College students webmaster, your SEO to which development

from the Internet grassroots webmaster conference in Shandong, re understanding of the value of SEO. In particular, after getting to know the Shandong SEO team, more clearly see SEO for a college student, the significance is not only to improve the ranking of search engines, but to make the site better Internet service.

a friend of my study in the first half of Shandong SEO team, is now ready. It looks like, through the SEO technology to optimize the enterprise has not become a problem, but also by optimizing the enterprise website to promote the sale of Tenth products. Admit, this is a trend. read more

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Shang Ke, create another spring of e-commerce

  have to say that the global economic crisis has swept every country, every city, every industry, like everyone in the face of an economic depression in the winter, including the tea industry also faces the challenges and difficulties of the hitherto unknown.

electronic commerce, has been in the tea industry sales, is a famous. Although e-commerce in the global development is just unfolding, but for the tea industry, electronic commerce is still a worthwhile mining field. Use the network platform to promote sales growth, although this is a new field for the tea industry, but there are still many successful online e-commerce sales success stories, so we have reason to believe that in the face of the current economic crisis, the traditional sales might be more or less impact, but the electronic commerce the growth rate is still worthy of anyone to sit up and take notice through e-commerce, and we have confidence in this platform, through long-term business building, to achieve shanguo hegemony in the field of electronic commerce online sales status. read more

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A written copy on the works of Japan hot copy master promotional writing operation

don’t just sell the steak, but also to sell the sizzling sound! This is a famous American salesman Wheeler quotes. It is hard for people to be interested in what they cannot imagine. It’s like reading articles. No matter how much emphasis on ex gratia, if you can not let the reader imagine right now, it is impossible for people to buy a cost-effective feeling.

asked you first, now free VS. membership dues now will be able to free the membership dues of $9000, which will keep your eyes. read more

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Startups never spend money on marketing Tell some fantastic tales

is now a lot of entrepreneurs in bragging how the company should not spend a penny fortune in marketing can have effect in the. If these words are true, it proves that the product does have an unusual appeal to consumers.

if you don’t spend money to do marketing, it means that consumers need to come to their own, and they used also like to recommend relatives and friends, free for you to do publicity. Every entrepreneur on the marketing effect of this free dream.

unfortunately, if you talk for these people deeply, you will find that this is not so. When a person says that his company has never spent money on marketing, he usually wants to convey that they have never paid a fee. But this does not mean that their companies do not use the following marketing channels: read more

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The entrepreneurial story of campus blog

      in the winter of 2002, University of Science and Technology of China, a sophomore student not to study in the library, but before sitting in the library room in the computer, he was a novelty attracted — this is Blog. He strongly felt that this convenient, novel information release, the form of communication is worth promoting. Since the study of school students in senior to him with MT (Movable-Type) Blog set up, he began to study and gradually, the majority of people can have their own Blog, set up a Blog site service idea clear. Guo Xiaolei himself spent 200 yuan of money, buy a server and domain name, in 2002 December, so he put the Blogbus set up single-handed. read more

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Lao Xie on consumer psychology soft literature


" is a soft consumer psychology literature is a new discipline Laoxie I proposed, namely commodity production, commodity production and trade prompted producers, operators and consumers in different degree, and has begun to pay attention to consumer psychology category is the following, by means of adding soft Wen promotion, achieve marketing objective.

With the gradual progress of human civilization, people’s understanding of the issues related to the category of consumer psychology gradually increased from perceptual to rational, and then expanded the logical thinking and refined a series of theoretical categories. read more

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On the analysis of network marketing strategies and methods

now has bid farewell to the era of marketing good wine is not afraid of the dark alley, but also to promote good wine, in other words, is the network marketing to achieve the effect of icing on the cake, wine is a fascinating piece of brocade cloth, but the network marketing is to add the brocade cloth flowers, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales! And website content and user experience is the equivalent of this wine, how to sell this wine, it should be through the network marketing strategy! Let the author talk about how to build a network marketing strategy of the read more

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360 Badilong children watch SE experience baby love

360 Badilong children watch with a SE indicating a protective film on the production, there are instructions watches, very intuitive, such as mobile phone card inserted and charging interface position is introduced; the box is half a small part of the design specification and other accessories box; the packing box is designed by the watch very much in line with the children the style of the box body, with bright yellow color, very bright and interesting.

cleverly cartoon image design in the Badilong box body, there is at the bottom of the product related information and the two-dimensional code printed on the back, "360 let each child safer" slogan, presumably 360 original design of the product itself. read more

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Seven bottlenecks in website operation

many webmasters in the development of each stage, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following seven aspects of how to break through the bottleneck problem of the site.

first, the site positioning bottleneck

At the beginning of the construction of

website, it is often the positioning problem. The ambiguity of the site, will force the site again and again, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the owners with the new field of love, will stick to it. Especially with the goal of the user’s research and site profit point mining, will slowly unlock the crux of the development of the site. Difficulty factor: 10% read more

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How to find the resonance point of the user

I do intellectual property agency business in our company, Beijing. In the year before, only three thousand of the annual amount of application for trademark registration, patent also hundreds of pieces, then after a year of development, now our trademark registration applications exceeded tens of thousands. And repeat customers special. How did I do that?

I, my operating ideas

Jobs’s marketing concept, there is a word, gave me a lot of inspiration, we need to find a resonance in our customer’s emotions. Then he gave an example of Nike shoes. When we think of Nike shoes, it feels different from other shoes. Because they are not the core of the operation of marketing, tell him how good his shoes, but played out to commemorate the great athletes, the core. So we have to find our customers. read more

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Shock! From the world parents heart to see the marketing!


this day I was sitting at the computer desk to prepare a marketing plan, it is on time, this time, the office came in a 40 year old middle-aged people.

never face, look very old, should belong to work out from the rural areas, because of the man and my father both face and temperament are somewhat similar, like the face of the wind, like half white hair, like micro bow back, like a dusty clothes. Can be said to be half an old man.


Because the

in the home school children told him that he wanted to buy a scooter bag: this book will be more convenient, not every endorsement package is very tired. read more

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Want traffic Then sweep out a one hundred thousand (WeChat and QQ)

want to get traffic? Think ah, dream are thinking! Do not dream, the flow will not take the initiative to send home. The flow is divided into two types, passive and active passive traffic flow, traffic flow is hard to find, easy to take the initiative, but certainly to eat bitter! Come on, the old driver to take you to open a street overnight pull flow


traffic is divided into two types, passive flow and active flow.


" to passive traffic

comes from the active recommendation of others – in addition to the day after day careful management of content, fans, contacts, there is no shortcut. read more

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Mobile marketing FAQ to learn from where to start

[Abstract] for the industry focus and entrepreneurial trends, if you have a problem, can the entrepreneur "question and answer" registration questions, small business and the majority of users, will be actively looking for the right answer for you. Today recommended, is about mobile marketing questions.

asked: our company’s products are good, the user feedback has been very good, but marketing has been doing bad, the market did not really open. 2014 intends to invest in marketing. Our product positioning is young people, so I think in the mobile marketing to do some try. Mobile marketing is a new thing, change fast, I need to continue to learn. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but also a lot of books, but it is very difficult for me to choose such a novice. Can you make a recommendation to save me some time read more

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Han Han founded ONE App was 60 million yuan A round of financing

technology news Tencent Tencent venture fund partner CRE capital, today told the Tencent business, which inject $60 million into the Han Han ONE project, stage A wheel.

as a small fresh applications, ONE line for more than three years, pushing a painting every day, a novel, a quiz, a thing, the harvest of about 30000000 of users and millions of reading. Recently, ONE will open a new major revision, trying to read, radio, music and movies, the transformation of the literary life platform.

at the same time, Chupin ONE, Shanghai Tree Culture Communication Co., the company also received the CRE capital injection of 60 million yuan. With a lot of no profit can not stop financing channels of Internet products waiting for spring burn far different from the first day on the line, ONE, has a very good profit. And after the completion of the A round of financing, the direction of ONE will become increasingly clear. read more

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