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Programmer I sell fruit juice is how to retain users

since November last year, I take a subway near a small warehouse, a cart as the starting point, began selling pomegranate juice in the IT area surrounding xi’erqi. From one day to push a cart, waiting for customers, until now, the store to carry out marketing activities and even borrow light applications, WeChat and other mobile Internet means to begin the so-called O2O Road, a year’s time, as an individual start of small entrepreneurs, from the code turned to sell the pomegranate juice brother, in this process, I learned a lot. read more

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The development trend of digital marketing from the brand management department of P & G marketing d

July 1, 2014, Procter & Gamble (P& G) in Cincinnati announced that the marketing director (Marketing Director) renamed brand director (Brand Director), marketing (Marketing) also changed its name to brand management department (Brand Management). The news was a direct blow to my head: it was a landmark decision, although he was forced by the times.

news said, the new brand building will be composed of four areas of business: Brand Management (formerly: Marketing); Consumer and Knowledge Marketing; Communications; and Design. Brand director will have a broader responsibility and vision at the organizational level. This is done in order to make the brand more clearly defined in the strategic, planning, and the results of the program, by simplifying the structure of the Department, improve the efficiency of decision-making, so as to save more time for creativity and execution. " read more

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Zero on the time management of network promotion (Part one)

in fact, everything involves time management, a day’s time is very short, it is difficult to make a good grasp of better efficiency and effectiveness. There are a lot of people do promotion, today in the QQ sending two messages, tomorrow at Post Bar send a small post, acquired by a mass of software to Sina blog and leave footprints, it seems that every day busy awfully, but the effect is not very ideal.

now rely on SEO site, has been a certain degree of difficulty, we need to use more web site promotion methods. The promotion of their own site, there is a good time to plan, in order to promote the site to achieve the desired effect, and this plan is also consistent with the network growth cycle to set. We need to plan for a short period of each cycle, and this is only a process of refinement, but also a process of perfection. read more

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Unknown micro quotient QQ space drainage those things

QQ is not just a chat software, it is an excellent tool to make money. Some people use space to write articles into millions; we do micro business can use space to make money. Is not afraid of deep alley, as long as the space content, it can attract more people. This is a slow process, unless you write articles not just to make money. Drainage method, today to analyze it in detail.

a, the source of space traffic

number of friends, as well as the degree of activity determines the spatial flow. read more

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We invited Han Han endorsement of the network popularization value

on the Internet, there are 2 popular stars. One is as individual as Han Han, a group of customers. "Han Han and the mainstream of the distance to a proper extent" blog comments blossom everywhere, every guest CPS advertising is captured from the portal Sina to vertical website corner. VANCL (Eslite) how to persuade Han Han brand endorsements, VANCL invited Han Han endorsement of the network popularization value and where.

endorsement: Han Han’s bad money PK VANCL not bad money? read more

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How to do a good job in plastic hospital network marketing

hospital network marketing is to win more benefits for the hospital, this is no ground for blame, but to do this we need to do two specific aspects: 1, improve hospital network brand influence; 2, improve medical professional information related to the search engine exposure rate.

to attract patients as the center, in order to win the hospital network market as the goal, around the hospital network resources to carry out a systematic integrated network marketing project. Hospital network marketing will need advanced mode of core technology and market network optimization operation reasonable combined into one, will eventually be network market into real brand market, so as to improve hospital brand, enhance the level of hospital services, and ultimately increase the hospital profit. read more

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Micro-blog marketing gas Give up it will lose the marketing opportunity

micro-blog’s road of development in China, almost no set number, although there was a celebrity that micro-blog is a gas product, we do not deny that this is the first sentence, but it is still as a boutique and the existence of. Today, micro-blog is a large number of users scale down, the user rate is declining, and really can not be compared, the gap is large, but micro-blog is old-fashioned but not outdated. Micro-blog marketing still bujiandangnian treasures, or have too many resources, in recent years, the popularity is indeed declined, but does not affect the effectiveness of marketing micro-blog and micro-blog, and micro-blog marketing advantages is still full of glory. Do micro-blog marketing is the perfect combination of the advantages of micro-blog marketing activities of its own, seamless docking to the maximum value of micro-blog marketing, the analysis focuses on how the two will be made one. read more

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Ant gold service plans to finance $3 billion for overseas expansion

February 9th news according to foreign media news, ant payment service is early and some bank loans or bonds through negotiation, intends to raise $3 billion, this financing will be used to wear gold ant overseas market expansion.

in January 26th this year, the ant payment service for $880 million acquisition of the world’s well-known remittance services company MoneyGram (MoneyGram), ant payment service will be acquired through MoneyGram to gain a foothold in the United States, expand global remittance business. read more

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There is no brand talk about marketing branding from Wikipedia entry

first-class enterprises to do the brand, which has been operating consensus. But the brand weak, is a public enterprise management nightmare, in competition in the Red Sea to the meager profits difficult to continue. Baldgood pilotage business for many years also deep feelings, all throughout the market competition, after all is the brand and human resources competition. Lack of brand awareness of the enterprises in the minority, for a strong brand while in the company more. The Internet just in time to open the door through the official website, set up administrative micro-blog opening, brand promotion and other practices, a strong brand is at hand. Today, we start from a category of network marketing, analysis and discussion of the important role of marketing in brand building. read more

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How do startups make products from 0 to 1

venture company features: less money, people are not enough time tight. There is a significant difference between large companies and mature products.

1, lean iteration, fast delivery, rapid verification

, therefore, the first point is to fully implement an idea: waterfall flow product model no longer work, lean iteration is a better way.

lean iteration is not verbal, but throughout the entire development process, the core idea is:

key points:

1: insight into demand, the rapid completion of the demo to verify whether the demand is real read more

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The new world lost the book content entrepreneurs do not take the initiative to play the role of the

Zhang Wei, founder of

‘s new era, said in an interview with the new list that he was a particularly emotional person. But from "four hours to flee North Canton" to "when one hour drama actress" to today’s "Lost Book War", a Shuabing event marketing have proved that the manipulation of the emotion, he is a veteran.

he understood his readers to what kind of content, so whether it is a public number in the world, the new library or co branded do event marketing, he can do fast. read more

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Talk about grassroots webmaster have to learn the Forum promotion method

Forum promotion as a main way of promotion, more and more growth in the development of Internet, network forum now has a lot to learn some good beyond count, if the Forum promotion methods, are relatively favorable to their own website. So what is the forum to promote it, the forum to promote a simple point, that is, the use of the forum of the media, to publish their own information, including text, illustrations, contact information, etc.. In the end how to do a good job in the forum to promote it? read more

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Internet plus a boom era which impact on traditional industries

is currently Chinese and the world has entered the era of Internet plus, in this new era under the influence of the new upsurge which impact on our traditional enterprises? 2015 Internet industry’s most innovative company, specializing in network duct enterprise website hosting service industry, traditional enterprises will help you analyze what impact


"Internet plus" is the 2 innovation of Internet development under the new form, new formats, the Internet is the evolution of knowledge innovation driven society 2. The Internet is the retail, finance, education, health care, automotive, agriculture, chemical industry, environmental protection, energy and other industries have a profound impact on the upgrading of traditional industries will play an important role. read more

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Business platform Usermind $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing

DevOps have you heard more, BizOps seems a bit strange? In fact, with the development and operation of stresses developed in close cooperation and operation team back similar to BizOps (business) closely also stressed that the marketing, sales and service, financial and other front-end team. Today, BizOps is designed to provide a platform to support the start-up company Usermind announced the acquisition of $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing, which is the secret of the company had previously opened the first model. read more

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Mango TV announced the completion of nearly 1 billion 500 million B round of financing

sina science and technology news June 23rd news, mango TV recently completed B round of financing, raising funds of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan, after the market valuation of the investment has been as high as $13 billion 500 million. June 2015 after the completion of the A round of financing platform investment valuation reached 7 billion yuan, after a lapse of one year, mango TV valuation nearly doubled.

it is understood that mango TV 2014 revenue of 80 million in 2015 was $1 billion. At present, the number of users of TV PC terminal, mobile terminal, OTT terminal, etc., was a few times the growth of the website when the monthly variety show effective playback, the length of the day when the length of the first day of each video site. read more

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