Month: August 2017

Water health care industry website optimization analysis

two, hospital website

three, drug business class website

love of Shanghai is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, that price is the main income, and to love Shanghai but the price of income from 1/4 in the healthcare industry, and medical industry annual output value of about 450 billion, about 350 billion of sales, and maintain a growth rate of around 17%. In recent years, with the aging aggravating, disease changes, sub-health population increasing, everything is just to let the public know a message: This is a huge industry. The water in this article was intended to write a medical website how to do Guan Jian word ranking optimization, can be written before that analysis of hospital website to analyze the status of the industry before the Guan Jian word will need to continue to optimize, analysis! The medical industry site can be divided into three categories, including health portal, hospital website and the drug business class website read more

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The site was K in disguise

site is K, although he was very anxious, but also did not lose the judgment, or according to the normal method of Web site to do a comprehensive inspection, trying to find the site is the cause of the K, first of all, I am from the site, the construction of the chain, for the two most fundamental job, I confidence is no problem, then, is the web site log analysis, understand the situation of the search engine spiders crawl the site to the frequency, once again, is usually done to check the site logging data, such as web site collected, rankings, the chain, dead links, Links, site traffic sources etc.. I was put in recent months on record again, but ultimately did not find what is abnormal. At last. read more

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Forwards Shanghai dragon Er station detail decides success or failure

3, website conversion processing.

for the webmaster, do stand most of the people is to transform, if not transformed, so your site will become meaningless. So, if there is a problem, you will directly affect the fundamental interests of the. For example, a message on the benefits of the site, if the message board suddenly appeared not a message, there is no transformation, no benefit.

2, website structure, code optimization. As for the structure of the site should be how to decorate the tree, for example, flat, physical structure and logical structure. The website structure should not only conform to the user experience, to help SE spider crawling, it is self-evident importance of the structure, but also determines the structure details of the deal is more complicated. The structure in code, with details of the same. The code should be streamlined, not redundant, especially like JS, frame framework for SE code layout. Take the basic HTML code, if you do not pay attention to, somewhere less or more than a pair of tags, so it is possible to cause the spider crawling obstacles to jump out of the site. There is the site of the signal-to-noise ratio, in general more than 30%. read more

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Check the chain chain tool new noble Shanghai dragon MOZ tools

below, there are 6 tabs.

: first open, enter the URL to love Shanghai:


second – Top Pags tab, which is a good tool for our website informed of their page weight. Through this tool we can see the weight of each page in the. If you find a page or we want to focus on the promotion of the product weight is low, the next job is to focus on the promotion. Here we analyze the ZAC station, you can see the page weight is the highest in the home, second is on the page. The page weight value and the chain number is displayed. read more

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Learn Shanghai Dragon technology can do what

I use >

Shanghai dragon is just a technology, just can make web pages in the search engine to get high ranking to obtain directional flow, the greatest value lies in, allowing customers to automatically through the screening of search engines to find the information you want, if you are supplier, can use the Shanghai Dragon technology making your website to get a large number of customers from the search engine, resulting in the transaction, this way is basically through the network platform, so the best way to Shanghai Dragon Technology for electronic commerce services, as a way of doing business online customer acquisition. For example, I am now in cooperation with friends by Shanghai Dragon technology to make money (I provide Shanghai Dragon technology so good, ranking from love inside the Shanghai site keywords have been set up in the directional flow is also called directional customers and friends to provide products, customer service by friends and family are doing, sales performance is basically stable, I every month receive product diversion flow channel website is the most important to get customers through the Shanghai dragon. PS: if you have a good product for Internet sales, you can contact me, help Shanghai Longfeng planning… read more

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Love Shanghai APP tone from the interpretation of SDK detailed design document standard

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched "love Shanghai APP transfer from SDK detailed design standard document" after discussions in the VIP forum WeChat group, the students raised a lot of questions, collecting on problems found after Dean APPLINK engineer consulting engineers said the standard document, technical staff is more suitable for reading, basically not ambiguity. Of course, in order to support the work of the college, but also very willing to do a reading for the love of Shanghai webmaster college users, more comprehensive content, we also recommend you read "APPLINK" tool to help document. read more

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From 110 to 1100 is how to make the new 3 days included thousands of


3, looks very troublesome, in fact, ultra-high efficiency, we used 5 days to prepare, 3 days, 10 edit together after 2 weeks of release, originally expected, love will be included in Shanghai, but in fact, the day included, 2 days out of 654, 3 days after the release of the more than 1100, the effect is very good.


content factories producing a large number of original articles

SEM is now more and more attention in the web site, today’s intense competition, it is also very necessary, so we focused on Web page layout unreasonable place is changed, the business pop-up time is also set reasonable, no endless play mad. read more

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A Shanghai dragon Er cry don’t attack the grass root in vain

please allow me to quote snowster a sentence: "others laugh at me too crazy, I know what I want!" (no wrong?)


today a forum to see Lu Songsong’s essay "Beijing Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, salary 12000, what are you doing?", as a bitter Shanghai dragon Er me, see the "Beijing Shanghai dragon", "salary 12000" the harsh words, certainly is unable to bear me the curiosity of the hand base point to go see. Please forgive me for a burst foul language: a gold watch last year bought a nose to see a tear. Not to say how to write the song brother moving, most post is the Shanghai dragon ER disclosed the monthly salary, see realized, the naive dream just a dream. Although often see experts said income data in Shanghai dragon, said to be 80% in the monthly income below 500, although the post is in the 1000 dynasties, but those who are to find people who work, they are all wages. But the Shanghai dragon failed to find a job? They Chuaizhe 200 dollars to go on his Shanghai dragon road, without the help of parents, they must be the feast or famine, the experts also said: a great number of people a year and profits can only buy space and domain name fee flat. read more

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Godaddy P can enhance the access speed independent space

this is the conclusion made by myself standing in the space that the experience of Godaddy. I have bought a number of domain names in the Godaddy space, most of the domain name is placed in an infinite space program host. Although the space access speed of GD with no domestic space than the GD space, but one of the biggest features, but also all the important reason for good GD space, it is the space of GD is relatively stable. Of course, in order to improve the speed of the site visit, at least for now, the reality is not, although Godaddy is said to be set in the Singapore data center, but is, therefore, the use of GD space webmaster actually can’t expect the response speed of the site with the domestic space ratio, but also not to say that there is no way, for example, in a good way is to acquire IP space. read more

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Decrypt the chain of blind spots in the Xicihutong

why do you say so, because Xicihutong t.asp? This file itself contains a jump, but relatively few design time. When users click on the link in the first, will jump to the alley alley, also calculated into Xicihutong flow, and then jump to the target site.

贵族宝贝 贵族宝贝hswkzy贵族宝贝/, so this is a total of two jump links.

we all know that Xicihutong website weight is very high, so we generally think of the link on the top, or leave the link, have a leading role on their website. This is the theory, but I published an article in the above, it was discovered that some small details like this. In order to avoid advertising to suspect, I will give you see: read more

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American drama tells the story of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur far from reality absurdUse single page

TV posters, the protagonists spoof photo of Jobs’s classic action Tencent technology plan

writing marketing copy; marketing copywriting should be detailed, comprehensive, including the main content of the product introduction, highlighting the advantages of products. Product prices should be prominent, low performance, high prices

single page Internet marketing category

Tencent technology Wang Xin reported April 22nd

actually registered by other companies?

single page Internet marketing advantage read more

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Cause analysis of website snapshot is updated and the solutions

C, website snapshot stop

a, website snapshot every day

website snapshot to the day and overnight snapshot snapshot normal. The snapshot is very difficult to do, is generally very high weight website have such advantages. Overnight snapshot is a kind of common, as long as your website content is updated, the quality is high, the site will be overnight snapshot. There is no update.

as I Shaoxing Shanghai dragon blog, snapshot each time the site are stopped for a week, do not know what the reason is, check did not check out. Each love Shanghai big update when it will give me a website snapshot, I think because my article quality is not high enough. read more

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Google algorithm adjusted the page title value became chicken ribs

also explain this sentence "we cannot change the manual for each website title or excerpts, but we have been committed to the enhancement of the correlation between them. >


if the Google administrator Center (this part Chinese simplified Chinese version, I have not read English version of that) on the changes in the search results website title and description of this part of the explanation is the so-called "noble baby began to ignore the title tag (title) which is set" on the basis of it, I think this blog is a little cross, or is the author misinterpreted the Google administrator center explain meaning. In the search results in the changes on the site title and description explanation (hereinafter referred to as interpretation) the first sentence was actually said "will also consider the" reference "content and network on this page, this sentence no problem? Has been in the calculation of search engine ranking algorithms are to comply with this approach the read more

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According to the analysis of the external links optimization keywords

the second link information format: site name + keywords. Just to name or website to "Taobao selling" as keywords as link information, to improve the keywords ranking is not particularly big help, only increase the chain. We should strengthen the relevance of Web sites and keywords, is the key to provide search engine ranking. I like the site called Tawang shopping navigation, I do link website name + keywords as link information.

do you know the importance of keywords, if your website has one or several high heat keywords, then IP will flow your site every day is quite objective. At the same time, included in the key external links for search engine rankings, but also plays a very important role. Increase external links is also one of Shanghai dragon core, external links refers to Links, forums, blogs, message boards and all can be suitable for promotion and the sum of left link address platform. Of course, the high quality of the Links value chain, is the largest form of the highest weight contribution. The experience according to their own website link, summarizes several methods for optimization of special chain of keywords: read more

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From AR’s new advertising can fire a time or a fireOne year’s business failure summary on angel inve

1. formal institution

AR advertising is a game spree,

AR advertising can start with creative thinking, fully liberating the participants’ senses and allowing participants to be free and happy

on the market

if you can not get the investment, then opened his own dry tighten their belts for the game practitioners, not investment, you can see the opportunity, don’t waste time, and quickly opened a dry, dry to the game shelves, assuming the right direction, somewhat exposed, some people will vote. read more

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Case analysis selling business website optimization Raiders

station optimization has two purposes, one is to let the search engines can better and more quickly browse our website, provide an essential basis for search engine rankings. The two is to improve the user experience, and improve the conversion rate, bring commercial benefits. After the simple understanding of the company’s website, I think the current station optimization are mainly in the following aspects:

1. web page title, keywords, description of the optimization.

/ >

2. in addition to the home page, each page of the title and keywords to write detailed, try read more

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Liu Qiangdong to go to college, only 500 yuan at home, have written programs to earn hundreds of tho

70, entrepreneurs are often a kind of romantic entrepreneurial aesthetics that can change their fate and even change the world through entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurship, their status is often tenacious perseverance,

3, 90 entrepreneurs are currently good hands, but there are still 10000 hours away from the success of;

2 and after 90 entrepreneurs is a driving force for the whole entrepreneurial environment and atmosphere;

as for the results on the 8.15 battlefield, Liu Qiangdong from Suning earnings deduction, Suning loss of 4-5 billion, while the Jingdong also lost more than 200 million a day. read more

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n the nternet age, open a shopThe four kinds of tools or help retail pharmacies to solve the nt

2- do,

3- purchase goods source.

every friend who wants to open an online shop meets this problem first. Take a look at Taobao, a variety of, almost all what you sell, you can see that everyone’s different ideas. Because each person has different resources, hobbies and different, it also determines the industry engaged in different, looking for a solid, reliable supply of goods is a prerequisite for good online shop.

in the arterial network already on the market Internet plus pharmacy project carried out a preliminary scan, and in accordance with the procurement, management, service, marketing dimensions are classified from the N open the fine description Internet plus pharmacy industry, find the outlet. read more

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ron kite teach you to do code, hang up, earn GGADDo you want to make money on the web

preliminary preparation: 1 find a CMS or blog site, provide the school network code, there is a few hundred data on it,

to multi open, and then you can open your GGAD from time to time to watch the dollar rise.

is the first you have the skills, can attract a large number of cheap traffic.

! ! ! If the

hang up can also make money? OK,

want to rely on advertising to make money, can be considered in three directions.

website theme more broad, more entertainment, the lower the price of advertising. Not only is the shlf1314 Adsense of the PPC auction, including a deal directly with advertisers. If your site traffic are some specific crowd hobby, 345.wdwd and consumption, advertisers are willing to pay a higher price. read more

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The first video received 190 yuan commissions are not easy.How to sell a virtual host to make money

my station is about 10000IP a day, the first video of the income of about 25 yuan, the number of display is about 3000 times, there are 2500 times, it is estimated that the amount of deduction. But idle is idle, hanging can earn some money. Like a small flow of sites can not, and if you 1000IP a day, I think you have 200 times on the good. Basically, the ratio of IP to display is 5:1, 20% proportion, making little money. However, this alliance is not a liar, the money should be beaten, or for you to play. My is 79703298, welcome to exchange. read more

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Live new regulations introduced platform qualification certification, news should first trialshlf131


two, refining content audit mechanism.

… I didn’t say why I stopped my account, and there was no letter in the junk mail folder of the mailbox. It was like a dumb person eating Coptis chinensis – – it’s hard to say,

shlf1314 Adsense, how many grassroots has been brought to the hope, with a dream. Now, personally, I think shlf1314 Adsense is no longer the dream cradle of China’s grassroots. Now the shlf1314 Adsense a month to not No. 20, in the title, the owners of hard-earned money obviously not cheating, cast to the wind, you say what the invalid clicks, for this letter for you, can you give it what?! we except in the depressed, but many friends said that writing can be restored and now it is one of the few, not by mail reply, you need to submit online, submit, only return to a auto reply, I want to do this, and sh419 mailbox is a kind, just to give you an automatic reply, there can be no people to see the letter, to see your question, nobody will give you a reply read more

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90 after the creation of the two generation of returnees aimed at relaxing functional drinks blue oc

what made them decide to be the first people to eat crabs,

, in the 3 months after graduation, in Miami, they locked themselves in the house and studied all the 20 relaxing drinks sold in the United States, looking for one of the most suitable drinks for asians. Finally, after one by one to try and record the feeling, scoring, they locked eyes on GABA. I dark horse note: GABA is a naturally occurring non protein in the nerve center of mammals

to a company interview, was asked to do homework. Take a look at the title: in my eyes, website promotion art.

read more

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T road of all-round talents and full-time talentsMy single page Taobao failed

weight loss drug list 2010 jianfeiyao2010

or that old saying, "imitate station" must not be the network of about, do not say yes is good, after all, you did not see his own so-called evidence. Now many people are using Taobao rankings off promotion, really like some people say "earned"? Only when their own personal experience, you have the right to speak, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, I always believe.

professional talents can be said to be started in recent years by the Internet enterprises, and wages are becoming more and more high, and a work will be very small, such as program development, will be divided into front-end development engineer, back-end database development engineer, development engineer, tester, it is unthinkable for the webmaster, these are only one person but also includes art. But now the division of labor is becoming increasingly thin, and even entrepreneurial small enterprises are also subdivided into recruitment, of course, limited access to venture capital entrepreneurial enterprises. read more

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The profitability of professional websitesFans interactive tool Audingo won $3 million Angel Foundat

Audingo has begun regional pilot projects that are now open to celebrities and organizations in the United states. For the angel fund, company CEO and founder Boukadakis said, "


, co founder and chairman of Audingo, Merritt

"Celebrities are very interested in Audingo’s services:

was in the middle of nowhere when a friend introduced him to the CHANet results advertising alliance. The results of CHANet network as an advertising supermarket, Chen Wei can pick their website in the numerous advertisement delivery, fortunately Chen Wei CHANet found that the network has a lot of achievements for their own advertising activities, such as 51JOB, SHJOB, 1010JOB, Joba, Chen Wei chose 51JOB as an attempt to put in advertisement. Unlike ordinary advertising, network advertising CHANet results are not to pay the Commission flow as a reference value, like 51JOB advertising, when users click on the ads in the graduate employment network and registered as a member in 51JOB, you can get a very considerable commission. "This billing form suits me very well. Because I choose the ad targeted, a day if 1000 people click advertising, at least 100 people may register, then the daily income can reach several thousand dollars. If you like other ads that click billing, a day not so good results". Obviously, this kind of advertisement requires the precision of the crowd, not the traffic. It is especially suitable for professional websites such as new students. read more

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Dialogue, Microsoft, Shen Xiangyang what are the current levels of A and what are the technical dif

this also overturns the saying "VC is short of money". A common view is that the capital is not short of money, but lacks the courage to invest, because they want to find companies that are truly core, not just pay for good stories.

is similar in foreign countries. According to the Silicon Valley law firm Fenwick& West released a report in January, 2016 by the United States Air investment to help the unicorn company only completed 31 financing transactions, compared with the number in 2015 62 dropped 50%, but the average value of the huge growth of 78% financing, from $239 million in 2015 rose to $425 million. read more

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What is it the Wangzhuan liar master pointing, novice attentionDo Wangzhuan is a veteran of a pulse


do Wangzhuan is to do more contacts to find ways to accumulate resources is the best way to

at the same time, the accumulation of human resources is more a good thing, you is very difficult to ensure that you are always in this industry to do the best, fastest and most timely information about the new year, often in a short period of time may do better than you good, you are better than many, then as his friend, you value the harvest will be reflected, you can get more fresh information from him. read more

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Optimize your shlf1314 Adsense adBusiness and ask how to improve the startup business idea

people say "seeing is believing."". Most webmasters are enthusiastic about tracking web visitors and checking revenue and click rates countless times a day. They like to see what they already have, but often ignore what they haven’t got yet.


finally, at any time be ready to kill, this is a very practical reality, when one day later put a knife to your neck, you have to surrender? X? Or before it will be the enemy army? You put a knife to the enemy general general as if the head? The army, the most important thing, not to win, but to let everyone can live to win, you have to remember that every one who died, they want to live for 20 years to grow to 20 years old, those people behind you find here, regardless of loyalty and not force than people have been killed to good to start, had better be broken and start to success may be able to rely on luck, but if one day luck success had not luck success, that is the hour has come. read more

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The truth of content Entrepreneurship the intellectual community is taking back their social wealthT

from this day on, intellectuals will take back more than 30 years of social wealth that has been taken away by the previous generation of Nouveau riche.

but all this is no longer important, because the truth behind this is:

just the day before yesterday, mind thinking organised a small tea party in Beijing, during which Luo Zhenyu, the founder, announced a little thing about the mind that had just come to mind:

for example, in ancient China, intellectuals wanted to make a fortune, and they rose in an ascending way: read more

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Jiezhuang O2O giants influx, new merchants how to break throughThe registration task Wangzhuan exper

classification fishing is to do meticulous marketing, classification of the audience after the classification of

One problem with

?For example, some of the studio

in addition to this the budding play concept to attract the attention of the home improvement O2O businesses, including Haier live network, real estate giant Vanke, E-House also in the O2O market has been eager for a fight, the home is not simply to a decoration company and decoration team materials can play very value. Industry giants as well as more Jiezhuang O2O merchants appear, so that previously decorated plots, cut into the field of home improvement, such as cattle and cattle decoration, some light operation businesses feel greater pressure. read more

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The experience and understanding of a SEO entrepreneurFrom a single large online ticketing market is

second is the size effect. In the retail industry, the scale effect barrier is that the larger your purchasing scale, the lower the cost. When you take aggressive pricing, you can squeeze your competitors and make it difficult to survive. The online ticketing market, the forerunner of the scale effect did not significantly reduce the cost of limited size, Jicai, and have stronger capital strength of the game player intrusion.

2 is a group of people with vision, fancy tilisoft Internet high growth and high rate of return, now many large large electricity supplier website can prove that it is clear there is such a group of people. read more

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Be not immune entrepreneurs fraud, an investment chiefs rushed after the lakeGuiding suggestions for

"do not have to say so tragic entrepreneurs, pit investors also have a lot of money, this is like marriage and divorce, the error is not on the one side, is that the system is still immature."

1. guidance on the operation of commodity trading model

!In the early days of

, a big investor in the investment circle who came back with money to start an investment institution, there were many entrepreneurs around him.


provides differentiated and personalized products, which is the best way for students’ entrepreneurs to fundamentally eliminate the competitive disadvantage of price. The biggest threat to the Internet economy is the copycat entry. The space barrier in the traditional economy has become an insurmountable obstacle to mimic a short time; but in the network economy, information transmission has no obstacles, only can prevent others into and maintain the competitiveness of the way is to provide differentiated and personalized products, the goods can not be imitated, or imitation of high cost. At the same time, because differentiated goods do not have comparable prices, it also eliminates the threat posed by the increased bargaining power of customers. For example, a student in the use of artistic expertise in the network shop selling their own hand-painted, different styles of hand-painted shoes. If shoes are sold only, they are at a disadvantage in price competition because of high purchase costs. And through personalized hand-painted shoes, greatly increase the value of the goods, which is the use of differentiated products success stories. read more

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Webmaster grievances suffered garbage collection of popcorn AllianceApp earnings four trends hardwar

1, "let me talk about what I do the most junk of several alliances: first, this popcorn, buckle amount is very serious, to pay for reasons, refused to pay.". Second is the eFriendsNet alliance, new registered account does not deduct the amount, a few days later, less than half the amount at once, but love titles, titles will pay for advertising. The third is the so-called mop League, major league titles, what do post default, available online. Fourth is the network alliance and their agents kuxun alliance, the alliance is estimated that the deduction amount, union collapse, the September Commission is not paid, originally a lot of customer service, are now gone, leaving a customer service now, attitude is not particularly bad, love to ignore, a telephone on site can not get through, the * * * financial called happy meters is missing." read more

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Talking about the things that Chinese entrepreneurs don’t know on the roadFree Wangzhuan can do for

just like my station, but also on their own to explore, and their own site, and now also have some scale.

there is a technical challenge in the city area, the Internet is always available, is also a very reliable, but in the two or three line of the city quality began to decline, not to mention those remote rural areas. So even if everyone can afford a computer, it is bound to be affected by the availability, reliability, and cost factors of the Internet access layer. Internet cafes are racing to provide better web experience, but mobile devices such as mobile phones have the potential to become more meaningful and dedicated when users surf the web. read more

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What does a new station stand forPersonal webmaster how to use the nternet to make money

site visits every day and earns

from 10 thousand IP start, every increase of 5000IP, the level of the site can be promoted, earn money every month can also raise 2000 yuan.

if you do not write the program, then it is necessary to adjust the procedures of the station. Note: no matter the station is your own writing, or other people’s own to change, the best program choice is the program clear thinking, no garbage code. According to the SEO code to write, so for your station will be very good, the big search will also favor you. read more

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Webmaster group lecture three group = customer exile speakerFrom Ali mom Title see advertising Unio

! ! The

I remember before ~ 03 years ago I prefer to go to a forum, is a small forum, there is no section of the above, and also 4~5, but this topic is quite popular,


why? ~ that is because which webmaster very know how to and we these just started to his BBS browsing of small netizen interaction


when you first met a client, you had to show 9 points of enthusiasm! Treat him as your own brother, see your brother, call him brother, don’t be mean, say a few words like that. Do you feel he ~ Hey this small talk will be very ~ ~ good grace I future after your site pull. Because he also treats you as a brother ~ ~ ~ support your brother say you are willing to do so ~ customer = brother   this concept is right, read more

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From female college students wrapped in towel bath to see the operation of the website

The other day I

music video network, will be wrapped into college students after the bath towel, canteen, making a list of news on the Internet, one more than a vulgar, vulgar, even a website editor with 750 articles from around in the girls.

she is not enough to pay attention to public places of interest, but our website editors think that he is not just a Big deal? Zero seconds of video, with 750 words, all the twigs clearly stated the ink section, we have to think this is done in speculation, a vulgar boring hype, hype, video playback rate in 8 digits, then the site of PV will not be less than this number, the website is make big money. read more

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Print out memoir what kind of experience did you work at Amazon 20 years ago

Abstract: in July 15, 1995, Bezos created an online bookstore, where his office was his garage. At that time, the website had almost no stock, and purchased books from the distributors according to the customer’s needs. The site’s first book is "fluid concepts and Creative Analogies: models of computer thinking mechanisms".

in 1994, Seattle, a "start-up fund", looked for talented developers through an online ad campaign to create a precedent for Internet business." Familiarity with web servers, websites and HTML language is better, but not necessary." Successful candidates will be "talented, motivated, enthusiastic and interesting colleagues."". Compensation includes meaningful equity". read more

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SNS can not wait for the opportunity to seize the peak

has been paying close attention to the development of SNS websites recently, and it’s a pleasure to talk with you about the development and trend of sns.

happy net everybody is not strange, when one mentions happy net, everybody can think of stealing turnip, grab parking space, good friend is bought and sold. Does this small application is to happy net made distinctions won in battle. These small applications capture a lot of Internet users’ psychological characteristics, so that Internet users into the evening to set an alarm clock to steal food, in one fell swoop to push the happy network to the peak of sns. read more

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From the actual effect, CN domain name included in the weight of Baidu

right now, Baidu is extremely cautious about.CN’s domain name.

for new sites of.CN submitted, if there is original content, GOOGLE will be included in the three day class. Simple reprint or no content of the site will still be included, but the time is generally slow. .CN domain name, whether or not the original content, Baidu included in the general fill in more than 15, there is no original content of the site was rejected a great chance.

has previously seen the site’s SEO article said, search engines for the blog included more friendly.. That should be last year’s blog, when Witkey is in vogue. Today’s search engines don’t have much cold on blogs, especially for.CN domains. read more

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8 years of nternet experience sharing, talking about website innovation and operation

do stop people know spend time on the network is not budget and imagination, I think has been on the Internet for 8 years, their site also do five years, play their own website also has four years of time, before the software school is WEB professional, but is in when I was a sophomore, because the poor at home to take advantage of the summer to doing odd jobs, when looking for a job at the factory, tired and hot, into the factory will know, a month down without the rest of the day, and every day, I would know how to work hard, but no way, the total money class, two months later, back to school, I cherish the time in school, because I don’t want to work so hard in the future, I must learn something. read more

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Analysis of personal medical website construction and experience

has been in the medical profession for some time, and has some understanding and experience in the construction of medical websites. In fact, with the application of Internet technology, the medical industry is also aware of the importance of the Internet, especially the private hospitals are more aware of the importance of the Internet, have to seize the market, and the competition is fierce, aroused waves like a bloody battle. The author puts forward his own experience according to his own experience. read more

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To grasp the edge advantage and differentiate competition is a shortcut to website operation

why is efficiency and speed the first step in the success of a webmaster? In website optimization, every moment someone tries to get ahead of you. Everyone is chasing his dream. Behind is inevitable, it is cruel to natural law. What is the essential difference between success and failure? Success is a more rapid grasp of market opportunities, and failure is a stepping stone to success. Website optimization, ranking is the same reason, emphasizing the execution of the cross can win in the fight edge. read more

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Buy hot navigation website want to share a cup of soup

when buy Group website "1000 regiment melee" the situation becomes more and more intense, group buys navigation website to also have smoke of gunpowder to diffuse. The day before, just on the line soon ah group group purchase website navigation group revealed that has been a round of angel financing, this is the second since the number of group purchase website favored by the capital, the first group purchase website navigation early investment.

According to incomplete statistics,

Internet consulting agencies, as of the end of July 2010, the number of Chinese group purchase website has been close to 1000, while the "group purchase navigation" has reached nearly 100. As the group purchase website information collection and integration, but also provide convenient and fast initial entrance navigation site for group purchase group purchase group purchase consumers, to rewrite the pattern of the market, affecting the whole industry chain at the same time, there are also problems, such as lack of supervision of mercenary. read more

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Luo Rong website promotion program

promotion program is based on their own website and formulate, say simply, is how to make your website more people know, let more people come to your website, to your own web site to register. Only in this way can you let people know about your product or enhance your company’s popularity. The next step is to analyze the promotion steps.

1, locate

site positioning is a direction for website promotion. You can know what kind of website you build for your site, and you can also do more to enrich your website according to this location. The first impression is that the site is very professional. read more

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Forum construction, user experience comes from a little detail

hot day holiday at home, nothing on the forum, I think each forum design, templates, as well as post restrictions, points, etc., are very similar. This is good, do not have to pay special attention to how to operate, you can look at the post, irrigation irrigation. However, there are a lot of problems, such as registration 28tui, go is the signature, click several times back to the original signature page; a webmaster forum, see things landing seven or eight times; the most controversial Wangzhuan forum, my day, each page has two or three screen advertising, green flower is very loud, and each post has such advertising, do not know how people will not be tired ah. There are also friends around the forum, I believe that as long as it is a bit of experience, the webmaster has more or less contact with the forum construction and forum procedures. Today I will discuss some views about the user experience of forum construction. read more

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Analysis of one year to achieve monthly income of 3000 yuan of information portal

is the first time I did not do the information website, at the end of 2007 when I made your first website —- Zhengzhou automobile forum, engage in a period of time, basically did not earn what money is mom, the promotion of Google Advertising, and later due to reasons for working off.

at the beginning of 2009, ANN could not live in the mood, or did a web site, Henan city network,

then work every day to night, crazy add information, tired but happy, less than a month’s time, my site was Baidu included more than 1400 pieces of information, even so, I still did not give up add information, and recruitment area agency within the province, soon Xinxiang city network Zhengzhou city network…… read more

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Every time a day collected by Baidu method

first, I was a rookie, but recently seen a lot of theory, at the beginning of the practice, at the same time I started pondering 5 independent blog recently, of course is to start selling products, before we know some network marketing, but there is no recent operation, ruthless determination but do poineering station.

when my website domain name for the record of a successful one after another, I immediately began to think of ways to let Baidu and search engine included, I have seen many methods, what to the weight of the high trust website to make the hair of the chain, seduce spider ah, to be honest, I also can seduce a woman, seduce spider I do not have much confidence, I will follow the way to master the door, wave Hing opened a blog to Baidu to open space, so my first website a few days later, I was in Baidu in my collection to add my site, the second days immediately included, of course I don’t know what I do get up, anyway, I think I’m doing these are certainly useful, the master began to arise spontaneously psychological worship, second of my website for the record, I just add a URL in Baidu I wishlists,. Fruit second days, Baidu immediately included, of course this time, GOOGLE and Sogou, YAHOO have no response. read more

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How do SEO novices look for SEO training institutions

SEO for beginners, SEO novice how to find the SEO training institutions, this problem has been plagued by many SEO beginners, as a novice SEO we should how to find credible or SEO training institutions more professional. Looking for SEO training need to pay attention to what things to look through what way? Next, we work together to talk about how to find the SEO SEO novice training institutions, we must follow the pace, don’t fall behind.

we want to learn SEO technology and don’t see any SEO training institutions, so we’ll sign up for or participate in the SEO training in this institute. We should recognize the genuine and fake SEO training institutions through our eyes. Don’t believe too much of any training institutions. No matter what kind of training organization, we will be disappointed when we go to the training. We will find that our training has been completed, and we expect to have too much difference, and after we have completed training, we still nothing, nothing. But the tuition fee is very expensive, and did not learn what, what to do, at present a lot of about SEO training institutions, as SEO beginners, how should we choose? This is a common phenomenon, not to say that the training institutions are not good, also is not to say about the contents of no, there are no training institutions, is our did not find it, we know that to learn SEO technology, through the two ways as follows. read more

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Group loan network CEO Tang Jun friends with Shi Yuzhu

lead: in 2009, to the present, before I know Shi Yuzhu, the company’s staff of less than 50 people, today our company has more than 620 people.

was born in 1987, the group loan network CEO Tang Jun, he founded the P2P website group loan network, this year will be on the new three board. At the age of 30 New Year Carnival Festival and entrepreneurial upstart entrepreneur 8th anniversary anniversary, he will share with you how to make friends with Shi Yuzhu.

[dry extract] Tang Jun:

after 85 entrepreneurs, some focus on the connections above, some focus on the products above, some focus on the search for VC and angel investors above, this is undergoing a process of each stage of the business people must. read more

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The awesome fact Taobao magical old farmers live video marketing

news process commonly used "facts" reported practices, refers to the reporter in carefully selected news reports after the fact, use news technology suitable treatment method (such as video, audio, etc.) is naturally a faithful record of the original news events, cause, process, results showed a kind of news reporting to the audience: this news report, news reports are cleverly hidden in the standpoint of his chosen reported incident, let the news news infection audience, so as to achieve the good effect of the news reports at the sound of silence "," speak with facts "news reports in the most favorable is a wild animal wildlife documentary. read more

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Students webmaster please don’t overestimate the webmaster Entrepreneurship

online impetuous atmosphere, the myth of the Internet upstart a few years ago, has now caused Internet entrepreneurs crazy, so there are so many students full-time webmaster, webmaster, I still want to say don’t overestimate Adsense venture.

now many people do web sites are holding the goal of "overnight wealth" into the industry, this idea is very impetuous at the beginning, the operation is not good, but counterproductive. Now online publicity what learn SEO, ten thousand month, I do not know who dare to play so that, SEO is a constantly changing, learning is also a SEO often learn new things, can be said to be SEO to learn without limit. read more

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Operational crisis and operational strategy of Witkey websites in China

so far, the Witkey members of the domestic Witkey websites have accumulated more than 40 million. Among them, all kinds of new Witkey websites have also come to be more and more, while Witkey’s mode has changed and innovation, but the mode of "paying a reward" is still the main mode of operation. In the current network services become more and more prosperous, the demand is more and more big, many large, medium and small enterprises have their own network outsourcing services to Witkey website. Among them, the large enterprises take a fancy to the broad private view of Witkey network, and the small and medium-sized ones are placed on the Witkey network with more choices and less inputs because of the limitation of human resources and their own operating costs. Because of the low threshold of Witkey participation, the conflicts between various labor relations and Witkey agents are becoming increasingly apparent, and there will be some operational crisis. read more

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Mobile phone anti vice should not affect the formal SP

from CCTV exposure to ministries linkage to operators and web portal commitment rectification, unprecedented anti behavior like that "four pests", is not the beginning of this year’s Internet pornography can be compared. According to a number of media reports, China’s "pornography anti pornography" office has said that the fight against mobile websites to disseminate pornographic information special action will continue until May next year. As of December this year, China’s public security departments have removed 1 million 250 thousand pornographic information on the Internet, closed pornographic websites and 6972 columns, and successively knocked out several large pornographic websites outside the union. read more

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To be a station is to be human

on the other to the atmosphere, and does not rigidly adhere to section is small and others very preoccupied with their own practical action to help others do some facts to help others to realize his dream of their own; to the atmosphere, treat their own kind of people. Do a good job, it is not difficult to do things, in any case, in fact, is the communication of people and people, do blog is even more so.

in August 31, 2005, our team, less than 10 people, was ambitious to push China’s blog network to the world. Our positioning has always been grassroots blog, we are from beginning to end, adhere to their own success and failure to share the experience of more webmaster friends, so that more people to cheer us. read more

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Personalized business little black dress today’s headlines, we can learn what operation experience

120 days sold 23000 little public number, because you care about, just started another algorithm headlines headlines today, and everyone is the Internet information market in the first half of today’s headlines, the Internet, we can from the black skirt, today’s headlines these successful cases to which the operation experience of


120 days sold 23000 little public number

this is a public number WeChat era of Telecom success case of a different kind of business, business ideas do little, the era of the operation tool "WeChat public number" with, you can find a profitable idea "multi echelon distribution", this is the introduction of success stories about the public, little black dress the. read more

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