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Two key points for housewives to shop

in today’s society, there are many housewives have been unwilling to do only a housewife at home, there is also a growing number of housewives began to get out of entrepreneurial activity, which is a good way to shop housewife entrepreneurship.

is half the battle to seize opportunities

has been Home Furnishing industry "re decoration, light decoration". But the huge houses, people feel that the lack of a feeling of home". Do business "potential", the trend for the effective flow, multiplier. Ms Hu is precisely identified from the light decoration to heavy decoration this turn potential business opportunities. read more

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How to join the Saturday shoes

How about Saturday

shoes? In our life, has always been a very popular choice. High quality shoes to join the project choice, for entrepreneurs, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. Saturday shoes to join the project, if you are a very seductive, so hurry!

recently released Saturday, the 2016 annual results letters show that during the month of 2016 1-12, the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 484 million yuan, down 9.64% over the previous year, completed a total profit of 32 million 999 thousand and 900 yuan, down 0.67% over the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 21 million 642 thousand and 900 yuan, compared to the same period last year fell 3.96%; basic earnings per share 0.05 yuan. read more

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China’s first domain name trading conference held in Beijing

webmaster June 5th news, 2009 Chinese first domain name trading conference held in Beijing Kerry The Heart of Pai, from across the country more than 200 domain experts and owners together to discuss trade status and development trend of Chinese.

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) network division director Qi Lin at the meeting revealed that the Chinese Internet Network Information Center will continue to vigorously promote the CN domain, in the next few years will be the mainstream of CN domain name as China application domain. General manager Sedo GMBH Zhang Qian introduced the overseas Chinese domain name transaction status and recent domain name trading best ranking, and China business statistics, Zhang Qian also revealed that China’s cn is generally underestimated the value of the domain name, domain name CN CN low trading volume, market outlook is infinite, the future direction of the domain name trading market is a market with: and the two stage of market development with more precision, the dealer market more standardized, the number of domain name transactions and transaction value has been greatly enhanced, CN domain name transactions continue to increase. read more

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E-mail marketing Raiders

7 effective contact can produce 1 sales; after the 10 purchase, the customer has recommended to you as many as 7 times

      we can often hear the foreign trade company salesman complaining so B2B platform effect is not good, or how a new inquiry online trading company to consult others such as Alibaba, such as Made-in-China platform, but we ignore this important factor the conversion rate of inquiry. The effect of a B2B platform should be evaluated from three aspects: the number of inquiries, the quality of the platform itself and the conversion rate of the order of the inquiry. Alibaba, Made-in-China these mainstream B2B platform, the most critical is the inquiry order conversion rate. read more

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Gong Haiyan lay down Brokeback self-help occupation managers successor

Gong Haiyan

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

founder Gong Haiyan’s resignation and decentralization, giving Jiayuan future another possibility. The domestic marriage website listed the first shares, ending 9 months of joint CEO transition stage, officially entered the state of professional managers in charge.

Gong Haiyan down

Monday, Jiayuan shares opened higher to go, as of the closing stock price rose 4.4%, to stand on the $5 mark. But just before the opening, Jiayuan announced that the board of directors of company founder Gong Haiyan resigned as CO CEO, as CO chairman. Another joint CEO Wu Linguang became CEO, responsible for the company’s daily operations and management. read more

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Ali against Internet fraud case Mu Yang 3 suspects were arrested

recently, Alibaba small business group launched a series of network crackdown launched a full investigation of the site crackdown against fraud gathering does not deliver goods online trading.

days ago, involving as many as 300 thousand yuan of "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company is the Alibaba closed, the 3 suspects arrested in Ningbo in Zhejiang. Currently the case is under further investigation.

at the beginning of July this year, the Alibaba received 1 complaints about the Chinese station platform sellers "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company" collection delivery complaint behavior, the transaction amounted to nearly 170 thousand yuan. read more

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Network marketing Reflections on the measurement of Internet advertising effect

network advertising increasingly strong but also for many advertising agencies, media companies, media and research institutions more and more in-depth discussion and exploration should be how to more effectively measure the network advertising effect, in order to provide advertisers with strong evidence to support the network marketing activity and increase investment.

at this stage, the general measurement standards are based on Click, supplemented by Impression, UV and other major data, the formation of CTR, Conversion and other key indicators as the basis for measuring the effectiveness of advertising. read more

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Unknown micro quotient QQ space drainage those things

QQ is not just a chat software, it is an excellent tool to make money. Some people use space to write articles into millions; we do micro business can use space to make money. Is not afraid of deep alley, as long as the space content, it can attract more people. This is a slow process, unless you write articles not just to make money. Drainage method, today to analyze it in detail.

a, the source of space traffic

number of friends, as well as the degree of activity determines the spatial flow. read more

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There is no brand talk about marketing branding from Wikipedia entry

first-class enterprises to do the brand, which has been operating consensus. But the brand weak, is a public enterprise management nightmare, in competition in the Red Sea to the meager profits difficult to continue. Baldgood pilotage business for many years also deep feelings, all throughout the market competition, after all is the brand and human resources competition. Lack of brand awareness of the enterprises in the minority, for a strong brand while in the company more. The Internet just in time to open the door through the official website, set up administrative micro-blog opening, brand promotion and other practices, a strong brand is at hand. Today, we start from a category of network marketing, analysis and discussion of the important role of marketing in brand building. read more

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Spring Festival is not as strong as a year Super Bowl

in the entertainment content brings it more marketing value, the Spring Festival, double 11 party and Wang Jianlin who need to work harder.

super bowl is one of the most stable remaining channels." United States, Advertising Age magazine reporter Steinberg said.

, whose words probably represent the majority of advertisers who are still in the super bowl, the annual championship of the National Football League (NFL), have invested heavily. The fact is that in today’s world is broken into pieces by the Internet, the brand has been difficult to find a strong channel to satisfy them. But the super bowl is one of them. read more

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Write soft Wen can let your website traffic greatly increased


success be replicated, of course?. Copy the successful case is very common and popular; success is always prepared to leave, every successful man has his forte, learning to succeed, with his experience, technology and wisdom, to reach your goal.

in other words, is the clever use of successful models, so that success continues. That how to do it, advertising, blindness of the ads to the overwhelming publicity, do not want to see all the hard. But how is the effect? Pains, not only can’t let people accept, but hate. Advertising should be creative: "walk in the way of others, let others have no way out!" promotion tips, only the first caused the attention of others, others will bring interest to perform, he is interested in everything; will further to understand and found, with doubts and curiosity to click into your site. read more

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Happy new Taobao three days Google rankings home promotion skills

Hunan satellite TV cooperation and show more Amoy more fun — Taobao has been happy on the evening of April 18th the first phase of the launch, before the media and network publicity is very hot, the word Baidu index find happy Taobao index is very high, so in early April when I want to do a test on this keyword effect a website under the SEO anchor text inside and outside chain; think immediately executed. The site has done a good job of domain names are also applied to those who have the technology is very fast. The domain name is the main record for a period of time to wait, my domain name is passed in April 14th. When the site is uploaded to the server, the next is the most important part of the website promotion. read more

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A5 financing briefing Hi, Li m ball technology learning, the world’s high-speed rail network and so

1 hi tech

investors: Chinese cultural holding group led investment, Tencent and Yuan Xun investment and investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan

football player Jihai Sun founded hi ball technology announced the completion of tens of millions of Yuan Angel + round of financing, led by the Chinese cultural holding group investment, Tencent and investment and investment. Hi ball technology said that this round of financing will be used for the development and promotion of the company’s various businesses, continue cultivating in products, resources and users. read more

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Analysis on how to improve the user experience of online shopping mall

When operating in the online shopping mall will

a lot of people into a misunderstanding, it is hard to improve their website traffic, but the main profit pattern of the flow of money is not online mall, but need to flow into purchasing power, so as to improve the online shopping mall, website traffic conversion rate is very important! And increase website traffic conversion rate is the most important core is to enhance the user experience of the website, we are going to talk about several methods to enhance the user experience read more

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