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Love to talk to customers how to deal with the whole

each person’s personality is different, in many ways will have different performance. Among them, the shopping market will naturally have a very big difference in performance. So, the customer into the shop without a word, how can both close to the customer, and can communicate with the customer and not to the customer pressure?

reception, do not say that

in accordance with the management of terminal stores, customers in the door, the guide should immediately receive. However, in general, the shopping guide in the reception of customers, often said, "welcome, what do you need?" "This is the * * area, I would like to ask you what to buy the price of the product?" "You have a look at our products, is now being discounted promotions"…… read more

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CPPCC National Committee members around the report on the development of

over the past few days, attended the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the three meeting, continue to discuss the government work report and plan, budget report.
in discussing the plan and budget report, the committee members thought that the plan and budget report a comprehensive summary of the completion of 2014, rich in content, informative data, results facts, the problem to find a prospective budget on 2015; and every object, clear thinking, moderate regulation powerful, highlights the distinctive reform orientation.

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The gluttonous feast sunny cultural tourism fair city

Do not know from what time, careful Xining people gradually found that: in recent years, more and more people from other provinces, foreign and overseas travel to Xining; leisure time went to the central square for a walk, here the big stage people built almost every day there are wonderful performances; local professional art troupe cordial "road legend" tour sold in other provinces…… This is the creation of cultural tourism miracle, in recent years, the municipal Party committee, the municipal government, cultural tourism, to travel in Xingwen, the concept of cultural tourism integration. read more

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Carry out the spirit of in-depth community visits to research – the city Bureau of transportation to

for the further implementation of Chuangxian office "on the cadres Service for the people to excel" four "activities of the notice" and "two letters" Qiang Wei, Secretary of the spirit, the mobilization of bureau of all Party members and cadres to further innovative ideas, change the style of work, closely linked to the grassroots, to deepen ties with the masses, cadres Service for the people to excel activities. Recently, Shi Po Street Community Bureau deputy party secretary, Secretary Xu Cunde led office, bureau of trade unions their in-depth City District warehouse gate Street offices under the jurisdiction of the community, and to carry out cadres "face to face, heart to heart" visits. read more

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East District once again raise the minimum living standards for urban and rural minimum living stand

November 19th, the reporter learned from the East District, according to the relevant policies and regulations, the eastern district once again raised the minimum living standards for urban and rural areas of the minimum living standards. Currently, all funds have been paid in place.

is reported that the lifting of the standard is the east district since 2008, tenth times the amount of urban and rural subsistence allowances. Specific criteria: minimum standards for each city on the basis of the original monthly increase of 20 yuan, and has been for temporary price subsidies minimum target subsidies (55 yuan per person per month) transferred to the minimum standard, namely city residents minimum living standards on the basis of the existing per capita increased by 75 yuan, up 313 yuan per person per month. Rural residents per capita in the original basis of the monthly increase of 15 yuan, while the temporary price subsidies for rural residents object subsidies since 2008 (30 yuan per person per month) transferred to the minimum standard, namely rural minimum living standards on the basis of the existing per capita increased by 45 yuan, up 155.4 yuan per person per month. read more

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Theme restaurants evoke memories of young people

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your dreams? Have you ever had the most memorable experience? Busy city, busy work, we often forget that once. Recall so that they find the idea of entrepreneurship – 8090 theme restaurants, so that after 80, 90 young people here to find their most innocent memories.

"although we just two in the way of the dreamer, but we believe that as long as you don’t give up, insist on your dream, success is not far away." In the face of entrepreneurship, the party Wan Wen and Zhao Xiu full of confidence. read more

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Partnership to dry cleaners to be cautious

entrepreneurship shop, a person’s money is not enough, you can get a few people well, especially in the current environment or to raise the public, which I am afraid that has become a lot of entrepreneurs ideas. However, if the partnership shop, we also need to be careful, or you might be the final and lost two. Below, let Xiaobian introduce a partner to open the dry cleaners the final failure of the case, you can give investors a reference.

partnership cleaners let me rencailiangkong. In 2006 I saw everyone has invested in the dry cleaning industry, want to open a dry cleaning shop, but then suffer from have not enough money, so I think the partnership dry cleaners. At that time, I and my best friend raised 100 thousand to open a dry cleaning shop. I thought the partnership could not only make money but also increase the friendship between us. But later, I found that I was wrong. read more

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Xiaobian teach you how to open underwear shop


underwear is one of the necessities of life, modern people when choosing underwear not only value style, but also pay attention to the quality of the fabric, so now open a lingerie shop less than ever, grasp the essential certain management skills, so as to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

1, joined the shop operation simple: "join" said a simple point is to let the layman can be familiar with specific matters through short-term education and training, from amateur to proficient, so be sure to store a simple operation. read more

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Personality can dominate the market

if the others are doing the same business, you start from another in another way, I believe that your business will be more popular, it is to highlight the personality, after this business of, believe that your business can monopolize the market!

undeniable, current consumption is constantly upgrading, never the basic demands of food and clothing, but communication changes, highlight the personality is more and more mainstream consumer demand and. And business opportunities are also attached to the provision of personality choice. read more

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Online shop need to have some professional quality

network shop now seems to have become increasingly common, at the same time, the entire network among all kinds of shops also appeared in front of people, so the network to shop the market competitiveness appeared, then, in the online shop need to pay attention to what.

1  in reality, whether you have power to the housewife figure?

General over 30 of married women, the retail industry is the main consumer purchases, their large and frequent, but this is often the problem family, if you have sent to them in daily handle, it can be said that you have half the success. read more

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Two key points for housewives to shop

in today’s society, there are many housewives have been unwilling to do only a housewife at home, there is also a growing number of housewives began to get out of entrepreneurial activity, which is a good way to shop housewife entrepreneurship.

is half the battle to seize opportunities

has been Home Furnishing industry "re decoration, light decoration". But the huge houses, people feel that the lack of a feeling of home". Do business "potential", the trend for the effective flow, multiplier. Ms Hu is precisely identified from the light decoration to heavy decoration this turn potential business opportunities. read more

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How to join the Saturday shoes

How about Saturday

shoes? In our life, has always been a very popular choice. High quality shoes to join the project choice, for entrepreneurs, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. Saturday shoes to join the project, if you are a very seductive, so hurry!

recently released Saturday, the 2016 annual results letters show that during the month of 2016 1-12, the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 484 million yuan, down 9.64% over the previous year, completed a total profit of 32 million 999 thousand and 900 yuan, down 0.67% over the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 21 million 642 thousand and 900 yuan, compared to the same period last year fell 3.96%; basic earnings per share 0.05 yuan. read more

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