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Li Kaifu why Chinese entrepreneurs to go to Silicon Valley

Effects of

on the management policy, business incubators are built around, as China "Silicon Valley" in Zhongguancun is the choice of many entrepreneurs, Chinese the entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, enterprise is continuing and the upward trend. So why do Chinese entrepreneurs go to Silicon Valley?

  why very worried at the beginning of 2016 went to Silicon Valley and why? The consumption of heart effort arranged full 15 day trip to


"brush face" visit the 26 Silicon Valley chiefs, DST Milner, Google, Yang Zhiyuan, YAHOO skin guess YC incubator SAM, Andrews father Andy  Rubin…… Do not let entrepreneurs dig a penny, deep into the 18 most prestigious enterprises to visit, exchange, closed door talks. In apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Tesla, twitter, YC incubator…… What do Chinese entrepreneurs want to learn read more

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What are the advantages of fruit milk tea join

good tea to join the project selection, are very advantages. How about fruit milk tea? High quality milk tea, first-class quality, enough to convince us to join the choice of fruit milk tea demand.

fruit wheat tea drinks cannot do without paying attention to the original ecology, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and high quality ingredients, for other beverage stores having formed the unique flavor of fruit grain tea stores, to become the most popular feature of the beverage industry. Drink fresh fruit wheat creation has the strongest marketing department, can let franchisees in stores business, can get stable and sustainable business development. read more

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How to make a fortune 16 ways for you to collect

investment, but a way to university asked, thinking and choice of many. Overall, the current Chinese is also not rich, natural who want to earn money, can have no way. Look at the 16 ways of how to make a fortune, maybe you can enlighten:

1, you are really interested in doing things – you will spend a lot of time on it, so you must be interested in it, if not, you do not want to spend time on the top, will not get success.

2, his own boss. Work for others, you will never become wealthy boss, undivided attention to cut spending, his goal is not to make his staff to become rich. read more

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The Han Palace Korean BBQ kettle to join the attractive market prospects

is now catering to do good its essence or taste, bad food, and then gorgeous decoration, good service attitude is not a customer visit. In the increasingly high quality requirements of China, the taste of food is the decisive factor in the success of the food and beverage industry, the barbecue industry is also the case.

10 billion people in the market wealth: there are 1 billion 400 million people in China, of which no less than 1 billion of our target consumers, is the world’s largest consumer market. 2011 domestic food and beverage market consumption exceeded 1 trillion and 500 billion mark, an increase of nearly 20%. On average, only 50 yuan a year to eat barbecue, nearly $50 billion per year sales. Such a huge consumer market, it had to be the focus of attention, easy to get rich as in the Han Palace Korean barbecue kettle. read more

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Open nine stores need five Hot pot what skills

winter, do Hot pot shop business, as the characteristics of the 95 old brand Hot pot has been pay close attention to the consumer, in recent years the development of the project is very good, are beginning to realize the development of the field of environmental protection charcoal value. So, if you want to open a 95 old hot pot franchise, what skills do you need? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

95 old hot pot franchisees want to create a better business opportunities, we must choose a suitable business address, 95 old hot pot franchisee in the selection of the appropriate business district, is also very particular about. If you select a layer as the locations of the street shops, opened nine stores five Hot pot what skills? So it is necessary to study the shop where the district level is high, is the municipal district or slightly small district district, or more small community values, different values of rent paid must be different, the effect will be different. read more

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How much tea bull and mmortality


bull and immortality tea, in the catering market would be so popular? Delicious bull and immortality tea, has been extremely popular, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good business opportunities!

bull and immortality now so popular, many investors want to invest bull and immortality, see unified style bull and immortality and high quality products, may think it will spend a lot of money to open a bull and herbal shop?

actually opened a bull and immortality shop cost probably only about 100 thousand, especially in a good location, may cost a little high, but the flow of people is relatively large, the turnover will be good. Tea profits are very high, generally up to 50%-70%,     below we analyze profit: read more

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Stall business can make money to share the story of entrepreneurship

stall business in the eyes of many people is unbelievable, stall can earn a lot of money? If you doubt this problem, so after reading this article, you will have a new idea to stall business. You can think of college students entrepreneurship can also set up a stall monthly income of nearly million yuan? Small business can also have a big!

"sell daguokui ah, taste, 3 pieces of pork 5, beef 4 5……" In January 22nd, in the vicinity of the Sichuan Vocational and Technical College, a guy standing in a "juntun Guokui" before the car, while seriously doing daguokui, trying to peddle. Five or six students around the car is waiting at the roast daguokui, look the business is very unpopular. read more

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Number of electricity providers to improve the free package post threshold to raise the minimum to 4

online shopping consumers accustomed to B2C electricity supplier Website Package post, may not be so easy. Recently, a number of domestic electricity providers have gradually increased free shipping standards, the minimum threshold to 48 yuan.

said the Jingdong at the beginning of the month, in addition to diamond member free shipping over 59 yuan, other members increased from 59 yuan to 79 yuan, less than the amount required to add 5 yuan freight. also announced that the single orders over the amount of 48 yuan less than the amount of free delivery, to the other 5 yuan freight charge. Previously, Amazon raised free shipping standards to 99 yuan, easy fast from $29 to $49. However, the United States online old members of the purchase of self goods is not free to set the threshold, 1 shop will also be free of charge to reduce the cost of the 11 provinces to $58. read more

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Price domain theft black prison into industry precedent

news July 26th, foreign media news, the day before the domain name theft case, the hacker Daniel Goncalves was sentenced to 5 years in prison for stealing a domain name which is the world’s first concern at home and jailed in jail, the domain name industry. domain name is the Internet business people who hold Ostrofsky, Goncalves and Daniel after hackers steal NBA Mark Madsen sold to former players in at a price of $121 thousand, resulting in the loss of Ostrofsky, after the domain has been recovered, so Goncalves is also accused of, this is the first history for the theft of domain name in the United States by criminal prosecution. read more

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The Ministry of public security supervision of online dissemination of pornographic material sentenc

The online dissemination of pornographic materials

supervised by the Ministry of public security in the country have a significant impact on the profit case, by the Shandong Shanxian County procuratorate prosecution, the day before the case principal Lubin by the court sentenced 10 years imprisonment and fined 30 thousand yuan.

, the 27 year old Lubin, the Department of Shanxian County Cao Zhuang Xiang Lu garden village. More than six years of college graduation, Lubin has been working in a computer company in Shanghai, a professional computer training, proficient in network technology. But he did not have the expertise to use the right path. At the beginning of 2006, he began to "living Buddha", "wind" through the net, Internet agents, rental in the United States, Canada server address, on the Internet has created a "huaheshang" and "Cougar club" and "Purgatory island", "heh Point Military Academy" and "child pornography by alliance" website, recruitment management, membership, advertising, illegal profits, and to "He Cizhang", "Li Jianhao", "Lin", "Liu Hualin", a pseudonym in a bank account, as income funds into the account of yellow website. To the end of 2007 when the incident, in the development of about 200000 members, upload pornographic pictures 3025, obscene articles 3800, pornographic movie 13, for users to directly link, download and browsing, the illegal income of more than 50 yuan. read more

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Do QQ space to do a few things need to know

many of my friends think that as long as there is QQ space, just send a few articles, about to bring traffic to the site up, in fact, a lot of friends should realize and die every day send logs, say, micro-blog, from the QQ space to site traffic is less and less, so how to do it from the QQ space attract more traffic to the site? Do you need to know QQ the following things:

one, start from the content

Whether you are a

website or blog space micro-blog even now popular WeChat, content is the most important, so the quality of the content accounted for more than half of the factors, not to see what the forwarding. As for what is fire, concern, we can refer to the popular popularity of grassroots blog space, and now those forwarded more articles, and then according to their own friends to determine content. read more

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Phoenix Li Ya website competition to avoid the homogenization of the site

Greater China once a year the largest online advertising and interactive marketing, interactive marketing world festival of Adworld (seventh) held in Beijing in July 22, 2010. Conference BNET reporter Yin Yinan was fortunate to interview the Phoenix COO/CFO.

Phoenix COO and CFO Lee ya

advertising over the same period last year, an increase of 3 percentage points over

in the first half of 2010 has passed, the first half of the earnings of each big company has come out on’s first half earnings when Lee introduced to the first half of this year, advertising revenue growth compared to last year, more than 3 digit percentage growth, is about 5 times the China Internet advertising market this year average growth rate. read more

Read more… sun network chat gadget

today to recommend a web based network chat gadget – sayon, personal feel good, although there is room for improvement in functionality and experience, the product should still be in the development and upgrading stage. This is the website, interested can try

this tool is not strange, strange is that it is free at present, can replace the current market some need to pay to use the tools, and the interface is a bit like a chat room (chat room is also not surprising, the early Internet already exist). We visited some e-commerce sites and service sites often encounter "pops up a small window, it is in the online customer asked us not what to answer, you can directly through the small window with her conversation, there are many such products, 5107 companion website etc.. This product requires annual hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also rented a customer service number limit, if the lifelong may need to buy out tens of thousands of dollars, the cost is not low. With the sayon personal simple, think this product can replace those paid products, but sayon does not seat, because it is the kind of chat room, site traffic also is not afraid of busy. read more

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The boss does not agree with internet marketing how to do

Internet connection between people more simple, electricity providers to make our transactions more convenient, everyone is talking about the Internet, are talking about electricity providers, are talking about network marketing. However, for most marketing operations, the boss does not agree with the Internet marketing is the biggest problem. What should I do?

it is on behalf of the operating companies or marketing, or in the business office or the marketing department, we found that Internet marketing is difficult to be a boss or the person in charge of the enterprise identity, which can not carry out our work, even affect the effectiveness of marketing. Guardian Yuan Kun has been focused on the enterprise network marketing industry solutions for such problems one by one to give their own answers. read more

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