Month: April 2017

Chinese fast food shop decoration skills

restaurant business is a lot of details, such as how to decorate the restaurant, the atmosphere? Whether it is Chinese fast food stores, or other types of restaurants, in its official shop early is the need to go through a certain decoration can be formally put into operation, but also different types of restaurants in its decoration style also is not the same. So for the Chinese fast food restaurant, it is in the early stages of the shop how to decorate it?

We also know that

, a type of Chinese fast food stores it also belongs to the food, so it is a kind of modern management mode, it is also because of this, decoration, shop and kitchen facilities for its restaurants, all need to show modern features, so as to meet the characteristics of fast food business. read more

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Wedding photography stores have great wealth of space – the whole

is now the development of photographic technology, so many people love the photographic record beautiful moments, driven by the development of this industry, many entrepreneurs choose to open their own wedding photography stores, with light fixed moments of life, the most beautiful memory storage, success in the beautiful moving in, create wealth There is nothing comparable to this. Space.

in quite a few people seem to shoot a wedding or at least to spend thousands of dollars, there are many tens of thousands of wedding, which means that the wedding photography stores in more profitable, so it is in fact, although the open stores have wedding photography high interest returns, but the fact is not imagined so profits, but pay more attention to provide photographic effect more satisfactory to the customer, in fact, shoot a thousand yuan wedding photo, need not to mention the cost a lot, there are a variety of staff salaries and other expenses, so that the wedding photography is the franchise fair fee, but because the year has a continuous customer shooting wedding photos, so that the profit is still quite good, this is also a lot of people choose to invest Wedding photography is an important reason for the franchise. read more

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Viewing tea good project – a of money to join

tea culture, has always been very business opportunities. China is a big country of tea, choose to join the tea business, is a very wise choice. How about tea? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join the viewing tea industry project, set up unlimited business opportunities!

look at the tea industry, make good money! Now many people are going to start their own business, but do not know what to do. According to the market survey, found that the tea market is very good. Consider this. In particular, the tea industry, the brand of tea, much praise. If you do not understand this, you can look at the following, and then seriously consider. Tea industry is good? read more

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2012 most promising green environmental Entrepreneurship Program

with the constant deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, continue to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the future of the society is bound to the development of green environmental protection to the progressive development of green society! 2012 what are the most potential green business projects? May wish to take a look at!

2012, the most promising green environmental protection project, environmental protection investment project,

knowledge required: graphic design, communication, media; read more

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Enterprise investment should pay attention to seven

enterprise investment is related to the interests of the whole group and the problem of capital turnover, so be careful, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the seven notes, we want to help.

1. are connected with the existing marketing system is the sales of any project must focus on the issue of investment, project success ultimately depends on whether the project can be expected to achieve sales revenue, and sales, is a key part of project investment. Due to the nature of the product, the marketing system is not the same, and establish a product characteristics consistent with the marketing system, often require a longer time and spend more manpower, material and financial resources, take the establishment of the marketing system is often difficult to estimate. In the project investment should consider whether the product marketing characteristics are consistent with or similar to the existing product marketing characteristics, pay attention to the connection with the existing marketing system. read more

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After 85 sushi sister business

"covered with a layer of Steamed Rice laver, and put on the cucumber, radish and other dishes, sprinkle with dried meat floss, salad, and then rolled into a tube, and then cut into sections." You must be very familiar with this is the most popular snack – Japanese sushi. Two in, in the center of Jiangyin, Shen Na was born in 1986, opened a "fresh directory of Japanese fast food restaurants," more than two years of operation, business has been booming.

for hotel work to accumulate their experience read more

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Langfang’s life at the last minute to ensure the safety of passengers

sudden illness is inevitable, if you are sick, you can not take into account the safety of others? In Hebei, Langfang, the story of the heroic rescue of the good man spread throughout the streets, to bring more people to understand, it is worth millions of people optimistic about the Langfang city health emergency center received a call for help. A man claiming to be a taxi passengers, his taxi traveling to the city road and the Milky Way Yonghua road junction, the driver of sudden illness syncope. He was moved by the driver in front of syncope by the last conscious awareness, help stabilize the steering wheel, the car stopped at the roadside. read more

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How – dessert shop shopping center development trend

2016 Wang Jianlin can be described as a fierce fire on the , the 2016 new words in the there is always the king of the sentence: first set a small goal, for example, to earn his first one hundred million. Wang Jianlin is known to most of us because of his Wanda shopping center in our side opened one after another, each one is very hot. Of course, to find a place in the shopping center shops, but also to make money. Dessert shop in recent years the development of shopping centers is very good. So what is the future development trend of dessert shopping center? read more

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Love to talk to customers how to deal with the whole

each person’s personality is different, in many ways will have different performance. Among them, the shopping market will naturally have a very big difference in performance. So, the customer into the shop without a word, how can both close to the customer, and can communicate with the customer and not to the customer pressure?

reception, do not say that

in accordance with the management of terminal stores, customers in the door, the guide should immediately receive. However, in general, the shopping guide in the reception of customers, often said, "welcome, what do you need?" "This is the * * area, I would like to ask you what to buy the price of the product?" "You have a look at our products, is now being discounted promotions"…… read more

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How much money to join the roaming coffee shop

coffee shop choice, the best choice for small business. For an investor, choose a good business to join the project, is a very wise choice. Shop how much money? Quality coffee, first class quality.

With the development of society, people began to pursue personality, fashion, and now more and more projects continue to join us in the eyes of the

. And there are a lot of friends who do not want to want to start the status quo, in this fast-paced era, what to join the project to make money?.

small why recommend travel coffee? Roaming coffee shop as a leisure drink industry pride, pay close attention to seize the gaps in the market lead to more investors, roaming in the coffee shop coffee is a popular drink, not only the abundance of young people who love coffee, but also the product of choice for many consumers for broad it is important, there are many elderly people also love roaming the coffee shop, so join roaming coffee is a good choice. read more

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Beauty and quality of life to create good lighting agent

in our hearts, home is a warm harbor. Every need to have a warm, complete family. Since the existence of home is so important to us. We are also very important to the quality of the family environment. Beauty lighting? The best home decor! Small entrepreneurial choice to join the United States and Canada lighting project, is the right choice!

venture capital how much money is a big problem, more investment, fear of losing money to lose more; less investment, money is relatively slow. Many people will ask how much money to join the lamp, the United States and Canada, the United States and the United States really do not have much money to be able to join the lights. The headquarters of a one-stop service for you to remove all worries, what are you waiting for? read more

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Bovine Aike steak joined delicacy earned stop – business opportunities

steak delicious, has been a very good business opportunities, with strength. How Aike beef steak? Was it good? Of course, is a very good choice, good taste. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the cattle Aike steak project, an open their own Niu Aike steak stores, the shop is made!

cattle Aike steak brought together day, geography and people. With the development of social economy in twenty-first Century, the improvement of people’s living standard and the change of consumption concept, consumers pay more attention to the nutrition of food. Aike beef steak, healthy and tasty choice for read more

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How much more water bridge join fee is a

food to join the brand countless, but like rice snacks such as joining the project, it is very suitable for small business franchisees choose. So, small business is to choose to join the cloud more rice noodle? An open their own cloud the bridge noodle stores, the shop is made!

noodle shop how much to open? You need to do is to choose a good brand, the more water bridge noodle is very good. Its cost is relatively low, many people are acceptable. The water bridge noodle change the traditional production process, is ready to eat, taste authentic, business is very prosperous, considerable profit in the market, has attracted many investors attention and recognition. read more

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The choice of business which good Huainan beef broth to join what the whole

traditional cuisine, always very attractive to consumers, but also very deeply loved by consumers. So, the venture to choose to join the traditional food technology, is a very wise choice. Huainan beef soup? High quality food, is the best choice for our business worries!

Huainan beef broth to why so popular? Because the brand offers beef broth product is carey cooking and the product contains dozens of tonic herbs and spices, and their ratio is through traditional technology processing, and then carey brewed, make it taste more delicious the taste is more refreshing. read more

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The hand grasping the bakery what conditions need to have

hand cake you must have eaten it! It is a god of food snacks, hand – made cake is simple, unique taste, everyone loves, but also to do their own. Grab a pie in Taiwan or in the country, as long as the hand cake takeout window, all queues of people waiting to make baked, grasping cake Melaleuca hundred fold, thin as paper, by hand, the outer surface of the wire in the inner golden crisp, soft and white, a flavor nostrils, favored by the vast number of consumers. Investors will also be looking to join hands to grab the cake on the project, but how to join hands to grab the cake has become a problem plaguing everyone. read more

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Father Beldo – what dessert join

for catering investors, the most troublesome problem is in the beginning do not know what brand is better, do not know what kind of project is more suitable for their own, naturally do not know what project more money. In order to help you, Xiao Bian but a lot of effort, and finally to find a very suitable for the brand, that is, Beldo dad dessert. It’s not much, but can make a lot of money, is a very worthy of joining the brand.

bread Papa dessert join what? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to do a brief introduction: read more

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Dalian port is facing upgrade

Dalian as a coastal city, the port has become an important transportation hub, providing high-quality resources for Dalian, led the development of Dalian. In 2016, Dalian Port cargo throughput reached 4.37 tons, becoming the container, petroleum, food, minerals, commodity vehicles, passenger and freight transport of the important international hub port.


13th Five-Year" period, the task of upgrading Dalian port transformation mainly include nine aspects:

in the field of freight transport, focusing on the container, cold chain, car and other professional logistics business, improve the level of port transport services. Expand the port’s bonded, circulation processing, trade and other service functions. read more

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The restaurant to increase repeat

the number of repeat customers, which will directly affect the development of a store business. So, if you want to run a hot shop, naturally also need to create more repeat customers shop. So, how to add back to the restaurant? Let Xiaobian to introduce some tips for you.

, a good "repeat" to "treat the head back to the guest".

consumers in restaurants, both may be the "first off, there may be a repeat". To occupy the market, to attract the first guest ";" repeat "is to" first started, there is no "guest" and guest ", it is not" repeat "; but" and not be "off" repeat". read more

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Hebei Shijiazhuang held a number of talent recruitment

a year later, the major college graduates have entered the state of looking for a job, which is for college graduates in Hebei, Shijiazhuang, the same is true. Many graduates have flocked to the talent market. 2017 graduate employment market in Hebei will be held on the 9 day (in the 12th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, thirteen) in the South Campus of Shijiazhuang University (Shijiazhuang high tech Zone, Mount Everest Avenue, No. 288) to hold. The graduates talent set will be set up 2300 booths, providing more than 4 jobs, is expected to participate in job seekers graduates 100 thousand passengers. read more

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What is cloud taste Museum franchise

Yunnan is not only the charm of our city, but also a food capital. Here is a delicious Yunnan bridge noodle. The cloud is the famous museum of Yunnan bridge across the street.

cloud flavor Pavilion can join it?

cloud taste pavilion bridge rice noodle shop in Shenzhen settled, cloud flavor Museum also naturally formed in Shenzhen as the center and then outward expansion pattern. Now the cloud taste Museum has more than and 50 stores, is expected in 2017 on the stronghold of Shenzhen can reach 100 stores in the cloud! Taste museum founder Chi Huantao (brother noodle brand expanding Empire), he said that the future plan is to Shenzhen as a breaking point, the Pearl River Delta expansion at the same time, also will enter Beijing, Shanghai etc. metropolises, hope to open 1000 stores in 5 years! We wait and see read more

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Yunnan to introduce high-level talents

a city to enhance their competitive strength, to accelerate the development of city economy, vigorously support cannot do without talents, institutional obstacles to get rid of the shackles of Yunnan talent development, development management and service "more flexible and efficient Easy Access, clear principles of high-level talents, the scope and conditions of direct hire and procedures, to achieve a" no seniority, not only the title of "the introduction of high-level personnel, high level personnel establish the personnel relationship and establish a new channel for employment policy, convenient and efficient. read more

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A street vendor selling hats also need characteristic


said "feature" has now become the business community are stressed in the whole thing, however, many people tend to understand some of the big business, small vendors are easily overlooked. As a matter of fact, even if it is a stall to do business, because of the fierce competition, if you want a good business, also need to have characteristics.

Wang is Hatting Factory tailor, at the farmers market to rent a booth selling hats. Wang worked for more than and 20 years in this line, style, color, fabric, size, can say price quotes are a closely reasoned and well argued, know pretty close. read more

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A retail store is the key to find a location

in our minds, if you want to open a good shop, the factors involved are very much, in the end what is more important, people simply can not distinguish between. Xiaobian here stressed that good to open retail stores, but the key to find a location. For retail stores, almost all of the success or failure are from the choice of location.

in the customer advocate the facilitation of the times, "wine is not afraid of deep alley" business philosophy is already far cannot adapt to the development of the times, of course, the shops in prime position for the rent will be greatly improved, but as long as the operations properly, the payoff is very considerable. To find a location, I think the open terrain is preferred. The site should be avoided in the back alley where the traffic is inconvenient, because it is easy to cause traffic jams. So, to choose a good location. read more

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Shop management knowledge

shop business is not an easy task, there is too much knowledge we need to learn, if you want to own a retail business to do, but also need to continue learning, so that they can master more shops operating skills. In short, the store business knowledge, is a continuous learning process, but also need a lot of operators.

these days and a family friend on the subject of retail management experience, friends act in a diametrically opposite way business methods aroused my thinking, the friend said, he has been in the management process, the board face, indifferent to the customer, he said, be neither hot nor cold, if you tell him the enthusiasm, he thought you are the stuff of smuggled goods, cheat him like money, business is an onion, with his love to buy. His business is better than yours. read more

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Central sunshine levy to benefit more people

this year to sunshine levy, according to the principle of expropriation of state-owned land for housing levy, so that the city area involved in the area of a large number of households have been a lot of benefits. It is reported that people in the area recognized and actively cooperate, this year the City District Shen Zhai area transformation, two strokes road duantoulu up other projects within the scope of state-owned land on the housing levy work carried out smoothly, as of now, the region has completed 668 thousand square meters, complete the objectives and tasks of 106%.
this area housing levy target of 627 thousand and 900 square meters, of which residential building, Nanchuan road primary school renovation project, levied on households 20 (sets), collection of about 1180 square meters, the current collection work has been completed; perfume springs restoration project site, the collection scope of East West Economic Commission and members of their families, families of the textile department No. 1 North to 71 South Road, perfume springs wall, the housing levy of 12 thousand and 300 square meters, has 12 thousand and 100 square meters of housing levy two; Zhao Lu duantoulu up project, North Riverside Road, South Road 71, the total length of 591 meters, 4420 square metres of housing levy range, now the housing levy 3190 square m, rest under negotiation; Beijing Tibet national highway (city section) for new projects, involving the south mountain area of unitary construction influence 96 villagers resettlement work, has completed the signing of face Area of 194 thousand and 500 square meters; Shen Zhai area renovation area east Nanchuan River, South Xiangtang village, West to the Western Hills, north to Fu Lu Xiang, the housing levy of 450 thousand square meters, has been completed. It is reported that
  read more

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CPPCC National Committee members around the report on the development of

over the past few days, attended the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the three meeting, continue to discuss the government work report and plan, budget report.
in discussing the plan and budget report, the committee members thought that the plan and budget report a comprehensive summary of the completion of 2014, rich in content, informative data, results facts, the problem to find a prospective budget on 2015; and every object, clear thinking, moderate regulation powerful, highlights the distinctive reform orientation.

read more

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Huangyuan became the new income farmers planted in Greenhouse in winter magic

a quarter of the production to multi season production, a quarter of the income increase to the four seasons. Huangyuan County, the greenhouse planting has become a new "magic weapon" in increasing farmers’ income, accelerating the pace of farmers to get rich.

shujiu winter, cold winter slack, greenhouse in Huangyuan Shen Xiang Yao Zhuang Cun, vegetable growers in the history of the star is green and thick, vibrant. In order to ensure the better growth of vegetables in winter, so that people eat fresh vegetables, star Gago, thickening of the greenhouse wall, but also put the heat preservation quilt and reflective film. From the current growth point of view, where the vegetables are expected to be listed before the Spring Festival, is expected to reach 30000 yuan per shed income. read more

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Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of cooperation in Qinghai Province jointly held a joint m

9 8, 2009, the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of Finance in Xining province held a joint meeting of the Ministry of deepening cooperation in Qinghai Province, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary of the important speech to inspect the spirit of Qinghai, the study discussed the deepening of cooperation between the Ministry of. Minister of civil affairs Li Liguo attended and spoke, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over and spoke, governor Hao Peng speech, vice governor Kuang Yong report on the work of the province’s civil affairs. read more

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Five no food regulatory focus

From the beginning of June 15th, launched 2015 circulation consumption of agricultural and pastoral areas of food safety supervision and special rectification work in our province, in the markets, the fresh food workshops and food stalls, a small grocery store as the key places in flour products, spices, pickled products such as people’s daily consumption of staple food, "spicy" children instant food and yogurt, Chinese wolfberry, yellow mushroom and other local folk food as the key focus on food, no manufacturer, no production date, shelf life, no food production license, no food label "five no" food, and the sale of counterfeit infringement, expired bad, no legitimate source of problems such as food rectification work.

the provincial food and Drug Administration jointly with the provincial food safety office issued the relevant implementation plan, and Industrial and Commercial Bureau formulation, the deployment of the rectification work. Among them, from the pre packaged food, bulk food, nude food market operators and other aspects of environmental health establishments, focusing on Regulating Agricultural and pastoral areas of circulation and consumption sectors of food operators and small industry operators, food raw materials, food additives and food related products purchase inspection records, certificate and invoice, additive publicity system etc.. Strictly to the food market in agricultural and pastoral areas of the main access, thorough investigation of agricultural and pastoral areas of food business license conditions, strict supervision of food business operators to fulfill the statutory responsibilities and obligations, supervision of food operators to establish self inspection system, improvement of agricultural and pastoral areas of schools and the surrounding food business, carried out the attack on counterfeit food illegal campaigns, to carry out day-to-day supervision of food safety in agricultural and pastoral areas and the special rectification work.   read more

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Rural Affairs will be on the nternet

In order to further strengthen the construction of rural clean government, improve the democratic management of village affairs, democratic decision-making and democratic supervision in the overall level, effectively solve the rural "three service" is not completely open and democratic supervision is not in place to maintain the interests of the masses and other issues, in July 18th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, agriculture and animal husbandry, finance, civil affairs, development and reform departments jointly issued the "Xining city" sunshine agriculture websit "construction work plan", decided by the end of October in the city’s 8 districts and counties (including economic development zone), 160 agricultural units, 57 towns (Agriculture Office) and 931 administrative villages built city, county, township and village four sun Nonglian net and sun Nonglian regulatory agencies. read more

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North for the people to promote the creation of a strong Huimin

In order to improve the overall level of civilization of the city, do a good job in the city to meet the inspection work. April 10th, the city government held a meeting to create a national civilized city to promote the general assembly, in order to create for the people, to create Huimin as a starting point, a strong increase in public participation, support rate, satisfaction rate.

Seongbuk to boost the moral lecture education practice, carry out into the community, enterprises, schools and other activities, the region’s 88 total more than 400 classes of moral lecture, efforts to increase public awareness of the work of a city.
read more

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Care for migrant workers dispatched workers to send health activities start ceremony

In July 23rd 2013, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, labor dispatch workers caring for migrant workers to send health activity launching ceremony was held in Qinghai jinzuo Concrete Co. ltd.. The provincial Party committee, chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, Su Ning, deputy secretary general, provincial Party committee vice chairman Lang Guoqing, Datong County, Xining City Federation of trade unions responsible person attended the ceremony, and to the migrant workers representative issued medical card. Fu Dongming, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions presided over the launching ceremony. read more

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43 departments jointly signed a memorandum of cooperation and coordination of the joint venture in Q

Led by the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, the provincial civilization office and other 43 departments jointly signed the "credit enterprise of Qinghai Province supervision and coordination of Joint Disciplinary cooperation memorandum" (hereinafter referred to as the "memorandum"), recently issued and implemented.

signed "memorandum" is an important measure to implement the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the deployment of the specific means, is to accelerate the construction of social credit system, the establishment of one of the major achievements and improve inter departmental joint dishonesty disciplinary mechanism, but also in decentralization, promoting the reform of commercial system, relax market access conditions, to promote public entrepreneurship peoples, under the background of constructing the new innovation, market supervision system in good faith as the core, strengthen supervision, maintain a beneficial attempt and system innovation of fair market competition order.

"memorandum" mainly includes five aspects: one is to determine the scope of the Joint Disciplinary Supervision and coordination. The object of joint discipline is violates the market competition rules and the principle of honesty and credit, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, selling fake goods, not to fulfill the obligations of information disclosure and other illegal activities, all levels of business administration and management, market supervision and management department (hereinafter referred to as the "industrial and commercial departments) revoked the business license, business exception list or included in the list of serious violations of corporate dishonesty and, in the corporate credit information publicity system to the public enterprise and its legal representative, and the enterprise legal person in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the enterprise responsible for serious violations and free shareholders and other relevant personnel (hereinafter referred to as the" parties "). The two is the market access and qualifications of the parties have been limited. Industry and commerce departments in the field of production safety, travel agencies, such as the 12 areas of restrictions and restrictions made clear. Three is to clear the coordination of various departments of the regulatory measures. All departments and industry and commerce departments to share regulatory information and data to achieve collaborative supervision. Put forward the industrial and commercial departments shall order the parties to deal with the change, cancellation of registration or revocation of business license three measures. The four is to clear the Joint Disciplinary measures. Eighteen measures are put forward, such as restricting the Internet information service, restricting the financing credit, limiting the high consumption behavior. Five is clearly the implementation of collaborative supervision and Joint Disciplinary approach.

the "memorandum" list of departments should through the Qinghai province enterprise credit information publicity system, the Qinghai public credit information sharing platform for the exchange or transmission line exchange of data and information sharing.   read more

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National fire safety education demonstration school, Xining four schools on the list

In March 27th, a reporter from the Xining city fire brigade was informed that, recently, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of education in 2012 named "demonstration school" the national fire safety education, Xining City, 54 primary school, Xining City Nanshan Road Primary School, Xining City, Xining City, Huangzhong first kindergarten occupation technical school for 2012 "national demonstration school fire safety education." Three years, Xining City, a total of 7 schools were named "national fire safety education demonstration school". (author: Zhang Yun Huang Kaisen) read more

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Henan Province, on the control of the proposed strict requirements

The reporter learned that, in the spring of March 1st on the eve of the school, the provincial education department will do a good job in spring entrance education, "kongchuo Bao Xue", campus love action for the full deployment requirements across the province to seriously implement various schools.

"kongchuo Bao Xue": the requirements of the provincial education department is a local education administrative departments to strictly implement the office of the provincial government "on Further Strengthening the" kongchuo Bao Xue "efforts to comprehensively improve the level of compulsory education notice" spirit. Organize students to report to work, focus on strengthening the compulsory education school students especially middle school students in the school report and statistics "kongchuo Bao Xue", for failure to timely report to school students, school teachers, timely communication, home visits, urge the students back to school time. The two is to seriously implement the "opinions" of Qinghai Provincial Department of Education under the new situation on the floating population Suiqian children receive compulsory education, good children, school-age population left-behind children, disabled children to school work, timely understand the local flow, left-behind children whereabouts, urging parents to student related transaction procedures, strengthen the student management, to ensure that children, compulsory education schools, the floating population left-behind children disabled children all back to school on time. Three is to do a good job in the management of electronic school. In strict accordance with the provisions of the transfer, roll out, drop out and other student turnover in the electronic enrollment system update and registration, strengthen dynamic management, strict prevention and control of the loss of students dropping out of school. To strengthen the education of students: the Provincial Department of education requires the education administrative departments of the first part is to grasp the students’ daily behavior education. Two is to do a good job in safety education. Deepen the Spring campus love action: Provincial Department of education requires all schools to be based on the 2015 Spring campus love action on the 13 kinds of students problems in further investigation and psychological, personality, life, academic, moral, staff help students focus on education and focus on education management for dynamic investigation, establish ledger a clear responsibility to implement the "one to one" assistance measures, strengthen the education and guidance and management, to help them solve practical problems, promote the all-round development of students. read more

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Crop names around Xining

Place names are not only symbols of other people, things and objects, but also have rich cultural connotations.

now the city people know in rural planting crops that many people, but know that every piece of crops and the name of the person is really not much. In fact, every crop has its own name. The name of each crop is often a place where the natural environment, social customs records and reflection. There are several main characteristics of these crops in all kinds of names: one is named according to the landform, such as flat top, steep corner, Gua Ling, Ling Wan, on the beach, the beach, bay, bay, after the collapse of the collapse in Deep Bay, Deep Bay, generous, small and large angle, GA sharp, sunny and shady slope, Dong Po, west slope, ridge, ridge, in mouth, mouth to evil ways, etc.. The two is named according to the land owner name, such as Zhang, Wang, Li earth earth earth earth, Chen Jialing, Zhao Jia Ping, Luo Jia Po, iron, white Taiwan, Majiagou, zhaojiawan, Yang house, Liu Jiafen mouth, Xie Jia Fen wan. The three is to farm tools such as name, Dalian, cut knife, sickle Bay, dustpan palm, Luo Er Taiwan, Maanqiao, Luzhou, dung tank ditch, accountant etc.. The four is to name such as birds and animals, lion head, tiger Taiwan, camel Bay, wolf, wolf, wolf tongue tail call, Wildfox ridge, Wildfox beam, dog and sheep sheep foot slope belly, Pakistan, sheep, pig ears, Ling Shuanmazhuang, Niujuan Taiwan, rabbit, rabbit, Po Wan Yan, chicken coop, squirrel neck Bay, slope, mountain, ant head long tail, double tail etc.. The five is to the surrounding environment such as: the town name, lumps, head, head, the real reservoir fountain head, under the field, OBO Liang, temple behind, Fen Wan, Dong Wu gully, Yatou, yellow Bay, leek thorn ditch, Ma Liantan, gray, wheatgrass, Ling Xi Ji Tan, Xuan hemp, cat thorn slope.

crops names, is handed down so far. Some of the names of the crops that have been handed down today contain a simple story or a small story about the history of the local culture. Such as "wolf call" the legend, away from the village, past the wolves often appear and disappear without regularity in the wolf, after dark side call stop. Cattle circle, it is said to be a long time ago, is the place where people live and cattle. Where the name of the crop names, generally refers to the original owner of the original land industry, or the name of the people who live here at least after planting the crops. "Pimple" in the summer and autumn season, farmers are most afraid of the natural disaster is hail (commonly known as: rain bombs). In the wake of the hail, the crops will be ripe to see all or part of the light. Helpless, the farmers in the old society, please Mr. Yin and Yang, located in the clouds rain mountain and easy to lead to bad roads, digging a garden pit, buried a millstone (meaning the rotation of "heaven and earth") and twelve gold, wood stake, bats, a head, Sha Yaner and snake etc.. It is said that this can make (to) gas pressure brake, hail cloud drive.

for generations in farming is the farming industry, with farmers, has special value of land. The rural old people often say: the land is the lifeblood, is the origin of all things. Crop names are particularly important for farmers, planning a year of farming, all; read more

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Forestry Bureau of Xining city chuangxianzhengyou for urban greening construction pioneer

Xining City Forestry Bureau of Party organizations at all levels closely around the "eternal loyal character, striving to urban greening construction pioneer" of the carrier, firmly grasp the "four combination", will chuangxianzhengyou activities throughout the work, with the effectiveness of urban greening construction inspection chuangxianzhengyou achievements.

is the carrier of innovation, highlighting the characteristics of practice. Xining people’s Park, Nanshan Park, zoo, South nursery window unit Party branch through the development of culture and Art Festival, tourism.the Ice Festival, local folk art performances, popular science propaganda month, autumn chrysanthemum exhibition, art competitions and other activities to promote the combination of potted landscape culture construction. Bridge Nursery, Beishan Forest, forest and other branch to carry out the quality, efficiency, first-class "skills competition activities, improve the quality of afforestation. City forestry station, Forest Public Security Bureau and other party branches to carry out five to five dispute and the theme of the practice of the "one of three", boost innovation. In the unit self-assessment, mutual recommendation, to observe the scene appraisal way, choose the tree people’s Park Zoo entertainment group, the pneumatic tube department, the Ministry of science and technology, South nursery plant protection station of Yushu disaster timber quarantine Gang, Huangshui forest farm forestry afforestation demonstration group and other 5 positions, in recognition of Cai Yinghao and other 3 outstanding outstanding Party members, from the green nursery, planting, animal breeding, nutrition forestry pest control, forest resources protection, people’s park service window and focus on the job training of 8 Party members as the object of study. Party members of the Party leadership team depth 6 point units, guidance to help grassroots units to clarify ideas, innovative ways, set a good measure, comment on the outstanding problems of grassroots party organizations. At present, the 27 party members of the public commitment to the public, and do good things for the masses and the community, the real thing of the 31. read more

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Eat crab spirit to stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of the city

It is understood that for entrepreneurship Diyitongjin for more entrepreneurs, I, in the introduction of the policy of small loans, and a bold innovation, jointly boost the joint enterprise of love Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs loan guarantees. Have the ability and love of large enterprises, to provide cash or assets secured by Small and micro businesses, help entrepreneurs to apply for small loans, Small and micro businesses to get bank loans, thus breaking the previous entrepreneurs to apply for small loans without the ability to provide anti bottleneck guarantee, so that more has just started, economic ability is weak entrepreneurs no longer because of the lack of funds and missed business opportunities, at the same time loving enterprises will also Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs to provide strong intellectual support and experience.

the innovative initiatives, in late March this year, has made Qinghai Environmental Energy Industry Co. Ltd., Jieshen Green Food Group Co. Ltd., Haining Datong Jiaxing modern agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Qinghai Hefeng agricultural economic and Technical Cooperation Co., 4 enterprises of love, provide a counter guarantee for 25 Small and micro businesses, let they successfully get bank loans. Now this activity, not only get more and more love business support, join, let the city be able to stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality, for Xining city to build entrepreneurial city to optimize the business environment, to create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship.   read more

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Determine the planned investment of 3 million yuan will be restored as soon as Xining Nanshan Phoeni

Garden City Council in March 12th

, a symbol of Pudong and Xining friendly symbol of Nanshan Phoenix Palace problem film aging caused the attention of the municipal government, the city has confirmed plans to invest 3 million yuan, Nanshan Phoenix Palace update as soon as possible to repair.

is now standing on the top of the mountain, the shape of the Phoenix Palace, such as the construction of a white sail in 2002, aided by the Pudong New Area free, Phoenix Palace 30 meters high, the use of large span pull film molding. It is understood that under normal conditions, Nanshan Phoenix Palace building structural design life of 10 years, but because the plateau temperature difference between morning and evening, strong sunshine and strong wind, the Phoenix Palace damage speed, although I Nanshan Park, invested twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan each year to maintain the Phoenix Palace last year, but the staff still found the problem of tension membrane aging, there are the main cable breaks, fixed film structure of three of the two film top sail off, some parts are damaged, the need for maintenance. A strong wind in March 7th caused some damage to the Phoenix Palace. read more

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Xining City twinning in two counties in Guoluo Prefecture

in accordance with the provincial government’s request, Xining this year, a total of 18 municipal departments, 7 counties government in Maqing county and banma County, Guoluo prefecture to carry twinning activities.

help follow the pragmatic, solid, ensure the completion of the principle of the year. Helping the project is divided into five categories, respectively: cadres, personnel training, intellectual support, exhibition and investment, donated materials. Among them, 6 cadres, 22 personnel training, intellectual support and investment exhibition 7 items, 6 items, 1 items of donated goods, a total of 42 aid projects, preliminary statistics supporting funds for 3 million 303 thousand yuan. read more

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Provincial CPPCC held forum

6 28 September, the provincial CPPCC held Twelfth "CPPCC forum, CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Biao attended the CPPCC Standing Committee, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Calligraphers Association vice chairman Su Shishu as a" studio book written Chinese words, do Chinese seminar ".

The creation and research of

Su Shishu has been engaged in calligraphy and seal cutting, have in-depth study on the Han Dynasty brick, stone, and ancient rubbings rubbings. Organizing, planning, editing and publishing the "ancient" Chinese Beitie law books "calligraphy art", the author of "China calligraphy art –" volume "Chinese complete book of Qin and Han Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties", the acclaimed. Won the Chinese Federation "DeYiShuangXin" 100 members of the title, "the outstanding expert and Taofen Award for publishing. He holds the post of honorary president of the Cultural Relics Publishing House of the State Administration of cultural heritage, the president of the Chinese calligraphy and painting collectors association, and the vice president of the China cultural relics protection foundation. read more

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Would like to open 10 yuan shop do not know how to purchase the purchase channels of $10

      want to shop 10 yuan do not know how to purchase the purchase channels of $10? Now on the market a lot of two yuan shop ten yuan shop, and see their business situation is good, is that most supermarkets sell products, products of the site of a superb collection of beautiful things, for consumers to choose products, looking at such a big profit market, a lot of people want to open a shop like this, but if shop 10 yuan do not know where to purchase, supply of goods is the key to the customer. read more

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The gluttonous feast sunny cultural tourism fair city

Do not know from what time, careful Xining people gradually found that: in recent years, more and more people from other provinces, foreign and overseas travel to Xining; leisure time went to the central square for a walk, here the big stage people built almost every day there are wonderful performances; local professional art troupe cordial "road legend" tour sold in other provinces…… This is the creation of cultural tourism miracle, in recent years, the municipal Party committee, the municipal government, cultural tourism, to travel in Xingwen, the concept of cultural tourism integration. read more

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West District of Xining to create a record to promote urban management capabilities

Xining West District to carry out the construction of "national sanitary city", "create a national environmental protection model city" and "national civilized city" as an opportunity, through a series of innovative measures of fine management mechanism to implement effectively promote urban management capacity and level improve.

in 2012, the West District comprehensively promote urban management, innovation city fine management mechanism, and constantly accelerate the pace of reform of urban management mechanisms, the completion of the city of Victoria digital urban management information platform. Adhere to the implementation of the district level leadership daily inspection system, urban management law enforcement day and night patrol system and the wrong time system, and actively organize the "Jian Wei day" theme activities. In accordance with the principle of "one street, a long segment management, enhancing the overall, in the region to implement the" street "," building of "working system, the implementation of the" main street cadres at county level, the functions of the Bureau package street lanes, township (community) package resident building "mode of management, establish and perfect the street inspection, supervision and evaluation system, contact visits, forming a" floor Dean "point," Street long ", the catch line grasping the district level leadership network management model. Strengthen routine supervision and cleaning, will be identified in 2012 as a comprehensive urban environmental remediation year, strict implementation of the joint law enforcement mechanism, increase publicity and education efforts to guide the public to establish a green, low-carbon life philosophy. Carry out the major festivals, around the campus, dog city, illegal traffic order special rectification activities, the impact of the city environment problems have been effectively controlled. The 13 main street and 91 street lanes all the cleaning of integrated management of urban living garbage collection closed rate reach 100%; to create "blue sky, clear water, quiet" west to air pollution remediation and pollution reduction as the focus, to carry out the environmental protection special action, the total emissions of major pollutants are in control plan index. (author: Xiao Liu Tang Zhonghai)
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Qinghai, and strive to build a beautiful China beautiful business card

protects the ecological environment as well as the eyes, and treats the ecological environment as well as life!


of the party since eighteen, the country’s first ecological civilization construction into a "strategic height in general layout, stressed that efforts to build a beautiful Chinese, leading to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.

through the hardships of development, more adhere to the development of the red line.

from the top-level design to full deployment, from the most stringent system to more stringent rule of Law — Qinghai, long-term view, establish the overall concept of the overall concept, insist on the protection of priority, continue to save resources and protect the environment basic national policy, the construction of ecological civilization of solid and orderly. read more

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The national population and Family Planning Commission Director Zhang Yi for our education in Qingha

July plateau, cauliflower fragrance, brilliant flowers

plateau in July, cauliflower fragrance, brilliant flowers. By the Qinghai provincial population and Family Planning Commission sponsored by Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission, Huangzhong County Family Planning Bureau and other 7 departments in the development of the population culture, promoting social civilization and progress "as the theme of the 2011 Population Culture Art Festival flowers concert held in Huangzhong county. National population and Family Planning Commission, education secretary Zhang Jian, deputy director of Shi Chunjing, the Population Culture Promotion Association Secretary General Song Yan, deputy director of the center in the development of Wen, director of the office of Li Jingwei, director of the Department of education Zhang Hongping, "" adolescent magazine director Cao Xianmin, deputy director of the provincial population and Family Planning Commission Director Zhang Jinjing, Zhang Xiuping, Li Qing, the Xining Municipal People’s Government vice mayor Wang Xuan attended the population culture festival concert flowers. read more

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