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The recruitment website by the new recruitment model beset with troubles internally and externally s

high-end positions to reduce, frequent job hopping…… This year, the state continued to slump traditional recruitment website. Even the top ranked recruitment sites, in the face of social networking sites, classified information network and the impact of the new recruitment model, such as micro job, it is very difficult.

contract employees less and less

Narrator: qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu


told reporters on the work of the operation Department qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu, she is mainly responsible for arranging the enterprise recruitment information, put them up on the internet. "Last year, business is good, all over the country in the substation, the large volume of business, often work overtime to 10 pm this year; a few services, basically do not work overtime. But in the past, some of the world’s top 500 companies to send jobs to our online, now this kind of large and medium-sized enterprises less, many small businesses have not known, the service industry, the IT industry provides more, mostly low-end positions are batch bidding." read more

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ICANN conference will soon be officially approved the new top-level domain name

June 16th news, according to the domain name insiders revealed that the forty-first ICANN conference will be held in Singapore, the new top-level domain name (New gTLD) program is expected to be formally approved at this meeting.

it is understood that, at this meeting, ICANN members focus on consulting the Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, root server system management, the new top-level domain (New gTLD) and other issues. It has been revealed that the new top-level domain (New gT LD) program will be formally approved at this meeting. read more

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Shang Ke, create another spring of e-commerce

  have to say that the global economic crisis has swept every country, every city, every industry, like everyone in the face of an economic depression in the winter, including the tea industry also faces the challenges and difficulties of the hitherto unknown.

electronic commerce, has been in the tea industry sales, is a famous. Although e-commerce in the global development is just unfolding, but for the tea industry, electronic commerce is still a worthwhile mining field. Use the network platform to promote sales growth, although this is a new field for the tea industry, but there are still many successful online e-commerce sales success stories, so we have reason to believe that in the face of the current economic crisis, the traditional sales might be more or less impact, but the electronic commerce the growth rate is still worthy of anyone to sit up and take notice through e-commerce, and we have confidence in this platform, through long-term business building, to achieve shanguo hegemony in the field of electronic commerce online sales status. read more

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The entrepreneurial story of campus blog

      in the winter of 2002, University of Science and Technology of China, a sophomore student not to study in the library, but before sitting in the library room in the computer, he was a novelty attracted — this is Blog. He strongly felt that this convenient, novel information release, the form of communication is worth promoting. Since the study of school students in senior to him with MT (Movable-Type) Blog set up, he began to study and gradually, the majority of people can have their own Blog, set up a Blog site service idea clear. Guo Xiaolei himself spent 200 yuan of money, buy a server and domain name, in 2002 December, so he put the Blogbus set up single-handed. read more

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E parking million yuan financing domain name was

renamed China ( September 28th news, now for most families, the car is no longer what is difficult for the convenience of parking, but has evolved into a new problem. E parking as a way to provide a total solution for the wisdom of the parking lot APP, it is reported that in September this year, nearly ten million Angel round of financing, the official website domain name enabled

figure: e parking official website


"e Park" is a master of computer science and engineering Tsinghua University Chen Cheng, the APP has officially launched this year, two-dimensional code reverse searching cars, temporary parking, monthly payment, wrong when sharing parking, vehicle theft, parking and other function reservation. Its official website enables the combination of domain name some people scratching their heads, why not read more

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Good wedding site is equal to 10 salesman

what kind of wedding site is regarded as an effective wedding enterprise website?

first: the wedding website must have strong profitability. I always think that can not bring profits to the enterprise website is sick. A truly effective wedding website should be a lot of profit, each page may bring potential customers and orders to the wedding.

secondly: the design of the website must reflect the specialization of the wedding company. One of the most important reasons that hinder the development of e-commerce. A wedding website should be on the net profit, it must be in the customer to enter your site for 30 seconds to win the trust of customers, network marketing research shows that even a very valuable potential customers into your site after 30 seconds, your website does not have his trust, your website can not let him feel you the company is a strength is very strong and very professional wedding in reality, you have a 70% chance to lose the potential customers. So your site can not really profitable, the design of the site is also crucial. read more

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Second weeks in October the world’s top five domain names over the total net reduction of 17 thousan

IDC Review Network ( reported on October 22nd: according to the latest data show that in the second week of October, the world’s top five domain names have a total of, a net decrease of 17878 domain names. Among them, only.COM and.ORG domain name to achieve net growth. Next, look at the data and analysis of IDC review.

(Figure 1) the world’s top five domain name registration total distribution map (as of 2014-10-13)

as shown in Figure 1, in October, the second week, the world’s top five domain name registration situation has not changed much. .COM domain name has exceeded 100 million mark, and the remaining top five domain names are still less than 20 million. read more

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Mobile search service providers easy to check next year to start listing plan

Admin5 webmaster network July 23rd news, the country’s largest mobile search service provider easy to check 21, announced that the company plans to start next year, the listing plan. Easy to check has received $30 million in financing, the overall valuation of the company reached $200 million.

was founded in 2004. Easy to check CEO Liu Bin said: "although 3G is the most popular words in the domestic telecommunications industry, but we believe that, in accordance with the international market experience, 3G licenses issued after the market mature need about 3 years time, so really share 3G feast until 2011." read more

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Friendship link

links as a means to increase the chain, is more and more favored by the webmaster.

for those who have just set up the site owners, they are often full of passion everywhere for Links, long time, their confidence will be hit, because they found that, in addition to the entertainment unspoken rule, exchange links also have the unspoken rule "/p>!

PR, yes, that is PageRank, which is Google for web page rating. There are a lot of sites in the link of the page, usually write such a sentence "link, PR> 2…". A lot of new sites where PR? PR no, not all. If you think your PR is currently 2, you can do a link with others, then you are wrong. According to the unspoken rules, you can usually do less than 3 of the site with PR. The so-called "people go to high, water flows downwards, the PR value of the webmaster want to do site links and taller than him. read more

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Network marketing effect monitoring method is a little simple wood

network marketing, monitoring the effectiveness of network marketing is recognized as a difficult problem. From the network marketing has emerged, this problem has always plagued the network as the shadow follows the form, marketing practitioners. So there is a relatively simple wood network marketing effect monitoring method?

may not have before, but since the cloud claw network marketing analysis management system came out, this problem has been a perfect solution. Although many people may not know the network marketing cloud claw analysis management system name, but referred to its parent company at Shanghai science and Technology Automation Co. Ltd., the vast majority of people have already heard. In the industry, at Shanghai science and Technology Automation Co. Ltd. is a leading software for developers, as a listed company, Shanghai science and technology limited company at both from strength or ability that are impeccable, years ago, by the development of Bo Yang software for tens of millions of micro-blog users to create a huge commercial value many years later, as the management system; the specially designed for marketers and launched another top masterpiece bring no small industry shocked cloud claw network marketing analysis. It can be said that the network marketing analysis of the network management system for the enterprise network marketing effect monitoring opened up a new channel, read more

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Jingdong third quarter net profit of $6 consecutive quarterly profit of 269 million yuan

Tencent technology news November 15th, Jingdong group (NASDAQ: JD) released 2016 fiscal year third quarter results. Non GAAP (Non-GAAP) net profit grew over 10 times, non GAAP (Non-GAAP) Jingdong store operating margin for sixth consecutive quarters of positive group, the past 12 months free cash flow hit a record high, reflecting the company’s strong momentum of development and potential.

Jingdong 2016 Q3 performance core data:

– third quarter net income of 60 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of more than Wall Street expectations of more than 38%. read more

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O2O service door massage vertical market how to make flowers

to take the Internet as the carrier, emerging consumer online and offline interaction is booming." In this year’s two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the O2O service position, so that people living in the O2O industry is very excited.

in the past one or two years, with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, O2O service has infiltrated the daily lives of people to get in by every opening, such as catering, housekeeping, O2O O2O O2O, O2O medical taxi and so on, almost all services in O2O. O2O seems to be overnight Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River. read more

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Exposure Ali investment easy Fruit Network open logistics services Tmall supermarket

May 26th news, according to sources, Alibaba group at the end of last year on the investment of fresh electricity supplier easy fruit network, the amount of investment in the tens of millions of levels, but the specific amount and equity ratio did not disclose. Billion state power network on the matter to the fresh fruit is easy to ask, the official did not respond to temporarily.

the source believes that fresh fruit strong supply chain resources and logistics and distribution capabilities are valued by Alibaba, Alibaba is an important reason for its investment. read more

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Recommend a place to put GG advertising domain parking site

is in the domain name domain name minon unsold when one of the main sources of income. I believe a lot of rice farmers have tried a lot of domain name parking site, the domestic foreign, more than a dozen attempts to estimate.

I am also a minon, also tried to park sites at home and abroad greatly small ten, in the process of using always feel that they have the following problems:

1, parking income opaque, parking chamber volume, and some are simply serious deduction,

2, parked Baidu search is not included. Not for sale, read more

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