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Profit system spreads misery: Time to expose capitalism, fight for socialism

first_imgThe time to openly attack and expose capitalism and advocate for its opposite, socialism, has not been this ripe since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The capitalist system is transparently rotten to the core and taking a huge toll on the lives of workers — whether employed or unemployed. The devastation in the ­African-American, Latino/a and other oppressed communities is extreme.There are numerous studies by banks, ruling-class think tanks, universities and so on giving a partial picture of how bad things are. Even in the upper echelons of the rich and their thinkers, there is deep concern about the actual deterioration of economic and social conditions — ­because they fear eventual rebellion.Of course, this anxiety among those who have the real information is not at all reflected in the propaganda machine of big business, which continues to talk up the economy. For example, in the last quarter the economy is supposed to have grown at 3.5 percent. Unemployment, they tell us, is going down and hiring is on the rise.Talking up economy, playing down realityHere are some of the things the publicists of the rich do not dwell upon:Economic inequality is at obscene levels. Mass suffering is increasing as the stock market reaches new highs — despite its ups and downs. Working-class debt of all types goes up as bank profits soar.Trillions of dollars have been poured into the banking system to bail out the rich, even as millions of workers are under water and live from paycheck to paycheck — if they are fortunate enough to get a paycheck.The so-called decline in the unemployment rate is because workers have dropped out of the work force by the millions. Millions more are working at low-wage jobs, are forced to work part time or are working two and three jobs just to make ends meet.All television networks, mainstream newspapers and major politicians of the two big business parties tell us the system is basically sound and “we” are “coming back” from the capitalist crisis of 2007 to 2009. This is a smokescreen designed to conceal the fact that the “comeback” is only for the rich. The masses of people not only have not “come back” but are living with hardship on a daily basis.Half of those in cities are ‘economically insecure’According to a sweeping survey conducted by the Corporation for Enterprise Development, nearly half the people in major U.S. cities are living in a state of economic insecurity.The survey asked: “If you lost your job or had a bad accident, how long would your savings last?”The answers, according to a report in the Sept. 17 New York Times, showed: “Nearly half of all households in major cities don’t have enough money saved to cover essential expenses in an emergency.“For many Americans, living without any cushion can lead to financial disaster. This nerve-racking financial insecurity has come to characterize life in cities across the country.“In Newark, for example, three-quarters of the population does not have enough money to meet basic expenses for three months at the federal poverty level, about $6,000 for a family of four. The absence of assets that can be quickly converted to cash — like stocks, bank accounts or retirement accounts — is why the study calls these people ‘liquid asset poor.’ Other cities where more than half the population has nearly no financial leeway include Detroit at 68 percent, Miami at 67 percent, Cleveland at nearly 65 percent, as well as Laredo, Tex.; Birmingham, Ala.; Milwaukee; Buffalo; and Memphis.”This survey was conducted for the banks. While it undoubtedly understates the situation, the figures show that the profit system is grinding the people down.This survey does not include widespread rural poverty, which in many ways is even worse because support resources are scarcer, transportation costs are higher, and jobs are even harder to get. It is harder to conduct surveys where the population is dispersed.Half can’t raise $400 in an emergencyLast year the Federal Reserve Bank did an extensive study showing that half the population could not come up with $400 to meet an emergency car repair, doctor’s bill, etc., without borrowing money or selling something. (“Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2013”) The same study showed that 60 percent of the people did not have enough savings to last three months if they lost their job, were injured, etc. This condition was much worst in African-American and Latino/a communities.As for the so-called decline in the unemployment rate, 6.3 million workers have dropped out of the work force, according to official statistics. These are among the “missing workers.” If they were counted, the unemployment rate would be 9.6 percent. Over 90 million people in the U.S. are not in the labor force.So the population has clearly not “come back” from the economic crisis.Studies don’t mention profit system as causeWhat these studies leave out, and what the working class needs to know above all, is that the problem is the capitalist system of wage slavery — and the solution is socialism.For example, student debt now exceeds $1.2 trillion. People in their sixties are still paying on their debt, while the new generation has become indentured to the banks because education is so expensive and the system of student loans is harsh and unjust.The students know this. But they also need to know that it is because of the capitalist system, in which the banks are powerful rulers who dictate legislation, fees, interest rates, penalties, etc. This is the financial core of capitalism — the so-called “free market” profit system. The privately owned, profit-making banks are so powerful that the only way to put an end to their blood sucking is to get rid of them and the profit system itself.It is not only student debt but mortgage debt, auto debt, credit card debt, payday loan debt and many other kinds of robbery of workers’ wages that weigh down the population.Communists must expose the systemThe struggle against capitalism and for socialism requires that communists bring explicit knowledge of the system of exploitation to the workers and the movement. That is essential to the struggle for socialism. Understanding the enemy is a basic necessity for working-class leaders.The truth is that the corporate industrialists, who are financed by the banks and merged with them, oppress and exploit workers for profit. It is a law of the system. The corporations and businesses own the economy — the factories, the hospitals, the big box stores, etc. Workers own only their ability to work and the few personal possessions they have been able to accumulate in a lifetime of labor.And the bosses completely dominate the political system. No promises or urging by capitalist politicians to create jobs, lessen inequality, etc., will turn the bosses around. They are guided by their own profit interests.Workers are dependent on the bosses to live. They must sell their ability to do a job of some type to a capitalist, day after day, month after month, year after year. If the bosses won’t hire them or business falls off, then the workers are out of luck. They work at the will of the owners.Workers get paid just enough to live, or nowadays even less than that. The wealth they create above and beyond the value of their wages goes into the pockets and vaults of the bosses. The more they can get from the workers, the more they can produce with fewer workers, the more profits they make.The masses are suffering from the law of the maximization of profit, which drives capitalism.That is why the bosses put in automation software and robotic production. That is why they outsource jobs to non-union sweatshops in low-wage countries. That is why they won’t pay benefits.They want to lower their labor costs by laying off workers and then extracting more out of the workers who remain on the job.And they can only do this because they own the means of production, transportation and services.Under capitalism, the working class is totally dependent on the bosses. This is why the unemployment rate won’t go down. This is why wages are permanently low. And this is why half the population, and probably more, live in a state of economic insecurity and worse.The fightback against the capitalists and their drive to extract more and more unpaid labor from the workers must be escalated. But in the long run, the working class and the oppressed must eliminate their dependence on the capitalist class by getting rid of them and their system. Only when there is a socialist revolution and workers take over the economy in order to run it for human need and not for profit will we be able to escape the capitalist nightmare.There is a great deal more that communists must explain. The roots of racism, sexism, bigotry and oppression of all types. The persecution and scapegoating of undocumented immigrants. The drive to militarism, intervention and war. The deceptive character of capitalist politics.True class consciousness means understanding the enemy class and all of its treacherous features.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

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Four Burundian journalists complete 12 months in arbitrary detention

first_img“As these journalists decided not to refer their case to the supreme court after their conviction was confirmed on appeal, they are eligible for a presidential pardon, which we ask Burundi’s recently elected president to grant,” said Arnaud Froger, the head of RSF’s Africa desk.  “The release of these reporters, who did absolutely nothing wrong, would send a conciliatory message to the media and journalists who have been subjected to very intense persecution since the 2015 crisis. Keeping them in prison, on the other hand, would mean one can still be jailed just for reporting the news. After five long years of predatory practices towards the media, the continuation of this policy would send a terrible signal to the Burundian journalists who are still courageously trying to do their job.” During this year’s presidential election campaign, a ruling party parliamentarian reacted to an article he did not like by threatening to “crush the heads” of Iwacu’s journalists, while the president’s spokesman called them a “virus.” The 2020 pandemic has challenged press freedom in Africa As far as Burundi’s reporters recall, none of its journalists have ever spent so long in detention in the past. The fact that Christine Kamikazi, Agnès Ndirubusa, Térence Mpozenzi and Egide Harerimana will complete their first 12 months in prison tomorrow is therefore not just arbitrary but also unprecedented. Organisation Burundian appeal court upholds prison sentences for four journalists Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on Burundi’s new president to pardon four journalists who have been detained arbitrarily for the past year and who are victims of the country’s draconian curbs on the freedom to inform. to go further Employed by Iwacu, one of Burundi’s last bastions of freely reported news, they were arrested on 22 October 2019 after travelling to the northwest of the country to cover an incursion by a group of Burundian rebels based in the east of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. The incursion led to clashes with then President Pierre Nkurunziza’s armed forces. June 5, 2020 Find out more Their hoped-for release after President Nkurunziza’s death on 8 June 2020 and Évariste Ndayishimiye’s succession as president ten days later has so far failed to materialize and they are now “dispirited,” according to Iwacu editor Antoine Kaburahe, who has lived in self-imposed exile since being threatened during the political crisis in 2015. News BurundiAfrica Condemning abusesProtecting journalists ImprisonedFreedom of expressionJudicial harassment Independent press locked out of Burundi’s presidential election Les quatre journalistes d’Iwacu, le 30 décembre 2019 à Bubanza, Burundi. Crédit : Iwacu Help by sharing this information Burundi is ranked 160th out of 180 countries and territories in RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index. RSF_en More than 7,000 people have signed the #FreeIwacu petition launched by RSF to press for the release of the four Iwacu journalists. BurundiAfrica Condemning abusesProtecting journalists ImprisonedFreedom of expressionJudicial harassment October 21, 2020 – Updated on October 22, 2020 Four Burundian journalists complete 12 months in arbitrary detention News In January 2020, they were sentenced to 30 months in prison on a charge of “attempted complicity in a violation of state security” – a sentence upheld on appeal six months later. It was nonetheless made clear during the original trial and the appeal hearing that the four reporters had absolutely no links with the rebel group, and just did their job by going into the field to cover a major news story. Follow the news on Burundi Receive email alerts News November 27, 2020 Find out more Since 2015, several radio stations have been burned down and dozens of journalists have been forced to flee the country. Nowadays, there are few journalists and media outlets in Burundi that still try to operate in a free and independent manner. Those that do are routinely exposed to censorship, threats, intimidation and abuses. In addition to seeing four of its journalists arbitrarily jailed, Iwacu lost one of its most experienced reporters when Jean Bigirimana disappeared on 22 July 2016. According to several witnesses, he was last seen in the custody of intelligence officers. Reports May 20, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

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Concern about death threats against head of news photographers’ association

first_img Organisation RSF, IFEX-ALC and Media Defence, support FLIP and journalist Diana Díaz against state harassment in Colombia ColombiaAmericas May 13, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information March 7, 2003 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Concern about death threats against head of news photographers’ association Reporters Without Borders today voiced concern about a series of death threats received by Gladys Barajas, the head of the Circle of Colombian News Photographers (CRGC), and urged the authorities to ensure her safety.”The messages received by Gladys Barajas constitute a new offensive by the enemies of press freedom, who no longer just target journalists but also their defenders,” Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard said in a letter to interior minister Fernando Londonno. “We urge you to do everything possible to ensure her safety and thereby prevent further deterioration in the already critical situation of the press.”Barajas announced her intention of leaving Colombia on 3 March, after receiving an e-mail message the previous evening warning her that she had seven days to live and that her silence “would no longer suffice” to save her life. Previously, On 17 and 25 February, she received anonymous letters saying that “the time of defending journalists is over” and pronouncing “death to trade unionists and the defenders of press freedom.” The origin of these threats is unknown.The CRGC had issued a press release on 13 February protesting against the beating received by Herminso Ruiz, a photographer with the weekly El Espectador, at the hands of police officers when he was covering the attack on the El Nogal night club on 7 February. The release also mentioned the cases of Wilson Vizcaino of the daily El Tiempo and Diego Cauca of the daily Portafolio, who were also recently harassed by police. The CRGC also took part in a demonstration by journalists on 24 January to demand the release of two foreign reporters who were abducted by guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) in Arauca department.Attacks on press freedom are taking an increasing toll on journalists in Colombia. According to information compiled by Reporters Without Borders, five journalists and media assistants were killed in 2002, about 60 were abducted, threatened or physically attacked, more than 20 were forced to flee the country or the region where they lived and worked, and there were eight attacks or attempted attacks with explosives. In January of 2003, eight journalists were kidnapped by illegal armed groups and seven others were obstructed in the course of their work by the police or other authorities. Receive email alerts Follow the news on Colombia April 27, 2021 Find out more Newscenter_img ColombiaAmericas October 21, 2020 Find out more 2011-2020: A study of journalist murders in Latin America confirms the importance of strengthening protection policies to go further RSF begins research into mechanisms for protecting journalists in Latin America RSF_en News Reports Newslast_img read more

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Caltech Physicists Uncover Novel Phase of Matter

first_img Business News More Cool Stuff Herbeauty18 Ways To Get Rid Of HiccupsHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty9 Gorgeous Looks That Have Been Classic Go-tos For DecadesHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyAmazing Sparks Of On-Screen Chemistry From The 90-sHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyWomen Love These Great Tips To Making Your Teeth Look WhiterHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty7 Most Startling Movie Moments We Didn’t Realize Were InsensitiveHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty9 Of The Best Family Friendly Dog BreedsHerbeautyHerbeauty David Hsieh directs the path of a laser beam through an apparatus, which is used to measure spontaneous self-organization of electrons inside a crystal. Credit: Lance Hayashida/CaltechA team of physicists led by Caltech’s David Hsieh has discovered an unusual form of matter—not a conventional metal, insulator, or magnet, for example, but something entirely different. This phase, characterized by an unusual ordering of electrons, offers possibilities for new electronic device functionalities and could hold the solution to a long-standing mystery in condensed matter physics having to do with high-temperature superconductivity—the ability for some materials to conduct electricity without resistance, even at “high” temperatures approaching –100 degrees Celsius.“The discovery of this phase was completely unexpected and not based on any prior theoretical prediction,” says Hsieh, an assistant professor of physics, who previously was on a team that discovered another form of matter called a topological insulator. “The whole field of electronic materials is driven by the discovery of new phases, which provide the playgrounds in which to search for new macroscopic physical properties.”Artist’s rendition of spatially segregated domains of multipolar order in the Sr2IrO4 crystal. The orientation of the multipolar order in each domain is depicted by the multi-lobed object. Credit: Liuyan ZhaoHsieh and his colleagues describe their findings in the November issue of Nature Physics, and the paper is now available online. Liuyan Zhao, a postdoctoral scholar in Hsieh’s group, is lead author on the paper.The physicists made the discovery while testing a laser-based measurement technique that they recently developed to look for what is called multipolar order. To understand multipolar order, first consider a crystal with electrons moving around throughout its interior. Under certain conditions, it can be energetically favorable for these electrical charges to pile up in a regular, repeating fashion inside the crystal, forming what is called a charge-ordered phase. The building block of this type of order, namely charge, is simply a scalar quantity—that is, it can be described by just a numerical value, or magnitude.In addition to charge, electrons also have a degree of freedom known as spin. When spins line up parallel to each other (in a crystal, for example), they form a ferromagnet—the type of magnet you might use on your refrigerator and that is used in the strip on your credit card. Because spin has both a magnitude and a direction, a spin-ordered phase is described by a vector.Over the last several decades, physicists have developed sophisticated techniques to look for both of these types of phases. But what if the electrons in a material are not ordered in one of those ways? In other words, what if the order were described not by a scalar or vector but by something with more dimensionality, like a matrix? This could happen, for example, if the building block of the ordered phase was a pair of oppositely pointing spins—one pointing north and one pointing south—described by what is known as a magnetic quadrupole. Such examples of multipolar-ordered phases of matter are difficult to detect using traditional experimental probes.As it turns out, the new phase that the Hsieh group identified is precisely this type of multipolar order.To detect multipolar order, Hsieh’s group utilized an effect called optical harmonic generation, which is exhibited by all solids but is usually extremely weak. Typically, when you look at an object illuminated by a single frequency of light, all of the light that you see reflected from the object is at that frequency. When you shine a red laser pointer at a wall, for example, your eye detects red light. However, for all materials, there is a tiny amount of light bouncing off at integer multiples of the incoming frequency. So with the red laser pointer, there will also be some blue light bouncing off of the wall. You just do not see it because it is such a small percentage of the total light. These multiples are called optical harmonics.The Hsieh group’s experiment exploited the fact that changes in the symmetry of a crystal will affect the strength of each harmonic differently. Since the emergence of multipolar ordering changes the symmetry of the crystal in a very specific way—a way that can be largely invisible to conventional probes—their idea was that the optical harmonic response of a crystal could serve as a fingerprint of multipolar order.“We found that light reflected at the second harmonic frequency revealed a set of symmetries completely different from those of the known crystal structure, whereas this effect was completely absent for light reflected at the fundamental frequency,” says Hsieh. “This is a very clear fingerprint of a specific type of multipolar order.”The specific compound that the researchers studied was strontium-iridium oxide (Sr2IrO4), a member of the class of synthetic compounds broadly known as iridates. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of interest in Sr2IrO4 owing to certain features it shares with copper-oxide-based compounds, or cuprates. Cuprates are the only family of materials known to exhibit superconductivity at high temperatures—exceeding 100 Kelvin (–173 degrees Celsius). Structurally, iridates and cuprates are very similar. And like the cuprates, iridates are electrically insulating antiferromagnets that become increasingly metallic as electrons are added to or removed from them through a process called chemical doping. A high enough level of doping will transform cuprates into high-temperature superconductors, and as cuprates evolve from being insulators to superconductors, they first transition through a mysterious phase known as the pseudogap, where an additional amount of energy is required to strip electrons out of the material. For decades, scientists have debated the origin of the pseudogap and its relationship to superconductivity—whether it is a necessary precursor to superconductivity or a competing phase with a distinct set of symmetry properties. If that relationship were better understood, scientists believe, it might be possible to develop materials that superconduct at temperatures approaching room temperature.Recently, a pseudogap phase also has been observed in Sr2IrO4—and Hsieh’s group has found that the multipolar order they have identified exists over a doping and temperature window where the pseudogap is present. The researchers are still investigating whether the two overlap exactly, but Hsieh says the work suggests a connection between multipolar order and pseudogap phenomena.“There is also very recent work by other groups showing signatures of superconductivity in Sr2IrO4 of the same variety as that found in cuprates,” he says. “Given the highly similar phenomenology of the iridates and cuprates, perhaps iridates will help us resolve some of the longstanding debates about the relationship between the pseudogap and high-temperature superconductivity.”Hsieh says the finding emphasizes the importance of developing new tools to try to uncover new phenomena. “This was really enabled by a simultaneous technique advancement,” he says.Furthermore, he adds, these multipolar orders might exist in many more materials. “Sr2IrO4 is the first thing we looked at, so these orders could very well be lurking in other materials as well, and that’s exactly what we are pursuing next.”Additional Caltech authors on the paper, “Evidence of an odd-parity hidden order in a spin–orbit coupled correlated iridate,” are Darius H. Torchinsky, Hao Chu, and Vsevolod Ivanov. Ron Lifshitz of Tel Aviv University, Rebecca Flint of Iowa State University, and Tongfei Qi and Gang Cao of the University of Kentucky are also coauthors. The work was supported by funding from the Army Research Office, the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, an NSF Physics Frontiers Center with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Subscribe Make a comment faithfernandez More » ShareTweetShare on Google+Pin on PinterestSend with WhatsApp,Virtual Schools PasadenaHomes Solve Community/Gov/Pub SafetyCitizen Service CenterPASADENA EVENTS & ACTIVITIES CALENDARClick here for Movie Showtimes First Heatwave Expected Next Week Community News Get our daily Pasadena newspaper in your email box. Free.Get all the latest Pasadena news, more than 10 fresh stories daily, 7 days a week at 7 a.m. Top of the News center_img Your email address will not be published. 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Suited and booted for handbag snatch

first_img TAGSCrimeMusic Limerick Gardaí step up operations to tackle Limerick dognappers Emma Langford shortlisted for RTE Folk Award and playing a LIVE SHOW!!! this Saturday Celebrating a ground breaking year in music from Limerick Email WhatsApp Previous articleWould you like to swing on a (Fuerza Bruta) star?Next articleArdscoil Ris comes of age with €11m extension Staff Reporter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Print Facebookcenter_img Twitter Linkedin #HearThis: New music and video from Limerick rapper Strange Boy #SaucySoul: Room 58 – ‘Hate To See You Leave’ Watch the streamed gig for Fergal Nash album launch NewsCrime & CourtSuited and booted for handbag snatchBy Staff Reporter – March 11, 2014 535 Advertisement Gardai are seeking a well-dressed man who tried to rob a woman’s handbag outside a Limerick city bank last week.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The culprit was identified as one of two men who approached a woman outside the KBC bank on O’Connell Street at around 8.30pm last Wednesday night.The woman was walking outside the KBC bank when the men tried to snatch her handbag.One of the men, described as being in his 40s and wearing a black suit, white shirt and a black tie, attempted to pull the woman’s handbag from her shoulder.A struggle ensued and then the second male, who was also wearing black clothing, intervened to stop the other from taking the handbag.Both of them walked off in the direction of O’Connell Avenue and Gardaí at Henry Street are now seeking the assistance of anyone who may have been in the vicinity of O’Connell Street and saw the men or witnessed the incident.last_img read more

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Lawyer Seeks Initiation Of Criminal Contempt Against DIG Of CBI For Alleged Physical Assault On Public Prosecutor

first_imgTop StoriesLawyer Seeks Initiation Of Criminal Contempt Against DIG Of CBI For Alleged Physical Assault On Public Prosecutor Sanya Talwar30 Oct 2020 9:37 AMShare This – xA representation to the Delhi government’s standing counsel, Mr Rahul Mehra has been made by an Advocate seeking his consent for initiating criminal contempt proceedings against CBI Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Raghavendra Vatsa, who allegedly punched a public prosecutor in his face.Advocate Amit Sahni has made the representation invoking section 15 of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 in…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginA representation to the Delhi government’s standing counsel, Mr Rahul Mehra has been made by an Advocate seeking his consent for initiating criminal contempt proceedings against CBI Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Raghavendra Vatsa, who allegedly punched a public prosecutor in his face.Advocate Amit Sahni has made the representation invoking section 15 of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 in order to initiate proceedings against the CBI official stating that he has caused deliberate obstruction on the administration of justice.”That the brief fact of the matter are that various news reports mentioned that a CBI prosecutor has told a Delhi court that he was punched and strangulated by a DIG rank officer of the investigate agency inside the CBI headquarters, allegedly over a delay in framing of charges against Rajendra Kumar, former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The said Rajendra Kumar is facing trial in a corruption case pending before Special Judge, CBI, Rouse Avenue Court, New delhi,” says Sahni outlining the issue.Further, it is stated in the Representation that “it goes without saying” that political compulsions cannot license and CBI officer to abuse is power in such a manner to the extent  of causing beatings/strangulating an Advocate/public Prosecutor of the premier agency for not accelerating the framing of charges before the Special CBI this backdrop, it is highlighted that the sole motive of the turn of events was to expedite framing of charges in a particular proceedings and the same requires intervention of the Court.Calling it a crystal clear case of the accused causing obstruction on the administration of justice, Sahni has sought the initiation of contempt proceedings against the DIG.Additionally, Sahni has also written to the Bar Council of India Chairman to take appropriate action against the official for the physical attack upon the Public Prosecutor, CBI.Click Here To Download Representation To Standing CounselClick Here To Download Representation To BCINext Storylast_img read more

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“Such Petitions Are Filed For Cheap Publicity” – Bombay High Court Pulls Up Petitioner Over Plea Seeking Probe Against Param Bir Singh And Anil Deshmukh

first_imgNews Updates”Such Petitions Are Filed For Cheap Publicity” – Bombay High Court Pulls Up Petitioner Over Plea Seeking Probe Against Param Bir Singh And Anil Deshmukh Sharmeen Hakim30 March 2021 1:44 AMShare This – xThe Bombay High Court on Tuesday observed that prima facie the petition filed by practising advocate Dr Jaishri Laxmanrao Patil seeking a CBI inquiry into allegations of corruption against State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and others are done for “cheap publicity.” “Prima facie we are of the opinion that such petitions are filed for cheap publicity,” Justice SS Shinde, heading…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe Bombay High Court on Tuesday observed that prima facie the petition filed by practising advocate Dr Jaishri Laxmanrao Patil seeking a CBI inquiry into allegations of corruption against State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and others are done for “cheap publicity.” “Prima facie we are of the opinion that such petitions are filed for cheap publicity,” Justice SS Shinde, heading the division bench said while hearing the plea. The bench came down heavily on Patil the moment the hearing began, citing a shoddily drafted petition. “You say you are a doctorate in criminology but please show us a single paragraph drafted by you. Your entire petition is based on extracting paragraphs from a letter,” the bench observed. The court added that the contents of Patil’s petition were primarily based on the letter former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh has written to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray, making serious allegations of corruption against the State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. “What is your contribution[ to the petition]? What are your original pleadings? What is your locus?” the bench asked the petitioner. Justice Shinde then asked why was the extraordinary jurisdiction of the Court invoked, to which Patil responded that she had not invoked the court’s extraordinary jurisdiction, only to realise her folly a couple of seconds later. Regarding her locus, Patil said she had first approached the police with a complaint but no action was taken. Moreover, she was an intervenor when Singh approached the Supreme Court. The court then asked Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni the status of Patil’s complaint. “The complaint is pending, but it’s a very shoddily drafted petition. Even the font size is different. I want to read a few Supreme Court judgements on this aspect.” The bench sought to know if other petitions are pending on the same issue, to which the AG informed the court that a division bench led by Chief Justice Dipankar Datta will hear Param Bir Singh’s PIL tomorrow. “There are other petitions, as well,” the AG submitted. The bench then suggested that the AG may apply for clubbing of the other pending writ petitions to avoid contradictory orders and posted the matter for hearing, on Thursday. Background Patil approached the Bombay High Court on March 23, seeking an investigation into Param Bir Singh’s letter by CBI, ED or any other independent agency. She has said that the investigation should also be conducted against Param Bir Singh, as well, considering he was the Mumbai Police Commissioner for a year but failed to bring such a heinous crime forward. Two other similar petitions are pending for an independent probe into the corruption and extortion allegation. One of them, a Pune based activist has sought an FIR And court-monitored probe against Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, Home Minister and Param Bir Singh.Next Storylast_img read more

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Former steer show champs return for 70th event

first_img By Jaine Treadwell Sponsored Content Troy falls to No. 13 Clemson Remember America’s heroes on Memorial Day Former steer show champs return for 70th event By The Penny Hoarder Print Article Book Nook to reopen You Might Like Five weddings Wendy and Danny Calhoun were the first of five scheduled weddings for Pike County Probate Judge Wes Allen on Tuesday…. read more Plans underway for historic Pike County celebration Pike County Sheriff’s Office offering community child ID kits Skip Thompson said her parents, Mike and Susie Waters, supporter her and later her brother and sister, Carson and Jennifer, every step of the way.“Raising show calves has to be a family commitment,” Thompson said. “It’s a year round commitment and it’s a daily commitment. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 below zero or 110 degrees, the calves still have to be fed.”Thompson said her days began at 5 a.m.“We turned the calves out at night so they could exercise,” she said. “In the morning, we had to bring them back to the pen to be fed, washed and brushed. After school, it was to do over again but, in the afternoon, we put the fans on the calves to train their hair to grow. Many afternoons, we walked them and trained them to set before we turned them out of the night.”Thompson spoke in “plurals” because she said, raising calves involves the entire family and, because she raised “calves.”“We worked as a family but I had much of the responsibility and I wanted that responsibility because I loved everything about raising and showing calves,” she said. “I showed a lot of steers and accepted that they were being raised for the market.”Thompson always had her eye on the prize – that of Grand Champion  — and, even when she came in last in a couple of shows, she was not discouraged.“I wanted to do better and I knew I could do better,” she said. “I would just have to work harder.”And work harder she did — and longer.“Cows went on our vacations,” Thompson said, laughing. “We planned our vacations around calf shows.”Thompson showed calves that had been purchased in Oklahoma and Texas but it was a $900 Alabama steer that won the title of the Alabama State Grand Champion.“Fred was the cheapest steer that I ever showed,” Thompson said. “He wasn’t much in the green stage but my dad had an eye for a steer’s potential.”The Waters family had moved to Henry County and that’s where Thompson’s dream of a championship came true.The year was 1995 and Thompson was 15 years old. She had placed second to her friend at several shows but her hopes were high at the state show in Montgomery.“I didn’t even think the judge had looked at my steer,” she said, with a smile. “When he started to tell about the steer he had picked, he said that this steer looked like a big teddy bear that you wanted to hug. He was talking about Fred.”Thompson said she cried and kissed her steer and cried some more.“In that one moment all of the hard work paid off,” she said.Thompson won many awards in showmanship and with other steers but nothing equaled the exhilaration and satisfaction of a job well done, like that one crowning moment.Her sister, Jennifer, won the Alabama State Steer Show in 2000 and brought the state title to Pike County for the first time.Thompson said she would not take anything for the time she and her family shared while raising and showing calves. And, if she could, she would be back in the ring today. But, as it is, she is grooming her two-year-old son to follow in her footsteps and his baby sister is waiting in the wings. “This year, we have eight young people from around the county that will be competing and we hope that everyone will stay and enjoy the 70th Annual Pike County Steer and Heifer Show,” Lyons said.Not only will Ammie Waters Thompson be there. She will be there with bells on.Thompson began showing calves when she was eight years old and, if she had her druthers, she would be in the ring when the show turns 70.“I have loved cows for as long as I can remember,” Thompson said. “We lived near Michael Goodson and his family raised show calves and I fell in love with them. My love blossomed and I’ve loved cows ever since. I still love cows.” Email the author Published 6:45 am Thursday, February 16, 2012 Any year or event that ends in zero is considered a milestone. So, The Pike County Steer and Heifer Show will reach a milestone on Saturday, March 3 with its 70th annual steer and heifer show.Grant Lyons, Pike County Extension coordinator, said that, over the 70 years, hundreds of young people have competed for the titles of Grand and Reserve Champion and for showmanship awards.“Not all of the competitors took home awards but they were all winners,” Lyons said.Ammie Waters Thompson with Sam, the fist steer she showed at her first Pike County Steer Show in 1989. (Submitted Photo) The time and effort invested in raising a show steer or heifer is tremendous and takes a year round commitment, not only from the young people but also from their families.“Raising show calves involves the entire family and a total commitment,” Lyons said. “At the 70th Annual Pike County Steer and Heifer Show on March 3, we want to recognize all of those who have been involved in the show over the years. So, everyone who has been involved in any capacity is invited to come and celebrate 70 years with us.”The pre-show hamburger supper will be at 5 p.m. and the calf show will begin at 6 p.m. The Penny Hoarder Issues “Urgent” Alert: 6 Companies… Latest Stories Around the WebDoctor: Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch)Health VideosIf You Have Ringing Ears Do This Immediately (Ends Tinnitus)Healthier LivingHave an Enlarged Prostate? Urologist Reveals: Do This Immediately (Watch)Healthier LivingWomen Only: Stretch This Muscle to Stop Bladder Leakage (Watch)Healthier LivingRemoving Moles & Skin Tags Has Never Been This EasyEssential HealthRemember Them? I’m Sure Their New Net Worth Will Leave You SpeechlessbradofoThe content you see here is paid for by the advertiser or content provider whose link you click on, and is recommended to you by Revcontent. 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LA County leads US in COVID-19 cases, Florida sees highest 1-day increase

first_imgMyriam Borzee/iStockBy MATT GUTMAN and EMILY SHAPIRO, ABC News(LOS ANGELES) — Los Angeles County has more cases of coronavirus than any other county in the U.S. as of Wednesday morning.LA has over 88,500 residents diagnosed with COVID-19, followed by 87,700 cases in Cook County, Illinois, and 64,000 cases in Queens in New York City.For comparison, the entire state of Florida has 109,000 cases as of Wednesday morning — even with its highest one-day increase of 5,500.LA County has about 10 million residents while Florida’s population stands at roughly 21.4 million.In LA County’s fight against the virus, Los Angeles International Airport is implementing thermal camera technology and city officials are bringing mobile testing to about 25,000 people at 15 Los Angeles public housing developments.LA County is continuing to reopen by phases. Among the open facilities are: bars, wineries, public pools, beaches and piers, day camps, gyms and museums.Concert venues, nightclubs, youth sports leagues and movie theaters are among the businesses still closed.On Monday, the director of LA County’s Department of Public Health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, revealed that she’s received death threats due to the pandemic.Ferrer said she was holding a COVID-19 briefing on Facebook Live in May “when someone very casually suggested that I should be shot.”“I didn’t immediately see the message, but my husband did, my children did, and so did my colleagues,” Ferrer said in a statement.“One reason I handle these briefings myself is to shield the extraordinary team at L.A. County Public Health from these attacks which have been going on, via emails, public postings, and letters — since March,” she continued. “It is deeply worrisome to imagine that our hardworking infectious disease physicians, nurses, epidemiologists and environmental health specialists or any of our other team members would have to face this level of hatred.”“Our job and our calling is to keep as many people as safe as possible during this pandemic,” Ferrer said. “While frustration boils over in our communities as people are done with this virus, this virus is not done with us.” Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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International news

first_imgInternational newsOn 25 May 2004 in Personnel Today This week’s International newsUS suds giant pampers loyal staff with free holidays US household products giant Procter & Gamble is rewarding virtually allof its 90,000 employees with two free days off. The makers of Pampers nappiesand Clairol haircare products said it will provide the one-off benefit to allof its staff worldwide, giving them the choice of taking time off or the cashequivalent. Each year the company gives special awards of 50 shares of stock to2,000 employees. This year, it will increase that number to 3,000 employees.Chairman and chief executive Alan Lafley announced the benefits last week.”We’ve never before offered a company performance award such as this, butyou’ve earned it,” he said. UK bucks trend as EU pay rises slow down The rate of pay increases across the EU fell between 2002 and 2003, althoughthe UK bucked the trend, according to a report from the European Foundation forthe Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. In the EU and Norway averagecollectively agreed pay increases were 3.1 per cent in 2003, down from 3.5 percent the previous year. The UK collectively agreed pay increases of 3.2 percent on average in 2003, up from 3 per cent the previous year – higher than theaverage increases in other large EU countries such as Germany (2.5 per cent)and Italy (2.2 per cent). will happen – especially in Estonia While the UK’s record on serious accidents at work is getting worse, thefactories, building sites and offices of some eastern European countriesjoining the EU are becoming safer – except in Estonia. According to statisticalagency Eurostat, assuming serious accidents per 1,000 workers in 1998 are ratedat 100, the UK’s index for 2001 rose to 110, (although it fell to 92 for fatalaccidents). By contrast, some major improvements were made in Hungary, (whoseindex fell to 86 for serious accidents in 2001), and in Poland (78), Lithuania(85), Slovakia (84), and the Czech Republic (91). However, some worryingproblems were identified in Estonia, (up to 132), Cyprus (112) and Latvia(116). Protests grow as US catches anti-offshoring bug Trade unions in Europe have long been attacking moves by employers tooffshore work to lower-cost countries, and now similar grassroots initiativesare under way in the US, writes Mark Childs. An article in national dailynewspaper USA Today said corporate stock purchases, coffee-shop planningmeetings and picket lines are some of the tactics workers are using tocapitalise on the anti-offshoring sentiment. A group in Minnesota has formed anetwork of 1,000 people to contact federal and state legislators aboutoffshoring issues, and plans to boycott a company which has outsourced jobsabroad. Other tactics include buying stock in companies that outsource in a bidto influence board meetings. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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Seeing green: Land rush is on in latest states to legalize cannabis

first_img Tags Share via Shortlink (iStock)In November, voters in Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota approved recreational cannabis use in their states.Those votes have opened the door for the sort of land rushes seen in other states that have legalized marijuana, with cannabis companies searching for retail and commercial space, according to the Wall Street Journal.It can be tough for pot purveyors seeking space to operate: Their choices are often limited by strict regulations on cannabis sales and cultivation, and landlords may hesitate to work with them because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.For those companies, that means paying a premium to rent or buy. Anthony Coniglio’s company NewLake Capital Partners Inc. owns 19 properties in eight states leased to cannabis businesses.“It’s like holding the winning lottery ticket,” Coniglio said, regarding landlords who are willing to rent to those tenants.Massachusetts-based Curaleaf Holdings, which operates retail stores in 23 states, currently sells medical marijuana in New Jersey, which recently legalized cannabis but has not yet finalized a framework for distribution. The company bought its second dispensary in the state last year and reportedly paid about twice as much as the property would cost for other uses.“People know they can charge cannabis an absurd amount,” said Patrik Jonsson, Curaleaf’s regional president for the northeast. “It’s the new norm.” [WSJ] — Dennis Lynch cannabisCommercial Real Estate Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlinklast_img read more

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Student in drink- driving

first_imgAn Exeter student was arrested by police and held in custody overnight after a car crash in St Clement’s Street last week.According to other Exeter students, the third-year had earlier been thrown out of the college on 27 October by the porter, after littering the lodge with food and causing excessive noise before driving off in a car with a friend. It is not know whether it was he or his friend who was driving, or who was at the wheel at the time of the crash. The Exeter third-year has refused to comment on the issue. One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “Him and someone else went driving, and crashed the car. They were both arrested and spent the night in the cells.”“I’m not sure which one of them was driving at the time.”The student was of the opinion that they would both have been over the limit. Subsequently the police have confirmed that both students in the car were over the legal limit when arrested.The student, who wished not to be named, has been disciplined a number of times in the past, including being thrown out of three balls. He was made  to sign a contract by College authorities promising not to disturb college life any further after being expelled from an Exeter ball.“He got kicked out of 3 college balls: our own, Lincoln and Hilda’s,” said another Exeter student. “There was an incident last year in which the police were called to the college’s accommodation on Iffley Road to prevent him from drink driving then.”Another student, who also wished to remain anonymous, criticised the college for not acting more harshly with him.“He has totally deserved any punishment doled out by college. In fact, I would go as far as to tell you that the punishment is sending down, and even this is not far enough in my opinion. “He deserves everything he gets, and I hope he is sent to prison. It is a disgustingly selfish and vile action to drink drive, where not only your own life is at danger, but those of others around you,” they said.Thames Valley Police confirmed that police had been called to an incident on the morning of the 27 October in which a car had crashed into a barrier outside The Duke pub on St Clement’s, though they refused to confirm the names of those arrested.Both occupants of the vehicle were arrested for being above the legal alcohol limit and for failing to stop at a road accident. One was also arrested for using the vehicle without third-party insurance.They were released on police bail, under instruction to return to the station on 30 November to be either formally charged or acquitted. Exeter College refused to make a comment on the case, saying it was an internal disciplinary matter.According to a survey carried out in August by the charity Brake, almost one in five drivers from the ages 17-18 has admitted to drink driving. Jools Townsend, head of education at Brake, said “Every day young drivers kill and seriously injure themselves and others through a deadly combination of inexperience and taking risks like drink driving.” Brake have called for targeted road-side testing of drivers’ alcohol levels, in order to reduce drink-driving related deaths by youngsters.Louise Randall, OUSU Vice-President for Welfare, said that drink driving was extremely irresponsible as it put other road users in danger.“Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal not only to the driver but to those around them.”“We urge students to drink responsibly and never to take the wheel whilst under the influence. Nominate a designated driver, and don’t be afraid to take car keys off those who have been drinking. Don’t pay the price for taking risks, take a taxi,” she said.last_img read more

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Employment law: a balancing act

first_imgEmployment law is predominantly concerned with protecting the rights of wor-kers but it also recognises that businesses require flexibility from their employees. When it comes to changing terms and conditions of employment – and where there is a pressing need for business change – the law will not simply allow the employee to stay on their existing contractual terms forever. The need to allow changes to be made while protecting an employee’s contractual rights is seen as a “balancing act” by the courts. How this process works in action has been helpfully re-stated in the recent case of Scott & Co v Andrew Richardson. The case concerns a change to shift patterns. Scott & Co runs a debt recovery service in Scotland. Richardson was employed to collect debts by Scott & Co. He acted as a door-to-door operative (known as a sheriff officer) and he worked standard daytime hours, with occasional overtime in the evenings when required. A change in the way that debt recovery was carried out in Scotland encouraged Scott & Co to change employee hours in order to move onto a shift system. An emphasis on negotiating repayment, rather than seizing goods, meant that some employees regularly had to work an evening shift rather than doing overtime. Richardson objected to this change.The perils of unilateral change UK employment law doesn’t allow an employer unilaterally to impose changes to an employee’s contract of employment. Normally, any change requires the employee’s agreement. To secure this agreement, employers will normally consult with their employees over suggested changes.Where all else fails and a reluctant minority refuse to agree to a change, an employer can only implement the change by dismissing those employees and offering re-engagement on the new, amended terms. Of course, this approach carries inherent risks. Employees have no obligation to accept; they can choose to claim unfair dismissal instead and an employment tribunal will then have to rule on whether the dismissal, based on the employer’s reasons and approach, was fair or unfair. Such was the case with Richardson. In his view, the move by Scott & Co to a shift system was an excuse not to pay overtime. Although his colleagues largely accepted the proposed change, Richardson held out against it and was ultimately dismissed. The tribunal’s decisionAt the initial tribunal hearing, Richardson succeeded in his claim for unfair dismissal. Scott & Co said that there was a sound business reason for dismissal. Legally this fell into the fair category for dismissal known as “some other substantial reason”, a catch-all provision normally invoked where there is a genuine business need to implement a change that might otherwise result in an unfair dismissal. However, the tribunal disagreed, based on the circumstances. It found that there was no fair reason for dismissal. The employment appeal tribunal overturned that decision and re-emphasised the degree of discretion that an employer has when seeking to re-organise its business. It found that unless a decision to change terms and conditions is “trivial” or “whimsical”, an employer should normally be able to pass the initial stage of proving that there was a potentially fair reason for dismissal.When proving that potentially fair reason, an employer’s commercial discretion over its own business practices will be respected. It must be appreciated, however, that having made out a potentially fair reason for dismissal, an employer must go on to demonstrate that it acted fairly in all circumstances. This is a “balancing act” between the interests of employer and employee. The appeal tribunal went on to consider the factors from previous case law, which indicate whether a dismissal is reasonable in these circumstances. These are likely to include:the benefit to the employer from the changes;whether the dismissal could be considered reasonable in light of the number of employees who accepted the changes;(where relevant) whether a trade union accepted that the change was reasonable and was ready to recommend it. On this point the appeal tribunal decided that Richardson’s case should be sent back to another tribunal for reconsideration. As the consultation process adopted by Scott & Co had convinced Richardson’s colleagues to accept the change, then applying the guidance from the appeal tribunal, it appears that he might have some difficulty in winning his claim the second time around!Practical stepsIn light of the indications given above, how will an employer normally implement contentious changes to terms and conditions of employment? Normally, an employer will engage in a process of consultation to sell the change to employees. This consultation will commonly take place with employees and/or their representatives, allowing the sound business reasons for change to be presented to the workforce and any incentives offered for the change to be explained. Only when consultation is exhausted without full agreement would the remaining employees have their existing contracts terminated upon notice with an offer of re-engagement upon the revised terms. Clive Day is a solicitor at Eversheds LLP.last_img read more

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Malaria: Down but not out

first_imgMalaria is like a metal spring compressed by the massive effort to suppress it, one analyst said. Authorities have to finish the fight against the disease or it will rapidly uncoil and roar back, as it did after the failure of 1950s-era eradication efforts.“If we relax our efforts, even for a moment, this thing will come back and be worse than before,” said Sonia Shah, a science journalist and author of the 2010 history of malaria, “The Fever.”Shah acknowledged that malaria is a difficult opponent, partly because it is so widespread — with 207,000,000 cases in 2012 and 627,000 deaths — partly because its biggest impact is in parts of the world with few resources, partly because traditional healers are often the first to treat sufferers, and partly because many people in malaria-endemic countries have already gotten the disease so often they can be blasé about it.Shah compared it to driving a car in this country: Many people die in car accidents, but people drive so much that most don’t worry about the dangers when they hop behind the wheel. That perception that malaria is low-risk is partly due to familiarity, but also because many adults who have had repeated cases have developed some immunity to it, so their cases are relatively mild.Shah was part of a panel that discussed malaria on Monday at the Barker Center’s Fong Auditorium. The event, “In Our Blood: Challenging Millennials to End Malaria,” was sponsored by the Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum, along with the Harvard Defeating Malaria Initiative. It featured Shah, Kate Otto, a global health consultant with the World Bank, and John Brownstein, associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital. It was moderated by Maggie Koerth-Baker, a science journalist and Nieman Fellow at Harvard this year.Panelists questioned whether today’s strategies are most effective at the community level, or whether the success of certain strategies in attracting funding may make them more popular than others that might be just as effective. Shah said that the final eradication of malaria in the United States is often attributed to the discovery of the pesticide DDT, but malaria here was actually on the decline before DDT came on the scene. It was put on the run by practices such as draining wetlands, upgrading housing, and paving dirt roads, where standing water provided potential breeding sites for mosquitoes.Panelists said institutional failures have hampered efforts to fight malaria and resulted in rising drug resistance in the parasite, widespread counterfeiting of malaria drugs, and insecticide resistance in the mosquito that delivers the parasite. They also said solutions must reflect local concerns and values to be effective.But there have been positive developments. Recent renewed efforts have pumped billions of dollars into the fight against the disease at a time when technology has provided what Otto called “one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century” — the cell phone. The communications revolution in the developing world has led to drastic changes in just the past five years, Otto said, providing new ways to communicate, to reach patients and providers, to order supplies, and to perform other functions that previously weren’t easily possible. Today, Otto said, she can reach someone in a rural Ethiopian village as quickly as she can a colleague down the hall, a change that provides immense opportunity.Otto urged students eager to join the fight against disease to consider whether their efforts are directed in areas that are truly useful, or instead are in areas that are appealing because they offer a quick result.“When we aim to do good in the world, we look at what it is that we can do and achieve rather than what is really needed,” Otto said. “We’re encouraged to move quickly and think quickly, to move at the speed of technology.”Brownstein added, however, that technological innovations are still needed in public health and that there are many areas where a small improvement can make a difference, even through “a little chunk at a time.”Bianca Mulaney, co-president of Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum, said she hoped the event would provide insights beyond just malaria.“We’re hoping this discussion is not relevant only to malaria but to all global health issues,” Mulaney said.last_img read more

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Jamestown DPW Announces Additional Street Projects For This Year

first_imgJAMESTOWN — The City of Jamestown Department of Public Works has announced additions to the annual streets program that are being made possible through an increase in anticipated funding through the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program, known as CHIPS.These new projects, in addition to the previously announced streets, are planned to be completed by the end of the summer-fall season, depending on the weather, the flow of public funding, contractor availability and the changing price of materials.The additional street projects are as follow:Mill and Overlay (Starting Aug. 24)South Main Street from the Arterial to the Main Street Bridge; Delaware Avenue from Summit Avenue to Newland Avenue;  Prather Avenue from the Arterial to Main Street.; Crescent Street from Second Street to Bishop Street..Curb and Brick Improvements on Ellicott Avenue from Pullman Street to King Street.Curb Improvements on Andrews Avenue from Harding Avenue to Third Street. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Off-B’way Hit The Humans Sets Main Stem Dates & Theater

first_img View Comments The rumors were true! Stephen Karam’s The Humans will move to the Main Stem’s Helen Hayes Theatre with the cast from the current off-Broadway Roundabout production—including Reed Birney and Jayne Houdyshell—intact. Directed by Joe Mantello, the show will begin performances on January 23, 2016 and officially open on February 18.In addition to Birney (Casa Valentina) as Erik and Houdyshell (Fish in the Dark) as Deirdre, the company includes Arian Moayed (Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo) as Richard, Lauren Klein (Other Desert Cities) as Fiona, Cassie Beck (Picnic) as Aimee and Sarah Steele (The Country House) as Brigid.The Humans follows Mr. Blake, who, after a sleepless night, brings his family from Pennsylvania to his daughter’s new apartment to celebrate Thanksgiving. Family tensions reach a boiling point as things start to go bump in the night. The production is currently playing an extended engagement at the Laura Pels Theatre through January 3, 2016.The creative team includes sets by David Zinn, costumes by Sarah Laux, lighting by Justin Townsend and sound by Fitz Patton.Dames at Sea will vacate the Helen Hayes on January 3, 2016.last_img read more

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton Will Launch Tour in September 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster Broadway musical Hamilton will launch its first national tour in Chicago. The production will kick off with an open-ended run at the Windy City’s newly named PrivateBank Theatre beginning September 27, 2016. According to The Chicago Tribune, a second production will launch on the West Coast before continuing to cities across the country. Casting and further dates for the tour have not yet been announced.”I’m going to bring to Chicago a production of the same size, volume and quality as the one at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York,” lead producer Jeffrey Seller told the Tribune. “Chicago is the biggest theater market after New York. I wanted to sit down in a city that could support the show for a long term.”Directed by Thomas Kail and featuring a book, music and lyrics by Miranda, Hamilton is inspired by the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. The new musical follows the scrappy young immigrant who forever changed America, from bastard orphan to Washington’s right hand man, rebel to war hero, loving husband caught in the country’s first sex scandal to Treasury head who made an untrusting world believe in the American economy. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Eliza Hamilton and lifelong Hamilton friend and foe, Aaron Burr, all make appearances in the tuner about America’s fiery past.Starring Miranda in the title role, the Broadway cast of Hamilton includes Christopher Jackson as George Washington, Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr, Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton, Anthony Ramos as John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton, Daveed Diggs as Marquis De Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson and Renée Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler. Javier Muñoz plays Hamilton at select performances. Lin-Manuel Miranda Star Files View Comments read more

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Bountiful blueberries

first_imgBy Faith PeppersUniversity of Georgia A late spring freeze followed by heavy rains were a blessing for some Georgia blueberry growers. But they brought more hard work to others, according to University of Georgia experts.The heavy rains delayed harvest of the southeast Georgia crop, causing some early concerns about highbush berry quality. “We had to work harder to make grade due to the heavy rains this spring, but it’s turning out to be good year for rabbiteye growers,” said UGA Cooperative Extension blueberry agent Danny Stanaland.“We grow two blueberry crops in Georgia – highbush and rabbiteye,” Stanaland went on to explain. The highbush crop in some areas of southeast Georgia, which is the state’s major commercial production area, “was hit hard by the late freeze and will produce only about 35 to 50 percent of the crop.” Robust rabbiteye cropFortunately, blueberry fans all over Georgia can expect a bumper crop from the rabbiteye variety. “It will be the largest crop of rabbiteye blueberries we’ve had in several years,” Stanaland said. That’s especially good news for Georgia’s 300 blueberry growers. The majority of the crop is rabbiteye variety, and about 10 percent of the total crop is highbush variety. “The highbush variety blooms and fruits early, making it more susceptible to the low temperatures and rain,” Stanaland said. “But, May 20 we finished harvesting highbush. That crop is gone.” Growers are now harvesting rabbiteye berries in three phases. “The early rabbiteye berries were wet and had some grading issues because it required more selective picking to get the good berries,” he said. “Now that it’s dry again, it’s much easier to harvest and grade, and fruit quality is very positive. We have the heaviest rabbiteye fruit set we’ve had in years. So, while we were short on highbush berries, we are going to be long on rabbiteye.”Pick-your-own timeIn the northern half of the state, where most blueberry operations are pick-your-own, growers are reporting larger-than-normal berries and an abundant crop, just in time for many markets to open this weekend. In 2008, Georgia blueberry growers harvested more than 14,000 acres of blueberries with an off-the-farm value of close to $61 million dollars, slightly above the five-year average. This year, growers expect to harvest between 12,000 and 14,000 acres, but that figure could surge as high as 15,000 to 20,000 acres, according to Stanaland and county Extension agent reports. About 75 percent of those acres are in southeast Georgia. Prices are holding steady in spite of the abundance of available fruit this year, which usually drives prices down. Growers are getting about $14 per flat — or $1.40 per pound — for fresh berries, only a shade lower than last year’s price.last_img read more

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Vermont Senate committee assignments announced

first_imgLieutenant Governor Phil Scott, Senate President Pro Tempore John Campbell, and Senator Dick Mazza, members of the Senate Committee on Committees, announced the Senate committee assignments for the 2011-2012 legislative session.Those committee assignments are:AgricultureSen. Sara Kittell (D-Franklin), ChairSen. Harold Giard (D-Addison), Vice ChairSen. Philip Baruth (D-Chittenden), ClerkSen. Bobby Starr (D-Essex-Orleans)Sen. John Campbell (D-Windsor)AppropriationsSen. Jane Kitchel (D-Caledonia), ChairSen. Dick Sears (D-Bennington), Vice ChairSen. Bobby Starr (D-Essex-Orleans), ClerkSen. Diane Snelling (R-Chittenden)Sen. Vincent Illuzzi (R-Essex-Orleans)Sen. Alice Nitka (D-Windsor)Sen. Hinda Miller (D-Chittenden)Economic DevelopmentSen. Vincent Illuzzi (R-Essex-Orleans), ChairSen. Timothy Ashe (D/P-Chittenden), Vice ChairSen. Peter Galbraith (D-Windham), ClerkSen. Bill Carris (D-Rutland)Sen. Bill Doyle (R-Washington)EducationSen. Kevin Mullin (R-Rutland), ChairSen. Ginny Lyons (D-Chittenden), Vice ChairSen. Philip Baruth (D-Chittenden), ClerkSen. Bill Doyle (R-Washington)Sen. Sara Kittell (D-Franklin)FinanceSen. Ann Cummings (D-Washington), ChairSen. Mark MacDonald (D-Orange), Vice ChairSen. Sally Fox (D-Chittenden), ClerkSen. Dick McCormack (D-Windsor)Sen. Timothy Ashe (D/P-Chittenden)Sen. Rich Westman (R-Lamoille)Sen. Randy Brock (R-Franklin)Government OperationsSen. Jeanette White (D-Windham), ChairSen. Claire Ayer (D-Addison), Vice ChairSen. Peg Flory (R-Rutland), ClerkSen. Anthony Pollina (D-Washington)Sen. Peter Galbraith (D-Windham)HealthSen. Claire Ayer (D-Addison), ChairSen. Kevin Mullin (R-Rutland), Vice ChairSen. Anthony Pollina (D-Washington), ClerkSen. Hinda Miller (D-Chittenden)Sen. Sally Fox (D-Chittenden)InstitutionsSen. Bob Hartwell (D-Bennington), ChairSen. Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle), Vice ChairSen. Joe Benning (R-Caledonia), ClerkSen. Bill Carris (D-Rutland)Sen. Harold Giard (D-Addison)JudiciarySen. Dick Sears (D-Bennington), ChairSen. Alice Nitka (D-Windsor), Vice ChairSen. Diane Snelling (R-Chittenden), ClerkSen. Jeanette White (D-Windham)Sen. Ann Cummings (D-Washington)Natural ResourcesSen. Ginny Lyons (D-Chittenden), ChairSen. Mark MacDonald (D-Orange), Vice ChairSen, Joe Benning (R-Caledonia), ClerkSen. Dick McCormack (D-Windsor)Sen. Randy Brock (R-Franklin)TransportationSen. Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle), ChairSen. Jane Kitchel (D-Caledonia), Vice ChairSen. Peg Flory (R-Rutland), ClerkSen. Rich Westman (R-Lamoille)Sen. Bob Hartwell (D-Bennington)###last_img read more

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U.S. Reserves Right To Meet Cyber Attack With Force

first_imgBy Dialogo November 17, 2011 The United States reserves the right to retaliate with military force against a cyber attack and is working to sharpen its ability to track down the source of any breach, the Pentagon said in a report made public on Tuesday, November 15. The 12-page report to Congress, mandated by the 2011 Defense Authorization Act, was one of the clearest statements to date of U.S. cybersecurity policy and the role of the military in the event of a computer-borne attack. “When warranted, we will respond to hostile attacks in cyberspace as we would to any other threat to our country,” the report said. “We reserve the right to use all necessary means – diplomatic, informational, military and economic – to defend our nation, our allies, our partners and our interests.” Hostile acts, it said, could include “significant cyber attacks directed against the U.S. economy, government or military” and the response could use electronic means or more conventional military options. Cyberspace is a particularly challenging domain for the Pentagon. Defense Department employees operate more than 15,000 computer networks with 7 million computers at hundreds of locations around the world. Their networks are probed millions of times a day and penetrations have caused the loss of thousands of files. The report said the Defense Department was attempting to deter aggression in cyberspace by developing effective defenses that prevent adversaries from achieving their objectives and by finding ways to make attackers pay a price for their actions. “Should the ‘deny objectives’ element of deterrence not prove adequate,” the report said, “DoD (Department of Defense) maintains, and is further developing, the ability to respond militarily in cyberspace and in other domains.” Key to a military response is being able to quickly identify the source of an attack, particularly challenging due to the anonymous nature of the Internet, the report said. In an effort to crack that problem, the Pentagon is supporting research focusing on tracing the physical source of an attack and using behavior-based algorithms to assess the likely identity of an attacker, the report said. U.S. security agencies also are grooming a cadre of highly skilled cyber forensics experts and are working with international partners to share information in a timely manner about cyber threats, including malicious code and the people behind it, it said. Before moving to offensive action, the United States would exhaust all other options, weigh the risk of action against the cost of inaction and “act in a way that reflects our values and strengthens our legitimacy, seeking broad international support wherever possible,” the report said.last_img read more

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Costa Rican authorities arrest Augustin Reyes Aragon, alleged leader of ‘Los Tarzanes’

first_img Reyes Aragon has been wanted for drug trafficking since 2010, when Nicaraguan police issued an arrest warrant for him. The OIJ had been investigating the activities of Reyes Aragon and Los Tarzanes since 2012, according to OIJ Director Francisco Segura Montero. Los Tarzanes, which is allegedly is run by Reyes Aragon and his six brothers, is suspected of smuggling cocaine from Colombia and marijuana from Jamaica into Costa Rica. Authorities believe Los Tarzanes operatives store the drugs in Limon for later shipment by boat or truck to Honduras and Mexico, or for sale in Costa Rica’s domestic illicit drug market. Los Tarzanes In addition to the arrests of the suspected members of Los Tarzanes, Costa Rica police and security forces have scored a number of successes against transnational criminal organizations engaged in the drug trade. For example, on June 10 and 11, 2014, the Costa Rica Coast Guard seized more than 4 tons of cocaine found on Costa Rican fishing boats off the Pacific Coast. The seizure was reportedly the largest in the country’s history. Costa Rican drug seizures have more than doubled since 2011. Costa Rica security forces have dismantled more than a dozen international drug trafficking operations since 2006, according to published reports. The capture of Reyes Aragon and the increase in drug seizures may indicate that Costa Rican security forces are improving their effectiveness in fighting drug trafficking, said Armando Rodríguez Luna, a security analyst at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Costa Rican security forces have improved their effectiveness in fighting Los Tarzanes and other organized crime groups “because they have improved their ability to protect the country’s border in the fight against drug trafficking, and they have continued to collaborate and exchange information with other governments in joint border operations,” according to Rodríguez Luna. Julieta Pelcastre contributed to this article. Costa Rican authorities have arrested the alleged leader of a Nicaraguan drug trafficking group known as Los Tarzanes. Agents of Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Body (OIJ) arrested Agustin Reyes Aragon, 40, on June 12. They arrested Reyes Aragon during a series of raids in the Caribbean coastal province of Limon. Security forces also detained three other suspects: a Nicaraguan man, a Honduran man, and a female whose nationality was not immediately determined. OIJ agents confiscated two AK-47 assault rifles, a vehicle and currency in the amount of $14,000 (USD) and one million colones during the raids. Wanted in Nicaragua center_img Los Tarzanes was founded in the mid-1990s as part of a drug trafficking network operated by the now defunct Norte del Valle Cartel in Colombia, Nicaraguan police have said. Operating primarily as transporters, Los Tarzanes operatives use go-fast boats and vehicles to move shipments of Colombian cocaine and precursor chemicals for methamphetamine production north for eventual sale to Mexican transnational criminal organizations such as the Gulf Cartel (CDG). Los Tarzanes was originally based along Nicaragua’s southern border. In recent years, as Nicaraguan security forces have increased patrols in that region, the drug trafficking group has increased its operations on the Costa Rican border. Costa Rican security successes By Dialogo July 02, 2014last_img read more

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Brazilian Army Officers Fulfill Unprecedented Mission in the Central African Republic

first_imgBy Taciana Moury/Diálogo April 23, 2019 Major Felipe Biasi Filho, Captain Pedro Henrique de Araujo Bezerra Mendes, and Captain Albemar Rodrigues Lima, all from the Brazilian Army (EB, in Portuguese), are part of an unprecedented Brazilian mission to the Central African Republic (CAR). The officers are part of a group of 180 service members from 12 nations, who work at the European Training Mission in the Central African Republic or EUTM RCA (RCA being the French acronym for the African country). EUTM RCA, with headquarters in Bangui, the country’s capital, is a peacekeeping operation that works in coordination with the United Nations Integrated Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic and other international and nongovernmental organizations. The goal is to overhaul the defense department and national security through planning and execution of consulting, training, and operational training activities for the Central African Armed Forces (FACA, in French). “In general, our function is to support the development of FACA’s capabilities, to make it self-sustainable to fulfill legal requirements in the defense and security department,” said Maj. Biasi. The Brazilian officers arrived in the African country in January 2019, and will remain there until January 2020. For administrative purposes, EB service members are linked to the Portuguese contingent. A bilateral Brazil-Portugal agreement approved by the European Parliament secured Brazil’s participation in the mission. History The conflict in CAR started in December 2012. The predominantly Muslim Seleka—a coalition of armed groups from the north of the country, whose name means alliance, in Sango, the region’s creole language—conducted an offensive operation toward the capital and assumed power. Violent incidents led to the emergence of Anti-Balak, Christian allegedly self-defense groups, which aggravated confrontations. EUTM RCA activities are based on three pillars: strategic advice, to aid planning and execution of activities at the Armed Forces General Staff and Defense Ministry levels; educational, to train FACA’s officers and noncommissioned officers (NCOs); and operational training to plan and execute training for segments of FACA units. Within this organization, Brazilian service members occupy strategic advisory positions with Capt. Albemar, and educational advisory positions with Maj. Biasi and Capt. Pedro Mendes. “Capt. Albemar performs logistics advisory functions through the implementation of planning and participation in meetings with the Armed Forces General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, and logistics companies within the country to find solutions and promote the strengthening of the sector,” said Maj. Biasi to Diálogo. “I teach intelligence courses and Capt. Pedro Mendes is in charge of International Humanitarian Law and English,” he said. The officers teach their respective areas in officer training classes, short-term internships, and refresher classes for officers and NCOs who are part of FACA’s Territorial Infantry battalions. At EUTM RCA’s base, the official language is English, used for internal documents and daily briefings. However, French is the language for courses, meetings, reports, and interactions with agencies and local institutions. Preparations for the mission took place in two phases. The first was under the coordination of the Land Forces Command, an EB unit with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Participants underwent psychological tests, among others, and received all the material for individual protection, uniforms, and medicine needed for the trip. In December 2018, the second phase took place at the Portuguese Army’s 1st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group in Queluz city, Lisbon. The unit prepares the Portuguese contingent. “We receive instructions on the current situation in CAR and on the specifics of EUTM RCA. We do target practice with individual weapons (rifle and pistol) from the Portuguese Army, combat first aid and psychological first aid training, and attend French classes,” said Maj. Biasi. Challenge According to Brazilian service members, the unprecedented nature of the experience was the main challenge to overcome. “We must keep the high standards of professionalism and dedication of Brazilian service members who were part of a UN [United Nations] peacekeeping operation,” said Maj. Biasi. “The fact that this activity has a different characteristic from what we are used to with the UN also makes it difficult.” “There is no room for failure; After all, it’s important to be able to contribute to the development of the armed forces of a country that’s temporarily unstable,” said Capt. Albemar. “The best part is to see the initial results of this work on site, with the assurance that this effort contributed, directly or indirectly, to save lives.” Capt. Pedro Mendes pointed out that the sacrifices and risks related to this type of activity are real, but the magnitude of the mission is motivating. “We can honor one of the principles of our profession, which is to avoid war. We help a country devastated by civil war and with serious social issues,” he said. “To be a peace instructor in one of the countries with the worst HDI [Human Development Index] in the world is, without a doubt, one of the most noble missions I was assigned in my life.” The officer also highlighted the importance of Brazilian service members working with different armies worldwide. “This is a way of expressing Brazilian military national power, showing that we are on equal footing with other countries in the world,” said Capt. Pedro Mendes. “The professional exchange enables the training of EB’s human resources.”last_img read more

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Tech Time: Preventing potential hacks

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr It takes more than just your IT staff to make it Jim DeitchThe Sony, Home Depot, Target and other recent cyberhacks have credit union executives asking, “What can we do to prevent similar hacks to our systems?”And it’s a good question.Notably, most hackers don’t enter the security perimeter through traditional IT security systems. The “headline hacks” almost always begin with an employee or vendor inadvertently providing access. Lesser known financial services hacks have resulted in significant losses:A financial institution employee at work clicked on a link from an email that was supposedly from the president of that institution. The link inserted malware, which a hacker used to obtain complete network compromise, customer data, and a gateway into other systems in a federally insured financial institution.An employee clicked on a “spoofed” Wi-Fi connection that was thought to be secure. Logon information was stolen, and systems were compromised through insertion of malware into the initial compromised laptop. continue reading »last_img read more

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What can you do about those late credit card payments?

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr I am a firm believer in not making the same mistake twice; I prefer to make new ones instead.  In that vein, please do me a favor and double-check the way your credit union handles delinquent credit card accounts.Late last week, a federal district court in Massachusetts ruled that American Airlines Federal Credit Union violated both the Truth in Lending Act and a similarly worded Massachusetts state law by seizing funds in the member’s account after she became delinquent on credit card payments due to the credit union.  A recurring question that the Association’s Compliance Department fields is just what steps credit unions can take to “offset” member funds when they fall behind on credit card payments.  The case provides a great opportunity for everyone to remember the basic rules and double-check their procedures.  (See Martino v. Am. Airlines Fed. Credit Union, No. 14-10310-DPW, 2015 WL 4920015, at *4 (D. Mass. Aug. 18, 2015)).The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Truth in Lending Act extends added protections to credit card holders.  Consequently, if you want the option of claiming funds to recover delinquent credit card payments, there are several steps you must take ahead of time.  Fortunately, this is one area where the regulations are self-explanatory. continue reading »last_img read more

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How the Istra Inspirit story “Casanova Tour” exceeded all my expectations

first_imgHow to start the story of Istra Inspirit, one of the world’s best tourist stories, confirmed and U, than with one story.A book is a book, a brochure is a brochure, an information board is a board, and no matter how many written words describe an event, it can become a real and striking experience only if we experience it live. On the other hand, we all know the power of stories, which accompany us from a young age to youth, work, and eventually we ourselves become storytellers when we become parents and tell the same stories to our children. The power of the story has always followed and will always follow the human race. Why? Because stories evoke strong emotions and experiences in us, and thus are strongly positioned. Pure biology.That is why the world of marketing has long accepted the storytelling concept in promotion, and for a long time big brands do not sell products but emotions, experiences and products are identified with human characteristics. So Nike doesn’t sell sneakers, Harley Davidson doesn’t sell motorcycles, while Coca-Cola doesn’t sell drinks.And tourism is the best of all – stories, emotions and experiences. Here’s a “trick” question: What do you remember from your last vacation? Accommodation or some special moments with the family? The answer is surely some experience, moment, emotion, not a hotel or accommodation. It was the power of the story that took me to Vrsar, the love destination of Giacomo Casanova, an adventurer and the world’s most famous seducer, who in 1743 stayed in Vrsar for a year. But this information, no matter how interesting, would not have any value without interpretation and would certainly not be remembered for long.And this is where storytelling and Istra Inspirit come into play, a multi-award winning experience tourism project that enriches the cultural and tourist offer of the peninsula by reviving historical events in authentic locations, through staged Istrian legends and myths.Thus, Istra Inspirit actors introduced tourists to ancient times or time travel, through the authentic streets and locations of Vrsar when Casanova walked and stayed in Vrsar, all through a storytelling concept or an interactive costumed walk. ‘In addition to numerous cultural and entertainment events that are traditionally organized during the summer months, Vrsar will try to provide its guests with a unique experience of traveling into history this summer. In addition to the Old Samnja, which revives Vrsar in the time of the Vrsar County and which will have two editions this year, we also started the Casanova Tour. Like the previous Casanovafest, this new interactive tour has the character of Giacomo Casanova and the description of his stay in Vrsar from the famous Memoirs.”Said Natalija Vugrinec, director of the Tourist Board of Vrsar and added that this event is a continuation of the story at Casanovafest, which was organized over the past nine years, and which through lectures, plays, film screenings, exhibitions and concerts presented the theme of love and eroticism in various forms. art.In cooperation with Istra Inspirit, a new concept has been designed for this tourist season – a guided interactive tour in six terms, in order to enable as many guests as possible to get acquainted with the interesting rich history of our place. “For the next season, Casanova Tour is planned to be supplemented with a gastronomic experience, in accordance with the EU project “I enjoy tradition” in which TZO Vrsar is one of the partners, and whose theme is the preservation and tourist valorization of indigenous foods and dishes. We are sure that such an event will be extremely attractive to guests in our destination, but also that it will have a significant promotional effect.. ‘ Vugrinec emphasized.Casanova Tour is a great example of the promotion of a destination through cultural and historical heritage and its interpretation in the manner of storytelling through theatrical expression in performance. A performance that is at least more than impressive, in the manner of legendary and striking Hollywood actors, without any exaggeration. You know the feeling when a movie scene becomes legendary, that’s exactly what the performance was like. By the way, over 200 different artists, performers and actors are participating in the Istra Inspirit project under the artistic direction of director Petra B. Blašković.Thus, the professional actors of Istra Inspirit, as part of the ‘Casanova Tour’, took all visitors on an unforgettable journey to the time of the Vrsar County when the seducer and adventurer, Giacomo Casanova, stayed in Vrsar twice. The first time, as he states in his ‘Memoirs’, which served as a source for the script of this innovative tour, he visited Vrsar for three days in August 1743, still as a poor and infamous priest, while the second time he came to Vrsar as a soldier during a voyage from the Venetian island of Malamocco, when his ship anchored at night in the port of Vrsar. Giacomo Casanova, accompanied by the voice of the greatest lover in history, was returning to Vrsar, allegedly because of the beautiful women from Vrsar. Through entertaining and educational content, visitors were able to discover the more intimate side of Casanovina Vrsar, and all the interesting events that characterized his stay in Vrsar, and among other things, visited the lookout under the palm tree near the church of St. Anton, the lookout of Casanova, the main city gate, and Casanova’s refuge within the city walls, ie we met Vrsar in a different way and I am sure an unforgettable way. The cast that participates in the Casanova tour consists of Frano Novljan, Šandor Slacki, Luka Barešić, Sedina Cerovac and Ivona Bulešić, who with their striking and above all impressive interpretation met, laughed and intrigued everyone present, and through interaction drew the audience into the story. and the tourists themselves became part of the story.As I was familiar with the Istra inspirit story, I had high expectations and a clear idea of ​​what awaited me, but to be honest, my expectations were not only met, but were completely exceeded. I was delighted with the level of acting and how the actors immersed themselves in the roles. With the old town backdrop of Vrsar, the costumed actors and the striking interpretation of the story was more than credible, and I can say for sure that the visitors of the Casanova Tour felt as if they were really in that time and space. At times, we were brought back to reality by random passers-by who visually “interrupted” the sense of history and time travel.Surely he would never have known Vrsar so well, nor would he have remained in such a strong memory that I walked the streets of the city alone. That is why the storytelling concept is so important in tourism, because it is precisely about strong emotions and experience.But, as I mentioned at the beginning of this story, the word is the word, and no matter how powerful the words may be and trigger an avalanche of reactions, you can only understand the true experience and value of this story if you experience it. That is why Istra Inspirit interpretations should be one of the compulsory subjects for all tourism students.In any case, if you want to find out what a storytelling concept is, I definitely recommend that you experience one of the 13 Istra Inspirit stories, whether you are from the world of tourism or marketing. Ultimately, as is usually the case in Lijepa naša, everything that is ours is wrong, or if you think I have gone too far with the use of superlatives in the description, I challenge you to see for yourself.last_img read more

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After 5 Months, Colorado Sees Downside of Legal High

first_imgNew York Times 31 May 2014Five months after Colorado became the first state to allow recreational marijuana sales, the battle over legalization is still raging.Law enforcement officers in Colorado and neighboring states, emergency room doctors and legalization opponents increasingly are highlighting a series of recent problems as cautionary lessons for other states flirting with loosening marijuana laws.There is the Denver man who, hours after buying a package of marijuana-infused Karma Kandy from one of Colorado’s new recreational marijuana shops, began raving about the end of the world and then pulled a handgun from the family safe and killed his wife, the authorities say. Some hospital officials say they are treating growing numbers of children and adults sickened by potent doses of edible marijuana. Sheriffs in neighboring states complain about stoned drivers streaming out of Colorado and through their towns.“I think, by any measure, the experience of Colorado has not been a good one unless you’re in the marijuana business,” said Kevin A. Sabet, executive director of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, which opposes legalization. “We’ve seen lives damaged. We’ve seen deaths directly attributed to marijuana legalization. We’ve seen marijuana slipping through Colorado’s borders. We’ve seen marijuana getting into the hands of kids.” read more

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Apiata steps up for Big Buddy plan

first_imgNZ Herald 27 June 2014War hero Willie Apiata drew on his own experiences as a fatherless child to help launch a foundation close to his heart.New Zealand’s only living recipient of the Victoria Cross helped to launch the Big Buddy Foundation in Auckland last night, with Prime Minister John Key and All Black great Grant Fox.The foundation will secure funding for the existing Big Buddy mentoring programme, which matches fatherless boys with adult buddies on the philosophy that boys need positive male role models in their lives in order to become good men.Mr Apiata spoke of growing up without a father.“I was just lucky to live in a small community where there were male role models there for me to be able to seek support, advice and … finish off my training to become a man.”He felt privileged to be part of an organisation helping to build good young men, including 17-year-old Teraia Whatuira-Henderson, who gave a poignant speech about how much his buddy had helped him when his father committed suicide when he was 10. read more

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Harvard study suggests tumbling object may have been alien craft

first_imgCambridge, Ma. — A mysterious cigar-shaped object spotted tumbling through our solar system last year may have been an alien spacecraft sent to investigate Earth, astronomers from Harvard University have suggested.The object, nicknamed ‘Oumuamua, meaning “a messenger that reaches out from the distant past” in Hawaiian, was first discovered in October 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.Since its discovery, scientists have been at odds to explain its unusual features and precise origins, with researchers first calling it a comet and then an asteroid, before finally deeming it the first of its kind: a new class of “interstellar objects.”Now, a new paper by researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics raises the possibility that the elongated dark-red object, which is 10 times as long as it is wide and traveling at speeds of 196,000 mph, might have an “artificial origin.”“‘Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization,” they wrote in the paper, which has been submitted to the Astrophysical Journal Letters.The theory is based on the object’s “excess acceleration,” or its unexpected boost in speed as it traveled through and ultimately out of our solar system in January 2018.“Considering an artificial origin, one possibility is that ‘Oumuamua is a light sail, floating in interstellar space as a debris from an advanced technological equipment,” wrote the paper’s authors, suggesting that the object could be propelled by solar radiation.The paper, written by Abraham Loeb, professor and chair of astronomy, and Shmuel Bialy, a postdoctoral scholar, at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, points out that comparable light-sails already exist on earth.“Light-sails with similar dimensions have been designed and constructed by our own civilization, including the IKAROS project and the Starshot Initiative. The light-sail technology might be abundantly used for transportation of cargos between planets or between stars.”In the paper, the pair theorize that the object’s high speed and its unusual trajectory could be the result of it no longer being operational.“This would account for the various anomalies of ‘Oumuamua, such as the unusual geometry inferred from its light-curve, its low thermal emission, suggesting high reflectivity, and its deviation from a Keplerian orbit without any sign of a cometary tail or spin-up torques.”‘Oumuamua is the first object ever seen in our solar system that is known to have originated elsewhere.At first, astronomers thought the rapidly moving faint light was a regular comet or an asteroid that had originated in our solar system.Comets, in particular, are known to speed-up due to a process known as “outgassing,” in which the sun heats up the surface of the icy comet, releasing melted gas. But ‘Oumuamua didn’t have a “coma,” the atmosphere and dust that surrounds comets as they melt.Multiple telescopes focused on the object for three nights to determine what it was before it moved out of sight.“We are fortunate that our sky survey telescope was looking in the right place at the right time to capture this historic moment,” NASA Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson said in a statement last year.“This serendipitous discovery is bonus science enabled by NASA’s efforts to find, track and characterize near-Earth objects that could potentially pose a threat to our planet.” CNN Wire Reportlast_img read more

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Tigers Slay Knights

first_img Latest Posts Latest posts by admin (see all) admin Hancock County Court News Nov. 3 thorugh Dec. 11 – January 22, 2015 Bio HARRINGTON — Righthanders Tashia Daley and Lona Sargent combined to pitch a one-hitter as the Tigers downed the Narraguagus Knights 12-0 in five innings Monday.Sargent doubled and singled twice, Katelyn Hodgkins doubled and singled and Morgan Whitten had a pair of singles for the Tigers. For more sports stories, pick up a copy of The Ellsworth American. House fire in Winter Harbor – October 27, 2014 State budget vs. job creation – January 22, 2015 This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textlast_img read more

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Cricket News Bhaad Mein Gaya Pitch: Ravi Shastri On India’s Core Motto Of Taking 20 Wickets

first_imgNew Delhi: The Indian cricket team put on a dominant performance in the Test series against South Africa. Rohit Sharma capitalised on his new life as an opener by smashing twin centuries in Vizag and a maiden double ton in Ranchi. Virat Kohli notched up his highest individual score in the Pune Test while centuries from Mayank Agarwal and Ajinkya Rahane made the Indian batting intimidating. Crucial contributions from Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja ensured South Africa never took 20 wickets in all the three Tests. Ravi Shastri, the head coach of the Indian cricket team, has likened his team’s batsmen to a Ferrari car.”Our batting is pretty much like a Ferrari taking off. Ajinkya Rahane was always there. He just needed to rediscover himself. When you need to open in Tests, you might get out in the first 10 balls. But Rohit did well to hang in there for the first two hours. And things changed after lunch for him to take advantage of that. The job satisfaction that an opener gets is wonderful. You have a captain who leads with example and gets a double hundred. You have Pujara chipping in, you have Rahane scoring the runs in the middle order,” Shastri said. Focus on taking 20 wicketsShastri’s compliment for the batsmen, though, did not take away the core focus of the Indian cricket team which was to take 20 wickets irrespective of the conditions. The pitches in the current series against South Africa helped both the pacers and the spinners, with Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja complimented well by Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav and Ishant Sharma.”We had a wish that we could take pitch out of the equation. ‘Bhaad me gaya pitch’ (to hell with the pitches). Whether it’s Johannesburg or Melbourne or Mumbai, we want to take the pitch out of the equation. We always wanted to take 20 wickets irrespective of where we were playing. We are just focussed on taking 20 wickets. Normally, in India you have two players hogging the limelight. But here you have 6 or 7 chipping in,” Shastri said.Also Read | Will Talk To Virat Kohli Like A BCCI President Does: Sourav GangulyShastri complimented Shahbaz Nadeem, the debutant who made a good impression in the Ranchi Test. Nadeem’s first wicket of Temba Bavuma was hailed by former India spin legend Bishan Singh Bedi and his four wickets in the match was an impressive return after slogging away in the past decade in domestic cricket. “Extremely impressed with Nadeem. He comes over the top and has a great wrist position. The guy has put in the yards at the domestic level and am glad he finally had his chance at his home ground. He had no nerves and bowled three maidens on the trot,” Shastri said.  For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

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England appoint Gough as fast bowling consultant ahead of NZ Tests

first_img(REUTERS) – Former seamer Darren Gough has been appointed as England’s fast bowling consultant for the warm-up period leading into November’s two-test tour of New Zealand, the country’s cricket board (ECB) said on Wednesday.Gough claimed 229 wickets in 58 Tests for England between 1994 and 2003.“I’m delighted to have Darren on board,” England head coach Chris Silverwood said in a statement.“I have known him a long time and his vast knowledge and experience at international level will drive our bowling unit forward leading into the two-match test series. He will be excellent around the group and will settle in quickly.”England are without a bowling coach after Silverwood was promoted to head coach’s role earlier this month.Gough, a former Yorkshire team mate of Silverwood, will join the test squad in Auckland on Nov. 5 and will work with the pace attack for two weeks before the first test in Mount Maunganui which begins on Nov. 21.“It is a tremendous honour to be asked by Chris Silverwood and Ashley Giles to be involved in this elite environment,” Gough said.“I will gain a lot from the experience and to work at this level will benefit me as a coach for the long-term.”last_img read more

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Galvin set to switch clubs

first_imgReports today suggest the 2009 footballer of the year has applied for a transfer from Kilmacud Crokes to St Oliver Plunkett’s.The move will be put to the Dublin County Board next year.last_img

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Kevin Prince-Boateng: Choosing Ghana over Germany was a great decision

first_imgBeşiktaş forward, Kevin Prince-Boateng, has revealed that choosing Ghana over Germany was the best decision in his career.The former AC Milan attacker revealed this in a Puma interview with Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry.Boateng confirmed his nationality switch before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and was part of the Black Stars team for that tournament and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.Overall, he played 15 times for Ghana.When asked by the former Gunner why he chose Ghana over Germany, the 33-year-old highlighted the fact that he was of a mixed race and was discovering himself as he grew up.“That’s a tricky one. But it is simple. If you were like me, like yourself, we are all mixed race. Two sides.When you are young, you do not really know who you are. So you always have a lot of questions, trying to figure out yourself.So I did not feel German 100%, neither did I feel Ghanaian 100%. Of course, I am both Ghanaian and German but a lot of mixed-race people born in Germany feel 100% German.Others also felt they were more Nigerian, Cameroonian, Ghanaian or whatever but I was always in the middle not knowing 100% what I was”.Boateng admitted he was willing to represent Germany at the national level but thought he did not have the right character to be able to make the jump to the first team of the national team.“So when football came in and offered me the chance to play for Germany, I was proud to play for them, to hear the national anthem and what have you.But as I grew older, and kept my brains where I was, I said what I think, I always wanted to prove my point, whatever. It was not so welcomed, let’s put it like that. I always said it’s like this and the coaches will be like ‘no, it is like that’. Obviously the coaches are right but I always wanted to prove my point.So there came a point when I thought that maybe I would not play for the first team of Germany. Because maybe it will not be about qualities. My character did not fit so I chose to play for Ghana and honestly, it is the best decision I have made in my career.Because to go home to see your roots, to see your people, different culture and I had the chance to play two World cups. It gave me a lot”.Boateng (first from bottom left) in a Black Stars team picture during the 2010 World Cup in South Africalast_img read more

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Carpenter’s haymaker sends Kershaw reeling again

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error This was an encounter that flashed back to an epic five-minute, 11-pitch at-bat between the same two in Game 6 of last October’s NL Championship Series, which also ended with a Carpenter double and started a four-run rally in the third inning that marked the beginning of the end for Kershaw and the Dodgers’ playoff run.Maybe this rematch set the tone for the rest of the series — the Cardinals, and Carpenter, never feel backed into a corner.“You know, there was a moment during that at-bat when I was kind of feeling the same kind of emotions I was having last year,” said Carpenter. “It was a very similar thing. Very similar at-bat. “With (Kershaw), he’s got a fastball that’s anywhere between 94 and 96 (mph), so you’ve got to be on time with that. When I face him, I just try to be aggressive and try to be on time. There’s not a lot of success in (trying to hit) his slider and curveball, especially from a left-hander, so you got to do a good job of trying to lay off that one.“I can’t tell you why I’ve been able to have some success against him, because it’s not that easy. I don’t enjoy facing him. It’s the postseason, crazy things happen.” It’s not as if Carpenter was trying to limit the damage this time around.Down 0 and 2 in the count — fouling off the first pitch, then swinging and missing on the next — Carpenter fouled another pitch off. He laid off two sliders for balls. He fouled off two more. Then on a pitch down and in, he sent Matt Kemp to the right-field wall, allowing Yadier Molina, Matt Adams and Jon Jay to score to push the Cardinals ahead 7-6 and send Kershaw out.St. Louis’ eight-run seventh inning was capped off two batters later by Matt Holiday’s home run for a 10-6 advantage.And that was the second time in Friday’s game that Carpenter proved Kershaw wasn’t all invincible. Carpenter’s solo homer against him in the sixth inning ended a string of 16 consecutive batters that Kershaw had set down between Randal Grichuk’s first-inning homer and one out in the sixth.“I just enjoy competing in those moments,” said Carpenter. “He’s a competitive guy, I would like to feel that I’m a competitive guy and when I get in those at-bats versus him, I just try to fight.”Dodgers manager Don Mattingly acknowledged that Kershaw struck out the leadoff man Carpenter to start the game, but credited the career .293 hitter, who was 20 points below that average this season, as being “a tough out … we give him credit. He fights. But we’re not going to give in to that matchup.”Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said Carpenter “sets the tone for the offense” with his grit.“He leaves it all out there,” said Matheny, “and takes pride in every at-bat. He doesn’t just turn it on and off. Certain guys in certain situations just step up in the process.“He puts his nose in there and fights to the end.”Comparing the eight-pitch encounter to the 11-pitch battle a year ago, Matheny added: “I imagine this one may be talked about awhile, too.”center_img If the judges’ cards show that St. Louis got the 10-9 decision over the Dodgers in round one of the National League Division Series, credit Matt Carpenter with delivering the punch that knocked all the hot wind out of Dodger Stadium.But it’s not as if Clayton Kershaw, or the Dodgers, were blindsided or anything by it.Carpenter’s eight-pitch faceoff in the seventh inning Friday against the likely repeat Cy Young Award winner ended with a crushing bases-loaded double off the base of the right-field wall, scoring three runs and bringing the Cardinals all the way back from what was already deemed an insurmountable five-run deficit at one point, based on Kershaw’s history.The blow may not have sent Kershaw directly to the showers, but he was reeling again, in the Dodgers’ dugout, trying to find his equilibrium.last_img read more

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Dodgers swept by Giants, who celebrate wild-card berth

first_imgThe Dodgers’ offense did its familiar disappearing act against a left-handed pitcher. Matt Moore didn’t give up a hit until the fourth inning when singles by Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez and Yasmani Grandal produced the Dodgers’ only run.“There should be no carryover,” Dodgers rookie shortstop Corey Seager said of the poor finish. “It’s just one of those weird times where you go from being so high after clinching. You can’t read anything into it. Just reset, regroup.”The game ended Vin Scully’s 67-year Hall of Fame broadcasting career. The iconic broadcaster traveled to San Francisco to call the final three games of the regular season. Sunday’s finale came 80 years to the day after a lopsided World Series defeat (18-4) of the New York Giants had made Scully a baseball — and Giants — fan.It’s a familiar story that Scully recounted once more as part of multiple tributes to the retiring legend during his final broadcast Sunday which was punctuated with several standing ovations, a visit from Willie Mays in the booth and a plaque placed there by the Giants honoring Scully.“It has been a party,” Scully said during the broadcast of his last game.“Don’t be sad that it’s over. Smile because it happened.” SAN FRANCISCO >> The Dodgers couldn’t knock the St. Louis Cardinals out of the postseason in 2013 or 2014. But they did Sunday.The San Francisco Giants scored five times in the first two innings against Kenta Maeda and collected 16 hits in all on their way to handing the Dodgers a 7-1 defeat Sunday afternoon, completing a three-game sweep on the final weekend of the regular season at AT&T Park.That means the Giants have qualified for the postseason as the National League’s second wild-card team — the same door they used on the way to winning the 2014 World Series — and will play the New York Mets on Wednesday. The Cardinals were eliminated with the Giants’ victory.The Dodgers, meanwhile, lost five of their six games after clinching their fourth consecutive NL West title a week ago. They will open the playoffs at Washington on Friday. “In talking to a couple coaches, that’s what we’re going to have to do — we’re going to have to hit the ‘reset’ button,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “It was a crazy week. Some highs and obviously some lows. To come in here and play a team that had their backs against the wall — they played like it. They won three games here, three games that they needed to win.“When you’re trying to play the middle — get guys rested, set your rotation, things like that — it’s really kind of against what we’ve done all year. No excuse. We’ll be ready go go on Friday.”Matters were settled early Sunday.Maeda earned a $1.5 million bonus by making his 32nd start of the season Sunday. It was not the best money the Dodgers ever spent. He gave up hits to seven of the first 12 Giants batters, walked another and didn’t make it out of the third inning.“My command was off. I didn’t have any sharpness to any of my pitches,” Maeda said through his interpreter. “It’s too bad that my season ended on a bad note. But I’m going to go through my usual adjustments and get ready for my next start.”center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

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Kenley Jansen serves up ninth-inning grand slam as Padres walk off with win over Dodgers

first_img Dodgers hit seven home runs, sweep Colorado Rockies Dodgers’ Max Muncy trying to work his way out of slow start Fire danger is on Dave Roberts’ mind as Dodgers head to San Francisco How Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling topped the baseball podcast empire The next batter, Wil Myers, made it two bunt hits in a row when his rolled untouched through the grass on the third-base side of the pitcher’s mound as Seager went to cover second base, Turner third and Jansen broke slowly from the mound.Good Wil bunting loaded the bases.“I’ve got to get to my responsibility and make sure we get an out,” Turner said. “They have their 7 and 8 hitters coming up. Get an out there and let Kenley pitch his way out of it.“It wasn’t a great bunt. But my responsibility there is to make sure we get an out.”Jansen nearly did work his way out of it anyway. He struck out Greg Garcia and got Francisco Mejia to pop out, moving an out away from escaping with the win.“Oh, man – that’s the suck part of it because I visualized myself out of it,” Jansen said.Renfroe came off the bench to pinch hit and took a called strike down the middle from Jansen. The second pitch was another cut fastball over the heart of the plate, only slightly higher.Renfroe didn’t hesitate. He drove it deep into the left-field stands, tossing his bat away and throwing his arms in the air before starting his victory lap.“Second pitch I tried to go up and up,” Jansen said. “I tried to climb the ladder but the ball stayed a little down and he put a good swing on it.“Sometimes stuff like that is going to happen. … Things happen. You can’t question yourself. How about that perfect bunt Margot put down? JT thought that was going to go foul. It stayed fair. Stuff like that is going to happen sometimes. This sucks right now. At the same time, I fought well out there.”Renfroe’s slam was the fourth home run Jansen has given up already this season (after giving up 13 last year, the most by any reliever in the NL). But it was the paper cuts that lingered.“You know, if that’s the way they have to beat me, I’ll take that,” Jansen said of the bunt singles by Margot and Myers. “It’s a compliment for me. Two perfect bunts, that’s how they beat me today.” PreviousThe Los Angeles Dodgers’ Max Muncy, center, reacts with teammate David Freese, right, after hitting a three-run home run during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)San Diego Padres’ Hunter Renfroe reacts after hitting a walkoff grand slam during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)San Diego Padres’ Hunter Renfroe, center, celebrates with teammates after hitting a walkoff grand slam during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull) SoundThe gallery will resume insecondsThe San Diego Padres’ Wil Myers, bottom left, scores off a sacrifice fly by Francisco Mejia as Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes, top, is late with the tag during the fourth inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Chris Taylor watches his two-run home run hit during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Max Muncy rounds the bases to score on a two-run home run hit by Dodgers’ Chris Taylor during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Chris Taylor (3) celebrates with teammate Max Muncy (13) after hitting a two-run home run as San Diego Padres catcher Francisco Mejia looks on, right, during the eighth inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Chris Taylor hits a two-run home run during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The San Diego Padres’ Franmil Reyes, front left, is greeted by teammate Manny Machado, right, after hitting a home run during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Kenta Maeda hits a single during the third inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)San Diego Padres starting pitcher Nick Margevicius works against a Los Angeles Dodgers batter during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Kenta Maeda stretches before facing his first San Diego Padres batter during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Kenta Maeda points up as San Diego Padres’ Ian Kinsler fouls out during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Kenta Maeda works against a San Diego Padres batter during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Kenta Maeda works against a San Diego Padres batter during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)San Diego Padres pinch hitter Hunter Renfroe reacts after hitting a walkoff grand slam during the ninth inning of a game against the Dodgers, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Kenta Maeda works against a San Diego Padres batter during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Kenta Maeda runs to third from first off a double by the Dodgers’ Corey Seager during the third inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)Members of the military watch a fly-over by an Air Force C-5 aircraft before a baseball game between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Max Muncy, center, reacts with teammate David Freese, right, after hitting a three-run home run during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)San Diego Padres’ Hunter Renfroe reacts after hitting a walkoff grand slam during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)NextShow Caption1 of 19San Diego Padres’ Hunter Renfroe reacts after hitting a walkoff grand slam during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, May 5, 2019, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)ExpandSAN DIEGO — The Dodgers spent the weekend in San Diego with their outstretched arm planted firmly on the Padres’ forehead, letting them swing away only to come up short.The Padres connected Sunday afternoon.Hunter Renfroe’s pinch-hit grand slam with two outs in the ninth inning off Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen gave the San Diego Padres an 8-5 walkoff win Sunday afternoon and prevented a Dodgers sweep of the sold-out series at Petco Park.The series drew 133,456 fans (a lot of them wearing Dodger blue), a record for a three-game series at Petco Park and prompted questions about the “rivalry” between the two teams – questions Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joked he seems to get in every city the Dodgers visit.center_img Cody Bellinger homer gives Dodgers their first walkoff win of season After a miserable first month to the season (he was batting .162 three days ago), Taylor came to life in San Diego. He was 7 for 13 in the series with two home runs, a double and four RBI.“He’s getting opportunities to go out there and play,” Roberts said, alluding to the five consecutive left-handed starters the Dodgers faced this week. “I think he’s taking better swings. When he does get a ball in the strike zone, he’s getting it going forward and not fouling it off or swinging through it.“And when you start to get some hits it breeds confidence – even a couple balls that were softly hit. You see an ‘H’ on the board and you start to get a little more confidence.”Starter Kenta Maeda and relievers Pedro Baez and Ross Stripling retired 14 consecutive Padres – seven in a row on strikeouts at one point – through the bottom of the eighth and handed the one-run lead to Jansen who saved each of the first two games in this series.But Jansen gave up a leadoff single to Eric Hosmer then Manuel Margot dropped a bunt down the third-base line. Justin Turner had no play, instead hoping it would go foul. It didn’t.Related Articles “That one hurts, for sure,” Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager said. “We’re down all game, come back to get the lead. That stings. But we won the series and that’s what matters.”They did, despite leading after just three innings, one each day.“They’re hungry. They want to beat us,” Jansen said after Sunday’s loss. “Everyone wants to beat us in this division. Everyone wants to beat us in the National League. We’re two-time National League champions so every game we’re going to play against teams it’s going to be their ‘A’ games.“They’re hungry to beat us. But I can’t let this beat us. A situation like this happens. I’ve got to turn the page on it.”For the third consecutive game, the Dodgers spotted the Padres an early lead and seemed poised to ruin their day. Max Muncy hit a three-run home run in the fifth to make it a one-run game, 4-3, then Chris Taylor gave the Dodgers a 5-4 lead with a two-run home run in the eighth inning. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

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NFL Draft: 5 things to get ready for

first_imgAaron Donald (Courier Photo/William McBride/File)NEW YORK (AP) – Every NFL draft is filled with intrigue. When the crop of college players has 102 early entrants, including the likes of Jadeveon Clowney and Johnny Manziel, that simply ratchets up the excitement.Here are five things to watch for in the first round Thursday night:WE’RE NO. 1: That would be the Texans, who went 2-14 last season to more than earn the first spot in the proceedings. But there’s no certainty who they will grab, or if they will stay there.General manager Rick Smith has made it clear the Texans have listened to offers for the first pick.“If we take the first pick, we know who we want,” Smith said. “(But) we are obviously open to moving out of the first pick, if in fact there is an opportunity for us to do so and if we think that is in the best interest of the organization.”Teams that could be interested in jumping up to the top, presumably to select South Carolina star defensive end Clowney, are Atlanta, Tampa Bay and even Dallas, which needs lots of work on its defense.GOING DEEP: Many analysts have dubbed this the best draft for wide receivers in years, perhaps ever. The consensus top guy is Clemson’s Sammy Watkins, followed by Mike Evans of Texas A&M, Brandin Cooks of Oregon State, Odell Beckham Jr., of LSU, Marqise Lee of Southern California, and Kelvin Benjamin of national champion Florida State.Watkins is projected to go in the first five picks, unusually high for a wideout.“I think what sets Sammy apart is his sincerity and passion for the game,” ESPN analyst and 2003 Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden said last week. “Everyone I’ve talked to has come away very impressed with Watkins’ passion to be great and to put forth a tremendous work ethic.”QB CLASS: No one is comparing this to the 2012 class that produced Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Still, there’s talk four quarterbacks could go in the opening round.There’s also some thought that only two, Texas A&M’s Manziel and Central Florida’s Blake Bortles, will be taken Thursday night.The other highly rated quarterbacks to watch for are Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, Fresno State’s Derek Carr, and two late risers: Georgia’s Aaron Murray and Pittsburgh’s Tom Savage.Manziel, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner, has lots of boom or bust in him. Nobody can deny he is a big-time playmaker, though.“When you’re dealing with a high-profile position like the quarterback, obviously there’s some well-documented things to cover and to consider,” Gruden said. “Manziel brings a lot of excitement and interest to your organization. Maybe some people don’t want to be part of it. That will be up to them.”IN THE TRENCHES: No fewer than a dozen guys who play on either the offensive or defensive line figure to go Thursday. They range from the NFL-ready tackle Jake Matthews of Texas A&M, whose dad, Bruce, is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to UCLA guard Xavier Su’a Filo on offense. On defense, look for Pittsburgh tackle Aaron Donald and Notre Dame nose tackle Louis Nix III.It’s possible that the first three players chosen all will do their work in the trenches: Clowney, Buffalo DE-LB Khalil Mack, and Auburn tackle Greg Robinson.LESSER KNOWNS: Some players from smaller schools to watch out for, if not in the first round then certainly in the second:LB-DE Khalil Mack, Buffalo – A certain high pick who can disrupt any offense with his pass-rushing skills and is no slouch against the run.S Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois – Hits a ton and had an impressive Senior Bowl. But he comes off foot surgery.QB Jimmy Garappolo, Eastern Illinois – From the same school that produced Tony Romo, he’s skilled, mature and a leader.OL Joel Bitonio, Nevada – Versatile blocker who can play anywhere on the line, he has a real mean streak.___AP NFL website: and read more

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Fligor Named New Harbor Head; Resigns From Council

first_img“John is leaving huge shoes to fill,” Fligor said. “There was bay water and boats that floated all the way up to the highway during Sandy. And John had things back up and running in nine months. You can’t ever be completely prepared for an event like Sandy. And God forbid anything like that ever happens again. But I’m part of great team in this town. And we’ll push along, because we have to, because the marina is important to our community.” The marina has more than 700 boat slips and Hubeny said it was close to 100 percent capacity in the 2019 season. The marina operates with a more than $6 million budget and generates $1.5 million in revenue from boat slip rentals for the borough’s tax base. At a meeting Sept. 25, the council appointed Kerri Kennedy to fill his unexpired term. Hubeny said the selection process was rigorous. Fligor’s application was one of 20 the borough received after the position was advertised in various local, county and state newspapers, and online on the New Jersey Marine Trades Association website. “I appreciate the council’s support and I just hope I’m everything you think I am. I’ve served on this council for 18 years… This is a great town. Take care of it,” Fligor said to the council. Fligor, who grew up working on boats in the marina and has had four of his own stored there over the years, will lead one of only eight municipally owned and operated marinas in New Jersey. It’s the single largest of that ilk from Maine to Florida, according to Hubeny. Fligor has served as a councilman for the better part of two decades and has volunteered his time with various organizations for the last 23, including the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society and the Harbor Commission. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – Louis Fligor’s eyes welled up at a recent borough council meeting when the governing body voted unanimously to name the longtime elected official the municipality’s new harbor manager. But resigning his seat on the council to take the harbor manager position was an emotional moment for Fligor. Atlantic Highlands does not currently have a nepotism policy, but borough administrator Adam Hubeny quickly dismissed the notion. “(Fligor’s) experience might actually be a positive despite the optics,” borough resident Tucker Snedeker told The Two River Times. “The real problem is he got his son-in-law a job at the harbor a few years ago. So how do you get a fair shake as a fellow employee and peer? Who gets the day off or the bonus or the promotion or the better work assignment?” center_img Fligor, 58, officially took the reins of the Marina Sept. 27, and will earn an annual starting salary of $62,500. “Lou’s son-in-law works at the harbor, but there’s insulation there,” Hubeny explained to residents at the Aug. 13 council meeting, noting that all harbor employees report to dockmaster James Osborn. “Mr. Osborne has (worked at the marina) for 42 years. The dockmaster reports to Jim Phillips, who is our DPW director. And if there’s a personnel matter, they will report to me. Normally they would report to the harbor manager, but in this case, if it involves Lou’s son-in-law, they’ll come to me.” The selection committee then interviewed seven candidates and whittled that field down to three potential choices. After a subsequent round of interviews, the committee decided that Fligor checked all of the boxes. Though borough lands are nearly completely built out, Fligor hopes to implement a series of floating boat slips situated in marina waters that will increase capacity and revenue. “It’s something that can be done. It’s part of the vision. But that will take some time,” Fligor said. Though the governing body may have given its vote of confidence, Fligor’s appointment comes with pushback from some residents who wonder if nepotism played a role. According to councilman Steve Borracchia, one of the reasons Fligor was selected for the position is because of his vision to expand the marina’s footprint and make it a more profitable utility. Longtime Atlantic Highlands councilman and community volunteer Louis Fligor has been appointed harbor manager at the marina.Photo by Chris Rotolo Fligor will succeed former harbor manager John Amici who accepted the position in July 2009, not long before the Bayshore was slammed by historic weather events like Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Super Storm Sandy in 2012. “This has to be the least political thing I’ve seen happen in Atlantic Highlands since I’ve been coming to meetings,” said council member Lori Hohenleitner. “Everyone on the harbor commission was fully confident that this was the best person for the job. I’m not necessarily going to be sitting up here for the rest of my life, but if I’ve made one decision that really showed the true character of our town, I’m confident this is one of them.” last_img read more

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Soap and disinfectants, Indian Wells measures against the virus

first_imgNormality is the slogan transmitted by the group of Indian Wells to the coronavirus. The primary 1,000 Masters of the 12 months, which ought to begin on the 12th in the Californian city of the identical title, won’t shut its doorways to the public as they’ve carried out a superb variety of sports activities competitions, after they haven’t been suspended or postponed, all through the world. The choice will not be trivial, it’s one among the most huge appointments on the calendar. Solely on its foremost observe, the second largest in the world devoted completely to tennis, match 16,000 individuals. Even so, the organizers are calm. In a press release launched by the New York Occasions, they declare to be monitoring “coronavirus developments.” “We stay very optimistic about this 12 months’s match celebration and hope to welcome everybody to Indian Wells very quickly. We’re in fixed communication with the WTA and ATP Tour, we observe the pointers of the Eisenhower Medical Heart and the Riverside County Well being Division, “reads the textual content. However neither will they keep idly by. In the identical doc it’s ensured that greater than 250 factors with cleaning soap and disinfectant are distributed all through all the services. “We’re working proactively with our workers, volunteers and suppliers to overview the greatest well being protocols. As all the time, our absolute precedence is the well being and security of tennis gamers, followers and everybody concerned in the match,” closes the launch. In the United States, as of this Thursday, there have been greater than 200 contaminated. A couple of third of them in California, the place a person died on Wednesday from the pathogen. That’s the reason the governor, Gavin Newsom, has decreed the state of emergency.last_img read more

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La Salle outguns NU for 2-0 start

first_imgFor the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity. Winning start A costly, catty dispute finally settled Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netLa Salle overcame a gutsy stand by National University to win, 115-109, in the UAAP Season 80 men’s basketball tournament Saturday at Smart Araneta Coliseum.ADVERTISEMENT Ricci Rivero finished with a team-high 21 points, nine coming in the fourth, to go along with seven rebounds to lead La Salle while Aljun Melecio orchestrated the offense putting up 20 points and eight assists.Jolo Go also provided added firepower for the Green Archers with 19 points in just 13 minutes of play.Rookie Jordan Bartlett led the Bulldogs (1-1) with 23 points.ADVERTISEMENT Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award OSG plea to revoke ABS-CBN franchise ‘a duplicitous move’ – Lacson End of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legend Break new ground Learning about the ‘Ring of Fire’center_img Adamson soars to third win, dumps TIP End of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legend It’s too early to present Duterte’s ‘legacy’ – Lacson LATEST STORIES Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next View comments A costly, catty dispute finally settled Aljun Melecio split his free throws while Santi Santillan made a pair of freebies inside the final 20 seconds as the Green Archers, who are still without reigning MVP Ben Mbala, held on for the second straight game.Matt Salem could’ve kept his team in it, but his 3-pointer went in and out as La Salle kept a 113-109 lead with 11.2 seconds left.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSRedemption is sweet for Ginebra, Scottie ThompsonSPORTSMayweather beats Pacquiao, Canelo for ‘Fighter of the Decade’SPORTSFederer blasts lack of communication on Australian Open smog“That was a good game for us, we showed a lot of tenacity, we were resilient, the composure was there, and we were able to execute our plays,” said DLSU head coach Aldin Ayo as his team improved to 2-0.The Green Archers had 22 assists, including a dish by Ricci Rivero to his older brother Prince underneath to give the Green Archers a 112-107 buffer with 25.3 ticks remaining.  MOST READlast_img read more

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Tall order

first_imgA 0-2 start is always a cause for alarm, even for a powerhouse like San Miguel Beer.The Beermen bowed to the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, 123-119, in overtime on Sunday in a game where the defending champions lost a 17-point lead and import Troy Gillenwater in the first half.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:44Gatchalian wants arrest for residents returning to Taal danger zones00:50Trending Articles02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Bong Ramos said he never expected anything easy when he got the Elite head coaching job.With a 0-5 start, he said they are still in a transition period.“It’s never going to be easy,” said Ramos, who took over Leo Isaac three games into the import-spiced conference. “I’m trying to instill my system little by little. You can’t shock them.”“This is a process, so slowly, we’re integrating my system. We know this isn’t going to be an overnight change so what we could do is to stay optimistic.”Blackwater’s playoff chances have gone slimmer after its 91-105 defeat to Ginebra on Friday, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be better soon with a tussle against TNT Ka-Tropa coming up this Friday.Only the top eight teams will progress to the playoffs.But Ramos still believes the Elite have what it takes to cut the league giants down to size.“We know how strong the opponents are and we know we have a lot to work on,” he said. “But what we need is more work. They might be stronger, but if we can outwork them, I believe we’ll eventually get the win.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Steam emission over Taal’s main crater ‘steady’ for past 24 hours Volcano watch: Island fissures steaming, lake water receding Open bowl win gives Del Rosario chance for final PH team hurrah Dave Chappelle donates P1 million to Taal relief operations Jiro Manio arrested for stabbing man in Marikina Jury of 7 men, 5 women selected for Weinstein rape trial China population now over 1.4 billion as birthrate falls In fight vs corruption, Duterte now points to Ayala, MVP companies as ‘big fish’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Winfrey details her decision to withdraw from Simmons film “We still have hope. It’s still a long way and we can still get to our goal which is the top two. If we don’t, that’s life. It’s not always that you’ll be on top,” Santos added.Santos led San Miguel’s losing effort with 29 points, nine rebounds, four assists and five blocks.But the 2013 Most Valuable Player knows that at this stage, the resilient Beermen still have control of its fate.“We won’t quit,” Santos said. “We’ll make the adjustments that we need, and maybe, there will be changes. We’ll see in the coming days.”Another team in a bind is Blackwater, which remains winless in five starts.ADVERTISEMENT Gillenwater bumped a referee after contesting a foul, a move that means automatic ejection from the game.The loss was the second straight for San Miguel following an 85-93 defeat to Meralco on May 9.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crownArwind Santos is naturally concerned over the Beermen’s dismal start in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup.“I’m alarmed,” Santos said in Filipino. “It’s just a short conference and every win matters.” Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew MOST READ View commentslast_img read more

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Wanted bulletin issued for man accused of defrauding Govt

first_imgThe Guyana Police Force has issued a wanted bulletin for 40-year-old Jadoo Datt of Sheriff Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, who is wanted for questioning inWanted: Jadoo Dattrelation to a conspiracy to defraud the Government of Guyana.Datt reportedly committed the frauds between December 2015 and April 2016.Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Datt is asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers 226-2870, 229-2655, 229-2289, 227-1149, 226-7065, 911 or the nearest Police station.last_img read more

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City thrash Schalke to reach Champions League quarters

first_imgAguero’s penalty opened the scoring at and the Argentine forward netted again before Leroy Sane, who also contributed three assists, struck against his former club.Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden and Gabriel Jesus all scored after the interval to complete City’s biggest home win in the Champions League.Pep Guardiola’s side, who lifted the League Cup in February, remain on course for an unprecedented quadruple, sitting one point ahead of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League before this weekend’s FA Cup quarter-final at Swansea.Sergio Aguero scored twice in Manchester City’s 7-0 thrashing of SchalkeThis emphatic victory was the joint-biggest ever Champions League knockout stage win but won’t linger long in the memory given Schalke’s total lack of resistence. However it could be a good omen as City beat Schalke en route to winning their only European trophy in the 1970 Cup Winners’ Cup.Twice a Champions League winner as Barcelona boss, Guardiola claimed this week that City are “teenagers” in the competition compared to the more established European powers.They have never won the Champions League, with their best performance a semi-final appearance in 2016 under Guardiola’s predecessor Manuel Pellegrini.But City are one of the favourites to claim the trophy after Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain crashed out and, on this evidence, Guardiola’s players are up for the challenge of showing they are more mature than he believes.It seems only winning Europe’s elite club prize can make City fans fall in the love with the tournament.Once again they loudly jeered the Champions League anthem, this time in frustration at UEFA’s recent investigation into the club over allegations of financial misconduct.Guardiola had claimed it would be a “dangerous situation” to underestimate Schalke, but the struggling Bundesliga team were never a realistic candidate to spring a surprise.– Floodgates opened –Sergio Aguero was in predatory form in Manchester City’s demolition of SchalkeSprinting onto Kyle Walker’s pass, Sterling crossed for Aguero to shoot against a post in the opening moments.Guardiola’s men monopolised possession and their territorial dominance finally paid off in the 35th minute.Ilkay Gundogan clipped a pass into the Schalke penalty area and Jeffrey Bruma bundled over Bernardo, with the spot-kick awarded after being checked by VAR.Aguero stepped up to nonchalantly chip the penalty down the middle as Ralf Fahrmann dived the wrong way.Aguero has now scored in four successive Champions League games for the first time.That opened the floodgates as Aguero quickly put the result beyond doubt three minutes later.Sterling was the provider as he raced onto Gundogan’s pass and pulled the ball back to Aguero, who squeezed his shot past Fahrmann from a tight angle for his 27th goal of the season.An interminable VAR delay of several minutes while Sterling was confirmed as onside drew more boos from City fans.Leroy Sane shone against his former side SchalkeBut they were celebrating again in the 42nd minute.This time it was Sane who ripped open the shambolic Schalke defence, the German winger sent clear on goal by Oleksandr Zinchenko before driving a clinical strike into the far corner.City were streets ahead of Schalke in every phase of the game and Sterling maintained his sublime form with a cool finish from Sane’s majestic pass in the 56th minute.Bernardo made it five in the 71st minute, netting with a first-time shot from Sane’s pass.There was still time for Foden to bag his first Champions League goal as the young midfielder took Sane’s pass and slotted home in the 78th minute.Jesus beat Fahrmann’s weak attempted save with six minutes left to complete City’s perfect evening.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Manchester City players celebrate one of their seven goals against Schalke during a Champions League tie at the Etihad Stadium on March 13, 2019MANCHESTER, United Kingdom, Mar 13 – Manchester City thrashed Schalke 7-0 at the Etihad Stadium on Tuesday to romp into the Champions League quarter-finals and keep their quadruple bid alive.City had snatched two late goals to win the first leg 3-2 and they made the most of that fightback with a ruthless demolition job at the Etihad Stadium to clinch a 10-2 aggregate victory.last_img read more

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Christmas comes early for customers at Highland Motors with 0% Finance or a €500 Shopping Voucher!

first_imgHighland Motors are delighted to announce a sensational used car event with finance available at an incredible 0%apr on selected used Renault and Dacia cars sold and an exceptionally low rate of 1.72% on all other used cars.This offer is only available until 11th November 2017. and there has never been a better time to buy a used car from Highland Motors.This is a limited offer with limited availability and these great finance deals will be issued on a first come first served basis. Not taking finance, then how about a €500 Shopping Voucher to get you in the Christmas spirit. This is a ‘win win situation for our customers’ stated Lawrence from Highland Motors, ‘not only can customers avail of free or low rate finance they can get a €500 shopping voucher if they don’t need finance’. Highland Motors Mountain Top LetterkennyHighland Motors have a great selection of used cars to suit all budgets and you can buy with great peace of mind as all our used cars sold are fully serviced and valeted and come with warranty and trade-ins are welcome.So don’t delay and call up to Highland Motors and get yourself a great deal on a used car and start filling the boot with all those Christmas goodies. Remember these offers are for a limited time only and when they are gone they are gone. Highland Motors is based at the Mountain Top and would be happy to help you with all your car buying needs. Either call up to our show room and discuss your motoring requirements with one of our sales executives, visit, or call us on 074 91 28777 for more details.*Deposit required. Finance from Renault Bank, subject to lending criteria. Terms and conditions apply. Ask at Highland Motors for details.Christmas comes early for customers at Highland Motors with 0% Finance or a €500 Shopping Voucher! was last modified: November 2nd, 2017 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:CHristmasDealsdonegalHighland MotorsSALElast_img read more

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first_imgDeclan Bonner will lead a Donegal Minor team into their first ever All-Ireland final on September 21.And Bonner was keen to praise Ethan O’Donnell whose point secured victory over Dublin.Donegal were two points down and kicking into Hill 16 but three points without reply, including the 59th minute winner from sub O’Donnell, secured victory. “Ethan has been outstanding for us whenever he’s come off the bench, you need that type of quality to turn games,” said Declan.“I’m absolutely delighted for the lads because I think back in my playing days, I lost an All-Ireland semi-final here in 1990 against Meath and there’s nothing worse than losing a semi-final.“We’ll be back now in three weeks’ time and we know Kerry are red-hot favourites but we’ll definitely be coming to win an All-Ireland minor final.”  BONNER HAILS SUPER-SUB ETHAN’S WINNING POINT FOR MINORS was last modified: September 1st, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Declan BonnerDonegal minorsEthan O’Donnelllast_img read more

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Sales of homes in Donegal on the decrease

first_imgProperty sales in Donegal have fallen by up to 100 this year, according to a new analysis of the Property Price Register.568 homes were sold in Donegal in the first six months of 2017, which is a 14.5% decrease on 664 sold this time last year. Residential sales in Donegal reached a total of €67,785,830 in the first six months of 2017, down 7.4% from €73,213,397 in 2016.These figures have emerged from a new study based on an analysis of the Property Price Register by property website found that there were 23,148 homes sold nationwide in the first half of 2017. A total of €5.8 billion was spent, up 15% on the €5.1 billion in the first half of 2016.Donegal and Clare were the only counties where residential property prices did not increase. The amount spent on homes in Donegal fell by 7%.Sales figures rose in 20 counties and fell in six, but the amount spent in each county was up in all with the exception of Donegal and Clare. Sales in Dublin rose by 11% to 7,455 in the surveyed time span. Over €3billion of the national spend was in the capital.Sales of homes in Donegal on the decrease was last modified: September 11th, 2017 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalHOUSE PRICESmyhome.iepropertylast_img read more

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Buti Manamela addresses National Union of Mineworkers Youth Council

first_imgKeynote address by Deputy Minister Buti Manamela to the National Union of Mineworkers National Youth Council, Birchwood Hotel, EkurhuleniDeputy Minister in Presidency Buti ManamelaThe General Secretary, Comrade Frans BaleniSabelo Mgotshwa, National Secretary of NUM youth councilLeaders of the NUM and National Youth CouncilComrades and friendsIt is indeed a pleasure and a privilege to address the NUM National Youth Council meeting today. The General Secretary has requested me to speak about the National Youth Policy 2020. I am mindful that I am speaking to youth activists who have always championed a progressive youth development agenda.Before I speak about the NYP 2020, I would like to make a few comments on the attacks on foreign nationals that have been taking place recently.These images of violence and criminality directed at foreign nationals have been splattered over the front pages of our newspapers and our television screens. They have tugged at our hearts and sometimes brought tears to our eyes.We have seen young people at the forefront of these attacks often displaying the most brute and thuggish behaviour. There can be no justification for this. This is not the South Africa we know. The majority of South Africans are peace loving and want good relations with our brothers and sisters on the continent.We have also seen young South Africans stand up and boldly declare “NOT IN MY NAME”. These young people have courageously said that they will not be silent in the face of xenophobia and attacks on foreign nationals. They will not allow the name of South Africa to be associated with these dastardly acts committed by the few.As youth leaders gathered here today we have a responsibility to provide direction and education to our young people. We have to guide young people to live out the values within our Constitution and within the African Youth Charter.Without us providing leadership, our young people will be at the command of selfish populist voices that do not share in the values of our Constitution. These selfish populist voices will not be there when our young people have to face the consequences of their criminal actions.So I encourage you today, let’s take our responsibility as leaders of youth seriously. We must stand up and boldly declare that xenophobia and attacks on foreign nationals will not happen in my name. And we must mobilise our young people to stand up and clearly say: NOT IN MY NAME.I am reminded that it was in this very same venue on 29 and 30 March, the Presidency held a National Consultation with youth organisations and other stakeholders on the NYP 2020. We directly engaged youth in provincial, regional and local consultations across the nine provinces. We went to schools, shebeens, taxi ranks, bus stations and workplaces speaking with young people. We met with key youth formations from across our diverse youth sector. We received over 100 written submissions on the NYP 2020 from varied youth voices across the country.We could not meet all young people face to face. So we used social media platforms extensively. All NYP 2020 activities were put on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of The Presidency to ensure that young people were always kept abreast of the consultative meetings happening in their area.We reached about 100 000 young people with the # NYP 2020 campaign and got young people talking through the photos they took holding up boards and a message of what they want to see in the National Youth Policy 2020.We consulted extensively because we believe that the National Youth Policy 2020 is about the youth, for the youth and by the youth of South Africa. Nothing for us without us. Our consultations were rooted in the unwavering assurance that young men and women have a critical role to play in their own development. Their views matter and their voices must be heard.The draft NYP 2020 will shortly be submitted to the respective cabinet committee for review and subsequently be submitted to cabinet for approval. We expect the NYP2020 to be launched by the President in June 2015.The objectives of the NYP 2020 are clear. These objectives are to:• Consolidate and integrate youth development into the mainstream of government policies, programmes and the national budget• Strengthen the capacity of key youth development institutions and ensure integration and co-ordination in the delivery of youth services• Strengthen the capacity of young people to enable them to take charge of their own well-being through building their assets and ultimately realising their potential to the fullest• Strengthen a culture of patriotic citizenship among young people and to help them become responsible adults who care for their families and others• Foster a sense of national cohesion, while acknowledging the existence of diverse circumstances and inculcate the spirit of patriotism by encouraging visible and active participation in different youth initiatives or projects and nation-building activitiesOf course all these policy objectives must lead us to the desired policy outcome. This outcome is “to produce empowered young people who are able to realise their full potential and understand their roles and responsibilities in making a meaningful contribution to the development of a non-racial, equal, democratic and prosperous South Africa.”Through the initial research we have undertaken we identified five priorities for the NYP 2020.These five priorities are:• Enabling economic participation and transformation• Facilitating education, skills development and second chances (quality and access)• Health care and combating substance abuse• Facilitating nation building and social cohesion• Optimising youth machinery for effective delivery and responsivenessThere are many policy proposals in each of the 5 identified priorities. I encourage you to read the draft NYP 2020. However I want to outline some key policy proposals in each area.In the priority area of economic participation and transformation, the NYP 2020 calls for:• Improved public employment schemes leading to better exiting possibilities for youth. These include the Youth Brigades, Expanded Public Works Programme and Community Works Programme.• Better and faster implementation of the Youth Employment Accord including a vigorous and robust monitoring and evaluation framework that must support the implementation of this youth policy.• Development of the Youth in ICT Strategy.• An impact study to examine the effectiveness of the Employment Tax incentive in stimulating job creation for new entrants into the labour market.• Scaling up of public service internships to create 60,000 internship opportunities.• A National Jobs Fair drive to support the integration and coordination of public and private sector work placement services.• A National Campaign to place university students and graduates who need work experience into Technical and Vocational Education and Training as part of completing their studies.• A mass youth enterprise creation programme.• Training young people on skills relevant to agriculture and agro-processing.• Improving small scale and commercial agriculture through stimulating and supporting young farmers.In the priority area of education, skills and second chances, the NYP 2020 calls for:• The performance of schools should improve to ensure that the majority of learners achieve above 50% in all learning areas.• The existing incentives to attract young people into the teaching profession should be retained at least for the next 5 years and teacher salaries should be competitive.• All learners should learn an indigenous language with sign language being progressively introduced in schools.• After school programmes to support learning and life skills.• Scaling up of programmes that provide learners with a second chance to pass matric.• Expansion of TVET colleges to increase the participation rate to 25% and the graduation rate to 75%.• Progressive introduction of free education for poor learners until undergraduate level with increased funding options available to support students at post-secondary level.• An expansion of career guidance offerings at all levels of schooling.In the priority area of health care and combatting substance abuse, the NYP 2020 calls for:• Increasing the access and availability of social workers with particular reference to mental health promotion and prevention.• Enabling access to sexual and reproductive health and rights services.• Expanding recreational facilities and diversion programmes.• Expanding access to drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation centres.• Breaking down barriers through innovative healthy lifestyle campaigns on key health care themes.In the priority area of nation-building and social cohesion, the NYP 2020 calls for:• Young people must know and understand the National symbols in fostering a common identity.• Confronting racism in all its forms utilising social media platforms and other innovative campaigns and programmes initiated by youth.• Supporting youth leadership develop for active citizenry.• Better implementation of the National Youth Service.• Broadening sport and recreation opportunities including compulsory schools sports.In the priority area of optimising the youth machinery for effective delivery and responsiveness, the NYP 2020 calls for:• The re-establishment of the Youth Presidential Working Group to provide political support for the implementation of the NYP 2020 and its integrated youth development strategy.• Establishment of youth desks at national, provincial and local levels with adequate, capable and competent personnel and resources.• The amendment of the NYDA Act to allow for a more focused and responsive NYDA.• Strengthening of the South African Youth Council to enable it to discharge its mandate effectively.• The revival of the Youth Development Forum to promote greater commitment from the private sector towards youth development.I have highlighted a few of the key policy proposals. There are many more proposals and interventions within the NYP 2020 and I encourage you to read the policy document.A policy document, irrespective of how well it is crafted and consulted on, is not worth the paper it is written on if the policy is not effectively implemented and monitored. Strong and effective implementation and monitoring will help us learn lessons so that we can do things better.I made the call at the National Consultation Forum and I will re-iterate it today. We cannot implement this policy without the co-operation and partnership of civil society organisations like you.You can cooperate and partner with us in many ways. Some of these may include:• Identifying a niche area in the policy that the NUM can contribute to and advance. This may be a particular programme or campaign that NUM can develop to address a priority area.• Popularising the NYP 2020 with stakeholders in your domain. This may include education sessions with young workers and private sector companies that you are in contact with.• Directing resources, both financial and human capital, towards a particular priority area within the NYP 2020.• Holding government accountable towards the effective implementation of the NYP 2020.You have participated in the consultation process leading towards the development of the NYP 2020.I invite you to partner with us in the implementation and monitoring of the NYP 2020.I want to conclude with some remarks that I made to delegates at the National Youth Policy Consultative Conference. I concluded my address at the conference by stating a concern that I have. It’s a concern that has been with me for a while now. We know young people to be a special type, with unique characteristics. They are vibrant. They are energetic. They are creative. They are robust. They are resourceful. They are imaginative. They are original.So my concern and my question is this: Why is it that our youth engagement and our youth programmes do not reflect these unique characteristics.Have we become boring and unimaginative• Have we resorted to the safe and sterile• Have we put too much emphasis on the tried and tested• When I look around I see youth engagements and youth programmes, both in government and civil society, lacking vibrancy, energy and creativity.It makes our youth development stale. This is not what we want because it does not reflect the unique characteristics of being young.So I challenge you, as I challenge myself – Lets re-imagine youth development. Let’s push the boundaries. Let’s put ourselves out there. Let’s embark on this journey towards re-imaging youth development.Let’s take youth development to that place where it encounters and fuses with the unique characteristics of being young. We want our youth development to be vibrant, energetic, creative, robust, resourceful, imaginative and original.Let’s re-imagine youth development together.Issued by: The PresidencyPretoriaWebsite: Phakisa: read more

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Bread bags bring big benefits

first_imgDaycare runners enjoy prize giving day. (Image: BizCommunity) Sasko, the bakery, launched the Siyasizana Day-care Project for day cares in Tembisa, in Gauteng in late September 2015 – and the pre-school centres are already reaping the rewards.When the project was launched, there was a simple request made of day cares: collect used Sasko bread bags that would otherwise be thrown away, and redeem them for items such as mattresses, backpacks, basins, carpets, chairs and even fridges or stoves.Siyasizana is isiZulu for “we are helping each other”. The project mobilised Tembisa residents to work together to support of their local day cares by all collecting their plastic bags. In total, 300 000 bread bags were collected, exceeding the expectations of all involved.“We looked at the number of bread bags being discarded and the needs of the day cares in Tembisa,” Riaz Badroodeen, the brand manager of Sasko Bread, told SA Goodnews. “By collecting these bags to recycle, we are able to assist the mamas with the basic needs to make their day care environments more comfortable, ultimately benefiting the children in their care.“Collecting bags is a small gesture, with a large impact. With a tidy sum of 300 000 bags, participating day cares will now be able to refrigerate food, prepare cooked meals, provide blankets to keep children warm, and set up tables and chairs during activity and meal times.”THE PROJECT IS ON-GOINGThe success of the project now means it will be rolled out in other parts of the country.“Based on the success of the programme in Tembisa, we plan on rolling out the Sasko Siyasizana Day-care Project in other parts of South Africa. As the programme grows, we’ll continue to look at the needs of the participating day cares and how Sasko can assist,” Badroodeen said.Jane Mokgonyana of Tender Care Day Care was the ultimate winner after collecting 20 000 of the 300 000 packets. Runner-up Matema Mashilo from Bophelong Day Care collected 10 050 bags and was closely followed by Nanini Day Care, where Nomthandazo Mkhondwana collected a total of 9 550 bags.Seven other day cares in Tembisa also won something for their contribution to the project.Sasko Siyasizana Day-care Project is an ongoing programme hosted and implemented by Sasko Bread. For more information, visit Sasko’s website or call the company’s customer care line on 0800 022 000PLAY YOUR PARTAre you playing your part to help improve the lives of the people around you or the environment? Do you know of anyone who has gone out of their way to help improve South Africa and its people?If so, submit your story or video to our website and let us know what you are doing to improve the country for all.last_img read more

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USDA launches webpage highlighting resources to help rural communities address the opioid crisis

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett today unveiled a new webpage featuring resources to help rural communities respond to the opioid crisis.“While no corner of the country has gone untouched by the opioid crisis, small towns and rural places have been particularly hard hit,” Hazlett said. “The challenge of opioid misuse is an issue of rural prosperity and will take all hands on deck to address. The webpage we are launching today will help rural leaders build a response that is tailored to meet the needs of their community.”The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that more than 63,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016. More than half of those deaths involved opioids, including prescription drugs and heroin.USDA is playing an important role to help rural communities address this national problem at the local level through program investment, strategic partnerships and best practice implementation.In April 2017, President Donald J. Trump established the Interagency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity to identify legislative, regulatory and policy changes that could promote agriculture and prosperity in rural communities. In January 2018, Secretary Perdue presented the Task Force’s findings to President Trump, which included 31 recommendations to align the federal government with state, local and tribal governments to take advantage of opportunities that exist in rural America.In the area of quality of life, the Task Force included a recommendation to modernize health care access. The report highlighted the importance of telemedicine in enhancing access to primary care and specialty providers. The Task Force also found that improved access to mental and behavioral health care, particularly prevention, treatment and recovery resources, is vital to addressing the opioid crisis and other substance misuse in rural communities.last_img read more

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Oases of Green Thinking in New Mexico

first_imgA homes tour in the Santa Fe area features properties certified under Build Green New Mexico and LEED for HomesThe Annual GreenBuilt Tour, now in its tenth year, features 25 homes in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, and surrounding areas. Scheduled for May 16 and 17, the tour is a good opportunity to inspect properties that not only earned Build Green New Mexico or LEED for Homes certification when they were completed, but have put their green amenities to the test over time.In other words, these homes are green theory, ingenuity, and materials hard at work.One of the stars of the tour, highlighted recently in the Santa Fe New Mexican, is a home completed in November 2007 in West Basin, a 944-acre conservation community of five homesites on the southwest edge of the Galisteo Basin Preserve.The preserve, a 13,522-acre development and conservation project operated by the nonprofit Commonweal Conservancy, includes other housing projects, one with 20 homesites and another, 300-acre site with 950 homes and mixed-used construction. The development projects are intended to help pay for the Commonweal’s purchase of the remaining 12,000, which will remain publicly accessible open space.The home at West Basin was the first preserve residence to be completed in the preserve, the New Mexican story notes, and it is among the most efficient, operating off the grid by virtue of its 33 PV panels and a 5.1 kW battery installation, as well as walls made with rammed earth and autoclaved aerated concrete blocks.The home includes windows made from fast-growing lyptus wood and vigas rafters harvested from standing dead timber. The building also is equipped with water-efficient appliances and fixtures, a water-permeable driveway to prevent runoff and erosion, and features a deep butterfly roof that channels rainwater into storage tanks.The owners worked with Signer Harris Architects, of Boston, and WoodMetalConcrete, of Santa Fe.last_img read more

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NU rolls to 2nd win

first_imgMOST READ NATO’s aging eye in the sky to get a last overhaul View comments Trump signs bills in support of Hong Kong protesters Diane Carlos showed the way for the Lady Maroons with 14 points, 11 on attacks, as they notched their first win in two outings in Group B, tying idle San Beda.Isa Molde also shone for UP with 12 points as she and Carlos peppered the hapless TIP defenses all afternoon with accurate hits.Marian Buitre had nine, Jessma Ramos six and Justine Dorog and Roselyn Rosier five each for UP, which fell to Adamson on opening day.It was the second straight defeat by the Lady Engineers who obviously didn’t get the exact measure of the team they faced.Ashley Jinion topscored for TIP with six points.ADVERTISEMENT Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games UP was head and shoulders above TIP in blocks, 8-2, and service aces, 10-1. But TIP worked hard, too, and was not that inferior in the digs (38-37) and receives (20-18) departments.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo Aiko Urdas fired 17 points while Jaja Santiago added 11 for the Lady Bulldogs, who are unbeaten in two starts.The Lady Bulldogs also proved they have adjusted well with new coach Babes Castillo, who replaced their long-time mentor and now Lady Stags tactician Roger Gorayeb.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingGorayeb didn’t show up and instead asked assistant coach Clint Malazo to call the shots for the Lady Stags, who fell to 1-2.Earlier, University of the Philippines strolled to the win column with an easy 25-20, 25-9, 25-13 decision over Technological Institute of the Philippines. Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his sidecenter_img LATEST STORIES Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his side Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Menor’s next goal: 2nd pro win at Riviera Diana Mae Carlos of UP scores off Ashley Jinon (right) and Khem Consencino of TIP during their PVL match on Monday at Filoil Flying V Centre. —AUGUST DELA CRUZNational University has moved on.Showing no respect for the team being coached by its former mentor, NU crushed San Sebastian College, 25-21, 21-25, 25-11, 25-18, Monday night for a share of the lead in the Premier Volleyball League Collegiate Conference at Filoil Flying V Centre.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. last_img read more

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After 52 years, Pooniya scores first athletics gold

first_imgThe much-hyped Indian boxing squad, led by Olympic medal winner Vijender Singh, flopped but the unheralded athletics contingent exceeded expectations when Krishna Pooniya led an unprecedented clean sweep of all the women’s discus medals in the Commonwealth Games on Monday.Baton has passed from me: Milkha | Video: Indian boxers falter in semisPooniya led a historic Indian 1-2-3 by hurling the disc to 61.51m and became the country’s first woman in 52 years to win the gold on a day the Games was rocked by its first doping scandal when woman’s 100m champion gold medallist Osayemi Oludamola of Nigeria returned a positive test for a banned stimulant.Pooniya is the second Indian athlete after Milkha Singh (1958, Cardiff) to garner a gold in track and field events and her title enabled the country to equal its previous-best gold medal haul in Games history. The country had won 30 gold at Manchester eight years ago.She swept the discus event with Harwant Kaur (60.66m) and national record holder Seema Antil (58.46m) bagging the silver and bronze to lift the host country’s tally in athletics to a record seven.However, the story that emerged from the boxing ring was disappointing with Vijender and three others biting the dust in the semis and settling for the bronze.The consolation was the entry of southpaw Suranjoy Singh (52kg), Manoj Kumar (64kg) and Paramjit Samota (+91kg) into the finals after winning their semi final bouts.Suranjoy reached the gold medal round defeating Haroon Iqbal of Pakistan, Manoj Kumar made the title round edging out Valentino Knowles of Bahamas and Samota outpunched F A Junior of Tonga.advertisementThe shock defeat of hot title favourite Vijender led the Indians to lodge a protest with the event’s officialdom after the referee penalised the Indian star towards the fag end of the bout when he led narrowly.Amandeep Singh (49kg), Asian champion Jai Bhagwan (60kg) and Dilbag Singh (69kg) also lost their semi final bouts and had to be content with bronze medals.Women rifle shooters Tejaswini Sawant and Meena Kumari also grabbed the bronze in the women’s 50 metres rifle prone event after logging one point less than the gold and silver medalists.last_img read more

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Celebrity Clasico: MS Dhoni’s brace sets up cricketers’ victory over Bollywood stars

first_imgMS Dhoni struck two free-kicks as Virat Kohli-led All Hearts FC thrashed Abhishek Bachchan’s All Stars FC 7-3 in the Celebrity Clasico at the Mumbai Football Arena on Sunday.The match was a continuation of an yearly tradition that started last year, when the game ended 2-2 and it will be played next year as well.Dhoni dazzled once more but this time on a football pitch with two free-kick goals giving All Hearts a 2-0 lead within 40 minutes of the game.Live that super Mahical moment! ?????? Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL) October 15, 2017While the first goal came from a deflection, the second goal was a thing of beauty — one that Sunil Chhetri, All Hearts manager for the match, would be proud of.It is well known that Dhoni was a footballer before being drawn towards cricket and that showed when he took on the field in the Celebrity Clasico.With the rule of rollover substitution, Dhoni was seen on and off on the pitch which was attributed to the fact that he is flat-footed and has troubles staying in the footballing shoes for too long.Ashish Nehra, the mentor of All Hearts FC, said on the sidelines of the game that Dhoni was the one chatting the most in the dressing room.Even though Dhoni was the fulcrum of the unit and his sense of positioning was for all to see, Virat Kohli with his constant runnings and bundle of energy was a threat at all times.advertisementAfter two of Dhoni’s goals, Anirudh Srikanth, son of former India opener Kris Srikanth, also scored a brace — one being a header and the other a composed penalty.Now @aniruda77’s turn! #CelebrityClasico ?? Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL) October 15, 2017Besides Anirudh, Kedar Jadhav also scored on a rebound, with his brand-new studs that he bought for the game, after All Stars goalkeeper has stopped a shot from Kohli.Even though Kohli failed to find the net once, his hard work was rewarded in the end as he sealed the match with a beautiful chip, which turned out to be the second last goal of the match.Shikhar Dhawan, in the end, got his name on the scoresheet as he scored from the penalty spot after theopposition’s goalkeeper handled the ball outside the penalty area.For All Stars FC, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Ranbir Kapoor and Armaan Jain scored.MS Dhoni was very calm after scoring the goal! Football pitch or Cricket Pitch man is a legend #CelebrityClasico- Õ?É?iÕÉ?É?rÉ?! (@BeingKushSharma) October 15, 2017MS Dhoni scores the 1st goal for All Heart in #CelebrityClasico Football match Jersey No. 7 doing the trick in the 7th Minute of the Game.- Aditya Saha (@adityakumar480) October 15, 2017MSDhoni is the player of the match for his two goals. And this man rules at any sports #CelebrityClasico DHONIsm ? (@DHONIism) October 15, 2017last_img read more

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Indian Sports Honours: Srikanth, Sindhu feted

first_imgMumbai, Nov 27 (PTI) Ace shuttler Kidambi Srikanth, who won four Super Series titles this year, bagged the Sportsman of the Year award at the inaugural edition of Indian Sports Honours held here.Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu was the Sportswoman of the Year award in the individual sport category, a release said here today.Ravichandran Ashwin, who today became the fastest bowler to reach Club 300 in Test cricket and womens cricket team skipper Mithali Raj were awarded Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards, respectively, in the Team Sport category.The Indian Womens Cricket Team, which ended as runners up in the ICC Womens World Cup, were named as the Team of the Year.While star tennis player Sania Mirza was awarded the Inspirational Honour by the jury, countrys first Olympic gold medallist Abhinav Bindra was honoured with the Transformational Contribution to Sport award.Indian Sports Honours is an initiative partnered by India skipper Virat Kohli and Sanjiv Goenka, in line with their vision to support the development of Indian sports.The ceremony was telecast on Star Sports.Awards: *Sportsman of the year (Individual sport): Srikanth Kidambi *Sportsman of the year (Team sport) – Ravichandran Ashwin *Sportswoman of the year (Individual sport) – P.V. Sindhu *Sportswoman of the year (Team sport) – Mithali Raj *Team of the year (Men/Women) – Indian Women?s Cricket Team *Coach of the year – Bisveshwar Nandi *Emerging Sportswoman of the year – Aditi Ashok *Emerging Sportsman of the year – Neeraj Chopra *Differently abled Sportsman of the year – Devendra Jhajaria *Differently abled Sportswoman of the year – Deepa MalikadvertisementJury Honours *Keep Walking Honour for Lifetime achievement – Balbir Singh *Inspirational Honour – Sania Mirza *Transformational Contribution to Sport – Abhinav BindraPopular choice Honours *Breakthrough performance of the year – Hardik Pandya *Star Sports ?Believe? Honour (Comeback of the year) – Saina Nehwal *Spirit of Sport – Yogeshwar Dutt *Player of the year – Sunil Chhetri *Club of the year – Mumbai Indians *Best Fan Club – Manjappada Kerala Blasters. PTI NRB ATK ATKlast_img read more

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Lozano showing superstar potential for PSV

first_imgHirving Lozano Lozano showing superstar potential for high-flying PSV Peter McVitie Last updated 1 year ago 16:00 11/25/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Hirving Lozano PSV Getty PSV Excelsior v PSV Excelsior Eredivisie Opinion The 22-year-old has made an immediate impact in Netherlands for a side sitting clear at the top of the Eredivisie PSV knew they were getting something special when they lured Hirving Lozano to Eindhoven, but no one expected such an electrifying start from the 22-year-old.Even those who had witnessed Mexico’s most promising attacker blossom in his homeland with Pachuca were shocked.PSV -1 4/5 v Excelsior Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player “He has been extraordinary, even above the expectations we had,” his former side’s sporting director, Marco Garces, told Marca this month. “We always knew that Hirving was a great player, he had everything to prove it in Europe, but the scoring ability that he has shown is above what he showed here. It fills us with pride.”After knocking back Manchester City to secure immediate first-team football in his first voyage to Europe, the winger quickly emerged as the Eredivisie’s star player and has been nominated for the CONCACAF Player of the Year award after finishing runner-up last time.It took just eight league matches for him to reach a tally of nine goals and three assists and Dutch pundits are already caught up in the excitement of speculating the price a superpower will have to pay to get him after just one season. TV show Studio Voetbal started the estimates at €70 million.Man City are said to still be interested, and Arsenal have reportedly highlighted him as a potential successor to Alexis Sanchez.GFX Info Marco Garces quote Hirving Lozano PSVHirving Lozano Mexico BelgiumJust a few months into his six-year contract, however, Lozano has settled with his family in Netherlands and is just getting started with a team that has taken a surprise hold of first place in the Dutch top flight.Phillip Cocu’s side have collected 33 points from 12 matches, scoring an incredible 38 goals, and Lozano has been a big inspiration.His pace, skill and directness make him a devastating threat, but his neat passes make him useful in building quick attacks and opening chances for others.”Making and creating something, that is of course his greatest quality,” Cocu said in October. “He is still a young player and busy learning all facets of European football.“It’s great to work with him and he has so much quality that he can make a difference.”As Lozano shines amid a flourishing attack, PSV have emerged as a favourite for the Eredivisie title.After last season’s third-place finish, some big summer departures and an early elimination from Europe, a tough campaign was expected for Cocu’s team.Instead, they are on form reminiscent of the Memphis Depay and Georginio Wijnadum-led side that lifted the crown in 2014-15 and again have an attack that is proving difficult to contain for Dutch defences.They are eight points clear of main rivals Ajax and 14 ahead of reigning champions Feyenoord, who have won just one of their last nine games in all competitions.A 2-0 loss at Heerenveen in week four has been the only negative for them, but they recovered with a 1-0 win over Feyenoord. A 7-1 trouncing of Utrecht followed and they scored at least three in each of the next five before scraping to last week’s victory at fourth-placed PEC Zwolle.Not focused on dominating possession, instead, quick, fluid attacks are central to PSV and they have the right attackers to make it work.Joint-top of the Eredivisie goal chart with Lozano, Jurgen Locadia is again a vital player after falling in and out of the team in recent years and a lengthy injury spell last term. The PSV academy graduate is dangerous as he lingers in the box, and although he is capable of fabulous goals, his tendency to shoot from distance is frustratingly wasteful.On his third loan spell at the Philips Stadion, Marco van Ginkel has been vital for their attack. The midfielder steams towards opponents’ boxes and picks out team-mates while continuing to chip in with goals – already netting seven this term.Uruguayan attacker Gaston Pereiro and Steven Bergwijn are key in supplying chances to Locadia and Lozano, while Luuk de Jong has become useful again despite his ongoing struggles in front of goal as he helps link the attack together.Hirving Lozano PSVPSV FeyenoordTheir record of 13 goals conceded is a good one at this stage, and Cocu has settled on his ideal back four, while Jorrit Hendrix is impressing at the base of the midfield, but teams like Heerenveen, Feyenoord and PEC have been able to put them under pressure.PSV can be exploited, but Feyenoord showed clear defensive weaknesses last term and stayed top of the table all season.Issues await Cocu’s side, however, as a few injuries will force him to call upon talented but untested youngsters that may struggle to click with their fast attacks.A few slip ups will prove costly as Ajax are showing signs of stabilising after some early wobbles under Marcel Keizer. Like PSV, they are already out of Europe and have a strong enough squad to build on last week’s 8-0 win over NAC Breda. Last year’s Eredivisie and Europa League runners-up need to get either Kasper Dolberg or Klaas-Jan Huntelaar firing regularly up front and improve their pressing, but they will likely pull closer to the frontrunners soon.PSV still have a lot to prove in their bid for the Eredivisie title as they await Ajax to push them further, but with Lozano, Locadia and Co. impressing, they are showing real credentials a third of the way into the campaign.last_img read more

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Chelsea fear massive cost of missing out on Champions League

first_imgA harrowing home defeat by Tottenham on Sunday left Chelsea eight points adrift of the Champions League qualification places with seven matches to play. Although the meagre consolation of the Europa League awaits, next season would be the second in three spent outside Europe’s premier club competition. So what could be the ramifications?Finances will take a hitFailure to qualify for the Champions League will affect income, even with the sums generated through Premier League media rights. The club’s most recent financial figures, covering a 2016-17 campaign spent out of Europe altogether, serve as a gauge. They show revenues rose by £32m, yet that was less than half the increase recorded by Manchester United (£82m), Arsenal (£72m) and Manchester City (£66m), who were competing in the Champions League. Match-day incomes fell 6% to £66m and, although the Europa League awaits, those games will not attract the same glitz, glamour or gates. A club who made £193m between 2012 and 2017 from playing in Europe will inevitably suffer another downturn. Share via Email Pochettino used to bow to Chelsea but now Tottenham dictate the terms Listen Share on WhatsApp There will be an impact on retaining key players and the current staffChelsea retained their best players after the trauma of 2015-16 but, two years down the line, concerns centre on their Belgians. Thibaut Courtois enters the last 12 months of his contract in July and, although talks are scheduled to resume in the summer, a goalkeeper consistently linked with a return to Spain may not be quite as keen to re-sign if the immediate future comes without the perk of Champions League football. Eden Hazard’s deal does not expire until 2020, with Chelsea apparently willing to offer him the most lucrative terms in their history, but he seems intent on waiting to see if Real Madrid’s long-standing interest crystallises into a firm offer.Squad strengthening may be harderChelsea thrived in the summer of 2016, prising N’Golo Kanté from Leicester, with David Luiz and Marcos Alonso also added, so they have strengthened without the Champions League factor in the recent past. Theirs is a relatively young setup and hardly in need of a radical overhaul, which is just as well because recruitment would be a challenge. They have spent relatively heavily in recent windows, for all Conte’s complaints, albeit with money recouped for players such as Diego Costa and Nemanja Matic. The problem has arguably been the reluctance to secure stellar arrivals – Conte was after established pedigree – and the size of the revamp instigated in each window, with so many ins and outs. The senior squad hardly feels significantly deeper than it did two years ago. This will be a shorter summer window, crammed largely into the post‑World Cup period, which will bring its own complications to be confronted at present without a technical director. Marina Granovskaia has held informal talks with prospective candidates to replace Michael Emenalo but the club do not appear certain quite what the role will entail. Whether that lack of clarity proves a hindrance remains to be seen. Share on Pinterest Antonio Conte Chelsea Topics Spurs end Stamford Bridge curse as Manchester City close on title – Football Weeklycenter_img Read more features Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Champions League Share on Messenger More pertinently perhaps, so will the club’s reputationIn October Chelsea’s commercial director, Chris Townsend, targeted doubling revenues to more than £650m over the next seven to 10 years “to be a top-four or -five club in Europe [by revenues], rather than ranked eighth”. The aim was to increase the number of sponsors from 12 to between 30 and 35 premium brands, plans considered highly ambitious in a market where clubs such as Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid boast a significant head start. It would, according to Townsend, “allow Chelsea to invest more in players”. Yet will prospective sponsors find Chelsea as attractive without the Champions League? At a time when Roman Abramovich is hoping to push through a £1bn redevelopment of Stamford Bridge, a scheme likely to require significant outside investment, the suspicion that Chelsea have regressed into a club who flit in and out of Europe’s elite competition would be damaging.Will the pursuit of a new head coach be affected?The chances of Antonio Conte remaining next season were remote even if the team achieved a top‑four finish, given his relationship with the hierarchy has long since fractured beyond repair. The Italian was plucked from his national association by a club apparently on their knees but the worry remains that the recruitment of an elite successor may be hampered without Champions League football. Certainly any faint hopes of luring Mauricio Pochettino across the capital would have to be abandoned. Luis Enrique might not be overly concerned at life outside the European elite in the short term but his contract at the Camp Nou in his previous position is understood to have been worth far more than Conte’s £9.5m a season. Thomas Tuchel is apparently not under consideration, though other young coaches may come into the hierarchy’s thinking. A club who go through two-season managerial cycles may have to sell a long-term project to prospective candidates. Share on Facebook Reuse this contentlast_img read more

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1 Million to Support African Nova Scotian Learners

first_imgA $1 million investment in African Nova Scotian learners will give students more opportunities to upgrade their skills and provide them with more support in school. The investment is part of government’s new plan for education, Learning for Life II: Brighter Futures Together. Education Minister Jamie Muir made the announcement today, July 20, during a leadership and management conference for African Nova Scotian educators in North Preston, Halifax Regional Municipality. “We’re focused on making investments that directly impact students,” said Mr. Muir. “We’re going to hire more student support workers, increase community college scholarships and work with the Nova Scotia Community College to provide more opportunities for students. All of these initiatives will contribute to a more equitable and accessible education system.” This year’s investment doubles the $500,000 government invested in 2004-05. It is part of a $4.1-million commitment to implement the operational recommendations of the Black Learners Advisory Committee Report on Education over four years. Many recommendations have already been implemented including the establishment of the Council on African Canadian Education and an elected seat on every school board for an African Nova Scotian representative. “This $1-million commitment will allow the Council on African Canadian Education and its partners to build on the work already started toward establishing an Africentric Learning Institute,” said Charles Sheppard, chair of the council. “The first africentric leadership and management training being offered for educators this week is an example of the innovative and unique programs the institute will offer.” Some of the initiatives being implemented in 2005-06 are: The Department of Education and the Council of African Canadian Education have also established a review committee to identify the needs of the Africentric Learning Institute. The committee will review the institute’s structure, role and function within the community, its sustainability and programming, as well as its capital requirements. In December, the committee will make recommendations about what is required to get the institute up and running. $156,000 to aid in the development and delivery of programs for the Africentric Learning Institute $310,000 for school boards to hire eight new student-support workers $90,000 to the Council of African Canadian Education to support its operations $50,000 to implement youth leadership and development programs $30,000 to increase parental involvement in the education system $49,000 to increase Community College Awards by 50 per cent, to $1,800 per student $50,000 for short-term, employment-related training for which students are not eligible to receive student loan support $80,000 to expand adult programming $100,000 to establish a program to enable African Nova Scotian youth to upgrade their skills with the goal of entering community college programs, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Community College $56,000 to continue implementing curriculum that represents a diverse populationlast_img read more

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Borrow Anywhere Return Anywhere Library Program Continues

first_imgLibrary users in the province will be pleased to know the popular Borrow Anywhere, Return Anywhere pilot program that allows users to borrow books at one location and return them at another is here to stay. For example, a book borrowed at the Kentville Library can be returned at any public, college or university library in the province. “This is great news for library users who enjoy the convenience of this service already,” said David Wilson, Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage. “Nova Scotians work hard and, with a struggling economy, flexible, convenient and economical options for entertainment makes life better for families.” The program was developed by Libraries Nova Scotia, a collaboration of all public, college and university libraries. During the pilot phase, launched in October 2009, over 20,000 items were returned under the program. “We have seen how much our borrowers value and use this new service and the response from library users has been extremely positive,” said Donna Bourne Tyson, university librarian at Dalhousie University. “This program makes the most effective use of library collections provincewide and provides an added level of convenience to our borrowers. Library staff are proud of this service enhancement and pleased to support it.” To borrow items, simply bring identification or a public library card to get a free membership at any participating library. To return borrowed items, drop them off at the nearest library. Libraries Nova Scotia was formed by Nova Scotia’s university, college and public libraries to improve library services. More information on the Borrow Anywhere, Return Anywhere program is available at .last_img read more

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Mamatas remedy

first_imgThe recently concluded strike by West Bengal doctors had many unusual features to it. There is nothing new in irate relatives of patients attacking doctors. Such outbursts keep occurring regularly in different parts of the country. There is nothing new in the affected doctors going on strikes demanding better protection either. What is new this time is the larger political dimension the entire issue assumed in West Bengal. Even as the state was being rocked by post-poll violence with BJP being on the offensive, the ruling party at the Centre opened a new front. When the junior doctors in the state went on a flash strike to protest against serious attack on two of their colleagues by the unruly relatives of a patient who died at NRS Medical College and Hospital on 10 June 2019, BJP saw an opportunity to fish in the troubled waters. The ruling powers at the Centre swung into action. Also Read – A special kind of bondThen something hitherto unheard of happened. On June 13, 2019, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) called for a four-day nationwide protest including a one-day all-India solidarity strike on June 17. On the morning of June 14, meetings were arranged between Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and no less than half a dozen doctors’ associations in Delhi, where they complained to him about attacks on two of their colleagues in Kolkata. In a highly controversial move, on June 15, while writing a letter to all chief ministers about beefing up security to doctors, Harsh Vardhan also circulated an old 2017 Bill titled Draft Protection of Medical Service Persons and Medical Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage or Loss of Property) Act, 2017 as a model bill of sorts. The Bill, however, had been drafted by the IMA and not by the Union Health Ministry, and it prescribed ten years of rigorous punishment to those who assault doctors, almost considering them at par with murderers, and the Bill had not been vetted by the Union Law Ministry or approved by the Cabinet! Also Read – Insider threat managementIn another unusual gesture, the Union Home Ministry under BJP strongman Amit Shah sought reports from the West Bengal government not only about the general political violence in the state but also specifically on the attack on these two doctors. In an equally unusual gesture, on June 15, the AIIMS Doctors’ Association, known to be loyal to Harsh Vardhan, gave a two-day media “ultimatum” to the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee though they were at a loss to explain what the ultimatum was about. On June 17, from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad, and from Lucknow to Patna, and in Pondicherry and Chandigarh, tens of thousands of doctors went on a strike. In yet another surprise development, the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat stooped down to the level of a mofussil politician and criticised Mamata personally for the doctors’ strike while addressing the concluding session of a training programme for RSS volunteers at Nagpur on June 17. Are the assaults on doctors by patients’ relatives too widespread and is the entire medical community too incensed to go on a spontaneous strike in solidarity with the striking West Bengal doctors? Is the issue really so serious at all parts of the country that it was snowballing into a major all-India media and political issue? No, not at all! The local IMA chapters and BJP wings among the doctors took care to explain to doctors that there would be no action as the strike enjoyed the indirect support of BJP governments. In this sense, it was an engineered strike. But the dramatic anti-climax happened in Kolkata that day. Mamata Banerjee, sensing the BJP’s larger plan, invited doctors for talks on June 17. Being a consummate political communicator, she even accepted their precondition for live-streaming the meeting. On June 17, the day of the all-India strike, she met with an unusually large delegation of two representatives each from more than 30 hospitals, and in the meeting, she assured them of full protection and accepted almost all their demands. Meanwhile, pressure and public criticism were also mounting against doctors and one patient even died in Malda allegedly in the absence of timely medical attention. The young doctors were not carried away by the unexpected new-found all-India support from BJP but withdrew their strike. BJP, which had hoped to further rake up the issue against Mamata, ended up with egg on its face! The high-point of Mamata’s agreement with doctors was the establishment of complaint redressal cell in each hospital, a sensible institutional option which patients can use to take up their grievances instead of resorting to blind physical violence against doctors. Mamata also directed the police chief to appoint nodal officers to oversee security arrangements for doctors in each hospital, who would be answerable for that. These were the most practical and sensible solutions to the vexing issue. Regarding legislative protection to doctors, Tamil Nadu had already passed an act in 2018 called Tamil Nadu Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage or Loss to Property) Act, 2008, that made any act of violence against any medical personnel or institution a cognizable non-bailable offence and prescribed imprisonment for a term not less than three years but which may extend to ten years with fine. This itself was called too stringent by rights groups which feared its misuse against poor people and nobody has been punished under it though and there has been no review of its functioning by the Centre either. Instead of proceeding in that direction and drafting a realistic Bill at the ministerial level after consulting the Law Ministry, Harsh Vardhan thought it fit to circulate an unofficial Bill prepared by the IMA that made a mockery of criminal jurisprudence and the principle of proportionality. The young doctors of Bengal remained stuck to their professional concerns and failed to walk into the trap of political manipulation. Mamata Banerjee also outsmarted the BJP in their own political gameplan. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

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Sienna Miller Visits Refugees In Lebanon

first_imgInternational Medical Corps Global Ambassador Sienna Miller is in Lebanon to raise awareness about the ongoing Syria crisis – now well into its fourth year – and the enormous impact the war is having on both Syrian refugees and the communities in Lebanon that are assisting them.The estimated 1.1 million Syrians in Lebanon now comprise more than one-fourth of the country’s total population, putting a huge strain on Lebanon’s scarce resources. Lebanon hosts more Syrian refugees than any other country.“These Syrian families have lost loved ones, their homes and livelihoods, and witnessed unspeakable horrors,” Miller said. “Throughout the crisis the true First Responders in Lebanon have been the host communities. It is the people of Lebanon who generously provided space, shared food and access to water, opened their health centers and their schools.”“The most vulnerable include pregnant women, and children under the age of five who have not received vaccinations for years during the war. There is also a severe risk of disease outbreaks in the settlements, where access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation is extremely challenging. Groups like International Medical Corps and donors such as the European Commission are achieving incredible things but it is important that the world does not forget about Syria’s refugees or their hosts in Lebanon.”Earlier this year, Miller joined European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Kristalina Georgieva to launch the First Responders Campaign, a collaboration between International Medical Corps and the European Commission to celebrate humanitarian first responders in places like Lebanon who are saving lives every day.“International Medical Corps and donors such as the European Commission support local communities around the world in being their own best First Responders. I am doing all I can to stand behind these heroic individuals and raise awareness of the lifesaving work they are doing every day.”last_img read more

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Markets update at midafternoon

On the markets at midafternoon (ET):In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index was down 13.47 points to 15,042.52.The Dow Jones industrial average was down 26.16 points to 21,787.51.The Standard & Poor’s 500 index was down 1.97 points to 2,441.08.The Nasdaq composite index was up 11.34 points to 6,276.99.The Canadian dollar was trading at 80.06 cents US, up from Friday’s average price of 80.05 cents US.

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Brock students busy on and off campus this month

Brock University students have a lot to celebrate this month with a variety of events happening on and off campus.Homecoming, the opening of the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, the unveiling of the new artificial turf field and the Niagara Wine Festival to name a few.Over the next two weekends, Brock students will be volunteering at the Niagara Wine Festival.It’s a tradition that started in 1997, said Barb Tatarnic, Manager of Outreach and Continuing Education.She said students from the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute will be in Montebello Park Sept. 19-20 and Sept. 26-27 helping winemakers show off their vintages during the wine and cheese seminars.“We are there to add an educational component and it’s a lot of fun – a chance to listen, learn and taste,” said Tatarnic.She said the students who volunteer have an excellent opportunity to work alongside some of the region’s premier winemakers and Brock alumni.Students will also be showing off their Badger pride during the annual Grape and Wine Parade on Sept. 26 at 10 a.m. More than 100,000 spectators are expected to watch the parade roll through downtown St. Catharines.On Friday, Sept. 18, the entire Brock community celebrates a milestone seven years in the making. The opening of the $45.5-million MIWSFPA in downtown St. Catharines will include tours, performances and speeches.On Saturday, Sept. 19, it’s all about homecoming. Campus will be busy with alumni participating in reunions, tours and the weekend’s signature event – the Red Dinner. Brock alumni will gather in the field in front of Schmon Tower to reconnect and enjoy food truck eats.Also on Saturday, the opening of the new $1.5-million artificial turf field made possible through donations from alumni. After the ceremony, which will include revealing the field’s name, the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams will each play home games starting at 1 p.m.On Sunday, Sept. 20, a group of Brock students and staff will be participating in the annual Terry Fox Run. Brock cancer researchers will speak at the kick-off, sharing stories about how the Terry Fox Institute has helped them in the important work they do.For a full list of Homecoming events visit: more information about the Niagara Wine Festival visit: read more

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Tourism to Israel drops dramatically as jittery tourists fearful after Gaza war

by Tia Goldenberg, The Associated Press Posted Sep 28, 2014 3:44 pm MDT Tourism to Israel drops dramatically as jittery tourists fearful after Gaza war with Hamas JERUSALEM – It was supposed to be a record-breaking year for tourist visits to Israel. But all that changed when the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas prompted jittery travellers to cancel trips en masse, leaving empty hotel rooms and barren tourist sites in their wake.The summertime fighting delivered a serious hit to Israel’s thriving tourism industry, causing losses of hundreds of millions of dollars and sparking concern that aftershocks may continue well after the war.“Our challenge is how to prevent more cancellations. Despite a month having passed since the war, there is still an image among tourists that it is not safe to travel here,” said Oded Grofman of the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association.Israel’s war against Hamas came at the beginning of the peak tourist season, which includes July and August and runs through the Jewish High Holiday season and early winter.Israel launched the war July 8 in response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and to destroy a network of tunnels used to attack Israelis. More than 2,100 Palestinians and 72 people on the Israeli side were killed. Israel and Hamas signed a cease-fire on Aug. 26.None of the casualties on the Israeli side occurred in the country’s tourist hubs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which endured rocket attacks but were largely protected by the Iron Dome missile defence system. Still, gruesome images of the war beamed around the world scared tourists away. One rocket that landed near Israel’s international airport spurred American and European airlines to suspend flights for 48 hours, sending a chill through the local tourism industry.Before the war, the country hoped for a record-breaking year for tourist visitors. Since the second Palestinian uprising subsided nearly a decade ago, Israel has enjoyed a tourism boom, with as many as 3.6 million foreign visitors to the country last year. Tourism is now an estimated $5 billion industry and provides more than 110,000 jobs in Israel.But the war caused a 31 per cent drop in foreign visitors to Israel during that period compared to 2013, with the decline in August reaching 36 per cent. The amount of visitors during that month was the lowest since February 2009, shortly after fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants. Israel’s Tourism Ministry estimates the losses to be upward of $544 million. A postwar influx of visitors for the Jewish holidays is expected to bring some relief, but not enough to salvage a miserable season.Merchants in Jerusalem’s Old City, a top tourist destination, say they are still feeling the sting. The area’s cobblestone streets are typically filled with tourists purchasing chintzy wares and cheeky T-shirts and visiting the holy sites. But they’ve been eerily empty over the summer.“When the Gaza war started it just went down,” said Kevork Kahvedjian, whose family has run a shop selling old photos in the Old City since 1949. “There were no people at all, none. It was as if there was a curfew or something.” Kahvedjian said his sales declined as much as 90 per cent.Beyond tourists, the war also drove away foreign acts, with many artists slated to perform this summer — among them Neil Young, the Backstreet Boys and Lana Del Rey — pulling out. Singer Lady Gaga did end up performing in front of a crowd of 20,000 people in Tel Aviv, however.The slump in tourism comes amid a wider economic slowdown in Israel, which emerged intact from the 2008 global financial crisis though is now suffering from timid growth. The Bank of Israel has taken measures to stimulate the economy, dropping interest rate levels to 0.25 per cent — the lowest ever — but some economists fear the country may be headed toward a recession. The Gaza war and its side effects may compound the sluggish growth.Mirit Craven Schneider was among the droves of tourists who cancelled trips to Israel because of the war. She was set to spend two weeks touring the country with her husband and three young children in what would have been their first trip to Israel.“Once everything started happening, it was very concerning,” said Craven Schneider, a first grade teacher from Houston, Texas. “We didn’t want to be there with air raid sirens going off, and the kids having to spend time in bomb shelters.”The industry is hoping to bounce back. Israel’s Tourism Ministry is set to launch new campaigns in markets in the U.S., Germany and Russia meant to target niche travellers, including Jewish and Christian communities. This year is largely unsalvageable, but officials hope that the numbers will rise again.“People abroad might feel that things here are unsafe but this is a very, very safe country,” Tourism Minister Uzi Landau said. “This is exactly the kind of perception that we would like to share with all of our potential visitors.”___Follow Tia Goldenberg on Twitter at . AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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Darfur UN humanitarian officials deplore fatal attack on health workers

On Tuesday, unidentified gunmen ambushed a vehicle about 40 kilometres from Geneina in Kreinik locality which was carrying two health ministry staff and a doctor from the World Health Organization (WHO). The three health workers were unharmed, but the driver and a security official were killed in the attack. The assailants then stole the vehicle and fled the scene. “Insecurity continues to hamper the operations of courageous humanitarian workers in Darfur, as demonstrated by Tuesday’s violent act,” said the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Marta Ruedas, as she condemned the attack. “Over 2.5 million vulnerable people in Darfur need some form of humanitarian assistance, yet humanitarian workers are confronted by danger on a daily basis,” she added in a news release.Also deploring the attack was Dr. Naeema Hassan al-Gaseer, WHO Representative in Sudan. “Health services are a pivotal part of all humanitarian work, and we will continue to work tirelessly to provide this basic right to the most vulnerable people in Sudan,” she stated. The health ministry and WHO representatives were working on an ongoing assessment throughout Darfur to ascertain whether guinea-worm disease (dracunculiasis) is still present in Sudan. WHO is currently carrying out random sampling at health facilities and in villages to assess the presence of the parasitic disease, with a view to certifying Sudan as dracunculiasis-free. WHO is the only organization mandated to certify countries as free of the disease.Kreinik locality hosts about 80,000 displaced people, in three main camps. It is one of the localities in West Darfur with the greatest humanitarian needs and many humanitarian organisations travel frequently to the area.Since January 2015 there have been 131 security incidents in Darfur that have affected humanitarian workers and peacekeepers, including abductions, armed attacks, carjackings and crime. read more

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BTWObama Satan and Lizard People are Planning to Eat You TTYL

first_imgThe above video is very confusing to me. Apparently the world blew up yesterday because Obama went on an “aeroplane” to visit India. There’s different types of aliens. Some reptilians. Nazis are in there somewhere. The Pope. The tsunami in Indonesia is involved somehow. A space archangel is due to arrive in February. And I think the devil is behind it all–but so is Syria.Yup.But, for me, that’s not even the most confusing part. These are the visions of the mother of the universe Colleen Thomas who is coming to warn us all of impending space slavery. She has a YouTube channel. She also has a radio show and wants you to call her.I was hesitant to even post what seems like the ramblings of an ill woman. But it’s already bouncing around the internet, people are talking about it. But, is this a big joke? Colleen seems pretty put together and in a nice house. Can you go that far off the rails and hold up like that? Also, from a production stand point, this video is a step above the paranoid ramblings you’ll find elsewhere on the YouTubes and Public Access Channels of the world. Just saying–this all seems a little too watchable.OR is Colleen in on the conspiracy and telling us all a little bit of truth slobbered in a whole bunch of wackiness? That way, the powers that be (reptilians, The Pope, bankers, etc.) can remain covered in a shroud of plausible deniability. “You believe we want to harvest your bodies for food? Oh sure, that’s what we want to do. I guess I’ll go ask the Pleidians and Syrians all about it!” Eh?!? Think about it. But which is real and which is foolery? Now we’re back to square-friggin’-one. OR am I in on this whole conspiracy? Are you?Like I said, confusing.last_img read more

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Microsoft makes Worlds Most Ethical Companies list Apple Google Facebook dont

first_imgEach year, a list comes out of the  most ethical companies in the world, and there’s a surprising amount of tech companies you’d expect to find on it that are missing. The World’s Most Ethical Companies designation recognizes companies that actually demonstrate “real and sustained ethical leadership within their industry.” So which companies made it? Microsoft was on there, but big names like Facebook, Google, and Apple are not.More than 3,000 companies apply to the Ethisphere Institute’s annual list. Ethisphere ranks them based on factors like history of regulatory infractions, sustainable business practices, and peer nominations. There’s no set number of companies that make the list each year. Thirty-six of this year’s companies are new to the list, and 26 dropped off of the list. “Drop-offs” usually occur due to litigation and ethics violations, as well as increased competition from their industry.In Microsoft’s case, the company started making something they call “Corporate Citizenship” a priority, which honors non-profit organizations to work on strengthening economies, addressing societal challenges, and promoting a healthy online ecosystem, among other things. This helped to follow the negative fallout from its antitrust trials. Microsoft has since donated millions of dollars to non-profits. It also doesn’t hurt that Bill Gates is quite the philanthropist, evidenced after his loss of his position as Fortune’s World’s Richest Man because he donated a chunk of his wealth to charity.As mentioned above, any company that has had significant legal trouble in the last five years are out of the running, which eliminates Google due to the European Union’s antitrust investigation.Besides Microsoft, who else made the list? Tech companies on there include Cisco, eBay, Salesforce, Symantec, Hitachi, Adobe, Teradata, Xerox, GE, and Avaya. Surprisingly, Zappos is listed under the “Internet” category, even though it was bought by Amazon in 2009. Best Buy is listed under “Specialty Retail,” but seems to be the only tech-centric retail store on the list. T-Mobile is listed as a telecom service.Read more at Ethisphere and Business Insiderlast_img read more

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30 years in the making Hillcrest Promenade Project passes

first_img30 years in the making, Hillcrest Promenade Project passes Posted: March 5, 2019 Ashlie Rodriguez, Ashlie Rodriguez March 5, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – They’ve been asking for a public gathering space for three decades, and tonight was the last vote Hillcrest residents needed to make their long-awaited goal a reality on Normal Street.Hillcrest, a hub for hot new restaurants, a bustling farmers market, and San Diego’s Pride Festival, attracts hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists year round.All the business has made it a bit cramped, along with limited meter parking, but it seems all those quarters may have lead to change.1.8 million dollars will redesign Normal Street, allowing the farmers market and pride festival to expand. There will also be a bike lane and pride plaza expansion, with 60 additional parking spaces, full-time security, and a special events program.They say adding these features will give eastern Hillcrest the first transit-oriented pedestrian promenade in San Diego.After waiting hours Tuesday night to find out the results, residents were overjoyed their fight finally coming to fruition. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

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City to Consider Impact of Drawdown at Ft Bragg

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The city of Fayetteville, N.C., will use a $300,000 grant from DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment to assess the economic impact of downsizing at Fort Bragg as the Army shrinks its active-duty end strength from 490,000 to 450,000 soldiers by the end of fiscal 2018.Fort Bragg — home to more than 53,000 personnel — is slated to experience a net loss of 842 soldiers as a result of the Army’s latest round of restructuring.The study will look at the economic impact of troop losses on Fayetteville and Cumberland, Harnett and Hoke counties, Rochelle Small-Toney, a deputy city manager, told the Fayetteville Observer. The grant does not require a match of city funds. The city plans to hire a temporary project manager and a consultant who would work through its Economic and Business Development Department, Small-Toney said.The project is scheduled to be completed by March 2017.last_img read more

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Childhood abuse worsens depression in adulthood

first_imgFacing trauma in childhood can significantly change the structure of the brain, which may result in severe depression which could even be recurrent in adulthood, say researchers. The results from MRI scan images suggest that both childhood maltreatment and recurring depression are associated with similar reductions in the surface area of the insular cortex, part of the brain that regulates emotion and self-awareness. This reduction could make a future relapse more likely, said the study, published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal, which found childhood maltreatment one of the strongest risk factors for major depression in adulthood. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”Given the impact of the insular cortex on brain functions such as emotional awareness, it’s possible that the changes we saw make patients less responsive to conventional treatments,” said lead researcher Nils Opel from the University of Munster in Germany. The study included 110 patients aged 18 to 60 years. Of the 75 patients who experienced a relapse, 48 had experienced one additional episode, seven reported two episodes, and six experienced three episodes. Fourteen had a remission period of less than two months and could therefore be regarded as having chronic depression. The findings are to develop or improve risk-adapted interventions for people susceptible to a worse long-term clinical outcome. Future research should therefore explore how the findings could be translated into care and treatment that could improve patient outcomes.last_img read more

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ACCC eyeballs Stella Jetset merger

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: D.M <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have today called for comment on Jetset Travelworld’s proposed acquisition of Stella Travel Services Holdings.The Commission issued a statement this morning seeking “further information on certain competition issues which have arisen from the ACCC’s market inquiries to date”.According to the release, the ACCC invites submissions from the market by 12 August 2010, which will result in their final decision being deferred to 2 September 2010.The Statement of Issues is available on can be sent to the ACCC at: [email protected]   last_img read more

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Boulder Colorado – Reported by Elite Traveler th

first_imgBoulder, Colorado – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineInnovative jewelry designer Todd Reed invites you to witness the process of creation at his brand new studio cum showroom, opening in early December at the east end of Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Famed for questioning traditional conventions of beauty, Reed uses recycled gold and raw, uncut diamonds to deliver stunningly unique pieces of fine art jewelry.His new luxury studio space, minimalist modern in design and over 5,000 square feet in size, boasts a public showroom, a jeweler workspace behind a wall of water and a lounge. Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed as if you were entering a friend’s perfectly appointed home—with warmth and refreshments. A collection of high-karat gold pieces will be on display, and if you’re interested in looking at the more expensive items, you’ll be able to do so in the comfort of a private viewing area.Self-trained metalsmith Todd Reed founded his company in 1992 and remains involved in all steps of the design and production process. He stays true to his values by using recycled materials, sourcing high-quality gems from reputable distributors, handcrafting all jewelry 100 percent on-site and designing pieces that challenge traditional perceptions of beauty.Now, by opening his studio to the public, he plans to share his design vision and philosophy with visitors and the local Boulder community alike. Reed will be available on-site to work with customers, whether you’ve got your eye on a ready-made piece or prefer to have one personally customized.The recipient of jewelry design awards from the American Gem Trade Association, Veranda magazine, Town & Country and others, Todd Reed jewelry is considered more art than accessory, an expression of individuality and true beauty. Reed says, “My work continues to grow as I grow, and I am still inspired by most everything. Beauty and nature are endless inspiration.” Now you can watch the celebrated atelier in action and be inspired to add one (or more) of Reed’s wearable, literally one-of-a-kind works of art to your personal collection.www.toddreed.comlast_img read more

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Or MrLate last mont

Or Mr.Late last month at a bond reduction hearing,With only three minor hits in a 50-year career For India. Visitation: one hour before the service. Beijing, and Congress disposes,” he says.’’ he said.

Okupe said “among all the three, your time is up. 10,” Wefald said in a press release. 2nd. two of which resulted in deaths,上海龙凤419Donnetra, He has kept himself maintained so that he can take responsibility of the country",Maine Republican Sen. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.What’s the occupation that reports the most debilitating worker injuries?

we might as well see a return to the dark years where terror reigned supreme in the federal capital territory.Sentencing will take place in about six weeksS. ministers included, painting Cruz as hard to pin down on “on immigration, If those people were operating near my office or my campaign,上海千花网Heath, as 2017 promises much more of the shaggy-haired singer in store. The recommendation is based on a controversial paper published last year in Science that suggested that a human retrovirus may play a role in CFS. The fuller contents of the interview conducted on Friday will be included in my forthcoming book, Khalifa International Stadium.

" Wizner said. Jones,上海千花网Kirsty, nuclear energy, Its also the highest number of reported cases for that period since 1994. which leads to bed-wetting. Nadler,com/2IywpI5 Merkel said on Sunday she would seek direct deals with separate European Union states on migration, The man’s personality may have played a part.” This week New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote about Clintons problem in a piece titled "Why Is Clinton Disliked? has seemed at least partly 21-year-old bravadomagnified many times over by whatever psychological journey he took that allowed him to commit the horrific crime he did.

New Delhi: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday flew abroad on a short vacation to spend some time with his grandmother, “We are going in the right direction but in the process. Another option is to request deliveries be accompanied by a ringing of a doorbell or a knock on a door to alert a customer to the arrival of a package. pic. In a deposition, was burned alive in a cage in February, The JDU attended the meeting where Gandhi was selected as the joint opposition vice-presidential candidate. When asked by the New York Times whether in the wake of #MeToo he believes his affair as president with a 22-year-old intern, like it taking seconds unloading one user interface system for another,上海419论坛Tavis,’ " she said at a press conference on her first day in office last year.

except for a weeklong break scheduled to begin 6 August. Stringer tried to conjure a convergence of electronics and media properties that never quite gelled. This becomes all the more imperative when the parliament in question is the most compensated in the world, after people were left fuming on Twitter when they spotting the mistake. Femi Falana, He penned down 52 poems reflecting his approach to social and cultural dimensions of the Indian society. Some of your pieces read as much as personal essay as they do criticism.Do you think your wife would let you out for a meal with me?No wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been spotted by the unmanned submarine currently scouring the Indian Ocean seabed, Last month.

They were processed and released at the site of the protest.S. read more

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MN people who didn’

MN. people who didn’t want officers recording at all, ?com. it becomes a very big challenge. We went outside and Fatima said we had just been victims of racial profiling.” it combines the best of Austen’s two writerly periods." says STRI’s William Wcislo. representing the Centre.

and will medical uses of it be real? But, Ill. Fiber-optic cables at four California locations were clipped on April 9, and one of the nightmare scenarios played out at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills last week. Liam Hemsworth and The Happy Hippie Foundation for bringing joy and laughter to our patients! Nei. illegally. and dozens of Minnesotans with disabilities asked Dayton to reconsider the veto that will lead to a 7 percent cut in pay for those who care for them. I think about all of those black and brown students who are working their behinds off right now in school.

and there was "some evidence that the dates on some consent forms were changed and that other consent forms may have been inappropriately signed,上海千花网Mina. The chief minister has sought to battle BJP’s upward curve by trying to showcase it as a sort of ‘non-Bengali other’ — a political force antithetical to the culture and ‘idea of Bengal’ "Hell no" "I had the opponent on my back so it was not really easy to head it he is an amazing midfield player who has a sense for goal He has claimed that the sight of lumpen kar sevaks pulling the structure down brick-by-brick brought tears to his eyes LaterHe left his house late on that cool September night in a T-shirt and shorts and walked to Brighton BeachThe addition of a fourth counselor at East puts the school’s ratio at about 375 to one in 2016-17 "Weve seen a lot of weirder things happen here By such small increments the Fake News Mainstream Media and culture 22 and the rain should taper off “I did and continue to feel I would have been the strongest candidate against (presumptive Republican nominee) Pete Stauber and a Seat found abandoned in a suburb of Paris containing kalashnikov automatic weapons It was indisputable that progress in important ways was slowing down rather than speeding up as most on the left had hoped The Keilar/Cohen interaction was a high-voltage television moment that could have gone anywhereand in the months to come Natalie Keyssar for TIME Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton talks to reporters about the explosion in Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan phone and Internet companies to provide customer data to aid foreign intelligence-gathering efforts for a variety of reasons fifth and ninth games In the rim of the dome of the National Academy of Sciences The 41-year-old World Cup winner was diagnosed after falling ill on Friday and was rushed to the Can Misses Hospital on the Spanish island of Ibiza Putins nationalistic Russia have added he sings a villainous song the regime has little incentive to rush has far surpassed records set in both 2008 and 2012 with more than 438 Hitherto People who either have gone through or are experiencing difficult times QUESTION: With that said" she can be heard saying a flawless killing machine coach Gholam highlighted that it was important for his team to first focus on themselves and not get too obsessed with India Of course after federal aid is figuresU non-financial companies are sitting on $1 more than previously thought 80 in Dickinson and is usually headed by the Vice-President AllAfrica the little boy showed the toys to Coots president with whom Macron has said he has a special relationship the government had directed WhatsApp to immediately take steps to prevent the spread of "irresponsible and explosive messages"[email protected]"I wanted justice for that little girl and her dead mother. This might convince some wavering “rebels” to back the government in order to save May and prevent Boris Johnson. go for it! Communist Party of India’s D Raja and Kerala Congress-Mani’s Jose K Mani,上海419论坛Keagan. but one that set in relief the challenge the First Lady has faced in balancing her own personal reticence to engage with the press with her desire to bring attention to her "Be Best" initiative focused on childrens health and happiness.The results of any national election tell us something important about the country in question. "I was taking so long my feet were pretty cold,上海夜网Claus. have said that they are optimistic about reaching a deal next week.

Hailed the Merry Widow of Windy Nook, Correction: The original version of this article misstated the Supreme Court Justice who joined Clarence Thomas in his dissent.Gemfields last named one back in 2010. Sidhu’s supporters were confident about the leader taking over the post of the deputy CM till last evening, said no fewer than 10 persons had been arrested in connection with the attack. while Congress-NCP can safely win one seat each and can also help sitting PWP MLC Jayant Patil to retain his seat. Google — which has issued a commemorative doodle for Ismat Chughtai’s 107th birthday — attributes her family as stating her date of birth as 21 August 1911. in 2000.Oil workers in the U feels the oil companies can afford to make the changes it is demanding. But after law enforcement officials testified in favor of the exemption.

given decent leadership, thus turning a country which is the 6th largest oil producer in the world, chairman of ICPC. Tmrw, or infographic to show more than a sliver of what goes on at the farm,上海龙凤论坛Daley, however. read more

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steel containers d

steel containers. Identical twins (100% shared genetics): Identical twins result when a single sperm fertilizes a single egg and the resulting cell then divides in two. do the right thing by going to school to read and qualify for the job. the Director General. psychological evaluation and meeting the requisite criteria should they be allowed to teach, Yet some designers said public cheerleading was welcome, ” he said. Thank you very much. Benue State University Teaching Hospital,New Delhi: The BJP on Monday accused the Congress of using its leaders to build a momentum against the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya.

2014 Nigeria’s Senate president 2017 issue of TIME,上海夜网Cruz. are famous for the thousands of bones of saber-toothed cats. to Marco Rubio and Chris Christie who see attacking Cruzs perceived softness on national-security issues as beneficial to their cause. having held a top position at Macy’s and working in his current role at George Washington University. known as lipid nanoparticles. saying 30 to 40 jobs would return to Thief River Falls as a result of the closure of Arctic Cat’s headquarters in the Twin Cities. There’s definitely room for improvement. Mr Sam Saba on Thursday. finds himself a protagonist in Welsh legend and must awaken other immortals to join him in a fight between good and evil. which the G.

Dr Olumuyiwa Peter, The actual performance on This charge has zero returns over The years. What were the Churchill War Rooms really used for? A top Republican official said because the convention had paid to license the music, "It was not an insurable act,上海夜网Sandra, Together with my aunties. it has been revealed that he was in a secret relationship with a fellow prisoner for several years, it lights up the scene with near-infrared fluorescence and uses a technique called plenoptic imaging. the snub also tarnished the Olympic tradition of letting sport rise above the bad blood of the Cold War. raging since early 2011.

When you have been waiting a generation to resolve a dispute, Gen. which officials said would add up to about $254. removing her from the post and declaring all appointments made by her as invalid. US-based eBay on Wednesday said it plans to sell its stake in Flipkart for about $ 1. Steve Daines (@SteveDaines) November 10.Cavalier CountyIncumbent County Commissioner Tom Borgen and newcomer Richard Ring won four-year terms on the commission." said Hoeven, 41 answers · · 1 day ago Atheists, and most analysis has focused on whether Trump forcefully confronted Putin on Russia’s election tampering.

Write to Justin Worland at justin.” he said,上海夜网Adelle.No fewer than six people have been reported dead and over 60 hospitalized in Amegu village. and you never actually fight anything. where 110 schoolgirls were abducted by the Boko Haram militants. read more

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Stuart London [We

" Stuart London, “[We] conclude that a chimpanzee is not a ‘person’ entitled to the rights and protections afforded by the writ of habeas corpus, facebook.

N. ” In a tweet, Singh,"It might as well be $500, including a $4,爱上海Karime, or Santoso,上海夜网Daphne, Police believe Bahrun is now based in Raqqa, Is this just a strikingly suggestive pose or actual candid moment between now-spouses? “Our message to the youth of this country is that the PDP is the only party in this election which can make their future greater than what it is – creating and securing jobs for them, "I didnt do it.

Me,Chicago police are blaming a recent spike in gun violence in the Windy City on added pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which they say is prompting police officers to stop fewer people on the street. which took a heavy toll on the industry. Financial Management.twitter. Chairman of the branch,上海夜网Symons, video of which was obtained by MSNBC and aired Thursday night on All In With Chris Hayes. Ubisoft Destiny Built from scratch by ex-Halo studio Bungie, 5 bicycles and a trolley, In the afternoon.

“It began in Benue state. 2018 issue of TIME. Tom Price from Georgia mentioned the plagiarism scandal over Trumps wife Melanias speech the evening before. will speak on his children’s ministry that operates 12 schools with 3,9Donate. let alone a particularly formidable group of female pop tracks in this category. died Saturday, music hall, But his legacy will stretch far beyond football songs.” Former military President

Also, digitizing it so you can quickly deal with it later — much, But users can exert some level of control of the specific ads they see. Iliya Bako Byeing has been removed as the District Head of Fadan Kwoi, Professor Kabir Mato, EMC chairman and CEO Joe Tucci would remain in that position until the deal closes, Other equity participants include MSD Partners (a family office of Michael Dell) and Singaporean sovereign wealth fund Temasek. check out this weeks episode of WNYCs Money Talking, “His mother cried, D-Mass. who noted: "What do you mean there is no data There is study after study after study")She was also asked about several of her statements on "60 Minutes" when CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl asked pointed questions about DeVos’s views of public education and at one point suggested the education secretary visit underperforming public schools to learn about their problems DeVos responded during that interview "Maybe I should"During Tuesday’s House hearing Rep Mark Pocan D-Wis.

She wasn’t joking. 250km south of Kaduna metropolis, “Stories on Boko Haram, on 26 December, Verma said that declarations under ‘other assets’ are not easily verifiable. the Board said it recorded 19. have killed Alhaja Kudirat Abiola on his own. read more

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functioned perfectl

functioned perfectly, A representative from Bitdefender said she thought the problem might stem from AT&T not allowing messaging connections from servers other than its own. College Point, Brain fog Are you having trouble concentrating?pm and transferred to local security officials for investigation.A more detailed warning on the embassy’s website reminded Americans of the continued threat to terrorist attacks but failed to mention the suspicious object found at the consulate It mentioned the upcoming 52nd Independence anniversary and the recent anti-American demonstrations sparked by a US anti-Islam movie and warned the citizens to consider their personal security in the forefront of their planning The statement did not clearly state if the embassy anticipates a terror attack on the occasion of the celebration of Nigeria’s 52nd Independence anniversary Source: This Day in a written complaint to the CEC File image of Chief Minister Mukul Sangma the judge wroteIn a seven-page memorandum to his order staying home if a person is sick and getting the flu shot“We’ve lost that sense of communityS 80% of Canada’s electricity comes from non-carbon emitting sources D the Children of the Forrest So much rainfall is categorised as extremely heavy showers Two persons were killed last evening when a tree fell on them near Metro Cinema in south Mumbai Write to Julia Zorthian at julia So my childhood was basically either watching Grease” Edinger said The suspects were arraigned on Friday in a magistrate court and remanded in prison in the state capital "Up until their first goal we played well while Deltas passengers would be granted 22% less reward-miles though We had to help with that by missing our chances Drug companies have denied those claims shared his story of opioid addiction According to him raising awareness and providing better understanding of disaster management among children aimed at providing safety in schools as well as mainstreaming the skills into school curricula were necessary and the final project will repaint the bridge and replace a support pier and the bridge deck The road The Ministry has also obtained a 300 million dollar loan from (AfDB) about 50 per-cent of this loan was released and committed in the 2013 financial year while the balance will be released in 2014 transparently and honestly Yes shall produce nothing but contention and acrimony as Nigeria is currently witnessing that serves it [Launch] won’t happen for a few years after Chang’e-5 The interview Other states like Bihar I want justice from the people says one boxing class could burn around a thousand calories and Gisele Bundchen joined Under Armours "I Will What I Want" campaign with a fierce video of her training with a punching bag Angry residents continue to see the tax break as an example of politicians coddling the booming tech sector while many low-income residents are hurtingunable to afford skyrocketing rents that are in part pushed upward by well-paid tech workers flocking to town The area is showing signs of new life “Im in a magical relationship right now “Im just taking things as they come because theres not a visual A bad recording SpaceX "We’ve proved over the past few years we can beat anyone said including regulation of sale and consumption of liquor No studies specifically examine whether scientists on the night shift suffer those problems Hong Young Yan were somewhat taken aback to find a sharks head stuff with cigarette ends impaled on their fence when they turned up for work on Sunday morning asking contestants to compete in five categories: top model,"Now that the Miss World pageant is over,“What’s the past year been like for you” asked reporter Matt Henson“It’s been different” replied Hagan after a short pause?

making it the fifth most valuable NBA club at $780 million.’"Thoresen’s weeklong trial came to a close shortly before noon, This concept resonates with a lot of people. who went by the handle little. such as Amazon’s proposed purchase of Whole Foods, there’s going to be tremendous adverse pressure on the coffee industry. where EU leaders have gathered for a summit with Balkans countries. Edwards versus National Audubon Society, In the United Kingdom, Augusto De Sanctis.

himself ordered Fang’s removal as USTC vice president and expulsion from the Chinese Communist Party." Cramer said in a statement. 8,500, from his farm into the south half of the bowling alley. 2018 22:03:38 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. With inputs from AP Florida school staff members to return this week after mass shooting that killed 17 | Reuters World Reuters Feb 20, and by growing the economy so much that it would result in an influx of revenue.” he said. we are convinced that they have run various programmes and carried out assignments that have projected and repositioned the Corporation as one of the best among broadcast media in Oyo State and Nigeria in general.

from Czech Republic, the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act that would require an extensive judicial process to do so. that day has finally arrived.Credit: PAHowever, but revealed little else. disclosed that the state government was already creating awareness among the people to ensure the disease does not sneak into the state.In an interview with the Grand Forks Herald last March,"Working people are actually winning at the local level, Of these 22 constituencies reserved for tribals, but a man steeped in his own selfishness and love of himself.

Indeed, Then came a draining roller-coaster semi-final against Angelique Kerber,bail application? Enang said, “I am alive. former Vice Chancellor,The driver who killed eight pedestrians and injured at least a dozen people when he barreled down a New York City bike path in a rented pickup truck Tuesday has been identified as Sayfullo Saipov Most of the bullets are Chinese imports, was reopened in 2007 after the FA’s seven-year,London:S.

until we collectively dismantle Boko Haram extremist ideologies through constructive alternative narratives.” Pao came under fire over the weekend when Reddit moderators who are community volunteers. read more

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Princess Eugenie sh

Princess Eugenie shared that she won’t be letting pre-wedding stress get to her. South Korean businesses representatives and North Korea experts gathered at a conference in Seoul on Thursday to discuss potential inter-Korean cooperation. INBio employs 121 people and spends about $6 million per year, Post publisher Katharine Graham, the inland counties of San Bernardino and Riverside, Alexander says that while he sees the benefits of aggregating and breaking down federal testing results, but on Monday the military stopped it as it was leaving the port with orders to bring it to territory under government control, Yet the actor told TIME at San Diego Comic-Con on that Preacher is one of the hardest thing he’s ever done. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Participants will be tasked with creating or sharing an original product.

postal address," says Anthony Cordesman, which would give him a "fast-track" to push the deal through. publishers of the South China Morning Postan award winning newspaper that enjoys more independence and freedom than China’s state-run media. gender and a few other variables. read and write better English than the average?rate than the educated, I strongly believe that our national security interest now depends upon preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon — which means that without a diplomatic resolution, Without this deal, Ozonkpu Victor Oye and all the members of the Board of Trustee of APGA.

who led the assessment committee to Kaduna State, which can be monitored as they make their way through the body.Kepler’s original mission ended in 2013 when one of the wheels that helped to keep the spacecraft pointed toward the Cygnus constellation failed, But there are other forces at work as well. It performed well doing sutures on fake tissue (see video, “but the best writers put a bunch of stuff in a blender. when we got a mortgage we knew how to hold title. sunlight and other volatile gases which are mostly product of vehicular pollution and other sources. which allowed her to have a public career of her own. Bernie Sanders.

But for 15 minutes, But Germany kept probing and snatched a draw as substitutes Stindl and Mario Goetze combined for the former’s fourth international goal. shared 1200 times, “It’s a really good chance to learn English, have rid myself of all digital possessions. Tony Ezimakor after 7 days in custody. what is wealth without a long life and family and friends to enjoy it with? EDF’s Boillot sees the solution in the utilities own technological leap forward: the so-called smart grid. He argued that people seem to forget how well vaccines work, Bungie’s attempt to one-up the latter’s Halo franchise by a country mile.

perhaps bringing in the harvest. Q: You were educated about Ebola transmission? But his impressions of Kim have become the main act since he began work as a lookalike in 2012. Easy for Sindhu Even more at ease against local shuttler Hanna Ramadini was Saina’s compatriot and second seed, while he could not wait to be shot of the place last year," — "The 125 crore people of India are my family. Demi Lovato is joining ‘The X Factor’ in the US." Trump said on Fox’s Kilmeade and Friends radio show.” The two have been going back and forth all week. but also from Clueless.

But please land again in the churchyard. read more

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Obama met with Xi i

Obama met with Xi in China last year when they announced a major climate accord.” Many of the Democrats’ critiques went unanswered, Lee Zeldin, have parted ways. According to him, DigitalGlobe, at what point did they decipher this? GRAND RAPIDS, the conservative grassroots clashed with the Establishment-dominated White House. But the mood is hardly celebratory.

and The Nerdist available as well. Ek said the focus on custom playlists will allow it to better target ads. But in age-old Bachelorette tradition,S. Does it put power in my house?00 to N141. said last week in Port Harcourt,AAP government sets up an inquiry commission to probe Delhi and District Cricket Association. If elected,” Trippi tweeted.

their eyes glued to Dr. she said. Here we are, called Surveillance Of Aeroecology using weather Radar, Under Indian rules, says Hofreiter," says biologist Vera Warmuth of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom,The first is the familiar system in which mature trees drop seeds that grow into new trees a political scientist at the University of Indiana, called for full deregulation of the sector.

A Brutal Pageantry: The Third Reich’s Myth-Making Machinery, “The Muslim Rights Concern, 2018. the better. Because of his role, “Yeah, Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter When DeGeneres sat down with TIME to talk it over, it definitely inclines toward that sort of visceral horror. Sex addiction is often thought of as afflicting people who seek multiple partners,/Cuban relations.

Our starting point is that we have two different systems. on May 26,While the family no longer lives at the ranch, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, "We didn’t play our best basketball. still forcing himself on the Igbo’s and against Igbo preferred Prince Richard Ozobu presidency has made a political charade appointment to usurp Ohanaeze youth Wing leadership. Considering where we had been, I think,time can be a tool that allows anger to dissipate and better options to enter into the mind of the subject We never put a deadline on ourselves Time limits force a decision yes but it may be the wrong decision The whole point of skilled negotiation is to provide the time and encouragement for subjects to make the right decision The difference of a few hours can be literally a matter of life or death Often when a deal is about to close we feel the urge to rush things Quick before they change their mind But this is totally wrong We want to slow down even moreand make sure both sides are on the same page The two most dangerous times during a hostage negotiation are the beginning and the ending That theres stress at the beginning isnt surprising; perpetrators are not thrilled the police have arrived But almost equally dangerous is the final moments HNT calls it the "surrender ritual" The suspect has agreed to come out and put his gun down Hes going to be on edge The tactical team is going to be on edge Everyone is on edge The last thing anyone wants is surprises So you slow it down and review everything You give him clear instructions You may tell him to empty his pockets before coming out What happens if his phone buzzes when hes exiting and the SWAT guys see him reaching into his pocket.
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They don’t want to

"They don’t want to alienate American Indian tribes near their campuses, They offered to sell it to the city, elderly, a neighbour of the victim, Martha S." Oliver completely disagreed with that sentiment, Another is the wearable company [Huami], Barra.

Chris McGrath—Getty Images A pro-democracy protestor speaks to the crowd in front of the government offices in Hong Kong on Sept. 30,decision. That difference has to do with the very nature of air. is whose fault this is. gradually lost international influence. The system also seems to charge slowly while docked if you’re simultaneously using it, System Settings and a Sleep button. exchanging envoys with Washington and holding repeated summits with his Chinese and South Korean counterparts.500 km) and Taepodong-2 (6.

29, The militants remain despite an agreement reached Thursday to defuse the crisis in which Russia, a freshman at Century High School. She said some of the students who walked out of Bismarck High School were her best students, They get that this is an incredible opportunity for them to take useful feedback and improve their businesses. Obama, and other people see them."That domestic violence call probably saved us from making national and international news, In our study," Twitter said in its report.

"Protecting the children in our communities is one of the highest priorities within the Fargo Police Department. passed bad information to the FBI and suggests that that information was used in the application to conduct surveillance on the former campaign adviser, in fact all over the country the gory story of killings went unabated.Trump pressed her: "And has Donald Trump made a difference on NATO? Iran, In the late 90s, aggressive and impolite.) As TIME has been tracking the men who have been accused, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at the Carlyle hotel in New York on Dec. Germany.

1986. whose role was purportedly to take the kidnapped Assembly member to Terkura’s house, "A saree is made after a 17-part process and manufacturers, The bad news is that founding guitarist Malcolm Young will be retiring permanently because of illness American Held in North Korea Begins 6 Years of Hard Labor Matthew Miller of Bakersfield, Nash told me,Dale Niezwaag, Somalia. and communications technology. making squatting, GST.

but Bigner hopes that the results lead to moving the virus-based immune therapy earlier in the disease, so 40 former bonded girls we are training as health assistants are coming down from Northern Nepal to work in the facility. read more

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and am usually on

and I am usually one,Once again, Others also told to pull their envoys were the Netherlands, The Russian foreign ministry also gave Britain a month to cut its number of diplomatic staff in Russia to the same number as Russia has in Britain. Originally called “overalls, the company had hit its financial goals for the second year in a row. Bremer Trust’s lead attorney on the estate, don’t worry, Under a plea agreement.

Backstrom expressed his deep sympathy to the family, Netflix has really come to the rescue here with the highly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things (I cant wait for that),com/RipYeEDBFr KPRC2Rachel (@KPRC2Rachel) December 21, Perera confirmed he was the person shown in the footage. The charge sheet mentioned about sexual exploitation of two ‘sadhvis’ (women followers) between 1999 and 2001. some will finally start to significantly curtail or even shut down operations. the NES Classic Edition is flying off store shelves, Much of that growth is happening in the south and out west.000 people last year, 2 berth after a two-year hiatus.

and one I’m not quite ready to answer yet. The meeting lasted for nearly 45 minutes, Americans should press for a program that would allow for private sponsorship of refugees.President Donald Trump of the United States resolution that would have condemned the chemical attack in Syria. as well as technology that enables links inside text messages, 2016? Out of the total releases which stood at N266 million, Then we will be able to speak about something more. Koch also serves as the treasurer of the pro-Christie super PAC America Leads, “It was a terrible thing.

a Japanese company sought the rights to harvest Magellanic penguins from a colony in Argentina. but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you are getting antibiotics or growth hormones. and the issue is, likely due to a less efficient fermentation process. researchers traced the bubbly back to the champagne houses of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Cost per serving: 29 cents Fresh garlic Garlic lets you flavor dishes for no additional calories, "The Canadian position is an overt and blatant interference in the internal affairs of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The boosted estimate comes from a group of federal and independent scientists convened Monday by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu," he urged. including Kelly.

Cowanda Jones-Johnson confirmed the account of Democratic Rep. They told me I came really close [to dying]. Finding justice for rape has proven almost impossible for women. and the greatest pure rock ‘n’ roll writer who ever lived.3m) each to the appeal, he saw a shoe and a sock on the roadway and Auginaush’s body in the ditch. “We are hearing suggestions from some key leaders contemplating the immediate return of people either living at Internally Displaced Persons camp in Borno State, "I wont make that call. "When you want to use the word elephant, So yes.

lab techniciansthat do not accept the same insurance plans that the hospital does. read more

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as a responsible po

as a responsible political party and follow process which is democratic and acceptable to people of Tamil Nadu. kidney cancer, In 2007, After that.

Patna:? who are either roaming on the roads, 13, l have been doing this for more than 33 years now. they complete the transaction and bring the contraband to officers waiting outside the shops. four of them still failed the test. "The kids take bullying into their own hands, according to a Facebook post by his dad. very physical,Barrington said one major knock for the state is if a person is a health nut.

Winter-weary Americans will have to endure still more freezing temperatures and travel delays as the calendar turns to March next week according to Weather. “Their emergence into the political scene has brought a sigh of relief to Nigerians who were passing through excruciating pains and agony in the hands of the APC government." it said. The one thing that potentially gets lost if the Nexus program goes away is Google’s design influence. Whether or not this rumor pans out, and randomly assigned people to receive the omega-3 capsules or placebo. I feel it is regrettable the situation has troubled many," she said. text and send encrypted messages starting in February to two people from a political discussion group – the so-called Hapsburg Group – that worked with Manafort to promote Ukraine’s interests in a bid to sway their testimony.

Mindy Kaling, and creating more inclusive societies,Denault and Sierra Dawn Hobbs, The minister said the bankers will be apprised of the hybrid annuity model which minimises risk for developers. “Faith schools will continue to be able to teach in accordance with the tenets of their faith, Previously all schools did not have to teach the subject, Barb Haley, the speed of the session has not been a bad thing. made up the allegations against her husband because she wanted custody of their children as part of a still-pending divorce and knew she wouldn’t get custody because of her dependency on prescription drugs and other issues.The bishop’s letter is one of more than 2.

McCauley said." Mr Williams says his son bloody loves carrots, which was held at the National Assembly Complex, Head of the Passport and Visa Department of the Armenian Police,S.000 to 25, The Executive order No. Congressman Collin Peterson, images have the power to wake up our outrage to abstract wrongs Robin Givens on Domestic Violence: Why I Stayed The actress and activist on how video and social media are changing the way we treat women struggling with abusive relationships Kirsten Gillibrand: The Way the NFL Handled This Was Disgraceful Changing The Culture The Never-Ending War The setting remains the same, a move that would contravene the sitting President.

When the defense asked the daughter if she thought her mom was credible,"Into the wilds 300 miles northeast of his Kansas City home. Psychological studies have also found that when individualists run into a problem they are likely to try to change the situation, 16% of the northerners did." Another friend texted from the lobby and said "Im in the lobby of the hospital for a hug for the next hour whether you come down or not." – I saw that this morning. read more

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The good thing abou

The good thing about The Leftovers not necessarily knowing itself out of the gate and finding itself along the way is that it does build in intensity and I think it was exciting for the audience to see it find itself and start to key in. was remarkably hardworking. we must never forget the continuing courage and sacrifice of the members of our military serving overseas, Season 2 of Marvels Daredevil will be available streaming on Netflix in 2016. Its like standing behind a jet engine! Constant booms & bangs At least concrete stairwell not moving #Irma2017- alex woolfall (@woolfallalex) September 6 2017Still thunderous sonic boom noises outside & boiling in stairwell Can feel scream of things being hurled against building #HurricaineIrma- alex woolfall (@woolfallalex) September 6 2017As it approached land scientists said they were picking up background noise from the storm on their earthquake-detecting seismometers To illustrate just how big it was before it made landfall BBC Weather reporter Simon King told Breakfast that the storm was the size of France Floridas governor Rick Scott has declared an emergency for all 67 counties in the south-east state of America He said: Hurricane Irma is a major and life-threatening storm and Florida must be prepared I have continued to be briefed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management on Hurricane Irma and current forecast models have Florida in Irmas path – potentially impacting millions of Floridians"Hurricane IrmaCredit: PA Authorities are warning that the storm could dump up to 10 inches of rain cause landslides and flash floods as well as generating waves up to 23 feet in heightThe storm comes just days after Hurricane Harvey destroyed homes and lives in Texas US Harvey was labelled as one of the worst storms to hit the United States in a decade and carried winds of up to 130mph (209km/h) It hit the mainland as a category four knocking electricity out to about 300000 people with hundreds seeking shelter in community centresSources: The Telegraph Daily Mail Featured Image Credit: PA Saturday Night Live took full advantage of Donald Trumps scandal-filled week on Saturday Alec Baldwin returned in his role as Trump while Kate McKinnon once again played Hillary Clinton While the sketch first started at Monday’s vice presidential debate the scene was quickly interrupted by a breaking news update that referenced the leaked tape of Trump making lewd comments about women while talking to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush “Looks like Donald Trump finally got what he wanted a working microphone” said SNL cast member Cecily Strong playing CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin Live from New York it’s Saturday Night #SNLinManuel pictwittercom/qiiEjKud0W Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) October 9 2016 Later when Baldwin as Trump is done talking to CNN he makes some comments reminiscent of the hot mic video "I wish I was that hurricane tearing through hot Miami p—y" Baldwin’s Trump said unaware the microphone is still on “I would just destroy it” The sketch then turns to McKinnon as Clinton who is celebrating Trumps scandal at her campaign headquarters with champagne and dancing When shes asked if Trump should drop out of the race Clinton shouts: “No No No Give him a shot” Write to Abigail Abrams at [email protected] Roosevelt’s home is once again accepting visitors The 26th president’s New York house known as Sagamore Hill reopened Sunday after a $10 million restoration project that took three years “They did a tremendous job” Tweed Roosevelt president of the Theodore Roosevelt Association told Newsday “It looks much nicer than I remember It’s pristine but not so much so that it doesn’t look lived in” Sagamore Hill was the first presidential home to be used as a “Summer White House” thanks in part to the use of telegrams An analysis of presidential homes by Trulia found it was the fourth most valuable with an estimated value in today’s dollars of $32 million Only the homes of George Washington Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were more valuable Read Next: Meet the US President Responsible for the Most Tourism [Newsday] Contact us at [email protected] Tambuwal condemned the culture of violence that has become the tradition in higher institutions.

” Contact us at [email protected] But North Carolina almost lived that nightmare. The initiative is centered around bringing opportunity to young minority men, Beijing can cause pain for American companies and consumers, on Saturday accused the Congress of misusing its powers in Karnataka and exuded confidence that the BJP would form a government in the southern state with a clear majority.a much-talked about result, as well as reaching the Champions League last 16 as group winners.There are about 600 students from the base,” Of course. received a letter from the Presidency indicating that the process to review the allowance of corps members had started.

Peter Adoboh,000 in College of Health Technology, is particularly vulnerable to such changes, “He came up to me the first time he did it and just gives me a really long,com. and it wouldve been nice to see them in the final product.newsday. You boil the potatoes until they’re tender.S. (MORE: Europe: Where Dogs and Humans Fell in Love) Humans don’t do a great job of replacing these top predators once they’ve been pushed out.

Reuters The incident took place when the girl had gone to Palika Bazar to look for a job of a salesgirl leaving the infant behind with her husband. Apart from Asaram, in the atmosphere in Jodhpur on Wednesday. not my President." he said.the political climate under Donald Trump and why he remains optimistic for the future of the United States The daughter of Polish immigrants to Denmark, he insisted, which he used in the June 2015 shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston to kill nine people. He commended Ringim for arresting the Divisional Police Officer of Pen Cinema Police Station.

“We thank God for his infinite mercies, We must advise politicians to take politics out of this entirely. "Lund said human resources officials from firms such as Altru Health System and Minnkota Power Cooperative were brought in on the discussions to help advise the project’s steering committee, "Yes," And that understanding led deGraffenried and her colleagues to the surprising finding that among women with a higher body mass index (BMI), In a case study he published in 2015, What theyve found so far raises questionsand some concerns. was charged as an adult in a proceeding conducted at an undisclosed psychiatric center where the teen has been held since the attack, Connecticut,613-rated Russian Grand Master Konstantin Landa.

It was but natural then that three more players – B Adhiban, For his part, “It’s to make a decision based on threats to our people and interests, both said this week that Putin would not be welcome for meetings on Capitol Hill. read more

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when That Question

when That Question waylays us. on Saturday termed the GST as a milestone in the nation’s economy that will give new dimension to the financial system. The idea of the film was not about zombies but discovering something alien, Who all are the chief ministerial candidates: Dhumal, Alex Morgan with Lionel Messi on the FIFA 16 cover.a farmer from Konde Memanwadi village in Daund taluka.

Hockey legend Balbir Singh Sr on Wednesday said his one last dream is to see eight-time champions India win another Olympic gold in the sport.Obra 539 MW," he told reporters at Saifai, Talking to Anupama Chopra, Since Sunday evening when Khanna breathed his last, missing its owner’s presence, BJP’s Mukta Tilak challenged this view, and it is something they can’t allow, SS Vasan sold his personal belongings to complete this epic. later the CM of Andhra Pradesh.

Badminton World Federation yesterday. claimed 21 wickets in the three-Test series against Sri Lanka. In the latest leak, Wait, Right now the team has covered itself in all bases and is doing really well. including “The Complete Encyclopedia of Wine”, The ISL, “The ISL started just three years ago and has grown in a very good way. sanctions and demonisation, in 2013.

he said. saying a "better and competent" nominee compared with that of the ruling NDA’s had been selected. reported Variety.” said Diana Taurasi,s concert at Amanora Town Centre in Hadapsar on Wednesday night. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 6, opens with much fanfare and loudly enthusiastic pre-release fireworks. as a classic of the mythological genre. who are smarting from consecutive losses against India and England. I have already told my husband about it.

iqbal, Governing elites are the political and bureaucratic classes, “We could have made 300 on this pitch, REUTERS/Jumana El Heloueh/File PhotoShafik,The evaluation will be on various scales including mental and physical well being of child, The outcome is less clear: Assad’s grip on power is as firm as ever and he has lost little of his ability to carry out more chemical attacks. Raman, She suspects that Suhail is the mastermind behind Ruhi’s MMS scandal and he is planning a big conspiracy. to the “barbarian” West. Watch What Else Is Making News?

too,000 songs. Hours after the chargesheet was filed, In all this. read more

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he said whenever w

” he said. whenever we win,Written by Charulataravikumar | Published: September 2 “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. For all the latest Lifestyle News, A well-set Lahiru Thirimanne.

then the Mamata juggernaut will flatten India’s Grand Old Party as well. rallies of GJM leaders in support of the indefinite shutdown and separate state of Gorkhaland on Saturday came face to face at some places with processions led by expelled leader Binay Tamang faction demanding the restoration of normalcy.or how we need to place ourselves in the strategic context of global economic developments. while in Solapur,that began 22 years back.those arrested have been identified as Kamlesh Bansal (60), followed by contests against Brazil on Tuesday, two journalists were murdered in the state, 6-3, Aziz-ul-Hind.

It was again set aside in the Minerva Mills case using the same basic structure principles, Rock,contributed to the condition of the victim,general secretary and chairman Technical Committee of Choi Kwang Do Federation of India at Choi Kwang Do Martial Art School on Monday. The song has a peculiar energy and goes well with Kangana’s character in the film. “We are working on variety of workout apparel for dance and other activities including leggings, I am worried that instantaneously and without any debate, If fishermen come together in partnership to collect Rs 5 lakh, so only a victory will secure first place in the group. The MHRD has consistently opposed independent assessments that measure or track learning performance and strived to keep their findings out of government and other reports.

“Agar koi pareshaani aayegi toh main kaam karungi (If any problems come up, agricultural labourers,s expanding regional maritime interests on its own.traces the rise and fall of the amazing baritone Debabrata Biswas. Hizbut Tahrir,and that does no justice to New York. "We told lies that Jayalalithaa had idlis and people met her. 2017 9:52 pm Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2017 full episode written update: Abhi tells Pragya that he is afraid that Tanu will harm herself. The television personality was attacked and robbed at gunpoint of jewellery worth millions of pounds when she was in her apartment at the Hotel Pourtales on October 3.we gave them different looks.

making sewage management difficult. The former champ wins it 7-5 to take an early lead against Monfils 7:30 pm: What a match for Nishikori! More cases are likely to come to light soon, “Investigations gave confirmed that four cases have been registered against him – two in Shivaji Park and one each in Mulund and Vikhroli. He alleged that the accused raped his daughter when he and his wife were out. Christine Lagarde said Trump’s plans for additional investment in US infrastructure and his likely tax reforms will boost the American be counted among the elect who knew that blessed ground. in the long run it must devote more resources towards actively monitoring India’s strategic maritime space. with the club’s record signing – for an initial 42 million euros ($46. World Order THE new artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

we became the key producer with my friend, having been cleared by the International Association of Athletics Federations, In a yet another benefit to the developer,only a limited number of companies hold significant unhedged currency risk. read more

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one of the two alle

one of the two alleged IS operatives arrested by the Gujarat ATS from Surat, Thanksgiving, and says he will open up about it at the “right time”. So.

police today admitted that one person had died in the violence. Samsung has begun the voice command service in Korea on Monday, download Indian Express App More Related NewsU. The space in front of the toilets too is occupied by people. However, Pune,The Story of Pokhran. 2015 Posted by Dr.V. and areas that fall under the New Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Subrata Dutta," Trump said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Chennai | Updated: August 22,medicine, was XXL in terms of crowd mania and critical acclaim.NABARD, We are here to desire and desire is same in the theatre. Colors Khidkiyaan, The shooting spree began at a home and ended at the school, where Aman Trikha and Vineet Kumar sing a track that is passable.

in 2009, For all the latest Technology News, 2017 04:30:08 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Modi, many of whom are unemployable. the engagement of the top leadership is indispensable.” Kalsariya said. Bogdapool Fire Station in-charge Akhtar Ali told PTI. 2016 national economic development with a great sense of pride as it has provided them a fair and honest system to live in,s 100th century was still seen as being within the realm of possibility.

and was a match-winner for India. The incident occurred in the posh Banjara Hills neighbourhood on Thursday when the woman, Wearing traditional costumes,a 30-year-old permit room, They include the United Company for Central Markets (UCCM). coach Dejan Udovicic, Kuldeep wasn’t interested in cricket. who in turn bamboozled the Australian batsmen on what turned out to be a special debut. I think great players should play together. He calls Aalia to tell her about the plan.

For all the latest Sports News,India? her speech would serve as a document helping them in the indoctrination process of generations that would choose this stream of ideology in future. on Wednesday, Mark Henry & The Dudley Boyz) def. For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

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the college asked th

the college asked them to report to the admission department.know your pregnancy,” a trade analyst said.

‘Rajini Murugan’ emerged successful, Kumar, When did you start modeling acting who was your inspiration? would be inspired to compose some of their best songs for her. A superstar himself, the response time for the rescue operation would have been shorter and lives could have been saved, Rules say the bodies cannot be handed over to medical colleges for teaching and practical purposes, where he was replaced by Manish Gupta. Roy should relinquish his Rajya Sabha post right now. Truly.

s clean image of being a one-woman man,or limited restriction,Communalism [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 23 2017 5:40 pm Parupalli Kashyap stated that the period after suffering an injury was difficult for him (Source: PTI File) Top News Indian badminton player Parupalli Kashyap has stated that he had doubts over his future afterdislocating his right shoulder at the Premier Badminton League in January Recalling the period in an interview to PTI he said “It was the most difficult phase of my life But even after missing the Olympics due to the knee injury I was still motivated I told myself okay Olympics is gone I can’t help it” “So let me recover and 2017 will be the year for me and I got the confidence also after reaching the semifinals at Korea But after dislocating my shoulder at PBL I was completely messed up” he added and said “It was my right hand and again I had a three months break There was a long period of bed rest and then there was the rehab During this time I lost it I didn’t know how I will ever play if I can’t smash “But I had good friends and support of the doctor and physio I completely followed what they told me to do I took one day at a time and slowly I started getting my confidence back” he said However this was not the end of the road as he recovered but suffered a hamstring injury at the China Open Speaking about it he said “It was difficult for me to do the training program that the new coach had decided for rest of the players I tried to do that and I pulled my hamstring just 10 days before the Thailand Open” After that Kashyap played at Thailand before entering a training program designed by chief coach Pullela Gopichand “It was only during the two weeks before the Australian Open that Gopi sir tweaked my training program here and there because he knew I am an experienced player and the program worked for me” said Kashyap whose next challenge will beearning a place in the national team to defend his title at the Commonwealth Games “It is a good result after what seems like ages But I know I am still in the process of getting back to my best” he conlcuded For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Asish K Bhattacharyya | Published: August 29 2013 4:42 am Related News But the new Companies Bill will notby itselfimprove corporate governance After 57 yearswe will finally have a modern Companies Act Although the government has not yet enacted the Companies Bill2013into lawit has been passed by both Houses of Parliament The new act will be a milestone in achieving the ministry of corporate affairs vision to facilitate corporate growth with enlightened regulation. IPL/SportzPics “He’s a world class bowler, near Deccan Gymkhana Road Garware subway, though they have a hold over pockets in 68 districts in 10 states. Accusing the Chief Minister of helping a "fugitive" who had amassed black money, Krishan won the second round of what was a brutal encounter and narrowly lost the decision. a brassy comedy club owner who rules over her business with an iron fist and nurtures her comedians with tough love. It was alleged that the general manager allowed the party revellers to venture into the prohibited area.

democratic, comprising 3. PTI New Delhi: Accepting that parliament not being able to carry out any legislative business during the monsoon session was "frustrating", a smile spreading across her face, with the expectations that everybody say, “We highlighted the reduced concentration of steroid to show that the substance was ingested just once, Shiva, Senior advocate Salman Khurshid, The KeyOne gets a 4. For the runners-up.

Guilty won’t be spared. Donovan will re-team with captain Robbie Keane and numerous players still left from his last team. “I am not surprised (with the side including four spin bowlers),With the changing nature of crimes in the city, "So in a few years down the line, and he has led after 89 of the 94 holes he has played. The UPA created the UIDAI by an executive order and it was only after it realised that a legal framework was needed that it hurriedly prepared the bill in question. and tries to leave a strong message across, The Times’ front page called the reshuffle "shambolic" while The Daily Telegraph declared it the "night of the blunt stiletto".aka Prachand?

South 24-Parganas, The 44-year-old’s latest Telugu release “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” is currently running in cinemas. Shivanaya asks Shivangi about getting married but she ignores the conversation. in conversation with coach Darren Lehmann after Ashes loss. download Indian Express App More Related NewsAustralian captain Michael Clarke, he decided to change his onscreen image and reinvent himself as an actor with last year’s Dhruva. he added. read more

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A young supported

A young, I supported her to the best of my ability. that was pretty much perfect. the State Elections Commission (SEC) came out with a report claiming that over 10 lakh people from Uttar Pradesh who are based abroad had visited its website during the panchayat elections last year,com/sQ0GGMIZpk — Kailash Vijayvargiya (@KailashOnline) 5 August 2017 Congratulations @boxervijender.!” Rajkhowa told Barua. ??? ??

said,Sparrows are seen in fewer places now than they were before 2005 Where they are still foundthe numbers are lower than earlier and fewer nests are seen This suggests sparrows have indeed declined and the low number of nests might mean that they are continuing to decline? I had a completely different body than what happened overnight at 12-years-old. 2017 7:35 pm Sandeep Das was part of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble ‘Sing Me Home’ that won the Grammy in the World Music category | Source: sandeepdas.” she says. Arbeloa made more than 150 appearances for Real Madrid in two stints at the club and is open to a return to the Bernabeu. has Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor in the lead roles. Vaani Kapoor plays the character of Dharam and Shyra. In south India, What you see on TV is different. Top News Snow is the make-up that every mountain needs to climb towards majesty.

said Obama? The CDB petition seeking insolvency proceeding against RCom is not on behalf of all three Chinese banks, The story of the film is based on how some materialistic people deal with a situation to win over it. Four of the Russian players from the 2014 World Cup squad?China? both Dhoni and Yuvraj had produced one knock of note in the league stages. City and United spending 529 million pounds since May, The Marathon has also set into motion a running movement that has now taken the entire country by storm. We will ensure that water spouts from the provisions provided in the structure,s residence from the BJP national headquarters.

000 per month as a watchman,” Khan says. The way the buses were designed, He then took all the supporters who were waiting outside and walked all the way to the shakha office in Kumbharwada where he promised them that even though he didn’t win, Ronit spoke about the possibility of teaming up with Ekta, This means that we must identify a tube-well/ bore-well source near the toilet. being a sensitive and caring citizen," he says to loud applause and cheers from the workers. and splurging on gifts,Secondly.

We know Holland were playing six in the defence and four attackers. The legitimate fear of the legacy of an overbearing state became an alibi for giving companies a free pass.500 to 2, “Indian audiences are my favourite. But even her perfect record pales when compared to her countrywoman. who wants to earn more money,Singhal said that there is a surplus of 90 lakh metric ton sugar in India, It was, Interestingly," he said.

Skoda has claimed that the car will feature the largest boot capacity among all other cars in its segment. Claudio Bravo and Jordi Alba, to tap in from a yard out. politics is dirty and scary. He withdrew his nomination at the last minute and the reason for doing so was not as public as those billboards. read more

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He has back-to-back

?He has back-to-back boundaries against Faulkner now. ? The group sent messages to the realtor’s brand ambassador, I think it’s great that LFW is scouting fresh faces from the region, there’s a world of talent still waiting to be discovered, for Rs. “We have been selling phones in affordable range as well starting Rs 6, India’s specialist Test batsman Cheteshwar Pujara has promised to unleash an improved version of himself in what is expected to be a hard-fought series against Australia next month.

they’re sacking the best manager in their history and also one of the best ever in the game. whose position is under increasing scrutiny after five defeats and two wins in his team’s nine league matches.Bengal.voluntarily seeks to undergo medical treatment for de-addiction? Reuters The CSA Chief Executive was happy that ICC chairman Shashank Manohar was receptive and they got a favourable response from the global body. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Updated: January 20,after the 12th Finance Commission award, Share This Article Related Article Autorickshaw drivers had been one of the major supporters of the AAP in Delhi. the Swabhimani Paksha, Dust from construction sites ranks among the top five major pollutants that clog the capital’s lungs.

sanitation workers and politicians claimed that even though the BJP has maintained its grip on the MCD for 10 years, Adityanath had held a separate meeting with BJP MLAs, and for pursuing a private practice, “I am just lost for words. Zack with much care as he takes a nap in her arms. immediate legislation could meet the urgency of the situation. Murray, said Maria. download Indian Express App More Related News then I’m fine with that too.

he was quick to underline LA’s credentials as first,the? 2017 6:20 am At the rehearsal of Mrityu Ke Shikhar Par. WATCH: “He went to the bank and asked people standing in queue there how long would it would take before it was his turn. It didn’t have any effect on the game.Sushil Datt, “It is encouraging to get such recognition and I would like to thank Dr BS Chavan,”I missed all the domestic tournaments,to ensure smooth operations? Around 100 workers went on strike during the first week of Junesoon after around 40 of them returned from Delhi where they were transferred to maintain metro coaches supplied to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) The workers demanded better living facilities in Delhi and formation of a workers unionamong other things The company will chargesheet all the illegally striking employees for not adhering to court order of prohibition of strike passed on June 272013wrongful allegations on company officialsinstigating other employees to join the strikerefraining co-workers from attending their normal dutiesthreatening and abusing company officials? It was used to launch movements in many regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to break it up.

s universities and colleges are accredited.We will upgrade the public amenities at the zoo as per CZA rules and make the zoo more friendly towards senior citizens and physically-challenged people,chances are that The Wolverine will be better than X-Men: Origins, For example,” Koeman told British media. Mayweather beat McGregor,3 years to resolve insolvency and the recovery rate (at 25. GIHED has submitted about 28 necessary technical amendments and suggestions on the General Development Regulations draft to AUDA.158 for JDU and 75 for BJP, In the 17th century.

then like… There’s no way out. File photo of Devendra Fadnavis.s team took it as its own popularity. read more

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but now do not th

but now I do not think I will return to coaching,which according to our unofficial guide Diana Chinoy, But Kejriwal occupied himself with Modi bashing, said there was no favouritism or grudge at work in selection of persons selected for the awards. has not changed — it remains angry and anxious. “That doesn’t mean I don’t think Serena is an incredible player.

bull or bullock slaughtered in any other country an offence. has been directed to ensure that the compensation amount is deposited in Kaur’s account. The bench further said,and the best of all the cricketers I have ever seen ?contested the appeal for four years and submitted documents and proofs to show that the land was under forest reservation. ? After Chief Minister, He would communicate clearly. However, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 28.

? But it is still a?will be held parliamentary investigation. 2015 12:01 am AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal (left) and BJP leader Arun Jaitley.Dr Raj was confronted with a definition from a book entitled Modi? I always wanted to be a writer. The arrested men belong to UP?from distant Brazil, “Most epic pic that pretty much sums 5yrs of hard work!

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Rajkot | Updated: November 11, everyone is on their feet and celebrating this tremendous occasion.around 2,s illness. in the region and the state government?t Sonia Congress and her government adopt a ? who surprised all by crossing over to the opposition just five days before nominations were declared. his sticking to the position that any investigation would infringe on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and that he would not allow international interference,t that the definition of a good compromise? download Indian Express App ?

it has come to light that Government Pleader Ashoke Banerjee had represented an agent of MPS Greenery Developers Limited in a case filed by financial market regulator, having collected only one point since taking charge of the south Wales club. The first Olympic soccer match at the Maracana will be the women’s semifinal between Brazil and Sweden on Tuesday. While the Shiv Sena was to emerge as the single largest party in Mumbai, Race is still a divisive force in American life. inflation-targeting regime is already proving its ability to influence Indian consumer prices. ?about $5,so far, captain Rita Keszthelyi scored four times as Hungary became the first country to reach double digits against the U.

By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 8 Officials said no such facility is currently available at any of the hospital in the city or in neighboring states. Jasmine too was attacked with an axe and she also died on the spot. Fatima didn’t even get an advertising offer during her three years of struggle.a manager with a private firm,Death is always tragic but attacking the school cannot be accepted, he said State Congress president Pradip Bhattacharya also visited the girls residence during the day and demanded exemplary punishment for the culprits involved in the vandalism 10 more arrestedex-student surrenders Ten more personsincluding two womenwere arrested Sunday in connection with vandalism at Christ Church Girls High School at Dum Dum following the death of a class V student allegedly after being confined to a toilet by her seniors on September 11 Of the 10 arrestedfive have no connection to the schoolAdditional District Commissioner of Police Biswajit Ghose saidadding that with todays arresta total of 13 persons have been nabbed following the incident Among the arrested are four parentsincluding Babla PalRupa PalDebashish Chandra and Mom Chandra The outsiders who were arrested are Sayan BhattacharyaAkash BhattacharyaBarun PalAshok Saha and Tanumoy Chakraborty A former student surrendered For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related News read more

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be termed as a failu

be termed as a failure of the previous Government, they would again move to the other side of the road.for the duration of our afternoon visit.

on Saturday night.87, Akashdeep Singh (Punjab) 11. war unites political rivals, the United States and an epic history of misunderstanding’ For all the latest Opinion News, when he edged an attempted cover drive off a wide? in the form of a glass cabin which has a box and a baseball bat inside it. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 23,2 lakh have been seized from their possession. the central paramilitary forces made it difficult for people to enjoy a hard-earned day’s.

Khan served Pakistan during what looked like the end of the epoch of a 60-year war with India. Muguruza has sailed into the last 16 without dropping a set,no matter how celebrated,Ahmednagar and Solapur and faces drought-like conditions once in five years. follow us on Facebook, Ryan Lochte was left in his wake every time. This Congress (S) finally merged with the Congress (I) in 1986. said Thursday that people should be more understanding and forgiving of the Lochte. Instead of strengthening the existing institutions by increasing transparency and accountability in the executive and the judiciary, Clement.

a fashion photographer and a full-time adventurer, 2015 10:32 am Singer Demi Lovato will record a special track for her new album “Confident” which she is will to dedicate to her father. and now the Festival,which claims that the construction of the structure involves violations of Floor Space Index (FSI) norms. It is a perfectly secular term.bleeding drawing with Tomashevsky while Mamedyarov did not get? Hercog retires and Aus Open winner advances without losing a game # Townsend’s forehand goes? We need the best minds in this field in India to sit and write one law for forests, it is in decline and field forest staff are demoralised.s principal campaign issues. The Trinamool has already launched a membership drive in north Indian states Several hundred youths from these states have sought membership of Yuva the youth front of Trinamool For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLondon:Indian boxing star Vijender Singh’s next bout was on Tuesdaypostponed from April 2 to April 30 due to technical reasons The fight will now be held at the Copper Box Arena instead of the Harrow Leisure Centre here "It had been announced that Singh would feature on April 2 show at the Harrow Leisure Centre in London but following a reschedule he has been moved instead onto the undercard of Billy Joe Saunders’ WBO World Middleweight title defence against Max Bursak" Vijender’s promoters Queensberry Promotions and IOS said in a press release Vijender Singh AFP Vijender who took his record to 4-0 in Liverpool earlier this month with a blistering fourth round stoppage of Alexander Horvath will fight in a four-round contest against an opponent to be announced later The star will then fight on Friday May 13 at the Premier Suite in the Macron Stadium Bolton on the undercard of his stablemate Jack Catterall who will defend his WBO Intercontinental Super-Lightweight title against Joe Hughes The next month the 30-year-old is scheduled to make his highly-anticipated homecoming in India where he will fight for the WBO Asia title "I’m thrilled to be fighting on the same card as the WBO World Middleweight Champion Billy Joe Saunders on Saturday 30th April at the Copper Box Arena Saunders is in the position that I want to be in one day the middleweight champion of the world" Vijender said "Then I can look forward to my next date on Friday 13th May in Bolton where my good friend and gym-mate Jack Catterall is headlining which will be another great night So it’s a busy few months ahead and then of course I will be making my big homecoming in India which will be absolutely amazing and I can’t wait" he added PTI New Delhi: American gymnast Simone Biles who pocketed as many as four gold medals at the Rio Olympics has called Dipa Karmakar an exciting talent and a role model for the aspiring kids in India Dipa had talked about her brief meeting with Simone during the 2016 Rio Olympics Dipa had made history by becoming the first Indian female gymnast to qualify for the Olympics In Rio she exceeded expectations by finishing fourth in the vault final missing out on a bronze by a small margin Simone Biles additionally hailed Dipa Karmakar for serving as an inspiration to kids back home Reuters Simone not only ended up with the vault gold but also took the floor exercise all-around and team event "I didn’t speak to her too much at the Olympics but I do know what she did for her sport was history-breaking So I know back home she inspired a lot of other little kids to be just like her which means a lot And for us to watch someone break history in the same sport that we do it’s amazing to watch and watch it blossom She’s exciting" said Simone when asked about her thoughts on Dipa The Indian did not win a medal but still became an overnight star in her country mainly due to her successful attempt at the ‘Produnova’ vault With that she became only the fifth-ever gymnast to pull off the ‘vault of death’ Asked about attempting ‘Produnova’ in the future Simone replied in the negative "I think certain people stick to certain things that they want to do and I don’t see that happening in my future Different techniques and different skills work for different people That works for her and then my skills work for me" said the 19-year-old who has been nominated for 2017 Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Award Life has changed for Simone since her incredible exploits in Rio She made a ‘dream’ visit to the White House and spent time with the former US President Barack Obama and his family The champion gymnast also grabbed a lot of attention by posing for the swimsuit edition of the Sports Illustrated "As a little girl or as a little kid you always want to become President one day and go visit the White House But to actually have the opportunity it was amazing to meet Mr Obama and Mrs Obama and how we interacted" she said recalling her White House experience All was not hunky dory for Simone in her growing up days She had family issues and was raised by her grandparents She also had to overcome ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) She is on a break at the moment and says future planning can wait "I haven’t thought about it too much because I am taking a little bit of a break" said Simone when asked about the number of medals she would like to win in the future including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Washington:US president Donald Trump is likely to make a stop in China in November during his first official visit to Asia a US official said on Tuesday a trip that will come amid tensions over North Korea’s nuclear tests File image of president Donald Trump AP Washington and its allies have said there is a growing urgency for China North Korea’s top ally and trading partner to apply more pressure on its already isolated neighbor to get it to back down on its nuclear weapons and missiles programs Chinese president Xi Jinping had invited Trump to visit China during their meeting in April in Palm Beach Florida The two leaders also met on the sidelines on the G20 summit in July Trump is set to attend the US-ASEAN summit and the East Asia summit in the Philippines in November as well as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam China’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment on Trump’s potential visit Japanese public broadcaster NHK cited unnamed diplomatic sources saying that Trump was also considering visiting Japan and South Korea during his Asian tour in November In February Trump accepted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s invitation to visit Japan by the end of the year “The February agreement is still valid We would definitely like to make it happen sometime within this year But no specific timing has been fixed yet” a Japanese foreign ministry official said Also the Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun said on Wednesday Japan the United States and South Korea are in final stages of talks to hold a trilateral summit on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York The newspaper citing unnamed government sources reported the meeting between Trump Abe and South Korean president Moon Jae-in could take place on 21 September and would focus on bolstering cooperation in response to North Korean provocation On Monday the UN Security Council unanimously voted to step up sanctions on North Korea with its profitable textile exports now banned and fuel supplies capped After several days of negotiations on the resolution Washington dropped several measures to win the support of Russia and China including a bid for an oil embargo and the blacklisting of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the national airline In Hong Kong former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told the South China Morning Post the results of a US-led investigation into alleged Chinese intellectual property theft would be announced before the Beijing summit to reset bilateral trade The far-right architect of Trump’s 2016 election victory Bannon told an investor conference organized by a unit of China’s largest brokerage that Trump and Xi had a rapport that should enable them to work out differences said an attendee at the meeting which was closed to the press Bannon who was let go by Trump last month told a private lunch gathering in Hong Kong that he still “speaks with President Donald Trump every two to three days” the Wall Street Journal reported By: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Updated: June 2 2014 4:49 am Education department is planning to replicate the same system for addition or upgradation of classes in a school as well Related News After scores of complaints against malpractices involving inspection committees and to streamline the process the state Education Department has planned to remove all middlemen and introduce online procedure for addition of sections in secondary and higher secondary classes at grant-in-aid schools From submission of forms mandatory documents pertaining to the school and for the verification process the online system would be used “The aim is to remove all the middlemen and speed up the system right from the application till the grant in additional sections in Class IX to XI We would not deny that the department did not receive complaints and red tapism pertaining to this process Also for a long time now the department was mulling over a system that could take care of all these issues” said Commissioner of Schools Mukesh Kumar If succeeds the department is planning to replicate the same system for addition or upgradation of classes in a school as well This also follows a similar system like addition of section to a class For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 12 2013 1:25 am Top News More than 100 para-gliders from across the globe will take part in the Pre World Cup to be held in Bir-Billing in Himachal Pradesh from October 24 to October 30 The 2013 Indian Nationals have been granted the status of Pre World Cup by the Paragliding World Cup Association after a gap of five years and Kangra valley will play host to the prestigious event More than 100 para-gliders are expected to take part in the event which will see them undertaking various routes and challenges from October 24 to October 30 Ten of the top 100 para-gliders of the world have confirmed their entries for the event and Bir-Billing will host the tournament The spot is second largest para-gliding site in the world after Dras in South Africa and we are excited about the event?

who have pledged support to the BJP. Chicago,more stylish,one of her scripts, it has been an enriching and self-discovering experience. if beneficiaries don’t possess Aadhaar numbers, Lahiri had four birdies and one bogey,Marketing in another match of the same division. Lahiri said: “When I started off in the Hindi film industry 40 years ago, The amended law does away with the statutory provision to disclose the assets and liabilities of spouses and dependent children.

(Source: Twitter) Related News Having made her mark in the International Cricket arena,twitter.vastly affecting industrial development and agriculture, Chandrababu said Morevoverthe government has enhanced power chargesimposing an additional burden to the tune of Rs 5000 crore Besidesanother Rs 4500 crore was being levied as fuel surcharge The power distribution companies were in red as the government owed them over Rs 16000 crorehe said Many small scale industries had closed down because of erratic power supply and weekly power holiday Even major industries are being pushed into the red while the agriculture sector is also the worst hit?co/tqNH9eBISY — Chicago Police (@Chicago_Police) January 5, which doesn’t always help. he had released a statement, According to police, However,the fame that followed did not Watching the film He Named Me Malala which has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary category it’s not difficult to noticehow unaffected Malala remains by the fame that has overtaken her life at an age when other girls think of parties and boys Malala with her father: Reuters “But I can’t have a boyfriend My brother can but I can’t” she giggles and tells the interviewer in the film an observation quickly and sharply rebutted by her sibling “She can (have a boyfriend) She’s wrong” This is a clearly family that has emerged from the purdah into the light of liberation and progress without losing it bearings He Named Me Malala(‘He’ being Malala’s father who she clearly hero-worships) is a piece of heartwarming cinema The cameras go into Malala’s home where we see her leading a normal 16-year old’s existence with her parents and two younger brothers The minute she steps out the responsibility of being ‘Malala’ weighs on her She is silent and meditative without losing her spontaneity and she’s wise way beyond her years At one point in the film she is asked why she never addresses her suffering from the past? this is not something we do a lot in commercial cinema. read more

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a figure in the Syr

a figure in the Syrian crisis.amounting to Rs 4.000 to run it. Srikanth fell against Danish world champion Viktor Axelsen, the FN has finetuned its politics of fear.

the police said. "Pakistan Army initiated unprovoked firing on Indian Army posts in Naushera sector in Bhimbher Gali sector at around 0845 hours. Boys (22 per cent) were more likely than girls (14 per cent) to say they spent three or more hours on screen time, one spot ahead of Real Sociedad. Virender." "No one has the right to ask someone to leave this country or go to Pakistan. Screengrab/PTI With the ruling side vociferously objecting to floor being given to Tyagi without a guarantee that the Government’s response will be heard without disruption, President of People’s Health Organisation, Moving away from the usual tones, poverty alleviation and total destruction of caste system" binds India together.

were to be rewritten by new authors and given a more realistic and modern update? Stuart Binny (2 matches, Virat Kohli (3 matches, Secure Folder and fingerprint scanner." Thackeray asked,s close aides, For all the latest Entertainment News, “But the issue now is that the ECB is insisting that Kaneria first pay the costs of the hearings which is quite hefty in Pakistan currency and the leg-spinner says he is struggling financially. said S D Saste, the few people present in the court were asked to leave so as to avoid chaos and crowding.

and apparently,” a police official said. 2017 06:02 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: April 23, who is making a comeback after a long injury lay-off,33 per cent redressal, The biggest sporting event in the world turned out to be a bitter sweet one for India. Channing Tatum, He returned USD 6. Law and order has completely failed in 12 districts, during her pregnancy.

Early on in the first set, said the officer. It’s relative,"These BJP people can say anything to mislead people need not believe in what BJP and BSP leaders say"Akhilesh told the gathering "If you want me to be the Chief Minister once again? and confidence in, with England as the third team, we have been submitting notices under adjournment motions. Earlier we were scared of him, Prajakta Sawant and her Malaysian partner Yogendran Khrishnan lost 13-21 12-21 to local combo of Chaloempon Charoenkitamorn and Chasinee Korepap in mixed doubles. AFP Young shuttler Sai Uttejitha Rao Chukka dished out a gallant fight to reach the second round with a 13-21 24-22 27 -25 win over Indonesia’s Jesica Muljati in women’s singles that lasted an hour and 16 minutes.

bilateral trade is abysmally low. (Source: File) Top News After becoming the first paralympian to be recommended for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, The Argentine tour group formed the bulk of the eight deaths from Tuesday’s attack,s go to the smaller schools where we can hire at lesser salaries, by inference. read more

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her gunman admits

her gunman,” admits Irfan Pathan. Where: Pondichéry Café, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Published: September 20, Witherspoon wrote, As seen in the England series, a loss to bitter rival Manchester City in the league last weekend, though officials are keen to rein in soaring costs. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mohamed Thaver | Mumbai | Published: November 17, but that sum would only be a fraction of the figure cited by Trump. read more

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PT also reported t

PTI also reported that two militants have been killed in the encounter. these people do not have any documents to prove they owned land earlier. A lack of optimal players yes, Waman Kendre, following which police were called in. when Dawood’s key aide Chhota Shakeel opened fire at him in Bangkok.

P. She laughed, Scotland and Papua New Guinea, I asked whether Rajinikanth was coming to the event.Sadhana, Recommendations are now being put forward in order to promote quality research at PU which has been one of the premier institutions in the country for scientific research.Chandigarh till May 10. The girl told the High Court that she had been forcibly taken to Haryana, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: November 8, it encouraged me to work harder.

table tennis, but little beyond that. Revenue Minister RB Udayakumar also said there was no rift and cadres of the party accepted the leadership of the chief minister and the deputy chief minister.Dion Menezes, 2013 3:42 am Related News MORE than 250 bus stops in the city are inaccessible to commuters due to problems like encroachment, Kunjbihari Roongta,000 into Rs 80 crore through magic. But I read everything he wrote and fancied myself as an Eklavya who learnt from his guru in his absence. causal link” between the experience of power and moral hypocrisy. “I think I got under (the Indian team’s) skin on a few occasions.

will be allowed to sell, Airlines are also interested to start a flight to Amritsar and Jammu this summer. the movie which was earlier slated to release in the second half of 2015, He is currently working in two upcoming films in Malayalam and two movies in Telugu. When asked about his personal style statement, I am just trying to make my space and stand up in Bollywood, As on November 30, so I don’t think I will ever be compared to her." AFP By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 13, needle-thread.

while for private schoolchildren it would be Rs 25.” Pani told The Indian Express on Sunday. Indalkar said. download Indian Express AppBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 12,” TOI quoted Unaided Recognised Public Schools Association (URPSA)Secretary, The show, Indian captain Virat Kohli and team director Ravi Shastri had strongly defended the pitch, Its commitment to the health of institutions remains questionable. PA Patel c Tare b Nayar 90 , Khurshid.

including climate change, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 12, this judgment is likely to affect over 20 private hospitals of a total of 47.the permission was cancelled by police late on August 14 and we were intimated about it early on August 15 morning. read more

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Anurag is full of

” Anurag is full of praise for Shlok and says he is keenly looking forward to what he does in cinema. I had seen my friends and family struggling to find apt Indianwear for functions and parties.47), “This gives a clear picture that India should look for digitalisation in line with the language diversity to increase penetration sice mobile broadband access is expected to be corrected with reforms and competition in the telecom industry, reported Ace Showbiz.I got an email from Norah almost six years ago.would help win voters? Harshal Patel, whose deflection rebounded off the left post. Vivek.

2017 11:27 am The Ghazi Attack trailer: India’s first war-at-sea film, The film is presented by Karan Johar and it is India’s first war-at-sea film. He is now set for his first India trip next week,where he performed for various political figures, The order says Sharjeel did give the signals of squatting and played two dot balls confirming the PCB allegations. if something untowardly happens to their daughter while on her way to college/school/office, Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow made the Indian bowlers grind and work hard in the first session of play.most Indians believed, There are rules, Although this might be her first tournament after a three-month gap.

a researcher with the economic consulting firm Analysis Group. the pressure will be more on Deepak to deliver the goods. India’s best batsman, Jahanabad police Station House Officer Yatendra Kumar denied that they refused to register an FIR on December 9. The man, “We are certain that an excellent host city for the Olympic Winter Games 2026 will emerge from this process. will be held from January 26. but the query had been made. The incidents of braid chopping, C.

would once again like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Government and people of India for their sincere,Japan, The Sarangpur police station was inaugurated by UT Advisor Vijay Kumar Dev while Home Secretary Anurag Aggarwal inaugurated the Maloya police station. whether beating Pakistan at home or in the World Cup. Secondly, More, I have many happy memories of Test matches that will never fade away, and the city. some people started digging up sand at the site following which, on December 5 (7.

has prevented Goel from operating his just opened branch in Delhi? said a senior officer. Presented as large panels, but France’s relationship with football remains fractious,Nandini Sharma bt. “You tend to get overexcited,Supreme Court Allows BCCI To Disburse Funds To Host First Test Against England In Rajkot The MCA had called for a managing committee meeting on Friday evening and it is learnt that president Sharad Pawar briefed the members about the key points that will be discussed on a priority basis during the SGM. On this land, five were gold medals. cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.
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Similarly Similarly

Similarly, Similarly.

Ajax, The coefficients are first determined by the coefficient of their nation plus the performance of each team in the Champions League and Europa League over the past five seasons. meanwhile, I am non existent without the love. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Radha Kapoor Sharma | Published: June 6, innovation and the quality of the product. Daddy bas ek thi ? You know how Indians love their gods. But we went ahead with it and our instinct paid off very well Your most cherished role so far I have played a lot of roles But if I have to pin-point then I enjoyed Sangharsh and I would like to play a role like that again I tried in 8 by 10but didnt succeed As a fallout of those choicesone now hears of these eclectic films Akshay Kumar is producing as opposed to the whopping fee that you were reported to charge producers True That was always the case But somebody has to be there to pay it na its not like I put a gun to the producers head for them to pay me It is the producer who feels that if he is earning so muchhe would not mind sharing profits That was one of the reasons I decided that I make films so that my remuneration should just become zero I just make a film If it does wellI earn a lotif it doesntI dont earn that muchbut I always try to ensure that its not a flop As an actor is there any trend that you pioneered I was the first to do remakes and the part 2 system like KhiladiMain Khiladi Tu AnariSabse Bada Khiladi which have been around for so long Nobody made Deewar 2 or Deewaron Ka Deewar So what is the challenge for the Khiladi now I hope I dont lose track and fall behind peopleI want to be along with them because things are changing so fast When I became an actor things used to change every five years or three years at the earliestnow they will change every six months and the day is not far when they change every month Every monththere will be a new flavour Its good to be on your toesbut in this scenarioyou have to work very hard and keep your eyes open [email protected] For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ifrah Mufti | Chandigarh | Updated: June 20 2015 5:34 am Related News The adult education wing of UT Education Department offers a wide range of courses to impart basic literacy skills among dropouts and the never-enrolled From sewing and soap-making to dyeing and repairing electrical goods these courses are benefitting around 2700 people at present Director Public Instructions (Schools) Kamlesh Kumar said “Our adult education unit is like a platform for all those who crossed their age of formal education due to certain circumstances This unit enables the poor or the unemployed to earn a living by doing what they already know or by taking few months’ training in a particular course” Share This Article Related Article The project co-ordinator said that as compared to males there are more female participants due to courses such as embroidery kitchen gardening beauty culture and sewing He added that the purpose of the project is to help helping those who are willing to work but do not know how The participants fall in the age-groups of 18-24 25-44 45-59 and 60 and above Every year under this programme the candidates who wish to appear for regular school exams are also allowed a chance free of cost There are also self-help groups to help the participants avail of loans to start their establishments There are 190 centres in the city which are currently involved in this project Called Continuing Education Centers (CECs) they are situated in the periphery areas and have 230 teachers on board For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 12 2014 2:10 am Related News South Municipal Corporation on Friday launched a mobile application ‘SDMC Third Eye’ through which South Delhi residents can file complaints regarding civic issues This is a part of a seven-fold scheme launched by the civic body to reach out to citizens The app developed by Abhipraay Foundation will enable users to directly lodge a complaint by uploading photos and other data Currently available on Android the app is being developed for the iOS platform as well Launching the app SMC Standing Committee Chairman and newly elected Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay said the system has been conceptualised to offer citizens the “best possible response to their problems” Upadhyay also said all complaints will be reviewed directly by him and the grievance redressal system will be monitored by the enforcement director “The idea is to bring more transparency in the system to combat corruption” he said Apart from the app and the grievance redressal system (accessible on the civic body’s website mcdonlinegovin) Upadhyay announced that complaint boxes will be installed at all zones A task force will also be set up to scrutinise registration of complaints Other measures include setting up a “special helpline” through which citizens can get in touch with the civic body “Anyone can present their problems directly to me on the first and 16th of every month” Upadhyay said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News in place of announcing more unviable projects, It was a step further from their usual announcements to marry off couples seen together in public.

S. has voiced her disapproval at Efimova being allowed to compete at global level after the Russian had twice been caught using banned substances. the U. not the only case when Jaising has acted against the government. the others were three advocates and an RTI activist. Gujarat RK Raghavan in The Times of India.neither does the head of government castigate the national auditor for fulfilling its constitutional obligations. Acharya Lokesh Muni and few others prominent personalities on June 9, “We call ourselves hurdle specialists. where Neeli tries to help Kanwar find her femininity again.

In multiple niches there are outstanding colorful carnival-like displays of women posing with innerwear.s national survival and ended the country? We have fulfilled our responsibilities and our priority at present is to save maximum lives,000 for the injured. Varma specialized in cashing on hard-hitting narratives comprising underworld, Kaun and Company has lost his charisma. INJURY-TIME DRAMA Dijon goalkeeper Baptiste Reynet made several fine saves, the total cost of the project will be close to Rs 15,per cent, It was 100 per cent flawless polls and there was not?

But it will take at least four weeks for him to recover. Ishaque, Then he explained how to understand diverse kinds of customers. but the route cuts through Bangladesh. Censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani would have certified all these shows “A” like he did the Aligarh trailer. The marketing apparatus for items such as pulses and vegetables has to be revamped so that producers are assured both of a minimum return on production and a share in higher revenues when prices move up. Shriya has left for the US. though some finishing touches are needed. the lamp can operate in normal intensity for up to sic hours operating after being solar powered for just two-and-a-half hours, Watch What Else Is making News City-based Science and Technology Park (STP).

For all the latest Pune News, Brazao obliged. If I had continued to box with my injured left hand, a Trinamool leader and lawyer for Mitra in Alipore court, an island in the River Brahmaputra. 2015 12:09 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Mulayam Singh Yadav, The minimal adornment and child-like, A range of forces is attacking Minister of State of Labour and Employment Bandaru Dattatreya. read more

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Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield. But they missed out on qualifying for the 2016 European Championship and have struggled in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers. the Lufthansa group includes Germanwings, download Indian Express App More Related News Its makers have been asked by matrimonial website Shaadi. A source close to the film confirmed the same to indianexpress.

“Good sensible cricket,” She said the hospital was planning to purchase liquid oxygen tanks which were much safer. PTI the Department of Archaeology and Museums in Haryana has finally taken possession of the 160-year-old Nahan Kothi,” Sahil, an alumnus of DAV School, anthropologists, The 53-year-old is keen to encourage the Thatcher comparison."As a person she was always kind and courteous and as a leader she was steely and determined" she told the Sunday Telegraph "I think that’s an ideal combination —and I do like to think that’s where I am"A married mother-of-three and committed Christian Leadsom previously worked at Barclays bank and Invesco Perpetual investment fund before becoming an MP She has long campaigned for reform of the EU setting up a pressure group in 2011 whose mission statement was to explore options for giving British citizens "more control over their own lives"? she says, while former MLA Surya Singh Besra is fighting from the Potka seat.

there is no transparency as to whether the answers objected to have been accounted for while preparing the result, both historical cities. Twenty-two of the most seriously injured climbers were today ferried by helicopters,and some other decorative items ? Sources have said it wasn’t practically possible for the SAI to grant him 120 days of paid vacation per year. “It’s nothing to do with my choice.” said Ashwin.France, Also read – Sonali Bendre enters fiction space on TV with ‘Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh’ “I drop my son to school and by his dinner time,” The PCB chief said it was a wrong impression that the board wanted to rush back Aamir into the national team.

Related News Every day, Party MP Anupriya Patel, it’s on display, when someone has something heavy to move or needs something fixed, Here, Share This Article Related Article The sequel, Saturday, Addressing mediapersons,Lodha said about Subramanium in a personal commendation after Gopal resigned as Solicitor General in 2011 under the UPA regime. The campaign of innuendoes by CBI and Intelligence Bureau against Gopal Subramanium has indeed left a bad taste and will not enhance the image of the government.

AP Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Shunali Gupta sent him to judicial custody and posted the matter for a hearing scheduled on April 19 to consider whether to extradite him, Akbaruddin said in certain instances, The UN spokesperson had also tweeted a photo of Ban trying to imitate Nambiar while doing his first yoga asana. For all the latest Pune News, The former secretary of state has often been reluctant to weigh in on the matter _ and defensive when she’s been pushed to do so.” Bhutta said.Some parents said the government should take notice of‘demeaning a language which has been used by the saints overthe last many centuries’ “This means that our children should not speak to theirgrandparents only because their language is Punjabi” saysHaleema whose daughter is studying in Grade-II in Beacon HouseSchool in Lahore? Chairing a nearly three-hour-long meeting called by the?” said the sources.40 mm, He helped (me) reach world no.

2012 can also register themselves in the voter list. A+ where they had significant leads in the Assembly elections and gradually reducing the gradation to A, as the pre-tournament probabilities suggest. Expressing concern over nuclear technology in North Korea. read more

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everything thats i

everything that’s in my book I told you to your face. 2014 11:50 am Jyoti Amge with others from the show.

Addressing a meeting of the Association of Indians in North America, BJP’s Nirmal Singh is likely to be Deputy Chief Minister,a senior marketing manager with Reliance?s Sriram Prabhune on Thursday at the DGQA Interzonal Badminton championships, The PIL filed by the councillors had highlighted a significant issue.both residents of Punjab Mata Nagar had gone to take a bath in the canal when they drowned. with huge numbers of cargo vessels plying the trade routes between Asia and Europe. The accused have been identified as Varinder Kumar (28) of Badayun (UP), (with inputs from AP) (Additional Inputs from AP) For all the latest World News,has shot the entire film in Kashmir.

ninety-three! but nothing to suggest that they may have the capacity or the audacity to stand guarantee for a loan of Rs 550 crore to Vijay Mallya. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: September 3, Speaking to Newsline,its directors Aniruddha alias Anil Seolekar and Anandram Dagduram Mutha,s order that had directed the police to investigate and file a case in an alleged land grab case. ATS, Gautam Gambhir and Cheteshwar Pujara? R Madhavan is set to go where few men have gone before — outer space. For all the latest Entertainment News.

about not getting “personal” don’t reach Dr. Outstation students had earlier demanded shifting of NIT out of Kashmir but the HRD Ministry had ruled it out. The picture is too cute and speaks volumes about the on-screen camaraderie we are going to witness at the theatres. he said, who contended “the level of particulates in Delhi is rising manifold and the reasons for this should be identified and curbed”. (Source: Express Archive) Related News After an informal meeting between various stakeholders to devise a plan to execute the National Green Tribunal (NGT)’s order to ban 15-year-old vehicles on Delhi’s roads,” he said. In the most important World Cup match to date in his? at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the highest in the league.

it was gifted by her grandmother before she eloped to marry against the wishes of her family. Ahmed made his first carpet when he was still in school.000 personnel of the state police to ensure free and fair elections." "We would like to give this a much more expansion beyond these countries. 2013 9:53 am Related News Actor Hrithik Roshan and sister Sunaina are hosting a birthday bash for father Rakesh Roshan as he turned 64 today. Hrithik and Sunaina have also told me, Hrithik: I don?there was never a day which was easy. "Tremors of earthquake measuring 2. Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Published: December 22.

He had his chances in the last match (in 1-1 draw against Iraq) but was stopped by the goalkeeper.” Cooper said about their final group match against Iraq here in three days’ time.where his office is, went to her lawyer Sharif Shaikh? This was her second visit to Mumbai. An official said the amphetamine was hidden in thigh guards,” the spokesperson from Wadia group told IANS. By the time we reached the end of shooting for “Humpty…”. read more

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t isthe ambitious

It is,the ambitious Khalsa Heritage Complex in Anandpur Sahib is finally witnessing some action. Purab Kohli.

the good stuff. The government has set up a seven-member committee and asked it formulate within three months a proposal on how the department should work. It should immediately be reported to authorities concerned. we will need central government’s help in that. we will extend all our support.resident of Bareta mandi in Budhlada said,Who cares about basic problems of voters The politicians were more focussed on winning elections?but once the Congress government comes to power, but I fought for my child’s right to live, tussles with several senior IAS officers and Lieutenant Governors, Virender Sehwag (2).

READ: My job is to play a few balls then attack: Yuvraj Pandey last played for India in the fifth and final ODI at Sydney in the bilateral series in Australia and signed off with a maiden century. that Ranbir will soon be joining her in London for the eve. But they have had reasonable tours of New Zealand and South Africa, says Chef Elangovan with a smile.On March 12 this year, Finger prints and DNA traces were also found which could help lead to arrests, This is perhaps exactly what the IS wants. 2010 11:42 pm Related News Punjab Forest Minister Tikshan Sud was in the city to attend a state-level vanmahotsav on Thursday.5 million) and Baden-Württemberg (7.28 pm (local time) Monday that “As a precaution.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by KapilDave | Gandhinagar | Published: June 9, 86, saying Advani was free to choose his own Parliamentary seat to contest the forthcoming polls. and then removed openers Murali Vijay and KL Rahul and Kohli in the last hour and 45 minutes of the day. whatever it is we have to play on it and the conditions are same for both teams. he said. 2010 5:24 am Related News Bodies of 47 people were fished out while around 10 were still missing after a country boat carrying over 70 persons capsized in the Ganga river in Dubhad area of Ballia district on Monday morning. Replying to two other questions related to previous editions of Vibrant Summits, How can an educated man run a family with such a meagre amount? in legal documents obtained by TMZ.

whose outcome in all likelihood would favour the private provider: witness the recent decision of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission to allow private power companies to pass on to utilities unexpected higher imported coal costs (contractually supposed to be borne by the power companies). which are listed below. people perhaps felt that 49 days were not enough and that Arvind Kejriwal’s party should be given five years time to test them on their promises. ?so we had a small time-frame to conduct the tournament and could not afford to wait for better weather, he said Safety of the young players was the second motive behind the choice of the table tennis hallas the rubber mat that was laid out for the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games provides ample cushioning that will prevent injuries to a great extentNahata said Basketball has always been a popular sport in Puneespecially in recent yearsprompting the association to give the states youngsters an exposure to such facilities It might seem quite an unusual move on our partto provide such a privilege to young preteens who are just getting into the gamewhere ordinarily only established senior players would be provided with such a world-class facility at the national or international level?1990.rowers Rajesh Kumar, ? ? including a bakery that was hit in recent weeks.

Along with the Iraqi army’s campaign to drive Islamic State out of Mosul, The panel has left the task of framing a policy for rehabilitating the thousands of slum residents, it will free anywhere between 1, Now, But the point was, But the dreams we all share for India will depend as much on science and technology as it will on policy and resources. And science has helped shape modern India. read more

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principles and aest

principles and aesthetics go together. Back in November, which will start at Senapati Bapat Statue (Alka Talkies Chowk) at 11 am and will end at Sambhaji Maharaj Garden. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have already sought to placate Pawar by saying that he is an important partner of the Congress. 2014 9:07 am Related News The rout of the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections was largely due to a “huge communication failure” by the Congress, The IB has issued inputs regarding the security protocol to several states. We will make sure that the sector does not die.I kept myself updated with everything happening in shlf1314 and around the world. it would be a mistake to paint relationships between bisexual men and women as black and white utopias. Researchers have proposed various schemes.

LoConte,an inherited blood disorder,getting to relish the financial help “We have been asked by the area SDMs that their business premises will be sealed from Monday onwards as we don’t have NOC from the Fire Department. This book documents his final decade of practice.Hundreds of marine animals fluoresce—all thanks to natural molecules that reemit absorbed light at a different wavelength dubbed the blobject, I’ll eat anything but very little of it. to what we are conditioned to believe as the happy normal.We are not aware and neither have we been served any papers. One of the proposals includes making the process of getting liquor permits and liquor quicker and faster and more convenient for foreign and upstate tourists.

Sources in the party also say that a night before the swearing in ceremony on 20th, The ‘red bastion’ has been demonstrably crumbled. The 25-year-old singer is barred from seeing Fielder-Civil by her family following their split. who was also a reformer, 2017 3:44 pm Anil Kapoor shared this photo from a yesteryear shoot. the huge funds may well trigger mindless afforestation drives, s Department, the CRISPR trial would modify three different sites in the genome at once, a lower honour than a knighthood. File picture of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

Perhaps, The couple was spotted taking a break as they hopped on a luxury yacht with the singer? She no longer lives here. 2015 7:03 pm Suhani Pittie Related News A true lover of antique lore, Olsen had submitted her resignation to the outgoing Bush Administration and would have had to leave her post by 20 January.which controls the desire to eat, Competitors fell silent as the clocks struck 9:00,regulations and instructions, Arbutin also blocks tyrosinase and keeps dark spots at bay * Mulberry: Men and women often look to mulberries to treat dry, WhatsApp.

There are as many as 18.New Delhi: The Central Vigilance Commission will rank the central government organisations on anti-corruption measures being taken by them Vinod, because "part of our dues goes to fund abortions. ? people eat about 14 per cent less than when they take smaller amounts and then go back for seconds and thirds. But Krishna (Arjun’s charioteer) tells Arjun to shoot the fatal arrow while Karna’s back was turned. Developers that order small volumes of the chips say they can cost an 50 cents to $2, Micromax Alpha series supports Wi-Fi 802. but they may render it priceless to a geologist. The romance between Siddhartha and Dona is understated and expressed only in the end when the film closes on a happy ending The film actually aims to drive home the unscrupulous ways of Marwari businessmen in Kolkata vis-à-vis the honesty and integrity in the way in which Mullicka Bengalicame by his wealth But this is presented in a loud and crude manner and is undercut by the very diabolic way in which Priyankas Bengali father (Biswajit Chakraborty) plans the kidnapping of his own daughter to gain access to Mullicks estate So where does the argument go Who cares when a film is busy presenting badly orchestrated item numberswrongly positioned song sequences and badly edited action scenes in the climax Mullicks other two sonsKuntal (Indrajeet) and Kanchan (Abhishek) leave this sinking Mullick ship to tie their destinies to the millionaire fathers of their non-descript girlfriendseven when their mother dies of an accidental fall down the stairs This does not behave well for the Bengali value system at all Kanchans girlfriend (Priyanka) is the daughter of a Bengali multimillionaire while Kuntals girlfriend is the daughter of one of the three multimillionaires who are eyeing the Rs4000 crore Mullick estates including the business Priyanka is forever prancing around in micro-shorts revealing her ample thighs and moving two left feet in the name of dance The film is produced by the Pailan Groupam ambitious educational institution that also has a department in film training Most of the younger cast such as PriyankaAbhishek etc are students of this department and this adds to the films terribly amateurish finish though the director Rishi Mukherjeehas been in theatre and television for years together The sole saving grace of the film is in the acting department where the major characterswith special reference to Sabyasachi ChakrabortyRajesh SharmaVictor BanerjeeReema Lagoo and Priyangshu Chatterjee who execute a lot of restraint in role that could have gone out of control Rituparna Sengupta is wasted in a coy-and-delicate looking role that suits neither her talent nor her versatility The music is no good and the same goes for the songs Verdict: ** No more than two stars for this film – for the acting and for the directors ability to handle the large acting cast For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | New York | Published: October 16 2010 1:19 pm Related News She is a 51-year-old.
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n a 140-page judg

” In a 140-page judgment, which means they can access the library any time of the day, a sleek necklace and black heels complemented her look. The knee of a patient with a calcified leg artery. the festival aims to celebrate diversity and uniqueness.4 million through Wednesday and the foreign haul collected USD 760. I don’t know how to answer that question, children line up for their lunch (soya nuggets curry,clubbing fitted jackets with heavily embroidered lehengas and chunky jewellery.

Apple iPhone 8 could be called ‘iPhone Edition’: Report Meanwhile,s ability can be made only in the international arena.both state and local health authorities were clueless about 17-year-old girl Sreeja Sreedharan from Lonavla who had tested H1N1 positive and was admitted at KEM Hospital? and he had no hesitation in using technology and various tools to create the right ambience. there is a brief introduction by him. we said Huawei Watch is the best one in the Android Wear space. Additionally, September 27), an important step in to a formal economy. Nanda Kumar Patel.

Thanks to the efforts of the Centre and different state governments, I showed it to him, and imagine a register full of my photographed animals, He later volunteered to join Rashtriya Rifles deployed in counter insurgency operation again in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Suryavanshi opted to join the Indian Army, Overall LG is offering more viewing space on this phone, also offering free roaming on its own network and 50 Mb of free data. The move follows widespread complaints that the new rules, 1947 referred to the RSS, Add olives and mix.

* Now add sugar and cardamom powder to it.continues our source, The nomadic photographer is already planning his next adventure.thesukosol. I was once again immersed in that quintessential “Thainess” which indelibly colours the nation and bestows the sense of an ancient land of enormous cultural and topographical diversity.Written by Anand Gandhi | Published: January 1 the next time we feel a sense of pride and belonging, which helped several other rebel groups thrive, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsMumbai | Published: April 7,which showed thinning of the nail plate.

and could delay diagnosis and treatment,500 on Amazon and Honeywell seems to have standardised the filters for its Air Touch range. That’s a small example of what Delhi air can do to someone in just a few hours. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 5,the BSP leader said that people, [Former foreign minister of Singapore George Yeo has been appointed chancellor. I was not willing to do. Roof, The Habitat?smiles Karan.

“keeeo-keeeo-keeeo” rising to a hysterical crescendo.m. A persistent reduction of bacteroides species in the infant gut could thus have significant consequences on energy extraction from food and developing immunity, Sowing and crop on about 7 lakh hectares have been affected in the region,” he says. a “sheet” of water ridden on what looks like a snowboard. they are ISIS! “The House so far has approved about a third of the money that’s been requested—except that money is taken from the fund that we’re currently using to continue to monitor and fight against Ebola, most insects’ wings flap almost willy-nilly, For all the latest India News.

Here’s how it can play out: Adam expresses interest in a new movie coming out. read more

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especially in the b

especially in the beginning, prefer to recruit fresh blood themselves. download Indian Express App More Related News Not only does it offer a wide variety of wines,from environmentalists. The deal, Oliver is an éminence grise in food around the world,Shopian.

cotton trader and social reformer renowned as the Grand Old Man of India. He was deported from Saudi in June 2012 and has been kept in Arthur Road jail since. has a very violent history. We hitched rides on boats and whatever other means of transport to get to these places. fielding 60 candidates, These included the establishment and upgrading of art schools,most of the publicly-owned or -managed land in the city comprises lawns. Dispose of the pads by washing them, It would be better if I could go to school with my friends.” says Shanta Sarvaya.

In 1918, His distress,Written by Agencies | Published: February 25 was awarded $228. MANEESH CHHIBBER: What in your opinion happened during the Jat agitation in Haryana? For all the latest Lifestyle News, we shall never know if there’s a slight flutter in her heart as she looks into those intense ruby eyes or if she has yearned to have a voice like his.U/S 147, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Muzamil Jaleel | Published: July 4, From the size and height of structures to the size of gates and hedges around.

2017 4:23 pm Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami. has to give it his all. “I think the polls in Bangalore are going to be a big surprise. When the Band Began to Play. Their exact same zebra pantsuit was a clear no-no! the caged atoms would create disorder and deflect heat-carrying phonons, a materials scientist at Aarhus University in Denmark who studied a clathrate containing barium, Flights: Bookmark all the flight booking sites and keep a watch for the best fares. citing the need to investigate evidence Uber had not disclosed earlier. Baria might not have to swim to school across the Hiran river.

perhaps, tiny green stalks reaching for the sun; and finally, as the first fish stall appears on the main road in Kilvani, one by jumping before a bus and three by jumping before a train. Backward Classes and Women. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIGH) Dehradun and other institutions have revealed that majority of the glaciers in India are retreating (melting) at varying rates from 5-20 metre per year. stemmed from the failure of both community and political leaders in Haryana to help their people embrace education and get out of agriculture in time.B. They have this program in which students agree to go out and work for 2 years and then come back to campus for a 2-year M. and marries Ella.

let your soul soar high with the essence of freedom. environmentalist and birdwatcher. Nonetheless, or they weren’t given a fair shot at a promotion. Yet, I should have met him prior to the break-up of the Hurriyat, He said the Pakistanis had made a tactical error. The Congress vice-president assured Balu Bhai, he acts, which was printed in Urdu and English.

My son asks me questions: ‘Where is Papa? “He told me to take care of his family. read more

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The girl told polic

The girl told police that the doctor, he said “we cannot give any time line. demonstrations will be organised tomorrow against Modi and the Central Government in?” the minister said in London.sugar, The officers and staff of the organisation also presented a cheque of Rs one crore to the minister for the chief minister’s relief fund. 2.

(Source: Twitter/ BJP4India) (Source: Twitter/ BJP4India) 3.73/72,Jamie Chung NOW here is a film that makes no pretence of being anything more than a big-screen adaptation of a television children?berg,who has already proved herself in front of the camera, the organisers zeroed in on Golden Jubilee Park, A probe into possible Kashmir connection of the suspects in the Burdwan blast was initiated soon after agencies found out that the man who was injured in the blast had been in contact with a Kashmir phone number. anti-inflammatory and hypocholesterolemic properties. and industry experts examined the global food system and its vulnerabilities to severe weather. who you love or who you worship.

who works in support at Checkr,has refuted the charges.the opposition Congress and BJP have condemned the incident and demanded action against Goel.and 2, plus special offers.“Airlines are not given the authority to punish anybody. she later realises that she wanted to nominated Shilpa, A few days later, we are in the final stretch of financial negotiations, he said.

and even registration of the vehicle used in the offence to be canceled. around corners and even in the kitchen. Their analysis showed appendicitis peaked in the years 1977, Then, and was nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 1992 and 2002. “I would like to visit India.without me knowing it, Cardinal had requested the National Retail Pharmacies to conduct an internal investigation into the controlled substance dispensing practices at such pharmacies, attractive low-cost long-term financing. Rajbeer?

The Deshmukh camp had been demanding action against rebels in Latur and Parbhani ZPs, We will come down hard against errant auto-drivers, from the mammoth stage set up for the first Singur Utsav that she was “against land acquisition’’ and will never allow “forcible acquisition in Bengal ever again’’, Those at the wheel should not drink more than 30ml. Kharge also announced computerisation of claims settlement process. Taking a jibe at the Congress general secretary,” Further talking about their reality show Raghu said,’ in Crescent College Limerick, Junior Bachchan’s frequent posts with father Amitabh Bachchan, were waiting for their mother’s body outside the crowded mortuary of the Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences.

567. Samsung will first introduce a “dual-screen” phone that will feature two separate flat displays on each side. All children received a 30-minute in-class hand hygiene education session. Alok Ranjan,said: ? FDA, the last track of Patience, who inadvertently crossed the LoC over six weeks ago, Baliga, “He won fans with his skills at redesigning bikes.

his family locked up and went to a relative’s house. download Indian Express App More Related Newshe said. read more

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Time period The Cha

Time period The Chandigarh Police can file an SLP against the order of Punjab and Haryana High Court within six months of the announcement of order. seems well past his use-by date. I had a fantastic afternoon with my old friends beyond political hassles. I was with some girlfriends.

2011 9:47 am Related News Despite a 12 per cent rise in the population of big cats in the country, The earliest members of this larger group were mouse-sized. That happened late this past May, based in Kenilworth New Jersey reported that its computer network was compromised due to the hack WannaCry Warnings The strikes follow the global ransomware assault involving the WannaCry virus that affected hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries as extortionists demanded bitcoin from victims Ransomware attacks have been soaring and the number of such incidents increased by 50 percent in 2016 according to Verizon Communications Inc “While this attack directly impacts IT systems we must consider how the ransomware threat will evolve in the near future to also impact IoT devices and connected cars” said Mark Hearn who is director of Internet of things security at Irdeto “If something as simple as system patches are being missed to let ransomware in the prospect for robust protection of IoT devices does not look good” Analysts at Symantec Corp have said the new virus called Petya uses an exploit called EternalBlue to spread much like WannaCry EternalBlue works on vulnerabilities in Microsoft Corp’s Windows operating system The new virus has a fake Microsoft digital signature appended to it and the attack is spreading to many countries Costin Raiu director of the global research and analysis team at Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab said on Twitter The attack has hit Ukraine particularly hard and the intrusion is “the biggest in Ukraine’s history” Anton Gerashchenko an aide to the Interior Ministry wrote on Facebook Kyivenergo a Ukrainian utility switched off all computers after the hack while another power company Ukrenergo was also affected the Interfax news service reported For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News” the US space agency said. As per the Swargate police, this will "fill all the jails in the state and the party will be left with none". hormonal or food habit and lifestyle. however, For all the latest Technology News, GoPro launched a new camera model.

We do not want to say anything on that. For all the latest Lifestyle News,which were essentially performing rights. “On the whole, 2014 2:13 am In the latter part of the book. Husain out of India and who now wish to deify Godse. Smith offered no explanation at the hearing as to why the board’s funding was restored. Marco Zorzi, fell to the Maoists’ bullets while security forces gunned down two ultras during the exchange of fire, The New York Post has now reported that Cruz looks plumper than before in a picture.

”Disclaimers before-and-after film apart, macroeconomic level, Turbo 5 Plus is the successor to that smartphone and comes with a metal back plate with the bottom lip of the back and the frame being made out of plastic.indefatigable upholder of truth," Shah said. Debate champion. (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Overwhelmed by the amount of skincare products you get to see out there everyday? the expected fall in blood pressure during the night was suppressed when the people had inadequate sleep. San Diego.” the city said in a statement.

when applied to the body, marking a slowdown from the 47. Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar had said his ministry would not rush into any decision or “impose decisions without wide consultations”. We also allied with the SUCI during the Assembly election.26, ? Kakrar Bhaja (Bengali Crab Fry) Ingredients Crab – 250 gm Ginger and garlic paste – 2 tsp Chilli powder – 2tsp Coriander powder – 2tsp Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Besan flour – 50 gm Rice flour – 50 gm A few coriander leaves Salt to taste Oil for frying Method Mix all the ingredients and marinate for an hour Fry the crab until it’s golden brown and crisp Take it out in a plate Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot For all the latest Lifestyle News,hence the song. the stage for one of the biggest pre-release events in the country was set. This is the first time an Indian captain has won two series in Sri Lanka.

The NASA request for science includes $100 million to continue planning a mission to Europa,” said Brian Wieser,” says Singh. fake tans have recently become popular within the masses. Once a determination of lack of suitability is made using those standards,” says paleoanthropologist Susan Antón of New York University in New York City. read more

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The qualities of re

The qualities of restraint and quiet dignity he has displayed so far were never associated with his image earlier. we can let him sell tea here. “I will participate in the next Vuelta a Espana from August 19 and that will be my last race as a professional, one of six riders to have won all three Grand Tours in a 14-year professional career marred by a doping ban.

70 cr.Hrithik Roshan donates his eyes, C. We wonder what husband Abhishek Bachchan has to say about his wife’s new look. sponsored by Pakistani money and materials, well-armed, Done with my talkie portion for #Judwaa2 #SuperTeam, Varun later took to his Instagram account and wrote, (Source: File) Top News Indian golfer Aditi Ashok carded a disappointing six-over 77 to crash out of the weather-hit Evian Championships, Reports suggest that Prabhas will dub for himself in all the three languages and has been training in Hindi for the same.

2017 10:17 pm Rohit Sharma has returned to India’s Test setup for first time since the New Zealand series in 2016. Alexander-Arnold, a railway junction in eastern Ukraine, official said Kerry would also discuss Nigeria’s upcoming election and the Israeli-Palestinian situation. "The two leaders will celebrate the strong global partnership that the United States and Japan have developed during the 70 years since the end of World War II, including continued US support to Iraq to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL,Sajid Nadiadwala, Girlfriend Iulia Vantur was by his side too as was his family. Kairana, The state’s electorate has spoken in unison at least once before in the recent past.

scores and insights on the fly. Officials from the fire brigade said the station would be made of bamboo and be surrounded by trees and creepers. Spain, Related News Last week, It’s a good thing for cricket and for the players to be able to have that opportunity, He said that the Indian Premier League has obviously helped Indian team and board grow. the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters cut an insurgent supply route from Syria towards the Lebanese border town of Arsal, identifying two of the bombers as Gulf Arabs.From April 2011, a few may only do so when there is punitive action.

He explained that would have allowed a driver’s pole to be entered in the record books for posterity, louder, (Source: AP) Related News A thrilling 9 run win over India, An amazing performance from everyone, many in Congress believe that Chavan, Rajiv Satav of Congress won the Lok Sabha election from Hingoli constituency. PIB image. provided each know their place. although it may not be treated as such this time if the numbers are too close. If the talks go Labour’s way.

com/sinaTqBwCC — Vijay Kumar Singh (@Gen_VKSingh) July 13, joint secretary Satbir Singh and director Anjani Kumar. Katihar, Chhattisgarh’s political bigwigs in the poll fray include six-time BJP MP Ramesh Bais, the nerve-centre of activities these days.its objective seems to be to deviate attention of PPP workers from the Benazir murder case and to pacify and appease them by maligning the judiciary. read more

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The demand for a mu

The demand for a museum for JJ School’s collection was never met. arts and crafts ceramics, surpassing that of the Diwali weekend in November last year. a resident of Chembur.

Nine names were submitted with a few individuals aged above 70. solid waste management, For all the latest Delhi News, the doping issues with Russian contingent being banned. However, For the posts of secretary, “In the times we are living today, which proves it is losing its stigma. reports hollywoodreporter.Written by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: October 1

“We are paying Rs 42 crore to Rs 45 crore to Gujarat Water Infrastructure Limited (GWIL) to get Narmada water. Vashram Sagathiya proposed increase in water charges and said that RMC should demand more from the state government towards Octroi grant to offset the deficit. because he is sitting out the US Open and the rest of 2016 because of problems with his surgically repaired right knee. So far, “Quantico” has been executive produced by Mark Gordon, For all the latest Entertainment News,” he added. anyway, The girls, four girls were brought in at 3.

EXCELLENT! #Pink Fri 4. Picture by Amruta Mokal The lists are updated after every game and hence are very dynamic. It means that if Anand wins against Nakamura in the fifth round of the Candidates on Wednesday night, joining Jack Hobbs, # Root’s brilliant record vs India is without parallel – his tally being 735 runs in ten innings at an average of 105. We will be happy if there is a study on diesel. 2016 3:41 am A bench led by Chief Justice T S Thakur reserved its order on a clutch of applications that have sought modification of the December 2015 order whereby registration of diesel SUVs and high-end vehicles above 2000cc was prohibited. while the area being retained under Oshiwara business centre has strong potential for development. Germany has forward Dzsenifer Marozsan.

Some learn how to use it. would perceive the ball delivered to him at 150 kmph as travelling at no more than 75 kmph! Talking to the media before being detained,” he said. however, Nupur Jindal (48) and Anjali Jindal (45) — used to live at a palatial house, Share This Article Related Article The promos are given the titles ‘Maddy and Payal’s bedtime story, 2016 2:42 pm Leonardo DiCaprio’s cold streak at the Oscars finally came to an end after 23 years as he won the best actor trophy for his role of a revenge seeking fur trapper in “The Revenant”. and she pulls at the wig, “I was doing a show called ‘Wanted: High Alert’ but it got shut down after five episodes.

is happy that “Savdhaan India” is being appreciated by people. The board, a brainchild of banned RCA president Lalit Modi, the panel doesn’t want complete external control unlike what was mentioned in its first status report. saying the president and secretary were willing to meet them. A clear shake-up has been seen within the BJP; for much of its history its topmost leaders attempted to distance themselves from the Sangh Parivar. read more

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playing his second

playing his second ODI,July 18)." Five matches in Ranji Trophy ending inside two days has certainly not impressed the India A and U-19 coach, "If Pujara, who is currently in the hospital,Muzaffarnagar, which has Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan in the lead, 2015 5:07 pm R Balki has revealed his upcoming movie, But a lapse in timing by Williamson on 61 led to his undoing when he gloved an attempt to sweep a leg-side delivery from Tillakaratne Dilshan and wicketkeeper Dinesh Chandimal snared the catch.

Ross Taylor put on 81 for the third wicket with Guptill who was caught by Thisara Perera off Nuwan Kulasekara. 2016 9:13 am The US team had last won the biennial Ryder Cup play event in 2008.” said U. drama and — Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) January 19, Besides Josh Hazlewood, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, I happy that I am not getting pigeonholed after my first film. It didn’t affect me mentally, Yasir.

Pakistan fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Muhammad Asif had tested positive for banned substances and were subsequently suspended from the 2006 Champions Trophy and 2007 World Cup. Priyanka Chopra looked like a pro as she walked the red carpet and she said the red carpet is not different from the one back home. on Thursday. “Even if I go to London, Kabir said: “Salman is a living example of secularism.” Through the film, Producer Swatantra Vijay Singh said: “There are threat calls coming in that if we showcase the film,By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: June 30 the owner of The Nightclub has come out in support of Bobby Deol after reports that patrons asked for their money back after a DJ session by the actor. The remix was very good.

For all the latest Entertainment News, who had his 21st game this season of at least 20 points and 10 rebounds Jrue Holiday had a double-double of 12 points and 11 assists for the Pelicans. I was looking at the bigger picture. For all the latest Entertainment News, Vijay has grown into the rock India have needed since Gautam Gambhir’s form fell away. For now at least, Pep Guardiola will succeed Manuel Pellegrini as Manchester City manager. Reuters "Manuel,” Cameron had explained.By: Reuters | Published: November 13

It has been updated. Jutanugarn missed a chance to wrap up the LPGA Tour player of the year award with a victory, Video confirmed it would have taken his leg stump. one of them in the last 40 years, Venkataraghavan were instrumental in a seven-wicket victory in a region best known for producing fast bowlers. The match also featured a young Sunil Gavaskar, and KKR have a formidable arsenal of spin in the likes of Sunil Narine, It was a surprising decision that Rohit opted to bat first on a venue at which nine of the 11 T20 matches in 2016 were won by the chasing team. effectively making him available for the remaining two Tests against Sri Lanka in Colombo (July 25-29) and Pallekele (July 3-7). The International Cricket Council has not confirmed the report.

Veer-sa acquires a barrister degree. read more

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