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Water health care industry website optimization analysis

two, hospital website three, drug business class website love of Shanghai is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, that price is the main income, and to love Shanghai but the price of income from 1/4 in the healthcare industry, and medical industry annual output value of about 450 billion, about 350 billion of sales, and maintain a growth rate of around 17%. In recent years, with the aging aggravating, disease changes, sub-health population increasing, everything is just to let the public know a message: This is a huge industry. The water in this article was intended to write a medical website how to do Guan Jian word ranking optimization, can be written before that analysis of hospital website to analyze the status of the industry before the Guan Jian word will need to continue to optimize, analysis! The medical industry site can be divided into three categories, including health portal, hospital website and the drug business class website ! ! with the development of electronic commerce, the drug also began selling on the Internet, water has Chinese stronghold, the evaluation by the number of online pharmacies reached more than 20. Experts estimate that over the next year, the sum of all online pharmacies the number of online pharmacies will be granted will be far more than the past 4 years approved. Famous online pharmacies, health off net, happy people, pharmacy network, medicine guide network, as well as some pharmaceutical companies, such as Kyushu, the druggist world, there are a number of large and small medical information and agency website, the United States online pharmacies. , health portal site according to statistics currently have different two to thirty thousand grade hospitals, there are numerous cosmetic health care clinics and institutions, of course, not every hospital has a construction site for the promotion, but there is a hospital construction of hundreds of websites to the promotion of water, many hospitals have known stronghold is a specialized network marketing team, to a disease word to do dozens of hundreds of websites is a common thing in the major TV will often see * * hospital advertising! Love Shanghai, Guangzhou hospital, fall in love with the sea before the 50 pages are independent websites, the competition between the hospital the large hospital website as can be imagined! And the competition currently in the region and the disease of two kinds of competition is most intense love with Shanghai in recent years, the adjustment will be more weight and ranking in favor of the large portal, the current medical industry portal provides palm information, master Guan Jian word ranking and flow, health portal includes two kinds, one is the integrated portal health channel. Such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other website health channel, as well as Chinese, Phoenix and other sites of health channel, another is the 39 Health Network led by health industry portal, including 39 Health Network, have net, Xunyiwenyao net, good doctor and so on, these sites have a relatively large flow […]

The site was K in disguise

site is K, although he was very anxious, but also did not lose the judgment, or according to the normal method of Web site to do a comprehensive inspection, trying to find the site is the cause of the K, first of all, I am from the site, the construction of the chain, for the two most fundamental job, I confidence is no problem, then, is the web site log analysis, understand the situation of the search engine spiders crawl the site to the frequency, once again, is usually done to check the site logging data, such as web site collected, rankings, the chain, dead links, Links, site traffic sources etc.. I was put in recent months on record again, but ultimately did not find what is abnormal. At last. unfortunately, the website recently had a problem, search engine right down, a snapshot of the site back a month, but also ranked the next landing million, before efforts so long do rankings are now gone, even more frightening is when SITE and domain name now only one home, it is hard for me to accept admission, he didn’t do any violation of the search engine algorithm, and did not use the means of cheating, both the content and the construction of the chain is very regular, do not follow the prescribed order every day, on the website for revision, for the server, when every day in the inspection site logs are also very normal, when using the webmaster tools to check the basic information of the website is also very normal, I do not know why, this site has been K overnight, for what reason Due to the unclear. The and I belong to one of the members, before I do something, really want to do it, in the beginning will be very hard to do, to do it carefully, but it is difficult to adhere to a year as one day, do feel boring, insist on don’t go, perhaps, as long as their little work, to keep off time will be successful, but unfortunately, they failed to stick to it, therefore, although he also in the webmaster mix for two years, but so far is still a rookie, what all don’t understand, need to come to can really grow up. It is so, so he has set up a website, I hope this website can help you learn something by some of his own practice experience. a little experience webmaster will know that the site is down right is often happened, no head of the road is in the process of Everything is going smoothly., website optimization, will encounter all kinds of setbacks, setbacks is not terrible, terrible is so depressed, this is really sad where you want to, you have so many webmaster for website problems, encountered some difficulties and give the owners of the road, that is not a few, a lot of people are in a special period of impetuous, impatient, of what things are only […]

Forwards Shanghai dragon Er station detail decides success or failure

3, website conversion processing. for the webmaster, do stand most of the people is to transform, if not transformed, so your site will become meaningless. So, if there is a problem, you will directly affect the fundamental interests of the. For example, a message on the benefits of the site, if the message board suddenly appeared not a message, there is no transformation, no benefit. 2, website structure, code optimization. As for the structure of the site should be how to decorate the tree, for example, flat, physical structure and logical structure. The website structure should not only conform to the user experience, to help SE spider crawling, it is self-evident importance of the structure, but also determines the structure details of the deal is more complicated. The structure in code, with details of the same. The code should be streamlined, not redundant, especially like JS, frame framework for SE code layout. Take the basic HTML code, if you do not pay attention to, somewhere less or more than a pair of tags, so it is possible to cause the spider crawling obstacles to jump out of the site. There is the site of the signal-to-noise ratio, in general more than 30%. 1, 301 site jump. 301 permanent redirect I believe we are not unfamiliar, good is to avoid lost weight "routeng". On the other hand, the problem is not small. If you jump the wrong, then you will be the "new" page, this page may be many pages of voting, the weight is self-evident. The figure below reflects a friend’s mistakes, leading to the first page of the weight is less than the weight of the page jump.   there is a saying that "details determine success or failure, for webmaster friends, this sentence can be used as a motto, bell. For many stations, the general direction of architecture are similar, "content is king, links to" the optimization strategy is right, which lead to different outcomes often lies in the details of the deal. A long tail word may have hundreds of thousands of IP, you dig well, the traffic is yours. So, today is not the details about the striker, but deadly details. Is not alarmist, and listen to the road. in fact, everywhere in the details, the day you need to carefully to detect the accumulation of bits and pieces to make you stop growing. The original beautiful women network 贵族宝贝anhui Shanghai dragon.Org station, starting A5, please take the link to reprint, thank you.

Check the chain chain tool new noble Shanghai dragon MOZ tools

      below, there are 6 tabs. : first open, enter the URL to love Shanghai:   YAHOO second – Top Pags tab, which is a good tool for our website informed of their page weight. Through this tool we can see the weight of each page in the. If you find a page or we want to focus on the promotion of the product weight is low, the next job is to focus on the promotion. Here we analyze the ZAC station, you can see the page weight is the highest in the home, second is on the page. The page weight value and the chain number is displayed. through this set of data, we can know the weight of the website and the number of value chain. In order to analyze the chain distribution and anchor text, to look down. Yahoo chain query, how to do? YAHOO outside the chain of tools after the closure of what can we use? The chain check new aristocracy chain tools, Shanghai dragon MOZ tool. This tool is that how to use simple? See today: but here the chain of the anchor text, if no registration would only see 5, registered members can pay 20, users can view 10 thousand.   > inbound links – the first tab, external links, is our key to use. We can see what to do in the chain site selection, the anchor text of the chain, the weight of the chain website value chain website domain name, but also display the chain, such as map, love Shanghai in the hao123 link is a picture of the way. In addition to all the links, we can see 301 separate steering chain, nofllow chain and 301+nofllow chain etc.. from the top, Page Authrity said the domain authority page weight, says linking root of domains said the domain name weight, is the effective number of links (not including 301, nofollow) total links said the chain number total. Fackbook shares said in the number of fackbook. In addition to fackbook likes, tweets, noble baby + here no longer, because domestic websites rarely appears in the American social networking sites.

Learn Shanghai Dragon technology can do what

I use > Shanghai dragon is just a technology, just can make web pages in the search engine to get high ranking to obtain directional flow, the greatest value lies in, allowing customers to automatically through the screening of search engines to find the information you want, if you are supplier, can use the Shanghai Dragon technology making your website to get a large number of customers from the search engine, resulting in the transaction, this way is basically through the network platform, so the best way to Shanghai Dragon Technology for electronic commerce services, as a way of doing business online customer acquisition. For example, I am now in cooperation with friends by Shanghai Dragon technology to make money (I provide Shanghai Dragon technology so good, ranking from love inside the Shanghai site keywords have been set up in the directional flow is also called directional customers and friends to provide products, customer service by friends and family are doing, sales performance is basically stable, I every month receive product diversion flow channel website is the most important to get customers through the Shanghai dragon. PS: if you have a good product for Internet sales, you can contact me, help Shanghai Longfeng planning… services in Shanghai Dragon 4, Shanghai Dragon Technology Network Project Shanghai Dragon technology, is a difficult to understand the precise technology, the threshold is relatively shallow, basically buy a virtual host and domain name, looking for an open-source program can set up a website, you can carry out the work of the Shanghai dragon, of course this is web based, web site set up good, reasonable layout of website architecture keywords, and can use the keywords from the search engine lead flow to the website is the idea, also is the content of Shanghai dragon. 2, using 1, first Shanghai dragon )3, using The general answer is: technology to provide technology to do e-commerce (Shanghai dragon to do business through the network) I do e-commerce or provide related services in Shanghai dragon, the former is called SEM, which is selling technology services to make money. wants through the network business people very much, while the Shanghai dragon is relatively low cost marketing tool, so most of Shanghai Longfeng personnel will choose their own a certain type of website, for example, has a lot of friends around to open their own independent store business, also with Shanghai Dragon technology to optimize the local community website friends, do your project is right, because of all the hard work, both in the creation of value for themselves. around too much out of the Internet to provide technical service to others, such as the University in the site is done, to open his own studio to another website, there are a lot of shoes do Shanghai Longfeng, through the network orders, for others to provide their own website optimization, Shanghai Dragon technology services, it is also more common in Shanghai dragon money the way, but I always think this way, […]

Love Shanghai APP tone from the interpretation of SDK detailed design document standard

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched "love Shanghai APP transfer from SDK detailed design standard document" after discussions in the VIP forum WeChat group, the students raised a lot of questions, collecting on problems found after Dean APPLINK engineer consulting engineers said the standard document, technical staff is more suitable for reading, basically not ambiguity. Of course, in order to support the work of the college, but also very willing to do a reading for the love of Shanghai webmaster college users, more comprehensive content, we also recommend you read "APPLINK" tool to help document. how? ? : APPLINK is a user click on the search results directly after the jump to the APP page? Or asked whether the user to jump : I love Shanghai can be integrated open source SDK implementation of real-time and accurate transmission of the basic tone after APP data is transferred from the experience, length and the length of stay, love is involved in the project must be transferred from the Shanghai APP condition. If you do not participate in the APP transfer from the project, you can also add your own guide parameter marker, own statistics Q: from the search results page to APP transfer within time and residence time, we use the statistical ask: can we bring the deeplink statistics to wake up is still love Shanghai mobile search has awakened? How to count asked: if app H5 content and the content of the page does not agree to do, for example, APP brand page H5 but not the brand page, it is in the H5 page Answer: on the asked: what is the difference with the tone from the browser deeplink, seems to realize logic is the same as access APP pages and H5 pages need to be submitted to the AppLink mapping love Shanghai party access. The mapping is access (APP and H5) could have, correspondence, and H5 pages complete some APP some, not a. Access to ensure that there are H5 and APP pages of the mapping relationship can be defined by the name prefix AppLink link access. Answer: . Only submit the mapping relationship is likely to be transferred. The definition of mapping is the corresponding page. Since   AppLink is from Shanghai love search results page links to achieve the adjustment, with the flow of Shanghai love advantage for APP diversion. ?Answer: jump answer: two ways of statistics can bring mobile search > love Shanghai : H5 page URL and APP URL corresponding to mapping relationship refers to the relationship between APP pages and H5 pages. Schematic diagram as follows: Answer: There is some relationship between the

From 110 to 1100 I is how to make the new 3 days included thousands of

view 3, looks very troublesome, in fact, ultra-high efficiency, we used 5 days to prepare, 3 days, 10 edit together after 2 weeks of release, originally expected, love will be included in Shanghai, but in fact, the day included, 2 days out of 654, 3 days after the release of the more than 1100, the effect is very good. Three, content factories producing a large number of original articles SEM is now more and more attention in the web site, today’s intense competition, it is also very necessary, so we focused on Web page layout unreasonable place is changed, the business pop-up time is also set reasonable, no endless play mad. because the site is too messy, so again the columns are planning, in accordance with the classification of diseases, the section to do segmentation, for example they started only hepatitis B HBeAg this column, the other columns are not, but if you want to do this keywords hepatitis B HBeAg etiology would be difficult, so in hepatitis B the following three, and erects the etiology of hepatitis B HBeAg, hepatitis B positive symptoms, treatment, health care, medicine and other columns, then later in the optimization, can use the column page for keywords. , a revised website column structure is more conducive to the optimization of 1, the disease is subdivided, the more detailed the better, for each of these groups write 10 -20 common head and tail, and then use the digital array, using batch replace tool the head and tail, combined and collected articles. It formed a preliminary for the original material. 2, manual sorting and editing, to the quality, must go through the manual sorting, otherwise no readability is not, by manual sorting, the delete delete, the writing of writing, of course reading must be written manually. two, the layout optimization results is more beneficial to patients with I said no design " in August to accept a new hospital site, take a look, do not feel very professional, the page layout is reasonable, the classification is in chaos, included only more than 110, IP is zero, this site is said to have thousands of change after the 3 team to do, do not do it, known as the the group’s most difficult, in these circumstances, have some pressure, but with the solid basic skills, fix the website still does not have what problem, ADO, direct is how I put up included. a lot of people see the contents of the factory, that must be a lot of garbage article, in fact not, then how do we say first under the principle, the first is the love of Shanghai, more than 40% is the original article, then we put the head and tail, the middle part of the first written, then the average to arrange each article in the short term, can produce a lot of articles.

A Shanghai dragon Er cry I don’t attack the grass root in vain

please allow me to quote snowster a sentence: "others laugh at me too crazy, I know what I want!" (no wrong?) ! today a forum to see Lu Songsong’s essay "Beijing Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, salary 12000, what are you doing?", as a bitter Shanghai dragon Er me, see the "Beijing Shanghai dragon", "salary 12000" the harsh words, certainly is unable to bear me the curiosity of the hand base point to go see. Please forgive me for a burst foul language: a gold watch last year bought a nose to see a tear. Not to say how to write the song brother moving, most post is the Shanghai dragon ER disclosed the monthly salary, see realized, the naive dream just a dream. Although often see experts said income data in Shanghai dragon, said to be 80% in the monthly income below 500, although the post is in the 1000 dynasties, but those who are to find people who work, they are all wages. But the Shanghai dragon failed to find a job? They Chuaizhe 200 dollars to go on his Shanghai dragon road, without the help of parents, they must be the feast or famine, the experts also said: a great number of people a year and profits can only buy space and domain name fee flat. maybe you will laugh at me, I mixed on the site before, with low wages; and now I am in Shanghai Longfeng sector mixed with low wages, like yes! My salary is low, but now I feel very happy! In terms of working conditions, before the sun is on the site, is now sitting in the office inside; previous work in the site overnight, I can stay with my wife and baby daughter at home now; used to do 10 years or so, now I can learn a lot of things to enrich themselves before; and now, I think I have been very happy for wages, I now request is not very high. I’m really engaged in Shanghai dragon industry is little more than 2 months, I want to learn a lot of things. Sometimes I will complain about my salary is too little, but come to think of it, the boss gave you a salary, but also do not mind you have no experience, give you the opportunity to learn and time, is mainly due to your trust, I also felt very satisfied. I want to learn a lot of things now, every day I will have a harvest, a little progress every day. From the beginning to the hair of the chain, until now. ! if you are holding a low wage, a pitch-dark day, every day the chain exchange Links friend, please don’t be discouraged, these are just for you. I met a lot of people and I said he is eating what bitter, did what tired of living, but others not? Gu Arca in August on a hot day at 3 in the morning on the site, a person […]

Godaddy IP can enhance the access speed independent space

this is the conclusion made by myself standing in the space that the experience of Godaddy. I have bought a number of domain names in the Godaddy space, most of the domain name is placed in an infinite space program host. Although the space access speed of GD with no domestic space than the GD space, but one of the biggest features, but also all the important reason for good GD space, it is the space of GD is relatively stable. Of course, in order to improve the speed of the site visit, at least for now, the reality is not, although Godaddy is said to be set in the Singapore data center, but is, therefore, the use of GD space webmaster actually can’t expect the response speed of the site with the domestic space ratio, but also not to say that there is no way, for example, in a good way is to acquire IP space. Godaddy to acquire IP space can improve the site access speed, do not know if there is no theoretical support, but my experience shows that this is at least a fact. In the absence of independent IP, telecommunication network PING I value generally above 400, and acquire IP in after, this value is generally below 300, and access from the actual effect, page loading speed obviously faster than before. used in the Godaddy forum to see people have discussed this problem, there is no in-depth discussion, there is no final conclusion, I don’t know whether this conclusion is universal for Godaddy space, there are many reasons, such as the purchase of independent IP, can prevent the site by the wall, can avoid being "evil neighbor" or implicated in the IPv4 address gradually dried up today, the purchase of an independent iP is also a kind of fashionable investment, but you may not think for a the webmaster, the most practical benefits, the purchase of independent IP can significantly enhance the access speed of Godaddy space. source: 贵族宝贝 ?

Decrypt the chain of blind spots in the Xicihutong

why do you say so, because Xicihutong t.asp? This file itself contains a jump, but relatively few design time. When users click on the link in the first, will jump to the alley alley, also calculated into Xicihutong flow, and then jump to the target site.   贵族宝贝 贵族宝贝hswkzy贵族宝贝/, so this is a total of two jump links. we all know that Xicihutong website weight is very high, so we generally think of the link on the top, or leave the link, have a leading role on their website. This is the theory, but I published an article in the above, it was discovered that some small details like this. In order to avoid advertising to suspect, I will give you see: do that first Xicihutong is to increase website traffic, second can also say is to avoid the output weights of the website. So Xicihutong weight and traffic can maintain such a good reason is here. From Xicihutong this example, I will contact to address short love Shanghai, short address of micro-blog, the reason is the same. The content of the valley fruit V5 official website 贵族宝贝 original feeds, respect the original.     . found that this link is very strange, if you do not look carefully, that really can be directly output links, but in front of the link was added Xicihutong link. Then click on this link, this link is found a total jump two times, if speed is slow, you can see more clearly, or carefully you can see: first time this is the case, you can see is a sign of Xicihutong, then wait, it will jump another page:   recently doing some station promotion work, some small details found in a promotion, although the details are very small, but the website promotion is more important.

American drama tells the story of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur far from reality absurdUse single page

TV posters, the protagonists spoof photo of Jobs’s classic action Tencent technology plan writing marketing copy; marketing copywriting should be detailed, comprehensive, including the main content of the product introduction, highlighting the advantages of products. Product prices should be prominent, low performance, high prices single page Internet marketing category Tencent technology Wang Xin reported April 22nd actually registered by other companies? single page Internet marketing advantage HBO in the latest comedy "Silicon Valley" Silicon Valley, a series of satirical spoof and exaggeration of the strange phenomenon of science and technology circle one shake out. In view of the controversy arising from the play, HBO has recently announced its renewal of the second season. this eight episode drama currently broadcast only three episodes, entrepreneurs play staged for the plight of the science and technology circles is really too familiar: high to sell the company or to win investors money? Big company quickly developed a similar product how to do? How to give investors a satisfactory business plan the name of the company? 1, from a technical point of view, making a single page network marketing platform is very simple, almost no technical content. Such as Internet debit password: jason.yoao this case. currently has a single page Internet marketing in China, and Liu Keya, known as the marketing magician, is said to be the first to use it. Wang Zijie he worked with SEO expert Wang Tong, also got good results.. Su Yinhua he has very good results on a single page, writing a lot of network marketing copywriting has obtained very good result, and also held several sessions of "money machine" network training, which is a single page of network marketing course. when the American TV series talked about doctors, lawyers, police and politicians, Hollywood finally turned its attention to the entrepreneurs and farmers in Silicon Valley. I’ve been studying online marketing for the last two years, and I’m eager to find the fastest and most effective way to do it. Fortunately, I’ve finally found it. This method was popular in foreign countries in the early years, because this method is simple, fast and effective, so people in China have begun to use it in the past two years. In the network industry, to do service is better than to make products, then how can use the network to sell products quickly and effectively, this is what I want to introduce to you the single page network marketing. single page network marketing essentials 2, high conversion, network marketing is the most critical conversion rate. The use of single page network marketing, even if the level is poor, it is much better than the effect of advertising alone. I have tested myself, in general, the conversion rate of at least 1% to 100 visits, users can clinch a deal 1 than orders, if the product profit is relatively high, the income is still considerable. Why is the conversion rate so high? The use of single page network marketing is characterized by a […]

Cause analysis of website snapshot is updated and the solutions

C, website snapshot stop a, website snapshot every day website snapshot to the day and overnight snapshot snapshot normal. The snapshot is very difficult to do, is generally very high weight website have such advantages. Overnight snapshot is a kind of common, as long as your website content is updated, the quality is high, the site will be overnight snapshot. There is no update. as I Shaoxing Shanghai dragon blog, snapshot each time the site are stopped for a week, do not know what the reason is, check did not check out. Each love Shanghai big update when it will give me a website snapshot, I think because my article quality is not high enough. website snapshot retrogression is right down the typical phenomenon, mostly because the website accumulation keywords, or contains sensitive words such as the right down. This time we want to quickly adjust and optimize the direction of their own, do not let your love Shanghai K, it is very difficult to save. In addition to e, website snapshot disappear phenomenon website snapshot if stopped one day does not move, no matter how much you do outside the chain of high quality and high quality articles were of no effect, then your site must be right down. There are many reasons such as: right down to change the title, keyword, site optimization excessive accumulation, long term site does not update, hanging code etc.. This situation must be carefully examined to find the reason and solve in time. ? website snapshot sometimes appear every day phenomenon, do not know if you have not met. This phenomenon is that the first night we updated, but second days not included or included did not give us a snapshot. This phenomenon is mostly because the website weight is relatively low, or the original content is not high enough and cause. The contents in the article to suggest that people work harder. website snapshot abnormal situation is also our webmaster friends often encounter. In the following analysis, we can refer to. a week phenomenon website ranking, website snapshot update is the webmaster friends the most concern. Each big forum, QQ group will be published on why snapshot not update or snapshot stagnation, some even. Shaoxing Shanghai Longfeng for several website snapshot update to analyze why love Shanghai snapshot not update and how to solve the The D, website snapshot (correction) regression 1, website snapshot update normal website snapshot disappear because of some wrong operation by K disappeared, this time most of the sites are open. What we can do is to give up, or put all the content down, reconstruction, and re submit. The article reprinted from Shanghai dragon in Shaoxing. 2, website snapshot update not normally B, website snapshot real phenomenon

Google algorithm adjusted the page title value became chicken ribs

also explain this sentence "we cannot change the manual for each website title or excerpts, but we have been committed to the enhancement of the correlation between them. > ? if the Google administrator Center (this part Chinese simplified Chinese version, I have not read English version of that) on the changes in the search results website title and description of this part of the explanation is the so-called "noble baby began to ignore the title tag (title) which is set" on the basis of it, I think this blog is a little cross, or is the author misinterpreted the Google administrator center explain meaning. In the search results in the changes on the site title and description explanation (hereinafter referred to as interpretation) the first sentence was actually said "will also consider the" reference "content and network on this page, this sentence no problem? Has been in the calculation of search engine ranking algorithms are to comply with this approach the although we can’t manual for each website title or excerpts, but we have been committed to the enhancement of the correlation between them. You can provide a meaningful description of the yuan for each page, to help us improve the quality of "excerpts. This is a part of Google administrator center on the changes in the search results website title and description, and there are some about the website title and meta description writing requirements and examples, are interested can go to learn more about the website is 贵族宝贝, with your family baby贵族宝贝/support/webmasters/bin/ Hl=zh-cn& answer=35264 create nobility baby website title and description (or "excerpt") the process is completely automatic, will also consider the web content and network on this page. Shanghai dragon circles are widely rumored a post, said is the baby began to ignore the title tag (title) set at first glance; frightened me, boy Google to ignore the role of the title tag? I don’t know in the English SERP (search results page) will appear on the kind of situation, but in Chinese (SERP the search results page) on the possibility of completely ignoring the role of the title tag almost does not exist, we will not investigate why this possibility is almost non-existent, first look at Google’s official explanation for this statement: A number of different sources of we use this information, which contains the descriptive information of each page in the meta tag. When this information is not available, we may use public information from DMOZ. Although the exact description of the yuan can increase the hit rate, but they will not affect your ranking in the search results. We usually prefer to display a web page element description (when available), because these can be used to describe the users clearly understand the corresponding content. This can help users faster to find the ideal results, reduce the visitors many feel frustrated and increase and click operation of network traffic.

According to the analysis of the external links optimization keywords

  the second link information format: site name + keywords. Just to name or website to "Taobao selling" as keywords as link information, to improve the keywords ranking is not particularly big help, only increase the chain. We should strengthen the relevance of Web sites and keywords, is the key to provide search engine ranking. I like the site called Tawang shopping navigation, I do link website name + keywords as link information. do you know the importance of keywords, if your website has one or several high heat keywords, then IP will flow your site every day is quite objective. At the same time, included in the key external links for search engine rankings, but also plays a very important role. Increase external links is also one of Shanghai dragon core, external links refers to Links, forums, blogs, message boards and all can be suitable for promotion and the sum of left link address platform. Of course, the high quality of the Links value chain, is the largest form of the highest weight contribution. The experience according to their own website link, summarizes several methods for optimization of special chain of keywords: first, Links information should be included in the website keywords. Enter the web site keywords in Shanghai love the search bar, where "Taobao hot" for example: input "Taobao keyword, selling" drop-down box appears in a series of "Taobao keyword hot expansion. These are the users daily search heat very high "Taobao sells" keyword, collect these words as keywords in information Links. the above content provided by 贵族宝贝, A5 first, please indicate the source. finally, need a certain amount of keywords links. After the link keywords do, also need a certain amount of accumulation. Early promotion has been in use: Keywords link combination + Taobao selling tawang. Home page, add up to do the more than 40 links, Taobao sales have very good ranking in search engines. But Taobao sales has been ranked the word did not go up, not a reason to focus on the promotion of two links, the quantity is too small. After the link information is changed to: Taobao selling hot Tawang navigation, then large chain, Taobao keywords ranking also rapidly rising hot.  

From AR’s new advertising can fire a time or a fireOne year’s business failure summary on angel inve

1. formal institution AR advertising is a game spree, AR advertising can start with creative thinking, fully liberating the participants’ senses and allowing participants to be free and happy on the market if you can not get the investment, then opened his own dry tighten their belts for the game practitioners, not investment, you can see the opportunity, don’t waste time, and quickly opened a dry, dry to the game shelves, assuming the right direction, somewhat exposed, some people will vote. Alipay last year’s hot 5 years ago, shlf1314 has launched ProjectGlass glasses, seemingly two things not related to actually closely linked, they are the core of AR technology. AR technology in full swing spawned many industries, and AR advertising is one of them. AR advertising coverage is becoming more and more widely, automobile, finance, catering, Home Furnishing and other industries have mature case, then still popular in television advertising, Internet advertising today, AR advertising to consumers exactly what, AR advertising can achieve counter attack on the mode with the advertising industry? another question is, whose money is if the investor said "keep in touch", then do not wait, the game is short-term, or investors to observe you really want to vote for you, will be the signature card for the week. investment, regardless of who voted, are to return, the investor with the same banker, sunny umbrella, rain umbrella, has always been the case, don’t expect any investor can timely assistance, the investor’s money is not blowing in the wind, they still have to be responsible for the investor. , such as IDG, Innovation workshop, example: I am out of business in November 2012, looking for 80+ investors, no one interested in May 2013, the game shelves Appstore, pay list third, after a week to pull investment. AR is intended to enhance reality, and AR advertising is usually through the combination of hardware and software to interact with reality, so as to promote products and their ideas. As a new generation of stars in the advertising industry, AR advertising is popular, mainly due to the following four points. In fact, so here’s the issue of angel investment. , no money. this kind of organization belongs to the most reliable one, the file formalities are complete, support structure many, forensic finance you don’t need to worry about, the reputation is pretty good, brother enterprise is numerous. early in the writing, but is not openly discussed in particular the winding up of the company in two is to write a will offend some people, but think carefully if you did not write down, may still want a lot of brothers detours, burning themselves, we lit it. one, interactive and interesting. AR ads show with game or story content to consumers, such as the recent Coca-Cola and Spotify music streaming in the world’s largest platform for cooperation, the use of AR technology to design a music playing coke, users simply open the AR software on the Coca-Cola special bottle can appear music […]