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Nine secret trick allows workers to get rid of the title of the moonlight clan

now a lot of office workers have a new title, moonlight clan, especially after 80, 90, a month to be able to pay more than a few people basically! What is life to be frugal, to keep the present desire, always give yourself a reason?. Many of the new human hedonism, may never considered to answer myself the question, what is the most concerned thing in your life, what can arouse your passion, what can make you feel really happy? They will say, now the most important, who can manage something in the future, and to say it. read more

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What are the snack shop process

What are the procedures of

snack shop? Many investors are new, not very familiar with this issue. In fact, you only need a lot of reference to other people’s successful experience, you can learn what the necessary business processes. Come and learn.

1, site

whenever shop needs a good location, a special snack shop is no exception, especially the mode of operation of the special snack stores, because of its own brand benefit, so the operation mode of special snack stores, shops to choose as far as possible in the prosperous and bustling area. read more

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Top 10 nternet entrepreneurs need to know

Although the

network business has become common, but in the new period, there are many online business venture and competition, when entrepreneurs to participate in the network business often need to consider many aspects.

the following 10 suggestions, is for those start-up companies or small businesses to provide the. Of course, not every one is applicable, not every start-up companies should do this, only entrepreneurs reference.

1, a small business. Do you want to support small businesses in your heart? First of all, there must be a small business mentality. Analysis of your service providers and customers, if you can develop in the form of small businesses, then it is best. Because small businesses will be more flexible, more focused, so it will be easier to profit. read more

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Use hot spots to promote the site

station in the process of operation are considered network promotion in many ways, such as SEO, advertising, soft, more bad means such as spam, forums irrigation machines, but these are not actually promotion activities to promote the use of hot way.

every month every week and every day there are many Internet wide processes such as hot spots, the recent spread of earth hour, in fact, is a very good activity, because it belongs to public welfare, so it will not have a negative impact, but this activity also has a bad place, there is as time limit. So the period is too short, if there is one that can continue to focus activities, then the effect will be very good, such as the mummy recently also participated in this event, also gain a certain effect. read more

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ndia financial technology company nCred business has not yet launched $75 million financing

According to media reports,

, a financial technology company in India on Tuesday announced a low-key announcement that it has received $75 million financing. This is the largest round of financial technology financing in India this year.

InCred this record will be small and medium enterprise loans, education loans, mortgage loans, etc.. Its specific services have not yet been launched, but InCred said on the official website, there will be something incredible, but it is only on the RecruiterBox recruitment of intermediate and senior staff. read more

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Look at the operation of the footwear industry website from the shoe network

relative to traditional industries, the threshold of the Internet business is low, a person, zero capital can start. So there are a lot of groups and individuals, are flocking to the internet. For Internet start-ups, the industry website and local sites in these two areas, is now more popular. If you want to be successful, you must have a good understanding of the industry involved. At the same time, the Internet related knowledge should have a certain understanding and understanding, such as site planning, or else it will be quite difficult to do. For network promotion, the platform is the foundation, the content is the key. read more

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Number of electricity providers to improve the free package post threshold to raise the minimum to 4

online shopping consumers accustomed to B2C electricity supplier Website Package post, may not be so easy. Recently, a number of domestic electricity providers have gradually increased free shipping standards, the minimum threshold to 48 yuan.

said the Jingdong at the beginning of the month, in addition to diamond member free shipping over 59 yuan, other members increased from 59 yuan to 79 yuan, less than the amount required to add 5 yuan freight. also announced that the single orders over the amount of 48 yuan less than the amount of free delivery, to the other 5 yuan freight charge. Previously, Amazon raised free shipping standards to 99 yuan, easy fast from $29 to $49. However, the United States online old members of the purchase of self goods is not free to set the threshold, 1 shop will also be free of charge to reduce the cost of the 11 provinces to $58. read more

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Stupid wolf on the weighting factor in the terminal of the suffix

in recent years, with the advent of the new domain name suffix, there are more and more domain name investors concerned about the development of the new suffix, there are some investors in the new suffix to get a lot of harvest. But more investors are wrestling with the new suffixes.

new suffix so that the terminal does not know, always want to get a lot of all the suffix, but this is limited to the number of leaders and employees on the network and domain names and the level of domain name management. So in reality, the majority of enterprises only take a few related suffix with one of them to do stand, several other forwards, but more companies are, a contentment. read more

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Red man behind the net, such as Han CEO rare speech, secret network red formula

as one of the founder of Han Technology and CEO Feng Min photography /


1.2015 of the first people in the network is actually the Luo thinking Luo Zhenyu. High color value, high grade, will dress up is also a very important ability, with high value.

2 with the star ratio, net red has the right to look up to the angle + temperature interaction = most traffic value, the most suitable for the transaction.

3 Reds economy strong liquidity is essentially providing integrated solutions for users, bring a lot of opportunities for non-standard products. read more

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500 lottery network prospectus submitted to the SEC intends to finance $150 million

] [review plans on the New York stock exchange, stock symbol "WBAI".

Tencent Ruixue technology October 23rd compiled

500 lottery network ( on Tuesday submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) IPO (initial public offering) documents.

documents show that 500 lottery network plans to raise up to $150 million of funds through the IPO transaction, the company plans to be listed on the New York stock exchange, stock code is WBAI".

500 lottery net revenue in 2012 was RMB 171 million 500 thousand yuan, in 2011 was RMB 232 million 200 thousand yuan, in 2010 was RMB 157 million 400 thousand yuan. In the first three quarters of September, as of 2013, the net revenue of 500 lottery network was $163 million 400 thousand, compared to RMB 130 million 700 thousand yuan last year. read more

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91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin Mobile nternet investment tends to be cautious

held in May 10th 2012, the global mobile Internet Conference, Netdragon’s 91 radio launched the "91 win matrix" developer cooperation program, started to gather small developers to enter the 91 mobile open platform, provides a new choice for small and medium-sized developers. Under the "flexible, service, sharing, win-win" principle, the 91 will be coordinated with the developers the flexibility into proportion, present in all other application channels under the fixed proportion, this is undoubtedly the most striking feature of the 91 platform, 91 move intended to foster and attract small developers, grab the platform competition the most valuable content resources. In an interview with the media, the 91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin analysis of the current situation of the mobile Internet business, and share the product concept of the 91 assistants, the following is an interview record: read more

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Wangzhuan is actually a process of cultivation

twenty-first Century, the network has created a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for us. There are several very distinct characteristics of Wangzhuan: grassroots, low threshold, entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity. This has created a large number of Internet users continue to pour into the market, everyone wants to share this cake. But don’t understand the situation before the very reckless drip this muddy water the fact that some people not only waste a lot of time and go more and feel that life is not a direction of lost confidence, some people began to doubt whether this road is impassable? Here to remind you to engage in Wangzhuan novice friends, if you now if you are still confused, for their own future, also does not have a very clear understanding and to pursue, then please put down all things, spend two days to think, what to do? I am exactly wrong where? A building is made of reinforced concrete. There is a causal relationship between things, the world does not exist a fool, just to see if you are willing to go on, would be willing to change. There is always a cause and effect. Think of all of this, and you’ll have to figure out where your life is going and where you need to improve. read more

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Blah what nonsense pornographic images called forbidden

      view of Internet Conference, nearly poly Techweb dinner, Ma Huateng, Ding Lei, Li Kaifu, radiant, horn, Liu Xingliang, catcher in the best of spirits……

      then, laughing, pointing out the network of rivers and lakes, in the wrong cup, what countless rumors!

      the following dialogue fragment and all that is true, but you don’t take it personally! Laugh, laugh or have good.

      what is forbidden pornography? read more

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Wo Wo Group’s highest financing $66 million Protection 2 digital domain name

renamed China ( February 5th news, Wo Wo Group today to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus supplement document (F-1/A). Wo Wo Group and domain name, stock code "WOWO".

Wo Wo Group

(ie Wowo mall) the official domain name is, and Wo Wo Group in the earlier acquisition of homonym, and protect the digital domain stack.


: Wo Wo Group

as a terminal is not only the acquisition of group purchase website, Wo Wo Group was founded in March 2010, the group purchase cut living services providers in the field. In July 2014, Wo Wo Group will launch online mall model upgrade, by providing businesses own online shop through. read more

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