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Chinese name for CNNIC could stop individuals cannot register CN domain ban

Chinese name as the first batch of old domain virtual hosting service providers, in addition to providing services for more customers, also hope to be able to make the responsibility for the network construction of the China. Over the years, Chinese name as Chinese Internet development witness and practitioners, also cooperate in all actions CNNIC. Because the CNNIC as the important foundation facilities Chinese builders, the information society operation and managers, to lead the development of the Internet address, Chinese industry so CNNIC a domain name extension which allows no ground for blame, domestic domain more widespread open, let the Chinese people know more about the internet. read more

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No cash flow and logistics community electricity supplier in Taiwan is how the fire up

Abstract: this wave of mobile community business boom in Taiwan, want to do is actually social heavyweights such as Facebook and Pinterest want to do: the concept of social networking providers. But there is no cash flow, there is no logistics of these social electricity supplier, where is the core competitiveness?

Following the "

Taiwan electricity market, also meet the" national seller "time" to discuss Taiwan in 2015 officially entered the era of mobile social commerce, this article analyzes the reason why there are so many "crossover operators" to join the community business market. In the end what is the status of the electricity supplier in their social ecosystem in Taiwan, the current electricity supplier market is able to accept such an amateur red network seller model? read more

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The payment itself is low profit, but at the throat of the electricity supplier

Amazon last week announced the launch of a payment service. This is called the "Login and Pay with Amazon" service, allows the company in cooperation website embedded Amazon’s own login button and payment, consumers can use the Amazon account for consumption on other sites.

this product is not new at first glance, last year when Alipay launched fast payment, entrance in various businesses money fierce push Alipay landing. But if you hang up, there is within the universe.

payment is meager profit industry, Paypal trading volume of $about 100000000000, about 0.3% of the fee, only the profit margin of 20%, it can be imagined that the domestic payment companies rely on a fee of 0.03% is not easy. But this did not stop the enthusiasm of the electricity supplier giant to pay, foreign Amazon, domestic Jingdong have joined the payment of this business. Before Alipay and Taobao, Paypal and eBay reference model, in addition to what has already happened, marriage business tycoon and payment, again what read more

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Jingdong renamed lessons worth $one hundred million

this weekend, the Internet has two major events, one is the IT summit in Shenzhen, a Jingdong renamed.

I think that the latter is more practical significance, it has a significant significance of Internet Co’s domain name strategy and the significance of guidance.

1, Jingdong should be renamed. This is a difficult decision: a strong brother in 9 years into, or a test of courage and determination, when you break, this point to the top.

said that this is a $one hundred million worth of lessons learned, not only the lessons learned by the Jingdong, but also a lesson for China’s internet. Jingdong and 360buy there is a huge user experience fault, a large number of Baidu transit. Liu Qiangdong also said that every year Jingdong mall needs to Baidu and other search engines to pay about 60 million yuan of traffic charges, the equivalent of Jingdong was a layer of skin". read more

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Jingdong reduced CCTV advertising or to reduce marketing expenses

evening news May 6th, half a year ago Jingdong in the CCTV advertising tender will be on the ho throw 200 million, into the Internet industry "s". Not yet profitable from the electricity supplier liquor, financial enterprises with the tender will be grappling and, for a time the introduction of regret. Half a year later, the NetEase technology exclusively learned that the Jingdong has to give up part of the auction bid, Tsingtao Brewery took over. The low-key withdrawal standard, or to reduce marketing expenses, the preparation of IPO. read more

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Jiang Yuncan Taobao is going to die in the winter of the Internet

when you see the title of this article, you can laugh, you can vomit, but can not believe, because you are a living person.

when you are a carrier, is a huge user platform, and the development of the market does not allow you to continue, what will you do?


today my topic will watch Taobao, because he’s famous? Or users? This is not. Is the policy to be introduced, the market is to change, the upcoming winter of the internet.

The fire of

e-commerce is growing more and more fierce in China, and the two years have been a strong e-commerce companies, they are engaged in a variety of products online sales business. It is not difficult to see from last year’s online sales figures by the end of December 2010, Chinese e-commerce market turnover of more than 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 15.8%, the growth rate has slowed down the online retail market transactions reached $513 billion 100 million, an increase of 97.3%, compared with nearly doubled in 2009. Such a large volume, light Taobao accounted for 1/4 of the proportion, as can be imagined it was a great number, China such a big market, how many people do not want to from here a piece of foreign capital inflows continue? China market, many small domestic companies look good online sales market big. So whether it is business or individual will want to try to get some benefits from the internet. However, what kind of birds have a big forest, in 2010 the amount of Internet service complaints rose by 68.7%, the highest increase in the number of complaints of second. Such a large increase in the amount of complaints had to attract the attention of the relevant departments. The standardization of the Internet market, the introduction of policies and regulations has been greatly lagging behind and the development of e-commerce. read more

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Network network is the same in the overseas strategic layout and Ali Wine

April 12th morning, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma 2016Vinitaly wine exhibition in Italy announced that the annual September 9th to build the Tmall global wine festival". Then the problem, Ma this section made it will have any effect on the liquor business? For this, the reporter visited the music as its ecological network network.

This strategic piece

Ali, that Chinese Wine getting heat from the market. By 2017, China’s wine market consumption capacity will reach 2 billion 827 million liters, total consumption reached RMB 93 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of up to 102.5%. Network network vision of globalization, as well as the layout of overseas strategic choice, and Ali is consistent." The general manager of network network marketing center Wang Jian said. read more

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In May, the major electricity supplier price war flagship product 3C

Tmall City air Carnival Carnival activities of the website screenshot

in the first round of this year’s open electricity supplier price war in January after nearly B2C Tmall boss shot. Yesterday, Tmall announced the electric city, invested 200 million yuan in cash to build for a few months "crazy summer season", the factory direct price based on consumer feedback posted by Tmall. Insiders said that Tmall’s move and after Suning, Gome, Dangdang’s promotional efforts will be directed at the meaning of Jingdong mall. read more

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We can get rid of inventory

Xin Yuanwei

Vintage that we really find a profitable and sustainable way.

vintage, literati e-commerce company CEO, under his command of all passengers in the past few years is very dangerous, after the ups and downs, which have idealistic passion, but a practical compromise.

in 2011, a loss of up to 600 million yuan every guest, was once questioned the threat will be on the verge of collapse. By the end of 2012, where the miracle of resurrection and declared: "the fourth quarter basic earnings." In addition, the old plan, "where the 2013 annual results for the full year profit growth of 50%, and." read more

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The entrepreneur’s lost girlfriend if love, how should love

text / Yang Linhua

When I write the idea for

years later, I realized, and I will start their own network for $3 billion 200 million sold to CISCO to become one of the most famous Chinese Silicon Valley Zhu Min private chat, I already described these stories after several years of foreshadowing.

day, I used to ask Zhu Min a question, do you love to see what books? He broke the results, false my occupation. "You, you always interview the so-called successful people are actually the top Chinese in Pyramid," he said: "if you really want to know what I usually love to read the book, my answer is that the booth of" Novel Monthly ". What are they talking about? A bunch of poor people dying every day wondering how to sell pirated discs, how to make a way to make money. Well, why? Because this is the life of most people, this is the real china." read more

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How to increase content exposure in QQ space

to do this from the media, we need is that we have a large exposure content, the ultimate result is to be able to get more new fans through our content. Each platform has its own play, so we do one thing when it is necessary to find more in this area to promote the channel, so that we can go more long-term longer.

personally, may I contact platform more, our micro-blog WeChat and QQ these are related to the space, so that for each channel has what method is not in-depth understanding, so just know a small part. For the QQ space, we have accumulated after a long summary and found that we can upload the empty album method can help us expand the exposure rate. read more

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Programmer I sell fruit juice is how to retain users

since November last year, I take a subway near a small warehouse, a cart as the starting point, began selling pomegranate juice in the IT area surrounding xi’erqi. From one day to push a cart, waiting for customers, until now, the store to carry out marketing activities and even borrow light applications, WeChat and other mobile Internet means to begin the so-called O2O Road, a year’s time, as an individual start of small entrepreneurs, from the code turned to sell the pomegranate juice brother, in this process, I learned a lot. read more

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The development trend of digital marketing from the brand management department of P & G marketing d

July 1, 2014, Procter & Gamble (P& G) in Cincinnati announced that the marketing director (Marketing Director) renamed brand director (Brand Director), marketing (Marketing) also changed its name to brand management department (Brand Management). The news was a direct blow to my head: it was a landmark decision, although he was forced by the times.

news said, the new brand building will be composed of four areas of business: Brand Management (formerly: Marketing); Consumer and Knowledge Marketing; Communications; and Design. Brand director will have a broader responsibility and vision at the organizational level. This is done in order to make the brand more clearly defined in the strategic, planning, and the results of the program, by simplifying the structure of the Department, improve the efficiency of decision-making, so as to save more time for creativity and execution. " read more

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Zero on the time management of network promotion (Part one)

in fact, everything involves time management, a day’s time is very short, it is difficult to make a good grasp of better efficiency and effectiveness. There are a lot of people do promotion, today in the QQ sending two messages, tomorrow at Post Bar send a small post, acquired by a mass of software to Sina blog and leave footprints, it seems that every day busy awfully, but the effect is not very ideal.

now rely on SEO site, has been a certain degree of difficulty, we need to use more web site promotion methods. The promotion of their own site, there is a good time to plan, in order to promote the site to achieve the desired effect, and this plan is also consistent with the network growth cycle to set. We need to plan for a short period of each cycle, and this is only a process of refinement, but also a process of perfection. read more

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Unknown micro quotient QQ space drainage those things

QQ is not just a chat software, it is an excellent tool to make money. Some people use space to write articles into millions; we do micro business can use space to make money. Is not afraid of deep alley, as long as the space content, it can attract more people. This is a slow process, unless you write articles not just to make money. Drainage method, today to analyze it in detail.

a, the source of space traffic

number of friends, as well as the degree of activity determines the spatial flow. read more

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