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Small business website heating prices to share traffic advertising

when the electricity supplier winter "was mentioned more and more small vertical class electricity supplier selection to avoid air, explore a Baotuan heating, complementary cooperation road. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] reported after a medium-sized business advertising grappling with enthusiasm, "said electric winter" with more and more calm of the capital market to be mentioned. The small vertical class electricity supplier selection to avoid the air, explore a Baotuan heating, complementary cooperation road. The first attempt is initiated by the net net, wow, every moment, at the beginning of 100 elegant, high street network to participate in a month long joint promotional activities. read more

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New media BuzzFeed fantasy growth remember do not search to share

[review the success of]BuzzFeed, its founder, unique way of thinking and outlook on social media are inseparable, and BuzzFeed business model, may bring some enlightenment to this website douban.

Tencent science and Technology Sun reported on February 13th when you open this website, you will see what? "The most happy moments," 90 "is the" advertising ", with hair standing on end," why do cats love to be loved "Super Bowl history ten big hero"…… Sports, entertainment, technology, politics, entertainment, news type sequence is Everything is contained therein., very casual, could not find any association. read more

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I win the workplace competition cash flow, open O2O mode

online education after several years of development, the market matures. Contention of a hundred schools of thought of the era of the past, now competition of business model and cash flow ability. I won the workplace CEO said in Xiaoye Qie I won the workplace per B Conference on financing, online education, the traditional cash flow and old-fashioned thinking is of no use.

cash flow is conducive to improving the quality of service agencies

Qie Xiaoye says education is often compared to health care. How many people are not important for the hospital, it is important how many people out there. A lot of people go to the hospital to turn around the door, but there is no use, the patient came to hope to cure the disease, the final decision whether the hospital can run down or depends on the number of people cured. The number of hospital cure and ultimately to get a good reputation, it is like in the education sector, only registered users is of no use, only the user real pay, and achieved good results, the company can have a good reputation accumulation." read more

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Secret Taobao village shop village is how to start

Ye Kai (finishing)

University of Science and Technology Beijing

research topics: Zhejiang Taobao Village Development Research

research team: Zheng Cao Jing Liu Shulan Su Fengtong Zhao Ruochun King Yu Rui Jiang Gao Huan Huang Zenan Cui Hongkun

in Chinese, there are nearly 800 million farmers, and they are always facing the Loess back into a short step from image. Today, a thin wire changes their lives.

Taobao village, the Internet farmers wealth myth is how the birth grow? Such wealth patterns could replicate in China’s vast rural areas? With these questions, the research team came to the famous "Taobao village in Zhejiang province". read more

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Love polymerization station owners are most concerned about the issue of summary

what is love aggregation?

love polymerization keyword: Web2.0 system + automatic aggregation of data + automatically update content + Video – Articles – Pictures – Information – Tag four modules + attentive webmaster service = love polymerization interactive system

1, love polymerization is to do dumpster


yes, of course not.

fact is that love polymerization is a new interactive community system, Web2.0 system common groups (circles), personal home page, friends, Digg type of information, Ajax, personal collections and other elements of love all owned. read more

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Tencent announced the results of WeChat public beta wide point number can be realized

Core tip: according to the Tencent

wide point WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. Compared with the mobile APP ad click rate, the number of WeChat ads Click to be much higher.

After the

twenty-first Century economic report of the Spring Festival, part of the WeChat public account operators began to make money, it seems has been regarded as people from the media praised a glimmer of hope. According to the Tencent wide point of WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. read more

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How to increase content exposure in QQ space

to do this from the media, we need is that we have a large exposure content, the ultimate result is to be able to get more new fans through our content. Each platform has its own play, so we do one thing when it is necessary to find more in this area to promote the channel, so that we can go more long-term longer.

personally, may I contact platform more, our micro-blog WeChat and QQ these are related to the space, so that for each channel has what method is not in-depth understanding, so just know a small part. For the QQ space, we have accumulated after a long summary and found that we can upload the empty album method can help us expand the exposure rate. read more

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Internet plus a boom era which impact on traditional industries

is currently Chinese and the world has entered the era of Internet plus, in this new era under the influence of the new upsurge which impact on our traditional enterprises? 2015 Internet industry’s most innovative company, specializing in network duct enterprise website hosting service industry, traditional enterprises will help you analyze what impact


"Internet plus" is the 2 innovation of Internet development under the new form, new formats, the Internet is the evolution of knowledge innovation driven society 2. The Internet is the retail, finance, education, health care, automotive, agriculture, chemical industry, environmental protection, energy and other industries have a profound impact on the upgrading of traditional industries will play an important role. read more

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China LED lighting network operation plan

The success or failure of

website depends on the planning and operation of the website. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid many problems in the construction of the site, so that the site can be carried out smoothly. Site planning refers to the construction site of the market before the analysis, determine the purpose and function of the website, and according to the need of construction site design, promotion and maintenance to make reasonable planning, make the site quickly improve site traffic, establish the brand image. Web site planning for the construction and operation of the site to play the role of planning and guidance on the site’s content and maintenance play a role in positioning. read more

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How to do marketing through the soft web site

I contact network in 2000, has been the network as the only channel to promote their products, capital and entrepreneurship at the beginning of the lack of a great relationship, occasionally attending a show, but not what effect, then it is specialized in network marketing! These years, in the network it is tasted enough sweetness, in my place a small industry, their own websites are basically in Baidu’s home page, how to optimize the enterprise website, today is not introduced, there are a bunch of related content online. Today is to talk about how to promote their products or enterprise website. read more

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Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for venture companies

Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for startups

Tencent science and technology news on January 12th, when Apple’s fastest sale of smart watches Apple Watch in March this year, there will be a large number of wearable devices for the application of the same line. Apple has already released the relevant specifications of the Apple Watch, so the product is likely to become the next wave of valuation reached $1 billion consumer technology innovation company’s launch pad.

and many pundits predict will be Apple Watch after the listing, or even ended in failure, but also some investment institutions analyst is very optimistic about this wearable device. Investment bank Morgan Stanley analyst in November last year, investors have pointed out that they expect Apple Watch will have a good performance after the listing, the first year sales will reach 30 million. Apple Watch listed, will allow apple to increase the valuation of more than 10%, an increase of more than $50 billion market capitalization. read more

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Good website operation the best way of network marketing

has the characteristics of easy communication and Internet coverage without boundaries, so many brands choose leveraging the network, and then a network event marketing is not enough to reflect the power of network marketing and network marketing; realize the successful development, not a system of website operation plan.

network marketing should not be impetuous psychology

more and more people hope to get their huge profits from the Internet, but like other market, the Internet also has a lot of competition, and even cruel sea; and rampant network marketing tactics is some impetuous network event hype, in the simple beauty of website operation consultant Mo wild view, these are just those actions can make a brand to win the audience’s attention in a short time, but the heat loss, how many people will stay in the memory of read more

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Ali $56 million stake in maternal and child website Zulily into the largest shareholder

[Abstract] earlier, Ali holds less than 5% of the shares of Zulily, the investment has never been disclosed by the media. The Ali $56 million stake in Zulily, Ali has become Zulily’s largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio has exceeded 9.3%.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) May 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the recent increase in the U.S. group Alibaba investment.

documents show that this week, Ali’s investment company to spend about $56 million to buy 4 million 800 thousand shares of Zulily shares, Ali Zulily shares held by the number increased to 11 million 500 thousand shares, worth about $156 million, accounting for nearly 1/6 of the shares of Zulily. read more

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China has become the United States, the United States and the second largest online shopping destina

[Abstract] is expected in 2018, cross-border mobile shopping scale will turn three times, more than $100 billion.


Tencent with Amazon and national electricity supplier giant multinational development, cross-border online shopping is becoming more and more common, especially in many Chinese online shopping family, have launched overseas Commission, the recent favorable policies, will achieve China users directly to online shopping America Mason.

global cross-border electricity supplier, has developed to a level and status? read more

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