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How to improve the employment rate of college students to promote employment

With the popularization of higher education, the employment of college students has become the focus of attention of

. Recently, the history of the most difficult employment season "to the arrival of the hot June added a" fire ", to explore how to improve the employment rate of college students, encourage students to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment" argument has never stopped.

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Elong to Ctrip’s real reason

      elong as a special case of Chinese Internet companies in recent years, it is difficult to estimate the future. Listed a few years time is still not profitable, the first quarter of this year, when in the tourism industry is very hot, still a loss of about 900000, two years as chief executive for three! Last year in the Tang founder board forced backstage, found a McDonald’s original China general manager Stuart Stuart to the old, but also can not fundamentally change what is his only contribution to the end of the year, can finally put the financial statements to do a little more beautiful. We called "toothpaste type profit", finally can also NSDK of the United States investors have a "account"! However, his work fooled investors, do not fool sensible, was eventually forced to leave! Another competitor in the same industry Ctrip, in recent years can be said to earn pours, we will be confused, it is not as long as the art of Ctrip? Industry experts do a variety of analysis, competitors are also given an analysis, eLong has made its own analysis! See a manager in elong last month, the analysis he gives is the management of the salary is too high, the management of the profit fell! The lower level of the company’s employees on the upper reaches of the envy of the speech is inevitable, this analysis is not necessarily true, the people of the management of Ctrip wages are not low! read more

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Daily topic millet into the Internet Financial push demand treasure to create new credit mechanism

A5 webmaster network ( May 12th news, yesterday formally launched millet finance, and launched the first financial products, demand treasure".

According to

reports, millet need to demand treasure at the age of 18 users, through the personal identity card account and activate the current treasure, an ID corresponding to a current Alipay account, the product supports ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, China Everbright Bank, Shanghai bank, Ping An Bank debit card binding. The corresponding product is yifangda day belongs to the financial funds, money market funds, which belongs to the type of securities investment fund in lower risk. read more

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Share independent host management sour, sweet, bitter, hot win $1000 cash prizes

      the server again invaded and server security settings cumbersome……

      Web page has been tampered with, the heart of the helpless and helpless……

      we provide you with a chance to talk, let more friends to share the story of you and your server!

      in order to promote the exchange of technology independent host management, for enterprises and individuals to provide more efficient solutions, SWsoft Chinese IT media cooperation and service partners with several professional co sponsored "farewell to the era of bare metal sour, sweet, bitter, hot independent host management" essay activities, users will be able to management experience, independent host wonderful story written, share your experience in the management of the host sour, sweet, bitter, hot. read more

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To build the brand from the media influence magnetic field (three) expert fan children how to produc

With the rise of

from the media, since the media now, most will be more focused on the professional, concentrated in certain areas of the professional but also the content of originality.

and you can not become a field of opinion leaders, can not build their own magnetic field of influence, more reflected in the professional level.

we do from the media enterprises or individuals, are not the entertainment star, not the kind of natural sentiment, could not say why the afternoon what to eat it really can have a headache, tens of thousands of people forwarding comments, the vast majority of people are not cattle to the extent it. read more

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Jingdong renamed lessons worth $one hundred million

this weekend, the Internet has two major events, one is the IT summit in Shenzhen, a Jingdong renamed.

I think that the latter is more practical significance, it has a significant significance of Internet Co’s domain name strategy and the significance of guidance.

1, Jingdong should be renamed. This is a difficult decision: a strong brother in 9 years into, or a test of courage and determination, when you break, this point to the top.

said that this is a $one hundred million worth of lessons learned, not only the lessons learned by the Jingdong, but also a lesson for China’s internet. Jingdong and 360buy there is a huge user experience fault, a large number of Baidu transit. Liu Qiangdong also said that every year Jingdong mall needs to Baidu and other search engines to pay about 60 million yuan of traffic charges, the equivalent of Jingdong was a layer of skin". read more

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Micro-blog marketing gas Give up it will lose the marketing opportunity

micro-blog’s road of development in China, almost no set number, although there was a celebrity that micro-blog is a gas product, we do not deny that this is the first sentence, but it is still as a boutique and the existence of. Today, micro-blog is a large number of users scale down, the user rate is declining, and really can not be compared, the gap is large, but micro-blog is old-fashioned but not outdated. Micro-blog marketing still bujiandangnian treasures, or have too many resources, in recent years, the popularity is indeed declined, but does not affect the effectiveness of marketing micro-blog and micro-blog, and micro-blog marketing advantages is still full of glory. Do micro-blog marketing is the perfect combination of the advantages of micro-blog marketing activities of its own, seamless docking to the maximum value of micro-blog marketing, the analysis focuses on how the two will be made one. read more

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How do startups make products from 0 to 1

venture company features: less money, people are not enough time tight. There is a significant difference between large companies and mature products.

1, lean iteration, fast delivery, rapid verification

, therefore, the first point is to fully implement an idea: waterfall flow product model no longer work, lean iteration is a better way.

lean iteration is not verbal, but throughout the entire development process, the core idea is:

key points:

1: insight into demand, the rapid completion of the demo to verify whether the demand is real read more

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Talk about grassroots webmaster have to learn the Forum promotion method

Forum promotion as a main way of promotion, more and more growth in the development of Internet, network forum now has a lot to learn some good beyond count, if the Forum promotion methods, are relatively favorable to their own website. So what is the forum to promote it, the forum to promote a simple point, that is, the use of the forum of the media, to publish their own information, including text, illustrations, contact information, etc.. In the end how to do a good job in the forum to promote it? read more

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Seven bottlenecks in website operation

many webmasters in the development of each stage, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following seven aspects of how to break through the bottleneck problem of the site.

first, the site positioning bottleneck

At the beginning of the construction of

website, it is often the positioning problem. The ambiguity of the site, will force the site again and again, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the owners with the new field of love, will stick to it. Especially with the goal of the user’s research and site profit point mining, will slowly unlock the crux of the development of the site. Difficulty factor: 10% read more

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Call on all owners to donate a love!

such an act of God, we can not imagine.

in the face of natural disasters, we have never been afraid, but the disaster, to come too suddenly, too horrible.

TV scene scene, let us anxious, let us look at choking. Dead compatriots, looked at the grief of losing loved ones.

compatriots in the disaster areas need us, what do we do?

hope that the major webmaster, in their own site, launched fund-raising activities, regardless of the amount of the size, are a piece of our mind.

Suzhou forum for disaster relief fund-raising activities in… read more

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Love stand outside the network chain query function to upgrade the upgrade to make the webmaster SEO

As the most important index in the website SEO,

link has been playing a vital role. Although Google is out of the domestic search engine market, the PR effect gradually weakened, but the link role did not disappear. Many domestic search engine, the rise of Baidu, Sogou, 360, to allow more diversified links, links for website optimization, also began to separate from the Google PR to the attention of the major search engines comprehensive transformation analysis. It can be said to do a good job outside the site chain, SEO is also a half of success. read more

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Creative advertising is good advertising Hengyuanxiang is very clever

reported today on the Olympic marketing company opened a seminar. From the "mouse rat" has been called "pig", the twelve zodiac called a times, advertising creative and monotonous Hengyuanxiang high density broadcast, although it aired under 200 times, but in a short period of time has caused a high degree of attention, although a certain audience shelling, but professionals are not to regard it as right and that the media reports, the equivalent of free of charge for Hengyuanxiang carried out the two transmission, from this point, the company is "smart" really. read more

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Seven basic network marketing methods

      network marketing in the world more than two years, with the teacher Wang Ceng learned a lot of knowledge and methods of network marketing, recently, there are many companies and website e-mail to the teacher advisory network marketing methods, because of the time, Wang responded to a part of the mail, but some did not return. So he asked me to write this article seven basic network marketing methods, I hope you love.

      seven basic network marketing methods: read more

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