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You delete the protection fee Baidu Post Bar in network of rivers and lakes

is a network of rivers and lakes. This sentence applies to Baidu post bar is absolutely right. The old river in experienced Internet users increasingly feel the strong wind and big waves, Jianghu sinister.

is located in the end of November last year, director of the old river suddenly found behind the finger pointing, and people around the eyes seemed full of contempt. Originally, an old Jiang package kept woman rumors started spreading all the long mouth. After repeated investigation, he was surprised to find that the original rumors from the beginning of the Baidu post bar. Since then, the old river began a long road to struggle. read more

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Jingdong reduced CCTV advertising or to reduce marketing expenses

evening news May 6th, half a year ago Jingdong in the CCTV advertising tender will be on the ho throw 200 million, into the Internet industry "s". Not yet profitable from the electricity supplier liquor, financial enterprises with the tender will be grappling and, for a time the introduction of regret. Half a year later, the NetEase technology exclusively learned that the Jingdong has to give up part of the auction bid, Tsingtao Brewery took over. The low-key withdrawal standard, or to reduce marketing expenses, the preparation of IPO. read more

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The Ministry said it will launch a number of people loved green website

July 7th afternoon, said Xi Guohua, Vice Minister of industry and information technology development in the mainland in 2009 today the Internet forum, will actively create a favorable environment for the development of the Internet, focus on the introduction of a number of popular masses and green boutique business website.

Xi Guohua first pointed out that, as an important part of the information industry in recent years, the Internet industry continued to show a trend of rapid development, which manifests in the following aspects: the rapid growth of Internet users, increasingly rich Internet applications, the Internet economy continues to expand the scale, accelerate the development of mobile internet. read more

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Startups never spend money on marketing Tell some fantastic tales

is now a lot of entrepreneurs in bragging how the company should not spend a penny fortune in marketing can have effect in the. If these words are true, it proves that the product does have an unusual appeal to consumers.

if you don’t spend money to do marketing, it means that consumers need to come to their own, and they used also like to recommend relatives and friends, free for you to do publicity. Every entrepreneur on the marketing effect of this free dream.

unfortunately, if you talk for these people deeply, you will find that this is not so. When a person says that his company has never spent money on marketing, he usually wants to convey that they have never paid a fee. But this does not mean that their companies do not use the following marketing channels: read more

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Examples of the benefits of doing network marketing

with the development of the network, network marketing is a marketing method that enterprises have to do. No matter what industry, there is no network marketing can not do, there is no network marketing did not effect. No matter what to do now, to check what information, as long as it is not illegal, not conflict with the law, basically can get information from the network. Baidu, you know. This sentence makes sense.

so, in such a big market in advertising, the effect is certainly there will be a lot of benefits. Take an example of what I did. read more

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SARFT regulation OTT set-top box to cancel the TV program back to see the function

SARFT remediation OTT set-top box to cancel the TV program back to see the function

[TechWeb] July 11th news report, news publishing SARFT network management division of audio-visual programs on the front again regulation OTT set-top box, for part OTT TV broadcast control platform integration canceled television programs provide an integrated platform in direct shift and look back at the function.

it is understood that by the end of 2011, SARFT has issued "" hold Internet TV operator license management requirements "notice (called broadcasting Document No. 181), clearly defined, integrated platform on Internet TV functionality to support video on demand and information services as the main interface technology, temporarily can not open live radio and television programs type of service. read more

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Shanghai industrial and commercial intends to implement the new regulations through the regulation o

July 21st news, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry is going through a more effective way to promote online sellers to open a business license. According to the "Shanghai Youth Daily" today published a report, the newspaper quoted the legal department of Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau director Liu Jiande said, the business will be under the direct supervision network operators (Taobao, eBay, etc.) through network operators to manage each online sellers.

According to read more

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Analysis Jingdong wolf tiger Tesco mall, who in the hype

Since the

Jingdong "door" in the future, you can not avoid being used compared with tiger Tesco seems to be emerging, the masses of the end finally wins more attention, now between the two big business "contests" seems to be suspense again and again. Whether it is negative news or positive news, it seems that the two sides are holding each other in the guise of speculation. Among them, the "price war" for the most!

, however, the two sides rely on "war" to sum up the following points: read more

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Twelve orders were canceled online shopping without Jingdong bought too much

online shopping, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……

"double 12" order was cancelled due to too much


new house is being renovated Ms. Lee, choose to buy 12 in the buy". "Refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……" Ms. Lee said that he bought a new house on the Jingdong to purchase orders and payment orders, and then wait for the arrival of home appliances. More than and 10 days later, however, the order was cancelled. Cancel the order is not Ms. Lee and his family, not account stolen, but Jingdong staff. This is how the matter is the alleged violations of the Jingdong yesterday, Ms. Lee to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter call for help. read more

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