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Huainan take measures to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

to promote social entrepreneurship employment has now become a lot of areas to solve the employment problem as a means, at the same time, many regions have also carried out a number of more active entrepreneurial activities to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

Women can join the underwear shop

now join a lingerie store do not invest too much cost, one or two people can open a small lingerie store, very suitable for women entrepreneurs. But how to join the new underwear shop? This need to pay attention to a lot of things, as long as a good grasp of skills in order to join the better management, in order to allow themselves to quickly embark on the road to riches. There are several must consider the hardware configuration of

ZTE chairman Hou Weigui answer entrepreneurs ask

in the 13th Five-Year plan, the first time the national economic information included in the national development plan, shows that the Internet economy has been linked with a country’s future. Internet business is about to enter a blowout growth period, how to effectively enhance their own competition, entrepreneurs need to think about the problem.

What jobs can attract 61 PhD and competition strategy of Dazhou talents

a local economy wants to get rapid development, can not be separated from the introduction of talent, in order to attract more talented people, Dazhou began a new initiative. In November 29th, Dazhou City, held at the Tsinghua University in 2016 the introduction of doctoral seminar, Dazhou’s bidding operations by Qinghua University and Beijing University, the National People’s Congress and other first-class university pH. blitz, more than 80 doctoral and postdoctoral enroll in lectures will be the venue of the seat, many people stood listening to lectures, there are people before the interview begins to resume hurried. After the meeting, 61 people take the initiative to participate in the interview, competition for 20 positions. will preach at the end of the Dazhou municipal Party committee secretary Bao Hui, municipal committee, publicity minister Deng Yuhua, Municipal Standing Committee, ministers of the organization is Huaixue respectively as examiner, candidates for doctoral students interview. it is understood that the party since eighteen, Dazhou municipal Party committee established a strategic layout for talent development, and vigorously carry out the "project of thousands of yuan into the Dazhou agglomeration" actions of high level talents, and actively promote the school hospital contact. what post actually attracted 61 doctoral competition? The 20 posts provided by the Dazhou are very attractive, attracting numerous high-quality talents to join. Through the introduction of a thousand yuan Dazhou action 1233 talents, the introduction of a talent, a team gathered, the rise of a business (industry) fission effect is gradually emerging. At the same time, the city has established 10 academician workstation, 1 (expert) element (expert) workstation, set up a "high-end talent reserve service center, management, social security accounts for the introduction of talent to provide" family "service. related recommendations

Li Ye entrepreneurs in the Internet to sell barbecue original barbecue good money

Internet applications in our lives is very broad, in the Internet to sell a lot of products, but we have not thought of barbecue can also be sold online? This is a true story, there is an uncle, he chose to sell barbecue on the Internet, in general, few people will sell such items on the Internet, his business? Go and see.

How to choose the location of building materials stores

building materials stores have a great impact on the location of the store business, we are in the building materials stores often will be in order to address this problem and worry. Many investors do not know how to choose the location of building materials stores. The following small series to introduce you. A, shopping

The 7 characteristics of entrepreneurs

found that successful entrepreneurs have a variety of common characteristics, "scientific investment" to extract the most obvious, and that is the most important of the 10, it is called "China’s top 10 entrepreneurs". In the scientific investment visited the experts, it was also believed that it would be more suitable for China’s 7 major characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. 1, the desire of "desire" in the first column Chinese entrepreneur, you not feel very strange? There is a word called "Sutra, meaning that One can be austere without selfish desires, if a person does not have what he desires, what all not afraid, not afraid of what. The monk in the temple at the end of practice for a lifetime, no one does not want to go all day; Taoist retreat meditation, and no one does not want to fly away, although the "visible, but to do One can be austere without selfish desires" and "no desire" is a difficult thing. 2, one of the "idiom endure the difficulties and hardships, as well as a Difficulty is the nurse of greatness.", "life", all mean is that business is not easy. Where is the first thing to do is to endure physical and mental torture. 3, vision people like to boast about their own knowledge, for entrepreneurs, it is not bragging, is to be truly informed. A wide range of knowledge, broaden their horizons, can effectively narrow the distance between themselves and success, so that less detours entrepreneurial activities. 4, the potential is the trend. Futures do people know, to make money is the key to do the direction, this direction is the potential. For example, the general trend to empty, you tend to do more or better, you tend to short, you do not lose money who lose money, in turn, you do not want to make money is difficult. 5, min   sensitivity is not neurotic. Neuroticism people, like those characters in the novel as Qiong Yao, vase, can do at leisure pastime, but not suitable for business. the sensitivity of entrepreneurs, is sensitive to changes in the outside world, especially the rapid response for business opportunities. 6,   pulse entrepreneurship is not cited "source water", "like trees planted". Each individual entrepreneurs, must have its inevitable conditions, is its own resources. The quality of an entrepreneur, look at the ability to establish and expand their resources can know. 7 and   the king of Chu deserves no sympathy slightly, one is his two of his woman’s soft nature is more brave than wise. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, a more brave than wise people, sooner or later become lunch. principle, will have their own characteristics. Habits make the best business! For your success!

Shop business needs to learn more customer psychology

a lot of people are lamenting the business is not good to do, indeed, almost any industry has a very intense competition in the industry. Times are changing, consumption is changing. For operators, the change in consumer demand is the flash point of business. Only the transformation, adjust the management strategy, and to meet new consumer demand, to the business. a report, said a new point due to the lack of start-up capital, and a reconstruction of customary in luxury hotels in the scenic area, and put up a seat for visitors living in thatched house. One night, Songtao, the scent of monkeys can be heard without end, wind hit, live in luxury hotels, feel the foot of urban life tourists particularly fresh, enjoy a return to nature of the ancient wind. Therefore, the scenic area attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists. area within a heart by cottage hill inspired by the wild herbs resources Museum, not only food is uniform the wild herbs, even the staple food is with wild herbs do. After the opening of the tourists come to another, no this business is thriving. In fact, , as used to eat a large Steamed Rice person, if a meal of corn meal, may eat one or two bowls; eat fatty food, if the bowls of wild herbs, eat with relish. Thatched cottages, wild herbs museum is part of the customer need to "seize the consumer psychology, recover the original simplicity" boldly, ancient soil, customs and characteristics of the mining project from the unique business, so as to win. look at another story to find a selling point. There is an interesting phenomenon in a supermarket: diapers and beer are sold together. The others seem quite strange move, but both sales increase. Originally, in order to accurately understand customer buying habits, the supermarket shopping behavior on customer analysis found that some of the young father after work, often to buy baby diapers, there are 30%~40% people also buy their own beer. The reason for this is that wives often ask her husband to buy diapers for her children after work, and husbands buy their favorite beer after buying diapers. Since a lot of both are purchased together opportunity, so the supermarket stores will be in diapers and beer are put together, the results of sales growth. beer and diapers, can be described as the wind horse, but the supermarket from the customer’s shopping habits to find a selling point, and the clever combination of the two, but played an unexpected effect. such a business, I am afraid that many operators simply can not think, after all, many consumers feel incredible, but it can be hot. Therefore, in the fierce competition in the market, businesses and individual operators may wish to learn more customer psychology, timely analysis and customer psychology, starting from the subtle to find an ideal way of selling, and to expand the business.

How to join the fast food industry in 2015

hunger breeds discontentment this is China traditional culture since ancient times, now the catering industry as enduring investment industry more and more attention of entrepreneurs, in today’s society, many people made no secret of his "chowhound" the nature, to show their delicacy in the pursuit of micro-blog WeChat on every platform. The pursuit of delicious, the pursuit of nutrition, the pursuit of the enjoyment of life, in the busy work, let myself eat a little better has become the new requirements of urban white-collar life. Thus, a new food and beverage market in the eyes of entrepreneurs. Chinese fast food to join, it is such a delicious alliance.

How to better fitting underwear shop

underwear is essential for women’s clothing, open a lingerie brand shop, how to decorate it better? Xiao Bian for this, we carried out a detailed introduction, I hope that we should pay more attention to this. when you decide to buy a new underwear for yourself, if not love a brand directly rushed to the store, but to go to a few to choose their favorite, you will find that each shop has its own unique style of decoration, and even allow you to choose, there are a lot of friends said that is not his family are particularly good, but by the decoration of the shop and the atmosphere (such as display, service etc.) deeply attracted. underwear shop how to decorate? First of all, whether self stores or stores, each store should have a theme of their own, can be based around the product style, brand concept, direction, and decoration, display according to the theme; the second is the selection of lighting. Like clothing stores, to be good at using a reasonable atmosphere to foil your products, lingerie stores, consumers will quickly into the atmosphere, and let her instantly fell in love with this feeling. when we go to the store to buy some underwear underwear, will find some store especially crowded, especially when there are promotional activities, are mixed together in a heap, you should not only in the "panic buying force" foothold, but also from the right product, you will have to leave here immediately thoughts, so as to create a spacious shopping environment is a factor to be considered in the decoration. Underwear shop decoration? I think the owner will have store area small, certainly not with a large ratio, in fact as long as you master some skills on display and rational use of every square metre or referred to the structure, can create a completely different shopping environment, even if doing so in the face of the crowd can easily cope with promotion. underwear shop how to decorate? The shop management of shop decoration should pay great attention to this, whether it is style of decoration, shopping or display, has been adhering to starting from the feelings of consumers, to create an elegant and relaxed life underwear for women, let the customer in linger. The above is about the introduction of underwear shop how to decorate, wish you would be more focused on their own decoration, a lingerie shop, opened their own entrepreneurial path, you want to get a better income, to consult to join!

To choose Liao ribs braised food

as the top brand in the lo food has been welcomed by consumers, Liao ribs, word of mouth is good a halogen food to join the project. Since 1982 formally established and registered trademark, after 33 years of sustained and stable operation, the province has developed into a large private food enterprises, the characteristics of Liao ribs due to delicacy eaters, the media and government approval, quickly swept the country, whipped up a Sichuan brine joined boom, the patent level Lo chain model is an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars return the franchisee. century old taste — 23 years of Qianlong, Sichuan Liao’s ancestors in the palace of the imperial catering department supervisor kashihade, first "vapor smoke halogen" technology and the collection of halogen material formula crown court. After Emperor Qianlong’s southern tour, Guanshen Jiejia along the "Manhanquanxi" Liao’s famous cuisine "ranked red brine pigeon meat" seats. "Qing Hui Dian? Paul Temple Zeli" about a Chinese table record is also common in Liao’s creative boutique lucai. fashion new pattern – after thousands of years of development of brine, can be described as the people on the table must be cooked dishes. Today, Liao’s descendants to fully grasp the ancestors of the "halogen technology book", made of delicious ribs taste, color and taste for the people sing. Liao ribs due to produce a unique and inimitable taste, is the people of Mianyang known as "a way of Fucheng"! select all kinds of spices and Chongqing, angelica, dangshen, Chinese wolfberry into 50 kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicines. : suffering method, transmission method, the double steam fumigation shift method,. temperature control and accurate technique hundred years passed down hoards of old brine, to ensure that the core taste of Liao ribs has been applied for the national intangible cultural heritage. All products are made by Liao ribs Handmade, ensure the traditional Lo is not lost, more scientific nutrition ratio. Liao ribs join policy introduction: professional marketing manager, assist to inspect the values of the selected locations. Customer survey, evaluation of the shop the possibility of turnover. Business profit and loss estimates for franchisees reference. Headquarters to send a full set of instructions to open the details of the business, such as the provision of open shop planning, including staff recruitment, product pricing, raw material supply, operation and management system and the establishment of the planning period. 2-3 stores sent officers to store free training (free accommodation), after passing the graduation certificate. After the opening of the headquarters will be free to carry out systematic technical training. offers free decoration scheme and complete shop equipment, facilities layout, unified store image and style, so that franchisees spend very little money. Every year a large number of new products listed, franchisees can learn and use the technology for free, according to their own needs can be added

How about the profit

Shanghai plays an important role in the modern history of China, but now it is a big city in China. Every year, a large number of foreign population come to work here. "grain" restaurant chain China headquarters – Shanghai Qi Island Catering Management Co. Ltd., is located in the beautiful economy and culture of Shanghai, Qi Island Catering Management Co. Ltd. is a project promotion, merchants, food comprehensive products research and development of beverage chain enterprises. The introduction of the "Qi Island famous brand of grain Taiwan International in 2006 to build Taiwan Han incense grain food, corn beef noodles two Taiwan private dining mode. Sweet food is grain Taiwan and South Korea to Japan and South Korea customs as the theme of the restaurant, the main products: Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle, bibimbap, sushi, sashimi, Korean food, beverage, the decoration style is retro style style, antique wood furniture, Korea style decor, favored by the vast number of consumers. how about the profit? Han Xiang cuisine has five colors, said: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty, red, white, black, green, yellow. Tasted the Korean cuisine guests, the Korean food culture is unforgettable. Korean cuisine selection of natural, vegetarian stroke with a reasonable, the pursuit of less and fine, to ensure adequate nutrition, not overeating, very popular with young people sought after. Taiwan (China) grain authorization, union headquarters unified planning, unified unified trademark brand image design, unified system, unified training advertising, fast and perfect customer service service system, strong brand, market and regional protection, will guarantee your success. profit analysis: daily turnover: 5000 yuan monthly turnover: 5000 yuan / day *30 days =150000 yuan, monthly gross profit of 70%, 150000× 70%=105000 yuan cost: cost of raw materials 30% (30%*150000=45000 yuan) cost two: rent $12000 / month cost three: Hydropower 1500 yuan / month cost four: personnel wages (number of personnel according to the size of the store configuration) bar member: 2 yuan 2000 Kitchen: 2 3000 yuan / person office: 1 1800 yuan <>

The first time the cosmetics store should pay attention to what the main points

women pay attention to their "face" big problem, there is a strong spending power, naturally willing to spend time and money on cosmetics. Investors have flocked to the beauty industry, and strive to open a cosmetics store to earn beautiful wealth. now as a rational investor, how to distinguish good and bad, the authenticity of identification in the brand? What is the first point operating cosmetics shop should pay attention to the success? Study brand, the following analysis is worth investors to read. first cosmetics store brand business investigation foundation, the vitality of the brand was the first to show this sword, today, what brand of consumers can move? Now is because investors are not doing the investigation and analysis of the blind investment, in the future daily sales of frequently encountered a lot of problems, and to remember that brand is a cosmetics shop master profit foundation, early investors to open a cosmetics store for the best local consumer groups, consumer attitudes and consumption level to do a survey, in-depth understanding of the needs of the market, and then combined with their level of knowledge and ability, consistent with the market demand for the project to do, the likelihood of success compared to the big ! to know brands can not just bigger, so the rise and rise of the brand must have its history, understand the course of its development, to help investors understand the brand managers’ consciousness, foresight and determination. on production capacity and product structure of products is the most direct embodiment of a brand, it is also one of the factors investors first consider. Understand the investors choose the project, under the banner of the product itself have a characteristic, product structure, product line is full of other key, investors can through this sword to identify whether the brand has the maneuverability.

Shop location there are fewer skills and less investigation

for their plan to start a business with friends, shop location is a problem placed in front of them, many people complain that they can’t find a good shop. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, it is not necessarily in the downtown area, not necessarily in the populous place, just based on your choice of industry, in full consideration of the customer base, and then to find reasonable shop address, can make you more effective.

Why Hefei can board the central hot word list

in the process of economic development, a lot of coastal cities have achieved remarkable results, but some central cities are constantly accelerating the pace of their rise. Recently, the "Hefei" on the central media "hot words list", the central city carrying gene "dark horse" in the fast development of success among the Yangtze River Delta, and its "unremittingly innovation lead" concept, won widespread praise. So, why can Hefei boarded the central media hot word list? The following and small series of specific understanding. 7 23 evening, the evening of 24, CCTV news network reported for the first time in Hefei for two consecutive days, up to more than 8 minutes when the two programs. In fact, from the beginning of July 14th, the most recent period in Hefei have frequently appeared in the central media. as CCTV news network reported that, in the Yangtze River Delta brothers City, Hefei is small, but it has great wisdom". Hefei grow, what is gene? What is the power to spare no effort to catch up? provincial Party committee, Hefei municipal Party committee secretary Wu Cunrong pointed out that, for Hefei, the key way to adjust the structure of the way, is to adhere to the innovation as the first driving force to promote innovation and development, to promote the upgrade. Hefei mayor Zhang Qingjun said that Hefei will recognize "the first phalanx" position, when "the first phalanx" role, take "the first phalanx" responsibility, "Hefei’s growth should be faster than people think". growth gene adhere to innovation with ideals, feelings, patience, perseverance " " development plan "in the Yangtze River Delta city group, Hefei location ‘sub center of the city" impressively, with Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou together, to build a world-class city group has a global influence." In the evening of July 23rd broadcast "news network", such as Hefei "opening". in the super team in Hefei City, known as the "dark horse", after all, with the Shanghai Nanjing and other large city than Hefei, is still regarded as a "little brother", according to the 2015 GDP calculation, Hefei just over 1/5 of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing 60% shortage. why is Hefei? calmly and objectively look at Hefei is not difficult to find that it has a "big" good genes – that is, Wu Cunrong repeatedly stressed on many occasions "for Hefei, the key is to adjust the structure to the way, adhere to innovation as the first impetus to innovation is recommended