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Seven bottlenecks in website operation

many webmasters in the development of each stage, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following seven aspects of how to break through the bottleneck problem of the site.

first, the site positioning bottleneck

At the beginning of the construction of

website, it is often the positioning problem. The ambiguity of the site, will force the site again and again, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the owners with the new field of love, will stick to it. Especially with the goal of the user’s research and site profit point mining, will slowly unlock the crux of the development of the site. Difficulty factor: 10% read more

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How to find the resonance point of the user

I do intellectual property agency business in our company, Beijing. In the year before, only three thousand of the annual amount of application for trademark registration, patent also hundreds of pieces, then after a year of development, now our trademark registration applications exceeded tens of thousands. And repeat customers special. How did I do that?

I, my operating ideas

Jobs’s marketing concept, there is a word, gave me a lot of inspiration, we need to find a resonance in our customer’s emotions. Then he gave an example of Nike shoes. When we think of Nike shoes, it feels different from other shoes. Because they are not the core of the operation of marketing, tell him how good his shoes, but played out to commemorate the great athletes, the core. So we have to find our customers. read more

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Shock! From the world parents heart to see the marketing!


this day I was sitting at the computer desk to prepare a marketing plan, it is on time, this time, the office came in a 40 year old middle-aged people.

never face, look very old, should belong to work out from the rural areas, because of the man and my father both face and temperament are somewhat similar, like the face of the wind, like half white hair, like micro bow back, like a dusty clothes. Can be said to be half an old man.


Because the

in the home school children told him that he wanted to buy a scooter bag: this book will be more convenient, not every endorsement package is very tired. read more

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Want traffic Then sweep out a one hundred thousand (WeChat and QQ)

want to get traffic? Think ah, dream are thinking! Do not dream, the flow will not take the initiative to send home. The flow is divided into two types, passive and active passive traffic flow, traffic flow is hard to find, easy to take the initiative, but certainly to eat bitter! Come on, the old driver to take you to open a street overnight pull flow


traffic is divided into two types, passive flow and active flow.


" to passive traffic

comes from the active recommendation of others – in addition to the day after day careful management of content, fans, contacts, there is no shortcut. read more

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Mobile marketing FAQ to learn from where to start

[Abstract] for the industry focus and entrepreneurial trends, if you have a problem, can the entrepreneur "question and answer" registration questions, small business and the majority of users, will be actively looking for the right answer for you. Today recommended, is about mobile marketing questions.

asked: our company’s products are good, the user feedback has been very good, but marketing has been doing bad, the market did not really open. 2014 intends to invest in marketing. Our product positioning is young people, so I think in the mobile marketing to do some try. Mobile marketing is a new thing, change fast, I need to continue to learn. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but also a lot of books, but it is very difficult for me to choose such a novice. Can you make a recommendation to save me some time read more

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Han Han founded ONE App was 60 million yuan A round of financing

technology news Tencent Tencent venture fund partner CRE capital, today told the Tencent business, which inject $60 million into the Han Han ONE project, stage A wheel.

as a small fresh applications, ONE line for more than three years, pushing a painting every day, a novel, a quiz, a thing, the harvest of about 30000000 of users and millions of reading. Recently, ONE will open a new major revision, trying to read, radio, music and movies, the transformation of the literary life platform.

at the same time, Chupin ONE, Shanghai Tree Culture Communication Co., the company also received the CRE capital injection of 60 million yuan. With a lot of no profit can not stop financing channels of Internet products waiting for spring burn far different from the first day on the line, ONE, has a very good profit. And after the completion of the A round of financing, the direction of ONE will become increasingly clear. read more

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E parking million yuan financing domain name was

renamed China ( September 28th news, now for most families, the car is no longer what is difficult for the convenience of parking, but has evolved into a new problem. E parking as a way to provide a total solution for the wisdom of the parking lot APP, it is reported that in September this year, nearly ten million Angel round of financing, the official website domain name enabled

figure: e parking official website


"e Park" is a master of computer science and engineering Tsinghua University Chen Cheng, the APP has officially launched this year, two-dimensional code reverse searching cars, temporary parking, monthly payment, wrong when sharing parking, vehicle theft, parking and other function reservation. Its official website enables the combination of domain name some people scratching their heads, why not read more

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The difference and accuracy of new media breakout

          network, mobile phone as the representative of the development of new media, the traditional media has brought great. However, a few years down, although the new media to some extent share the cake of traditional media, but the focus is still in the traditional media advertising. In addition to a small number of platforms such as Sina, how to survive, development is one of the more new media platform to consider one of the issues.

          for a large number of new media platforms, the current mode of operation has roughly, large and full model. Taking the slogan as "the new media pioneer deserved by the traditional media industry" in Shanghai. SMG’s total of four large new media business: business online audiovisual services business, Oriental Broadband Digital TV and high-definition television SMG interaction, operating IPTV bestv and operating mobile phone TV dongfanglong. And digital TV, mobile phone TV, broadband and IPTV etc, all have a series of actions; in addition, there is a single mode, mobile phone media, including IPTV, digital TV, mobile TV, blogs, podcasts and other types; ICP+SP+CP model, this model is mainly through SP enrichment, as well as traditional media interactive content increased after "pseudo new media" mode.   read more

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Good wedding site is equal to 10 salesman

what kind of wedding site is regarded as an effective wedding enterprise website?

first: the wedding website must have strong profitability. I always think that can not bring profits to the enterprise website is sick. A truly effective wedding website should be a lot of profit, each page may bring potential customers and orders to the wedding.

secondly: the design of the website must reflect the specialization of the wedding company. One of the most important reasons that hinder the development of e-commerce. A wedding website should be on the net profit, it must be in the customer to enter your site for 30 seconds to win the trust of customers, network marketing research shows that even a very valuable potential customers into your site after 30 seconds, your website does not have his trust, your website can not let him feel you the company is a strength is very strong and very professional wedding in reality, you have a 70% chance to lose the potential customers. So your site can not really profitable, the design of the site is also crucial. read more

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Write soft Wen can let your website traffic greatly increased


success be replicated, of course?. Copy the successful case is very common and popular; success is always prepared to leave, every successful man has his forte, learning to succeed, with his experience, technology and wisdom, to reach your goal.

in other words, is the clever use of successful models, so that success continues. That how to do it, advertising, blindness of the ads to the overwhelming publicity, do not want to see all the hard. But how is the effect? Pains, not only can’t let people accept, but hate. Advertising should be creative: "walk in the way of others, let others have no way out!" promotion tips, only the first caused the attention of others, others will bring interest to perform, he is interested in everything; will further to understand and found, with doubts and curiosity to click into your site. read more

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Baidu knows how to promote websites

Baidu ranking all desperately want to front but many keywords we search is Baidu know in the first several SEO may be effective but many masters in Baidu know do promotion can be said to be good for a good

Baidu know the amount of questions every day we do not have the amazing all posts are back again so that not only will let Baidu tired K off your site we need only superficially to reach the ants carrying elephants not overdo sth. know posting suggestions in Baidu:

1 most want to choose the Internet at seven to nine post even if deleted to see the maximum probability of read more

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Website promotion seven magic weapon

home page is completed, website promotion work should begin. If not for the home page publicity, there is no one to find your home page, you have the building site for what it is? The following is a summary of my website promotion Seven Magic:

1 directly to relatives and friends recommend

this is one of the most direct, the most common means of propaganda. Home page to do, so that friends and family to share this is a natural. However, more and more friends, the number is limited, and by one by one to inform the manual is a very low efficiency means of publicity. If you want the homepage to be open to the whole society, it is necessary to use other ways to promote it. read more

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The flow of a station to do no more than 5000IP

how to do a free flow station to do 5000IP on the above, some of the small webmaster dream is very simple, and do other things, the key is you to move your head to think, and to do research on the specificity, I combined with years of experience and ideas to write out the webmaster, for each Adsense trial, basically can achieve 5000IP.

1, landing search engine (too much, too much on the Internet, only two points)

(1) some web site keywords and content play edge ball (especially Baidu), can change the content and submit keywords, collected over a period of time and then slowly modify. read more

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How to make money with celebrities

    recently someone to the website LOGO, then bid is a beauty, I look at her blog, don’t know, see a scare, this beauty is known as the mother of Witkey, legal daily and other media have interviewed her, of course, here the who have relationship of the suspects, but is undoubtedly add a lot of color for her charm.

    a form of today I want to say, is a project with writing expertise of people to operate, that is the network celebrity interview station, and every interview celebrities are independent for a period, for example, the interview for Internet celebrity Sister Lotus, electronic journal article 001. Writing better, write to the smooth, seems to be contagious, also can have the spread of power, this time when you take the initiative to interview some of the owners, the owners of these are not the music, web design to be beautiful, to the atmosphere, give people the feeling is very decent, in each period there is a separate page, like this is the webmaster to do self promotional links.

    this station will certainly fire, but the position must be high, do not make people feel that the station did not taste, interviewed some overnight or on the Internet upstart like this, the station will have influence.

this station by what profit?

      rely on people to profit, when the network master are your friends, you don’t want to profit is very difficult, but there will be a lot of soft cost to you, although you do not charge, but they still insist to pay your expenses, because they don’t want to owe you one. read more

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Cross border electricity supplier, a tree to complete the 400 million yuan C+ round of financing

January 9th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) the new board listed companies, cross-border electricity supplier tree today announced the completion of the C+ round of financing, the current round of major investors have Huayi road into a tree 81 million 250 thousand C+ round of investment shares is completed, the total financing of approximately 400 million yuan.


announcement shows that this round of financing by 10 institutions jointly, founder and students, CITIC Jinshi respectively to 115 million, 50 million voted Huayi, capital of 81 million 250 thousand; Sheng Shijing 60 million, star capital 30 million 8 vote, the total amount of about 400 million yuan. read more

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