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Web design analysis using the core path method design page

  translator: the article’s original name is Designing Screens Using Cores and Paths. The author is inspired by the "traffic demand line" in urban planning, and puts forward the core path method of website design". Different from the commonly used approach from frame to home page and navigation, the core path approach allows the designer to start with the core content, from the inside to the outside. This break – in method can create the most direct path in the web site so that users can find the core content. link text:————————————————–   imagine, when you want to reach across the lawn opposite the bus station when you are around the lawn around the sidewalk past, or in the middle in the past? If the grass is dry, it is not prohibited from entering, then you are likely to choose the nearest route – across the lawn go directly to the bus station. If many people have done so before, there will be a "come out of the road."". This unplanned path connects the shortest distance between two points, and we are surrounded by such examples. In urban planning, they are called "desire pathsdesire lines", which means the difference between the natural behavior of man and the route of human planning. Architect Christopher Alexander defined the "traffic demand line" in his book "model language" (1976). For the application of "transportation demand line" in architecture, he gives a specific description: "method of road planning, is to set the target in the natural scenic spots in the first, then these points are connected to each other forming path." – Christopher Alexander, in principle, Alexander’s approach is to target – that is, people ultimately want things oriented, and then put them in the most useful way to connect together. But in web design, the approach is usually the opposite: designers start with the homepage. Then they worked out a navigation scheme based on the hierarchy of the site, whether appropriate or not. But the goal (the main thing the user is looking for, or what they want to do) has become the last thing to consider in the design process. Inspired by the "traffic demand curve", we can improve the method of designing web pages. Using the core – path approach, this can guide you to create the most direct paths in your web site

Website outsourcing spend less money and do more work

is known to all: Web sites are the product of the information age and the rapid growth of IT technology. The benefits she brings to governments, businesses and individuals are too numerous to mention. For businesses, promoting corporate branding, products and services to the world is one of the least expensive and the fastest means of information exchange. But

Those years, virtual resource class website profit way

in fact, not just the Internet industry, the development direction of traditional industries, there are two ways to choose, one is regression, and one is innovation. Although seems to be in two different directions, in fact, the two are both relative and unified. The most typical case is the symbol of millet, millet company started in the mobile phone products are millet, millet mobile phone had intelligent mobile phone, but it was because of quality, price and other reasons, the intelligent mobile phone industry has been relatively low, millet mobile phone industry started to choose actually should be return to the traditional industry, but also millet adding their own price advantage, a new sales model, which is the innovation in the regression. if millet is a company, it’s too far away from us, then say it in my own case. After 2013, the video lecture resources websites are very popular, the profit model is the site to provide all kinds of lecturer lecture video resources, adding ordinary members can watch these video resources, to join the senior members can watch these video resources, can also recruit members get commission. After the project of fire for a period of time, due to the same site too much, so this project has no market, this kind of website to persist gradually began to rely on their own form brand to expand the other business.   but this project gave some inspiration, in 2014 before and after the emergence of virtual resource website, this website profit pattern and before the video resource website profit pattern, but the resources provided from the lecture video into some Taobao virtual products, from the resources, the virtual product sourcing resources coin video resources should be small, it is easier to manage. But we know that any one project if so many people will be a smaller market, so this kind of resource website began to integrate other resources, including the video lecture resources website I mentioned the resources, they will be the teacher lectures and video resources are organized into their own virtual goods the site to expand its resources, but in view of the extraordinary plume, this fact should be considered in the direction of regression.   I was quite optimistic about the project, it also started to do this kind of project, do you have to do as early as possible, the night market is small, the reason lies in the profit model, in addition to the two member mode I mentioned, there is a franchise model, that is I have a proxy mode, for example a resource station, if you want to do a website as like as two peas and I are going to join, it is actually a lazy database fee you pay jiamingfei is to buy my website, I only need to use the same website program to build a good frame, then put the database data into my you, then you can modify the name of the website, the copyright […]

One month to earn 1W games, publish website experience

grew up on the game of special interest, especially obsessed with the game, when a small one to see people playing computer games on the itch, I score is not good, also made a group of friends at the bottom of society, our family goes, every day to play truant (rascal) global Internet cafes to play games, then hooked up to < legend; > the game play legend stole home 3000 yuan a week, global Internet cafes, Internet cafes Internet cafes to eat every day in the home, I like to see the network into Internet cafes, loved ones, warm reception, not busy sending smoke hands, so addicted to the third term. A third examination to increase, seeing himself can not enter the high school, the mood is particularly low, the family from time to time to taunt you, relatives and friends from time to time to give you a sarcastic remark, and finally no way home, take me to Guangdong to read a college, or to find the relationship between the ! college three years has been immersed in the loss, there is a very good friend’s birthday that I go to the Internet, no way! ~ was brought into the cafe, a good brush card open machine, landing 2 years without QQ, met before playing the legendary friend, he told me now or play legend, but the play is the legendary Sifu for me not a bit strange, because in the past a lot of official friends call us to play it, we do not put the official equipment and so did not go, the friend asked me to play, I also have a little regard my number, already sold, so I play with him, is playing in the equipment is very beautiful, but feel too boring, metamorphosis, then looking for a game to play alone at night, so the past. A out of work for 2 years, occasionally in the office to play the game, to search for a game of "< in the heap; storm riders > and then download the client, the evening back home, start the installation of ^^^^^^^^^ (omitted), installed also registered, started to play a game playing the game began to feel good, and I specialize in the game, because now work outside the home, the little spare time, so in addition to accompany girlfriend immersion in the game, in the night, I suddenly have an idea, and will not have it so, the input in the Baidu search: private servers, appear below the 10 site, I got the first, a look at the original private servers already out, he did not know, looked at the PW release station, feel special garbage, not at all beautiful, and The other private servers release station, do not feel a good-looking, I suddenly wanted to own a private servers release station, so just do it, good room friends, let him open a space in his own server to me, then registered a domain name, […]

Network garbage everywhere, how to prevent community waste hazards

network is the Internet Troll scenery, in fact the network and Navy often sprayer have some similarities, for the Internet, not only the prosperity of the Internet discussion atmosphere, but also brings many negative effects to some sites, which for some community sites, the influence is very huge, many community sites because of sprayer the presence of lead to the emergence of a large number of negative information and spam sites, bring huge risk to the operation of the site, so to prevent network sprayer in the community website silue, has become an important part of the community must pay attention to the webmaster. is the first to understand the impact of sprayer to the community website, community website operation content builders, these networks may be Troll builders of the site content, and website content reviewers, operation from the point of view of the negative impact of Internet on the website of the non ordinary sprayer close, if the website content is that it will cause Troll kidnapping, spam serious, but the comment was that there will be misleading Troll kidnapping, other users, resulting from other users, thus preventing network from two channels to spray comments and content construction. for the content of the construction of prevention, community website to establish an effective content screening platform, content of shielding inappropriate subject website can set the keyword filtering way, such as your operation is the vertical industry community website, then the contents of key words in other industries can be set by shielding, filtering and some sites do not to the contents of the tube. In addition to the need for artificial audit, for some of the plagiarism and no meaning and no value of the content should be filtered, and the corresponding score and warning issued to people, quality to control content through the establishment of publisher level mechanism. for the prevention of the common question and answer comment sprayer in the community, also need to establish review personnel and the caste system ask staff, what grade interactive members can participate in what subject, this can effectively avoid some disharmonious factors in the interaction, and the influence from time to time, all kinds of advertising and other negative information in the interaction. Of course, this method may cause a certain impact on the interactive community website, so in the setting of such interactive mode, should consider the operational direction of the site, at the early stage of community website operation, we can use the easing to drive the popularity of the website, when the net station community have a certain customer loyalty, can some strict requirements. in addition to effective preventive measures, also need effective supervision measures, supervision strategy should be set and the website users scale matching, can carry out the supervision strategy management from manual, also can introduce the advanced algorithm to control, such as Facebook to some friends of the information through the algorithm of shielding some friends, the content by setting a certain strategy for shielding, […]

Talking about the operation of Internet website profit is Guan Jian

this afternoon the total yanmeng Ma WA, together with her exchange about Internet operation and profit mode problem. originally long ago, Ma always said that the Internet has been coming to share the operating model. But as they move, so also dragged. for the operation of the website, this afternoon I also talked about a lot of "Nu Wa network" development ideas. actually, I am willing to exchange website and friends of the operation, and every time the exchange, is I speak more, and every time for different people, in the process of speaking, I always have some inspiration. so I like to share my ideas with my friends. always talked to me about some developments in Nu Wa networks, as well as traffic. we build websites, popularity and traffic is fundamental to survival, but I always feel that now a website operation, popularity and traffic is not a fundamental. Before, also have a lot of colleague stationmaster to say, as long as the website has enough flow and popularity, be afraid of the opportunity that does not have money. But really have the flow and popularity, profit opportunities really come? Not necessarily, there are many stations on the Internet traffic flow, but the real money can not stand a lot. Websites that really make money must have good profit models. said Shenzhen nostalgia network, I have built the main purpose of Shenzhen nostalgia network is playing, is because the city of Shenzhen are from all corners of the country, so I set up Shenzhen nostalgia network, so that we can on this platform, looking for nostalgia, friendship and love. so, the site of the positioning is good, so since the opening of our offline activities and more, so every day there are hundreds of registered members, posting daily volume in thousands more, the website ranking, reached ten thousand, even in eight thousand or nine thousand (ranking), but at that time, I run to the website do not know, do not know the website advertisement alliance, they would never take the initiative to contact the advertising, just do some favors and advertising will flow so good, did not earn a penny. later, because of this website, I started the Internet business, the website attention is not very high, offline activities organizations are relatively small, so popularity is not very good. But because we have to contact the business, in this time, there are some websites advertising revenue, and then later, I in Baoan after no more time to organize the activities of the network, the website popularity also is not good, but because I know the website operation, anyway, every month there is a few thousand dollars in advertising income, followed by some other value-added services, the website also can maintain basically spending. and Shenzhen, with nostalgia network in Shenzhen influence, enhance the visibility, gives me a lot of help in other aspects of the development of Shenzhen. So, in the direction of the website profit, I also found a […]

Business salvation products Alliance

in the "Guangdong Internet Conference to share (a): how to do the product" in a text, Peng Jinjie has said: watercress, it is a successful product, but it is also an unsuccessful product.   its success lies in: watercress user experience, user traffic, the use of the crowd to do very well, very sticky site, is an excellent product and platform. is not successful: watercress does not have a high-quality business model and genes. according to understand, now watercress’s biggest profit point is still in advertising profit. And watercress for advertising is also inferior. so, watercress is not really commercial value? Peng Jinjie does not think so, with the development of China’s Internet environment, the rise of mobile Internet, watercress commercial value will also be magnified. Because it has a large amount of user data, that is, big data. This is the biggest commercial value of watercress. relying on big data to achieve value-added traffic value. Watercress now advertising is relatively poor and rough, and also did not play the role of advertising to the maximum. why do you say that, ? 1. in the Peng Jinjie observation, although the watercress rely on advertising to profit, but in order to keep fresh, watercress positioning itself art, afraid of too much advertising disturbs the quality of their products, so put on each page of the advertisement is very little, this invisible influence the commercial value and profit. 2. watercress advertising directly is inserted into the hard wide, which directly put several fixed ads on the page, although the quality of advertising was selected to remove inferior advertising, but still can not change the nature of its advertising. Peng Jinjie thinks we should figure out the 2 point of view: (1) advertising is not all user hate, suitable for users is good. Many people think advertising is a nuisance to the user. Indeed, traditional advertising is a nuisance for users, because they are not required by the user, but are forced to display in front of the user. But from another point of view, if the advertising is the product you need? On the contrary this time advertising is not provided, users dislike, the user demand for the product, just to be able to enhance the user experience. (2) is not the more advertising, this page will lead to user experience is not good, the appropriate place to appear appropriate advertising may be more conducive to user experience. In order to maintain the clean bean page, minimize the appearance of a page, only to maintain their original content, the starting point is good, but from another point of view, you are not to "prevent" the user needs products – user demand for advertising products. From this point of view? You, is the loss of the user experience. What’s more, the power of a family is weak

Looking at the development direction of SNS website from Facebook

SNS (Social Networking Services, the social network services, or social network service) is a kind of important application service of Internet new media in recent years, the development speed of the blowout from all walks of life have to sit up and take notice. With the stimulation of the exemplary role of Facebook websites such as SNS and MySpace, SNS websites around the world are mushrooming. While is watching the whirlwind of SNS’s Web site, many are beginning to focus on the direction that SNS’s Web leaders are leading. Not only do imitators need to be careful about the ideas and trends of industry leaders, but also the industry leaders are constantly exploring new technologies, content and marketing ideas. below, will take the world’s most leading SNS website Facebook as an example, to explore the direction of the development of SNS sites. momentum of rapid development, worth tens of billions of is one of Facebook’s leading players in the SNS industry. In July 2009, according to data released by research firm Nelson online, Facebook is now ranked first in social networking sites, and in June 2009, independent users visited as many as 87 million 300 thousand users. It is understood that the current number of users of Facebook has exceeded 340 million. Ultra high number of users and clicks, not only for Facebook bring super popularity, but also brought benefits. despite the global economic situation is not good, get rid of the shadow of the financial crisis has not yet significantly, and this year the United States market for social networking sites advertising declined, but the first half of the Facebook website advertising appears 9.5% growth, about $230 million. Its CEO, Mark, ·, Zuckerberg expects the company’s revenue this year will grow by 70%, next year will achieve cash flow earnings. The value of Facebook has been fully recognized by the market. In October 2007, Microsoft reached an agreement with Facebook to buy 1.6% of its shares for $240 million. At the time, insiders said, that meant the value of Facebook was as high as $15 billion. Although some people think this is overvalued, but in May 2009 the Russian investment group Digital Sky Technologies (Digital Sky Technologies, referred to as "DST") spent $200 million to acquire Facebook 1.96% preferred shares, the transaction makes Facebook valuation reached $10 billion. so, what makes Facebook so strong? We can observe and discuss it from three aspects of technology, content and marketing creativity. follows technology trends, the pursuit of fast and convenient Technique >

How did Baidu collect my promotion

my website has been promoted for more than 10 days. Also wrote a lot of soft Wen, but every day do not see Baidu included, and finally in Baidu search my domain name, the result surprised me, I bought the K domain name. in view of this result, I have searched a series of articles on the Internet to sort out, and listed a systematic promotion case. This morning, Baidu has collected a check collection, I don’t know how happy, so I want to put my plan out to share with you, so now you have a bitter, I make the plan is: 1, every day to write an original soft text. Soft Wen, I will not say what things, and do not understand themselves to search. And then is to copy a few original soft text to well-known website release. The effect, you can see, the first two days in A5 hair of the article will know, published less than 1 hours was Baidu included, that speed is really amazing, so I realize the importance of soft wen. 2, insist on opening two blogs a day. Must go to well-known websites to open, I have now opened more than 10, how effective, you can search: QQ player blog effect you know, I built all blogs have been included. 3 must update the content of the website every day. It is better not to collect, even if you want to collect, must also remember, to collect back articles to be modified, to copy original. In this way, people will not recognize your website is a garbage site. 4, ask your friend to use your domain name to search in the engine, this kind of effect is also some. 5, go to other high weight Forum irrigation irrigation, ha ha, have the skills of Kazakhstan, otherwise will be K, severe KIP Oh, like you when the irrigation can not directly said: "would you please go to the network game player QQ registered gift oh!" This will be deleted or K number, I have tried. If you don’t write it like this: "QQ, players come to the top, good post."." Add the [URL] link to this sentence and no one will find out. other methods I will not write, this is the station I have done for two years feel the most effective way to share with you. ;     this paste is original, posted indicate the source.

How much do you know about micro-blog marketing

for a long time not to A5 to contribute a little busy recently, Zhu Weikun, is in the small knowledge of micro-blog, and channels integration of network marketing team in a micro-blog marketing team, in order to improve our ability, we will have a catfish effect, which is similar to a competition. The team divided into two groups, so as to better let everyone feel a range, also is the "catch, ratio, super consciousness. first, team consciousness, competition, no reward competition, it is difficult for everyone to have the power to operate. The Internet, we all come from all over the country, but also can have foreign populations, but this is still relatively small, so temporarily do not talk about foreign populations, talk about a circle of people. team’s core, he must understand the needs of everyone, so as to encourage them to operate, for example, micro-blog marketing, you must first raise the fans, there will be a few small points of knowledge; 1, what do the players want, ? 2, what do the players need, ? 3, what can the players do, ? team leader, depending on their own ability to perform or ability or not, even if you have 1 million fans alone, you still failed. Since you’re just an individual, not a team, you have to integrate with the administrators or psychology so that you can maximize the incentives for team members to operate. For players, what they lack? Obviously is patience, they don’t understand, so they have no confidence, afraid, afraid to do well, in the process of doing there are many conditions, this time, the first time to head to solve their problems, this time, the team can be active. in short, team success can not be separated from a good leadership, will be a big nest is this truth. two, team task a team needs constant tasks to get through it. No team is born, and nowhere is it found. This time, but also to extend a few small knowledge: 1, setting goals 2, launching the topic 3, interactive forwarding The is not what micro-blog expert, just a love playing micro-blog fans, yesterday I accompany a wife to go climbing some exercise, then took several photos, which is released to the micro-blog, is a few words of micro-blog, but the micro-blog has been broadcast or 200. Look at the millions of experts who have millions of fans, and see how many times they’ve been forwarded. This doesn’t tangle. Here’s a few little points of knowledge: 1, the webmaster are lack of exercise, micro-blog content theme is to exercise 2, the webmaster are too busy to have time

Don’t blame the poor technology for the unprofitable website

technology is a very important factor in website operations, but not a decisive factor. Technology is only an auxiliary role, it is important to operate concepts, operations ideas. cites an ancient example: hao123 can be said to be technically free, but his earnings are as startling as his traffic. But success is not replicated, after hao123 million Web site navigation instantly available, but 99% of them are neglected thin horse. But success can be replicated, 114la, 265, 1166, 369, and so on, navigation station can not be said to be successful. Whether it is hao123 or 114la, or the failure of the navigation station, the technology is not very different, almost no difference, it is not difficult to see, technology is the most important, the key is how to operate. Hao123’s success is not a two to say, 1999, Li Xingping made the most primitive form of hao123, 2000 hao123 month hundreds of yuan in advertising revenue, then gradually increased to four thousand or five thousand yuan in 2001, up to several million yuan, in 2003 2004, the monthly income of 800 thousand yuan. In the end, in 2004, Baidu was called "50 million huge capital" (actually 11 million 900 thousand yuan and 40 thousand shares of stock) under the capsule, the achievement of a miracle of the Internet! ! what does the old, well known, well known story tell us? Technology is not the most important. The company’s website is not profitable. It’s an operation problem, not a technical one. I don’t think the reasons for non profits should be blamed on technology. Perhaps technology is a factor in blocking web operations, but it is by no means a determining factor. It seems that the direction of the development of the website is how to realize the function of others without technology, which is the selling point and the profit point. I don’t think this development is possible, but the possibility is too small. Even through the technology to achieve a certain function, but also can be copied, copied, and more than we understand the technology is that the company does not have the strength to achieve the unique technology on the internet. Think through the so-called cooperation, with the help of HC techniques to do is unlikely, HC may not silly to take their own core technology to free to use, or take the core technology to exchange a little trading through membership fees. I guess HC’s basic purpose of cooperation is to achieve their own solar energy network channel, just as now the HC valve, HC HVAC, as built a HC solar energy. The company has accumulated over the past few years, worked hard to build the solar network, how can you hand over to others, so this cooperation may fail in the end?. currently, basic positioning website it is not very clear, in the end is to do information or do business? Or mix? Personally feel that the electronic commerce road impassability, as the last white […]

Gaozhou young farmers sell pigs to build websites and achieve new ways of entrepreneurship

I always love A5 and see webmaster counterparts entrepreneurial story, but his writing is too poor to write something Nabuchushou, see the webmaster story, very feeling, so I decided to share with you my business experience. This article writing for a long time, had posted on his QQ space, then the other will go to his friends in the station last year published in the webmaster excerpt content, then I pointed out in the article under review, the article can not find (I do not know whether the moderator, delete) so we see some words familiar, but these are all their own real experience, there is no water. I’m not good at words. I spend most of my time doing things quietly and watching other people communicate. Recently, in order to find the point Links, adding a number of A5 Q group, after the group and rarely take the initiative and make the webmaster communication links also did not get, not a few days will be kicked out, now he did not dare to add group, lest trouble kicking me. I am Guangdong stone town Gaozhou city of an ordinary young farmer, the family was not rich, in order to reduce the burden of home, I finished primary school in 1990 was to social work, honestly I culture is not high, but I am unwilling to mediocrity, hope to strive to live a good life by myself. I have done in my hometown, the greengrocer assembly line worker, an electronics factory in Shenzhen, in the process of Engraving Factory set up a stall in the night market, opened a store, but knowledge poor and lack of social experience makes me without any success. Later, see many self-employed by family and I also follow the trend of build up the family fortunes, engaged in carton factory workshop and washing powder factory. But my luck is always a poor people, everything I do are ended in failure, the entrepreneurial process of more than ten years, my footprints all over Guangdong almost every city, but everywhere is sad, I in mid 2003, in the outside world for many years I finally cornered, and trudged old baggage, back to the starting point — back to the life I have my country, in the society for ten years, not only did what success, but also lost a lot of money, owes a large debt, that setback let me unforgettable… Go out business during the day, I insist on buying the habit of reading newspapers and magazines, see some good ideas, practical technology, CD project, I will think of a way to squeeze money to buy back more than ten years of entrepreneurial process, based on the cost of buying books, learning and other aspects of this is my daily life the largest part of expenditure. Back home I still did not give up, the home only eight hundred yuan to the town post office ordered all marketing, business, science and technology journals and magazines, […]

Baidu five days to include my new station

                  SEO I read many articles, many friends said that the N method can quickly let Baidu included new sites, included the time required to say how long are not pro side. Today about my new station "TV drama online" five days that was included in the experience of Baidu.

18 months of products with what, 30 million cock wire users

  fast teeth, this product is special. first, the user is very special, under the high growth curve enviable (quarterly average is a new times of the last quarter), about 30000000 users of the most mainstream crowd is not from the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, Guangdong, Hubei, but Henan, Sichuan, Hunan, these students, migrant workers province come into contact with the user, including factory workers. although the product user group enough cock wire, the team does not cock wire. Team combination is wonderful, there are traditional communication veterans do CEO and technology, there are standard literature van product manager, as well as doing game market operations 80. how do they create a direct white class, with 30 million users of the products has been to avoid the media interview before? What’s the story behind them? This weekend I interviewed fast teeth CEO Wang Xiaodong Frank, wanted the curious answer. what’s fast teeth, ? fast tooth current audience and our readership is not the same, so it is necessary to introduce here. In June last year officially launched the fast teeth, simply speaking, is a near field mobile transmission tools. Its special place is that the use of mobile phones self built WLAN hot spot function, fast teeth can not flow, do not need WiFi environment to help mobile phones to do applications, video, music, pictures and other documents transfer. According to the authorities, the speed of fast teeth is 50 times that of Bluetooth, which means 120 or 30 mp3 can be transmitted in 1 minutes. Although is a technology driven company, but now we should not be unfamiliar with these technologies. More than a year after the launch of this innovative tool, more than 10 followers followed the fast teeth. And fast teeth in the lead state, has become another company wants to close cock wire users a big way.   Why does have 30 million users? Frank for this problem, in fact there is no one answer, he and I share the fast access to the user from the beginning of 0. in the Frank view, fast teeth is a user aggregation of strong product, and is especially suitable for together in a classroom (but not a good school) students and those who do not have more entertainment, after work rental dormitory workers, they can quickly complete the fast teeth group mobile phone content share. If a class of students because of a Korean drama, 20% of the people with fast teeth, fast teeth will soon all the students have developed. This natural virus spread and word-of-mouth attributes greatly contribute to downloads. >

Google search success secret to win users with simplicity

  , the maverick insists on a simple style that makes Google stand out.   Tencent news (Lin Jingdong) Beijing time on May 21st news, border design platform Fastcodesign published comments article said, user search may imply that consumers want more choices. But Google (micro-blog) doesn’t think so, and it stands out in its simple style. How does Google win users by its simplicity? Google is not the first Internet company to provide search capabilities for consumers when it comes to launching search engines. But Google quickly left its competitors behind and gained acceptance from the mainstream market. As many observers said in the past few years, the simple beauty of Google’s homepage has played an important role in its current success. In fact, we recently conducted a global survey, received a total of more than 6000 valid receipt, the survey result is: there is a brand stand out, it is Google. People give it the highest rating of all brands. It offers a simple, unique and rewarding experience. but why Google is the only one that can make the search page so simple services? Why other search companies offer the same simple search services not? If simple to attract users, other search companies why not? For a search service of the company, the but don’t seem to be the most sensible approach, but also the most easy to practice. but in fact, simplicity may be harder than people think. This may explain why Google is the only company to provide such a concise search page. How did Google resist the temptation to add more content to its search page? We interviewed Google with the problem and found something unexpected. Google also struggled with the simplicity of its design as a home page, and it was not the first to make sure it was a success. In fact, Google has developed a strict system that makes strict limits on what can be added to the home page and what can not be added. Executives must stand firm on the opposite side of the company’s creative engineers. In some cases, they even challenge consumers’ aspirations openly. insists on avoiding complex bottom lines, which usually require more functionality and ornate design, which is a long and arduous task. Previously all by Marisa Meyer to bear, and now will be the company’s recently appointed consumer network product executives to bear. We asked Meijer how she did it, and she responded with a single word that might come from the theater manager, not from the technology manager