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Xining financial Clean Culture Week activities will start

the city’s financial system, the golden money guards Qin Lian Lian Cultural Week activities will be launched in September 19th in the south of the cool tiger Taiwan ruins park.

according to reports, this series of activities are divided into the launching ceremony, the ICAC lecture, discussion forum, the achievements of the exhibition 4 plates. 19 held ceremony will be held in order to reflect the "small finance, livelihood, Excel, and special literary politics" as the theme of the show, making the billboard and the scene; lecture held 20, will employ staff discipline or procuratorial organs of professional cadres and workers to finance the education department; 21 days to 23 days, will carry out the theme of the speech contest, the selection and other activities, and hold the "finance for my life, I built for the Tim glory" summed up in recognition of activities. read more

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Attention 3 15 an elderly man to be discussed by spam messages

Qinghai news network "single, aren’t you going to celebrate the" day "for customized ringing tone, I wish you a year for bell for transport……" The SMS advertising has appeared in many people’s mobile phone, also appeared in the 79 year old Mr. Han Ma single mobile phone, he saw the first feeling this message is to feel humiliated, must help him make a statement reporter.

, according to Mr. Ma said that last November he received such a message, received such a message, he has been unable to go, and in spite of old times to a telecommunications company, is located in the West Street business negotiations, customer reception staff have been talking to him, are not to give him a a clear answer. "I often get some mobile phone spam messages, some of the content is not only more absurd, usury, advertising and selling guns, revenge, debt collection, advertising, let a person see fear, I have such a young people, which can withstand these stimuli." Mr Ma said. read more

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Health care and relief programs

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, in order to improve the rural poor medical security level, effectively curb and reduce poverty caused by illness phenomenon, I formulated the "Qinghai Province health care and assistance to poverty alleviation action plan", will be in 42 poor counties (city, District, appoint 520 thousand poor people 1622), participatory poor village, the implementation of the medical security and relief of poverty alleviation action. read more

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The choice of business foot the advantage of chain operation what

now, along with the enhancement of people’s health concept, the foot has become a very popular health project, many entrepreneurs are eager to show in the industry’s foot. Then open foot store how to grasp its franchising business advantages, to create their own more wealth in this market? Let’s get together.

foot joined the chain can quickly develop, because it is better than the traditional mode of operation. Which has better foot chain brand image, with a complete, unified storefront design, uniform, unified management model to enhance the level of the foot chain stores. It includes the advantages of scale management, the advantages of commodity circulation, the advantages of professional division of labor, information superiority and so on. read more

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91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin Mobile nternet investment tends to be cautious

held in May 10th 2012, the global mobile Internet Conference, Netdragon’s 91 radio launched the "91 win matrix" developer cooperation program, started to gather small developers to enter the 91 mobile open platform, provides a new choice for small and medium-sized developers. Under the "flexible, service, sharing, win-win" principle, the 91 will be coordinated with the developers the flexibility into proportion, present in all other application channels under the fixed proportion, this is undoubtedly the most striking feature of the 91 platform, 91 move intended to foster and attract small developers, grab the platform competition the most valuable content resources. In an interview with the media, the 91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin analysis of the current situation of the mobile Internet business, and share the product concept of the 91 assistants, the following is an interview record: read more

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Wangzhuan is actually a process of cultivation

twenty-first Century, the network has created a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for us. There are several very distinct characteristics of Wangzhuan: grassroots, low threshold, entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity. This has created a large number of Internet users continue to pour into the market, everyone wants to share this cake. But don’t understand the situation before the very reckless drip this muddy water the fact that some people not only waste a lot of time and go more and feel that life is not a direction of lost confidence, some people began to doubt whether this road is impassable? Here to remind you to engage in Wangzhuan novice friends, if you now if you are still confused, for their own future, also does not have a very clear understanding and to pursue, then please put down all things, spend two days to think, what to do? I am exactly wrong where? A building is made of reinforced concrete. There is a causal relationship between things, the world does not exist a fool, just to see if you are willing to go on, would be willing to change. There is always a cause and effect. Think of all of this, and you’ll have to figure out where your life is going and where you need to improve. read more

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Three rules for personal success

      a long time ago, I was a webmaster, but now think about it, I felt that I was a lover. It is not a qualified webmaster, I often encourage myself to work hard, often think about their previous website, why not successful, why not profit!

      first, location

      my first website, just thinking about the large, do portal sites like, later found to be updated with too much information, personal power can not so much information to complete the update, and now are looking for information to the professional web sites to find love, rather than the portal! read more

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Small business website heating prices to share traffic advertising

when the electricity supplier winter "was mentioned more and more small vertical class electricity supplier selection to avoid air, explore a Baotuan heating, complementary cooperation road. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] reported after a medium-sized business advertising grappling with enthusiasm, "said electric winter" with more and more calm of the capital market to be mentioned. The small vertical class electricity supplier selection to avoid the air, explore a Baotuan heating, complementary cooperation road. The first attempt is initiated by the net net, wow, every moment, at the beginning of 100 elegant, high street network to participate in a month long joint promotional activities. read more

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New media BuzzFeed fantasy growth remember do not search to share

[review the success of]BuzzFeed, its founder, unique way of thinking and outlook on social media are inseparable, and BuzzFeed business model, may bring some enlightenment to this website douban.

Tencent science and Technology Sun reported on February 13th when you open this website, you will see what? "The most happy moments," 90 "is the" advertising ", with hair standing on end," why do cats love to be loved "Super Bowl history ten big hero"…… Sports, entertainment, technology, politics, entertainment, news type sequence is Everything is contained therein., very casual, could not find any association. read more

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win the workplace competition cash flow, open O2O mode

online education after several years of development, the market matures. Contention of a hundred schools of thought of the era of the past, now competition of business model and cash flow ability. I won the workplace CEO said in Xiaoye Qie I won the workplace per B Conference on financing, online education, the traditional cash flow and old-fashioned thinking is of no use.

cash flow is conducive to improving the quality of service agencies

Qie Xiaoye says education is often compared to health care. How many people are not important for the hospital, it is important how many people out there. A lot of people go to the hospital to turn around the door, but there is no use, the patient came to hope to cure the disease, the final decision whether the hospital can run down or depends on the number of people cured. The number of hospital cure and ultimately to get a good reputation, it is like in the education sector, only registered users is of no use, only the user real pay, and achieved good results, the company can have a good reputation accumulation." read more

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Secret Taobao village shop village is how to start

Ye Kai (finishing)

University of Science and Technology Beijing

research topics: Zhejiang Taobao Village Development Research

research team: Zheng Cao Jing Liu Shulan Su Fengtong Zhao Ruochun King Yu Rui Jiang Gao Huan Huang Zenan Cui Hongkun

in Chinese, there are nearly 800 million farmers, and they are always facing the Loess back into a short step from image. Today, a thin wire changes their lives.

Taobao village, the Internet farmers wealth myth is how the birth grow? Such wealth patterns could replicate in China’s vast rural areas? With these questions, the research team came to the famous "Taobao village in Zhejiang province". read more

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Love polymerization station owners are most concerned about the issue of summary

what is love aggregation?

love polymerization keyword: Web2.0 system + automatic aggregation of data + automatically update content + Video – Articles – Pictures – Information – Tag four modules + attentive webmaster service = love polymerization interactive system

1, love polymerization is to do dumpster


yes, of course not.

fact is that love polymerization is a new interactive community system, Web2.0 system common groups (circles), personal home page, friends, Digg type of information, Ajax, personal collections and other elements of love all owned. read more

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Tencent announced the results of WeChat public beta wide point number can be realized

Core tip: according to the Tencent

wide point WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. Compared with the mobile APP ad click rate, the number of WeChat ads Click to be much higher.

After the

twenty-first Century economic report of the Spring Festival, part of the WeChat public account operators began to make money, it seems has been regarded as people from the media praised a glimmer of hope. According to the Tencent wide point of WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. read more

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