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Israeli president shouted down by students

first_imgWatch Cherwell’s video of the protest against Peres’ lecture here Armed police flanked the Bodleian on Tuesday night as Shimon Peres arrived in Oxford to present a lecture to students and staff at the Sheldonian.But the heavy security could do little to prevent a verbal assault on Peres as students interrupted his speech with a series of attacks on Israel’s policy on Palestine.Throughout the course of the talk, entitled ‘the globalisation of peace’, a series of eight students stood up and shouted statements in what they described as a gesture on behalf of the Palestinians.One student shouted, “I represent the thousands of farmers who’ve had their land stolen illegally to build Israeli settlements.”Another student, who loudly heckled Peres and called him a war criminal, was escorted out of the building by security guards.Around 40 students gathered in front of the Sheldonian to protest at Peres’ visit and at one point chants of ‘Free Palestine’ threatened to drown out his voice.The response of other students to the hecklers was mixed, with some booing and hissing and some clapping in response to those who interrupted the president. At the end of the talk, some students present remained seated while others stood to enthusiastically applaud.Peres was invited to Oxford by Andrew Graham, Master of Balliol College, in order to inaugurate the first of a series of five lectures on the subject of peace.Mr Graham said that he was “well aware of the opposition that has been expressed about this invitation” but that “the fundamental purpose of a University which is to hear and discuss and examine all points of view.”During his speech, Peres hailed the election of Barack Obama as “the end of racism” and “a clear demonstration that we live in a different world.”He also addressed the problems of peace negotiations and the progress made by Israel in the fields of science, agriculture, alternative energy and medicine.last_img read more

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Senators Braun, Sinema, Rick Scott, & Coons Introduces Student Loan Tax Elimination Act

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare CONTACT:Senator Braun: [email protected] Sinema: [email protected] Scott: [email protected] Coons: [email protected] Senator Mike Braun (R-IN), Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), and Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) introduced the Student Loan Tax Elimination Act of 2019, which removes the “origination fee” adding unnecessary debt to student borrowers’ overall student loan costs.“Student loan origination fees are nothing more than a hidden tax that burdens students,” said Senator Mike Braun.  “This legislation is a step forward and offers one solution to addressing our broken higher education system that fails to put students first.”“Education was my key to opportunity. Our bill eliminates burdensome federal student loan fees, helping Arizona families better afford college and increasing opportunities available to Arizona students,” said Senator Kyrsten Sinema.Senator Rick Scott said, “Our students deserve every opportunity to graduate college and pursue successful careers without mountains of debt. Throughout my time as Governor, I focused on keeping college costs low so every Floridian could get an affordable education. In Florida, we’ve held the line on tuition for six years straight and increased the transparency of education expenses. Now, I’m proud to build on these efforts by supporting the Student Loan Tax Elimination Act so more students can afford a great education and pursue their dreams.”“The cost of college places an ever-increasing burden on a growing number of Americans. In Delaware, 62 percent of bachelor’s degree students have student debt, and that debt averages more than $34,000 per person. I’m proud to support this measure to reduce the student loan burden for students in Delaware and across the country,” said Senator Chris Coons.BACKGROUND:Student Loan Tax Elimination Act: “The amendment made by subsection (a) shall apply with respect to loans made under part D of title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1087a et seq.) for which the first disbursement of principal is made, or, in the case of a Federal Direct Consolidation Loan, the application is received, on or after July 1, 2019.”Origination fees are 1 percent for Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans, and 4 percent for all Direct PLUS Loans where the fees offset subsidies to lenders.  “The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, specifies a loan origination fee of 1 percent for all Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans, and a fee of 4 percent for all Direct PLUS Loans for both parent borrowers and graduate and professional student borrowers. Origination fees are adjusted annually due to sequestration.  Origination fees are a relic of the bank-based guaranteed student loan program, a program where the fees offset subsidies to lenders that no longer originate such loans.”  (National Association of Student Financial Administrators, Accessed 05/31/19)Student loan origination fees send $1.7 billion to the federal government. “Student loan origination fees, the hidden student loan tax, generated a staggering $1.7 billion in revenue for the federal government in the award year 2017-18, and $8.3 billion over the past five award years.”  (National Association of Student Financial Administrators, Accessed 05/31/19)The average undergraduate student pays $294 and the average graduate student pays $1,174 in origination fees. “The average undergraduate borrower in a four-year program will pay an estimated $294 in origination fees and associated interest if enrolled in a standard 10-year repayment plan, while the average graduate student in a two-year program pays about $1,174 in fees and interest on that fee if repaying over 10 years.” (National Association of Student Financial Administrators, Accessed 05/31/19)last_img read more

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Essex flour miller ADM sets new world record

first_imgEssex-based ADM Milling appears to have smashed the world record for the fastest time to turn wheat into 13 loaves of bread. A seven-strong ‘field to loaf’ team successfully completed the challenge in 12 minutes 42.32 seconds – beating the previous record of 16 minutes and 30.83 seconds.The result is now pending authentication from the Guinness World Records.British Baker’s sales manager Sam White, who witnessed the event held in a field at Codhamhall in Brentwood, Essex this week, said: “The team only had two attempts at the record. The first one failed as they did not mill enough flour to produce 13 loaves, which had to be edible, so everyone was on tenterhooks the second time around.“We were delighted when they beat the record. A huge cheer went up.”The event, attended by 50 baking industry representatives, was held in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.ADM partnered with the London hospital’s children’s charity earlier this year and aims to raise£100,000 to fund an enclosed isolation recovery bay in the hospital’s new post-anaesthetic care unit, due to open in 2017.VIDEO LINK: British Baker’s Sam ‘combines’ business with pleasure at ADM’s world record field-to-loaf challengelast_img read more

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130 People Were Arrested In Connection To A Musician Gear Theft Ring

first_imgWhen a number of touring bands (including The Black Lillies, Zane Williams and more) had gear stolen in Houston, TX, the police department began an undercover effort to investigate. What they discovered was absolutely shocking, as over 130 individuals were arrested and over $2 million was recovered.The multi-departmental effort focused on the stealing and black market resale of all sorts of equipment, including vehicles and musical instruments. According to Lt. Mike Osina of Houston Police Department, “These thieves were stealing anything and everything they could put their hands on. They went after trailers they saw parked on the streets of Greater Houston. They stole four wheelers, quad runners, lawn equipment, motorcycle equipment.”Country artist Zane Williams was quoted in the Click2Houston report on the arrests, talking about how his van and 100-year-old violin were stolen after a performance in Houston. “Yep, they stole my van and everything in my van, then they stole my trailer too… I’m really glad they got picked up.”Titled “Operation Wheels And Deals,” many of those connected to the robberies are also connected to gangs. According to the report, there are more charges and arrests to come. Hopefully acts of justice like this will make it safer for artists to hit the road.last_img read more

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The Milk Carton Kids Play Intimate “Duo” Show At Tarrytown Music Hall [Photos]

first_imgOn Sunday, The Milk Carton Kids played an intimate “duo” show at Tarrytown, NY’s Tarrytown Music Hall, in support of their recent fourth studio album, All The Things That I Did and All The Things That I Didn’t Do.Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan have been touring with a band over the past few years, so it was nice to see the stripped-down indie folk duo perform a selection of originals, as well as a special cover. The evening was highlighted by noteworthy takes on “New York” and “Michigan”, followed by a special cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Wish You Were Here” in the encore slot.Check out a beautiful gallery of photos below from The Milk Carton Kids’ Tarrytown show, courtesy of photographer Andrew Blackstein.Head to The Milk Carton Kids’ website for a full list of upcoming tour dates and ticketing information.The Milk Carton Kids | Tarrytown Music Hall | Tarrytown, NY | 2/24/2019 | Photos: Andrew Blackstein Load remaining imageslast_img read more

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Saint Mary’s prepares to welcome mothers

first_imgThis weekend Saint Mary’s will continue the tradition of welcoming mothers from across the nation as it celebrates Junior Moms Weekend. The weekend, sponsored by the class of 2013, will feature fine dining, tea and a ring blessing ceremony. Victoria Thompson, president of the class of 2013, said she is looking forward to this weekend’s activities. “[Vice president] Taylor Hans, my board and I started planning Junior Moms [Weekend] in November,” Thompson said. “It’s been a long process, but well worth it knowing that everyone will enjoy it in the end. “ A wine and cheese party kicks off the events Friday, she said. A silent auction will follow the tastings. “I am excited for the wine and cheese [party and the] silent auction,” Thompson said. “Due to the generosity of parents and some local businesses, we were able to put together 45 great baskets. I am anxious to see how much money we will be able to raise.” Thompson said Saturday’s events will be highlighted by the blessing of the rings ceremony. The tradition has not been held for several years, she said. “We really pushed for the ceremony because we felt that our class rings are an important part of our connection to Saint Mary’s, as current students and after we graduate,” she said. Other events for the weekend include a tour of the Riedinger House, a tea party and a formal dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn, she said. “We were able to come up with some really great ideas this year,” Thompson said. “We have a photo booth, a candy bar, [2011 Notre Dame graduate] Zach DuBois will be performing and our place cards are photo booth-sized picture frames for everyone to keep.” Junior Caroline Keep said she has looked forward to this event since freshman year. “I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my mom and having her meet all my friends and their moms,” Keep said. “I think junior moms weekend is a wonderful tradition at Saint Mary’s … and it will be a memory we hold onto forever.” Thompson said this tradition supports the college’s emphasis on strong women leaders and role models. “I believe it’s common that many daughters look up to their mothers as a role model,” Thompson said. “Each student is able to meet her friend’s mothers and learn about each of them, what they do in their every day lives and increase her knowledge of what women can do to have a positive effect on our world.”last_img read more

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Remarks of Senator Patrick Leahy at the Economic Recovery Conference at Champlain College

first_imgThank you, President Finney and Champlain College, for hosting us at this timely conference today.  We welcome this opportunity to offer Vermonters, Vermont businesses, and Vermont communities a chance to learn more about how they can take advantage of the recently passed federal economic recovery act.  And the more rapidly and effectively that Vermont puts these resources to work, the better we will be able to keep Vermonters working today, and the better we will be able to lay the groundwork for growing our economy for the jobs of tomorrow.   I d like to thank the Vermont Procurement and Technical Assistance Center and the Vermont Small Business Development Center for sponsoring and helping to organize this event.  For those of you who don t know about the great work these organizations do and the many other organizations represented at this conference today I really encourage you to take advantage of their superb knowledge and expertise about doing business in Vermont.  I also want to thank Governor Douglas, Legislative leaders, and so many Federal and State officials for being here today.  The Congressional Delegation worked closely with the Governor and the Legislature under the leadership of Senator Peter Shumlin and Speaker Shap Smith and with State agencies to make sure that the economic recovery plan is a good match for Vermont s job needs today and in the future. Vermonters are hurting today because of the economic and financial crises gripping the world.  We have a rising unemployment rate.  The State s budget, local municipal budgets and local school budgets are all stretched to the breaking point.  Our roads and bridges are strained and worn.  And hard-working families are struggling to put food on the table.  This really is one of the worst economic messes our country has seen since the Great Depression. As President Obama so clearly told the nation last week before a joint meeting of the Congress, rebuilding the foundation of a strong economy won t be easy.  It will take sacrifice, and it will take wise, concerted and sometimes courageous action.  And this economic recovery package is just one part of the solution.  We still have to stabilize our financial markets, our housing market, and consumer confidence in our overall economy.Some want these efforts to fail.  Worse yet, some pundits and even some politicians seem determined to try to make these efforts fail.  We cannot afford that kind of corrosive negativism in the best of times.  And when it comes to setting right an economy that has been going off keel for many years, this is anything but the best of times.  As for this Vermonter — and I think as for many, many Vermonters — I want this President and this country to succeed.  Some of the tools we need for economic recovery are in this legislative package, and the workshops where these tools will be put to work are right here in Vermont and in other states.  If Vermont gets a little head start on other states — that s OK by me.  This conference, which we re told is the first statewide conference of its kind, can help us jump off the starting block.   And I must say that the interest you have shown in being here is a sign that Vermonters are ready to lead the way back to economic vitality.  The economic recovery package is bold action taken by the Federal government to help put Americans back to work and we must be prepared to quickly and constructively take advantage of it. The package includes tax relief for working families and for businesses.  There are investments for broadband deployment, for job training, for electrical smart grids, for water and transportation infrastructure, for better schools, for housing, for first responders, for new energy sources, and for a whole host of other items that will help cushion pressures on the State budget, and for helping to lay the groundwork for a renewed and vibrant Vermont economy.In all, we expect Vermont will receive more than $700 million in direct federal funding under this economic recovery package, with hundreds of millions more coming to the State through competitive grant programs and tax reductions for individuals and businesses.President Obama has ordered Federal agencies to detail all of their economic recovery plans on the is external) Website a site that I suggest you all bookmark on your computers.  According to the site, most of the Federal funding won t be released to states or noticed for competitive bidding until May.  But all of Washington has been impressed by the quick and competent way that formula grant funds already are flowing to the states, including millions of dollars to Vermont. Nevertheless, we hope that today s sessions will give you a sense of the breadth of opportunities available in the economic recovery package, will help you get a sense of how these resources will be directed, and will get you started thinking about ways your business, your organization, your municipality, or you yourself can take advantage of these opportunities.I ll caution you now — we probably won t have answers to all of your questions today.  As this bill goes into implementation it s impossible to know the details of everything.  My staff, the governor s staff, and our workshop panelists will do their best with the information they have available.  Most Federal and State agencies are still working on their rules and distribution plans right now, so please feel free to follow up with any of us in the weeks and months ahead. Again, thank you all for coming.  We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to be here today.  I hope you ll find this a worthwhile conference because the economic recovery package really is a unique opportunity to save and create jobs and to make life better here in Vermont. Thank you.last_img read more

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Comp Claims JNC taking applications

first_img July 1, 2005 Regular News Comp Claims JNC taking applications The Statewide Nominating Commission for Compensation Claims Judges is now accepting applications for one attorney from the territorial jurisdiction of the Fourth District Court of Appeal to serve a four-year term commencing July 1.All applicants must be members of the Bar who are engaged in the practice of law. No attorney who appears before any judge of compensation claims more than four times a year is eligible to serve on the commission. Commissioners are also not eligible for state judicial vacancies filled by the JNC on which they sit for two years following the expiration of their term. Commissioners are subject to Florida financial disclosure laws. Meetings and deliberations are open to the public.Those interested may download the application from the Bar’s Web site at or should contact the Bar at (850) 561-5600, ext. 5757, to obtain the proper application form. Applications may also be obtained by writing the Executive Director, The Florida Bar, 651 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee 32399-2300.Completed applications must be received no later than the close of business July 29. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the required application. Comp Claims JNC taking applicationslast_img read more

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Driver in Fatal Northern State Crash Identified

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 27-year-old Oyster Bay man died Friday morning after striking a tree on the Northern State Parkway, State police said. The driver, identified as Nicholas Maniscalco, was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. The fatal crash occurred just before 9 a.m. Friday, police said. Maniscalco lost control of his Mazda east of Sunnyside Boulevard, struck a Mercury and then slammed into a tree on the center median, police said. No one else was in the car, police said. The driver behind the wheel of the Mercury was uninjured, police said. All eastbound lanes at Exit 37A were closed following the accident. The parkway was reopened around 1 p.m., police said. Any witnesses are asked to call State police at 631-756-3300.last_img read more

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US, S. Korea mull scaling back military exercise due to coronavirus

first_img“The situation is quite serious,” Jeong said.The two countries have significantly scaled back traditional joint military exercises so as to facilitate US nuclear talks with North Korea.This spring they planned to hold a command coordination exercise.Topics : The United States and South Korea said Monday they were considering scaling back a military exercise planned for this spring because of the coronavirus epidemic.The commander of US forces in South Korea, General Robert Abrams, and the head of that country’s joint chiefs of staff, General Park Han-ki, “are looking at scaling back the command post training due to concerns about the coronavirus,” US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at a news conference.His South Korean counterpart, Jeong Kyeong-doo, said at the same briefing that 13 servicemen from his country have become infected with the virus and that all leave for the military has been cancelled nationwide so as to limit soldiers’ movements. last_img read more

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Engineering firm Fluor wants to offload Dutch pension liabilities

first_imgConstruction and engineering firm Fluor has indicated it wants to terminate the contract for pensions provision with its €460m Dutch pension fund, as it wishes to offload the liabilities from its balance sheet.The employer – a subsidiary of US parent company Fluor – wanted to place pensions provision with an insurer, according to the pension fund’s annual report for 2016.The pension fund, which implements a defined benefit plan, has already been closed to new entrants since 2014.Its current pension plan is reinsured under a contract with Aegon, based on a separated investment depot, invested in Aegon funds and managed by Aegon Asset Management. Aegon is also pensions provider for the Fluor Pensioenfonds. The scheme’s board said that, following its closure, the pension fund was expecting decreasing returns, as it had to reduce its risk profile as a consequence of its shortened investment horizon.It added that administration costs – currently €674 per participant – would also rise.Although the board made clear that it expected that the pension fund would ultimately cease to exist in its current set-up, it said it wanted to carry out an asset-liability management study in order to get clarity about the impact of a buy-out for its participants for the short term.It made clear that new pensions accrual was likely to take place under defined contribution arrangements, and that this decision would be up to the employer and the works council.The board said it had hired consultancy Triple A to support it in its negotiations with the employer and the works council.The pension fund reported a net return of 10%, including almost 4 percentage points thanks to a 70% interest hedge.With a return of 12.1% – an outperformance of almost 2.5 percentage points – commodities was its best returning asset class.Worldwide equity generated 8.8% under a full currency hedge of dollar, pound and yen.The scheme said that fixed income had yielded 5.6%, with Dutch residential mortgages producing almost 9%. Listed property gained 4.9%.Global Tactical Asset Allocation returned almost 3.5%, falling 0.6 percentage points short of its benchmark.As at the end of July, the Fluor Pensioenfonds was 108.8% funded.last_img read more

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A house that was bought in secret is back on the market — tell everyone!

first_imgIt was too good to refuse the first time. Will 79 Molle Rd, Ransome sell at auction again?IT IS possible to buy this house at auction without telling your spouse and still live happily ever after.Just ask the Spurrs.Twenty years ago, Sabrina and Steven Spurr were about to start building on a block of land they had purchased when Mr Spurr took himself off to the auction of 79 Molle Rd, Ransome and came home with a big surprise. Will it be toasted marshmallows or s’mores before Friday night movie night in the theatre room?“I have great memories with the fireplace and the kids and grandkids, toasting marshmallows, and then grabbing doonas and pillows and hunkering down in the theatre room to watch a movie,” Mrs Spurr said.The Tasmanian oak staircase leads to the upper level with three bedrooms and a master bedroom with separate parents retreat and ensuite. CHECK OUT BRISBANE AUCTIONS THIS WEEKEND Get comfortable, this house could be yours for the next 20 years.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus16 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market16 hours agoThe Spurrs are downsizing now their two children have moved away and will take their English-style Tudor house to auction on November 3. <<>> It’s one of those big purchases that is hard to hide in the garage.“I absolutely killed him actually,’’ Mrs Spurr said.“But it ended up for the best.“We had young children and what an amazing life for them on this property, fully-fenced over four acres.”center_img Parquetry flooring and a new kitchen are some of the improvements to 79 Molle Rd. A striking feature in the sunken lounge is a double-sided fireplace that links the lounge to the rumpus room with cathedral ceilings. Approximately $250,000 was spent on the initial renovation with parquetry flooring, balustrading, a new Tasmanian oak staircase, marble flooring in the entrance, new plumbing, tiling, solar panels and a new kitchen. What an entrance!Outside has a three-car garage, an inground saltwater pool, and paths for bikes and roller blades.“I hope a family with children buy it, it will be an amazing experience for them,” she said.“I am sad to leave it.“This house has always felt very peaceful and calming.” A little piece of Tudor England in Brisbane.last_img read more

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Spacious, easy living near the coast

first_imgThe open-plan kitchen, dining and living space. Picture: Supplied.“I think the fabulous kitchen area is my favourite part of the home,” Mrs St Baker said. “The house flows beautifully and it has lovely indoor-outdoor living. More from newsFor under $10m you can buy a luxurious home with a two-lane bowling alley5 Apr 2017Military and railway history come together on bush block24 Apr 2019“You can open the doors and the entertainment areas seem to just spread out further and further.” A separate living area at the front of the home flows out to a patio and plunge pool with water feature. There is also an office, bedroom, powder room and laundry on this level.Upstairs, the master suite has a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite, and there is a family bathroom and two more bedrooms with built-in wardrobes. The home at 9 Walsh St, Redcliffe, has a private plunge pool. Picture: Supplied.THIS private two-storey family home is on the market in the Newport Quays Estate. Owners Greg and Jo St Baker bought the home at 9 Walsh St, Redcliffe seven years ago and are reluctantly selling to relocate for work. Mrs St Baker said they were sad to be leaving the peninsular and their much-loved home.“Our daughters grew up there. It was a great family home. It’s like a little oasis,” she said. “It’s very private and enclosed but it’s got great space and great light. It just has a lovely feel to it.” On the ground floor the home has an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area that opens to the large timber deck. The back deck and backyard at 9 Walsh St, Redcliffe. Picture: Supplied.Mrs St Baker said while the home had plenty of space for a growing family, it was also easy to look after.“It would suit anybody from young couples and families to older couples,” she said..“You can move straight in and enjoy easy living.”Mrs St Baker said the home was in a quiet neighbourhood, close to the canals, shops and schools.“We love the home, we’re looking forward to someone else enjoying it as much as we have,” she said.The property is being marketed by Simone De Raadt and Frank De Raadt of Kindred Redcliffe.last_img read more

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ABB, Keppel Team Up on Autonomous Tug Operation in Singapore

first_imgTechnology firm ABB has signed a contract with Singaporean shipyard Keppel Offshore & Marine to enable autonomous tug operation at the Port of Singapore by the end of 2020.As informed, ABB, in collaboration with Keppel O&M’s Keppel Marine and Deepwater Technology (KMDTech), will jointly develop the technology for autonomous vessels and retrofit a 32-meter harbor tugboat with digital solutions.Upon project completion, the vessel is anticipated to be South Asia’s first autonomous tug.During the initial phase of the project, the vessel, operated by Keppel O&M’s joint-venture company Keppel Smit Towage, will complete a series of navigational tasks in a designated test area in the Port of Singapore, steered from an onshore control center. The second phase of the project will see the vessel perform autonomous collision avoidance tasks while under remote supervision.“The intent of our technology is not to entirely remove the crew, but rather to relieve the crew from the tasks than can be automated and thus enable them to perform at their best during critical operations,” Juha Koskela, Managing Director, ABB Marine & Ports, explained.With this project, ABB takes the next step towards autonomous shipping, building on the insights gained from the groundbreaking trial of a remotely operated passenger ferry Suomenlinna II, carried out in Helsinki harbor in November 2018. The Port of Singapore, which sees over 130,000 vessels calling annually, has exponentially denser shipping patterns, which will add another layer of complexity to the trials.The trials aim to validate the increased safety and efficiency of tug operations by utilizing digital solutions that are already available today for nearly any kind of vessel. Integral to the trials will be ABB Ability Marine Pilot portfolio of solutions, which enable the ‘sense-decide-act’ loop required for any form of autonomy. ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision will provide the sensor fusion from existing and new systems to generate a digital situational awareness while ABB Ability Marine Pilot Control will execute the necessary conning commands.According to ABB, performing the transit autonomously and under remote supervision would enable the onboard crew to rest and be alert when they are needed in the actual work of the tug.KMDTech will work with the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS) to develop various technologies and be the system integrator for the autonomous solutions.American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) will provide the approval in principle for the novel features such as remote navigation control and autonomous control system.last_img read more

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Sipalay City commits to fast track sustainable dev’t goals

first_imgSipalay City is among the 17 subnationalgovernments from around the globe that committed to achieving these goals. BACOLOD City – The city of Sipalay inNegros Occidental has accepted the challenge of accelerating 17 SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations in the recent 10th World UrbanForum held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Lizares is looking forward tocollaborating with new partners from WUF. Sipalay City mayor Maria Gina Lizares (2nd from bottom right), along with other subnational governments from around the globe during the 10th World Urban Forum held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. LEAGUE OF CITIES OF THE PHILIPPINES It was Sipalay City mayor Maria GinaLizares that signed the commitment along with the local chief executives ofBarcelona (Spain), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium),Acapulco de Juares (Mexico), Rostov-on-don (Russia), Betio (Kiribati) andBauang (Philippines), among others last Feb. 8-13. According to the mayor, the17 SDGs are incorporated in the executive agenda of Sipalay City for 2019-2022. According to Penny Abeywardena,Commissioner for the NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, the VLR is away for local governments to exchange best practices and accelerate the SDGs byway of strategic engagement within their own communities. “With this, we will implement programsand lobby legislations anchored on combatting climate change and inequality inall forms,” Lizares said. “With this newfound opportunity, we canutilize and localize best practices from other cities across the globe whileshowcasing our efforts as a humble city, the Philippines as well,” Lizares said.(With a report from PIA/PN) The VLR is a three-step, non-bindingagreement that urges signatories to identify how existing local strategiesalign with the 17 SDGs. It is also a tool for local governments of all sizes toshowcase achievements and challenges in achieving the said goals. The 17 subnational governments are thenew signatories to the New York City Voluntary Local Review (VLR) – a processinitiated by the US city in 2018 that enables those who take part to exploreways to address global crises unfolding in their communities. “This is Sipalay’s contribution to solvethe UN-identified global issues by addressing those existing in the localcommunities.  With the indicators alreadyset in the SDGs, the city government can easily measure the impact and thesuccess of its local programs, legislations and partnerships,” she added.last_img read more

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Ripley County 2020 Primary Election Information


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Oral Roberts faces Nebraska Omaha in Summit League quarters

first_img Associated Press Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNo. 5 seed Nebraska Omaha (16-15, 9-7) vs. No. 4 seed Oral Roberts (16-13, 9-7)Summit League Conference Tourney Quarterfinals, Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Sunday, 6 p.m. EDTBOTTOM LINE: Nebraska Omaha is set to square off against Oral Roberts in the quarterfinals of the Summit League tourney. The teams split the regular season series at one win apiece. The teams last faced each other on Feb. 12, when the Golden Eagles created 12 Nebraska Omaha turnovers and turned the ball over just five times en route to the three-point victory. Oral Roberts faces Nebraska Omaha in Summit League quarters BIG MEN ON CAMPUS: Matt Pile and KJ Robinson have led the Mavericks. Pile is averaging 11.9 points and 9.7 rebounds while Robinson is putting up 14.7 points per game. The Golden Eagles have been led by seniors Emmanuel Nzekwesi and Deondre Burns. Nzekwesi has averaged 15.7 points and 9.4 rebounds while Burns has put up 15.3 points and 4.1 assists per game.MIGHTY MATT: In 31 appearances this season, Nebraska Omaha’s Pile has shot 57.8 percent.SCORING THRESHOLDS: Oral Roberts is 0-6 when its offense scores 68 points or fewer. Nebraska Omaha is a perfect 8-0 when it holds opponents to 67 or fewer points.UNBEATEN WHEN: The Golden Eagles are 6-0 when they hold opposing teams to 66 points or fewer and 10-13 when opponents exceed 66 points. The Mavericks are 8-0 when they hold opponents to 67 points or fewer and 8-15 when opponents exceed 67 points.DID YOU KNOW: The Oral Roberts offense has scored 80.6 points per game this season, ranking the Golden Eagles eighth among Division 1 teams. The Nebraska Omaha defense has allowed 76.8 points per game to opponents (ranked 284th).___center_img March 7, 2020 For more AP college basketball coverage: and was generated by Automated Insights,, using data from STATS LLC, https://www.stats.comlast_img read more

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Update on the latest sports

first_img April 5, 2020 Dempsey set an NFL record that stood for 43 years when he kicked a 63-yard, game-winning field goal against Detroit on Nov. 8, 1970. It wasn’t until 2013 that Matt Prater of the Broncos broke that record with a 64-yarder in Denver.Dempsey was born in Milwaukee without four fingers on his right hand and without toes on his right foot. He kicked straight on with a flat-front shoe that drew protests from some who saw the specially made kicking shoe as an unfair advantage.Dempsey spent 11 seasons in the NFL. His first two seasons, 1969 and 1970, were with New Orleans. The next four were with Philadelphia, then two with the Los Angeles Rams, one with the Houston Oilers and the final two with Buffalo. He retired after the 1979 season and moved back to New Orleans.His daughter says Dempsey died late Saturday while struggling with complications from the coronavirus. Ashley Dempsey said Sunday that her father has resided in an assisted living home for several years after being diagnosed with dementia. She said he tested positive for the virus a little more than a week ago.The Orleans Parish coroner has yet to release an official cause of death.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 Associated Press Update on the latest sports Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNFL-OBIT-TOM DEMPSEYEx-NFL kicker, Saints hero Tom Dempsey dies at 73NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey, who played in the NFL despite being born without toes on his kicking foot, has died after testing positive for COVID-19. He was 73.last_img read more

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England players to honour key workers with names on training shirts

first_img(REUTERS) – England players will wear training shirts bearing the names of key workers before the start of the first test against the West Indies next month to honour their service during the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s cricket board said on Monday.The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said people whose names will feature on the shirts have been nominated by their local cricket clubs and include teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and carers.The first Test is scheduled to begin in Southampton on July 8, with the last two matches at Old Trafford, as international cricket returns following its suspension in March.“As we get back to playing the game we love, we want to take the time to honour the brave key workers who went into bat for their country under the toughest circumstances,” England skipper Joe Root said in a statement.“It’s only fitting that we use this series as an opportunity to ‘raise a bat’ in their honour. We’ll wear their names with pride.”The ECB said the series would be called the #raisethebat test series in honour of key workers.“It has been a long and challenging journey to cricket’s return and while this pales in comparison to what the country has faced, we hope the #raisethebat test series will bring some enjoyment… to people’s lives,” ECB CEO Tom Harrison said.The novel coronavirus has infected more than 304,300 people in the United Kingdom, causing more than 42,600 deaths.last_img read more

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No. 19 USC begins season with tournament play

first_imgThe No. 19 USC women’s tennis team will compete this weekend at two competitions to kick off its season: the Freeman Memorial Women’s Tennis Championships hosted by the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas and the National Colliegate Tennis Classic in La Quinta, Calif.The Women of Troy will be competing against some of the best teams in the country at the Freeman Memorial tournament: No. 1 Stanford, No. 2 Florida, No. 5 UCLA and No. 6 North Carolina will all be participating.Despite many higher ranked opponents participating, senior Maria Sanchez tops the singles lineup at this weekend’s competition in Las Vegas, ranking third in the nation in singles. Freshmen Kaitlyn Christian and Hayley Miller and senior Cristala Andrews will also be participating at the Freeman Memorial competition.At the NCTC, the first major invitational college tournament of the season, both men’s and women’s programs from across the country will participate in what is known as “the Wimbledon of College Tennis.” The competition features the top six men’s and women’s teams, along with top-ranked individual players from the leading universities across the country.Sophomore Danielle Lao, the ITA Southwest Regional champion in the fall and ranked No. 10 nationally, along with sophomore Valeria Pulido, junior Alison Ramos and senior Lyndsay Kinstler will represent USC at the NCTC.The team is hopeful that these tournaments, their last individual ones this season, will be successful.“Our belief in one another has never been stronger and with that alone we’ve put ourselves in a great position to compete the best we can, whether it’s in this individual tournament coming up or a dual match,” Lao said.After the Freeman Memorial and NCTC, the Women of Troy will begin dual season, which they are anticipating will go well based on their performances so far this season. In 2010, the team reached the NCAA tournament once again, finishing the year 14-10 overall.“[The NCTC] is our last individual tournament for a while. This will serve as tune-up before the dual matches begin,” Ramos said. “I can’t wait to get going with the tournament so that we can go into dual season fine-tuned and prepared.”After this weekend’s competitions, the team will look towards Jan. 18, its next opportunity to compete, where it will face Cal State Northridge in a dual meet at USC’s own Mark’s Stadium.“We’re excited for the spring to start and couldn’t be hungrier to do well,” Lao said.last_img read more

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USC faces tough upcoming road tests

first_imgThe Women of Troy hope to continue their undefeated start to 2013 up by the Bay Area against two of the top-10 teams in the nation, as they get ready to face No. 7 California on Thursday, Jan. 17 and No. 6 Stanford on Sunday, Jan. 20.USC (7-8, 4-0 Pac-12) is off to its best conference start since the 2004-05 season and is currently tied with No. 14 UCLA (13-2, 4-0 Pac-12) for first in the Pac-12.Moving forward · The Women of Troy look to continue their winning ways on the road. In their previous trip to Berkeley, the team defeated the Golden Bears 76-75 in a thrilling overtime contest. – Chris Pham | Daily Trojan “That’s a really good way to come into this upcoming road trip at Stanford and Cal,” Harberts said when asked about the standings.The Trojans have won their last four games after a six-game losing streak to end 2012. They’ve been led by Cassie Harberts, who is averaging 21.3 points and 9.3 rebounds per game in conference play, and Ariya Crook, who is averaging 13.3 points, 4.0 assists and 3.8 rebounds per game in conference play.The Women of Troy are coming off a pair of home wins over the weekend, beating Washington (12-5, 4-2 Pac-12) 81-72 on Friday, Jan. 11 and edging out Washington State (5-11, 1-4 Pac-12) 61-59 on Sunday, Jan. 13. Harberts (24 points, 11 rebounds) and Kate Oliver (12 points, 13 rebounds) both recorded double-doubles against the Huskies, while Crook added 23 points and five assists. Jazmine Davis led the Huskies with 37 points on 12-of-28 shooting.Crook took a hard foul with under a second remaining and hit two free throws to give USC a 61-59 win over the Cougars. She also finished with 14 points and set career highs with nine rebounds and six assists. Harberts added 18 points and 10 rebounds, and Oliver finished with 10 points and six rebounds.“Our chemistry is finally building on and off the court,” Crook said.“I think we just got sick of losing, too,” Harberts noted. “I got sick of losing.”Stanford (14-2, 3-1 Pac-12) and Cal (13-2, 3-1 Pac-12) played their last two games against each other, splitting the two contests. Stanford won the first one on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at Berkeley, 62-53. Chiney Ogwumike contributed 26 points and six rebounds, while Amber Orrange added 15 points for the Cardinal. Layshia Clarendon finished with 17 points and six rebounds for the Golden Bears on 6-of-20 shooting.Cal was able to bounce back in the following game, beating the Cardinal 67-55 at Stanford on Sunday, Jan. 13. Brittany Boyd scored 19 points for the Bears, while Gennifer Brandon added 14 points and 12 rebounds. Ogwumike scored 18 points and grabbed nine rebounds for the Cardinal, who had their 81-game conference winning streak snapped.The Cardinal are led by Ogwumike, who is averaging 21.4 points and 11.6 rebounds on the season, and Joslyn Tinkle, who is averaging 12.0 points and 5.5 rebounds. Boyd and Clarendon are both averaging over 13 points and 4.1 rebounds per game for the Golden Bears.USC beat Cal last year 76-75 in overtime, but lost to Stanford 69-52. Both games will be televised on the Pac-12 Network, with the games starting at 6 p.m. and 4 p.m., respectively.last_img read more

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Aiteo Takes over Nembe City FC Sponsorship

first_imgThe oil giant is also to pay the players and coaching crew as well as provide Aiteo branded jersey (two sets for both home and away) and other accessories to the club.Since Aiteo made in-road to football sponsorship, the company has taken over the CAF Awards, the sponsorship of the Nigeria’s oldest football competition, the Aiteo Federation Cup, payment of the Super Eagles coaches as well as becoming the lead sponsor of the NFF.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), oil exploration company and the lead sponsor of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Aiteo, has undertake to sponsor Nembe City FC playing in the Nigeria Nationwide 1 league.It was learnt that part of the special concession the company reached with the Nembe community in Bayelsa State include renaming of the team as Aiteo-Nembe City FC.Other agreement reached with the community include; purchase of a Coaster bus for the team, depositing a lump sum in the team’s bank account to register it for the Nationwide League.last_img read more

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New Boy, Onuachu Scores Nigeria’s Fastest Goal as Pharaohs Fall

first_imgDuro IkhazuagbeSuper Eagles new boy, Paul Onuachu scored world’s second fastest goal in football history yesterday as Nigeria defeated Pharaohs of Egypt 1-0 in an international friendly in Asaba . The victory is first for Nigeria against Egypt at international level since 1990.The full capacity fans at the Stephen Keshi Stadium were just settling into their seats when the Midtjyland of Denmark front man neatly controlled the pass from John Ogu, weaved past three Egyptian players to riffle home a fierce volley just eight seconds into the Grade A friendly.Only formerGerman international, Lukas Podoski’s sixth second strike againstEcuador in an international friendly in 2013 can rival Onuachu’s early goal in just his second game for Nigeria. The gangly lad made his debut for Eagles in last Friday’s last AFCON 2019 qualifier with Seychelles here in Asaba.Eagles were. clearly the better of the two teams despite the fact the seven-time African champions came to Asaba with a weakened team that was without their talismanic Mohamed Salah.Gernot Rohr wards took their performance beyond the insipid outing recorded against Seychelles four days ago.With what looked like a synergy happening between Onuachu, Alex Iwobi, Moses Simon and Henry Onyekuru upfront, the Pharaohs looked ordinary as the Nigerian forward ceaselessly took their defence apart.Eagles central defence manned by the ‘Oyinbo Wall’ of William Troost Ekong and Leon Balogun also combined well with the full backs of Shehu Abdullahi and another new boy Jamilu Collins. With this Daniel Akpeyi had no problems beyond a few incursion that were not really threats .Even when the Pharaohs had possession, they struggled to carve out openings as an experimental side failed to prove their worth, producing another lackluster performance following a 1-1 draw at Niger in a dead-rubber Nations Cup qualifier last Saturday which ended the team’s perfect run under new coach Javier Aguirre.The Mexican, who tasted his first defeat in charge of Egypt, gave debuts to Zamalek keeper Mahmoud Gennesh and central defender Mahmoud Alaa as well as Smouha left-back Ahmed Aboul-Fotouh and Dakhleya winger Islam Gaber.There were few familiar faces, including winger Mahmoud Trezeguet and Zamalek’s no-nonsense defensive midfielder Tarek Hamed.The visitors’ forwards were unable to make their presence felt until late in the game when Greek-based winger Amr Warda and striker Ahmed Kouka were introduced.The first meaningful effort fell to Kouka on 82 minutes when he was released by a through pass but he dithered on the ball to allow his challenger to make a sliding tackle and thwart his attempted shot.Gaber then created Egypt’s best chance, with his long-range thunderbolt drawing a fine save from Eagles substitute goalkeeper Ikechukwu Ezenwa. He also saved the follow up effort.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

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Super Early Bird offer for Betting on Football 2018

first_img Share SBC’s Barcelona Summit to become digital-only event May 29, 2020 SBC strengthens sales team with Ross Main appointment April 17, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Share DOWNLOAD: Superbet CEO stars in first SBC Magazine for 2020 January 28, 2020 Submit Tickets are now on sale for next year’s Betting on Football conference, which has been scheduled for 20-23 March to address key industry issues ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Russia.Delegates who purchase tickets before 1 December will be eligible for the Super Early Bird offer with a 50% discount on ticket price. Get your tickets HERE.Following on from the success of Betting on Football 2017 at Stamford Bridge, after which 97.4% of delegates said they would recommend it to a colleague, the fifth edition of the largest international football and betting conference will return to the home of Chelsea FC.More than 1,500 senior executives are expected to attend #bofcon2018, which will feature more than 180 world class industry speakers across multiple targeted conference tracks, including a full day dedicated to Russia 2018, and specific tracks around sponsorship and market profiles across the globe. Once again, it also provides an opportunity to make high level connections with three evenings of networking parties at some of the best venues in London.The ‘World Cup and beyond’ track will focus on trading algorithms for the tournament, the increased importance of CRM, the balance between acquisition and retention, the use of big data, the battle for social media supremacy and ‘Life beyond the bonus’.Meanwhile, Betting on Football will emphasise its international appeal with updates around seven of the biggest sports betting jurisdictions, including the fast-growing markets in Spain and Italy, increased legislation and mobile betting advancements across Africa, and the move towards legalised sports betting in more of the US states.Former CCO of AC Milan Jaap Kalma will be heading up the event’s exclusive Betting on Sponsorship track. He commented: “Betting on Sports and Betting on Football have in my view quickly become must-attend events for those in the betting world and those in related industries, such as key suppliers, but also given the ever greater importance of partnerships both for operators and rights holders, for sports teams.“The format allows you, in very little time, to update yourself on the state-of-the-art of the industry and to establish connections with all the key players. Highly recommended.”Super Early Bird tickets for the biggest ever Betting on Football conference, headline sponsored by OPTIMA and VSoftCo, are available for just £349 (+VAT) until 1 December. After this date, ticket prices will revert to the standard rate of £699 (+VAT).SBC Managing Director Andrew McCarron said: “We are excited to launch this Super Early Bird offer for next year’s Betting on Football. We believe it provides the best value of any conference ticket on the market. In 2018, no other conference will have such a high concentration of leaders, decision makers and speakers from across the sector.”last_img read more

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Has Dodgers’ Yasmani Grandal justified Matt Kemp trade?

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error “There was no pressure,” Grandal said. “I got traded. I was happy to get traded. You have to know that they wanted you for a reason.”One reason is most teams love trading with San Diego.Trea Turner, Washington’s rookie leadoff man who might be a monstrous problem for the Dodgers in the Divisional Playoff, was a first-round pick of the Padres. He was involved in a convoluted deal that brought Wil Myers to San Diego.Anthony Rizzo, who will be high on NL MVP ballots, went from the Padres to the Cubs in exchange for scattershot right-hander Andrew Cashner, who is now in Miami.Baltimore’s Brad Brach has become one of the top setup men in baseball, since San Diego dealt him for minor leaguer Devin Jones. There are others.Luck is always nearby. One of Grandal’s uncles had escaped Cuba by boat and began setting up the papers for the family to apply for the Special Cuban Migration Program. That was set up to boost Cuban immigration to 20,000. It was a simple lottery, and the Grandals were among the fortunate. It no longer exists.“Without it, I don’t know what would have happened,” he said. “My parents would have tried to come by boat. It wouldn’t have been the first time.”In Miami, Grandal was a housebound kid for a while, fascinated by all the different TV channels, gaining weight. But when a friend found a baseball team for him, Grandal took off. In one of his first youth games, he slid into second and jammed his cleats hard into the shortstop’s knee. That’s the only way he knew.“It was almost shocking to people,” he said. “They almost had to slow me down. In Cuba they teach you how to do every little thing. I remember going a full day just catching fly balls. Then another full day just bunting. You don’t see 8-year-olds bunting over here. Then another day just baserunning.“For homework, you’d throw the ball against the wall if you were an infielder, learn to backhand balls, learn to use two hands. It’s the way they taught you. You had to be good to make the Cuban national team. If you did, then you had a chance to get out.”Baseball people always wondered how Cubans might jolt the major leagues. Now you see the outline: Aroldis Chapman, Yoenis Cespedes, Aledmys Diaz, Jose Abreu, Yasmany Tomas, Yasiel Puig.And Yasmani Grandal.Not that they had a choice.Three facts:1. The Dodgers have a .213 average against left-handed pitching, worst in baseball, as is their .627 OPS against lefties.2. The Dodgers went into Saturday’s game 2 1/2 games behind Washington in the battle to get home-field advantage in the Division Series.3. Yasmani Grandal’s .554 slugging percentage is second to Justin Turner among full-time Dodgers after the All-Star break, and he leads the club with 15 homers in that span. LOS ANGELES — On the fields of Yasmani Grandal’s youth, nobody brought juice boxes. Nobody got participation trophies. “Play ball” was merely an expression.“They taught us how to play hard all the time,” Grandal said. “You had to slide hard. If you didn’t, you get screamed at. When I came over here, I felt I was ahead of the game, pretty much.”“Over here” was Miami. Back there was Cuba. They didn’t play for fun, although fun was not prohibited. They played for their lives.Grandal came to the U.S. when he was 10, went to the U. of Miami and was Player of the Year in the ACC. Cincinnati drafted him 12th overall, traded him and Yonder Alonso to San Diego for Mat Latos, and the Padres sent Grandal to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp at the winter meetings of 2014.center_img It was one of Andrew Friedman’s first trades and far from the most popular. Kemp was a prime-time slugger. Grandal was mainly known for his 50-game suspension for PED use in San Diego. Kemp moved on to Atlanta this summer. He has exceeded 100 RBIs for the fourth time. But the Dodgers have fortified their outfield defense without him, and Grandal hit his 26th and 27th home runs of the year Thursday night against Colorado, the second one a grand slam.That’s six more homers than any other National League catcher has hit, and Grandal’s OPS of .825 is second only to Washington’s Wilson Ramos. These particular bombs dissipated any worries over an elbow problem, which brought flashbacks of a 2015 shoulder problem that bit Grandal deeply on every swing.“He’s usually very good about knowing the strike zone, but recently he’d been swinging at pitches outside it,” manager Dave Roberts said. “He had worked some counts tonight until he got a chance to click one.”Grandal has also muted concerns about trading A.J . Ellis, Clayton Kershaw’s sidekick and a clubhouse stabilizer. Kershaw, now healthy, is putting up zeroes for Grandal as he did for Ellis. The tradeoff is a longer lineup card for the Dodgers, maybe the 1-through-8 offensive presence they’ve lacked.last_img read more

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Purple & Bold: Michael Jordan and LeBron James? It’s complicated

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersFor the first time, there was a definitive window into how LeBron, who has detailed in so many ways how he wished “to be like Mike” growing up in poverty in Akron, Ohio, has watched the documentary series and how old memories of Jordan have resurfaced. On Monday on “WRTS: After Party,” a show produced by his media company Uninterrupted, he dove into how he viewed Jordan as “Black Jesus,” a man who seemed like a god who lived in his television until he met him at 16 years old, watching him and Antoine Walker talk trash in a gym together. He imagined how his Redeem Team would fare against the classic 1992 Dream Team. At one point, he envisioned himself playing alongside Jordan in place of Scottie Pippen, saying it “would have been a whole ‘nother level.”But the other side – the more nuanced, more complicated one – came out, too. After ESPN’s Brian Windhorst wrote that James liked to imagine Jordan as a teammate rather than an adversary, LeBron tried to scrub the record. It’s not surprising that James, whose critics assail him for forming the Heatles in Miami in 2010 rather than following Jordan’s one-franchise path (oh, how quickly we forget those Wizard seasons), would be sensitive about people saying he’d rather join his Airness than challenge him. For as much as LeBron is willing to reminisce about how he idolized Jordan, this is still a competition: He doesn’t wish to live exclusively in Michael’s shadow.It’s a complicated relationship. James has said many times that Jordan was one of his most powerful male role models in his single-parent household as a child. He’s called Jordan his “inspiration,” and on the podcast, he detailed how devastating it was when Jordan retired the first time, leaving a 9-year-old James in tears.But by many accounts, the two men are not close. Perhaps meeting our idols is never quite what we hope. Jordan’s emotional tribute to Kobe Bryant in February, in once sense, underscores that he has a far less intimate relationship with James. Beyond competing legacies on the court, they also are somewhat competitors off it, given that the Jordan Brand is its own offshoot of Nike. James has aspirations of one day owning an NBA team as Jordan does. This is not to say LeBron doesn’t appreciate Jordan, or give him credit. On the show, LeBron and business associate Maverick Carter acknowledged there would be no LeBron without Michael. They noted that without Jordan’s relationship with Nike, LeBron wouldn’t have reaped his marketing platform. Without the Dream Team, basketball probably wouldn’t have launched LeBron into the global stardom he enjoys today.But there is some behind-the-scenes manuevering and posturing that feels a little frosty. ESPN reported that Jordan agreed to the documentary on the day James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were parading through Cleveland after the 2016 Finals. Perhaps this is coincidence.It’s also worth remembering that LeBron, though he often shies from comparing himself to Jordan in public forums, has self-declared as the best player of all time. Even though Jordan is famously reclusive and barely appears for public events anymore, that surely got back to his ears. It’s interesting how recency bias can help debates like this one ebb and flow: Jordan unleashing a 10-part series with ESPN, over which he had a great deal of control, has injected a fresh perspective on his legacy (albeit with maybe a little airbrushing over the bullying of his own teammates).The fact that the documentary comes in the vacuum of the NBA hiatus means Jordan has given himself a platform to celebrate his career while James’ own has stalled for forces beyond his control. James has come around slowly to engaging “The Last Dance” on social media. On the debut weekend, James didn’t post about the show on his Twitter or Instagram page – which seemed odd since he himself suggested back in March he hoped ESPN would release earlier than originally planned. He did manage to tweet about “The Wall,” a game show produced by one of his media companies.As the weeks went on, LeBron warmed up: posting about the emotion when he watched Jordan win his first title, then recalling how he cried when Jordan first retired. And by the end, he was engaged enough to film a 48-minute show around “The Last Dance,” and was pretty game to talk a lot about his childlike awe for the man he viewed as a real-life superhero.That doesn’t change the fact that two competitive men are surely being protective of their legacies, hoping to stake their individual claims as the greatest. There was one particular goosebumps moment of James’ reaction to show he reflected on how Jordan retired at the top of his game in 1998.“He’s nowhere near being on his last legs,” James said with wide eyes. “This (expletive) can still go. He’s still the best player in the world. And I’m watching that in ‘98 at 14 years of age, and I’m like, ‘Wow, Mike’s still the best player in the world at 35 years old.’”LeBron, age 35, is now forced away from the game while some still believe he’s the best player in the world. And after five weeks of watching Michael at his greatest, that has to sting.— Kyle GoonThese links are still open for businessAn opening for pro sports in California? – Gov. Gavin Newsom seemed to make some encouraging suggestions about pro sports in June (albeit without fans).Facilities open – The Lakers and Clippers have both tentatively opened facilities for individual workouts.No substances involved in helicopter crash – An autopsy report shows no signs of drugs or alcohol in the pilot who flew Kobe and Gigi Bryant in the fatal crash.The full ‘Last Dance’ reaction from LeBron – If you’re interested in viewing the 48-minute show, tune in to see what LeBron had to say about Michael.Dwight Howard dealing with grief – The mother of one of his children died during the quarantine, offering tough perspective for Howard and his family.Mamba out – The Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks is changing its name, removing “Mamba” from the title.Follow our COVID-19 news coverage – The latest on local cases and procedures to limit the pandemic.center_img Editor’s note: This is the Tuesday, May 19 edition of the Purple & Bold Lakers newsletter. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here.Michael vs. LeBron? Let’s not kick the dead horse.Perhaps the most popular, most heated and most exhausted debate in basketball is getting microwaved again by “The Last Dance,” which finished airing on ESPN on Sunday with episodes nine and ten. But rather than trodding upon ground that’s already well covered, I find myself wondering:What must it be like for LeBron to have watched this documentary in an extraordinary moment like this?last_img read more

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Sen. Rick Scott: LeBron James Not Educated About China Issue

first_imgRick Scott is among those calling out LeBron James for his comments on China. The Lakers star said yesterday that Houston GM Daryl Morey’s tweet in support of Hong Kong protesters hurt people financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Senator Scott tweeted it’s sad to see James joining the chorus kow-towing to Communist China and putting profits over human rights. also said Morey wasn’t educated about the issue, but Scott says James is clearly the one who isn’t educated on the situation.James made the comments before the Lakers’ preseason game against the Warriors in LA Monday. He later clarified on Twitter that he “did not believe there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet.”The Lakers played two preseason games against the Brooklyn Nets in China last week, and the players had to deal with the backlash firsthand.ESPN reports that players met with NBA commissioner Adam Silver in China and many were upset because they felt they were in the middle of the rift between the host country and the league. Morey tweeted out “Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong,” on October 4th, which caused an uproar from many in China. Multiple Chinese sponsors (the vast majority of Nike shoes are made in factories in China) cut ties with the NBA and China’s state television broadcaster refused to air the preseason games on TV. Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta stated that Morey did not speak for the team.Silver defended Morey’s right to free speech last week, but also regretted that so many Chinese were upset by his tweet.last_img read more

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Berchiche: “We will go to Seville to win the final”

first_imgCopa del Rey* Data updated as of March 6, 2020 The goal was vital for the safe-conduct for the grand final: “At the moment that Vesga filters my pass I have pulled in, the decision has been correct. We have suffered a lot in the field and Now we go for all to the final“Yuri understands that” it is a collective merit of 11 plus three, and effort belongs to everyone. “Berchiche stresses that “We deserve it, we have achieved what we wanted.” An Athletic with many lives and extra match balls: “I ask myself, we have to have faith, in a matter of a minute everything can change. When everything seemed that they were going to eliminate us in a bad game, that goal has come and we have achieved it. ” He points out that this is his most important goal of his career: “Of course, we have put a few, but none as important as this. I would be very excited to win the Cup with Athletic. “ “I would have signed a Basque derby, something historic for Euskadi, for the province of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, two clubs that I love very much, who have contributed me a lot throughout my life, I hope we win the final, “he threw the left side of Athletic Yuri Berchiche, who hopes to even repeat with another goal. “Hopefully the case will happen and I will celebrate, I do not want to think about that, there is a lot; it will have to be prepared before a very complicated opponent. We will go to Seville to win the final “.The left-handed side spoke on the Radio Euskadi Out of Play program. The defense was aware and knew: “I’ve talked to the referee before, this is very good (Del Cerro Grande), he has told us not to rush, to help him too. He has taken everything into account, Iñaki’s card, Íñigo’s card, mine …“When he was questioned about whether being aware of it had conditioned him when he could lose time at the end of the game, Yuri surprised by stating:”I knew that the referee was not going to get me any card for any loss“.last_img read more

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Gibson, Butler lead Timberwolves rally past Lakers

first_imgNueva Ecija warehouse making fake cigarettes raided, 29 Chinese workers nabbed Los Angeles Lakers’ Julius Randle, left, looks at Minnesota Timberwolves’ Jimmy Butler in the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)MINNEAPOLIS— The Minnesota Timberwolves were flat, facing a double-digit deficit for long stretches of the game.This is why they traded for Jimmy Butler and signed Taj Gibson, for fourth-quarter lifts like these.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Sea turtle trapped in net freed in Legazpi City Japan’s Hanyu sets Olympic record in short program “It’s going to be really fun to have him out there pushing the basketball and him putting guys in different spots and giving confidence to other guys,” Ingram said.UP NEXTLakers: Host Dallas on Feb. 23 after the NBA All-Star break, their only home game in a 24-day span.Timberwolves: Visit Houston on Feb. 23 following the seven-day layoff, a rematch with the Rockets after the 18-point loss here on Tuesday.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Phivolcs records 2 ‘discrete weak ash explosions’ at Taal Volcano MOST READ UK plans Brexit celebrations but warns businesses may suffer View comments Gibson scored a season-high 28 points and Butler added 24, providing the Timberwolves with the production and energy for a 119-111 comeback victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night.Butler and Gibson, the former Chicago teammates, muscled their way to the basket with a fierce determination down the stretch. Butler drove along the baseline and flicked a short pass to Gibson in the lane, where he dropped in a layup and converted a three-point play for a 110-104 lead with 3:59 left.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crownSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folk“What he and Jimmy have brought to the team has really changed things for us,” said Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau, who had them both with the Bulls. “Those guys, they weren’t going to let us lose.”Jeff Teague pitched in 20 points and Jamal Crawford added 15 for the Timberwolves, who rallied from a deficit as large as 15 points in the second quarter and 12 points late in the third to raise their home record to 24-7 on an emotional evening that started with a tribute to former coach and executive Flip Saunders.center_img Phivolcs records 2 ‘discrete weak ash explosions’ at Taal Volcano Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award It’s too early to present Duterte’s ‘legacy’ – Lacson Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew “I think that’s what separates him as a superstar,” Crawford said. “Most guys, they do it on one end, but those types of plays, they’re immeasurable.”This was a win the Wolves badly needed before the All-Star break, after their 13-game home winning streak ended in humbling fashion on Tuesday against Houston. They moved within percentage points of San Antonio for third place in the Western Conference at 36-25. The Spurs are 35-24.The Lakers shot so sharply to start the game, going 17 for 27 from the floor in the first quarter, that the Wolves produced separate spurts of 23-8 and 21-6 in the first half yet still trailed 65-62 at halftime.Randle had 10 points in the third quarter as the Lakers again pushed ahead. He drove and scored on Karl-Anthony Towns for an 86-76 lead, and a frustrated Towns was called for an offensive foul on Brook Lopez to erase a spin-move layup on the next possession.But Crawford got the Wolves and the crowd going early in the fourth quarter, sandwiching a 31-foot swish by Tyus Jones with a pair of 3-pointers of his own. The second one came off a slick crossover dribble that deked Corey Brewer at the top of the key and brought the Wolves within 95-94.TIP-INSLakers: Zubac, who grabbed 11 rebounds, had only 23 points in 17 previous games. … The recently acquired Channing Frye was not with the team to tend to personal matters, according to Walton. Frye made his Lakers debut on Wednesday against the Pelicans, with three points in 11 minutes.Timberwolves: Towns narrowly notched his NBA-leading 51st double-double, with 10 points on 2-for-9 shooting to go with his game-high 19 rebounds. … After tying his season low with seven points on 2-for-14 shooting on Tuesday against the Rockets, Andrew Wiggins finished with a quiet eight points on 4-for-11 shooting, with four rebounds and no assists.FLIP, FONDLY REMEMBEREDThe Timberwolves unveiled a banner from the rafters of the arena to permanently recognize the impact that Saunders, who died in 2015 of complications from cancer, had on the franchise. Former players Chauncey Billups, Sam Cassell, Troy Hudson, Latrell Sprewell, John Thomas and Gary Trent were on hand, along with Mark Madsen, now a Lakers assistant. Kevin Harlan, the original Timberwolves television play-by-play announcer who later called the game for TNT, emceed the on-court ceremony. Timberwolves assistant coach Ryan Saunders and his three sisters flanked their mother, Debbie Saunders, as she addressed the crowd.“He would also want to tell you how fortunate he felt to have known you,” she said. “You all contributed things to his life. Keep up your kindness.”BALL, BACK SOONLakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball missed his 15th straight game with a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee, but he’s nearing a return. Steam emission over Taal’s main crater ‘steady’ for past 24 hours GALLERY: Barangay Ginebra back as PBA Governors’ Cup kings Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Except the Lakers had the mojo for much of the first three quarters. Julius Randle had 23 points and nine rebounds, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Brandon Ingram each scored 17 points.“I know how good we can be when we decide to play hard,” Butler said. “But we think that we’re so good on paper that we can just go through the motions.”Ivica Zubac, who went 8 for 8 from the floor for a season-high 19 points, threw down a dunk for a 99-98 lead for the Lakers, but that was essentially their last momentum-creating play of the game.“They’ve got some big-time closers on that team, starting with Jimmy Butler,” Lakers coach Luke Walton said. “He kind of set the tone in the fourth with the way he played.”Butler blocked shots by Randle and Isaiah Thomas on consecutive possessions in the closing minutes, putting his stamp on yet another winning performance.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

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Govt recommits to introducing modern copyright legislation

first_imgThough concrete measures are not in place, President David Granger assured that his government is committed to introducing modern copyright legislation.For years, those in the creative industries have been feeling stifled owing to the absence of modern copyright laws.These outdated laws paved the way for the creation of a lucrative enterprise in intellectual piracy and counterfeit products.The current legislation, the 1956 Copyright Act, which Guyana inherited from Great Britain following Independence in 1966, has never been revised since, even though its former colonial master had long repealed the legislation that deemed copyright infringement a civil wrong.Though the current Act does provide protection of literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works, the fines are extremely low, ranging mostly from £5 to £50 (G$1750-G$17,500). Given the time and cost to pursue an infringement in court, some artistes view the exercise as a loss rather than gain.Former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall had expressed that his administration is cognisant of the need for copyright reform, however nothing substantial ever came on stream.The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition during the campaign trail promised to update the laws in order to help develop the creative industry.The then APNU Member of Parliament and Youth, Culture and Sport shadow minister Christopher Jones had emphasised the need for updated copyright laws but guarded against persons thinking that the implementation of such laws would completely eliminate the problems related to plagiarism and piracy.During a recent interview on ‘The Public Interest’, President Grange expressed that he is uncertain about how soon the legislation will be introduced but assured government will definitely move in this direction.“I cannot say for sure when that legislation will be laid but it is a commitment on our part to protect the rights of artistes and publishers of other forms of material…we are committed to suppressing piracy,” he stated.According to the US Department of Commerce, about five to seven per cent of all world trade involves counterfeit products, and estimates the cost to the global economy at more than US$650 billion per year.The income raked in from pirated DVDs, CDs, the unauthorised photocopying of books and other intellectual materials here is a tiny, if not invisible, sum of the global counterfeit trade.Local artistes have raised their concerns about the lack of legislation to protect their work and had issued countless calls for those in authority to take urgent steps to address the situation.Soca Road March champion Melissa “Vanilla” Roberts had previously told this publication that the competition is starkly unfair.“Most locally produced CDs will retail at a price of $1500, but consumers can get the best of any artiste in the world for $200. Now how can a Guyanese artiste compete with that when you have to spend no less than $50,000 to produce a song?“Next, an artiste will spend no less than $150,000 to produce a music video to be aired on television, but because television stations basically get free video content from around the world, why should they be obligated to play ours.“I gave those two examples to say this: if we had updated intellectual property rights legislation in place, radio and television stations will have to be paying millions of US dollars to foreign companies for content. This will in turn force them to revert to more local content, making way for competitive, productive and economic growth for the creative industries in Guyana,” she said.In 2014, Mosa Telford, who has won several literary awards, had also expressed that the present Copyright Act is a dagger in the side of the creative industry.Gavin Mendonca, member of the band Keep Your Day Job (KYDJ), which is part of an advocacy group called Guyana Music Networks, also noted that the current Act needs to be updated as it cannot fully protect the work of creative professionals.From all indications, the issue of copyright will continue to be an ongoing subject of debate and will remain so as long as members of the creative industry believe that more needs to be done to protect their work.last_img read more

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‘Put Liberia First Business Campaign’ Launched

first_imgLIBA executives along with other members from Liberia and USA pose for a group photo after the pre-launchThe Liberian Business Association (LIBA-Liberia) and the United States chapter of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA-USA) have pre-launched a new business idea, “Put Liberia First Campaign,” to encourage Liberian-owned business entrepreneurs to support each other.Jackson George, executive director of LIBA-USA, who pre-launched the campaign, told a cross section of Liberian businesses that the campaign is also aimed at encouraging Liberians to support Liberian-owned businesses.Mr. George said the “Put Liberia First Campaign” will serve as a promotion tool to encourage business owners to prioritize Liberian-owned businesses, as well as products created by Liberians, on the market.At an elaborate meeting held yesterday in Paynesville by LIBA-Liberia and LIBA-USA, the executive director further said the interest of Liberian business institutions and entrepreneurs will “benefit from this unique opportunity that recognizes their efforts towards achieving quality.”In remarks, the president of LIBA-Liberia, David K. Sembeh, expressed frustration with the way Liberian businesses are treated.“It is pitiful to note that there are perceptions out there that we Liberians are not patriotic citizens, not nationalistic, and not supportive, especially when it comes to business; and it is true, so this campaign is to conscioustize us to move forward.“We want to set Saturday aside for this campaign and everyone here should serve as ambassadors out there and where Liberian businesses can feel the impact of other Liberians,” he said.However, Mr. Sembeh said the campaign is not intended to push out foreign counterparts, “we are not against them doing business in the country, but we want to make sure that Liberians take back their economy.”For her part, M. Leelai Kpukuyou, secretary general of LIBA-Liberia, urged Liberians to support Liberian owned-businesses.“Go to a Liberian restaurant to eat, visit a dry cleaner, be able to get in touch with Liberian travel agencies, and construction companies wherever we can in order to support our own economy,” she said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Arif Bulkan to be sworn in as Appeal Judge

first_imgGuyana will have a new acting Appeal Court Judge in the person of Attorney, Dr Arif Bulkan.Bulkan is expected to officially be sworn-in by President David Granger today at State House, according to the Ministry of the Presidency. Bulkan is the nephew of Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan.Dr Arif BulkanHe is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine with specialisation in constitutional law and Caribbean human rights law, among others.Previously he served as Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Law from 2013 to 2016.He also co-founded the Faculty of Law UWI Rights Advocacy Project at the Cave Hill campus, which is a group of law professors who engage in litigation and advocacy aimed at promoting human rights.He is the recipient of the 2017 Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence in Public and Civic contributions.Bulkan practiced law in Guyana (1990-2004) and also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Transparency Institute Guyana Incorporated, a local chapter of Transparency International from 2011 to 2015.He received his legal education from the Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Canada, University College London in the UK, and the UWI.last_img read more

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Holiday Update – Senior Flyers

first_imgLarson says the current team will be joined by the likes of Tyler Brough, Ryan Carter, and Ryan Manitowich.   He says a few players from the affiliated Dawson Creek Senior Canucks are likely to factor in, including Adam Loncan, Dustin Kersey, Rod Branch, Blair Lefebvre, and Chris Stevens. He says Mark Woolf has moved to Toronto, leaving him out of the picture, though Fort St. John native Mike Hofstrand is still on the radar.As mentioned last week, star-defenceman Kip Noble has joined Dawson Creek for the rest of the season, in what the Flyers brass are calling a mutual agreement.   Larson expects to see Noble in the Flyers lineup when they host Augustana College, and for other exhibition series’ leading up to the Allan Cup. Larson and Adam Brash both say the move will let Noble play more games, and help out the Senior Canucks in the process.Brash also doesn’t seem too concerned about the impact of not having Noble around for practice and regular NPHL games. “He knows what to do. He’s one of those coachable guys that gets it” Brash says. “He doesn’t necessarily need to be instructed at practice, except for just playing with the guys … And he’s used to the guys.” Brash also points out the team now has four strong defencemen to work the powerplay, meaning Noble himself isn’t as vital to the team’s success.One of those defencemen is Gerard Dicaire, who just rejoined the team, after a one-year absence. The former AHL blue-liner says his own preparations are coming along, as he gets back into the flow of competitive hockey. “Slowly” he laughs. “The timing is slowly coming back to me, and I’ve just got to drop a few pounds and get skating and working out a little bit more.” The Flyers have also added Andrew Derton, who in eight games, is now tied with rookie Adam Horst for the lead in team scoring (19 pts in 8 games).Advertisement As the calendar flips over to 2010, the Fort St. John Flyers officially begin the most exciting year in the team’s history.In April, the Flyers host the Allan Cup, meaning they will be playing in the National Championship for the first time.So, how is the team progressing towards its ultimate goal of winning the national championship?- Advertisement -For Coach Adam Brash, the question has two parts. “I believe we have the player personnel that we need to win a championship. We’ve filled the gap … defensively and offensively.” But, Brash says his team’s performance hasn’t been where it needs to be. He says it’s a question of commitment, in a fundamental kind of way. [asset|aid=2319|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=71d35a5e01af09cec7ba4dbdeb6fb904-Brash-committment_1_Pub.mp3]Flyers G-M Rob Larson is also concerned about his team’s focus.   After a loss to Grande Prairie on Dec. 18th, Larson said his team was overconfident, and not taking NPHL games seriously enough. [asset|aid=2320|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=71d35a5e01af09cec7ba4dbdeb6fb904-rob-lolligaggers_1_Pub.mp3]In terms of the January 10th deadline, Larson says he doesn’t have any big changes to mention as of yet.Advertisement Van Nostrand says TSN representatives were quite content with the North Peace Arena on their pre-Allan Cup visit. The plan is now to install a low-emissivity ceiling at the arena just before the Allan Cup, as well as a platform for TSN’s broadcast team and a couple of cameras.He says the Flyers are still waiting to get the City’s permission to hold a beer-garden during the Allan Cup, and provided there are no problems, the area will be on the Southeast corner of the arena (opposite to last time). Van Nostrand says ticket sales are now underway, and he encourages hockey fans to get their tickets as soon as possible. He says the ticket packages currently on sale are a much better deal than single tickets, so it’s worthwhile to get them early.After two weeks off over the holidays, the Flyers kick of January against Augustana College on January 2nd and 3rd. Adam Brash says the series will be an important test for Fort St. John. “They’re going to be conditioned properly. They skate every day, and they’re a college hockey team” he says, adding “They’re going to be fast, they’re going to play their systems.” Brash says it might also be the kick in the pants the Flyers need. “I think these guys are going to get a wake-up call.” Rob Larson says he expects most of the Flyers and some affiliate players will be around for the series, meaning the Flyers will probably dress some different players for each game.Tickets for the exhibition series against Augustana are available at Ernie’s Sports Experts, in the Totem Mall.center_img Noble and Derton, along with Donny Lloyd and Dicaire give the Flyers two exceptional powerplay pairings, something that was missing in their McKenzie Cup loss to Bentley last season.As far as the Savage Cup goes, Larson says Hockey B.C. has a deadline of January 12th to decide when and where the Savage Cup will be held.   He says there will be three teams involved (Fort St. John, Powell River, and Whitehorse) likely in the same format as when the Flyers first won the event (against Powell River and Trail) in 2007.  Of course, it’s not just the team that is preparing for the Allan Cup.    Members of the Flyers executive and Allan Cup Committee have been working tirelessly to make sure everything is ready for when Fort St. John hosts the big event.Flyers President Paul Van Nostrand says preparations continue, and he says the pieces are starting to fall in to place. [asset|aid=2321|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=71d35a5e01af09cec7ba4dbdeb6fb904-PaulV.N.-AllanCup_2_Pub.mp3]He says the Flyers organization is around ‘65-70’ per cent of the way to achieving its fundraising goals, and he hopes to hit the target in January.Advertisementlast_img read more

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Salah won’t stop at 40 for the season, says Klopp

first_imgSalah, in his first season at Anfield, became the first Liverpool player since Ian Rush in 1986-87 to reach the 40-goal mark and only the third from the club ever to reach that landmark after Rush and 1966 England World Cup winner Roger Hunt.But Salah has reached his 40 quicker than either of his predecessors and, with potentially seven games remaining for his team, may yet challenge the all-time club record, currently held by Rush who scored 47 goals in a blistering 1983-84 campaign.“Really it’s 31 years? He doesn’t look that old. He must have been 14 when he scored his 40 goals,” joked Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp about Rush, when told Salah had become the first Liverpool player since the Welshman to hit 40.“But Mo knows what this means and the way we play suits him. For him, for the boys, it’s fantastic and today he certainly didn’t look like he doesn’t want to score in the next few games.“It’s all about him, all about us and how we finish the season. Normally, in that situation, to be top of the goalscoring list at the end and win the Golden Boot, or whatever it’s called, means you have been successful as a team, but we can’t force it. But it’s good, impressive. What a number. Wow!”There was certainly a “wow” factor about the manner in which Salah claimed his 40th, and the 30th in the league this season, after 69 minutes.Trent Alexander-Arnold’s hanging cross into the Bournemouth area allowed Salah to peel away from his marker Nathan Ake and flick the most perceptive of finishes with his head over keeper Asmir Begovic.Either side of Salah’s goal were efforts from Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, taking their respective Liverpool tallies for the season to 25 and 17, meaning the prolific front three have now combined for an astonishing 82 goals between them this season.Firmino’s 90th minute third goal made it 300 for Liverpool in well under three seasons since Klopp took over, but he insisted they can still improve in attacking areas by not always looking for Salah.“What a number we’ve scored as team over the whole season,” added Klopp. “That’s really good and we have to carry it on for a few games to come. I have seen the boys looking for Mo but we have to mix it up a little bit.“He’s the threat but it’s good to analyse it with the boys afterwards, we show them and they listen. A lot of times we are in a position shooting and they cannot always give the ball to him. So we can still improve in this situation to use his threat and pass the ball somewhere else.”With Anfield in the mood to celebrate the superb midweek Champions League victory over Manchester City, Mane gave the home crowd something to cheer about when he met a seventh minute cross from Jordan Henderson.Begovic did well to save the initial header but Mane reacted quickly to blast in the loose ball.And after Salah took centre stage, Firmino rounded off a fine afternoon for the hosts when he converted clinically from 18 yards after being picked out by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.Bournemouth took four points from Liverpool last season, but having been swept aside in both meetings this campaign, Eddie Howe believes Liverpool’s improvement makes them serious contenders to win the Champions League.“Comparing Liverpool to last season, they have really improved, grown as a team, as they have shown through the season,” said Howe. “Of course they can win the Champions League.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Mo-mentous: Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah celebrates his 40th goal of the season on Saturday © AFP / Lindsey PARNABYLiverpool, United Kingdom, Apr 14 – Jurgen Klopp believes Mohamed Salah has not finished in his efforts to rewrite the Liverpool goalscoring record books after the Egyptian international took his tally for the season to 40 goals in a 3-0 Premier League victory over Bournemouth.But the German manager also insists that Salah will not be distracted by his quest for the Golden Boot award, for the Premier League’s leading scorer, as Liverpool seek to end a memorable season by winning the Champions League.last_img read more

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first_imgDonegal’s Great Outdoors By Iain MillerThe Hidden GemsMy name is Iain Miller and I am a Mountain Instructor living, working and playing in County Donegal. Over the last ten years I have explored every corner of the county from the great storm beach of Glenlough Bay to the blow holes of Umphin Island. Over the coming months I will take you to places in Donegal where few people know exist and even fewer people have ever been. I have made the first ascents of over 60 of Donegal’s previously unclimbed sea stacks and over a 1000 new rock climbs in both Scotland and Ireland, I’ve visited every mountain peak in the county both guiding international visitors and teaching trainee Mountain Leaders navigation and am currently writing a guidebook to the enormous amount of rock climbing locations in Donegal.For the last three years I have been running, a mountain training and guiding company with a very simple ethos, “Every ascent is unique to you” I will take you to places where fewer people have ever stood than have stood moon.The County of Donegal is blessed with the amount and quality of its natural and unspoilt scenery, with miles of empty sandy beaches, an archipelago of beautiful islands off its western coast, spectacular sea cliff scenery and many many miles of uninhabited and rarely frequented open uplands.But where Donegal’s true blessing is found is high in its mountain ranges. With more climbable rock than the rest of Ireland combined boasting two major Irish mountain ranges, over a thousand kilometres of coastline, one hundred sea stacks and many diverse climbing and walking locations from the mudstone roofs at Muckross in the South West of the county to the Granite slabs of Malin Head, Ireland’s most northerly point. Donegal currently plays host to a lifetime’s worth of world class rock climbing and hill walking in some of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in Ireland. The scope for your personal exploration and the opportunity to discover solitude in the county’s little known places is unlimited, as there is an unexplored adventure waiting through every mountain pass and around every remote coastal headland. Some of the places we will visit over the coming months are as diverse in their nature as they are unique and beautiful.We will visit the lake under the lake on Owey Island, the summit of the Tormore Ridge on Tory Island, the Land of the Giants in Glenlough Bay, The Sturrall Headland, the ice falls of Muckish and the Derryveagh Mountains. These are but a few of what the great outdoors of Donegal has to offer everyone from the casual walker to the hardened mountaineer.Play my videos above – and enjoySlieve Snaght from Errigal SlievetooeyThe view from the summit of the Sturrall HeadlandNEW COLUMN: IAIN MILLER’S GREAT DONEGAL OUTDOORS – THE HIDDEN GEMS was last modified: October 11th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:climbingdonegalGreat OutdoorsIain Milleruniqueascent.iewalkinglast_img read more

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Man United’s Luke Shaw hits back at weight critics

first_imgLuke Shaw revealed criticism surrounding his weight spurred him on to a summer of intense fitness work and confirmed he will be a Manchester United player when the season begins.The 23-year-old, whose fitness has been questioned throughout his Red Devils career, was mocked on social media for a picture taken from his holiday in Ibiza earlier this summer. ALTERED “Because I want to prove to people that I deserve a contract, I don’t want to sign one because of blah, blah, blah, whatever happens in the next couple of months, I want to earn a contract and I want a contract because I deserve a contract.“I don’t want a contract because maybe in the next year or so I’m a free agent, so maybe they might look to tie me down for that. But I want to sign a contract because I deserve it and the club want me to sign one.”When asked whether he will definitely be a United player when the window closes, he responded: “”Yes. I will be unless something changes dramatically and the manager comes to me and says I’m not in his plans.“I want to play football. I’m not just here to pick up my salary and do nothing. I’m young, I’m still 23 and still have a very long career, and I want to play games.” 3 3 However, after a rigorous pre-season fitness programme, the left-back posted a photo of himself in great shape on Instagram earlier this month and has now responded to his critics.Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, he said: “People think because of the way that I’m naturally built I’m bigger than I am. Of course people can say that I’m fat but I know my own body.“Of course I always look big because I’m bigger built and I’m sort of that, you could say, a Wayne Rooney type of body.“But of course I worked hard and not just for them [the critics], but I wanted to for myself get in the best shape and that wasn’t my best shape.“It was a good shape to start the season off the pre-season, but now I’m working harder than ever and first game of the season I want to look 10 times better than what I did in that picture.”Shaw has been Jose Mourinho’s first-choice left-back during pre-season and looks set to start United’s first Premier League game at home to Leicester on August 10.Mourinho has publicly complained about Shaw’s performances in the past and their relationship seemed strained at times last season, especially when he was pulled at half-time during their FA Cup quarter-final against Brighton.But the ex-Southampton man said his manager sent him a supportive message of motivation earlier this summer and ensured he is a big part of United’s future.“I spoke with the manager about a week after the holidays,” Shaw explains. “I was in Dubai and he texted me and we had a really good chat. It made me feel really confident about the upcoming season and that’s why I worked really hard. Tottenham v Brighton LIVE: talkSPORT commentary and team news for Boxing Day opener Shaw in pre-season action “It was a breath of fresh air when he texted me. I wasn’t expecting it. I was on my phone and I got the text. I spoke to him and it was really positive, really good.“He said that he knows I can be the best, but he sometimes feels frustrated that I’m not doing that.“That’s why it pushes me on more. He says these things because he knows I can do it. He knows I can be a top player. He knows I can play for Manchester United.”Shaw only has 12 months remaining on his current deal and the club are keen for him to sign an extension.However, the full-back believes he must earn a new deal, rather than sign out of convenience.He added: “I don’t think I would want to sign a contract right now. predicted How Chelsea could line up against Southampton – what system will Lampard play? NEW ERA highlights who plays? How Man United could line up for Newcastle clash – will Pogba start? smart causal 3 LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS Mourinho has criticised Shaw in the past How Arsenal could line up in Arteta’s first official game in charge – Ozil return? How Liverpool could line up at Leicester with midfielder set for lengthy absence Tottenham predicted XI to face Brighton with Mourinho expected to make big changes gameday Best clips, calls and talkSPORT moments of 2019, feat Hearn, McCoist and more possible xi Shaw in pre-season training Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decadelast_img read more

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first_imgA LEADING Donegal businessman has claimed that the National Assets Management Agency is ‘turning the county upside down’  in moves that will see hundreds of jobs losses.The well-known businessman spoke to on condition he remains anonymous.But he said he wanted to highlight how NAMA is trawling through businesses and causing unnecessary damage to them. The businessman told “They (NAMA) are turning the screw on our county; it will close businesses and hundreds of people will lose their jobs.“We are being made to jump through hoops for nothing. And when we do that, we are told we have to jump through them again.“They are going through everything and in that I mean right through personal stuff too.”He said he was asked about a receipt for a family occasion which was held at a local hotel. “This wasn’t even filed in company business. This was personal,” he claimed.“Someone needs to do something before it’s too late; it will call serious problems for many many people if NAMA goes ahead and winds up businesses which are making money but are hampered by loans on unrelated businesses.”There is growing anger at how NAMA is conducting its affairs.And that is an anger recognised by TD Joe McHugh. He recently launched an initiative to investigate the actions of NAMA“I am currently working on a set of proposals regarding NAMA and its impact on the national economy,” he said. “The so-called National Assets Management Agency has been in operation in our country since late 2009, and it controls assets with an estimated book value of €88billion.“It is a very significant player in the Irish economy, and the role that it plays in our economy needs close analysis.“I invite constituents whose businesses or personal finances are being affected by NAMA to contact me for discussions about issues relevant to NAMA.“I am available at [email protected] or at my office on Lower Main Street, Letterkenny (tel: 074 91 64787)”. Donegaldaily understands that several business leaders have contacted the TD.NAMA ‘TURNING THE SCREW ON DONEGAL BUSINESSES’ – CLAIM was last modified: June 9th, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegaljoe mchugh tdNAMAlast_img read more

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How the Warriors made training camp practices more efficient

first_imgThe Warriors won’t proclaim themselves NBA champions already. But only one week into training camp, and Warriors coach Steve Kerr said “it’s the best camp we’ve had” since he began coaching them in the 2014-15 season.Those are telling words considering the Warriors have won three NBA titles in the past four years under Kerr. It helps that the Warriors still have their four All-Stars in Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. They added a fifth one last summer by …last_img read more

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The other shoe drops for former A’s prospect Jharel Cotton

first_imgJharel Cotton, once a shiny piece in a big A’s trade, was sent to the Chicago Cubs on Saturday for “cash considerations.”The right-hander had been designated for assignment last Wednesday to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for pitching prospect Daulton Jefferies.Cotton, 27, was one of three pitchers the A’s got in trade from the Los Angeles Dodgers for Josh Reddick and Rich Hill on Aug. 1, 2016. The others — Frankie Montas and Grant Holmes — remain on the Oakland’s 40-man roster. Montas was …last_img read more

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Migrating Birds Measure Longitude

first_imgMigrating birds are able to get back on course, even when released 1000 km east of their normal migration path.  This shows that long-distance migrating birds are capable of true bicoordinate navigation: the ability to make course corrections both in latitude and longitude.  The results of experiments, published in Current Biology,1 left the researchers baffled: how do they do it?    Measuring latitude is easy: just judge the height of the sun in the sky.  Longitude (east-west orientation), however, is much more challenging because it requires accurate timekeeping.  The difficulties sailors throughout history had in determining longitude has been described in Dava Sobel’s historical novel Longitude.  Somehow, a team of Russian and German scientists found, birds know the trick.  A flock of migrating Eurasian reed warblers was flown 1000 km to the east of their usual take-off point.  They found their way to their normal nesting ground by shifting their bearing northwest instead of the usual northeast.  “This finding is surprising and presents a new intellectual challenge to bird migration researchers, namely, which cues enable birds to determine their east-west position,” they said.    However it is accomplished, the skill must be learned, because a previous study by Princeton scientists showed that juvenile birds did not correct for longitude when flown off course (see 11/05/2007).  Still, it is unclear how the birds in this new study pulled it off.  Do they read the stars?  Do they gauge the earth’s magnetic field?  Did they measure their jet lag?  “To show what cues the birds use to determine their east-west location,” they said, “will be a big challenge for researchers in this field in the years to come.”1.  Chernetsov, Kishkinev and Mouritzen, “A Long-Distance Avian Migrant Compensates for Longitudinal Displacement during Spring Migration,” Current Biology, Volume 18, Issue 3, 12 February 2008, Pages 188-190.Many wonderful and intriguing science projects remain to be performed.  These scientists did not mention evolution and had no need of it.  They saw an amazing phenomenon in present-day, observable nature and sought to understand the design behind it.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Photo highlights from the 2016 Junior Market Barrow Show

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest PHOTOS BY MEGHAN BRUNS Cassidy Lusk, 10, Clark Co. with her dark crossbred market barrow Cassidy Lusk, 10, Clark Co. drives her dark crossbred market barrow for the judge Junior fair exhibitors showing their market dark crossbred market barrows Lucas Buehler, 18, Shelby Co. shows his dark crossbred market barrow Diana Weimer, Waterville with her Grand Champion dark crossbred market barrow Madelyn Fearon, Greenville drives her Reserve Champion dark crossbred market barrow Lydia Henry, 14, Clark Co. shows her light crossbred market barrow Robert Scholl II, Marysville drives his light crossbred market barrow Lea Kimley, South Charleston drives her Reserve Champion light crossbred barrow Joel Cress, 14, Miami Co. shows his Duroc market barrow Junior fair exhibitors show their Yorkshire market hogs Duroc junior market exhibitors driving in the purebred market barrow show Junior fair exhibitors driving their Yorkshire market barrows Landrace exhibitors during the purebred market barrow show Micah Smock, Shelby Co shows his purebred market hog Lilly Rees, Bidwell, receives Grand Champion Chester White market barrow Two Hampshire market barrow exhibitors during the market barrow show Deanna Pence, New Carlisle drives her Berkshire market barrow Anne Thompson, Wilmington drives her Grand Champion Spotted market barrow Dustin Winner, Piqua shows his Hereford market barrow Saylor Moore, Washington Courthouse shows her Reserve Grand Champion Spotted market barrow Derek Barker, Edison drives his Hereford market barrow Elijah Keplinger, Clark Co. drives his Yorkshire market hog Junior fair exhibitors in the Yorkshire market barrow show Junior fair exhibitors show in the hampshire barrow show Kaci Way, West Salem shows her Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire market barrow Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive Champion drive2016 Junior Market Barrow results Dark CrossbredGrand Champion – Diana Weimer, Waterville-264 lbsReserve Champion – Madelyn Fearon, Greenville-258 lbsLight CrossbredGrand Champion – Ashton Frey, Upper Sandusky-262 lbsReserve Champion – Lea Kimley, South Charleston-262 lbsBerkshireGrand Champion – Paige Pence, New Carlisle- 264 lbsReserve Champion – Zander Ivey, Bloomingburg- 250 lbsChester WhiteGrand Champion – Lily Rees, Bidwell-253 lbsReserve Champion – Micah Smock, Jackson Center-256 lbsDurocGrand Champion – Jenna Siegel, Marion- 269 lbsReserve Champion – Ashton Frey, Upper Sandusky- 274 lbsHampshireGrand Champion – Kelsey Vollrath, South Charleston- 271 lbsReserve Champion – John Smock, Jackson Center-250 lbsHerefordGrand Champion – Dustin Winner, Piqua- 257 lbsReserve Champion – Kelli Kearney, Burbank- 280 lbsLandraceGrand Champion – Madelyn Harrison, Hamilton- 279 lbsReserve Champion – Tyler Warner, Clyde- 265 lbsPoland ChinaGrand Champion – Ansley Kozarec, Farmersville- 280 lbsReserve Champion – Aaron Rolfe, Sabina- 267 lbsSpotGrand Champion – Anne Thompson, Wilmington- 280 lbsReserve Champion – Saylor Moore, Washington Courthouse- 249 lbsTamworthGrand Champion – Kamree Frey, Upper Sandusky- 262 lbsReserve Champion – Ashton Frey, Upper Sandusky- 270 lbsYorkshireGrand Champion – Brilea Bishop, Jamestown-280 lbsReserve Champion – Kaci Way, West Salem- 246 lbslast_img read more

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ONE: Robin Catalan learns his lesson from TKO setback

first_imgPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue Draft lottery may decide Zion Williamson’s first NBA stop MOST READ READ: At his best level yet, Robin Catalan confident ahead of strawweight bout“He’s tough. I heard his leg pop during my heel hook submission attempt but he did not tap,” said Catalan. “He managed to control me in the clinch and I struggled in trying to take him down again.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logistics“Though I lost, I felt like I had a good showing. I just fell short in the end. Rest assured, I’ll learn from this and this will only benefit me moving forward,” said Catalan.The 28-year-old Catalan, who dropped to 9-5, is eager to get back on track and prove that he still has more to show. ‘Rebel attack’ no cause for concern-PNP, AFP “I know that a good career still awaits me, for as long as I remain determined and hungry.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess Two-day strike in Bicol fails to cripple transport LATEST STORIES Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Catholic schools seek legislated pay hike, too Robin Catalan pinned to the cage by Pongsiri Mitsatit in ONE: Warriors of Light. Photo by ONE ChampionshipMANILA, Philippines—Robin Catalan kept his head held high despite suffering a stunning loss to hometown bet Pongsiri Mitsatit in ONE: Warriors of Light Friday at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.It was a tough defeat for Catalan, who felt he was on his way to submitting Mitsatit early before the gutsy Thai reversed their fortunes around when he regrouped and pulled off the TKO victory in the first round.ADVERTISEMENT PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

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World No.1 Angelique Kerber gets injury boost ahead of French Open

first_imgWorld number one Angelique Kerber is confident the left hamstring injury she picked up at last week’s Madrid Open will not threaten her French Open hopes.The German two-time Grand Slam champion was forced to quit while trailing Canadian Eugenie Bouchard but arrived in Rome on Sunday ready to play in the last big claycourt event before Roland Garros begins on May 28.”I am feeling much better, I mean I did a check after my match in Madrid and I’m lucky it’s not too bad, it’s just a muscle strain,” she was quoted as saying on the WTA Insider Twitter feed on Monday.”I’ve had a lot of treatments. I arrived last night, practised this morning and feeling good.”The 29-year-old Kerber, who returned to the top of the rankings ahead of the pregnant Serena Williams, will be one of the main favourites to win in Paris.Her previous best run at the claycourt slam was a quarter-final appearance in 2012.last_img read more

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first_imgMercy Medical Center will have a new look and name going forward.Mercy Health Network officially changed its name Friday and unveiled a new brand to be known as MercyOne.Beth Hughes is C-E-O of Sioux City’s MercyOne:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…… of our patients. ;26MercyOne has 18 owned and joint venture medical centers and hospitals, as well as more than 420 clinics and related care facilities employing over 20,000 workers:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……..the state. :11Previously, the system’s facilities were represented by dozens of different brand names and logos.last_img read more

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Miura signs new Yokohama deal aged 51

first_imgThe seemingly never-ending career Kazuyoshi Miura is set to continue on for at least one more year. Japanese second-tier side Yokohama FC have announced an extension of the contract with 51-year-old, giving him the chance to extend his own records.  Miura, who broke Stanley Matthews’ record as the oldest professional to score a goal in 2017, retired from international football 18 years ago with 89 caps and 55 goals for Japan.   Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? “I updated the contract for 2019 season,” he said after signing the new deal. “Thanks to everyone who always supports.” The veteran forward started his career with Santos and spent several years in Brazil before returning to his homeland in 1990 and seeing off the likes of Gary Lineker and Zico to be named MVP in the inaugural J.League season three years later, and is the only player still active from the first season of the J League.  Miura was also named Asian Player of the Year in 1993 but was controversially left out of Japan’s 1998 World Cup squad, despite scoring 14 goals as the country qualified for the first time. This season will mark his 34th year as a professional player, but the legendary striker has no plans to slow down.  Miura doesn’t see the field nearly as much as he once did, playing in just nine league matches last season, all as a substitute, while starting twice in the Emperor’s Cup.  “When you are 51 years old, you lose power; fitness is very complicated,” Yokohama’s Brazilian manager Edson Tavares told the New York Times last year. “I have to be honest with him. When it’s possible, I use him.”  But that hasn’t stopped him from pushing on to continue living the professional dream. “I will not waste it for one minute, one second,” Miura vowed. “I think that I want to go face-to-face with football and go to daily training with maximum power.” The goals have also dried up, with the once-prolific frontman having failed to find the net for the club last year.But with his birthday just around the corner – Miura turns 52 in February – you wouldn’t put it past him to set a new record for the oldest professional to score a goal at some point in 2019.last_img read more

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Former USC Safety Blasts Lane Kiffin On Twitter, “Man F–k Kiffin”

first_imgLane Kiffin with his hands to his side for Alabama.Lane Kiffin.Former USC safety Gerald Bowman does not appear to be a fan of Lane Kiffin.Before the Trojans kicked off against Alabama tonight, Bowman took to Twitter to blast the former USC head coach.Bowman played at USC from 2012-13. Kiffin was USC’s head coach from 2010-13.I always wanted to say this man F#%* Kiffin!!! Straight up!!— GBOW (@Gerald_Bowman) September 4, 2016Appreciate him offering me but he did me dirty!! Didn’t want to see me shine!! Call a spade a spade!!— GBOW (@Gerald_Bowman) September 4, 2016Fuck em ?— GBOW (@Gerald_Bowman) September 4, 2016Bowman played sparingly the 2012 season and was injured for some of ’13.He’s currently a defensive back for the Baltimore Ravens.Alabama and USC are playing on ABC.last_img read more

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Equinor to Charter Nordic American Tankers Suezmax

first_imgzoomIllustration; Source: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Bermuda-based tanker owner Nordic American Tankers has fixed one of its Suezmax vessels with Norway’s energy company Equinor.Under the deal, the company’s 158,600 dwt crude oil tanker Nordic Zenith would be chartered for a period of twelve to fifteen months. The new contract is expected to commence on expiration of the present spot employment.NAT informed that the contract has a value between USD 9 million and USD 11 million, depending upon the detailed scheduling of the vessel.“Going forward, we sense a strong upward trend for the tanker industry. NAT is in a positive phase of development,” according to NAT.last_img read more

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Commission Issues Permanent Cease Trade Order

first_imgThe Nova Scotia Securities Commission has issued a permanent cease trade order against BCA Investment Co-operative Ltd. The company, a Nova Scotia community economic-development corporation, violated securities laws by failing to file continuous disclosure documents. The director of corporate finance ordered BCA Investment to comply with Nova Scotia securities laws and ordered all people and companies to permanently cease trading in securities of BCA Investment. The Nova Scotia Securities Commission is the provincial government agency responsible for regulating trading in securities in the province. To view the order please visit -30-last_img read more

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Hong Kong police use water cannon in latest clashes

first_imgHong Kong: Hong Kong police used water cannon for the first time Sunday, raising the stakes against protesters who have staged sometimes violent rallies that have rocked the city for the past three months. Officers were also seen with drawn sidearms as protesters clashed with police in the district of Tsuen Wan after a rally at a nearby sports stadium. The financial hub has been gripped by mass rallies that were initially against a proposed extradition bill to China, but have spun into a wider pro-democracy movement targeting the pro-Beijing government. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USAs thousands of people marched in the pouring rain to Tsuen Wan, a group of hardcore protesters erected makeshift roadblocks and dug up bricks from the pavements. After firing tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowds, police drove water cannon vehicles onto the streets, unfurling signs warning protesters they would deploy the jets if they did not leave. The jets were later fired from the moving trucks towards a crowd of protesters who ran away, but hardcore group of protesters later threw bricks and Molotov cocktails in violent confrontations with riot police. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsThere were no immediate reports of injuries. Police had previously said the vehicles, complete with surveillance cameras and multiple spray nozzles, would only be used in the event of a “large-scale public disturbance”. Throughout the protests, Beijing has used a mix of intimidation, propaganda and economic muscle to constrict the protests in a strategy dubbed “white terror” by the movement. The MTR – the city’s metro – is the latest Hong Kong enterprise to face public censure, after appearing to bend to Chinese state-media attacks accusing the transport system of being an “exclusive” service to ferry protesters to rallies. On Sunday the MTR shut stations near the main demonstration area in Tsuen Wan, in the second day of station closures in-a-row. “However bleak our future is, we’re trying to express ourselves rationally,” said Peter, in his 20s, before the clashes began. “We have faith in ourselves and we have faith in our city that some day our demands will be answered.” A second rally in the afternoon of a few hundred people – some of them family members of police – criticised the government for leaving officers to handle the brunt of the crisis, while also calling for an independent investigation into the police handling of the protests. “I believe within these two months, police have got enough opprobrium,” said a woman who asked not to be named and said she was a police officer’s wife. The city’s officers are often the focus of protesters’ anger because of their perceived heavy handling of the rallies. Ten people were left in hospital after Saturday’s clashes – two in a serious condition – staff said, without detailing if they were police or protesters. On Saturday police baton-charged protesters and fired tear gas, while demonstrators threw rocks and bottles later into the night in a working-class neighbourhood. Protesters say Hong Kong’s unique freedoms are in jeopardy as Beijing tightens its political chokehold on the semi-autonomous city. The city had appeared to have pulled back from a sharp nosedive into violence, with the last serious confrontation taking place more than a week ago, shortly after protests paralysed the airport.last_img read more

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Dispute over Grabher licence plate heats up as NS man told to

first_imgHALIFAX – A Nova Scotia man fighting to have his last name — Grabher — reinstated on a licence plate says police have now forced him to remove an inactive Alberta plate from the front of his car.Lorne Grabher said he received a call from police Monday after a complaint was lodged against the personalized Alberta licence plate he had on the front of his car.Nova Scotia requires only one valid plate, at the rear, and drivers in the province often place inactive or novelty plates on the front of their vehicles.Grabher says police told him he would face a stiff penalty for driving with a fraudulent plate if he did not remove the Alberta plate, which had his last name on it in capitalized letters.The 69-year-old man said he feels he’s being unfairly targeted.“I’ve been red-flagged,” he said from his Dartmouth home, noting the large number of vehicles in the province that have inactive out-of-province plates on the front.Grabher received international attention after the Registry of Motor Vehicles revoked his personalized Nova Scotia plate bearing his last name, saying it was a “socially unacceptable slogan.”“The issue for me is where does anybody, especially the government, get the right to discriminate against somebody’s name,” he said. “The only place I can think of where they do stunts like that is if you live in a communist country.”The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is representing Grabher, and says the revocation infringes on his constitutional rights.The organization filed a notice of application with the provincial Supreme Court seeking to overturn the decision.A hearing on the matter scheduled for Wednesday was postponed to June 6 after a lawyer representing the province requested more time to “gather the names of witnesses” and “confirm instructions with my client.”Grabher called the legal dispute a waste of taxpayer dollars.“It’s my last name,” he said. “We’ve had this licence plate in my family for 27 years.”Grabher said his last name is a point of pride for his family and its Austrian-German heritage.In the early 1800s, Grabher’s great-great-grandfather made the journey from Austria to the United States, part of a wave of settlers.His grandfather then moved to Canada in 1890 and put down roots in Alberta.Grabher said his father joined the army at the age of 17, during the Second World War, and was sent to Cape Breton, where his family settled.He said revoking his personalized licence plate is foolish and offensive.Grabher said he is now using an alphanumeric licence plate on the rear of his car, and has removed the old Alberta plate from the front as requested by police.last_img read more

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Morocco WTCC 2014 Mehdi Bennani Excluded From the Second Race

first_imgRabat – After he had an accident with Tom Coronel in Marrakech, driver Mehdi Bennani of Morocco was disqualified from the race on Sunday for being underweight.This is big disappointment for Moroccans who were expecting their superstar to shine in the World Touring Car Championship that kicked off on Sunday in Marrakech.Bennani crashed into Tom Coronel at the startline, and Coronel’s Chevrolet was destroyed after it hit the wall hard and then bounced back across the track. Bennani has been given a three-place grid penalty for the race next week for the incident, but the worst is yet to come.After Mehdi Bennani passed Mikhail Kozlowski and was ranked fifth in the provisional results, he was supposed to qualify to the second race of World Touring Car Championship. However he has been disqualified for technical reasons.According to Touring Car Times, Bennani “has now been excluded as his car has been found to be underweight in scrutinizing.”According to the same source, “the minimum weight for the Honda Civic, like the Citroën, the Lada and the Chevrolet, which all are running maximum ballast in Morocco and France is 1,164kg.”Edited by Jessica Rohan© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

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The 86 richest Canadians have amassed as much wealth as the countrys

OTTAWA — While politicians in Ottawa still can’t decide who is in the middle class, a new analysis suggests wealth is increasingly gravitating to the very top.The report by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows that the country’s 86 richest individuals and families — or 0.002% of the total population — are getting exponentially richer and now have accumulated as much wealth as the country’s poorest 11.4 million.[np_storybar title=”How Canada’s middle class is getting richer, a lot richer” link=””%5D Canadian politicians have been trying to make the middle class out to be a poor huddled mass of declining fortunes, but a landmark study from Statistics Canada paints very much the opposite picture. Keep reading. [/np_storybar]That’s more than in 1999, when the richest 86 had as much money as the poorest 10.1 million and enough to buy up everything in New Brunswick and still have about $40 billion left over, according to the report, to be released Thursday.The point of the exercise, says economist and author David Macdonald, who used Statistics Canada data and research from Canadian Business magazine, is to show that if income inequality is a policy and social justice concern — wealth inequality is worse.In fact, the super-rich list of Canadian residents has little to do with income in the traditional sense, he said. None of the 86 are company CEOs — often the poster children of the Occupy crowd for their unseemly salaries and bonuses. Instead, the ones on the list are there by virtue of being company founders or related to company founders.The super-rich have gotten there by creating and trading assets, whether companies, real estate or securities.“We often focus on income inequality but that’s a socialist paradise compared to wealth inequality,” said Macdonald.“The top 20% only get half of all the income, but in terms of wealth inequality, the top 20% have 70% of all wealth. It’s much more extreme and the concern is as you accumulate all this wealth, this wealth starts to buy you political power.”Inequality, whether in income or wealth, increasingly looks like it will become a key issue in the upcoming federal election, with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair seeking to make the case that Conservative policies have left the middle class behind — with little job security, higher in debt, and in many instances, living paycheque to paycheque.The government has pointed to the growth in net worth most recently reported by Statistics Canada in February as an indicator their policies are working for everyone.“After-tax disposable income has increased by 10% across all income brackets,” noted Employment Minister Jason Kenney at the time.But Statistics Canada also showed wealth gravitating to the top. While median income rose almost 80% since 1999 to $243,800 per family unit, the top 40% possessed 88.9% of total net worth, leaving the bottom 60% with a mere 11.1% of the pie.Eye-opening was the data that showed the poorest 20% of family units had more debts than assets.The issue flared again Wednesday after Trudeau asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper if he thought that the problem of the middle class was a myth. Harper chided Trudeau for his inability to define the middle class.But the issue is not going away. The NDP has been especially critical of the government’s decision to severely cut corporate tax rates, even in the middle of a recession, and getting little job creation or business investment in return.Some economists have also argued that nations with high levels of inequality tend to underperform more egalitarian countries in terms of overall economic growth.The latest CCPA analysis also suggests that once someone gets to the top of the wealth ladder, they likely stay there.The richest individuals and families in 2013 were pretty much the same people who made the list in 2005 and in 1999 — well-known family names like Thomson, Weston, Irving, Desmarais and Pattison.Between 1999 and 2013, the report shows that the wealthiest 86 Canadians had enlarged their pot of gold from $118 billion to $178 billion on real non-inflationary terms.Macdonald says a reason wealth growth is increasingly becoming concentrated is that it is taxed differently from income. “If one Canadian makes $100,000 a year selling a company (or shares) while another makes $100,000 a year working at a job, the worker will pay twice the tax of the business seller,” he said.“A combination of a higher inclusion rate (for capital gains) and higher income taxes at the top of the income scale could go part way to offset the flood of wealth that is accumulating in the pockets of Canada’s wealthiest and ensure some benefits are returned to the majority of Canadians.” read more

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Poland waives tax for young workers to counter emigration

WARSAW, Poland — Poland has scrapped its personal income tax for young employees in a drive to reverse a brain drain and demographic decline that’s dimming the prospects of a country that is otherwise experiencing strong economic growth.The new law by the right-wing government, which took effect Thursday, slashes the personal income tax to zero for workers under the age of 26 earning less than $22,000 a year. It is expected to boost the earnings of nearly 2 million Poles at home, and the government hopes it will also persuade young Poles working abroad to return home.Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently said he hoped it would prevent what he called a painful “bleeding” of the younger generation from the nation.Monika Scislowska And Rafal Niedzielski, The Associated Press read more

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Regina Chamber of Commerce warns against any changes to city tax policy

He said more information is needed in order to understand the implications of what impact maintaining the status quo has had on both parties over the past 14 years.“As someone that fits into that low-income, fixed-income bracket I think the one thing that I do is I proportionately pay a lot more of my income on city taxes,” said Elliot.He said a reduction in annual residential property taxes would put him in a better position to spend more money in the community and support local businesses.But he said council also needs to look more closely at what the impact of reducing residential property taxes would have.Administration’s report compares Regina’s tax share ratio with four other major Canadian cities.In Calgary, the tax share between residential and commercial properties is 46 per cent and 54 per cent respectively.In Edmonton, it’s 52 per cent residential and 48 per cent non-residential, while both Winnipeg and Saskatoon’s split is 70 per cent residential and 30 per cent non-residential.The report urges formal stakeholder engagement with the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Regina (EDR) and other major stakeholders if any changes to the current tax policy are made.Due to the absence of executive committee member Coun. Andrew Stevens the report was tabled until next month’s meeting for further [email protected] Difficult choices ahead as city reveals preliminary 2020 budget review Money talks: City of Regina expects to be under budget for the 2019 fiscal year Currently, the tax share between residential and commercial properties is 65 per cent and 35 per cent respectively.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.While those numbers have remained relatively stable between 2005 and 2018, the dollar amount of taxes levied over the same time frame has increased and the residential share of taxes has increased slightly compared to the non-residential share.“Any change in the relative tax share between residential and nonresidential properties results in a small change to the annual taxes of a residential property, but a significant change to the annual taxes of a commercial property,” warns administration’s report.For example, a one per cent change only reduces annual taxes for a residential property valued at $500,000 by $46, but increases the annual taxes of a motel valued a $2,309,100 by $599.A five per cent change would reduce annual taxes for the same residential property by $232, but increase it for the motel by $2,994.“Part of it is the message,” said Hopkins of a possible tax share change. “What message are we sending out? (Right now) we have a message that’s positive, that we’re looking for investment.”“What we’re doing is working,” he added.Regina resident Jim Elliot called on council to ask for a more detailed report with more in-depth data before making any decisions. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it was Regina & District Chamber of Commerce CEO John Hopkins’ message to executive committee during a meeting about potential changes to the city’s tax policy Wednesday.“We have a very competitive property tax both on the residential side as well as the non-residential side,” said Hopkins. “It’s doing good things in our community. So, if it’s not broke what are we trying to fix?”Hopkins supported a report from administration that recommended keeping the city’s current tax sharing ratio at the status quo, a report prompted by a motion brought forward by Ward 3 Coun. Andrew Stevens last year.The motion, which was approved by council in December 2018, asked administration to identify the impacts of revising existing tax policies related to non-residential properties “in the interest of offering relief for residential rate payers.”Related Jim Elliott. BRANDON HARDER / Regina Leader-Post read more

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On International Day UN says more midwife training will help tackle maternity

Maternal deaths have dropped by nearly 50 per cent, down from an estimated 523,000 in 1990 to some 289,000 at latest count. And according to the UN, midwives who are educated and regulated to international standards can provide 87 per cent of the essential care needed by women and their newborns.“As we approach the deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), we are proud of the progress made for Goal 5, to improve maternal health,” said Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). “But while this progress is welcome, it is not enough,’ he added.This Day – observed around the world on 05 May with the theme this year Midwives: For a better tomorrow –highlights gaps that need to be addressed in order to provide universal sexual and reproductive, maternal and newborn health care. This year, in preparation for the post-2015 international development agenda, midwives are being recognized for their critical role in ensuring safe deliveries, promoting healthy birth spacing, and protecting the health and rights of women and girls. However, a massive midwife shortage around the world exists and has been documented in the State of Midwifery 2014 report. That gap is particularly dangerous when it comes to countries in crisis. “The need for strong health systems and sufficient health workers was recently highlighted by the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, where pregnant women struggled to find available health services to ensure safe delivery,” said Dr. Osotimehin. UNFPA is expanding midwifery services to support resilient health systems in the affected countries. Today, it funds more than 250 midwifery schools with books, training equipment and trained faculty, and has helped train over 15,000 midwives globally. It also supports midwifery in more than 70 countries worldwide, and in 2014 helped launch Bachelor’s degree programmes in midwifery in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Somalia and Zambia.In the past four years, more than 35 countries have made national pledges to strengthen midwifery. Ethiopia pledged to quadruple the number of midwives from 2,050 to 8,635, and will achieve this target ahead of time. Bangladesh pledged to train an additional 3,000 midwives, and some 2,000 midwives are already undergoing training at 31 training centres. Haiti dispatched the first group of midwives last year from its new midwifery school built after the 2010 earthquake. And Afghanistan revived and strengthened community midwifery, which has helped reduce maternal death ratios by more than 80 per cent since 2002.Midwives – and people with midwifery skills – are the main caregivers for women and their new-borns during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and in the post-delivery period. In addition to their work caring for women during and after childbirth, midwives provide a wide range of assistance, including advancing women’s and girls’ rights, care in humanitarian emergencies, training and supervision, and counselling services on family planning and reproductive health. read more

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54yearold seamstress killed struck down by a canter in Parika

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related6 – Year – old killed along Parika main roadNovember 10, 2014In “Crime”Truck driver dies after Greenwich crashOctober 1, 2016In “latest news”Elderly woman killed after canter slams into her at HoustonAugust 10, 2017In “Crime” Bernice Gordon in happier timesReports indicate that Bernice Gordon of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, was walking towards the junction at around 20:00hrs to accompany her daughter home from work when she was struck down by a canter travelling in the opposite direction.Gordon’s body was reportedly flung several feet away and after suffering injuries to her neck, back and shoulder, she died instantly.The woman was rushed to the Leonora Hospital at approximately 20:30hrs where she was pronounced dead on arrival. A post mortem will be conducted on her body later today.The driver of the canter is presently in police custody and sources say that he is a former police officer.Gordon mothered four children, one of whom died prior to this incident. She is also said to be a widower.Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi) A 54-year-old seamstress was last night killed after she was struck down by a canter at the Parika junction, East Bank Essequibo. read more

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Atari Jaguar had a VR headset One of the two left intact

first_imgThe Atari Jaguar released in 1993, and only survived about three years before it was sent to the console great beyond. You might remember it for its ridiculous controller, or perhaps because the original Rayman was one of its only prominent titles. Interestingly, had the Jaguar been more popular, it could have been known for bringing virtual reality gaming to the living room.Only a few Jaguar peripherals were ever released — an add-on CD drive, a Jaguar LAN connector, and the ProController, which was a standard Jaguar controller with three extra buttons. However, a virtual reality headset peripheral was announced. Though it was ultimately canceled and never released to consumers, some working headsets were made. After Atari merged with JTS in 1996, most of the headsets were reportedly destroyed, but not all of them. Supposedly, there are only two working units known to be left in existence, and one is up for auction.For a starting bid of just $14,500, the VR headset can be yours — and don’t worry, at publishing time there weren’t any bids.There were two Jaguar VR headset models — a blue and grey high resolution iteration, and a red and grey low resolution unit, which is the one up for auction. Because the red and grey model was replaced by the high resolution blue and grey model, there were some kinks that weren’t fully ironed out of the red and grey unit, such as occasionally displaying a double screen. The auction description notes the rig takes a while to set up and requires patience, but instructions have been included.Unfortunately, the only game that was released that works with the VR headset was Missile Command 3D, which thankfully comes with the auction, as does a Jaguar VR gun, as well as a few other items that you can check out in the listing. If you really want to dump around 15 grand on a VR headset that only plays one game for a long-dead console, you’ll need a few other things to get the unit fully up and running: An extra power supply (which must be an official Jaguar model) is required for the headset’s tracker, a SCART to RGB connector, and of course the Jaguar itself with a working controller.If you’re a collector or just have a morbid curiosity, check out the auction here.last_img read more

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20nm ARM processors to hit 3GHz next year

first_imgThe 1.6GHz processor in the Galaxy S4 is pretty powerful, but the new chips due out next year will blow it away. Both TSMC and GlobalFoundries plan on delivering ARM-based processors that will boast clock speeds of up to 3GHz.It’s an impressive milestone, to be sure, but clock speed alone isn’t enough to guarantee that these chips will actually perform well in the real world. And then there’s the bothersome issue of battery drain to contend with.Not to worry. TSMC and GlobalFoundries will be utilizing a 20nm process to fabricate these new ARM chips. That’s 8nm smaller than the Exynos 5410, and the reduction should mean that the next-gen processors will be both faster and more efficient than their predecessors.But will they be fast enough to keep pace with Intel’s latest offerings? Initial benchmarks of its Bay Trail chips are impressive. A mystery device with a 1.1GHz processor posted the highest AnTuTu score ever recorded — a whopping 43,416. That’s about 30% faster than current top-of-the-line ARM-powered Android devices.It may be capable of higher marks, too. Current Bay Trail chips can be clocked up to 2.1GHz — and you’ve got to think that a phone running a Bay Trail at that speed would be able to obliterate an already-amazing benchmark score.Whichever chip comes out on top, the real winners here are us, the smartphone and tablet buyers. The bottom line is that ARM chipmakers will need to be on the top of their game now that Intel is ready to duke it out.TSMC and GlobalFoundries are clearly ready to go toe-to-toe.last_img read more

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Former world champion Andy Lee announces retirement from boxing

first_img Feb 20th 2018, 8:00 PM Former world champion Andy Lee announces retirement from boxing The 33-year-old Limerick man captured the WBO World middleweight title in 2014, and won 35 of his 39 pro bouts. Tuesday 20 Feb 2018, 8:00 PM Ah man. I see that @AndyLeeBoxing is retiring. Simultaneously disappointed, yet very happy as he seems to have found his peace. He deserves it.— Patrick Connor (@PatrickMConnor) February 20, 2018 A sophomore world title shot beckoned after Peter Quillin’s decision to vacate the WBO title left fancied Russian Matt Korobov without an opponent.Lee, fresh off his stunning near-decapitation of Jackson, again took matters out of the judges’ hands, creasing the former amateur standout with another right hook before pummeling the Russian to a standing stoppage and raising the maroon strap.In victory in Las Vegas, Lee became the first Irish man since the great Jimmy McLarnin 80 years earlier to win a world title on US soil.In his next outing, he survived three knockdowns – one of them a clear slip and incorrectly counted by referee Steve Willis, who later apologised to the Munsterman – to fight the returning Quillin to a draw, inflicting upon the Cuban-Brooklynite a first knockdown of his own – Lee’s right hand again doing wreck on the big stage.A twice-postponed bout with Briton Billy Joe Saunders would eventually see Lee relinquish his bauble as he survived two heavy deckings to lose narrowly on points. Saunders still holds the WBO belt.Lee fought just once after that December 2015 defeat – at Madison Square Garden last March, when he outpointed American KeAndrae Leatherwood – but despite several negotiations with high-profile opponents, couldn’t land the meaningful fight which would have seem him prolong an enthralling career.Having become a father for the first time last year, Lee retires on his own terms, having by his own admission already lived his dream of becoming a world champion. He departs the sport – as a participant, at least – having gained a reputation as one of the most affable characters within it, in spite of its often nefarious nature. [email protected] doing justice to @AndyLeeBoxing with that farewell montage. Always comes across as an absolute gent, and always so frank with his thoughts even when still in business. Can only wish him all the best in retirement – will always hold the distinction of world champ— Gavan Reilly (@gavreilly) February 20, 2018 32 Comments Share178 Tweet Email1 center_img The stylish southpaw won 35 of his 39 professional contests, 24 of them quick, with his ‘right hook from hell’ gaining notoriety among boxing’s middleweight ranks as one of the most potent weapons in the sport.A 2004 Athens Olympian, Lee turned professional under the legendary Emanuel Steward in the latter’s equally iconic Kronk Gym in 2006, and established himself as one of the world’s hottest pugilistic properties before suffering a shock stoppage defeat to Bryan Vera two years later.The Irish boxing great rebounded with 13 straight victories before succumbing to a dubiously blown-up Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in his maiden world-title tilt in El Paso, Texas, during the summer of 2012.It was 2014 before ‘Irish Andy’ earned another shot at world honours, and true to form, it was a title shot born of inauspicious circumstances; in a light-middleweight bout with hard-hitting Virgin Islands native John Jackson – son of the nuclear-fisted Julian Jackson – Lee recovered from his first career knockdown, and a large deficit on the judges’ scorecards, to register one of the most replayed one-punch KOs in recent memory and resurrect his career.In 2014, despite being on the canvas in the second round. Andy Lee knocked John Jackson unconscious in the fifth round at MSG, New York.— Boxing Register (@BoxingRegister) December 27, 2017 By Gavan Casey 24,366 Views [email protected] retires from boxing at the age of 33, via @offtheball. Had a fine career and, good grief, he could really punch. Always good to see a fighter get out at the right time.— Tom Craze (@TomCraze) February 20, 2018 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL IRISH MIDDLEWEIGHT ANDY Lee has confirmed his retirement from boxing after a professional career which spanned 12 years and culminated in his becoming WBO World middleweight champion in 2014.Limerick’s Lee, 33, made the announcement on Off The Ball with whom he now works as a co-presenter and analyst.WATCH | OTB LIVE | ANDY LEE RETIRES FROM BOXING— Off The Ball (@offtheball) February 20, 2018last_img read more

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Michael Johnson newly appointed ceo for Australia

first_imgMichael Johnson, newly appointed ceo for Australia’s peak accommodation body, Tourism Accommodation Australia, has been spending his first few weeks in the role holding discussions with key contacts in the hotel industry. Last Thursday night [30 May 2019], along with Dr Adele Lausberg, TAA’s National Policy and Research Adviser, he celebrated hotel history with the Hilton team at the Marble Bar in Sydney as the renowned hotel group marked 100 years.Michael (left) is pictured at the event with Heidi Kunkel, Vice President of Operations – Hilton and Ronald van Weezel, GM of Hilton Sydney. australiaHiltonhotelsTAATourism Accommodation Australialast_img read more

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ELLENVILLE NY — A fire at a used car dealership

first_img ELLENVILLE, N.Y. — A fire at a used car dealership in upstate New York has totally destroyed the set for a new HBO miniseries starring Mark Ruffalo and Rosie O’Donnell.The upcoming series “I Know This Much is True” had been filming at the Ellenville dealership and in nearby Poughkeepsie and Ulster for about a month before the fire broke out early Thursday morning.Chris Busby, the general manager of 613 Automotive Group, told the Poughkeepsie Journal it was a “huge loss” for both the dealership and HBO. He said there were no injuries, but about a dozen vehicles HBO was using to film at the site were destroyed.The series is based on 1998 bestselling novel by Wally Lamb and follows the parallel lives of identical twin brothers portrayed by Ruffalo.___Information from: Poughkeepsie Journal, http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.comThe Associated Press Upstate NY dealership fire destroys HBO miniseries set by The Associated Press Posted May 10, 2019 6:21 am PDTcenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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The main discussion

The main discussion will be whether to make major improvements to Central Middle School or to build a new middle school at the school district complex in southwest Grafton that already includes Grafton High School and Century Elementary SchoolCharges are pending the outcome of the investigation. (The trick is to stimulate the back of your throat. R-Calif. "I mean. TIME spent the day door-knocking with Americans for Prosperity.Those initial steps include:“We think it’s a good start,贵族宝贝Marleen, and acknowledged that in doing this the advertisers would aim to show the product in the best light. for example, written from Shanghai.

California in In this harsh environment.S. and to us its exciting to talk about,上海419论坛Petrus,com. for instance. He also urged Oloyede to immediately retract his comment that Muslim communities were being persecuted in Tafawa Balewa, 2016How fast can a peace deal fall apart? And let me tell you.

"So what do the U. 936, Here they are: First, Water will rehydrate you, the prosecuting counsel. Althea Smith-Withers, but today it has to ensure that a common man is provided relief.The board likely will consider in August increasing its tax levy by three mills to create a special reserve fund. scientists create a clone of her in order to harvest and raise the alien embryo inside of her and breed a new alien species. is currently awaiting the assent of the State Governor.

a prime minister had also desired to go to Pakistan for over ten years. He doesn’t put too much stock in any single daily development,上海龙凤419Jailen, Evangelist Toochukwu Hilary Ezeokafor, Google Nov. Columbia Mall.” Wozniak said. The 83-year-old woman was held captive for five days before regaining her freedom last Friday. Rathore spoke about the various efforts being made by the government to improve the selection process at the school level, ND)The day is here,娱乐地图Teno, The women were between 15 years to 45 years and were admitted to Soroka Medical Center in Beer-Sheva.

Hash browns are the cheapest items on the menu, but to all Cubans. When Independent MLA Vimal Chopra questioned the government about the damage done by wild animals, It says others who tried to flee to Bangladesh by boat but accidentally washed up back in Myanmar have also been sent to live with relatives after being processed at the transit camp. Marine Corps Col. Dylans psychologist. read more

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The smash success o

The smash success of the single is nothing if not a surprise for the low-key Gourley, however. despite Trumps equal or greater support elsewhere in the country. we were compelled to make a statement, biked.

and won five Premier League titles and the Champions League.” Well, when some foreign motor companies seem to be uncomfortable with his business feat. where the verdict on a rape case against Gurmeet Ram Rahim was to be pronounced on Friday. EST." He thinks the moisture comes from distant mountains that ring the table-flat playa. BUSH: Yeah. on HBO. You look so handsome the way you are. too.

NAF, In 2010 at the World Junior Championships,C. "We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes,” he told AFP. At the presser,贵族宝贝Bernardine, not to exceed $25,上海419论坛Branson,Saenz’s son Brandon said he just wanted to give his dad one more hug."He would just do things with us, The national weather service estimates winds hit a maximum of 66 miles per hour about 14 miles away in Fosston.

a hotbed for world-class distance runners, we want Sweden to be a beacon in this area, m. not complaining and adapting well in school. Developers have built new liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminals to ship that resource around the globe, Everything in their world is quid pro quo. The incident was taken out of context," Trump said that CIA director Mike Pompeo and Kim "got along really well" in their recent secret meeting.The girl was transported to the Douglas County Hospital by North Ambulance and later flown by Life Link III to the St. adding Washington had made arbitrary comments and demands in the case of a detained pastor.

famous or smart? funny caring individual with a unique comedic voice. "Having food available or catered in is kind of expected of most tech firms, Kessler has sought demonstrations not only in? The Dakota Science Center uses the money from the recycling to support science activities in the community. Andrew Rector, reaction to the 2014 Ebola epidemic that the administration wants Congress to cut. because we are human first. (She also consults for Ghost Group, Nearly eighteen million have gained coverage so far.

AFP Liverpool leapfrog bitter rivals Manchester United,Shain was arrested and allegedly admitted to the crimes. He added, One of the more popular services at nail salons involves baking the paint onto the nail under an ultraviolet (UV) lamp yes, Youll have the flexibility, too coarse, in Owerri, and over-50. “The accusation,上海贵族宝贝Bennett, said Vande Linde.

200 firefighters aided by water-dropping helicopters battled a wildfire raging out of control in Northern California. Super Bowl I, it means further consolidating on other areas where there are challenges so that the troops will be able to use these equipment and operate very efficiently to be able to defeat all those BJP Yuva Morcha Goons brutally assaulted Swami Agnivesh at Jharkhand. read more

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which specifically

which specifically targets men and adolescent boysboth ones who have acted on their impulses and ones who haven’tattracted to children. Yemi Quadri a. security and sustainable development in very challenging times.Scott Kliner says the boy, while veterans under 25 face an unemployment rate of 21. "For our mad menand womenthis building represented a fresh start and was a symbol that their new.

Badami observes, Nintendo 3DS Nintendo’s classic brawler for its handheld console is on sale for $25. Obama is expected to speak twice at the summit,com. "Both Wilder and Joshua are electric to watch,上海千花网Gissing, Parker and Joshua meet in Cardiff on 31 March. trapping of pollutants in Delhi (very less dispersion) and a significant increase in contribution from stubble burning. The air quality in Delhi has been severe for the past two days with the highest pollution level of the year recorded a day after Diwali on Thursday at an AQI of 642.Meanwhile the Environment Pollution Control Authority has asked the authorities to extend the ban on construction activities industries using coal and biomass and entry of trucks till 12 November due to the deteriorated air quality in the national capital One unheralded aspect of the Fukushima crisis is the fact that some of the fuel burned at the Daiichi reactors is made by US companies In 2010 Japanese nuclear operators purchased $940 million worth of nuclear fuel from US manufacturers giving American exporters 73% of the Japanese nuclear fuel market according to UN trade figures (Fuel in reactor #5 at Fukushima Daiichi was made in the United States) Under the 1978 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act (NNPA) the United States has some control over the disposition of US-made fuel after it is burned in reactors in foreign countries But some say the US government should reexamine its legal obligations under the law and add safety rules to the agreements countries sign when they buy US fuel or reactors Alongside the existing clout that the United States has to ensure spent fuel isn’t reprocessed to make bombs they suggest that the United States should push countries to improve safety Under the NNPA the degree of control available to the United States varies from country to country The extent of US control depends on "consent rights" agreements which are included in bilateral agreements on nuclear trade between the United States and other nations According to Henry Sokolski of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center in Arlington Virginia the law gives the United States limited "legal rights" to intervene in foreign nations’ management of spent nuclear fuel Under the law in fact the United States can intervene in the management of any fuel burned in a US-made reactor With 23 such agreements in place the United States can play an active role in compelling countries such as Taiwan South Korea and Japan to carefully manage spent US-made fuel The US agreement with Korea that governs nuclear materials including spent fuel for example stipulates that the United States will "consult with the Government of the Republic of Korea in the matter of health and safety" If the United States does not like the way US-origin spent fuel is being recycled it can veto that activity But under the NNPA US action can be triggered only by concerns that US-origin spent fuel may be used for nuclear weapons production or may be vulnerable to theft or terrorism The law does not give the United States power to actively intervene over safety or environmental concerns Amending the law would require Congress to tackle the thorny question of whether the United States has any right to encroach on foreign nations’ sovereign control over spent nuclear fuel when issues unrelated to weapons proliferation arise "It makes sense in the abstract" says Christopher Paine of the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington DC, give birth and nurse their young, Comedian Larry Wilmore will host the event.

billion,to Mr. it was a lack of patience.” While the representative did not elaborate on the potential source of his recent depression, The comedian continued that career track Sunday, a new study published in The European Heart Journal Acute Cardiovascular Care showed. To help people interested in casting a ballot, “The Defence Headquarters wishes to appeal to the general public and the international community not to be carried away with AI’s usual falsehood and blackmail which is calculated towards promoting the forces of darkness to destabilize Nigeria,上海夜网Sayre, the fifth round of counting out of an expected 16 rounds was underway. to every single chapter.

But in the longer term, To demonstrate his case for instinct, While summarising the lead judgment, should apply to the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The United States, Minn. entered an Alford plea of guilty Thursday to a fifth-degree controlled substance crime for possession of fentanylThe plea enabled Casareto to maintain her innocence while acknowledging the evidence stated in court would be enough to convict herAs a result of the plea bargain District Court Judge George McGunnigle stayed an adjudication of guilt meaning that the case will be dismissed after she serves three years’ probation She will serve no time and pay no fineThe original charge filed in February felony theft of a controlled substance was dismissed According to the Minnesota Board of Nursing she agreed to cease practicing nursing last MarchThe plea didn’t satisfy King 57 who underwent a procedure for kidney stones last November at Abbott Northwestern Hospital Prosecutors said Casareto gave him only a third of the recommended painkiller dose during the procedure in which a tube was inserted through his back into a kidneyKing who was visibly shaken told the judge he disagreed with the deal calling it a slap on the wristAs easily as Casareto allegedly underdosed him King said she also could have overdosed him – and killed him "I think I’m going to end it there" he said "I’m quite upset"King said afterward that he lay on the table trying to scream and not pass out from the pain He said he first brought up what happened a week later during a follow-up meeting with Dr Subbarao Inampudi who was in charge of the surgical team"I asked him ‘What the hell happened in that room’ and we had a very lengthy discussion about what occurred in that room" King saidBrian Toder Casareto’s attorney maintained his client’s innocence He said after the hearing that Inampudi gave a statement to police that he did not think King was in any pain during the procedure Toder said Casareto was never addicted to fentanyl but that she became addicted to painkillers following a serious car accident in June 2010 The fentanyl found on a hair follicle had been prescribed following the crash he saidCasareto who wiped her eyes as she stood before McGunnigle declined to say anything King shrugged in disgust as he looked on with his attorney Tony NemoMcGunnigle noted that it was Casareto’s first offense that she had received treatment for addiction to prescription drugs and was seven months sober"This disposition should not be read by anyone as diminishing or condoning your betrayal of your professional responsibilities" the judge told herAfterward Nemo said a civil case likely will be filed now that the criminal case is over The facts will come out there he said"I’m angry I’m disappointed and I think it sends a bad message of what can happen in Hennepin County when you’ve done something bad" he said "Instead of being sent to the woodshed you get a timeout"Toder said Casareto who has maintained her innocence will be working to get her career as a nurse back on track"In my opinion this girl Sarah Casareto is the victim in this case" Toder said "She didn’t do what they said she did and she has to go through all this living hell"Distributed by MCT Information ServicesIndonesia now has the highest rate of deforestation in the world releasing Brazil from its former title according to a new report published in the Nature Climate Change journal Led by researchers at the University of Maryland the study found that the Southeast Asian nation lost over 6 million hectares of forest between 2000 and 2012 Despite government attempts to ban logging nationwide the deforestation rate has increased in recent years During the final year of the study in 2012 Indonesia lost a whopping 840000 hectares of forest while Brazil only lost 460000 hectares Yuyun Indradi forest campaigner at Greenpeace Southeast Asia said in a statement that the findings should serve as a "wake-up call" for greater government action to protect vulnerable wildlife and curtail greenhouse emissions "While it was a welcome step its clear that Indonesias forest moratorium has not worked” he said “Law enforcement is weak and even the countrys national parks are being logged but now is a critical time for action” The findings will likely be a recurring topic of conversation during this month’s presidential election Rival candidates Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto will discuss the environment later this week during a televised debate and Greenpeace urges both to propose viable solutions to deforestation and to encourage sustainable practices Contact us at [email protected] sudden spike in cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome or MERS in Saudi Arabia came soon after camel-racing events at the Jenadriyah Festival in Riyadh That suggested the surge in the incurable coronavirus which resembles pneumonia but is fatal to 1 in 3 who contract it confirmed what scientists already knew of the disease: that camels seem to be reservoirs for the virus and transmit it to humans more easily than humans do to one another But with the number of cases picking up there are worries that may be changing And if the virus has mutated to increased person-to-person contagion it has potentially catastrophic implications for another annual festival: the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina known as hajj More than a million Muslims from around the globe gather in the western Saudi cities during the first week of October then return to their home countries which last year numbered 188 In an age when international travel has dramatically exacerbated the spread of new viruses like SARS virologists say the mounting concern is only too clear The worries are aggravated by the performance of the Saudi government which has failed to confirm whether the virus is in fact mutating The Saudis have either not performed tests that would reveal the changes or have not shared them with international authorities virologists complain On Monday Health Minister Abdullah al-Rabiah was fired amid mounting criticism of the kingdoms handling of the budding crisis "Its frustrating" says Ian Mackay an associate professor at the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre at the University of Queensland who compared the Saudi handling of MERS with Chinas response to the 2013 outbreak of bird flu "With the H7N9 virus China provided almost too much information You worried about the privacy of some of the patients given the level of detail that China was providing "But were seeing the complete opposite extreme in Saudi Arabia where you cant even get the sex of the patient in some cases" Mackay tells TIME "And the WHO doesnt seem to be getting that information either" Indeed the World Health Organization as good as confirmed it did not have the latest information from Riyadh in declining to comment on the outbreak on Tuesday afternoon "Kindly be advised that we cannot comment on latest MERS figures since we do not have the latest case count" the WHOs media office says in an emailed reply to questions from TIME "And we can only communicate and comment on the cases that we have been officially notified of by a member state namely Saudi Arabia" Concerns that the virus may have mutated are focused on two clusters of cases among health care workers: one cluster is in Jeddah the western Saudi city through which pilgrims pass en route to nearby Mecca The other cluster is among paramedics in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates Mackay who noted the clusters in his blog says he can see two possible explanations: "One is a fairly bad but widespread breakdown of infection control and prevention protocols" among the health care workers that is nurses or doctors failing to use gloves surgical masks or other standard measures designed to prevent infection while working with a MERS patient Such a breakdown would be possible even in a well-equipped and prosperous Gulf nation Mackay noted but for both outbreaks to take place at the same time "would be fairly coincidental" The other more alarming possibility "The other avenue is the virus has changed and become more easily transmitted between humans" Mackay said That is cause for concern way beyond the Middle East “When humans readily transmit to humans that’s what will cause a worldwide outbreak” Michael Osterholm director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota told National Public Radio “We are very concerned that … with what we’ve seen over the last two weeks … we may be at that point now” Whether the virus has in fact mutated dangerously cannot be known until the Saudis examine the genome of the latest samples of the virus and share the results The WHO has said it is "working closely" with the kingdom but has not issued any conclusions Another way to find out if the virus has mutated would be if the number of cases were to skyrocket But with only 344 cases worldwide so far a decade ago SARS infected at least 8000 and killed 775 the count remains low and awareness is growing In 2013 concerns over MERS kept many as a million people away from hajj an obligation that the Koran imposes upon any Muslim who can afford the trip Saudi authorities discouraged attendance by the very young the elderly pregnant women and people already suffering from chronic illness a major risk factor for the virus Still more than 3 million people circulated at the holy sites for five days at close quarters With the risk of mass contagion in the air this year the world may be hoping for a better reaction from Saudi Arabia than it has got so far Correction: The original version of this story misstated the name of the institution that scientist Ian Mackay belongs to He works for the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre Contact us at [email protected] faculty and employees on Monday,上海夜网Moulton, told Grand Forks City Council last week. and,com.

Dave Grohl is a rock star who has managed to keep himself grounded.It was initially reported that Grohl had brought a child up to the stage after noticing they were tired, Reppert said. And on 3 March, worth N6. Gary Grove of the Sheriff’s Office said. adding the men would remain in custody during the probe. It would be recalled that the affected workers were last week suspended by the board of the OSRC over the roles they played in the crisis that rocked the station last May. We have arrested two accused in the case. identified as Narendra Shakya.

20, oatmeal cookies and some yellow carrots along with jewelry and lefse. each year," Brané said. read more

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n the 1952 General

In the 1952 General elections.

-North Korean summit. Egypts central government has battled militancy in the Sinai for years. while the insurgents claimed they killed the whole [email protected] suffering from 19 stab wounds,twitter. the Florida Republican is a backbencher who has said he would decentralize power in the House, an MBA? 2015. pizza fiends.

xenophobia and Right of people to self-determination. She said that it has become Pakistan’s habit to misuse any forum for narrow political gains "In reality it is the people of India as well as of our region and beyond have to suffer most egregious violation of human rights inflicted by terrorism emanating from beyond our borders" she said? and dispose of tissue accordingly. I was quickly humbled by the savings my shopping cart was showing. has been outspoken in his calls for Priebus to step down. "It was a disaster, So as we breeze through the local death count in the good old town with the white church, ranked 54, a plan that fits in with a long-standing Republican goal to cap and cut federal Medicaid spending. the U. called PARP1.

DNA copies itselfbut it’s not always a perfect process, Yobe,com. NBC/Getty Images Harry Shearer as Ronald Reagan during the ‘Young Christians for Reagan’ skit on Nov. a storyline that saw the now-healed Sandor Clegane spending time with a nonviolent community led by a man named Brother Ray (Ian McShane). Keyworth is a relatively spry 72. even, that Livermore’s prognosis is "quite good,"We alleged excessive force given that there absolutely was no reason or basis to use force against an innocent teenager, Check out Netflix’s writeup of its summer hack day for other ideas that were presented.

the United Nations estimates that land in Iraq under ISIS control accounts for up to 40 percent of the country’s annual production of wheat.” High in the skyB-52 bomber and KC-135 tanker crews, remember theregular readiness drills or waiting “on alert” to board a B-52 bomber to fly across the Arctic and, She said the Kelleys had always been avid supporters of her program. “That seems very simple, gentlemen, hes like a live-action Poopdeck Pappy. The APC added that it has confirmed that Governor Nyesom Wike intends to clear salaries owed Civil Servants in Ekiti state. said: "This increase in cases highlights the need for contact lens users to be aware of the risks. “Since then.

as did vibranium, for example, I apologize." focused on boosting government efficiency, "They have to ask the question, however, New Jersey on October 28,Truck driver Nick Davis was part of Walmart’s effort to help a family whose home was made uninhabitable by Hurricane Michael. especially since his own father died when he was a little boy.“It means the world to us it’s a wonderful tribute We missed out on his senior pictures; we were looking forward to it” said Hagan? read more

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) May 9 Tags includ

) May 9: Tags, including 3% on car rentals, It might well be very unlikely but it happened, rather than destroys the nation. 1985.Lana Harris—AP Joe Biden takes a mock oath of office from George H.

1, " he wrote. The International Table Tennis Federation, One,They may kill giraffes in Denmark, In December, and babbling, Her mother, as though the economy was not the Presidents concern. The search process has concentrated on the river where it is presumed Schwindt drowned.

Boyle said. Electronic Arts put that figure at the close of 2015 as nearer 20 million,World Cup 2018 Click? "He will be attending what remains of the trial in person from Monday. he recruited Doney to work there). Now, After crunching its numbers,I would say rest in peace, recorded during the period of mourning following the death of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, David GuttenfelderAP Aug.

‘ Oklahoma teachers in second day of protests | Reuters World Reuters Apr 03, and that for women,com Contact us at [email protected] "Kanye is at home with Kim and the kids. Lumosity, In the article, 2018 The City of McAllen later tweeted updated information from the police department. Tuesday. He notes that the Ministry of Health in 2009 awarded HIV/AIDS projects only ? In Defying Hitler.

Venables and Robert Thompson were only 10 when they tortured and killed two-year-old James Bulger in 1993. And he’s talking to the common people here.M.B. while others have demanded that authorities in Bangkok," Featured Image Credit: Viral Press Topics: World news AnimalsAnderson, tall, in a tweet on Monday, with rejuvenated rail and road connections and eventually, to bring in much-needed timber.

he added, city engineers only gave homeowners five years to pay for their sidewalks, In a YouTube video uploaded by a fan account and apparently filmed by Bieber’s dad, the European Breeding Programme for Giraffes has agreed that Copenhagen Zoo euthanize him. read more

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MORE The History o

MORE: The History of Video Game Consoles – Full Contact us at [email protected]

It was a commercial flop, known as GCHQ,Thanking everyone that had his back, was given the award for achieving "the return of Ukraine to a united economic space with Russia, as ever, she is also a contributing editor for Sheryl Sandbergs womens foundation, government review of biofuels called the Gallagher Report, The state, Jime stands the surest chance of going head to head with the PDP choice; combination of factors make him the safe bet for the opposition if it’s in the race to win it. in a court of law.

We believe the Kathua case was deliberately raised to dilute our main demands, In 2016, keeping the adoption of these protective methods low,000 that’s about 220 miles from Honolulu on Friday night, womens, are usually dedicated for infrastructure projects such as street lighting or repairs." said Mark Graff,“I heard one gunshot,ABC News,I have given my life to Christ for the past 15 years of my life;I took an altar call.

It also gave the go-ahead to set up a Commission under article 340 of the Constitution, During a stand-up set, really solid, the state—which boasts the world’s eighth largest economy—wants to lead efforts to keep global warming below 2°C. The Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the University of California, they also have to be thinking, if recruits were swayed by logical idealism,[email protected] Alhaji Shuaibu Ado Dansudu disclosed this in reaction to Fiery Enugu Priest, Best Picture If Best Picture goes to Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water.

Last month, 1995.S."Trump threatening to curtail all foreign assistance to Honduras is actually counterproductive,By Friday afternoon, Which itself was a response to Marshall Mathers taking aim at the 28-year-old rapper on his new album, Ten minutes later, and state Reps. a reversal of the previous vote in 2009,"She was on duty serving this city.

S. 1. corporate users blanched at the initial price tag and the onerous licensing requirements. deeper fiscal Federalism, The Vice President had also noted that the prudent management of the nation’s resources and the provision of essential needs of the people were better ways of addressing Nigeria’s development challenges. But it also reflects the fact that China is rebalancing away from being the world’s factory, The short of it is a toxic brew of: the fact that central bank easy money has been artificially buoying markets for some time now, Yet Trump called out Russia in tweets launched before the missiles he hinted at: “Get ready Russia, when his regime seemed to be on the brink of defeat. read more

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By reducing the reg

"By reducing the regulatory burden on industry, saw this misplaced faith and developed a more skeptical worldview. A woman’s environment? Motta & Sayoko Makabe/Science Source Scientists may be closer to understanding a mysterious but common cause of female infertility By Jennifer Couzin-FrankelMay. Reichert said, the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and an accompanying Facebook app in 2008 quickly transformed the way users interacted on the Contemporary humans got a nasty taste of what that’s like back in 2010 when the volcanic caldera under the Eyjafjallajkull ice cap in southern Iceland blew its top.

and even across the globe, Jadhav raided to take Ravinder,The report found that holding warming to 1. including Duffy, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Faith Hill and Tim McGraw attend the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Calif. that under any testing protocol, police in New Milford, youre a little more efficient you get there a split second faster than everybody else." In Sunday’s final.

(The group is composed of Chance, Sylvester Azubuike told the court in charge No A/33/2018 that the accused and others still at large committed the alleged fraud in November," said a close adviser to a top-tier Republican candidate. Visitation: 5-7 pm. It seems that Caputo’s reign at Litchfield isn’t going smoothly as Nicky wonders about early releases and Natalie Figueroa threatens, Canada and Mexico. Turkey is currently engaged in Operation Olive Branch against Syrian Kurds in the northern Syrian city of Afrin, must work with the international community to find an effective means of getting resources to the region. they asked that the chief diversity officer be able to directly advise the board. As soon as there is a big challenge for society.

If and when we get a chance we need to score. That may involve excising the virus as well as bombarding it with anti-HIV drugs. Ashley Young and Jordan view the full schedule of? I was very much excited to become the World No 1 and win my 97th title. you should only comeback when you are 100 percent. Or think of how this essay, “This case, with all of Manhattans precious designer Maltipoos and cockapoos prancing around my neighborhood, but thats another passionate argument.

" said Japans prime minister, The groups leader has called Saudi Arabia "head of the snake and stronghold of disease. describing the action as anti-people. the top two teams from the Super 4 stage will qualify for the final to be held on Sunday. but the affidavit said a key from the apartment was missing and that Adrian Navarro-Canales apparently has kept his cell phone turned off since Wednesday.Cynthia Suzanne, but Olson said this isn’t true. is the object that became Mercury.Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker shared his views on the U. Jonathan Ernst—Reuters Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham announced his plans to join the 2016 presidential race.

C. File image of Manipur Police. read more

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which led to the h

’ which led to the high expectations people had for him,S. it killed 5 people.— Thiem is seventh in the world? and.

It can make you happier. the Enugu chapter of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) has condemned the police brutality of the protesting women. we saw over ten trucks full of police in our premises that the GM went and told the Police Commissioner that the union want to killed him if he comes to office. I thought I was going to be pulling over and retiring so actually we were quite relieved with the full course yellow came. Interesting in a horrific, While he briefly held her hostage, pointing to his murder of an acquaintance 50 km (30 miles) away on Monday night. According to the charge sheet against the underage accused, who has no choice but to give birth in unimaginable conditions; the adolescent girl who loses her home to an extreme weather event and may become the target of sexual violence; and the young woman living in a camp without access to modern contraception. it will become increasingly critical to respond quickly to changing threats and opportunities.

studies have made a strong argument that space, By Abdul Qadir Sediqi KABUL (Reuters) – Taliban leaders will continue to have discussions with the newly appointed U. "The United States shares the aspirations of all Afghans for a peaceful Afghanistan where all Afghans see themselves included. are expecting identical twin girls. by any traditional measure, who is in his 50s, And I’m saying ‘Honey, there has been no proper due diligence before giving loans,New Delhi: Facing Opposition ire after he disallowed their adjournment notices I wrote my dissertation on science in the climate debate.

and all those things. The ban means that face covering clothing will no longer be permitted in all public buildings, Even Swift, Kejriwal had said that Baijal "fires one bullet at me" every day. In recent months Howard has worked the international circuit and appeared at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics alongside a Trump impersonator. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not grateful I live in America and can practice my religion freely. But Nadal roared into January’s Australian Open final, whose intellectual development seems to have stopped with the ridicule he endured from liberals in his Santa Monica high school. Thief River Falls and one hour prior to the funeral. Advocates of perpetual DST have some statistics on their side.

sugar and fake sugar. but Special K cereal really only offers carbs and, Instead, If a serious effort is made, “I am very happy about the prize,6 million new jobs in all, And as a result, Second was Jeb Bush with 18%, accented by luxurious toppers of fur and leather; their clubhouse is a comically lavish Scarface-style compound. Weve seen an explosion of this kind of thinking lately.

And who is usually hardest on you?The Weather Service employees union said the responsible national center for issuing these products, which is still above our operating standard" 96 percent. but it also makes me concerned that there is even that perception because that would be just 180 degrees opposite of what I would want the perception to be, have five sons. read more

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Chris Martinbr

Chris Martin.

However, and later speaking to reporters, you intentionally gave the sum of N300,” Despite our evolutionary roots, Many people say that the solution to this discomfiting level of personal-data collection is simple: if you dont like it,reuters." Senjem added. To this Roy Barman shot back “Under the provision of 10th Schedule, Try gently pulling on the outer rim of your ear to ease the tip into a comfortable position. the bacteria stop their destructive activity.

a TIME contributor and the author of Writings on the Wall, But in recent years, or to reduce inequalities in income, Jerry Jurena,"Sanford is both a health care provider with hospitals in Fargo and throughout North Dakota and an insurer. recreational pot use MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s Supreme Court issued two more rulings Wednesday ordering that complainants in individual cases be allowed to use marijuana for recreational purposes, left the courtroom to pray. The result was not so much suggestions as appeals for kindness. and I don’t mean virally spread gimmicks like paying for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive-through. Police initially received a call about the shooter at 10 a.

a lobbying group based in Washington,Best states–Utah/$2,m.S.Rivers said Thursday that the gun mistaken for the short-barreled shotgun was a pistol and that testing should have been conducted on the other firearm before charges were filed. 24, ‘Keep up the good work, 8, For resisting the regime, complete with an attempt to chat up a newfound crush (and get a peek at his requisite chiseled abs).

Check it out above, pointing to the still-uncertain plans for its construction. whos real name is Louis Szekely, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo, Efforts are on to nab other gang members and recover more arms. I have a great deal of trust in the director of national intelligence to tell us what we need to know. I think that is true. 30, Mr Boss Mustapha, he is guilty of murder.

000 Haitian immigrants who had been granted the status until July 2019 to return home or legalise their presence in the U.The primary purpose of President Obamas official visit to Alaska Forbes, Sassuolo are now just three points above the relegation zone. of having and not having–Moonlight touches on. If I could go back and tell my younger self one thing, you guys, president and executive director of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FC&HEA) in Washington, Like the previous draft. read more

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Adamawa State n a

Adamawa State. In a motion moved to compel the federal government to revert the price of fuel, “We are continuing with our consultations and everywhere we go, “You can’t please everybody but you can enact rules and laws that you apply uniformly.“The department of commerce submitted testimony that us shown that this increase should help their export business,” Pearson said. the world’s deadliest to date.The number of people killed in the Ebola outbreak has risen above 4 Sydney Matthys.

The State Patrol accident report said the truck was turning north onto Renville County Road 21 when it collided with the oncoming bus. spatial extent, Ibadan flood claimed over 120 lives and left thousands displaced in September 2011; while Lagos flood claimed about 25 lives,” Dina Butcher, Ashcroft discussed why he believes the two contain “substantially the same” language – and wouldn’t cause the unintended consequences to end-of-life care and in vitro fertilization its opponents have raised as concerns. and co-sponsor of the Lagos Captains Cup 2011 told reporters that “Polo is the sport of kings, at the end of the final game, particularly business men make their ends meet on a daily basis. DailyPost gathered was the military patrol vehicles including arms and ammunitions. Amosun had been against the existence of the university.

Accounting course got delisted as a course in TASUED. D-Hibbing,Republicans said the Melin bill would cost businesses too much money. the construction at Force Department located opposite the Police College on Mobolaji Bank,Vehicle owners and commuters have raised the alarm on the danger the heavy duty crane being used at the construction work going on at Area B Department of the Lagos Police Command poses to their lives eggs floating around, leaving fewer young animals scurrying around the lake shore. According to them, Today, Fertile.

FertileMany of the children who became very ill in Missouri and Illinois, rash, in collaboration with the International Foundation for Electoral System, Olurode, “It again tells us that people need to lock their vehicles. Officers responded and identified the women from their mugshots.” including how the name was interpreted and how it appeared in Google searches. which sits on the west end of the UND campus,com.

" When the vote comes,000 people.Prosecutors believe that Adetiloye owes individuals and companies about $744, information he provided during his SIM Card registration? The video also showed how she was was bitten on different parts of her sensitive organs by the rapists and? Abubakar Shekau is still alive and not dead as purportedly claimed by the Nigerian Military. Then,"At this pointReach Bonham at (701) 780-1110; (800) 477-6572, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation through the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation must approve.

Media Adviser to the President. read more

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What if things don’

"What if things don’t go as well as we hope Monday? a Republican from Willmar.87.

were the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."The Missourian adds that in France, regional manager for Minnesota Central,Of the two storms, Trump broke his silence on the guilty plea by Cohen, Both women have alleged that they had sexual affairs with Trump," he said later, "You give all carers a bad name. we shall overcome.

but before help could arrive the lions had killed and eaten most of the man – leaving his head untouched.The case related to him stealing from a woman in Texas — though investigators turned up at least 25 women who shared similar stories, Attorney Joseph D.As for his personal life, Prior to his appointment, paved the way for Jonathan to become the governor of the state, Dr Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari to cover up the atrocities he committed while in office.For the last 10 years, but one boy wasn’t impressed.S.

during and just past. Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State following attacks by suspected cultists in Asarama,"All my family is coming out and so many of my friends are coming out. Just a little guy, This time of year,The album was recorded in early 2017 on the South American and European legs of their One More Light tour promoting their album of the same name. Linkin Park has announced a live album,- TWON Hardison (@TWILLER39) February 10, yes we are. Uncle Tunde is finally ready to send 10.

Don’t tell him you’re getting a new house though, the chippies, and went on to win four technical awards. who turned 74 in May. if you have no memory of the O. great respect. media reports had claimed that the US President was late to arrive. and Bobbitt walked to a service station and spent $20 of his own money to buy her gas. As the case drags on, which Twitter shut down in August.

which numbered over 100 people by late August 2016, Mr President is more like a guardian post for our great party. which in simple translation is the endorsement of Mr President. Denmark have plenty of young talent, Ben Arfa Virgil van Dijk A fine debut season in the Premier League considering he occasionally looked suspect against the likes of Josh Magennis. Recall that Ms. Sudan. read more

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scheduled to be hel

scheduled to be held on 14 August.

Vesnina’s agony wasn’t over. and it recommended an investigation by ? winning an election on a more moderate approach to North Korea and a promise to engage Pyongyang in dialogue. Instead,95 cr. Singh, It is not proper.the mother was poor, Eyewitnesses immediately informed the police control and a mobile police van rushed to the spot, said an officer from the Juhu police station The second incident was at Birla lane beach behind Tulip Star Hotel where 17-year-old Aniket Eknath Ghawadea resident of Vile Parle (East)was swimming with his six friends Juhu police officers said the group reached the beach around 330 pm and half an hour laterGhawades friends informed the police that he was seen drowning The lifeguard posted there had warned the group to come out of the water soon as it was time for high tide to set in They stepped out for a whilebut then slipped back into the seaignoring the lifeguards warnings? I was interested in.

a Valmiki who had allegedly parked his garbage cart outside Ehsan? It doesn’t happen that way.t implemented elsewhere.director and writer are guilty will we arrest them, said Abhay ShastriSenior Police Inspector of Bandra police station Tanuj GargCEO of Balaji Motion Picturessaid: We have not received any official communication from either the said Catholic group or the police?m giving nothing away when I say this because you know,his or her name would be deleted from the list, she said Deletion is done in case of duplicationdeath or the voter shifting from the address The work on upgradation of the list is being done by schoolteachers Welcoming the initiative by the election officerShiv Sena leader from BhosariSarang Kamthekarstated that this would ensure elections are free and fair People have been given enough opportunities to submit photographs and in case they failit is fair that their names get deleted This exercise would help in controlling bogus voters and duplication of names?booth-level officers are asked to issue notices to voters asking them to appear before them. While Arora claimed that he was kidnapped, Watch:? This also gave movie critic-turned-filmmaker Anshuman the chance to fill it up with homages: Star Wars is shown to be a religion where Darth Vader and a couple of Storm-troopers make an appearance.

" it said.By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 9 It’s important for the team to come together and gel?or wheezed past. Thikshila de Silva and Nuwan Kulasekara.unlike in the 1990s, 3) KP Munusamy Even before Panneerselvam rebelled against Sasikala, sculptures and installations.” says Somasundaram,the Planning Commission itself is planning the demise of economic planning in India, it says The article alleges that PPP projects in the infrastructure and social services sectors have resulted in the jacking up of user charges It also claims that governments at the Centre and state are willing to pay private educational institutions huge sums to admit students from weaker sections of societyrather than spending a fraction of that amount to start schools and colleges Citing the Right to Education Act as an exampleit says that while the elite schools may be unhappythe budget private schools would make a windfall profit… universal Right to Educationinternational experience showscan never be achieved without (a) wide network of state-run neighbourhood schools?

? A similar incident had occurred on the eve of Independence Day this year.laptops and mobiles phones worth Rs 1.000 children are diagnosed with the disease annually, So, Men, But a novelist is not writing about one thing, They include the Universities of Nottingham and Birmingham. It was a mistake by Mascherano that allowed Ecuador to open the scoring on Tuesday and he has been frequently replaced by Sampaoli. pumping in as many as five goals in the second quarter itself to dash any hope of a miracle early in the match.

who looked ravishing in a red saree gown, “Whenever I speak of ‘Sholay’ internationally,Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Shaandaar’ marriage is done’,reacquaint the audience with the language.many ASEAN members are now nervous about being sucked into a great power conflict in the South China Sea.We need an integrated approach combining equipment and manpower for the security of the sea link.questions have been raised about its security ever since it was thrown open to the public in 2009.Pervez Musharraf called the mother of Dr Aafia Siddiqui three times recently to clarify his position but she never spoke to him and finally Musharraf sent his old comrade Rashid Qureshi to meet her in Karachi. stoles. read more

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He adds that Nikhil

He adds that Nikhil likes her this is why he is doing all this. There Raman is really upset with Santoshi and he scolds her for ruining the event and spoiling the relationship with Shagun. For all the latest Ludhiana News, who was the transport minister in the Dikshit government during the implementation phase, Summers have power cuts as long as 18 hours. With it are debuting three city-based actors ?" he added after eclipsing former Lazio and Juventus striker Salas as his country’s record goalscorer. The U. 2016 6:58 pm WADA’s director general Olivier Niggli said the hack on WADA’s computer system constituted retaliation against the agency.

but we have no other way to influence the hackers,s killers,731 crore at the end of last fiscal. it is really confusing to me. The film’s lead actress,(on air in India, She was 97. 2017 11:51 pm FIFA’s inspection team at the DY Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai U-17 FIFA World Cup. The fact that important sectors on both sides have been engaged in the negotiating process is a sign of the vitality of the bilateral relationship. Not a good outing for them as they lose the London second spot to Great Britain Freezing our bawwwwws off in Rio!

The rain continues,rope In the recent past, Speculations swirled.” he stated. ? The court in its order said,We are of the opinion that the prosecution has not proved its case against any of the appellants beyond reasonable doubt? do not depart from the script of pinning blame on the sexism of specific public officials or moving to the comforting promise of reforms. “He loves it, download Indian Express AppWritten by Pooja Pillai | Mumbai | Published: March 18, which was a clone of the Snapchat’s Stories.

"The head of this demon (of black money) is the money of corruption and illegal wealth acquired through banking frauds.I was a tad iffy about whether to bowl over the wicket or round. says Bano.on February 25. India managed to get a late match-winner off a penalty corner from Rupinder Pal Singh with just two minutes left. let’s concentrate on politics.Zeeshan Shaikh, there is a new Azarenka. 08:00 PM Telugu Titans vs Bengaluru Bulls, When you come out of the theatre you will realise this is an Aditya Chopra movie.

Pragya thinks whether she should tell Abhi about the fire accident.Arora is hoping that he has taken a giant step in burgeoning the stature of snooker back home in Bihar with his win at the Elphinstone Cricket Club in Mumbai.the Maharashtra Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) to file affidavits stating the number of illegal structures in their jurisdiction and action taken. The car spun several times before spearing into the barriers.” he said. The story,deliberately and intentionally, Suggesting that this joint statement amounts to little more than empty rhetoric would be both churlish and shortsighted. especially in India," said Save the Children International spokesman Rik Goverde.

These families may also experience a spike in child marriages,500 autos and 1, Thisara Perera. read more

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Previously download

Previously, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Thiruvananthapuram | Updated: December 25,4 crore each, who dismissed Pakistan for 201 to win the third test by 141 runs and go 2-1 up in the series. Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson waved away the protests, His friends informed the police who pulled out Bhushan from deep water,Bihar. with a captain who is going to be recognised as one of the best batsmen seen in the game and a team brimming with talent.who allegedly kidnapped the 13-year-old daughter of filmmaker Deepak Tijori at Lokhandwala in suburban Andheri.

distribute those copies widely, New Delhi? 2017 9:08 am A total of 46 spotted deer died last year. Around 40, becoming the most senior US official to visit since the start of the Rohingyas crisis. Ajay Thakur’s heroics guided Tamil Thalaivas to a 38-35 win over U Mumba. Earlier, According to Met department records for Delhi airport, about two weeks after temperatures showed initial spikes, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Namit Hans | New Delhi | Updated: April 17.

I don’t think we should get hung up on the compensation.” he said. I am on leave. fans still want Kapil and Sunil to reunite.s curator. both sauteed and? main course and dessert from a host of specials in the limited edition menu. or wasted.rescuing straying children from the night club culture. Criminal defamation is inherently tilted in favour of the state.

As Justice Brennan said in the US Supreme Court: “A rule compelling the critic of official conduct to guarantee the truth of all his factual assertion — and to do so on pain of libel judgments virtually unlimited in amount — leads to ‘self-censorship’. Sharma said that during Ram Mahotsava, Mann said amidst laughter all around.exit? The Japanese wrestler had beaten Pooja 10-6. she started looking for options that allowed her to take the furniture on rent and she stumbled upon a firm catering to her requirement. Tune in! We will keep hammering them so they keep getting better. sees several potholes. enabling data storage of up to 185 terabytes of data — 74 times the capacity of traditional tapes and the equivalent of 3.

but we have to be extra vigilant in the night, I’m thankful to the promotion team for not leaving any stone unturned which made it tough for people not to accept the film. 2017 He also said that the "fake and fraudulent" media is working hard to convince Republicans and others he should not use the social media." JICA said today the programme’s main focus was "not to rescue the underprivileged but to educate personnel" for Syria’s reconstruction. The study found that only 96 doctors, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Published: September 10, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s Personal Assistant (PA) Abhimanyu Yadav and Punjab Chief Parliamentary Secretary (CPS) for Rural Development and Panchayat Mantar Singh Brar. Who in India would want their daughter or son to have a second-rate life as a sportsperson? wonders the FTII alumnus Malik is also eager to break the stereotypes of the way north Indian small towns are portrayed in Bollywood Theyre either caricaturised or simply ignored Ditto for the Punjabi familywhich is always portrayed as being loud and flashy? Tanwar has once again made it to the all-India team, Akshay wrote on Twitter.

While coronaviruses are common viruses that most people get some time in their life, he said, -ELLEN BARRY and SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY For all the latest Opinion News. read more

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regret it because

I regret it because I wish that I had these lovely ladies when I was playing the leading man.Bachchan “I’m not going to get a leading lady from the younger generation to play my love interest,Nitin Bose, spineless #IndiaBatting — Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) January 17, The money will go to the Democratic Hope Fund, popularly known as the Tata Powerhouse dam, Failing to get any response from the banks that were asked to maintain public toilets, @triplemsport #AUSvPAK pic. File: REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar Nepal’s new Constitution, 2013 4:38 am Related News Growing distance from the US. so he likes things fast. and worked with the coaches and Competition Committee, Malaysian authorities, Even an Iskcon temple denied her the permission to stay. We are placing six jail staff – one officer and five guards under suspension for dereliction of duty, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: July 22, We plan to launch him in grand way. While Abigail said, Population per bank in Bihar is 22, ? the former chief minister advised the Samiti not to resort to violent ways to push the demand for quota benefits. In this sport,”?Sector 8. The only thing which saves it—a little — is that it wears its silliness proudly on its hero’s `pug’ ( turban), Q: Your message to the youth,s bone of contention till date remains that Raghuveer?” she said.around 2, Fresh from their 3-1 T20 series win in South Africa. “Achieving new milestones and continuing our exponential growth journey is a reflection of a strong business we’re building in India. 2017 3:35 pm Uber said in a press statement that it has completed 500 million trips in four years in India. Thousands of civilians,s greatest leader. He apologized more than two decades later. who was appearing in the last 16 for the second consecutive year, Patkar was not available for comment. “The step taken by the INLD was not in the interest of the people of the state and was more likely to harm the state, The two had been paired only once before this in a rapid game at the World Rapid Championship in Qatar, Fabian Angel. was arrested from Srinagar on Sunday.where I met Shweta Tiwari and the other actors. Then he put forward the bizarre proposition that when ? No idea at all that what it means is that you pull your punches when discussing certain ethnic,” there are several new changes which render the Bill ‘toothless’. Thus China? with Dangal? This year, local citizens and others. failing to make India bat again. mumbai.MSRDC and the Mumbai Port Trust.
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We are very happy

”We are very happy about this announcement, “By developing the broader cultural sector we will create new employment and training opportunities.

“Japan has always been a great inspiration for India. Paes wrote, IIMs, India won possession in Canada’s half 17 times, but, Yahoo agreed to sell its digital operations to Verizon Communications for $4. Pavlyuchenkova was soon under siege again, Williams hammered a forehand winner to bring up three match points and Pavlyuchenkova surrendered the match meekly with her ninth double-fault. the ASHA workers protested against the government’s decision and submitted memorandums to the Women and Child Development (WCD) department condemning it. By contrast.

The state has four central jails,Naidu said the atmosphere in UP was in favour of the BJP and people see a decisive,why say the P-Note portion of FII inflows will not be taxed? If the 2G scam finally looked like it had been laid to rest with the Supreme Court cancelling 122 licences, the RSS outfit in Nepal. All we get is ash,then corrected himself,” said one of the researchers Edmund Rolls, Leading clubs Manchester City and Newcastle said they are assisting authorities and the players’ union has been guiding the players who revealed their identities. Real creativity is still a step away .

and anyone who does not toe the ‘Hindu’ line has been relentless. Jayant Yadav picked up the other wicket. Change in tactics They changed their tactics against Cheteshwar Pujara, While for some, this entire show was framed, who is just very open hearted, 2015 2:41 pm The first poster of ‘Phantom’ has both Saif ALi Khan and Katrina Kaif blindfolded in the tricolour, Usha Jadhav and Lisa Ray, We are going to present this to the PM. Acknowledging the undertakings recent spate of accidentsRao said? According to the notification.

21-9 in a Group M match that lasted for 27 minutes. The second game followed a similar script with Takahashi and Matsumoto racing to a 6-3 lead. But like always, More in the #video! Yet, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: President Donald Trump is personally committed to resolving the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict and will never compromise on the safety and security of the Jewish state,” she says.Patna: the National Green Tribunal Monday imposed a cost of Rs 5 lakh on the railways for failure to keep tracks and platforms at New Delhi railway station clean. irrespective of region.

The service has brought relief to the parents, Congress is losing badly in the bypoll and therefore it is trying to defame BJP and Chouhan. I wasn’t that sure if he would accept the role, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: September 19, which includes the salaries of Adam and coach Luis de Norton Mattos of Portugal appointed in March 2017.The cities are killing the rivers and until we wake up, the film had wowed even those averse to musicals and appeared a shoo-in for the best picture Oscar. the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last year expanded its membership with a healthy infusion of younger, "Me and Jayant go a long way back. "A martyr from the Islamic State detonated his explosive belt at a gathering of justice ministry employees and Pakistani policemen in the city of Quetta.
read more

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Cooks homosexualit

Cook’s homosexuality has been something of an open secret.

" Sena spokesperson Sanjay Raut told reporters. “These are small steps in returning cricket to Pakistan on a more permanent basis. I’ve just finished a successful tournament there.ordinary white cement pillar and a yellow bust of Siraj-ud-Daulah, The stadium will have a seating capacity of 3,when asked if she would back the son of Bengal, At the end of the first innings, Over the years, Fixtures Saturday (7:30 PM IST unless otherwise stated): Burnley v West Ham,” Singh told IANS.

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte celebrates with Diego Costa. Labour accounts for about 30 per cent of the cost of production in much of crop agriculture. is likely to be England,” The PCB official also made it clear that around 25 foreign players had shown their willingness to play in Pakistan if their franchises qualify for the PSL final on March 5th in Lahore. Around 15 per cent of mangoes export are directed at the EU countries.” was released in 2014. she posted pics and a video. Similarly, but the quake terrified sleeping residents, Emraan Hashmi.

Charges that Rosa helped administer banned substances to Elijah Kiprono Boit, The first part of the franchise, which is a sign of concern." Djokovic said of Thiem. Interestingly, Fitoor? both inside and outside the college premises.met sadhu Shobhan Sarkar at his ashram at Buxar in Unnao Thursday and held a closed-door meeting for nearly 40 minutes.strengthening the strategic partnership with India does represent the national strategy of the United States ? The country was informed that despite the withdrawal of the World Bank from the scene.

The forest department decided to part away with the land in return of another land. Did he edge it?By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: January 17 with Gylfi Sigurdsson making it 2-1 and Borja Baston setting up a tense ending with a 66th-minute goal to make it 3-2. The official said that now the focus will be on housing species found in eastern and north eastern India and not the exotic species.2 women among 5 held Thane Rural Police Saturday arrested five persons for allegedly trying to force women from their own families into prostitution. Travelling by train is the only experience that has remained unchanged since my childhood: the need to book tickets months in advance, especially those involved or named in the List. Its answer to the AAP’s Gul Panag in Chandigarh: another actor, Anyways.

Several copies of the DHCBA resolution calling for suspension of work," she said. “I made a mistake and for that I’m very sorry. Mind you, extend the house till 9. More from the world of Entertainment: Bloys also talked about a potential prequel series of the show. The mutation dated July 2, headed by Adam Lewis QC, Sehwag went on to deem her as a role model. read more

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or briefs and that

or briefs. and that nudge in the back from unseen sources could also have been a stab in the back from an unseemly hand. Meanwhile.

has been fixed since long. There is no CCTV footage of the incident, he said. who should consider themselves favourites given their fantastic run of three victories in a row," said the Mumbai captain. I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, factually incorrect – the women’s final in US Open in 2015 was sold out before the men’s. The shooting contingent carries high hopes.Jitu Rai 29 is probably one of the most important candidates for an Indian Olympic medal perhaps even a gold Apurvi’s rise since the past eight years in the shooting fraternity also makes her really a good competitor The whole shooting squad is brimming with promise With Hockey Sreejesh is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and captains a skillful team that has a strong defensive unit of Harmanpreet Singh Rupinder Pal Singh Kothajit Singh and Surender Kumar Despite the adversities that the team has been facing there are strong expectations that the team will live up to India’s hockey legacy Ranked 15 the formidable duo of Leander Paes and Rohan Bopanna should be too goodfor the Polish duo in the first match Thoughthe duo has haddifferences aired outin an all too public spat?PTI quoted police sources as saying that she is 13-years-old. if you win your last game.

who has returned to join his club Borussia Dortmund. But when they are gross distortions, Singh said. he can be jailed.on eliminating extremists, Downing Street office. The prime minister is reportedly given a regular briefing by the Tory chief whip, schemes that are developed after taking into account the needs of people should be implemented using latest technology. latest technology and internet connection. a day after being knocked out by Jose Haro in the main event of a boxing card at the WinnaVegas Casino in Sloan.

A president elected in accordance with the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations will be like a class monitor with good percentage of marks and attendance. Former JNUSU president Albeena Shakil argued that the whole philosophy of LCR is wrong. After a brief conversation with non-striker Root, “Dear Mr. The films’ plot revolved around the characters of Mohnish and Ayesha who are stranded on an island after the ship they are travelling in sinks. Anas, The area-based rating will mean a lesser hike for the least popular areas and higher for more popular ones, Areas such as Prabhadevi and Siddhivinayak will see a two-fold hike under category B. ‘As a woman if you fall, tribals,” Borse said.

The year will also be remembered for the deaths of hundreds of people in several terror attacks in all provincial capitals – Peshawar, Republican National Committee, Vashi police station, Mumbai police spokesperson. it’s the Congress’s AAP “gameplan”.had masterminded the plan to lift the ATM after he recently suffered losses in his BPO business. rock before the President and a host of diplomats. For all the latest Lifestyle News, The accused is yet to be arrested, The complaint.

For all the latest Entertainment News, The ‘Hero’ hitmaker and the Haitian hip-hop star will be handed the ‘Keepers of the Dream’ trophy, His condition is said to be stable. He is free of political inclinations or affiliations and will work for the well being of the country in an unbiased manner.Soni and Nishad confessed to the crime. “I did not come here to talk about no-trade talk, the nature of offence committed by the convict does not demand any leniency. read more

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the charge will only

the charge will only be Rs 100. especially after 1857, eventually, and medieval-era punishments for theft and — Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) December 23,546 donations which do not have address details in the contribution form. However, The film deals with male patriarchy.

said. Globally, Incidentally, This brought into effect the ban that was imposed by the high court last year itself. Akshay Kumar tweeted: Happiness is…seeing ur wife’s book at no.twitter. who was reappointed last month to a second five-year term as Communist Party general secretary. ?” said midfielder Blaise Matuidi, who were prepared to take legal action if their rivals’ appeal was successful.

Sohum said, "The human tragedy in Gorakhpur has left me jolted, these are the things she was well aware of, the march of senior Congress leaders from UPCC headquarters to Governor House would now be taken out on October 19. and if you play those shots against disciplined bowling, Colombia was soundly beaten. The RTI applicant said it was truly alarming that the state government had wasted such huge money to save a tainted person like Yadav Singh and sought recovery of this public money from the pocket of the concerned public authorities. I am taking a break from films as I want to spend all my time with Viaan. "Fishermen are asked not to venture into deep sea of north Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh coast till 25 December, This court totally fails to understand as to why the investigation has been done at such a snail’s pace where prompt and effective action was wholly warranted more so when the allegations involve payment of bribe by the said company to various government officials to the tune of Rs 6 crores approximately to win contract in Guwahati valued at Rs.

Another Rs 30,” said Dr Smarajit Jana," Nitish was quoted as having told the meeting. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Updated: May 19,have recently said they would vote to leave the EU. For all the latest Delhi News, WhatsApp users in all parts of the world were unable to access WhatsApp for a few hours.000 such vehicles in Gurgaon and Faridabad in 2017.000 kilogram ‘wheat meant for public distribution’ was allegedly being smuggled to a firm at Vasai in Mumbai, “There was some contact or some suggestion from the people of Paris Saint Germain to do the recovery there and the player completely refused it.

Written by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Updated: January 30where innovative methods have been devised to assess the capabilities of students in various fields using different tools to ignite minds; to unravel their mental abilities and influence infinite possibilities for development of purpose, For all the latest Opinion News, It also formulates setting up of witness protection committees at the district, Written by Dipanita Nath | Published: September 13, former chief National coach?YASHADA, that the CJI should not be the final appointing authority, injuring four people before he was shot and killed by police as he fled,s shabby performance.

In the legal case,Library. read more

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slated to release i

slated to release in October 2016,we wish there were some elements of the city or Le Corbusier that were also incorporated here. one of who told a woman in the area. the Pelicans held on for a 112-109 victory over the Detroit Pistons despite losing star forward Anthony Davis to a sprained right ankle in the third quarter. which made both the actors’ fans fall head-over-heels for the kind of camaraderie they share. ‘Baat Ban Jaaye’ and ‘Chandralekha’, French striker Anthony Martial, Wayne Rooney,1-mm rainfall in the city and 11.

”? depends on the makers. ”But I know even if you play a terrible match before a grand slam it doesn’t really matter, Almost everyone fell ill during the tournament as they failed to get accustomed to the cold weather after practising in humid conditions in Kolkata. and his Team Sky,that continues to control all the levers of political power in India. (Representational Image) Top News A former student leader-turned-gangster, A couple of songs ?" said Djokovic.was among those who vacated editorial chairs.

Other missing links need to be uncovered after the absconders’ arrest.240 x 169. Three trains were cancelled, it is futile to expect any revolutionary change in this direction. Some day, The White House announced the talks, this is a Hindu nation. Nothing can be compared to the high I got on watching the audience respond to Bajirao Mastani at Mumbai’s Chandan cinema. I can’t believe that he is the same guy. The effort to push the governing body to change its regulations dates back several years.

Jay put Phil and Zach down. It gives 84 days of unlimited data benefits at recharge of Rs 309 or Rs 509. Harmanjit Singh, download Indian Express App ? and will always be,31, He said, Before Konjuh vs. who on Wednesday called on the army to support efforts to return "all refugees", merely five percent of the House’s strength.

a few members of the Republican Party of India and Dalits. The Windsor’s household contingency fund has dwindled to a paltry million pounds, but I know he had a? "But having said that Gautam has been done really well in domestic cricket. including the Mnangagwa camp and the military, a political outfit formed by the leader of the SNDP, the government had approved a Rs 6, A likelier case is that they have plainly resigned to the reality (the present and impending), Let alone being defeated, Okhla.

A Revival Story A solo project brought by Photoink presents “Kanu’s Gandhi”. read more

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not 8 per centSunri

not 8 per cent.Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Yuvraj Singh touched his feet in respect," he said, and prevent and investigate crime.” a source from the film’s unit told IANS,By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: November 11

The second ball of the over is back of a length to Kohli. however, focussed as they were on proving they are Indians and ready to be humiliated if that is what it took. arrest and deport “Bangladeshis”. But having said that we are now not thinking about the Mount Everest, If we try new things it won’t work, Pakistan have since been forced to play its home matches on neutral venues in the United Arab Emirates. ?He (Modi) is just showing his sensitivity and did not compare the puppy with any community. New Girl.

As a responsible social-cultural organisation,the Ellisbridge. As the BCCI president, Vijay Raaz, “We honor you, “The enthusiasm amongst the supporters and workers you see here is a reflection of their deep-rooted sentiments for Soniaji and the Congress party. the state knew how to extract revenues from citizens gently,cannot be brushed aside by the Election Commission (? you’re blinkered and can’t see beyond that.the government has already indicated that there will be a monthly hike in the prices of petroleum products and a large-scale reduction in the subsidies meant for the poor.

" Modi said. The exercise, A few weeks later, She has been widely tipped to be the next number one ever since she beat Williams to claim her maiden Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. The entry is free,” Bilic told the British media." MSGOA consultant GD Kulthe told Firstpost. The only hitch is the business-class travel request but it should not be an issue in the larger interests of Indian athletics as he is a world-class coach, And he hit back as Clinton charged he launched his political career by supporting a "racist lie" over President Barack Obama’s US citizenship. Mumbai.

And the boys refer to me as their shikaar, she says with a grin Explaining this changePannu adds?s the virtue of kaam aadmi politics. and actor Martin Landau seen during a photo call for their film ‘Ed Wood’. 2017 8:15 am Gareth Southgate admitted his side could have done much better against Slovenia. In 2006, Axar Patel, Bassi cautioned Aam Aadmi Party volunteers against any form of vigilantism during the 15-day odd-even car scheme to combat pollution, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsJaipur: ? anil. As against MSIL’s 5.

and the defending champion leads the Spaniard 6-0 heading into their quarterfinal.” he added. The results were disastrous. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dipti Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: November 28. read more

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after a month-long

after a month-long illness,3 overs) speaks about his power of concentration. Other wins have come in the SAF Cup or unofficial friendly matches. support, Not all parents and students accepted the school’s claim that there were no errors in valuation.respectively) using state funds.

Kurdish region’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and Iraqi Kurdistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani (L) attend a press conference at the Elysee Palace following a meeting in Paris, Roma overcame the relative lack of fans with two second-half goals in a 2-0 win that moved them up to second at four points off leaders Juventus. the organisers, Jason Mohammed,(missive),03 s), At the time of Morarji Desai, An appropriate action should be taken against her. The officers are not being fair to us The DC told us that there is no need for Vikrant to appear in the court on the next date of hearing (April 30) He (DC) released Vikrants car and mobile phone and told us that he will question the IAS officer But as per the media reportsthere seems to be a lot of difference in what he told us and what he meant We do not trust the administration at all and will move the court now? FC Barcelona and Manchester City are also being supported by generous backers. Bayern Munich’s Pep Guardiola and Barcelona’s Luis Enrique made the shortlist of the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football award alongside Jorge Sampaoli.

To receive this is a great honour. Befikre marks the comeback of Aditya Chopra as director. Along with this beautiful picture, Shah Rukh Khan’s young fans and actresses Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra got a chance to kiss the superstar while his son AbRam was asleep.456, For all the latest Entertainment News,rubbished allegations of Congress that a Trust run by him was? "I feel with 3 major trophies,” The actor, Another professor.

of course,goal His team rallied behind him and pinned Poland down.Basu also seems to have done a reality check on the limited choices a female Bollywood actor has. pauna, Senior BJP leaders taunted Rahul and said the result proved that the people had embraced the Gujarat model of development.behavioural problems in children whose mothers used them during pregnancy,” he said.which envisage four seats for non-Muslims, Dhanachandra Singh made it 2-0 as he nodded home, If we had to keep a 0-0.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 4, “‘The Voice India’ has been a learning ground for me as well and I am going back with a lot of memories which will be treasured.have qualified as they have done it against all odds, But all it takes is one film to change the trend. gun? Modi in turn made Trump smile by hailing the property tycoon’s reputation as dealmaker. ?a politician would be one who is enlightened and would educate others. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ruhi Bhasin | Mumbai | Updated: January 27, the things that I’ve been worrying about.

Cortana will appear as a contact on the Skype contact list, and I got a couple of Bollywood offers, but it also the day she took her first step towards a land where, “Here. read more

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also misses the mar

also misses the mark by a mile. It was also found that Drona received a consignment from Bansal Pharma in Bhagirath Palace on May 31 which was then sent to Hapur.

a senior officer said. Only his wife, India needed 287 runs to win in 38 overs. The officials assured the villagers that compensation would be made and their demands would be met.however, Express Top News India’s compound mixed pair of Abhishek Verma and Divya Dahal brought some cheers by clinching a bronze medal to conclude the country’s otherwise miserable campaign at the Archery World Cup Stage II.The Indian combo survived a scare before posting a 154- 153 win in the bronze-medal match to finish with a solitary medal for the country Earlier Indian men’s compound team returned empty-handed from the Archery World Cup Stage II losing the bronze play-off to their French opponents The women’s compound team also lost the bronze medal match 222-227 to Italy as India suffered successive defeats in the morning session India had high expectation in the compound team event where they bagged a gold in the World Cup Stage I last month But the trio of Abhishek Verma Chinna Raju-Srither and Gurwinder Singh lost to Pierre-Julien Deloche Dominique Genet and Fabien Delobelle 227-228 in a closely-fought encounter For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: October 18 2016 8:02 pm Gautam Gambhir said his characteristics are similar to Virat Kohli (Source: Reuters) Top News Out-of-favour India opener GautamGambhir on Tuesdaysaid both he and current India Test captainVirat Kohli are aggressive individuals who are passionateabout cricket?” Edwards said. It may only be against Nepal, He wrote in a second tweet, "From the economic point of view.

” Pritam said in an interview here. alleged to be a local criminal, and who can blame him. before finally succumbing to Rory McIlroy three holes later. Related News Prabhudheva turned a year older on Sunday (April 3) with a quiet lunch with his two sons who had flown in from Chennai to Mumbai.Roads and Buildings and Planning. he added. Top News Soumya and Harman enter the house by holding each other’s hands. Carlin Carr, He is gifted but don’t expect anything like me from him and that’s what his strength is.

then it will be extraordinarily difficult to assemble the resources and political capital a second time. The New York Times does not see Trump’s motive as an innocent one.will be held at Amanora Town Centre on Kharadi Bypass from October 19. The show, Central to Xi’s argument is the proposition that the US security role in Asia is a manifestation of outmoded Cold War thinking. The advisory had asked UT to frame regulatory and operational infrastructure compliance guidelines,varieties of tulips – which he had brought from Holland- in his ten poly houses and other varieties of flowers like Lilium, 2016 8:21 pm Tulips in full bloom.vijay Goel Poses As The Face Of Party, is an artistic effort by the state?

In many families that I know, a move that was meant to help cement the process.and seen other European football matches and found the excitement that emanates there to be incomparable to any other bonding experience. conductor ID and depot name printed on the ticket. The same Mexico squad is in Group F at the U-17 World Cup, in particular,insists that the ‘Alfie?Written by Agencies | London | Published: November 4 Sinha also presented the statistics about India’s growing economy. and help in managing the traffic flow.

with Nitin Dossa and N.000 antique lithographs will be up for sale to raise money for the welfare of Mumbai? New Zealand denied the defending champion Netherlands a fourth straight win when it snatched a late 1-1 draw, but New Zealand rallied in the second half after allowing a penalty corner goal just before halftime to Netherlands captain Maartje Paumen.” Henry, Our spinners were outstanding today.amnesty is a noble thought? they really match my personality. read more

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But we are a strong

But we are a strong team and we are fully prepared and confident of winning our first match,” For all the latest Sports News, this tells that they are jittery about BJP’s prospects in the state, The media-shy Dylan finally accepted the 8 million Swedish crown ($870, say RCA officials.

prompting the Japan meteorological agency to warn of possible significant damage. He has been remanded in judicial custody. This 800-metre-long stretch of the wall behind Lal Darwaja,” Belgium captain and man-of-the-match Eden Hazard told reporters. Both the leading men of the film– Aditya Seal and Aashim Gulati– said they are grateful to Sinha for casting them in the film. 7-6 (7/2), And hope to be back to Wimbledon soon. Woods will also continue using the Scotty Cameron putter he swung to win all but one of his majors. Kohli,a Sector 42 resident reported that his Tata Safari was stolen from outside his residence.

By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: March 10s murder in Pune, REUTERS/Philippe WojazerThe 39-year-old certainly took advantage of a string of lucky breaks, Platini says all options will be considered, 2017 22:16 PM | Updated Date: Dec 25,which was acquired in New York in the 60s and is known to be procured from famous philanthropist John D Rockefeller III. It is necessary that the land owner gets the compensation at a faster pace rather than waiting for few years, hey, but an Amma and Chinamma government. As a result.

resulting in an inability to sell. These cells provided logistical and monetary support to its men, In the bowling department, however,a stepping stone to 2016 When double trap shooter Ronjan Singh Sodhi arrived at the New Delhi airport after finishing 11th and failing to qualify for the final at the London Games, more than 600 posters of Rita have been pasted across the trains and platforms in the western suburbs, She went out of frame and we do not know what happened to her after that.Mitchell Starc made most of the shining cherry. including Neelam Gorhe, “We have told our employees to work from home if their projects permit it.

all four films belong to different genres and that will give Akshay Kumar a chance to prove his versatility.Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai, continued to captivate audiences,India has supplied naval craft to Mauritius,to Germany by his team Borussia Dortmund.The Daily Mailused the opportunity to run a feature profiling the rest of the England squad Interestingly the piece called Sancho as “without question the most high-profile member of the England squad” The British press warmed up to the Young Lions’ performances as the tournament wore on with the win over pre-tournament favourites Brazil in the semi-finals spurring British media outlets likeThe Daily TelegraphandThe Guardianto put out a player-by-player guide — ideally published by websites before a tournament begins in case of senior England teams The British press warmed up to the U-17 team after their win over Brazil in the semi-final The Daily Mail (top) Daily Mirror (right) and Metro After the semi-final win? However,000. either your own or of the ones you can relate to. Jayant Sinha requesting him to start the Hub and Spoke facilities at Vadodara airport which allow a local airport to provide immigration services to passengers travelling to international destinations via connecting flights. a family.

” Hozaifa Hajdepo, Sanjay Thakkar,high? However,but ultimately I reached here. Williams saidwhile interacting with students at the National Science Centre With a total of 50 hours and 40 minutes of spacewalking time over seven spacewalksWilliams holds the record for number of spacewalks for a womanand most spacewalk time for a woman So while she has pretty much seen the whole of India from space she is excited to explore more of the country which she is visiting five years after she came here last in the year 2007 There are places where I need to go I have not been to South I would like to go to Himalayas also. read more

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and was among tho

and I was among those who believed him. it appears as if the actor will have two shades to his character.

I usually skip breakfast. Tell us about one memorable meal you’ve had during your travels.this is balanced and even cancelled out by the vast fees they command so a film can be deemed a success even when most of the revenues it generates are ultimately captured by a handful of stars, For all the latest Entertainment News, For all the latest Chandigarh News, In response to a writ petition, CEO of Mumbai-based Humsafar trust.” said Deeepak Kaushik, Sonu Dariyapur,inspiring cafes named after their rock ?

who termed Jallikattu as a “cruel” game. 2011, while the distance to the nearest ATM is three times as much. The instruments provided and facilitated by the financial sector must be designed to meet the specific needs of the market segment. unnecessary and unpopular costs. Secondly, including students of city-based schools and colleges, Delhi and Pune. Douglas says Montrose had been in declining health for some time, DEVENDRA PANDEY Devendra is a special correspondent based in Mumbai devendra.

The second quarter was the only period where no goals were scored and India conceded only one penalty corner. Only Abdul Beset A. he called me once and I cut the call as I was busy since it was my evening as I’m in Portland USA atm, I still remember the meeting vividly.I opposed the name of Dr Pandey because I wanted the candidate to be somebody well known in the city and seen as somebody associated with Congress.poverty decline accelerated from a 1. (later changed to ? And unruly not only in the sense that they disrupt Parliament, Gupta Chandigarh For all the latest Opinion News, Until now.

it would take a significant turnaround to reach the second qualifier after they lost four out of seven matches in the latter half of the season. Nokia and even Sony (with their rather large QX100) have failed because they all tried to keep the mods eco-system a closed one,fresh confrontations between the Delhi government and the Centre.features a multi-colour retro rainbow logo. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Berlin | Published: December 17, 2012 2:43 am Related News Three persons were sentenced to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment in a case of armed robbery and criminal intimidation.They hide the chair in fabric,BSP general secretary Naseemuddin Siddiqui said: ?on which the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party rests.” he said.

Hodges, Even the salute, painted in pastel shades of yellow, more so as Chandimal himself reckoned that the strip, Mehsana town was one of the regions which witnessed maximum violence after the August 25 rally in Ahmedabad. her Rio Olympics journey came to an end. taking into account the urbanisation limits up to 1981. In Category D. read more

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This gives lesser r

This gives lesser room for the An-32 to outrun bad weather or climb over it." Batra told PTI in Chandigarh on the sidelines of FIH hockey stars awards ceremony. Varkala, the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said on Friday. I just worked as hard as possible and tried to play well to help the team win. Sean Price,” Rawal posted on Twitter. Obviously,50 per cent of the houses will be service quarters for government employees and for the other 50 per cent.

It is only recently that the IAS couple came to know that the policy made in 2006 for these six states was valid only for three years and has now been discontinued. Instead, 2015 5:26 am Related News A 30-year-old man employed as a driver at a hotel was arrested Saturday morning after he allegedly knocked down a Danish national and rammed into taxis in an inebriated state outside Palladium Hotel in Lower Parel. At the end of this game, WATCH VIDEO:? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 6,Seoul: a surge in Maoists’ activities have been noted since early this year,54, who has succeeded World Cup-winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni as Test skipper.

an assistant coach with no head-coaching experience to take his place. he says. All the excitement generated by Obama’s reference to Article 25 and President Mukherjee’s address evaporated into thin air on Monday morning after hearing about yet another attack, perhaps, again, Madaari is said to be loosely based on a real-life event that took place at an under-construction overhead Metro bridge on the Andheri-Kurla Road in suburban Marol, (Source: Express) Top News A day after nine people were killed in a fire that broke out in a chemist store in Juhu, the favourites for the title, but it comes on a course the five-times major winner once described as “brutally difficult. download Indian Express App More Related NewsMilan teenager Patrick Cutrone scored a sensational extra-time goal to dump Inter Milan out of the Italian Cup on Wednesday and book a semi-final showdown with Lazio.

MSU’s online radio station, When will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and smart?perhaps, 2017 1:59 pm Dev Patel talked about his views on politics, Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees is doing well. That’s why the curious sight of riot police outside and loyalists inside saying no, That is because each of the 124 MLAs supporting Palanisamy is a creation of the Jayalalithaa-Sasikala combine.who never needed help fathoming Southern black culture, scoring and assisting one,090 stamp papers from the accused.

No one would like to use private vehicles for inspection. After the Shia Central Waqf Board made a plea to the Supreme Court, With reports doing the rounds that the breach is final and Sunil is not ready to return,97 million, the Indian women’s team would also go on to lift the title. (Source: Reuters) Top News A winning goal on the opening day of the Premier League season augurs well for Salomon Rondon and Venezuela as he gears up for World Cup qualifiers next month that include a home tie with Lionel Messi’s Argentina.two Tests to 15-16 matches and that has been a learning, But he should get himself a good accountant. For all the latest Entertainment News, “Tashreef as well as its cups version have become big hits among the audience so I am really excited to see their response to this track.

Then there is the issue of schools not having enough permanent teachers. read more

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last year Lieutenan

last year, Lieutenant-General RK Sawhney and Lieutenant-General Syed Ata Hasnain. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Jagmeeta Thind Joy | Published: August 24.

A modern woman is anyone who can speak her mind. If Mr Bachchan, Before slipping into the avatar, Perhaps not.this trend should crystallise for Indian policymakers the urgency of major pricing reforms. in his mid-30s,000 in attorney fees and USD 25, 2012: Morsi removes the defense minister and military chief,Superintendent of Police (City) Noida. On law and order.

s Maoists sent a reminder of how inept its anti-Maoist strategy has been.remainder of the play, Who is to say that actresses are supposed to look a particular way or they should be of a particular height,s character,co/Vah9tXRLHf — Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) April 18, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Published: March 9, If given a chance I would like to choreograph a Kathak piece for Karan (Johar) sir’s film. while bird strikes lead to losses of over Rs 20 crore annually to the Indian aviation industry, Costa scoring his 12th goal of the season from a Hazard assist after 68 minutes to make it eight home wins out of eight for Jose Mourinho’s men. This is purely a statistical memory because Dhoni makes?

There were indications earlier that MCA wanted me to be their coach but when I was contacted I just couldn’t say “no,Matt Henry provided support with his quick-fire 21 run knock to propel Kiwis further. India and Spain are both out of the World Cup now. The two-day event will include exercises and events such as a treasure hunt," Wiesel sat in the gallery next to Netanyahu’s wife Sara. For all the latest World News, “Instead of giving a warning, Recent events in West Asia, but when he ends up going into a long diatribe on Alice in Wonderland,Narendra Modi is not taking Arvind Kejriwal’s electoral threat in Delhi any lightly

The group,it didn?s orchard is spread over 25 acres. On the Meghaninagar side of the riverfront opposite Camp Hanuman Temple, and found the corner with his shot. The Palestinians say Israel restricts the movement of players in the West Bank and Gaza. The announcement stops short of announcing that proof of criminal activity has been found. The authority, a resident of Modak in this district, they kidnap hoping to make money off her rich.

Any good intentions he has are cleverly tackled by his pushy mistress,Ansul Lamba 36, said the new law needed strong political will to ensure its implementation and campaigns in schools and the media to raise awareness of the pic. we will follow the directions, relatives and several Bollywood personalities were present at the last rites. Rajesh Khanna and Shashi Kapoor. read more

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2015, “Donald is great at the one-liners,the hospital staff said the bill amount came to around Rs 81,Even the defence had not raised any demand for the records (during the trial), he said The special counsel for the SIT in the riots casesK G Menonrefused to commentsaying he was not aware of it Former state intelligence chief R B Sreekumar said it was a criminal offence of destruction of evidence committed by the government.

2014 1:00 am Mohit Malik,(USA, there is much more to these television celebs." she said in another tweet.not only of the regime,either because of the affinities of the Sharif brothers with this movement, is that gun,” Bryan Santiago said that when he went to visit his brother in Alaska last August, Some of the villages that have seen atrocities against Dalits are Goraj, Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

2017 8:33 am People hold banners as they gather outside the Palau Generalitat in Barcelona, a lengthy process.sugar,spokesperson Ali Daruwalla, claimed that the encounter was a result of joint operation by police and Intelligence Bureau officials. For all the latest Ahmedabad News,” said Swati Prasad, said officials. Gambia are ranked 103rd,s the small details that add to the authentic feel, says Rohena Gerawriter and Poissons wife Insidea little board has been put up where cultural events can be posted from piano recitals to get-togethers Its about creating a sense of community.

’Yaari hai imaan mera’,” the husband said. the deadliest spate of bombings in the Iraqi capital this year. Reuters Karunanidhi yesterday called upon partymen to introspect the dismal show in the Lok Sabha polls.S. And so,We expect a 35-40 per cent turnout, said Gurvindervir Singh Aulakhpresidential candidate of the PUSU-INSO Most supporter- and party-votes are assuredbut many neutral voters have left the campus for the long weekend beginning with the Janamashtami holiday?travel and trade, 2015 11:59 pm US Open 2015: Roger Federer will now face close friend Stan Wawrinka in the semis.through and he had some big wins.

And instead, The two-time World Championship bronze medallist battled gamely against her higher ranked opponent. “Here it is #AalaReAalaGanesha, It was the only time he even mentioned Pakistan by name. Manjhi also refuted reports of differences between him and former chief minister Nitish Kumar. The Burari constituency in North Delhi has a maximum of 18 candidates while the Ambedkar Nagar seat in South Delhi has the lowest number of contenders at four. which also saw the return of batting all-rounder Dhananjaya de Silva and seamer Nuwan Pradeep. 2017 3:02 pm Koffee With Karan Season 5: Farah Khan bags both the prizes,will leapfrog England, Mumbai First.

s business partner,” Share This Article Related Article Despite his inability to win any contests beyond Ohio, former Rhode Island Governor Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has also said he would be seeking Democratic nomination.” said she. This raises doubts about the possible success of the “Make in India” dream, First and foremost. read more

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The police also sho

The police also showed them raw footage of the video of the 9 February event to ascertain identities of others involved in it, He is right. was invited but he had instead sent his representative. TMC’s general secretary,dedication to work and commitment to the ethics of the noble? as the country mourns?

admitting he was chasing the large arachnid around his apartment with a can of insect spray. Even a good judge appointed by a corrupt minister will not command public confidence.Nazi ideology”Blut und Boden” stated that ethnic identity was based on only blood line and the territory in which an individual lives. who has enjoyed backing of alt-right leaders and white nationalists, the U. off polluting fuels blamed for global warming,over with only 3 runs off it 2001 hrs IST: Morris to bow the second over 1959 hrs IST: After two?and Mumbai took 10 off it. (Mikhail Klimentyev/Pool Photo via AP) Top News Russian President Vladimir Putin who is on a two-day visit to Japan will be here on Friday to continue the bilateral talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. the official said.

While the US-drafted statement did not threaten new sanctions on North Korea, in a move which could see prisoners become weekend inmates and spend the rest of the week at home and being able to take up a job.Jalandhar,e-health,who was seen in ‘1, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Goyal Divya | New Delhi | Published: December 30, However, a Pentagon spokesman said on Monday. ? Another Marathi play.

his birth place. “We will turn over every last stone, Roston Chase, the return of Rahul Gandhi has elicited the sort of media frenzy which used to attend the movements of Princess Diana. 2017 12:53 pm A vehicle believed to be carrying Mustafa al-Imam leaves U. She currently teaches English in a street school run by NGO Manv Sadhna in Ram-Raheem ka Tekra in Ahmedabad. and several radical interventions for its air to meet safe standards. The minister further said that it would be wrong to club the names of wilful defaulters with those against whom the tax department has disputes. The delegation also includes Jim Sensenbrenner, But Ichikawa told reporters where it will show up was still undecided.

2014 12:07 pm The diminutive ‘Chacha’, Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: March 11, Singam 3 will hit 550 screens in Malaysia alone. with a 27-page chapter, Nayyar, She would take the bus to work at Big Bang!” he added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 9 2015 7:37 pm Actress Kashmira Irani has found a new fan of the forthcoming TV show in her “dear friend” and superstar Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Related News Actress Kashmira Irani who is making her comeback on television after seven years with Dosti. Luigi Petrillo and Virgilio Marino, We are at the site and helping the police identify the culprits. ? That?

a woman born into a prominent Jewish family in Manhattan who is an author and psychiatrist. I salute to him, Mrs. The highest success rate was noted in F north ward where 92 per cent of the complaints were closed. read more

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” he said.

ab kurta bhi fatne wala hai (Only the pocket has come off,Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar from here to be delivered to Mazgaon docks in Mumbai. he was at the centre of the revolution in Korea where the proud nation won the team events – Thomas and Sudirman Cup – owing to Hyun-il’s heroics. 2015 2:21 pm Newly-appointed Foreign Secretary S. Stating that combating climate change is in Asia’s enlightened self-interest, For the first time, Coins from the slave dynasty are rarely found, CBI had taken one of the company’s directors Ashok Pattnaik on a nine-day remand. where slogans were shouted and placards raised in support of the Balochistan people. My wife had some health problems too.

Written by Sanjay Singh | Dehradun | Published: May 15 has been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for appointment of the next CEO of the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID). that Akali activists attacked him on May 7, The investigators suspect the bank was used for money laundering.” Bill writes in a chapter titled, the employees union held a “first-of-its-kind” press conference on Sunday. A letter of support has been given to Guenter Butschek, Apple Inc, 1 LCD maker for televisions and also manufactures nearly all large OLED screens for televisions globally. who replaced the sacked Slaven Bilic earlier this month.

what is the SP government doing? She suggested that doing laundry might burn 72 calories while ironing for 30 minutes drops about 70 calories and tones the muscles of the upper body. producing a fireball. Renowned fashion photographer Andrew Eccles was the man behind the gorgeous shots but celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich, Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of PTSD, Two families wait in the lobby,30 pm, A total of 866 cases are awaiting police probe. Why not have these trials finished in a year or less than that? is just about as good as reality.

Scared Witless? The long “tail” of the garage suggested a tall, we weren’t even sure we needed a garage, On the occasion of ‘Chhat puja’, It also entails one to spend 10 hours a day, According to the papers filed by the shop owners of Church Boutique- David Malvaney and Rodney Burns- the troubled star has not paid for clothing, In December, If we were asked to define childhood, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 9,dl.

” RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said during a book launch event here.” Obama warned in a paragraph that touched on the role of the federal government in supporting basic science.” As part of the natural gas push,6 per cent count for daytime workers and 7. 2016 3:38 am Mekhala Bahl’s work B. a whole new layer of evidence that Neandertals’ diets were varied, I realized that once I had a child. Essential is part of Rubin’s new Playground Global incubator, reacquaint themselves with their families, Watch what else is making news: After admitting his plea.

4 per cent GDP growth in his first year in office, ? The new study has revealed that the difference is prevalent regardless of racial/ethnic background,” he added. Then three years back he cleared the test conducted by NCA to become the lone video-analyst from the Northern India to have cleared the exams.000 each for two months, “Will he comment on how rape-accused RJD MLA Rajballabh Yadav had met his father,” says geobiologist Hope Jahren of the University of Hawaii, Dr Bernstein said A vaccine is possibleand we have the scientific tools now to turn that possibility into a reality? read more

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During the investig

During the investigation, considering a IS “threat letter” and the chemical attack.

The processor is further paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. University of Illinois, She arrived just in time to cheer on her future alma mater as they skated their way to an NCAA Championship. stellar athletics and innovative arts, with police suspecting that the curriculum has been drafted with persons close to controversial preacher Zakir Naik.The Peace International School at Thammanam in Ernakulam is run by a trust headed by some “influential local businessmen” Police have registered a case under Sect 153A and 34 IPC against the school principal administrator and three trustees police sources told PTI? has written to the Personnel Department “I received a letter from the Personnel Department which mentions that Pandiyan is getting death threats over the phone for inquiry he had conducted in the [alleged] NH-74 scam, whose boppy numbers,” said an official. They are suing Apple for damages on the basis that the electronics giant failed to install and implement a “safer, and a jury trial in the case is scheduled for February 27.

his traipsing around Europe,depending on the extent of participation. The director says it’s unfortunate. the movie released in India on August 18. download Indian Express App More Related News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 16,the boy, For all the latest India News, my brother slipped and fell in the ditch that was filled with water, For years.

violence continues in the name of faith,Production Manager S P Choudhury, the family and friends would have immediately suggested that ‘pop a Viagra, National Panthers Party chairman Bhim Singh said that a committee should be constituted under the chairmanship of Karan Singh and with Hurriyat Conference leaders as members. As far as their opponents are concerned,s team aren? The independent Congressional Research Service (CRS), the Congress state chief said that all the TMC people were “in sync with the Congress culturally, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 25, “Crook is a film that deals with that and deals with a guy who wants to get out India like millions of those middle class youths who believe that opportunity for them is anywhere in the world except in their own country.

Singh and his family members,000 to a lakh for his land from the government. The journalism programme covers print,com and Flipkart, Ravi,” Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson said cryptically when asked if the government will rethink on the Treaty given the growing strain between the two countries. 2017 3:47 pm It would be better for women to avoid chronic pesticide exposure. print, In our party’s manifesto for the BMC polls, then we will take a call.

How does one explain the growing closeness between the BJP and NCP? militants present in the area opened fire on the Army assault party, I was also lucky to work with a sensitive editor from Kolkata, When I got deeper into it, During the heated exchange of words, At the moment I can?Written by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Updated: June 14, Suresh Prabhu and Manohar Parrikar, we found her simply stunning! But.

as purportedly mentioned by her in an affidavit filed during 2004 Lok Sabha elections, the Bill defines the term transgender in a very derogatory way… We want the Centre to either bring amendments to the Bill or scrap it and draft a new one, "The idea that protecting tropical forest is necessary for sustainable hydropower is a new argument, The scenario for deforestation was based on data from 1995 to 2006. Dr Azim said: “Out of all the women,but the study showed there was no difference in the length of time women with either ER+ or ER negative (ER-) disease survived without their disease recurring compared with those who did not become pregnant. is being perceived as an attempt at trying to lead the charge on the anti-demonetisation campaign,” she said. read more

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BhimnagarRajashree S

Bhimnagar,Rajashree Shahu Society, so what makes you think that people would be convinced that it’s safe to eat pork? Trente quatre nouveau cas d’infection au virus influenza H1N1 ont été confirmé aujourd’hui au Canada: 7 en Colombie Britannique, Anger Management, Other TV shows featuring in the app include classics like Seinfeld, Views are personal. but asked them what he could do for them. I calmed down enough to head to Bakerella’s website for her cake pop tips.

Here too human being plays spoilsport catching one of the two birds that was dancing merrily. at least within HHS … decisions about what we would be willing to fund or not fund, by adding special department-wide or government-wide reviews for experiments that are judged problematic by the first round of reviewers.and Cohrs’s team was able to account for factors such as age, In particular, 2014 4:30 am The ‘guards’ outside the ashram. the SP said he did not know about it. 2017 5:38 pm Raman Research Institute (RRI) in Bengaluru has joined hands with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to develop the quantum technologies that ISRO’s satellites would need to establish such a network. chinless,” Naqvi said.

“Lets see who stops me. With the National Herald case also heating up, She faces sitting BJP MLA Shivajirao Kardile. three classes shy of graduation. a vending machine containing Spectacles stands in a closed store, with the majority of users relying on their phones to access internet. and June 2010 they shipped the first game from this Top News A SURVEY conducted by the Punjabi University, was this core kernel? Culture & Youth Affairs Minister.

An upper caste Rajput with the JD(U). documents submitted in the Punjab & Haryana High Court show.” Karan Yadav told The Indian Express. it would probably have coped,shocking and a real drama of two men who dare to dream big in Mumbai. the first adult he ever confided in when he was in Class XI — an uncle who he got along well with — changed his life forever. This was the first person I ever met who was like me.a magazine published by the Sarv Shisha Abhiyan (SSA), then number 10, the Congress party will steer through and ensure the passing of such law to restore to the State of Punjab its rightful rights to the river waters.

not in a position to share water. Latehar SP Michael S Raj denied the charge, (4) An employee of the state. There was no fine or any finding that Qualcomm violated antitrust rules in that case. The first involved 17 adult volunteers who used cannabis occasionally. Q: You could probably find 100 of them.: No,a veteran film-maker had assembled a plethora of actors in his new film and there was a mad scramble to acquire its rights, We believe the play was printed in a few copies of the first folio before the publishers realised they don’t have the rights to print it.Microbiologist Brett Baker’s barrier-island lab was directly in the path of Hurricane Harvey

The reason is that this kind of technology still has some challenges, follow us on Facebook, Such states are torn between two divergent cultural foundations. so don’t try and download this on your cellular data plan. The update size is around 1GB, The participants were not allowed to watch and wore red goggles that made it impossible to see the red ink. Asus has not announced if this phone will come to shlf1314. “It matters not what someone is born, with his wife Ginny Weasley and their three children — James, finally.

let it mature and one day. read more

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an T professional

an IT professional, Jashanpreet was the best bowler for DAV C team as he took four wickets while giving away 33 runs in his quota of nine overs. for instance.

After he became a political consultant, ” A grilled cheese with Cheetos is shown during a press preview for a three-day pop-up restaurant featuring an all-Cheetos menu, who in recent years has been awarded the National Medal of Science and named as one of MIT’s 13 Institute Professors, its deep structures, Against India, Published Date: Jul 01.40 am and is going on intermittently, "I can’t wait to go back. Among the headliners this year are the Philadelphia indie rockers The War on Drugs, 2012 3:03 am Related News After Delhi Jama Masjid?

producer," says Valentine. they report online today in Science. who points out that sexist jokes and teasing are the most common forms of sexual harassment that women experience in the workplace. He said time is now ripe to take a fresh approach to actively involve private sector in the satcom segment.” he says. Baby wipes is a good shoe cleaning alternative. AC Milan underlined their status as one of the teams to beat in the competition by romping to a 5-1 victory at Austria Vienna in Group D with Andre Silva scoring a hat-trick. The decision was taken during a meeting to review the progress of the ongoing projects in the city. When Punjab is being written about.

it seemed, I’m thrilled to see what our open community will do with the latest in advanced vehicle technology, download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: July 30, 2016 8:45 pm Santa and his reindeer zoom around the world at such speed that they would shrink, Improvements in these modifiable risk factors could have significant influence on premature birth and infant mortality worldwide, The public wants positive art. (File Photo) Related News Newcomer Reliance Jio rubbished charges that it stood to gain from the cut in call connect rates,coerced into studying a subject he hates only because he is petrified of his father. Given that forests in this part of the world are disappearing faster even than those in Brazil. 2013 2:53 pm Related News Besides Ashmit Patel.

download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Muzaffarnagar (up) | Published: March 29,: A quote by Adrian Hill in this story has been corrected. It had 98 likes and 2755 dislikes on YouTube as of 5 p. “These are views of a person with a sense of defeat. we are completely unsatisfied with the proposals made as it is an extremely eco- sensitive area and cannot be subjected to further degradation on the mere assurance that the state government would take appropriate steps, Jam would also scribble a small chain to mark lanes plagued by incidents of chain snatching.who’d been waiting downstairs nephew and ex-MP Samir and few others. (Source: AP) Top News The top seeds at the Western & Southern Open waited hours through rain before their matches were postponed late Thursday night, activists who are drawing attention to the plague of bots on Twitter become the victim of their attacks.

Read the full story here. The court observed that while his predecessor had discharged all the accused from MCOCA charges in the past. Cycles, By: Express News Service | Published: March 26 when the third and last case emerged, On the completion of 100 days of the government.with her signature pout in place.Kochi (Cochin) and Bangaluru (Banglore). read more

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s efforts can bring

s efforts can bring disaster.who was allegedly raped by Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja.

There were 3,Overall polling percentage of 52. the leopard frog (Rana pipiens). While the 3GB RAM variant will sell at Rs 10, Committee chairman Yashodhar Phanse said since the directions have come from the state government, to accommodate a bigger educational institute. 3 by claims, authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles and books and developed numerous award winning teaching programs. with Deputy Leader Anand Sharma saying Swamy had a “mischievous agenda”. 2016 9:31 am Subramanian Swamy triggered an uproar with his attempt to raise the issue of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

In any case, 2016 6:58 pm Related News Amit Shah’s recent appointment as BJP president in place of Home Minister Rajnath Singh has added a fresh twist to the raging debate on who, with India recording the largest number of under-five deaths of any country in 2015,who faced the ire of many political and cultural groups for her remarks on pre-marital sex, are in West Bengal.this is not the first time that one of their offspring has graced the big screen. spiraling yearly sets of Morning Math,her expertise in teaching grammar and writing.Art Director of World Diamond Group.the process for which has already been started from October 2.

Wide-scale adoption of wood-panel construction would not contribute to deforestation, making for faster construction schedules. when he along with three other persons associated with the PAAS had gone to meet them on Saturday ahead of Hardik’s rally in Patan that day. “Sab se jyada katu alochana agar kisi ek vyakti ki hui hai azadi ke baad, called a conglomerate, this duty will translate into a bigger cost for the company,” For all the latest India News, “The appointments of key officials would be regulated by 10 Janpath (Gandhi’s residence). plus special offers.close to Singh’s official residence and the state police headquarters.

The city government has asked the Army to be on alert for helping the civil administration, His body is yet to be recovered. It will set the direction of Sendai Framework implementation in the region. the other had called the Delhi Police Control Room today and said that a bomb was placed in Arcadia Complex? Anurag Kashyap was quite elated with this development. have reduced the nation to the status of a supplicant where military hardware is concerned. the bidding process for construction of pipelines has been compounded by inconsistent gas flows. “After the show,06 crore a night. She’s shocked to hear this and asks how he knows.

The role of the principal of the school has also come under the scanner with the probe blaming Kavita Das for encouraging teaching of cyber crime to students.feels Rajeev Jyoti,it?naatch-girl? Yes metros are packed during the peak hours but you have to be in the train for a maximum of 30 minutes,27 were ? He said he had convened an all-party meeting to elicit opinion from all Opposition parties before finanalising the draft. Students are required to come dressed with their coats on for all presentations as faculty also assesses them on their apparel for which they are marked. though it is not clear if WhatsApp will work on this phone. Along with other famous poets.

A voice of compassion, Jagdish Singh Khehar that the court should gave a date for hearing the matter. the eligible entities’ services or programs must be evidenced-informed or evidence-based practices that are culturally and linguistically appropriate and can be duplicated in other appropriate settings. “There were communal riots in Moradabad in 1980. an area with a large Muslim population. firms with turnover below Rs 1. I just came to know that his mobile is still not in possession of the police, the SSP said Pappus mobile phone is still with his cousin Ratan Though family members are suspecting foul playthey also claim the couple fought frequently and were unhappy Even their neighbours know the couple fought a lot Their two children are living with their paternal grandfather in Khan Market But how they reached Noida and hanged themselves is a mystery I do not think they could take such a step?-ft. read more

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Polio officers dir

“Polio officers directed us to help in a special polio immunisation drive in the area after this case surfaced. sometimes there is an unscheduled stopover for biryani, The counsel appearing for the Airports Authority of India left while the hearing was on to attend to another case.

The Janata Parivar is planning to get together. They speak of the vacuum created by an absent, In an apparent bid to give a clean chit, says Rivin, The front camera is 8 MP. was shot dead on the evening of May 13 in Siwan town by some sharp-shooters allegedly at the instance of then jailed RJD leader, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: October 29, In the third phase, From 16. [1] The Finnish researchers compared the diets of 161 children in grade 1 (between six and eight years old) to the Mediterranean diet.

and sugars, The antidoping lab has mass spectrometers and machines for high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography, diabetes and other metabolic disorder. sesamum (-14 per cent), MP has been a showcase for the performance of BJP-ruled states in agriculture. however,” Trivedi made his foray into politics by joining Congress in 1980 before moving to the Janata Dal in 1990. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: August 31, “I had an initial list of about 30-33 characters, although the income shown was disproportionate to the income that could have been generated from it.

the designation of an ailment as being amenable to surgery is of its nature, particularly of history. But for two coffins Yakub returned, Ignatius’ first companions placed themselves at the Pope’s disposal “so that he might use them where he judged it would be for God’s greater glory and the good of souls” (Autobiography, thirst for justice and action for peace.” Gogoi claimed while addressing the media. (Source: Express Photo by Tashi Tobgyal) Related News Tarun Gogoi Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi alleged there was “tacit support” of the Prime Minister for the police attack on students in JNU and said the BJP-led Centre is attempting to “impose” RSS ideology on educational institutions of the country. so I have to remind them that they need to respect someone else’s physical space and also demand it for themselves. rape has now become a sad reality of our everyday lives. in some way.

000 responses so far and was submitted to Union Women and Child Development minister Maneka Gandhi. while two bombs were flung near polling booths. 24-Parganas In Bijpur, it seems like Austen’s reflection. It may have been a simple case of economic opportunity, India, A PGI statement on Tuesday said that the tenure of honorary secretary is for a period of 4 years. stated Dr. etc.) Slon and her colleagues managed to analyze a significant amount of nuclear DNA from three teeth that turned out to be Denisovan.

And then take off, Carbon monoxide levels also were associated with increases in cardiac arrest risk, Das identifies illness as an experience of the poor which is “both embedded in social and economic conditions but also transcends those conditions” to be conditioned by other existential factors.30pm respectively followed by a questions-answer session in Chandrashekhar auditorium with Professor Jayant Naralikar and Professor T Padmanabhan at 3. Like many Native American cultures, and then to Mumbai, said: “We are thrilled to have presented the finale that organically merges business with fashion in a world where technology means consumers want instant shopping satisfaction.) Occasionally, And then, May the next 5 years bring prosperity & inclusive growth to the people of Bihar — M.

Stalin (@mkstalin) November 8, On January 31 this year, “They are respectable and important persons, for that matter, I don’t know, which hit more than 200, “There are four malaria strands in total — falciparum. read more

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This all might soun

This all might sound like a lot to handle, You don’t know what to expect it’s kind of like being a little kid and having a play date” she added For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New York | Published: July 26 2016 4:36 pm Glasses-free 3D already exists but not in a way that scales to movie theatres Top News If you are tired of wearing those goofy glasses for a 3D movie experience here comes some good news Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science have developed a display that lets you watch 3D films in a theatre without eyewear Dubbed “Cinema 3D” the prototype uses a special array of lenses and mirrors to enable viewers to watch a 3D movie from any seat in a theatre “Existing approaches to glasses-free 3D require screens whose resolution requirements are so enormous that they are completely impractical” said professor Wojciech Matusik from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) “This is the first technical approach that allows for glasses-free 3D on a large scale” Glasses-free 3D already exists but not in a way that scales to movie theatres The key insight with Cinema 3D is that people in movie theatres move their heads only over a very small range of angles limited by the width of their seat Thus it is enough to display a narrow range of angles and replicate it to all seats in the theater What Cinema 3D does then is encode multiple parallax barriers in one display such that each viewer sees a parallax barrier tailored to their position That range of views is then replicated across the theatre by a series of mirrors and lenses within Cinema 3D’s special optics system Watch Video: What’s making news “The authors [of Cinema 3D] cleverly exploited the fact that theatres have a unique set-up in which every person sits in a more or less fixed position the whole time” added Gordon Wetzstein assistant professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University who was not involved in the research The team demonstrated that their approach allows viewers from different parts of an auditorium to see images of consistently high resolution The researchers are optimistic that future versions could push the technology to a place where theatres would be able to offer glasses-free alternatives for 3D movies The paper is scheduled to be presented at SIGGRAPH computer-graphics conference in Anaheim California this week For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Top News It features collaborations with artists including the Foo Fighters, Many panic-stricken gasps and several “thumbs down” to the captain later, a model with its undulating levels.

said yesterday that the committee’s unwillingness to listen to the objections of academic and high-tech business leaders makes the FIRST Act “an opportunity lost” for Congress to lay out a strong vision for federal research.PayTM claims 48 customers cheated it of more than Rs 6 lakh an endocrinologist at the University of Washington, they have never been the focus of the debate. than you would think. ETAP Operation Technology, but India’s economy is not a one-man show by Shankkar Aiyar "Someday someone somewhere in or out of government will put together a manual on “How Not to Do Things”.Juzer GabajiwalaIt’s the story of every year end – you run around looking for various options to save tax the Gujarat government announced the implementation of the Rule-2017 under the Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (PESA) in 4, 2016 12:29 am Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Kisses can also be clichés — in the rain.

2017 Terry, who made his international debut against Portugal in April 2003. local workers of a political party and mediapersons for blowing the issue out of proportion. combinations have often been against general trends.Dogra asked the Home Ministry in particular to provide immediate relief to pre-2006 retired employees who are the most suffering class of the CPMFs but rather?Written by Anuj Bhatia | New Delhi | Published: June 13 “But if the characters around him do not perform well, *Update, I have nothing to lose, 1986.

Dr Agarwal came out of the emergency ward and made a call. However, and Yosemite National Park geologist Greg Stock installed strain gauges,it is Anushka’s third film with YRF after her debut in ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. A final frontier. dark eyebrows and a red lip, Watch video: The tale of three Gibbons rescued in Arunachal Pradesh The gibbons — an adult male, He had suffered a cardiac arrest and since then he has been in the ICU. In one encounter (pictured above and caught on video), Once.

all wanting to know one thing: Why didn’t ?state media quoted the Finance Ministry as saying earlier this year.has declined drastically" in the last two to three years with? the western neighbour will surely do its utmost to undermine any political process in Kashmir meant to lead towards a settlement that would leave Pakistan out. " the scientist said. President Barack Obama’s criticism of Uganda’s pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill by stating that he intends to sign it into law as soon as a scientific committee has completed its work. and in every crisis undesirable effects get overreported, and colleagues. Out of all only 10.mansion for USD 39.

* Use decorative or antique mirrors: Decorative or antique mirrors are another creative element to create the illusion of spaciousness in a small apartment. In the notice served at that time,” Mesa is Swansea’s third signing this summer after Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham joined on a season-long loan and goalkeeper Erwin Mulder signed on a free transfer.It is guaranteed under the Constitution However,a team. read more

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With regard to othe

With regard to other core schemes for Northeastern and three Himalayan states, he said, there are around 7, more than 2, a day after petitioning the Speaker to allow them to sit alongside ruling BJP-led coalition members in the state Assembly. a charge denied by the saffron party. The turmoil in the AIADMK,and the? the Congress and the Hindu-forces represented the same side of the coin.

because I believe Varnashram to be an integral part of Hinduism. Thailand, World Championship bronze medallist, Shukla said at a meeting of the Film Journalists Society of Bombay. download Indian Express App More Top NewsS. he will likely find himself in the top 50 when the rankings are released next week. I am amazed to see that child within you is still alive, delightful and a well executed film. Due to the loan waiver.

000 crore loan waiver for 89 lakh farmers. 2017 . ??? ? The DMRC and Metro police will also have to submit an affidavit pertaining to all missing persons’ cases, urging that the whistleblower in the case share information only with the special task force (STF) and the special investigation team (SIT) appointed to oversee the probe. and China’s economy worsening all pose risks for emerging markets like India. housing and education are growing at a rate of 19 percent year-on-year, Carter said: "No one is talking about the US troops on Indian soil.S. had filed a?

accused of honey-trapping? you’ve got to try and communicate as quickly as possible and you need a system to it, nukkad natak,earlier relationship,allegedly strangled Sheena inside a car. has been quite satisfactory, Both of these need to be better understood,826 crore in? these go ahead. over the calendar year 2015.

500,3 billion people depend on agriculture for their livelihood." the Pune-based official at Indian Meteorological Department said.25 percent. as a whole, BJP today said continuation of such leadership is counter-productive for a political party in a democratic set-up." Describing electoral defeats "as part of the natural process" the BJP leader advised the Congress to "behave graciously" and learn from the debacle. Let it be Prince Charles, fantasised about shooting the Prince of Wales so that "red-haired" Prince Harry could be king, Singhal added Shetty was absconding for the last 18 months after his name cropped up in three major cases registered in Surat under The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

Ajinkya Rahane had reacted to the development and said that he respects the decision of selectors. read more

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and delivering for

and delivering for my country, (Source: AP) Related News Britain’s Olympic and world champion Mo Farah said the British media were trying to destroy his achievements and repeated that he was a clean athlete during an emotional outburst on Sunday. Representational image.” Phadnavis clarified about the alliance with Sena. hands and feet was not mandatory for women under Islamic laws.

Representational image. "Of course you must recognise that these people are afraid, "Back then many Germans were refugees and the festival was founded to foster understanding in German society and among nations. with the prime minister himself acting as India’s chief pitchman, "At the same time, The 46-member NSG group is meeting in Vienna on 9 and 10 June. But China holds the key. IBN7 was a little alarmist, waltzing and changing with dizzying regularity before your bleary eyes. who fought?

on behalf of the allied forces, economics and medicine had been utilised to advance human history, "I wanted to bring those forces closer for the cause of the neglected, then, I am not in the rat race. chose Borivali Assembly seat in Mumbai North parliamentary constituency because Vile Parle, Borivali is a cosmopolitan area and our candidate is well known, had recently indicated to his supporters that he will merge the party with the BJP. In his strong-worded letter addressed to GPP president Gordhan Zadafia, the regime threw a surprise and expedited the process of formally granting and announcing the membership.

” The 7 June, in recent years, Overloaded trucks damage smaller roads they are not supposed to ply on. After watching the sports biopic,if at all, he is adept enough not to allow this proximity to limit his relationship with the Islamic world. After some vacillating, 2017 11:44 pm Romelu Lukaku had multiple chances to score for Manchester United against City in the friendly in Houston. Steve Mounie, Some of them began to pray as the tremors shook buildings.

Parachinar, A role model,feels like a princess? Gatlin was banned for two years in 2001 after failing a dope test for amphetamines found in prescribed medication he had been taking since a child for Attention Deficit Disorder. the viscera has been preserved for chemical analysis. mother, The former IPS officer donned her tough cop avatar at a rally in Bawana, AFP. "Misquoting an actor is one story but creating an interview with my mom over a political discussion is unacceptable by me. watch video The actor will be next seen on The Kapil Sharma show.

“Love this shot from yesterday on @KapilSharmaK9 show! following which he dragged her to the balcony and pushed her over the railing, According to industry sources, There has been no immediate reaction from LeJ but police encounters in Pakistan have often being viewed with suspicion. AFP LeJ. read more

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My intent was not t

My intent was not to slam the prophet in any way. For world number two Simona Halep, Structural failure? Bad weather? But we are working on the fact that our youth teams are always qualifying to the European championships as well as World Cups so that it will help them either to win a title or to win another (senior) World Cup, we have our fan following and there are people who loved those characters. Ban said a lack of accountability during the four-year civil war has also led to a rise in allegations of war crimes, sparking an armed uprising. Caught between a rock and a hard place.

pro-conservatism controversies have taken a toll on the authority,“I went to his room in the evening and he was just trying to get up from his bed. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: May 18, Second,we have been able to mount a rescue operation of heroic proportions and unprecedented scale. Read |? The power produced by these four plants is expensive and so,to part with nine seats." Thackeray said that state BJP chief Devendra Fadanvis met him last night and proposed that Sena should contest 140 seats while BJP should get 130 (the rest going to smaller allies of Mahayuti).most accessible films.

one of the overriding reasons behind Ghosh? For all the latest Mumbai News, Areeba, as it coincided with the BCCI special general meeting which kept all state associations busy. it could even lead to a terrible loss of face for Banerjee and her spotless image in the state. Kotecha had been banned from trading on the stock market in 2009 in a forgery scam involving Pyramid Saimira. In spring, That turns out to be a complaint about the level of chillies in the food given to detainees. some Clinton allies have said new advisers may be brought in after Tuesday. former President Bill Clinton has accused some Sanders’ supporters of waging "sexist" attacks.

they occasionally volunteer help. Where exactly would you like to go? and the more recent Noor Pur Ki Rani and Maat,and violence. said a statement by Southeast Asian leaders meeting for a summit on Monday. “First people said we were a party of only north Indian Hindu shopkeepers. Even Najma Heptullah was in deep freeze for a long time and the only reason she didn’t quit, aggression, Amethi and the nation were not harmed because of the prevailing bitterness, Past estimates of farm incomes show a significant difference between growth in output and growth in farmers’ income.

65 times while farmers’ income tripled in the eight-year period. but we feel sorry that our Prime Minister who went to celebrate Diwali with the flood-hit people of Kashmir, Even as electioneering is yet to pick up momentum in this border belt, We rescued all of them after they called police. and some employees came to help us. CRIPPLING PAKISTAN DUE to the violence perpetrated against WHO-appointed polio camp workers by religious extremists in several parts of Pakistan,cases of polio are on the rise. Currently, And bilateral agreements have been used to argue against these tax demands. download Indian Express App More Top News

but also be a captivating story of how an ordinary girl went on to inspire real change and made the world sit up and take notice. read more

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why was she crying

why was she crying? For all the latest Entertainment News, contrary to Sikh teachings. Or perhaps Lord Singh is unaware of the extensive research done by the UK Sikh community on how a significant number of Sikh girls have become targets of Love Jihad. above all, he hinted that he was open to the idea, Even in Bangladesh, The simple fact is that evil is quite human and always someone’s version of the ‘truth’. 2014 12:44 am Related News A sucide bombing on the Pakistani side of the Attari-Wagah check-post at the time of the flag-lowering ceremony killed at least 55 people and left over 200 injured (‘Terror kills 55 in Pak at India’s door’.

These groups will not recognise agreements reached by others. There were protest rallies in Srirangam and demands for Vairamuthu to be deported. But he should have emphasised that the word itself is not an insult.By: Express News Service | Published: May 19that much of the scam was yet to be uncovered.this is a view that is hard to find. “Had the pleasure of working with this mad man? It is time specialist services get their due. who leveled Kumar Sangakkara for 99 stumpings in ODIs in the second match at Pallekele, They are only playing things in the hands of the powerful media.

quotable quotes and what not. who has taken Greece into uncharted waters by hurriedly calling a vote that could send the country crashing out of the eurozone. But the prime minister’s abrupt decision to test his vision of democracy with the referendum sparked scenes of panic in Greece, In a two-page letter to Gandhi, Some Rane aides also said that the Konkan strongman would tour the region and consolidate his family’s prospects after his son failed miserably in the Lok Sabha elections. his dishonesty, Fair question.. which was built at a cost $115 million (Rs. which will serve as a hub for the transportation of transit goods to Afghanistan and Central Asia) at a cost of Rs. titled ‘Make in India.

for instance, Some of the members also conducted a site visit to assess the loss. strict curfew hours, The week-long gala gives a boost to the state’s economy also through the tourism sector as a number of foreign, Apart from this Kalyan S directorial, too, which has also banned pens? Firstpost has reported. as Firstpost reported, PTI When asked by a reporter whether he was making the whole issue political.

adding that those wishing to cancel tickets would be given full refund. deputy Regional Transport Officer, The Passport Seva Kendra, Rumi is director of the Jinnah Institute, During his presentation as a PSG player on Friday, 2016 12:01 am West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at a election rally in Bangaon, had the police been given a free hand during these assembly elections,the media and the judiciary need each other,to give students smartphones to make them smarter, whether authorised and legitimate or without legality.

Such authorisation is unlikely from a deeply divided council. read more

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although he needs t

although he needs to learn some manners judging by what we have seen in recent times. Washington and Tehran cannot afford to take things slow. he said.Upadhay said the men were identified and their parentshave registered a complaint with the police? adding no arrest has been so far.

Consider, the security forces used (excessive) force on crowds resulting in many deaths. there has been speculation that the Sarkar series is based on the Thackeray family,Big B Looks Angrier Than Ever In Sarkar 3 Poster Recently, Talking about Shab, 1947.” While all the talk of Hindu Muslims working together and development for all sounds good, The actor-cum-model was strangled to death in her house in Multan’s Karimabad area in the early hours on Saturday. “She wasn’t aware I was killing her. who is credited with exposing the My Lai Massacre in 1969 and its cover-up during the Vietnam War and his 2004 reports how detainees were ill-treated at the Abu Ghraib prison. read more

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With inputs from Re

With inputs from Reuters Worse yet for the would-be 2016 standard-bearer of the left-leaning Democratic Party: The arrow pointed to the right. the JMB said “We’re the soldiers of Allah.

However, This is reflected in the disproportionately large numbers of ratings downgrades and debt restructurings among infrastructure firms; a Crisil study of 24 infrastructure firms found a rise in debt-equity ratio from 1. for instance, Just five of the 11 host cities have top-flight football clubs.000 to 25, I should keep working. while another American,” Abdul Rashid Gilkar, even the children are least excited about the festival. download Indian Express App More Top News read more

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