Shake is the key to the rise of WeChat get to the user pain points of the product is a good product

for many traditional companies to embrace the Internet and spend money to buy technology is synonymous with nothing but cloud computing, big data, social networking, mobile terminals, these concepts. But it is the so-called Kung Fu in poetry, the only way to test the technical innovation or the user pay, the product can solve the problem of users, can bring value to the user, which is to promote the sales of productive forces, but also to establish competitive differentiation and promote the progress of the industry strength. read more

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Do not play to promote the human sea tactics

last week, when the manager asked me to do a monthly summary report on business trip, do not forget to put forward the need to give the company’s resources, because the meeting is the boss of the whole process of participation. The manager said that the promotion department currently has 2 indicators can be used, if not enough can also increase the quota of 2 places, but the boss will certainly want to see the results soon.

for the manager, I do not agree with these words, after all, in addition to the promotion of the Department in addition to a supervisor, there is a senior marketing specialist is responsible for Tmall stores, Jingdong stores, shop No. 1, Dangdang shop train. And I am responsible for the Tmall shop drilling exhibition, C shop train and drill exhibition, franchise shop through train. On the workload, in addition to the big promotion will be busy, usually not too busy, in other words, even if it is to spend 6 million yuan next year to promote the cost of the current equipment is completed can be completed. Tmall drilling exhibition is the big head, accounting for more than 60%, as long as I spend more time to invest, the same can guarantee a good output. Therefore, the recruitment of several people for me is of no significance. Because of the need to recruit a good promotion personnel must have low treatment, while the city of this talent is already very difficult to recruit, former club recruitment for almost a year, a senior marketing specialist and promotion assistant has been hanging, refresh time is very hard, there is no recruit the candidate. If it is a point of the recruitment, the first is to pay wages, then there is the cost of trial and error, that is because the level is not enough to waste. So, from this point of view, the cost of recruiting a newcomer is very high. To do so, a month to spend thousands of dollars is very normal, good words may be a few thousand dollars a year down is a lot of money. read more

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Tell you how to make the site traffic soared

A) keyword research

Before you do anything,

will use the keyword tool to do a wide range of surveys to see which keywords are used for your site. What are the key words of your direct competitors? Are there any market potential keywords that you haven’t discovered yet? Maybe you could develop a whole new area of


B) domain name

if you want your company to name a brand, choose a domain name that reflects it accurately. If your company is called 520i520, then register http://s.*****.com, if unfortunately has been registered, then use http://s.******.com. Do not use the cross bar (-), as far as possible not more than two combinations of two words. read more

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Social media marketing 2 show your brand with pictures and videos

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest these social media sites to lead the 2012 visualization market trends. When the new product is released, they no longer hold a boring press conference, but they start to demonstrate to the public. Visual content sites are using brilliant pictures and special ideas to impact our eyeballs.

"content is king" is a saying that two years ago or marketing the belief, but now it seems a photo to thousands of comparable. "Blog is one of the first social networking sites, the first people will be released on the blog 1000 words." Dr.’s William J. Ward, a professor of social media at the Syracuse University, said, "when Facebook comes up, the number of words we release becomes less. After micro-blog is to let our words to 140 words. Now the trend of visual communication by Pinterest leads to social sharing sites, and we even skip text directly." read more

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How to do marketing through the soft web site

I contact network in 2000, has been the network as the only channel to promote their products, capital and entrepreneurship at the beginning of the lack of a great relationship, occasionally attending a show, but not what effect, then it is specialized in network marketing! These years, in the network it is tasted enough sweetness, in my place a small industry, their own websites are basically in Baidu’s home page, how to optimize the enterprise website, today is not introduced, there are a bunch of related content online. Today is to talk about how to promote their products or enterprise website. read more

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The cornerstone of network marketing starting from the analysis of the opponent site

cloud, the enemy, know yourself. Some competition events Changsha network marketing throughout the field of network marketing, network marketing planning plays an important role, but in this one, the first element is to bear the brunt of starting the competition website analysis.

a a commonplace talk of an old scholar about network marketing SEO analysis of the competitor’s website is clear positioning and development direction of their customers. Get some information from the opponent’s website, such as SEO included, reverse links and other information. Of course, if we observe carefully enough, may wish to also refer to the user experience of the website of the competitors, this is a lot of help to improve the user experience and improve our website SEO. read more

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Analysis on the marketing transformation of medical websites

The arrival of the era of

e-commerce, to a large number of industries to bring a new leap. With the progress of the society, people are increasingly playing the network, and it is precisely because of the huge network space, so we began to look for potential resources in the network. I do medical network marketing has been almost 3 years, in these three years, I learned a lot, and I’m here today, I just want to introduce in this three years transformation for medical website marketing to make some introduction. Of course, this is only a few of my personal perception, although I introduce only medical related, but other industries can also see some of the essence of things. Below, I will formally introduce the transformation of medical website marketing related issues. read more

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How to use the forum to promote the site

              BBS promotion we all know, to the forum to send links, many webmaster are doing. However, many forums will be deleted, there are a lot of Posts hidden in the vast amount of information inside, but also often go to the top, it is hard. So, how to send a link in the forum and will not be deleted and do not need to top it? Here is a brief introduction to the baby’s meal website is how to easily get 5000 IP forum every day.

1, the first version to a parent-child Forum on child feeding post, is the main production method, 0-12 month old baby feeding and complementary day diet, feeding in the process need to pay attention to the problem and so on, a very systematic and scientific plan, very long and perfect, and at the end and write a sentence: "too many things, there are a lot of baby food pictures and tables, I am tired of his hair, to the site to learn well, so itself made a lot of useful information, the administrator will not delete, keep an eye on my past. read more

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Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for venture companies

Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for startups

Tencent science and technology news on January 12th, when Apple’s fastest sale of smart watches Apple Watch in March this year, there will be a large number of wearable devices for the application of the same line. Apple has already released the relevant specifications of the Apple Watch, so the product is likely to become the next wave of valuation reached $1 billion consumer technology innovation company’s launch pad.

and many pundits predict will be Apple Watch after the listing, or even ended in failure, but also some investment institutions analyst is very optimistic about this wearable device. Investment bank Morgan Stanley analyst in November last year, investors have pointed out that they expect Apple Watch will have a good performance after the listing, the first year sales will reach 30 million. Apple Watch listed, will allow apple to increase the valuation of more than 10%, an increase of more than $50 billion market capitalization. read more

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Good website operation the best way of network marketing

has the characteristics of easy communication and Internet coverage without boundaries, so many brands choose leveraging the network, and then a network event marketing is not enough to reflect the power of network marketing and network marketing; realize the successful development, not a system of website operation plan.

network marketing should not be impetuous psychology

more and more people hope to get their huge profits from the Internet, but like other market, the Internet also has a lot of competition, and even cruel sea; and rampant network marketing tactics is some impetuous network event hype, in the simple beauty of website operation consultant Mo wild view, these are just those actions can make a brand to win the audience’s attention in a short time, but the heat loss, how many people will stay in the memory of read more

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Everyone talks about startups, but almost everyone gets the concept wrong!

reported in January 12th (compilation: hunting cloud network balls)

hunting cloud network note: everyone has their own definition of entrepreneurial companies, but the definition of almost all the people are wrong.

if you often read science and technology articles, I will have no trouble to tell you that you may have a wrong understanding of entrepreneurship. Many people in the eyes of the company may be those very small but very fast growth of the company, and is expected to replace those dying, can not stop the giant companies struggling to maintain themselves into decline. read more

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love the mule how to use Baidu know promotion Taobao customers

is currently a lot of people are using Baidu to know to do the promotion Taobao customers, but most of the promotion effect is not ideal, this is why? Let’s examine, I present observations, promotion of Baidu know roughly divided into several types, with "acne products" as an example we analyze.

a direct link with the form of

could not find the problem due to the promotion of the link, I just found a Taobao seller, is the same reason, put yourself to consider the user’s point of view, just copy the words over the Internet, and then add a link, the user will want to know how? Everyone is advertising, who is now disgusted, to see advertising links, are directly off the page. read more

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Friendship link

links as a means to increase the chain, is more and more favored by the webmaster.

for those who have just set up the site owners, they are often full of passion everywhere for Links, long time, their confidence will be hit, because they found that, in addition to the entertainment unspoken rule, exchange links also have the unspoken rule "/p>!

PR, yes, that is PageRank, which is Google for web page rating. There are a lot of sites in the link of the page, usually write such a sentence "link, PR> 2…". A lot of new sites where PR? PR no, not all. If you think your PR is currently 2, you can do a link with others, then you are wrong. According to the unspoken rules, you can usually do less than 3 of the site with PR. The so-called "people go to high, water flows downwards, the PR value of the webmaster want to do site links and taller than him. read more

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The striking artifact how to enter rural whitewashing marketing user’s heart

Internet era, as the last bastion of the domestic electricity supplier market, the vast rural development potential is very great. In rural areas, a variety of large and small whitewashing advertising combined with traditional marketing and meet the eye everywhere, the kind of modern business information is very dazzling. As a relatively traditional marketing means, whitewashing advertising is not strange, people live in rural areas has already been used to even blind. There Chinese whitewashing marketing, is closely linked with the history of nearly one hundred years development. read more

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4A is often said in the end how to understand the copy tone

I believe most after graduation, some students copy new, you must to the leadership said that the word "tonality", even in the same position of planning, design, and so on have heard this assistant.

to tell the truth, then heard the graduation practice when I stay, what is tonal? It will not answer the leadership, in short is a fantasy…… Well, for more than 8 years, today come to talk about the so-called "copy of tonality".

so what exactly is it?

I graduated from read more

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