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Zhejiang Jinhua village cattle cattle road out of a business

Now there are a lot of

around the college-graduate village official, at the same time these people have abundant knowledge and cultural level will often bring a lot of new development in the vast rural areas, especially in rural areas will help promote entrepreneurial activities.

has been from Sunday to Tuesday, Wuyi County, Jinhu Silver Lake Park side, held several days of bullfighting competition is the mastermind of Xu Hua.

"when the village is going to be a good village, what is the best? The first is to lead the villagers to get rich." The interview began, the Wuyi county Wang Zhai Zhen college-graduate village official Xu Hua to "excellent village" under a definition. read more

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Do you know how to do this

fast food to eat fast and convenient, well received by the majority of consumers, fast food, but want to eat a good business, the operation is not so easy to do a good thing. How to open a fast food restaurant is a matter worthy of in-depth study of the majority of food and beverage, here is a brief introduction to you how to open a fast food restaurant.

how to open a fast food restaurant first step: the choice of fast food variety

variety selection is an important part of fast food restaurants, which determines the success or failure of the fast food restaurants. Suitable varieties of Chinese fast food business can be divided into three categories: the first category is the meals. Such as rice, rice, rice, rice and other risk; second is the noodles. Such as soup noodles, including noodles, beef noodles, Fried Eggs Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables and noodle broth is similar to powder, Guilin, Yunnan Rice noodles rice vermicelli; third point type. Such as steamed buns, pancakes, Steamed Jiaozi Steamed Pork Dumplings, etc.. These are convenient and fast food, such as food, noodles or Rice noodles, the customer into the future can be quickly produced, and the noodles can be produced in batches well in advance, a customer to immediately on the table. This means that customers can quickly eat without waiting, but also improve the utilization of fast-food restaurants dining table, the objective to increase the restaurant’s turnover. read more

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Sina Tencent and other 50 portals with 6 kinds of domain name slaughter

"so many concubine Jiangshan, countless heroes jingzheyao." Whether it is a Chinese first in the United States listed Internet companies name, or menacing Yahoo China, how many have the infinite beauty of the portal site, now or decline, or defeat. Now, in the portal this piece of an exquisite scenery Jiangshan, in addition to Sina, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase four kingdoms, there are a large number of portals in constantly expanding their territory. They rely on Pinyin domain name, domain name or pretext of creative, or by letter names, each to blaze a new trail. read more

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Enterprise web site promotion methods small summary

after the completion of each web site, we must conduct a good promotion, corporate Web site is not out of the Oh, and corporate sites are generally accompanied by product promotion, so the network promotion is more important. Today, we will summarize the small enterprise website promotion method.

enterprise website has some inherent characteristics: is the general page beautiful, update slowly, content is scarce. These characteristics cause the enterprise website to do SEO a little difficult. Below we enumerate the promotion methods, and examples. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast Ali network operators to build Zhejiang Bank approved Instagram suddenly

1: lesbian community leader Lala Park, the "gay economics"  

before the start, Liao Ying Zhuo worked at Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering, and the founder of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming the same day entry. Three months later, Zhang Yiming left Microsoft business, as a former colleague Liao Ying Zhuo can not help feeling: perhaps this is I and his biggest difference, Zhang Yiming early want to know what you want."

after two years, Liao Zhuo battalion left Microsoft, began looking for business opportunities, but far less than the old colleague Zhang Yiming so well. Liao Ying Zhuo did a similar picture of Instagram social software, ended in failure, Lara park is his second attempt. "Once I went to the peony garden, I saw a lot of gay men go shopping, at that time, I think the man has been so open with no taboo." After the camp to find some comrade Zhuo Liao circle of friends to chat, there is a hope that we all can find "bestie" on a mobile phone. read more

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Business platform Usermind $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing

DevOps have you heard more, BizOps seems a bit strange? In fact, with the development and operation of stresses developed in close cooperation and operation team back similar to BizOps (business) closely also stressed that the marketing, sales and service, financial and other front-end team. Today, BizOps is designed to provide a platform to support the start-up company Usermind announced the acquisition of $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing, which is the secret of the company had previously opened the first model. read more

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Baidu network alliance and Google Web promotion effect evaluation

competitive advertising is an effective means of brand promotion and sales, the promotion of the direct impact on the effectiveness of sales, in the successful operation of the enterprise plays a pivotal role. Recently, some companies generally reflect the intention of customers to reduce, an important reason is that the effect of network promotion is not good. Baidu and Google have launched a new advertising auction similar web promotion form, whether the two search engine giant can bring us much promotion effect or that can bring much profit? read more

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Adsense network broadcast Lenovo to lay off 3200 people Ali almost fell off a Suning almost two days

1 look at the page about 20 years ago, you will understand the speed of the development of the Internet  

20 years ago, active on the Internet users about 10 million of these people to the Internet may have paid a very high cost, but enjoy the service is very general, because 20 years ago those website is really too simple.

in order to give you an intuitive feel the Internet just started the website look, I put some technology companies, government agencies and media companies 20 years ago and website screenshot screenshot of the website now spliced together. Then we will feel what is called simple. read more

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Network Pushing Hands Xin Xin talk about the growth of new network push hand

how to grow into a qualified Internet marketer, is a topic of concern to all employees Internet marketer! Internet marketer couple recently more and more with me, to consult me about becoming a Internet marketer, who need basic knowledge and do some basic work in this study, I understand, I will the experience to share with you! I hope everyone can help. Personal views, I hope more master together to discuss.

offers the following suggestions for reference, I hope to help you.

first, learn a variety of ways and means of network marketing read more

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What should we do after SEO

remember a friend described SEO to SEM and the marketing department, the enterprise brand is the advanced process of SEO, but how to do that very vague, now day edge put the advanced process through the understanding and practice of their own to elaborate.

According to the method of "green

website optimization of three stage", about two and a half months, the company project site keywords are most channels to get good rankings (because customers are more than 80% sources from Baidu, so this ranking is mainly aimed at Baidu), of which 16 backbone channel page (each channel page keywords 3) higher than the 27 words in the search engine ranking of the top five, 21 of the top three, 9 ranked first. When the project to optimize the effectiveness of a certain effect, the site of a natural flow up, but it can be said that the SEO work is done? No, the answer is obvious, the search engine has been updated to continue to maintain the stability of the main web site keywords ranking, we must do a good job in third phase optimization, solid. read more

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Chuan Betta completed 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing led investment Tencent

August 15th news, news sources claimed that today, the domestic broadcast platform Betta TV has completed 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing, capital, Tencent led by phoenix. These insiders confirmed the authenticity of the message, and said that there will be a confirmation message released today.

March 15th, Betta TV announced the completion of a new round of $100 million (about 670 million yuan) financing, the Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led, Sequoia Capital of additional investment, with investment included Nanshan capital. At that time, Chen Shaojie said: "in this round of financing will be completed, Betta TV and Tencent in resources and copyright cooperation." read more

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The acquisition of talent is not the best choice for start-up companies

some time ago Silicon Valley whipped up a whirlwind of talent acquisition Facebook, Google, Zynga, network like hunger and thirst to talents, talents are usually acquired by the number of their pricing, the purpose of the acquisition is generally in order to obtain the excellent engineer and founder, rather than the product itself, entrepreneurial companies, acquired by big companies is good or bad


if you do poineering company’s original intention is to do a company, the goal is to be a big company to buy, then the acquisition of course is a good thing. read more

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