Site reviews, a week of wonderful, how to make the site better and better (three)

webmaster do most of the work alone, a person running one or more websites, sometimes confused, sometimes encountered bottlenecks. This time someone inadvertently a comment might have inspired him, find hope in the long way.

give roses, fragrance in hand. A5 forum in the spirit of mutual help, held a daily website review activities, mainly for the review site put forward constructive suggestions, ariadne. From the end of May has been on a number of more than 100 owners of the site. Comment is not a panacea, but it is possible to let the webmaster regain the confidence to do the station, the better the site. This paper summarizes some comments in websites and wonderful comments to readers. read more

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Talk about me less than three months, will stand PR3, Baidu included ten thousand feelings

the first time to A5 published articles, I feel very happy, I hope I do stand real experience, can bring a little inspiration for the webmaster. I am a programmer, do quickly, a station one or two days to fix, the first time to engage in small game station or in 08 years, then saw the 7k7k game site is very beautiful, so I intend to make one like him, the first day of Art (fix directly on the down of his HTML source code), afternoon and evening are good procedures, complete data acquisition of more than 10000 games in second days. Third days to hang up on the server. Then netful everywhere propaganda, Tianya, ChinaRen and so on the forum to delete the hair, hair cut, it was a lot of IP, but the IP will not last long, but is not stable, and very tired. It didn’t work. I sold it at that time. read more

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Personal webmaster should try to avoid these mistakes

, no matter who, there are inevitably mistakes, personal Adsense is no exception, especially some novice adsense. In order to make fewer mistakes, avoid the same mistake and not make two mistakes. It is necessary to talk about this topic and hope to be a reference to the novice.

personal site positioning error

who know the positioning of personal website is very important, if the positioning errors, future development will be more difficult! For example some personal website content does not cover and contain everything to highlight its own characteristics, and don’t want to be a portal like Sina read more

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My logo road and experience

first thank graph king, my logo before have to sell! Sell that day when I really did not feel regret! I still love LOGO! So I had second logo! When you don’t have to do without the creative design and to do so, not only is not good, a a performance but also a waste of time,

when you don’t have enough time to design a LOGO for customers to do? Design an illustration of the effect of LOGO nonsense!? I don’t think so, illustrated LOGO does not mean its quality does not follow to go up, the key is how you use. In this digital age, we can easily find a large number of illustrations on the Internet, and some even vector pictures, and what we need to do is: how can we use this precious resource to serve ourselves?. For me, the design of a LOGO technique is illustrated: the main picture materials used by LOGO are from other places, and we have to do is to extract some parts of them, then it is the organic combination of the formation of a new LOGO – in a sense, this is not a copy and imitation, and is still a kind of creation — at least, at least I think so, ha ha. I know there is a LOGO network is dedicated to a platform of art design, if you have time to look at. read more

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The road to success for beautiful girls

finally do webmaster!!!


used to do domain names, and now do commercial housing network webmaster. Ha ha, think about it or write down this experience!!! Give you LOOK! LOOK!


, it’s 04 years from ~~~~

, in the last year of 04 years, school affairs are almost the same. Every day, when a jar, bubble on the internet. At that time, I only knew how to play games. Approaching graduation to find a job has become the primary problem. After all, to eat well, but naturally do not like to be bound, and more disgusted, every day in the office to sit for a day’s work, and work is not led by this leadership, that is the leader scolded. Think about doing what you like. It was found that some of the friends around were doing domain names. Curious. I can earn a lot of money if I hear it. Hehe. Then I join the army of domain names, but many things are easy to watch, but when you want to realize it, it’s not so easy. At the beginning of doing a lot of things have found themselves do not understand what the space domain: ah ~ ah ~ even do not know why they are usually they know me, I don’t know them (University is marketing) Hey ~ ~ ~ ~ in order not to let them sad, it can’t bite the bullet do not ask the experts, the domain name good "". In my day in hot pursuit of the spirit of "experts" have been asked (I really is my question too "level") slowly over time, everything is on track, gradually also made easier but also earn some money, but when the main and for the interested. read more

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Travel website user experience details of the service can actually do better

a few days to prepare to travel to Shenzhen, go online to search the most probably it did not actually happen "hotel reservation", the first page of the list of all the "promotion", it seems that Baidu really make money, but also that the word of the competition is so fierce, saw two familiar, "art dragon net" and "Ctrip", and then began to the two website, finally I chose the following reasons in "elong" booking:

one, the choice that stays in a city, "carry Cheng net" and "art dragon net" analysis read more

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Witkey (Witkey) model needs to be sound

in zhubajie did the project people know that there are a lot of results is cheating: anonymous publishing tasks for a vest, and then choose the vest for winning the manuscript, and then steal people’s achievements of labor; there are many false (net case Beanstalk class), too, which is not the lack of official net movement. Let us move especially sad sad; there are some tasks, the task of Witkey publisher didn’t draft selection (the promotion class), some companies have the intention is to use the pig to promote your product or web site, but also on the inside for cheating, it is not a direct. Give yourself face to end a shit pot over his head buckle, let his credibility, is ridiculous, so absurd… read more

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Personal stationmaster, only have money in my eye

has been thinking about the question of what personal websites earn in 2008, which has always been the subject of concern for most of my personal web owners.

in 2007 to work in an industry website that I always wanted to own a website, try out the network, because there is no technology, basic HTML will not, this idea has not been implemented, to close to the end of the year, when the rumors, some personal website is bought, not cheap these heroes, grassroots entrepreneurial achievements, I will make Annaibuzhu their entrepreneurial passion, and registered the domain name, made his first website, virtual host evaluation network read more

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User experience eye movement research, introduction, application, value and problem

with the emergence of user experience and the progress of technology and equipment, eye movement research has become more and more well-known, and more research consulting institutions or enterprises in China begin to have eye tracker. But for the eye movement technique and research methods, many friends are still in the water moon, hopes to further understand the role of eye movement research, analysis of the use of the method of learning. One of the most important concerns is the special role of eye movement research. The purpose of this paper is to make a brief introduction to eye movement research and answer the question of what and why. read more

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The website is K, use soft Wen to let him rebirth

was K, drop the right, into the sandbox, almost became our webmaster’s mantra, it also reflects, do not stand easily, the webmaster is also very difficult!


below, I’ll talk to your webmaster, my website was Baidu K later, and again included, IP normal process. My station seven travel nets,, everybody can go to see, now included normal. The original station do not know SEO, but I just want to get my SEO, my position is self defeating, standing long tail words do game, but I put here in Description: Dungeon Fighter Online, aion, Moore Park, Obi island and other more than 10 popular games, for good games do not come here forget the call with JS, blocked the path to catch spider crawling content, into the dead cycle, the spider blocked at the door, another I used the key words around, made about more than 2000 articles, I was slow to God, at the beginning, Baidu included a Huan, a month not included I more than 4900, IP can also be maintained at around 3000, Baidu figured out good times don’t last long, cheating, direct K, page left, the worry, I think the webmaster is felt. read more

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Novice garbage station a month to do 30 thousand P practical Raiders

hard for a month to flow up to 30 thousand, the space space provider said to stand, web server can operate normally, otherwise the space often can not be opened, and rent a server at least $3000 for me, a poor novice, really difficult, can not afford to rent a server, depressed…………

30 thousand IP, GG only put ads, have income is not much, even more than a month to receive the money, money also can not afford to do station, so much traffic can not earn much money, no way to make money, again depressed…… .. read more

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What are the criteria for a good clothing store

Although each entrepreneur

shop when they want to find a better source, however, in the end what kind of good supply, for countless entrepreneurs who do not know. What kind of standard is a good source of supply? Next, let Xiaobian for the majority of the clothing store owner who introduced the so-called clothing store good source of goods need to meet the standards.

opened a clothing store, what is the most difficult problem, everybody has his own view, some people will think that is the capital, people may think that the problem is the choice of shops, some people will think that is the supply problem, some people will think that is the marketing problems. Xiao Bian believes that the most difficult thing is to choose the two varieties of business and supply problems. read more

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User hate is hand Q itself or hate Tencent product style

these two days have been discussing hand Q cottage WeChat’s problems, which I found that the most controversial is the mobile phone QQ "abandoned" the "online status" and "exit" function. This is not difficult to see, Tencent really want to learn WeChat, so that users always online. The problem is that the user can accept WeChat’s always online, that is, can not accept the hand, Q always online. Why? Habit problems, hand Q should do what it should have done, hand Q should appear in the user’s cell phone as it should be. If WeChat does not hand before birth, Q was the revision, that is to say, if the hand Q to advance to the revision before 2011, so that the user will reject? Hypothesis: the revision of before 2011, then the Tencent TM mobile, QQ mobile phone to let WeChat dry now things, let mobile phone TM to dry hands now that Q (office). I don’t think there will be so many things. read more

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You should learn to know how to use your attention in exchange for advertising

most websites today are essentially content based websites. And many have been purely functional websites, because the function can not be charged directly, but also to the content of the site of the road: output content, access to attention, the sale of advertising. About as many Web2.0 functional website is supposed to function started sake, to this day, in this cold topic had to face the income and to the advertising model when they are still obsessed with the power of technology.

a website, of course, can be seen as a tool, but it is essentially a medium. This natural property is something that no one can deny. Since it is the media, such an operation model is too ideal. The Web2.0 boom started in 2005, and in 2006, we had to sit back and review it: essentially nothing changed: to trade attention for advertising. read more

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The four elements of Amoy webmaster based Taobao guest must do

here, although I do not long off Taobao! But I have long time for customers through Taobao! Because I used to be a forum! February is not before the Spring Festival server room informing me that the special needs for the record, otherwise you can only do a few years off! BBS, suddenly had to give up this revision, because of personal station special record so I spent nearly easier said than done? The February revision time into the station Taobao! A few years as a webmaster, sold a few years also gave people the size of the server, do some optimization, now share some Taobao station experience the four elements for everyone, is entirely their own hard to get a few years of practice read more

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