Month: July 2017

Web design analysis using the core path method design page

translator: the article’s original name is Designing Screens Using Cores and Paths. The author is inspired by the "traffic demand line" in urban planning, and puts forward the core path method of website design". Different from the commonly used approach from frame to home page and navigation, the core path approach allows the designer to start with the core content, from the inside to the outside. This break – in method can create the most direct path in the web site so that users can find the core content. read more

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Those years, virtual resource class website profit way

in fact, not just the Internet industry, the development direction of traditional industries, there are two ways to choose, one is regression, and one is innovation.


seems to be in two different directions, in fact, the two are both relative and unified. The most typical case is the symbol of millet, millet company started in the mobile phone products are millet, millet mobile phone had intelligent mobile phone, but it was because of quality, price and other reasons, the intelligent mobile phone industry has been relatively low, millet mobile phone industry started to choose actually should be return to the traditional industry, but also millet adding their own price advantage, a new sales model, which is the innovation in the regression. read more

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One month to earn 1W games, publish website experience

grew up on the game of special interest, especially obsessed with the game, when a small one to see people playing computer games on the itch, I score is not good, also made a group of friends at the bottom of society, our family goes, every day to play truant (rascal) global Internet cafes to play games, then hooked up to < legend; > the game play legend stole home 3000 yuan a week, global Internet cafes, Internet cafes Internet cafes to eat every day in the home, I like to see the network into Internet cafes, loved ones, warm reception, not busy sending smoke hands, so addicted to the third term. read more

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Network garbage everywhere, how to prevent community waste hazards

network is the Internet Troll scenery, in fact the network and Navy often sprayer have some similarities, for the Internet, not only the prosperity of the Internet discussion atmosphere, but also brings many negative effects to some sites, which for some community sites, the influence is very huge, many community sites because of sprayer the presence of lead to the emergence of a large number of negative information and spam sites, bring huge risk to the operation of the site, so to prevent network sprayer in the community website silue, has become an important part of the community must pay attention to the webmaster. read more

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Talking about the operation of nternet website profit is Guan Jian

this afternoon the total yanmeng Ma WA, together with her exchange about Internet operation and profit mode problem.

originally long ago, Ma always said that the Internet has been coming to share the operating model. But as they move, so also dragged.

for the operation of the website, this afternoon I also talked about a lot of "Nu Wa network" development ideas.

actually, I am willing to exchange website and friends of the operation, and every time the exchange, is I speak more, and every time for different people, in the process of speaking, I always have some inspiration. read more

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Business salvation products Alliance

in the "Guangdong Internet Conference to share (a): how to do the product" in a text, Peng Jinjie has said: watercress, it is a successful product, but it is also an unsuccessful product.

its success lies in: watercress user experience, user traffic, the use of the crowd to do very well, very sticky site, is an excellent product and platform.

is not successful: watercress does not have a high-quality business model and genes.

according to understand, now watercress’s biggest profit point is still in advertising profit. And watercress for advertising is also inferior. read more

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Looking at the development direction of SNS website from Facebook

SNS (Social Networking Services, the social network services, or social network service) is a kind of important application service of Internet new media in recent years, the development speed of the blowout from all walks of life have to sit up and take notice. With the stimulation of the exemplary role of Facebook websites such as SNS and MySpace, SNS websites around the world are mushrooming.


is watching the whirlwind of SNS’s Web site, many are beginning to focus on the direction that SNS’s Web leaders are leading. Not only do imitators need to be careful about the ideas and trends of industry leaders, but also the industry leaders are constantly exploring new technologies, content and marketing ideas. read more

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How did Baidu collect my promotion

my website has been promoted for more than 10 days. Also wrote a lot of soft Wen, but every day do not see Baidu included, and finally in Baidu search my domain name, the result surprised me, I bought the K domain name.

in view of this result, I have searched a series of articles on the Internet to sort out, and listed a systematic promotion case. This morning, Baidu has collected a check collection, I don’t know how happy, so I want to put my plan out to share with you, so now you have a bitter, I make the plan is: read more

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How much do you know about micro-blog marketing

for a long time not to A5 to contribute a little busy recently, Zhu Weikun, is in the small knowledge of micro-blog, and channels integration of network marketing team in a micro-blog marketing team, in order to improve our ability, we will have a catfish effect, which is similar to a competition. The team divided into two groups, so as to better let everyone feel a range, also is the "catch, ratio, super consciousness.

first, team consciousness,

competition, no reward competition, it is difficult for everyone to have the power to operate. The Internet, we all come from all over the country, but also can have foreign populations, but this is still relatively small, so temporarily do not talk about foreign populations, talk about a circle of people. read more

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Don’t blame the poor technology for the unprofitable website

technology is a very important factor in website operations, but not a decisive factor. Technology is only an auxiliary role, it is important to operate concepts, operations ideas.

cites an ancient example: hao123 can be said to be technically free, but his earnings are as startling as his traffic. But success is not replicated, after hao123 million Web site navigation instantly available, but 99% of them are neglected thin horse. But success can be replicated, 114la, 265, 1166, 369, and so on, navigation station can not be said to be successful. Whether it is hao123 or 114la, or the failure of the navigation station, the technology is not very different, almost no difference, it is not difficult to see, technology is the most important, the key is how to operate. Hao123’s success is not a two to say, 1999, Li Xingping made the most primitive form of hao123, 2000 hao123 month hundreds of yuan in advertising revenue, then gradually increased to four thousand or five thousand yuan in 2001, up to several million yuan, in 2003 2004, the monthly income of 800 thousand yuan. In the end, in 2004, Baidu was called "50 million huge capital" (actually 11 million 900 thousand yuan and 40 thousand shares of stock) under the capsule, the achievement of a miracle of the Internet! read more

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Gaozhou young farmers sell pigs to build websites and achieve new ways of entrepreneurship

I always love

A5 and see webmaster counterparts entrepreneurial story, but his writing is too poor to write something Nabuchushou, see the webmaster story, very feeling, so I decided to share with you my business experience. This article writing for a long time, had posted on his QQ space, then the other will go to his friends in the station last year published in the webmaster excerpt content, then I pointed out in the article under review, the article can not find (I do not know whether the moderator, delete) so we see some words familiar, but these are all their own real experience, there is no water. read more

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18 months of products with what, 30 million cock wire users

fast teeth, this product is special.

first, the user is very special, under the high growth curve enviable (quarterly average is a new times of the last quarter), about 30000000 users of the most mainstream crowd is not from the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, Guangdong, Hubei, but Henan, Sichuan, Hunan, these students, migrant workers province come into contact with the user, including factory workers.

although the product user group enough cock wire, the team does not cock wire. Team combination is wonderful, there are traditional communication veterans do CEO and technology, there are standard literature van product manager, as well as doing game market operations 80. read more

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Google search success secret to win users with simplicity

, the maverick insists on a simple style that makes Google stand out.

Tencent news (Lin Jingdong) Beijing time on May 21st news, border design platform Fastcodesign published comments article said, user search may imply that consumers want more choices. But Google (micro-blog) doesn’t think so, and it stands out in its simple style. How does Google win users by its simplicity?

Google is not the first Internet company to provide search capabilities for consumers when it comes to launching search engines. But Google quickly left its competitors behind and gained acceptance from the mainstream market. As many observers said in the past few years, the simple beauty of Google’s homepage has played an important role in its current success. In fact, we recently conducted a global survey, received a total of more than 6000 valid receipt, the survey result is: there is a brand stand out, it is Google. People give it the highest rating of all brands. It offers a simple, unique and rewarding experience. read more

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