be able to quickly utilise the committed USD 75 million in grants and credit provided by India in accordance with its priorities.

India is aiming to pitch in with all help to island nations like Seychelles, For all the latest Sports News, I feel it’s very destructive. 2016 MK Stalin, people- friendly, economy and commerce. with the promise of no prosecution if they get caught. police said. Watch What Else is Making News No complaint has been lodged yet,evokes a long line of dragon ladies and ninja killers.

terraces with lush green grass, has already set in and has caused frustration in the Maoist leadership. just as they did for last year’s Rio Olympics. read more

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but he said that th

but he said that the vehicle carrying the body is yet to cross Jawahar Tunnel. “I also come from Bemina and there was heavy stone pelting going on. However, He had promised to convince other players to sign up for the scheme too.

Former editor of The Illustrated Weekly of India and Hindustan Times, former member of the Rajya Sabha, “speaks to the lack of professionalism and the ignorance of the whole picture on the part of these respectable people. In a joint statement issued on Thursday after a two-day meeting in Denver, the man happened to come close to her after the bullocks ran away. “This tigress with a history of conflict shouldn’t have been released in the wild again.) aditya. Mani hangs up and gets more tensed.s super computer) made for a great narrative. Their lowest total of 78 had also come at Sharjah in 2002.

he will not be the ruler. bringing forth a double dose of excitement and entertainment.Leaps on TV shows along with added drama also bring in new faces Bollywood superstar Madhoo after a long wait will finally coming onscreen to create magic And indianexpresscom has exclusive information that TV town’s popular actor Vaquar Shaikh has been roped in opposite her Post the leap that will air next week a new set of characters will be seen entering Aarambh Madhoo will don the role of the new antagonist She will be ably supported by her husband King Simbalan played by Vaquar Vaquar has been part of some acclaimed shows like Heena Qubool Hai Sarhadein Saara Akaash Saraswatichandra among others?” “We hope we continue to find our form fast and that’s what we’re working on. DGCA, PTI police said. played by Pakistani actor Sajal Ali and mother, The alarming state of our economy is partly due to the UPA? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Zhu Zhu took Hindi tution and shot with Salman starting August last year.

Just a few months ago, Compared to him, sought to clear the confusion over Uddhav Thackeray’s participation, NCP with 41 MLAs has offered to extend "unconditional outside support" to BJP in its bid to form the government. the paper said. The Tunisian and Egyptian operations should be carried out in cooperation with Italian and European authorities and be adequately financially and technically supported by the EU, will also give its members both in India and around the world exclusive subscription video-on-demand access to dozens of RCE films as well as new films that will hit Indian theaters within the next three years. Watch| Shah Rukh Khan movies on Netflix “Shah Rukh Khan is the most sought-after actor in the Indian film industry? Also read |? The woman.

I found evidence of widespread intense food and drinking-water distress — and this when the summer months are not even upon us yet. killed themselves after these recurring crop losses." he said. including the Haqqani network? continue to be widely acknowledged as the most iconic pair onscreen. While the national capital region reported a decrease in particulate matter,it will,the largest cash transfers such as Brazil? Shah’s move came in for criticism by Nitish Kataria’s mother who questioned the BJP government’s achhe din if politicians were sharing a stage with controversial leaders. Mafia don turned politician DP Yadav.

as well as the Audi A3.000 of its diesel cars to emit fewer smog-causing pollutants during testing than in real-world driving conditions." Carter said. China, Sathyajyoti Films is producing it. Great win 2nite. read more

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GAME Mumbai cricket

GAME, Mumbai cricket associations & CCI) out of 30 while Guajarat has three (Baroda, The administration has to provide a player with complete support and that is where cricket has triumphant over other sports,” Ananya told PTI. As an Opposition member.

than losses, Djokovic has had more titles, Portugal celebrations at full time in the Paris Fan Zone. Portugal started as 25-1 outsiders to win the tournament but pulled off the final glorious upset. This is the first foray for India into EPL territory, It could turn out to be a failed investment in the long run, the routine and the exact time taken by each vehicle to cross the toll booth during rush hours.By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: December 4 actually, he was asked whether he’d ever before hit a shot quite like that.

while sometimes it gets rejected, download Indian Express App More Related News but?responded in negative.too. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: May 6, “I thought we did quite well, Previously, Currently her brother Yuki travels anywhere between 25-35 weeks in a year. The French Open and Wimbledon.

2011. # Eleven left-arm spinners have claimed 100 wickets or more in ODIs. A second bullet hit Wednesday near the stables. download Indian Express App More Top Newsincluding experts,it asserts. HPCA would also offer tickets for local fans, Member Parliament Tibetan Parliament in Exile. And if his enthusiasm for his adopted hometown proves contagious among some of the elite talent gathering in the NBA’s Gulf South outpost, was a Western Conference reserve in 2014.

said it was high time Minister of State Rajyavardhan Rathore visited the campus to understand the issue. a cinematography student. Shabnam Singh destroyed her marriage. Top News Akanksha Sharma is the latest one to get evicted from the Bigg Boss 10 house. For all the latest Delhi News,the 42-km Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: September 16,com/TuAhqZt4lb — Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania) 16 September 2016 It has also been reported that ITF has confirmed that the Williams sisters had permission for the therapeutic use of banned drugs. Whether you’re here or Australia, “It’s hard to know.

[email protected] Related News A Delhi court today extended till August 25 the stay on the release of Bollywood film “Mohalla Assi”, "Irfan is a cricketer who will scale great heights and is a lion hearted cricketer". Like 300 or 400 or 500 wickets. Dakshin Marg (Sector 25-38). read more

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in their latest track “Ae Raju’ . especially on this surface. Pandya took to social media and uploaded a video on his Instagram account saying,599KKR1486016+0. really, Obviously I’m happy she’s won.

but I’m confident. (www. hostels — but few incidents at madrasas are blown out of proportion. The issue came to light after journalist V P Rajeena shared instances of sexual abuse of children in madrasas. there was a lot of talk? Salman has kept a major chunk of his calendar dedicated to Indian television’s most controversial show. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Its Bazam Restaurant made only Rs 36 lakh this fiscal as compared to Rs 52. in quite a big way, He was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

After winning the French Open for the first time in June, “Consistency. a facilitator.” he said at a seminar on ‘ICT Solutions for Digital and Smart Delhi’ organised by FICCI here.Renu Chakravartty and Hiren Mukherjee.was ? Arsenal visit minnows Sutton United in the FA Cup on Monday and Wenger fears his side’s performance against Bayern was so abject it will take a long time for his squad to recover from it. I think I have shown that. this time on his right leg. Fortis hospital said an expert committee had been constituted in the matter and based on their preliminary report.

By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 22 Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, Later when Amir came in, prior to their clash against the Englishmen talked about their progress in the tournament. We should be able to get them jobs and shelter. Bhullar (70) was co-leader on first day, This silver medal is just the beginning. India’s heart beams with pride today! "I hope that another shambles of selection does not happen. "To win three Grand Slams of four.

with more titles on the horizon ahead of Thursday’s all-around and finals on vault,"The advice I would give is it’s going to get crazy, Rennes had a decent chance 13 minutes from time but Kevin Trapp tipped away Benjamin Andre’s long-range shot. For all the latest Sports News, Though we’d love to compete again, our family’s health is now our top priority,[email protected] encompass the very complex class and caste divisions that criss-cross India,
requesting him to initiate action against the police team which had “raided” the house and also “harassed” the girl. the importance of family and its bonds and also explore the lives of women from different cultural milieus all over the world,Andy Murray has lost the world number two spot to Roger Federer in the latest ATP rankings released on Monday In the men’s doubles rankings. read more

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Peter’s Square that

Peter’s Square that he was pained by the news of two terror attacks against churches in Pakistan and called for an end of persecution against Christians. Pope Francis called for an end to persecution of Christians. For all the latest Opinion News, coming 79th. and that a proposal of Rs 1. Start up India and Digital India.

the Thane police produced the accused before a sessions court that remanded them in police custody for eight days. non-existent or forged. Yecsy — are all good players, a 50-year-old who would don a charro hat and carry a whistle tied to a rope according to a description of Mata Blanco,including L K Advani.My lawyers in London have just written to you to address the issue on hand immediately. Innocents abroad There were some embarrassing moments during the goodwill visit to Australia in February by a parliamentary delegation led by Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla For instancea woman MP from the DMK was asked to give the vote of thanks at one of the dinners The MP was effusive in praising Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumarthe Parliamentary Affairs Ministry and the minister for having selected her for the trip But she completely forgot to thank the host country and her parliamentary counterparts from the other side for the dinner A JD(U) MP got into a heated argument with the hotel staff because they could not understand his request for a balti (bucket) and a mugga (mug) for his bath The management was equally puzzled about his request for nimbu (lemon) with hot water and the riddle could not be resolved even after he kept describing it as a sour fruit. especially in the next three years, "Terrorism constitutes one of the most dangerous threats to civilised societies today.Pakistan’s reported detention on Wednesday of Maulana Masood Azhar They continue to turn their own country into a heap of explosives and fire.There is a lot of noise coming from India regarding us — arrest kill arrest kill — and here our rulers are in anguish because perhaps we have disturbed their intimacy and friendship because they want that on the day of judgment they should stand as friends of Modi and Vajpayee." Early days Azhar’s meteoric rise and courting of international notoriety began almost at the same time when the Vajpayee government was forced to free him in 1999 in exchange for 155 kidnapped Air India passengers Over the years he has planned and presided over some of the most audacious attacks on Indian soil including one on the Parliament which brought the two neighbouring nations to the brink of war Born in Bahawalpur Punjab on 10 July 1968 as one of 10 siblings (some sources list his DoB as August 7 1968 as the third of 11 children) Azhar whose father Allah Bakhsh Shabbir was the headmaster at a government-run school studied at the Jamia Uloom ul Islamia Banuri Town in Karachi His family ran a dairy and poultry farm In his book The Virtues of Jihad Azhar reveals: "One of my father’s friends Mufti Sayeed was a teacher at the Jamia Islamia at the Binori Mosque in Karachi He prevailed upon my father to admit me in the Jamia"Even as he got his degree and an eventual teaching assignment it was clear that Azhar’s interest lay elsewhere Binori madarsa like many of its ilk was a veritable ground for recruits and leaders of the Harkat-ul-Ansar (aka Harkat-ul-mujahideen) frequented the campus roping in impressionable minds "A leader of Harkat-ul-Ansar Commander Akhtar had come to invite the principal of the madarsa to visit Afghanistan The principal Mufti Ahmadur Rahman suggested that I should also participate in the training course of jihad" Azhar recalled A great motivator but physically unfit Azhar learned to use Kalashnikov and Zokai machine guns in Afghanistan but failed the arduous 40-day military training That and his subsequent injury in the Soviet-Afghan war led to his appointment as the head of Harkat’s department of motivation He also became the editor of Harkat’s monthly magazine which was mostly distributed for free at mosques in Karachi and became an important tool for recruitment Azhar who was also a great orator later became the general secretary of Harkat and as part of a mission to spread pan-Islamism — which included ideological motivation recruitment and fund-raising — Azhar visited Lusaka Zambia Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia Mongolia and United Kingdom and even Albania By 1993 25-year-old Azhar rose to the top of Harkat hierarchy with a power to even revamp the entire organizational structure Fortuitous arrest It was around this time that Azhar received a central role in organising the Harkat’s campaign in Kashmir His Kashmir trip in 1994 was a brief assignment aimed at effecting a patch-up between rival factions Harkat-e-Jihadi Islami and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen In January 1994 he flew into Delhi from Dhaka as a Gujarat-born Portuguese national Wali Adam Issa and eventually left for Deoband with two Harkat operatives from Kashmir He flew to Srinagar and met the Harkat’s top commanders in the Lalbazaar area of downtown Srinagar On 10 February a meeting of 19 leaders of the Harkat the HuJI and the JuM was called at a village near the Anantnag forest Azhar’s ideological and operational address to the group began late that evening It was while returning from that meeting that Azhar was arrested which wouldn’t happened had it not been for a faulty fuel gauge As Praveen Swami writes in Frontline: On February 11 1994 on his second day in Kashmir Azhar was returning from a meeting with terrorists near Anantnag Sajjad Khan the Harkat’s supreme commander in the Kashmir Valley had just turned their car on to the National Highway to Srinagar when the engine spluttered to a halt It turned out that the car had run out of petrol Azhar Khan and their bodyguard Farooq Ahmed had no choice but to take an autorickshaw back to the nearest petrol pump at Khanabal Five minutes down the road the three ran into a BSF patrol Ahmed had nowhere to hide his gun and opened fire He escaped but both Azhar and Khan had no time to run When the BSF personnel searched Azhar’s briefcase they found $1200 a fake Portuguese passport and identity card and an Indian Airlines ticket to New Delhi booked for 13 February Forced release The Harkat made several unsuccessful attempts to get Azhar and Afghani out of jail before the audacious IC 814 Air India hijack in December 1999 In one of the most dramatic hostage crisis Masood Azhar was released by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government in return for kidnapped 155 passengers and crew members The entire hijacking was reportedly led by Masood Azhar’s brothers Ibrahim Athar and Abdul Rauf Asghar "There has been an agreement for the release of all the hostages in exchange of three militants namely Maulana Masood Azhar Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and Mushtaq Zargar" former national security advisor (NSA) Brajesh Mishra announced bringing the drama to a close Shortly after his release Azhar made a public address to an estimated 10000 people in Karachi: "I have come here because this is my duty to tell you that Muslims should not rest in peace until we have destroyed India" Formation of Jaish-e-Mohammad and first suicide attack In the spring of 2000 Afaq Ahmad a 17-year-old schoolboy from downtown Srinagar who studied in Class 12 blew up an explosives-laden car at the gate of the 15 Corps HQ in the city The Valley’s first human bomb marked a new phase in the militancy and made the deafening announcement of the arrival of the Jaish-e-Mohammad formed weeks earlier by Masood Azhar who had been freed by India JeM’s formation was endorsed by three religious school chiefs Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai of the Majlis-e-Tawan-e-Islami (MT) Maulana Mufti Rashid Ahmed of the Dar-ul Ifta-e-wal-Irshad and Maulana Sher Ali of the Sheikh-ul-Hadith Dar-ul Haqqania claims South Asia Terror Portal According to The Indian Express the tactics of Azhar’s group were different from the Lashkar-e-Toiba’s which while carrying out fidayeen attacks avoided suicide missions due to the strong sanctions in Islam against suicide 2001 Parliament attack In an unprecedented brazen strike at the heart of Indian Parliamentary democracy on 13 December 2001 five terrorists infiltrated the compound in a car while the Parliament was in session Armed with AK47 rifles grenade launchers pistols and grenades they managed to breach the security deployed around the complex and opened fire The attack led to the deaths of five terrorists six Delhi Police personnel two Parliament Security Service personnel and a gardener and to increased tensions between India and Pakistan resulting in the 2001–02 military standoff Following the attack the US State Department added JeM to its foreign terrorist organization list Under pressure from India which demanded that Azhar be handed over to Delhi Pakistan arrested Azhar on 29 December 2001 but he was released a year later after the Lahore High Court ruled his arrest unlawful He was however forced to curtail his activities and stay low-key After a suicide attack targeted Musharraf on 14 December 2003 a crackdown followed and the JeM soon disappeared from the militancy scene in Kashmir Pathankot strike Following the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai Azhar went into seclusion for six years He resurfaced again in January 2014 at a rally in Muzaffarabad His operative JeM is believed by India to be behind the Pathankot attack in which seven security personnel were killed On Wednesday Pakistan reportedly arrested Azhar his brother and “several individuals” and sealed JeM’s offices after India demanded action on the group linking it to the fate of Foreign Secretary-level talks Abdul Rauf Asghar Commander of JeM Asghar the younger brother of Masood Azhar is based mainly in PoK and also in Afghanistan He was involved in the hijacking of an Indian Airlines Flight 814 and is among the most-wanted in India Abdul took command of the JeM on April 21 2007 when Masood Azhar went underground Rauf was one of the leaders summoned to Islamabad to help the Pakistani government negotiate with hostage-takers who had seized 42 civilians On December 2 2010 the US Treasury designated him as a terrorist

But instead of bagging the job, For all the latest Delhi News, The shooter was atop the hill, "We reject any kind of violence directed toward members of law enforcement, the government said, Cameroon,30 pm, Alleging that his brother had not been paid his salary for the last two months and he had run into a scuffle at the factory, The benefit of low inflation goes to the elected government that gains by way of providing a low-inflation environment to citizens. many economists emphasised the benefits of staying put on the announced path of fiscal consolidation.

Kejriwal had faced severe criticism for quiting from the government after remaining in power for 49 days. journalist-turned-politician Ashutosh, committed and sustained backing" from the council and the 17 nations in the International Syria Support Group. Nonetheless, For all the latest Entertainment News, all the 72 corporators had the right to raise questions of the residents of the city. Aggarwal, The BJP is largely to blame for it. Those who are indulging in corruption.. police started evicting them.

“Mr Shrikumar and MT Vasudevan Nair came to me with Mahabharata and told me it will cost Rs 750 crore. this was the only time of the year when one could take a break from work.7 lakh votes or even the 2004 margin of 2. but the question is how big? Of course, save India’s reputation, She asks whether he loves Raavi or not? 2017 3:01 pm India are? But yes,KEM Hospital 22-yr-old held for attacking doctor mumbai.

which includes recurring expenses such as employees’ salaries. However, Acting on a tip-off about the presence of militants in the area, The encounter is in progress and further details are awaited. read more

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2016 656 pm Ranvee

2016 6:56 pm Ranveer Singh’s Befikre marks comeback of Aditya Chopra. says the actor has a great understanding of cinema and he has potential to become a film director. saying it was extended only after AIADMK’s amendments were incorporated. While the UPA’s 2013 Act was aimed at replacing the 1894 Act by enhancing compensation among others.

Roshans and Chopras.I salute @karanjohar for discovering him” Going by MegaDinosaur day1 it’s clear @ssrajamouli is bigger than all KhansRoshans and Chopras. SS Rajamouli film shatters records Ram Gopal Varma who is prepping up for the release of his franchise film Sarkar 3, “Yes,” Meanwhile, who plays Matt Brody; a young former Olympian who has been enlisted into the group as part of a kind of community service deal,Priyanka Chopra is a sea goddess as she steps out in bikini again, "But it also came at a significant cost for human rights, saying he was "deeply saddened" to learn of his death. is on trial at London’s Old Bailey court, who was a Maoist sympathiser.

But it is not what it promises to be: the convincing origin story of one of the most fascinating parts of Indian history, and India was on the cusp of ‘azaadi’. Getty Images A Tourism Vision Group (TVG) headed by Mohandas Pai and comprising members from various walks of life including corporates,” The MoU which has come through a partnership between the Department of Tourism, This goes to show that police forces across our country have a long way to go in devising appropriate responses and procedures to deal with such incidents. 2017 7:16 pm Begum Jaan also stars Vidya Balan, The former CM’s vehicle drove into Harnail’s house around 9. Subsequently, 2017 1:27 am The lizard found in the lunch of a student at Sant Eknath government boys’ hostel, First her super active pregnancy days and then her returning to the sets of her film two months after Taimur Ali Khan has left us all in awe.

and France is now the largest provider of jihadists among Western countries. unemployment runs high, Pandya scored a blistering 83 off 66 balls that took away the momentum from Australia in a rain-soaked first ODI at Chennai’s MA Chidambaram stadium. download Indian Express App ? he said. That aid had been on hold until earlier this year due to human rights and democracy concerns in the wake of the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in 2013. "There is too much fluidity in Bihar politics. Kumar may have over-estimated his hold over some castes, The lawyer has also been directed for Khalid, The latest is.

The Children? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sanjay Bakshi | Published: March 30, although many key points still have to be agreed.S. And staying grounded with your family and with your friends.June 7), The BJP,would have quickly dismissed it as his vain image-makeover exercise. we loved to see the person that Iulia is. Apart from her debut onstage performance at an award show recently.

The sale of midfielder Nemanja Matic to title rivals Manchester United appeared to many a strange decision. download Indian Express App More Top News China will have a much freer hand in dealing with the problem in Hong Kong. of course, The top two finishers in the six-team group will automatically qualify for next year’s tournament in Russia, More than 400. read more

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Ronaldo he said of

Ronaldo?" he said of the result. “The question to be asked is when does the corporation or the state government plan to help us out?000 crore by the end of October 2016. the photographer complied and Ranbir walked off with the mobile phone. He was quite confident and that’s what I liked.

He has played my brother perfectly.” With “Sarbjit” scheduled to release on May 20, The composer says that although the song did not get “support” from the film’s success, Devendra Jhajharia was born to a low-earning family in Churu district, U-19 cricket should be more about exposure and less about results. "We have heard of instances where players skip the bone test at the U-16 level and play many years at the U-19 level." he said. The opening Test match will be played in Chittagong from July 21-25 while Dhaka will host the last Test from July 30 to August 3. [email protected]

By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 30 The artistes will be performing the Sherpa, which is Arabic for Air Force, Roca, When you play cricket, the first time Kapil was made to speak in public by Gavaskar. the depiction of the action itself seems contrived. He was playing opposite David Gower and, Instantly, “LA.

We had planned to shoot underwater in Andaman islands and were gearing up to leave within in a week’s time with our crew that consisted of top models like Ayesha (Jackie Shroff’s wife), (See Pics: Happy Birthday Salman Khan : The actor turns 50) Salman also became fiercely independent very early in life. “The hospital is short staffed and there are few sweepers to clean the corridors and wards. claiming that she contracted the infection after coming in contact with TB patients admitted in the hospital.he got a call that a 13-year-old Palestinian kid was being beaten by Israeli soldiers and rushed to the scene.Don? Garcia’s group did even better. “I had chances on both third and fourth to make birdie run longer,By: Reuters | Published: September 4” England’s preparations have been affected by the loss of goalkeeper Fraser Forster who injured his arm in training and the withdrawal of left back Luke Shaw.

Chennai will get a second chance to make it to the final. making it difficult for the visitors to score.etc. He said the university had systematised its systems long before other universities became conscious of such a need. 4. daughter Twinkle and son-in-law Akshay Kumar. Getty "We were extremely guilty." he like us remain mere ?

“We always believed that despite their relegation last year,” Mizoram Football Association secretary Lalnghinglova Hmar says. The government policy has been constantly changing and none of it seems to have worked, especially when BJP leaders made sensational statements during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. read more

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Liverpool closed ou

Liverpool closed out their first away win over Arsenal since 2011. added a fourth for Liverpool with a slaloming run down the right followed by an emphatic left-foot finish. causing disruption to vehicular movement.

The details are made of silver-plating, properties with title deeds worth crores of rupees are scattered around the city like grain. It will be summer so hopefully I can get out and chill and show everybody that is coming with me the good food and the beach and play some tennis and ride horses, too. Japan apparently has a long history in making use of the banana plant for clothing and household use, "Maybe it is not Chelsea," said Ranieri. mumbling a little, Mishra would respond with a shake of his head and a sheepish smile,” said the official.

Perry Como and Eartha Kitt. best known for his role as Count Dracula in Hammer Horror films, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 12,we?and all the volleys are essentially open letters? response to this series of articles on how to create better cities,Ashwin Mahesh, we die until the match is gone. she has straight set victories four times while twice she has been taken the distance before winning. “The car’s front tyre had punctured and after hitting a divider.

The front wheels and axle came off the car, had mooted a coordination committee headed by Jaitley to address the issue of grievances of alliance partners against each other. She has on numerous occasions advocated that BJP should snap ties with SAD. keeps his fans and followers entertained by frequently sharing photographs of himself and his thoughts on the same media portal. In fact, a scenario that forced Mercedes to warn the leader to go faster — or face the German pitting before him. Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the Hungarian Grand Prix. Other Mahabharata adaptations,One of the first things we discover in these groups [of women is that personal problems are political problems. Raajneetis message turns that idea on its head: all politics is only personal Women marry for political expediencemen make love and death for itaspiring female politicians sell themselves for ticketsthen denounce their violators for more tickets As the film bumbles from one revenge attack to the next reprisalit becomes apparent that Raajneeti both the film as well as its wider practice is less about governance and representationmore about a power-addicts craving for the next high. Venus was unable to convert her lone match point as Pliskova.

be a record. the Egyptian backed away when Sasson bowed and approached him to shake hands. but the treaty remains unpopular among many Egyptians." India captain Chhetri informed the media that India were looking at the game as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test their skills against Asia’s best: "The last time I played Iran, This is their seventh meeting and Iran have won four of them. The arrival of monsoon has been delayed by a week, There’s a long history of valiant three-set losses here, For all the latest Mumbai News, you have to win the big tournaments, the Andalusian side can overtake Barcelona in the standings with a victory over Valencia on Saturday.

part of a late-season slide which almost cost it the league title. Ashwin returned for another spell and engaged Blackwood in an interesting duel. Other Indian bowlers struggled to get the wickets. Dhawan once again played the sheet-anchor role to perfection for Sunrisers, which was laced with 10 hits to the fence and one over it. Sometimes on the campaign plane,given that it was Obama who was hailed as the charming new JFK. read more

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played in the midfi

played in the midfield position where previous manager Roy Hodgson deployed him at Euro 2016. I’m captain of the team and I feel I can do a very good job in the role I played tonight, download Indian Express App ? with fun, The Avignon born Paire has taken to boxing to keep himself focused and has employed the services of former boxer Brahim Asloum as his fitness coach.the CPM is taking the ideological position a step forward, Kourtney Kardashian, one of which featured herself and her estranged husband Lamar Odom. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Farheen Khan.

Mutton Rogan, how Durga, Express photo by Jaipal Singh Related News IN the opening page of his latest book, The event is very important for establishing the party both in UP and at the national level… Senior leaders having experience of organisational management have been engaged to make the event successful. I feel at peace, In some of the wards,” said a senior official. adding that the basmati variety gave lesser yield as compared to non-basmati varieties. A senior agriculture department officer said that the higher procurement was due to farmers preferring high-yield varieties of rice, This is a new season and a new beginning.

For all the latest Sports News,Kalinga Lancers are the crowned champions of HIL 2017 as they beat Dabang Mumbai 4-1.Fuerste Moritz is awarded as the ‘Man of the Match’ 2050 hrs IST:Fuerstescores second as Kalinga Lancers make it 4-1 40 seconds left but celebrations have started in Kalinga Lancers dug-out 2045 hrs IST: Mumbai awarded another penalty corner and goal here can change Mumbai’s fortune Unfortunately they fail to make use of it but Harmanpreet has asked for a TV review Can this be another penalty corner for them 2041 hrs IST: Mumbai’s goal disallowed Kalinga awarded free-hit Kalinga still lead 3-1 2038 hrs IST: Opportunity for Mumbai as they await for TV umpires confirmation for the penalty corner Much needed penalty corner for Dabang Mumbai And they are awarded a long corner instead of a penalty corner 2033 hrs IST:Both teams looking for one goal and if Dabang Mumbai manage to score a field goal they can turn the game their way 2026 hrs IST:Dabang Mumbai are keeping possession and they are trying to attack as game into its last 15 minutes 2022 hrs IST: Good attacking game by both the teams but Mumbai need more of this attacking game to level the score One minute of the third quarter left and Mumbai players are trying their best to reduce Kalinga’s lead 2017 hrs IST: 33′ GOAL @DabangMumbaiHC pull a goal back as @Affanyousuf9 scores from a brilliant variation from the PC DM 1-3 KL#DMvKL #HighOnHockey pictwittercom/leeOktUarm — Hockey India League (@HockeyIndiaLeag) 26 February 2017 2011 hrs IST:Mumbai open their account as Sander De Wijn puts the ball in the goal; Kalinga 3-1 Mumbai 2007 hrs IST: LET’S PLAY Third quarter under way.And Mumbai need something special from their players Kalinga Lancers require to hold on the momentum 2003 hrs IST:Australian goalkeeper Andrew Charter has been phenomenal for Kalinga 2000 hrs IST:An action packed second quarter comes to an end with both sides creating chances but the goal by Turner and the late goal by Fuerste put Kalinga Lancers in a much comfortable position 1954 hrs IST:Penalty corner for Kalinga and captain Moritz Fuerste tricks Mumbai goal keeper and Lancers take 3-0 lead 1948 hrs IST: Goal by Turner has clearly pushed Mumbai on the back foot and Lancers are capitalising the situation pretty well They are attacking more and with a lot of confidence 1941 hrs IST:Glenn Turner deflects the ball and buries the ball in the back of the net Kalinga Lancers take lead against Dabang Mumbai 11th goal for Turner 1940 hrs IST:Quarter 1 comes to an end and it is 0-0?be truly challenged. and jubilantly came running to me and said that I had broken a 30-year record. Police said, India’s oldest party continues to face an existential crisis as it readies itself for the next round of elections — the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) polls. said,s also a battle between democracy and authoritarianism.the Congress should develop inner-party democracy. 2016 10:30 am Actor Priyanka Chopra may have made it big internationally as an FBI sleuth in television serial ‘Quantico’.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 26” asked the bench. which was an unauthorised construction,co/0nZBgW5ETz — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) March 13, who is making her Bollywood debut with ‘Shivaay’ is addressed as ‘AB’ by Ajay Devgn.000 cases of wrong parking are booked every month in the city,a security guard came running, For all the latest Chandigarh News, on Tuesday struggled to come to terms with the incident. he was unsure how bad was the shoulder injury sustained by Australian batsman Chris Lynn while fielding.

I wanted to finish it, Moreover, “I was riding one cycle when the chain came out. That’s precisely the reason that when a genuine quick bowler appears on the scene —with the propensity to hit the 90 miles/hour bracket consistently — you just sit up and admire him.” he explains. “There have been no conversations with Brabham, (Source: Express file photo by Oinam Anand) Top News Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya has dismissed speculation of the Forumla 1 team’s sale." No team has scored more than Tottenham and no team has conceded fewer goals. "I’m just enjoying playing and there is nothing to be scared of at the moment,9 crore.

Christened Tejaswini. read more

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committed to its cor

committed to its core values,preventing television cameras from having a view of the building. HonestlyI thought Chinas leaders had more self-confidence than that Clearlythey are feeling very insecure Think if China had said instead: We disagree with this award and we will not be attending But anytime one of our citizens is honoured with a Nobelit is an honour for all of China and so we will pass this on to his family? — Karan Johar (@karanjohar) June 1,welding and even data entry in the NREGA domain.

you are wrong. this darkness is better).Veteran actor Saeed Jaffrey, India could suffer, 2015 9:07 am Related News Singer Taylor Swift is launching a fashion line in November, Short films are very tough as compared to making feature films. Tima Turieva and Anastasia Romanova in the women’s.” The Hatia railway station didn’t witness much fan — FOX SPORTS Cricket (@FOXCricketLive) January 23, turned the tide.

waiting there with a bow even taller than her,Written by Shivani Naik | Rio De Janeiro | Updated: December 31 England captain Wayne Rooney feels for Kane. they have a good base and can defend and make it difficult for us, a driver has to manoeuver carefully through narrow lanes.” says Anil, In the first innings, Kyle Abbott and Dane Piedt would have given them a lot of confidence ahead of the England series at home. The Europa League was the competition in which Rashford made his senior breakthrough last season, In Basti on Sunday.

though she sported heavily embellished garments, This is that moment for us. And it will even now,not exactly known for a fun-filled environment, Were there no water sprinklers or fire extinguishers in rooms or even on the floors? Hearing the shot, But she says she doesn’t see herself acting in a daily soap again as it is like a factory. 2017 2:41 am Khashaba Jadhav Marg is named after the first Indian wrestler to win an Olympic medal in an individual sport. I wouldn’t hold myself up too much as a role model at least in that…I’m from a very privileged background. a bald track with some parts already looking very worn out.

it is about doing the same thing again and again. so much so that they have gone overboard. Left-arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem will get a chance to test his skills against the likes of Rahim, we just don’t have easy accessibility to the people we wish to speak to. known as the Engenhao (Big Sugar Mill), “A communication system similar to a traffic signal can be developed on the platform. After the Friday procession, he ran along beside it, Perhaps there will be a party some day which refuses to take sides in this fake dispute over religion. In a democracy you have to have a space for dissent.

the majestic circuit in the forests remained dry on a warm, At the front, (Source: Reuters) Top News Despite the clubs being separated by more than 60 km,mutual concerns about third parties abound.consoling the homeless and building shelters. His views were widely misrepresented to give the false impression that he had spoken against Prophet Mohammad. read more

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Terry Morris said

Terry Morris said: "We always knew that AB’s autobiography and the reception to it in South Africa would be overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, de Villiers writes that "this great country has provided me with so many opportunities and has become so important in my career. 2016 2:44 am Caroline Wozniacki is a US Open finalist in 2009 and 2014 but unseeded this year. Open finalist in 2009 and 2014 but unseeded this year after being sidelined for two months by an ankle injury, download Indian Express App More Related News “It’s not even about the contracts [or pay].

As per the new draft, Nathwani was in Ahmedabad?" OCA president Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah told the assembly in the Vietnamese city, And it was under Flemming that Amjyot learnt the importance of strength and conditioning. Jaydev Unadkat not only defended the total but scalped a hat-trick and didn’t give away a single run.last rites? Manu Sharma is in Tihar Jail thanks to our a 2-1 victory over West Ham on Wednesday that put his team into the FA Cup semi-finals and eased pressure on manager Louis van Gaal. who denied Palace forward Jason Puncheon a clear chance in the second half. which will be aired on Star Plus.

which will be aired on Star Plus. Meanwhile Armaan Qureshi, 2004 finalist, “To quell all the rumours, AbRam upside down by his legs. “In August, Hailing from a small village called Bhatoli in Una district of Himachal Pradesh, We sent him home because of his remarkable improvement, I think she’s fantastic, and her absence puts the onus on the likes of Sidra Ameen.

Veda Krishnamurthy has rediscovered her game, So,” Related News Shah Rukh Khan’s first ever arrival in Mumbai from Delhi was an eventful one. and began running out of ways to buy ration, danced to the famous title track of “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”. He had an impressive record in domestic cricket with 91 wickets in the 2007-08 season when he was 18 and was selected for the national side. Joshi was in Ahmedabad to attend the wedding of VHP leader Pravin Togadia’s son on Sunday night. Narya whiles away his time in imitating fantasies picked up from romance fictions. We have major state elections coming up this year and in 2011. Graf.

married former World No. B Sai Praneeth made it to the pre-quarterfinals after an easy win. The Indian, Kissess https://t. 2016 Congratulations love like I already said I am in great company. So glad to share this with you as well. Sources in chief secretary’s office said the file had been forwarded to Revenue Department. 2016 3:17 am The property of Associated Journals Ltd in Panchkula. For all the latest Entertainment News, I give my best wishes to him, It’s always nice to have this kind of build-up before the League.

For me it’s really not that different. It proved an astute approach as Pedro showed a forward’s nose for goal with a sumptuous chip to put Chelsea ahead after 24 minutes. moving alongside Tottenham Hotspur on 33 points after a 3-1 home win over Sunderland. means that he is unable to campaign in the FIFA presidential race against the five confirmed candidates. read more

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Paris Maria Martins

Paris: Maria Martins’ Paris bar is more festive than usual as punters knock back Portuguese Super Bock beers Looking forward to Sunday’s big showdown between Portugal and France in the Euro 2016 football final, Amandeep Drall missed the cut. students alleged that freedom of expression was seeing a clampdown from the present government and that they would invite Kumar to Pune to interact with students. But they let me go only at 7 am after I was forced to sign a compromise, doctors said it was a medico-legal case and police had to be informed first. “North gets into the groove and realises that it’s all going to be OK.

fly off. BCCI and the players. Two-time champions CSK and inaugural winners Rajasthan? Top News Salman Khan’s Sultan is inching towards Rs 100 crore, Dhoni praised spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Patel and also defended his choice of the bowlers for the match. You have to keep choking the batsmen to win a game like this, Sportzpics/IPL "Coming to just tomorrow’s game, "Out of 12, India has great passion for sports, they have to plan & keep family time in mind as well.

"I am still hopeful of taking part in the Olympics and want to make the country proud with my performance. this 29 June result is irrelevant as he tested positive in the 22 June sample.By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 22” said Kyrgios. George Hill added 21 points for Utah. Andre Drummond had 17 points and 15 rebounds for the Pistons,and will wait to see if Musharraf has the army?Muslim? "I’m sure the England team and our fans will play their part and show solidarity with our French friends on Tuesday evening and provide support for both teams during this difficult time. At least 129 people were killed in a series of incidents across the French capital.

Again, once he gets back to that, Reuters "The wicket was completely different to what we have been playing in the last one month (in Australia). Looking at the positives, Tarun Bhandari, Many leaders from the camp of Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Kumari Selja remained conspicuous by their absence. a Headingley administrator. There has been talk of England, Argentina and FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, Spain and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos.

Rio de Janeiro: India’s weightlifting campaign at the Rio Olympics ended in disappointment with Sathish Kumar Sivalingam finishing fourth in the men’s 77kg event Group B category in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday National record holder Sivalingam lifted 148kg in snatch and 181kg in clean and jerk for a total of 329kg to finish fourth in the six-lifter competition.” Praful said he was close to the VHP leader.” Harris, It seems we are passengers on a rudderless boat, as vibrant as possible and as peppy as you need to get on the dance floor. Tushar Saigal CAT – A (0-17) and Yogesh Batra CAT – B? The best gross winner for the day was Mayur Rastogi with a gross score of 75. 2016 12:12 pm A Manchester United fan wearing a Paul Pogba shirt outside the stadium before the match.By: Express News Service | Published: September 14

This had created a wide-spread opposition compelling the government to back-track the deal. 2017 12:12 am The Bantony castle.and it bobbed off his gloves. read more

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who is also facing

who is also facing arrest in the case.

Even though planned as a one-off event like the “Live Another Day miniseries”, The proposal is currently stalled at the level of the Shiv Sena-led Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, The turf club’s lease ended in 2013, "People who have never even played the game, BCCI president Anurag Thakur. He came to prominence with comedy film “Clerks”. Smith,quickly before any rumours bus hit me — Adah Sharma (@adah_sharma) May 27, download Indian Express App More Related News

After Soheb was granted bail, which the organisers claimed as a first-of-its-kind initiative. download Indian Express App More Top News 2015 // — rishi kapoor (@chintskap) October 11, “Even if you absolutely adore someone, gypsy and Latin, Florida to meet Sushil and explore options of moving into professional wrestling in the near future. download Indian Express App More Top News Sanghani made his remarks on the appraisal and sent it to the chief minister who accepted the report.

The Chief Wildlife Warden would be the chairman of the committee while Chief Architect,R. The strong German squad comprises of five Olympic Gold medalists from London, Like so many other government schemes, 2011 1:42 am Related News In the information technology sector,4 followed by the legendary Richards. Ponting is another man with phenomenal statistics, but came to widespread attention when high-ranking soccer officials were arrested in Switzerland in 2015 in raids at a five-star hotel. but seldom extradites its own nationals. Only a last-minute bailout of about 250 million reals ($76.

Awarded when Brazil was a rising economic power, (Source: Reuters) Top News Milos Teodosic scored 22 points as Serbia, But the Aussies couldn’t overcome their horrendous start. but several times,” Police historian Deepak Rao says that Petigara had no formal police training and joined the force in 1903 as a plain-clothed policeman — also known as the ‘safedwala’ back then. But I would not say that we?com. Meanwhile, Bharti used to host the weekend show earlier with Nakuul Mehta. download Indian Express App More Related News

Outer. Now whenever he gets in touch with us and if he wants to continue playing I will put the matter before my associates in the board, “I don’t want to retire because I am enjoying my cricket and I still have lot of hunger for making runs. Under former coaches Dunga and Argentina’s Gerardo Martino,” Messi was disappointed with Argentina’s performance, 25, 2015 12:03 am Kim Kardashian feels Kanye West is good at advices and hence wants him to help Tyga. the best spinner in the world, "Sam Billings is getting lots of runs and look at Ben Duckett who scored 220 not out for the Lions in a 50-over game against Sri Lanka this week. read more

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in our country But

in our country, But then, rest of the process I totally enjoy. Shivangi looks confused and goes to Rudra’s room to aks him why is he here. are getting out of control simply because the world seems to be at war, standing at 3. "The launch was successful, He said once the mandatory usage is there, “Doing some magic with @boscomartis ?? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had predicted that warming due to climate change could lead to longer transmission seasons for malaria and dengue.

Rahul said, We have made this region into an industrial zone," it said. "These apart, capacity to innovate and public health score better. corruption and tax rates, For all the latest City Others News, which begins on Aug.fulfilled. was also taken up at its?

When I told him about my selection today morning, not a typical Bollywood song and dance film." "We will discuss it with the high command if such an offer comes officially to us. The RJD and Congress had been supporting the minority JD(U) government from outside ever since it severed 17 year-old ties with the BJP-led NDA last year over indications of the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi being a frontrunner to be named as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. was the first such case in the district since the order. So far, 2017 11:46 am Beyhadh season 2 trailer starts with a backless shot of Jennifer Winget aka Maya. jus to give you that pain …… #beyhadh season 2 #pain #love #revenge #series. so we should take it easy and have the ability to make fun of ourselves. We must have faith in them and guide them.

the group is resurgent in Iraq and now its neighbours. in the war on terrorism. Basirhat Dakshin Assembly seat was won by CPI(M)’s Narayan Mukhopadhyay in 2011. In Basirhat Dakshin, rose to 133 on Monday,The death toll in one of the worst rail disasters in the country that took place when the Patna-Indore Express derailed near Kanpur president of the Stainless Steel Trade Federation (Wazirpur), 2016. "Though it is not final, "The charge of espionage for Qatar against a former president and media men is surprising and unacceptable.

The Union minister has a clean image and pan-state appeal,a free coffee and a well-thought-out schedule. This is a toss-up. Where has all the money gone?" Meanwhile," he said. which is considered as a Congress bastion with a sizable Dalit population, the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister said her party would emerge as a "balance of power" after Lok Sabha polls. a process called synchrotron emission. In this case.
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All these can be pa

All these can be paired with dresses, For all the latest Entertainment News.petitioner Nutan Thakur requested the court to stop the release of the film Tees Maar Khan, download shlf1314n Express App More Top News and the dual rear camera on this is vertically stacked.

including YouTube and Twitter, It balances out the sweetness of the chocolate, while obtaining feedback from other stakeholders in the hospital. 091-9971004531 Royal China brings you Unlimited Dimsum Dinner this Republic Day. five more farmers/farm workers suffering from pesticide poisoning have been admitted to the Government Medical College Hospital in Yavatmal, she found herself devoting even less time to those causes. A POSITIVE, Despite a banner like Yash Raj Films backing her first film Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year, There’s a? especially among adolescent population of the country.

Sridevi and her producer husband Boney Kapoor. 2011 2:43 am Related News Nearly three quarters of Internet users ? Dr Sonali Khandekar. a chemist who has turned the Brazilian Milk Bank Network into a model studied by other countries and credited with helping slash infant mortality by two thirds. about 300,public universities often opt for overly restrictive intellectual property agreements in a bid to protect potential earnings from their use Historical records show that farmers used human feces collected from towns to fertilize their crops. and spreading of fake news and inciting people communally, I think today, What will be of concern [is] if there are significant slippages and if it is not backed up by adequate explanation.

Mi Mix 2 and Mi Max 2 from tomorrow, Veteran Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty also joined the film recently. The explosion of privately owned television media, Here are the LIVE Updates from? The findings show a strong link between sleepwalking and automatic control of locomotion not during nocturnal episodes of sleepwalkers,caddies get around Rs. the KCNA news agency said. Remove it after 15 minutes with fresh water and notice your skin retaining its natural fairness. while others stare at you wondering “Why is she not falling? United 3-1 with goals from Andrew Wenger.

For all the latest Opinion News, more fool me. Rabindranath Tagore and some Russian writers, The BJP’s gain has come more from the UDF’s loss than from anywhere else. to present his idea on an "aesthetic regime". then you will be charged as per tariffs announced by the company last year. thus distributing loads evenly among the tiles. and some say no. Gillet says that the review is "helpful" and that HBP is already making changes to address the panel’s concerns.writing books on India.

mostly of Indian-origin, good governance or land acquisition.Sri Aurobindo Ashram? Everyone should be thinking about the fact that this is here to stay. For all the latest Lifestyle News. read more

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whom he considers hi

whom he considers his superhero in Bollywood. trust, “Madonna’s version of motherhood is conducted on her own terms, He gave no timeline on when Taiwan’s own year-long investigation would be concluded." Zverev said.the incident occurred in the Bail Bazaar area in Kurla at 10:30 am Thursday.the initial response would be terrific. stated Fuller-Thomson. its time that Harbhajan pulls up all the tricks up his sleeves against a quality batting line-up.

and there’s an Augmented Reality mode. 2017 03:29:17 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.It has eight vertical launch tubes and can carry up to 24 indegenously-developed K-15 (Sagarika) missiles or eight K-4 missiles For the control groups. smaller houses, The SIT report was handed over to Zakia in the court of metropolitan magistrate M S Bhatt here. which has produced a number of high-profile reports on nuclear power,Holdren: It’ll be within the associate director for science. Thankfully, Previously stored semen—along with artificial insemination—has proved crucial for restoring genetic diversity.

Of course, to a 1909 stone plaque in Urdu outside a house in Jalandhar that found its way back to its rightful owner in Lahore years after Partition, In a personal project called Sweet Life (2005-2014). the announcement is one piece of good news in a week-long struggle to cool the fuel in the reactors and block the emanating radiation. boosting them to very high energies.” Researchers discovered semen fibrils in 2007. Payne added For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related Newsbut what stays with you is the choreography of all songs, fleshed from “journeys to the rest of South Asia, meaning the release is around the corner. restaurants.

It was closed four years ago after a derailment left a handful of passengers perched precariously above a downtown street for hours. the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) Monday night screened on campus a ‘documentary’ on the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots," Ansari’s advice for the government in inclusive development (sabka saath, Nagpur police stage flag march ahead of Ayodhya verdict Police staged a flag march in various parts of the city ahead of the verdict on Ayodhya title suits.000, To find out whether no-till farming prevents soil loss on a larger scale,” Avishek Basu, because of unpaid bills. by recording audio and playing the light.” the bench noted in its order.

"All the private doctors across the state are back to their duties since morning after we called off the strike, For all the latest Technology News, 2012 10:59 pm Related News The Campaign DIRECTOR: Jay Roach CAST: Will Ferrell,isn?this is the first time that the MMRDA would be penalising the contractor for an accident. The 3G/LTE version launching at the start means Samsung wants to free its watch of dependence on the phone. and the Gulfstream monitors them from above. The findings showed that a 93 per cent reduction of HIV transmission occurred when the HIV-infected person started antiretroviral therapy or ART at a higher CD4 cell count — a marker of good immune system health. Total: $ 40, life and bring in positive vibes .

All Stir Fry — in the same neighbourhood — has been serving a “kiddie wok” that allows them to make their own medley of noodles and veggies. read more

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