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Website promotion novice easy to make 7 Mistakes

now more and more people engaged in the Internet, because of its low threshold, we do not need to have a higher degree, do not need to have high technology. Only need to choose a project, to find a regular CMS fool type site, you can build their own website. But the only Wangzhuan is the establishment of the website, the most important should be the network marketing. Even if a site is beautiful, but if there is no user access, products and services can not be transformed, it can not be regarded as a successful e-commerce. Now I am still in the learning stage, spare time is also engaged in the work of their own network promotion, leisure time bubble forum related to the owners, but also like to answer the question of novice webmaster website promotion. Now the webmaster is blundering, hope the night out is not put into effect, hope or less labor can have a big payoff, today I smoke half an hour, finishing this article, I hope to share the 7 error prone and novice website promotion everyone. read more

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nterpretation of the .Wang domain name registration business opportunities through the domai

we usually understand simple domain name website on the Internet address of the world, only the address can be accurately access to the site, so the domain name in today’s Internet era plays an important. The special value of the. As the license plate number, a convenient to remember the domain name is the focus of the webmaster has been chasing.

and are recently, short URL search site in millions of dollars to acquire the octopus has become a hot topic that people in the mouth, and the domain name on the site one day short visits soaring staggering. read more

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Sources said the central bank stakeholders to confirm the prohibition of financial institutions to p

sources said the central bank to prohibit financial institutions to provide services for bitcoin transactions

Caixin reporter Zhang Yuzhe Wen

continuation of regulatory ideas at the end of last year to prevent the risk of bitcoin and prevent money laundering No. 289, Chinese central bank reiterated the bank and third party payment institutions shall serve bitcoin transactions, the current account in April 15th before the deadline cleared. Central bank stakeholders to the new financial reporter confirmed this policy trends. read more

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Wang Tong do you pay attention to the transformation of the network promotion


for a company to do training, when it comes to AdWords, their staff told me that they just do not do Internet advertising content, keyword search advertising.

I asked her why?

she said: the contents of the network to bring only 8 cents per click, and keyword search ads are at least a few cents per click, there are a lot of $one or two a click. So they only put content networks.
      this sounds reasonable, but not in fact. I then asked her: how many clicks can the content network bring to a sale? read more

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Reflections on the relationship between culture and marketing

is the culture decided to marketing or marketing decisions culture this is the question I have been thinking about, I can say that we are now marketing era, of course, it can be said that the Internet era, which is right. The Internet era is the era background, marketing is a form, it is not the same as the name of the starting point.

history is actually very similar, almost one hundred years ago, the United States, have experienced this time, 20s is the last century in modern American history known as the era of great prosperity, is also known as the era of marketing, in the era of U.S. President Coolidge once famously said: do not do the president advertising. That sentence has inspired a number of advertising marketing, until now many of our advertising marketing people often take this sentence to motivate themselves. read more

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College students webmaster, your SEO to which development

from the Internet grassroots webmaster conference in Shandong, re understanding of the value of SEO. In particular, after getting to know the Shandong SEO team, more clearly see SEO for a college student, the significance is not only to improve the ranking of search engines, but to make the site better Internet service.

a friend of my study in the first half of Shandong SEO team, is now ready. It looks like, through the SEO technology to optimize the enterprise has not become a problem, but also by optimizing the enterprise website to promote the sale of Tenth products. Admit, this is a trend. read more

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Website promotion seven magic weapon

home page is completed, website promotion work should begin. If not for the home page publicity, there is no one to find your home page, you have the building site for what it is? The following is a summary of my website promotion Seven Magic:

1 directly to relatives and friends recommend

this is one of the most direct, the most common means of propaganda. Home page to do, so that friends and family to share this is a natural. However, more and more friends, the number is limited, and by one by one to inform the manual is a very low efficiency means of publicity. If you want the homepage to be open to the whole society, it is necessary to use other ways to promote it. read more

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The most simple and effective 2 blog promotion methods

recently always feel his mind is disorderly, spent 2 years as a webmaster I have a lot of experience and insights to share with you, but not the slightest clue, yesterday in the SEO union group said recently that you have to do a summary, otherwise, my mind would have been chaos go on, today is Saturday rest, I spent 3 hours to write this article, we present 2 methods to summarize the most simple and effective promotion of the blog.

why write this article? The reason is as independent blog popular, more and more webmaster want to put out their own blogs, including Wu Longjie blog (pinyin cards mother Wu Longjie), almost every Bo live want to use the most convenient method to promote your own blog, how to both effort and have the effect of promoting your blog? Wu Longjie thinks the simplest method is read more

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How to improve the conversion rate of Taobao shop

shop owners in Taobao have a lot of confusion, or the store traffic is too small, or someone traffic, turnover ratio is not high, or the problem is not high profits. This section is mainly to share with you how to improve the conversion rate of Taobao shop to buy.

we look at a formula, sales = flow * purchase conversion rate.

flow ascension we will not say more, such as buying advertising ah, in the forum, Taobao recommendation and so on the way to flow.

so when we spend a lot of money and time cost, if we do not have a good flow to do a successful conversion into sales, it is too wasteful. read more

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The cornerstone of network marketing starting from the analysis of the opponent site

cloud, the enemy, know yourself. Some competition events Changsha network marketing throughout the field of network marketing, network marketing planning plays an important role, but in this one, the first element is to bear the brunt of starting the competition website analysis.

a a commonplace talk of an old scholar about network marketing SEO analysis of the competitor’s website is clear positioning and development direction of their customers. Get some information from the opponent’s website, such as SEO included, reverse links and other information. Of course, if we observe carefully enough, may wish to also refer to the user experience of the website of the competitors, this is a lot of help to improve the user experience and improve our website SEO. read more

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How can we write the high-end atmosphere on the soft Wen

lead: with the rapid development of Internet marketing, also in the rapid occupation of the consumer’s eye, that how to create high quality soft, leading brand development for high quality soft Wen planning requires a combination of user psychological preparation, according to the user’s psychology to write articles, to realize the expansion of the brand and publicity by the user psychological layout.

high-end content planning:

Planning of soft

content, first to ensure users to share content has a certain value, in accordance with the value of content to extend user demand, lead to psychological interaction with the target users, to achieve enterprise brand communication. read more

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The United States force of e-commerce 48 million holding Kuba shopping network

  Gome announced in November 22nd to invest 48 million yuan holding Kuba shopping network 80% stake in Gome vice president Mou Guixian served as chairman of kuba. The United States also revealed that it will launch its own online shopping platform early next year, the current preparatory work and system debugging and team building has been basically completed. State the name, to 2014, Gome e-commerce will reach 200-250 billion yuan scale, occupy Chinese B2C e-commerce market size 15%.

in June this year, Gome’s future plans for the next five years, e-commerce has been promoted to an important strategic height. The strategy of "holding Kuba shopping network is the first important step is the" force of electronic commerce Gome, Gome President Wang Junzhou said. read more

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Packing mother class domain name mother and child market

new father unexpected opportunity

packaged domain name Chinese mother net

almost overnight, Cao Jianjun made a surprising decision.

he spent 100 thousand yuan to buy nearly 200 domain names, these domain names and mother have a relationship. Different from the general domain buyers is that he is not looking for a domain name transfer to profit, but in the hope that the domain name can constitute barriers to help him in the maternal and child market of huge circle a site, creating a "Chinese". read more

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Wang Xing domestic buy only 10% Commission Groupon up to 50%

from the Spring Festival in 2011, only a few days time, China can not buy the site’s financing pace of the rest of the meaning. U.S. mission network CEO Wang is accepted in Huaxing Capital Conference Room Interview, this day from morning to evening, he didn’t leave here. U.S. group is conducting negotiations on the B round of financing. Rumors about Groupon to take a stake in the still confused, handle network CEO Wu Bo also said the rumor in the third round of financing will be completed in the first quarter of 2011. Another investment started late, by former Google China marketing director Song Zhongjie led the group purchase website tick group IDG partner Chang Chen said: "for years after the introduction of a tick group in the Internet sector strategic investors hot." read more

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