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The game site turned open casino Less than two years to gain 756 million

knock on the keyboard "in less than two years 756 million profit earning large quantities of gold each day"

online game virtual currency is widely used in online game business services. However, a chess game site in Zhejiang of Wenzhou, through the manipulation of private money business transactions of virtual currency, it will become a public website casino, in less than two years 756 million yuan of illegal profits, game operators, "silver", "network occupation gamblers" formed a chain of interest earned enormous profits. read more

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You must not know that everyone has invested so many financial projects

Abstract: Renren has not given up self innovation, not long ago, APP upgrade, add new features, but these users are trying to reform innovation and eggs, not many users remain in situ. Renren main business has been at a loss, and Chen Yizhou in terms of money is sensitive, so that everyone’s network investment business development and growth.

note: in the beginning of the influx of capital began to pour into the Internet financial venture companies, everyone in the United States and China to invest a lot of Internet banking companies have begun to enter the harvest period. For example, the United States famous student loan platform SoFi, real estate congregation raised platform Fundrise, Internet asset management platform Motif. At the same time, Renren is also in the layout of China’s Internet banking, such as investment in social networking platform snowball, Internet wealth management platform gold ax. read more

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Do not know these three points you are stupid webmaster

people who do the site know that the content of the site construction and promotion activities are basically a pair of wings of the site, you must grasp both hands hard. But a lot of people in the process of promoting the site will be caught in a few major errors, the results of the opposite effect. To avoid these errors, in order to make your site better and better, the author summed up the long-term promotion of each of the three points in website promotion stationmaster to know the experience and knowledge, get it very simple, simple but often includes not simply read more

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How to operate a professional market + online shop model B2B website (1)

website operators can understand the nature of such B2B site, can combine their own advantages, to avoid their own weaknesses, the website operation. The following will be discussed from the following aspects.

1 B2B e-commerce website introduction

Definition of

1.1 B2B e-commerce website

B2B (Business to Business) is the exchange of products, services and information between enterprises and enterprises through the internet. B2B is a kind of electronic commerce according to the classification of transaction objects. This form of e-commerce is carried out between enterprises and enterprises. General information release and matchmaking based, mainly to establish a bridge between businesses. read more

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Make a few summary of some domain name investment disorderly

After more than a year of observation, some LuanLuanDe summary of some investment.

I have always felt that all

the world is simple, "Han Wu Emperor" in a sentence is very good: is not right, wrong is not necessarily wrong. Only to study, to experience, to truly understand. Marx also said that philosophy can only point out the problem, solve the problem can only rely on practice, to face all kinds of contradictions. There are too many contradictions in the world, there is no perfect truth. Many people love to say opinionated XX suffix is not good, would rather die than registered. Attack each other, it is meaningless. Can you change a few large all views, these are controllable.

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Taobao live is so on play 5 seconds to sell 40 thousand eggs.

news May 31st, the day before, Taobao Taobao broadcast platform in the rural village of red "(village network red) broadcast the first show, to sell the farm home video broadcast.

Ali said the morning broadcast of the "village of red Tuhuo, find live" in the broadcast platform to watch online users exceeded 100 thousand over the same period a total of nearly 5000 people, the number of online, like the number of points of nearly 90 thousand times.

live page screenshot

rural Taobao village red live related agricultural products are also in rural Taobao, Taobao mobile phones, Juhuasuan and other platforms simultaneously to the national consumer. Among them, in the launch of 5 seconds, soil egg sales 40 thousand. By the end of the day at 3 p.m., soil egg sales will break through the 100 thousand. read more

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Internet practitioners into traditional businesses only customers do not forget the user did not min

I know some mobile phone software developers, mobile phone carrier system, their dreams when their software has accumulated hundreds of millions of users, when their system carries billions of user resources, the rest is expected profit.

I have used a "mobile phone system and their improvement after use, the end use of this mobile phone have repeatedly emphasized to me:" advertisement "too much, must change, a few months later, the mobile phone is the original money back.

One of the most important differences between read more

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2008 first quarter E-book Industry Analysis Report

with the development of science and technology, reading has become the "read things whenever and wherever possible," the meaning of the word is not limited to simply the "look" of the traditional paper books, newspapers and magazines; the city between the ubiquitous network, or by the reader, at any time to finish reading behavior. This is the main reason for the reading rate increased by 6.5 times in the last 6 years.

China Book Business newspaper and read the network jointly issued the 2007 China e-book trends report shows that the total number of e-book readers an increase of 37%, e-book has become a trend of reading. 2007 e-book reader total of 59 million people, an increase of more than in 2006, an increase of 37%. The report also shows that the 07 e-book reader’s age composition and academic composition is no significant change compared with the year 06, is still concentrated in the youth group. read more

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Do QQ space to do a few things need to know

many of my friends think that as long as there is QQ space, just send a few articles, about to bring traffic to the site up, in fact, a lot of friends should realize and die every day send logs, say, micro-blog, from the QQ space to site traffic is less and less, so how to do it from the QQ space attract more traffic to the site? Do you need to know QQ the following things:

one, start from the content

Whether you are a

website or blog space micro-blog even now popular WeChat, content is the most important, so the quality of the content accounted for more than half of the factors, not to see what the forwarding. As for what is fire, concern, we can refer to the popular popularity of grassroots blog space, and now those forwarded more articles, and then according to their own friends to determine content. read more

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Advertising everywhere you look more exciting

      search engine industry big cake, everyone wants to point what.

      Google because it made a home, Baidu East rise!

      portal news flow, we have been optimistic about it.

      Sina NetEase Sohu Tencent also chase chase!

      instant messaging software stickiness, Tencent development depends on it.

      the future of electronic commerce is large, Alibaba is a strong representative of it.

      online game world is very exciting, embedded advertising began. read more

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How to break the campus market millet culture, diehard powder, hard to create culture

Abstract: in the long-term infiltration of brand culture and appeal, once the enterprise in the campus has millions of loyal fans, they will become the light of the national market, unexpected "sparks of fire" and gain more business value.

campus market has always been a hotly contested spot. Especially in the campus market, it is a "every Internet Co are unable to hide greeds fat". This is not only because the university campus gathered tens of millions of young Internet users, it is because these students veryspread, can play a key role in the dissemination process of products. read more

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After all, film and television network striker YY download station also quietly shut down

A5 webmaster network ( December 3rd news, following all the people off the station after the same site YY download stations can not open!

according to friends, said yesterday YY download station can also be opened, but this morning I do not know what the reason is not open! I do not know whether it is affected by the impact of everyone’s film, the first"! To press deadline is still not open!

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Phoenix Li Ya website competition to avoid the homogenization of the site

Greater China once a year the largest online advertising and interactive marketing, interactive marketing world festival of Adworld (seventh) held in Beijing in July 22, 2010. Conference BNET reporter Yin Yinan was fortunate to interview the Phoenix COO/CFO.

Phoenix COO and CFO Lee ya

advertising over the same period last year, an increase of 3 percentage points over

in the first half of 2010 has passed, the first half of the earnings of each big company has come out on’s first half earnings when Lee introduced to the first half of this year, advertising revenue growth compared to last year, more than 3 digit percentage growth, is about 5 times the China Internet advertising market this year average growth rate. read more

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Inventory of 15 foreign play hidden world high flow site domain name

December 5th news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog Business Insider monthly number of visits to sort out the United States is not known but based on 15 site visits and amazing, many of which we are not familiar with the name, but attracted a large number of visitors, the simple to look at these high traffic domain what is the



many people love to visit, the website access monthly number reached 53 million, Ask asked, ask the meaning of the application domain question answering platform built properties is also quite appropriate, query, understanding, domain names registered in 1998, now has 13 years of history domain name registration, were registered, which also use domain name website the domain name, domain name registration in early 1 years! Obviously, Ask users of the word love. read more

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New media BuzzFeed fantasy growth remember do not search to share

[review the success of]BuzzFeed, its founder, unique way of thinking and outlook on social media are inseparable, and BuzzFeed business model, may bring some enlightenment to this website douban.

Tencent science and Technology Sun reported on February 13th when you open this website, you will see what? "The most happy moments," 90 "is the" advertising ", with hair standing on end," why do cats love to be loved "Super Bowl history ten big hero"…… Sports, entertainment, technology, politics, entertainment, news type sequence is Everything is contained therein., very casual, could not find any association. read more

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