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How can we write the high-end atmosphere on the soft Wen

lead: with the rapid development of Internet marketing, also in the rapid occupation of the consumer’s eye, that how to create high quality soft, leading brand development for high quality soft Wen planning requires a combination of user psychological preparation, according to the user’s psychology to write articles, to realize the expansion of the brand and publicity by the user psychological layout.

high-end content planning:

Planning of soft

content, first to ensure users to share content has a certain value, in accordance with the value of content to extend user demand, lead to psychological interaction with the target users, to achieve enterprise brand communication. read more

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The acquisition of talent is not the best choice for start-up companies

some time ago Silicon Valley whipped up a whirlwind of talent acquisition Facebook, Google, Zynga, network like hunger and thirst to talents, talents are usually acquired by the number of their pricing, the purpose of the acquisition is generally in order to obtain the excellent engineer and founder, rather than the product itself, entrepreneurial companies, acquired by big companies is good or bad


if you do poineering company’s original intention is to do a company, the goal is to be a big company to buy, then the acquisition of course is a good thing. read more

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Ali $56 million stake in maternal and child website Zulily into the largest shareholder

[Abstract] earlier, Ali holds less than 5% of the shares of Zulily, the investment has never been disclosed by the media. The Ali $56 million stake in Zulily, Ali has become Zulily’s largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio has exceeded 9.3%.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) May 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the recent increase in the U.S. group Alibaba investment.

documents show that this week, Ali’s investment company to spend about $56 million to buy 4 million 800 thousand shares of Zulily shares, Ali Zulily shares held by the number increased to 11 million 500 thousand shares, worth about $156 million, accounting for nearly 1/6 of the shares of Zulily. read more

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To see how the luxury of fun Internet thinking from Darry Ring

by Wu Jing Xie Nan wedding, the two day of the Darry Ring news everywhere, a lot of people in the industry curious, Darry Ring has been active in social networks, few media appearances, how will this change the style? In-depth study found that this is a typical case of traditional luxury brand fun Internet thinking, is worthy of reference other traditional enterprises.

search results from Baidu news "Darry Ring" keywords, Darry Ring single brand word Baidu index has two consecutive years in more than 3000, up to about 20 thousand and 5, but the results displayed from the Baidu index, Darry Ring index of the media to lag behind the search index, which is a distinctive feature of social network communication we can, from the marketing case of this two Wu Jing Xie Nan wedding, see Darry Ring is how to do. read more

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LINE tasted the sweetness of flash will continue to penetrate the market in Hongkong, Indonesia

August 5th Focus Taiwan news, according to Taiwan media reports, the current rapid development of Japan’s LINE chat application will continue after Taiwan, promote the flash sales business in Southeast Asia, continue to force the mobile side of electronic commerce.

LINE insiders, LINE plans in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong and Singapore launched flash purchase business, but did not disclose the specific development plan. It is understood that LINE in Thailand last year to carry out a flash purchase business, and in June this year, when the Taiwan area has also begun a flash purchase business, through the application of mobile shopping chat market occupied. read more

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Look at the domestic C2C, B2C status from Ma’s frustration

for the network and selling behavior recently for CCTV exposure, Taobao will be implicated to the responsibility. Mister Ali Ma recently publicly responded to accusations of fraud for Taobao, said Ma and his helpless, as Taobao online shopping platform, provides a platform for both parties, from the technology and capability, should not be the sole regulatory responsibility. Let me see the reality of life in the fakes from birth, although the relevant departments also again strengthen the crackdown, in fact, did not work. read more

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Surprise again and again to open the pig CMS WeChat event to receive push interface

long ago Xiaobian to spoilers pig CMS marketing platform in the direction of the road, more WeChat interface have been rushing to the. So today, the first to reach the hands of the user is – WeChat receive event push interface.

first popular science: what is the event to receive


in the number of users and the public interact in the process of operation, some users will make WeChat server push through the event in the form of notice to the developer in the developer center arranged at the address of the server, so that developers can access to the information. read more

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The effective use of skills under a military a hotly contested spot of Taobao wireless terminal


PC end of the market, has been killed in all walks of life, each category; utterly routed; have circled their users, viscous habits of their customers; in time and wealth and professional support, and small shop owners, it is a little Alexander, the wireless terminal more and more hot, the wireless terminal occupy people most of the time the debris, is undoubtedly a hot, hot and we want to quickly seize the market high, and you are not ready?


wireless terminal, more so; and PC client user browsing habits, different ways of doing business in marketing; ranging from 4-9 inch on the small screen, it is not simply the PC end of the routine moving down is good, more than just a small series of sentiment, seemingly made of waste words the wrong, do not blame. read more

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Jingdong online super meet one-stop shopping standards

May 6th, Jingdong super channel line, which is a face of money or to the user proposition. Although the line was more than a week, but for this problem, Jingdong has seen very clearly. Liu Fang, vice president and general manager of the general manager of the Department of general merchandise, said, in the past, the user may be a half a year to Jingdong, the super category on the line, I hope the user will come several times a week."

"We want users to

on-line a week to"

May 3rd, Jingdong super channel started trial operation on the first category of about 5000 species, mainly including groceries, daily chemical, leisure products, such as pure water, grain and oil, beer and other drinks, usually covered by Jingdong logistics area, users can on-line consumption. read more

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China has become the United States, the United States and the second largest online shopping destina

[Abstract] is expected in 2018, cross-border mobile shopping scale will turn three times, more than $100 billion.


Tencent with Amazon and national electricity supplier giant multinational development, cross-border online shopping is becoming more and more common, especially in many Chinese online shopping family, have launched overseas Commission, the recent favorable policies, will achieve China users directly to online shopping America Mason.

global cross-border electricity supplier, has developed to a level and status? read more

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What to save your good webmaster


brothers, we dream of kindness, realize their ideals, to live a worthwhile point, not to face the boss all day no longer faces, it is by their own hands, to earn enough money to make their parents love have a rich life, we choose to stand long this "sacred" occupation.

the gap between the ideal and reality is beyond our expectation! Our efforts, we insist, we complain, we are the rising flow of joy, but, pay and reward is not fair to us, it is not proportional, so we have no harvest! Two years ago, is equal to the flow now the money flow and income are not equal. You can see me these two stations ( and (, due to hang up the alliance advertising disappointment, the total ad removal. We click on the GG is all super low price, single click 0.01. We do show, the first video crazy deduction, refused to pay commission, just give us a traffic anomaly is an answer. Do ya referral, saying that our registered users are not active, refused to pay. We do click on the images, Tai Chi chain crazy horse. Sell advertising, advertisement of the mom put on many days with links to show No one shows any interest in advertising, and also affect the web access speed. And we hate pop and horse. What do we do? How can be not affected by the alliance and the engine control read more

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Huang look at the electricity supplier acquisitions to three electricity supplier BAT

the Internet is always confusion, the BAT firmly occupy a field, relying on years of accumulation and industry status, play a game of capital hair get out of hand. You contend for me to catch up with the lively, but also the source of Internet impatience. The emergence of the mobile Internet giants are aware may be subverted, for the position last ditch.

The new

column, Huang first look at the electricity supplier.

recently, the capital circle, electricity supplier circle boiling again and again. A few days ago, Baidu came to the acquisition of shares or, and nearly two days is the spread of Tencent shares of the Jingdong, Ali shares 360 two blockbuster news. This paper interpret for you under the situation. read more

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Alibaba fortune curse the latest on-line!

thank you for your support for the alliance! This month the new Alibaba to click on ads. As follows:

Alibaba ( is a global enterprise (B2B) e-commerce is a well-known brand, is the world’s leading international trade area, the most active online trading market and the merchant community.

a, promotion advantage

1, Alibaba strong brand and strength advantages, reliable and stable data, long-term, stable performance.

2, advertising activities, materials can be optimized and updated according to feedback. read more

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The United States double 11 promotion strategy any other advertising offer low 11 yuan

NetEase Francisco October 28th news, Gome recently released a double 11 promotion strategy: consumers only with other businesses to offer any advertising GOME stores, Gome will be based on the advertising offer, at least drop 11 yuan to sell the goods.

said the United States, it is also for young consumers shopping habits, launched the WeChat card package coupons, 1 million yuan big run Gome taxi drops of red delivery and other measures, as long as consumers receive the United States in the WeChat platform WeChat card package, can be online, online and mobile terminal channels to use. read more

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Shop selling pirated CDs were indicted Taobao jointly and severally liable

original price of 12700 yuan tutorial, Taobao only sell a few hundred dollars or even a few dollars. To this end, the development of the tutorial know money (Beijing) Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as the money company) will sell pirated discs Taobao shop owner jointly with Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd. together on the court. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the money company was informed that it won in the first instance, the two defendants were sentenced. Currently, Taobao has appeal, the second trial is expected to be held next month. read more

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