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URL link preview function to provide revenue

Nowsnap ( since the free preview links launched webmaster receive support and concern, thank, also thank you for providing station network communication platform.

use the URL link preview function in the webmaster at the same time, there are many webmaster put forward very good, we will master the opinions and suggestions to the summary according to the views of all priorities, decided to use all functions in the maintenance of free at the same time, first solve the problem of increasing income for the owners. read more

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Devine by CCTV to promote lead China diamond online shopping

recently, a high-profile Devine Jewelry Web just won the reputation of "the 2010 Best China jewelry shopping website" attack, invested nearly 10 million in the first B2C Chinese CCTV premiere enterprise advertisement: "in Devine, spend the same money, buy a larger diamond"; over the same period, Devine denounced 100 million heavily purchased (homonym for "I love you China?"), to replace the original (on behalf of "let the jewelry to the public"), Devine used the most digital combination meaning into new domain most of love: Devine? 520 (I love you) with the help of CCTV economic channel brand strength and popularity. read more

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Gong Haiyan lay down Brokeback self-help occupation managers successor

Gong Haiyan

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

founder Gong Haiyan’s resignation and decentralization, giving Jiayuan future another possibility. The domestic marriage website listed the first shares, ending 9 months of joint CEO transition stage, officially entered the state of professional managers in charge.

Gong Haiyan down

Monday, Jiayuan shares opened higher to go, as of the closing stock price rose 4.4%, to stand on the $5 mark. But just before the opening, Jiayuan announced that the board of directors of company founder Gong Haiyan resigned as CO CEO, as CO chairman. Another joint CEO Wu Linguang became CEO, responsible for the company’s daily operations and management. read more

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Daily topic millet into the Internet Financial push demand treasure to create new credit mechanism

A5 webmaster network ( May 12th news, yesterday formally launched millet finance, and launched the first financial products, demand treasure".

According to

reports, millet need to demand treasure at the age of 18 users, through the personal identity card account and activate the current treasure, an ID corresponding to a current Alipay account, the product supports ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, China Everbright Bank, Shanghai bank, Ping An Bank debit card binding. The corresponding product is yifangda day belongs to the financial funds, money market funds, which belongs to the type of securities investment fund in lower risk. read more

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All domain name registrants must provide corporate documents this month

China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) domain name rectification work, then the new tactics, a reporter today from the largest domain registrar China civilink and several other domain name registrars that, from the beginning of January 20, 2010, the domain names can only belong to the company or enterprise name.

previously, after being criticized CCTV named, CNNIC issued a series of domain name registration information to strengthen the work of the audit announcement. From December 14, 2009, the domestic individual users are not eligible for CN domain name registration. read more

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Nora scene refused penalty notice, the ticket amount is inconclusive

[A5] before the stationmaster net news, Nora was critical for several suspected piracy will be fined 260 million yuan, but according to the Economic Observer reported, market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality in May 20th issued a "notice", but instead of the administrative penalty decision, market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality staff said Peng Conglin, 260 million the ticket has been since the establishment of market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality, on infringement of intellectual property, the largest single ticket, on the other hand, our rights through the hearing, administrative review, prosecution and a series of procedures, review of the amount of the fine, if customers find other evidence in their favor, "you can not so much punishment". read more

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Detailed CSDN 6 million user passwords leaked the temporary closure of login


technology news Beijing time on December 21st evening news, Chinese developer online community CSDN issued a statement tonight, "6 million user account password disclosure" for a public apology, admitted that part of the user account will be temporarily closed at risk, user login, and request "in April 2009 before the registration account, modify the password and immediately after September 2010 have not changed the user password.

below is the full text of the statement:

dear CSDN member: read more

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Terminal which strong 3 years to see the domestic 105 new domain name

renamed China ( October 20th news, according to incomplete statistics, in the past three years, terminal acquisition, new domain name enabled, domain name, domain name Pinyin letters occupy the majority, including Jingdong, and VANCL, with the way tourism network and other well-known terminal.

3 years about domain name enabled

than the first Baidu Click to visit, enter 4 to 5 letters can visit the site, then the user is more likely to directly enter the domain name to visit the site. Single letter domain name, 2 letter domain name and therefore more welcomed by the terminal. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast Ali network operators to build Zhejiang Bank approved Instagram suddenly

1: lesbian community leader Lala Park, the "gay economics"  

before the start, Liao Ying Zhuo worked at Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering, and the founder of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming the same day entry. Three months later, Zhang Yiming left Microsoft business, as a former colleague Liao Ying Zhuo can not help feeling: perhaps this is I and his biggest difference, Zhang Yiming early want to know what you want."

after two years, Liao Zhuo battalion left Microsoft, began looking for business opportunities, but far less than the old colleague Zhang Yiming so well. Liao Ying Zhuo did a similar picture of Instagram social software, ended in failure, Lara park is his second attempt. "Once I went to the peony garden, I saw a lot of gay men go shopping, at that time, I think the man has been so open with no taboo." After the camp to find some comrade Zhuo Liao circle of friends to chat, there is a hope that we all can find "bestie" on a mobile phone. read more

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Should be a diligent and have the idea of webmaster

      as a website, technology upgrade a lot, but for me, feeling experience and gain the most or the site……

      recently studied several foreign CMS, found that they have one thing in common: they are not the CMS we China original acquisition function!

      this has clearly reflected the lopsided development of our Chinese website!

      I would like to ask about our webmaster, you collect the content of how many views? I think we all know that, in fact, not much. I think we can make everyone happy to collect the number of search engines on the site is included in the number of it! I said here is not included in the amount of collection, because we do not deserve to talk about quality!!! read more

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Tao Baoqing shop name sensitive words Remove agent and other words

news billion state power network on September 5th, the day before, announced today include allowing users to confuse words not personal authentication names, including "franchise, special distribution, the total distribution, general agent, official, agent, join, authorization, direct words.

Taobao stressed: "personal certification of the shop name may not contain " distribution " this word, only through the enterprise certification and industrial and commercial shop can use bright. And the name of any store can not include official, agent, join, direct, authorization and other words." read more

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Share independent host management sour, sweet, bitter, hot win $1000 cash prizes

      the server again invaded and server security settings cumbersome……

      Web page has been tampered with, the heart of the helpless and helpless……

      we provide you with a chance to talk, let more friends to share the story of you and your server!

      in order to promote the exchange of technology independent host management, for enterprises and individuals to provide more efficient solutions, SWsoft Chinese IT media cooperation and service partners with several professional co sponsored "farewell to the era of bare metal sour, sweet, bitter, hot independent host management" essay activities, users will be able to management experience, independent host wonderful story written, share your experience in the management of the host sour, sweet, bitter, hot. read more

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Ma Huateng if 5 years ago, operators also have resistance to shut down WeChat WeChat today

5 years ago when WeChat was born,

if the impact to the operator communication,

and the introduction of policies to close it directly, kill,

there’s no WeChat today."

Ma Huateng had suggested to the leadership, if 10 years ago, the policy did not ban the business license of the Taobao store owners, there is no Alibaba now. If 5 years ago against the closure of WeChat operators, there would be no today’s WeChat market.

Tencent will be in the future of cloud services, LBS, security, big data and other infrastructure areas as vigorously. On the field of security attention, Ma Huateng also forthrightly said, it is because 5 years ago to eat a loss. (good fortune Street No. 0) read more

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Sina also rely on gathering to eat

just saw a news on Baidu news: "Wang Weiji admitted: ask the above election Miss Asia Pageant was insulting (Figure)", the link is, this article is an article reproduced above, I see is a simple casually collected article, do things carelessly. There is no obvious traces, continuous pictures, and I suspect the machine automatically collected, without manual review, of course, just a guess, there is no evidence. This is a screenshot: read more

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Interpretation of the .Wang domain name registration business opportunities through the domai

we usually understand simple domain name website on the Internet address of the world, only the address can be accurately access to the site, so the domain name in today’s Internet era plays an important. The special value of the. As the license plate number, a convenient to remember the domain name is the focus of the webmaster has been chasing.

and are recently, short URL search site in millions of dollars to acquire the octopus has become a hot topic that people in the mouth, and the domain name on the site one day short visits soaring staggering. read more

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