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U.S. Reserves Right To Meet Cyber Attack With Force

first_imgBy Dialogo November 17, 2011 The United States reserves the right to retaliate with military force against a cyber attack and is working to sharpen its ability to track down the source of any breach, the Pentagon said in a report made public on Tuesday, November 15. The 12-page report to Congress, mandated by the 2011 Defense Authorization Act, was one of the clearest statements to date of U.S. cybersecurity policy and the role of the military in the event of a computer-borne attack. “When warranted, we will respond to hostile attacks in cyberspace as we would to any other threat to our country,” the report said. “We reserve the right to use all necessary means – diplomatic, informational, military and economic – to defend our nation, our allies, our partners and our interests.” Hostile acts, it said, could include “significant cyber attacks directed against the U.S. economy, government or military” and the response could use electronic means or more conventional military options. Cyberspace is a particularly challenging domain for the Pentagon. Defense Department employees operate more than 15,000 computer networks with 7 million computers at hundreds of locations around the world. Their networks are probed millions of times a day and penetrations have caused the loss of thousands of files. The report said the Defense Department was attempting to deter aggression in cyberspace by developing effective defenses that prevent adversaries from achieving their objectives and by finding ways to make attackers pay a price for their actions. “Should the ‘deny objectives’ element of deterrence not prove adequate,” the report said, “DoD (Department of Defense) maintains, and is further developing, the ability to respond militarily in cyberspace and in other domains.” Key to a military response is being able to quickly identify the source of an attack, particularly challenging due to the anonymous nature of the Internet, the report said. In an effort to crack that problem, the Pentagon is supporting research focusing on tracing the physical source of an attack and using behavior-based algorithms to assess the likely identity of an attacker, the report said. U.S. security agencies also are grooming a cadre of highly skilled cyber forensics experts and are working with international partners to share information in a timely manner about cyber threats, including malicious code and the people behind it, it said. Before moving to offensive action, the United States would exhaust all other options, weigh the risk of action against the cost of inaction and “act in a way that reflects our values and strengthens our legitimacy, seeking broad international support wherever possible,” the report said.last_img read more

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IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National Point Standings Through June 28

first_imgIMCA Modifieds – 1. Chaz Baca, Mesa, Ariz., 1,117; 2. Jeffrey Abbey, Comanche, Texas, 1,083; 3. William Gould, Calera, Okla., and Matt Guillaume, Haslet, Texas, both 1,039; 5. Cory Sample, Winnemucca, Nev., 1,032; 6. Colin Deming, Hobbs, N.M., 1,012; 7. Rob Slott, New Waverly, Texas, 944; 8. Kelsie Foley, Tucson, Ariz., 876; 9. Scott R. Smith, Davenport, Neb., 864; 10. Josh McGaha, Abilene, Texas, 860; 11. Chris Morris, Taylor, Texas, 828; 12. Kelly Shryock, Fertile, Iowa, 825; 13. Drew Armstrong, Alexander, Arkansas, 822; 14. Jordan Grabouski, Beatrice, Neb., 820; 15. Chad Melton, Mineral Wells, Texas, 809; 16. Bryce Garnhart, Shannon, Ill., 807; 17. Jaden Fryer, Freeport, Ill., 787; 18. Chris Bragg, Springtown, Texas, 775; 19. Jay Noteboom, Hinton, Iowa, 772; 20. Bricen James, Albany, Oregon, 760.IMCA Late Models – 1. Matt Ryan, Davenport, Iowa, 764; 2. Andy Nezworski, Buffalo, Iowa, 750; 3. Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque, Iowa, 733; 4. Todd Cooney, Pleasant Hill, Iowa, 660; 5. Rob Toland, Colona, Ill., 632; 6. Chad Holladay, Muscatine, Iowa, 546; 7. Eric Sanders, Sherrard, Ill., 514; 8. Joe Zrostlik, Long Grove, Iowa, 490; 9. Ryan Dolan, Lisbon, Iowa, 483; 10. Joe Ross, Thomson, Ill., 464; 11. Chuck Hanna, Port Byron, Ill., 407; 12. Tim Simpson, Iowa City, Iowa, 397; 13. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown, Iowa, 396; 14. Curt Schroeder, Newton, Iowa, 389; 15. Nick Marolf, Moscow, Iowa, 387; 16. Chad Coyne, Orion, Ill., 384; 17. Shawn Cooney, Bondurant, Iowa, 381; 18. Terry Neal, Ely, Iowa, 349; 19. B.J. Jackson, Clinton, Iowa, 343; 20. Gary Webb, Blue Grass, Iowa, 336.IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Tyler Drueke, Eagle, Neb., 681; 2. Kevin Ramey, Fort Worth, Texas, 660; 3. Matt Richards, Lincoln, Neb., 642; 4. Robert Vetter, Wolfe City, Texas, 546; 5. Austin Mundie, Carrollton, Texas, 520; 6. Mike Houseman, Des Moines, Iowa, 501; 7. Casey Burkham, Combine, Texas, 470; 8. Chip Graham, Lewisville, Texas, 465; 9. Tucker Doughty, Sunnyvale, Texas, 444; 10. Andy Shouse, Oklahoma City, Okla., and Zach Blurton, Quinter, Kan., both 442; 12. Colin Smith, Sheldon, Iowa, 427; 13. Jason Martin, Lincoln, Neb., 425; 14. Steve McMackin, Greenville, Texas, 417; 15. C.J. Houseman, Des Moines, Iowa, 407; 16. Kenneth Duke, Selinsgrove, Pa., 396; 17. Kyle A. Ganoe, Thompsontown, Pa., 394; 18. Toby Chapman, Panama, Neb., 380; 19. Grant Duinkerken, Riverdale, Calif., and Jake Martens, Fairview, Okla., both 376.IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars – 1. Mark Adams, Fort Worth, Texas, 1,064; 2. John Oliver Jr., Danville, Iowa, 1,056; 3. Bryce Pritchett, Combine, Texas, 1,001; 4. Mike Nichols, Harlan, Iowa, 984; 5. Westin Abbey, Comanche, Texas, 981; 6. Andy Roller, Waco, Texas, 907; 7. Troy Burkhart, Hays, Kan., 888; 8. Damon Hammond, Burleson, Texas, 872; 9. Damon Murty, Chelsea, Iowa, 787; 10. Shelby Williams, Bonham, Texas, and Jay Schmidt, Tama, Iowa, both 778; 12. Tyler Pickett, Boxholm, Iowa, 746; 13. Aaron Corley, Meadow, Texas, 718; 14. Kevin Opheim, Mason City, Iowa, 709; 15. Scooter Dulin, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 701; 16. Calvin Lange, Humboldt, Iowa, 693; 17. Colin Heim, Hoxie, Kan., 684; 18. Joe O’Bryan, Round Rock, Texas, 670; 19. Dennis Bissonnette, Stephenville, Texas, and Dan Mackenthun, Hamburg, Minn., both 665.IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks – 1. Leah Wroten, Independence, Iowa, 1,070; 2. Tathan Burkhart, Hays, Kan., 954; 3. Shannon Anderson, Des Moines, Iowa, 850; 4. Justin Wacha, Vinton, Iowa, 848; 5. Jeff Ware, Columbus, Neb., 835; 6. Cody Williams, Minneapolis, Kan., 814; 7. Adam Goff, Minot, N.D., 725; 8. Brady Bencken, Oakley, Kan., 724; 9. Bryce Sommerfeld, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 691; 10. Roy Armstrong, Beatrice, Neb., 683; 11. Allyn Myers, Berwyn, Neb., 675; 12. Luke Wassom, Broken Bow, Neb., 664; 13. Cameron Wilkinson, Neligh, Neb., 661; 14. Dylan Nelson, Adel, Iowa, 652; 15. Adam Ayers, Adair, Iowa, 651; 16. Tim Gonska, Brainerd, Minn., 637; 17. Brooke Russell, Hays, Kan., 632; 18. Jeremiah Andrews, Union, Iowa, 620; 19. Colby Kaspar, Columbus, Neb., 617; 20. Shay Simoneau, Damar, Kan., 613.Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods – 1. Chase Alves, Chandler, Ariz., 1,142; 2. Jason George, Laveen, Ariz., 1,122; 3. Tyler Soppe, Sherrill, Iowa, 1,113; 4. Ethan Braaksma, Newton, Iowa, 1,075; 5. Arie Schouten, Blair, Neb., 999; 6. Brandon Setser, Davenport, Iowa, 994; 7. Austin Howes, Memphis, Mo., 976; 8. Chase Rudolf, Prole, Iowa, 926; 9. Mark Harrison, Coolidge, Ariz., 909; 10. Tony Olson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 892; 11. Jake McBirnie, Boone, Iowa, 867; 12. Dakota Sproul, Hays, Kan., 859; 13. Mark Madrid, Phoenix, Ariz., 849; 14. Ryan King, Tama, Iowa, 830; 15. Johnathon D. Logue, Boone, Iowa, 816; 16. Tyler Watts, Beloit, Kan., 815; 17. Austen Becerra, Carthage, Ill., 781; 18. Colby Fett, Algona, Iowa, 761; 19. Cody Thompson, Sioux City, Iowa, 750; 20. Austin Luellen, Minburn, Iowa, 745.Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMods – 1. Gabe Tucker, Carbon, Texas, 1,128; 2. Rodney White, Ector, Texas, 1,109; 3. Tyler Bragg, Springtown, Texas, 1,058; 4. Jake Upchurch, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1,042; 5. Trevor Raney, Sherman, Texas, 1,040; 6. Taylor Florio, Copperas Cove, Texas, 1,023; 7. Kyle Wilkins, Italy, Texas, 923; 8. Dustin Robinson, Post, Texas, 888; 9. James Skinner, Burleson, Texas, 658; 10. Ryan Thomas, Lubbock, Texas, 655; 11. Cory Williams, Slaton, Texas, 652; 12. James McCreery, Midlothian, Texas, 639; 13. Hayden Wade, Waco, Texas, 635; 14. Justin Nabors, Kemp, Texas, 631; 15. James Hanusch, Belton, Texas, 565; 16. Ronnie Bell, Lorena, Texas, 556; 17. Nick Clinkenbeard, Weatherford, Texas, 554; 18. Scot Raney, Sherman, Texas, 549; 19. Kamera McDonald, Keller, Texas, 547; 20. J. P. Vasquez Jr., Lubbock, Texas, 542.Mach-1 Sport Compacts – 1. Julia Childs, Weatherford, Texas, 983; 2. Howard Watson, Weatherford, Texas, 954; 3. Bubba Brown Jr., Jackson, Minn., 924; 4. Scott Newbury, Rhome, Texas, 903; 5. Ramsey Meyer, Pierce, Neb., 746; 6. Curtis Miller, Lewis, Iowa, 743; 7. Shawn Hein, Beatrice, Neb., 717; 8. Andrew Harris, South Sioux City, Neb., 688; 9. Barry Taft, Argyle, Iowa, 681; 10. Jakob Schwien, Russell, Kan., 625; 11. Harold Clifton, Stephenville, Texas, 623; 12. Clifton Whisenant, Proctor, Texas, 620; 13. Brian Bagent, Killeen, Texas, 619; 14. John Martinez, Beatrice, Neb., 614; 15. Jay DeVries, Spencer, Iowa, 594; 16. Terry Tritt, York, Neb., 581; 17. Alex Dostal, Glencoe, Minn., 579; 18. Kaytee DeVries, Spencer, Iowa, 568; 19. Joshua Young, Beatrice, Neb., 551; 20. Oliver Monson, Clear Lake, Iowa, 543.last_img read more

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31 Photos from Puerto Viejos Rasta Tope

first_img Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Timescenter_img Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Related posts:VIDEO: Vegetable oil bus stalled in San José Video: U2 loves Costa Rica, as Bono gives a lucky Tica fan in Chicago the best concert ever ‘The Nutcracker’ at San José’s National Theater PHOTOS: The best of Palmares Tope 2016 Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Crush Boone/The Tico Times Facebook Comments Crush Boone/The Tico Timeslast_img read more

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