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Senior advertising optimization skill blank

blank is a technique often used in print media. For example, when the newspaper layout in the configuration, not filled the better, the appropriate leave some blank, not only beautify the layout, but also to ensure the quality of the user experience.

in web advertising configuration and layout, we can also learn from the blank skills of traditional media, to provide space for the readers to release the pressure. The following combined with a detailed description of the case.

this is a very common article page, we can choose two kinds of advertising configuration: read more

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How to track the network included in the rankings to be able to do a good job, Xiaobian share a simp

recently, the tracking network extrapolation included rankings how well has become a hot topic on the Internet, many people are eager to find the promotion of a simple method to track network extrapolation ranking.

for small series, we demand is the needs of small series, so the recent period of small series have been concerned about this issue, I hope you can quickly help us find out the answer. After a period of time since the survey, found a small claw called cloud network marketing analysis management system software to help solve practical problems, so today specially out and share with you. read more

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Creative advertising is good advertising Hengyuanxiang is very clever

reported today on the Olympic marketing company opened a seminar. From the "mouse rat" has been called "pig", the twelve zodiac called a times, advertising creative and monotonous Hengyuanxiang high density broadcast, although it aired under 200 times, but in a short period of time has caused a high degree of attention, although a certain audience shelling, but professionals are not to regard it as right and that the media reports, the equivalent of free of charge for Hengyuanxiang carried out the two transmission, from this point, the company is "smart" really. read more

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Sharing a high degree of video from WeChat to talk about mobile terminal video marketing

because of excellent video resources in the traditional film and television companies, while the relative video sites, most of the time to do two things at the PC end, one is to update the video content, the other is to fight copyright lawsuit, with a competitor, the other one is playing with the TV station, call play the video website that want to develop video, non self can not play, but this time, the mobile Internet has become the climate, PC terminal decline, from a development point of view, the video site has been in development, and the network marketing of the thirty-six or one hundred and eight type, saying video marketing, everyone said the video but the real promotion, promotional video should be detonated mobile Internet WeChat circle of friends. read more

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Create a blog matrix to bring traffic to the site

in ADMIN5 read the article, there is a little I agree with, is to establish their own BLOG matrix.

I have had such an experience, mobilize hundreds of employees for me to enter the original article (from the data to the BLOG), the artificial way to make BLOG from the search engine to get thousands of IP/ days.

actually, that brings IP to my business promotion is unfavorable. I have discussed this issue in the "promotion of Tourism Association – Chinese Baotuan" and a member of the webmaster. But most people think that, as long as the content of the site, the IP will bring benefits. Because every visitor can be your potential client. read more

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Happy new Taobao three days Google rankings home promotion skills

Hunan satellite TV cooperation and show more Amoy more fun — Taobao has been happy on the evening of April 18th the first phase of the launch, before the media and network publicity is very hot, the word Baidu index find happy Taobao index is very high, so in early April when I want to do a test on this keyword effect a website under the SEO anchor text inside and outside chain; think immediately executed. The site has done a good job of domain names are also applied to those who have the technology is very fast. The domain name is the main record for a period of time to wait, my domain name is passed in April 14th. When the site is uploaded to the server, the next is the most important part of the website promotion. read more

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Notes on the implementation of network fax marketing

network marketing means is varied, have blog marketing, forum marketing, classification information promotion, SEO, email marketing, fax marketing and so on, including email marketing, fax marketing is a kind of long-term effect is better as a marketing tool. In the fax marketing need to pay more attention to its next few points, will get better results. Usually the forum marketing more stringent audit, need a large number of blog writing text, classification information promotion often encounter the deleted treatment, and fax marketing as long as the operating properly, can be successfully transferred to the target’s hands, play a very good promotion effect. read more

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Seven basic network marketing methods

      network marketing in the world more than two years, with the teacher Wang Ceng learned a lot of knowledge and methods of network marketing, recently, there are many companies and website e-mail to the teacher advisory network marketing methods, because of the time, Wang responded to a part of the mail, but some did not return. So he asked me to write this article seven basic network marketing methods, I hope you love.

      seven basic network marketing methods: read more

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To improve the quality of the contents to the content page optimization will become the new period o

with Baidu in May to several major direction now on the adjustment of both the pomegranate algorithm or Mars program exception is Baidu in the re-examine what is the real needs of users, the author found that many of the station before, in the article to explain, some articles from the essential meaning, although the original but to please the search engines such as Taobao and crudely made copy comments, QQ group chat records as the content of organization etc.. I believe that these do not have any recommendation of the value and significance of the article has cornered, and for a period of time before the Baidu algorithm is for these do not meet the user experience of the website for targeted treatment, and some have even been K off, as I have been in the optimization of operation and maintenance work, after Baidu algorithm change today. At present, how to operate on their own and in the station for the optimization of the bit and everyone to share good gossip short continued we enter the theme. read more

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What are the characteristics of Marketing Forum

forum marketing is to promote the promotion of the actual forum. Just focus on the forum marketing strategy planning, good impact is enormous, like Sister Lotus is through the forum hype to step up. The forum to promote the focus is implementation, promotion of forum often simply sent outside the company, advertising posts, a person can perform, no plans and strategies, and forum marketing is through careful and complex planning, in order to achieve a series of the team to complete the marketing objective. What are the characteristics of the forum marketing read more

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A5 financing briefing Hi, Li m ball technology learning, the world’s high-speed rail network and so

1 hi tech

investors: Chinese cultural holding group led investment, Tencent and Yuan Xun investment and investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan

football player Jihai Sun founded hi ball technology announced the completion of tens of millions of Yuan Angel + round of financing, led by the Chinese cultural holding group investment, Tencent and investment and investment. Hi ball technology said that this round of financing will be used for the development and promotion of the company’s various businesses, continue cultivating in products, resources and users. read more

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Discussion on medical network marketing what is important

do medical, I believe that the most familiar with the 3 data, that is, the cost of effective dialogue, booking costs, hospital costs. It is no exaggeration to say that the entire front of the hospital network marketing system, whether it is consulting, planning, auction, or SEO is entirely around them. But with the rise in recent years, the network media and traditional media decline, once the fame of the traditional media marketing seems to gradually fade out of sight, phone newspaper media gradually shrink or even no, let them become the hospital in the report and then cut the burden in private hospitals does not seem to be too serious, but in some public hospital network is particularly serious. read more

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Word of mouth miracle blog into new power network marketing

"Crazy Stone" the use of the network as a low-cost marketing approach quickly won the success of the blog, forums and other representatives of the network marketing provides a new example. 2 million of your business is made of 10 million!" This is a "Crazy Stone" in a classic lines. Now this sentence has become a reality. This low cost, high box office miracle may become a classic Chinese film maker. Like its avant-garde name, the cost of only 3 million yuan to make a small domestic film, so that a lot of people who have seen, did not see it crazy for it, it will become a classic case of word of mouth spread. read more

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Baidu HI beat Tencent QQ – Unofficial version of ACE and QQ interworking

Baidu recently made by a IM of the IM scandal, now known as the "Baidu HI", a lot of people of Baidu products with great enthusiasm, because Baidu products in a fast, stable, user oriented demand-oriented. But im this thing is a very high user stickiness, unless cannot but, QQ users are accustomed to not use the Baidu HI. Many of my friends will leave QQ, I said that more than a dozen relatives, classmates, colleagues dozens of hundreds of users can do? As a $about 20000000000 company, Tencent will not let users themselves "cannot but" errors, so Baidu HI really have QQ beyond ambition, must interworking with QQ. read more

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How to do a good job in product packaging marketing

According to

Nene: 2013 -2015, Coca-Cola has launched the "nickname bottle", "the lyrics bottle" and "bottle lines", and has become a classic case of marketing. However, the packing pattern is not unusual, allowing fans to participate in interactive is the kingly way.

these brands under the case, mostly just go a little bit, let a simple packaging with more social attributes close to consumers.

, a pure music: the world’s first can meet interesting chowhound yogurt read more

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