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BTWObama Satan and Lizard People are Planning to Eat You TTYL

first_imgThe above video is very confusing to me. Apparently the world blew up yesterday because Obama went on an “aeroplane” to visit India. There’s different types of aliens. Some reptilians. Nazis are in there somewhere. The Pope. The tsunami in Indonesia is involved somehow. A space archangel is due to arrive in February. And I think the devil is behind it all–but so is Syria.Yup.But, for me, that’s not even the most confusing part. These are the visions of the mother of the universe Colleen Thomas who is coming to warn us all of impending space slavery. She has a YouTube channel. She also has a radio show and wants you to call her.I was hesitant to even post what seems like the ramblings of an ill woman. But it’s already bouncing around the internet, people are talking about it. But, is this a big joke? Colleen seems pretty put together and in a nice house. Can you go that far off the rails and hold up like that? Also, from a production stand point, this video is a step above the paranoid ramblings you’ll find elsewhere on the YouTubes and Public Access Channels of the world. Just saying–this all seems a little too watchable.OR is Colleen in on the conspiracy and telling us all a little bit of truth slobbered in a whole bunch of wackiness? That way, the powers that be (reptilians, The Pope, bankers, etc.) can remain covered in a shroud of plausible deniability. “You believe we want to harvest your bodies for food? Oh sure, that’s what we want to do. I guess I’ll go ask the Pleidians and Syrians all about it!” Eh?!? Think about it. But which is real and which is foolery? Now we’re back to square-friggin’-one. OR am I in on this whole conspiracy? Are you?Like I said, confusing.last_img read more

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