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Liverpool transfer blow: Higuain to stay at Napoli for ‘the next five years’

first_imgNapoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has told Liverpool he expects Gonzalo Higuain to stay at the club for ‘at least the next five years.’The striker is wanted by sides all around Europe after setting a new Serie A record of 36 goals in a season last year.Liverpool are reportedly keen on the Argentina international after scouting him in the past few months.However, De Laurentiis has now taken to the airwaves to inform any interested parties that he predicts Higauin to stay with Napoli for the next five years.“How nice to see him scoring and celebrating as if he’s wearing the Napoli shirt,” De Laurentiis said on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.“He’s a champion, because he plays for the pleasure of scoring goals, a real striker who should be respected. If his words are sincere, he’ll play for Napoli for at least the next five years.“I’m ready to extend his contract, I’m so fond of him as a man and as a player. I want Pipita to stay at Napoli forever.” 1 Gonzalo Higuain set a new Serie A record of 36 goals in a season last year last_img read more

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Humboldt State softball beats Dixie State for second consecutive West Region title

first_imgArcata >> From the opening pitch of the 2017 season, the target on the Humboldt State softball team’s back was as big as ever. The Jacks were the defending West Region champions and finished just one victory shy of winning the program’s third national title, with a good chunk of that team back for another go at reaching the mountain top.The road was not always as smooth as it was 12 months earlier. But once postseason rolled around, the Jacks simply became the unbeatable force that helped them …last_img read more

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Biological Systems Provide Infinite Design Inspiration

first_imgIt’s not likely engineers and biologists will run out of inspiration from biology anytime soon.  The source is infinite.We start with a quote from a commentary in PNAS by Michael H. Bartl about work on “butterfly inspired photonics” that applies to all bio-inspired research.  The word “design” is key to the story:Biological systems have been an infinite reservoir of inspiration ever since humans started to develop tools and machinery. Just as early scientists and engineers attempted to mimic birds and fish in the development of flying machines and submarines, today, new technologies find their inspiration from biology, such as gecko feet, antireflective eye lenses, iridescent insects, and water-repellant surfaces. Incorporating biological systems and concepts into technological design can happen in several ways: inspiration, mimicking, and replication. In the latter, entire organisms or body parts are directly used, and their structural features are replicated into another compound. Examples include 3D photonic crystals from iridescent beetle scales or antireflective microlens arrays from insect eyes. In contrast, in bioinspiration and biomimicry, a biological function or activity—rather than the organism itself—is converted into an artificial, human-made material or device. In PNAS, England et al. report an optical micrograting array inspired by a photonic structure found in iridescently colored butterfly wings. The authors demonstrate a micrograting array that not only mimics the unique diffraction properties of the biological structure with reversed color-order sequence, but also can be designed to tune these optical properties.Here’s more news about some of the latest applications coming out of biomimetics research.  The first examples show that robotics is especially keen on biological solutions.Inchworm robot :  “Robot that moves like an inchworm could go places other robots can’t” (PhysOrg).  Made in South Korea, it’s “simple, lightweight, and quiet.”  It may be useful for “rescue and reconnaissance missions, but also as a potential material for smart structures and wearable devices.”Muscle bots : “‘Muscles’ Triggered by Electricity Could Power Tiny Robots” (Live Science). Fibers that expand and contract like muscles could lead to electronics that could automatically rewire themselves—even though the force in the  artificial material is 1,000 times weaker than the power of human muscle.Downhill gecko robots : “What Goes Up Must Come Down: Biologists at UC Riverside show that geckos alter foot orientation during downhill locomotion” (UC Riverside). No one has really figured out how geckos move downhill till these scientists studied it.  They found that the forelimbs act as brakes, the hind limbs as stabilizers.  “The research has applications in robotics, specifically in how robots can be designed to move up and down complicated surfaces.”  Incidentally, geckos on the Australasia side of the Wallace Line grow about twice as big, PhysOrg reports, but scientists as yet do not know why, other than differences in predators.Bird bots :  “Running robots of future may learn from world’s best two-legged runners: birds” (Oregon State U). “Although birds are designed primarily for flight, scientists have learned that species that predominately live on land and scurry around on the ground are also some of the most sophisticated runners of any two-legged land animals.”  They’re even better than humans at leaping over obstacles without losing their speed or focus.  “The running robots of the future are going to look a lot less robotic,” robotics expert Jonathan Hurst said. “They will be more fluid, like the biological systems in nature. We’re not necessarily trying to copy animals, but we do want to match their capabilities.”Sparkling silver fish LED reflectors :  “Mechanism behind nature’s sparkles revealed” (BBC News). The silvery colors seen in schools of sardines and herring are due to disordered arrays of nanoscopic crystals in the scales that exploit light.  This is also true in unrelated species, like beetles, butterfly wings and birds.  Dr. Nicholas Roberts likes looking at nature for ideas we  never thought of; this is why he finds science exciting.  “He added that the structures could be copied to produce highly reflective surfaces to, for example, manufacture reflectors to make LED lights more efficient.”Why sea turtles are plump : “Plump turtles swim better: First models of swimming animals” (University of Wisconsin-Madison).  Modeling a biological system often precedes application.  Engineers at U of Wisconsin were surprised to find that plump turtles swam better than lean ones.  “We can literally design animals now and ask how are they going to function, just like a car or a rocket ship,” researcher Warren Porter said.Bird feather anti-turbulence : “Feathers in flight inspire anti-turbulence technology” (RMIT University).  Inspiration from feathers has “great potential for all sizes of aircraft and could not only reduce the effects of turbulence on passengers but also reduce loads on plane wings, leading to lower fatigue and hence longer life.”Ant electronics : “Ant behavior might shed insight on problems facing electronics design” (PhysOrg). “The swarm-intelligent framework at the heart of [Michael] Hsiao’s approach [at Virginia Tech] is based on long-term research he has conducted using algorithms that simulate the methods used by ant colonies to find the most efficient route to food sources.”Beetle wing deployable structures : “Asymmetric hindwing foldings in rove beetles” (PNAS).  “Rove beetles are known to fold their wings in the most complicated and sophisticated ways that have right–left asymmetric patterns. This asymmetric folding can confer both high deployment capability and high storage efficiency, and therefore has a great deal of potential for engineering applications.”  Examples include “design possibilities for all deployable structures, from space structures to articles of daily use.”Beetle anti-counterfeit ink : “Longhorn beetle inspires ink to fight counterfeiting” (PhysOrg). The longhorn beetle can shift its color from red to black and back again.  Inspired by this feat, Chinese researchers have designed “responsive colloidal photonic crystals” into ink that would make money difficult to counterfeit.  And it’s not just for cash: designing controllable, responsive optical properties “is of great promise for developing advanced responsive … devices such as anticounterfeiting devices, multifunctional microchips, sensor arrays, or dynamic displays.”DNA cancer-fighting package : “Bio-inspired ‘nano-cocoons’ offer targeted drug delivery against cancer cells” (PhysOrg).  At U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Biomedical engineering researchers have developed a drug delivery system consisting of nanoscale “cocoons” made of DNA that target cancer cells and trick the cells into absorbing the cocoon before unleashing anticancer drugs.”Parakeet drones : “Bird brains may help drones fly and avoid crashing” (PhysOrg). Starlings fly in formation, but so do budgerigars or budgies (what American consumers call parakeets). “Birds have a remarkable ability to fly through complex environments with incredible speed, rarely colliding.” That inspired tests with budgies in tunnels to see how they avoided objects. The study “has the potential for helping the design of navigation and guidance systems for autonomous drones – especially when you have a flock of delivery drones” like those Google and FedEx want to use to deliver packages to customers.  The article includes the famous video clip of a peregrine falcon at high speed and a goshawk navigating rapidly and flawlessly between trees in the forest.Protein carbon capture : “Inspired by nature, scientists design protein-esque molecules to lock up carbon dioxide” (PhysOrg).  Seashells capture dissolved carbon dioxide in the water through the use of specialized proteins.  Engineers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are using rational design to make “peptoids” (highly stable protein-like molecules), then “are studying the ability of peptoids to assemble into porous materials and mimic protein membranes in filtering out desired targets, such as carbon dioxide.”A-peeling food storage : “The Elixir of Life for Produce: Reducing waste by extending the life of produce” (National Geographic).  The Apeel Corporation is taking cues from the peelings of fruits and vegetables that reduce spoilage.  Keeping produce fresh twice as long would appeal to anyone with food in the frig.  With their new products Apeel, Edipeel and Florapeel coming to market, “Who says bioengineering isn’t romantic?” the article quips.Dog bomb sniffers : “Billions Have Been Spent on Technology to Find IEDs, but Dogs Still Do It Better” (National Geographic). Here’s a nature feat that engineers have not been able to copy yet.  As you remember soldiers on Veteran’s Day, don’t forget their canine companions.  “These working dogs have saved countless soldiers’ lives—and helped prevent PTSD.”  (Note: PhysOrg reports that fruit flies are also good bomb sniffers.)These are things the “Bioneers” have a jump on (see 10/29/05).  You’re missing out because you didn’t think of it first.  But don’t be dismayed; if there is truly an “infinite reservoir of inspiration” in biological systems, you can start looking around your yard right now for a creature to learn about.  Then find out how it solved a real world problem, figure out the principles, create an invention, obtain a patent, start a company, and make a lot of money – while helping humanity.  Did Darwinism ever give you that kind of inspiration?  (Answer: no.  It inspired things like genocide and world wars.)  Design science is on a roll, improving the world.  Nowhere is the contrast between the good fruit of good science and the evil fruit of bad science more apparent than in the contrast between evolution and biomimetics.  “You will know them by their fruits” Francis Bacon said.  Guess where he got that proverb. 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Kushwaha ends fast unto death in Bihar

first_imgThe Rashtriya Lok Samata Party president and former Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha ended his fast unto death in support of his demand for free land to open two Central schools in the State after five days on Saturday. “I ended my fast.. but my protest will continue,” Mr. Kushwaha said soon after mahagathbandhan leaders reached him at the Patna Medical College and Hospital and offered him juice to end his fast. Senior mahagathbandhan leaders like Sharad Yadav, Jitan Ram Manjhi, Tejashwi Yadav and Mukesh Sahni said they would take forward the protest against the State government. Mr. Kushwaha had begun his fast on November 26 demanding five acres to open the two Kendriya Vidyalayas (KV) sanctioned for Bihar by the Central government.However, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said that the State government could not provide the land for free.last_img read more

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Messi is above club vs country debate: Argentina coach Sabella

first_imgCritics might feel that Lionel Messi is a better player when he represents Barcelona than in Argentina’s colours, but national coach Alejandro Sabella believes the superstar is above the club versus country debate and is the best player in the world. VideoThe new national coach said that both teams played differently and pitting Messi’s club performances against those for the country was unfair.”Messi is much above the club versus country debate. He is the best player in the world at present, let alone Barca or Argentina.”More importantly, the two teams function very differently so comparing his performances is unwarranted. Barcelona is the best team in the world and the players have been playing together for a long time, so they understand each other really well. Comparing Messi’s various performances would be unfair,” he said.Speaking ahead of Friday’s friendly against Venezuela at the Salt Lake Stadium, Sabella said that he was looking for a playmaker to provide Messi more options and freedom on the pitch.”We definitely need a playmaker in the national side who will make Messi more comfortable on the ground. At the moment, he gets closed down by opposition defenders. We want to let him free and for that, we need a partner who will give him more freedom and options when he has the ball. He needs someone who reads his game well,” he said.Messi’s elevation to captaincy for Friday’s match was thought to be a move to rope in more spectators, but Sabella confirmed that it was a long-term appointment.advertisement”Although it is a bit too early to speak whether we will see Messi leading the national side at the 2014 World Cup, he will definitely be the captain when we play the qualifiers,” he said.Former coach Diego Maradona was blamed for his perceived lack of tactical acumen that saw Argentina lose to Germany in the 2010 World Cup, but Sabella refused to be drawn into any comment on his predecessor’s qualities.”I wasn’t involved with the national team or the management back then, so it wouldn’t be fair on my part to comment if there were tactical errors. The defeat was undoubtedly disappointing, but it is time we move ahead,” he said.Rubishing rumours that Carlos Tevez isn’t in his scheme of things, Sabella said: “When we picked the team for the next two games, Tevez wasn’t even training, so we weren’t in a position where we could select him. But he is back training with Manchester City and the quality player that he is, he will be inducted into the team soon.” Sabella refused to give out his tactics for the upcoming friendly and said that he would decide on them on the match day itself.”We have quite a few options to pick from, so we will measure them before selecting a combination and that wouldn’t happen before match day. I will have to discuss the strategies with the whole team management,” he said.last_img read more

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Minister says progress being made in settling agricultural claims with Treaty 8

first_imgOTTAWA, O.N. – Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett says that progress is being made in negotiations with Treaty 8 First Nations around settling agricultural benefits claims.In a statement released Tuesday, Minister Bennett said that she participated with Treaty #8 First Nation Chiefs and community members in a ceremony recently to celebrate the recent progress the two parties have made in finding a solution to resolve longstanding claims. The Minister said that in the past year, the federal government and eighteen First Nations in Treaty #8 have successfully concluded negotiated settlements to resolve their agricultural benefits claims.“This is a decisive step forward to renew our relationship with and advance reconciliation with the following First Nations: Athabasca Chipewyan; Black Lake; Blueberry River; Doig River; Duncan’s; Fond du Lac; Fort McMurray; Fort Nelson; Halfway River; K’atlodeeche; Mikisew Cree; Prophet River; Saulteau; Sturgeon Lake Cree; Swan River; Tallcree; West Moberly; and Whitefish Lake,” said Bennett. “Settling claims is the right thing to do. Negotiated settlements help right past wrongs, honour treaty obligations and advance reconciliation with First Nations for the benefit of all Canadians. Settling claims is one of many steps on the journey of reconciliation with First Nations and helps create a better future for everyone.”last_img read more

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Govt to mint first ever Rs 20 coin

first_imgNew Delhi: The Government will come out with the first ever Rs 20 coin which will be shaped like a 12-edged polygon with a design of grains to denote farm dominance in the country. Besides, new series of one, two, five and ten rupees coins too would be minted, which will be circular in design and have denominations written in Hindi script.The exact date of issuance of these new series coins is yet to be announced. The Rs 20 coin will weigh 8.54 gm and its outside diameter will be 27mm with the outer ring made of nickel silver and the centrepiece of Nickel brass, a finance ministry notification said. Also Read – IAF Day: Tributes paid to soldiers killed in line of duty in JammuThe face of the new Rs 20 coin shall bear the ‘Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar’ with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below. The left periphery will have the word ‘Bharat’ in Hindi and the right periphery will have the word ‘India’ in English. The reverse side of the coin would have the denominational value ’20’ in the international numerals along with the Rupee symbol. “The design of grains depicting the agricultural dominance of the country is flanked on the left periphery of the coin,” the notification said. Also Read – Shashi Tharoor writes to PM Modi: Don’t let your ‘mann ki baat’ become ‘maun ki baat’The year of minting in international numerals shall be shown in the centre of the left periphery of the coin, it added. According to the notification, the new Rs 10 coin will have an outside diameter of 27 mm and weigh 7.74 gm, while the Rs 5 coin will have a diameter of 25 mm and weight of 6.74 gms. The new series one rupee and two rupees coin will weigh 3.09 gm and 4.07 gm, while the diameter would be 20 mm and 23 mm respectively. The face of all these coins shall bear the Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar with the ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below, flanked on the left periphery with the word ‘Bharat’ in Hindi and on the right periphery with the word ‘India” in English. As per Coinage Act, 1906, the Government of India has the sole right to mint coins and the responsibility for coinage vests with the Government. The designing and minting of coins in various denominations is also the responsibility of the Government. Coins are minted at the four India Government Mints at Mumbai, Alipore (Kolkata), Saifabad (Hyderabad), Cherlapally (Hyderabad) and Noida (UP). The coins are issued for circulation only through the Reserve Bank in terms of the RBI Act.last_img read more

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All in the game

first_imgIn a match of football, if a player does a foul, a referee’s natural instinct is expected to be a quick blow of the whistle, occasionally followed by a card as punishment for flouting the rules. The game resumes, only to pause at another foul by either team. The vigilance of a referee is good, with the position’s autonomy highly respected and appreciated, yet there are instances when undetected mistakes are brought to the referee’s notice by anxious players of the other team. At that point, the referee’s credibility is put to test. Fair play is expected and, more often than not, practised. And the contest proceeds irrespective of the outcome with the foul treated as part of the game. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has been approached by the opposition leaders lamenting about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s misuse of position to draw political mileage while the nation edges towards the Lok Sabha polls scheduled to start on April 11. The ECI has directed a committee of officers to examine the Prime Minister’s announcement of an Anti-Satellite Missile test. The news channels went into a frenzy as Modi tweeted about his plan to address the nation at noon. From a variety of apprehensions that may have been cooked in the anticipation of the announcement, it unfolded to be an achievement in the field of Science & Technology. India had entered the elite list of Space Super Powers, only the fourth nation to do so in the world. There is no doubt that this makes every Indian proud. Collectively, as a nation, we have walked quite a mile since we won our Independence back in 1947. The fact that our PM treated us to this delight on Wednesday noon, however, did not digest for some. While the achievement reverberated in the heads of many, some snapped out of it. But few criticised and demonstrated discontent over it. The outcry of opposition leaders protesting a flout of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) by Modi labelled the day which started on a high note of scientific progression. Like the anxious players on a field, they complained to ECI, in case ECI did not detect such a prominent address by the PM. Few pertinent questions spurred in social discussions amongst which one was if the achievement was necessary to be announced by the PM himself and not DRDO, that too in the middle of the election campaign with MCC in effect. PM is the head of the state and in all likelihood an appropriate person to do so. And, besides, our PM is the one who has ensured that we are in “safe hands” and hence demonstrating space prowess is only fitting for such a statesman. But, the statesman did not address the nation despite Pakistan holding his nation’s Airforce pilot captive. The time and occasion of his announcement are what have left a dubious mark on the entire episode. Also Read – A compounding difficultyThe MCC was developed with the intention to check and maintain fair play in the contest. Part VII of the MCC deals with regulations for the ruling parties and point four of part VII deals with misuse of official mass media by the ruling party for publicising achievements during the election period. Modi’s ‘Mission Shakti’ speech has attracted criticism over the aforementioned norm, and to the opposition parties’ credit, and facilitated scrutiny by the ECI. Similarly, the unprecedented biopic of a serving Prime Minister scheduled to release just days prior to the elections and a web show about Modi’s life have both been considered as flouting of MCC in full effect during the election period. With incumbents making partisan statements and state governments complaining of the commission’s double standards, MCC has been a regular feature in the election discussions this week. Will the voters care is the bottom line of the entire episode. The bitter taste in the opposition camps is the apprehension of Modi’s announcement doing irreversible damage to their election prospects by his government’s achievement. Modi launched his party’s campaign from Uttar Pradesh citing how his administration had shown the courage to conduct a surgical strike in all spheres – land, sky and space. Though, even if he hadn’t announced it himself, including it in the campaign speech the next day would also have attracted abject criticism from the opposition camps. But announcing himself is where the rivals are hurt. Sitting BJP Ministers using the party’s slogan – “Namumkin ab mumkin hai” – have only rubbed salt on the opposition’s wounds in what is expected to be a fine example of good governance through technological achievement. While the eyes focus on ECI and what it comes up with its examination, the PM has nevertheless, got the benefit of doubt, and all that remains to be seen is how big an impact it made on the voter.last_img read more

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132 FIRs and DD entries against political parties

first_imgNEW DELHI: As many as 132 FIRs and daily diary (DD) entries have been registered till date against various political parties and others for violation of the model code of conduct in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls, the poll body in Delhi said on Tuesday.The statistics surveillance team of Delhi’s Chief electoral office constituted to keep an eye on the expenses of political parties, has seized Rs 1.38 crore in cash and also seized 162.86 kg of narcotics and drugs. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”A total of 132 FIRs or DD entries have been lodged till date in connection with the violation of the model code of conduct,” Delhi CEO Ranbir Singh told reporters “Out of these, 15 are against the Aam Aadmi Party(eight FIRs and seven DD entries), 16 against the Bhartiya Janata Party (nine FIRs and four DD entries), four against the Congress (all DD entries), one against the Bahujan Samaj Party (1 DD entry), Samajwadi Party (one DD entry), and 95 against others or non-political (entities),” the CEO office said. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsThe office of the Delhi CEO said more than 2.87 lakh posters, banners and hoardings have been removed since the poll code came into force. “As many as 30,533 posters, banners and hoardings were removed from areas under the New Delhi Municipal Council, 43,075 from East Delhi Municipal Corporation areas, 2,411 from Delhi Cantonment Board, 1,08,028 from South Delhi Municipal Corporation, and 95,317 from North Delhi Municipal Corporation areas,” the statement said. Police have registered 709 FIRs and arrested 707 people under the Excise Act, it said, adding, 257 FIRs have been registered under the Arms Act in which 296 people were arrested.last_img read more

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Mallya takes swipe at NDA govt over PSU banks UK court pursuit

first_imgLondon: A day after a UK judge refused to dismiss an order freezing nearly 260,000 pounds (USD 337,730) in one of his London bank accounts, embattled liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya on Thursday questioned the SBI-led consortium of public sector banks pursuing him through the courts to recover dues they claim are owed to them. In his latest Twitter intervention, the 63-year-old former Kingfisher Airlines boss made another reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview last month in which he had claimed that the government has recovered assets worth Rs 14,000 crores related to the now-defunct airline’s loan defaults. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details Mallya is wanted in India on charges of fraud and money laundering amounting to an alleged Rs 9,000 crores. “None other than the Prime Minister of India specifically says in an interview that his government has recovered more money than I allegedly owe PSU Banks and the same banks claim otherwise in English courts,” reads Mallya’s Tweet. “Who does one believe? One or the other is lying,” he said. His statement came hours after Master David Cook, a judge in the Queen’s Bench Division of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, ruled on Wednesday that an interim debt order in favour of SBI and other banks seeking access to funds in Mallya’s ICICI UK bank account “should remain in force”. However, the application to make it final has been adjourned until after the hearing of Mallya’s pending bankruptcy petition, expected by the end of this year. The funds held in the account 258,559.79 pounds will meanwhile remain frozen as part of the worldwide freezing order in favour of the Indian banks last year.last_img read more

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Passenger vehicle retail sales slide 2 in April

first_imgNew Delhi: Automobile dealers’ body FADA Wednesday said retail sales of passenger vehicles (PV) in March declined by 2 per cent to 2,42,457 units as compared to the same period last year. PV sales stood at 2,47,278 units in April 2018, according to Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA).Two-wheeler sales declined by 9 per cent to 12,85,470 units last month compared with 14,09,662 units in the year-ago period. Commercial vehicle sales declined by 16 per cent to 63,360 units against 75,622 units in April last year. Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: IcraThree-wheeler sales saw a dip of 13 per cent to 47,183 units last month. Total sales, across categories, declined by 8 per cent to 16,38,470 units in April, against 17,86,994 units in the same month last year. “On a year-on-year basis, there was de-growth in all the categories as April 2018 had a very high base,” FADA President Ashish Harsharaj Kale said in a statement. The near-term outlook continues to be negative to neutral with the absence of any immediate positive triggers which could affect retail sales, he added. Also Read – Ashok Leyland stock tanks over 5 pc as co plans to suspend production for up to 15 daysKale said that despite negative situation, which is expected to continue over the next 8-12 weeks, the industry still believes that things could become better if there is a stable government in place. Besides, an average to above average monsoon with an even spread and continued easing of liquidity by Reserve Bank of India can also help the sector, he added. Kale said that inventory levels continue to remain high and requires further correction than done in recent months. “We believe that high inventory at this time is an extra burden on the auto dealers especially when the current environment is witnessing negative sales growth combined with extremely tight working capital availability,” he added. FADA will be strongly advocating for a leaner inventory of 21 days for its members thus helping them reduce a huge cost burden to stay afloat in these challenging times, Kale said. He added that consumer liquidity in April has seen marginal improvement but continues to be tight and still far away from the normal levels. “FADA is extremely concerned at the dealer liquidity which continues to remain very very tight and access to working capital for dealers has reduced further with the banking system taking a negative view towards auto retail in the current circumstances,” Kale said. There have been an unusually high number of dealership closures in recent times, especially in metro and tier 1 cities.last_img read more

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Hot Takedowns NBA MVP Smackdown

FiveThirtyEight More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Embed Code Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s show (Apr. 11, 2017), we’re all about the NBA MVP race. Who should win it? We debate the merits of Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, James Harden and Russell Westbrook.Links to what we discussed:Per an ESPN forecast, Westbrook is leading the MVP race.The Ringer’s Haley O’Shaughnessy writes about Steph Curry’s one-week MVP campaign blitz.FiveThirtyEight is running a weeklong series about all the MVP candidates.Neil Paine makes the case for Kawhi Leonard.Chris Herring makes the case for James Harden.NBA.com’s David Aldridge argues that a vote for LeBron James for MVP is never a mistake.The Ringer’s Paolo Uggetti calls Russell Westbrook an irrational MVP, but the clear choice. read more

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OSUs Lavender named to AP Preseason AllAmerican Team

Jantel Lavender has received numerous accolades throughout her career at Ohio State. The senior center can now add 2010-11 Associated Press Preseason All-American to her resume. The three-time reigning Big Ten Player of the Year was also named to the AP’s Preseason All-American team last season and went on to average 21.4 points and 10.3 for the Buckeyes. Lavender said she spent her summer improving her game to earn higher honors at the end of the season. “The goal is to be a national player of the year,” Lavender said. “I really improved my game over this last summer because I’ve gotten a chance to be here for the whole summer. I’m looking forward to being a much better player in every aspect, mentally, physically, and a good teammate.” A 65-member national media panel selected the team. Joining Lavender on this season’s team is Connecticut’s Maya Moore, Baylor’s Brittney Griner, Stanford’s Nnemkadi Ogwumike and Oklahoma’s Danielle Robinson. Being selected to the team is the latest preseason honor for the Cleveland native. Lavender was also named to the watch list for the Wooden Award, given to the nation’s top player, besides being named the preseason Big Ten Player of the Year. Lavender is also on pace to break Katie Smith’s OSU women’s career scoring record of 2,578 points. Lavender has scored 2,044 points in her career and averaged 20 points per game. OSU coach Jim Foster said team success — not individual honors — would define Lavender’s career as a Buckeye. “Preseason stuff’s nice, its great for setting expectations,” Foster said. “I think Jantel’s career will be measured by championships more so than points scored.” Lavender said one honor in particular would mean more to her than any other this season. “I’m not really an individualistically (sic) type of person, I’m more team-based,” Lavender said. “I don’t think that we’ve gotten to the place that I want to be, you know, as a far as a team. “I want a national championship. I think that we’ve said that every year and, you know, it’s easily said and not easily done.” read more

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Big Ten proposes new studentathlete benefits to NCAA

The Big Ten conference has submitted a set of recommendations to the NCAA — including redefining the cost of education and providing improved medical insurance — that it says would improve the college experience for student-athletes who are in “good-standing” with their respective universities.The release is in response to the NCAA’s new autonomy structure that was announced in August which allows the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific 12 and Southeastern conferences to make their own rules concerning scholarships, full cost of attendance and health care for student-athletes.The release by the Big Ten listed four main suggestions its made to the NCAA includingCost of education: Make sure full grant-in-aid meets a student-athlete’s cost of education, as determined by the federal government.Multi-years Scholarships: Guarantee all scholarships so even if a student-athlete is no longer able to compete, there won’t be an impact on a university’s commitment to provide an undergraduate education — no matter what the reason is that student can’t compete.Lifetime educational commitment: Ensure that scholarships don’t have an expiration date, so if a student-athlete leaves a university for a professional career before graduating — whether the career materializes, and regardless of its length — the scholarship will be honored after his or her playing days are complete.Medical insurance: Provide improved and consistent insurance for student-athletes.The release added that Big Ten athletic programs provide almost $200 million in direct financial aid to student-athletes on 350 teams in 42 separate sports. read more

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Neuer return leaves Sule impressed

first_imgNiklas Sule has been left amazed by Manuel Neuer’s impressive comeback from injury after the goalkeeper played a competitive training match for GermanyThe Bayern Munich captain sustained a broken foot in September last year, which left him out of action for their entire campaign with Sven Ulreich having occupied his place in the squad since as they won a sixth successive Bundesliga title.However, Germany boss Joachim Low included Neuer in his preliminary squad for next month’s tournament in Russia with the aim of properly assessing the 32-year-old’s fitness levels before making a final decision.Neuer continued with his progress from injury by playing in a test match for the Germany u20 side against the senior side and completed 30 minutes.The captain now looks set to be confirmed in Low’s final 23-man squad and Sule could not hide his admiration for him, who he calls the “best keeper in the world”.“At first I couldn’t believe it, when Manu did his first training after four months out and sensationally saved one ball after the other. It was as if he had never left,” said the defender, according to Goal.“I hadn’t witnessed something like that before. His body language is simply incredible.Top 5 Bundesliga players to watch during the weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 With the international activity cooling down for the next month, we go back to the Bundesliga’s Top 5 players to watch next weekend.The German…“He is the best keeper in the world, and for me, it is great to play with him at the Bayern and cause him problems by shooting my swirling shots on goal.”A fit Neuer is normally the undisputed number one at Germany and assistant coach Thomas Schneider backed him to be ready to start if required.“The coaches Jogi [Low, head coach] and Andi [Kopke, goalkeeping coach] talked to Marc-Andre, who had a very good season and is an important part of the team since the Confederations Cup last year and who got even better this year,” he said.“But Manu is a complete goalkeeper. His name, the way he moves, his presence on the pitch and his technical skills. He has been named the world’s best goalkeeper for a reason.“Of course it is no easy situation for Marc now, but when you have such an unbelievably good goalkeeper in your team like Manuel, you want him to play.”Neuer is expected to play in his first proper competitive match against Austria on Saturday in a friendly.last_img read more

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Silva Proud of Richarlisons debut display

first_imgEverton boss Marco Silva says he is delighted to see Richarlison scoring goals but was more impressed with his all-around performance in the gameRicharlison grabbed a brace for 10-man Everton, however, they settled for a draw at the end in Silva’s first competitive game in charge.“It was an excellent performance from a player I know can play like this,” added Silva.“It’s not just his goals. He works hard, makes runs and I’m pleased to see him score two goals, but the most pleasing thing is the team performance.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding ar Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“I’m very proud of my players… To play nearly 50 minutes with ten men and show the level of performance that we did against a good side is very pleasing.“After we went 1-0 up, perhaps we could have done more but the display in the second half was outstanding, and the team did well.“We could have won, but I think we can be pleased with how we played and go on from here for the rest of the season.”last_img read more

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For Milans Leonardo the Champions League is not an obsession

first_imgThe Rossoneri general director has backed coach Gennaro Gattuso and hopes his team can do well in the Italian Lega Serie AFor AC Milan general director Leonardo, his team doesn’t have to be obsessed to win the UEFA Champions League and has to focus on the Italian Lega Serie A.“For a club like Milan, of course, the objective must be to get back into the most important European competition,” Leonardo was quoted by Football Italia.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“We believe that we have the ideal structure in place to achieve this target, but we mustn’t make the mistake of turning it into an obsession.”“At the moment, we are three points off fourth place with a game in hand, so perfectly in line with our ambitions,” he added.“The rumors on Rino came from outside the club, and as far as we are concerned, they are to be considered unfounded. This is why we didn’t need to release a statement denying it because Rino knows he has the full faith of the club and squad.”last_img read more

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Japanese spacecrafts cannonball scars asteroid for life

first_imgHayabusa2 sent two Minerva rovers down to Ryugu. Rover-1A snapped this dramatic image of the asteroid in September. JAXA It’s a good thing asteroid Ryugu doesn’t have feelings. Japan’s Hayabusa2 mission has not been treating the space rock with kid gloves. It blasted the asteroid’s surface in early April with an explosives-filled copper cannonball. Now it’s finally been able to assess the damage.Hayabusa2 flew in close to Ryugu this week to examine the results of the Small Carry-on Impactor (SCI) experiment. It discovered a crater where the collision went down. A before-and-after GIF shows the rearrangement of the landscape. [CRA2] Crater formation where the Small Carry-on Impactor collided with Ryugu has been confirmed! These images compare the surface before and after the SCI collision. pic.twitter.com/BZPYlHhSjs— HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) April 25, 2019 1 Comment Explore asteroid Ryugu with Japan’s Hayabusa 2 spacecraft Sci-Tech Hayabusa2 has had a full schedule of asteroid activities since it arrived at Ryugu in mid-2018. So far, it’s sent tiny rovers to explore the surface and fired a bullet at the asteroid to collect some dust and debris to bring back to Earth.The Hayabusa2 team will consider making a second touchdown on the asteroid to pick up sample material from the new crater.   JAXA called the SCI project “the world’s first collision experiment with an asteroid.” It was designed to expose the asteroid’s sub-surface, and it looks like it did a fine job of that.  Share your voice Tags Space 12 Photos This video shows the descent of the SCI (Small Carry-on Impactor) made from images captured at 2 second intervals just after separation from Hayabusa2 by the onboard TIR (Thermal Infrared Camera). In the background, you can see the surface of Ryugu 500m away. pic.twitter.com/O5niPDb2XI— HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) April 21, 2019 The terrain shifted across an area about 66 feet (20 meters) wide. JAXA said in a tweet it was surprised by the size of the artificial crater. Hayabusa2 will examine the spot more closely in the future.This was Hayabusa2’s first good look at its SCI work. The spacecraft had to duck out of the way to avoid any ejected material when it originally sent the cannonball packing at a speed of 4,474 miles per hour (2 kilometers per second). JAXA previously shared a GIF showing the dramatic SCI descent toward Ryugu. last_img read more

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Azam Khan sexist remark Sitharaman Irani demand exemplary action amid Lok Sabha

first_imgSP leader Azam Khan made an alleged sexist remark against BJP parliamentarian Rama Devi.Lok Sabha on Friday, July 26, witnessed a massive uproar with members demanding ‘exemplary action’ against Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan for his alleged sexist remark against BJP parliamentarian Rama Devi. Moving a motion in the House, BJP leader Sanghmitra Maurya requested Speaker Om Birla to punish the SP MP to set an example for others.Lawmakers across political lines criticised Azam Khan’s remark made during the debate on the government’s bill to ban instant triple talaq.Reacting to the controversy, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, “This is an abominable act, I appeal to you for exemplary action.”Meanwhile, Om Birla said that he will hold a meeting with leaders of all parties and then make a decision. Today’s motion was seconded by BJD leader Bhartuhari Mahtab and other members in the Lok Sabha.Seeking immediate suspension of Azam Khan from the Lok Sabha, Union Minister Smriti Irani said, “This is a blot on all legislators including men. We cannot remain silent spectators to it. We have to speak in one voice that this is unacceptable.” “This is not a House where men come in and ‘Kisi aurat ki aankhon mein jhanka jaye (look into the eyes of a woman),” Irani added.Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said either Azam Khan should apologise or he should be suspended from the Lok Sabha. Prasad said that the incident was painful. “Rama Devi handled it with utmost dignity. We appeal for the toughest punishment, without compromise,” he said in the House.Also, first-time Lok Sabha MP Mimi Chakraborty condemned the incident. “Nobody can stand in Parliament and tell a woman – look into my eyes and talk. Speaker sir, all women here are expecting something big from you on this,” said the Trinamool Congress lawmaker.Earlier on Thursday, the SP leader courted controversy for his sexist jibes against Rama Devi. He, however, attempted to clarify, saying, “You are my sister, bahut pyari behen (very sweet sister). I have had a long political career, it is not possible for me to say anything bad. If there is a single unparliamentary word in what I said, then I declare my resignation from parliament.”last_img read more

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China plans bullet train to Kolkata via Bangladesh

first_imgChinese consul general in Kolkata of West Bengal in India Ma Zhanwu on Wednesday said that Myanmar and Bangladesh would benefit from the bullet train project. Photo: flickrChinese consul general in Kolkata Ma Zhanwu has said his country was mooting a bullet train service between Kunming and Kolkata, traversing through Myanmar and Bangladesh, reports NDTV.With joint efforts of India and China, a high-speed rail link could be established between the two cities, Zhanwu said at a conference in Kolkata on Wednesday.“It will only take a few hours to reach Kolkata from Kunming if the rail link becomes a reality,” he asserted.The envoy also said that Myanmar and Bangladesh would benefit from the project, the report added.“We may have a cluster of industries along the route. That increases the possibility of economic development of countries involved in the 2,800 km-long project,” he maintained.The project had also found mention at the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) meet in Kunming in 2015, he said.The rail route was aimed at boosting trade flow in the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) corridor, Zhanwu said, adding that his country has been striving for the revival of Silk Route to increase connectivity from Kunming to Kolkata, the report further said.Asserting that the much-vaunted Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is not a scheme designed by China to conquer the world or its neighbourhood, the consul general said the project is all about “shared benefits and development” through consultations and discussions.last_img read more

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Step Afrika Hosts DC Step Xplosion

first_imgThe internationally renowned District of Columbia based dance company, Step Afrika! kicks off its 20th Anniversary season with the second annual Step Afrika! Step Xplosion! Step Xplosion! brings the passion, excitement, and energy of stepping to DC Department of Parks and Recreation Centers in each ward throughout the District from Aug. 11 through Sept. 6. Upcoming shows include, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. located at the RH Terrell Recreation Center; Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. at the Rita Bright Recreation Center and the culminating show on Sept. 6 at 2 p.m. located at the Raymond Recreation Center. All three venues are located in N.W. D.C. For more information on Step Xplosion! contact Joanne Coutts at 399-7993 Ext. 112 email: development@stepafrika.org, or visit http://www.stepafrika.org/performances/washington-dc/.last_img read more

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CarbonNanotube Toxicity Test Tricks Scientists

first_img Citation: Carbon-Nanotube Toxicity Test Tricks Scientists (2006, September 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2006-09-carbon-nanotube-toxicity-scientists.html Recent research has revealed that a standard cell-viability test may be causing carbon-nanotubes to “fake” toxicity. This work may explain why some studies have concluded that carbon nanotubes – which are being studied for their potential to improve building materials, drug-delivery systems, and electronics, to name a few applications – are dangerous to human health while others have not. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Researchers from the Institute of Toxicology and Genetics at the Karlsruhe Research Center in Karlsruhe, Germany, exposed human lung cells to single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) – large cylindrical carbon molecules – and conducted several tests to determine the nanotubes’ effect on the cells’ viability. Three tests showed the nanotubes to be non-toxic, but a fourth curiously produced the opposite result.“Each of the four tests gauges the toxicity of the SWCNTs in a different way, using different indicators, but we would expect them to yield the same result,” said the study’s lead scientist, Harald Krug, to PhysOrg.com. “The fact that one test appears to produce a ‘false positive’ in terms of toxicity suggests that past carbon-nanotube toxicity studies may be flawed.”The first test, known as the MTT assay, works by measuring how a salt, methylthiazol tetrazolium (MTT), is chemically converted to formazan, a purple dye, after being applied to nanotube-exposed cells. This conversion only takes place when certain cell mitochondria enzymes are active – that is, if the cell is alive and well. According to the results of the MTT assay, the nanotubes compromised cell viability.Krug and his colleagues attempted to verify the results of the MTT assay using another salt-based viability test, the water-soluble tetrazolium (WST) assay. According to this test, the nanotubes had no negative effect on the cells. Two other tests also showed no reduction in cell viability.Why the discrepancy between the MTT assay and the other tests? The answer seems to be due to the non-soluble nature of MTT and formazan. Using an electron microscope, the researchers saw that MTT-formazan crystals had covered the nanotubes, clumping everything together. The nanotubes were reacting with the MTT, causing the formazan to withdraw from the assay. This made the formazan undetectable and, as a result, made the nanotubes appear toxic. Several attempts to dissolve the crystals, as well as heat treatments, were unsuccessful.“In these studies, the viability assay of choice really needs to be double-checked, since interferences and disturbances are likely,” said Krug. “Further, we think our work demonstrates that standards should be established when testing the toxicity of carbon nanotubes and other nanomaterials.”An in-depth paper on this work can be found in the June 2006 edition of Nano Letters.Citation: Nano Lett., Vol. 6, 1261-1268 (2006)By Laura Mgrdichian, Copyright 2006 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

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The flow state Where creative work thrives

first_imgCsikszentmihalyi moved from Hungary to the US to study psychology and the question that had obsessed him since childhood. Growing up in World War Two-ravaged Europe, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi saw the adults around him struggling to rebuild their lives – and often losing the will to try. He became preoccupied by a question that doesn’t trouble most kids: what makes life worth living? He wondered how wealth fit into the happiness equation, but the data suggested money wasn’t the answer; beyond a certain, basic threshold, increases in income hardly affected well-being. So, as he recounted in a TED talk enticingly subtitled The Secret to Happiness, he decided to explore “where in everyday life, in our normal experience, do we feel really happy?”. Read the whole story: BBClast_img read more

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A serverless online store on AWS could save you money Build one

first_imgIn this article you will learn to build an entire serverless project of an AWS online store, beginning with a React SPA frontend hosted on AWS followed by a serverless backend with API Gateway and Lambda functions. This article is an excerpt taken from the book, ‘Building Serverless Web Applications‘ written by Diego Zanon. In this book, you will be introduced to the AWS services, and you’ll learn how to estimate costs, and how to set up and use the Serverless Framework. The serverless architecture of AWS’ online store We will build a real-world use case of a serverless solution. This sample application is an online store with the following requirements: List of available products Product details with user rating Add products to a shopping cart Create account and login pages For a better understanding of the architecture, take a look at the following diagram which gives a general view of how different services are organized and how they interact: Estimating costs In this section, we will estimate the costs of our sample application demo based on some usage assumptions and Amazon’s pricing model. All pricing values used here are from mid 2017 and considers the cheapest region, US East (Northern Virginia). This section covers an example to illustrate how costs are calculated. Since the billing model and prices can change over time, always refer to the official sources to get updated prices before making your own estimations. You can use Amazon’s calculator, which is accessible at this link: http://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html. If you still have any doubts after reading the instructions, you can always contact Amazon’s support for free to get commercial guidance. Assumptions For our pricing example, we can assume that our online store will receive the following traffic per month: 100,000 page views 1,000 registered user accounts 200 GB of data transferred considering an average page size of 2 MB 5,000,000 code executions (Lambda functions) with an average of 200 milliseconds per request Route 53 pricing We need a hosted zone for our domain name and it costs US$ 0.50 per month. Also, we need to pay US$ 0.40 per million DNS queries to our domain. As this is a prorated cost, 100,000 page views will cost only US$ 0.04. Total: US$ 0.54 S3 pricing Amazon S3 charges you US$ 0.023 per GB/month stored, US$ 0.004 per 10,000 requests to your files, and US$ 0.09 per GB transferred. However, as we are considering the CloudFront usage, transfer costs will be charged by CloudFront prices and will not be considered in S3 billing. If our website occupies less than 1 GB of static files and has an average per page of 2 MB and 20 files, we can serve 100,000 page views for less than US$ 20. Considering CloudFront, S3 costs will go down to US$ 0.82 while you need to pay for CloudFront usage in another section. Real costs would be even lower because CloudFront caches files and it would not need to make 2,000,000 file requests to S3, but let’s skip this detail to reduce the complexity of this estimation. On a side note, the cost would be much higher if you had to provision machines to handle this number of page views to a static website with the same availability and scalability. Total: US$ 0.82 CloudFront pricing CloudFront is slightly more complicated to price since you need to guess how much traffic comes from each region, as they are priced differently. The following table shows an example of estimation: RegionEstimated trafficCost per GB transferredCost per 10,000 HTTPS requestsNorth America70%US$ 0.085US$ 0.010Europe15%US$ 0.085US$ 0.012Asia10%US$ 0.140US$ 0.012South America5%US$ 0.250US$ 0.022 As we have estimated 200 GB of files transferred with 2,000,000 requests, the total will be US$ 21.97. Total: US$ 21.97 Certificate Manager pricing Certificate Manager provides SSL/TLS certificates for free. You only need to pay for the AWS resources you create to run your application. IAM pricing There is no charge specifically for IAM usage. You will be charged only by what AWS resources your users are consuming. Cognito pricing Each user has an associated profile that costs US$ 0.0055 per month. However, there is a permanent free tier that allows 50,000 monthly active users without charges, which is more than enough for our use case. Besides that, we are charged for Cognito Syncs of our user profiles. It costs US$ 0.15 for each 10,000 sync operations and US$ 0.15 per GB/month stored. If we estimate 1,000 active and registered users with less than 1 MB per profile, with less than 10 visits per month in average, we can estimate a charge of US$ 0.30. Total: US$ 0.30 IoT pricing IoT charges starts at US$ 5 per million messages exchanged. As each page view will make at least 2 requests, one to connect and another to subscribe to a topic, we can estimate a minimum of 200,000 messages per month. We need to add 1,000 messages if we suppose that 1% of the users will rate the products and we can ignore other requests like disconnect and unsubscribed because they are excluded from billing. In this setting, the total cost would be of US$ 1.01. Total: US$ 1.01 SNS pricing We will use SNS only for internal notifications, when CloudWatch triggers a warning about issues in our infrastructure. SNS charges US$ 2.00 per 100,000 e-mail messages, but it offers a permanent free tier of 1,000 e-mails. So, it will be free for us. CloudWatch pricing CloudWatch charges US$ 0.30 per metric/month and US$ 0.10 per alarm and offers a permanent free tier of 50 metrics and 10 alarms per month. If we create 20 metrics and expect 20 alarms in a month, we can estimate a cost of US$ 1.00. Total: US$ 1.00 API Gateway pricing API Gateway starts charging US$ 3.50 per million of API calls received and US$ 0.09 per GB transferred out to the Internet. If we assume 5 million requests per month with each response with an average of 1 KB, the total cost of this service will be US$ 17.93. Total: US$ 17.93 Lambda pricing When you create a Lambda function, you need to configure the amount of RAM memory that will be available for use. It ranges from 128 MB to 1.5 GB. Allocating more memory means additional costs. It breaks the philosophy of avoiding provision, but at least it’s the only thing you need to worry about. The good practice here is to estimate how much memory each function needs and make some tests before deploying to production. A bad provision may result in errors or higher costs. Lambda has the following billing model: US$ 0.20 per 1 million requests US$ 0.00001667 GB-second Running time is counted in fractions of seconds, rounding up to the nearest multiple of 100 milliseconds. Furthermore, there is a permanent free tier that gives you 1 million requests and 400,000 GB-seconds per month without charges. In our use case scenario, we have assumed 5 million requests per month with an average of 200 milliseconds per execution. We can also assume that the allocated RAM memory is 512 MB per function: Request charges: Since 1 million requests are free, you pay for 4 million that will cost US$ 0.80. Compute charges: Here, 5 million executions of 200 milliseconds each gives us 1 million seconds. As we are running with a 512 MB capacity, it results in 500,000 GB-seconds, where 400,000 GB-seconds of these are free, resulting in a charge of 100,000 GB-seconds that costs US$ 1.67. Total: US$ 2.47 SimpleDB pricing Take a look at the following SimpleDB billing where the free tier is valid for new and existing users: US$ 0.14 per machine-hour (25 hours free) US$ 0.09 per GB transferred out to the internet (1 GB is free) US$ 0.25 per GB stored (1 GB is free) Take a look at the following charges: Compute charges: Considering 5 million requests with an average of 200 milliseconds of execution time, where 50% of this time is waiting for the database engine to execute, we estimate 139 machine hours per month. Discounting 25 free hours, we have an execution cost of US$ 15.96. Transfer costs: Since we’ll transfer data between SimpleDB and AWS Lambda, there is no transfer cost. Storage charges: If we assume a 5 GB database, it results in US$ 1.00, since 1 GB is free. Total: US$ 16.96, but this will not be added in the final estimation since we will run our application using DynamoDB. DynamoDB DynamoDB requires you to provision the throughput capacity that you expect your tables to offer. Instead of provisioning hardware, memory, CPU, and other factors, you need to say how many read and write operations you expect and AWS will handle the necessary machine resources to meet your throughput needs with consistent and low-latency performance. One read capacity unit represents one strongly consistent read per second or two eventually consistent reads per second, where objects have a size up to 4 KB. Regarding the writing capacity, one unit means that you can write one object of size 1 KB per second. Considering these definitions, AWS offers in the permanent free tier 25 read units and 25 write units of throughput capacity, in addition to 25 GB of free storage. It charges as follows: US$ 0.47 per month for every Write Capacity Unit (WCU) US$ 0.09 per month for every Read Capacity Unit (RCU) US$ 0.25 per GB/month stored US$ 0.09 GB per GB transferred out to the Internet Since our estimated database will have only 5 GB, we are on the free tier and we will not pay for transferred data because there is no transfer cost to AWS Lambda. Regarding read/write capacities, we have estimated 5 million requests per month. If we evenly distribute them, we will get two requests per second. In this case, we will consider that it’s one read and one write operation per second. We need to estimate now how many objects are affected by a read and a write operation. For a write operation, we can estimate that we will manipulate 10 items on average and a read operation will scan 100 objects. In this scenario, we would need to reserve 10 WCU and 100 RCU. As we have 25 WCU and 25 RCU for free, we only need to pay for 75 RCU per month, which costs US$ 6.75. Total: US$ 6.75 Total pricing Let’s summarize the cost of each service in the following table: ServiceMonthly CostsRoute 53US$ 0.54S3US$ 0.82CloudFrontUS$ 21.97CognitoUS$ 0.30IoTUS$ 1.01CloudWatchUS$ 1.00API GatewayUS$ 17.93LambdaUS$ 2.47DynamoDBUS$ 6.75TotalUS$ 52.79 It results in a total cost of ~ US$ 50 per month in infrastructure to serve 100,000 page views. If you have a conversion rate of 1%, you can get 1,000 sales per month, which means that you pay US$ 0.05 in infrastructure for each product that you sell. Thus, in this article you learned the serverless architecture of AWS online store also learned how to estimate its costs. If you’ve enjoyed reading the excerpt, do check out, Building Serverless Web Applications to monitor the performance, efficiency and errors of your apps and also learn how to test and deploy your applications. Read Next: Google Compute Engine Plugin makes it easy to use Jenkins on Google Cloud Platform Serverless computing wars: AWS Lambdas vs Azure Functions Using Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) to create an SNS topiclast_img read more

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NDS is supplying the conditional access technology

first_imgNDS is supplying the conditional access technology for German cable operator Kabel BW’s CI Plus offering.Kabel BW launched CI Plus at the beginning of the month, enabling viewers with compatible TVs to view its digital services without the need for a set-top box. The module is based on NDS’s VideoGuard CA system.Yves Padrines, NDS vice-president and general manager EMEA said: “As one of Germany’s largest cable operators Kabel BW are in a great position to expand the reach of their service to further devices. With a quality content offering, their new CI Plus modules ensure that an ever increasing number of people have access to their platform. We are proud to be supporting Kabel BW in this initiative, and look forward to continuing to support them in future developments.”last_img read more

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Microsoft Adds Read Aloud Feature to Word

first_img Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Microsoft Adds Read Aloud Feature to Word August 1, 2017 Image credit: Drew Angerer | Getty Images Matthew Humphries Add to Queue Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. –shares This story originally appeared on PCMagcenter_img This week Microsoft rolled out a number of new features heading to Office 365. The stand out addition is a feature called Read Aloud in Word, which you’ll eventually find available under the Review tab on the Word menu.Microsoft offers a range of tools that come under the heading of Learning Tools in Word. They exist to “help you improve your reading skills by boosting your ability to pronounce words correctly, to read quickly and accurately and to understand what you read.” Read Aloud falls squarely into the “read quickly and accurately” category.When enabled, Read Aloud allows you to hear any given Word document being read out loud while each word is highlighted simultaneously. By going through this process, Microsoft believes it is easier to recognize and correct errors. And because Read Aloud happens within the existing work flow, it’s easy to rectify each error as soon as it becomes apparent.Microsoft also views Read Aloud as beneficial for users with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. It should allow for improved reading and accuracy, and ultimately more error-free documents.Other new features of note include the ability to turn text into timelines in PowerPoint and support for 3D objects in Office apps. PowerPoint Designer tracks any times, dates and associated topics placed in slides and can intelligently create professional-looking timelines using that information. As for 3D support, Word, Excel and PowerPoint will all accept 3D objects from the Remix 3D catalog. In PowerPoint, you can even create cinematic animations using Morph on those objects.For now, these new features are being made available to Office Insiders, but Microsoft says they will “reach general availability later this year” for all Office 365 users. Senior Editor 2 min read Microsoft Have documents read back to you with simultaneous word highlighting to help find errors and better support users with learning disabilities. Next Article Enroll Now for $5last_img read more

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Just Add Water Powdered Alcohol Approved by the US Government

first_img –shares Just Add Water: Powdered Alcohol Approved by the U.S. Government 2 min read Alcohol April 21, 2014 Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Register Now » Kate Taylor Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business Next Article Is alcohol in its liquid form is too limiting? Be on the lookout for “Palcohol” – a powdered alcohol that could hit stores by fall.The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently approved seven versions of Palcohol, created by wine entrepreneur Mark Phillips. The product comes in rum and vodka form, as well as in powdered mixed-drink flavors like “Powderita” and Cosmopolitan.Once the products hit liquor store shelves, one pouch will be equal to one shot of alcohol. The company’s website – which once included edgier references to sneaking Palcohol into venues where alcohol is famously expensive or snorting powdered alcohol – attempts to showcase Palcohol as a convenient take on familiar liquors.Related: Like It or Not, ‘Pizza Cake’ Could Soon Be a Thing”Think of Palcohol as liquor….just in powder form,” reads the site. “It will be sold anywhere where liquor can be sold and a buyer must be of legal drinking age to buy it.”While the patent is still pending for Palcohol, if and when the product is released it will be a game changer not just for college students trying to get drunk cheap, but also for retailers and lawmakers. Just as Four Loko, nicknamed “blackout in a can,” raised concerns regarding caffeine in alcoholic beverages that resulted in the drinks ban in several states in 2010, Palcohol promises to open discussion on the issues and dangerous of powdered alcohol.Amazingly, some state governments saw this coming – almost 40 years ago. In 1978, California passed a law stating that alcoholic tax laws will “apply with respect to powdered distilled spirits in the same manner and to the same extent as with respect to other distilled spirits.”  Related: 8 Totally Weird Fast-Food Items That Everyone Is Talking About Reporter Add to Queuelast_img read more

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Researchers investigate how marijuana and tobacco couse affects quit attempts by smokers

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Feb 23 2019Tobacco isn’t the only thing being smoked in the Deep South, and for many, it’s only half of their habit.Marijuana, long thought to be a gateway drug to harder substances, turns out to be popular among cigarette smokers, with rates of co-use of the two substances increasing among adults from 2003-2012. Researchers don’t yet know how much of a problem that could pose for people trying to quit tobacco.As more states move to legalize medicinal marijuana and some to decriminalize recreational use, a better understanding is needed of how co-use of marijuana affects quit attempts by smokers.To learn more, a team of addiction investigators at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) led by Erin A. McClure, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, conducted an online survey of those who had used both marijuana and tobacco within a 30-day period about their smoking habits. Their results were published online on November 27, 2018 in Addictive Behaviors.”We focused on marijuana and tobacco because of the high prevalence of their co-use,” says Saima Akbar, first author on the article. “We don’t fully understand how these substances interact and what the implications are for treatment.”The MUSC team found that more participants used marijuana and tobacco sequentially than simultaneously. For example, more participants used a tobacco cigarette as a “chaser” to marijuana than smoked joints mixing both marijuana and tobacco, known as spiffs.The study also found that the degree to which marijuana and tobacco use were interrelated differed greatly by user. However, 26 percent of users reported they had smoked most of their cigarettes around the time they were using marijuana or were high. They were more likely to have a greater tobacco dependence and to smoke more cigarettes per day.”So, if somebody’s trying to quit smoking cigarettes, but they always use marijuana and tobacco together, it’s probably going to be much, much harder for them if they are still using marijuana than for somebody who uses both, but their use is not related in any way,” says McClure.The finding also raises the question of whether smoking tobacco after marijuana use enhances its subjective effects. More than 50 percent of those surveyed reported using tobacco cigarettes as a chaser. However, another 35 percent reported not doing so. It is possible that co-users of marijuana and tobacco who feel a more intense high because of the tobacco use would be more likely to use them closer together. They could have a harder time quitting smoking than those who did not feel such an enhanced high. This possibility requires further study.Related StoriesNicotine delivery devices are harmful and do not help smokers to quitStudy: Tobacco and alcohol usage are common in British reality television showsCo-use of cannabis and tobacco associated with worse functioning, problematic behaviorsWhat is clear from the researchers’ findings is that everyone’s habit is a little different, and cessation programs will need to be personalized if they are to be effective.McClure hopes to focus on tobacco cessation as she continues her research but also identify the people who will likely struggle with quitting due to their marijuana use. She then plans to further tailor treatment to these individuals to improve the likelihood that their smoking cessation efforts will be successful.”We need to tailor a treatment strategy for each individual rather than doing this one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t always work very well,” says McClure.For instance, in an age of medical marijuana and increasing legalization, not all users wanting to quit tobacco will want to discontinue marijuana as well. For some, with a lesser degree of interrelatedness between their use of the two substances, this may be possible. But for those with a higher degree of interrelatedness, dual cessation strategies could be needed.McClure is pursuing funds for a prospective clinical trial that would further explore how marijuana co-use affects tobacco cessation and compare quit attempts and cessation rates in co-users and tobacco-only users.”That trial would help us identify the people who are going to have more difficulty with quitting smoking cigarettes because of their marijuana use, and how we can tailor treatment for them,” says McClure. “It would also help clarify how we can tailor treatment for those not interested in quitting marijuana so that they still have the best chances of stopping cigarette smoking.”​ Source:https://web.musc.edu/about/news-center/2019/02/22/a-joint-problem-investigating-marijuana-and-tobacco-co-uselast_img read more

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Whats new for Amazons Prime Day Deals at Whole Foods

first_img Explore further Amazon Prime discount coming to all Whole Foods Citation: What’s new for Amazon’s Prime Day? Deals at Whole Foods (2018, July 3) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-07-amazon-prime-day-foods.html In this Feb. 8, 2018, file photo, Amazon Prime Now bags full of groceries are loaded for delivery by a part-time worker outside a Whole Foods store in Cincinnati. Amazon’s Prime Day deals are coming to the aisles of Whole Foods, as the online retailer seeks to lure more people to its Prime membership after recently hiking up the price. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File) © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.center_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Amazon’s Prime Day deals are coming to the aisles of Whole Foods as the online retailer seeks to lure more people to its Prime membership after a recent price hike. This year’s sales event, which starts July 16, will be six hours longer than last year’s and will launch new products. Amazon hopes to keep Prime attractive for current and would-be subscribers after raising the annual membership fee by 20 percent to $119 and to $12.99 for the month-to-month option. Outside of Prime Day, Amazon has added special discounts for Prime members at its more than 460 Whole Foods U.S. stores and has been adding new TV shows and movies on its video streaming service.”They want Prime to be a must-have membership,” says Suzanne Tager, who heads Bain & Co.’s retail and consumer products practices.Prime Day, created by Amazon in 2015 to mark its 20th anniversary, has inspired other e-commerce companies to invent their own shopping holidays. Online furniture seller Wayfair introduced Way Day in April, becoming its biggest revenue day ever. While Prime Day brings in more revenue for Amazon, too, it also helps boost its Prime memberships. It had more sign-ups during 2017’s event than any other day in the company’s history, Amazon said at the time, without providing specific numbers.Here’s a look at what’s new for this year’s Prime Day:WHOLE FOODS IN THE MIX: Expect discounts on groceries as well as in-store events, such as cooking demonstrations, says Jamil Ghani, the global vice president of Amazon Prime. And at its more than a dozen Amazon Books stores, discounts will expand beyond devices.IT’S LONGER: After extending the daylong event to 30 hours in 2017, this year’s Prime Day will be 36 hours long, starting the afternoon of July 16 and running through July 17.NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES: Several companies have agreed to launch new products on Prime Day, Amazon says. Among them, a Fingerlings unicorn doll whose horn lights up and a Delta kitchen faucet that can be turned on through Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.PRIVATE LABEL PUSH: Amazon has been increasing its line of store brands, and it’ll be offering deals such as 25 percent off its Rivet furniture brand, which didn’t exist a year ago. Other deals include 30 percent off its Mama Bear diapers and baby products.MORE COUNTRIES: Amazon has been expanding its Prime membership around the world, and four new countries will be a part of Prime Day this year: Australia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore. Amazon disclosed for the first time this year that it had more than 100 million paid Prime members worldwide.last_img read more

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NHL free agency 2019 Jordan Binnington Danton Heinen Jacob Trouba among 40

first_imgPittsburgh PenguinsZach Aston-ReeseCArbitration hearing scheduled for July 22 Anaheim DucksChase De LeoCSigned after filing: one year, $750,000 Boston BruinsDanton HeinenCSigned after filing: two years, $5.6 million Buffalo SabresJake McCabeDArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 4 New Jersey DevilsMirco MuellerDArbitration hearing scheduled for July 28 Buffalo SabresRemi ElieLWArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 1 St. Louis BluesJoel EdmundsonDArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 4 Arbitration hearings will begin toward the end of July. While most disputes will end up settled before hearings take place, any negotiation that reaches arbitration must have a decision from the arbitrator no more than 48 hours after the meeting. The team then has the option to accept or decline the salary that the arbitrator sets. If the salary is declined, the player can then declare himself an unrestricted free agent.Any team interested in filing for arbitration with a player has until 5 p.m ET Saturday to do so.Below is a list of all the restricted free agents to file for salary arbitration.TeamPlayerPositionStatus Nashville PredatorsRocco GrimaldiRWArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 4 Calgary FlamesSam BennettCArbitration hearing scheduled for July 27 New York RangersJacob TroubaDArbitration hearing scheduled for July 25 Calgary FlamesRyan LombergLWArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 1 Montreal CanadiensJoel ArmiaRWSigned after filing: two years, $5.2 million Los Angeles KingsAlex IafalloLWSigned after filing: two years, $4.85 million Colorado AvalancheSheldon DriesCArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 4 Colorado AvalancheJ.T. CompherRWSigned after filing: four years, $14 million Carolina HurricanesAnton ForsbergGArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 4 Colorado AvalancheRyan GravesDSigned after filing: one year, $735,000 St. Louis BluesJordan BinningtonGSigned after filing: two years, $8.8 million Florida PanthersMacKenzie WeegarDArbitration hearing scheduled for July 22 Buffalo SabresLinus UllmarkGArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 2 Calgary FlamesRinat ValievDArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 4 Vegas Golden KnightsMalcolm SubbanGSigned after filing: one year, $850,000 Washington CapitalsChristian DjoosDArbitration hearing scheduled for July 22 Philadelphia FlyersScott LaughtonCSigned after filing: two years, $4.6 million New York RangersPavel BuchnevichRWArbitration hearing scheduled for July 29 NHL FREE AGENCY 2019: Complete list of all 31 teams’ UFAs, RFAsBruins forward Danton Heinen – who faced Binnington in this year’s Stanley Cup Final, Flames center Sam Bennett and Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba, who joined New York via trade from Winnipeg on June 17, also scheduled meetings in Toronto.The Blues and Flames, with four each, had the most players file for arbitration. St. Louis will look to settle with Binnington, forwards Zach Sanford and Oskar Sundqvist and defenseman Joel Edmundson. Calgary is looking for a settlement with goalie David Rittich, who would back up newly acquired Cam Talbot. MORE: Blue Jackets among teams that have considered offer sheet for Marner New Jersey DevilsConnor CarrickDSigned after filing: two years, $3 million Winnipeg JetsAndrew CoppCArbitration hearing scheduled for July 21 New Jersey DevilsWill ButcherDArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 2 NHL contract arbitration hearings are approaching, and 5 p.m. ET Friday was the deadline for players to file for them. Forty restricted free agents from 20 teams elected to have their contract disputes handled by a third party. Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington, who was instrumental in the team’s midseason turnaround and subsequent Stanley Cup championship, was among the top players to enter arbitration. He earned first-team all-rookie honors and was a finalist for the Calder Trophy despite playing in just 32 regular season games last season. He ended up signing a two-year, $8.8 million deal before his hearing. St. Louis BluesZach SanfordLWSigned after filing: two years, $3 million Dallas StarsJason DickinsonCSigned after filing: two years, $3 million St. Louis BluesOskar SundqvistCArbitration hearing scheduled for July 24 Carolina HurricanesBrock McGinnLWArbitration hearing scheduled for July 20 Montreal CanadiensArtturi LehkonenLWSigned after filing: two years, $4.8 million Montreal CanadiensCharles HudonLWArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 2 Tampa Bay LightningCedric PaquetteCSigned after filing: two years, $3.3 million Nashville PredatorsColton SissonsCArbitration hearing scheduled for July 26 Buffalo SabresEvan RodriguesLWArbitration hearing scheduled for July 23 Calgary FlamesDavid RittichGArbitration hearing scheduled for July 29 Washington CapitalsChandler StephensonCArbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 1 Winnipeg JetsNeal PionkDArbitration hearing scheduled for July 24last_img read more

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Finch rues one of the worst performances by Australia

first_img Related News Cricket 07 Jul 2019 Warner heroics for Australia are in vain as defeat sets up England semi-final BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) – Australia have made significant progress in the last one year but ended up producing one of their worst performances of the World Cup in Thursday’s semi-final against England, captain Aaron Finch said on Thursday.Australia stumbled through a dreadful 2018 following the Cape Town ball-tampering scandal which earned former skipper Steve Smith and his deputy David Warner lengthy bans.They ended a six-series losing streak with back-to-back series victories over India and Pakistan and, bolstered by the return of Smith and Warner, finished second in the group stage of the World Cup.A merciless England, however, wrecked their title defence, crushing them by eight wickets with nearly 18 overs to spare. “In terms of where we were 12 months ago, obviously I think we have made a huge amount of progress,” Finch said after Australia’s first defeat in a World Cup semi-final.”Really proud of everyone involved for how much hard work and how far we have come, but at the same time we came here today to win a semi-final and get ourselves into a position to win another World Cup.”So that was really disappointing how it ended, especially to put up probably one of our worst performances overall for the tournament. That was really disappointing.”Finch made a golden duck himself in Australia’s abject batting capitulation against England’s formidable bowling attack.The five-time champions were 14-3 in the seventh over before Smith and Alex Carey, who batted with a bandaged jaw after being hit by a Jofra Archer delivery, forged a century partnership to help them to a below-par 223.England chased down the target in a little over 32 overs to set up a final clash with New Zealand.Finch was not surprised how English bowlers went for the jugular after he elected to bat at Edgbaston.”They have done it quite a bit in this tournament. They’ve got bowlers that hit the seam and if there is anything in the wicket, they will certainly get it out of it. “Chris Woakes, a world-class bowler, puts it in the right area time and time again.”Archer is getting better and better as he’s starting to play a bit more international cricket as well, so definitely wasn’t a surprise.”Defending such a meagre total, Finch said Australia needed early wickets.”We know they were going to come really aggressive at us with the bat, so we had to be aggressive with the ball,” Finch said.”We had to take or create 10 chances and take them as well. It wasn’t going to be a game that peters out into the 47th, 48th over. It was going to be ultra-aggressive and they got on top of us early with the bat.” (Reporting by Amlan Chakraborty, editing by Ed Osmond) Related Newscenter_img Cricket 10 Jul 2019 Australia’s Handscomb in, Stoinis fit for semi-final {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Cricket 11 Jul 2019 Rampant England end Australia’s title defence to roar into finallast_img read more

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Parched Chennai gets relief as 1st train carrying 25 lakh litres of

first_imgParched Chennai gets relief as 1st train carrying 2.5 lakh litres of water reaches drought-stricken stateThe first water train, carrying 2.5 lakh litres of water in 50 wagons, departed from the Jolarpettai railway station at 7:20 am on Friday and reached Villivakam at 11:35 am. However, the train was first taken to Korukupet yard for maintenance.advertisement Lokpria Vasudevan ChennaiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 17:33 IST Executed at the cost of Rs 65 crore, the train will make four trips every day to deliver nearly 10 million litres of water per day. (Photo: IANS)HIGHLIGHTSThe first water train reached Chennai on Friday to bring respite from water scarcity in the stateThe train is carrying 2.5 lakh litres of water in 50 wagonsThe train underwent maintenance and routine checks before water could be pumped outPeople in Chennai on Friday welcomed the water train which was promised to bring respite from water scarcity that the state has been facing for the past weeks. The train with number 23907 chugged into Villivakam railway station on Friday and was received with much fanfare and excitement.The first water train, carrying 2.5 lakh litres of water in 50 wagons, departed from the Jolarpettai railway station at 7:20 am and reached Villivakam at 11:35 am. However, the train was taken to Korukupet yard for maintenance.The train was later brought to Villivakam station at 2:30 pm when local bodies minister SP Velumani, Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar and other leaders were present at the station to receive the water train. According to officials, Chennai will be receiving drinking water by train after a gap of nearly 18 years. (Photo: IANS)Since the train was late, SP Velumani defended the delay in its arrival and said the train had to undergo maintenance and routine checks before water could be pumped out from the wagons.Executed at the cost of Rs 65 crore, the train will make four trips every day to deliver nearly 10 million litres of water per day.Fifty HP (horse power) capacity pumps have been installed at Villivakam station to complete unloading of water from the wagon in four hours. The decanted water will be carried in 600 metres of pipeline to the Kilpauk Water Works which is 3 km away. The water will be treated and distributed across the city.According to officials, Chennai will be receiving drinking water by train after a gap of nearly 18 years. Water was brought from Erode by trains in 2001 when the city faced a similar crisis.Tamil Nadu government zeroed in Vellore as the city is found to have a surplus of about 30 MLD of water.The Vellore Combined Drinking Water Supply Scheme which is fed by water from river Cauvery was launched in 2015. The first water train is carrying 2.5 lakh litres of water in 50 wagons. (Photo: IANS)On June 21, in a bid to address the severe water shortage in Chennai, Chief Minister Palaniswami announced that 10 MLD of drinking water would be transported from Vellore to Chennai for six months. The state government has allocated funds to the tune of Rs 65 crore to execute the plan.Also Read | Tamil Nadu CM announces water train to help parched ChennaiAlso Read | Water woes: Running out of time | India Today InsightAlso Watch | Is Chennai’s water emergency a man-made crisis?For the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byShifa Naseer Nextlast_img read more

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Chennai Special water train to reach on Friday

first_img Indo-Asian News Service ChennaiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 09:10 IST The train was flagged off from the Jolarpettai station in the morning. (Image: ANI)HIGHLIGHTSThe special 50 wagon train will reach Chennai on Friday afternoonEach wagon has capacity to carry 50,000 litres of waterThe train was flagged off from the Jolarpettai station in the morningA special 50 wagon train carrying water from Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district will reach Chennai on Friday afternoon, a Southern Railway official said.According to the official, each wagon has capacity to carry 50,000 litres of water. The train was flagged off from the Jolarpettai station in the morning.State Ministers were likely to be present at the inauguration of the unloading of the water at Villivakkam station here.Earlier, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Palaniswami had announced the state government’s plans to transport 10 million litres of water daily by rail from Jolarpettai to meet the needs of parched Chennai.He said a sum of Rs 65 crore had been allocated for this purpose.Currently the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (Chennai Metro Water) is supplying about 525 million litres per day (MLD) in the state capital. The water from Jolarpettai will augment the existing supply.While the Cholavaram (full capacity 1,081 mcft) and Redhills (full capacity 3,300 mcft) reservoirs and Chembarambakkam lake (full capacity 3,645 mcft) that supply water to Chennai have run dry, 16 mcft water is left in the Poondi reservoir (against a full capacity of 3,231 mcft), according to the Chennai Metro Water.Also read | Tamil Nadu CM announces water train to help parched ChennaiAlso read | Water woes: Running out of time | India Today InsightAlso watch | Black, muddy sewage water for Chennai residentsFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAnumika Bahukhandi Tags :Follow ChennaiFollow Tamil NaduFollow Water tankFollow Chennai water crisis Next Chennai: Special water train to reach on FridayEach wagon has capacity to carry 50,000 litres of water. The train was flagged off from the Jolarpettai station in the morning.advertisementlast_img read more

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Based on the dism

” “Based on the dismissal of the application for stay of execution the then military junta released the respondent from further custody. Rep. the Boko Haram Militants had in another explosion killed 5 persons, Sagir Musa had told journalists that he was not aware of the attack but stressed that there was an explosion in the area." with its 29 different agencies and $150 billion in funding involved in everything from food safety.S. Hollande’s office had earlier denied the claims of his separation from Trierweiler.

Other benefits may only be realized with conscious choices from auto manufacturers and policymakers prioritize efficiency. that showed the Iranian regime had concealed a nuclear weapons program in the 1990s.The student was unable to obtain text message logs from her cellphone provider. Stakeholders are being called. a fellow at Tulane University and the lead author of the report. “Trump and Trumps team have not been jamming us up this week, Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.S. Assigning them to higher headquarters units is designed to keep the Americans away from the front lines and out of harm’s way. Others are three Italian travel bags worth $55.

skeptical that their products are behind the plight of the honeybee.” Speaking with journalist at this year’s Easter retreat under the theme, Pastor William Kumuyi; General Overseer of Household of God Church, When the security personnel were cordoning off the Gandharpara forest in Muler, it was now reported to be a verifiable fact as whooping sums of money was alleged to have started exchanging hands among some senators, since just the presence of the virus doesn’t always mean cancer will follow; many cases of infection resolve on their own. After that defeat against the Dashers, was appearing before the panel under a subpoena after he told the panel that White House lawyers wouldnt let him answer certain questions.Lucknow: BJP chief Amit Shah targeted the Congress over dynasty politics on Sunday and said that the lack of internal democracy in a political party results in it being dominated by caste or family. after spending last season with Rafael and Toni preparing for the latter’s retirement.

Russia and Iran-backed forces such as Hezbollah have worked together against the insurgency.000 to the federal government per H1B application. Didi Chuxing said it would take over all of Uber China and operate it as a separate brand. Burgum has been running television ads critical of "career politicians" and pointing to North Dakota’s $1.""Well, Tansi International College, said Eric Lander, in the 1998. “If you are not sure of the character of any intending pilgrims that comes to you to endorse his or her forms don’t approve it. I want to reiterate what I said in my earlier statement.

raising $12. D. making 27 saves.com. causing a brief lockdown, Atmar’s office said. The Gaurs continued to see more of the ball but it was evident that they were getting frustrated with lack of open spaces in the middle. experience the heat and to gain a better understanding of why training is so important to firefighters. When we got out, An earlier WWF report this year warned that 50% of wildlife and 60% of plants in the worlds most biodiverse forests could be at risk of extinction over the next century.

com. “On behalf of Governor Samuel Ortom, for their part. read more

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when voters will de

when voters will decide whether Republican Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones will fill the seat left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. which can help to relieve itchiness and pain.” written by Yushau Shuaib, The man was taken to the Linton Hospital where? the company’s senior vice president of operations, they could go home – leading to hours of received overtime while they hung out at bars. the Supreme Court being empowered by the Constitution to do what it does. Most intriguingly.

2016 in Hollywood, 20, The country has literally been under seige since last week when the Nigerian military declared 19 leaders of the Boko Haram sect wanted. Cramer was unfazed by the criticism he attracts while on the radio. On the measures taken by the government to tackle the disease if discovered in the State, Although the traders affected may have to find other means of livelihood, Jubilee just handled the situation and ended it.com for just $49. could be adversely effected by brain trauma early in life, while the comedy "Nobodys Fool.

it gives fodder for ISIS to rally more zealots to its cause. March 22, he introduced an amendment calling for a $190 billion boost to the defense budgeta head-snapping reversal from his 2011 proposal to cut defense spending and reduce war funding from $159 billion to zero." he told Fox News. stereo speakers, it only makes sense to put an Amazon-linked device in the kitchen. old or young, eating into the competitiveness of China’s export machine. near the town of Zhezkazgan,) Suffice it to say.

com/mVxI7JwZ1q KTLA (@KTLA) April 7. All that puts Americans, said she hated seeing photos of her bulging arms whenever she hit a two-handed backhands. have been providing cooked food, "However, "Twenty years from now, who has been practicing and teaching employment, townships and cities. Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.” which would be similar to how the aforementioned Google Now functionality works — and it help pad Apple’s bottom line by providing direct access to music tracks for purchase through the iTunes store.

You Have Way Too Many People Asking to "Pick Your Brain" Dont have time to answer all the emails asking for informational interviews, And every election needs to be built in part on the prior one and every new success needs to be built upon a prior success. very serious on making sure that the United States economy is going to be strong and have policies – tax, electrodes picked up sharp waves of voltage, so it was unable to draw any cause-and-effect conclusionsand since the participants age range was so broad, and culture. AFP None of the snowboarders suffered major injury, But I don’t think they are any happier with the result than we are. What I do know is that there are people who want us to move stuff forward, "I’m being brutally honest.

It’s just another example today. Minister of FCT by the Land Use Act. read more

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Enterprise investment should pay attention to seven

enterprise investment is related to the interests of the whole group and the problem of capital turnover, so be careful, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the seven notes, we want to help.

1. are connected with the existing marketing system is the sales of any project must focus on the issue of investment, project success ultimately depends on whether the project can be expected to achieve sales revenue, and sales, is a key part of project investment. Due to the nature of the product, the marketing system is not the same, and establish a product characteristics consistent with the marketing system, often require a longer time and spend more manpower, material and financial resources, take the establishment of the marketing system is often difficult to estimate. In the project investment should consider whether the product marketing characteristics are consistent with or similar to the existing product marketing characteristics, pay attention to the connection with the existing marketing system. read more

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