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nternet nformation Office Web content editor will be interviewed or illegal

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web content editor

will be interviewed or illegal

Beijing News (reporter Li Dandan) in April 28th, the state Internet Information Office issued a formal "Internet news information service regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the unit job interviews interviews ten). In the future, if the Internet news information service unit content management and network security system is not perfect, not the implementation of the nine cases, the main person in charge or editor will be interviewed. read more

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Tencent announced the results of WeChat public beta wide point number can be realized

Core tip: according to the Tencent

wide point WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. Compared with the mobile APP ad click rate, the number of WeChat ads Click to be much higher.

After the

twenty-first Century economic report of the Spring Festival, part of the WeChat public account operators began to make money, it seems has been regarded as people from the media praised a glimmer of hope. According to the Tencent wide point of WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. read more

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Sources said the central bank stakeholders to confirm the prohibition of financial institutions to p

sources said the central bank to prohibit financial institutions to provide services for bitcoin transactions

Caixin reporter Zhang Yuzhe Wen

continuation of regulatory ideas at the end of last year to prevent the risk of bitcoin and prevent money laundering No. 289, Chinese central bank reiterated the bank and third party payment institutions shall serve bitcoin transactions, the current account in April 15th before the deadline cleared. Central bank stakeholders to the new financial reporter confirmed this policy trends. read more

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Network group purchase to account to the two or three line of the city into the main battlefield


is ranked in the financing after the group purchase website announced this year will hit hundreds of millions of dollars of funds for advertising, but the successor to enter the market enthusiasm remains high, the market is expected to "group purchase website shuffle" has not appeared. Some third party statistics, only in March of this year, the new domestic buy site reached 732. News shows that the current two or three tier cities to buy market competition has been hot.

in the chaos behind the staggering, not money to gamble, but the group purchase website earnings expectations. In the words of an industry analyst, these people are also more precise than monkeys, willing to throw money, there will be a way to get back". read more

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DC Review Network 2012 global domain name registration report

China IDC Review Network 01, 2009 reported: IDC review network according to the data provided by, the release of the annual report of the global domain name registration in the year 2012, the report of. According to the report, in 2012, nearly 4 million 170 thousand new global domain name registration.

(Figure 1) 2012 global domain name registration map

2012 during the year, the global distribution of domain name registration situation is stable, the total number of domain names showed an upward trend. Total to 133 million. read more

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The recruitment website by the new recruitment model beset with troubles internally and externally s

high-end positions to reduce, frequent job hopping…… This year, the state continued to slump traditional recruitment website. Even the top ranked recruitment sites, in the face of social networking sites, classified information network and the impact of the new recruitment model, such as micro job, it is very difficult.

contract employees less and less

Narrator: qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu


told reporters on the work of the operation Department qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu, she is mainly responsible for arranging the enterprise recruitment information, put them up on the internet. "Last year, business is good, all over the country in the substation, the large volume of business, often work overtime to 10 pm this year; a few services, basically do not work overtime. But in the past, some of the world’s top 500 companies to send jobs to our online, now this kind of large and medium-sized enterprises less, many small businesses have not known, the service industry, the IT industry provides more, mostly low-end positions are batch bidding." read more

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Ali against nternet fraud case Mu Yang 3 suspects were arrested

recently, Alibaba small business group launched a series of network crackdown launched a full investigation of the site crackdown against fraud gathering does not deliver goods online trading.

days ago, involving as many as 300 thousand yuan of "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company is the Alibaba closed, the 3 suspects arrested in Ningbo in Zhejiang. Currently the case is under further investigation.

at the beginning of July this year, the Alibaba received 1 complaints about the Chinese station platform sellers "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company" collection delivery complaint behavior, the transaction amounted to nearly 170 thousand yuan. read more

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Bitcoin new $900 China Qiangde bitcoin pricing

when the yuan is still struggling to win Asian identity, the Chinese people have won the pricing power in the face of another global currency. Bitcoin trading platform of "professional fire currency network" shows that in November 18th all day long 24 hours, the station bitcoin transaction number more than 100 thousand, beyond another domestic bitcoin trading site bitcoin China; at the same time a new high 1 bitcoin, bitcoin transaction price reached $more than and 800, compared with a rose about 249% months ago. read more

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You delete the protection fee Baidu Post Bar in network of rivers and lakes

is a network of rivers and lakes. This sentence applies to Baidu post bar is absolutely right. The old river in experienced Internet users increasingly feel the strong wind and big waves, Jianghu sinister.

is located in the end of November last year, director of the old river suddenly found behind the finger pointing, and people around the eyes seemed full of contempt. Originally, an old Jiang package kept woman rumors started spreading all the long mouth. After repeated investigation, he was surprised to find that the original rumors from the beginning of the Baidu post bar. Since then, the old river began a long road to struggle. read more

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Star password enterprise event officially obtained value-added telecommunications business license

e-commerce service industry is facing a cold winter, many electricity supplier companies are caught in the plight of business failures. Changes in the market environment, the adjustment of the platform as well as the improvement and changes in the industry policy, the company may return to the years of hard work.

official value-added telecommunications business license

took advantage of the December 2015 round of A million financing momentum, in June 2016 28 Sunstar password by the Sichuan Communications Authority issued the People’s Republic of China value-added telecommunications business license. read more

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What is the focus of the site rankings in 2013

website ranking of the ups and downs, deeply affect the small gold continue to churn the mind, but also Kim has been a heart disease, website optimization instability brought great psychological burden to us, really, sometimes want to really have the ability and funds to do Baidu PPC promotion you may rarely have a mind like that, would not have been tangled work, oh, of course, this is a complaint, really to it, there will be a new problem, this is called the tripod head to play, also called anything not Everything is going smoothly. mentality is very important, read more

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Network marketing Reflections on the measurement of nternet advertising effect

network advertising increasingly strong but also for many advertising agencies, media companies, media and research institutions more and more in-depth discussion and exploration should be how to more effectively measure the network advertising effect, in order to provide advertisers with strong evidence to support the network marketing activity and increase investment.

at this stage, the general measurement standards are based on Click, supplemented by Impression, UV and other major data, the formation of CTR, Conversion and other key indicators as the basis for measuring the effectiveness of advertising. read more

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To build the brand from the media influence magnetic field (three) expert fan children how to produc

With the rise of

from the media, since the media now, most will be more focused on the professional, concentrated in certain areas of the professional but also the content of originality.

and you can not become a field of opinion leaders, can not build their own magnetic field of influence, more reflected in the professional level.

we do from the media enterprises or individuals, are not the entertainment star, not the kind of natural sentiment, could not say why the afternoon what to eat it really can have a headache, tens of thousands of people forwarding comments, the vast majority of people are not cattle to the extent it. read more

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Talking about how to let Baidu know question and answer to avoid failure

today’s share for basic operations such as illegal questions in sensitive words, Baidu know account quality problems, for IP is not normal, the cache is not completely clear and other issues described here is not tired, there are many aspects of this forum to share, can look down. Mainly for the exclusion of the basic violations, the question and answer are deleted to talk about their experience.

one, by two times to reduce the risk of being deleted

two answer is the most effective in the past 14 years, and is now the most popular answer skills, he can simulate the client to operate, greatly reducing the risk of being deleted reply. But personally feel that in order to stay in the long-term operation of the keyword guide is better. Because the link to the main domain names are generally seconds to delete, can stay on the link are mostly jump type. However, the link experience is very poor, there will be few users to click on the basic. But Baidu has been updated, basically each update will remove a lot of links, even if the chance is not delete, the next is doomed. read more

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Ma Jiajia, only know the marketing business model is useless

I horse, Ma Jiajia through their own marketing hype, making her forced sex shops in the past period of time is very successful, even make a lot of Ma Jiajia eyes of Uncle level figures all admired, the marketing thinking by many enterprises certainly.

but recently her "Powerful Sex shop" or even the entire adult appeal market deserted people have to wonder: only know the marketing business model has a future?

A store in Sanlitun SOHO C

B1, a male clerk stood lonely, looking forward to customers, after a long wait, a group of young men and women laughing in the shop, took 4 photos and laughing, did not buy any product, a few hours later, there are still empty. read more

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