Month: March 2017

South ring highway travel Raiders

This morning, when I found out that the urban road a lot? Yes, today is indeed a day for the people of Xining to celebrate the day – the official opening of the South Ring Expressway, at the same time, the official implementation of preferential policies around the highway Xining.

is not that moment full of the traffic happiness? Of course, if you do not know how to go, then take a look at the south ring highway travel raiders.

where to enter the southern Beltway

first, each driver must change the habit. In the past, you will always be accustomed to the driver of Kunlun Road, called the South ring. But from December 24th, the real South Ring Road refers to the West from the Cao Jiabao has been extended to the south of the city of Ma Hang long highway, you can remember the driver master.

Tonghai Road interchange is another one from the urban area into the South Highway pavement. Tonghai Road Interchange connecting Lake District Tonghai Road, South Road, Kunlun District Jinhaihu Xichuan road section. Living in the lake lake area of the public, remember from here on the South beltway.

traffic in this 100.39 kilometers, is free of tolls. Feel very happy ah. Of course, the light is not happy, security is still the first. South Ring Highway Traffic in the region without any preferential toll station, but high-speed traffic within the region is preferential toll island has not been removed. Therefore, the driver also please steady driving slow.What

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Qinghai exhibitors with 6 billion 677 million yuan a large single triumph

three days of the Qinghai brand products in Hangzhou will be successfully concluded in May 29th. During the period, a total of 241 brands exhibitors in our province, 18.7% more than last year; a total of 26 exhibitors merchandise categories, 2807 varieties, 27.5% more than last year, contributed to the signing of 128 projects, the total amount of about 6 billion 677 million yuan, and the total amount of contracted projects than last year increased by 93.9% and 0.69% respectively.

three days, the cumulative sales of goods 1300, the total amount of 6 million 500 thousand yuan, especially yogurt, Cereals, dried beef products by Hangzhou residents sought, were sold out; a total of 140 enterprises with 1096 kinds of commodity experience and taste, taste the goods discount amount of 169 thousand yuan. After the seminar, 78 enterprises in our province were signed with 127 companies in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions as well as Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hongkong and Taiwan, including the signing of the project, medicine and health, wool agricultural livestock products, mineral water, wine and other crafts 9 categories. read more

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Supervision and inspection of the mayor Zhang Xiaorong sanitation work during the holiday season

on the morning of September 27th, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong led the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal government office, responsible comrades, has been to victory road, Bridge Street, 71 Road, train station, Riverside Road and other key sections of the important nodes, on-site supervision and inspection during the Festival City environmental remediation, garbage removal transit, sanitation operations etc. then, visit condolences to front-line sanitation workers.
check condolences, Zhang Xiaorong and sanitation workers had a cordial exchange, ask for details of the time, labor intensity, cleaning area and accommodation situation of sanitation workers, listen to the opinions and suggestions on the work of city appearance and environmental remediation of sanitation workers. Zhang Xiaorong stressed that sanitation work is an important part of urban management, clean and clean Xining inseparable from the hard work of the majority of sanitation workers. In spite of the sanitation workers, work diligently, work hard in the bitter, dirty, tired and dangerous jobs, create a clean and beautiful environment for the city. The city should establish respect for sanitation workers awareness, governments at all levels should continue to increase investment, establish and improve the sanitation workers’ wages, social security mechanism, properly solve the sanitation workers accommodation, travel and other issues, and strive to create good conditions for the sanitation workers working life.
check for the way to find the shops along the street at random dumping, littering, spitting masses and other issues, Zhang Xiaorong stressed that to iron governance, strict penalties, on one hand we should establish and improve various mechanism, increase the uncivilized behavior and the impact of the city environment management, exposure and punishment, to the most stringent control means; on the other hand to increase publicity efforts to guide the masses to be called, environmentalists, dissuade or stop uncivilized behavior, and jointly safeguard the city clean and tidy environment.
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Set up a convenient service network with the masses of the bridge to the heart – Datong County, Chen

Datong County Chengguan town of Simon is located in the village of Tonghai road traffic, a total of 445 village of 1825 people, 40 members, villagers living scattered, villagers and residents, the Han nationality, Hui nationality residence, ethnic minorities. In addition to the rural tax reform, most of the villagers are busy with economic development of village affairs or to a contemptuous disregard attention, village level financial, affairs and policy cannot timely publicity to the households of the village "two committees" work has caused some difficulties. For the new session of the village Party branch and village to enhance the ability to serve the people, make full use of the characteristics of information products efficient and convenient, the company actively cooperate with China Unicom, China Unicom in the village to build a convenient service network in the office of the village committee to set up information sending station, village affairs, finance, and policy to the notice of the meeting information the form is issued in a timely manner, so that the village (neighborhood) village people understand things, not only saves the masses of information costs, and effectively solve the current difficult to convene a meeting of villagers, the villagers of village master financial difficult problem, also go out and work for Party members to keep abreast of the people of village provides a convenient, information network has become China Unicom the village committee and village (neighborhood) bridge communication between people.
in the establishment of convenient service network at the same time, Simon Village also actively promote the network management of social services, the people, places and things, love things, organized into network management, the scientific division of science with social service unit network, power management, positioning, posts and responsibilities, from passive, extensive management to change initiative, fine management, improve the village "two committees" efficiency, effectively safeguarding the village "two committees" for the people of the image, won the praise of the masses in the village.
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Rely on the masses to maintain social stability

Xining city comprehensive management and peace building work conference held in March 26th 2015, to convey the comprehensive management of the province’s (peace Qinghai construction) work conference, informed the city’s 2014 annual comprehensive management and peace building performance evaluation target. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong attended the meeting, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong presided over the meeting, Minister of municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Municipal Committee Liu Fade, vice chairman of the CPPCC attended the meeting full of material.

do the city’s comprehensive management and peace building this year, Su Rong, to be deployed in accordance with the provincial political science comprehensive management work conference and municipal Party committee decision-making, strengthening measures, as the initiative to maintain the overall stability, promote the source of prevention, promote the prevention and control of three-dimensional, solid base layer, adhering to the typical lead, form a work force, accurate grasp the opportunity and challenge, full of good disposition and prevention, under good chess upper hand, lay the initiative, a good combination of boxing, the use of legal weapons, deepening the construction of peace in Xining, special forces play a role, improving the public security system, relying on the masses and maintain sustained overall social stability, and constantly reinforce the foundation of harmonious and stable, to ensure social stability and order, people live and work in peace. All localities and departments should go all out to work to implement more effective measures and pay close attention to the work, to promote the city’s comprehensive management and peace building work to a new level, and make new and greater contribution to the peace of Xining harmony, people’s happy and healthy. read more

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This year, more than 30 thousand people in Xining to participate in voluntary blood donation

this year, the province’s blood safety management work steadily, voluntary blood donation, blood safety and blood quality management work has made positive progress. The province’s voluntary blood donation for ten consecutive years to achieve voluntary blood donation from voluntary blood donation, voluntary donation of 400 ml of blood donors accounted for the total number of blood donation in the year of 100% of the total number of people by the end of the year of 81.58%. This year, 31595 people in Xining to participate in voluntary blood donation. read more

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Snow cool and sunny weather goodbye

February 28th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, from March 3rd, the city will have a cooling snow weather process.

day, in the highest temperature and the lowest temperature rising and sustained no precipitation makes the dry intensifies, air pollution, also affected the agricultural spring land preparation work. When will there be precipitation? Whether the temperature will be reduced? Many enthusiastic readers call the newspaper. The reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, a new round of weather process will begin in March 3rd, during the period of the highest temperature and the lowest temperature will decline, but the magnitude is not large, in addition, the city will also have a significant snowfall, but little precipitation. read more

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The ancient – ethnic blend cultural relics carry out

In May 17th

, thirty-seventh 5· 18 international museum day, the day before, Xining City Museum "Huangshui relics display the basic renovation project is completed, the ancient ethnic blend of cultural relics, the exhibition officially launched.

according to ICOM determine the theme of the Museum of the city of Xining on the history and culture of Xining, relying on cultural relics focuses on national integration and development, held the "ancient ethnic blend of Huangshui — cultural relics exhibition, visitors through time and space, and historical dialogue. read more

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Qinghai efforts to complete the advantages of industry short board

for the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech, the provincial Party committee of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee issued "on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech of the implementation of opinions". The newspaper from today to open "to promote the implementation of monthly results to implement the provincial" 29 "advice" column, reported in our province to practice to implement the general secretary visited Qinghai important speech as a primary task, focus on the "opinions" in the "29" requirement, every piece of implement, a landing, the vivid practice of the Party Central Committee’s decision to deploy and implement the requirements of the provincial hundred-percent. Please pay attention. read more

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Xining and Deyang cooperation in agricultural and livestock products sales talks fruitful

In September 24th, with "green, cooperation, development and win-win" as the theme of the fifth session of the Qinghai Xining Sichuan Deyang agricultural and livestock products production and marketing cooperation jointly organized by the Xining Municipal People’s government and the Deyang Municipal People’s government fair held in Qinghai hotel. Two a total of 47 copies signed purchase and sale agreement, the purchase and sale of fruits and vegetables, rapeseed and other agricultural products 377 thousand tons, sales amounted to 941 million 700 thousand yuan. read more

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Xining good news award

January 14th, reporters from the Municipal Propaganda Department was informed by the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Hong Kong Journalists Association held the 2012 – 2014 year foreign propaganda Xining good news award activities successfully concluded, publicity Xining good news award 50 winners officially announced, the total of 7 award-winning works, including "Dad" a the first prize.

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Xining key construction projects completed 1 million square meters of housing units

Qinghai news network 2008, Xining key construction projects housing demolition plan for 2 million 260 thousand square meters, has now completed a total of 1 million square meters.

The key of demolition projects this year

include: the Qinghai Tibet railway from Xining to Golmud section construction of the second project, the dangerous rock geological disasters in Beishan Region in the whole range of high-risk relocation project east section, development and construction of the lake district logistics park construction projects such as the national and municipal key construction projects. read more

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The provincial capital of 33 pedestrian bridges with the name

in order to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city, convenient traffic, Xining city since the implementation of the smooth traffic project, built a 31 seat footbridge, plus the previous two overpass, Xining city has built 33 bridges. Recently, a lot of careful people found that these bridges have a name.

December 26th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the local area management department learned that the 33 bridges named both new smooth project, such as close to the area of forest landscape and forest landscape bridge, built a long but never named "bridge to nowhere", such as gym bridge. Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, the name of the regional management department director Wang introduced, the name of the flyover, in line with the name of the regulations, the provisions of the flyover took place near the name of the way. For example, in the traffic lane north of the footbridge, built at the beginning is called traffic lane Beikou pedestrian bridge, but the name is too long, because the bridge adjacent to the forest landscape area, hence the name "king Lin qiao". In addition, the road there are many flyovers, and according to this principle, such as naming, bridge etc.. read more

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Xining financial Clean Culture Week activities will start

the city’s financial system, the golden money guards Qin Lian Lian Cultural Week activities will be launched in September 19th in the south of the cool tiger Taiwan ruins park.

according to reports, this series of activities are divided into the launching ceremony, the ICAC lecture, discussion forum, the achievements of the exhibition 4 plates. 19 held ceremony will be held in order to reflect the "small finance, livelihood, Excel, and special literary politics" as the theme of the show, making the billboard and the scene; lecture held 20, will employ staff discipline or procuratorial organs of professional cadres and workers to finance the education department; 21 days to 23 days, will carry out the theme of the speech contest, the selection and other activities, and hold the "finance for my life, I built for the Tim glory" summed up in recognition of activities. read more

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Rich and distinctive characteristics of the great beauty of Qinghai, the spring festival tourism mar

Qinghai 2014 spring festival tourism festival atmosphere, rich in content, product characteristics, order and orderly. Among them, the rich ethnic customs of the East Sea city and the Qinghai Tibet Railway in the world’s top tourist belt Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, became the festival tourism market, the two hot spots.

from Shenzhen, Li Xuan and his party 6 people arrived in Xining at the beginning of the month of two, the trip they chose the Qinghai Tibet line, after stopping the Golmud tour to Tibet. Li Xuan said: "the Qinghai Tibet line has been strongly attracted to our friends together, the first tour Gobi Golmud, then go to Lhasa to see the Spring Festival, more than another flavor in the seaside city." read more

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The first three quarters of Xining foreign affairs bursting

In the current streets of Xining, everywhere foreigners face has become the norm. This year, I actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, seize the national implementation of "opening to the west" strategic opportunities for development, play an important node of Xining city in the construction of Qinghai Silk Road Economic Belt and the most vibrant city, actively participate in the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" trilateral cooperation mechanism "and" BRIC countries cooperation mechanism of regional cooperation mechanisms and multilateral cooperation platform, with its own foreign affairs and the ability to gather new energy new impetus to economic and social development in Xining.

will invite domestic and foreign green contact in the period (HS) will tour 46, attended the signing, display all kinds of activities. International Forum of summer, a total of 9 countries, 13 city, 103 foreign friends to Nanjing, the four official cooperation docking, marking the city road and the silk along the Xining city cooperation mechanism established. City fair will attract nearly a thousand strong concern of Chinese and foreign businessmen, including Italy, Sicily, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and other foreign businessmen to visit Xining, negotiate contract. Sri Lanka four "The Belt and Road along the country, 7 delegations, 53 businessmen, the four docking activities. Was held in Xining and along the Silk Road city of foreign exchange seminar "," Xining and South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia Investment and trade cooperation seminar ", effectively promote the economic and trade, technology and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Xining and international friendship city. Vice president of social and Cultural Cooperation Association in Sri Lanka, Amar Le · Lugumana; in an interview with reporters, said: "this is my first time to come to Xining, but I fell in love with here in Xining, a pleasant climate, hospitable people, this is a very nice city." read more

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Provincial Department of finance to the east side of the social management innovation research

Recently, the Provincial Department of Finance Director Cheng Lihua commissioned by the Provincial Department of finance, logistics service center deputy director Liang Qinke a line of three people to work in east area of social management innovation research

recently, the Provincial Department of Finance Director Cheng Lihua commissioned by the Provincial Department of finance, logistics service center deputy director Liang Qinke a line of three people to work in east area of social management innovation research. read more

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Style wind assessment results released

In January 7th, the municipal government jiufengban informed of the city’s 2015 annual clean wind social evaluation results. Tax, tax, city management law enforcement supervision class three; financial, administrative service center, business column comprehensive management of the top three; health and family planning, culture, radio and television education industry management before three, China Construction Bank, rural commercial bank; power listed business services three.

it is understood that in 2015 the municipal Party wind social evaluation departments and industry a total of 55, of which 10 kinds of law enforcement supervision, comprehensive management industry management class 11, class 15, 16 business class service. The main contents of the appraisal for government departments around the clean government, change the function, style and performance of the construction, to perform their duties according to law of Party and government affairs, serving the people, improve people’s livelihood; business service industry around the law integrity management, serving the masses, the style of construction, public affairs, honest business and occupation morals etc.. The evaluation work is carried out by the method of grading, classification and comprehensive evaluation. The city issued a total of 19171 questionnaires, 18870 were recovered, the recovery rate is 98.4%, a total of 49853 people participated in the clean wind social evaluation work, the survey of 18870 people, 30983 people online evaluation. The city’s survey, online evaluation of information by the Municipal Bureau of statistics is responsible for the summary statistics and sorting, to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the evaluation data. In 2015 the authorities and industry style wind social evaluation results to the Party committee, the National People’s Congress, the government and the departments of organization and personnel and the level of government jiufengban, by the superior departments in charge of industry department appraisal report or report. Classification and ranking of the first two consecutive years of the sector and industry. To sort the bottom sector and industry, according to the management authority, the Municipal Department of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the main person in charge of admonishing conversation, and cancel the 2015 appraised qualifications. For two consecutive years to sort the bottom sectors and industries related to leadership accountability will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the clean and honest. read more

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Resolutely implement the provincial poverty alleviation work requirements

Wang Xiao chaired an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and the poverty alleviation and development work of the third meeting of the leading group to study and discuss the spirit of the important speech of Luo Huining, research deployment

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Fang) the morning of December 28th, provincial poverty alleviation and development work in television and telephone conference after the end of the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoli rushed to the venue from the main venue, chaired the Municipal Standing Committee meeting and the city of poverty alleviation and development work of the third meeting of the leading group, study and discuss the important speech of secretary Luo Huining and governor Hao Peng in the provincial poverty alleviation and development work television and telephone conference, the deployment of research work. read more

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Public cultural space on-line classroom lecture

By the Ministry of culture and carry out the 2014 national grassroots cultural team — distance training of public cultural space of classroom lecturing recently officially launched. Provincial cultural centers, libraries and other teaching points to receive the organization of Xining City, the East Sea city cultural centers, libraries and other cultural business cadres to participate in the first live video lectures. This marks the beginning of 2014, the province’s grassroots cultural team training. The distance training of grass roots cultural team is a new distance education platform built by the Ministry of culture relying on online video and digital network. Including the Central Cultural Management Institute of relying on the national cadres college culture network, public cultural space class organized by the National Library; relying on Digital Library Extension Project website, organize the implementation of the network book forum; by the National Center for public cultural development in the national cultural information resources sharing project, organization and implementation of the digital learning harbor. Through the distance education and training platform, the construction of public cultural service system, the construction of digital libraries and cultural information resources sharing and construction of electronic reading room and other high-quality training resources directly to the grassroots, grassroots cultural workers to provide online learning services.   read more

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State Council eighteenth inspection teams to carry out supervision of green

According to the

of the State Council on the third major inspection of the unified deployment, from September 23rd to 27, by China CIRC chairman Xiang Junbo headed the Ministry of science and Party members, the Secretary General Xu Jianpei, deputy head of the State Council eighteenth line inspection team to carry out inspection of our province.

in the Qing period, inspection teams were led by Xiang Junbo and Xu Jianpei, is divided into two groups to the East Sea peace zone, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Longhua Hui Autonomous County, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Golmud city and Delingha City, visited Xunhua County town of stone product project, Xunhua County Primary School joint pension services the demonstration base project, Jishixia Hydropower Station under beach resettlement, Jishixia Hydropower Station, Qinghai Chaoyang national e-commerce demonstration base, Qinghai Provincial People’s government administrative services and public resources trading center, Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd and metal magnesium potash production integration project of the Yellow River hydropower, Golmud photovoltaic power generation project, Golmud city park area shantytowns the project, Golmud city a kindergarten project, visit our province of major investment projects and livelihood projects Construction, investigation of the province’s administrative examination and approval system reform, employment services and the construction of affordable housing and other aspects of the work. read more

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Xining City Bureau of education called on educators to learn horse revival

November 21st, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education issued a notice, decided to carry out the education system in the city to learn the activities of the revival of malaysia.

Xining City Bureau of education for the education system quickly organized teachers, seriously study the Xining municipal Party committee "on the decision to learn from Comrade Ma Fuxing" and the news media reports on the advanced deeds of Ma Fuxing, combined with the ideological and practical work of teachers, through lectures, seminars, lectures, seminars and other forms of writing, and guide teachers in practical work, advocating righteousness, dedication. The teachers’ forum, skills competition, assistance and other activities, quickly set off to learn advanced, dedication, for advanced upsurge in teachers, with the advanced deeds of Ma rejuvenation infection and encourage all the teachers, promote the teachers in the new period of hard study, the spirit of advancing with the times and teaching and selfless dedication of the noble sentiments, and excellent quality of dedication and hard work. (author: Li Haodong guards) read more

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Xining Department of transportation during the college entrance examination in the true test

on the 27 day, the reporter learned from Xining City Department of transportation, to ensure that this year, during the college entrance examination candidates for road safety, to create a safe test environment, Xining city traffic bureau to take a number of initiatives for the candidates to escort.

it is understood that during the examination, the bus after the exam, will stop using the station announcer to stop an oral report, vehicle honking in the vicinity of the examination room, the station should reduce speed in advance and reduce the brake noise. In order to clean the inside and outside of the car, keep the vehicle clean, provide comfortable and safe environment for the passengers. read more

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A blueprint drawn in the end

party secretary Wang Xiao pointed out: "the comprehensive renovation of city environment is to improve people’s living environment, improve the quality of life of people’s livelihood projects, is also an important means to enhance the function of Xining City, the quality of the city and the city’s image, is to let the people of all ethnic groups in the city is an important starting point for more beautiful happiness life sense."

in order to let the masses live in more beautiful clean environment, I painted a blueprint, a comprehensive summary, consolidate and deepen the "news" results, will be carried out effectively in a period of three years, "the beautiful summer · brand building activities" clean Xining. read more

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On the quality of the city’s inspection report

The bureaus of all districts and counties, each notary office: in order to further improve the professional quality of notary staff, promote the quality of notarization legal services, and improve the quality of management and the management of a new stage. My bureau on August 1st -7 transferred part of the notary office director and deputy director of the backbone of the business, with Comrade Zhou Chaojuan as the 10 head of the inspection team, based on the City Notary self correction on the city’s notary Notary 2012 annual quality carry out inspection, inspection now informed as follows:
, a basic to improve the quality of inspection activities in the year 2012 the Council issued notarization, the "notice" on the quality of notarization inspection activities in July 10, 2012, will check the contents of files, check the scope and requirements of the deployment. Check the activities of self correction and inspection team in two stages. In each sampling period from the standard of notary Notary, quality inspection in Qinghai province to seriously study the "organization", notaries (Trial) "," rules of procedure "notary notarized documents filing procedures" and "notary archives management measures", to enhance the understanding of the basis of learning, for their own characteristics, put forward the "strict" and "from fine", by the Contractor by page self-examination, by other personnel within the mutual check of the notarization folder each other do, do self-examination, study and improve. The inspection team use a week to conduct random checks on the city’s 5 notary files, including economic, civil, and on-site supervision, evidence preservation notarization one-time placement, a total sample of 1320 kinds of notarization. The certificate of 1267, accounting for 96%, qualified 53, accounting for 4%, found no fault false. Members of the inspection team to check the notary dossier, roll out the registration, strict quality inspection standards to the notary, earnestly find the problem, the quality of the dossier to the contractor to conduct feedback, verification. From the inspection situation, the vast majority of files permit legal procedures, true, accurate and applicable law and complete documentation, certificate standard, specification writing, the notary office file binding tidy and clean, to meet the requirements, timely filing. But some files notarization statement is not rigorous, individual or individual typo, multi word, missing word; conversation transcripts are too simple and the pertinence is not strong, no copy of individual file with the original check chapter etc.. In view of the existing problems, the inspection team timely feedback problems, and put forward specific improvement measures.
two, the main results
(1) management: 1, the notary office to grasp the quality of notarization has formed a consensus, highly valued from the ideological. The notary offices and the inspection of the organization’s cross examination, can strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements. 2, in the cross examination process, the members participating in the inspection can be serious and responsible, edge inspection, edge edge exchange, research questions, not only to check the problem, not picky, not conceal, sincere attitude, correct, do not evade the problem, and actively explore the objection; examination, subject to a; read more

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Attention 3 15 an elderly man to be discussed by spam messages

Qinghai news network "single, aren’t you going to celebrate the" day "for customized ringing tone, I wish you a year for bell for transport……" The SMS advertising has appeared in many people’s mobile phone, also appeared in the 79 year old Mr. Han Ma single mobile phone, he saw the first feeling this message is to feel humiliated, must help him make a statement reporter.

, according to Mr. Ma said that last November he received such a message, received such a message, he has been unable to go, and in spite of old times to a telecommunications company, is located in the West Street business negotiations, customer reception staff have been talking to him, are not to give him a a clear answer. "I often get some mobile phone spam messages, some of the content is not only more absurd, usury, advertising and selling guns, revenge, debt collection, advertising, let a person see fear, I have such a young people, which can withstand these stimuli." Mr Ma said. read more

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Dedication of love, to facilitate candidates, dissemination of civilization, to build harmony – Xini

2012 June 5th at 10 in the morning, with love to care for the future, the action in the theme of the Xining city in 2012 to send love to send a large public welfare activities start ceremony officially launched in. CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister An Jianzhong, provincial civilization office building director Jia Yicong, deputy director of Xining cultural radio and Television Bureau Jia Dong, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau Bai Haiqing and other leaders attended the ceremony. read more

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Labor and personnel dispute arbitration case handling work was fully affirmed by the national inspec

recently, the national labor and personnel dispute arbitration agency handling quality inspection team came to the city of human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor and personnel dispute arbitration case investigation work in Xining. By listening to reports and field visits and other means, the inspection team and his party on the labor and personnel dispute arbitration case work fully affirmed.

Xining municipal human resources and social security bureau party secretary, comrade Guo Like on the labor dispute arbitration organization construction, labor dispute case, the arbitration case of self-examination and future development direction of labor arbitration work itemized the report. In recent years, the labor and personnel dispute arbitration in our city has developed well, which has created favorable conditions for the further realization of harmonious and stable labor relations. read more

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Chengdong district to carry out the third National Disabled Day series of activities

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s a year, flowers red Nanshan flowers to highlight the eighth northwest of the province (District)

To enrich the cultural life of the people, carry forward the traditional culture of flowers, recently by the Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau hosted the eighth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) "June six" flower art week, in the city of Xining Nanshan Park passion

to enrich the cultural life of the people, carry forward the traditional culture of flowers, recently by the Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau hosted the eighth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) "June six" flower art week, in the city of Xining Nanshan Park passion. The theme is "July filariasis, feeling full xiadou", a large scale, rich in content, has attracted many many flowers. During the activities of the high pitched, heroic, with a plateau style songs sang the mountains, touched the hearts of tourists, to promote the development of cultural undertakings in our city has played a positive role. read more

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Don’t be a mayor’s blueprint

Promote the transformation of development, not just short-term tasks, but also a long-term strategy; non effective one day, need a long time to work. The transformation and development of, you must keep in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly warned, I do not get off the ground, a blueprint catch in the end, "earnestly laying the foundation for long-term benefit of the work".

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Multi institutional consolidation of educational activities

Although the party’s mass line educational practice has ended, but the style building is always on the road. Recently, the city introduced, revised a number of systems, through the improvement of the style of long-term mechanism, from the system level to consolidate the results of educational practice. In the meetings, documents, improve the style of study, the region has formulated the "Interim Measures" Chengzhong district government agencies meeting file management, a compression conference papers, hard work, the district level decreased by 35% year-on-year, down 23% on file, down 50%, the Party cadres out of the mountain of the sea. At the same time improve the "district center group learning system", a monthly schedule learning center group members of the collective, the collective learning is not less than 12 times per quarter to arrange a collective learning seminar, each year the center of the group members writing research reports more than 1 articles. As the leading cadres of grassroots, serving the masses to become the norm, the revised "district level leading cadres contact point system" and "the masses of Party members and cadres grassroots service system", clearly defined the district leadership at least annually to the point of contact, coordination and guidance, supervision and inspection of the months of investigation total time not less than 3 months each year. At least to the contact point of the work of more than 2 times, and 2 times more than contact contact. Department leading Party cadres every months of research total time not less than 1 months, Party members and cadres twinning for household household objects, solve practical problems. To enhance the execution of cadres, to promote the implementation of the work, the introduction of the "leading cadres of the party and government performance accountability measures", clearly not in accordance with legal procedures to implement administrative behavior; without justifiable reasons, did not finish the task of sixteen leading cadres accountability matters, and the corresponding criticism education, criticism, transfer the present work, suspended inspection, removal and other ten kinds of accountability. At the same time through the "revised" measures for the implementation of urban district of Xining city government leading bodies and leading cadres performance evaluation, the performance evaluation results as an important basis for leadership adjustment and the selection and appointment of leading cadres, rewards and punishments.   read more

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Carry out the spirit of in-depth community visits to research – the city Bureau of transportation to

for the further implementation of Chuangxian office "on the cadres Service for the people to excel" four "activities of the notice" and "two letters" Qiang Wei, Secretary of the spirit, the mobilization of bureau of all Party members and cadres to further innovative ideas, change the style of work, closely linked to the grassroots, to deepen ties with the masses, cadres Service for the people to excel activities. Recently, Shi Po Street Community Bureau deputy party secretary, Secretary Xu Cunde led office, bureau of trade unions their in-depth City District warehouse gate Street offices under the jurisdiction of the community, and to carry out cadres "face to face, heart to heart" visits. read more

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Around the lake ecological tour ecological beauty

Guide in July, after rain washed, the sky is blue and more thorough, Danshan water, surrounded by trees. Standing on National Wetland Park, green everywhere, the landscape view of fundus shade surplus wild, crisscross idyllic scenery and majestic atmosphere, Danfeng splendour.

in Tao Lanying’s memory, before in the wetland birds such as swan is very few, perhaps it was not just a wasteland called wetland.

from Jiang Lalin area to the east from the forest to forest, Dongshan River forest, nearly 1 million 600 thousand acres of woodland area of Guide to build a strong ecological barrier, the plateau "small Jiangnan" reputation cannot do without the protection of the vast woodland.

also set up on Wetland Park Wetland Protection Authority, clear management responsibilities, formulate relevant management measures and system, established a joint meeting of the county wetland protection system, to carry out strict examination and approval system in wetland area development and construction activities, the implementation of dynamic inspection system, focus on strengthening the wetland protection area of illegal exploitation, Sidaluanjian pollution and destruction of wetlands environment behavior supervision and inspection.  

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My bureau to participate in the western region earthquake prevention and mitigation legal work excha

from the China Earthquake Administration Department of policy and regulations hosted Chongqing City Seismological Bureau in the western region of earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation legal work exchange from December 1st to 3, held in Chongqing, the meeting is the first time in the area, jointly held by the State Council, the Provincial Bureau and City Bureau of earthquake preparation work conference, the meeting with the local exchange the legislative and administrative work experience as the theme. China Earthquake Administration party members, deputy director Yin Zhaomin attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Director of Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress teach Kewenwei Committee high into, director of the Chongqing Municipal Seismological Bureau Chen Tieliu, China Earthquake Administration policy Secretary Shao East, deputy director Tang Jingjian attended the meeting. 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the western region Seismological Bureau and the relevant departments of the earthquake in the city and county departments responsible for a total of more than 40 people attended the meeting on behalf of more than 11 people. The meeting by the China Earthquake Administration policy Secretary Shao Dong presided over.
Yin Chao min deputy director in his speech, elaborated from six aspects to strengthen the construction of legal system, promoting the administration according to law and innovation of social management, and asked us to broaden the horizon with a sense of innovation, scientific guidance work, pragmatic spirit of seeking development, and will work around the earthquake disaster reduction the construction of legal system, firmly grasp. During the meeting, representatives from various regions spoke enthusiastically, analyzed the new situation and new problems encountered in the current work, and put forward some suggestions on Further Strengthening the legal system construction. I Bureau from the city’s legal system of earthquake disaster prevention and construction work on the actual situation, on how to further strengthen urban and county earthquake disaster prevention administration, strengthen legal supervision, in-depth publicity work done in the general assembly to speak. read more

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Celebrate Bayi send warmth

81 Army Day eve, as do the problems dimension enterprises in our city of demobilized cadres to work steadily, in accordance with the requirements of the unified province Jun Zhuanban through and visit, my bureau, held a forum to the majority of demobilized cadres in enterprises to send greetingsOn the eve of

August army, for the difficulties of enterprises in the city of demobilized cadres dimensional stability, in accordance with the requirements of the unified province Jun Zhuanban through and visit, my bureau, held a forum to the majority of demobilized cadres in enterprises to send greetings. read more

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Create a health city of Xining industry and commerce regulation of tobacco advertising Chuangwei wel


7 month, Xining City Chuangwei work has entered a crucial stage, in order to achieve the "news", Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the city to carry out clean-up regulation of tobacco advertising.

in the remediation action, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the city’s tobacco store advertising carried out a thorough investigation, released on their own production of business households in city buildings, tobacco shop door, shop windows and doors advertising and the use of the news media advertising register. At the same time, on the basis of "advertising regulations" "Chuangwei work system" and other laws and regulations and the relevant education system of tobacco sales enterprises and tobacco store management personnel, for their support and cooperation, take the initiative to dismantle illegal advertising, clean up the obstacles for the "news" work. Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also took the initiative and Xining City Chuangwei office, Urban Management Bureau and other departments will jointly develop an implementation plan to dismantle illegal tobacco advertising. During the operation, the main problem is to check out the tobacco store to advertise in the shop door and window glass. Check out the problem of tobacco advertising, the business sector will focus on cleaning up in the near future. read more

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Beautiful festival and happiness – Xining Bureau of statistics to celebrate the 38 nternational Wom


is celebrated once a year "38" International Women’s day, rich in organ culture life, stimulate women cadres and workers work enthusiasm, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in the bureau support energetically, actively carry out the novel form, rich content of the celebration, the global women cadres and workers involved, spent a meaningful the holiday. In March 6th, my bureau WOC carefully organize the physical aspects of six comrades in strong municipal authorities held to celebrate the 38, show style, feel the development and changes in Xining "as the theme of climbing competitions, athletes through the test of some physical strength and endurance, were made in middle-aged group and youth group of two individual awards, the display of my bureau of women cadres and workers of the women’s style. On the morning of March 8th, I organized all the women cadres and workers to visit the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, which is located in the new lake area. Under the guidance of the instructors, we successively visited the "near Qinghai", "energy and environment", "Mysteries of life", "science and life", "human wisdom" and "enjoy the technology" theme exhibition halls, visit to basic disciplines, environment, life, energy, transportation, security, information, aviation the space and the unique natural environment of Qinghai plateau, and in the social and economic development of key scientific and technological content. During the visit, we were interested to participate in the museum’s operation, the model of multimedia interaction, experience science education and modern science and technology influence, wonderful experience let you linger, arrangements to get the global open up a fresh outlook of women cadres and workers alike. The afternoon of March 8th, the global organization of women cadres and workers of the friendship exchanges and exchange activities in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in the activities set up the knowledge answer contest link, by participating in the knowledge competition of women in women, health care, women’s health, labor protection of female workers have a more in-depth understanding. Good to build a platform to broaden their horizons, enhance exchanges and show their talent, encouraging our bureau women cadres and workers of this activity, promote women cadres and workers with more enthusiasm and create jobs in the working state of success, to build Xining into a city, with people’s living life and the city more prosperous and more beautiful, more livable city center of Tibetan Plateau modernization and make greater contribution. read more

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Health care and relief programs

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, in order to improve the rural poor medical security level, effectively curb and reduce poverty caused by illness phenomenon, I formulated the "Qinghai Province health care and assistance to poverty alleviation action plan", will be in 42 poor counties (city, District, appoint 520 thousand poor people 1622), participatory poor village, the implementation of the medical security and relief of poverty alleviation action. read more

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Jing Zhancheng to create the first private aircraft in the northwest of the legitimate airspace priv

"Let each person has entrepreneurial intention to achieve business", this is the first Qinghai innovation contest held in mind, "80" Qinghai guy king Zhancheng, with his drone entrepreneurial way, let these words have the best interpretation.

king Zhancheng because of interest, familiar with this emerging industry UAV; and because of the dream, and he embarked on the road of entrepreneurship for uav. The native of Qinghai youth, by the news as the starting point with the dream, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, in the plateau on the runway, completed the creation of no perfect man-machine high-tech enterprises soar. Now, he founded the "Qinghai printing electronic technology limited company" has become the first to have legal qualifications of the UAV airspace of private enterprises. He dreamed that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to replace the manual operation at high altitude, so as to achieve full application of UAV in various fields in the plateau. read more

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East District once again raise the minimum living standards for urban and rural minimum living stand

November 19th, the reporter learned from the East District, according to the relevant policies and regulations, the eastern district once again raised the minimum living standards for urban and rural areas of the minimum living standards. Currently, all funds have been paid in place.

is reported that the lifting of the standard is the east district since 2008, tenth times the amount of urban and rural subsistence allowances. Specific criteria: minimum standards for each city on the basis of the original monthly increase of 20 yuan, and has been for temporary price subsidies minimum target subsidies (55 yuan per person per month) transferred to the minimum standard, namely city residents minimum living standards on the basis of the existing per capita increased by 75 yuan, up 313 yuan per person per month. Rural residents per capita in the original basis of the monthly increase of 15 yuan, while the temporary price subsidies for rural residents object subsidies since 2008 (30 yuan per person per month) transferred to the minimum standard, namely rural minimum living standards on the basis of the existing per capita increased by 45 yuan, up 155.4 yuan per person per month. read more

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Chase GDP exceeded 10 billion mark for the first time

according to the latest statistics, in 2012 the territory of the Hui Hui Autonomous Prefecture in the first time exceeded 10 billion yuan mark, reaching 10 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 12%. Last 2012, Qinghai aluminum aluminum high-tech industrialization project in Datong County, the investment of billions of Qinghai products group 50 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity replacement technology upgrades and other key projects have been put into operation, the rural tourism in the county of modern agriculture, and lay the foundation for the area A new force suddenly rises., GDP exceeded 10 billion yuan mark. (author: Zhao Junjie) read more

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Civil aviation highway passenger volume is high

8, the reporter from the Airport Inc in Qinghai province and the Provincial Executive Council was informed that this year’s National Day golden week, civil aviation passenger volume record, the Xining airport transport movements 757 vehicles, an increase of 18.8%; passenger throughput of 91185 passengers, an increase of 13.6%. The province’s highway toll free minibus daily 181533 times, an increase of 21.45%. It is reported that during the National Day golden week, Xining airport passenger travel and visiting relatives are still the main domestic hot cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an is still the preferred destination for travelers. From the beginning of October 6th, Xining airport ushered in the National Day holiday return peak passenger flow, 7 transport movements up to 125 sorties, inbound and outbound passengers reached 14892 passengers, passenger return concentrated in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other first-tier cities and popular tourist city. In order to do a good job in the National Day holiday passenger service support, Xining airport in the value of the cabinet to set up a mobile service post – "bee guide", a timely answer to the question of passengers. For Hong Kong passengers to carry more yogurt and other characteristics of the situation in Qinghai products, to remind passengers to pack liquid goods consignment. The Provincial Executive Council to strengthen the civil service level, improve work efficiency, take active measures to ensure that our province pat, high grade highway smooth and convenient, great to meet people’s travel demand during the holiday season, the successful completion of the task of pat. During the national day, the province’s total highway toll free seven and below the small bus 1270733 times, accounting for 79.22% of the total traffic volume, the average daily traffic free small bus 181533 times, toll free 25 million 160 thousand yuan.   read more

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Xining cheap vegetables through the door to the public house

on the morning of January 15th, parity vegetables, cattle and sheep meat direct car launch ceremony held in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center. From now on, 15 vehicles loaded with vegetables, beef and mutton direct car, each day will enter the provincial capital of the major communities, so that the public to buy fresh and cheap vegetables, so stable control prices, convenience huimin. At the beginning of this year, Xining City, precise force, by the operation of enterprise mode of transport, transport and sales of vegetables, vegetable oils and increase the parity of meat supply, offering cheap vegetables, beef and mutton direct car, to ensure adequate coverage of each community, people must live vegetables, meat and other non-staple food supply, prevent holiday prices rebound. read more

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Theme restaurants evoke memories of young people

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your dreams? Have you ever had the most memorable experience? Busy city, busy work, we often forget that once. Recall so that they find the idea of entrepreneurship – 8090 theme restaurants, so that after 80, 90 young people here to find their most innocent memories.

"although we just two in the way of the dreamer, but we believe that as long as you don’t give up, insist on your dream, success is not far away." In the face of entrepreneurship, the party Wan Wen and Zhao Xiu full of confidence. read more

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This year, the province completed 9 billion 200 million yuan investment in urban shantytowns

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, this year, the province’s urban shantytowns task 80281. At the end of August, has started 62988, the operating rate of 78%, completed an investment of 9 billion 200 million yuan, the implementation of monetary settlement of 7323 households. Implement urban construction of affordable housing the central subsidy funds 3 billion 653 million yuan, shantytowns special construction funds 3 billion 187 million yuan, by CDB ADBC studio to change the loan was 9 billion 906 million yuan of credit, the implementation of 6 billion 974 million yuan loan. read more

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The first area of our province transportation of large industrial fund was established yesterday

10 month 21 days, our province transportation sector’s first legally established large industrial investment fund — the establishment of transportation industry in Qinghai Province Development Fund officially inaugurated.

in recent years, the equity investment fund played an important role in promoting the adjustment of industrial structure, to reflect the government development intention, optimize the allocation of resources, for the implementation of supply side reform, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth has important significance. To this end, the provincial government decided to set up a development fund of Qinghai province transportation industry fund, adopt the principle of limited partnership mode of operation, the total size of the program is 30 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan, jointly set up by financial capital and other social capital. read more

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Xining introduction of land acquisition and resettlement of landless peasants employment training po

August 12th, reporters from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, in order to help landless farmers resettlement area residents and improve the employment competition ability, realize stable employment, the introduction of Xining city and district residents resettlement of landless peasants employment training policy.

2013 Xining landless farmers training types and standards: at the age of 18 years old to 35 years old, junior high school degree or above with landless farmers, organizations to participate in the annual or annual period dominated by metallurgy, chemical industry and other professional training; other age or low level labor for machine operation processing, repair, light industry and other types of training. According to the actual needs of training costs, half a year to give 1000 yuan per person subsidy, a year to give each person a subsidy of $2000. read more

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Xining two days of the park visitors 130 thousand

Gloomy for a long time the weather finally cleared up, when the sun meets the golden week, the collision will be what kind of spark? Eleven golden week, Xining city park has become a good place for public recreation. Reporters from the city park management center, from October 1st to October 2nd, major parks in Xining a total of nearly 130 thousand tourists, among them, the most popular park is still the people’s Park, Xining zoo and Nanshan park.

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Zhejiang Yikang group Qinghai Seabuckthorn ndustrial Park project settled in Huangyuan County

Recently, the Zhejiang Yi Kang group invested in the construction of Qinghai Yi Kang Industrial Park in Huangyuan Dahua Industrial Park held a grand ceremony

recently, by the Zhejiang Yikang group company investment and construction of the Qinghai Yikang seabuckthorn industry park in Huangyuan County "nofollow" > Industrial Park held a grand ceremony.

the project total investment of 120 million yuan, a total area of more than 60 thousand square meters, is divided into three phases: the construction of a phase of the project completed in water, electricity, heating system, fences and other infrastructure before the end of 2012, the establishment of 2 standard rooms, and strive to achieve the end export; the two phase of the project to build a 100 thousand grade purification, GMP research center , sea buckthorn oil extraction, packaging, display products and a series of production workshop; the three phase of the project construction of commercial buildings (24000 square meters), the administrative office, logistics center and other multi service center. read more

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Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Che Kwun won the province’s spiritual c

Recently, the construction of spiritual civilization, the steering committee of the province’s construction work advanced unit of spiritual civilization for recognition, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle was awarded the 2007-2009 year the province’s construction of spiritual civilization provincial civilized unit "title

  recently, the construction of spiritual civilization, the steering committee of the province’s construction work advanced unit of spiritual civilization for recognition, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle was awarded the 2007-2009 year the province’s construction of spiritual civilization provincial civilized unit "title. read more

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The province’s first dual education project located in the West

In May 20th, west district party members "double education project" training base in Qinghai Radio and TV University officially inaugurated. The implementation of the training base in the party spirit education + skills training, relying on the party spirit education strong faith, pay close attention to skill training ability, open education and training of Party members double education project new model.The first day is

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Xining tourism reform and development conference held to enhance the brand image to create hospitali

November 14th, in the winter and spring tourism is about to open the curtain, the city held in Xining tourism reform and development conference. Xining mayor Zhang Xiaorong attended and spoke.

in the province and the whole country, speeding up the development of tourism situation, Xining will be the integration of industry, agriculture, ecology, and other types of rural tourism resources, and actively create complete elements, complete facilities, rich connotation, prominent features, strong entertainment, driven by the high degree of Tourism to create the whole industry chain, the construction of some large scale and grade and influential boutique projects, promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry, intensive development, build around the center of regional tourism in Western China, the construction of self driving camp. Increase the tourist season of railway passenger dedicated line, coordinate the implementation of tourism team train ticket booking service. Encrypted flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other major tourist destinations, the opening of more international and domestic direct flights.
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mported fruit which is the largest city in Shenzhen, the country ranked first

the arrival of economic globalization, not only to make the link between enterprises more closely, but also in many aspects of life, the relationship between countries is more closely. Although there are many varieties of fruits in China, but the import of fruit in the market is still popular! According to Shenzhen customs statistics, in 2016 by the Shenzhen port fruit imports totaled 1 million 33 thousand tons, an increase of 10.1%, a total value of 15 billion 190 million yuan, were ranked first of all ports, including cherries, grapes and oranges imported is a substantial increase. read more

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Bottled water stores where to open

The more

demand for bottled water every family, you will also find more business opportunities which, then start on the road we should pay attention to what the problem? Which is directly related to the development of bottled water stores. So, open the bottled water where the store is better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

bottled water stores success and failure depends on how you operate? The first concern is the choice of address knowledge, so many examples of location always directly affect the rapid development of bottled water stores. The bottled water stores open in where? A suitable for your entrepreneurial projects, the ability to generate profits, rely on a lot of factors, whether it is a good address, good business practices are the key. read more

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Home jewelry store location proposal

home industry, very hot. In some of the better prospects for the industry to find a suitable investment opportunities, what brand of choice will be better? Open home jewelry store is a good choice. This shop also need to choose carefully, they can get better development. If you don’t know much about the site, learn quickly.

read more

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Drinks should be noted that what problems

drinks in China has a large market, contains a huge business opportunities and profits, a lot of people fancy this market prospects, want to invest in a wine to join the brand store. Wine investment agent is different from the general project, the project is very special, so investors in the selection of wine to join the brand must pay attention to the following aspects.

recently a lot of friends told me to do wine investment agent, but also heard people say, wine investment agent is not good to do, so a little worried. In fact, as long as you do a good job of market research in advance, and make full preparations, and choose the right investment brand to make money is no problem. But whether you want that brand of wine investment agent first to raise a certain amount of money, after all, there is funding is a prerequisite for manufacturers to allow you to proxy products. In addition, if you are doing high-end wine, then you have to have a certain relationship in the local, you can open up a market for their products. But if you do the low end of the amount of wine, then there is a business manager for you to roll out the terminal is very necessary. There is one point to note, manufacturers will not give credit agents, are shipped after the first. But manufacturers will give you some support in advertising. Well, know that these will also be a general understanding of how to do a drink agent, and then the small series on the liquor market as an example to tell you how to do. read more

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Do you have entrepreneurial potential

the current rapid development of society and economy, people’s personality has been extended into routine work has been difficult to get away from people’s satisfaction, starting to become the first choice for the public road to get rich, but not all people are suitable for business. Here, the small series and we will do a test to see if you are suitable for entrepreneurship.

order read more

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Dalian high tech Zone to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the double

era, how to find a steady development of the road of innovation, many city and regions are trying to solve the problem. Dalian high tech Zone from the talent, to stimulate the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship, and thus promote the development of enterprises, regional economy.

1 who was elected to the national people plan, 22 people selected for training plan of provincial and municipal personnel; 1786 patents, 988 patents; newly established enterprises 1089, an increase of 21.68%; the level of independent innovation greatly improved, industrial transformation and upgrading to achieve a breakthrough…… Just past 2015, the Dalian high tech Zone fall again and again. What inspired the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the transformation and development of enterprises? Adhere to the talent oriented, innovative talent cultivation mechanism, enhance the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship is the key. read more

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How to open a tea shop rental store

investment in milk tea shop is a good way to invest, to open their own tea shop needs to have their own store. So, if you open a milk tea shop, how to rent the store? Xiao Bian for us to do some introduction.

join the milk tea shop, the tea shop location is the key, and the site is involved in the flow of people, rent and other issues. Tea shop to join, and to choose a good store to pay a certain price, so in the position will start to solve about tea store lease work.

tea shop to join, rental stores, the first consideration is cost control, the rent is a huge investment in the early days after the tea shop for business costs also have a certain effect. Therefore, in the rental of tea shop store, we should take some reasonable measures to control the cost of this part of the expenditure: read more

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The prevalence of nternet hospitals help boost Tongling medical services

mobile Internet has become an integral part of our lives, to bring convenience and fun. The Internet has changed the development of all walks of life, "Internet plus" mode became popular, and has begun to affect the development of the industry, when the system of Internet and the combination of the hospital, will bring what kind of change?

, Tongling People’s Hospital together with Kingdee medical Merchants Bank Tongling branch of Limited by Share Ltd held "Anhui conference" and the "Hospital of the first mobile Internet mobile Internet era hospital restructuring of the road forum, officially launched mobile Internet hospital. read more

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What are the factors that affect the restaurant business

what are the factors that affect the restaurant business? There are five factors that affect the regional economy, regional planning, cultural environment, consumer fashion and competition. As entrepreneurs, when entering the food and beverage industry, the need for these elements were investigated, and then go to shop, so more secure.

1. regional economy. What are the factors that affect the restaurant business? Food consumption is the payment of discretionary funds after people have enough funds to meet the basic needs of daily clothing, food, housing, travel and so on. The income level and the price level of an area can affect the amount of money available to people and the price they have to pay. Generally, when people’s income increases, people are willing to pay higher value products and services, especially in the quality and level of food consumption will be increased, therefore, the restaurant chain enterprises generally should choose in economic prosperity, rapid economic development of the region. read more

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Sun Jing quit her job to change the female man selling fruit online

although many people now have a small business online, however, the premise is to have a stable job. Even without an attractive job, but if you can have a job like this, I’m afraid not many people are willing to abandon, but the owner of Gongsun Jing to do this, from the beauty as the incarnation of the female man, open their own business.

core tips do not give me the goods, who do not want to unload!" In mid November last year has been very cold in the morning, fruit wholesale market, a package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty the female man suddenly jumped into the car full of Chu orange, began to push! The same man who robbed Chu orange has stunned, at this moment, they all know: in Zhengzhou, there is a fruit business woman man, very fierce very fierce! read more

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Rhine River bakery brand details

Rhine River bakery belonging to the Guangzhou food chain Co., Sn, Sn insist on natural health brand philosophy, rigorous attitude and excellence of taste. In 2010 Mr Hohenstaufen and Sn brand cooperation, and jointly promote the "Rhine River" brand development in the China. The founder has over 30 years of experience accumulation of Sn in the baking industry, years of in-depth baking market, grasp industry trends, and constantly improve the strategic objectives. 2011 successfully achieved from the traditional to the modern, from the end to the high-end, the transformation of a strong, open a direct business chain to join the development of the strategic transformation of the road. read more

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Popular business also has business venture first year about seven hundred thousand

business opportunities are everywhere, depending on whether you are good at discovering. A good at discovering business opportunities, often have more opportunities than others. At the age of 18 Han Hongfa began unpopular business venture, venture in the first year earned about seven hundred thousand yuan. He set up his own company at the age of 20, two years later, the company’s annual sales exceeded 20 million yuan.

however, but few people know, two years ago to start a business in Han Hongfa, because not admitted to high school, and reluctantly was father sent to occupation secondary school, father suppressed in the village, Han Hongfa himself very inferiority. read more

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Xiaobian teach you to open a wine shop

shop business, of course, we hope to be successful, so I want to learn some skills. It is very important to have some basic skills to open a wine shop. How can we successfully open the wine store? There are tips for successful entrepreneurship, the following is the three major points for the analysis of the opening of the wine store.

reduce venture capital

Learn how to sell their read more

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Why do you choose to eat potato flour potato powder

Why do you want to choose the

potato powder potato flour, potato flour what are the advantages of joining. Read the following introduction you will understand.

company system perfect

sister, is a large domestic potato casserole powder Monopoly chain enterprise, founded in 2001, the first of only 4 square meters of the sister restaurant in Henan city of Zhengzhou Province, established in 2005 in Zhengzhou City sister Restaurant Management Co., mainly engaged in catering enterprises to join, consulting management, R & D special snack "sister" potato powder etc. cuisines, as the center of the business with potato casserole, potato powder was favored by women such as non-staple food snack. Since the development of the national chain stores throughout the country has 16 provinces and municipalities, the total business area of over 60 thousand square meters, more than 60 million people dining in the siblings of each year, the annual output value of more than 547 million, creating employment opportunities for tens of thousands of people, make the corresponding contribution to local economic development. read more

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What materials should the registered company prepare Which departments

, not to say that there is some can, after must be fully prepared, after the approval of relevant departments, it can make you really belong to your company, the first step is to register the registration should be prepared for what material? Which departments should run?

materials need to be prepared to run and the corresponding departments:

A, trade and Industry Bureau

apply in Industrial and Commercial Bureau and submit information including:

1. enterprise (font) name pre-approval application form read more

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Let venture investors immediately earn the first gold

venture for many investors, the market has a lot of good business options. But the venture is good, how to get the first pot of gold in his life quickly is very important. How to earn first pot of gold?

"to start, first of all to the analysis of the trend of the times." Chen Zhaoyi believes that in many conditions, the situation is the basis for young people to do the homework. The integration of globalization and regionalization, the promotion of science and technology, the vigorous development of emerging markets, is an important factor in the progress of the world today. We have to closely follow the mainstream of the world to start the business. Especially in today’s science contains too many cutting-edge technology, and constantly change the renovation, such as 3G, Web2.0, GPS etc., in times of change, which inevitably contains huge business opportunities."

read more

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What to do in the rural areas to make money to recommend money rich ideas

many friends are optimistic about the rural market, want to make money in rural investment. In the rural areas and is very suitable to do good, you can earn a lot of money. So, what do we do in rural areas to make money? Xiaobian this will introduce you to a few good projects.

What do

pepper "stomachic". Can be processed into bubble red pepper, red pepper, chili sauce, sesame chilli sauce, chili bean sauce, chili oil, pepper and so on, these are also the people’s favorite food. read more

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What skills do you need to open a lingerie store

men’s underwear, although not as good as the market, but it is also a product that men need. With the rapid improvement of modern male self care consciousness, men’s underwear consumption has started from randomness to brand, modern men more will come out from the supermarket, the gradual emergence of a variety of brand stores, then open men’s underwear store, what skills are needed?

a, investment skills

what skills do you need to open a lingerie store? Men’s underwear shop investment is not much, mainly pavement, decoration and the first purchase payment. There are some differences around the shop price, but generally 5 – 100 thousand yuan to start. Franchise stores or their own shops can choose. Men’s underwear store to choose the brand is critical. At present, the domestic men’s welcome men’s underwear has two main categories. Is a daily type, is comfortable, elegant, subtle, cotton fabrics. The other is exaggerated lingerie, including Home Furnishing, sports, avant-garde series, foreign Forbidden in the UK and Taiwan Looksee and other brands, domestic, etc. appropriate and great popular Volkswagen brand. Customers to buy underwear should generally be the majority of young people, college students, the pursuit of life of white-collar workers, fashion crowd, entertainment crowd, etc.. At the same time, many forty or fifty year old men who have taste will also be regulars. Although it is a men’s underwear shop, but the purchase of the lady will account for 30% of the total number of tourists. Most men do not take care of themselves, buy clothes are basically handed over to his wife. read more

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What are the details that should be paid attention to in the process of cosmetic shops

details of the operation of a store will have what kind of influence? For any operator, the details are a very important aspect. After all, the details determine success or failure, this is a lot of truth. With the rapid development of the cosmetics market, more and more cosmetics shop in the market. But also belong to a brand cosmetics shop, some people earn, some people lost.

the real reason, lost in the details. Cosmetics shop in the actual operation, only to master some of the sales skills and pay attention to some of the details, the cosmetics store will be the development of long-term, then, the cosmetics store operators should pay attention to the details of what? read more

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What are the ways to join the franchise

said that entrepreneurship, the current market has a lot of ways, summed up nothing is the independent business and franchise. And the whole of the franchise market, there are a lot of ways to become our choice. So, what are the ways to join? Here, let Xiaobian bring you systematic understanding.


franchise refers to the leading enterprises to develop their own products, operating system services (including trademark, trade name and enterprise image, business technology, business occasions and regional), to business contract form, to the provisions of the stores distribution rights within the region or business right. So that the owners can join the headquarters of the image, brand, reputation, etc., in the commercial consumer market, to attract consumers to spend. read more

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The seller needs to avoid the three price minefield

bargaining in the face of the buyer, the seller sometimes need to make the appropriate price, in the case of guaranteed profitability, so that buyers feel the price is very reasonable, the final completion of our orders. But there are some mistakes that price way, not only damage our interests, and will let customers feel our artificially high prices, thus affecting the quality of products impression. So we need to avoid the wrong way to let the price, the following small series to introduce three typical ways to make mistakes. read more

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What are the characteristics of ice cream Fondue

do you know that there is a new kind of hot pot food program — ice cream hot pot? You are not wrong is the ice cream Hot pot. Maybe you are now wondering why there will be ice cream Hot pot this kind of thing, the two incompatible like water and fire the. If you want to know what’s going on, follow the small series to find out about the ice cream fondue!

ice cream hot pot, in fact, is a package, from a variety of different flavors of ice cream, fruit, chocolate sauce, snacks and a small pot of alcohol and other components. Ice cream and ice cream to join Hot pot? The collocation Hot pot that many people are fantastic, how can they collocation, it is possible to make ice cream? Hot pot to join an ice cream Hot pot stores what? The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a Hot pot to join what ice cream. read more

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Summer car decoration market analysis you can not miss

now, with the development of economy, the car has entered the household, and plays an important role in people’s daily life. Summer is coming, which brings a lot of opportunities for many investors. Automotive decoration industry is also true, and now more and more types of car decoration supplies, by car owners attention. Here, Xiao Bian will bring you together to understand.

summer will be parked on the outside, in the sun exposure, windows closed car internal temperature will rise rapidly, the high temperature are detrimental to the dashboard, leather seats. Because the window around many of the cars are affixed with the sun film, front and rear windshield become the main way of light entering. read more

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Shaanxi Free Trade Zone international port area is about to open

Shaanxi in order to further economic development, and constantly promote the economic construction of the city, in the market on the Shaanxi Free Trade Zone international port area is about to open! At present, Shaanxi International Port District of Xi’an free trade zone area implementation plan, area of international trade single window construction scheme, system innovation as the core area ledger list program has been completed, the relevant staff already in place." Yesterday, the reporter was informed that, with the steady progress of the preparatory work, free trade zone will be formally launched after the FTA business. read more

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New directions for restaurant expansion

do you know what’s brunch? What do you think of the brunch? I know some people think of first is the Sheraton, Shangri-La, Kempinski five star hotel, each from 200 to 900 yuan luxury feast.

this kind of imported food products category is very interesting. Brunch Breakfast is a brunch (breakfast) and Lunch (lunch) the words, that is from the United Kingdom, noble hunt in the morning, hearty meals for lunch near the servants of the. Another is that from the United States, nightlife is the modern city people are normal, Friday, Saturday night, people play all night, the morning of the second day can not open eyes, the first meal until almost noon to start, will gradually have brunch culture. read more

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Partnership to dry cleaners to be cautious

entrepreneurship shop, a person’s money is not enough, you can get a few people well, especially in the current environment or to raise the public, which I am afraid that has become a lot of entrepreneurs ideas. However, if the partnership shop, we also need to be careful, or you might be the final and lost two. Below, let Xiaobian introduce a partner to open the dry cleaners the final failure of the case, you can give investors a reference.

partnership cleaners let me rencailiangkong. In 2006 I saw everyone has invested in the dry cleaning industry, want to open a dry cleaning shop, but then suffer from have not enough money, so I think the partnership dry cleaners. At that time, I and my best friend raised 100 thousand to open a dry cleaning shop. I thought the partnership could not only make money but also increase the friendship between us. But later, I found that I was wrong. read more

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nternet marketing is the key to seize the big content of the world cup

in South America on the samba earth, once every four years the world cup will undoubtedly lead to a global concern. In this long fan festivals, all Internet Co are mustering the effort, a tactic to attract the eye, grab the user. Therefore, in the context of the content of the marketing trend, how to show a better content, to provide more timely and effective information and a wide range of insights, these need to carefully consider the decision-making. But either way, the most important, is around their strongest point through the aggregation of resources to make a fuss, attract a wider range of users to participate in the activities, thereby increasing its viscosity and retention. So, when the world cup has come, how are you playing? read more

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nvestment in traditional fast food shops need to know what skills

at present, with the accelerating pace of life, the market demand for fast food consumers is constantly increasing, the industry has been in development at an alarming rate, although the market of many fast food, but it is not difficult to find, more popular is our traditional fast food, but for the traditional fast food stores to open business people, the following share shop tips will help you to believe the profit.

first, the opening of the traditional fast food franchise stores to choose a good, have the strength of the snack franchise brand. The traditional fast food brand stores headquarters with professional guidance team, shop specialized services to the franchisee, from the first to the successful shop, each link has professional support, whether it is the location of shops, decoration, or operation, management, headquarters will help, and the autocorrelation has summed up the experience in the shop without reservation to impart to investors, so that everyone can efficiently store opened up. read more

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A successful noodle shop to pay attention to what

pasta has been China’s catering market is a very important, because of this, if you want to venture capital, natural open noodle shop is also a good choice. However, easy to open a shop, but the success of the shop is facing more difficulties, we need to be more careful. Then, a successful noodle shop to pay attention to what?

1, do you find the best office near the shop floor or the school, will be the main target consumer positioning in your office workers or students, their lunch consumption should be the biggest source of income. read more

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How to do underwear brand agent

is our underwear must be necessities, the huge market demand, so the underwear product is a good choice of business, but how to do the underwear brands? Good agents and manufacturers are often willing to regional cooperation in the operation of advertising, and in a timely manner to push out your own company. So as a clothing brand to join agents, how to better manage it? The following small series underwear brand agent, for example,


a brand choice should be careful

a Shaanxi agent within a year for 3 underwear brand first brand products, because the style is not suitable, Europeanization, changed in 3 months; second brand for about half a year, the price is too high, always open the market, had to give up; third brands had less than 3 month, the brand manufacturers will specialize in single processing to, no longer do domestic products, the agency also had to withdraw. A year later, a warehouse full of 3 brands of products, invested a lot of money and energy, but no profit, you said this agent read more

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Huiquan beer how to join venture capital brand

in today’s society, modern people often need to socialize, choose to invest in the beer market prospect is very broad, Huiquan beer now as the beer industry well-known brands, the popularity is very high, the investment Huiquan beer, beer can lead the fashion.

in the world beer industry, beer is a popular health drink beer, especially the per capita consumption of large European countries. In 2011, Yanjing springs company launched such products in Fujian Province, to give consumers a "fresh sense". read more

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5 mistakes in college students’ pioneering work

in spite of the current good entrepreneurial environment, there are already more and more college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurs want to succeed, we need to avoid mistakes, choose the right way. Therefore, we only recognize the mistakes on the road, can make their own entrepreneurial success rate is higher. So, what are the 5 mistakes on the way to college students?

in recent years, with the increasing number of college graduates, the state’s efforts to increase the intensity of entrepreneurship, more and more college students choose to start their own business after graduation. However, entrepreneurship is easy, it is difficult to. A lot of people have been killed for their own cause. We encourage college students to start their own businesses, hoping that this will bring more jobs, however, it is easy to make mistakes in college students entrepreneurship. Here, the small talk about the 5 common errors in college students entrepreneurship, hoping to help some of them. read more

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Battery car ten brands list

in the road is getting worse and worse, more and more cars under the circumstances, the battery car has become a lot of people will use a means of transport. Of course, with the increasing demand of people, the big market brand is growing. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of car batteries, so as to be able to choose a suitable car brand.

battery car ten brands list NO.01, Emma:

Emma Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd, electric – car batteries ten brands, in 1999, Tianjin city famous trademark, focused on the manufacture of durable fashion car, intelligent low carbon transportation pioneer. read more

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Teach you how to be a millionaire

we all want to be rich, but can become rich and how many people, choose a suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, to lead their own success, to help you achieve the dream of getting rich. Most of the young people of the target is 1 million yuan, and the sooner the better implementation. But according to a web survey, seven of adults think they should have at least $30 in deposits at the age of seven, but only about 10% of the population is able to do so, according to a survey of 100 thousand people. This means that there are quite a number of young people, even the goal of 100 thousand yuan have not been able to achieve, millions of wealth is a distant dream. read more

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The hotel opened in Hefei to head back to the guest variable repeat

the success of the restaurant industry is the standard of how many guests you stay and not how many guests, so in Hefei to open a restaurant to find ways to meet the tastes of every consumer. Hefei is located in East China, want to develop their career in Hefei to fully understand the Hefei local people’s taste preferences, usually because the catering industry is affected by the regional scope, radiating generally a restaurant is Annex 5 kilometers, in the range of consumers patronize the restaurant number more, and more from the restaurant in the more frequent.

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Xiaobian teach you how to open underwear shop


underwear is one of the necessities of life, modern people when choosing underwear not only value style, but also pay attention to the quality of the fabric, so now open a lingerie shop less than ever, grasp the essential certain management skills, so as to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

1, joined the shop operation simple: "join" said a simple point is to let the layman can be familiar with specific matters through short-term education and training, from amateur to proficient, so be sure to store a simple operation. read more

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The fire will upset entrepreneurial projects

Feng Shui turn, not all projects will always be profitable, not all projects will be long-term profitability! According to the changing market demand, the demand of people is constantly changing, the business is very hot yesterday, maybe tomorrow will go cold yesterday, popular business, it will fire tomorrow! Let us now look at what are popular, but will the future fire!

An entrepreneurial project

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Small weapon baby products stores how to operate in order to profit

with the improvement of the quality of life, people’s attention to the children reached an unprecedented level, which has brought a hot market for maternal and child products industry, but you know the mother and child supplies store money making skills? The following Xiaobian take you to a specific understanding of the business will certainly help friends.

store location? read more

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The snow shop can provide door-to-door service

shop business people should have experience, once the snow, the store will be a lot of business deserted. If the owner wants to let the store to attract more business, naturally need to take the initiative to provide some attractive service. In fact, doing business if encountered snow shop, provide door-to-door service, will let the store business development.

a few days ago, the snow, the road traffic significantly reduced, the store’s business is relatively deserted.

turn on the shopping record of the consumer spending habits, a few old customers in the community may come shopping. Think of the old cripple snow travel difficult, I said to his wife: "you take care of the shop, my home delivery." read more

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