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Tencent layout, local portals, direct users and third party applications to break the tradition

August 26th, Tencent and Henan daily newspaper group jointly built a local portal Tencent · big Yu network ( formally launched on-line operation. This is the first month of August 8th by the Tencent Inc and Southern Newspaper Media Group jointly build Guangdong city life portal · Tencent; Guangdong Net ( officially launched after the second local portal site layout of the Tencent within a month. After five years of Tencent has been in Chongqing, Sichuan, Hubei, Fujian, Shaanxi four provinces and one city layout of Tencent · Chongqing net, · net, a large Tencent; Tencent · Chu network, · network, Tencent; Damin Tencent · net five local portal site. Only Tencent · Chongqing net, · net is a Tencent; in May 06 in June for the layout of the line. In August, even the two local portals on the line belong to the first time, so we can see that Tencent is optimistic about and value for the local gateway community. The layout of provincial local doors by Tencent has broken the traditional situation and development model of local gateways. In the future, the local gateway market will be more competitive because of the involvement of Tencent, and the wind of reform and innovation will become stronger and stronger. read more

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Witkey (Witkey) model needs to be sound

in zhubajie did the project people know that there are a lot of results is cheating: anonymous publishing tasks for a vest, and then choose the vest for winning the manuscript, and then steal people’s achievements of labor; there are many false (net case Beanstalk class), too, which is not the lack of official net movement. Let us move especially sad sad; there are some tasks, the task of Witkey publisher didn’t draft selection (the promotion class), some companies have the intention is to use the pig to promote your product or web site, but also on the inside for cheating, it is not a direct. Give yourself face to end a shit pot over his head buckle, let his credibility, is ridiculous, so absurd… read more

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What are the advantages of joining the Deckard snow ice cream

how can I get less ice cream in summer? Want to eat ice cream, which brand shop? Deckard snow ice cream franchise brand suitable for mass consumption. Franchisee is very confident of this hot food, in the understanding of the project is to want to get as soon as possible after the agency, which in the end what are the advantages?

the unique taste, everyone love, reasonable price, consumers preferred. Join fee do not worry, just take a little money will be able to make a lot of money, to join it, the use of low cost, processing speed, the Institute of technology! Make ice cream to join, truly zero burden business, start empty-handed, yibenwanli! Snow ice cream Deckard join? In addition to taste rich so that consumers can choose, its appearance is to spend a lot of thought, let you not see it before eating, can not withstand the temptation of delicious, style, taste rich, more advantages, selling in the market. read more

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2012 most promising green environmental Entrepreneurship Program

with the constant deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, continue to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the future of the society is bound to the development of green environmental protection to the progressive development of green society! 2012 what are the most potential green business projects? May wish to take a look at!

2012, the most promising green environmental protection project, environmental protection investment project,

knowledge required: graphic design, communication, media; read more

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Enterprise investment should pay attention to seven

enterprise investment is related to the interests of the whole group and the problem of capital turnover, so be careful, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the seven notes, we want to help.

1. are connected with the existing marketing system is the sales of any project must focus on the issue of investment, project success ultimately depends on whether the project can be expected to achieve sales revenue, and sales, is a key part of project investment. Due to the nature of the product, the marketing system is not the same, and establish a product characteristics consistent with the marketing system, often require a longer time and spend more manpower, material and financial resources, take the establishment of the marketing system is often difficult to estimate. In the project investment should consider whether the product marketing characteristics are consistent with or similar to the existing product marketing characteristics, pay attention to the connection with the existing marketing system. read more

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Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of cooperation in Qinghai Province jointly held a joint m

9 8, 2009, the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of Finance in Xining province held a joint meeting of the Ministry of deepening cooperation in Qinghai Province, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary of the important speech to inspect the spirit of Qinghai, the study discussed the deepening of cooperation between the Ministry of. Minister of civil affairs Li Liguo attended and spoke, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over and spoke, governor Hao Peng speech, vice governor Kuang Yong report on the work of the province’s civil affairs. read more

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Determine the planned investment of 3 million yuan will be restored as soon as Xining Nanshan Phoeni

Garden City Council in March 12th

, a symbol of Pudong and Xining friendly symbol of Nanshan Phoenix Palace problem film aging caused the attention of the municipal government, the city has confirmed plans to invest 3 million yuan, Nanshan Phoenix Palace update as soon as possible to repair.

is now standing on the top of the mountain, the shape of the Phoenix Palace, such as the construction of a white sail in 2002, aided by the Pudong New Area free, Phoenix Palace 30 meters high, the use of large span pull film molding. It is understood that under normal conditions, Nanshan Phoenix Palace building structural design life of 10 years, but because the plateau temperature difference between morning and evening, strong sunshine and strong wind, the Phoenix Palace damage speed, although I Nanshan Park, invested twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan each year to maintain the Phoenix Palace last year, but the staff still found the problem of tension membrane aging, there are the main cable breaks, fixed film structure of three of the two film top sail off, some parts are damaged, the need for maintenance. A strong wind in March 7th caused some damage to the Phoenix Palace. read more

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Set up a convenient service network with the masses of the bridge to the heart – Datong County, Chen

Datong County Chengguan town of Simon is located in the village of Tonghai road traffic, a total of 445 village of 1825 people, 40 members, villagers living scattered, villagers and residents, the Han nationality, Hui nationality residence, ethnic minorities. In addition to the rural tax reform, most of the villagers are busy with economic development of village affairs or to a contemptuous disregard attention, village level financial, affairs and policy cannot timely publicity to the households of the village "two committees" work has caused some difficulties. For the new session of the village Party branch and village to enhance the ability to serve the people, make full use of the characteristics of information products efficient and convenient, the company actively cooperate with China Unicom, China Unicom in the village to build a convenient service network in the office of the village committee to set up information sending station, village affairs, finance, and policy to the notice of the meeting information the form is issued in a timely manner, so that the village (neighborhood) village people understand things, not only saves the masses of information costs, and effectively solve the current difficult to convene a meeting of villagers, the villagers of village master financial difficult problem, also go out and work for Party members to keep abreast of the people of village provides a convenient, information network has become China Unicom the village committee and village (neighborhood) bridge communication between people.
in the establishment of convenient service network at the same time, Simon Village also actively promote the network management of social services, the people, places and things, love things, organized into network management, the scientific division of science with social service unit network, power management, positioning, posts and responsibilities, from passive, extensive management to change initiative, fine management, improve the village "two committees" efficiency, effectively safeguarding the village "two committees" for the people of the image, won the praise of the masses in the village.
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Is a year, flowers red Nanshan flowers to highlight the eighth northwest of the province (District)

To enrich the cultural life of the people, carry forward the traditional culture of flowers, recently by the Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau hosted the eighth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) "June six" flower art week, in the city of Xining Nanshan Park passion

to enrich the cultural life of the people, carry forward the traditional culture of flowers, recently by the Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau hosted the eighth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) "June six" flower art week, in the city of Xining Nanshan Park passion. The theme is "July filariasis, feeling full xiadou", a large scale, rich in content, has attracted many many flowers. During the activities of the high pitched, heroic, with a plateau style songs sang the mountains, touched the hearts of tourists, to promote the development of cultural undertakings in our city has played a positive role. read more

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Jing Zhancheng to create the first private aircraft in the northwest of the legitimate airspace priv

"Let each person has entrepreneurial intention to achieve business", this is the first Qinghai innovation contest held in mind, "80" Qinghai guy king Zhancheng, with his drone entrepreneurial way, let these words have the best interpretation.

king Zhancheng because of interest, familiar with this emerging industry UAV; and because of the dream, and he embarked on the road of entrepreneurship for uav. The native of Qinghai youth, by the news as the starting point with the dream, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, in the plateau on the runway, completed the creation of no perfect man-machine high-tech enterprises soar. Now, he founded the "Qinghai printing electronic technology limited company" has become the first to have legal qualifications of the UAV airspace of private enterprises. He dreamed that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to replace the manual operation at high altitude, so as to achieve full application of UAV in various fields in the plateau. read more

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