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How the Istra Inspirit story “Casanova Tour” exceeded all my expectations

first_imgHow to start the story of Istra Inspirit, one of the world’s best tourist stories, confirmed and U, than with one story.A book is a book, a brochure is a brochure, an information board is a board, and no matter how many written words describe an event, it can become a real and striking experience only if we experience it live. On the other hand, we all know the power of stories, which accompany us from a young age to youth, work, and eventually we ourselves become storytellers when we become parents and tell the same stories to our children. The power of the story has always followed and will always follow the human race. Why? Because stories evoke strong emotions and experiences in us, and thus are strongly positioned. Pure biology.That is why the world of marketing has long accepted the storytelling concept in promotion, and for a long time big brands do not sell products but emotions, experiences and products are identified with human characteristics. So Nike doesn’t sell sneakers, Harley Davidson doesn’t sell motorcycles, while Coca-Cola doesn’t sell drinks.And tourism is the best of all – stories, emotions and experiences. Here’s a “trick” question: What do you remember from your last vacation? Accommodation or some special moments with the family? The answer is surely some experience, moment, emotion, not a hotel or accommodation. It was the power of the story that took me to Vrsar, the love destination of Giacomo Casanova, an adventurer and the world’s most famous seducer, who in 1743 stayed in Vrsar for a year. But this information, no matter how interesting, would not have any value without interpretation and would certainly not be remembered for long.And this is where storytelling and Istra Inspirit come into play, a multi-award winning experience tourism project that enriches the cultural and tourist offer of the peninsula by reviving historical events in authentic locations, through staged Istrian legends and myths.Thus, Istra Inspirit actors introduced tourists to ancient times or time travel, through the authentic streets and locations of Vrsar when Casanova walked and stayed in Vrsar, all through a storytelling concept or an interactive costumed walk. ‘In addition to numerous cultural and entertainment events that are traditionally organized during the summer months, Vrsar will try to provide its guests with a unique experience of traveling into history this summer. In addition to the Old Samnja, which revives Vrsar in the time of the Vrsar County and which will have two editions this year, we also started the Casanova Tour. Like the previous Casanovafest, this new interactive tour has the character of Giacomo Casanova and the description of his stay in Vrsar from the famous Memoirs.”Said Natalija Vugrinec, director of the Tourist Board of Vrsar and added that this event is a continuation of the story at Casanovafest, which was organized over the past nine years, and which through lectures, plays, film screenings, exhibitions and concerts presented the theme of love and eroticism in various forms. art.In cooperation with Istra Inspirit, a new concept has been designed for this tourist season – a guided interactive tour in six terms, in order to enable as many guests as possible to get acquainted with the interesting rich history of our place. “For the next season, Casanova Tour is planned to be supplemented with a gastronomic experience, in accordance with the EU project “I enjoy tradition” in which TZO Vrsar is one of the partners, and whose theme is the preservation and tourist valorization of indigenous foods and dishes. We are sure that such an event will be extremely attractive to guests in our destination, but also that it will have a significant promotional effect.. ‘ Vugrinec emphasized.Casanova Tour is a great example of the promotion of a destination through cultural and historical heritage and its interpretation in the manner of storytelling through theatrical expression in performance. A performance that is at least more than impressive, in the manner of legendary and striking Hollywood actors, without any exaggeration. You know the feeling when a movie scene becomes legendary, that’s exactly what the performance was like. By the way, over 200 different artists, performers and actors are participating in the Istra Inspirit project under the artistic direction of director Petra B. Blašković.Thus, the professional actors of Istra Inspirit, as part of the ‘Casanova Tour’, took all visitors on an unforgettable journey to the time of the Vrsar County when the seducer and adventurer, Giacomo Casanova, stayed in Vrsar twice. The first time, as he states in his ‘Memoirs’, which served as a source for the script of this innovative tour, he visited Vrsar for three days in August 1743, still as a poor and infamous priest, while the second time he came to Vrsar as a soldier during a voyage from the Venetian island of Malamocco, when his ship anchored at night in the port of Vrsar. Giacomo Casanova, accompanied by the voice of the greatest lover in history, was returning to Vrsar, allegedly because of the beautiful women from Vrsar. Through entertaining and educational content, visitors were able to discover the more intimate side of Casanovina Vrsar, and all the interesting events that characterized his stay in Vrsar, and among other things, visited the lookout under the palm tree near the church of St. Anton, the lookout of Casanova, the main city gate, and Casanova’s refuge within the city walls, ie we met Vrsar in a different way and I am sure an unforgettable way. The cast that participates in the Casanova tour consists of Frano Novljan, Šandor Slacki, Luka Barešić, Sedina Cerovac and Ivona Bulešić, who with their striking and above all impressive interpretation met, laughed and intrigued everyone present, and through interaction drew the audience into the story. and the tourists themselves became part of the story.As I was familiar with the Istra inspirit story, I had high expectations and a clear idea of ​​what awaited me, but to be honest, my expectations were not only met, but were completely exceeded. I was delighted with the level of acting and how the actors immersed themselves in the roles. With the old town backdrop of Vrsar, the costumed actors and the striking interpretation of the story was more than credible, and I can say for sure that the visitors of the Casanova Tour felt as if they were really in that time and space. At times, we were brought back to reality by random passers-by who visually “interrupted” the sense of history and time travel.Surely he would never have known Vrsar so well, nor would he have remained in such a strong memory that I walked the streets of the city alone. That is why the storytelling concept is so important in tourism, because it is precisely about strong emotions and experience.But, as I mentioned at the beginning of this story, the word is the word, and no matter how powerful the words may be and trigger an avalanche of reactions, you can only understand the true experience and value of this story if you experience it. That is why Istra Inspirit interpretations should be one of the compulsory subjects for all tourism students.In any case, if you want to find out what a storytelling concept is, I definitely recommend that you experience one of the 13 Istra Inspirit stories, whether you are from the world of tourism or marketing. Ultimately, as is usually the case in Lijepa naša, everything that is ours is wrong, or if you think I have gone too far with the use of superlatives in the description, I challenge you to see for yourself.last_img read more

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Perfect score not enough on ‘Dancing’

first_imgBut in a second dance, he earned a score of just 28, bringing his total score for the week to 58. Even though it was just two points less than perfect, it was the lowest of the week. Judges’ scores are combined with viewer votes to determine which couple is eliminated. The three remaining celebrity dancers – Laila Ali, Joey Fatone and Apolo Anton Ohno – will begin the competition’s final round on Monday, when they will perform a dance chosen by the judges as well as a freestyle dance. The new “Dancing With the Stars” champion will be named on May 22. – Asssociated Press He earned a perfect score and glowing praise from the judges. But that wasn’t enough to keep Ian Ziering on “Dancing With the Stars.” The 43-year-old actor was booted from the ABC dance-off Tuesday during the competition’s semifinal round. “We’re in it to win it,” the “Beverly Hills 90210” alumnus said before his performance Monday. “This week you’re going to see a whole new Ian Ziering on the dance floor.” Judge Len Goodman seemed to think so, praising Ziering’s tango as “your best dance ever” and calling him “technically … the soundest of all the celebrity dancers.” He earned a perfect score of 30. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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