Look at the domestic C2C, B2C status from Ma’s frustration

for the network and selling behavior recently for CCTV exposure, Taobao will be implicated to the responsibility. Mister Ali Ma recently publicly responded to accusations of fraud for Taobao, said Ma and his helpless, as Taobao online shopping platform, provides a platform for both parties, from the technology and capability, should not be the sole regulatory responsibility. Let me see the reality of life in the fakes from birth, although the relevant departments also again strengthen the crackdown, in fact, did not work. read more

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Surprise again and again to open the pig CMS WeChat event to receive push interface

long ago Xiaobian to spoilers pig CMS marketing platform in the direction of the road, more WeChat interface have been rushing to the. So today, the first to reach the hands of the user is – WeChat receive event push interface.

first popular science: what is the event to receive


in the number of users and the public interact in the process of operation, some users will make WeChat server push through the event in the form of notice to the developer in the developer center arranged at the address of the server, so that developers can access to the information. read more

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The effective use of skills under a military a hotly contested spot of Taobao wireless terminal


PC end of the market, has been killed in all walks of life, each category; utterly routed; have circled their users, viscous habits of their customers; in time and wealth and professional support, and small shop owners, it is a little Alexander, the wireless terminal more and more hot, the wireless terminal occupy people most of the time the debris, is undoubtedly a hot, hot and we want to quickly seize the market high, and you are not ready?


wireless terminal, more so; and PC client user browsing habits, different ways of doing business in marketing; ranging from 4-9 inch on the small screen, it is not simply the PC end of the routine moving down is good, more than just a small series of sentiment, seemingly made of waste words the wrong, do not blame. read more

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Jingdong online super meet one-stop shopping standards

May 6th, Jingdong super channel line, which is a face of money or to the user proposition. Although the line was more than a week, but for this problem, Jingdong has seen very clearly. Liu Fang, vice president and general manager of the general manager of the Department of general merchandise, said, in the past, the user may be a half a year to Jingdong, the super category on the line, I hope the user will come several times a week."

"We want users to

on-line a week to"

May 3rd, Jingdong super channel started trial operation on the first category of about 5000 species, mainly including groceries, daily chemical, leisure products, such as pure water, grain and oil, beer and other drinks, usually covered by Jingdong logistics area, users can on-line consumption. read more

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China has become the United States, the United States and the second largest online shopping destina

[Abstract] is expected in 2018, cross-border mobile shopping scale will turn three times, more than $100 billion.


Tencent with Amazon and national electricity supplier giant multinational development, cross-border online shopping is becoming more and more common, especially in many Chinese online shopping family, have launched overseas Commission, the recent favorable policies, will achieve China users directly to online shopping America Mason.

global cross-border electricity supplier, has developed to a level and status? read more

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What to save your good webmaster


brothers, we dream of kindness, realize their ideals, to live a worthwhile point, not to face the boss all day no longer faces, it is by their own hands, to earn enough money to make their parents love have a rich life, we choose to stand long this "sacred" occupation.

the gap between the ideal and reality is beyond our expectation! Our efforts, we insist, we complain, we are the rising flow of joy, but, pay and reward is not fair to us, it is not proportional, so we have no harvest! Two years ago, is equal to the flow now the money flow and income are not equal. You can see me these two stations (www.qqsucai.com.cn) and (www.motoluola.net), due to hang up the alliance advertising disappointment, the total ad removal. We click on the GG is all super low price, single click 0.01. We do show, the first video crazy deduction, refused to pay commission, just give us a traffic anomaly is an answer. Do ya referral, saying that our registered users are not active, refused to pay. We do click on the images, Tai Chi chain crazy horse. Sell advertising, advertisement of the mom put on many days with links to show No one shows any interest in advertising, and also affect the web access speed. And we hate pop and horse. What do we do? How can be not affected by the alliance and the engine control read more

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Huang look at the electricity supplier acquisitions to three electricity supplier BAT

the Internet is always confusion, the BAT firmly occupy a field, relying on years of accumulation and industry status, play a game of capital hair get out of hand. You contend for me to catch up with the lively, but also the source of Internet impatience. The emergence of the mobile Internet giants are aware may be subverted, for the position last ditch.

The new

column, Huang first look at the electricity supplier.

recently, the capital circle, electricity supplier circle boiling again and again. A few days ago, Baidu came to the acquisition of shares or dangdang.com, and nearly two days is the spread of Tencent shares of the Jingdong, Ali shares 360 two blockbuster news. This paper interpret for you under the situation. read more

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Alibaba fortune curse the latest on-line!

thank you for your support for the alliance! This month the new Alibaba to click on ads. As follows:

Alibaba (Alibaba.com) is a global enterprise (B2B) e-commerce is a well-known brand, is the world’s leading international trade area, the most active online trading market and the merchant community.

a, promotion advantage

1, Alibaba strong brand and strength advantages, reliable and stable data, long-term, stable performance.

2, advertising activities, materials can be optimized and updated according to feedback. read more

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The United States double 11 promotion strategy any other advertising offer low 11 yuan

NetEase Francisco October 28th news, Gome recently released a double 11 promotion strategy: consumers only with other businesses to offer any advertising GOME stores, Gome will be based on the advertising offer, at least drop 11 yuan to sell the goods.

said the United States, it is also for young consumers shopping habits, launched the WeChat card package coupons, 1 million yuan big run Gome taxi drops of red delivery and other measures, as long as consumers receive the United States in the WeChat platform WeChat card package, can be online, online and mobile terminal channels to use. read more

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Shop selling pirated CDs were indicted Taobao jointly and severally liable

original price of 12700 yuan tutorial, Taobao only sell a few hundred dollars or even a few dollars. To this end, the development of the tutorial know money (Beijing) Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as the money company) will sell pirated discs Taobao shop owner jointly with Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd. together on the court. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the money company was informed that it won in the first instance, the two defendants were sentenced. Currently, Taobao has appeal, the second trial is expected to be held next month. read more

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The United States force of e-commerce 48 million holding Kuba shopping network

  Gome announced in November 22nd to invest 48 million yuan holding Kuba shopping network 80% stake in Gome vice president Mou Guixian served as chairman of kuba. The United States also revealed that it will launch its own online shopping platform early next year, the current preparatory work and system debugging and team building has been basically completed. State the name, to 2014, Gome e-commerce will reach 200-250 billion yuan scale, occupy Chinese B2C e-commerce market size 15%.

in June this year, Gome’s future plans for the next five years, e-commerce has been promoted to an important strategic height. The strategy of "holding Kuba shopping network is the first important step is the" force of electronic commerce Gome, Gome President Wang Junzhou said. read more

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Analysis on how to improve the user experience of online shopping mall

When operating in the online shopping mall will

a lot of people into a misunderstanding, it is hard to improve their website traffic, but the main profit pattern of the flow of money is not online mall, but need to flow into purchasing power, so as to improve the online shopping mall, website traffic conversion rate is very important! And increase website traffic conversion rate is the most important core is to enhance the user experience of the website, we are going to talk about several methods to enhance the user experience read more

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The United States as early as October, the overall listing of Wong Kwong Yu Holdings 50.52%

the morning of July 27th, the "First Financial Daily reporters from GOME Gome conference was informed that the acquisition of the parent company to achieve the overall listing of unlisted assets, and the first to be completed in 2015 October.

Gome listed companies will affect the annual income of hundreds of billions of

July 26th, Gome announced, intends to acquire the controlling shareholder of a wholly owned subsidiary of Ewell Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Target Corp) all equity issuance, is the controlling shareholder of the listed retail network and supply chain assets of listed companies into, transaction total price of HK $11 billion 268 million. read more

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Holland of fashion electricity supplier House Einstein, to help Uncle king wear a taste

30-50 years old elite man, the cause of the golden period, I hope I still look young and energetic, but due to the usual busy work, no time and energy to go shopping. Daniel Gongnv founded the fashion ZJS electricity supplier, online and offline shopping will be convenient under the combination of professional services, the establishment of just two years, the high-end customers has reached thousands of people.

first saw Tan Meiling’s name, thought it was a Chinese sister. When she was walking leisurely, actually is a typical Holland girl like her mother in Holland too strong gene. Graduated from the prestigious Holland Polytechnic School of fashion TUD her, but it has extraordinary sense of touch and enthusiasm. read more

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Would you really play the data cube

for many businesses, the data cube function is only limited to the baby every day to watch real-time sales only, and for many other functions of the data cube has not been used, therefore, 3600 yuan a year is not worth.

In fact, there are many features of

data cube can help improve the operation ability of the store, such as the use of more is to analyze the flow structure of competitors. First, in the upper left corner to open the details of the brand, the search for the corresponding competitor’s brand name, you can see the opponent’s qualifying, conversion rate, customer price, etc.. read more

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Ali was ridiculed as selling supplies Jingdong to do industrial products

news September 13th, billion state power network that before the Jingdong enterprise purchase channel line revision page, the revision, it is reported that this is the first Jingdong hardware and electrical products integrated into two kinds of proprietary section.

billion state power network has learned, the new commodity, hardware category is placed in the home building materials section, which includes: instrumentation, locks, hardware, household appliances, electric tools, manual measurement tools, PPE, toolbox / package / car. read more

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The cross-border electricity supplier announced the completion of two hundred million yuan level abo

news June 30th, cross-border electricity supplier paramita today announced that it has completed two rounds of financing billion yuan level, the investor is a "international organization", including the recent investment in the micro shop, Vickers Capital became the capital of Singapore (Vickers venture capital), a member of the LG family founded the LB Investment four vcs.

According to

paramita introduced, app is not on the line in about a month has received two billion yuan investment grade, the difference from the main reason capital industry vigorously pursued is the product of. "At present, cross-border electronic business platform on the market basically a continuation of the traditional business operation mode, that is to solve the problem and the circulation of commodities and, paramita has a very big breakthrough in the form of products." read more

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Shop No. 1 issued a unlimited 1 shop to build 1000 line shop

unlimited Shop No. 1 (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Zhu Xudong) October 15th news, today, shop No. 1 officially released in Beijing, unlimited number 1 shop project, the purpose is to build thousands of virtual online shop No. 1 – unlimited number".

"unlimited Shop No. 1" is a kind of experience augmented reality application function, according to the "unlimited 1 shop" information, the user opens the application after positioning, application will be given near infinite Shop No. 1 "position, and guide users to. But this is not a physical store, but a virtual shop. read more

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Pocket shopping completed C round of $350 million financing will be used for micro business drainage

wave technology news October 23rd afternoon news, the domestic mobile platform "pocket shopping days ago announced the completion of the C round of financing, the total financing of $350 million, investors including H Capital, Vy Capital, DST, Tiger Fund and Tencent, the Tencent to invest $145 million, accounting for the proportion of shares amounted to 10%.

pocket shopping founder, CEO Wang Ke, said the Tencent involved in the WeChat platform micro shop business, the concept of micro shop ownership made a positive. read more

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EBay sea Amoy new channel WeChat store 3 months ago low-key into China


] in the Chinese billion state power network with more export platform role there is eBay, there are actually still have a "wiring" import business. On the one hand, eBay is still an important platform for many Chinese sea Amoy, on the other hand, eBay is still trying to enter the commodity Chinese in other ways, such as joint network serves to open flagship stores in Jingdong. Billion state power network eBay recently has also learned to cooperate with domestic service providers operating a "eBay select" WeChat store. read more

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Alipay and YAHOO in the MA in the middle of how it

through June 2009 and August 2010 two transfer, Alipay owned controlling shareholder is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alipaye-commercecorp group by the Alibaba (hereinafter referred to as Alipay, registered in the Cayman Islands), has become the Zhejiang Alibaba business Limited (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Alibaba). The total value of the two transaction price of about RMB 330 million yuan.

In May 12th 7.28% YAHOO shares fell

news, Alipay is really "stolen" Ma Yishouzhetian? YAHOO executives said they did not know, Wall Street investors angry. News spread to the country, the domestic business leaders agreed that Ma violated the spirit of contract. In discussing this issue, there are three facts that need to be identified. Alipay first transfer is the objective result of national monetary policy? Secondly, Softbank YAHOO shareholders informed? Third with 330 million Ma with a $10 billion in the Alipay direct. read more

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Jingdong third quarter net profit of $6 consecutive quarterly profit of 269 million yuan

Tencent technology news November 15th, Jingdong group (NASDAQ: JD) released 2016 fiscal year third quarter results. Non GAAP (Non-GAAP) net profit grew over 10 times, non GAAP (Non-GAAP) Jingdong store operating margin for sixth consecutive quarters of positive group, the past 12 months free cash flow hit a record high, reflecting the company’s strong momentum of development and potential.

Jingdong 2016 Q3 performance core data:

– third quarter net income of 60 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of more than Wall Street expectations of more than 38%. read more

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Small network operators 2012 is the opportunity or not

2011 came into contact with many small sellers, like little worry more, encounter all sorts of difficulties in the development of many small network operators: supply control, product design, brand marketing, traffic cost, internal management and so on, almost every difficulty can be brought down a number of small and medium business. From the entire market competition, this may be a normal reaction rate of 28, regardless of online and offline, to become bigger and stronger enterprises are always a minority. But see those who worked hard all the year round network do more and more tired, especially some of their friends, always feel not the taste. read more

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Two big Taobao shopping you encountered

not long ago, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in the first quarter of this year, the national industrial and commercial administrative organs to receive consumer complaints and reports, consulting a total of 1 million 701 thousand, an increase of 18.7%, including complaints online shopping number grew 174.4%, the fastest growth rate. How the specific circumstances of Hangzhou? The evening news reporter consulted the Hangzhou District of Yuhang city market supervisory authority (hereinafter referred to as Yuhang branch), the growth rate of online shopping complaints are also amazing, including Taobao Tmall’s complaints grew 82.9%. read more

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Where the customer reflects the promise and then deny in succession development ideas for how to

this morning newspaper, accidentally discovered in the news, the content is roughly where the customer is low-key promote platform process, in its own brand sales platform to diversify development. Like some of the Amoy brand, such as starry, seven princess, electric grid have quietly settled in the platform where the customer. To see this, I can not help but think of the end of 2012 Vintage for public commitment, that is where the customer will gradually abandon the platform, and instead invest in brand building. But now a series of practices with his original oath on the contrary, which is what kind of mystery? read more

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Don’t talk about O2O’s death list

2015, B2B popular concept, in addition to commodities, the emergence of the traditional enterprise practitioners to B2B as the starting point to the transformation of the Internet, the possibility has been in the field of electronic commerce has made achievements in O2O, B2C enterprises have also begun to explore B2B. Accordingly, billion state power network are summarized as follows:

hungry acquisition of B2B platform, there are dishes App

August 14, 2015, hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao in WeChat circle of friends to share a connection – to sell food on the fly platform". There are dishes to take the Taobao model for the seller and the buyer to provide information on the transaction, the restaurant can be selected in the vicinity of the seller on the platform, according to the next day, the shop material requirements. read more

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U.S. mission O2O dilemma to buy, reduce costs, Pong giant

text / electricity supplier new knowledge

have to say, Wang Xing’s business acumen is extremely sensitive, a series of actions this year the United States Mission: a substantial advertising, the main takeaway business, completed a new round of financing, the introduction of the former head of Baidu LBS Shen Li is in the transformation strategy, game and prepare. There is speculation that the United States mission to do so is to market, electricity supplier Jun think this topic has no meaning, for the mission of speaking, is to "get things done", the final listing is not Wang and his friends are entrepreneurial end point, if the United States listed, is hoping to get more capital support. read more

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Jingdong regret single complaint buy winter period or will continue

Jingdong one yuan travel service regret, was friends complaints

According to the London March 29th

news said, Jingdong mall launched a series of price of one yuan tourism group purchase service in March 19th, "Shaoxing cherry romantic city tour live Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel free" and "mountain magnolia flower bloom open" is one of the two. According to the survey, the group purchase activities is very hot, group purchase at the end of the time has been nearly 2000 people to buy "Sakura Shaoxing Tour", "mountain flowers" order is the number of nearly million. read more

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Taobao created a new anti Taobao union naked event marketing


crazy, many sellers crazy, but there are people in the middle secretly smiled, not to say the anti Taobao incident was a true event marketing, why say, road to listen to me slowly.

said Taobao why new regulations? Taobao out of the new regulations, raise the price of the purpose is very simple, is to abandon part of small sellers, why, because now the quality of Taobao mall more and more low, so Taobao wants to improve the quality of products and services mall. You do not see, and now the mall complaints much more than the original, so Taobao platform to change, and change the way is very simple, is to use money as a standard, with the market economy as a lever. read more

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Analysis Jingdong wolf tiger Tesco mall, who in the hype

Since the

Jingdong "door" in the future, you can not avoid being used compared with tiger Tesco seems to be emerging, the masses of the end finally wins more attention, now between the two big business "contests" seems to be suspense again and again. Whether it is negative news or positive news, it seems that the two sides are holding each other in the guise of speculation. Among them, the "price war" for the most!

, however, the two sides rely on "war" to sum up the following points: read more

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Chant, flowers and shopping products Jingdong ious staging why become a fraud

recently, the media reported Alipay "flower chanting" cash scam. Alipay users Mr. Cui gullible friend said "Alipay back to the existing welfare", the account number and password to tell friends, finally use liar in Alipay "to spend 3000 yuan in cash.". And there are a few people who have the same experience and Cui, only his side had 4 friends cheated, the total amount of 12 thousand yuan.

"flower chanting" is an online shopping service launched by Alipay ant micro loan, consumers can buy this month, next month, the loan amount from the ant micro credit comprehensive evaluation gives users of credit. On the Internet there are many similar consumer financial products, such as Tmall’s "installment purchase" and the Jingdong launched the IOUs service. read more

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Packing mother class domain name mother and child market

new father unexpected opportunity

packaged domain name Chinese mother net

almost overnight, Cao Jianjun made a surprising decision.

he spent 100 thousand yuan to buy nearly 200 domain names, these domain names and mother have a relationship. Different from the general domain buyers is that he is not looking for a domain name transfer to profit, but in the hope that the domain name can constitute barriers to help him in the maternal and child market of huge circle a site, creating a "Chinese". read more

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O2O service door massage vertical market how to make flowers

to take the Internet as the carrier, emerging consumer online and offline interaction is booming." In this year’s two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the O2O service position, so that people living in the O2O industry is very excited.

in the past one or two years, with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, O2O service has infiltrated the daily lives of people to get in by every opening, such as catering, housekeeping, O2O O2O O2O, O2O medical taxi and so on, almost all services in O2O. O2O seems to be overnight Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River. read more

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Twelve orders were canceled online shopping without Jingdong bought too much

online shopping, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……

"double 12" order was cancelled due to too much


new house is being renovated Ms. Lee, choose to buy 12 in the buy". "Refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……" Ms. Lee said that he bought a new house on the Jingdong to purchase orders and payment orders, and then wait for the arrival of home appliances. More than and 10 days later, however, the order was cancelled. Cancel the order is not Ms. Lee and his family, not account stolen, but Jingdong staff. This is how the matter is the alleged violations of the Jingdong yesterday, Ms. Lee to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter call for help. read more

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Beat shoes Network innovative business model alone industry market structure

with the development of the Internet, marketing has been closely linked with the network together. The Internet is a very high degree of transparency of the industry, so the replication of competitive strategy is relatively high. Statistics show that in 2009 China’s online shopping transactions reached 248 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of nearly 94%, showing blowout, this electronic commerce still achieve upstream. At present, the number of e-commerce sites has reached 1.56, more than 50% of enterprises set up e-commerce sites. When the products are in high degree of homogeneity, only the power of capital and ultimately affect the overall situation, not the winner is the last laugh, only one side of the block First impressions are strongest market pattern. read more

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Exposure Ali investment easy Fruit Network open logistics services Tmall supermarket

May 26th news, according to sources, Alibaba group at the end of last year on the investment of fresh electricity supplier easy fruit network, the amount of investment in the tens of millions of levels, but the specific amount and equity ratio did not disclose. Billion state power network on the matter to the fresh fruit is easy to ask, the official did not respond to temporarily.

the source believes that fresh fruit strong supply chain resources and logistics and distribution capabilities are valued by Alibaba, Alibaba is an important reason for its investment. read more

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Teach you how to identify the false credibility of Taobao sellers

in Taobao shopping, two sellers at the same price, we usually choose a high degree of credibility of the party. If it is a good reputation and high prices that are more welcome by our buyers. But how many false elements are there in credibility? We may not know. Now Taobao brush reputation greatly small team filled with "Taobao", I do not shop within a week, was more than and 10 on the Taobao brush reputation advertising, what is more, some people brush reputation told me that now no stores do not brush reputation, not the credibility of the brush shop forever don’t come. The rampant false reputation degree as can be imagined. read more

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Recommend a place to put GG advertising domain parking site

is in the domain name domain name minon unsold when one of the main sources of income. I believe a lot of rice farmers have tried a lot of domain name parking site, the domestic foreign, more than a dozen attempts to estimate.

I am also a minon, also tried to park sites at home and abroad greatly small ten, in the process of using always feel that they have the following problems:

1, parking income opaque, parking chamber volume, and some are simply serious deduction,

2, parked Baidu search is not included. Not for sale, read more

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Qualified entry of the electricity supplier must understand these (see immediately start operation)

do not speak directly to the actual operation, any novice can play, you can immediately operate.

a good product to determine all the problems

value pack

has a product, but want to sell the product at a good price, this is a big problem, so we have to pack it.

first you have to know their products, and can say a few other shops did not say the characteristics of. Then go to the icing on the cake products in the case of zero cost.

said a case: "just started doing WeChat marketing, one of my disciples to sell mobile phones, but particularly difficult to sell. He suddenly thought of a coup, WeChat spent 2000 yuan for someone to develop a mobile phone version of the APP open and the mass, and then install to his mobile phone to mobile phone, price 3 times the price, sales of 12 thousand units." read more

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Peace of mind – the cornerstone of success

recently I read a book "mentality is the cornerstone of success", this book is the idea that a good state of mind is the beginning of success, but also the cornerstone of success. Successful =80% attitude +13% skills +7% other. After reading, let me benefit a lot, this book is mainly about marketing skills and strategies, and replaced by the author wants to say that the topic is for the road network and I love the browser no weight, no flow of attitude.

I work full-time more miscellaneous, involving IT, marketing, logistics and other aspects, but I am most interested in the old bank —IT. The final since 2008 debut, IT Mopagunda has more than four years, four years in this time, feel the change of IT bound fast shocking. I called the change mainly refers to the technical side, rather than the business level, Baidu is still the boss of the Internet, followed by Teng Xun, NetEase, Sina and Sohu. From the rise of micro-blog to the present full bloom, and then to the recent anti-corruption effect of micro-blog, the future of the world is still feeling the internet. And I have a long time ago, a dream, set up a pure news category, business class website, but for various reasons, the final stranded. The author is not lazy, but there are many issues to consider, and in this respect does not have any advantage, so the second choice of technology website — rice network an entrance easier, compared with the general population. read more

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Solutions to several key problems of B2C mall

these days there are a few friends to do B2C mall to find me, together with each other to do the exchange of some of the B2C mall experience skills, here to discuss a few key issues do share.

is a first source, B2C mall source, if it is fast consumable, can sell directly to consider, after all, this type of product or service provided by the agency more. Looking for the method is basically in Taobao, and Alibaba above to find. In the search for Taobao products is generally a direct search for the product name, and then according to the price from low to high order can be found to do wholesale, as well as consignment. Alibaba is basically the same way to find, you need to pay attention to find the enterprise must be joined the integrity of the enterprise, which is very important to us, can be avoided to the greatest extent deceived. read more

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Coach net loss of luxury grafting electricity supplier looks very beautiful

luxury and e-commerce marriage never seems to have not so happy.

in mid June, there are those who broke the news revealed that the company had previously opened Coach Tmall mall flagship store operating dismal, for the first time in a month to test the water did not sell any one product.

even so, Coach International President Victor · Lewis (Victor Luis) revealed to reporters in an interview, the Coach plan will be officially launched their business in the next 1 years to 1 and a half years. read more

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SNS war triggered by a domain name

Thousand Oaks domain name kaixin.com refers to happy net

tells you that you may not know the key to success

network era, the domain name contains the first dimension, brand image, cultural concepts and other tangible and intangible value is increasingly prominent. To some extent, the domain name is good or bad about the future of the site, affecting the development of the site. We can no longer ignore the importance of domain names.

recently, the kaixin.com domain name on the Internet to be in full swing. Why is this, because the happy net hot network, focus of the eye. Because of the very influential happy net has only a kaixin001.com domain name, is not the owner of kaixin.com. This is the right to hide the happy network, a war caused by kaixin.com inevitable. read more

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Cross-border electricity supplier business for Amazon China brings two opportunities

[Abstract] Amazon is still looking at two other opportunities in China: first, the e-reader Kindle. Two is to provide distribution services to the third party.

Tencent science Ji Zhenyu July 17th Silicon Valley report

"my answer was 60 minutes ago." In response to the media about the last time you and Bezos to explore China’s business is the time of the problem, Amazon global senior vice president Diego · (Diego) (Piacentini) to answer.

China has undoubtedly become the core of the world’s first electricity supplier business core, in 2015, Amazon ushered in second years in China for the past 10 years. In the first 10 years, Amazon has missed the first chair of the electricity supplier industry in Chinese, watched the rapid rise of China local electricity supplier. read more

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From the recent hostage on pondering domain name

      wanted to "from macd.cn on the title, but also fear with guns too, from the ICANN domain was hijacked rumors started I wanted to write about the domain name of the article, telling everyone pay attention to the security domain problems; then ABCD.cn was transferred to write transfer, what desire is more intense, and then to lixiaolong.com, then piaoliu.cn, feel the light to tell you how to write protection of domain name seems to have been enough, in some media circles, personal websites, blogs and even more influential station (this kind of website collectively, not refers specifically to a particular website), forums, much more or less so a bit not harmonious taste, everyone seems to find some weakness of registration services, the urge to hold a pen, just too lazy, not written. And then this to macd.cn, that means harmony is more obvious, the feeling is not so simple a weakness. read more

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Wang Xing domestic buy only 10% Commission Groupon up to 50%

from the Spring Festival in 2011, only a few days time, China can not buy the site’s financing pace of the rest of the meaning. U.S. mission network CEO Wang is accepted in Huaxing Capital Conference Room Interview, this day from morning to evening, he didn’t leave here. U.S. group is conducting negotiations on the B round of financing. Rumors about Groupon to take a stake in the still confused, handle network CEO Wu Bo also said the rumor in the third round of financing will be completed in the first quarter of 2011. Another investment started late, by former Google China marketing director Song Zhongjie led the group purchase website tick group IDG partner Chang Chen said: "for years after the introduction of a tick group in the Internet sector strategic investors hot." read more

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Pat shoes nets enterprise network marketing positioning is the key

more and more small and medium enterprises have tasted the significant return brought by network marketing. According to iResearch research data show that Chinese search engine companies continue to grow and use search engine technology as a way to promote enterprises from 2001 to 2003 only 7 enterprises, the number of enterprises has reached 26. Small and medium-sized enterprises have a high degree of trust in the network marketing and get a significant return. 67% of small business owners believe that their web site has a direct impact on the sales or offline sales significantly. 94% of small and medium enterprises access to the Internet, 70% of small business owners believe that network marketing is very important or important to promote their business. read more

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What worries about how to find the patron orders — B2B platform to improve the exposure rate and or

for marketers, exposure and order is everything. Innumerable B2B platform now, take orders like look for a needle in the ocean, it is people bugangongwei probability. How can we improve the product exposure rate and get the effective orders through the B2B platform? Although I am in contact with the electronic commerce not too long time, but through the actual combat or to try to find out some tips, and share with you.

A. free and paid to do which


free and paid to do? Do not think that there must be an effect of payment, free no effect. There is a saying that good, interested in flowers, willow shade. My personal experience is concerned, is forced to pay, not to the end firmly without choice. read more

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Hangzhou cross-border electricity supplier launched a genuine insurance

since the beginning of the birth of the electricity supplier, whether it is a small shop or a large platform, there is a slogan necessary to hang on the tip of the mouth – 100% authentic". To the rise of cross-border electricity supplier, such as the rise of the moment, we have to say, "authentic". However, the light with the mouth to ensure genuine seems to be difficult to convince consumers, not to mention also occasionally have been blinded by the interests of the eyes of Li Gui occasionally come out to deceive consumers. read more

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Furniture electricity supplier exposure short board long delivery experience bad price is not cheap

last week, JINGWAH Home Furnishing disclosure double 11, the electricity supplier of furniture discovered high refund rate, the peak value of 187.20%, consumers and industry on the moment caused by heat. But after the refund rate is a boss, breaking out there is a furniture electricity supplier sales channels mishap – delivery period is long, the price is not cheap, experience a sense of difference…… Insiders admit that there is a short board furniture electricity supplier, but also has its unique advantages, if you need to develop, first of all need to get rid of the containment, the first step in an independent. read more

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The electricity supplier taxed wolf Taobao independent coping or heating

the electricity supplier taxation at all, even to move from March Suning to Zhang Jindong, but now more than two months, China’s tax department, finance department, the Department of Commerce have begun to develop the implementation of business tax, the year is expected to introduce, in other words, create a tax from. The proposal to the real implementation time is less than a year, this may create miracle of China’s administrative efficiency.

But no matter how to complain about

electric commercial electricity providers came so fast, the wolf has become an indisputable fact, it triggered a new round of electricity providers and the emergence of new trends, is a business tax or levy VAT, become the focus of the new changes, the overall policy to the value-added tax in accordance with the China industry tax and consumption tax, many experts have suggested that VAT, that is to say from the consumer electronic business platform to buy goods will pay an additional 17% tax, so as C2C business, will suffer a serious blow. read more

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Sina micro-blog do social electricity supplier can make money

the day before yesterday in Beijing, the friend said: don’t lose Sina micro-blog, and micro-blog seems to pick up. However, the day before yesterday, Sina micro-blog and poured a pot of cold water: Sina and micro-blog began to try to do social electricity supplier!

I admit, when I knocked off the two lines is with a kind of mood, so the “and” and “pot of cold water poured down the words” such assumptions. In fact, from an ideal point of view, I have the following concerns: read more

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