Month: September 2017

How to tap the effective aliexpress long tail keywords

tonight and share with you.

is divided:

results are derived as below:

third: open the Excel, open the txt file in Excel, and the | (vertical bar), as shown in figure

I had just done, see many official video and other master skills, practice the method of keyword mining speed sold there are many, for example:

: all the keywords derived as TXT file

4, by chance, in the forum to see a tool (free of charge, and constantly upgrade), down to good, with the test 1 weeks on the P4P cloth words have obvious effect, now share out. read more

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shlf1314 Adsense check collection information collection 5-30-2007 details of different city collect

brand promotion with the old, in July set list minus 500-1000 yuan

but things are always worse than expected". September 12th, online crazy pass, Jingdong mall will launch a web game business platform, and before that, Taobao has also been on the line in June. In this way, this small circle is crowded with Tencent, sh419, Sina, everybody, 360, giant, grand……

she felt more and more that the war was coming, and when she started her company in August 2007, she told her employees to be prepared to compete in 5 years’ time". read more

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Love Shanghai Encyclopedia of 2 novice successful adding links in Wikipedia experience sharing

website mainly want to push the 3 kinds of products, two kinds of quasi famous medicines, health products for health brands, two entries already exist, a new entry is needed, a lot of people saying four of the following do this is very difficult, but in my experience, and not imagine complex. I feel, successful experience:

love Shanghai’s own products have been so Shanghai dragon chain with special respect, work, if we can in Shanghai know love or love to leave your link to the Shanghai encyclopedia, this link is quite high quality links, especially the Shanghai encyclopedia links in love. Shanghai dragon has recently been doing a medical website, because it is new, so the chain for trouble. Then I saw a man do the experience of the chain in Shanghai love encyclopedia share, the feeling is not so low success rate, then registered a Wikipedia account, "the chain plot" encyclopedia. read more

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Lei Jun Entrepreneurship must do the most fat market!Community O2O industry solutions, property + bu

not only helps the property management community, but also integrates the surrounding businesses to form a perfect community life circle. And community owners through the Internet can complete the property related issues offline, but also through the platform for daily life.

China Lei in corporate leaders meeting pointed out that millet is a success, the most important is to encounter a "typhoon", he says, the "typhoon" is a pig can fly up to the typhoon mouth, if enterprises want to succeed, you need to find a typhoon belongs to "in your range". read more

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Network promotion outside chain optimization article (a)

chain, has been the focus of website optimization. The key is how to make. This point is the core content. At the same time, the dynamic search engine, should pay attention to. This is mainly depends on the optimization, which search engine ranking. Spend a little more time to study, to achieve the corresponding. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuancang贵族宝贝


chain, the optimization in the early days of the web, play a very significant effect. As the chain large numbers, website keyword rankings, site overall weight. Which website traffic, website conversion rate will increase. So far, the search engines are concentrating on this point, to start the corresponding rules, the chain effectively regulate the market, such as the sale of the chain. read more

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Love Shanghai know some factors ranking

in addition, Emmar also summed up the love does not affect Shanghai know ranking factors:

2, Shanghai also know love to do the Shanghai dragon optimization, of course, also can not deliberately stack, questions can be repeated 2 words, 3 times, but can make the best sentence;

;To solve the problem of

4, the level of respondents, high level and low level did not affect what the key can help users solve problems;

love Shanghai know main goal is to increase the ranking in Shanghai know love questions (and answers) exposure, and in Shanghai love to know the answer to increase target keywords live site, increase the target site link bait and user search tips, to achieve the purpose of flow into. read more

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Website optimization process optimization ntroduction (a)

2, a clear project operation ideas, establish the project operation plan.

before "VS ZhengZhan optimization keywords optimization who is the real king" in gratitude for the service and content of ZhengZhan optimization is introduced in detail, here I will not do too much introduction, I mainly want to introduce the specific service process under ZhengZhan optimization, hope to help you have Shanghai Longfeng station.

layout of the web site after the operation we need to clear the project, making the project operation plan. The site needs to be optimized on-line keywords more optimization page keywords of the layout of the more, so in the process we followed by home column page – single page (news, product detail page) the operation of ideas, the purpose of this operation is to increase the weight of the site home page, we all know is the weight of a web page the site of a page is the highest, the highest recognition search engine, a page weight to the highest. If the weight of home page provided, then the weights within the page will also improve, even if you don’t have to have the inside pages to optimize the operation, the keyword page layout will likely launch. The project operation scheme including website (website uploaded to the server by the test space), the operation period approved (website indexed by search engines), operation period (keywords operation on-line), a period of consolidation (online project maintenance, keywords) each stage is composed by > read more

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f everyone will be how to optimize site will compete in Shanghai Dragon

here is the content of the original article always said. Everyone in the copy, are in the collection, in the pseudo original. If this time, our competitors can really solve the problem of manufacturing to write the original article, so his site will win in our site. So, why don’t we have to run our site myself as a fully understand Shanghai Longfeng people? What keywords setting, site layout, layout and so on the long tail of everyone will, or the establishment of the CMS program are ready-made, as long as I set up easily. So, with the mentality of zero, and then go back to the origin of the site, we will bring the harvest harvest content. read more

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The new keyword selection is the priority among priorities

3, now many users know 1,2 words just is hard to their search to find the content, gradually began to tend to use 2,3 words in short sentences to search for relevant information, which means that the choice of long tail keywords is key. The choice of long tail keywords competition is small, and a certain amount of search. In general there are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large, so the long tail keywords to find a few more operation. read more

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Website optimization analysis of competitors

first we determine our keywords so we have to analyze the eagle sanitary wares, the key index we love Shanghai, love Shanghai index query website 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝 to query the keyword index: love Shanghai figure (Figure 1)

so we must realize the eagle sanitary keyword ranking to the home page, we need to analyze the 10 ranking on the first page of search results (love Shanghai search engine page 10), we want to row to the first page, then we have a crowding out of the 10, under our > read more

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Some love Shanghai and Google search engine included different

summary: more than three points, is my views according to the actual experience of most built station of hope, it is of significance to the new owners, more love Shanghai Google search engine this to go to the station (贵族宝贝QuJianZhan贵族宝贝), the original address: 贵族宝贝 www.qujianzhan贵族宝贝/Article/937/151944 feature, Zhiyizhibi, to avoid detours.

The first point: a collection of different time

for any webmaster, without exception, to love Shanghai, and Google search engine to deal with every day, for the new owners is more important, but the frustration is the site in Shanghai and Google ranking but not to their own will, I do go to the station from the network for nearly a year to talk about the feeling a few points of these two different search engine giant. read more

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Hinder enterprise promotion is not Shanghai Dragon technology but their own thinking

this kind of crowd most, but not the biggest obstacles, now almost every day there are 3-5 of this kind of technology is blank white consulting Cen Huiyu, but most of them are consulting the technical issues, crying corporate website do not face up, fired, asked me how to operate this website, from their problems are not difficult to they found that full of confusion, do not know how to operate, what impressed me most was a day released 120 of the chain, I admire his persistence, but when he saw the site deficiencies, put forward, his response was: I will not do, do not modify the code, are modified. There was an obvious technical flaws. read more

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Fat man Shanghai dragon 10 is uncovered

8, Shanghai dragon is the chain. Sometimes the key to success is here, because we have many sites are similar, not prominent personality, especially the enterprise website station, price is cheap, but also led directly to the site is not beautiful, original website does not consider the column setting in Shanghai Longfeng, most sites outside the chain of homogeneous situation the quality and quantity of natural.

is the 1, Shanghai dragon group. Understanding group in Shanghai dragon is the simple collective, Qun Jian, Hui, group group chain, which said the group is Shanghai dragon group in thinking. Meaning that needs a team. The three stooges, better than a Zhu Geliang. read more

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Search passion from the address book to the evolution of the personal portal

in fact, search needs from many things (mainly information) to find their own, has always been with us, but before the development of IT technology, all digital information are not the only form of search, is a feasible paper catalog, index, phone book. After Wan, there needs to search, but did not correspond to the rapid development of technology, so the earliest form of Internet search is the book. Similar specific forms and a telephone directory, yellow pages, records many well-known Web site of a book, the size of the professional degree. I bought a book for ordinary users, similar to the size and thickness of Xinhua Dictionary, according to different classification of web content. read more

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Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese word matching and complete matching

gold dragon"The main problem of

may be asked in the home is not completely, ah, so here I give an example of a post the same to different places, they can see the position, you would think they can together side by side position. It is clear that it is not possible, love Shanghai also has its calculation methods, such as various types of tools mentioned in Shanghai love weight. Do you think the weight of the 1 can be compared with the weight of 6, it is obviously not possible.

just a week through the 4 love Shanghai small update, the site’s ranking dropped down a lot. Liu Minhua and friends of the personal blog is quickly occupied in front of me. Why today to write this post, because friends website recently has not updated, updated snapshot and very delay. On the contrary the website is updated daily, and the snapshot also very long, why would such a question. Then the author took this to consult teacher Zhu Weikun. The conversation involves two knowledge points Chinese word matching complete matching read more

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The cause of high similarity of web page content and Solutions

4, URL plus any character or return 200 status code.

generally speaking, in the construction process of the website, which is very difficult to avoid duplicate content, but duplicate content will affect the site in the search engine’s performance to a great extent. Today and everyone study content is generated and the solution of duplicate content.

canonicalization problems including the main domain of the standardized two aspects of standardization to standardize the domain name. The other is the inside pages of the URL standard, usually in order to grab web content for search engines can be better, we will URL pseudo static and pseudo static treatment, site general after the original dynamic URL still exist and are able to access, thus causing a URL to access the same web site. read more

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Shanghai love education and trade and products of collective offline businesses how to deal with

then, I searched in love sea, really did not find.

still remember in May 25th to share a love of Shanghai to promote a reduction, how to deal with the article? To speak of love education in Shanghai, the paper products trade. On June 7th, Shanghai has to love their products collective offline.

as my own operating account, beginning not improve keywords price, found the show and click on the amount of sag. When I raise prices, after the corresponding change, also ranked in 3-4.

> read more

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Shanghai dragon, SEM, website promotion, network marketing and website operation relationship

series of products such as Tencent promotion, web promotion, >

and SEM have the same Shanghai dragon is a kind of search engine marketing, a show by the ad auction results, is a low-cost marketing mode, also is the natural ranking.

, SEM, Shanghai, about the relationship between website promotion, network marketing and website operation

website promotion and the other way:

SEM as a way to pay the auction, now the mainstream is love Shanghai (love Shanghai auction), 360 (for foreign trade promotion and Google auction site). At the same time, there are some other things like sogou. The same so-called auction, is not to say that you pay the highest can obtain good benefits, good rankings. Which also contains a lot of knowledge. For example, we see a very simple search results show the bidding, there are a lot of knowledge, we can see is the title, creative (in Shanghai Longfeng in the description), and url. The title is very creative gold, you can click on how the layout allows users to produce this very important. Because you have to pay a fee, certainly need to put your money to let him have effect. Even if this show also need good ideas. read more

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Tell you how to make love Shanghai search

is an example of it, so that we better understand: for example, we want to brush the "Blue Network", we begin to love Shanghai search, get a love like this "


departments containing website construction, but also a website construction training, this word is very popular, so if the search word in very few words, search below is the emergence of other phrases, but also to the fact that much to you about this search is how to operate, because we often search for certain keywords, there will be some under the name of the company, the company’s product sales is very useful, I know a friend, he is related to search how to brush it? He is the wireless network card for IP to brush, this method is actually very good, very chaotic time it is energy, and every day not to brush it, then after 2 days will disappear, so this method is not desirable, if need to do long-term. So, we should understand the principle of love Shanghai related search, so we can better go, here I summarize better understand the saying: with the most relevant search keywords is a ranking number of users to search, of course is in the top 10, the principle is this, then you will can be understood as the keyword search times more, this is the relevant search. I share my own case. Also tell you how to do. read more

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The development of electronic commerce in Shanghai Longfeng optimization will become more and more s

second, Shanghai dragon Er also more and more rational.

first, analysis of the historical origin of Shanghai dragon.

we know before 2010 only depends on the content of the website and the chain can be optimized website fast to love Shanghai home, but this way has been completely unable to meet the requirements of the current search engine for website quality, the most fundamental is to consider the user experience, such as web page layout design, web site keywords layout, construction site the quality of the chain, the construction of website, the residence time of the visitors in the website, the website of the viscosity and so on. These details will become a key restriction site ranking and weight development, so Shanghai dragon Er optimization website also gradually become more rational, a lot of black hat way already fell in love with the sea does not work, white hat optimization can make a web site to keep steady steady weight in an ideal position to do the only honest. read more

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The website of Shanghai Longfeng scheme competitor analysis

(3) and included the chain included needless to say, included is the foundation of the rankings, a collection of high ranking sites is not high, especially now love Shanghai catch catch original Henxiong, included also can see the site of the original. Outside the chain, love Shanghai has been in the adjustment of the chain chain algorithm, many conventional fabrication methods and failure, so appropriate to see the source of the rival chain, can find a lot of resources to save time.

(1) site weight, PR value, domain name age love official in Shanghai has long been famous, just love Shanghai love weight station, webmaster tools, website for web site keywords ranking is expected to bring traffic to the site, the site of third party hierarchy of 0-10 popularity evaluation data. Love is not love Shanghai Shanghai official weight said, but the data can directly response web site ranking keywords especially long tail word ranking, can the quality of response of a web site to a great extent. The PR value is a data used to assess the importance of "noble baby, not what now looks like so much love and love from Shanghai, but the development of Shanghai in recent years, Shanghai has actually been in imitation of noble love baby, the website wants to win in the future, we must pay attention to the PR value. The domain name age would not have said, love Shanghai this reaction is quite obvious, the website weight often domain age high is high, especially the enterprise station. read more

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Keywords breakthrough limitations to make good use of network elements for Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng personnel must now have an experience, that is Shanghai dragon life is becoming increasingly difficult, with the popularization of knowledge and the growth of Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng enterprise geometry level, love Shanghai keyword limited display page and relatively close to the unlimited keyword ranking first the demand, has become the main contradiction in Shanghai Dragon optimization of the staff, do not flow keywords can not come, so busy all day outside the chain of content and even to the point of sleepless nights. read more

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Love to see the search engine optimization promotion from Valentine’s Day

we all know, search engine optimization is mainly to obtain trust, then ranking and other what, in order to survive, but love is to give each other a good impression, this is the most important, like a new station on the line, submit some search engine landing entrance is the same reason, in a this process is called, can be seen, the author of Shanghai dragon master, after submission to the high quality of the forum or other types of Web site of the chain, is to attract the spider to their site index, while the love is so polite, just know the best, can let them see themselves the advantages of this is why others than their own understanding more easily become the secret lovers. read more

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Site three Tags title, keywords, description

about the title and key words to describe these three labels, Huang Zhen usually the most valued site title and site architecture, this in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very important points. A lot of friends about the title from time to time to modify, including Huang Zhen is just love to toss these things, change the column title, and then immediately delete a replacement one up, let a person look like a silly behavior, know its influence still to do, but ignore many details however, it is certainly a problem here, modify the three major labels have a lot of time very conducive to enhance the website ranking, but also have more to hang. read more

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Shanghai love a normal update, when to resume

1, excessive optimization;

5, love Shanghai data server problems;


through the observation of the last few days. Summarizes the following reasons:

watch is right down the site without WWW, there is a new ranking. But generally in the second page, page third. But a new snapshot. The article also included a new photo. Here is the domain name. We check on the know.


According to the observation date K

second, June 30th Shanghai has released updated website ranking of love. Before the update has not ranked. read more

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Seven step to find out the website is search engine punishment

Most of the

three, the chain increased too

stack keywords


chain can improve the site rankings, but it has a characteristic, is the need of time, stable increase. So the chain to the site with help. If today was increased fifty, but actually tomorrow will rise to five hundred, this method increases by leaps and bounds, it is not punished. And many owners love the chain with mass software, the software of natural increase is the chain volume, so in the assessment period is often the case, be punished is homely food. read more

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Result seven reasons site is down right what love Shanghai


recently a friend site suddenly drop right, and before the rank and disappeared, let me help him analyze the reasons, then I summed up the following points:

is a large collection of the content will be let down the right site is more serious, if you have not collected, behind the acquisition, it is not worthwhile to drop right.

4, whether the

site right down to the most distressing, but can not find the reason, do not know how to recover. You can from the above several methods to analyze. If more than a few reasons and your site is not on the number, then you have to wait, have time to see the site can not be recovered, but in the meantime we must update, follow the prescribed order on the line. read more

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The basic process of website optimization

It is very important for

before the eight second rule, this is mainly for the server space. Directly related to the website loading speed is the server, so the server if the loading speed is too slow, "will open slowly, the result is the loss of users. For users, page views except content itself is to show time, therefore, in the choice of the server must be careful.

fifth, website editor.

third server inspection.

2, website product information to system, from product to product details of price should be stated, if you can add a real case, it would be more convincing; read more

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Discussion on the function of website news, top, foot of Shanghai Dragon

we all know the title, keywords and description of the importance of Shanghai dragon, may pay little attention to news list, you can think carefully, most of the site is not news list? Whether it is technical articles, or vice navigation, or the latest developments, are in the form of news. Among the more than a page, but the page list is particularly important, because the first page of the weight influence, important position is also home, or list of information processing, directly affect the site’s ranking, so it is not too much to say, I talk about how to deal with the following refinement, let search engine of love, more reasonable. read more

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Example love Shanghai search drop-down box and love Shanghai search principle

inputT= search response time in milliseconds;

day with love Shanghai to deal with the webmaster and love Shanghai products closely contact, especially in the use of search function to search for a keyword, will see the relevant search keywords and keyword search drop-down box. Through the love of Shanghai of this function, we can see the expansion of some of the relevant key words popular in the screening of keywords. So, how to understand the property of the two search function, for you today to explain love Shanghai related search and search the drop-down box principle, it can be learned from the so-called love brush Shanghai search drop-down box is going on? read more

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Analysis of why everybody and friends of the chain sorry tangled mind

why am I not to chain

solution: sincerity is a mutual friend chain exchange, or so, not sincere attitude I think anyone and you will not exchange links, do not always think are victims of their own, and then hold back in exchange, what will you what you want to do this? If so, what do the exchange

solution: to improve the strength of the site is the kingly way, as for themselves, their cattle, friends will be high level station.


always think there are better friends of the chain are waiting for their read more

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A ranking analysis rack keyword optimization

check the home page last time domain name, because he is new, so it can be concluded that he is very bold in the top three of the possibility is not big, so we start from the last, I found that eighth. Good here, we continue to get on the floor.


we can A5 in the article can be seen in the picture of his external links is 2390, so the chain for the new station is too much, the chain is not much, but in quality. But from our analysis to today, his chain from the two day unexpectedly fell so many foreign link, the chain dropped more than 1000. read more

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360 search officially renamed good search to enable the new domain name

tomorrow is January 6, 2015, you will witness another important moment in the history of the 360. 360 search will be officially launched an independent brand, good search (haosou贵族宝贝), the original domain name (so贵族宝贝) can continue to use.

this time we launched an independent search brand — good search, because after two years of effort, our search experience both in accuracy and richness, or on the security, has been rapid improvement. We in the search experience is not less than competitors, in some ways even stronger than the competition, in this case, our only weakness is the brand. But before the 360 search in the strict sense is a business name, rather than the brand name. read more

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The web page code optimization of Mahayana scriptures ten years of grinding sword dry cargo!

Html tag definition than Class to save the page code. Common label HTML has span, u, I, small, big, cite and so on, we can use the page, and then redefine the style in the Css file. For example: if you need three div to achieve the effect of I, span and P can reach three tags is very simple, no class and Div.

today, here to share many summary web page code optimization configurations. Why ten years of grinding sword? "Because I made more than 10 years, the station optimization also done for several years, it has accumulated the experience. Today, as a "Jones brother handsome flower", please connect the read more

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Website homepage layout around the user experience is the key

site navigation can be seen as the classification of the site content, the content of the website segment, convenient for users to choose according to their demand to browse the corresponding column page. Web page navigation to achieve a clear classification, do not repeat the navigation between columns. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love home navigation is very good, we can learn from you.

homepage layout theme, navigation and content also need to pay attention to the page size, net >

to understand a little Shanghai dragon people, Shanghai dragon first is to do the web page layout, because the home can bring great benefits and flow, the main keyword layout is accomplished through the home page. The front page of the site as the other page to guide the user to browse the website plays an extremely important role in the Shanghai dragon, how to reasonably carry out the layout of the home page of the website is the first step in the optimization scheme. Website optimization needs around a purpose, that is: the home page is used to guide users to read sub pages. So, page layout is the key, so how to layout homepage read more

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What kind of external links favored by search engines

external links to the length of the domain name of the search engine is particularly large, generally speaking, the longer the domain name, the domain name search engine more trust, on the contrary, just the domain name registration is not what advantage, not only to what degree of trust, the investigation is still in the opposite. Therefore, the webmaster should release in some domain over time on the site in the construction of the external links, such external links got more popular search engine. read more

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Two Shanghai dragon road of different life

1, the demand of Shanghai dragon is what type of Shanghai dragon

demand Shanghai dragon obviously is mainly through the analysis of the use of the product, combined with user behavior data, finishing the corresponding document requirements, and constantly optimize the product experience, improve the conversion ratio of users.


is clearly the current Internet has entered the DT era, the user behavior data acquisition easy big data under a microscope, the demand for data processing, to identify the user’s demands, meet the needs of users through technical means. Of course, the Internet information users or the core product experience and service quality. read more

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What are the factors which influence the Shanghai dragon ranked the most important

then the influence factors of Shanghai Longfeng ranking is the most important one of


1, link anchor text, this will make the search engine to trust you.

2, simple link almost without much significance, only as to attract spiders, but with the anchor text, will increase the amount of information and the credibility of this link.


1, your URL link is static

3, what is the position, especially if your keywords appear in the title, whether in the description, this is a very important part of read more

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n 2016, the latest web log analysis and collection tools


in the optimization of the web site, always staring at the station optimization and optimization of the chain, but the effect is not significant, we tend to ignore the analysis of another very important data, that is the analysis of site log.

2. open Jinhua webmaster tools

The number of new

1. love Shanghai Jinhua search webmaster tools, download and install.

4. log folder is the desktop, that is to say if you download the log in on the desktop, click on the button to log analysis, if not then click to select the file. PS: the button to select the directory is batch can log analysis, i.e. all log the same folder. read more

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Zhou Yahui leads Kunlun world wide two times pioneering work transition nternet platform type compa

wide investment provoke controversy

Line is a popular chat app in Japan and South Korea, and its listing is the largest IPO in science and technology this year. Although it has achieved great success in the local market, there are still risks to be vigilant.

, Li>

in Kunlun the proportion of revenue, the game is still in the core position, especially Mobile Games, therefore, formed by the Kunlun games and leisure Leica mutual entertainment business mobile gaming platform as the core, not only the implementation of quality strategy in agency, will also increase the proportion of independent research and development of game products. In order to further explore the international market, investment in Opera has become an important step; 100% holdings, the largest homosexual social networking site Grindr, is in the sub cultural layout. From this point of view, Zhou Yahui’s global investment is in line with the Kunlun world wide development strategy for the depth of layout. read more

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Today’s headlines for content distribution, why should share a galleryYou must know the capital nte

Li Kaifu and his innovation workshop. Although the Innovation workshop was established in 2009, Li Kaifu’s circle actually came from shlf1314. This is not only reflected in the founding of the founder of the workshop from shlf1314, and then cast many entrepreneurs, but also from shlf1314 and other well-known multinational companies. Li Kaifu is said to be an active member of shlf1314’s secretive organization, Ex-shlf1314r". The main investment direction of the Innovation workshop is the mobile Internet based on Android system, which is considered a shlf1314 complex. read more

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Li Dong when a month make love Shanghai second blog

external work continues, and the construction of the blog itself can not fall. Every evening I’m at around 9 for the blog to write an article, and it is not small, generally in more than 1200 words, of course, is completely original. So the inside and outside, about 10 days or so, my blog has been included in Shanghai love. After being included on the love of Shanghai, "

blog on the line, should be the first to do the basic work site optimization, generally including the page title, description settings (keywords, whether it can be) within the page keyword layout, < H1 > label use, breadcrumb navigation, as well as some irrelevant links to add the nofollow attribute. Site map plugin to the early set, where the template can delete useless. This is all the details of the problems, the mainstream blog program on these details do not perfect, we need to change yourself. At the same time as much as possible to add some blog content, let the blog look full point, of course, is their original content as far as possible. read more

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Listed company boss readme Why did choose not to do LPLinktech network marketing alliance comments


wrote several union comments, but found that the comment is not in place, the next time to write comments will give an alliance to two examples to illustrate how to match specific advertising and website to provide more favorable help for the majority of members. Please continue to pay attention to this blog,

how to pay for the main site is always most concerned about? Because the sweat finally earned 100 yuan, hit the bank account which is their own money, ha ha. Linktech full payment of one hundred yuan, every Monday, two may apply, but each month to allow the payment time, now is like this, such as the time of payment please to the official for change. Check out multiple pages of the league and find no evidence of cheating. If the alliance is sure you’ve cheated, it’s certain that you won’t pay for it. read more

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The correlation in website optimization is how to reflect the operation and analysis of misunderstan

second connection between. We are very familiar with the connection between, mainly reflected in two aspects of Web site inline >

as everyone knows, the website ranking correlation factors in ascension in the optimization process is one of the important factors, how will the correlation do fine, is one of the factors of each Shanghai dragon er must be considered, that correlation is reflected in many aspects, including inside and outside the station, how to effectively do the correlation analysis of the correlation between how factors? We each reflected Shanghai dragon ER in our website optimization process must be clear, the author is how to embody in website optimization relationship? Embodiment includes those aspects? I will do a simple share. The correlation is mainly reflected in the following aspects. read more

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The four plans for future development of the Shanghai Dragon

: I think now the Shanghai dragon has come of age. Due to the rapid development of the situation in Shanghai and Phoenix, thousands on thousands of webmaster attention, Shanghai dragon in this industry has been widely recognized, and shortly before the intervention to the institutions of the state have been in this industry, the first batch of Shanghai Longfeng certificate has been awarded out, what does this mean? That country to regulate the industry, it also illustrates the the development of this industry will continue the good. read more

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Shanghai love must not be let down repeated correction

H1 before the words "Taobao Liebo clothing, Liebo Taobao flagship store", in order to make the site more precise positioning and highlight the key words, a few days ago I changed to "Liebo clothing, Liebo flagship store, Liebo Taobao store". Many webmaster know to modify the site title will cause the site into the observation period and the snapshot, and the H1 tag is an important label behind title, thus modify the H1 tag should also be cautious.

three, the website chain explosion explosion read more

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The enterprise website optimization (Shanghai dragon) writing practical tutorial

Optimization of

The optimization of 2, the title of digital

title is a most important part of the article page, a good title is directly related to this article hits. The enterprise website title can resonate with the user needs to seize the psychological needs of colleagues also want to pay attention to the layout of the keywords in the writing process, and consider user search habits. Someone summed up the specific methods:

2, the middle of the article content optimization: the middle is in addition to other end outside of the paragraph referred to the (I invented). This work is not much, the title of the long tail keywords and long tail word appears more than 3 times on it (of course, the specific times to see the length of control, here in accordance with the 1K word article is). read more

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Site settings 301 redirect to what is the use of Shanghai dragon optimization

In addition to

had just started in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, still do not know what is the 301 redirect, know now, but I will use every website. First explain what is the 301 redirect, 301 redirect from this domain jump to another domain, such as admin5贵族宝贝 set up a 301 redirect to jump to the www.admin5贵族宝贝 domain name is automatically jump up, without manual operation,. Why do you want to set up a 301 redirect? What is the role of the 301 redirect? Here specifically about it @ read more

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Website ranking is not stable Look at the impact of website architecture on the website optimization

Effect of

a lot of people in Shanghai Longfeng doing the optimization process, can emphasize the static pages, they think this is more conducive to search engine grab web content. However, at present, Shanghai, such as noble baby love search engine can be included dynamic pages, so that >

What is the impact on the

2.DIV+CSS on the website optimization.

Effect of DIV+CSS on the

although many websites do not follow the W3C standards and also have a good ranking, as early as a few years ago, many sites do not follow the standard, but after verification, can ensure compliance with the W3C site of the standard style will not be different browsers change, makes the site visitors see "and designed entirely consistent. read more

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The rapid increase in the number of small external links

five, find some weight of the forum, these forums some special advertisement plate, in the external links you generally do not delete, such as I in connection with external links to the A5 exchange area are second hand, and never to delete.

in the forum account in the signature with a link to your site, how to grab the sofa, if allow links in the evaluation of above words can choose to leave a.

two, now some blog site supports synchronization, for example I burn nets, in the above registration in the article only need a verification after every day you write articles can be automatically synchronized to I burn nets, and external links to your site, can be said to be simple. read more

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Website weight down how to make it dead

In this paper,

A5 webmaster network "diagnosis book" do optimization, less than a month, the site began to return to normal, the website ranking back, also included a lot better than before, but also the latest snapshot, traffic has increased significantly, this let me tread on air. Originally thought that no hope website, because A5 webmaster pointing maze had come back from the dead. So, right down the website sometimes can hardly be avoided in their own circumstances, incapable of action, please master Zhidianmijin is a good method. read more

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Zhang Jianfei on the two level domain advantage

search engine is to look at the two level domain as an independent domain name, but a little weight will inherit the top-level domain. The two level domain name can be used in the substation, and other local special column division. Take the 58 city, each city is a two level domain name in the form of substation, for example: Chengdu city is 58 cd.58贵族宝贝, this has three advantages: first, user memory; second, second level domain name weight ratio sub directory, can enhance the website weight, so as to improve website ranking. Third, improve the user experience and user awareness. read more

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The Shanghai dragon operation technique of my own

four, css+dvi design. You must first meet the design standards, which can provide the greatest benefit to most users, to ensure that any website documents can effectively for a long time, simplify the code, reduce the cost of construction, make the site easier to use, more and more users can adapt to different network devices, when the browser version updates, or network interactive devices when a new to ensure that all applications can continue to execute correctly. Secondly, the DIV CSS name is very important, try to use the name English, all lowercase, between words and words with the symbol " -" (underlined) separately, if you use spaces or use " _" (underlined) phrase search engine on the individual will not be able to understand the separate file name. For example: header, the main navigation header: mainNav, breadCrumb: bread crumbs (i.e. page location navigation tips). read more

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