Two big Taobao shopping you encountered

not long ago, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in the first quarter of this year, the national industrial and commercial administrative organs to receive consumer complaints and reports, consulting a total of 1 million 701 thousand, an increase of 18.7%, including complaints online shopping number grew 174.4%, the fastest growth rate. How the specific circumstances of Hangzhou? The evening news reporter consulted the Hangzhou District of Yuhang city market supervisory authority (hereinafter referred to as Yuhang branch), the growth rate of online shopping complaints are also amazing, including Taobao Tmall’s complaints grew 82.9%. read more

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Where the customer reflects the promise and then deny in succession development ideas for how to

this morning newspaper, accidentally discovered in the news, the content is roughly where the customer is low-key promote platform process, in its own brand sales platform to diversify development. Like some of the Amoy brand, such as starry, seven princess, electric grid have quietly settled in the platform where the customer. To see this, I can not help but think of the end of 2012 Vintage for public commitment, that is where the customer will gradually abandon the platform, and instead invest in brand building. But now a series of practices with his original oath on the contrary, which is what kind of mystery? read more

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Don’t talk about O2O’s death list

2015, B2B popular concept, in addition to commodities, the emergence of the traditional enterprise practitioners to B2B as the starting point to the transformation of the Internet, the possibility has been in the field of electronic commerce has made achievements in O2O, B2C enterprises have also begun to explore B2B. Accordingly, billion state power network are summarized as follows:

hungry acquisition of B2B platform, there are dishes App

August 14, 2015, hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao in WeChat circle of friends to share a connection – to sell food on the fly platform". There are dishes to take the Taobao model for the seller and the buyer to provide information on the transaction, the restaurant can be selected in the vicinity of the seller on the platform, according to the next day, the shop material requirements. read more

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U.S. mission O2O dilemma to buy, reduce costs, Pong giant

text / electricity supplier new knowledge

have to say, Wang Xing’s business acumen is extremely sensitive, a series of actions this year the United States Mission: a substantial advertising, the main takeaway business, completed a new round of financing, the introduction of the former head of Baidu LBS Shen Li is in the transformation strategy, game and prepare. There is speculation that the United States mission to do so is to market, electricity supplier Jun think this topic has no meaning, for the mission of speaking, is to "get things done", the final listing is not Wang and his friends are entrepreneurial end point, if the United States listed, is hoping to get more capital support. read more

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Jingdong regret single complaint buy winter period or will continue

Jingdong one yuan travel service regret, was friends complaints

According to the London March 29th

news said, Jingdong mall launched a series of price of one yuan tourism group purchase service in March 19th, "Shaoxing cherry romantic city tour live Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel free" and "mountain magnolia flower bloom open" is one of the two. According to the survey, the group purchase activities is very hot, group purchase at the end of the time has been nearly 2000 people to buy "Sakura Shaoxing Tour", "mountain flowers" order is the number of nearly million. read more

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Taobao created a new anti Taobao union naked event marketing


crazy, many sellers crazy, but there are people in the middle secretly smiled, not to say the anti Taobao incident was a true event marketing, why say, road to listen to me slowly.

said Taobao why new regulations? Taobao out of the new regulations, raise the price of the purpose is very simple, is to abandon part of small sellers, why, because now the quality of Taobao mall more and more low, so Taobao wants to improve the quality of products and services mall. You do not see, and now the mall complaints much more than the original, so Taobao platform to change, and change the way is very simple, is to use money as a standard, with the market economy as a lever. read more

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Analysis Jingdong wolf tiger Tesco mall, who in the hype

Since the

Jingdong "door" in the future, you can not avoid being used compared with tiger Tesco seems to be emerging, the masses of the end finally wins more attention, now between the two big business "contests" seems to be suspense again and again. Whether it is negative news or positive news, it seems that the two sides are holding each other in the guise of speculation. Among them, the "price war" for the most!

, however, the two sides rely on "war" to sum up the following points: read more

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Chant, flowers and shopping products Jingdong ious staging why become a fraud

recently, the media reported Alipay "flower chanting" cash scam. Alipay users Mr. Cui gullible friend said "Alipay back to the existing welfare", the account number and password to tell friends, finally use liar in Alipay "to spend 3000 yuan in cash.". And there are a few people who have the same experience and Cui, only his side had 4 friends cheated, the total amount of 12 thousand yuan.

"flower chanting" is an online shopping service launched by Alipay ant micro loan, consumers can buy this month, next month, the loan amount from the ant micro credit comprehensive evaluation gives users of credit. On the Internet there are many similar consumer financial products, such as Tmall’s "installment purchase" and the Jingdong launched the IOUs service. read more

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Packing mother class domain name mother and child market

new father unexpected opportunity

packaged domain name Chinese mother net

almost overnight, Cao Jianjun made a surprising decision.

he spent 100 thousand yuan to buy nearly 200 domain names, these domain names and mother have a relationship. Different from the general domain buyers is that he is not looking for a domain name transfer to profit, but in the hope that the domain name can constitute barriers to help him in the maternal and child market of huge circle a site, creating a "Chinese". read more

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O2O service door massage vertical market how to make flowers

to take the Internet as the carrier, emerging consumer online and offline interaction is booming." In this year’s two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the O2O service position, so that people living in the O2O industry is very excited.

in the past one or two years, with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, O2O service has infiltrated the daily lives of people to get in by every opening, such as catering, housekeeping, O2O O2O O2O, O2O medical taxi and so on, almost all services in O2O. O2O seems to be overnight Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River. read more

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Twelve orders were canceled online shopping without Jingdong bought too much

online shopping, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……

"double 12" order was cancelled due to too much


new house is being renovated Ms. Lee, choose to buy 12 in the buy". "Refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, microwave oven……" Ms. Lee said that he bought a new house on the Jingdong to purchase orders and payment orders, and then wait for the arrival of home appliances. More than and 10 days later, however, the order was cancelled. Cancel the order is not Ms. Lee and his family, not account stolen, but Jingdong staff. This is how the matter is the alleged violations of the Jingdong yesterday, Ms. Lee to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter call for help. read more

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Beat shoes Network innovative business model alone industry market structure

with the development of the Internet, marketing has been closely linked with the network together. The Internet is a very high degree of transparency of the industry, so the replication of competitive strategy is relatively high. Statistics show that in 2009 China’s online shopping transactions reached 248 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of nearly 94%, showing blowout, this electronic commerce still achieve upstream. At present, the number of e-commerce sites has reached 1.56, more than 50% of enterprises set up e-commerce sites. When the products are in high degree of homogeneity, only the power of capital and ultimately affect the overall situation, not the winner is the last laugh, only one side of the block First impressions are strongest market pattern. read more

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Exposure Ali investment easy Fruit Network open logistics services Tmall supermarket

May 26th news, according to sources, Alibaba group at the end of last year on the investment of fresh electricity supplier easy fruit network, the amount of investment in the tens of millions of levels, but the specific amount and equity ratio did not disclose. Billion state power network on the matter to the fresh fruit is easy to ask, the official did not respond to temporarily.

the source believes that fresh fruit strong supply chain resources and logistics and distribution capabilities are valued by Alibaba, Alibaba is an important reason for its investment. read more

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Teach you how to identify the false credibility of Taobao sellers

in Taobao shopping, two sellers at the same price, we usually choose a high degree of credibility of the party. If it is a good reputation and high prices that are more welcome by our buyers. But how many false elements are there in credibility? We may not know. Now Taobao brush reputation greatly small team filled with "Taobao", I do not shop within a week, was more than and 10 on the Taobao brush reputation advertising, what is more, some people brush reputation told me that now no stores do not brush reputation, not the credibility of the brush shop forever don’t come. The rampant false reputation degree as can be imagined. read more

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