Flow realizable weapon Discuz!

advertising revenue has been an important source of revenue, many sites are relying on advertising alliance to increase revenue, which shows the importance of advertising alliance on the site and the webmaster. Although the market is now advertising alliance, variety is very rich, but the quality of the alliance website is still uneven in quality, benefit is not guaranteed. In order to let the webmaster more focus on operations, peace of mind to make money, has been committed to providing solutions for community Discuz webmaster! Also launched a closely relationship with the owners of advertising alliance, Discuz alliance, to help more Adsense! Continue to gain income, help website made substantial progress. read more

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Specifically to help people brush Baidu ranked two due to the destruction of computer information sy

sell cheat software

specifically to help people brush Baidu ranked two because of the destruction of computer information system crime was sentenced to

comic Yu Xiaoxiang

Express News (correspondent Liu Sheng Lei Hoon intern reporter Wang Yue Wang Rui) in the network era, what problems encountered in "Baidu", has become the people’s living habits, a smell of the opportunities from".

was born in 1991, Li Yang, in 2010 with a few friends set up a company specializing in sales of software, not long after, several other partners have left the company. After that, Li Yang recruited 6 salesman and 1 customer service, and hired Huang Shaowei as general manager, responsible for the management of staff. read more

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Discuz! 7 version of the release of the new version of the experience to improve

November 3rd, Discuz! 7 beta released on its official website (www.discuz.net) for webmasters and users to download experience.

as a popular webmaster friends favorite forum /BBS station, Discuz! Is not only Comsenz (Comsenz) under the banner of the core software community forum, more carrying station and love dream webmaster friends. Following Discuz! After version 6.1 released Discuz! Online community development team combines the current development trend of BBS+SNS, in order to create a Discuz! 7 become more easy to use, stable and efficient station products, product experience successively in the station discuz.org and discuz.net official forum on-line test Discuz 7 version. read more

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Taobao website search with a search engine officially opened

November 26th, Taobao disclosure, the station has been a search with a search through the search, the user with the help of the new shopping guide function, you can directly search information, forums, questions and answers and other Taobao station information. This initiative, but also the outside world is seen as Taobao is speeding up the promotion of a Amoy search signal.

Taobao website officially launched the main search guide function, through the introduction of Taobao’s independent search engine Amoy network content, provide detailed parameters, the baby for consumer forums, quizzes, information and other text information content, to help consumers make smart shopping decisions, one-stop shopping. read more

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P2P net loan company barbaric growth who too define the lack of supervision

side is the rapid expansion of the size of the market, while the gold loan, loan excellent and easy network, ha net loan platform Juankuan run away…… Since 2007, the country’s first P2P net loan company since the appearance of attention and questioning has been accompanied by the market for up to six years. "Full moon wine" done "farewell dinner" of the public lending network has become a typical representative of the P2P market barbaric growth. Participants, corporate governance chaos, dragons and fishes jumbled together for lack of regulatory rules, this emerging industry planted a time bomb. read more

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Baidu is not difficult to capture.

Baidu included speed who knows, like a snail, so want to let it included his stand that is very difficult thing, in January was not included purely normal

but Baidu does not acknowledge it, no matter how you optimize, how to increase the chain, even if you don’t go to Baidu Post Bar to dump you. Don’t love you. So please believe that the new Baidu included is a very difficult thing. read more

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URL link preview function to provide revenue

Nowsnap (www.nowsnap.com) since the free preview links launched webmaster receive support and concern, thank, also thank you for providing station network communication platform.

use the URL link preview function in the webmaster at the same time, there are many webmaster put forward very good, we will master the opinions and suggestions to the summary according to the views of all priorities, decided to use all functions in the maintenance of free at the same time, first solve the problem of increasing income for the owners. read more

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Devine by CCTV to promote 520.cn lead China diamond online shopping

recently, a high-profile Devine Jewelry Web just won the reputation of "the 2010 Best China jewelry shopping website" attack, invested nearly 10 million in the first B2C Chinese CCTV premiere enterprise advertisement: "in Devine, spend the same money, buy a larger diamond"; over the same period, Devine denounced 100 million heavily purchased www.520.cn (homonym for "I love you China?"), to replace the original www.popdiamond.com (on behalf of "let the jewelry to the public"), Devine used the most digital combination meaning into new domain most of love: Devine? 520 (I love you) with the help of CCTV economic channel brand strength and popularity. read more

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Gong Haiyan lay down Brokeback self-help occupation managers successor

Gong Haiyan

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

founder Gong Haiyan’s resignation and decentralization, giving Jiayuan future another possibility. The domestic marriage website listed the first shares, ending 9 months of joint CEO transition stage, officially entered the state of professional managers in charge.

Gong Haiyan down

Monday, Jiayuan shares opened higher to go, as of the closing stock price rose 4.4%, to stand on the $5 mark. But just before the opening, Jiayuan announced that the board of directors of company founder Gong Haiyan resigned as CO CEO, as CO chairman. Another joint CEO Wu Linguang became CEO, responsible for the company’s daily operations and management. read more

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Daily topic millet into the nternet Financial push demand treasure to create new credit mechanism

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 12th news, yesterday formally launched millet finance, and launched the first financial products, demand treasure".

According to

reports, millet need to demand treasure at the age of 18 users, through the personal identity card account and activate the current treasure, an ID corresponding to a current Alipay account, the product supports ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, China Everbright Bank, Shanghai bank, Ping An Bank debit card binding. The corresponding product is yifangda day belongs to the financial funds, money market funds, which belongs to the type of securities investment fund in lower risk. read more

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All domain name registrants must provide corporate documents this month

China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) domain name rectification work, then the new tactics, a reporter today from the largest domain registrar China civilink and several other domain name registrars that, from the beginning of January 20, 2010, the domain names can only belong to the company or enterprise name.

previously, after being criticized CCTV named, CNNIC issued a series of domain name registration information to strengthen the work of the audit announcement. From December 14, 2009, the domestic individual users are not eligible for CN domain name registration. read more

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Nora scene refused penalty notice, the ticket amount is inconclusive

[A5] before the stationmaster net news, Nora was critical for several suspected piracy will be fined 260 million yuan, but according to the Economic Observer reported, market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality in May 20th issued a "notice", but instead of the administrative penalty decision, market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality staff said Peng Conglin, 260 million the ticket has been since the establishment of market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality, on infringement of intellectual property, the largest single ticket, on the other hand, our rights through the hearing, administrative review, prosecution and a series of procedures, review of the amount of the fine, if customers find other evidence in their favor, "you can not so much punishment". read more

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Detailed CSDN 6 million user passwords leaked the temporary closure of login


technology news Beijing time on December 21st evening news, Chinese developer online community CSDN issued a statement tonight, "6 million user account password disclosure" for a public apology, admitted that part of the user account will be temporarily closed at risk, user login, and request "in April 2009 before the registration account, modify the password and immediately after September 2010 have not changed the user password.

below is the full text of the statement:

dear CSDN member: read more

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Terminal which strong 3 years to see the domestic 105 new domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) October 20th news, according to incomplete statistics, in the past three years, terminal acquisition, new domain name enabled, domain name, domain name Pinyin letters occupy the majority, including Jingdong, vip.com and VANCL, with the way tourism network and other well-known terminal.

3 years about domain name enabled

than the first Baidu Click to visit, enter 4 to 5 letters can visit the site, then the user is more likely to directly enter the domain name to visit the site. Single letter domain name, 2 letter domain name and therefore more welcomed by the terminal. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast Ali network operators to build Zhejiang Bank approved nstagram suddenly

1: lesbian community leader Lala Park, the "gay economics"  

before the start, Liao Ying Zhuo worked at Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering, and the founder of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming the same day entry. Three months later, Zhang Yiming left Microsoft business, as a former colleague Liao Ying Zhuo can not help feeling: perhaps this is I and his biggest difference, Zhang Yiming early want to know what you want."

after two years, Liao Zhuo battalion left Microsoft, began looking for business opportunities, but far less than the old colleague Zhang Yiming so well. Liao Ying Zhuo did a similar picture of Instagram social software, ended in failure, Lara park is his second attempt. "Once I went to the peony garden, I saw a lot of gay men go shopping, at that time, I think the man has been so open with no taboo." After the camp to find some comrade Zhuo Liao circle of friends to chat, there is a hope that we all can find "bestie" on a mobile phone. read more

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Should be a diligent and have the idea of webmaster

      as a website, technology upgrade a lot, but for me, feeling experience and gain the most or the site……

      recently studied several foreign CMS, found that they have one thing in common: they are not the CMS we China original acquisition function!

      this has clearly reflected the lopsided development of our Chinese website!

      I would like to ask about our webmaster, you collect the content of how many views? I think we all know that, in fact, not much. I think we can make everyone happy to collect the number of search engines on the site is included in the number of it! I said here is not included in the amount of collection, because we do not deserve to talk about quality!!! read more

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Tao Baoqing shop name sensitive words Remove agent and other words

news billion state power network on September 5th, the day before, taobao.com announced today include allowing users to confuse words not personal authentication names, including "franchise, special distribution, the total distribution, general agent, official, agent, join, authorization, direct words.

Taobao stressed: "personal certification of the shop name may not contain " distribution " this word, only through the enterprise certification and industrial and commercial shop can use bright. And the name of any store can not include official, agent, join, direct, authorization and other words." read more

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Share independent host management sour, sweet, bitter, hot win $1000 cash prizes

      the server again invaded and server security settings cumbersome……

      Web page has been tampered with, the heart of the helpless and helpless……

      we provide you with a chance to talk, let more friends to share the story of you and your server!

      in order to promote the exchange of technology independent host management, for enterprises and individuals to provide more efficient solutions, SWsoft Chinese IT media cooperation and service partners with several professional co sponsored "farewell to the era of bare metal sour, sweet, bitter, hot independent host management" essay activities, users will be able to management experience, independent host wonderful story written, share your experience in the management of the host sour, sweet, bitter, hot. read more

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Ma Huateng if 5 years ago, operators also have resistance to shut down WeChat WeChat today

5 years ago when WeChat was born,

if the impact to the operator communication,

and the introduction of policies to close it directly, kill,

there’s no WeChat today."

Ma Huateng had suggested to the leadership, if 10 years ago, the policy did not ban the business license of the Taobao store owners, there is no Alibaba now. If 5 years ago against the closure of WeChat operators, there would be no today’s WeChat market.

Tencent will be in the future of cloud services, LBS, security, big data and other infrastructure areas as vigorously. On the field of security attention, Ma Huateng also forthrightly said, it is because 5 years ago to eat a loss. (good fortune Street No. 0) read more

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Sina also rely on gathering to eat

just saw a news on Baidu news: "Wang Weiji admitted: ask the above election Miss Asia Pageant was insulting (Figure)", the link is http://s.news.sina.com.cn/c/2009-02-15/082415164735s.shtml, this article is an article reproduced chinanews.com above, I see is a simple casually collected article, do things carelessly. There is no obvious traces, continuous pictures, and I suspect the machine automatically collected, without manual review, of course, just a guess, there is no evidence. This is a screenshot: read more

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nterpretation of the .Wang domain name registration business opportunities through the 32.com domai

we usually understand simple domain name website on the Internet address of the world, only the address can be accurately access to the site, so the domain name in today’s Internet era plays an important. The special value of the. As the license plate number, a convenient to remember the domain name is the focus of the webmaster has been chasing.

and 32.com are recently, short URL search site in millions of dollars to acquire the octopus has become a hot topic that people in the mouth, and the domain name on the site one day short visits soaring staggering. read more

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nternet nformation Office Web content editor will be interviewed or illegal

Original title:

web content editor

will be interviewed or illegal

Beijing News (reporter Li Dandan) in April 28th, the state Internet Information Office issued a formal "Internet news information service regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the unit job interviews interviews ten). In the future, if the Internet news information service unit content management and network security system is not perfect, not the implementation of the nine cases, the main person in charge or editor will be interviewed. read more

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Tencent announced the results of WeChat public beta wide point number can be realized

Core tip: according to the Tencent

wide point WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. Compared with the mobile APP ad click rate, the number of WeChat ads Click to be much higher.

After the

twenty-first Century economic report of the Spring Festival, part of the WeChat public account operators began to make money, it seems has been regarded as people from the media praised a glimmer of hope. According to the Tencent wide point of WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. read more

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Sources said the central bank stakeholders to confirm the prohibition of financial institutions to p

sources said the central bank to prohibit financial institutions to provide services for bitcoin transactions

Caixin reporter Zhang Yuzhe Wen

continuation of regulatory ideas at the end of last year to prevent the risk of bitcoin and prevent money laundering No. 289, Chinese central bank reiterated the bank and third party payment institutions shall serve bitcoin transactions, the current account in April 15th before the deadline cleared. Central bank stakeholders to the new financial reporter confirmed this policy trends. read more

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Network group purchase to account to the two or three line of the city into the main battlefield


is ranked in the financing after the group purchase website announced this year will hit hundreds of millions of dollars of funds for advertising, but the successor to enter the market enthusiasm remains high, the market is expected to "group purchase website shuffle" has not appeared. Some third party statistics, only in March of this year, the new domestic buy site reached 732. News shows that the current two or three tier cities to buy market competition has been hot.

in the chaos behind the staggering, not money to gamble, but the group purchase website earnings expectations. In the words of an industry analyst, these people are also more precise than monkeys, willing to throw money, there will be a way to get back". read more

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DC Review Network 2012 global domain name registration report

China IDC Review Network 01, 2009 reported: IDC review network according to the data provided by WebHosting.info, the release of the annual report of the global domain name registration in the year 2012, the report of. According to the report, in 2012, nearly 4 million 170 thousand new global domain name registration.

(Figure 1) 2012 global domain name registration map

2012 during the year, the global distribution of domain name registration situation is stable, the total number of domain names showed an upward trend. Total to 133 million. read more

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The recruitment website by the new recruitment model beset with troubles internally and externally s

high-end positions to reduce, frequent job hopping…… This year, the state continued to slump traditional recruitment website. Even the top ranked recruitment sites, in the face of social networking sites, classified information network and the impact of the new recruitment model, such as micro job, it is very difficult.

contract employees less and less

Narrator: qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu


told reporters on the work of the operation Department qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu, she is mainly responsible for arranging the enterprise recruitment information, put them up on the internet. "Last year, business is good, all over the country in the substation, the large volume of business, often work overtime to 10 pm this year; a few services, basically do not work overtime. But in the past, some of the world’s top 500 companies to send jobs to our online, now this kind of large and medium-sized enterprises less, many small businesses have not known, the service industry, the IT industry provides more, mostly low-end positions are batch bidding." read more

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Ali against nternet fraud case Mu Yang 3 suspects were arrested

recently, Alibaba small business group launched a series of network crackdown launched a full investigation of the site crackdown against fraud gathering does not deliver goods online trading.

days ago, involving as many as 300 thousand yuan of "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company is the Alibaba closed, the 3 suspects arrested in Ningbo in Zhejiang. Currently the case is under further investigation.

at the beginning of July this year, the Alibaba received 1 complaints about the Chinese station platform sellers "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company" collection delivery complaint behavior, the transaction amounted to nearly 170 thousand yuan. read more

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Bitcoin new $900 China Qiangde bitcoin pricing

when the yuan is still struggling to win Asian identity, the Chinese people have won the pricing power in the face of another global currency. Bitcoin trading platform of "professional fire currency network" shows that in November 18th all day long 24 hours, the station bitcoin transaction number more than 100 thousand, beyond another domestic bitcoin trading site bitcoin China; at the same time a new high 1 bitcoin, bitcoin transaction price reached $more than and 800, compared with a rose about 249% months ago. read more

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You delete the protection fee Baidu Post Bar in network of rivers and lakes

is a network of rivers and lakes. This sentence applies to Baidu post bar is absolutely right. The old river in experienced Internet users increasingly feel the strong wind and big waves, Jianghu sinister.

is located in the end of November last year, director of the old river suddenly found behind the finger pointing, and people around the eyes seemed full of contempt. Originally, an old Jiang package kept woman rumors started spreading all the long mouth. After repeated investigation, he was surprised to find that the original rumors from the beginning of the Baidu post bar. Since then, the old river began a long road to struggle. read more

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Star password enterprise event officially obtained value-added telecommunications business license

e-commerce service industry is facing a cold winter, many electricity supplier companies are caught in the plight of business failures. Changes in the market environment, the adjustment of the platform as well as the improvement and changes in the industry policy, the company may return to the years of hard work.

official value-added telecommunications business license

took advantage of the December 2015 round of A million financing momentum, in June 2016 28 Sunstar password by the Sichuan Communications Authority issued the People’s Republic of China value-added telecommunications business license. read more

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What is the focus of the site rankings in 2013

website ranking of the ups and downs, deeply affect the small gold continue to churn the mind, but also Kim has been a heart disease, website optimization instability brought great psychological burden to us, really, sometimes want to really have the ability and funds to do Baidu PPC promotion you may rarely have a mind like that, would not have been tangled work, oh, of course, this is a complaint, really to it, there will be a new problem, this is called the tripod head to play, also called anything not Everything is going smoothly. mentality is very important, read more

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Network marketing Reflections on the measurement of nternet advertising effect

network advertising increasingly strong but also for many advertising agencies, media companies, media and research institutions more and more in-depth discussion and exploration should be how to more effectively measure the network advertising effect, in order to provide advertisers with strong evidence to support the network marketing activity and increase investment.

at this stage, the general measurement standards are based on Click, supplemented by Impression, UV and other major data, the formation of CTR, Conversion and other key indicators as the basis for measuring the effectiveness of advertising. read more

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To build the brand from the media influence magnetic field (three) expert fan children how to produc

With the rise of

from the media, since the media now, most will be more focused on the professional, concentrated in certain areas of the professional but also the content of originality.

and you can not become a field of opinion leaders, can not build their own magnetic field of influence, more reflected in the professional level.

we do from the media enterprises or individuals, are not the entertainment star, not the kind of natural sentiment, could not say why the afternoon what to eat it really can have a headache, tens of thousands of people forwarding comments, the vast majority of people are not cattle to the extent it. read more

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Talking about how to let Baidu know question and answer to avoid failure

today’s share for basic operations such as illegal questions in sensitive words, Baidu know account quality problems, for IP is not normal, the cache is not completely clear and other issues described here is not tired, there are many aspects of this forum to share, can look down. Mainly for the exclusion of the basic violations, the question and answer are deleted to talk about their experience.

one, by two times to reduce the risk of being deleted

two answer is the most effective in the past 14 years, and is now the most popular answer skills, he can simulate the client to operate, greatly reducing the risk of being deleted reply. But personally feel that in order to stay in the long-term operation of the keyword guide is better. Because the link to the main domain names are generally seconds to delete, can stay on the link are mostly jump type. However, the link experience is very poor, there will be few users to click on the basic. But Baidu has been updated, basically each update will remove a lot of links, even if the chance is not delete, the next is doomed. read more

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Ma Jiajia, only know the marketing business model is useless

I horse, Ma Jiajia through their own marketing hype, making her forced sex shops in the past period of time is very successful, even make a lot of Ma Jiajia eyes of Uncle level figures all admired, the marketing thinking by many enterprises certainly.

but recently her "Powerful Sex shop" or even the entire adult appeal market deserted people have to wonder: only know the marketing business model has a future?

A store in Sanlitun SOHO C

B1, a male clerk stood lonely, looking forward to customers, after a long wait, a group of young men and women laughing in the shop, took 4 photos and laughing, did not buy any product, a few hours later, there are still empty. read more

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dea do a website dedicated to the storage of SMS

yesterday went out with his girlfriend for dinner, she is the Internet, when she was finishing the mobile phone hard disk file I found she will feel more meaningful messages (most is my hair Kazakhstan: -)) were transferred to the computer and then stored in their own hard drive or SkyDrive, according to said she has is not the first to do so, she often from SkyDrive before the message out of view, aftertaste, her friends also have a lot to do so. Friends don’t you have similar experiences? Some good love messages sometimes could not delete and for mobile phone storage space, no way eventually reluctantly part to delete. read more

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Arrogance is the way, count a few mistakes WeChat marketing

from micro-blog to WeChat, marketing tools have undergone a process of change, which is not only a push to change the way, as well as our own thinking mode of operation. Compared to the traditional marketing, writing of WeChat marketing is apparently more important to establish and document the relationship, how to make a copy of a plan touched the heart of the beholder and participate in, is also a highly marketing. Of course, these are not explained how high the threshold of WeChat marketing, from the current development situation, simply think that WeChat marketing is a small number of people think that the patent is not appropriate. WeChat marketing has advantages, such as when the push service number of content can be in the secondary implantation of advertising, so the combination of their own profit, and obtain profits for WeChat advertising, marketing more private, is conducive to the product into the consumer’s heart. Anyway, WeChat marketing has become a hot spot in 2014. read more

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Wang Tong do you pay attention to the transformation of the network promotion


for a company to do training, when it comes to AdWords, their staff told me that they just do not do Internet advertising content, keyword search advertising.

I asked her why?

she said: the contents of the network to bring only 8 cents per click, and keyword search ads are at least a few cents per click, there are a lot of $one or two a click. So they only put content networks.
      this sounds reasonable, but not in fact. I then asked her: how many clicks can the content network bring to a sale? read more

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Teacher talk stationmaster talent network operation

first listen to this topic a bit like a teacher to write papers. Oh, I am a teacher, teaching computer. In 1999, I was fascinated by the computer, spent three hundred yuan to our city computer training program to learn typing, that is in the severe winter, from seven pm to learn eleven points, very cold, one month down I was the fastest typing, then go home and bought a computer with the school school typing get some money, usually also contribute to the computer class newspapers, mainly computer knowledge. read more

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Chinese name for CNNC could stop individuals cannot register CN domain ban

Chinese name as the first batch of old domain virtual hosting service providers, in addition to providing services for more customers, also hope to be able to make the responsibility for the network construction of the China. Over the years, Chinese name as Chinese Internet development witness and practitioners, also cooperate in all actions CNNIC. Because the CNNIC as the important foundation facilities Chinese builders, the information society operation and managers, to lead the development of the Internet address, Chinese industry so CNNIC a domain name extension which allows no ground for blame, domestic domain more widespread open, let the Chinese people know more about the internet. read more

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No cash flow and logistics community electricity supplier in Taiwan is how the fire up

Abstract: this wave of mobile community business boom in Taiwan, want to do is actually social heavyweights such as Facebook and Pinterest want to do: the concept of social networking providers. But there is no cash flow, there is no logistics of these social electricity supplier, where is the core competitiveness?

Following the "

Taiwan electricity market, also meet the" national seller "time" to discuss Taiwan in 2015 officially entered the era of mobile social commerce, this article analyzes the reason why there are so many "crossover operators" to join the community business market. In the end what is the status of the electricity supplier in their social ecosystem in Taiwan, the current electricity supplier market is able to accept such an amateur red network seller model? read more

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The payment itself is low profit, but at the throat of the electricity supplier

Amazon last week announced the launch of a payment service. This is called the "Login and Pay with Amazon" service, allows the company in cooperation website embedded Amazon’s own login button and payment, consumers can use the Amazon account for consumption on other sites.

this product is not new at first glance, last year when Alipay launched fast payment, entrance in various businesses money fierce push Alipay landing. But if you hang up, there is within the universe.

payment is meager profit industry, Paypal trading volume of $about 100000000000, about 0.3% of the fee, only the profit margin of 20%, it can be imagined that the domestic payment companies rely on a fee of 0.03% is not easy. But this did not stop the enthusiasm of the electricity supplier giant to pay, foreign Amazon, domestic Jingdong have joined the payment of this business. Before Alipay and Taobao, Paypal and eBay reference model, in addition to what has already happened, marriage business tycoon and payment, again what read more

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Jingdong renamed lessons worth $one hundred million

this weekend, the Internet has two major events, one is the IT summit in Shenzhen, a Jingdong renamed.

I think that the latter is more practical significance, it has a significant significance of Internet Co’s domain name strategy and the significance of guidance.

1, Jingdong should be renamed. This is a difficult decision: a strong brother in 9 years 360buy.com into jd.com, or a test of courage and determination, when you break, this point to the top.

said that this is a $one hundred million worth of lessons learned, not only the lessons learned by the Jingdong, but also a lesson for China’s internet. Jingdong and 360buy there is a huge user experience fault, a large number of Baidu transit. Liu Qiangdong also said that every year Jingdong mall needs to Baidu and other search engines to pay about 60 million yuan of traffic charges, the equivalent of Jingdong was a layer of skin". read more

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Jingdong reduced CCTV advertising or to reduce marketing expenses

evening news May 6th, half a year ago Jingdong in the CCTV advertising tender will be on the ho throw 200 million, into the Internet industry "s". Not yet profitable from the electricity supplier liquor, financial enterprises with the tender will be grappling and, for a time the introduction of regret. Half a year later, the NetEase technology exclusively learned that the Jingdong has to give up part of the auction bid, Tsingtao Brewery took over. The low-key withdrawal standard, or to reduce marketing expenses, the preparation of IPO. read more

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Jiang Yuncan Taobao is going to die in the winter of the nternet

when you see the title of this article, you can laugh, you can vomit, but can not believe, because you are a living person.

when you are a carrier, is a huge user platform, and the development of the market does not allow you to continue, what will you do?


today my topic will watch Taobao, because he’s famous? Or users? This is not. Is the policy to be introduced, the market is to change, the upcoming winter of the internet.

The fire of

e-commerce is growing more and more fierce in China, and the two years have been a strong e-commerce companies, they are engaged in a variety of products online sales business. It is not difficult to see from last year’s online sales figures by the end of December 2010, Chinese e-commerce market turnover of more than 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 15.8%, the growth rate has slowed down the online retail market transactions reached $513 billion 100 million, an increase of 97.3%, compared with nearly doubled in 2009. Such a large volume, light Taobao accounted for 1/4 of the proportion, as can be imagined it was a great number, China such a big market, how many people do not want to from here a piece of foreign capital inflows continue? China market, many small domestic companies look good online sales market big. So whether it is business or individual will want to try to get some benefits from the internet. However, what kind of birds have a big forest, in 2010 the amount of Internet service complaints rose by 68.7%, the highest increase in the number of complaints of second. Such a large increase in the amount of complaints had to attract the attention of the relevant departments. The standardization of the Internet market, the introduction of policies and regulations has been greatly lagging behind and the development of e-commerce. read more

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Network network is the same in the overseas strategic layout and Ali Wine

April 12th morning, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma 2016Vinitaly wine exhibition in Italy announced that the annual September 9th to build the Tmall global wine festival". Then the problem, Ma this section made it will have any effect on the liquor business? For this, the reporter visited the music as its ecological network network.

This strategic piece

Ali, that Chinese Wine getting heat from the market. By 2017, China’s wine market consumption capacity will reach 2 billion 827 million liters, total consumption reached RMB 93 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of up to 102.5%. Network network vision of globalization, as well as the layout of overseas strategic choice, and Ali is consistent." The general manager of network network marketing center Wang Jian said. read more

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n May, the major electricity supplier price war flagship product 3C

Tmall City air Carnival Carnival activities of the website screenshot

in the first round of this year’s suning.com open electricity supplier price war in January after nearly B2C Tmall boss shot. Yesterday, Tmall announced the electric city, invested 200 million yuan in cash to build for a few months "crazy summer season", the factory direct price based on consumer feedback posted by Tmall. Insiders said that Tmall’s move and after Suning, Gome, Dangdang’s promotional efforts will be directed at the meaning of Jingdong mall. read more

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We can get rid of inventory

Xin Yuanwei

Vintage that we really find a profitable and sustainable way.

vintage, literati e-commerce company CEO, under his command of all passengers in the past few years is very dangerous, after the ups and downs, which have idealistic passion, but a practical compromise.

in 2011, a loss of up to 600 million yuan every guest, was once questioned the threat will be on the verge of collapse. By the end of 2012, where the miracle of resurrection and declared: "the fourth quarter basic earnings." In addition, the old plan, "where the 2013 annual results for the full year profit growth of 50%, and." read more

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The entrepreneur’s lost girlfriend if love, how should love

text / Yang Linhua

When I write the idea for

years later, I realized, and I will start their own network for $3 billion 200 million sold to CISCO to become one of the most famous Chinese Silicon Valley Zhu Min private chat, I already described these stories after several years of foreshadowing.

day, I used to ask Zhu Min a question, do you love to see what books? He broke the results, false my occupation. "You, you always interview the so-called successful people are actually the top Chinese in Pyramid," he said: "if you really want to know what I usually love to read the book, my answer is that the booth of" Novel Monthly ". What are they talking about? A bunch of poor people dying every day wondering how to sell pirated discs, how to make a way to make money. Well, why? Because this is the life of most people, this is the real china." read more

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How to increase content exposure in QQ space

to do this from the media, we need is that we have a large exposure content, the ultimate result is to be able to get more new fans through our content. Each platform has its own play, so we do one thing when it is necessary to find more in this area to promote the channel, so that we can go more long-term longer.

personally, may I contact platform more, our micro-blog WeChat and QQ these are related to the space, so that for each channel has what method is not in-depth understanding, so just know a small part. For the QQ space, we have accumulated after a long summary and found that we can upload the empty album method can help us expand the exposure rate. read more

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Programmer sell fruit juice is how to retain users

since November last year, I take a subway near a small warehouse, a cart as the starting point, began selling pomegranate juice in the IT area surrounding xi’erqi. From one day to push a cart, waiting for customers, until now, the store to carry out marketing activities and even borrow light applications, WeChat and other mobile Internet means to begin the so-called O2O Road, a year’s time, as an individual start of small entrepreneurs, from the code turned to sell the pomegranate juice brother, in this process, I learned a lot. read more

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The development trend of digital marketing from the brand management department of P & G marketing d

July 1, 2014, Procter & Gamble (P& G) in Cincinnati announced that the marketing director (Marketing Director) renamed brand director (Brand Director), marketing (Marketing) also changed its name to brand management department (Brand Management). The news was a direct blow to my head: it was a landmark decision, although he was forced by the times.

news said, the new brand building will be composed of four areas of business: Brand Management (formerly: Marketing); Consumer and Knowledge Marketing; Communications; and Design. Brand director will have a broader responsibility and vision at the organizational level. This is done in order to make the brand more clearly defined in the strategic, planning, and the results of the program, by simplifying the structure of the Department, improve the efficiency of decision-making, so as to save more time for creativity and execution. " read more

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Zero on the time management of network promotion (Part one)

in fact, everything involves time management, a day’s time is very short, it is difficult to make a good grasp of better efficiency and effectiveness. There are a lot of people do promotion, today in the QQ sending two messages, tomorrow at Post Bar send a small post, acquired by a mass of software to Sina blog and leave footprints, it seems that every day busy awfully, but the effect is not very ideal.

now rely on SEO site, has been a certain degree of difficulty, we need to use more web site promotion methods. The promotion of their own site, there is a good time to plan, in order to promote the site to achieve the desired effect, and this plan is also consistent with the network growth cycle to set. We need to plan for a short period of each cycle, and this is only a process of refinement, but also a process of perfection. read more

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Unknown micro quotient QQ space drainage those things

QQ is not just a chat software, it is an excellent tool to make money. Some people use space to write articles into millions; we do micro business can use space to make money. Is not afraid of deep alley, as long as the space content, it can attract more people. This is a slow process, unless you write articles not just to make money. Drainage method, today to analyze it in detail.

a, the source of space traffic

number of friends, as well as the degree of activity determines the spatial flow. read more

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We invited Han Han endorsement of the network popularization value

on the Internet, there are 2 popular stars. One is as individual as Han Han, a group of customers. "Han Han and the mainstream of the distance to a proper extent" blog comments blossom everywhere, every guest CPS advertising is captured from the portal Sina to vertical website corner. VANCL (Eslite) how to persuade Han Han brand endorsements, VANCL invited Han Han endorsement of the network popularization value and where.

endorsement: Han Han’s bad money PK VANCL not bad money? read more

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How to do a good job in plastic hospital network marketing

hospital network marketing is to win more benefits for the hospital, this is no ground for blame, but to do this we need to do two specific aspects: 1, improve hospital network brand influence; 2, improve medical professional information related to the search engine exposure rate.

to attract patients as the center, in order to win the hospital network market as the goal, around the hospital network resources to carry out a systematic integrated network marketing project. Hospital network marketing will need advanced mode of core technology and market network optimization operation reasonable combined into one, will eventually be network market into real brand market, so as to improve hospital brand, enhance the level of hospital services, and ultimately increase the hospital profit. read more

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Micro-blog marketing gas Give up it will lose the marketing opportunity

micro-blog’s road of development in China, almost no set number, although there was a celebrity that micro-blog is a gas product, we do not deny that this is the first sentence, but it is still as a boutique and the existence of. Today, micro-blog is a large number of users scale down, the user rate is declining, and really can not be compared, the gap is large, but micro-blog is old-fashioned but not outdated. Micro-blog marketing still bujiandangnian treasures, or have too many resources, in recent years, the popularity is indeed declined, but does not affect the effectiveness of marketing micro-blog and micro-blog, and micro-blog marketing advantages is still full of glory. Do micro-blog marketing is the perfect combination of the advantages of micro-blog marketing activities of its own, seamless docking to the maximum value of micro-blog marketing, the analysis focuses on how the two will be made one. read more

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Ant gold service plans to finance $3 billion for overseas expansion

February 9th news according to foreign media news, ant payment service is early and some bank loans or bonds through negotiation, intends to raise $3 billion, this financing will be used to wear gold ant overseas market expansion.

in January 26th this year, the ant payment service for $880 million acquisition of the world’s well-known remittance services company MoneyGram (MoneyGram), ant payment service will be acquired through MoneyGram to gain a foothold in the United States, expand global remittance business. read more

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There is no brand talk about marketing branding from Wikipedia entry

first-class enterprises to do the brand, which has been operating consensus. But the brand weak, is a public enterprise management nightmare, in competition in the Red Sea to the meager profits difficult to continue. Baldgood pilotage business for many years also deep feelings, all throughout the market competition, after all is the brand and human resources competition. Lack of brand awareness of the enterprises in the minority, for a strong brand while in the company more. The Internet just in time to open the door through the official website, set up administrative micro-blog opening, brand promotion and other practices, a strong brand is at hand. Today, we start from a category of network marketing, analysis and discussion of the important role of marketing in brand building. read more

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How do startups make products from 0 to 1

venture company features: less money, people are not enough time tight. There is a significant difference between large companies and mature products.

1, lean iteration, fast delivery, rapid verification

, therefore, the first point is to fully implement an idea: waterfall flow product model no longer work, lean iteration is a better way.

lean iteration is not verbal, but throughout the entire development process, the core idea is:

key points:

1: insight into demand, the rapid completion of the demo to verify whether the demand is real read more

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The new world lost the book content entrepreneurs do not take the initiative to play the role of the

Zhang Wei, founder of

‘s new era, said in an interview with the new list that he was a particularly emotional person. But from "four hours to flee North Canton" to "when one hour drama actress" to today’s "Lost Book War", a Shuabing event marketing have proved that the manipulation of the emotion, he is a veteran.

he understood his readers to what kind of content, so whether it is a public number in the world, the new library or co branded do event marketing, he can do fast. read more

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Talk about grassroots webmaster have to learn the Forum promotion method

Forum promotion as a main way of promotion, more and more growth in the development of Internet, network forum now has a lot to learn some good beyond count, if the Forum promotion methods, are relatively favorable to their own website. So what is the forum to promote it, the forum to promote a simple point, that is, the use of the forum of the media, to publish their own information, including text, illustrations, contact information, etc.. In the end how to do a good job in the forum to promote it? read more

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nternet plus a boom era which impact on traditional industries

is currently Chinese and the world has entered the era of Internet plus, in this new era under the influence of the new upsurge which impact on our traditional enterprises? 2015 Internet industry’s most innovative company, specializing in network duct enterprise website hosting service industry, traditional enterprises will help you analyze what impact


"Internet plus" is the 2 innovation of Internet development under the new form, new formats, the Internet is the evolution of knowledge innovation driven society 2. The Internet is the retail, finance, education, health care, automotive, agriculture, chemical industry, environmental protection, energy and other industries have a profound impact on the upgrading of traditional industries will play an important role. read more

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Business platform Usermind $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing

DevOps have you heard more, BizOps seems a bit strange? In fact, with the development and operation of stresses developed in close cooperation and operation team back similar to BizOps (business) closely also stressed that the marketing, sales and service, financial and other front-end team. Today, BizOps is designed to provide a platform to support the start-up company Usermind announced the acquisition of $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing, which is the secret of the company had previously opened the first model. read more

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Mango TV announced the completion of nearly 1 billion 500 million B round of financing

sina science and technology news June 23rd news, mango TV recently completed B round of financing, raising funds of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan, after the market valuation of the investment has been as high as $13 billion 500 million. June 2015 after the completion of the A round of financing platform investment valuation reached 7 billion yuan, after a lapse of one year, mango TV valuation nearly doubled.

it is understood that mango TV 2014 revenue of 80 million in 2015 was $1 billion. At present, the number of users of TV PC terminal, mobile terminal, OTT terminal, etc., was a few times the growth of the website when the monthly variety show effective playback, the length of the day when the length of the first day of each video site. read more

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Baidu network alliance and Google Web promotion effect evaluation

competitive advertising is an effective means of brand promotion and sales, the promotion of the direct impact on the effectiveness of sales, in the successful operation of the enterprise plays a pivotal role. Recently, some companies generally reflect the intention of customers to reduce, an important reason is that the effect of network promotion is not good. Baidu and Google have launched a new advertising auction similar web promotion form, whether the two search engine giant can bring us much promotion effect or that can bring much profit? read more

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A recent Baidu news and car summary promotion methods

I do "love" has also done a few months time, more and more websites, also want to do more and more difficult. I recently heard many webmaster said Baidu crazy, all the webmaster to see the dead and then only think of other ways to promote, do not know how to do in the website optimization. Now individuals are doing stand, companies have begun to do stand. The individual has no money, companies only do Baidu promotion in order to achieve results.

car to summarize the

changes Baidu recently read more

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Cosmetics electricity supplier case WeChat marketing how to create 10% orders

before a seller in WeChat friend told me he every day from WeChat fans brought a lot of orders, I was sceptical, chatted, advised him to write out the experience for everyone to share. The following is his experience to share, in addition to finally add my advertisement, the other did not change. Internet is good, share!

WeChat public platform launched in August 17th last year, I began to pay attention to this new thing. With my 8 years of experience in the Internet, it will be a great marketing tool and interactive platform. At the end of August, WeChat opened a public brand name for the name of the. read more

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Blog marketing analysis of the three board ax where

content marketing entertainment marketing blog PR

Chinese summed up some experience things with love "," ax "is not what special way, the three tricks, seemingly modest expression, but not every ax is" lore". Blog marketing "three board axe" in where? Through the investigation and analysis of the blog user behavior, we can successfully find the blog marketing".

just a greeting, there will be hundreds of thousands of users click view, which is common in the blog world, as long as the fans enough. Many believe in "marketing is communication" marketing people, blog is a marketing bonanza. But as consumer behavior research on the importance of marketing, the behavior of users in the blog on the success or failure of the blog marketing. The lack of in-depth analysis of the behavior of blog users in-depth marketing, but also a considerable number of advertisers on the blog marketing to take a wait-and-see attitude of the important reasons. read more

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Reflections on the relationship between culture and marketing

is the culture decided to marketing or marketing decisions culture this is the question I have been thinking about, I can say that we are now marketing era, of course, it can be said that the Internet era, which is right. The Internet era is the era background, marketing is a form, it is not the same as the name of the starting point.

history is actually very similar, almost one hundred years ago, the United States, have experienced this time, 20s is the last century in modern American history known as the era of great prosperity, is also known as the era of marketing, in the era of U.S. President Coolidge once famously said: do not do the president advertising. That sentence has inspired a number of advertising marketing, until now many of our advertising marketing people often take this sentence to motivate themselves. read more

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Xie Hongzhong cloud chips worth Sike investment and financing services will eventually be the trilli

Abstract: since May 2014 on the line, the cloud has been raised to raise three rounds of financing, the cloud is also nearly 10 times the valuation of the year. Asked about the secret of successful financing, Xie Hongzhong said with a smile, he is right about the cloud to raise the logic of the product three words touched the investor.

record industry, engaged in business services, as a listed company executives, as co-founder, do angel investment, he said, he will raise the cloud past all on a line; took a few financing, also holds the money voted for the project, he said, is more difficult than for the project change; Chinese securities Association of the first batch of eight to raise the public member of the Guangdong Province, the first batch of 11 equity raised one of the pilot, he said, we firmly follow the policy, do not step on the red line; the first systematic raise after management, the first to support online payment, the first company to develop venture investment risk control model of the Internet, he said the cloud chip mission is standardization of investment and financing services, rather than doing intermediary; more than and 100 cooperation led institutions, gathered nearly 30 thousand investors, more than 1 people had 82% investment behavior, the success of the project to raise funds, investors in the cloud chips Average dynamic yield of 89%, the first in the industry…… An ocean of water, a bank of flames, walking between, it believes that the Internet investment and financing services (equity congregation raised) trillion market era will eventually come. read more

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Spring Festival is not as strong as a year Super Bowl

in the entertainment content brings it more marketing value, the Spring Festival, double 11 party and Wang Jianlin who need to work harder.

super bowl is one of the most stable remaining channels." United States, Advertising Age magazine reporter Steinberg said.

, whose words probably represent the majority of advertisers who are still in the super bowl, the annual championship of the National Football League (NFL), have invested heavily. The fact is that in today’s world is broken into pieces by the Internet, the brand has been difficult to find a strong channel to satisfy them. But the super bowl is one of them. read more

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Peach enterprise network marketing nuanced

now looks like hot network marketing, in all the publicity of arduous, make many traditional industries of small and medium-sized enterprises also began to get involved, to get involved in network marketing, we still need to do good network marketing preparation, and to do meticulous can.

The design of the

website, the website must be set up, that is the root of the network marketing, that is to say, that is the network marketing website function must do, but to do, including setting up the website structure must meet all kinds of optimization principle, we can finally do the relevant work on network marketing. It can be said that the general use of the web site is only used to see, and more often, the network marketing website is used. read more

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Gu Yongqiang think Alexa data is rubbish


technology – the afternoon of March 10th, the video site youku.com CEO Gu Yongqiang in media communication today that Alexa data is rubbish, Alexa type tool monitoring mode error rate is too high, not by youku.

hope that the next ten years, China’s Internet statistics are more transparent and open, to fight for the separation of some do not fly the argument, with more accurate data." Gu Yongqiang said.

he pointed out that way too much for cheating, Alexa type tool monitoring mode can not be trusted, he said "Alexa data does not need to see it, although we are among the best in a lot of data from the Alexa, but I think it is rubbish." read more

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Adsense network broadcast Lenovo to lay off 3200 people Ali almost fell off a Suning almost two days

1 look at the page about 20 years ago, you will understand the speed of the development of the Internet  

20 years ago, active on the Internet users about 10 million of these people to the Internet may have paid a very high cost, but enjoy the service is very general, because 20 years ago those website is really too simple.

in order to give you an intuitive feel the Internet just started the website look, I put some technology companies, government agencies and media companies 20 years ago and website screenshot screenshot of the website now spliced together. Then we will feel what is called simple. read more

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The largest European scouring transfer site defeat Europe was the Black Sea Amoy war upgrade

IT Times reporter Wang Xin

"home not on the morning of January 28th, paralyzed!", "lost in Europe" technician Mike weekdays and the same to the company, do not know to wait for his problem, not to the company website, tens of thousands of members can not log in, "see how big things!"

originally, as Europe’s largest scouring the sea transport company, defeated Europe website suffered a malicious hacker attacks, as of press time reporter, lost Europe, said the attack has not stopped. Such a massive hacker network attack for scouring the sea transport site, or the first time. read more

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The acquisition of the industry website devil or angel

in the 2007 industry Web site summit, Sun Deliang and Guo Fansheng also expressed the desire to cooperate with the industry website. As another B2B site Zuozhen chiefs, Alibaba listing is expected in the year. Industry insiders have speculated that the Alibaba in quanqian future is likely to start the acquisition of large-scale industry website. Based on this, some industry websites began to wait for the right price to sell, sold to Alibaba? China Chemical Network? Or HC? This is a choice of industry website. But for the upcoming launch of the three sites, but it is a discussion topic. read more

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CANN conference will soon be officially approved the new top-level domain name

June 16th news, according to the domain name insiders revealed that the forty-first ICANN conference will be held in Singapore, the new top-level domain name (New gTLD) program is expected to be formally approved at this meeting.

it is understood that, at this meeting, ICANN members focus on consulting the Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, root server system management, the new top-level domain (New gTLD) and other issues. It has been revealed that the new top-level domain (New gT LD) program will be formally approved at this meeting. read more

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Tencent shot remediation WeChat public account re launch certification process

Beijing daily news (reporter Qu Zhongfang) in that the Ministry is exploring the wind to security and privacy protection is the focus of the regulatory policy of WeChat OTT business, Tencent quickly rectification of WeChat public account originally more chaos.

on Friday afternoon, many WeChat public received a number of Tencent WeChat public platform mass message. The content of the message for the public platform of WeChat account authentication information with the name does not match, according to the WeChat public platform service agreement, consistent with the public number required to submit authentication information, the public number can immediately cancel the certification re launch the certification process. The Tencent WeChat public platform will be automatically canceled in May 28th by the system for their certification. read more

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The Ministry said it will launch a number of people loved green website

July 7th afternoon, said Xi Guohua, Vice Minister of industry and information technology development in the mainland in 2009 today the Internet forum, will actively create a favorable environment for the development of the Internet, focus on the introduction of a number of popular masses and green boutique business website.

Xi Guohua first pointed out that, as an important part of the information industry in recent years, the Internet industry continued to show a trend of rapid development, which manifests in the following aspects: the rapid growth of Internet users, increasingly rich Internet applications, the Internet economy continues to expand the scale, accelerate the development of mobile internet. read more

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WeChat and WeChat are wide point advertising today officially open beta

[Abstract] the form of advertising is still a text link to the bottom of the full page of the text message. Tencent technology news (Xiang Xin) today, WeChat jointly launched the WeChat wide open public beta officially advertising account. During the beta, WeChat public account operators can according to the need for opening the flow of the main services and advertising services in a public platform.

in addition to the advertisers, but also the end custom mobile page advertising through the wide point of delivery, advertising message is still graphic text text links at the bottom of the page. read more

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Baidu hiVS QQ

        Baidu is finally open to all their instant messaging software, the desire to challenge Tencent qq. In the end there is little chance of winning? I’ll give you the following analysis of the two party

Baidu advantage:

1, a powerful search user base, can be placed in the place where everyone will go on the Baidu hi ad

2, during the promotion of Baidu hi will not put any advertising, simple, practical, functional will certainly be innovative, but we do not know yet read more

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WeChat marketing is going astray

why WeChat marketing cases in addition to that, there has been no more out of


because this article came out today!

Baidu WeChat marketing four words, almost all of the first screen is to pay for the promotion of WeChat marketing service agencies, the establishment of these institutions, almost no more than a year. This is a wonderful business world, every year there will be a typhoon, every year there will be flying pigs.

there is a problem, I do not know if you have not thought that WeChat so hot, what do you actually do with WeChat read more

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Soft how to use three steps to create a classic

, the purpose of advertising is to use less investment, attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance product sales force, improve the reputation of the product, in the soft, subtle, realize the strategic tactical purposes, guide consumers to buy.

The essence of soft

is hidden advertising, writing should be open to talk around the product.

first, to research the detailed study, and to understand the relevant contents (such as trade information, industry information, etc.) the best of their own product characteristic, function, target consumer groups, and promise to the consumer what? Can not be guaranteed, then this is related to product sales consumer confidence, or not, is committed to the consumer confidence. read more

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College students webmaster, your SEO to which development

from the Internet grassroots webmaster conference in Shandong, re understanding of the value of SEO. In particular, after getting to know the Shandong SEO team, more clearly see SEO for a college student, the significance is not only to improve the ranking of search engines, but to make the site better Internet service.

a friend of my study in the first half of Shandong SEO team, is now ready. It looks like, through the SEO technology to optimize the enterprise has not become a problem, but also by optimizing the enterprise website to promote the sale of Tenth products. Admit, this is a trend. read more

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Shang Ke, create another spring of e-commerce

  have to say that the global economic crisis has swept every country, every city, every industry, like everyone in the face of an economic depression in the winter, including the tea industry also faces the challenges and difficulties of the hitherto unknown.

electronic commerce, has been in the tea industry sales, is a famous. Although e-commerce in the global development is just unfolding, but for the tea industry, electronic commerce is still a worthwhile mining field. Use the network platform to promote sales growth, although this is a new field for the tea industry, but there are still many successful online e-commerce sales success stories, so we have reason to believe that in the face of the current economic crisis, the traditional sales might be more or less impact, but the electronic commerce the growth rate is still worthy of anyone to sit up and take notice through e-commerce, and we have confidence in this platform, through long-term business building, to achieve shanguo hegemony in the field of electronic commerce online sales status. read more

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A written copy on the works of Japan hot copy master promotional writing operation

don’t just sell the steak, but also to sell the sizzling sound! This is a famous American salesman Wheeler quotes. It is hard for people to be interested in what they cannot imagine. It’s like reading articles. No matter how much emphasis on ex gratia, if you can not let the reader imagine right now, it is impossible for people to buy a cost-effective feeling.

asked you first, now free VS. membership dues now will be able to free the membership dues of $9000, which will keep your eyes. read more

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Startups never spend money on marketing Tell some fantastic tales

is now a lot of entrepreneurs in bragging how the company should not spend a penny fortune in marketing can have effect in the. If these words are true, it proves that the product does have an unusual appeal to consumers.

if you don’t spend money to do marketing, it means that consumers need to come to their own, and they used also like to recommend relatives and friends, free for you to do publicity. Every entrepreneur on the marketing effect of this free dream.

unfortunately, if you talk for these people deeply, you will find that this is not so. When a person says that his company has never spent money on marketing, he usually wants to convey that they have never paid a fee. But this does not mean that their companies do not use the following marketing channels: read more

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The entrepreneurial story of campus blog

      in the winter of 2002, University of Science and Technology of China, a sophomore student not to study in the library, but before sitting in the library room in the computer, he was a novelty attracted — this is Blog. He strongly felt that this convenient, novel information release, the form of communication is worth promoting. Since the study of school students in senior to him with MT (Movable-Type) Blog set up, he began to study and gradually, the majority of people can have their own Blog, set up a Blog site service idea clear. Guo Xiaolei himself spent 200 yuan of money, buy a server and domain name, in 2002 December, so he put the Blogbus set up single-handed. read more

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Lao Xie on consumer psychology soft literature


" is a soft consumer psychology literature is a new discipline Laoxie I proposed, namely commodity production, commodity production and trade prompted producers, operators and consumers in different degree, and has begun to pay attention to consumer psychology category is the following, by means of adding soft Wen promotion, achieve marketing objective.

With the gradual progress of human civilization, people’s understanding of the issues related to the category of consumer psychology gradually increased from perceptual to rational, and then expanded the logical thinking and refined a series of theoretical categories. read more

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On the analysis of network marketing strategies and methods

now has bid farewell to the era of marketing good wine is not afraid of the dark alley, but also to promote good wine, in other words, is the network marketing to achieve the effect of icing on the cake, wine is a fascinating piece of brocade cloth, but the network marketing is to add the brocade cloth flowers, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales! And website content and user experience is the equivalent of this wine, how to sell this wine, it should be through the network marketing strategy! Let the author talk about how to build a network marketing strategy of the read more

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360 Badilong children watch SE experience baby love

360 Badilong children watch with a SE indicating a protective film on the production, there are instructions watches, very intuitive, such as mobile phone card inserted and charging interface position is introduced; the box is half a small part of the design specification and other accessories box; the packing box is designed by the watch very much in line with the children the style of the box body, with bright yellow color, very bright and interesting.

cleverly cartoon image design in the Badilong box body, there is at the bottom of the product related information and the two-dimensional code printed on the back, "360 let each child safer" slogan, presumably 360 original design of the product itself. read more

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Seven bottlenecks in website operation

many webmasters in the development of each stage, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following seven aspects of how to break through the bottleneck problem of the site.

first, the site positioning bottleneck

At the beginning of the construction of

website, it is often the positioning problem. The ambiguity of the site, will force the site again and again, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the owners with the new field of love, will stick to it. Especially with the goal of the user’s research and site profit point mining, will slowly unlock the crux of the development of the site. Difficulty factor: 10% read more

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How to find the resonance point of the user

I do intellectual property agency business in our company, Beijing. In the year before, only three thousand of the annual amount of application for trademark registration, patent also hundreds of pieces, then after a year of development, now our trademark registration applications exceeded tens of thousands. And repeat customers special. How did I do that?

I, my operating ideas

Jobs’s marketing concept, there is a word, gave me a lot of inspiration, we need to find a resonance in our customer’s emotions. Then he gave an example of Nike shoes. When we think of Nike shoes, it feels different from other shoes. Because they are not the core of the operation of marketing, tell him how good his shoes, but played out to commemorate the great athletes, the core. So we have to find our customers. read more

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Shock! From the world parents heart to see the marketing!


this day I was sitting at the computer desk to prepare a marketing plan, it is on time, this time, the office came in a 40 year old middle-aged people.

never face, look very old, should belong to work out from the rural areas, because of the man and my father both face and temperament are somewhat similar, like the face of the wind, like half white hair, like micro bow back, like a dusty clothes. Can be said to be half an old man.


Because the

in the home school children told him that he wanted to buy a scooter bag: this book will be more convenient, not every endorsement package is very tired. read more

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Want traffic Then sweep out a one hundred thousand (WeChat and QQ)

want to get traffic? Think ah, dream are thinking! Do not dream, the flow will not take the initiative to send home. The flow is divided into two types, passive and active passive traffic flow, traffic flow is hard to find, easy to take the initiative, but certainly to eat bitter! Come on, the old driver to take you to open a street overnight pull flow


traffic is divided into two types, passive flow and active flow.


" to passive traffic

comes from the active recommendation of others – in addition to the day after day careful management of content, fans, contacts, there is no shortcut. read more

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Mobile marketing FAQ to learn from where to start

[Abstract] for the industry focus and entrepreneurial trends, if you have a problem, can the entrepreneur "question and answer" registration questions, small business and the majority of users, will be actively looking for the right answer for you. Today recommended, is about mobile marketing questions.

asked: our company’s products are good, the user feedback has been very good, but marketing has been doing bad, the market did not really open. 2014 intends to invest in marketing. Our product positioning is young people, so I think in the mobile marketing to do some try. Mobile marketing is a new thing, change fast, I need to continue to learn. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but also a lot of books, but it is very difficult for me to choose such a novice. Can you make a recommendation to save me some time read more

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Han Han founded ONE App was 60 million yuan A round of financing

technology news Tencent Tencent venture fund partner CRE capital, today told the Tencent business, which inject $60 million into the Han Han ONE project, stage A wheel.

as a small fresh applications, ONE line for more than three years, pushing a painting every day, a novel, a quiz, a thing, the harvest of about 30000000 of users and millions of reading. Recently, ONE will open a new major revision, trying to read, radio, music and movies, the transformation of the literary life platform.

at the same time, Chupin ONE, Shanghai Tree Culture Communication Co., the company also received the CRE capital injection of 60 million yuan. With a lot of no profit can not stop financing channels of Internet products waiting for spring burn far different from the first day on the line, ONE, has a very good profit. And after the completion of the A round of financing, the direction of ONE will become increasingly clear. read more

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E parking million yuan financing domain name was iboche.com

renamed China (eName.cn) September 28th news, now for most families, the car is no longer what is difficult for the convenience of parking, but has evolved into a new problem. E parking as a way to provide a total solution for the wisdom of the parking lot APP, it is reported that in September this year, nearly ten million Angel round of financing, the official website domain name enabled iboche.com.

figure: e parking official website


"e Park" is a master of computer science and engineering Tsinghua University Chen Cheng, the APP has officially launched this year, two-dimensional code reverse searching cars, temporary parking, monthly payment, wrong when sharing parking, vehicle theft, parking and other function reservation. Its official website enables the combination of domain name iboche.com some people scratching their heads, why not eboche.com? read more

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The difference and accuracy of new media breakout

          network, mobile phone as the representative of the development of new media, the traditional media has brought great. However, a few years down, although the new media to some extent share the cake of traditional media, but the focus is still in the traditional media advertising. In addition to a small number of platforms such as Sina, how to survive, development is one of the more new media platform to consider one of the issues.

          for a large number of new media platforms, the current mode of operation has roughly, large and full model. Taking the slogan as "the new media pioneer deserved by the traditional media industry" in Shanghai. SMG’s total of four large new media business: business online audiovisual services business, Oriental Broadband Digital TV and high-definition television SMG interaction, operating IPTV bestv and operating mobile phone TV dongfanglong. And digital TV, mobile phone TV, broadband and IPTV etc, all have a series of actions; in addition, there is a single mode, mobile phone media, including IPTV, digital TV, mobile TV, blogs, podcasts and other types; ICP+SP+CP model, this model is mainly through SP enrichment, as well as traditional media interactive content increased after "pseudo new media" mode.   read more

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Good wedding site is equal to 10 salesman

what kind of wedding site is regarded as an effective wedding enterprise website?

first: the wedding website must have strong profitability. I always think that can not bring profits to the enterprise website is sick. A truly effective wedding website should be a lot of profit, each page may bring potential customers and orders to the wedding.

secondly: the design of the website must reflect the specialization of the wedding company. One of the most important reasons that hinder the development of e-commerce. A wedding website should be on the net profit, it must be in the customer to enter your site for 30 seconds to win the trust of customers, network marketing research shows that even a very valuable potential customers into your site after 30 seconds, your website does not have his trust, your website can not let him feel you the company is a strength is very strong and very professional wedding in reality, you have a 70% chance to lose the potential customers. So your site can not really profitable, the design of the site is also crucial. read more

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Write soft Wen can let your website traffic greatly increased


success be replicated, of course?. Copy the successful case is very common and popular; success is always prepared to leave, every successful man has his forte, learning to succeed, with his experience, technology and wisdom, to reach your goal.

in other words, is the clever use of successful models, so that success continues. That how to do it, advertising, blindness of the ads to the overwhelming publicity, do not want to see all the hard. But how is the effect? Pains, not only can’t let people accept, but hate. Advertising should be creative: "walk in the way of others, let others have no way out!" promotion tips, only the first caused the attention of others, others will bring interest to perform, he is interested in everything; will further to understand and found, with doubts and curiosity to click into your site. read more

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Baidu knows how to promote websites

Baidu ranking all desperately want to front but many keywords we search is Baidu know in the first several SEO may be effective but many masters in Baidu know do promotion can be said to be good for a good

Baidu know the amount of questions every day we do not have the amazing all posts are back again so that not only will let Baidu tired K off your site we need only superficially to reach the ants carrying elephants not overdo sth. know posting suggestions in Baidu:

1 most want to choose the Internet at seven to nine post even if deleted to see the maximum probability of read more

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Website promotion seven magic weapon

home page is completed, website promotion work should begin. If not for the home page publicity, there is no one to find your home page, you have the building site for what it is? The following is a summary of my website promotion Seven Magic:

1 directly to relatives and friends recommend

this is one of the most direct, the most common means of propaganda. Home page to do, so that friends and family to share this is a natural. However, more and more friends, the number is limited, and by one by one to inform the manual is a very low efficiency means of publicity. If you want the homepage to be open to the whole society, it is necessary to use other ways to promote it. read more

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The flow of a station to do no more than 5000P

how to do a free flow station to do 5000IP on the above, some of the small webmaster dream is very simple, and do other things, the key is you to move your head to think, and to do research on the specificity, I combined with years of experience and ideas to write out the webmaster, for each Adsense trial, basically can achieve 5000IP.

1, landing search engine (too much, too much on the Internet, only two points)

(1) some web site keywords and content play edge ball (especially Baidu), can change the content and submit keywords, collected over a period of time and then slowly modify. read more

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How to make money with celebrities

    recently someone to the website LOGO, then bid is a beauty, I look at her blog, don’t know, see a scare, this beauty is known as the mother of Witkey, legal daily and other media have interviewed her, of course, here the who have relationship of the suspects, but is undoubtedly add a lot of color for her charm.

    a form of today I want to say, is a project with writing expertise of people to operate, that is the network celebrity interview station, and every interview celebrities are independent for a period, for example, the interview for Internet celebrity Sister Lotus, electronic journal article 001. Writing better, write to the smooth, seems to be contagious, also can have the spread of power, this time when you take the initiative to interview some of the owners, the owners of these are not the music, web design to be beautiful, to the atmosphere, give people the feeling is very decent, in each period there is a separate page, like this is the webmaster to do self promotional links.

    this station will certainly fire, but the position must be high, do not make people feel that the station did not taste, interviewed some overnight or on the Internet upstart like this, the station will have influence.

this station by what profit?

      rely on people to profit, when the network master are your friends, you don’t want to profit is very difficult, but there will be a lot of soft cost to you, although you do not charge, but they still insist to pay your expenses, because they don’t want to owe you one. read more

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Cross border electricity supplier, a tree to complete the 400 million yuan C+ round of financing

January 9th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) the new board listed companies, cross-border electricity supplier tree today announced the completion of the C+ round of financing, the current round of major investors have Huayi road into a tree 81 million 250 thousand C+ round of investment shares is completed, the total financing of approximately 400 million yuan.


announcement shows that this round of financing by 10 institutions jointly, founder and students, CITIC Jinshi respectively to 115 million, 50 million voted Huayi, capital of 81 million 250 thousand; Sheng Shijing 60 million, star capital 30 million 8 vote, the total amount of about 400 million yuan. read more

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The most simple and effective 2 blog promotion methods

recently always feel his mind is disorderly, spent 2 years as a webmaster I have a lot of experience and insights to share with you, but not the slightest clue, yesterday in the SEO union group said recently that you have to do a summary, otherwise, my mind would have been chaos go on, today is Saturday rest, I spent 3 hours to write this article, we present 2 methods to summarize the most simple and effective promotion of the blog.

why write this article? The reason is as independent blog popular, more and more webmaster want to put out their own blogs, including Wu Longjie blog (pinyin cards mother Wu Longjie), almost every Bo live want to use the most convenient method to promote your own blog, how to both effort and have the effect of promoting your blog? Wu Longjie thinks the simplest method is read more

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