Month: March 2017

South ring highway travel Raiders

This morning, when I found out that the urban road a lot? Yes, today is indeed a day for the people of Xining to celebrate the day – the official opening of the South Ring Expressway, at the same time, the official implementation of preferential policies around the highway Xining.

is not that moment full of the traffic happiness? Of course, if you do not know how to go, then take a look at the south ring highway travel raiders.

where to enter the southern Beltway

first, each driver must change the habit. In the past, you will always be accustomed to the driver of Kunlun Road, called the South ring. But from December 24th, the real South Ring Road refers to the West from the Cao Jiabao has been extended to the south of the city of Ma Hang long highway, you can remember the driver master.

Tonghai Road interchange is another one from the urban area into the South Highway pavement. Tonghai Road Interchange connecting Lake District Tonghai Road, South Road, Kunlun District Jinhaihu Xichuan road section. Living in the lake lake area of the public, remember from here on the South beltway.

traffic in this 100.39 kilometers, is free of tolls. Feel very happy ah. Of course, the light is not happy, security is still the first. South Ring Highway Traffic in the region without any preferential toll station, but high-speed traffic within the region is preferential toll island has not been removed. Therefore, the driver also please steady driving slow.What

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Qinghai exhibitors with 6 billion 677 million yuan a large single triumph

three days of the Qinghai brand products in Hangzhou will be successfully concluded in May 29th. During the period, a total of 241 brands exhibitors in our province, 18.7% more than last year; a total of 26 exhibitors merchandise categories, 2807 varieties, 27.5% more than last year, contributed to the signing of 128 projects, the total amount of about 6 billion 677 million yuan, and the total amount of contracted projects than last year increased by 93.9% and 0.69% respectively.

three days, the cumulative sales of goods 1300, the total amount of 6 million 500 thousand yuan, especially yogurt, Cereals, dried beef products by Hangzhou residents sought, were sold out; a total of 140 enterprises with 1096 kinds of commodity experience and taste, taste the goods discount amount of 169 thousand yuan. After the seminar, 78 enterprises in our province were signed with 127 companies in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions as well as Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hongkong and Taiwan, including the signing of the project, medicine and health, wool agricultural livestock products, mineral water, wine and other crafts 9 categories. read more

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Supervision and inspection of the mayor Zhang Xiaorong sanitation work during the holiday season

on the morning of September 27th, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong led the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal government office, responsible comrades, has been to victory road, Bridge Street, 71 Road, train station, Riverside Road and other key sections of the important nodes, on-site supervision and inspection during the Festival City environmental remediation, garbage removal transit, sanitation operations etc. then, visit condolences to front-line sanitation workers.
check condolences, Zhang Xiaorong and sanitation workers had a cordial exchange, ask for details of the time, labor intensity, cleaning area and accommodation situation of sanitation workers, listen to the opinions and suggestions on the work of city appearance and environmental remediation of sanitation workers. Zhang Xiaorong stressed that sanitation work is an important part of urban management, clean and clean Xining inseparable from the hard work of the majority of sanitation workers. In spite of the sanitation workers, work diligently, work hard in the bitter, dirty, tired and dangerous jobs, create a clean and beautiful environment for the city. The city should establish respect for sanitation workers awareness, governments at all levels should continue to increase investment, establish and improve the sanitation workers’ wages, social security mechanism, properly solve the sanitation workers accommodation, travel and other issues, and strive to create good conditions for the sanitation workers working life.
check for the way to find the shops along the street at random dumping, littering, spitting masses and other issues, Zhang Xiaorong stressed that to iron governance, strict penalties, on one hand we should establish and improve various mechanism, increase the uncivilized behavior and the impact of the city environment management, exposure and punishment, to the most stringent control means; on the other hand to increase publicity efforts to guide the masses to be called, environmentalists, dissuade or stop uncivilized behavior, and jointly safeguard the city clean and tidy environment.
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Set up a convenient service network with the masses of the bridge to the heart – Datong County, Chen

Datong County Chengguan town of Simon is located in the village of Tonghai road traffic, a total of 445 village of 1825 people, 40 members, villagers living scattered, villagers and residents, the Han nationality, Hui nationality residence, ethnic minorities. In addition to the rural tax reform, most of the villagers are busy with economic development of village affairs or to a contemptuous disregard attention, village level financial, affairs and policy cannot timely publicity to the households of the village "two committees" work has caused some difficulties. For the new session of the village Party branch and village to enhance the ability to serve the people, make full use of the characteristics of information products efficient and convenient, the company actively cooperate with China Unicom, China Unicom in the village to build a convenient service network in the office of the village committee to set up information sending station, village affairs, finance, and policy to the notice of the meeting information the form is issued in a timely manner, so that the village (neighborhood) village people understand things, not only saves the masses of information costs, and effectively solve the current difficult to convene a meeting of villagers, the villagers of village master financial difficult problem, also go out and work for Party members to keep abreast of the people of village provides a convenient, information network has become China Unicom the village committee and village (neighborhood) bridge communication between people.
in the establishment of convenient service network at the same time, Simon Village also actively promote the network management of social services, the people, places and things, love things, organized into network management, the scientific division of science with social service unit network, power management, positioning, posts and responsibilities, from passive, extensive management to change initiative, fine management, improve the village "two committees" efficiency, effectively safeguarding the village "two committees" for the people of the image, won the praise of the masses in the village.
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Rely on the masses to maintain social stability

Xining city comprehensive management and peace building work conference held in March 26th 2015, to convey the comprehensive management of the province’s (peace Qinghai construction) work conference, informed the city’s 2014 annual comprehensive management and peace building performance evaluation target. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong attended the meeting, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong presided over the meeting, Minister of municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Municipal Committee Liu Fade, vice chairman of the CPPCC attended the meeting full of material.

do the city’s comprehensive management and peace building this year, Su Rong, to be deployed in accordance with the provincial political science comprehensive management work conference and municipal Party committee decision-making, strengthening measures, as the initiative to maintain the overall stability, promote the source of prevention, promote the prevention and control of three-dimensional, solid base layer, adhering to the typical lead, form a work force, accurate grasp the opportunity and challenge, full of good disposition and prevention, under good chess upper hand, lay the initiative, a good combination of boxing, the use of legal weapons, deepening the construction of peace in Xining, special forces play a role, improving the public security system, relying on the masses and maintain sustained overall social stability, and constantly reinforce the foundation of harmonious and stable, to ensure social stability and order, people live and work in peace. All localities and departments should go all out to work to implement more effective measures and pay close attention to the work, to promote the city’s comprehensive management and peace building work to a new level, and make new and greater contribution to the peace of Xining harmony, people’s happy and healthy. read more

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This year, more than 30 thousand people in Xining to participate in voluntary blood donation

this year, the province’s blood safety management work steadily, voluntary blood donation, blood safety and blood quality management work has made positive progress. The province’s voluntary blood donation for ten consecutive years to achieve voluntary blood donation from voluntary blood donation, voluntary donation of 400 ml of blood donors accounted for the total number of blood donation in the year of 100% of the total number of people by the end of the year of 81.58%. This year, 31595 people in Xining to participate in voluntary blood donation. read more

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Snow cool and sunny weather goodbye

February 28th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, from March 3rd, the city will have a cooling snow weather process.

day, in the highest temperature and the lowest temperature rising and sustained no precipitation makes the dry intensifies, air pollution, also affected the agricultural spring land preparation work. When will there be precipitation? Whether the temperature will be reduced? Many enthusiastic readers call the newspaper. The reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, a new round of weather process will begin in March 3rd, during the period of the highest temperature and the lowest temperature will decline, but the magnitude is not large, in addition, the city will also have a significant snowfall, but little precipitation. read more

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The ancient – ethnic blend cultural relics carry out

In May 17th

, thirty-seventh 5· 18 international museum day, the day before, Xining City Museum "Huangshui relics display the basic renovation project is completed, the ancient ethnic blend of cultural relics, the exhibition officially launched.

according to ICOM determine the theme of the Museum of the city of Xining on the history and culture of Xining, relying on cultural relics focuses on national integration and development, held the "ancient ethnic blend of Huangshui — cultural relics exhibition, visitors through time and space, and historical dialogue. read more

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Qinghai efforts to complete the advantages of industry short board

for the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech, the provincial Party committee of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee issued "on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech of the implementation of opinions". The newspaper from today to open "to promote the implementation of monthly results to implement the provincial" 29 "advice" column, reported in our province to practice to implement the general secretary visited Qinghai important speech as a primary task, focus on the "opinions" in the "29" requirement, every piece of implement, a landing, the vivid practice of the Party Central Committee’s decision to deploy and implement the requirements of the provincial hundred-percent. Please pay attention. read more

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Xining and Deyang cooperation in agricultural and livestock products sales talks fruitful

In September 24th, with "green, cooperation, development and win-win" as the theme of the fifth session of the Qinghai Xining Sichuan Deyang agricultural and livestock products production and marketing cooperation jointly organized by the Xining Municipal People’s government and the Deyang Municipal People’s government fair held in Qinghai hotel. Two a total of 47 copies signed purchase and sale agreement, the purchase and sale of fruits and vegetables, rapeseed and other agricultural products 377 thousand tons, sales amounted to 941 million 700 thousand yuan. read more

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Xining good news award

January 14th, reporters from the Municipal Propaganda Department was informed by the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Hong Kong Journalists Association held the 2012 – 2014 year foreign propaganda Xining good news award activities successfully concluded, publicity Xining good news award 50 winners officially announced, the total of 7 award-winning works, including "Dad" a the first prize.

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Xining key construction projects completed 1 million square meters of housing units

Qinghai news network 2008, Xining key construction projects housing demolition plan for 2 million 260 thousand square meters, has now completed a total of 1 million square meters.

The key of demolition projects this year

include: the Qinghai Tibet railway from Xining to Golmud section construction of the second project, the dangerous rock geological disasters in Beishan Region in the whole range of high-risk relocation project east section, development and construction of the lake district logistics park construction projects such as the national and municipal key construction projects. read more

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The provincial capital of 33 pedestrian bridges with the name

in order to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city, convenient traffic, Xining city since the implementation of the smooth traffic project, built a 31 seat footbridge, plus the previous two overpass, Xining city has built 33 bridges. Recently, a lot of careful people found that these bridges have a name.

December 26th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the local area management department learned that the 33 bridges named both new smooth project, such as close to the area of forest landscape and forest landscape bridge, built a long but never named "bridge to nowhere", such as gym bridge. Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, the name of the regional management department director Wang introduced, the name of the flyover, in line with the name of the regulations, the provisions of the flyover took place near the name of the way. For example, in the traffic lane north of the footbridge, built at the beginning is called traffic lane Beikou pedestrian bridge, but the name is too long, because the bridge adjacent to the forest landscape area, hence the name "king Lin qiao". In addition, the road there are many flyovers, and according to this principle, such as naming, bridge etc.. read more

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Xining financial Clean Culture Week activities will start

the city’s financial system, the golden money guards Qin Lian Lian Cultural Week activities will be launched in September 19th in the south of the cool tiger Taiwan ruins park.

according to reports, this series of activities are divided into the launching ceremony, the ICAC lecture, discussion forum, the achievements of the exhibition 4 plates. 19 held ceremony will be held in order to reflect the "small finance, livelihood, Excel, and special literary politics" as the theme of the show, making the billboard and the scene; lecture held 20, will employ staff discipline or procuratorial organs of professional cadres and workers to finance the education department; 21 days to 23 days, will carry out the theme of the speech contest, the selection and other activities, and hold the "finance for my life, I built for the Tim glory" summed up in recognition of activities. read more

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