Month: March 2017

Chengdong district to carry out the third National Disabled Day series of activities

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s a year, flowers red Nanshan flowers to highlight the eighth northwest of the province (District)

To enrich the cultural life of the people, carry forward the traditional culture of flowers, recently by the Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau hosted the eighth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) "June six" flower art week, in the city of Xining Nanshan Park passion

to enrich the cultural life of the people, carry forward the traditional culture of flowers, recently by the Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau hosted the eighth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) "June six" flower art week, in the city of Xining Nanshan Park passion. The theme is "July filariasis, feeling full xiadou", a large scale, rich in content, has attracted many many flowers. During the activities of the high pitched, heroic, with a plateau style songs sang the mountains, touched the hearts of tourists, to promote the development of cultural undertakings in our city has played a positive role. read more

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Don’t be a mayor’s blueprint

Promote the transformation of development, not just short-term tasks, but also a long-term strategy; non effective one day, need a long time to work. The transformation and development of, you must keep in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly warned, I do not get off the ground, a blueprint catch in the end, "earnestly laying the foundation for long-term benefit of the work".

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Multi institutional consolidation of educational activities

Although the party’s mass line educational practice has ended, but the style building is always on the road. Recently, the city introduced, revised a number of systems, through the improvement of the style of long-term mechanism, from the system level to consolidate the results of educational practice. In the meetings, documents, improve the style of study, the region has formulated the "Interim Measures" Chengzhong district government agencies meeting file management, a compression conference papers, hard work, the district level decreased by 35% year-on-year, down 23% on file, down 50%, the Party cadres out of the mountain of the sea. At the same time improve the "district center group learning system", a monthly schedule learning center group members of the collective, the collective learning is not less than 12 times per quarter to arrange a collective learning seminar, each year the center of the group members writing research reports more than 1 articles. As the leading cadres of grassroots, serving the masses to become the norm, the revised "district level leading cadres contact point system" and "the masses of Party members and cadres grassroots service system", clearly defined the district leadership at least annually to the point of contact, coordination and guidance, supervision and inspection of the months of investigation total time not less than 3 months each year. At least to the contact point of the work of more than 2 times, and 2 times more than contact contact. Department leading Party cadres every months of research total time not less than 1 months, Party members and cadres twinning for household household objects, solve practical problems. To enhance the execution of cadres, to promote the implementation of the work, the introduction of the "leading cadres of the party and government performance accountability measures", clearly not in accordance with legal procedures to implement administrative behavior; without justifiable reasons, did not finish the task of sixteen leading cadres accountability matters, and the corresponding criticism education, criticism, transfer the present work, suspended inspection, removal and other ten kinds of accountability. At the same time through the "revised" measures for the implementation of urban district of Xining city government leading bodies and leading cadres performance evaluation, the performance evaluation results as an important basis for leadership adjustment and the selection and appointment of leading cadres, rewards and punishments.   read more

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Carry out the spirit of in-depth community visits to research – the city Bureau of transportation to

for the further implementation of Chuangxian office "on the cadres Service for the people to excel" four "activities of the notice" and "two letters" Qiang Wei, Secretary of the spirit, the mobilization of bureau of all Party members and cadres to further innovative ideas, change the style of work, closely linked to the grassroots, to deepen ties with the masses, cadres Service for the people to excel activities. Recently, Shi Po Street Community Bureau deputy party secretary, Secretary Xu Cunde led office, bureau of trade unions their in-depth City District warehouse gate Street offices under the jurisdiction of the community, and to carry out cadres "face to face, heart to heart" visits. read more

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Around the lake ecological tour ecological beauty

Guide in July, after rain washed, the sky is blue and more thorough, Danshan water, surrounded by trees. Standing on National Wetland Park, green everywhere, the landscape view of fundus shade surplus wild, crisscross idyllic scenery and majestic atmosphere, Danfeng splendour.

in Tao Lanying’s memory, before in the wetland birds such as swan is very few, perhaps it was not just a wasteland called wetland.

from Jiang Lalin area to the east from the forest to forest, Dongshan River forest, nearly 1 million 600 thousand acres of woodland area of Guide to build a strong ecological barrier, the plateau "small Jiangnan" reputation cannot do without the protection of the vast woodland.

also set up on Wetland Park Wetland Protection Authority, clear management responsibilities, formulate relevant management measures and system, established a joint meeting of the county wetland protection system, to carry out strict examination and approval system in wetland area development and construction activities, the implementation of dynamic inspection system, focus on strengthening the wetland protection area of illegal exploitation, Sidaluanjian pollution and destruction of wetlands environment behavior supervision and inspection.  

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My bureau to participate in the western region earthquake prevention and mitigation legal work excha

from the China Earthquake Administration Department of policy and regulations hosted Chongqing City Seismological Bureau in the western region of earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation legal work exchange from December 1st to 3, held in Chongqing, the meeting is the first time in the area, jointly held by the State Council, the Provincial Bureau and City Bureau of earthquake preparation work conference, the meeting with the local exchange the legislative and administrative work experience as the theme. China Earthquake Administration party members, deputy director Yin Zhaomin attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Director of Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress teach Kewenwei Committee high into, director of the Chongqing Municipal Seismological Bureau Chen Tieliu, China Earthquake Administration policy Secretary Shao East, deputy director Tang Jingjian attended the meeting. 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the western region Seismological Bureau and the relevant departments of the earthquake in the city and county departments responsible for a total of more than 40 people attended the meeting on behalf of more than 11 people. The meeting by the China Earthquake Administration policy Secretary Shao Dong presided over.
Yin Chao min deputy director in his speech, elaborated from six aspects to strengthen the construction of legal system, promoting the administration according to law and innovation of social management, and asked us to broaden the horizon with a sense of innovation, scientific guidance work, pragmatic spirit of seeking development, and will work around the earthquake disaster reduction the construction of legal system, firmly grasp. During the meeting, representatives from various regions spoke enthusiastically, analyzed the new situation and new problems encountered in the current work, and put forward some suggestions on Further Strengthening the legal system construction. I Bureau from the city’s legal system of earthquake disaster prevention and construction work on the actual situation, on how to further strengthen urban and county earthquake disaster prevention administration, strengthen legal supervision, in-depth publicity work done in the general assembly to speak. read more

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Celebrate Bayi send warmth

81 Army Day eve, as do the problems dimension enterprises in our city of demobilized cadres to work steadily, in accordance with the requirements of the unified province Jun Zhuanban through and visit, my bureau, held a forum to the majority of demobilized cadres in enterprises to send greetingsOn the eve of

August army, for the difficulties of enterprises in the city of demobilized cadres dimensional stability, in accordance with the requirements of the unified province Jun Zhuanban through and visit, my bureau, held a forum to the majority of demobilized cadres in enterprises to send greetings. read more

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Create a health city of Xining industry and commerce regulation of tobacco advertising Chuangwei wel


7 month, Xining City Chuangwei work has entered a crucial stage, in order to achieve the "news", Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the city to carry out clean-up regulation of tobacco advertising.

in the remediation action, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the city’s tobacco store advertising carried out a thorough investigation, released on their own production of business households in city buildings, tobacco shop door, shop windows and doors advertising and the use of the news media advertising register. At the same time, on the basis of "advertising regulations" "Chuangwei work system" and other laws and regulations and the relevant education system of tobacco sales enterprises and tobacco store management personnel, for their support and cooperation, take the initiative to dismantle illegal advertising, clean up the obstacles for the "news" work. Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also took the initiative and Xining City Chuangwei office, Urban Management Bureau and other departments will jointly develop an implementation plan to dismantle illegal tobacco advertising. During the operation, the main problem is to check out the tobacco store to advertise in the shop door and window glass. Check out the problem of tobacco advertising, the business sector will focus on cleaning up in the near future. read more

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Beautiful festival and happiness – Xining Bureau of statistics to celebrate the 38 nternational Wom


is celebrated once a year "38" International Women’s day, rich in organ culture life, stimulate women cadres and workers work enthusiasm, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in the bureau support energetically, actively carry out the novel form, rich content of the celebration, the global women cadres and workers involved, spent a meaningful the holiday. In March 6th, my bureau WOC carefully organize the physical aspects of six comrades in strong municipal authorities held to celebrate the 38, show style, feel the development and changes in Xining "as the theme of climbing competitions, athletes through the test of some physical strength and endurance, were made in middle-aged group and youth group of two individual awards, the display of my bureau of women cadres and workers of the women’s style. On the morning of March 8th, I organized all the women cadres and workers to visit the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, which is located in the new lake area. Under the guidance of the instructors, we successively visited the "near Qinghai", "energy and environment", "Mysteries of life", "science and life", "human wisdom" and "enjoy the technology" theme exhibition halls, visit to basic disciplines, environment, life, energy, transportation, security, information, aviation the space and the unique natural environment of Qinghai plateau, and in the social and economic development of key scientific and technological content. During the visit, we were interested to participate in the museum’s operation, the model of multimedia interaction, experience science education and modern science and technology influence, wonderful experience let you linger, arrangements to get the global open up a fresh outlook of women cadres and workers alike. The afternoon of March 8th, the global organization of women cadres and workers of the friendship exchanges and exchange activities in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in the activities set up the knowledge answer contest link, by participating in the knowledge competition of women in women, health care, women’s health, labor protection of female workers have a more in-depth understanding. Good to build a platform to broaden their horizons, enhance exchanges and show their talent, encouraging our bureau women cadres and workers of this activity, promote women cadres and workers with more enthusiasm and create jobs in the working state of success, to build Xining into a city, with people’s living life and the city more prosperous and more beautiful, more livable city center of Tibetan Plateau modernization and make greater contribution. read more

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Health care and relief programs

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, in order to improve the rural poor medical security level, effectively curb and reduce poverty caused by illness phenomenon, I formulated the "Qinghai Province health care and assistance to poverty alleviation action plan", will be in 42 poor counties (city, District, appoint 520 thousand poor people 1622), participatory poor village, the implementation of the medical security and relief of poverty alleviation action. read more

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Jing Zhancheng to create the first private aircraft in the northwest of the legitimate airspace priv

"Let each person has entrepreneurial intention to achieve business", this is the first Qinghai innovation contest held in mind, "80" Qinghai guy king Zhancheng, with his drone entrepreneurial way, let these words have the best interpretation.

king Zhancheng because of interest, familiar with this emerging industry UAV; and because of the dream, and he embarked on the road of entrepreneurship for uav. The native of Qinghai youth, by the news as the starting point with the dream, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, in the plateau on the runway, completed the creation of no perfect man-machine high-tech enterprises soar. Now, he founded the "Qinghai printing electronic technology limited company" has become the first to have legal qualifications of the UAV airspace of private enterprises. He dreamed that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to replace the manual operation at high altitude, so as to achieve full application of UAV in various fields in the plateau. read more

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East District once again raise the minimum living standards for urban and rural minimum living stand

November 19th, the reporter learned from the East District, according to the relevant policies and regulations, the eastern district once again raised the minimum living standards for urban and rural areas of the minimum living standards. Currently, all funds have been paid in place.

is reported that the lifting of the standard is the east district since 2008, tenth times the amount of urban and rural subsistence allowances. Specific criteria: minimum standards for each city on the basis of the original monthly increase of 20 yuan, and has been for temporary price subsidies minimum target subsidies (55 yuan per person per month) transferred to the minimum standard, namely city residents minimum living standards on the basis of the existing per capita increased by 75 yuan, up 313 yuan per person per month. Rural residents per capita in the original basis of the monthly increase of 15 yuan, while the temporary price subsidies for rural residents object subsidies since 2008 (30 yuan per person per month) transferred to the minimum standard, namely rural minimum living standards on the basis of the existing per capita increased by 45 yuan, up 155.4 yuan per person per month. read more

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Chase GDP exceeded 10 billion mark for the first time

according to the latest statistics, in 2012 the territory of the Hui Hui Autonomous Prefecture in the first time exceeded 10 billion yuan mark, reaching 10 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 12%. Last 2012, Qinghai aluminum aluminum high-tech industrialization project in Datong County, the investment of billions of Qinghai products group 50 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity replacement technology upgrades and other key projects have been put into operation, the rural tourism in the county of modern agriculture, and lay the foundation for the area A new force suddenly rises., GDP exceeded 10 billion yuan mark. (author: Zhao Junjie) read more

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Civil aviation highway passenger volume is high

8, the reporter from the Airport Inc in Qinghai province and the Provincial Executive Council was informed that this year’s National Day golden week, civil aviation passenger volume record, the Xining airport transport movements 757 vehicles, an increase of 18.8%; passenger throughput of 91185 passengers, an increase of 13.6%. The province’s highway toll free minibus daily 181533 times, an increase of 21.45%. It is reported that during the National Day golden week, Xining airport passenger travel and visiting relatives are still the main domestic hot cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an is still the preferred destination for travelers. From the beginning of October 6th, Xining airport ushered in the National Day holiday return peak passenger flow, 7 transport movements up to 125 sorties, inbound and outbound passengers reached 14892 passengers, passenger return concentrated in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other first-tier cities and popular tourist city. In order to do a good job in the National Day holiday passenger service support, Xining airport in the value of the cabinet to set up a mobile service post – "bee guide", a timely answer to the question of passengers. For Hong Kong passengers to carry more yogurt and other characteristics of the situation in Qinghai products, to remind passengers to pack liquid goods consignment. The Provincial Executive Council to strengthen the civil service level, improve work efficiency, take active measures to ensure that our province pat, high grade highway smooth and convenient, great to meet people’s travel demand during the holiday season, the successful completion of the task of pat. During the national day, the province’s total highway toll free seven and below the small bus 1270733 times, accounting for 79.22% of the total traffic volume, the average daily traffic free small bus 181533 times, toll free 25 million 160 thousand yuan.   read more

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