20nm ARM processors to hit 3GHz next year

first_imgThe 1.6GHz processor in the Galaxy S4 is pretty powerful, but the new chips due out next year will blow it away. Both TSMC and GlobalFoundries plan on delivering ARM-based processors that will boast clock speeds of up to 3GHz.It’s an impressive milestone, to be sure, but clock speed alone isn’t enough to guarantee that these chips will actually perform well in the real world. And then there’s the bothersome issue of battery drain to contend with.Not to worry. TSMC and GlobalFoundries will be utilizing a 20nm process to fabricate these new ARM chips. That’s 8nm smaller than the Exynos 5410, and the reduction should mean that the next-gen processors will be both faster and more efficient than their predecessors.But will they be fast enough to keep pace with Intel’s latest offerings? Initial benchmarks of its Bay Trail chips are impressive. A mystery device with a 1.1GHz processor posted the highest AnTuTu score ever recorded — a whopping 43,416. That’s about 30% faster than current top-of-the-line ARM-powered Android devices.It may be capable of higher marks, too. Current Bay Trail chips can be clocked up to 2.1GHz — and you’ve got to think that a phone running a Bay Trail at that speed would be able to obliterate an already-amazing benchmark score.Whichever chip comes out on top, the real winners here are us, the smartphone and tablet buyers. The bottom line is that ARM chipmakers will need to be on the top of their game now that Intel is ready to duke it out.TSMC and GlobalFoundries are clearly ready to go toe-to-toe.last_img

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