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The first three quarters of Xining foreign affairs bursting

In the current streets of Xining, everywhere foreigners face has become the norm. This year, I actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, seize the national implementation of "opening to the west" strategic opportunities for development, play an important node of Xining city in the construction of Qinghai Silk Road Economic Belt and the most vibrant city, actively participate in the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" trilateral cooperation mechanism "and" BRIC countries cooperation mechanism of regional cooperation mechanisms and multilateral cooperation platform, with its own foreign affairs and the ability to gather new energy new impetus to economic and social development in Xining.

will invite domestic and foreign green contact in the period (HS) will tour 46, attended the signing, display all kinds of activities. International Forum of summer, a total of 9 countries, 13 city, 103 foreign friends to Nanjing, the four official cooperation docking, marking the city road and the silk along the Xining city cooperation mechanism established. City fair will attract nearly a thousand strong concern of Chinese and foreign businessmen, including Italy, Sicily, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and other foreign businessmen to visit Xining, negotiate contract. Sri Lanka four "The Belt and Road along the country, 7 delegations, 53 businessmen, the four docking activities. Was held in Xining and along the Silk Road city of foreign exchange seminar "," Xining and South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia Investment and trade cooperation seminar ", effectively promote the economic and trade, technology and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Xining and international friendship city. Vice president of social and Cultural Cooperation Association in Sri Lanka, Amar Le · Lugumana; in an interview with reporters, said: "this is my first time to come to Xining, but I fell in love with here in Xining, a pleasant climate, hospitable people, this is a very nice city." read more

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New directions for restaurant expansion

do you know what’s brunch? What do you think of the brunch? I know some people think of first is the Sheraton, Shangri-La, Kempinski five star hotel, each from 200 to 900 yuan luxury feast.

this kind of imported food products category is very interesting. Brunch Breakfast is a brunch (breakfast) and Lunch (lunch) the words, that is from the United Kingdom, noble hunt in the morning, hearty meals for lunch near the servants of the. Another is that from the United States, nightlife is the modern city people are normal, Friday, Saturday night, people play all night, the morning of the second day can not open eyes, the first meal until almost noon to start, will gradually have brunch culture. read more

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Entrepreneurial ideas

entrepreneurship, has been a persistent topic is not old, then that is a few questions, how to start a business, what business is better?

how business? 1 for entrepreneurial projects recommended: light green hue

Main: Home Furnishing products, clothing

features: Wood paved floor to walk through the door, look up swagger in the water plant, push the door, no smiling face, no sweet greetings, a kindly face aunt for her daughter designer guarding the shop, not put things at the inner space of the aunt, said her daughter did design here at home, the feeling of unbridled life slowly. A giant cane rocking chair placed in store, stroll tired can nest in rickety. The shop is not a lot of goods, like most of the shops densely placed very spacious, even Xiantingxinbu feeling, rare, seemingly to wrote his goods are randomly placed alone, most call a person as issued by the door with a shelf made of wooden frame, placed a lot of cartoon. Naive cats, intimate lovers Giraffe, have a bunch of handmade cloth roses inserted back kettle in Nepal, very good taste. read more

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What is the key to the hot season operation

winter comes, what the catering industry ushered in its spring, of course, is a hot pot restaurant. Hot pot industry is a horse industry, a large Hot pot are the leading enterprises in the sea; leading small Hot pot is Inner Mongolia’s flag is Hot pot sipping Xiabu; little sheep; fish Hot pot leader is xinladao; however, the next I want to tell you that these brands are actually Hot pot, "insider". Inside is the Hot pot industry chiefs, and the National more than 2 thousand behind is actually a bottle of sesame. read more

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Want to open the house may wish to shop in front of the store

is now a lot of retail stores tend to avoid some of the stores, in order to reduce competitiveness. However, although there is a large supermarket 5 km death circle argument, but for small shops operators, the specific situation is not the case. The survey results show that, except for a few small shops around the supermarket there, other large supermarket surrounding, around a number of shops, the shop operators to make full use of the traffic brought from the supermarket, to explore business opportunities, and get very good returns. read more

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How to get a name

has a proper name for a hot pot restaurant, just as we have a proper name, which is a very important job. However, for the current number of investors, how to give the name of the hot pot restaurant is not easy. So, how do you get a name? Let western Europe Abu to introduce you to three methods.

according to the hot pot shop operating flavor named

Chongqing and Sichuan Hot pot in the Hot pot is famous for its spicy flavor, has a very high visibility, so if you are having a spicy taste Hot pot shop, Hot pot shop name natural and ultimately Chongqing XX or XX Hot pot spicy Hot pot, such as Sichuan, Sichuan hundred home Hot pot flavor, Hot pot Chongqing people Hot pot. read more

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Transaction is king Admin5 upgrade Discuz! X1.5 build Trading Forum

recently, the owners of the network’s Trading Forum (, referred to as A5) system successfully upgraded Discuz! X1.5 version, plans to deal with the popularity of two aspects, to create a new A5 trading forum.

figure 1

transaction is king

this month I bought a domain name with 50 thousand yuan."

buy domain name you OUT, I direct domain name, traffic, website to buy!

from the QQ group head of the dialogue can be seen, the webmaster has not only do stand XuSanDuo, they was a shrewd businessman. They are active in the domain name trading institutions, A5 platforms such as a variety of transactions. Slightly different is that the former had to carry out a simple domain name transactions, there are dozens of such institutions in the country; and A5 transaction type is more extensive, including domain names, web sites, traffic, soft…… If the domain name is like a grain and oil store, then, and A5 is like the food market. read more

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The entrepreneur’s lost girlfriend if love, how should love

text / Yang Linhua

When I write the idea for

years later, I realized, and I will start their own network for $3 billion 200 million sold to CISCO to become one of the most famous Chinese Silicon Valley Zhu Min private chat, I already described these stories after several years of foreshadowing.

day, I used to ask Zhu Min a question, do you love to see what books? He broke the results, false my occupation. "You, you always interview the so-called successful people are actually the top Chinese in Pyramid," he said: "if you really want to know what I usually love to read the book, my answer is that the booth of" Novel Monthly ". What are they talking about? A bunch of poor people dying every day wondering how to sell pirated discs, how to make a way to make money. Well, why? Because this is the life of most people, this is the real china." read more

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Lao Xie on consumer psychology soft literature


" is a soft consumer psychology literature is a new discipline Laoxie I proposed, namely commodity production, commodity production and trade prompted producers, operators and consumers in different degree, and has begun to pay attention to consumer psychology category is the following, by means of adding soft Wen promotion, achieve marketing objective.

With the gradual progress of human civilization, people’s understanding of the issues related to the category of consumer psychology gradually increased from perceptual to rational, and then expanded the logical thinking and refined a series of theoretical categories. read more

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Mobile marketing FAQ to learn from where to start

[Abstract] for the industry focus and entrepreneurial trends, if you have a problem, can the entrepreneur "question and answer" registration questions, small business and the majority of users, will be actively looking for the right answer for you. Today recommended, is about mobile marketing questions.

asked: our company’s products are good, the user feedback has been very good, but marketing has been doing bad, the market did not really open. 2014 intends to invest in marketing. Our product positioning is young people, so I think in the mobile marketing to do some try. Mobile marketing is a new thing, change fast, I need to continue to learn. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but also a lot of books, but it is very difficult for me to choose such a novice. Can you make a recommendation to save me some time read more

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Orange entertainment B round of financing over 100 million yuan to say is a media counter attack sto


recently made a special magic show, called "Princess promotion", although the name is Marysu, but including me, around a lot of partners are poisoned, when I found a lot of orange entertainment extension on the drama of reading, one by one I watched over and over, by the way fill out a questionnaire, play some mood score, imperceptibly half an hour later.

in fact, today’s content consumption, have become the user to see what the media on the production of what, from the past who who who do a big content, users may now become love who who is this idea of orange entertainment. Founder Tang Yiqing told the 36 krypton, they recently received more than 100 million yuan of B round of financing, as an attribute of the dominant media company, this financing, contrary to expectation is reasonable, but Tang Yiqing said that the value of the content is far more than that, the current round of financing is the lead investor of intime capital. The angel round of capital, A round of investment fund business partners have to vote. read more

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What to save your good webmaster


brothers, we dream of kindness, realize their ideals, to live a worthwhile point, not to face the boss all day no longer faces, it is by their own hands, to earn enough money to make their parents love have a rich life, we choose to stand long this "sacred" occupation.

the gap between the ideal and reality is beyond our expectation! Our efforts, we insist, we complain, we are the rising flow of joy, but, pay and reward is not fair to us, it is not proportional, so we have no harvest! Two years ago, is equal to the flow now the money flow and income are not equal. You can see me these two stations ( and (, due to hang up the alliance advertising disappointment, the total ad removal. We click on the GG is all super low price, single click 0.01. We do show, the first video crazy deduction, refused to pay commission, just give us a traffic anomaly is an answer. Do ya referral, saying that our registered users are not active, refused to pay. We do click on the images, Tai Chi chain crazy horse. Sell advertising, advertisement of the mom put on many days with links to show No one shows any interest in advertising, and also affect the web access speed. And we hate pop and horse. What do we do? How can be not affected by the alliance and the engine control read more

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Huang look at the electricity supplier acquisitions to three electricity supplier BAT

the Internet is always confusion, the BAT firmly occupy a field, relying on years of accumulation and industry status, play a game of capital hair get out of hand. You contend for me to catch up with the lively, but also the source of Internet impatience. The emergence of the mobile Internet giants are aware may be subverted, for the position last ditch.

The new

column, Huang first look at the electricity supplier.

recently, the capital circle, electricity supplier circle boiling again and again. A few days ago, Baidu came to the acquisition of shares or, and nearly two days is the spread of Tencent shares of the Jingdong, Ali shares 360 two blockbuster news. This paper interpret for you under the situation. read more

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Cross-border electricity supplier business for Amazon China brings two opportunities

[Abstract] Amazon is still looking at two other opportunities in China: first, the e-reader Kindle. Two is to provide distribution services to the third party.

Tencent science Ji Zhenyu July 17th Silicon Valley report

"my answer was 60 minutes ago." In response to the media about the last time you and Bezos to explore China’s business is the time of the problem, Amazon global senior vice president Diego · (Diego) (Piacentini) to answer.

China has undoubtedly become the core of the world’s first electricity supplier business core, in 2015, Amazon ushered in second years in China for the past 10 years. In the first 10 years, Amazon has missed the first chair of the electricity supplier industry in Chinese, watched the rapid rise of China local electricity supplier. read more

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