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Beauty management must see business bleak six factors

There are many factors affecting the beauty business

, for entrepreneurs, as long as there will be time to start the business and business bleak period. Join the beauty industry has been rapid development in recent years, many investors in this industry to make money, but also attracted a lot of new investors, today’s market is not a small challenge for these new investors, the whole network Xiaobian for you to talk with a factor of beauty to join must be avoided.

1, beauty alliance to ignore the management of customer files.

2, blind decision-making.

3, advertising is not in place.

4, beauticians tend to note re customers, the phenomenon of the phenomenon of cold old customers.

5, beauty salon business customer relationship alienation.

6, customer positioning unclear.

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How – dessert shop shopping center development trend

2016 Wang Jianlin can be described as a fierce fire on the , the 2016 new words in the there is always the king of the sentence: first set a small goal, for example, to earn his first one hundred million. Wang Jianlin is known to most of us because of his Wanda shopping center in our side opened one after another, each one is very hot. Of course, to find a place in the shopping center shops, but also to make money. Dessert shop in recent years the development of shopping centers is very good. So what is the future development trend of dessert shopping center? read more

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Five no food regulatory focus

From the beginning of June 15th, launched 2015 circulation consumption of agricultural and pastoral areas of food safety supervision and special rectification work in our province, in the markets, the fresh food workshops and food stalls, a small grocery store as the key places in flour products, spices, pickled products such as people’s daily consumption of staple food, "spicy" children instant food and yogurt, Chinese wolfberry, yellow mushroom and other local folk food as the key focus on food, no manufacturer, no production date, shelf life, no food production license, no food label "five no" food, and the sale of counterfeit infringement, expired bad, no legitimate source of problems such as food rectification work.

the provincial food and Drug Administration jointly with the provincial food safety office issued the relevant implementation plan, and Industrial and Commercial Bureau formulation, the deployment of the rectification work. Among them, from the pre packaged food, bulk food, nude food market operators and other aspects of environmental health establishments, focusing on Regulating Agricultural and pastoral areas of circulation and consumption sectors of food operators and small industry operators, food raw materials, food additives and food related products purchase inspection records, certificate and invoice, additive publicity system etc.. Strictly to the food market in agricultural and pastoral areas of the main access, thorough investigation of agricultural and pastoral areas of food business license conditions, strict supervision of food business operators to fulfill the statutory responsibilities and obligations, supervision of food operators to establish self inspection system, improvement of agricultural and pastoral areas of schools and the surrounding food business, carried out the attack on counterfeit food illegal campaigns, to carry out day-to-day supervision of food safety in agricultural and pastoral areas and the special rectification work.   read more

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Would like to open 10 yuan shop do not know how to purchase the purchase channels of $10

      want to shop 10 yuan do not know how to purchase the purchase channels of $10? Now on the market a lot of two yuan shop ten yuan shop, and see their business situation is good, is that most supermarkets sell products, products of the site of a superb collection of beautiful things, for consumers to choose products, looking at such a big profit market, a lot of people want to open a shop like this, but if shop 10 yuan do not know where to purchase, supply of goods is the key to the customer. read more

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The ancient – ethnic blend cultural relics carry out

In May 17th

, thirty-seventh 5· 18 international museum day, the day before, Xining City Museum "Huangshui relics display the basic renovation project is completed, the ancient ethnic blend of cultural relics, the exhibition officially launched.

according to ICOM determine the theme of the Museum of the city of Xining on the history and culture of Xining, relying on cultural relics focuses on national integration and development, held the "ancient ethnic blend of Huangshui — cultural relics exhibition, visitors through time and space, and historical dialogue. read more

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Chase GDP exceeded 10 billion mark for the first time

according to the latest statistics, in 2012 the territory of the Hui Hui Autonomous Prefecture in the first time exceeded 10 billion yuan mark, reaching 10 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 12%. Last 2012, Qinghai aluminum aluminum high-tech industrialization project in Datong County, the investment of billions of Qinghai products group 50 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity replacement technology upgrades and other key projects have been put into operation, the rural tourism in the county of modern agriculture, and lay the foundation for the area A new force suddenly rises., GDP exceeded 10 billion yuan mark. (author: Zhao Junjie) read more

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Xining cheap vegetables through the door to the public house

on the morning of January 15th, parity vegetables, cattle and sheep meat direct car launch ceremony held in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center. From now on, 15 vehicles loaded with vegetables, beef and mutton direct car, each day will enter the provincial capital of the major communities, so that the public to buy fresh and cheap vegetables, so stable control prices, convenience huimin. At the beginning of this year, Xining City, precise force, by the operation of enterprise mode of transport, transport and sales of vegetables, vegetable oils and increase the parity of meat supply, offering cheap vegetables, beef and mutton direct car, to ensure adequate coverage of each community, people must live vegetables, meat and other non-staple food supply, prevent holiday prices rebound. read more

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What are the factors that affect the restaurant business

what are the factors that affect the restaurant business? There are five factors that affect the regional economy, regional planning, cultural environment, consumer fashion and competition. As entrepreneurs, when entering the food and beverage industry, the need for these elements were investigated, and then go to shop, so more secure.

1. regional economy. What are the factors that affect the restaurant business? Food consumption is the payment of discretionary funds after people have enough funds to meet the basic needs of daily clothing, food, housing, travel and so on. The income level and the price level of an area can affect the amount of money available to people and the price they have to pay. Generally, when people’s income increases, people are willing to pay higher value products and services, especially in the quality and level of food consumption will be increased, therefore, the restaurant chain enterprises generally should choose in economic prosperity, rapid economic development of the region. read more

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The legendary chef buffet catering will be combined with rinse roast barbecue and perfect Hot pot

now young people in pursuit of food and beverage brands have? Throughout the entire food and beverage industry, the popularity of nothing more than two kinds, one barbecue, hot pot is the two. It’s such a store to understand consumer tastes, combining with a perfect Hot pot barbecue, catering to the new mythology, it is the legendary chef rinse roast buffet, rinse roast buffet barbecue chef legend, and Hot pot, beckoning!


legend self-help rinse roast food industry will be a combination of Hot pot and barbecue restaurant brand. A table is in the middle of the infrared electric oven, ensure the safety of food, not burnt toast, but no smoke, no fire. The oven placed around the electromagnetic oven small Hot pot, the South Korean army Hot pot, Hot pot Yuanyang, Sichuan hot Hot pot and so on, vegetables, cattle, sheep, fish, everything can be boiled, everything can be roasted, table 2 eat, a table of hundreds more delicious, 100 kinds of characteristics of Korean cuisine, ensure diners endless. This realization will be together to eat barbecue Hot pot dining format, becoming popular among young people dining – Rinse roast – Hot pot barbecue buffet lunch. read more

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Join the chain can not pay the deposit site

whether it is business, or shopping, we all have an experience like this, in a noisy scene state, the mood is very easy to urgently, so pay various deposit will be become a very normal thing. However, here Xiaobian to remind investors to join the chain can not pay the deposit site!

as long as you go to visit Franchise Exhibition, following this scene you must be familiar with you yet to go to a project in front of the booth, to see every corner of hall almost littered with wearing this brand clothing "run", with a small recommend to you and guide you to the exhibition to let you join, also urged you countless people to join, "time is money", you should pay a deposit contract, or after the village is not this shop. Hesitating, the audience applause, cheers, someone had money on the spot. read more

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How to improve the employment rate of college students to promote employment

With the popularization of higher education, the employment of college students has become the focus of attention of

. Recently, the history of the most difficult employment season "to the arrival of the hot June added a" fire ", to explore how to improve the employment rate of college students, encourage students to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment" argument has never stopped.

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Elong to Ctrip’s real reason

      elong as a special case of Chinese Internet companies in recent years, it is difficult to estimate the future. Listed a few years time is still not profitable, the first quarter of this year, when in the tourism industry is very hot, still a loss of about 900000, two years as chief executive for three! Last year in the Tang founder board forced backstage, found a McDonald’s original China general manager Stuart Stuart to the old, but also can not fundamentally change what is his only contribution to the end of the year, can finally put the financial statements to do a little more beautiful. We called "toothpaste type profit", finally can also NSDK of the United States investors have a "account"! However, his work fooled investors, do not fool sensible, was eventually forced to leave! Another competitor in the same industry Ctrip, in recent years can be said to earn pours, we will be confused, it is not as long as the art of Ctrip? Industry experts do a variety of analysis, competitors are also given an analysis, eLong has made its own analysis! See a manager in elong last month, the analysis he gives is the management of the salary is too high, the management of the profit fell! The lower level of the company’s employees on the upper reaches of the envy of the speech is inevitable, this analysis is not necessarily true, the people of the management of Ctrip wages are not low! read more

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