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How to tap the effective aliexpress long tail keywords

tonight and share with you. is divided: results are derived as below: third: open the Excel, open the txt file in Excel, and the | (vertical bar), as shown in figure I had just done, see many official video and other master skills, practice the method of keyword mining speed sold there are many, for example: : all the keywords derived as TXT file 4, by chance, in the forum to see a tool (free of charge, and constantly upgrade), down to good, with the test 1 weeks on the P4P cloth words have obvious effect, now share out. Second step     electricity supplier knows operation is the key words, "key persons in the world". The popular keyword category of each industry and then to dozens, and the big seller competition those rare keywords resources, investment is too large, not small sellers can afford, therefore, must be in the long tail keywords efforts. How is that as much as possible to choose long tail keywords The third step: The first step: open the finishing Excel file, my method is to – xxxxx —- the delete, then you do not want to include the words, such as the mobile phone shell, but do not want to appear in the search words machine, printer, through the excel in search of these words find him. And delete. > 2, through the combination of key tools, namely to 3 words, and then through the A+B+C combination, generate keywords. Advantages: large number, wide coverage, the disadvantage is perhaps decades many words are not going to search to the customer.   keyword tool, input you think popular keywords in the keyword box 3, through the long tail word tool fees, to search about nobility baby: long tail keyword, there will be a lot of foreigners paid service, I have to spend money to buy a service, found that these words apply to independent site promotion, the platform there are not from the heart, after all, platform and noble baby rule is still somewhat different. 1, through aliexpress background data and -> search word analysis, find the key words. Advantages: data sufficient, search popularity, search index, click rate, conversion rate and so on, is to discover the shortcomings of popular keywords is quite powerful, but to explore the long tail keywords, only…… "Oh".   ?

shlf1314 Adsense check collection information collection 5-30-2007 details of different city collect

brand promotion with the old, in July set list minus 500-1000 yuan but things are always worse than expected". September 12th, online crazy pass, Jingdong mall will launch a web game business platform, and before that, Taobao has also been on the line in June. In this way, this small circle is crowded with Tencent, sh419, Sina, everybody, 360, giant, grand…… she felt more and more that the war was coming, and when she started her company in August 2007, she told her employees to be prepared to compete in 5 years’ time". the topic of this conference is "promoting sharing among members", which seems urgent. Because their most important business, 51wan a web game operating platform, already has nearly 60 million users, how to retain them is definitely the biggest headache. "But this is a systems engineering, I have to build the user system, and then complete the system search and other links, and finally to achieve sharing." Liu Yang reminded his team to pay attention to efficiency, according to the scheduled period, the next quarter will continue on the line a few big work. we build a check collection, most complete information, please have the experience of the actual situation of the collection of your list in the comments, I will regularly organize them and join here. So people who provide information will get extra points, and more importantly, all those who benefit from it will be grateful to you. Please provide information in the following format, even if there are differences between the different outlets of the same bank.

Love Shanghai Encyclopedia of 2 novice successful adding links in Wikipedia experience sharing

website mainly want to push the 3 kinds of products, two kinds of quasi famous medicines, health products for health brands, two entries already exist, a new entry is needed, a lot of people saying four of the following do this is very difficult, but in my experience, and not imagine complex. I feel, successful experience: love Shanghai’s own products have been so Shanghai dragon chain with special respect, work, if we can in Shanghai know love or love to leave your link to the Shanghai encyclopedia, this link is quite high quality links, especially the Shanghai encyclopedia links in love. Shanghai dragon has recently been doing a medical website, because it is new, so the chain for trouble. Then I saw a man do the experience of the chain in Shanghai love encyclopedia share, the feeling is not so low success rate, then registered a Wikipedia account, "the chain plot" encyclopedia. our goal is to leave a link, so leave the link to stand the test, try to make the page look normal, normal, do not have too many objectionable content, even after you change the way you want. The if your entry is denied, do not be discouraged, the rejection check, as far as possible from this side to modify, improve, and then submit, generally will finally get through.   is now assistant editor of grade two, is working to upgrade as soon as possible, to four, in addition, Chinese are doing cardio cerebral vascular network (贵族宝贝zyzxn贵族宝贝) in construction, the original articles updated daily 15-20 text (non pseudo original), chain and chain has gradually increased, there are do the medical station friend, can support, change the Links first. Today NiuDao, successfully fix three entries, have left a link, is happy, I wish you all a good mood can. don’t write too much content in, write more, need to review the more. Write a little less on the line, the key is to describe the objective, not subjective feelings and words, we just need a link, as long as the last link, we will be successful, so don’t want to do here like advertising, only need to objectively describe can. This is either a new entry or edit entries are available. to amend the original entry in the not accurate and objective content; increase the atlas, the picture to entry; new 1-2 description; correctly set open partitions can be edit entries and get higher rate by reason, don’t try to big changes, here is the He that talks much errs much. I have an entry, modify only two words in the original entry, with a picture of the product was passed, of course with links.

Lei Jun Entrepreneurship must do the most fat market!Community O2O industry solutions, property + bu

not only helps the property management community, but also integrates the surrounding businesses to form a perfect community life circle. And community owners through the Internet can complete the property related issues offline, but also through the platform for daily life. China Lei in corporate leaders meeting pointed out that millet is a success, the most important is to encounter a "typhoon", he says, the "typhoon" is a pig can fly up to the typhoon mouth, if enterprises want to succeed, you need to find a typhoon belongs to "in your range". with the rapid development of the Internet, the business model updated market competition in all walks of life, the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing and how to realize the input and output of the breakthrough innovation, how to use a good platform to create business continuity of the blue ocean market is particularly important. below we look at: Business District, O2O system, residential platform with property services and life values combined features: 2, the business services category, supports unlimited extensions light to find "Taiwan outlet" is not enough, but also a unique business model, Lei Jun millet summed up 5 successful key for winning the audience: the first is to use the Internet thinking to do the hardware; the second is to pay high attention to the user experience; the third is hard to do high quality. Fourth is cost plus retail, the price is super cheap. Fifth is the development of peripheral products. what’s the topic I’d like to share with you today? It’s the fattest market. Why talk about this problem? May with the vast majority of entrepreneurs are not the same, we debut early, late 80s began to do business, do twenty-four years, read the whole business of the ups and downs, also repeatedly summed up why it took so many years to do business. So, my deepest experience is to be the fattest market. On this point, I’ll tell you what to report on the current situation of millet, millet is a new company I founded 40 years later, we started in 2010 October, millet, millet mobile phone products was released two years ago, is the end of October 2011. Last year was our first full fiscal year, and we did 12 billion 650 million yuan, and this year we are sure to break through 30 billion, perhaps at 31 billion. What I also want to share with you is, this month, we expect to exceed 5 billion, a month.   community platform set property notice column, the community property can release the latest community events, fresh vegetable prices, life information, as long as the owners login platform you can see the latest notice at the same time, the owners can also be an important announcement to share their own circle of friends, let friends see more owners. below is the wonderful record of Lei Jun’s speech: property services and complaints proposals can be completed in the community platform water, property costs, electricity, parking […]

Network promotion outside chain optimization article (a)

chain, has been the focus of website optimization. The key is how to make. This point is the core content. At the same time, the dynamic search engine, should pay attention to. This is mainly depends on the optimization, which search engine ranking. Spend a little more time to study, to achieve the corresponding. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuancang贵族宝贝 The chain, the optimization in the early days of the web, play a very significant effect. As the chain large numbers, website keyword rankings, site overall weight. Which website traffic, website conversion rate will increase. So far, the search engines are concentrating on this point, to start the corresponding rules, the chain effectively regulate the market, such as the sale of the chain. A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference hard for a period of time, save the chain. Gradually eliminated, see the website traffic in decline. However, the remedy is not a short duration of time can completely restore. If you use the method with the new rules of overseas chain, to delete the chain, also is in the "Dutch act", will direct the serious consequences.   Related reading: The use of the current situation, the foreign chain began gradually "encirclement". Such as the recent love Shanghai’s new "chain" judge a book, clear to regulate the love Shanghai chain. For example, for some of the chain is large, uneven levels of quality of the website, make the appropriate punishment. This is also so many station optimization a headache the bitter. two, improve reading chain content. As is written on the collection, to have certain correlation. And the previous practice, have changed significantly. To effectively guide the user to read, be able to browse all. If can be reproduced, or the corresponding comment for article is all has certain benefits. As a search engine that will, this article for the readers, the corresponding help. It can effectively deal with the days and months multiplying, the chain rule at present. The , to the weight of the high information network, forum, blog, publish the content of the original article. Early, don’t take the chain corresponding, there are some obvious tips for keywords. Waiting gradually by the search engine spiders are concerned, every day to grab your user information in the original content. In this way, you can gradually add some links, but to note the number retracement of text links; so, according to the present situation of the chain now, how should I do? This is the station optimization personnel, should consider the problem? According to the current situation, the search engine so as to improve the corresponding requirements, in accordance with the rules. In view of the present situation, can only be to. You can focus on the following two aspects of the work of the late start.

Love Shanghai know some factors ranking

in addition, Emmar also summed up the love does not affect Shanghai know ranking factors: 2, Shanghai also know love to do the Shanghai dragon optimization, of course, also can not deliberately stack, questions can be repeated 2 words, 3 times, but can make the best sentence; ;To solve the problem of 4, the level of respondents, high level and low level did not affect what the key can help users solve problems; love Shanghai know main goal is to increase the ranking in Shanghai know love questions (and answers) exposure, and in Shanghai love to know the answer to increase target keywords live site, increase the target site link bait and user search tips, to achieve the purpose of flow into. love Shanghai know ranking principle is mainly through the question and answer mode, add some key words in the question, through some means to make love in Shanghai know that love Shanghai search rankings. 3, a very large number of praise to adopt answer to the influence of the ranking; Keywords love Shanghai know, I believe we should know its quality, Emmar some time ago to do some chain of love in Shanghai know, today and share with you love Shanghai know some factors ranking. 1, ask a question if too hot, do not necessarily have good rankings, if the question is some of the more high quality of the long tail, the ranking effect will be better; , the 1 questions on the problem description on the ranking of the impact is relatively large, there is a detailed description of the problem of ranking is relatively good;   8, with reference to know love Shanghai ". we all know, the chain resources is Shanghai Longfeng late frequently encountered problems, common third party forum, blog, independent blog comment, is not to make you feel a little did not mind? In fact the chain construction is not only physical, and mental live, you have to let the chain survive in the brains under various conditions, the general third party blog, forum, blog comments such as these independent resources are all too much, and weight are not high, so the development of effective, high quality external resources, will test your brain power. 3, the questioner didn’t know what the basic level ranking effect on the love of Shanghai; The basic 7, evaluation of the best answer to the question has no effect on the ranking; 5, and the number of answer ranking problem basically did not answer how much, what relationships are the same; 6, the time ranking effect is very weak; The chain of 2, in the event of a problem description in the frequency of love Shanghai know ranking effect; in the end is what factors influence ranking factors like Shanghai know? To sum it up:

Website optimization process optimization Introduction (a)

2, a clear project operation ideas, establish the project operation plan.   before "VS ZhengZhan optimization keywords optimization who is the real king" in gratitude for the service and content of ZhengZhan optimization is introduced in detail, here I will not do too much introduction, I mainly want to introduce the specific service process under ZhengZhan optimization, hope to help you have Shanghai Longfeng station. layout of the web site after the operation we need to clear the project, making the project operation plan. The site needs to be optimized on-line keywords more optimization page keywords of the layout of the more, so in the process we followed by home column page – single page (news, product detail page) the operation of ideas, the purpose of this operation is to increase the weight of the site home page, we all know is the weight of a web page the site of a page is the highest, the highest recognition search engine, a page weight to the highest. If the weight of home page provided, then the weights within the page will also improve, even if you don’t have to have the inside pages to optimize the operation, the keyword page layout will likely launch. The project operation scheme including website (website uploaded to the server by the test space), the operation period approved (website indexed by search engines), operation period (keywords operation on-line), a period of consolidation (online project maintenance, keywords) each stage is composed by > 1, a clear theme of the site location, do the layout of the keywords. clear website theme positioning is the core of the website optimization, website planning is the first step, the theme of the site status mainly includes two parts: one is the positioning of the site, two is the theme of the website; the website localization is to determine the site characteristics, the use of occasions, the use of special groups, is the site on the web. Is the localization sites in the network of consumer groups and image. Optimization of the layout of the keywords as the essence of ZhengZhan optimization, although ZhengZhan optimization is an optimization method for a comprehensive website, comprehensive, keyword optimization is just a part of it, my personal understanding of the whole optimization, keywords ranking is still an important part of the whole station optimization, either the online keyword ranking as the evaluation index of the project or to site traffic is introduced as the evaluation index of the project, on-line optimization keywords are fundamental, by optimizing the operation of on-line keywords can bring more and more quality traffic to a site, is mainly to enhance the website weight. So do the layout can be described as keyword keyword ZhengZhan optimization steps, we usually will optimize the keywords according to the degree of difficulty is divided into popular keywords, ordinary words, accurate keywords, in the layout of the keywords used from difficult to easy layout ideas from home column page – single page (page), keywords […]

If everyone will be how to optimize site will compete in Shanghai Dragon

here is the content of the original article always said. Everyone in the copy, are in the collection, in the pseudo original. If this time, our competitors can really solve the problem of manufacturing to write the original article, so his site will win in our site. So, why don’t we have to run our site myself as a fully understand Shanghai Longfeng people? What keywords setting, site layout, layout and so on the long tail of everyone will, or the establishment of the CMS program are ready-made, as long as I set up easily. So, with the mentality of zero, and then go back to the origin of the site, we will bring the harvest harvest content. so far, with the rise of large-scale Shanghai dragon training. As long as the webmaster or site construction personnel, basically know this or that Shanghai dragon technology. This is like in 03, 04 years of age, almost all of the people do not understand the Shanghai dragon like. Then make a hypothesis if everyone will Shanghai Longfeng, our website will be what kind of situation? In fact, again with the back to the origin. It is to rely on the website content and resources. The key is how we want to grasp the content and use of resources, manufacturing. resources, that is outside the chain. The chain has been very thorough analysis, the anchor text chain, pure text outside the chain, the chain and so on. Personally think that, in addition to the chain to operate their own sites and to exchange the artificial flowers. Various other forms of the chain is not good to do others, such as the formation of soft text outside the chain, the other station reprint takes a certain amount of money to form a large site published articles make the chain etc.. Here is how we can better and more rational use of resources. Because we all know that the chain is important, but the real implementation is not too much, especially our competitors, if he didn’t go to do this, we do it. Must be able to surpass him. As for so, how to optimize the site competition? Think after all or the implementation of the competition. Dong’ou valve network personal company operation. Since the beginning of the site are reproduced, causing the site has been included on the go. Technical staff after the analysis of the situation, decided to integrate over the article, each one to edit, then as long as the content appeared in the relevant keywords, every word corresponding to the chain. Adding to yuanwenzhang no picture, forming a real human editors. In order to achieve the original articles, or carefully edited the pseudo original articles to. There is a chain of integration, whether it is soso, ask the love Shanghai library, A5 soft, artificial exchange, sharing application, love love Shanghai Shanghai statistical applications, Sina independent blog establishment, the establishment of micro-blog and so on, every day in the implementation of […]

The new keyword selection is the priority among priorities

3, now many users know 1,2 words just is hard to their search to find the content, gradually began to tend to use 2,3 words in short sentences to search for relevant information, which means that the choice of long tail keywords is key. The choice of long tail keywords competition is small, and a certain amount of search. In general there are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large, so the long tail keywords to find a few more operation. 4, in the choice of when to consider also the key whether you can bring the conversion rate, after all, traffic and rank only to allow more users to buy your products, can improve the conversion rate of the word is the website of real assets. This keyword, you first need to jump out of the Shanghai dragon identity, from the user’s perspective, to understand the needs of users, allowing users to search for relevant information can accurately find. > 1, select the keywords must be associated with the content of the website, cry up wine and sell vinegar things must not be done, this will only cause the search engine and the user of the site. Oh, this is when the crap, it shouldn’t be that 2 of the goods will do so. 2, the choice of keywords to bring benefit to the site, must ensure that people search keywords, especially the target keywords, too few people search for, of course, is not the more the better search volume, should be analyzed according to the characteristics of your site, and then select. Broad keywords competition degree is very large, want to do keyword ranking to the top ten or twenty money, to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands can not terrible, but the millions of sentences, even if your website of this kind of key words in the front row, this kind of search key words the user is also very objective broad, not sure, the conversion rate is low, so the input-output ratio will make you lose. in the search engine retrieval is achieved through the keyword of the input information, it can reflect the importance of keywords. I believe there are a lot of friends do not know how to choose keywords in the website construction, especially in the face of a lot of new words, do not start, "ah, but we can not directly jump over, as Shanghai Longfeng, must first clear what is web site of the theme, what direction to go, the site’s target keywords and long tail keywords directly can influence the theme and the location of the web site, hastily choose keywords, will only let you encounter a lot of trouble in the post, or keyword competition is too fierce, resulting in ranking does not go on, or is the choice of keywords too far, not what people search for, even if ranking do not go up, what flow. […]

Website optimization analysis of competitors

first we determine our keywords so we have to analyze the eagle sanitary wares, the key index we love Shanghai, love Shanghai index query website 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝 to query the keyword index: love Shanghai figure (Figure 1) so we must realize the eagle sanitary keyword ranking to the home page, we need to analyze the 10 ranking on the first page of search results (love Shanghai search engine page 10), we want to row to the first page, then we have a crowding out of the 10, under our > in Figure 1 we can see the keyword daily, monthly and quarterly keyword index clearly, by Figure 1, we see in this keyword last month daily search Eagle sanitary wares are more than 160, that is to say there are more than 160 Internet users search for the keyword in the search engines love Shanghai Eagle sanitary wares every day, the 160 men are very precise target customers. From Figure 2 we can see the recent trend of users and media attention of Eagle sanitary wares: in our website we need early to determine the core keywords and target keywords good website, after we determine a good website keyword we want to analyze these key competitive sites here to love Shanghai search engine optimization, for example, keyword to Eagle sanitary wares for example:   Figure 4   in Figure 3 we can see the eagle bathroom related search words, these words we can do for our target keyword set to our column page to do, of course, according to the relevant key words we also need to love its Shanghai index competition analysis…… The Figure 1 in the search engine below (see Figure 4) we see that such a statement "to find relevant results about 1330000, which means the keyword love Shanghai Eagle sanitary wares precision is 1 million 330 thousand, above and below, in addition to the right of the search results of the three plates were 11 for position, a competition this is a hot fire for a key for a keyword that we persevere through our good, Shanghai dragon to achieve keyword ranking page relative or can be realized. Figure 2 Shanghai index after love Eagle sanitary wares we take at the key competition in our understanding of love Shanghai, first we open love Shanghai, then we enter the Shanghai Eagle sanitary wares, click on love.     Figure 3

Some love Shanghai and Google search engine included different

summary: more than three points, is my views according to the actual experience of most built station of hope, it is of significance to the new owners, more love Shanghai Google search engine this to go to the station (贵族宝贝QuJianZhan贵族宝贝), the original address: 贵族宝贝 www.qujianzhan贵族宝贝/Article/937/151944 feature, Zhiyizhibi, to avoid detours. The first point: a collection of different time for any webmaster, without exception, to love Shanghai, and Google search engine to deal with every day, for the new owners is more important, but the frustration is the site in Shanghai and Google ranking but not to their own will, I do go to the station from the network for nearly a year to talk about the feeling a few points of these two different search engine giant. second: the weight and ranking of different sites. Love Shanghai included your site, if there is no violation of the love of Shanghai included measures for the administration of the general weight is relatively stable, mainly in the title of the page can usually row to the first page, and sometimes will drop a few places, but insist on optimization, will soon be restored. This Google is different, but the rankings included early, maintain a short time, it is the first release of your web site, and then investigate and determine rankings, so some sites started a few days in the home row may disappear. third: update time. Website home page and included update time love Shanghai general update in the morning, determine the snapshot snapshot within three days of the general weight is relatively high, while the Google update time in the afternoon, may also not related with the time difference, updated daily, general set your ranking, for a period of time is difficult to have a big progress! As for the new article update time, according to the website weight, weight high website, usually written original articles included 1 minutes. . The site, the first thing to do is to routinely every webmaster love Shanghai, submitted to the Google search engine website, but it is found that Google included time will be faster, if the site has been submitted, the fastest hours, slow 1-3 day also included, in general, if the hot – the name of your website is not some broad, can to the first row in Google. Included in the time, love of Shanghai is relatively slower, I mean from the website to submit to search the love from Shanghai to your site, of course, it may also have a representation, because the love of Shanghai generally have a the new study period, mainly in Shanghai, and you from love to search time and love Shanghai snapshot is sometimes not the same, the snapshot to be earlier, so the actual included time for this is a snapshot of the time.

Hinder enterprise promotion is not Shanghai Dragon technology but their own thinking

  this kind of crowd most, but not the biggest obstacles, now almost every day there are 3-5 of this kind of technology is blank white consulting Cen Huiyu, but most of them are consulting the technical issues, crying corporate website do not face up, fired, asked me how to operate this website, from their problems are not difficult to they found that full of confusion, do not know how to operate, what impressed me most was a day released 120 of the chain, I admire his persistence, but when he saw the site deficiencies, put forward, his response was: I will not do, do not modify the code, are modified. There was an obvious technical flaws. enterprise website, always brains let customers contact you, often find the phenomenon that some enterprise website, when users browse, many will pop-up dialog box, to cover the whole site, fearing to user consultation, the line of thinking is nothing more than a sichanlanda, imposed product advantages to the user, to engage in to the phone, regardless of need, and use on the Internet, you have to consider the user is doing in the site, no matter what, I think the first demand is not online consultation or call, at the same time, Shanghai will also love box too much of this kind of mandatory bomb site . A lack of Shanghai Longfeng own technology two. real search engine optimization is to assist the search engine to solve the problem of the user, rather than using some " shortcut; " search engine cheating, be conducive to search engine optimization, to make the user experience of the website, so that you can make your Shanghai dragon road farther, let the enterprise Shanghai Dragon more brilliant. a few days ago a friend seek advice to Cen Huiyu, said the website why ranking fell, and ranked no conversion of such problems, I looked at the site, the site seems to be heating industry layout, navigation ordinary, in a complete mess, not what to attract users, which I gave him some but these suggestions have been proposed, he rejected, the reason is: the boss not to change. So the question is, I want to the website, but not to change, how to do? To be honest, also can send the chain update text, ADO, following one by one example actually interfere with enterprise promotion factors in Shanghai dragon.   at present, with the love of Shanghai bidding weakened, more companies targeting the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion, therefore, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is reused, some white, some master, but in the face of the enterprise to optimize the promotion at the same time, often push hindered, cause the optimization effect is not significantly improved, and for these reasons the origin, often exist in the enterprise will be the next line of thinking to using the Internet, as Shanghai dragon Er, often have a bitter. operation thinking imposed on Internet companies thinking line

Fat man Shanghai dragon 10 is uncovered

8, Shanghai dragon is the chain. Sometimes the key to success is here, because we have many sites are similar, not prominent personality, especially the enterprise website station, price is cheap, but also led directly to the site is not beautiful, original website does not consider the column setting in Shanghai Longfeng, most sites outside the chain of homogeneous situation the quality and quantity of natural. is the 1, Shanghai dragon group. Understanding group in Shanghai dragon is the simple collective, Qun Jian, Hui, group group chain, which said the group is Shanghai dragon group in thinking. Meaning that needs a team. The three stooges, better than a Zhu Geliang. 6, Shanghai is in excellent in phoenix. This is my Neiyou chain before an important ring. The operation practice includes more, 404 page settings, making the site map, site settings, update site planning, website content planning etc.. 2, Shanghai dragon is in. In Shanghai dragon in understanding is quantitative, subtle. If this amount is no longer what to do to a proper extent, ranking the clouds. Just to prove that our station is the authority. do a lot of Shanghai dragon Er more and more confused, can not see the road ahead. In fact, success is not far in front of the bent crooked, because in bending distortions, so you can’t see. When you need to keep learning and confused, the success of the Shanghai dragon more need to understand the 10 lies in the Shanghai dragon in. The so-called phase complementary shop, complement each other, is the 10, the arrival of eloquence. 4, Shanghai dragon is specifically. College has two meanings in the Shanghai dragon, the first one is professional. We only do one thing, the popular point is only one nuclear, and the service center, our key only a few, long tail up is extended based on target key, the content should be professional, professional to anchor text. Soft Wen also to professional. The second is I is the specificity in this field, is the latest and most authoritative. 5, Shanghai dragon is in. Good to the ground out of good results, not busy what you think is right, it is the actual operation of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the biggest enemy for your laziness, the primary is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, Shanghai dragon senior Shanghai Longfeng planning. 3, Shanghai is the quality of the dragon. In Shanghai dragon in understanding is the quality. Whether internal or external, pay attention to user experience and user needs. The pursuit of higher quality competitiveness more natural. 7, Shanghai dragon is the content. The most important is to know the content, Shanghai dragon optimization basis. Do not look at others on the ultimate content at the website itself, he offers what the content of their content but not finally add their own our membership in the growing strength of these visitors here content. Design clever conception of smart people.

Search passion from the address book to the evolution of the personal portal

in fact, search needs from many things (mainly information) to find their own, has always been with us, but before the development of IT technology, all digital information are not the only form of search, is a feasible paper catalog, index, phone book. After Wan, there needs to search, but did not correspond to the rapid development of technology, so the earliest form of Internet search is the book. Similar specific forms and a telephone directory, yellow pages, records many well-known Web site of a book, the size of the professional degree. I bought a book for ordinary users, similar to the size and thickness of Xinhua Dictionary, according to different classification of web content. if there is what invention saved the Internet search engine that is?. What is the early form of search search? How many times change experience? Can summarize the history of the development of search engine, found the train of thought. if there is what invention saved the Internet? It is a search engine, or the Internet itself collapse more information, more quickly, because people find the information they need is more difficult, the use of experience also worse. What is the early form of search search? How many times change experience? How will the future search engine into? Can summarize the history of the development of search engine, found the train of thought. After all, YAHOO   but only the paper-based directory is moved to the Internet page, and different understanding of the naked eye search website classification can reduce the efficiency in the use of this type of search. Then according to the keyword automatic search function has been used in the search engine, it is not difficult to achieve, because according to the keyword full-text retrieval technology even before the computer has just been invented in 50s had already appeared (domestic Chinese full-text retrieval technology is the earliest as part of the 748 project basically completed in late 80s it has been widely used, have happened in 90s). paper is fast, the network version of the. In 1994, Yang Zhiyuan founded YAHOO, and began to collect all kinds of Web site and send them according to certain rules, classification, sorting, users can only remember the YAHOO web site, followed by YAHOO into various categories of websites, paper book immediately become redundant. Part of the Internet industry will use YAHOO directory manually collecting website and search categories presented as the first generation search engine, there are some Internet experts believe that YAHOO this approach does not strictly called the search engine, which should be regarded as the earliest site navigation. I tend to be a form of the count search, including site navigation and so. first generation search engine. The only problem is still by the artificial collection, low efficiency, error prone, not comprehensive. So the Internet need an alternative to artificial collection of Web site, and when it comes to replace the manual, people will think of the robot, and the second generation […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese word matching and complete matching

gold dragon"The main problem of may be asked in the home is not completely, ah, so here I give an example of a post the same to different places, they can see the position, you would think they can together side by side position. It is clear that it is not possible, love Shanghai also has its calculation methods, such as various types of tools mentioned in Shanghai love weight. Do you think the weight of the 1 can be compared with the weight of 6, it is obviously not possible. just a week through the 4 love Shanghai small update, the site’s ranking dropped down a lot. Liu Minhua and friends of the personal blog is quickly occupied in front of me. Why today to write this post, because friends website recently has not updated, updated snapshot and very delay. On the contrary the website is updated daily, and the snapshot also very long, why would such a question. Then the author took this to consult teacher Zhu Weikun. The conversation involves two knowledge points Chinese word matching complete matching ?   the answer is no, everything in the world there is no absolute good, so it is also perfectly matched. Another example of a website’s title is written so match, can be deeply understood literally. Is exactly the same, such as search the name "Li Jinlong" so in Shanghai love home appears is certainly the name "Li Jinlong" together, instead of "Li xxxxx XXX match than Chinese segmentation, "today I want to eat what, what I want to buy clothes today, I want to see what movie today, today I want to listen to what song, I want to see what the book… Today XX network ? today is the analysis of differences Chinese word matching and complete matching. The above briefly, friends of the site through the match beyond the author’s website, then why would he go beyond? Please look down yes, for example search "what you eat in the morning" clearly see in front of the row is perfectly matched, and we go back to see below, continue to appear rosy words is no longer what to eat in the morning, there are more "in the morning eat what" "what to eat" in the morning "eat what" so perhaps we will understand the significance of "> , born than the Chinese word matching to have the advantage of ranking Chinese word matching is divided into string matching, understand the word segmentation method, statistic method. The most commonly used for string matching, the string matching is divided into forward maximum matching method, reverse maximum matching method, least segmentation, bidirectional maximum matching method. The specific contents refer to Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, or the author’s personal blog in detail.