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Celebrate Bayi send warmth

81 Army Day eve, as do the problems dimension enterprises in our city of demobilized cadres to work steadily, in accordance with the requirements of the unified province Jun Zhuanban through and visit, my bureau, held a forum to the majority of demobilized cadres in enterprises to send greetingsOn the eve of

August army, for the difficulties of enterprises in the city of demobilized cadres dimensional stability, in accordance with the requirements of the unified province Jun Zhuanban through and visit, my bureau, held a forum to the majority of demobilized cadres in enterprises to send greetings. read more

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How to do underwear brand agent

is our underwear must be necessities, the huge market demand, so the underwear product is a good choice of business, but how to do the underwear brands? Good agents and manufacturers are often willing to regional cooperation in the operation of advertising, and in a timely manner to push out your own company. So as a clothing brand to join agents, how to better manage it? The following small series underwear brand agent, for example,


a brand choice should be careful

a Shaanxi agent within a year for 3 underwear brand first brand products, because the style is not suitable, Europeanization, changed in 3 months; second brand for about half a year, the price is too high, always open the market, had to give up; third brands had less than 3 month, the brand manufacturers will specialize in single processing to, no longer do domestic products, the agency also had to withdraw. A year later, a warehouse full of 3 brands of products, invested a lot of money and energy, but no profit, you said this agent read more

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Hainan two brothers to implement online fraud shop sellers fall into the trap of 8

the advent of the Internet to provide more convenience for our lives, but there are also some people use the Internet to start fraud. On December 5th news, and the "winning", "ticket refund change" fraud in different ways, Danzhou had two brothers Mouju, Zengmou to buy goods for online sellers return rebates to implement network fraud, within one month of 8 online sellers accidentally fall into the trap, the fraud of this specific details, the following Xiaobian together and look at the specific reports. read more

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How to open a successful snack food store

people is a great demand for snacks, but also to the industry is very popular, worthy entrepreneurs consider the industry, now China’s leisure snacks industry is very hot, "Ichiban shop" led by leisure food stores through more than half Chinese, in the streets almost everywhere can see it figure, has a huge market and development potential. So a casual snack shops in the market have a brilliant future. So how can we manage to be successful? How to successfully open a snack food store? read more

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Migrant workers need to solve the problem

One thing

migrant workers is very normal in the current era of national entrepreneurship has become. However, due to many restrictions, the probability of success of migrant workers is not high, at the same time, we also need to solve more problems, can guarantee the entrepreneurial success. So, migrant workers need to solve those problems?

The press conference said the deputy director of the Ministry of agriculture

rural social development center Zhan Huilong in the recently held "2016 first China migrant workers entrepreneurship innovation development forum, as of the end of 2015, the number of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship has exceeded 4 million 500 thousand, accounting for more than 2% of migrant workers, migrant workers are formed a new craze. At the same time, land use, financing difficulties, shortage of talent has become the main problems encountered in the process of migrant workers. read more

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How to choose the poor industry


can be regarded as the poor, so in terms of capital is certainly no advantage, then the selection of projects and industry, must be careful, you can’t say no money, but also to invest in gold, even the costs are not. So how should the poor entrepreneurs choose the industry?

as much money, you choose your most familiar with, you are a pig to see airplanes big profits, just want to build the aircraft, of course not, a screw aircraft, you can’t do it, do you also difficult to sell. read more

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Advertising everywhere you look more exciting

      search engine industry big cake, everyone wants to point what.

      Google because it made a home, Baidu East rise!

      portal news flow, we have been optimistic about it.

      Sina NetEase Sohu Tencent also chase chase!

      instant messaging software stickiness, Tencent development depends on it.

      the future of electronic commerce is large, Alibaba is a strong representative of it.

      online game world is very exciting, embedded advertising began. read more

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Micro-blog marketing for a new face


as a media circles a lot of people think it It is all up with. WeChat’s development momentum has a trend which cannot be halted a rising industry, and then, like a raging fire nova. People can not help but sigh: the waves beat waves, the waves die on the beach. But we always have an old saying: ginger or old spicy. In the face of such a strong momentum of WeChat, micro-blog as a more mature development of the network media has its own way to deal with. Not to mention, Sina moved to mobile client sooner or later, this one is in itself, is a turning point. In Sina launched micro-blog after the payment function, many companies see the money scene, micro-blog returned to the past that some lively, although this way with the pace of WeChat is exactly the same, but micro-blog seems to have to fight a momentum. read more

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P2P net loan company barbaric growth who too define the lack of supervision

side is the rapid expansion of the size of the market, while the gold loan, loan excellent and easy network, ha net loan platform Juankuan run away…… Since 2007, the country’s first P2P net loan company since the appearance of attention and questioning has been accompanied by the market for up to six years. "Full moon wine" done "farewell dinner" of the public lending network has become a typical representative of the P2P market barbaric growth. Participants, corporate governance chaos, dragons and fishes jumbled together for lack of regulatory rules, this emerging industry planted a time bomb. read more

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No cash flow and logistics community electricity supplier in Taiwan is how the fire up

Abstract: this wave of mobile community business boom in Taiwan, want to do is actually social heavyweights such as Facebook and Pinterest want to do: the concept of social networking providers. But there is no cash flow, there is no logistics of these social electricity supplier, where is the core competitiveness?

Following the "

Taiwan electricity market, also meet the" national seller "time" to discuss Taiwan in 2015 officially entered the era of mobile social commerce, this article analyzes the reason why there are so many "crossover operators" to join the community business market. In the end what is the status of the electricity supplier in their social ecosystem in Taiwan, the current electricity supplier market is able to accept such an amateur red network seller model? read more

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Cross border electricity supplier, a tree to complete the 400 million yuan C+ round of financing

January 9th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) the new board listed companies, cross-border electricity supplier tree today announced the completion of the C+ round of financing, the current round of major investors have Huayi road into a tree 81 million 250 thousand C+ round of investment shares is completed, the total financing of approximately 400 million yuan.


announcement shows that this round of financing by 10 institutions jointly, founder and students, CITIC Jinshi respectively to 115 million, 50 million voted Huayi, capital of 81 million 250 thousand; Sheng Shijing 60 million, star capital 30 million 8 vote, the total amount of about 400 million yuan. read more

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Regardless of the current needs of customers in the new media sales 14 acts

in addition to a small number of idealistic, no business operators do not expect a better sales staff to achieve sales revenue for the enterprise. New media operators are no exception, every day we are looking forward to the rapid development of this new field, which is an important part of the enterprise to obtain sales revenue to support the needs of enterprise development.

witnessed numerous traditional media, traditional industries turn over airborne troops, as well as the recruitment of recruits to the development process of new media company, more than 90% of them eventually become the industry martyrs". However, the success rate of the founders of these enterprises to master new media sales skills generally more than 80%! Why? read more

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Baidu MP3 illegal music website will be investigated and dealt with

in January this year following the liquidation of the network music products, the Ministry of culture on the front again below, for investigation of illegal Internet music sites and vulgar network game promotional activities. Among them, the Baidu MP3 in the top of the list of illegal Internet music sites, and Xunlei Network Technology Ltd and other companies are suspected of illegal promotion and promotion of online games.

according to the Ministry of culture responsible person, in January 7th this year, the Ministry of culture announced the first batch of 100 illegal online music products without censorship or filing requirements, each big website before February 28th to carry out self-examination, clear rectification. In mid March, the Ministry of culture decided not to complete the rectification of overdue rectification, is still providing the first batch of 100 illegal online music product service network of 54 music websites for investigation. In the recent inspection, Baidu MP3 and other parts of the site still to provide services of the illegal network music player, audition, product use or download etc.. To this end, the Ministry of culture to make arrangements again, according to the relevant provisions of the Interim Provisions of the Internet culture management requirements, Baidu MP3 and other 14 suspected illegal online music website to be investigated. read more

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The cable network ten Google search cheats

the following articles for the translation of the cable network ( to provide translation.

perhaps you already know the specified website search skills, such as " Gmail" (without the quotes search content, the same below) is in the Fried Eggs search content about Gmail; but Google always strong enough we can hardly imagine, following these tips you probably never heard of:

10, get the current time of any place


had my computer time allowed, often to global forum back to a paste, and then set according to time replies. In fact, do not have so much trouble, as long as you use the "what time is" with the city search on the line. For example, I search Shenzhen now, what time it Shenzhen, the tips are: read more

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