Atari Jaguar had a VR headset One of the two left intact

first_imgThe Atari Jaguar released in 1993, and only survived about three years before it was sent to the console great beyond. You might remember it for its ridiculous controller, or perhaps because the original Rayman was one of its only prominent titles. Interestingly, had the Jaguar been more popular, it could have been known for bringing virtual reality gaming to the living room.Only a few Jaguar peripherals were ever released — an add-on CD drive, a Jaguar LAN connector, and the ProController, which was a standard Jaguar controller with three extra buttons. However, a virtual reality headset peripheral was announced. Though it was ultimately canceled and never released to consumers, some working headsets were made. After Atari merged with JTS in 1996, most of the headsets were reportedly destroyed, but not all of them. Supposedly, there are only two working units known to be left in existence, and one is up for auction.For a starting bid of just $14,500, the VR headset can be yours — and don’t worry, at publishing time there weren’t any bids.There were two Jaguar VR headset models — a blue and grey high resolution iteration, and a red and grey low resolution unit, which is the one up for auction. Because the red and grey model was replaced by the high resolution blue and grey model, there were some kinks that weren’t fully ironed out of the red and grey unit, such as occasionally displaying a double screen. The auction description notes the rig takes a while to set up and requires patience, but instructions have been included.Unfortunately, the only game that was released that works with the VR headset was Missile Command 3D, which thankfully comes with the auction, as does a Jaguar VR gun, as well as a few other items that you can check out in the listing. If you really want to dump around 15 grand on a VR headset that only plays one game for a long-dead console, you’ll need a few other things to get the unit fully up and running: An extra power supply (which must be an official Jaguar model) is required for the headset’s tracker, a SCART to RGB connector, and of course the Jaguar itself with a working controller.If you’re a collector or just have a morbid curiosity, check out the auction here.last_img

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