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We can get rid of inventory

Xin Yuanwei

Vintage that we really find a profitable and sustainable way.

vintage, literati e-commerce company CEO, under his command of all passengers in the past few years is very dangerous, after the ups and downs, which have idealistic passion, but a practical compromise.

in 2011, a loss of up to 600 million yuan every guest, was once questioned the threat will be on the verge of collapse. By the end of 2012, where the miracle of resurrection and declared: "the fourth quarter basic earnings." In addition, the old plan, "where the 2013 annual results for the full year profit growth of 50%, and." read more

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Ant gold service plans to finance $3 billion for overseas expansion

February 9th news according to foreign media news, ant payment service is early and some bank loans or bonds through negotiation, intends to raise $3 billion, this financing will be used to wear gold ant overseas market expansion.

in January 26th this year, the ant payment service for $880 million acquisition of the world’s well-known remittance services company MoneyGram (MoneyGram), ant payment service will be acquired through MoneyGram to gain a foothold in the United States, expand global remittance business. read more

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The largest European scouring transfer site defeat Europe was the Black Sea Amoy war upgrade

IT Times reporter Wang Xin

"home not on the morning of January 28th, paralyzed!", "lost in Europe" technician Mike weekdays and the same to the company, do not know to wait for his problem, not to the company website, tens of thousands of members can not log in, "see how big things!"

originally, as Europe’s largest scouring the sea transport company, defeated Europe website suffered a malicious hacker attacks, as of press time reporter, lost Europe, said the attack has not stopped. Such a massive hacker network attack for scouring the sea transport site, or the first time. read more

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360 Badilong children watch SE experience baby love

360 Badilong children watch with a SE indicating a protective film on the production, there are instructions watches, very intuitive, such as mobile phone card inserted and charging interface position is introduced; the box is half a small part of the design specification and other accessories box; the packing box is designed by the watch very much in line with the children the style of the box body, with bright yellow color, very bright and interesting.

cleverly cartoon image design in the Badilong box body, there is at the bottom of the product related information and the two-dimensional code printed on the back, "360 let each child safer" slogan, presumably 360 original design of the product itself. read more

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Institutional reform of the State Council started the Ministry of information industry was merged

11, China announced the reform and opening up in the past sixth years, the reform of the administrative system of the program for the past 30 years. Under the program, the State Council will be the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of transport, Ministry of human resources and social security, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of housing and urban rural development. After the reform, in addition to the general office of the State Council, the State Council departments set up 27. read more

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Ant gold service completed B round of financing $4 billion 500 million record

news April 26th, ant payment service announced that the company has completed the B round of financing in the day before, financing amounted to $4 billion 500 million, which is the global Internet industry so far the largest single private financing.

it is reported that this round of financing of new strategic investors including investment overseas and build trust (Construction Bank China subsidiary) respectively led investment group, a number of insurance companies, including China life, China Post Group (postal savings bank parent company), CDB and Chunhua capital, A round of strategic investors also continue to invest in. read more

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Surprise again and again to open the pig CMS WeChat event to receive push interface

long ago Xiaobian to spoilers pig CMS marketing platform in the direction of the road, more WeChat interface have been rushing to the. So today, the first to reach the hands of the user is – WeChat receive event push interface.

first popular science: what is the event to receive


in the number of users and the public interact in the process of operation, some users will make WeChat server push through the event in the form of notice to the developer in the developer center arranged at the address of the server, so that developers can access to the information. read more

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Shop selling pirated CDs were indicted Taobao jointly and severally liable

original price of 12700 yuan tutorial, Taobao only sell a few hundred dollars or even a few dollars. To this end, the development of the tutorial know money (Beijing) Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as the money company) will sell pirated discs Taobao shop owner jointly with Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd. together on the court. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the money company was informed that it won in the first instance, the two defendants were sentenced. Currently, Taobao has appeal, the second trial is expected to be held next month. read more

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From the recent hostage on pondering domain name

      wanted to "from on the title, but also fear with guns too, from the ICANN domain was hijacked rumors started I wanted to write about the domain name of the article, telling everyone pay attention to the security domain problems; then was transferred to write transfer, what desire is more intense, and then to, then, feel the light to tell you how to write protection of domain name seems to have been enough, in some media circles, personal websites, blogs and even more influential station (this kind of website collectively, not refers specifically to a particular website), forums, much more or less so a bit not harmonious taste, everyone seems to find some weakness of registration services, the urge to hold a pen, just too lazy, not written. And then this to, that means harmony is more obvious, the feeling is not so simple a weakness. read more

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Pat shoes nets enterprise network marketing positioning is the key

more and more small and medium enterprises have tasted the significant return brought by network marketing. According to iResearch research data show that Chinese search engine companies continue to grow and use search engine technology as a way to promote enterprises from 2001 to 2003 only 7 enterprises, the number of enterprises has reached 26. Small and medium-sized enterprises have a high degree of trust in the network marketing and get a significant return. 67% of small business owners believe that their web site has a direct impact on the sales or offline sales significantly. 94% of small and medium enterprises access to the Internet, 70% of small business owners believe that network marketing is very important or important to promote their business. read more

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The electricity supplier taxed wolf Taobao independent coping or heating

the electricity supplier taxation at all, even to move from March Suning to Zhang Jindong, but now more than two months, China’s tax department, finance department, the Department of Commerce have begun to develop the implementation of business tax, the year is expected to introduce, in other words, create a tax from. The proposal to the real implementation time is less than a year, this may create miracle of China’s administrative efficiency.

But no matter how to complain about

electric commercial electricity providers came so fast, the wolf has become an indisputable fact, it triggered a new round of electricity providers and the emergence of new trends, is a business tax or levy VAT, become the focus of the new changes, the overall policy to the value-added tax in accordance with the China industry tax and consumption tax, many experts have suggested that VAT, that is to say from the consumer electronic business platform to buy goods will pay an additional 17% tax, so as C2C business, will suffer a serious blow. read more

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Sina micro-blog do social electricity supplier can make money

the day before yesterday in Beijing, the friend said: don’t lose Sina micro-blog, and micro-blog seems to pick up. However, the day before yesterday, Sina micro-blog and poured a pot of cold water: Sina and micro-blog began to try to do social electricity supplier!

I admit, when I knocked off the two lines is with a kind of mood, so the “and” and “pot of cold water poured down the words” such assumptions. In fact, from an ideal point of view, I have the following concerns: read more

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